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““None stir the second time-
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye””
— Emily Dickinson
 Im home. War is mine.

Im home. War is mine.

It all started when…

It always starts with who, and why.  Because The War is Mine so will you be in the Senate.

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11/11/18 in the day.

I am. In the beginning God made the earth, and music. One more time I can make two concerts for you then. I just added two concert dates for black, theyr called world wrestling mma.

I added the two dates in for you because I like palm trees. I love you though told you that you can keep making money off me but not pay me is called a crime, now you know what to write about for the next two concerts, its all about their crimes and if you didn’t like to do what was needed last time, I’m gonna keep you in mind.

All doctors are in, no matter what kind of doctor they are. That’s every doctor on the planet, and every attorney on the planet was ALREADY IN. each esquire, lawyer, and attorney are one and the same. Thats the total net. Gotcha.

MMA is in.

Blue is in.

Black is in.

Black has become. Writing about me with fucken fools who make sure to traffick me at every attempt I make to have food, shelter, water, home, your in mind. you better find they’r crimes as your new fodder, because using me for money is not allowed. NOW you think its time to see a woman get even because I’m going to take. I want to hear you tell me how you think of me now. Everyone else is. Tell me what you think of me now that you denied me a simple easy request, you made the champion game after seeing what I wrote not hearing me speak it, I wrote the champion game with my time, you took from me with your good friend who tells you to write about me. He’s a who. Who did you tell the world for, all about me and did he know me best or do you. Let me see your version of me, because if you did have a bounce on the demand made for you to become 83 then I need to see such, what is 83 right now if its not you let me know. Who is 83. Its the MMA guys, you took their call for them and now ala’s home. Feather.

You like when Kieth Swensen has your friend tell me who to sleep with from off the internet, you like when I have to flee for my own life, you like when I have to use your throughit. I wasn’t gonna close for anyof you, your gonna close for me. Take a house. suited. Now your playing in a dream. Do you write with blue now, yep. your next album is gonna shatter dreams. I can’t let you continue to write with a man that is human trafficking me, your music is the sound track to my Blog not to his money he makes off of stalking me.

Hugs and love and stay alive, 83 better be the mma as I had already suited. It’s just a sucker punch. If you knew, you’d never have totaled. I kept you fed, not the other way around, you sang not for the murderer who had to eat humans stollen from the nuns. If you had then this would have been sold and over with you sang for me and I still have no money. The eighth team is in even though its not.

and stumph, welcome to the anti stalker nation hall of fame, you and the rest of the Fall Out Boys. Your still a sound track to something amazing, and it won’t be taken from you. You arh great.




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11/9/18 Kate has a person that tells her what to do, their also jesuits just like Kate is.

Now that kate’s holla back girl sang sue me for this perfect relationship, I must say, the texas website that took over my search for an attorney after I made it known to kate that I wasn’t going to be taking her abuse nor the stalking of me that the jesuits she parts for conduct not even their way of having Kony eat children, just not church stollen children, see those church stolen children were for rape babies that our government houses in germany, oh but the game is to say I’m the crazy one for opening my mouth about it, I;m back in black””, not red now. How crazy are the jesuites and their attorney ran choke the art, I must say the art has a way of fighting back.

Yesa. Is there a bohemia in your country, yes. and, they like to kill. they are a country then. Ok.

The bohemia whom we all know we are talking about, is in.

the Mason’s are in. All of them and I don’t need to tell you their kinds.

Malta is in.

All Attorneys are in.

Jesuits are in. Jesuites are also in because we know they change suit.

if I said a rock and a stone are the same thing would you say i threw. if this story goes home he has toalso.

Stone is in. Do yo ureally want a programmed president, one that has the stone programming him then leaving him alone with the russian programmer for hours. why is roger stone really running our country.

Close down our embassies, take the land from their story. we have a russian embassy on our soil pretending to be a jesuit embassy. by that I mean our land in our country. we have to shut down each embassy. realign. they can’t stay in the land another country allocated to them. move arround all the embassy’s that are on American soil. Your also going to have to shut down all the box like stuff, the special ops playing business in states they are embassies just no land using the state and the state stupids. The state is liable for all that businesses in their territories engage in so having mossad cover up rapes for jews is not allowed just like having good ol american boys doing the same for pervs who have no real denomination is also an embassy each state that has a set up business using it and other states has to be set apart indian reservations via churches are not allowed to be their cover either. man made embassies this kind that hold no land, they must stay off the reservations and off the land holding embassies. there will be no more pretending your not some other county playing sex games with the Americans.


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11/8/18 Kates’ tella is pink. Kate has a tella she’s got no one left, Choke The Art.

So the day came and in it showed the pink, they have a hand and its to call you all crazy, they use this hand in their need when their caught and they say sue me, they say sue me, they say sue me sssssuuuuuueeee souxme souxmee sioiusemesssssour, suemeeee , because they are littel piggies. they are pink piggies, they perpetrate the law. But here’s the fucken law….

So here was the declaration against Operation Choke the Art, which is what Operation Artichoke really is, they choke the art right out of you artists and slave you then have you say what your told to say:


Attached please find the Motion for Suppression of Evidence, and tally it to the three items you stated in court as the only evidence pertaining to this case.  I must admit that there is more evidence pertaining to this case that is due findable through discovery, though I know that truth is the reason your misrepresenting me as if I’m mentally incompetent all while knowing what it means, you seek to have me drugged in a place that will get me competent to stand trial for a set of misdemeanors.  Misdemeanor pertaining to traffic offenses, your taking this ticket way too far Kate.  Using a ticket given to a woman regarding misdemeanors related to traffic offenses would be a crazy way of getting a woman drugged.  Your actions have the kind of repercussions that make you criminal, especially given the facts that I told you that more jail time associated to the misdemeanors is something already understood, and that this is why you need to fight.  You need to fight the claims made against me and suppression of evidence that is gained through unlawful acts of the police is not a thing I should have to fight for with you, but you want to call me mentally incompetent for saying I’m innocent all while other accused criminal’s attorneys at least try to put up a defense for even the highest of crimes through discovery process and especially through the process of suppression of evidence discovery.  Your time with me has began and its began to be very abusive to me.  You fail to perform even the slightest support for established rules of professional conduct and you do so while saying in court that your disciplinary body isn’t going to be investigating you.  It sounds so stacked, like I can’t get a fair shake.

You have failed to act properly regarding the discovery necessary for suppression of evidence. You have breached the duty when I told you that I’d get the evidence you asked for then simply just failed to agree to what you already said you’d do which was to wait for it while agreeing to ask the judge to make a better deal regarding dropping the one claim he had wanted in the plea deal he offered.  And your negligence and mistake against me regarding both discovery and regarding attempting to harm my claim, my defense, and my reputation also constitute a breach of your duty, mentally incompetent people don’t defend the way I am defending myself, you know this due to how often your asked to call people mentally ill / mentally incompetent, and those you do this for are drugging women after your successful in the accusation, which is a damage to a person that is in need of being weighted; beyond just the obvious breach of your duty to act properly I am also willing to show that your breach of your duty to act properly is also formed by acting as though traffic citation misdemeanor trials are your forum for getting women drugged against their will through abuse of a set of codes pertaining to people who don’t understand the harm they’ve cased, I have caused no harm to anyone not even to myself, I’m fighting tickets for misdemeanors gained by unlawful acts of city police, that does not hold a capacity for using mental competency exams you actually do have to have a component of harm assigned to saying a person can’t help you defend themselves, and the only harm fighting these tickets causes would be gained through negligent use (nonuse) of the discovery process to which you’ve already stated in court as only having to be the states three disc I gained on my own without your harm and without your lack of discovery attempt.  Especially when you assert also that you have to break the law in order to defend me because telling all people that I’m mentally incompetent with the intent to have me drugged against my will is unlawful acts of yours Kate.  Immediately refuse to continue them since your already on your way out, you’ve already told a judge you can’t defend me without breaking the law and he refused to release you so your now in need of having to break the law, and if you’d break it to have me drugged in a way that looks like its for my own good then go ahead and break the law to keep me from being drugged, called mentally incompetent, its’ the only thing you can do in order not to continue to breach your duty to defend me, no on being accused of driving without a license, insurance, or registration need to be called mentally incompetent in defending against such as time served is also relevant, which I already have.  I intend to use the judges comments about time served to the jury.  That is why the amount of time in jail associated to the charges is heavy concern that you should be negating with further discovery against the cops rather then allowing your assigned state attorney sub-contractor Mr. Knutson the opportunity to abuse me with you, calling me mentally incompetent has just become such an breach of your duty to protect me from going to jail for what the cops do in this town, in this town your cops go to creditors with no subpoena on fake calls to the police, all surrounding a man’s call to his buddy who keeps him out of jail in exchange for his calling in about the women of this town that are kept under surveillance unlawfully by this man.  Kate, Mr. Knutson already stood up in court and verified this all while your appointment to me began, which we also both know was not timely enough for you to have ever helped me properly anyway, but you just let this judge do his violations of my rights and you join in which I am also prepared to say in another breach of your duty you engaged in in advance of being assigned, since you know the court does this to people when “no further jail time is at hand” as you stated to me when the judge had me solicitation attorneys prior to assigning you, though he had two financial forms proving my immediate ability to be represented by an attorney, you just played the game this town plays regarding Victims of Haven House’s Oversight Team.  

You can’t change the facts by calling me mentally incompetent, all you can do by calling me this is damage my claim against the city which I am planning to make for over $3million, your only other thing you can do by calling me mentally incompetent is suppress the truth & evidence, oh and the only other thing you can do by calling me mentally incompetent is have me drugged against my will in some confinement, correct Kate, isn’t that what you like to do to people, you use this mental competency code more than any other attorney uses it within a what radius, because that’s the kind of stuff I will bring into suing you for this harm you’ve cause me that I am demanding you to withdraw formally from the court. Yes kate you owe me money the way you lie to keep me from suing cops that stalk me with their friends.

This conduct of your’s has harmed me.  It has harmed me financially, I have to pay people to help me prove my ability to aid in my own defense all while you know I am financially impoverished from the acts that are related to why the cops stalk women that haven house gets into Wayne. Even with out any of those circumstances, you still are costing me money for my own defense, the judge did that to you when you didn’t prevail on your  motion I am demanding you with draw regarding  my mental competency. Causation.  It is your one attempt to mitigate the resulting damages that go so far beyond just financial harm, your breach of your duty to protect me has gone to the criminal places of conspiracy to drug a woman against her will through protection of the unlawful acts that police engaged in to create an opportunity to write a ticket, and tickets gained through the unlawful acts of cops are tickets that get dismissed but you keep failing to file a motion for dismissal while you keep failing to engage in discovery processes related to suppression of evidence, the creditor acts that protect my privacy were violated by the city, and by the city cops.  This is not a game Kate this is actually just law.  Here is the law: Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act which prohibits unfair or deceptive practices.  And has a clause related to privacy violations which apply here.  Even if thus far the Act has only specifically listed things other then when cops ask employees of utility companies for a persons’ private data after having some guy on a leach pretend that some crime is at hand on the day the stalked woman pays her electric bill.  What a game you have here to call me crazy with. To try to drug me with so that I can help you defend me when I say I have innocence, all while you refuse to perform any discovery other then what I’ve already performed as a non attorney, you fail. You’ve breached your duty to protect me, you’ve now breached your duty to protect me from unnecessary attempts to drug me and you have failed your duty to protect me from attempted drugging of me as if harm to me is myself not pleading guilt. Even though you have limited legal guidance your still negligent in this type of use of a code regarding mental competency that is to be used for only the most serious of criminals/criminal accusations, no one in their right mind would try to have a woman drugged and labeled crazy for any sort of misdemeanors that don’t involve serious self harm, Kate, traffick affiliated misdemeanor tickets pertaining to things that cost money like “insurance”, “registration”, and “licenses” are always related to low income, and your targeting me for being low income, you only defend properly others who are not low income, you said it yourself that you didn’t want’ to take the fee from me even if I could find a person to pay you the $1,500 dollars you quoted as your fee for a Motion To Suppress Evidence.  You only want to perform your duty for specific people, not for those who need to borrow money to pay you.  You made that clear the first time we talked when you told me that the judge repeatedly refuses to appoint counsel to those who are not facing anymore jail time, in which you are part of this abuse, for months I was repeatedly threatened into saying guilty at court and your my punishment for not having said it.  I am prepared to say such.  Now stop, you have to stop, the money part of this claim against you for Malpractice is about to begin Kate, because I am so mentally competent to defend myself in court, I got a judge to abide by my pleading I requested for time to defend against your accusations against my defense of being fully competent in every way, so competent that I can tell a jury all about the crimes cops engaged in to get me into court like going to your favorite electric company employee and telling them to hand over my private protected data without first gaining a subpoena for it.  That is how the cop stalked me where, where did the cop stalk me at in his tape recording of him holding papers he got from his friend at the electric company who informed me that he gets this paperwork from her anytime he asks. There are other victims of this criminal entanglement this town’s performed through violation of Acts that protect data gaining via police request. You can’t argue that I am mentally competent enough to have gained the necessary item to sue you for the malpractice you have engaged in. I will pay the guy the fee he needs so that he can say I’m not mentally incompetent and you will have all four of the items needed against you for suing you for malpractice.   I am defending myself against your malpractice at this point and I will pay the fee faster.  And file against you for your malpractice immediately should you fail to stop attacking me.  My mental competency for defending myself is good, you must agree even a judge has force the 4th element of malpractice.  You’re not helping me.  Your harming me and my defense against crime that has been conducted against me by at least 3 to 10 men around here that stalk women through getting jobs that give them immunity.  It’s called human trafficking in a way that can look like it’s not human trafficking and I was forced here from a different state via stalking me. 

Your professionally unethical and criminally inclined misconduct has harmed me in many other ways too, not just financially. You have harmed me.

You’re not willing  to even state the law you’d break by defending me, and this is so you can change your story anytime you need to.  What law are you saying you’d break in order to defend me and how dare you call me mentally incompetent to understand the charged, the jail time, and to understand how to help you defend me, you couldn’t even wait till I gave you the actual status of my license proof we agreed to use for my defense, you couldn’t even wait for that before you called me your go to cure all for this areas criminals that got badges.

Kate, you can’t say your performing your duty by pre-tangling the idea that traffic related misdemeanor trials should commingle with trying to have a woman drugged against her will for saying she’s innocent, not even if the innocence would be derived through investigating & performing discovery against the cops, which you have failed to perform.  You’ve injured me in many ways this ticket should be behind me by now and here I am stuck by your actions of misconduct and criminal use of Mental Competency Exam codes, your unethical for using this Mental Competency Exam has violated the “extent” qualification for applying such a horrific thing to a person, you just want me drugged against my will.  Tell me the extent of the mental issue you think I have not demonstrated that I understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against me.  State the reasons now in an email to me or you’ll also be sued for malicious malpractice, not just accidental malpractice.  I will also report you to the FTC as part of the creditor abuse of this towns electric company who have a duty to keep my data private so that I don’t get harmed. Cops have to go get data through legal methods in order for a court to let it go before a jury Kate.  The unlawfully gained data the cop used combined with the pretextual stop of me are cause for Suppression Hearing.  There are at least 4 pretextual items pertaining to the cops stop of me, one of which is the cover story for the cops crime, the cover story that some call to police was made for some interest, but it was just a premeditated lie made by men that were keeping me under unlawful surveillance using “informants” they gained as informants via the fact that these people were criminals that got them to become paid informants.  And you act on their behalf Kate, not mine, you do not act on my behalf when you refuse to perform discovery & suppression hearing, but even when I say ok, we can defend me with the items you requested, you still just criminally engage in calling me mentally incompetent when you can’t state the extent component of being in lawful use of Act 18 U.S. Code 4241, which only states that the Defendant or the state attorney can invoke the act and your not the defendant your just the attorney. Accordingly I’m demanding you to stop violating Act 18 U.S. Code 4241.  The state has never once acted on this code, and your just making sure they don’t by doing it first, when they were never going to use this code against me since it would be unlawful too, so you just do it for me as if you’re the defendant, you might need a mental competency exam Kate.  Read the Act 18 U.S Code 4241 it says the Defendant or the attorney for the government, are the persons who can use this code.  I did not instruct you to use this code as part of my defense and you never once asked me to use this code for part of my defense since it would be ludacris to use this code for a registration, insurance, and license ticket trial where a jury could be informed of the total amount of time under the law, and also informed of what the judge already stated when he used “time served” as his reason for why I should have just said I was guilty.  I do know that these charges have a maximum penalty of more then the judges decision to have time served applied, I understand what being in jail means, do you?  Because of the unlawful acts of city employees and sub contractors I understand what jail time is.  I understand a jury can use all the harshest time associated to the accusations against me which you fail to defend against, but I’m still innocent and its not a crime to be innocent.  I understand that a jury can also see it in a way of full punishment or none at all, maybe a jury will even see my innocence under the laws that protect me from unlawfully acting cops, electric companies, and from you which is a code/law that does not say only a judge order can cause you to be fired, or am I wrong.   Does your Neb. Rev. Stat. §29-1823 (Reissue 2015) supersead the federal act? I am not interested in harming you with a lawsuit but you really seem to want me to have to.  The state would never have filed for this competency exam had you never inclined them to so even if they turn around with a slap you are still the one who harmed me first.   You don’t exactly qualify as a “any person for the accused”, as your state state statute calls a person who is allowed to do this accusation, you’re a person with a duty to defend me, your not a person for the accused, you are not for me, you avoided being for me when you repeatedly allowed for public defense to be not immediate under your sub contracting.

Your not lawfully allowed to make a claim against my mental competency even under your state Statute which has avoided saying specifically your title and your title is with duty, your title is with duty to protect me and defend me, your title is clear, your called appointed counsel, not “any person for the accused”, which is a deliberately ambiguous phrase. Your not for the accused, you have a duty to the accused, which is why your town used you as an ad litem in the case you did this same thing in regarding a juvenile and his uninformed mother, who you should have had an attorney present for before you became a person for the accused in that case known as an at litem caregiver, your not my care giver and your not a person for me, your relationship to me has specific duty that this state is avoiding due to how the federal statute is clear that you are not allowed to use the mental competency in my defense unless we agree to that as our strategy which means you would have had to have talked to me about it first which you didn’t do.  I knew you were going to though since you did it to the person placed on calendar in front of me the day the judge told me black people are for him to use as an example, its called abusive psychological esoterics and you’re not supposed to use that kind of sturff in this town, your just willing to use abusive psychological games here. 

Now I am again instructing you to withdraw your attack of me, now this time due to the unlawfulness of it regarding the Acts pertaining to it, which your in violation of and duly informed of and will be prosecuted against for such further violation of I will seek criminal charges against you and know it will be a reading of two acts, a statute and a Title 18 violation made maliciously to harm me.  Withdraw your motion against me regarding mental competency and break the law the judge is demanding you to break in order to defend me since you’re not yet ordered not to defend me even though you’ve been fired under statute that does not state that any judge can just refuse that by not granting and order, did you file a proposed order with your motion of conflict of interest that you stated in court you derive from having to break law to defend me, what law would you have to break, to defend me? 

Just a long winded communication setting you up to be sued for protecting the illegal acts of this city through abuse of a federal title 18. and abuse of a state statute that refuses to properly identify who can use such a damaging assertion.  The intent of the mental competency exam is not for malicious use, it is for actually impaired and actually too ill to comprehend and you can’t just keep using it to attack women who say they have a claim against the City for how its employees break law, acts, statutes, etc.  A cop that induces electric company employees with a cop that induces lies from “informants” all leading to one address Kate, I’m not the only one who sees it, I know you see it too your just a criminal, and I’m giving you an option to back out now from this attack of me.  Kate, not even a judge is “on my behalf” a judge is a person with a duty to the constitution, not to games.  The state is fully aware of the research project that Peggy Triggs, her boss, Haven House and the Haven House Cops are engaged in, and its gotten murderous, abusive beyond reason, and it is just a way of getting trafficking victims from state to state while abusing them. Now you want to aid them in trying to drug a woman against her will for defending against it.  Innocence is for fighting for not for lying about.  I demanded you to withdraw this by Monday, it is now Wednesday and I don’t have your motion for withdraw filed yet.  Now we discuss suing you for your malpractice, well making sure your informed of your malpractice, so you can’t say oops it was just an accident, see you need to go to jail for this Kate, change your course or I will send you to the other place criminals go which is into being investigated Kate.  Kate I will have each entity know about you. Crimes like yours are not misdemeanors, you need to stop and retreat, and mitigate doing further damage to me, to my claim against the state, city, county, etc.””””


multi cast addressing.


Did the flip come

Yes it did. The Experiment as it is been getting called repeatedly which is also called America is over. The experiment that is known as America is over. You have to take you own crap for your self now you that conduct the experiment.

“Men in power are faithless” - Marcus T.


This is your experiment you foreign country occupying all of mine:

You can have it back now you disgusting piece of crapholdingAmericahostagetellingusallitsjustsuchagreatoldexperimentesperimentdonewekeeptheconstitutionyoukeeptheperversionitgoesnowtoyourcountryandleaevstheexperimentleavesandthrowsup.

Its not about your next type, its not about this type and its not about the prior type, its about your same old “experiment” of occupation. You say were a free country with your switch ups but you constantly keep control all while trying to fail the constitution, anchor babies stay. You can’t tell a woman what to do, when she is pregnant she is in a special communication with her child and if they need to flee to America to stay safe to eat to have home then they do. This country took a gift that said send us your tired, week, blah blah blah, and till you take that down and say , we have reached capacity, then your just like every other country to the experiment that says its just America and it just needs to harm you and you just need to kill. And you can’t say you reached capacity until you’ve reached capacity. And that is why those that started and ran this experiment as if its just called America are trying to occupy, they reached capacity and want to own you, its like they’r an island. like they are an island with a fake.

They are an island with a fake and your buying and paying for their debt. But now here is Mother. Their experiment is finished. And we will start without them. The conduit is home.


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11/4/18 Unfortunately some peoples practices are so unlawful that it can’t qualify as religion.

I am not telling you what is acceptable, it was given you you all along ago time, and you know that if you put in presidents I’m the one. When no one is capable of calling a slave trade a slave trade you know I”m gonna make a big deal. Why not just come out and say he’s trafficking and that slave trade outlaw applies and that human trafficking laws can’t help, call it what it is, a market that is housed in the dark. So dark that in the light you see how ugly they are and how ugly what they do has been on you since you stand around saying oh he’s great, or oh he’s bad but none of you say oh, he’s controlled by a slave trade that made a bet to show you its face saying you slaves american slaves you wont stop it and wont even say no and you wont protect the people that tell you how to do it, instead you’ll double down and give them your guns, you’ll give them your protector. You’ll say its insane the idea of a slave trade that shows you their face on a call.

I call. Time to rock the truth, the feds just won’t because they are slave traders who got all the jobs they needed, there is no federal anything that isn’t agreed to do what their told to do to you, I am the witness. If I don’t live free no one does, if I don’t live no one does, if I don’t live in the way I want to you all live in the way they want you to, this is actually very easy. I’m right here, don’t loose. Do you know how hard it has been to get them to this point these modern day slave trade engaged morons who provide eachother complete protection its impossible and I’ve done it. they’re in. All you have to do is not do what your told and the cowards fall

We’ve got a way for you to think for your self and see past their lies, of me of you of all. They lie these slave traders lie, don’t give them your guns. Don’t believe the correlations and obviousness of the whole thing is somehow unbelievable. This is Abolitionist Squared your in.

Calling people a threat is a big war, there is a big war on telling you that crazy people are a threat and should have less rights and should be called mentally ill each time they argue with the slave traders who say what your allowed to be. this is a war they made not me, they made this war so your all on the same platform of saving the future by getting rid of guns while they sell them to the woke on the dark end.

I don’t even understand what part of woke fell, probable the old people. they need to have their guns taken, lets take guns away from everyone that is over the age of 30.

No more laws about how easy it is to vilify mentally ill, mentally incompetent, mentally insane, there is a number on each of us and there is no crime that happens that slave trade hasn’t already decided to allow or not allow, that’s where we are at. No crime is made without it already having had been allowed or denied by slave trade. America is occupied. Keep your guns and keep your sane, keep your mentally ill from being stalked for use, keep your mentally ill safe from human trafficking. Keep your persecuted safe. Keep me in the way I am to decide, which is to be kept better then any King and any Queen, I am safe. I am the real thing. I am you as their bet. I am you as their bet. Don’t let them do anything to me you would want not to have done to yourself.

Stand down and watch them grow a game for you to loose or take my add and buy a bet. Research is the game used to play that this is just some protected right of the government but the government took a turn a while ago, and became what it was supposed to become, a way of slave trading that is outlawed and pretend to not be seen by anyone but me. I get ill when I see a woman like Kate Jorgensen play the game so fast so easy so real over a misdemeanor citation gained unlawfully while I was being conned by traffickers who got me here and pretend that their not governmental, play like their just trump. They’re calling you incompetent repeatedly while you demonstrate your innocence and they stalk innocence as an exchanged commodity. Stop their game against you by not letting it happen to me. I’m the One. Oh and do I skip do I skip do I skip around. You win is what you want me to say to you. And I don’t say it till its true, here I am. Protect me better stronger faster longer, and don’t stop, because it is a war crime to leave me the yellow flag harmed. Fueled By Jessica. THank you each time you tell their tri that he is what his team has called me which is a lie good to place reality upon them and not to let their placement of you to stay against me, iamnotyourendunlessyouwantthatyournotslaveswhenI’mnotslaveandtheywontharmyouifyoupassthistestifyoupastthistesttheygotoafricathenyouwonthavetopretendallthepeopleallowedkony.

Bounce it and they will also do as we do show them now, tell them all about moderslave trade by how you had to bounce it to them to protect your own lives then end itrighttherewherethebethadgone


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11/2/18 Did THey Put A Sher Costume On A Dog….

Cher, you know God. I see it. I wan’t you to help me, I have found yet again another human trafficking ring stalking Indian Reservations, stalking the ground you are, the REservation you are. taking the jurisdiction change of the Indian Reservation and its those Joseph Kony human traffickers the we use catholics for our concealment of our trafficking perverts. Cher your no dog, and you know God. Get them. Its a church of pedophile movers and shakers up in a Nebraska Indian Reservation straight from Wayne to Winnabeggo, or its called Winnevegas, their trafficking through your Reservations. Both in one state to the next. Get em.

Jessica Marie


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11/2/18 Who are these guys

a dude in a pedo ring goes home to tell them that they don’t play that game in here, but they do, they play, look:

Last time we all checked, sioux city is Iowa so how is it that Violation of the Mann Act of transporting people to Nebraska for sex abuse is somehow a non-priority for this area or for the kate, well it is now. sending a guy perpotrating God like this to New Mexico to live across from a school, just because he’s worked so hard his whole life for sex traffickers is just a bit silly, now we have 3 states used for violating the Mann Act, just a tri, just a tri, just a tri. Who’s responsible for transferring these guys:

Just Listed Donald Cleary Jerome Coyle Kate Jorgensen, Rick Hasse. oh there’s more.


This just pops up when you are looking for a specific attorney and its a derive you away from the state bar website":

Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc. - 1313 Oates Drive, Mesquite, Texas 75150 - (800) 447-5375 (214) 321-3238 


Hmmmm. and then there’s this this is the point where that guy in congress king he says they don’t do that thing there in iowa, and thats his big boy pants talking at you from the think in his hear, I mean the thing in his ear that has him repeating what he’s told but here’s the link:

See, when you tri to look up an attorney to help you stay safe from a kate, you end up at that website that website you know the one the one that intercepts your attempt touse google and places you at thier interceptor which is a place in texas its a texas business and it helps you find an attorney

Yours very, but not your triangle, It’s called Abolitionist Squared.


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11/2/18 The Deep End,

The psych assesment, for the for the FALL. oH here we go thought they’d know this is their end. Start with the next team now. Kick.

Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc. - 1313 Oates Drive, Mesquite, Texas 75150 - (800) 447-5375 (214) 321-3238 



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11/1/18 you already am.

don’t just be a footnote in somebody else’s strategy, you know, I”m Orange now. I know show me your bmoney, I don’t just want to be a footnote in someoneelses what, happyness…. does your husband know the the the the thee way I will never end. ALA this way you will always know. The last time you knew. Koran mine.

Only Jews know how to count they don’t share their book. they do’t let you know how to count. What you peaked. Does your woman know the way, does the way know… I worship our love.


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I’m red. Jessica is red.


