Know you know where to find me, not that you already hadn't kown before

This is a child. This child is the person I Jessica Seymour was placed living with when seeking to gain an MBA from a 100 year old university, and this child is being used as an adult,

Charlotte with Koney.jpg 

If you make me fight this attack of my mental competency I will also have a claim against the state and will sue the state so you three better stop calling me crazy and using cops, courts,  and anything else to keep harming me, I have done no wrong other then tell you when you’re wrong.  As city, county, and State Representing  Sub Contractors & employees  your law breaking is harmful to the public safety, especially women.  Kate Jorgensen and the Cops & County’s & State’s attorney’s:    

           I Jessica Seymour am demanding you to stop attacking my mental competency,  and that you stop using cops & campuses unlawfully to target women for this human trafficking sex ring that I have been forced to live with here in your town. Your affiliating yourself to targeting me for your lies just to keep cover for a Joseph Kony aligned human trafficking sex ring your joining yourself to, calling me crazy and mentally incompetent is just your part of getting me moved around again and harmed just like when I was placed living with Charlotte Awino who has Joseph Kony’s hands around her neck after being abducted and dragged about like the gimp you all kept from relief in this town. State, it is your job to object in court against Kate Jorgensen’s attack of my mental competency as you know too much to let her do such an attack of me, you as the States attorney’s know that my license is not in a suspended status, and that my ticket has been tampered with , the ticket was gained by your own informants being instructed to stalk me and then invade my private creditor account unlawfully and without due cause, you must object to Kate Jorgensen’s attack of me, or you’re formally joining a human trafficking conspiracy tied to Joseph Kony who is the world’s largest known human  trafficker and since I never went to Uganda how is it I was living with Charlotte Awino, here’s how,  I was trafficked by United States of America Law Enforcement Agencies controlled by the trafficking ring that Bill Gore Affiliates with (makes money with) which is aligned and barters with Joseph Kony, Bill Gore is a United States FBI Agent Director of the West Coast Region who was later transferred to Washington DC to be a cover up artist for the FBI’s Internal Affairs Investigation Unit after he was no longer able to stay in Seattle since he gave the kill order on the Ruby Ridge government murder that paid out $2million dollars to the man who was forced to watch his son die and watch his wife be shot in the back while holding their other child. The man with his hands around her neck is called Joseph Kony, he is the most wanted criminal of the International Criminal Court, who prosecute crimes against humanity. This pedophile called Joseph Kony is wanted for abducting and trafficking over 30,000 children to sell to the world markets as do anything your told slaves. In my time living with this child in this picture she threatened me that if I spoke then I would be blamed for the campus shooting at the Seattle Pacific University, I fled as her threat was like nothing you’d ever imagine.

                 A year or so later the Seattle Pacific University has a man called crazy and then blamed for the shooting that was actually done by the Research Company that employed this Child in this picture, they employed her unlawfully and are an American Company, she was on student visa in the nursing program while I was in the MBA program. And as an international student she was not allowed to work off campus, and her checks I witnessed that came in the mail were from an address in Seattle that was nowhere near Queen Ann Hill. I am done. My stalkers are not. Keeping me in a holding pattern like what Bill Cosby’s accuser Andrea Constand referred to in her sentencing hearing against pedophile Bill Cosby. And now there is Kate helping this murderer call his victims crazy through police stalking & criminally inclined attorney’s, who are a public servant before they are a officer of the court. 

 Two attorney’s that are a danger to the public willing to call a person mentally incompetent as retaliation for not pleading guilty and naming part of my defense is that a trafficking ring in a town with a national recognition for abducting and sex abuse is trafficking me with some killer cops is not a reason to call me or anyone else mentally incompetent.  Just because I asked why your name Mr. Knutson is on the local dentist office I was lured to the basement of for free living, doesn’t mean you call me crazy or aid Kate in calling me crazy.  Don’t attack my mental competency to aid in my own self defense and not expect to be sued for it personally and professionally.

 Stop this attack of my mental competency immediately, retract the motion Kate filed against my mental competency or simply object to it and file for the judge to not engage in it against me due to suspicion of Kate’s motives for filing  it then start an investigation into the ties this state and town have to a human trafficking ring that employs cops,  as you the State have a conflict of interest harming me for fighting a criminal attack against driving, and for any other reason , and what I mean by that is that the state is aware of what Kate Jorgensen’s conflicts of interest are.   If you at the state’s representation refuse to do so then your part  of the trafficking ring.  It’s that simple.

 Undo the mental competency exam filing made against Jessica Seymour immediately, do not give rise to litigation against the state and city and county.

 Jessica Seymour

So this town is playing games like it’s a cia town, too far from the cost to play it like it’s the navy. This town is laundering human trafficking dirty money through a forensic auditor that knows how to hide his financial crimes as he owns buildings that are used to house the women his affiliated trafficking ring seeks to kill, harm, rape, stalk, discredit, then try to force into their handler positions if the killing isn’t effective, I ain’t the one. This town is corralling women and getting money and laundering through an outside business that a woman named Peggy Triggs is calling mentally ill after a place called Haven House forces the women to Peggy Triggs. Haven House gasses women through employing cops, and Haven House tells victims to go and to stay according to what helps the trafficking ring, Peggy then gets you into a Research Project through trying anything to keep from telling you its a research project and Peggy Triggs knows the Research Project is based around the perverse unlawful crimes of raping women, sexually determinating, and placing men into abduction. Peggy knows that local cops and all other forms of law enforcement are also sex trafficking women through pretending its just some research experiment rather then a ring of murderers sex deviants that gain jobs at the local principalities then call their Victims crazy or mentally incompetent after stalking their Victims to harm them, try to kill them, assault them, rape them, film them, control them, intimidate them into fleeing, not talking, resisting help. I just ain’t the one for that. The state corruption departments know about it but have not stopped it. hunt them for their arrests.