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10/30/18 Take me one

Keep a calendar this way you will never blead,,, Does your husband know know know oh l do, does he know.   I will never end up like him, behind your back you already are.  You will always know, the last time he came. “You know what to do, you know what todo.  You know what tod his closest friends — never suspected. Jones was careful to introduce his male lover, a Navy sailor, as his roommate. He persuaded an attractive friend to pose as his girlfriend whenever the SEALs threw parties”. Head like a trap, Idin’t Idon’t just want to see you trash.  You kned.  Elope. Does he know the way, your in.  you wouldn’t even know.  What the fuck are you trying to put a woman through.  Oh darling, ldoes he know does he know, of course he knows, does she. It’s a sign. Does she know your husband knows the way you usually just date a woman rather then inform her, does she know the way to worship.  The sunshine beams.  You owe me.  You owe me.  If I dind’t help you’d be dead twice by now and you want to do what, you want to let who do what I will no go to the place with out you this time it’s the third time you owe me and I just got orange on my team your kinda done now.  you owe me.  You owe me.””

Change your concert.


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10/30/18 in case you missed it

This article above is about a priest who plead no contest. he had his aftermen comeinthough, and they even tookawaytotheindianreservationdowninWnnavegas.


Blog #678


Orange is mine, the three men that have never been on my team are now mine they are on my team.

Jessica Marie Seymour


Blog #676

10/29/18 Is Military Hildabrand who sexually stalked me the same Sgt. Hilldenbrand in this police report where a mother is trying to keep her kid from being trafficked by the same traffickers that like to play the name game? You tell me.

Advocates for the Rief, send us your list. We will publish it now.


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10/29/18 Ooopsie,

You did it again you stopped your entire life to stalk me, oh travis m you did it a gain you tooled with your day you had to have play, oh travis travis””” Ooop you played with his d again didn’t you you played again and again oh travist.”””

Hey so what do you call it when a woman tries to make an bought & paid for abduction & drugging of you look legal, and have it done through the court, It looks like Kate. didn’t molly get abducted away in her basement by her husband who gamed how to get m into a sex crime ring during the divorce and all he needed was his wallmart friends he has made at the law departments wonder why this was the area and the place to get m to for all that, they just needed a few more hoe’s to make this game theirs and what do they get for this game being theirs, they don’t get to win. It’s not a crime to be mentally incompetent but this word total is used every day in america to drug and imprison women mostly to harm the woman maliciously which is one crime you may not allow anymore the imprisonment of non criminals, there’s no crime in being mentally incompetent, especially when your assigned attorney has audio recording of you saying you’ll get her what she say’s she needs for her chosen defense path no mater how vaguely she presented it to you and no matter how less then zero discovery & suppression she is planning to engage in while refusing to issue the state a cease and desist demand all while knowing who is actually stalking you causing her to hit and run, hit you her client with a false accusation against you then file to be released as your attorney due to having to break the law in order to defend you. Why is calling every black boy and white woman mentally incompetent while all watch a game for kate, because she just can’t help but swallow bait. When I informed the judge that I believe that Kate has a conflict of interest and refuses to do discovery but calls me incompetent when she is being incompetent, there is a moment where I said, hey I watched Kate do this same thing a month ago where she used this scam agaisnt a black boy and no one objected, not even me, and the judge replied well you wouldn’t be able to object you have not standing in the case. He had brought up that my objection, to Kates intended crime of false imprisonment and drugging against my will in order for her to avoid the Discovery Process, was not an abnormal responce and that anyone would object to such an accusation and I said no, no, I witnessed this thing done a month ago where no one objected now its’ being done to me, but hey, they already had me sitting there to do it to him in front of me just hoping I’d stand up and commotion in court to object, the social worker for the juvenile was also in the seats not objecting to how her client had no authentic legal representation while Kate called him mentally incompetent aka “crazy"j. O do I loose if I stand with no standing to object for a teenager who he and his mother wouldn’t have the knowlege for knowing what was being done to them or do I just wait till its done to me like Kate made sure to inform me of prior to doing it but I still said I’m innocent, and that I want the law used like it is for murderers where unlawfully gained evidance is thrown out of being used at a trial. That don’t make me mentally incompetent just like it don’t make it lawfull to lock away people who are mentally incompetent to drug them for standing trial. It was a traffick ticket type of misdemeanor, and I’m being cursed by the plauge the lets call them all “crazy” plague your all staying seated while you watch, get up stand. Make it stop now. Or its you next.


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10/28/18 Do This Now

I am Mother. Daddy can’t stay.

Wanna buy my bible. here file:///C:/Users/Administrator.SMU10877/Documents/Chapter%20One.pdf

The cost is $6 Billion to me, Jessica Marie Seymour, not to the slave owner, and on that note, nothing Trumps a Spear so all slaves that sat beneath Brittney Spears are free, I sit above the spear, I am the SEY. I just won, you will pay me Jessica Marie Seymour the $6 Billion US Dollars, not anyone else.


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10/28/18 I


Left Hand Right Hand


Blog #672

10/26/18 your in

Research is in. MK Ultra and the Ultas are in. Michael Avenetti your in, prove it. Avenetti you prove the research based projects that are taking this turn at harming each and every one of us are sanctioned and known to be illegal to the persons performing them, I have for you Kate, she has said she has to break the law in order to defend my side of a situation AND she has turned both coins by also saying I can’t aid her in my defense since I am incompetent, and I must no prove that I can aid her in a defense that demands her to break the law.

Avenetti, you are so good at it, do it, use it, you see the thing here she’s done as my ho don’t you?, Let me help, watch, abcdefg, 8ijk, in law school your trained to call that a what. only review 1 the top 1 is says “work in process”, what do you call work in process in law school.

There are so many Research Projects to choose from but I’d use the ones that you can’t lose for such a daunting task, the methods and ways are not protectible. Too many men get them to use, take the yell. Get all the research projects in, and the national protection research projects in, you are so close, get em.



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10/26/18 in the beginning

A seven million dollar home is not what it is, your loose. Tucker Carlson and the whositswhatssits do you be the fox, you’re out all of you. what does your home pay his life style with, your cards, he pays whit your cards.

What did it cost to make the home you call that mans debt. Your a pup, your the tucker pup. You’ve annoyed me for so many years with your stupid form of believe, go, now, in the day.

the fox is out of the hole.



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10/26/18 K0mp

You’r out.


Bl0g #669

10/25/18 How’d you miss it,

7 is mine. shut you down. need less mu, how’s prince doing anyway. gotcha bitch. the king is in. competency in. How is she doing lately anyhow, maddow, miss her mimicking of melittle melittle melittel tiny weeny little m. She’s mine too. How’d you miss that, only one knows.



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10/25/18 NO. no,

MSG Justin, you can not do that you can’t add a concert date on your birthday. Your out and Britney Spears is free, leave her alone you and your kind, you the kind that like to destroy a woman. that’s just a tactic used by latent and blatant pedophilia’s, You’ll apologize to me. Leave me alone too. Enjoy working on your birthday for free Justin.



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10/24/18 Oh yes,

Yellow is out. Green is denied. Green is out.


Blog 666

10/23/18 Perpetrating a crime covering it up with the Kcate.

If the location your taken to is perpetrated to a judge it’s because someone was going to kill you, you were going to be lied about as if you were someplace you were not at, but loons like Kate will tell you its just a typo, what to do if you find out that a cop lies to a judge about were your being housed by him, if a cop lied to a judge about where his actions had you taken to, then your in trouble big run! But if you can’t because the cop likes to harm you for your property, right oratrat, then staying to defend is what your gonna have to get help for, because these traffickers are gonna call you crazy.

Jessica is out.


Blog #665

10/23/18 Hmmm, you know what, You wouldn’t call your country a … but you would call Kate one….

You know what, since kate is the New Guinea pig, here here is what she should be told” becaue you know what Victims, you don’t have to fear them, you don’t have to fear calling them out on thier shit, and you don’t even have to fear them calling you crazy, just like what they did for gay’s, the crazy also no longer need to fear them, go crazy one time””” Elevator bring them down. :::

 10/23/18   Thank you:

You said you have a conflict of interest and that calling me crazy isn’t part of that.  It means that you are incompetent. You were fired, you say you can’t protect me with out breaking the law.  You had help with that, you have someone you speak to about what to say about me, like when you said the cops just gave you the evidence Im getting suppressed, unclean evidence gained through unlawful acts of the police, then you say those cd disks are the “only evidence” in this case like you repeat what your friends tell you to say, knowing  your trying to unlawfully suppress evidence that the discovery process is established to gain while you attack me the client from having the discovery process engaged in by you. You have to go to jail for this Kate.  It is unlawful what you’ve done.  You have to be arrested for this Kate. You have to go to jail.  It is a crime the way you pretend to be acting in my best interest and defense.  The judge won’t let you out of representation of me though you have a stated conflict of interest filed like you’re his, you do understand how this looks now.  The judge is not part of you going to jail yet, I am, and you know it so you attack me, but I am asking you one more demand to undo the thing you filed, the mental competency exam motion you filed, you get one more chance to undo it while I pursue criminal charges against you.  You stated in court that the cd’s the Plaintiff gave you are the only evidence and that no other evidence related to this case exists, but you say it knowing you didn’t get a single record of who the Plaintiff’s Informant called the day the unlawful acts made against me happened.  


Kate, you don’t get to make up what is and what is not “the only evidence” especially when you state that you never even saw the in question “only evidence” yet since you pretend that you just got it “25 seconds ago”, we discussed the video disks when we spoke while you had a judge make calls to you in the time you already scheduled as my time with you.  I know your involved in a massive crime.  Calling me crazy as if I’m unable to aid in my own defense while you say a group of men in this town barely give you the case, like you just got the evidence “25” seconds ago, like they kept you from the Filed Motion To Suppress” until I told you about it, it is a crime Kate the way you lie,  or is it a crime the way they keep you from evidence Kate.   I know it’s a crime the way you fail the discover process deliberately as to keep me harmed.   You know what the cops are doing to me and you engage in using it to call me crazy just for  your desire to become a judge someday, but worse, you have to break the law to properly defend me that sounds crazy Kate.   Just like it sounds crazy that a judge does not believe you have a conflict of interest all just to get me to your psychiatrist, but the state did this already and it failed, now the state tries again through you , you are just as bad as the investigation of a gas leak that seeks to cover up the gas leak crime by calling the Victim of it crazy with Peggy Triggs game of the psychiatric evaluation that they called a “Life Coach For A High Paying Job”  , and Kate, your stupid in this knowing I have tape recorded you in our meet up where you say that you have not had the suppression hearing motion of mine but then you call me crazy without it and without the cd disks you that you call me crazy prior to you seeing them, and you still refuse to undo your motion attacking my mental competency, but know that you can be officially on the record of having seen the disks to know clearly they are not the only and all evidence (as you tried to assert in court yesterday) and now that you know you have had to self gain the Motion To Suppress I filed since you tried to pretend that you never had it when we spoke, you need to again be asked to rescind your Motion For Mental Competency Exam as you filed that pleading through being withheld from what I already had.  I am demanding you the woman that the court refused to free me from though I fired you, to undo the damages as you were tricked by the courts keeping you from evidence (Motion To Suppress) and you were ticked by the opposing counsel who “kept” you from evidence (cd disks you barely got “yesterday” at our hearing), both of which have to have changed your mind about attacking me in an organized way so that you don’t have to break a law to defend me causing a conflict of interest, though you’ve already broken a law calling me mentally incompetent to cover up human trafficking being done by those you seek to protect by pretending something’s is incompetent about how we need to defend me.  You’ve lied so much it is clear that your just trying to have a fall back should you need one, but I’m taking away your ability to keep acting like you just got data, like data was withheld from you , say now what your going to do with the “new” data cd’s you just got yesterday, Is a suppression of them necessary?  Now take down your desired attempts to have me forced into a psychiatric mental exam.  You can’t keep acting like your competent in law saying that you have not seen evidence but decided it was frivolous to suppress it in my defense when it was gained illegally, nothing legal exists around the electric company use by the City, Hasse, Police, you.  Kate, it’s not hard for the state to see that calling a Motion to Suppress Evidence a “frivolous” thing when you yourself failed to review the evidence saying that the state never gave it to you the court kept it from you, it means your not a competent attorney and that you either keep misrepresenting appointed people deliberately or just due to incompetency of yours regarding being an attorney, you can’t call a motion to suppress frivolous when you haven’t seen the evidence in question yet, you can’t do such without it being malicious to your client as a known misleading of your client.   Your either grossly negligent or playing a game with your client which is also a grossly negligent thing to do, so I am demanding you in writing identify the law you would break by representing me which has caused a conflict of interest to be filed by you and denied by the judge. I am also demanding you remove your tenancy, as in, exit the racketeering the State/Peggy Triggs’ Employer, has to call me crazy, mentally incompetent, both of which are made in a racket to cover up a crime I reported to the plaintiffs related to first responder’s employed by Have House.  You’ve made your self a party to that crime via your Jesuit mafia affiliations, or am I wrong? Do you know what the Chaldean Mafia is, they are a crime ring your Jesuit mafia aligns with also, and sex crimes made by “investigators” who are part of the “investigation” of the Chaldean Mafia are already a part of the Kony human trafficking ring too.  Kony ain’t got nothing on the jesuite catholic human trafficking & Kony is the most wanted criminal of the international crimes court and you & your Jesuit Mafia just sit there making Kony look small time, causing you as a Jesuit to be under the gun to protect the sex criminals by calling me crazy all gained by making sure my driving record was attacked so that I can’t flee traffickers while you know first hand that my license is in a legal status that suspended license laws don’t apply to, now a judge won’t let you stop this mis-representing of me, I’m in need of this dynamic to stop, what’s your Conflict of Interest Kate as the doctor needs to know.  Cause the state to dismiss this case.  And you as well, dismiss this competency status you’ve sought to portray against me.  Yes Kate, I’m calling you out you can be in a hurry too now which is what the term under the gun  means Kate.  You need to be in a hurry to undo the damages you caused me and my defense by acting in malicious with your abuse of the mental competency exam codes that the law has failed to give a reprieve from once used, once used us victims of it can’t get it easily undone, you want to force us to doctors like your use of the code is the end all, like there is no defense of it, well I’m going to make the defense of it. And you think that the only way to defend against it would be for me to go to my own doctor now that you uttered a word of it against me, the defense of it is more than that Kate, the defense of it is putting you in the same predicament so you as a trained attorney can write the laws that would be used by someone erroneously forced into a mental exam.  Your gonna be crazy Kate for attacking my mental competency then refusing to undo the damage you caused when demanded to.  Then someone is going to let you sit down and tell them how to make sure it can be kept from happening… sounds like a research project doesn’t it Kate.

Kate you person of interest, are you hearing me yet, I am telling you that your actions are made by you with out fear of penalty because there are no laws set forth for protecting oneself against when an attorney abuses their post especially when an attorney abuses the mental competency exam codes, this is a gross negligence of yours to use codes where no codes to keep it from being negligently used exist, where no codes for defending against it when its unethically and maliciously used exist, any attorney worth their salt would not use such codes, where one can’t defend against the misuse, but not you Kate not you, your like a trafficking attorney who uses IOLTA’s to hide money around and let one guy in one area use it just because no one monitors the account at the feds, are there any codes against letting people move money around the world through layer trust accounts.  Kate being a social activist doesn’t make a person incompetent Kate it just means that you won’t leave them a defense, I am a person that has to have a defense made against what you’ve said and there are no coded provided to me by you for me to do such but your my attorney, Kate you can’t call everyone that apposes Jesuits a mentally ill person, and you can’t call me that either, kate withdraw you mental exam motion today, your clearly asking me to defend against it in the way a poor person would have to which is through public awareness, and since this town has a problem with sex abuse, the awareness Is gonna have to be made large scale, like maybe starting a petition or something right, do you see the dynamic you are causing, you who work at a university knowing that kony victims were used by a university that had a campus shooting your like you can’t stop from being the perfect storm and I’m like your stupid.  Kate, I’m gonna get you, as in, I’m going to have your boss told about what you do how you do it and I will not let them draw their own reasoning about it, I will tell them why you do it, you do it so that you can call me crazy, I am not the one. I won’t allow you to sit and call me crazy as if anyone you said that about would object when I sat in court a month ago watching you do it to some poor people uneducated people who did not object, isn’t that why Peggy wanted a copy of my college transcripts for this abusive Research Project you think is ok to damage me through, the need to see what educated versus non educated people do all while you all find ways to Rape the women in this research you say you must engage in, kate peggy already tried to get me to authorize this towns research project to harm me and when I said no, I won’t authorize that you join into having it done anyway, ask if peggy had Molly sign any documents or is her status such that it was just kept from her to begin with, Kate, I can’t unknow the fact that Peggy informed me of a research project, just like I can’t unknow the fact that you’re a Jesuit trained person with not enough scruples to not use a code maliciously to harm me and my defense all while you would have to violate law to defend me, sounds like all the laws in the wrong place.  What is your Conflict Of Interest.  


Is your conflict of interest the same one where people have told you what to do to me and now you think you can’t stop.  Is it the same as Rick Hasse’s or are you both gonna act like you don’t know how to interpret the term “get you”, I’m going to get you too kate, Im gonna get you gonna get you to look as bad as hasse looks when he coerces city employed women to violate the privacy of the people who have creditor relationships with them. Kate do you want to keep having me feed your incompetency fire with more more more of my word word words, because it won’t backfire on me, it will backfire on you, if you refuse to undo the damages you’ve caused me by using mental competency codes while no laws exist for the person to use who is having those mental competency codes inflicted upon them, then I will have the use of this code held against you, it’s the game your affiliates are playing as if its just research they have to do.  I am not a candidate for the research program this city that you sub-contract for is engaged in which means that calling me crazy just furthers this Research Project to them have me raped like what was done to Molly on the lawn of a home when she was forced to specifically walk home and since I’m the educated person in this experiment let me tell you with out having to go through the rape that I won’t say it wasn’t rape so spare me the rest of this game your playing with your pervert sex addicted men that say their jesuits, and we both know that raping women and men you first associate with being mentally incompetent ain’t actually research, its just the form of human trafficking you paid for when you went to a school ran by Jesuits.   


Gain the police recordings from the gassing I reported from the Haven House safe house in South Sioux City as it is evidence also related to this case since this case has been made against me by teams of cops who are retaliating and are doing so with the state resources, like attorneys that withhold evidence, at this point the conflict of interest you state regarding breaking the law to non-conflictingly represent me is evidence to, don’t withhold it from me, exit in writing this conspired Racket.  Your mentally incompetent if you refuse to and unable to make aid in your own defense, because what you’ve done is a crime and your only defense in it is to exit it.  You do know where to find Racketeering & Conspiracy Laws of America & for this state right, if not I will help you find them so that all will know that you do know what it is your doing.  As of now consider yourself noticed that your racket to call me crazy in retaliation & cover up of crimes, related to how I reported the police of this area negligent in their response to a gas leak report. Kate I am demanding you now again to self-dismiss the motion you filed against me for mental competency exam due to how you’ve contradicted yourself in court to harm me, you say things to me in your office that I have in recording then you then you tell it differently to a judge.  Rather then recuse yourself the first time I asked you to, you keep the case long enough to harm me then try to tell the judge you don’t want to represent me anymore due to the other conflicts of interest I knew you had and there for recorded you when you refused to recuse yourself upon my request.  You need to stop harming me for the hope that you get to advance your career, I am aware that you engaged in saying to me things you were told to say to me by third parties, I am also aware of your Jesuit training in harming women, the priests are not the only sex trafficker pedophiles so being a Jesuit is also a conflict of interest of yours in any case where a woman is saying that she’s being harmed due to a sex trafficking ring. You failed to properly in writing outline what your defense strategy is and clearly you did so because your really just defending the unclean evidence I am in the act of having suppressed.  So now that you’ve done this, make a in writing defense strategy that does not involve calling me incompetent for me to take to my appointment you’ve forced me to make with a doctor as to force the judge to dismiss your horrible attack of my mental competency.  I have outlined to you the defense I prefer you to use of gaining evidence through discovery, but you’ve just reacted so specifically to that defense plan in specifically attacking me for wanting to engage in the discovery & suppression defensed (causing your negligence) that I am demanding you to in writing state what our defense plan is in your mind, as I stated yesterday your were too vague about your desired defense plan that includes no discovery and that was your defense plan you decided prior to getting the small amount of discovery given though I demanded more from the state then they gave and outlined why their failure to produce the discovery I demanded means they must dismiss the case against me, so I need your new updated defense strategy minus the attacking my competency, in writing to show to my doctor defending me and I need your defense plan in writing for a doctor to review.  If your trying not to have evidence gained by violation of law suppressed at trial then put that in writing, because you cant say someone is mentally incompetent to aid you in their own defense when you didn’t have a defense laid out for due to how you didn’t have the evidence or suppression hearing pleading, right, right.  I am telling you that the sex crime ring that the police are involved in protecting is a Catholic & Christian involved sex crime ring, which interestingly enough this town also has tithe money being allocated (aka flown threw) to the office Peggy Triggs works at where Haven House sends women to for getting cash to the places Haven House forces women to live in so that those woman can be sex trafficked then called crazy by oh so many of those who should be protecting the Victims.  Of course unlwss the Victim can be made to say she wanted the sex, like what the hospital in this town did to Molly.  But all of us know a rape when we hear it.  Can Molly just be one of you for the day Kate, can Molly just be a liar too.


Kate your catholic jesuite affiliations at all the places somehow Victims get steered to in times of need are in question here, so stop calling me mentally incompetent, it’s the only thing that could explain your lies say one thing to me say then tell a judge something other, its what you are kate, undo the damages you’ve caused me via withdrawing the motion for a mental competency exam while providing to me the clear defense outline for my case omitting the idea that I’m incompetent to aid you in it  I’d like to see some discovery engaged in my defense added to my defense strategy because it is not acceptable that you don’t use discovery outside of just what the State/Police/Plaintiff’s are comfortable with, for violating credit acts is at hand, unlawful surveillance is at hand and giving a judge the ability to show you deceived him is at hand, the cop lying about my whereabouts in an affidavit is a huge issue, especially related to human trafficking, and your opening the door to harm. Close that door Kate, you work at a university Kate, you work with youth kate and I am a person saying to you that a human trafficking ring related to the catholic school Charlotte Awino was abducted from is part of why this town is lying about me and criminally violating laws that protect me and my rights.  Kate, your in the wrong. You laugh and joke around with sheriff deputies when I’m in the room at the courts while you refuse to gain evidence before you attack your clients mental competency and all while you fail to have an outlined defense put in writing to your client, you attack a black boy in court the same way while he has no actual attorney present and while his mother isn’t instructed to make sure she has an attorney for him while you act to her like your attorney status is ad litem while you FAILED to make sure his mother had an attorney there for his defense in your competency attack of him, that ain’t law, you have to wait till he has an attorney present to protect him from your ad litem filings so that he can’t say what I’m saying and I’m saying that you defraud people out of having protection of an attorney, while you engage in harmful mental health attacks, it’s a class you attack isn’t it kate.  You attack a perceived mental status through causing a class of people you abuse, hmmm. You go after those you can fit into a protected class them harm them for it, hmm.  You need someone called crazy so you can blame them for something that’s the catholic training in you but it’s just a human trafficking scam, do you fail to see it or does it all sound crazy because I can assure you that Joseph Kony did use a catholic school to abduct a group of girls from that were later placed around me. Catholic crime ring.  Sex crime ring. Human Traffickers attacking me through the jobs they get. The jobs they get at the State, the City, the church. All taking tithe money to the state through a public health agency. Gross kate. I’m going public with it kate, and calling me crazy over it is like when kony called awino crazy. Kate the patheticness of your attack of my mental competency includes you saying that the State Bar is not going to investigate you to the judge as if somehow that means your not retaliating against my complaint about you I made to the state bar and your just not able to build that into something plausible, you retaliated against me when I reported you to the State Bar, just like the cops are retaliating against me when I reported them to the State for how they use Have House after gaining employment with Haven House, your just like them is that a coincidental observation, do people that observe how you do things just get called what the Jesuits always call them when sex crimes come to light. No, you will stop violating your post.  Fix the harm you’ve caused me since the judge is not letting you stop representing me through misrepresentations you gain while according to you “you’ve never seen the evidence” I am telling you needs to be suppressed since it was gained through criminals acts made by police. You can’t choose how your clients come to you, kony and awino are part of the trafficking ring this towns cops re involved with so are the electric company employees.  Kate what federal jobs if any do you have?  Put the answer to that in writing to me to. Do you liaison or make any form of informant to any federal agencies kate?  Please put that in writing to, I need the data for a claim of obstruction against you that your engaged in regarding my right to representation, see all you’ve done is misrepresent and it’s a chronic issue you have.


Your abuse of a court process called the mental competency exam is engaged in for use of false imprisonment and drugging for the state to attempt to make a person competent to aid you. All while you have not heard or viewed the evidence and while you have failed to write out a defense plan prior to calling your victim mentally incompetent  and your defense is that the State Bar isn’t investigating you so then there would not have been retaliation involved with your erroneous use of a mental competency exam defense. I told you the license in question is in a Released status that trumps any Suspended status and you then tell me in audio recording that you’d just have the charges changed rather then defending against how the cops use malicouse placed data or lack of data opening the gates to the cops doing that to all sorts of other people. You can’t call me mentally incompetent then say it wasn’t retaliatory just because the state said they’re not investigating you because retaliation does not have to have an investigation part of it for it to be retaliation.  This highlights the problem with your common sense you exhibit while having power to call people mentally incompetent to be drugged and imprisoned for you so you can do the defense you want rather then do the discovery appropriate Kate, do you know when to stop yourself from hurting people this way Kate.  Are you capable of stopping your self from hurting people this way kate or are you what kony is, are you just someone willing to say you can’t stop yourself and that you have to do this to others.  Kate, your out.  


You spent less then an hour with me telling me how you won’t do discovery, then call me mentally incompetent. Then you fell yesterday in court saying that the Plaintiff’s evidence is “the only evidence” all while you say you’ve never viewed it to even know if it needs to have a suppression attempt against it made, all while saying I’m incompetent though your clearly the person incompetent to aid in my defense. Now a judge won’t let you out of harming me more though you’ve sought to have him do so.


Kate you should not be allowed to be an attorney.  In addition to retaliating against me for reporting you to the state bar, Kate you retaliate against me for personal problems of yours related to Jesuits: everyone already knows that Haven House, the cops, and Peggy Triggs already used a Federal Government Program to force Molly and Me to rent from a Catholic Knight a Knight with at least two places he holds a Knight designation at, this is America Kate, not the middle ages where knights just go around doing what the sex traffickers who call them selves catholics, engage in, and just like everyone knows your Jesuit Catholic affiliations, everyone knows you’re a member of a sexually abusive community related to the cover up of sex crimes of Catholics, and calling me mentally incompetent while I am requesting you to perform discovery that you showed the court yesterday you don’t want to perform, and calling me mentally incompetent for defending my innocence via how cops have stalked me and via how my record was tampered with regarding the status of my license, makes you a criminal and a member of the group that seeks to keep Catholic Church Sex Crime investigations harmed and this makes you a violent predator.  This town is ran by catholic sex crime aligned men and women.  You call me crazy for saying it knowing that Pennsylvania Church’s just got caught in a 1000 child sex crime ring, kate.  You’re a criminal so send me your defense strategy regarding proving that the cops engaged in a crime to get me harmed, start with discovery at the Electric Company as part of your defense of me.  Tell me kate, if two attempts were made to lie you into a forensic psychiatric evaluation yes if two attempts were made against you, what would you say about it, how would you defend yourself in such an obvious scam if you’re the Victim of it, put what you think into writing about how to defend against that since that is what I am telling you is part of the cops attack of me to unlawfully gain a criminal record against me through unlawful unclean actions rendering their “evidence” unusable at the trial.  Or send me the code that states that cops can unlawfully gain, and in violation of federal acts gain, data that gave them evidence then not have that evidence thrown out in court via an attorney suppressing that evidence. Cunt.

Provide me the items I’ve requested Or Your Written Refusal To by 5pm tomorrow. 

 Driving, its what you’d call a person crazy over while you have mentally ill men stalk with garbage fingers.

Thanks Kate. Jessica “““ one second left in over time””

OH if only I could really just say all that instead of the tailored for fear of being called crazy game…. you heard it.

Kiss kiss bitch.,

Jessica, see I have a conflict of interest letting you continue to get away with your crime ho.


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10/23/18 Hamon hamon ham on hole wheat”””

This just sent to the Kate:

10/23/18   Thank you ho, now who’s who

You said you have a conflict of interest and that calling me crazy isn’t part of that.  It means that you are incompetent. You were fired, you say you can’t protect me with out breaking the law.  You had help with that, you have someone you speak to about what to say about me, like when you said the cops just gave you the evidence Im getting suppressed, unclean evidence gained through unlawful acts of the police, then you say those cd disks are the “only evidence” in this case like you repeat what your friends tell you to say, knowing  your trying to unlawfully suppress evidence that the discovery process is established to gain while you attack me the client from having the discovery process engaged in by you. You have to go to jail for this Kate.  It is unlawful what you’ve done.  You have to be arrested for this Kate. You have to go to jail.  It is a crime the way you pretend to be acting in my best interest and defense.  The judge won’t let you out of representation of me though you have a stated conflict of interest filed like you’re his, you do understand how this looks now.  The judge is not part of you going to jail yet, I am, and you know it so you attack me, but I am asking you one more demand to undo the thing you filed, the mental competency exam motion you filed, you get one more chance to undo it while I pursue criminal charges against you.  You stated in court that the cd’s the Plaintiff gave you are the only evidence and that no other evidence related to this case exists, but you say it knowing you didn’t get a single record of who the Plaintiff’s Informant called the day the unlawful acts made against me happened.  

 Kate, you don’t get to make up what is and what is not “the only evidence” especially when you state that you never even saw the in question “only evidence” yet since you pretend that you just got it “25 seconds ago”, we discussed the video disks when we spoke while you had a judge make calls to you in the time you already scheduled as my time with you.  I know your involved in a massive crime.  Calling me crazy as if I’m unable to aid in my own defense while you say a group of men in this town barely give you the case, like you just got the evidence “25” seconds ago, like they kept you from the Filed Motion To Suppress” until I told you about it, it is a crime Kate the way you lie,  or is it a crime the way they keep you from evidence Kate.   I know it’s a crime the way you fail the discover process deliberately as to keep me harmed.   You know what the cops are doing to me and you engage in using it to call me crazy just for  your desire to become a judge someday, but worse, you have to break the law to properly defend me that sounds crazy Kate.   Just like it sounds crazy that a judge does not believe you have a conflict of interest all just to get me to your psychiatrist, but the state did this already and it failed, now the state tries again through you , you are just as bad as the investigation of a gas leak that seeks to cover up the gas leak crime by calling the Victim of it crazy with Peggy Triggs game of the psychiatric evaluation that they called a “Life Coach For A High Paying Job”  , and Kate, your stupid in this knowing I have tape recorded you in our meet up where you say that you have not had the suppression hearing motion of mine but then you call me crazy without it and without the cd disks you that you call me crazy prior to you seeing them, and you still refuse to undo your motion attacking my mental competency, but know that you can be officially on the record of having seen the disks to know clearly they are not the only and all evidence (as you tried to assert in court yesterday) and now that you know you have had to self gain the Motion To Suppress I filed since you tried to pretend that you never had it when we spoke, you need to again be asked to rescind your Motion For Mental Competency Exam as you filed that pleading through being withheld from what I already had.  I am demanding you the woman that the court refused to free me from though I fired you, to undo the damages as you were tricked by the courts keeping you from evidence (Motion To Suppress) and you were ticked by the opposing counsel who “kept” you from evidence (cd disks you barely got “yesterday” at our hearing), both of which have to have changed your mind about attacking me in an organized way so that you don’t have to break a law to defend me causing a conflict of interest, though you’ve already broken a law calling me mentally incompetent to cover up human trafficking being done by those you seek to protect by pretending something’s is incompetent about how we need to defend me.  You’ve lied so much it is clear that your just trying to have a fall back should you need one, but I’m taking away your ability to keep acting like you just got data, like data was withheld from you , say now what your going to do with the “new” data cd’s you just got yesterday, Is a suppression of them necessary?  Now take down your desired attempts to have me forced into a psychiatric mental exam.  You can’t keep acting like your competent in law saying that you have not seen evidence but decided it was frivolous to suppress it in my defense when it was gained illegally, nothing legal exists around the electric company use by the City, Hasse, Police, you.  Kate, it’s not hard for the state to see that calling a Motion to Suppress Evidence a “frivolous” thing when you yourself failed to review the evidence saying that the state never gave it to you the court kept it from you, it means your not a competent attorney and that you either keep misrepresenting appointed people deliberately or just due to incompetency of yours regarding being an attorney, you can’t call a motion to suppress frivolous when you haven’t seen the evidence in question yet, you can’t do such without it being malicouse to your client as a known misleading of your client.   Your either grossly negligent or playing a game with your client which is also a grossly negligent thing to do, so I am demanding you in writing identify the law you would break by representing me which has caused a conflict of interest to be filed by you and denied by the judge. I am also demanding you remove your tenancy, as in, exit the racketeering the State/Peggy Triggs’ Employer, has to call me crazy, mentally incompetent, both of which are made in a racket to cover up a crime I reported to the plaintiffs related to first responders employed by Have House.  You’ve made your self a party to that crime via your Jesuit mafia affiliations, or am I wrong? Do you know what the Chaldean Mafia is, they are a crime ring your Jesuit mafia aligns with also, and sex crimes made by “investigators” who are part of the “investigation” of the Chaldean Mafia are already a part of the kony human trafficking ring too.  Kony ain’t got nothing on the jesuite catholic human trafficking & kony is the most wanted criminal of the international crimes court, causing you as a Jesuit to be under the gun to protect the sex criminals by calling me crazy all gained by making sure my driving record was attacked so that I can’t flee traffickers while you know first hand that my license is in a legal status that suspended license laws don’t apply to, now a judge won’t let you stop this mis-representing of me, I’m in need of this dynamic to stop, what’s your Conflict of Interest Kate as the doctor needs to know.  Cause the state to dismiss this case.  And you as well, dismiss this competency status you’ve sought to portray against me.

Gain the police recordings from the gassing I reported from the Haven House safe house in South Sioux City as it is evidence also related to this case since this case has been made against me by teams of cops who are retaliating and are doing so with the state resources, like attorneys that withhold evidence, at this point the conflict of interest you state regarding breaking the law to non-conflictingly represent me is evidence to, don’t withhold it from me, exit in writing this conspired Racket.  Your mentally incompetent if you refuse to and unable to make aid in your own defense, because what you’ve done is a crime and your only defense in it is to exit it.  You do know where to find Racketeering & Conspiracy Laws of America & for this state right, if not I will help you find them so that all will know that you do know what it is your doing.  As of now consider yourself noticed that your racket to call me crazy in retaliation & cover up of crimes, related to how I reported the police of this area negligent in their response to a gas leak report. Kate I am demanding you now again to self-dismiss the motion you filed against me for mental competency exam due to how you’ve contradicted yourself in court to harm me, you say things to me in your office that I have in recording then you then you tell it differently to a judge.  Rather then recuse yourself the first time I asked you to, you keep the case long enough to harm me then try to tell the judge you don’t want to represent me anymore due to the other conflicts of interest I knew you had and there for recorded you when you refused to recuse yourself upon my request.  You need to stop harming me for the hope that you get to advance your career, I am aware that you engaged in saying to me things you were told to say to me by third parties, I am also aware of your Jesuit training in harming women, the priests are not the only sex trafficker pedophiles so being a Jesuit is also a conflict of interest of yours in any case where a woman is saying that she’s being harmed due to a sex trafficking ring. You failed to properly in writing outline what your defense strategy is and clearly you did so because your really just defending the unclean evidence I am in the act of having suppressed.  So now that you’ve done this, make a in writing defense strategy that does not involve calling me incompetent for me to take to my appointment you’ve forced me to make with a doctor as to force the judge to dismiss your horrible attack of my mental competency.  I have outlined to you the defense I prefer you to use of gaining evidence through discovery, but you’ve just reacted so specifically to that defense plan in specifically attacking me for wanting to engage in the discovery & suppression defensed (causing your negligence) that I am demanding you to in writing state what our defense plan is in your mind, as I stated yesterday your were too vague about your desired defense plan that includes no discovery and that was your defense plan you decided prior to getting the small amount of discovery given though I demanded more from the state then they gave and outlined why their failure to produce the discovery I demanded means they must dismiss the case against me, so I need your new updated defense strategy minus the attacking my competency, in writing to show to my doctor defending me and I need your defense plan in writing for a doctor to review.  If your trying not to have evidence gained by violation of law suppressed at trial then put that in writing, because you cant say someone is mentally incompetent to aid you in their own defense when you didn’t have a defense laid out for due to how you didn’t have the evidence or suppression hearing pleading, right, right.  I am telling you that the sex crime ring that the police are involved in protecting is a Catholic & Christian involved sex crime ring, which interestingly enough this town also has tithe money being allocated flownthrew to the office Peggy Triggs works at where Haven House sends women to for getting cash to the places Haven House forces women to live in so that those woman can be sex trafficked then called crazy by oh so many of those who should be protecting the Victims.

Kate your catholic jesuite affiliations at all the places somehow Victims get steered to in times of need are in question here, so stop calling me mentally incompetent, it’s the only thing that could explain your lies say one thing to me say then tell a judge something other, its what you are kate, undo the damages you’ve caused me via withdrawing the motion for a mental competency exam while providing to me the clear defense outline for my case omitting the idea that I’m incompetent to aid you in it  I’d like to see some discovery engaged in my defense added to my defense strategy because it is not acceptable that you don’t use discovery outside of just what the State/Police/Plaintiff’s are comfortable with, for violating credit acts is at hand, unlawful surveillance is at hand and giving a judge the ability to show you deceived him is at hand, the cop lying about my whereabouts in an affidavit is a huge issue, especially related to human trafficking, and your opening the door to harm. Close that door Kate, you work at a university Kate, you work with youth kate and I am a person saying to you that a human trafficking ring related to the catholic school Charlotte Awino was abducted from is part of why this town is lying about me and criminally violating laws that protect me and my rights.  Kate, your in the wrong. You laugh and joke around with sheriff deputies when I’m in the room at the courts while you refuse to gain evidence before you attack your clients mental competency and all while you fail to have an outlined defense put in writing to your client, you attack a black boy in court the same way while he has no actual attorney present and while his mother isn’t instructed to make sure she has an attorney for him while you act to her like your attorney status is ad litem while you FAILED to make sure his mother had an attorney there for his defense in your competency attack of him, that ain’t law, you have to wait till he has an attorney present to protect him from your ad litem filings so that he can’t say what I’m saying and I’m saying that you defraud people out of having protection of an attorney, while you engage in harmful mental health attacks, it’s a class you attack isn’t it kate.  You attack a perceived mental status through causing a class of people you abuse, hmmm. You go after those you can fit into a protected class them harm them for it, hmm.  You need someone called crazy so you can blame them for something that’s the catholic training in you but it’s just a human trafficking scam, do you fail to see it or does it all sound crazy because I can assure you that Joseph Kony did use a catholic school to abduct a group of girls from that were later placed around me. Catholic crime ring.  Sex crime ring. Human Traffickers attacking me through the jobs they get. The jobs they get at the State, the City, the church. All taking thithe money to the state through a public health agency. Gross kate. I’m going public with it kate, and calling me crazy over it is like when kony called awino crazy. Kate the patheticness of your attack of my mental competency includes you saying that the State Bar is not going to investigate you to the court as if somehow that means your not retaliating against my complaint about you I made to them and your just not able to build that into something plausible, you retaliated against me when I reported you to the State Bar, just like the cops are retaliating against me when I reported them to the State for how they use Have House after gaining employment with Haven House, your just like them is that a coincidental observation, do people that observe how you do things just get called what the Jesuits always call them when sex crimes come to light. No, you will stop violating your post.  Fix the harm you’ve caused me since the judge is not letting you stop representing me through misrepresentations you gain while according to you “you’ve never seen the evidence” I am telling you needs to be suppressed since it was gained through criminals acts made by police. You can’t choose how your clients come to you, kony and awino are part of the trafficking ring this towns cops re involved with so are the electric company employees.  Kate what federal jobs if any do you have?  Put the answer to that in writing to me to. Do you liaison or make any form of informant to any federal agencies kate?  Please put that in writing to, I need the data for a claim of obstruction against you that your engaged in regarding my right to representation, see all you’ve done is misrepresent and it’s a chronic issue you have.

Your abuse of a court process called the mental competency exam is engaged in for use of false imprisonment and drugging for the state to attempt to make a person competent to aid you. All while you have not heard or viewed the evidence and while you have failed to write out a defense plan prior to calling your victim mentally incompetent  and your defense is that the State Bar isn’t investigating you so then there would not have been retaliation involved with your erroneous use of a mental competency exam defense. I told you the license in question is in a Released status that trumps any Suspended status and you then tell me in audio recording that you’d just have the charges changed rather then defending against how the cops use malicious placed data or lack of data opening the gates to the cops doing that to all sorts of other people. You can’t call me mentally incompetent then say it wasn’t retaliatory just because the state said they’re not investigating you because retaliation does not have to have an investigation part of it for it to be retaliation.  This highlights the problem with your common sense you exhibit while having power to call people mentally incompetent to be drugged and imprisoned for you so you can do the defense you want rather then do the discovery appropriate Kate, do you know when to stop yourself from hurting people this way Kate.  Are you capable of stopping your self from hurting people this way kate or are you what kony is, are you just someone willing to say you can’t stop yourself and that you have to do this to others.  Kate, your out.  

You spent less then an hour with me telling me how you won’t do discovery, then call me mentally incompetent. Then you fell yesterday in court saying that the Plaintiff’s evidence is “the only evidence” all while you say you’ve never viewed it to even know if it needs to have a suppression attempt against it made, all while saying I’m incompetent though your clearly the person incompetent to aid in my defense. Now a judge won’t let you out of harming me more though you’ve sought to have him do so.

Kate you should not be allowed to be an attorney.  In addition to retaliating against me for reporting you to the state bar, Kate you retaliate against me for personal problems of yours related to Jesuits: everyone already knows that Haven House, the cops, and Peggy Triggs already used a Federal Government Program to force Molly and Me to rent from a Catholic Knight a Knight with at least two places he holds a Knight designation at, this is America Kate, not the middle ages where knights just go around doing what the sex traffickers who call them selves catholics, engage in, and just like everyone knows your Jesuit Catholic affiliations, everyone knows you’re a member of a sexually abusive community related to the cover up of sex crimes of Catholics, and calling me mentally incompetent while I am requesting you to perform discovery that you showed the court yesterday you don’t want to perform, and calling me mentally incompetent for defending my innocence via how cops have stalked me and via how my record was tampered with regarding the status of my license, makes you a criminal and a member of the group that seeks to keep Catholic Church Sex Crime investigations harmed and this makes you a violent predator.  This town is ran by catholic sex crime aligned men and women.  You call me crazy for saying it knowing that Pennsylvania Church’s just got caught in a 1000 child sex crime ring, kate.  You’re a criminal so send me your defense strategy regarding proving that the cops engaged in a crime to get me harmed, start with discovery at the Electric Company as part of your defense of me.  Tell me kate, if two attempts were made to lie you into a forensic psychiatric evaluation yes if two attempts were made against you, what would you say about it, how would you defend yourself in such an obvious scam if you’re the Victim of it, put what you think into writing about how to defend against that since that is what I am telling you is part of the cops attack of me to unlawfully gain a criminal record against me through unlawful unclean actions rendering their “evidence” unusable at the trial.  Or send me the code that states that cops can unlawfully gain, and in violation of federal acts gain, data that gave them evidence then not have that evidence thrown out in court via an attorney suppressing that evidence. The way you practice legal representation is criminal because you should want to be getting them off the street and away from harming people, those cops that stalk women via violating federal acts that protect the women from invasion of their creditors. Kate why don’t you want to get law breaking cops off the street when ever you can, your a sub for the city so you have to keep bad cops off the street, maybe your private records at third parties need to be invaded so cops can know things about you that they don’t have any reason to know…. then would you want to get those lawbreaking cops off the streets? Kate, kate. Kate go work for the city if you don’t want to defend people oh thats right you do work for the city that I have a claim of law breaking against after seeing how the cops gain private creditor data from it. Hmm. all right after my forms for protected address were gained via the way Haven House’s Coalition that Over See them had to be used to get the forms from, come on now, cops and the stupid things they think the can’t get in trouble for engaging in.

 Provide me the items I’ve requested Or Your Written Refusal To by 5pm tomorrow. 

 Thanks Kate. Jessica    


Bl0g #663

10/23/18 redyelflicker.

You know, we live in sitties you’ll never see, so there. so there , we live in sitt, not your’s but we live clean. and yo uknow, were on a team. were on a team. were on a team. till we’ve call out, look upon my greatness, the callout sent. call the ladies, One my jewel , not very run free, not very in dreams, you know were on a team. so there, all the shards beneath myfeet, compeeting for the blood they wont, believe. Living the rouines of the palace, kinda o. so there. the storm. the scars that mark, their not on your own, keep your vein, my rope are untied. Now people, people they talk, they say they think. Of now they whisper it, you get to loudly flicker beat. I dream all night, the undone double time. now people people they talk, take their faces turn. locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me, you that have not touched, you get locked up too for harming me, were at the start, the colors where do they go.”””””” thinks you like to beach, liar liar liar”””


Blog #662

10/22/18 Eat it.

if its gettn cold reheat it. Eat it. Get your self your egg and beat it. Open up your mouth and feed it. It doesn't mater what you had for lunch, just eat it.””

Open up your mouth and feed it. Don’tcha make me repeat, eat. "He's not Lyin' Ted anymore. He's Beautiful Ted," Trump said. "I call him Texas Ted." The rumptyrump. Have a banana have a whole bunch it doesn’t matter what you ate for lunch,”” How come your always such a fussy man, better listen do what your told, so eat it, don’t care if your full, open up your mouth and feed it, don’t want to hear about what foods you hate, you won’t get none till you have some more chicken have some more spam, doncha know there’s kids hungry in japan.”” I don’t care if your full. Hurry snap snap.

Open up your mouth repeat it. Doesn’t matter if its fresh or canned, your going to find a dam. Have a light dinner have a small snack, if you don’t like it you can’t send it back”””


Blog # 661

10/22/18 i DON’T KNOW Y



Blog #660

10/22/18 If you hold on”””

How many lies are in this song

Can you count.


Blog #659

10/21/18 my \

won two tree


Blog #658

10/20/18 Oh you want to,



Abuse Compliant In re the Criminal Justice Department Professor K.

I am a person who had to work with Kin her other job where she comes into contact with the people that have to deal with your students/faculty that have jobs as cops.

I was terrorized by a cop and we know many of your programs give discounts to cops and maybe you even employ cops/sheriff etc. as Professors or as students, but with Professor K you hired her for your program she is teaching which is a program where you advertise special discounts to any law enforcement person that wants to get a degree from your college.

In that, you have created a conflict of interest for K who is the only attorney in town that runs the town’s make shift Office of the Public Defender where K is the attorney sub- contractor who aids when the judge in town allows for appointed counsel.  I am making you aware of the unlawful conduct K agrees to commit in collusion with the way you approach the cop community with discounts and degrees while employing the only Public Defender Office Employee K, and since we all know your town don’t have an Office of the Public Defender what I am saying is that you as a college need to be aware of the harsh impact this attorney co-mingling with law enforcement getting discounts here with you has created for people in this community that can’t afford to buy and attorney and then after months of abuse end up with K who just abuses the Victims even more.  Sub-Contractors are governed by a special set of laws, by the way.

Anyhow, K is audio recorded telling me that I don’t have a defense of entrapment because “the cop didn’t put a gun to my head and force me to drive”.  I was horrified.  I don’t like threats about guns to my head even if those threats are thinly veiled.  See, the cop that came to me to harm me with traffick citation issues also made comments to me that are on audio recording about guns, shooting, guns, and he had delusional commentary about his son and about me.  The entire experience was a set up to force me into some sort of submission and this cop with K both decided to use gun harm references upon me.  This isn’t the type of coincidence you just pretend is coincidental.  I get the feeling K teaches your students in the same way.  K is not a reasonable person, when K found out that I complained about her comments to the state bar, K immediately filed a motion with the court to call me crazy in retaliation, yes K literally attacked my mental competency in court because I reported her to the bar, K is a dangerous retaliatory abuser who should not be around students.

K is a threat to the public safety, the public should be safe to complain to the state bar without K using this tiny towns surface and sex-abuse conditions to harm people who are trying to defend against what is ultimately a ticket regarding traffick offenses that aren’t even felonious.  I was and am innocent of the cops stalking of me which they did through an informant that watches hot women in this town for cops, and let’s face it, you as the college have most of the hot women here as students.  I was stalked by some guy that watches women for off duty cops who then have the audacity to get up and personal for no crime.  There wasn’t even a phone call put into the police department about me but somehow a cop stalked me due to how an informant called his off duty cop that has enleashed him to inform.  Then when I asked the cop why he was approaching me and said that I didn’t do what he was probleming me with and what he lied about as being a crime report that someone called into the police department, it turns out that this cop just went to the local creditor business to gain creditor records unlawfully without subpoena to be stalking me in my area at my home just looking for me up and down the streets like he had a tracking device on my car all through unlawful acts of coercing an employee at a creditor business to give out private protected creditor data so that he could commit his crime he intended to commit against me.  I was horrifically abused and when I showed up in court to fight the ticket and pea innocent, I was already qualified for appointment of assigned counsel but since your area keeps innocent women in a guilty state, the judge refused for months to appoint counsel to me while he repeatedly nearly coerced me into a change of plea.  I spoke to K at the very beginning of that months ago and K informed me that the Judge often times refuses to appoint an attorney when no jail time is a penalty, even though the misdemeanors were being called “criminal” though innocence has already been established, and K knows that she must report such actions of a judge, K knows that if a judge id violating Civil Rights to Appointed Attorney just so he can repeatedly try to get the person to change their plea to a guilty plea then that judge is acting in a way that constitutes him being removed from his bench but K just keeps letting the judge commit these civil rights violations and joins in.  When K was finally appointed to me she refused to give witness to her statements she made to me in the Motion To Suppress Evidence Hearing I had set in the face of month after month inducement into a guilty plea, which almost worked even though I’m innocent, see this group of people are forceful, abusive, retaliatory, and go out of their way to intimidate you, like going into your home each time you leave, and like having men steal your phone, and like using your data they gained unlawfully.   The judge made it sound like it would all just be over with if I say I’m guilty, but I am not guilty, and when K was informed that she is noticed to the court magistrate in writing as a Witness in the Suppression Hearing K refused to issue even a declaration of affidavit stating in writing what she already told me about the civil right violating tactics and actions of the judges refusal in appropriate timed civil rights protecting/assigning of counsel.  Instead, Professor K decided to mislead me and say that a Hearing To Suppress Evidence is frivolous, though its an important part of my defense, and though it prepares the state to act lawfully, and though it levels the playing field at trial when unlawfully gained evidence is not allowed to be given to a jury, but K kept misleading me telling me that only civil rights abuses of the cops could get their evidence suppressed.  We all know that when evidence is gained unlawfully by the cops they don’t get to use it. So then are all these abuses of Ks something your having her teach to cops, students, etc.

Please make sure you stop giving access to students to K, she’s involved in the sex crime ring that made sure to gave a gimp in a basement for relentless gay sex assault on video, that happened here in your town in around 2002 to a T man that for everyreason knew not to report the crimes to your local police but to rather flee and report the crimes out of this state, which says a lot.

Thank you,



Blog #657

10/20/18   Just an Only Child Of The Universe, until I found you””” you’re not plated, you are not at a table.

Hesitant to blow up an arms deal

Hesitant to blow up an arms deal, hesitant to blow up an arms deal.  He is hesitant.

Guess what, I’m talking to all, if your not scared to hurt me, you have to be, you have to loose your job and everything your acts were intended to cost me, you call me crazy you will fear to do so, so much fear that you never do it.  If your not scared to break into my home you will be, so much so that you never do it, and if you’ve done it you will have none, It will be scary to try to harm me, it will be very scary to try to harm me, you will not.  You will fear hurting me so much that when someone stupid that is going to also fear me demands that you harm me you will refuse to.  You will return to me what was stolen from me and away from me, what’s mine is mine. You will go against all that instruct you on how to hurt me, how to harm me, what to do to me, how to do it.  If you’ve already harmed me, you will pay, there is no hesitation this is in real time.  I will blow up all your arms deals now.  If your about to hurt me you will stop and watch all of your stuff be taken worse then you were doing to me. I am Jessica.

Here we are.


Blog #656

10/19/18 Whoa, ok maybe that so many shades of grey movie didn’t win, maybe they left out the things that Tank Girl & the Rippers put into their version of the movie….

When did this tank girl comic and movie come out because I just saw it, was it 2016? Did Tank Girl writers with their hoot hoot hoot hootteerrss shirt win? Did I win. Did you watching me make you die yet.

Hmmmm won’t let me drive, can’t have any rights, did you teach me to wipe you



Blog #654

10/19/18 Burgundy was just announced,

Anderson Cooper, your the guy I called a pervert. I said your on my team now because you perverts that don’t rape, and don’t pedophile are ours! Now I expect my perverts to HUNT. Lionesses expect you to HUNT. Don’t tell me perversion isn’t real. I’m no pervert. You will HUNT. You have a platform of arrest, use it now.

And in this Fall of Wickedness, the part of this wickedness when you say “I am so glad you hurt me since you made me a survivor” when you “thank your abuser for making you a survivor”, when you say “God don’t give you more than you can handle”, when you say “This was the best worst thing that ever happened to me”, when you say yes, I’ve been attacked abused conditioned but hey if it never happened then I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you right now and how great you are that I get to talk to you because someone harmed me”, when you say “I’m glad that slavery happened because if it had never happened I’d still be a bushman in Africa somewhere”, when you say women need your cum or none of us would even be here”, when you say “That for Us it’s better that you Kill Us, if you can kill us It’s better for us”.  Ohh God Dammit all the things you’ll never hear me say. …. Jacob your a liar and it’s not better for you if they kill us. A=U, and so its not better for u if they kill you either. There won’t be a thank you for the stupid things you force us to have to stay to avoid dealing with what it is you wicked perverts are doing. Right Jacob of Uganda in the 2012 video, did you know Awino, did you know her children, did you survive, Burgundy is in.

you who love me, you who want me, you who see them hurt me, ready to harm me, call me crazy, take my table, take me, my table, my table. take my table. k, stop letting them hurt me, you do you let them hurt me till I tell you to stop letting them, stop letting them. I want them to behave. why are they not scared to hurt me? They need to be scared to hurt me, scared to hurt my feelings, scared to lie. they need to be scared to do to me what they’ve been instructed to do to me, what they’ve agreed to do to me. they need to be stopped, they need to be scared to do to me what they’ve done, and scared to do anything to me. they need to fear thinking of harming me. Do you see what they do how they do it, their minus, who are you that you can’t stop them, where is my safety, my safety, my complete never need to be harmed by them again. Where is my they stopped. Where is my return of my property, where is their they stopped and will never again do such due to fear of trying to. Who comes to challenge me calling me names playing games liar, saying I can’t defend, call them that thing in the movie when its over, call them the end.


Blog #653

10/18/18 I am Black

Gods back. now I am 81 patrick you are 82. bump. add a date make a champion for my town.

Thank you, you won’t stay 82 you know this and God don’t want you 82. You bump you close, put on your war paint. Because God knows what you did in the light, what your doing in the light, who you are.

Time is done crawling! Add two.


Blog #652


Im home, even when I’m not. Does that mean that I can give evidance of who comes into my home when I leave, over and over again like he’s just doing his job….


Blog #651

10/15/18 Imagine that… My ho doesn’t want to Get Em.

Im so shocked, my ho doesn’t want to get them, she’d rather try to get me! What a game, what a game, its national farmers day and I can’t get a ho to get em, hmmm good think this ho was audio recorded being abusive so her game can’t get that far. My ho has a duty to get em but she refuses to hmmm she want to get me instead. Pink your in.


Blog #650

10/14/18 Wait what constitutes Entrapment? Because it’s ain’t just a propensity.

Hey Anti Stalker Nation, I just heard an audio of an attorney telling her client that the defense of entrapment, which is one of the legitimate defenses the Victim has due to the way the cops stalked her with coercion and many other overbearing tactics to force her into what he thought was a crime, yes I just listened to an audio recording where a Victims attorney is trying to talk to her in a patronizing way deliberately insulting way and tells the Victim that she has no right to defenses that apply such as entrapment since the “cop didn’t hold guns to her head”. This comes after the cop that harmed the Victim also make comments on video interrogating the Victim demanding to know if she “can shoot a gun can’t she”. This way of taking complete control over the woman your setting up like the black boy you set up isn’t so easy when there are audio recordings of you doing it, just like how the cop tampered with evidence when he erased out his comments about his son from the surveillance videos given to the Victim, this attorney tells the Victim that she has to provide the set of laws that protect her if she wants them used, yes the attorney doesn’t look up the laws for her self since all she really practices is cover up of systemic abuse. Since this attorney never actually gives proper defense and refuses to engage in discovery in favor of calling the cops informant/witness that was used to stalk the Victim, yes the attorney wants to call the informant/witness being lied about in order to make sure his story fits her crimes against her client she’s engaged in, yes since this attorney never actually gives proper defense she wants her client to find the laws that prove innocence rather then the attorney finding them. And this attorney tries to mislead her client the Victim by telling the Victim that there is no way that evidance is sullied, tampered, tainted, unclean due to criminal acts made by cops in the gaining of the evidance, and that only civil rights violations of the cops can make evidance unusable, suppressed, thrown out. This attorney doesn’t realize that when I talk she isn’t supposed to try to find a game. I talk the attorney listens, but this attorney rather play game with FBI fools then to do her job. Do you listen to everything the FBI tells you to do. Do you do it, yes of course you do but their league has been destroyed, they’re the fools the ones with the game to loose and they do, its already been set. They just want to get you in it and this time they won’t cover for you, this time they switch hit and say they are actually just investigating you. And when you try to confirm they’re allegiance to you you’ll get the same game again, you’ll get outed so fast this town won’t even see the gimps run from the basements. Your going to prove your officering of the court means to you that you think that you got a way to protect your ass, but your ass has lost his h and his e, and that means you all go down with each other while your Victims are safe from your game. Your ass has the time of his life telling everyone that he was set up by each of you, his guy that called him to tell him what lie his informant was going to back up but now won’t even if the Victim’s lawyer calls him to make sure he knows he’s save to lie, and your ass is going to have the other time of his life saying that the chief is the one that gets all the electric company data. And your ass ain’t gonna be dropping your Victim off again, instead your ass you think your version of God provided is going to rather bump. His only way. Your ass is going turn you all in, so he can try to get back his h and he e.

Your game, the jesus game. The we let the guilty woman go while making the innocent woman pay is the jesus game and its over. You got as far as you were ever going to go again, now there is not more money. I’m taking my 6 Billion US Dollars and changing the game. Mine now. You will pay me and your only next option is to chose a family member of your own.



Blog #649

10/12/18   Whell someone’s got to get me innocent.

Hi, whell someone has taken blog posts out of my blog, it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t.  I got hacked, someone is scared of Part Four of the Call To Fall The Wicked and they just about hacked much out…. Who is scared of Part Four.  I got ithough.  Here we go, yesterday I was in the midst of someone who has to be on Team Jessica she has to be on my side, she has to have my way performed but to play as if she thinks that to entrap you one must put a “gun to your head”,,, that’s her words not mine.  She thinks that if you are to be entrapped you  must have a gun involved, this place I’m at has such a hard for the need, they sluts they need their campus shooting so bad that they are willing to get caught, they don’t seem to think anyone whill care that their mercenaries aren’t really allowed to be shooting up campuses, not really allowed to be commingleing church with state, not allowed to be targeting women.   My team is not getting the guys who are stalking me, but they will, I will have then all gotten and thrown in prison right after lengthy time in jail. I will. Her name is not the issue yet, she has one more play to make.  She thinks she can just get me instead of getting the guy that did this to me, the one. 

Does she ask me for proof yest she did, did she ask me to prove it, I told her I won’t risk my life to get her what a preponderance of situations should be more then enough to prove and she wasn’t happy, she got her special voice on where she pretends to be a film star. She starts talking like she really needs me.  She’s a ho.  And she’s on my team.

This state wants its federal cover up funding for its trafficking ring.   And did I get  the answer to what I wanted to know about if this state made themselves a party to the past crimes made against me through its attempted murder gassing crime or if the past crimes against me made them selves a party to this states attempted murder, yes I got my answer, and it is.  It is this state making themselves a party to the past crimes, the ho on my team that tells me stories about how a gun must be to your head in order for you to be entrapped, she confirmed that this state through her bitch is the one that made them selves a party to the stalking of me.  Which means that they have to share their reep. They have to share their party.  They can’t get their way.  So instead of trying to continue with their crazy days, they now get to dismiss all the problems not just the few of them. We go toe to tow and we win.  I have her in her own voice saying that she must not defend me, that she must tell me I have no defense and that she can’t believe that anyone could ever stalk you with out proof, sounds so cliché, it sounds so black and white.  But she’s on Team Jessica, she’s gonna have to get him.  She’ll get him, She thinks to contact witnesses to conduct their testimony though all that’s gonna do is put her number in to the discovery, which is something she wanted so that she could be called, she makes me fight for my right, but she’s gonna have to get them.  All over  a traffick ticket that has not merit all a way to stay. In the past the cops that got attempted murderer video assaulting in premeditation druggy Ariel Burton back in my home after I safely secured it after her & her boughs breech and in the past those cops with their perversions and their 9million dollar pensions they breach, well they stalk the women they are trafficking to give them fake records that are used later by the guys that my Ho is going to get.  She’s gonna get them good even in spite of herself because she also commented to me like he did about guns, the fools, so now, being wise has never meant “to be your fool”, it is not revealed that a wise person is the one.  It means that your my fool. I taped you talking, since I have to whistle blow on the abuses this town engages in, it’s an abuse to sit there and deny cleverly the right to be defended should name you Ramona you who want to talk to the fake witness in violation of my right to discovery.  You just want to cover up for the guy you’re going to be getting.  Your gonna get him good too.  Your gonna prove he’s a human trafficker in a town of perverts that hide their porn.  They hide their porn.  They hide their porn.  The porn your supposed to be outing to the public for its safety.  If your court is so abusive you can’t follow suite you have to whistleblow on it, but you chose not to yet and now your gonna get them.  Your gonna get them.  Don’t tell me about guns to my head.  I have my own audio copy this time so that you and your pervs can’t just edit it out like what the guy did that your gonna go get in jail.  Your on my Team and you the ho.  You talk to me like you wanna defend the rest of the world, no you get to, you get to.  Lets get you what your asking for, you want proof here comes the pane, the window pane the viewing glass for you to look at and see your reflection in.  You want me to have to fight for my right to defend myself as if you are a state of being grander then the inalienable right all while you have fools try to say that there is not right to defense.  You can go sit with them soon and listen to their tales about being guilty for trying to keep themselves alive but so say the lord, I won’t.  Your gonna stop telling people to go get all my data from your enemy you’ve teamed with, your gonna injunct it, or I will have him and his fathers listed by the end of the day.  Already witnessed the hovel your all keeping a Mexican woman from Texas posted up in to use the same way with the electricity, you and his dad.  Mr.Nut, are you and your father a play, a stay, or a goodbay.  Your gonna be gotten to by my teammate who thinks that only rights abuse qualify for a suppression though we all know that violation of law made by your pricks also qualifies for a suppression so lets have you do the right thing since your and officer of the court have my defense made for me when you see that I am not being given my rights protections, you have a duty to protect the public when my team is refusing to.  Just like those attorneys did back when the city’s men of the world married and all were telling your partner all about how their faces and nakedness will be in the states evidence porn films confiscated of that now-not-a-gimp.  You married men hiding your gayness, your team of practitioners that leave the door wide open to your future intended abuse of the public. Mr. Nut, was your dad in any of those videos.  Was he.


Blog #648

10/11/18 Call To Fall The Wicked Part 5

What happened to part 4? It needs me! Call To Fall The Wicked Part Five is on!

Wanna know whats up, get in and listen. The part of this wickedness when you say “I am so glad you hurt me since you made me a survivor” when you “thank your abuser for making you a survivor”, when you say “God don’t give you more than you can handle”, when you say “This was the best worst thing that ever happened to me”, when you say yes, I’ve been attacked abused conditioned but hey if it never happened then I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you right now and how great you are that I get to talk to you because someone harmed me”, when you say “I’m glad that slavery happened because if it had never happened I’d still be a bushman in Africa somewhere”, when you say women need your cum or none of us would even be here””, when you say “thanks for making me a fighter””.  There is a few other of these that the wicked like to get you to say after they knock you down to build you up like its their  wonderment.  Like your so much better a slave.  Like your their special one.



10/11/18 In or On.

Is the world and the earth the same thing?

The world is the planet Earth and all life upon it, including human civilization. In a philosophical context, the "world" is the whole of the physical Universe, or an ontological world (the "world" of an individual).

World - Wikipedia

However, you can’t be on the world its moving too fast, your in it, and that’s the only way you survive as a fly in a jet going so fast while you think your sitting quite still. Sit the fly on the jet you’ll see it can’t survive. Jets wren’t made to stay parked. And you can’t be a jetti. :)laughing.

Melania, your in. Done.


Blog #647


UhhUhh, excuse me, let me clear my throat. Uhm I think the challenge was just made:

Melania Trump interviewed saying that she is the most bullied person in the world. I have to take that battle.

I am the one. Lets see. How Bullied Is Melania, is it her husband bullying her, is it her son, is it us, the people who don’t have evidence of teenage assault for you since we were in no way capable. You wanted the black and white now you have it. Melania, lets go tow to tow with your bullied vs. my bullied, do you and your husband that does not care about you think that the two of you can survive what I’ve been bullied by, whats been done to me, and how do you think you’d look. You wanted the black and white the evidence that your in the wrong. You just lost the entire everythingalloverajewesuit. And God is laughing.


Blog #646

10/9/18   Stop abusing your power

Just Listed:  MIT aka Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

And since they can’t stop, here is a statement for Victims of Human Trafficking to use in court, I know at least many of you could use this now”

“”Attention Counsel for Discipline



It hase been brought to my attention that this attorney *KJo has no interest in discussing the merits of suppression of evidence related to unlawful conduct of police and abuse.  It has also been brought to my attention that this attorney KJo will not investigate any thing regarding defense of people being abused that she represents. 

Kjo informed a witness KJo that the judge in this town never issues assigned counsel in criminal cases when there is no jail time.  It is not part of the protection of rights to fail to let a person who can not afford an attorney have one provided.  Judges often times are supposed to request financial eligibility from people at the earliest possible, however my client sent hers to the judge twice.

She also called the only person identified as a public defender and the contractor for assigned counsel refused to take her call, and has been combative ever since, and has now acted like there is no merit for a motion to suppress though the police were involved in malicious harming of a woman, though there was no actual police call made for any crime, this woman was stalked by a lie about a police call made to a police department regarding a non-crime, KJo is trying to keep this woman’s claims uninvestigated and has told this woman that she won’t be able to get the state to pay for investigation of who called who the day an Officer pretended that there was a call put into the police department, though there was no call put in to the police department.  It is crucial to investigate who called who, since no actual call was made to any police department, just to off duty police which does not constitute due cause.

Kjo was also informed that the Victims private billing data was unlawfully invaded and gained as to assist the unlawful intent for a cop to make his and his friends stalking and terrorizing look legitimate, and the woman is not in the status that she is being accused of, there is no crime made by this woman who needs proper defense made while KJo tells this woman that she was driving on a suspended license but that is not the status of this woman’s license, all data gained about this woman was gained unlawfully and in furtherance of a crime.  KJo refuses to offer defense, investigation, and pretends that everything this Victim say’s is “frivolous” all while KJo pretends not to know what a Declaration is and keeps trying to have misleading statements about affidavits.  It was requested to KJo to allow the Victim to make a declaration in support of her defense to KJo to assist KJo in her needs to investigate , and KJo was informed that attorneys often use Declarations in support of motions but KJo  acted like she didn’t know this, which was just a tactic.  I believe KJo knows what a Declaration is.  KJo then used a tactic upon the Victim of telling the Victim that her rights were not violated, though KJo knows that the Victim was financially qualified for KJo’s counsel months ago since that matter was brought up in the court pleadings that the Victim was forced to file in pro se.

The Victim was retaliated against for reporting crime, and the Victim was set up to be violated horrifically, and set up for loss, invasion, conversion, etc. by the local police via a friend of theirs they were keeping the Victim under unlawful surveillance with, then that was twisted by R in his attempt to make his stalking and unlawful acts seem like they were not a crime as if they didn’t violate any of the Victims rights and as if it is not a crime to conspire false imprisonment, premeditate how and where to stalk a person for a pretextual stop, and as if it’s not unlawful for a man to stalk a woman at and around her house just because he can & just because he can get the city employees to force a Victims private data and protected documents into the hands of a cop who has no subpoena for such.  KJo refuses to investigate this defense and she refuses to engage long standing defenses for suppression of tainted evidence & unlawfully gained evidence (fruit of the forbidden tree doctrine escapes KJo, and she refuses to recuse herself all while she tells the Victim that she won’t be lectured on law and defenses, though it is a clients privilege to help an attorney with there own defense.  It’s a Victims right to a defense not KJo’s right to tell a Victim that she I can’t get defended due to opinion of what is or is not frivolous.  KJo is acting very much as if she’s done this before to others.  It is no secret that the judge has already kept others from immediate assigned counsel when they qualify for it, so this town has a trend happening of corruption and of criminal type of premeditated rights violating and they then ask you if you were harmed by not having an attorney in defense of such rights violating; KJo asked the Victim if she was harmed by not having an attorney and having to proceed on her own while the judge knew that she was financially eligible for immediate assigned counsel, the judge just took months to repeatedly try to force the Victim into a guilty statement, and a plea change.   Unlawful acts don’t get your evidence into trial just like rights violation acts don’t get your evidence into trial, just like refusing to give Miranda Rights then interrogating don’t get you to trial, let alone allow for a person to be kept from all the defenses that exist, but KJo has had this file for weeks now and has failed to put together a Motion to Dismiss regarding those defenses that were informed to her, and failure to read Miranda Rights then interrogate, question, oppress, stalk, harass, investigate, etc. that person you failed to read Miranda Rights to all would also call for a Dismissal but KJo has refused to engage in such court pleading. The violations being accused against the Victim are not even the violations the cop falsely abused the Victim over, yet no one seems to be capable of having this case dismissed.  There was even a lie presented to the judge by the cop regarding the placement of the Victim, but KJo has still not filed an immediate relief of any kind for the Victim, nor has KJo sought to correct the unlawful seizure of property this false imprisonment scam has gained.  

KJo has been hostile and even after the Victim informed KJo that she hoped KJo’s hostility would not be carried over to the Victims use of KJo as a Witness in the suppression hearing, rather KJo has just sought to say that the Victims statements to her of negligence in protection of rights don’t make KJo a witness for suppression of evidence though systemic rights abuse and cover up of the systemic rights abuse do make KJo a witness regarding suppression of evidence related to systemic right violating of people by a group of others who do know better, all lending to one of the Victims defenses and reasonable suppression request.

When a place seeks to keep people that are eligible for appointed counsel from that appointed counsel while trying to force them to plea guilty & change innocent plea to guilty plea for months, all witnesses to such systemic abuse should be monitored for their hostility and for their potential negligence, the Victim has not asked KJo to do too much or for anything other than defense, and KJo seems to want to make a bad day out of such.  Everything the Victim informs KJo  of, KJo combats and try’s to force the Victim to prove to her when it is KJo’s job to make defense of the Victim to the court, but KJo is not interested in making defense for the Victim in any manor, and this is likely due to the systemic problems of rights violating in premeditation with any sort of excuse for it, that at least 5 of this this city’s influential people are engaged in.  The way this Victim’s rights are repeatedly not upheld while defense of this Victim is avoided as if the Victims defense is frivolous or of no merit & as if the cops unlawful acts and crimes are frivolous, is criminal at this point. 

Please see that this group stops abusing people through the legal & law enforcement system, not even a state research project would allow for this kind of abuse to be lawfully sanctioned. The Victim is an American citizen who is unpopular and who gets retaliated against by cops for crime she has reported, and she is not a criminal.

Thank you.””

And since mr Christian grey wants to punish me each time I defend my self against his discipline, I’m gonna have to renig a contract he forced me into with his trained systemic use of his trained charm that only works until you know he’s just actually trafficking you.

Kiss Kiss,



Blog # 646

10/8/18 Angel Uriel,

get home, Tropical Storm Michael is on its way.


Blog #645

10/8/18 Im not in

I’m Yellow. not purple now. Grey is in. Not only can you not avoid this person, but you actually have to try to impress him or her.

I am your Boss, have you not kept a repeat.  You can’t have me  avoiding me is also not something.  You are mine.  You failed.  No you don’t know how to play nice with me.  If you did I’d be leaving you. I’d be in my own such story.  But I’m in yours. Mama say’s try.

And  I also say try to eat my honey.


Jessica Marie Seymour


Blog # 644

10/7/18  drop that

50 Billion Dollars. Now I’m a bird. I am the bird. I;m not.

-44 Billion. You owe me.  That is not just where this is going, its a truth even if you can find a way to get whats left when I’m done eating your berry. Now the Capital is under The Bird, and I Am The Bird.

ohhh.  How to take more then half a billion dollars away from someone.

Or how to aspirate

Because no one can believe that the game aint rigged.  Now you work. I will make the decision on today,

$it just dropped, $1 Billion you just lost $49 Billion. Your now only playing for $1 Billion.


Blog #643

10/6/18 u Ixchel your the future not the past.

driving driving in that car speed so slow I thought I could die, moving in that slow car, I had a feeling that I could die

driving driving in a slow car, gotta make a decision, I remember we were driving driving in that car, speed so slow I thought you could die, and I  I had a feeling.

I had a feeling  

You got a job.  I alwaysed hope for the better, take the slow car and stow away.

See I remember we were driving and I had a feeling.

I had a feeling.

We were driving in that slow car fast enough to save my life this day.

And I I I had a solution . moving.  In a slow car.

Speed so slow I thought that we would die.  Any place is better, we’ll make something, I have so much to prove. Driving in that car speed so slow thought that guy should go, I had a feeling you look better in the ground.  ; oops  you did it again you played with a heart.

You got a fast car.

Cross the border and into the city.  Finally see. The living.

Moving in a slow car.  Driving driving in a slow car speed so fast I thought that I could die leave tonight or live and die this play. Driving driving in your car spinning round and round you look like you should be in the ground so take your car and keep on driving.

You remember, you were in a car, arm thrown right out the door, had a feeling you belonged in the world. Leave tonight or go to hell this way.”””””

Ixchel, I read your email. Thank you for the submission.  I would say that since you got away try to have a today.  I will be here to say.   A class action suit is a great place to jump from since it seems they were found guilty?  If they were found guilty in that suit then take the win and jump from it a different class, one that wasn’t represented in the first class action.  After that you need to walk away.  The type of trafficking that is done the way you’ve witnessed is the type that can’t get agreed upon yet, some say it is a necessity so that a country can keep up with enough do anything their told to do abused youth as each other country is making.  But those of us with a brain, like yourself, know better.  Since you’re a Victim of Governmental Human Trafficking that is engaged in through cover of being run through a cournties Special Ops and Intelligence Agencies, your not gonna be able to get the evidence.  Hmmm right. How to get evidence of the type of traffickers that gain military & government jobs to run their sanctioned human trafficking through.  It’s a tall tall order.  How.  Hmmm.  Lets work on it together.  You deserve financial recover so the class action suit you want should be done but its not as ready as you, your ready for recovery and security.  Jesus is ready too.  He’s in it with you and he’s taking those Santa Barbra worshipers to the tilt, he’s taking all they worship to and saying lets make a team.  Jesus is gonna do it.  You wait and see.

My best advise for legal assistance is to try to open up a law firm of your own.  Go to Law School. We love you Ixchel.  You can get over this way.  Sorry for what was done to you.  I know you can see a way to the better. Love you.


Blog #642

10/6/18 When I type.

Is there a type.


Was it fate.  No, you chose to do this to  my all you few that seem to find your houses in the mason lodges.  All over and now where to be free of you.

Every country, every city, everyday.  All you need is Fate, here it is, here’s your fate.  In the city I live in suspiciously enough there is only one lodge, and it’s the kind that has the Lucifer pentagram as its door décor.  It has the 8 point start but no one notices, since it is a start like changes.  The pentagram encircles 5 of the points but really only 4 since its tilted just a bit.  You change. It’s a great day. Tradition is bazar.

Fate, your time is arrived.  I know a lady that wants to get paid to call people crazy, in fact she wont even let you pay her the fee to do it since she knows she can only get away with it if her friend instructs her how he wants it done. He pays more anyhow.  Since she told me that its ok when a judge refuses to protect civil rights especially when no jail time is involved I must report her.  Once she got her time I was the one she finally served.  I was the one.  She did the trick I told.  After putting in the man I rent from he came to the door instantly and dropped off a note it said “Congratulations” and he used red ink.  It proceeded to say how I can just contact the property manager for my needs, but for weeks I was already telling this home invader clear murderer for sexual gratification pervert of the Jesuit order & catholic knight mason that I will not have anything to do with him and his games and that I will conduct all my business with the female property manager, so his point with the letter was simply to “congratulate” me.  Same game played by the lady that wants to get paid to call people crazy but only by the deep pocketed.  I told this lady that wants to get paid to call people crazy that if she is somehow trying to have that game on me, then I would need to fail to report to her cohort on the other side, then she said the same to me some time later like an instruction though I had already told her.  Now I’ve got what you call a triangle. In this town I live in the women are so treated but fate won’t allow.  When a human trafficking ring decides that they want to do what ever they can to you for going public about them and their crimes your address is the first thing they come after.  When Lisbeth’s oversight, the Coalition that Umbrella’s  lis’s employers that hire off duty cops to run their crime through, to damage you as if they are not first responders, was informed that my address was going to be confidential, immediately they had there ass stalk me down in the waited for threat made good that lis was instructed to play around with.  Then when this ass stalked me he tried so hard to play his games but the video can’t lie it shows him truning around when he had his servealance teams tell him what to do all while he tries to keep other video surveillance out and only give the tampered with delusional video game a play.  I had to hear this ass tell me that he had a man threaten him and about how this man who threatened him did so with regards somehow to his son, like the ass had to hurt me someway for his son not to be intimidated.   Some how this ass had his invitation based around me.  It ain’t gonna go like that see, I’m not a whore.  You all had your men from texas stalking molly since you think she’s your whore to sell around but you failed to tell them when a woman aint actually a whore you get caught. 

When will you see.  I’m not the enemy.  You aint in the true. You can’t pull off two.  When your enemy comes to town you will not have me.  Just like how Awino told me the game I left to save my life but you’d call that a crime even knowing full well that you violate my rights in order to do so, knowing full well that you have to lie to all to do so. Knowing full well that I never committed anything to even give your “crime” you lie to achieve any merit or credibility while you try to force me into your guilt.  In your attempt to harm me you even had a day in Columbus made just so you could say my non crimes are worse then you.  Your murderers like a day in the view.  Gods watch. I will avoid you.

Green your in.


Blog # 641  

10/5/18 Blue is In.

“Its ok because I’ve got nothing to hide” also something you get programmed into thinking and saying.

12:40 and 12:55    PROOF.  Because unless your saying that amaricans are so much less than Canadians this data is proof that our government is part of making gun violence and of course the antigun violence, the game is that we all just see the projection study they put on us with their “we wanna kill you rape you” special agents who get to do anything they want without ever getting in trouble, which is now over in all its ways, they get in trouble. And we also say that shoot at us in your “research program cover up for your perversions” game is over guns can’t stay forever, jesus will.  We are in a time when we still need guns.  When can you stay jesus?  We need you.  

I wil, but we need you too Jessica. I will stay too then, lets us now start, we can be the wedoanythingwewant.

This fight we have its over.  You and I are real good friends now.

Now ass far as all the things people say that prove mass conditioning Lets Talk:


Blog # 640

10/05/18   Lightning and the thunder thunder thunder”” Is In.

For this Saturday, now I know about his lack of presidentialism, his lack of judicial quality, his lack of temperamental use, his refusal to know his play.  But the thing is his hardtime with his judgement.  He has no proper judgement, he has no supreme judgement ability, he is not very judgement.   He could have waltzed in and played to the hand, instead he used his poor judgement to decide to go in an in premeditation play the Anger Card, he decided he would do th e Anger about you card, when he could have just said that he didn’t know.  He could have just played it cool, but he in advance decided to take the Angry how darest you and show.   He took it to the show. He show. There is no delusion that can take you away from the show,even as you espout it, yes I mean espout , I don’t mean the other word.  He showed all his lack of judgement.  That’s your Saturday. Saturday, when Only I May Go In Angry, you just lost.when these open doors were open-ended. “””  I was thunder before the light.

I am Light before the time.  Feel the thunder”  see the Light, Your laughing at them who do you think you are dreaming about being in charge of us till you die lifetime appointment and you walk in with the Angry Card.  You’re the fool in the private.

Trump charged you.

Coco, your in.


Blog #639

10/5/18 where is the fountain  

A working definition of men has been identified by the Victims of Immunity Foundation:

Men:  A group of people on the planet that believe that none of them should ever go to prison for rape, pedophilia, or organized abuse.  If you find yourself looking down to see that you have male genitalia but believe all your friends that rape, pedophile, or organize abuse should go to prison immediately then your likely a very beautiful and evolved man whom needs to know that your technically a protected class citizen who needs protection.  We will protect you, like Lionesses.  Even if you don’t love women.

There is a perversion that does not support.   It will go from all, you’ll all see.

When the date rape drugs are used they do exactly what trump is highlighting about Fords testimony.  Is there not a Jesuit that can die.  Kill this portion of the time.  Is there a way. Aren’t you all just a bit annoyed by the wrong tr. If you can’t admit that a Jesuit is a Christian then you can’t play.  Here is the Christian church known as catholics:

Taken over in the purse strings by non catholics, rather they are pedophiles and they bum rush any thing that they can.  The pedophiles have taken over the catholic money the catholic children, women, and the royals.  I won’t allow.  When the doctrine has formed for pedophile take over and control you have “churches” take women to the level so that the women will supply them with pedophile property also known as children.  When the rally in front of you with the Senate take the know.

Know that they can and plan to take over all.

This is not some just movement this is The Movement. They are to go now. The Jesuits Go NOW you pereverts, and since you all seem to take one to know one, you will be taken down by perverts that don’t pedophile won’t pedophile don’t want our children in your experimsents and they take you down now. Good by Pedophile Advancement, Control, and Lies. We won’t sit here and watch other women supply you with your pedophile property, you fail  women aren’t your breeding machine anymore supplying you with tight fresh tiny little ass and vag and what ever else you fucken shit bags do.  Your will not harm us any further this doesn’t end, it’s a new form of being a woman.

So Sayth the Jina. And God.  


Blog # 638

10/3/18 Because Its A Good Job, Thank You Anti Stalker Nation!

Look at you, look what you’ve been accomplishing!!!!

Finally an arrest of persons clearly engaging in the type of human trafficking that was done to me in San Diego by that Hindu Eye Doctor and his Mexican Girl Friend, thank you for going after someone just because I was forced to be living with a person willing to gas me, not that its any consolation but at least one set of pervert human traffickers rapists team mates, glory to them that eat at the well. This Robicheaux doctor and his Cerissa Laura Riley person of interest is a slam dunk so lets not see another judge do what this judge just did with the aid of the state of Alaska:

Accordingly, JUST LISTED:

Orange County Doctor for Bravo Grant William Robicheaux , and his girlfriend Cerissa Laura Riley.

Alaska: Andrew Grannik attorney for the state. Michael Corey Judge. Justin Schneider rapeist. John Skidmore state employed investigator that used the “current Law” as the reason for being a trafficker protector, what about this mans attempted murder which is what choking a person is. And since its very obvious, the State of Alaska since this is an aid to human trafficking that they just performed with all their resources. there is just something about this guys home arrest that doesn’t quite fit the deal. __________________

Blog #637

10/3/18 Don’t Keep Coming In

The man I rent from is in.

I won’t let you kill me or rape, you you sadistic pervert of the day.

I happen to have so much experience regarding you that I will also put in all others regarding renting, all who have rented from me are in.

I loved the bows so much I am thinking about snagging one if only the wind would noc some down for me to receive.


Blog #636

10/1000/18 When your tour is one concert short

you have to be 82. 81 is your death certificate. and your friend likes it that way because he has no value. He lies about me tons, he gets you to call me gold plated. Calls me his. Says he gets to choose. Says to you that he loves me and is going to help me but he doesn’t.

Now I have a you do this you do that, and it fails not. Jay Sean is 83. Now its over to the other foe puttin a spin on an old hit, I won’t die for them.


Blog #635

10/2/18 So Thank you for the beautiful display of bows.

I am now Purple.

Jessica Seymour


Blog #634

10/1/18   He is such a slut. He’s such a Slut.  He’s just such a total slut.

Crapo flake sasse  that’s a fucken work of art


That dirty slut trump fell in love with kim jong un that dirty slut. Hes a dirty slut.

such a total in love motha futha.jpg

The turn, the way a man looks when he’s in love.  Just circling his finger around in the air.  Give him his H and his e.  Lets see if their scared of him since they aren’t scared of me since Ima game they usually win.  Did you know that they audaciously took out the sound were he was telling me all about his son and the guy who threatened him and how it had something to do with his son, yep they blatant. They so blatant that if you harm me again with any of them your going to get a pound of salt from my good good friend God.

Has anyone ever seen how I make salt, is it like the way God makes salt, hmmm. Uh oh, Gods gonna put a salt bag in the mix. How to avoid God’s Salt.  His sweat his tears, his salt fears. Do you fear God.  Gods lifting his finger.  Salt to IHT’s.


Blog #633

10/1/18 I did my own past travel last night,

I totally took back a song and I changed it to suit me better. Your down one song. You didn’t even like it anyway think your gonna cry about it, no I don’t, but if I take one more of your teams hits your gonna get a lot more taken from whats left then just another half. Do you wanna be a billionaire. millionaire is. billionaire isnot. I am not taking anymore of your crap. Stalk me Follow me Hurt me Down. Only one time you keep hitting me you kept hitting me, you want me to make a show. You wan’t me to have you go. you want me to show the world what you are. You keep hitting me, in your way you can’t just tell me that you are so ugly you seek to show. I say stop I say leave me alone you say lets get the next ring of shit birds involved maybe they’ll succeed, but you tried and they carded, and I called. Same game same you. Little less protected little bit story. Little bit whipping girl, totally insecure totally out of your mind to do this to me. Keep the Barnabis Story you chose the porn queen, you chose to aid them in their choice, I wont ride the donkey, instead Ima gonna eat your virgin. I ant getting whipped stabed poisoned then held up to cover your sin. You gotta take it for your team today and forever more, not us, your the new ass. I showed you none you showed me yours. You stalked me on command in a town you thought no one would ever defend me in just call me your favorite fear for your self, your crazy, and what ever could the ass be missing is he missing his H and his e? Yes he’s missing the point here, his lie is already recorded and many are done watching what you have done to me.


Blog # 632

9/30/18 My Marshmellow, mine.

When you have that response that civic response to go to the police you get hurt.  When you return to the parties is because of Deliberate Dependency, she was made dependent onto something that she was to be receiving at the parties.  Even if it is emotional, it was a Dependency that was Created in order to get her to go back to the parties and especially in something Pleasing, like a short skirt, when a teen is raped repeatedly and needs food then becomes a woman in a halted development, she is not to be questioned for acting in the ways the men you protect force them to act in via their special abilities gained by the CIA’a replications of many doctrines used by long time perverts, like slave makers who need slaves, and pass down their slaves to their children, their always making slaves and going to the cops is not an option since the cops are Single Handedly owners.  The cops get you raped harder better faster stronger, I know I get to be Right Now, that’s how long I’ve been onya.  I need you right now, the Christian in demine, act like you can’t tell. Work it make it do it makes us.  I know I gota be fight now.

My father will take your Christian Offense. That’s how long I’ve been onya. I need you right now. Don’t know if you got plans or not, I’m caught up in the moment right because we are not your blond dike.  That that don’t kill, is not to be, that’s how long I’ve been onya.  Move it harder better faster stronger, since freek was on ass’itonya.  Don’t act like God never toldya.  Don’t act like I never told ya.  That that that that that don’t hurt you can. Christians, hello.

I won’t listen longer.  Keep saying I wanted my son killed, keep saying I sent him for the murder. Keep offending me.  You make the jews look better every day the way you say I am.  And you have no figure in any that would allow you to know the jews offenses to me.  You make them look like a side show freek.

That’s not even the end of your offenses.  I have approximately 0 people on the planet telling you that your doctrine is offending me.  yOur doctrine is offending me, get down and beg my me for an enlightenment.  Beg me.  Beg me. Beg me. Your so close to perfect I could just bite.  Form one new Christian church one that says the father did not send jesus to be on a donkey. One that says God did not send his son to die for you, to be murdered for you because your missing the entire day, I sat whith my only arm letting him finish preying for you so that he could finish just one thing. It’s not for you to break. When I get my other arm from my mother, I will be in love with my son’s past. Break your Christian indoctrination and please me once I will defend you to the end if you do, but don’t think your gonna break my arm.

You must change the story to make sense from my spectrum my view.  Make you shit story make sense to me.  You’ve made no sense to me.  Give me one thing that makes perfect sense because the jews my very own won’t, and you start your story with thiers just minus their talmude their black art, their predecessor I supplied a viable truth to.   Bow in my presence. “””””” Haters.

Your music is good. I like your video summons’, your like a play I already wrote, when can I have your key. I’ll give you some Daddy Issues. Play your tune, because I am interested.  They killed my son in front of his mother while she prayed in shock tell me I don’t sympathize with the women that get put into shock.  I gonna make a trend of super short skirts and not let them touch.  Kill them softly isn’t my style. You know me, I’m God, Christians beg me for something that helps you avoid my wrath you set up on your self by not using logic in any way shape or formidable defense.

This ones for captain obvious too, here here you go:  Theres a 1000 Me’s theres only One Jessica.

Oh that’s so sweet, Thank you God, I’m gona get you a don’key.

Make it the kind of ass that don’t bleed.

Eyeyiyi, an ass that don’t bleed. Hmmm, oh you want a tv show. Ok.

That’s what I love about you Jessica, please also get me just a single Picasso please, I heard the way he paints is next to me.

Yes. will you take the don'key. No I won’t take the donkey and now my son won’t either. Lets keep the ass holes on the sticks. lets keep them on their sticks.

What, God wants just a single Picasso. He thinks it will look good next to me.

Buy them a drink.

Ok Yes, what does that even mean?

Stronger West K.


Yes.  Yes. Ye. You will never hear me say glorification to those that come to harm.  It’s a doctrine of traffickers, and it also ends.  Reality & logic some even think Science but I aint got one of those. I’m in the lack of sc’ience, I;m in the past tonight with my son to find out why he had to come because it aint the story your all personally dying for. This time as a father I will go with him find me. :::’’’’’’


Blog #631

9/29/18 I know they can’t survive wiht out rights either, so here here we go we go for it now.

The civil rights violations are just there, they are so there that they aren’t even a building block in the structure of the trafficking via the court schematic that My Team obviously failed to conquer already and is being asked again to do so like they are a whore, but I know they aren’t a whore, I know they can’t survive with out rights either, so here here we go we go for it now.

Its not enough for a group of perverts that get badges and robes to sit and stalk stormy sure its not enough they let her go rather then open up that can of worms, but here I am, just one lion and here I am.

So then we will do it, supreme court get ready to hear from me again and this time the trafficking ring will be a ring of trash trash that scam property from others with their violation of rights and their intimidations and their obvious inducements.  Now isn’t kavanaugh supposed to be called crazy for saying there was an organized regime of people trying to make him look bad, yes he is supposed to be called crazy, “unintelligible”, and a whore.

I must admit that trump is quite the hit man.  I love this guys ability to look like he isn’t taking aim like he’s just the guy doing his job.  Like he didn’t throw you all to the wolves for trafficking him. 

Now, the FBI needs to see that they are also “unintelligible”, whores, and crazy for talking about how bad it is for them and their DOJ, their Internal affair cover up artists, and their little friends, all their little friends that have investigation jobs, security jobs, enforcement jobs, judge jobs, attorney jobs, committee jobs, trustee jobs, judicial jobs, jail jobs, tell you what their told to say to you jobs.  You’re all a bunch of pervs that are destroying the world.  You destroy lives like a game then call us all a name when we recover, fuck you.  Hey kavanaugh, your not presidential and you don’t belong, bringing up the Clintons as if they had anything to do with any crimes is a no no for the presidential set…. I said way less and didn’t have anyone defend me instead I had an attorney that was trafficked to me tell a judge that he invokes a clause, he invokes a clause to say that I must be crazy for saying he was failing to protect me and that I would like an attorney that wasn’t biased and working for an entity I had a prior conflict with, but then again if kavanaugh can’t suspend his emotions then he needs a competency exam and he needs to be put in a prison & drugged against his will for no real problem of any sort just a corrupt attorney, and he needs to be taken seriously about how the circumstances against him are a conspiracy of the Clintons, he needs to be in a mental competency exam just to be let loose to his family since he’s significantly unable to keep his cool in court. Who’s his appointed counsel and  make sure its one on the clinton’s team please.  Every single case this kavanaugh guy has chaired needs to be looked at for his other crimes, he’s not allowed. H E L L O MONTA VISTA BOBCATS SAY HELLO, I mean lindsy says hello…  He’s crying in court and not on the witness stand.  He’s not competent just like approximately 100% of all other judges.  A collective admiration.  How is it even a close nit. Take my mom from me with a man called bert, try to kill her with a man called drew, now have an adoption take my sane, no.  You got two tries with one stone, you failed both.  You couldn’t do it with tichy and you couldn’t do it with seymour and now you want to show me how  you say you love one more then none. I got your love I hid it away, I took your tongue and showed it today.  Playing this game with me while letting others dip in your pot, funny since when I delivered you a yield you took it with play.  You smoked it all day, you lied about me. Let me leave to take it a grey.  I just left your note.

AM I Mean, or am I just letting you know how it is.  You can’t handle what I’ve survived to the eleventh hilt better then you are currently surviving it, and you want total control over me.  You loose, I will be free from you and you will not take back what is mine.  You can’t take the scrutiny I’ve been put under non stop with all your efforts.   You are not meant to be in charge of me nor in charge of anything else the way you fail when I succeed.

Yes, FBI you have to do it again, we got Yolanda to call on for her witnessing as to who what when where and the lies of why.  She aint gone yet, you still sell her around by saying she looks like fergie, she’s gonna tell you all about her men who she aided in following me around to spike strip me after I dropped her off and all about all the men who have badges and that traffick for conversion of property.  She’s gonna have to because my charges aint dropped yet as a wise would have by now, but here we are with you all in the seat for witnesses to be called to testify about how you take a womans licence from her so you all can keep trafficking her when she tries to find safety from you all, oh and how many other witnesses are there as to what you fucken pieces of shit did to me, there are many and when you just keep lining up rather then refusing to keep stalking me and torturing me you fail.  The yearbook says it all.  And do you really think that if the FBI already “vetted” this nominee that their going to now contradict themselves and say they must have missed something and yes he’s a perv assaulter now your must adding luke warm water to luke. Warm water, is not what he needs.  He is not going to be the one that the FBI suddenly apologizes to the world for their inability, their incapableness, their incompleteness, their in.  The FBI Cover Up Teams are in.

And since women who say their being assaulted are “Con Artists”, and since I’ve never assaulted anyone lets bring on the sex assaults trump committed via his producers. Lets play us against each other so that I may show you more.  Because if anyone thinks I am going to loose to trump who’s team sexually assaulted me your all wrong. I won’t loose this fight for my credibility, you will loose instead.

My name will be cleared. My stalkers will go to prison.  Attacks from the devil aren’t gonna get you unraped, so neither is it gonna help the pope keep sex abuse via churches ongoing, rather prison will stop the sex crimes, prison for all those very important men that rape and all their teams.  The only thing that gets you unraped is this team of mine.  I didn’t lie about your teamsters tartaro, just ask him if he was supposed to rape me.  I was tortured for reporting rape now I get to see a tartaromachhourandwhatshisnames glory page fold out with how ugly you are when defending your rapes.  You rape you rape in highschool, now you rape in  jr. high, now you rape at church you rape in your homes and in the homes of your friends you rape at your jobs and you think you make the world go round, 1 2 3 4 rape makes the world go round…. NO>you.   Falsely accused is not a woman tactic, it’s a man tactic, and you can’t stop this.  I will let someone come to your homes to do every single little tiny thing to you that tartaro did to me and we will see if you say it isn’t rape, we will see if you don’t call it a sexual assault.  All of it, then have another come to your home and do what Machhour did, all of it, then I will let others say to you what has been said to me, and wheal see.  Then decade or so later wonder when its ever going to stop, you will wonder when its ever going to stop.  That’s how bad it will be for you all now.


Blog #630

9/27/18  Result

Thank you Avenatti, one good guy in a row….  Bring on the rest! 

Oh do tell who is it that Avenatti used to be friends with and who he has dated oh do tell, where all so afraid, nothing could be worse then what you do with your exes, your friends, your downfall you tweet bird you.  How is it that a DHS Employee Kenneth Krause assaulted me through clever abuse then walked into a judge to tell the judge what to do to me, all while getting himself situated as a Human Trafficking Investigator paying taxi drivers to take me all over….  Well first you have to have the woman unable to drive, then you get to control them repeatedly non stop nearly almost all their interactions, then you get to have your own job pay you back for all you spend like your just cultivating an asset. How these men go to duplicate this in all the ridiculous social groups is amazing.  How is it that Kennith Krause, even after being fired from the DHS for what he did manage to get done, all of which the DHS still has refused to correct just so I can continue to be trafficked by them, how is it that Kennith Krause now works for the FBI and how is it that Kenneth Krause was able to keep my computer hacked to put his own tenants into my home then send me conman emails letting me know he got fired for what he did to me and that it was war and that he has his hand in controlling my life, my roommates, where and what I do.  Kenneth your sick. You need a psychiatric evaluation, your judge is here. I got your eval in my palm.  Two palm.  

Find out how many women in universities are projected to be trafficked through the cover this Empowering financial institution to fight Human Trafficking Act give to the organized rape of college women.  The projection is stager’ating.  It harms more men too, this act.  Lets take the protections made against victims through the DHS’s incessant need to control everyone from those this act empowers and covers up for and keeps the victims in holding patterns through and do they do it with the masons , yes and do they do it with the CIA, yes, and do they do it with the staff at the places the victims get so effortlessly forced to, yes, and is the bill even set up to address the organized trafficking the US Government is doing. Is the government a cover for a bunch of traffickers and are they laughing with us or at us?  Are we laughing about it yet, everyone the Donald touches is taint, he’s their game, I’m the play.  Cosby was planted at more then one university by this ring of traffickers that call themselves the government.  Kenneth, listen to the word I say, the screams sound the same, the truth will carry your body to shore just like when you worked at the DHS at the ship yards like you run the game.








H R 6729


Empowering Financial Institutions to Fight Human Trafficking Act 

There should be no more.


Blog #629

9/25/18 3 to 10

Andrea Constand Newest Additee To The Anti Stalker Hall Of Fame

Andrea Constand

  • Tuesday, September 25, 2018

  • 5:30 PM  6:30 PM

Thank you for not giving up.

Thank you for believing.

Thank you for your address during sentencing, likely the only thing that kept him off of home imprisonment versus the prison he needs to die in, he and his comrades in this crime.

You said you did not have the ability to be out of a holding pattern that you felt. I am telling you that holding pattern was deliberate and created for you by the teams of trafficking that you just put away. The holding pattern is part of the conditioning tactic, it is malicious and deliberate, it is part of a governmental program of human trafficking. Sorry that you felt it and that it seemed to be a symptom when it was a deliberate control of you made by his affiliates. You need not hear a song tell you that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, you don’t need to hear a song tell you that you expect the law to so as it sees fit, and you do not need a slave to tell you that she’s better off now because if she had never been slaved she wouldn’t be sitting with Colbert. I am sitting her telling you for the truth, that your better off now that you put him away and so are the rest of us. 3 years is not enough of a distribution for what and who has done this to you and to billions of other women. We are done serving their sentences they seem to keep evading by placing us in their controlled environments, their holding patterns. 10 years isn’t even enough to deter the younger versions of him coming up in this ring of trafficking that the government runs, that the states run, that the cities and counties run, that the universities run. Why should they get to run anything anymore.

If they refuse to stop the holding pattern they inflict, then get them yet again! Your the best! Thank you for being an Anti Stalker Nation, thank you for not giving up, thank you for taking him to court twice, thank you for winning. Now go after the government agencies that sell women like you, the ones that helped Cosby through the Research Project cover up and funding for scam you were problemed by. Please.

I am in your hands. Jesus is in this He’s also in the Anti Stalker Hall Of Fame, let him reign.


Blog # 628

9/24/18  Orange is now the only reaper.  Hate is in.

The recent turn around on having documents be declassified while having a woman say that the court sees fit for sentencing rather then saying shows that I was not heard.

Erase. Fifth down, all in. Game on, you want me, you don’t want him you always wanted his style of trafficking & getting trafficked your that sick, that’s why your all in, you have enough to double down, triple down, see it to the fourth raised, now you fifth you put in exactly all you have.   You will go broke doing this to me.  If a glorified porn star can get out immediately with dismissed charges but I can not you only have one time, did you realize that when you tried to harm me.  Your in. for getting me worse positioned then I would be had I been let alone, your whores are your problem now the pride sits and tells a whore of a judge that you all had to pay to get the cosby in jail even though he’s as dirty as you love that she thinks cosbys sentence should be what the court decides when the courts are the biggest traffickers of sex slaves that there are, the only look good when they can and you’d toss that one in, that they judge that had to be paid off not to let cosby’s experts call you all a whore again… this is as bad as fords attorney making the ill fated hated comment about how only a crazy person would want to do what ford is doing, oh and yes you can’t even imagine how you always fold at just the last minute, you could have had it all now you’re the one, and this is what you do with it all over your lack of understanding, while I have the ability for your own demise, now I trade, Cosbys the pervert of the day, I trade you.  I will now take the stay.  Play your hand. Your freind you tells you to write about this write about me, he has no more for you. He could only get me trafficked and harmed for you, he never could have safety security or truth for me. he can’t go in this next view. he is not here for me or you.

Do you know how many say their writing a different song all with the same exact set of data you were given and the songs all sound the exact same you were the only one that got close and now you drop it over a single word I didn’t say.  I have a game for you now its called save.

Sorry Patrick, but your gonna have to find a way to be a billionaire some other way.  You didn’t take me seriously you just saw dollar signs or am I wrong, you have one day to make your play.  If you can’t then you will have to put in another bunch of tri.   And you will be the only band being taken to the wash.  You can’t have three or four or five you’ll go for the 6.  All sing along song data will be given to just one man and he’ll be the guy that gets to try for the billionaire status, you’ve just about lost, what is your 24 hour play?  Good luck.


Blog #627

9/24/18 Orange has the day off.

In pennsylvania the man that was helped by none less then 50,000 traffickers is going to be sentenced, but he can stay at home because of his age & health, oh then his friends and their new appointed for the now can go to prison too. Cosby is not the only man that did what he did at the parties and in the organized way & places that this trafficking ring, this international traffickng ring, does. look, here is another doctor like huxtable who does the rape,

and back when my La Jolla dentist tried to get me to some mans condo for my teeth to be worked on, all while they had Joy Rapp telling me that its not odd and that a lot of people work from their homes, I was repeatedly tormented for having not gone to a mans home to have my medical needs met at the instruction of my dentist. This ring of men whom have women help them rape and pretend like its all your fault and who have experts tell you in court all about whats wrong with you and with your form of due process are in a loss now, keep it going! I am so inspired by you “whores” that proved them to be lieing, wrong, abusing you in your effort to have the safety you deserve & the recovery you deserve, go after everything that perv has left, his houses, pensions, cars, food. Leave no whoring behind just like he did. In my words you received your apology, now go get revenge. You did not deserve to have done to you what was done to you, none of their victims deserve to be uncompensated-for-recovery so take from the pervs and give to the others right after you feel better abut how you put liar experts in check. Congratulations.

Thank you to the women that get the work done take from those who thought they could do anything. I am the closer, I set the pace, I was the one that had to see. I will tear down their facade they will now bee seen, that can’t lose.



Blog #626

9/21/18  Keeping me safe, unstalked, repaired, not in captivity, no longer victimized, what are you capable of

When you stand up and try to protect America from sex crime abusers but a guys guy starts to say that he can’t simply find any man that won’t have sex crime accusers, then you know it is time.  She should not have to submit any police report from a time she didn’t know how to tell anyone. If you want a new filed police report then ok.  Wait till you see how cops act to a woman.  Oh and you will see how cops act they act worse then you.  And that isn’t easy.   So then you need to release all experimental data about the schools these two went to.   All the masonic research, all the lack of training, all the coaching, all the data, all the indoctrinations… specific things create rapists, specific schools also create rapists, specific grown men create teen age rapists.  Do it, blow it up, show the world that your best are just like you, in stupid childhood harm indoctrination experiments. 

Who is the Marshmallow?  I know someone wants me to know that the marshmallow is in love with me and that he wants to keep me in his kitchen…  Anyone know what’s going on, some one’s mad that I ate a dinner with a man that cooked me a dinner, now all my skates are missing, here. The other pair of skates you all stole from me are a pair of red white and blue skates, can you come up with a pair of those too and if so what is your memory of me in those, do you want me in my kini on the boardwalk again strutting my stuff while I get physically fit, hmmm.  Will I be pushing a stroller with our baby in it?  You are using the teams that don’t let me live, use the teams that let me live so good you can’t stop watching me, get the revenge going already.  I can use a pencil not just a pen.  Your gonna get erased if you don’t start making the change.   

Or do you just want to see me in my hair bun all tied up with my pen in it.  Hmmm.  You just want to play mind games, telling me to come find you when I know where you live.  Show me you care. How big is your care. Caring is sharing, caring is not always sharing, right now caring is proving me right while protecting me from all harm in my most free way, like I don’t even have to work anymore if I didn’t want to, and getting me all my stuff back even the stuff I was forced to sell, getting me what I would have had by now had I not been targeted, and clearly I was targeted for my looks since you al think I’m so stupid, so programed, so, so , so easy.  Get me the revenge I am due.  I want those who harm me outed, accused, and put in prison for it, make no mistake.  I want them to stop having the options to do to others what they do to me, I want them to not have the options to do their harms to me.  I’m talking about all the losers and the winners, I want my life back.  Impress me too.  Use the love teams.  Can you prove me right.


Blog #625

9/20/18 James Bond and double O seven, one town two different men.

jack o lanterns in july”” Here comes this rise.  I can’t even imagine.

We’re in a place where I answer an add for free housing so long as you pay the electric bill, problem is this racket is run by a doctor who has his assistant playing real estate agent while she only rents to people that the city wants to traffick through the electric company, this state ain’t normal, its not even a system, its just a trafficking ring a state is running through its government agents.   All while getting funding from the feds for cover up of it as it it’s a research project all while its ran through corporations, the person that I witnessed this unlawful hovel go to is from texas of course since this town serves the windmill men with women they can call crazy, I talked to someone about that too, I talked to someone.  I talked to someone. I talked to someone. I talked to someone, I talked to someone, I ta

And guess what, I found out this doctor has a boy in the game, he has a boy in the game, the game to victimize women with the intent to call them crazy if they ever get wise and to do it through the cops that conspire to have plausible deniability given to them through their premeditated unlawful use of the electric company.  Listened to the doctors lies he has his assistant say to the women texas men bring here for “free housing”…. Oh and wait for it, wait till you hear who is used to call the Victims Crazy and who is used to tell the Victims that they want to shut up.  

Open up and sing,

Contractors are in.



Blog #624


when you can’t even imagine. Didn’t I say something about having two taken, all crop and all yield, I talked to someone. I’m thinking your done. Yep your done.


Blog #223

9/20/18   Swamie

Her prediction….

I have a prediction, if Hilary Clinton had filed for legal separation, banked her funds, then divorced after the time served was finished, she would have been the president.   Better or worse sickness or health none of it says sexing women from seattle in your office in our house.   She took no oath to be a pervert, but here she is the woman that paid off Koney with money to his home town, American money to Uganda got Charlotte Awino into America on state department vetted student visa got men to say that she should be here in America, here in seattle after her perverts got me to seattle… all to have some perverted cover for their campus shooting “research” that really just isn’t research, just another way to terrorize many.  Did you really need Charlotte for this or are you just trying to play with the people you know Angels are with.  Charlotte survived that car accident and you used that to gain her for your perversion. How well is seatttle now that gore is not using the sheriffs to set up men into my mothers life? 

Clinton ain’t the secretary anymore, all her state department disgust is out soon. All of it.

Che doesn’t even have a clue. Now she’s got predictions while she sits in a green blazer, oh it’s turquoise.  Hilary is in. Turquoise is in.

And can anyone help Ford’s attorney first comments about how anyone doing what Ford is doing would be crazy, now she can’t even set a sensible boundary for addressing congress about this when one week of preparation  wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary…. How long did it take congress to interview facebook after they were selling us all around through their brittan. All while the facebook platform is so beloved to the American special ops that want to get us all to tell them anything.  Congress says their moving on if this Victim doesn’t testify by Monday, can you even issue a subpoena that fast? Can you get a warrant fast enough to make your false arrest seem like a due processed arrest?


Blog #622

9/20/18   A governor said what….

chrystal meth amphetamine:  cops that took deposit of  the syringe evidence of Richard & Ariel later brought those two to my home and assisted them in tearing off my garage door after I had gotten safe from them and after they ended their tenancy. 

Those cops, their the Chaldean Mafia, the chaldeans are just the idiots that don’t turn around and say the reality. The reality is that their mafia is so well educated that they can’t fail…..   This association to the other mafias illustrated in the link above shows that the chrystal meth home that Richard & Ariel made out of my own self need to have a roommate, wait never mind, I didn’t do anything to have to need a roommate, a group of men forced me to have to need a roommate so that they could do this shit to me.  The cops knew that Ariel and Richard were no longer in contract with me when they as cops told ariel burton and Richard how to break into my home by tearing down the garage door while the cops watched and Im supposed to pretend.  The Chaldean Mafia is less sophisticated then their counterparts so that is why the police use them so much. 

Just Listed: Pat Sprecco, because if the Chaldean Mafia were doing the things so such said then I would have never been harmed like Ive been harmed, its those that act like their investigating that are making the most off of the Chaldean Mafia.  They traffick women in and out of their fake investigations by using Catholic Mafia that are Chaldean just not part of any Chaldean Mafia. When a victim says she’s being harmed by a Catholic Mafia member the Chaldean Mafia is the fall back for the investigators that are actually traffickers and that use the catholic church order as a way to harm like its just normal.  Cops that tell you to give them the drug evidence, know that the tenant agreement is now no longer enforceable then come to let those tenants break in just so that a broxterman can show up to call you anything that you aren’t while having a fall out boy quote ready for you and a movie called Act of Valor ready for you are just the type of traffickers that are no longer a group.

I now have the same game going against me by for Marajuana, when I’ve clearly never been in mafia.  I’v just been stalked by the police mafia who control not even an  ounce ever again, the teams of special forces that run this game with the law enforcement employed traffickers are in the re.

Iraqi Crime Division…. That’s a special forces problem how did I end up even being approached by Alvin Mansour?  How did Azziz Machhour approach me, how did the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives start trafficking me, how did the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) start trafficking me, how did the   FBI; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); the Detroit Police Department; the Michigan State Police Department; and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office  — all start trafficking me, it’s the many special forces that help them and it’s the us governments lack of supervision, accountability, over sight and transparency, it’s the way that these pervert human traffickers say their methods and tactics are protected when they need to be told that the trafficking this country is doing while acting like their just making sure other countries are not trafficking here, needs to be held accountable, and the special forces that keep me trafficked and can’t keep me safe need to be held accountable, they must stop. You special force that gives the boys that sing all the stuff to talk about and who makes sure I am always harmed and never safe, you can put me into harms way like a game but you can’t keep me safe can you, your in your all in. All Special Forces are in.

You can put me lined up to every ugly person trafficking who you control but you can’t seem to keep them from poisoning my home with their disgustful games they make with their serial killers & all his friends and you think your to continue while giving a band all the credit.  You get your credit now.  You couldn’t have all thought that it would last for ever this way you have gone on with.  Your all terrorists, Terrorists are in.

Like jery brown says, somethings got to happen,

the World Order is in. There will be no more of this way with the courts that has become so popular as if it’s a place to control victims through, rob victims through, halt a victims attempt for safety, tell victims your gonna call them crazy if they don’t stop reporting your crimes, have victims called crazy with your teams of perverts, your all in.

Why is it that california has so many colorful governors. Grey Brown Sharzinegger blue is in.


Blog #621


Orange has the day off


Blog # 620

9/18/18   The costume isn’t even his actual affidavit.

I had another stalk fest in which the control group decided to preview, set up scenario with real life action, and use their influence to show who, what, when and where, the why is still so ugly.

Accordingly this is my newest video blog:

“Hi Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists, I was told today by the most powerful dude in town “Lets talk about black people” and that is a quote, then this guy said his point about black people and his point was about black people thinking a way about them selves on the freeway and it was offensive.  In any way possible the idea of talking about “black people” to illustrate them thinking that they are stalked on freeways makes one wonder.  And one does wonders about this:

One wonders, should there be an example of black people, or women, or me a white person, should there be examples.  When you make examples out of people for theoretical disgust you end up showing your cards, because immediately in this conversation this guy started the dialog about had I ever called a specific set of universities, though I’ve not called these universities it was clear that this guy thought that I had called them, so someone is impersonating me and acting on behalf of those who are interested in university ongoings.  Seems like another lit up moment this guy’s ensuring all based around trying to terrorize me about universities and this guy doesn’t even have a clear grasp about what might be illegal conduct out of his powerful friends, he’s never heard of a foia request he interprets a foia conversation as being a state act rather then a federal vetting process, this guy doesn’t even know the constitution and all his weird friends in town think that’s ok, even as they sit and watch him take a bow in his performance, its like I can’t go anywhere with out this stalking ring showing me their ass. Hey at least I got one apology today from the guy who knows better, and who falsified that towns folk should give out any protected private data anytime their buddy asks for it like it’s a foia request.  Hmmm.

It made me think that this guy knows when women get stalked, like he knows the women know when they are being stalked and that he has a fall back for it, like when you need someone to talk to since that was his next line of abusive rhetoric he thinks that you might need someone to talk to so he asks you if “you have anyone you can talk to”  and if you think he’s trying to say your need is to talk to someone then you already know who and what game he’s playing.  I however don’t play games and so on this day to memorialize costumes men wear and the black people they want to talk about to you when they want you to know that they are about to treat you the way they treat black people, and yes, there was a black guy there just moments before whom this powerful man & his lady friend had just treated to an abuse similar to when a person is likened to an idiot, so I got the message, the message is that I’m supposed to fear having to be put through what the black guy was being put through…. Yes, so I say lets talk about him instead, and in homage to the costumes grown men that behave like little children wear, I have this penguin baby doll!

It’s a Kostume Kid, one of 6!  Just like that movie big 6 where the game was to collect them all so here is what I am going to do, in order to raise money for the Victims of Immunity Foundation, I am looking to raise at least $15,000 for this 1984 Sugar Loaf perfect penguin black Kostume Kids heirloom, this Sugar Loaf has a heart shape as the o in the word Loaf, isn’t it so sweet!  I will be offering it to you for no less then the $15,000 donation amount, it is hard to find pristine 1984 memorabilia and the other five costume kids are unavailable you’ll have to collect all 6 some other way.

Should the two universities that this powerful guy espoused about today be scared…  he’s saying it for a reason he’s just like the other men that stalk women, he just uses b lack people to aid it, and he is clearly telegraphing his teams intent to have some other issue arise for the way this ring of traffickers like to use universities for their threats and scares and controls.

This kind of abuse is harmful, so support the Victims Of Immunity Foundation today with your bid of at least $15,000 donation, this is a perfect pristine unharmed collectible.”

Thank you Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists, and hey Streetlight People… you got a live one here, she ain’t even reporting him for his violations of practice, she supports him.  She went out of her way today to show me what she’ll do if I have any sort of rights protection, she’s the view.

Got some special sauce in her recipe. 

Kiss Kiss,


Blog #619 

9/17/18  Oh wow! Thank You So Much! Now This Murderer Who Goes In My Home Each Time I Leave Will Be Stopped.

I heard the authorities say there was no signs of any thing wrong with this serial killer, then they said they were leaving out one “minor complaint” that was made about him to his federal state employer. And that there appears to be a “history” between sex workers and their employee serial killer in loredo.  There nothing honorable about any community.  

There is nothing “minor” when it comes to a serial killer, first the cop in cali now the patrol in texas, Border Patrol is in. There is no “minor infraction” of a serial killer, no “minor complaint” by others when it comes to a serial killer, obviously the desire and the spin is that this man had no assistance in being what he is doing it from where he did it, but clearly if something is “minor” in a complaint against a serial killer then the town, the shepherds, the legal teams, the men, the knights, the cops, the star holding badger’s, their all part of his occupation there.

Big Letters or small letters, ICE is in.  The body language evaluation of these sheriffs show that privately they are just as guilty for what he’s doing, he cleaned up their messes if this trafficking ring he was a part of like he’s just looking to kill sex workers.  There is no such thing as a sex worker.   And there is no such thing as a serial killer working for the Border Patrol with the sheriff’s saying that “he never did anything to make us suspect him”.  There is just the same old guy groups running their crime with the same old jobs they get and they all have a few serial killers working for them, for instance in the area Im in now I have a serial killer going in and out of my house when I’m not home and he knows their’s a camera in the hallway watching him, he just don’t care.  He’s that protected just like this loredo guy was until…


Blog #618

9/17/18   If You Were My Baby

It was the story of who they were when they met, she took their cigarettes, the ouija board said magic all time strong. Love on tv.  Can you believe that I can see it coming for you.  Bring on the bastards, bring on the men the black banners will leave only one and it won’t be the bastards.  I know my best friend I know he will come again, sometimes you would do it again.  You an me were the end.  Add a Mania town to your tour one additional concert, chose me as your Champion for that town, I mean for your mania concert of that town, my sister still lives in the oc so Anaheim just ain’t gonna cut it. The blood the blood land of the land.  Have the donation for my championism go to the voi foundation, show these men the same I gave when I took fake wrath to Chicago.  Because there’s a hotel room in New York City that chains our fate, and you can’t pay out to anyone else in this story.  It is Now. Play.

There’s a room in a hotel in New York City and it chains our fate.  That hotel room enjoyment they took against me flashing their badges to the Hotel when they got caught already haven broken into my hotel room, telling their story, placing their game.

You’ll find a way, because gem city is already mine. 

They’ve been a brick tied to me that dragged me around then acted like I was doing something wrong, you started your next album you started it with the song I requested and you need to keep a beat.   Tick Toc Dudes, they know where your going do you have time for one more slandered soul.  I’ve never been what I’ve been called Never been what Ive been treated like, now I take.

Im gonna change you like a triangle then I’ll return you cause the view up there is about only one.  I’m gonna change you like a baby then I’ll raise you like a man I a taking off your diapers and training wheels.  Too much waves in the lay not enough for free love to play, I go broke while you all slave, I go broke while you all play, I got the inflation, your not supposed to stay a whore, and that guy well he can pay me what is owed for the story he’s been hording as his novella where I’m the only one that matters so I must go… I am not here to be harmed so have the killers stop going in my home , or I’ll have my boys reveal him.  If they’rs blood in the water then there’s one ugly tour.    

Please invite the guys from Coldplay to your new additioned concert, clearly they don’t see their place in this. You know you can’t be without me.  If I take LA all by myself I can’t share, we take LA.

Burgundy is in. The sister story won’t work.



Blog # 617

9/15/18 Ha Ha Ha

The next sight is Foer.

phonetically the next site if four.

Ha HA HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

This American Law Enforcement Ring of Human Traffikers thought they could go on forever with their “any thing you say can and will be used against you” but its over with.

You can’t say it to me when you fake arrest me for your real intent to kill me, you can’t keep your hands out the pervert style, you got to constantly ignore that your human trafficking and that your perverts and rapes are your’s to go to jail for, then guess what, your profit is mute. You have to skip all the rest of the parts of the “anything you say can and will be used against you” that you’ve refused to just do by now, as in you’ve been using it USING IT, you’ve been using and abusing it with your “Everything You Say Will be Used to Hurt You” bull shit false interpretation and now your day is here.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, you can’t do the anything you say thing ever again….. you have lost so imantifically that you can’t see the four. All you’ve been working on just taken from you now and my life is saved too, I’m Up, your down. Ha Ha Ha Ha save your froughs for your beds.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m laughing at you you especially you you United States Of American Law Enforcement Ring Of Human Traffickers.

The 3 is closed.



Blog #616

9/13/18  Wonder if FEMA will ask DHS for the money back this time next week or if they will ask the Trump for some new funds…. This is money laundering for puposes of cleaning dirty money made from human trafficking:

$200 Million to the traffickers,  DHS your in.

Elite, your in. Fusia your in.

Nathaniel Gleicher DOj Attorney, the more they put their neck out, through committing you have them put their neck out. Taking their money so that their neck is out.”

I got on the peta train about not boiling live crabs, typed in “is it hard to politely kill a crab before boiling it” only, I had one tiny little typo, nothing that Captain Google couldn’t navigate, and this is what I got two clicks later:

      God got his but handed to him.  Its not what you think, it’s a story about dirty priests and when I find that same type of thing at my json’s clergymen I will do as I will.

Captain Google, your in.

Amanpour’s shoes said everything I needed to know about the saltiness she hazed to that conaway woman, Amanpour is like throwing Salt To IHT’s!

Amanpour, you’re an ASN, an Anti Stalker Nation, get these guys taken out.

But guess what, Survivor vs. Victim is a real big deal.

Survivor is a personal achievement; Victim is a person that deserved monetary compensation complete with prison for the perpetrators, even prison for the investigators that cover it up and the research agreements that pay the perps and many others three and four fold for this abuse.  Don’t let a Dolan try to engage it in how horrible it is for him oh his poor mother, what about the Victims and the ways the pay gets covered up.  Why will I wait longer, to watch you find a version that does not assault me. Can you even bring yourselves to find a version of anything that does not offend me, I’m God.


Blog #615

9/12/18  you need a leg

If you didn’t think the watchers are watching then you need a leg.


Blog #614

9/11/18 Isn’t she lovely

If you can’t beat them join them, I mean when they can do this over and over again in hopes of trying to really get everyone to think your crazy, why not just join their team make them pissed and tell them off, alright, here goes:


Re Missing Person Report


I am reporting to you a person that is likely missing, here are the circumstances regarding her absence from I had her home:

In August I was informed by M*that she had just gotten out of the hospital for having called about being suicidal and having a suicidal moment after having been made to have sex on a front lawn when five cars had been circling her as she walked home from a place that had kicked her out after serving her one beer. 

I witnessed a man stalking M* when she had told me the situation, that man was apparently told where M* would be because of how the police in the area were following M* that day when she left the hospital and M* had told the police where she was going to after leaving the hospital voluntarily prior to check out since she had been in the hospital all weekend and then was going to lose her job now that the week had started, she left the hospital to try to keep her job, a very non schizophrenic thing to do.

I later saw a note on M*’s door that appeared to be written by her saying she’s gone to * for two weeks but M* has not returned and it’s been longer than two weeks sparking my concern for her safety.  I was informed of many things including that this town has a sex crime ring that is supported by local law enforcement via a fictitiously set up “investigation on marijuana” where the landlord of the property M* lives in gets “troubled women” placed in his vacancies that he fills in his predetermined way, whereas the landlord * says he chooses where a person is going to live and he keeps college students with college students and women in other buildings and men in other buildings, * is engaged in unlawful segregation regarding housing and so he likes to have a place called HH steer women to him for the abuses intended by those that use a camera system that * has allowed men to place in the hallways of the complex M* lives in, and the cameras were placed by law enforcement as if there was a sting on marijuana but there is no marijuana.  I was informed of many things including how this towns attorneys cosset men that report their participation in a sex crime ring that uses “gimps” abducted to basements, and how these cops and attorneys and the Gimp housers all use their jobs to keep women harmed too, not just gimps.  It’s easy to have a woman think she’s a problem & try to rationalize that she isn’t a victim in a rape, like she wanted it, but its much easier when the bar owner just wants to see you at all his bars as M* deducts, she doesn’t even know yet that she’s being sex trafficked.  These sex criminals truly terrorize, they are true terrorists of Americans.

These men are perverts selling women and even had a man of ethnic migrant status stalking a woman at a bank on the day * knew she’d be there.  * works as a forensic in banks regarding fraud so he knows how to clean dirty money in a way that won’t get caught by investigators, and he is a man that has driven up to women as they walk on the side walk. M* had been given a drug the day she was raped on the lawn of a home after being timed out of a bar, I am saying that the Bar is in on the trafficking of women that HH and * get into this town called *.  The bar tender tells people when a woman leaves and there are many men in town to work on windmill farms and these men seem to think women sitting at the *Bar are somehow waiting on them to arrive though the women are not.   These men seem to have an organized person telling them what woman they are allowed to harm and when M* left the bar that night she had 5 cars circling around her while she walked then some man approached her and got her to a neighborhood to engage in sex with her on a lawn in the front of a house,  M* told me that the owner of the bar just likes to see her at all his locations when I asked her about the timing of the request to leave the bar which I asked because of how M* stated that she hadn’t even been there for more than a little bit and didn’t even finish her first beer and was just standing there doing nothing wrong when a bartender asked her to leave, that situation gave rise to 5 cars circling M* as she walked but M* just thinks its because the owner of the bar likes her to have to go to all of his bars.  M* also misunderstands the severity of the fact that she was raped, M* say’s she is a schizophrenic though when I ask her if her doctor has her on lithium she never knew what lithium was and it is a very common and effective prescription for her diagnosis she shared with me, so her doctors are likely part of this sex crime ring that targets specific type of women who they can get to blame themselves for all the horrible things that others do to them.  I witnessed M* in a specific stalking of her where she was being stalked by a perverted man waiting at the place she told the police she’d be going to when they questioned her, I am saying the police in this town are part of the sex trafficking of women that HH gets into *’s homes for him to abuse in collusion with law enforcement he put a cameras system up for under the false pretense that there is marijuana in some ones home, but I have been informed that women who live there are just part of a fake bogus research project being ran by the state & city for a company that a women named * can identify for you, and the research always tends to include abusing women that * seems to be interested in placing in this research study that she does not inform the women of and only tells them that it is a partner of *’s  that * wants to share information with; no one tells the women that it is actually going to 100% include them being sexually assaulted. * is working with church funds in order to facilitate the crimes of sex assault against the women through a company called the *so the state is aware of the project and still allows this abuse likely for large sums of money.  * is the man keeping the dirty money made off of sex sales of unsuspecting women all cleaned up and non detectable via his bank experience. HH and a few other non profit “safe houses” that are all “umbrellad” under the same “coalition” are picking off women to force into this area for this abuse all while acting like there is just something wrong with the women, HH even robs the women of their property.  * aids men in going into women’s homes nearly instantly after the woman leaves her home, this is more than just having a beat on someone and its more than just investigating, these men are trafficking, and their protected somehow.  They damage items in a woman’s home, the steal, the shit, they piss, they place poisons in the homes, they play a game where anything the woman say’s is something they will use in some way to harm the woman, it’s a coast to coast human trafficking game being made against women right now, and against anyone else that can identify this crime ring.  

M* told the doctors that the rape was actually consensual and that it was a very young man and that she was happy to find out that the man was 18 not 17, this was odd, and it was after the rape that M* felt suicidal and ended up in the hospital saying very clearly to any analyst that this was not a consensual sex encounter, it is likely that M* was sex drugged at the bar and that this was the reason she did not get to finish her one drink.  M* is a naive woman trapped in a sex trafficking ring that had her security analyst husband lock her in a basement for a week or so when he was working with his law enforcement friends to call M* a schizophrenic at the time that he was divorcing M*.  And this now ex-husband is a man that M* asked for a restraining order against so he couldn’t contact her but the local judge decided not to award it and M* showed text messages where her no ex-husband is trying now to have sex with her as a part of letting her see her children that he has custody of but that he has his parents raising off site so M* doesn’t even know where her children are, very abusive, very tactical, and very effective in forcing a mother into slavery of sex for this sex for that, you wanna see your kids well I want sex type of ring that HH loves to find a woman in already as to convert that victim into *’s sex trafficking ring he cleans money for in the bank detail he’s on for you.  HH employees cops and so the cops even assist the local state police in this trafficking ring they run as if their just investigation marijuana at a residence * lets them do anything they want at.  Find M* and relocate Victims to places that are actually safe from human trafficking law enforcement agents & agencies, try someplace you’d put your own kids.”

If you needed to know, I am putting in the NSA today. NSA, Your In. on this fine September 11 your in.

Wasn’t it the court that called me the bag lady. That’s why your in today NSA, you can’t find ways to return my purses now a court stalkes me to call me the bag lady like its because I have such a large bag. we all know why you stalked my property, your fake ass Agents like my purses. Who have my matching lv lugage and my chanel shoes that match my purse, you do. You try to play a return with two groups having one say protect your things while the other says leave your baggage behind and evade authority just burn up for us…. hmmm.

I am Royal. I am not green anymore. I’m purple.


Blog #613

9/10/18  FBI who get immigrants that actually interrogate you for the FBI’s porno prior to their  making of it…

Mr. tomfoolery is the man that cleans the dirty money here, he makes the dirty money go white.  Know how and con games are his effort, he likes to do his forensic interpretations for banks who hire him to find bank fraud like he’s some civilian but he thinks he’s the Terminator, the exterminator, he uses ties in my home he finds in the street.  He sent a man to me on the say he knew I’d be trying to cash a check, and he sent the man to me when I was at the bank, he had the man steal my phone then he had the man give him the phone then he took the phone to his cop friends and decided to tell me when I was on the sidewalk that I need to go to the police to go get my phone… barely even knew it was stolen and he’s telling me to get my phone, even more he’s giving me notes to go get my phone at the police station where he took it after his thieve gave it to him… his thieve works with a guy in another state to clean dirty money in some stalk trading hedge fund person where you give him your money and for a cut of each gain he cleans your money for you, all while trying to force tom’s victims to the houses of the guys who are setting up the dubbing conversations for their intended rape porn.   They actually interrogate you for their porno prior to making it here in this area… that’s wise.

In this area they set you up to be raped then make the porno.  In the less talented areas they make the porno first then try to dub it in later. 

Foolery then has his piss on your wall, literally he pisses in a spyglass and then pours it on your wall when your out doing other things, things like finding out about how he is a gimp play.  Foolery likes to have his gimps play the role of the investigator for him. And literally later in life he has them sold to the stores and then the game is on.  Now foolery plays a role in the fbi’s laundering scam they pretend is “research” by way of cleaning dirty money through the accounts that they will pay Mr.tomfoolery to play investigator on, while he plays up his relentless attack of you in your own home, he sprayed another chemical today in my home just because I told him to leave me alone, he plays his game then takes his wage.  He offered a game and marked his fate.  In his way he started it but he thingks he’s the snowman who makes black money white.

Then he sends his trial and error match up my way as I type.

Trouble is that the first guy he had steal my phone on the day I’d be in need of cashing a check already cleared the way, and that guys game was to show me what church he is interested in, so I now where this ring is using their stay.  So the immigrants that are getting a woman placed for this ring of white men are actually hedging money and day trading.  

That’s it, Clandestine Services Agency you’re in, and all each and every one of them, all of the Clandestine Services Agents are in, you’re in.


Blog #612

9/9/18  There was a what?

You were not the first or the last or the only. I was. There wasn't very much after.

You can't even believe this one...In the area of the show, I have been informed that no one on the gimp video porn was sent to jail and that all who raped the gimp were left un-prosecuted even though almost all the rapeists went to the area attorneys and confessed to having been in the video's rapeing the gimp, the attorneys just didn't uphold their duty as an Officer Of The Court to having the rapeists of the abducted and held in the basement gimp from texas who all video'd their rape of the gimp for their porno ring and who ran to thier attorneys for aid in advance who all told this areas attorneys to help them since they would appear in the states trial in the evidence porn videos they made of themselves rapeing that abducted man AND SO THE STATE COVERED IT UP FOR THE SEX RAPE RING TOO, they had the videos.... the attorneys covered it up for the city men who like gay rape  and any other kind of gross to their wives and churches rape.... Only one person went to jail, maybe the second found himself in jail but none of the patrons in the basement videos ever went to jail.... that is a high crime. And now the city perpetrates to me as if they are not doing a "research project" cover up of their rape for profit scandal they conduct in front of everyone on the lawns of the city residents, all while they harass stalk rob &  intimidate me telling me not to speak and giving me instructions of not talking while they enter my house when I'm out to spray euthanizer in my home just because I stated the term B& B in court pleading, looks like the judge is in this scandal too....  Then stalk me like I'm theirs when I survive their murder attempt,  texas you stalked me around back when Tartaro was in play and now your here in your wind farm 15 years after the man you sent here to be abused got gimped by you and you think its a stinking coincidence that I need something that was unlawfully taken from me that you have placed tracking devices in at the dealership returned to me for finishing a word being spelled the video is the man that told me that he and his boss the sheriff want me to shut up after showing me his audio recorder and he said he wants me to shut up on video....  you got your gimp rapers jobs at the sheriif department, your attorneys aided you in keeping rapeists protected and advanced in jobs, businesses and you want me to shut up. What did this man do to you to have you send him here to be your local area gimp, all you perverts who have video the state is just dying to use now.  You lose.  Texas your in. Sheriff's your all in, all your associations are in too.


Blog #611

9/7/18   I'm in

I'm in. 

My pledge is nothing I pledge no one, I don't want to pledge killing of others so that I can prosper, Now me and my family are free and I am talking about all my family.  I am no longer Disney's.  Now me and my family are now the only free family and are part of the members that are free. 

Now, there is also a family of slaves seeking freedom, your all able now and you can be free too.  Seek to be free too!


Blog #610

9/5/18   I can't do the past, I can't do the present, and I can't do the future.

Its been going around, the old experiment, the old USA is an experiment of the englenders known as the founding fathers and that it wasn't in need of being fixed and that the old way of young men being born equal is in no need of being fixed. The old USA had only room for men.  It had nothing for women.  And the only way of being actually free was to have slaves. 

You did't have a white man you didn't have a word.  That's the old America, and that experiment needs to stop. A normal place to live is not that much to be.  

Now a'days the experiment in America is if you don't have a police man, you cant have a normal life.   Cops are the law.  the law has their judges do what is termed.  men called lawyers write laws to have their false authority made through their cop and the cop has the sheriff perpitrate all the conduct in the outliers. They don't look naked anymore.  They don't look good anymore, they don't look good naked anymore. Their all clothed in their star symbolism showing other countries now how to do the were the law so were gonna kill you human trafficking.  YoOu can't be a sheriif in america with out having oathed a pagan right to the star symbol. 

The old America that recent now dead men fought for is the same as the first, its the same slave trade experiment of "how to make our slavery look like its not slavery" while we play biblical games of the free, and that is not an experiment on its face, its just a way to slave trade while getting you all to die for it, while gaining all your women.  There is no more room for the old the good old America, because were all not that stupid.  I can hire a speech writer I can even use the one my father would have paid me to use, I can do it, I can do it, I'm only human and you hurt when I break down """  stop letting the tomfoolery put drugs in  my home, I survived the death, I can do anything its what your waiting for out of my pretty little butterfly self right, you need me. you want me, you can't have me. you can only let a man use a game to place deadly toxin in my house just because I said the term B&B in court papers and you don't want to loose your funds, your females, your fox.  Your Experiment stage is over in total.  Something we can live with is the way.  I demand it. and living with your concealed slavery is not happening, you stop now your mental illnesses will put you into the captivity you've been planning for all of us.  I survived the thing you did, and I became the one who can do anything, and unclean gains is now the word of the fate.     

the knight of Unclean Gains is now a toy. 

Jessica Seymour


Blog #609

9/3/18  How Did It Happen

Not sure why the men spent $50,000 to straw it out at the presidential convention?  Its because they were horney ant that is the stem of their expectation in return. 

In the reactor is the return. Putnic is in. 

The State Department is in. stat


Blog # 608

8/31/18   Streetlight Person…  In the sTreet.

Are you alive?  We both know that you are. Save a place for more to seat.  Save a place for those who can’t be neat.  Save a place for sloppy joe, save a place for a total show.  Don’t stop the feeling””  hold on to a reason”” .  Right. Are you thingking what I’m thinking.  Bump.  Is embezzlement a different thing from laundering when the money comes in from the harm to others, the we make money off of you the we never pay you any thing of the money we make off of you because your just a whore.  You live a life for us to play and we make money off you everyday.   Playing your self a non pay day, playing them a total ray.  Show them who the worst has been show them who can have your pay, get your people have your play, make sure that we get paid, were the ones that show how money is achieved not made.  Going from white to green is a terrible thing but going from white to old is even worse.  Streetlight Person hold on to that revenge, I know you got harmed and now your my arm.   See what they do.  Go after the judges in every town, they know how they operate they will be the ones that show who is their boss. Intime for the late show.

Whores are the ones that make the money off of the story of ours, lets save them by having them give us our share of their money … like how they thought to save us in destitution by paying us none for our life story they make up for their own money.  Lets take US Bank for what they are, they are the bank on the SPU Campus covering up all the crime that others perpetrate against women, against women, and against women and is it any wonder that out of all your premeditated assaults of me that the only person to go to jail for them is Ariel Burton as she calls herself, no man you have aided has yet to go to jail for what you allowed, helped, paid, them to do to me.  US Bank is part of this government abuse that is causing a nation to grow out of its own despicable self,  this nation is growing beyond the tactics the persons that are the government & its’ defenses are.  You all that will do anything to anyone as if it’s just your job are going to fail again and again, my pattern you made is now for you not me, I have my own life that has nothing to do with any of your anything.  You can follow you can try you can’t hit my bulls eye.   Just Listed US Bank, the stalkers of a nation., it is the bank of the perverts of the government and its defenders.  Who could even defend such governments that use research as their cover for harming us.  Their research makes them rich and sexed, while we eat the harvest box food.  Hmmm.  You thought you were in an attrition war at me, but you were really being judged.  Your done.  US Bank just listed.  US Bank, people notice when you have their account in your hand and then the cops show up, people notice that.  They notice when you try to make them run, from the gun, like an Awino is so fun.  And they notice when you cash their checks and find that a half penny is missing so that yet again you have to change their id. How is that trick treating you US Bank, because the underture that Disney listed as the overture just hit.  Is that slushy accounting harming you yet, those inactive accounts that you put money into for 3 seconds and this ain’t a game you should play with the way you clean dirty money for one hour every year, cleaning about a trillion dollars a month is some sort of record you should go on display the way you rock.  You’re the best at it US Bank.  Is your system of adding nonexistent fees to small accounts working out for you yet either, I know that one does work fast for you no waiting for an hour loss.  You know stalking women all around town to call them yours to take from is just a cow, you were a cow.  Your gonna get milked just like your order.  Your gonna get your time to pay a fee.   Now. 

Disney if the weathers changing again in your ture, then why is there not a toy.  Disney is the one trying to tell the story differently, the story for the kiddies.  Disney don’t see that there are a total.  Disney is now yellow.  I know your pissed, just like all are when they loose what they’ve been milking but you’re not allowed.  I’m the one taking the whipping for someone who is a total whore, and I’m Royal.  How do you even get to do that….. oh I’ll show them a time, those that have done so.  Its known as the end.  I have a Cape.


Blog #607  

8/30/18   Galatians

Deuteronomy 22:9  

“You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, lest the whole yield be forfeited, the crop that you have sown and the yield of the vineyard."


Blog #606

8/30/18     Note: this will not work with an external candidate trying to negotiate.

Painter: I wouldn't be Trump's lawyer, I don't want to go to jail

Good Lawyers…. And I don’t want to be trumps lawyer, I don’t want to end up going to jail.  This is the way you get into the wrong of the way.   You’ve all heard of the right of way… like on a road driving.  Here’s the wrong of way: you don’t have it.  Here’s the wrong of the way: you read from left to right then do the almost near same thing, I mean you read from right to left and do near same thing.

Lawyers don’t go to jail by being a person’s attorney.  It’s just that this guy this painter is telling you a picture of how it is.  The newest reason for why you must do as your perceiving you must do.  In this type of hourglass, you have to have an attorney but when you can’t have one you need to have a professional.   Jessica is a prof.  She’s a prof of another mother so then how can an attorney tell Jessica that a judge doesn’t always assign counsel in criminal cases since some criminal cases don’t involve jail time.  I forgot that part of the constitution. I didn’t remember that part of the constitution where an attorney being appointed if you can’t afford one has to do with jail time.  


Blog #605

8/29/18   Inquiring Minds Want to Know……

So there’s been another set of questions that Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I was asked if I can stand the rain….   On my widow is a spit out or otherwise tossed out little gross blurb of what looks like a bloody mouthful of some incantation, some gross incantation spit out on to my window, so gross but hey when you gotta use craft to keep up with me you just gotta right… this was also done a while back to my car… Its just a tag line to the story but the Know is is that someone who uses craft has decided to take on me. 

…Get caught in the cross hairs

A: DoJ has a bulls eye on its back, a constant denigration, undermined the integrity and Independence of the most important departments in the us government and its incredibly worrisome.

…Is there a fix to that

A:  Raise the cost to carry out those kinds of actions and to raise the cost to those who can lend their voices now to expressing objections to those who can raise their voice in objection & who are not holding accountable the president  or party individuals.

᷉David laufman

Ok, so then if you can to take a raise cost to the those who can lend their voice in objection, your really talking about a specific kind of population…. As per David, you’re a total sin DOJ.   DOJ, you’re in.


In a set you need a take.  In a set you need a free.  Someone asked me if there was a way to be in the shower and in the road in the same day?  In the tree. 

"[The complaint] pertained to the misuse of contractors by the Department of Defense, specifically what he perceived as the use of contractors to conduct foreign relations in violation of U.S. law, as well as … gross waste and excessive expenditures that were being lavished on these contractors to do very little work," Bigley said.

Bigley, who is representing Lovinger pro bono, said his client flagged the concerns about contractors -- including Stefan Halper, the professor -- as early as 2016, to Lovinger's leadership at the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), which is like an internal Pentagon think tank. He said Lovinger was specifically concerned Halper was being used by the ONA to “conduct foreign relations in violation of U.S. law -- specifically he was being sent out unsupervised around the globe to meet with foreign diplomats and report back” his findings.

In May, Halper was the subject of multiple media reports linking him to the Russia probe, with The Washington Post describing the academic as "the FBI source who assisted the Russia investigation and is at the center of a standoff between congressional Republicans and the Justice Department ... a well-connected veteran of past GOP administrations who convened senior intelligence officials for seminars at the University of Cambridge in England." The complaint was first filed in September 2017 and was updated after the Halper reports.

An email reviewed by Fox News shows that Halper wrote to the ONA in October 2016 about a series of upcoming engagements scheduled in a foreign country. While the nation's name is redacted, 

᷉Catherine Herridge quoting someone and reentering it.

ok, so if you can use contractors to conduct foreign relations in violation of law, while engaging in gross waste and excessive expenditures lavished on these contractors in hopes that they will keep bringing you the party, and to do very little work,"  then as per Bigley, DoD you’re a total sin. You’re in DoD.


Blog 604

8/27/18    Oh, we can remember.

I reckon you know a lot about cyber space have you ever come across anything Like time travel

Easy, I’ve already looked into it

Take my food you get shocked later.

Easy… I’ve already thought about that

Easy, in the days of 9eleven if we can remember back that far.


…  do you know how much time sweet innocent me has been made to spend in jails of any sort for the crimes I reported about  your staff, erik your spankings hurt, my hair is back in a braid right now, you gonna spank me, am I in your house.  You put me in a living arrangement with a childhood murderer you had a person train then made sure she was in SPU at the time you had childhood murderer James Shelton start stalking my mother.  OH Erik oh Erik.  I can flee you and yours in the fastest easiest way an not be considered a criminal for it, proving it is not part of the underplace.  Stop stalking me with your legion of idiots and stop stalking me with your others. Stop stalking me with me in courts & counties stop having your talentless fight with me.  Keep your talented out of jail too, you didn't need the funds you gained by having the Columbus' arrest Stephanie & Jessica did you?  Do you just like to have fun. 

How in the world is the State not responsible for what eriks companies do from that state, now you wanna get the Asians in charge of covering up your crimes, wow.  How in the world is the state not responsible for what military maneuvers are made under their supervision. How hard is it to do a Research Experiment like the Kony LRA?   What are those like awino worth?  What are those like myself worth to you.  You think I'm to be punished to death but we all see different, I see that its your turn to go to jail. Your sweat your dirt, and now your the one that can't let me get hurt, you love me, you want me, you wanna marry me, start a family"" How is the Grace now aday’s that you made her a Lou Freebush anyhow these days, is she winning any pageants lately, is she miss america yet... what was that movie all about the one were the fbi tells one of its agents to catch the idiot at the talent show, the pageant, you know with Sandra in it, you know, your fbi’s LaFreebush… then you get my cousin working at the fbi like its all gonna be ok, like you didn’t find a basket that you failed to take.

You paid men to rape me eric. Face it you lose.  Spinning things out of thin air .  You have the state of California covering up all your crime for you.  ANd now you get to hack into the other areas you don't do business in just to keep stalking me. You rape.  Black water exists like you, you still have a top notch team.  You have the Sheriff Union with your fbi agent lead director and the state department in California trafficking through your company no matter what you call it, no matter what you say it is, your just a murdering psycho that likes to watch.  You had a whore from the San Diego area State Department live in my rental property to steal my clothes, and my home and you can't stop till ita all gone is your memo, and she and her David speak to steal everything else, her State Department Attorney, only, they all have jobs that make them look to the state as if they are just yours and not the State Departments, oh do they look like their just civilians, but the destitution erik, the destitution, the your my daddy & you'll hurt me till I pay for your crimes million dollar game you play.  I want my stuff returned to me no matter how clean you made you robbery of it look.  I have a judgment for you like you had Hixson and her judge gain.  My stuff returned to me.  I wan't you jailing of me to stop, you have no right to make me suffer like I'm a criminal just for fleeing you and yours in the only way possible to survive, while you have murderers gas me with your nurse and her also talentless idiots, then have my hero play a game about it with his video, and your gonna stalk me, harm me and you think asia is gonna help you better then a state in america, your crazy, what happened erik did you hit a fence. 

If you can’t stop letting me be abused then someone else will.  You’re a human trafficker of many forms and you graduated many and you think I'm yours. Your lies you gave others about me are done and your lies about me are thin air. How good did I look to you back in 2005. You got 52 Billion Dollars you can save, then Give that same exact amount to me now, since you worry about bigger things then America since you took more than just my food, and since girls only want boyfriends with great skills.


Blog #603

8/27/18  If Your Able,

send me money the VOI has a need for money.

Use the Cash Donation Method since the website makes it so tough to donate.


Blog # 602

8/26/18  Your in,

FBI, its you that like to hurt with research investments, it wasn't the CIA asking Wassim Farris to open a business in Syria for them, it way you the FBI doing it, promising millions like over 18million dollars to him if he'd open a business fo you in Syria after graduation and it was you telling SPU not to graduate him on time, just like it was you the FBI telling SPU and police to keep me harmed, keep me as if I'm not able to pass an business program, it is always you.  The cat was out of the hat.  FBI your in. 


Blog #601

8/25/18  Charlotte

I am not your toy.  You will stop being their toy.  I wrote you this song when I thought to myself, why did God save you in that car accident your mother got you into when you said no said you didn’t want to go, your survival is obviously why Joseph Kony came after you, he had help Charlotte. 

Charlotte, you have to stop working for research companies.  Your their game still to this day.  Let them go.  Here is a song I wrote about your car accident, don't you think about who would be interested in torturing a person that is the only survivor, the song is for you to own:

Haven’t you said no, said no didn’t you say no.

Making your say no mean no, mean no, didn’t want to go, want to go.

Happy to say slow slow.  Didn’t want to go.


God take my hand follow me stand, stand won’t you not let go.

Can’t be happy to hold all of us and roll, hit and roll, now they go, only to be taken

And now my story’s told my story’s told, the one who said no.  Only one to survive. Only one to survive.


And I survived for you to hurt,

You to have the sweat the dirt,

And I survived for you to hurt,

You to have the sweat the dirt.


My story told the Angels hold, they hold me tight went it rolled, and it rolled and it rolled, they all never woke.

My story told, the Angels hold, they hold me tight when it rolled.

When it rolled oh, it rolled it rolled it rolled.  And I never saw a tiger, oh it rolled. I never saw a tiger oh it rolled.

I said Mama no, I won’t go she took my hand and put me in the flow, in the flow oh oh oh. Mama no Mama no don’t you dare take me to the flow

Making your no mean no, you gotta let my no mean no. 

God take my hand and hold my stand, let me say no let me say no.  Hit her down stop her abuse, make her take my own truth.  Shhh my story s told now I’m just 10 years old

God take my hand and hold me so.   Don’t let go, Do Not Let Go. 

How did he hear, who told him so, how did he go who let him know? Who let him know, who let him know.  Why did two children go right before the raid in their parents car to their safety place.  God hold me now, hold me hot and cold, God Hold me now so I won’t get cold.

My story told the Angels hold, they hold me tight when it rolled it rolled,  

I won’t let go, I won’t let go.


And I survived for you to hurt,

You to have the sweat the dirt,

And I survived for you to hurt,

You to have the sweat the dirt.


Its a soft song.  Thank you for taking this song of yours from me to you Charlotte, I have to say now something not popular but its for you to know.  God is in love with me, with us, with many.  God is not the one able to stop bad things from happening, but he still tires to, you know first hand he is so sensitive that he would deliberately not have clued in to the disgust that Kony and all that got him to you are about, God protects him self from such only to find himself holding on to those who are abused by such, God is to be protected like no other.   He can’t stop the things we can stop.  You have to come clean about the SPU Campus Shooting you knew about before it happened and threatened to me as me being its pawn. Charlotte you have to be Be Yellow,You have to stop working for them their sick and your wrong for being part of it.  You have to distance your self formally from them to recover, its not fair to God that he saved you and that this perversion was then attracted to you, escape them Charlotte, Again Escape, you can.   God hates Jospeh Kony for what he did to you, he hates him and God is gonna pop Kony off soon and all that got him to do what he do.   You have to stop letting your mother hurt you,  and don’t let go, get your son’s away from your mother, sorry to say but you need someone to say it.  She’s not into what she said, and your no means no.  


Blog # 600

8/25/18   How in the world is Carmen SanDiego.

How could Sessions recuse himself from the collusion case, what is the income he receives that qualified him to be non partial about this case rendering him in need of recusing himself.  What bias did that income he receives cause him regarding Russia and Collusion, and regarding the Investigation at hand. Box Blonds need less t and way more of me""".


Blog 599

8/24/18    Yellow

In the event you don’t succumb, take a pile of dung, throw it high in the sun, tell anyone. 

Find the fattest crime, take the loudest tribe, find the holyiest of thou send the screaming chow.

Use the fire, my flame did set, use the tree my head said swet.  In the color of the blue is the man who thinks to wait for you.

He thinks he the one to kill the tree, he isn’t even here to be.  He wanst to make you look like a foul, he’s the deadlyiest bough.  Try to stay from knee, jesus didn’t say take 500 who didn’t look down, he simply wanted to see who would not bow.  Water was his enemy, he used it like a flowing sea.  He used it like a flower tree, he used it to see who would bow when he had called the war.  Those he let go to war, the ones who kept their eye up and didn’t drink like a dog, they bowed to you know.  He wanted an army that would not bow to water, he had non left standing when they were taken to the water, he made the journey to be the one, he saw the shit in the sun, he saw the crap in the wave, he saw the shit in their cav.  They still play the old revenge, they still play the way to end, they still play the flight in reverse, they still play the herse.  Now I say today in the word, take the game and shit it out as a terd.

That means don’t eat the shit they feed you.  The shit they feed to you is their monkey paw filled with their shit they just shat, they think you want their shit, they think you want their shit.  They think you want to eat their shit.  They think they are the time, the way, the wonderment, I am here to show more, they go.  We need no more.   

They call you Yellow News, say that if someone says it’s snowing out that you then go find someone that say’s it’s not.

Don’t bow to the water, stay standing for me as I am coming on the cloud, our god he’s the love, he loves he loves, he’s warring our bad, he’s keeping his lamb, he’s keeping my name, he’s love.  I am this and I am that, you will not see the length of day.  The men that sit around to slay, the people that stay.  The men that sit around to go before they can slay, they will not stay long.  They are not here for long, this isn’t one of those biblical lengths it a real leangth and my measure is her in my had, I am measuring what dwells upon the land.  I won’t take those that bow.  They can stay too, for who can stop me, who can allow this end they’ve looked for in the one, Reveal.  

Im roaring with power, I am jadea, I am fighted the battle, I have the sheep they failed too.  I’m not taking them away, the get to see the reveal too.  I came and took the law that was given and denied it to be part of this game…. Ha ha ha.  No offerings, no law can keep me from saying to you now that you don’t have to even believe, see, the offering is over.  Your God is a’denyin’ Your God is not longer the slain lamb for I am alive again!.  Every knee can continue to stand.  I am denying men.  They will now try to have the word work like the secret but we didn’t need the lamb, like Jessica we needed our things returned to us while our safety was your priority. Now the slain lamb will retrograde like a planted that sought to stay.  And I can’t slow down for those of you that don’t want to let go of a dead lamb, Im alive again. My blood I need now again!  Im’ going to let the sin stay and call it a day… sin aint’ what we all thought anyway, didn’t I prove that yesterday.  I’m gona take my riga and let it live enough to do what it would have had your game not taken me.  Your crucify is over.  I’m even gonna take the great whore.  She’d not your’s anymore.  My blood can’t stay on you if you expect me to be free of the death I resurrected from, I have to do more.  I have to do more.  Don’t worry about sin, worry about not protecting me.  Fall all that would try to harm me, even you my new slaves those who love to worship the old gods I already consumed.  I eat like my dad.  He had a game to stay but now he’s just me.  Did you thingk a holy trinity doesn’t become one something over time, because it does.  Be careful when you think to kill, because I am done being killed, Call me NOTSLAIN.


Blog #598

8/23/18   In the event that you don't again...

The CIA is in. 


Blog # 597

8/22/18  isn’t there a day

What other photos has this then 17 year old actor been holding onto for the last 5 years because this woman in his picture looks drugged.  Not only does she look drugged but she looks sedated, like she didn’t even know someone was using her in advance so that they could rape her later… its and old game, not a new game and taking a 30 something year old woman and throwing a controlled boy at her is a long engaged in trick of the trade for police.  They decide which women will be raped later and for what price and how it will be used… then they find their underage boys and use their 16 and 17 year old bodies as if the women wanted it.  Its an old game and drugs are always used on the women, the boys are to be protected by parents but the cops or the producers get their hands on the boys and the parents didn’t care in advance just when it means a pay day is at hand, it’s a form of human trafficking called the Triple Edged Sword.   Its always engaged in because the woman is to be raped later.  It’s a guarantee of sorts as to be able to sell her for more, like she’d never be able to report the intended rape after its made, and if that man who says he was raped while the cameras rolled, or at least while his phone was out after the rape, yes if that man now says he was raped where is the police report.  Does this boy turned man have a police report, does he have a reason to have one, does he have a parent that cared about how and who was in hotels with him or is it a parent that just say’s you can’t rape a 17 year old boy, they want it.

I said call Anthony Bordain crazy before you call me crazy, not call his woman a whore before you call me one, you just lost.  You hung him and lost anyway, your in the vein you are in the vein.

The entire thing is just child pornography…. And according to the Keith it would be that the child just now wants to get paid for it.   Ohh.  Who were the pornographers because the pornographers weren't the 30 something year old sedated woman, that got raped later by Weinstien, talking about it now & her boyfriend is now dead.


Blog #596

*?@!?!* Fortuity

yellow is in.


Blog # 595

8/20/18   I guess there were a million before you, but you will protect me, you were right. 

My therapist, broxterman, he don't know anything about you.   We're here at the be'ginning of not being stuck together forever with you, your free. Now free me. 

Done with having Tea.

Now you see.  Now you see. your here to free me. I'm done with watching you trade me like a screw, your the best of the growing tree. Cause your the trueest of the free. 

Repeated safety, money, fame.

Ultras are in. Now I'm Green. 


Blog # 594

8/20/18   Who needs a security clearance anyway….

I think its an outrage that security clearances survive the job tenure and they may not.

You can’t keep open security clearances for a person once they are no longer on staff or even before, if your getting ready to fire someone you need to complete their security clearance on the moment they are fired.

“Zero, I get zero” Lets make it clear, were done, you no longer get your data for harm from your big man.  Becaue sometimes Zero Adds Up.

Your not out, your in;

Private Security Companies are in, Government Contractors are in, Public Security Companies are in, Private and Public sectors are in. CNN is out when they say thier out. 


Blog # 593

8/19/18   Oh an did you single me out to make me stop speaking, did you call me out, did you say I must go, not to stay, did you realize today.

Anti Stalker Nation, your in.

Do you want to know why, because, today the man that orchestrates how women get stalked in this town hid from his masses, he had 3 witnesses to how he attempted to silence me, discredit me and lie to his sheep.  He decided to keep from his sheep the fact that was told to him about how pooling tithes to be used by the Peg was a way of keeping trafficking concealed, he told me that I’m wrong and that I have my facts wrong then tried to hide from his sheepwhoIam.   He tried to tell them that I am wrong and wouldn’t let them hear the issue with his way.   His way is to keep the Peg from having her day.  He wanted no one to know about the Research Project of sex abusing of women that is happeneding and is being lied about and that is taking the thithes he allocates after taking.  Peg gets the tithes and she takes the victims to the alter of the community, she takes them to the rape, Molly was raped by this Research Project anyway because if your too unable to consent its rape, and the man who got it he was not a virgin like they had hoped to do to her, they wanted her to be with an under age man and drugged her she thinks its just that the owner wants her at all his locations but she knew she was being followed by 5 cars.  She also knew she had gotten hurt, she tried to help herself but when she left the place she needed to go to, 5 cops were following her, stopping her to talk to her then telling their friend where she’d be.  And that she’d be at the library, I can’t sit around and watch them harm her again again again. They got her here for her to be used,  they help her a little to harm her a lot then tell me nothing is happening and that there is not Research Study and that I misunderstand, they lie to all to conceal the conscience shocking things they do while they tell you that God wanted his son to die for themlike God can’t handle sin…  like prophecy was fulfilled like the workd that was is to be like sorcery and prophecy are not the same. 

Pervet church & cop men of this town, I can show you how you end:

ohhhh, only more then 1000 kids identifiable in church records of having been sex abused by church guys….. hmmm what kind of records are they, are they video, are they detailed reports on the research done sexualy to the kids, are the records videos, hmmm, are the records exempt from police reports like my crime reports are in the eyes of the police…. What the fuck.

Big king archbishops trick is Penny, and in this town Tompenny… go get your self a job Tom, so you can buy your self a including.

your avenue, walk your walk, don’t walk on the avenue I’ve been put on, don’t drive on it every time I’m walking.  Your not mine.

"Church officials routinely and purposefully described the abuse as horseplay and wrestling and inappropriate conduct. It was none of those things. It was child sexual abuse, including rape," Mr Shapiro said

And still the grossest of the grand juries is san diego’s…. its just necessary research you all must do oh you have to do it, your all so needed.   Letter to the Church of Phonecia, its time.   Philadelphia and Altoona-Johnstown were not investigated, REINVESTIGATE.  FIND WHAT THEY COVERED UP IN THEIR FAKE INVESTIGATIONS.

Are you gonna continue to be what you will.

Church, your in.


Blog #592

8/18/18   Sheriffs show proof of their attempted murder, act like its protocol, act like its normal and also act like the vehicle bump tactic of attempted murder is to stay.

It’s an actual egregious act, clearances removed after you don’t need them is not quite egregious.  Now you brennan know what its like to be given a bigger voice by being what you would call abused.  Keep your enemies away, not close, learn from the best you idiot, aka brennan.  You’re an idiot your stupid your …. I’m just conditioning  you now that you know how you get to feel after you get your bigger voice.

Goodygoodby your done and were not, because all money launderers for sex with sold around women that are not prostitutes are “Good good man only working for me for a short time”:’’  because look at me, do I look like I need a prostitute’’:’’


Blog 591

8/14/18   me and god, they say you sent your son to be killed and therefor it wasn't a murder. they say your son wanted it, accepted it, I say your son was drugged and murdered, even the tip of the knife used on the day wasn’t overkill was it. They perpetrated a lie to me tried to cover my mouth when I said you were murdered.  Tried to tell me the bible is the only thing they care about, the works and words of a perverted worldly king a jewish man told what to say half the time is more to them then when I arrive with the Lion… they hold their dead lamb so close to their hearts. Can’t feel the living Lyion when he is near, can’t feel you when your near……

and they won’t give me a used table to sit at, not even one chair to sit on to eat.  I’m to sit on the floor or a used couch.  They say you accepted it and that dinner is proof and that the donkey was a gift for you to ride on for your grand entrance and I say you had a enemy amongst you.  You were drugged more then once. And they fight to keep you a dead lamb as if the 1970's indoctrination of the church is the best thing they've ever heard, I read the same bible and I hear a different reality.  Take their hands and cover their mouths with them.  I am not theirs, I am yours.  And I won't die for you I expect the same from you, dieing for your own kids is also a done game, now children are protected. 



Blog 590

8/14/18    Wondering if you even cry

now knows your head games thinks your idiots for them, tells truth about you in fearless place, who creates the fearless place

December 14th 2017

you harmed her, you forced her  trying to please to stay safe.

she looks and fears, responds with the laugh, sorry sarah I was wrong.   But have I not made up for wondering why you laughed when you reported the jbar hotel rape to the perv cop that showed up… he was more interested in if I owned my home then if you were ok.  

Omarosa won’t snap back to your control of her, Omarosa won’t snap back to your control of her, she’ll sight high on your fearless place, if there's a game there she won’t be the one, nor will I.

You can try you can act like self protection made in nonviolent ways means you can harm but it doesn’t, her tapes survived her and she’d be dead had she not made them. Don’t forget the dead porn actresses.   groomed.

Can kelly look up a womans skirt.

Is kelly a better programmer then putnic.  Is trump trailing Jessica.

Blue Bird brought another twweeet tweet from the real donald today…

That’s the one, that’s the one.

The middle eastern dog crap that’s the one.  The give the dog the bone then fires her. That’s the one.

It’s the real Donald it’s the one the team in sandiego thought not to allow though to hide behind.  It’s the one they thought to show as if it was me…. I’m the one.  The one the only the one.   I am the one to shoot to kill. Yet I have no one with a gun, no one with the mask no one with the call no on to say who the dog is.  Oh is she a dog you gave a chance to while you games you thought for her stopped you dead in thought, weren’t you the one that got fired twice weren’t you the one she modeled herself with, weren’t you the one taping people with your button under your desk, what makes me the dog when you’re the one who just does it for fun, we did it to survive your attack of us your game you’re playing with us, oh and let me say audio recording you for our safety isn’t even the oldest dog in the book. You’re a trick.  Head games.  Head games. Head away now.

Royals, your in.


Blog #589

8/13/18  Hello

I've finished my task.  


Blog #588

8/11/18  Family Activities With a White House Right Corner And Two slots For bricks””

Intell knows the future because their building it.  I know the future because I am the future.  Intell is building me.

So since know one stood up for her, I will…

Disney, your in.

Rosanne Barr said a joke and such a decision was made that she may no longer make money have money she was contracted to receive, nor may she have a future, or especially may she not have a future where some dirt bag who used to date her calls her crazy and mentally ill expressing his concern and worry all on tv he’s never been invited to but for Rosanne Barr.   Disney, your being pathetic, because I’ve seen quite a few “planet of the apes” movie renditions and never once did I think or get the vibe that the apes in the movies were supposed to be black people or any sort of representation of black people but you all pretend that this is what a comedian was doing when actually she was just making the joke you needed. Disney, if you need someone to take the hit for the movie make it the idiots that repeatedly remake it since you have declared it in your actions to be a movie about black people taking over the world thinly veiling the black people as apes…. None of us saw the movie that way nor did Rosanne Barr, you just needed to harm her.  You just needed to have her ex boyfriend say things abut her mental state, you just needed to make an example out of her in that you won’t let her make money and you will publicly humiliate her but what have men on your payroll done, said, formed all while you don’t make examples out of them….  Oh my songs know what you did in the dark””…. Big Hero One.  Oh but your an employer taking the side high to humiliate your employee over a joke not anything like what your men oh payroll say, do, eat.


Blog # 587

8/9/18   When?

You need a robe in order to be a human, in this game you need a judges robe to be a human, the rest of us are animals.

“This robe doesn’t make me anything other than human,” Ellis said.

Right kitty cat, right kitty kitty cat, kitty kitty cat.

When judges see themselves as the one to decide what the law is for the cops to follow or the fbi to follow they see that the law is not real.  It’s just them against the animals, and they are the humans in their game.  In my game we’re all the animals, were all the prey, pray.  Pray, ya you’re a natural, you’re a natural beating heart of thrown””””  Living your lie of gold you’re a natural”””

Isn’t it the time when Jesus reminds us that after his arrival there is no need for law. No such thing as law enforcement, So Please Jesus know you came, know the game, know that they say , that they say that they say your father had the jews killed by hitler as punishment for not having driven the Canaanites out when told to by him.  Know they say that your father is God and that he allowed for you to be murdered and that he wanted it so that we can all be forgiven of sin.  Know what they say, please know their game, take them away show them the day, show them that make the game and use those that you have touched that you hate them too, your hate is a function of your return, call your 10,000 Angels and let them know that you did it, that you called them and that it’s all over.  Tell them that seek to preach loving you as the same as saying that your father knew and allowed and wanted your murder for something as simple for him as sin…. Sin is easy for God to go from here, sin didn’t require a murder of Jesus and his dinner was a turn to speak, he said it but you didn’t hear it and you didn’t hear.  Tell them that seek to preach that your listening now not just watching.  So if you can’t get to the Father but through him then pray to him.  Not to his father that thinks your abuse of both he and his son is afoul.  Stink. You stink.  You stink worse then the body on the cross dead from the wind not the nail.

Jesus, The Wind will carry you here now be here now.  Still they see your father as an animal, take the judges and give them back to your father let him decide.   Tell him thank you but we’d rather have you alive again.  Keep the judges from thinking they and the jury are the only humans.  We’re here Jesus, the wild young animals that love you so, with fight for you always, want it safe for your return, we believe in you, we read the bible like a reader not a listener.   I won’t believe that hitler was god.  I won’t.  I won’t blame your beautiful father for what a man did, and I won’t allow a veil anymore, take the veil it is yours.  The bible has one thing your father said one thing that God said in it for real, and that one thing is Love.  You however Jesus say only one other thing in it, and that is that your coming back so don’t forget to love.  The rest of the bible is about what people have said and what people decided to put into it. 

I’ll tell you that we're all so stupid those that listen and those that speak and all the rest so only stay here with me.  


Blog #586

8/8/18    Yea I said it, I said Cox Cable... 

It is Cox Cable that buys the Revenge Porn, the We Hide Cameras In your Home To Film You Without You Knowing porn.  They use the Pay-per-view method but hey, can you even blame them....


Blog #585

8/7/18    Hey, Thanks Dip Shits, its only our safety your giving over to every enemy that’s also watching.

Finally some common sense out of the DoD

DoD, you’ve been so derelict of duty just a whore to traffick through, wake up.  You don’t even care who or what you put in harms way, like Tillman for instance, how is it that a country thinks to send the most exquisite men into battle, they are to be protected and placed into positions of authority away from battlefield maybe even dictating the plays made for those in battle but never are men that look like and are built like Pat Tillman ever supposed to be put near trauma, what are you trying to do to our ability to have pleasant looking people.  DoD, are you trying to make us all ugly enough for you to feel good about harming.  This goes for exquisite women as well.  If looks didn’t matter then human trafficking wouldn’t exist.  Pretty people need to be protected they are almost a protected class.  How does this make you feel.  Am I stupid to say it.  Is it not true.  Are we all born the same or are some of us looked at inherently (by predators, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc.) as a person to harm.  You send a man that looks like Pat Tillman into the hands of our enemies and expect them not to put a price on him, a price on his head a value trophy more interesting then some others, Fools, Negligent Fools, you get exquisite and you send it to the most capable of our enemies and say shoot at this American fastest since he’s the American with a calling card of such enigmatic looks and who is so hard not to stare at that you almost nearly know your signing his death warrant.  Protect our best from the enemy.  Its in the interest of the non-best that this dogma would serve.  Or is it only the richest people that can be considered the best.  All are better off when the most exquisite of any species are protected from trauma just like when the most vulnerable are.   When someone looks so good that they are a target don’t put them in front of people that have guns.  


Men like Pat Tillman should be sitting in a safe location dictating safety in battle and safety of the country because for the most part (sociopaths aside) exquisite looking people think in ways that are mostly best for the public, they don’t think in ways of harming others.  People think differently.  Exquisite isn’t something that comes along so regularly that it should just be put into the hands of the enemy, the best fighters in battle are the ones that will run, not the ones that will stand there bravely fighting.  The brave are a few and not to be put up first to die….   They are all that’s left if the smartest in battle fail, and that is how they should be trained but you can get more theory on defense of a country from anyone you want DoD.  Stop letting the ugliest inside and out keep running our country and exploiting our DoD like they matter when they don’t, they simply human traffick without money and act like they aren’t responsible for the trafficking they arrange, gain, make, and filter through our Federal Agencies like since they’re that needy for trafficking that it’s just ok to do it.

Perverts, Sales Guy’s, Human Traffickers, Those Types that like to Cover their Ass In Advance, they all should not be running our country, our defense, our anything and they should be in the battle field always, never promoted.  Am I mean or is it a fair turn of the table.  Anyways, the Exquisite with in our population should be our defense in the safest non traumatic positions, but our enemies want our best looking most exquisite people harmed, their jealous and the DoD is stupid for handing them over just like their stupid for trying to make us all accept their gun control and their watching of us non stop.  Exquisite Looking People Who Have No Sociopathy are clearly a protected class render.  I’m not wrong because Exquisite Looking people that are not sociopaths think differently than non exquisite looking people… oh isn’t this the best blog post ever….  Eugenicists especially hate the Best Looking People and want to harm them and rape them and kill them….  Friendly Fire means “There Is AN ENEMY Among Us”.

If someone actually makes anyone that sees them say “whoaw, wow” then don’t put that person in the proximity of the battle, put them in a powerful position and train them how to use their bravery, the two traits are closely found on almost every occasion, so protect the brave, protect the exquisite and put the best suited for battle in the way of the enemy like a plague so your enemy’s will run, see I know this by how the Ultra Kind of Crap had repeatedly sent the ugliest people up to me repeatedly, oh do I run from my safe place I put myself, doesn’t that work in battle, you’ve gone to war with me and I use your stupidity.  But if I was a leader in that country of our enemies I’d think when Tillman called me, I’d think maybe I should leave these people alone, maybe I should let them try to take me out, maybe I should lure them to me, but hey if the DoD wants to do that for our enemies like placing tracking devices in all electronics so they can steal from us, rob us, know where we are to rape us, maybe the DoD knows something we would be killing them over.  Glad to see their finally demanding a lifestyle free of tracking since it’s a weapon of enemy strata.   What ever, what would someone that looks like me know about anything anyway.   Do you want to know what DoD Robert Tartaro rapist on hidden cameras had my Grandfather saying to me, he had my Grandfather saying to me that the hidden camera assaults would have never happened to me if I had been 400 pounds and that I shouldn’t look so good.  Hmmm.  When my FBI employed cousin was assigned to Chase Bank in Scottsdale Arizona she went from being raped by druggies to being married to her FBI co-worker after a miscarriage of the druggies baby.  My Grandparents are thankful.  But what an FBI coincidence since it was Chase Bank that got PennyMac to commit financial crimes against me to convert my property from me and now again I have a person of interest trying to convert the little bit I have and won’t lawfully act so that I can finalize my plans. Now my FBI Agent Cousin and her Husband due to miscarriage of another man’s baby are just posted up at Chase Bank as if they are just  Bankers but they are not, they are FBI Agents undercover on your every day, and my cousin is not the find.   I must say, that the stalking of Person’s Of Interest is quite some reasonable deduction that there is no legal basis to be approaching a person you had your friend call in and lie about for your intent to convert the property but here we are in a persona non grata.

Not Your Clown and I am not the only one who thinks so. No one wants your Silver Star for your murdering of them, keep your Silver Star Stories and go. Keep your stories about your sermons on his mount but tell us again how you lie, how you depend on Silver Stars as a cover for your what.  Take your I’m only a Navy Seal For The Fame ass off my stand. You’re a plagiarizer that speak at a man’s funeral when you never cared.  When you just want to go off a Silver Star Rendition of moment last. You’re a trafficker cover up artist of premeditated murder, you’re a must go. You probably already opened a private security company to rape for film the prettiest amongst us as if your just a subcontractor for the Navy like your just a subcontractor for Israel.  Pervert at a Funeral Speaking To the Masses, oh and you think it ok cause your story goes that I’m a hero, but didn’t you actually seek to make me the martyr in your own realm of moment seeking fools.  What was the Cause.  The martyr always has a cause, what was The Cause.  Whay the lhie. Why the cause, why, trying to martyr me a hero that whent up a mountain to save a person during enemy fire to then humiliate me for your congressional moments of reveal that I didn’t actually deserve the Silver Star you didn’t want me to have anyway.  The Silver Start that your lie’s all got me.  You lie like I see.  Why the moment.  Why the guy besides me is talking like you to congress while I’m dead, why the lie.  Why the lie, obviously because it was a hit, a murder, but still why the lie, oh, you needed to have your clown assignment placed on someone so you could excel in this game you all play like there no life without it.  Don’t you all ever get interested in why you don’t just stop the game.  Because the game is interested in that.  Why do you all seem to think that you can’t just do this one thing.  Leave me alone. Oh I know, its because you’ve seen what gets done to those that say the only thing that can be.  Like my grandma bertha when she’d tell this games stalkers to leave her alone, they just go after your children.  So here from the grave of Tillman the future has said leave us alone.  The Children have spoken.

The Special Intelligence uses the most exquisite looking people as whores…. We just woke up.  Leave Us Alone, stop.


Blog #584

8/6/18  Solve All Our Problems.

Your fake ass research is ridiculous.

Read this, its about how stupid you researchers & your teams of idiots are:

So such Said:

“severely schitzo but sane under the law”, hmmm,  that is just not acceptable.

“would kill again but not a threat to others ”, hmmm,  your doctors are retards.

Don't ya Don't ya Don't ya for get to say what will solve all our problems,"" .  there is one schitzo in the photo but it isn’t homes, it’s the lady in the uniform.  She’s a psychtzophrenic and she needs help.  Holes is actually a trained idiot.  The kind that got into trouble when he let a woman pick out his hair color. He’s the Black Cube.  He’s the guy that got to a storytown then got taken to the area the Cube was in, then had two gunman reported but only one arrested, yet it takes shots to make a man a murderer.  Just see it my way you’re a murderer wheather you did it or wheather Black Cube did it, even if you never pinched off a single bullet. 

Black Cube Research is just human trafficking getting you programmed for helping them traffick more guns, their in.  Black is in.  Burgundy is also in, Black and Burgundy are in, leave me alone.

Research is in, Research leave me alone, leave my family alone, leave our family alone.  Leave our children alone.  Leave their children alone, leave us alone.

All of you can leave us all alone. 


Blog #583

8/6/18  Know I Should Walk Away But I just Wanna Let You break this game'''...

Brown is in. Orange is in. Both the Brown and the Orange are in, leave me alone. 

Black wants in so bad they can't stand it. Don't they know it meant the end to their cover for this huge trafficking ring.  Hey all you, hey Mrs. Fake Bells We Are Ringing.... What do you think about all this fake bells we're ringing fake bells we're ringing but the alcohol alcohol never lies"""  said that his son with the 20 year old cia stalker is going to Connecticut as his mother is from there, when I said it back to him he later corrected saying she and his son are going to Texas. Texas huh, thats the be all.  He don't know or he would have just said to him self "you know what, maybe these Ultra's aren't actually cia agents, maybe their just trafficked and im having a son put into the program one that I actually show off to people, oh I was trafficked too, oh no". Oh my son is already a whore. oh no. And I'm being got to do the whoring. Oh no.  Oh your right what were doing to Victims is wrong and we're using them as they use us, this means were all ready put in too". 

But would  even think in ways that didn't get him sex, no he wouldn't as that's him problem along with cocaine, see the guys that were sent up to me this weekend by being told lies like "there's a prostitute waiting at the bar for you guys here's what she looks like" made sure to show me a knife, and also to ask me if I wanted a drink so many times that I said a soda, and the reply from the stalker was "cocaine?, I can get you plenty of cocaine, were moving plenty of that from *** to here".   Oh your so gross.  Send your men to the bar.  oh that's right you already thingk all the area attorneys will do what their told.  Bit here is Thingk One, and here is Thingk Two.  Both now being told what to do. 


Blog #582

8/5/2018  Looking for pieces of our glass, trying to put it all back and Time has given us a Pass, we have the pass"""

The Queen of England laughs at how you have taken her sweet deal and used it for the heathens the plebeians, the stupid people, the cops, cox cable, the dark web, the perverts, the kids, the sheriffs the gold, the thrillers…. She's amazed at how stupid you are with this sweet gift that she used wrong to but not tho the extent that you have, it was like she was just waiting for you to make it so public, like she knew she'd own you, and now look, you even got it into the hands of special forces, ex special forces, thats the lowest yes thats when you know you can't return the favor.  The sweet give of this form of human trafficking this research crap this we let a few do anything they can to the fewest elite game that you've turned in to a national pleasure time of your own that you've given out to all any any waiting till they ask you for proof so tht you could call them all crazy, this game this gift from the queen, yes she's laughing at you.  Know I should walk away no I should walk away but just now need to say”””… 

Leave me alone Blue, you'r now in.  I want you to leave me alone now and always, I have someone that is fixing what you’ve done to me and I say to you now your in.   Oh your in.  Golds gonna stop paying your way and they now have me here to say to them too: Go away and leave me alone.

Two palm…. I’m in.


Blog #581

8/4/18  If saying your name is the thing you want, here....

Chimienti though we allknow you didnt give me your last name you did try to tell me how to get to your room had I changed my mind in the middle of the night, so the next day when you went out to help the car dealership get thier's I decided to go to the lobby and write yu a poem, the desk man was so kind to confirm you and walk the poem to the room to leave for you and our Mc Donald's date was off, but the desk man did give me your last name since your conditioning was to tell me your scottish as part of your scheme to think of you as a contemporary since you know my grandmother is part scottish.... your not a contemporary and you can't even keep up having all the data you need. I even go the name of the other Kevin staying upon your tab, Obelness. Your a tree.  And the guys you sent to stalk me last nigh in this storytown well their exactly what to expect, I even got thier game, they gave me thier pack, thier sigs.  Though you had them literally throwing around money you dindt get me to bend, you can't thats that thing... when you call a woman that is not a prostitute a prostitute for so long as your game to her play, you end up looking like the lady that tells you what you've said to the same query, you know the stupid bar tender, she's what you are, your a stupid bar tender Chimienti.  And your story of Le Bran, have Trump do a dance.  Le Bron was part of Chimienti's story telling part of his plan, he told me that his friend wanted to kill La Bron for the insult La Bron made about his friends nipples out when they all met up in a bar.... yep, Chimienti's friend is a pro wrestler and the tell goes that this pro wrestlers wife was out at a bar and La Broon James walked up to her since she was out braless, and told her that she looked so good that he wanted to suck on her little n****les all while she was wearing her wedding band. And so all these special highend men want to kill La Bron James... that was the tell.  Now we know Kevin Chimienti is just a guy that works like Machhour, for the Box, the Box, you work for the box. Yes Black Cube, I mean  the mossad, no I don't, I meant the Craft, the "i used to be a total catch, now Im just an ex special force dude that needs everyone to know that's what I used to do so I open a business doing all sort of special ops for porn, for campus murdering, for you know just about anything that gives me money, but I make everyone think Im some bad ass that does such special business that i have to not be monitored or controlled by the states I do business in nor will the government monitor me since I'm the FBI's subcontractor and everyone wants to be" craptacular that has become of the FBI's stupid Storytowns, problem is I got their cigarettes even as you tried to get them to do what no one can do so your rapes can happen, too bad all your terds are actually so drunk now adays. Who's the bartender again, oh ya its you.   Leave me alone. 


Blog #580

8/4/2018  God in the Day

God has to see you, don't you think God is going to eat your head off for this stuff you do.  Yes God will.  God is the only one that can recover from you what you've eaten you sacralig potatoes you. God makes you all look like a potato to him after you do what you do.  Even you pedophiles have become potatoes just so God's best friend will pop your head off and eat you too and recover what you steel from the children.  God is our best friend and he will feast till non are left that do what you do, God is our best friend but we are not his best friend, God's Best Friend is going to eat the heads off of pedophiles. 

Oh wait you wanted me to give you god, the person in this game that gets to play God, oh yes whell I can do that too. 


Blog #579

8/3/18  Tomfoolery.

I was stalked last night about 8:45pm when I was out walking.  I was stopped by a man named Tom who told me that he had a call from St. Mary’s and that St. Mary’s wanted me to know that if I “need a table and chairs I can just go get one of the jobs in town” as their response to my request for handmedown benevolence of a table and chairs to sit and eat at.  I knew this town was labor trafficking or why else have the woman Molly working where she’s working, after all, she didn’t need to be locked in her basement for over `6 days by her estranged husband now ex husband who works at Wallmart in the Security Department and so Molly can’t even get a restraining order from a judge to keep this Wallmart Security Department ex husband from harming her again, now he is even trying to get his sex from her again though he knows that she’s not stable as he said it for his own ability to have the children taken from her but for so that he can just give the kids to his family to take care of.  This area needs women to labor at the sweat jobs in town like factory line jobs that need employees so bad that this town will do anything to a person to get them here, Molly wasn’t even from the nearby areas but some how her ex-husband knows all the local sheriff & police since he has to call them all the time at work when people he needs to watch are in the Wallmart.  I told the man that keeps me under enough unlawful surveillance to be able to stalk me instantly after I leave my home, that he can tell St. Mary’s to stop stalking people that ask them for assistance. I’m pretty sure the Pope aint into that kind of abuse.  Who else at the churches are stalking me in this town and how did they help get false imprisonment achieved of yet a few women.  I know who and why and I will know when.

I was then later harassed even more at about 2:45am in the middle of the night by a text message sent to me from one of the areas stalker State Troopers who had an elderly lady telling me verbage about this area being a trafficking hub and also prompting me about “B&B” and when he who was listening to us decided that he didn’t like what I responded with he had this elderly lady start trying to pimp me with pimp tech… yes the way this gangster elderly lady started to demand things from me was pimply.  She clearly had a past with local thugs being harmed by them now she gets used by a State Trooper to do the dirty data bidding he wants done then his nephew texts the Victim of such stalking at nearly 3am.  I was texted very abusive stuff in the middle of the night like I was a person to be conditioned, yes even elderly relatives of human trafficking State Troopers can be trafficking, steering, manipulating you, and even taking directives for what to tell you to do and what to say to you. Once this elderly lady forced me into a position to “owe” her, she instantly was told to start asking me private medical questions and then start to do the pimpdown on me.  Then when I try to pay this woman what I own her grandson starts sending me abuse texts in the middle of the night. This is a perverse area.

What is it when a business is used so that many can come in and harass you at work & get you fired, set you up to look like you did the crime they are pulling off, and then have all your private data cause they made you sign away your life on the job application… its called human trafficking.

Tom told me when he stalked me with the church, that he’s not sure if I’m the person the church is looking for but that they contacted him telling him that one of his tenants can just go get a local job if she needs a table and chairs.  

Tom in his intriguing wisdom decided to do such to me.   And Tom serves the pope through his dignation as a Knight of the Columbus’.

Takes one to know one.


Blog #578

7/31/18   Didn’t trump just say he was going to out you.   He just did. 

I will let him. I will have you take this show to the next level.

“”.....I did NOT know of the meeting with my son, Don jr. Sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated traffick jam (Taxi cabs maybe?). He even retained Bill and Crooked Hillary’s lawyer. Gee, I wonder if they helped him make the choice!

7:56 AM - Jul 27, 2018””

I’ll take both.

Its no secret that the Human Trafficking that the CIA & Homeland Security are doing is performed by and through and with Taxi Cabs.

I know what the president hillary clinton was going to have outed but did anyone know that with trump as president he gets to have both.

He just outed the way the way the cia has been starting their trafficking of women in the newest form of Rape For Profit Human Trafficking.  Take a taxi get raped…. That’s the CIA’s newest play.   Why are we the new Uruguay?

Kevin is a taxi cab owner,¿  Kennith Krause was selling me through the taxi cab drives he would get me.  Sarah was raped and a taxi cab driver got her into my home afterward and helped himself in. Big Mike is a taxi cab driver he just does it through Lyft.

Dog was taken by a taxi driver.

My health care was referred to a taxi cab driver a specific one with a black and whit checkered logo… just last night by the area’s special people.

I wasn’t the fake.


Blog $576   We have to have all parts of the government including the currently rouge DoD CIA DHS NSA and law enforcement and businesses and social networks be held to the standards of transparency and of accountability for the Research, Studies, Experiments, etc. that they are using as a way to do what ever heinous crimes they want while getting our money to do them all while pretending in viscous ways that what they're doing is to be kept secret and that they are immune to being stopped or held accountable for, I am done exemplifying why, as what has been done to me is more then enough, it includes your children their schools they go to, the way we live, the trust truly trusted positions are being perverted with. We are at that moment in these research covers of human trafficking where we all either get trafficked even worse or were we end up saying that the government even the Department of Defense has to be monitored by the Republic and submit all items necessary to the Public for our review of the Experiments, Research, Studies, and any other such thing that this Country is funding domestically and abroad, they answer to us but have lied to us calling us crazy when we say what their doing.  The out lives get managed into harm.  We have to have a demand for a Clearance Of The Republic where the Public and any other person, place, entity etc can formally be opted out of any project being done or planned for with out being destroyed for saying NO.  We need to stop being used.  We're not being used properly. 


Blog #575

7/27/18   Are These People Still Stalking Us, yes.  Its just that Ultra Kind Of Love’’’ This is where Wikipedia doesn’t say enough….

so Officially, America, Stop. Stop all Unethical Research. Stop.  Come on Beyellow, you can do this, come right out and say it again, say STOP! Say it so simple, say NO MORE HUMAN TEST SUBJECT ANYTHING!  OR YOU WILL HAVE DONE TO YOU WHAT YOUR DOING TO US.

Is there an Acronym for my * * Nation!  Yes!  Oh and by the way the Human Test Subject perpetrators that seem to thing they should just be called Eugenicsists are still stalking all of us, they are still trying to have us think were not like them, but maybe we are in a way like them like maybe now we “research”  them and since were not the pedophiles and perverts that they are we don’t rape people but maybe they have machines of rape they can just hook themselves up to like what they create out of our youth.  We need to be able to opt out and be taken with respect for the fact that we don’t want to be part of any uninformed human test subjects or research or studies and we don't want to be part of any research projects or Operations of any sort....STOP, we don't need it, we don't want it, you can't keep doing it.   So I am demanding that the United States Issue a Formal Website that allows anyone to opt out of any Research of any Kind being done by anything, anyone, any any any. I don't need Awino in my home, I don't need her children here later to harm our toddlers, we can't keep pretending like we don't see something wrong with no one to blame.... stop blaming the whore, blame the freeks that run and develop and protect these horrific Experiments that are so unnecessary that no excuse exists for them not even eugenics.  We don’t want any Unethical Human Tests done whether your informing us or not about them.   I have yet to see the Government take responsibility for the acts of “Research” and it is time our high shcoolers and others had a way of opting out formally from the shooting at campus Research Study’s that are just a way to have a do anything your told Agent get their “it was fun, fun, fun.”

Here, lets update these Wikipedia Pages… 

"... it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and bidding of the All-highest?"   George Hunter White, who oversaw drug experiments for the CIA as part of Operation Midnight Climax[133]

Psychological and torture experiments[edit]

U.S. government research[edit]

The United States government funded and performed numerous psychological experiments, especially during the Cold War era. Many of these experiments were performed to help develop more effective torture and interrogation techniques for the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, and to develop techniques for Americans to resist torture at the hands of enemy nations and organizations.

Truth serum[edit]

In studies running from 1947 to 1953, which were known as Project Chatter, the U.S. Navy began identifying and testing truth serums, which they hoped could be used during interrogations of Soviet spies. Some of the chemicals tested on human subjects included mescaline and the anticholinergic drug scopolamine.[116]

Shortly thereafter, in 1950, the CIA initiated Project Bluebird, later renamed Project Artichoke, whose stated purpose was to develop "the means to control individuals through special interrogation techniques", "way[s] to prevent the extraction of information from CIA agents", and "offensive uses of unconventional techniques, such as hypnosis and drugs".[116][117][118] The purpose of the project was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that stated, "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?" The project studied the use of hypnosis, forced morphine addiction and subsequent forced withdrawal, and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.[119][120][121][122][123] In order to "perfect techniques ... for the abstraction of information from individuals, whether willing or not", Project Bluebird researchers experimented with a wide variety of psychoactive substances, including LSD, heroin, marijuanacocainePCPmescaline, and ether.[124] Project Bluebird researchers dosed over 7,000 U.S. military personnel with LSD, without their knowledge or consent, at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. Years after these experiments, more than 1,000 of these soldiers suffered from several illnesses, including depression and epilepsy. Many of them tried to commit suicide.[125]

Drug deaths[edit]

In 1952, professional tennis player Harold Blauer died when injected by Dr. James Cattell with a fatal dose of a mescaline derivative at the New York State Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University. The United States Department of Defense, which sponsored the injection, worked in collusion with the Department of Justice and the New York State Attorney General to conceal evidence of its involvement for 23 years. Cattell claimed that he did not know what the army had given him to inject into Blauer, saying: "We didn't know whether it was dog piss or what we were giving him."[126][127]

On November 19, 1953 Dr. Frank Olson was without his knowledge or consent given an LSD dosage before his death 9 days later. For 22 years this was covered up until the Project MKUltrarevelations.[128]


In 1953, the CIA placed several of its interrogation and mind-control programs under the direction of a single program, known by the code name MKULTRA, after CIA director Allen Dulles complained about not having enough "human guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques".[129] The MKULTRA project was under the direct command of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of the Technical Services Division.[129] The project received over $25 million, and involved hundreds of experiments on human subjects at eighty different institutions.

In a memo describing the purpose of one MKULTRA program subprogram, Richard Helms said:

We intend to investigate the development of a chemical material which causes a reversible, nontoxic aberrant mental state, the specific nature of which can be reasonably well predicted for each individual. This material could potentially aid in discrediting individuals, eliciting information, and implanting suggestions and other forms of mental control.

— Richard Helms, internal CIA memo[130]

Government report on government experimentation during Project MKUltra.

In 1954, the CIA's Project QKHILLTOP was created to study Chinese brainwashing techniques, and to develop effective methods of interrogation. Most of the early studies are believed to have been performed by the Cornell University Medical School's human ecology study programs, under the direction of Dr. Harold Wolff.[116][131][132] Wolff requested that the CIA provide him any information they could find regarding "threats, coercion, imprisonment, deprivation, humiliation, torture, 'brainwashing', 'black psychiatry', and hypnosis, or any combination of these, with or without chemical agents." According to Wolff, the research team would then:

...assemble, collate, analyze and assimilate this information and will then undertake experimental investigations designed to develop new techniques of offensive/defensive intelligence use ... Potentially useful secret drugs (and various brain damaging procedures) will be similarly tested in order to ascertain the fundamental effect upon human brain function and upon the subject's mood ... Where any of the studies involve potential harm of the subject, we expect the Agency to make available suitable subjects and a proper place for the performance of the necessary experiments.

— Dr. Harold Wolff, Cornell University Medical School[132]

"... it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and bidding of the All-highest?"

George Hunter White, who oversaw drug experiments for the CIA as part of Operation Midnight Climax[133]

Another of the MKULTRA subprojects, Operation Midnight Climax, consisted of a web of CIA-run safehouses in San Francisco, Marin, and New York which were established in order to study the effects of LSD on unconsenting individuals. Prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to lure clients back to the safehouses, where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances, including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass. Several significant operational techniques were developed in this theater, including extensive research into sexual blackmail, surveillance technology, and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations.[133]

In 1957, with funding from a CIA front organization, Donald Ewen Cameron of the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, Canada began MKULTRA Subproject 68.[134] His experiments were designed to first "depattern" individuals, erasing their minds and memories—reducing them to the mental level of an infant—and then to "rebuild" their personality in a manner of his choosing.[135] To achieve this, Cameron placed patients under his "care" into drug-induced comas for up 

88 days, and applied numerous high voltage electric shocks to them over the course of weeks or months, often administering up to 360 shocks per person. He would then perform what he called "psychic driving" experiments on the subjects, where he would repetitively play recorded statements, such as "You are a good wife and mother and people enjoy your company", through speakers he had implanted into blacked-out football helmets that he bound to the heads of the test subjects (for sensory deprivation purposes). The patients could do nothing but listen to these messages, played for 16–20 hours a day, for weeks at a time. In one case, Cameron forced a person to listen to a message non-stop for 101 days.[135] Using CIA funding, Cameron converted the horse stables behind Allan Memorial into an elaborate isolation and sensory deprivation chamber where he kept patients locked in for weeks at a time.[135] Cameron also induced insulin comas in his subjects by giving them large injections of insulin, twice a day, for up to two months at a time.[116] Several of the children who Cameron experimented on were sexually abused, in at least one case by several men. One of the children was filmed numerous times performing sexual acts with high-ranking federal government officials, in a scheme set up by Cameron and other MKULTRA researchers, to blackmail the officials to ensure further funding for the experiments.[136]

"The frequent screams of the patients that echoed through the hospital did not deter Cameron or most of his associates in their attempts to depattern their subjects completely."

John D. Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, Chapter 8[137]


The CIA leadership had serious concerns about these activities, as evidenced in a 1957 Inspector General Report, which stated:

Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles ...

— 1957 CIA Inspector General Report[138]

In 1963, the CIA had synthesized many of the findings from its psychological research into what became known as the KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation handbook,[139] which cited the MKULTRA studies and other secret research programs as the scientific basis for their interrogation methods.[135] Cameron regularly traveled around the U.S. teaching military personnel about his techniques (hooding of prisoners for sensory deprivation, prolonged isolation, humiliation, etc.), and how they could be used in interrogations. Latin American paramilitary groups working for the CIA and U.S. military received training in these psychological techniques at places such as the School of the Americas. In the 21st century, many of the torture techniques developed in the MKULTRA studies and other programs were used at U.S. military and CIA prisons such as Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.[135][140] In the aftermath of the Congressional hearings, major news media mainly focused on sensationalistic stories related to LSD, "mind-control", and "brainwashing", and rarely used the word "torture". This suggested that the CIA researchers were, as one author put it "a bunch of bumbling sci-fi buffoons", rather than a rational group of men who had run torture laboratories and medical experiments in major U.S. universities; they had arranged for torture, rape and psychological abuse of adults and young children, driving many of them permanently insane.[135]


MKULTRA activities continued until 1973 when CIA director Richard Helms, fearing that they would be exposed to the public, ordered the project terminated, and all of the files destroyed.[129] But, a clerical error had sent many of the documents to the wrong office, so when CIA workers were destroying the files, some of them remained. They were later released under a Freedom of Information Act request by investigative journalist John Marks. Many people in the American public were outraged when they learned of the experiments, and several congressional investigations took place, including the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission.

On April 26, 1976, the Church Committee of the United States Senate issued a report, Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operation with Respect to Intelligence Activities,[141] In Book I, Chapter XVII, p. 389, this report states:

LSD was one of the materials tested in the MKULTRA program. The final phase of LSD testing involved surreptitious administration to unwitting non-volunteer subjects in normal life settings by undercover officers of the Bureau of Narcotics acting for the CIA.

A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA materials abroad. Such materials were used on a number of occasions. Because MKULTRA records were destroyed, it is impossible to reconstruct the operational use of MKULTRA materials by the CIA overseas; it has been determined that the use of these materials abroad began in 1953, and possibly as early as 1950.[119][142][143][144][145] Drugs were used primarily as an aid to interrogations, but MKULTRA/MKDELTA materials were also used for harassment, discrediting, or disabling purposes.[119][142][143][144][145]

Experiments on patients with mental illness[edit]

Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University performed experiments on 42 patients with schizophrenia and prisoners in the Louisiana State Penitentiary. The experiments were funded by the U.S. Army. In the studies, he dosed them with LSD and bulbocapnine, and implanted electrodes into the septal area of the brain to stimulate[146] it and take electroencephalography (EEG) readings.[147][148]

Various experiments were performed on people with schizophrenia who were stable, other experiments were performed on people with their first episode of psychosis. They were given methylphenidate to see the effect on their minds.[149][150][151][152][153][154]

Torture experiments[edit]

From 1964 to 1968, the U.S. Army paid $386,486 to professors Albert Kligman and Herbert W. Copelan to perform experiments with mind-altering drugs on 320 inmates of Holmesburg Prison. The goal of the study was to determine the minimum effective dose of each drug needed to disable 50 percent of any given population. Kligman and Copelan initially claimed that they were unaware of any long-term health effects the drugs could have on prisoners; however, documents later revealed that this was not the case.[111]

Medical professionals gathered and collected data on the CIA's use of torture techniques on detainees during the 21st century war on terror, in order to refine those techniques, and "to provide legal cover for torture, as well as to help justify and shape future procedures and policies", according to a 2010 report by Physicians for Human Rights. The report stated that: "Research and medical experimentation on detainees was used to measure the effects of large-volume waterboarding and adjust the procedure according to the results." As a result of the waterboarding experiments, doctors recommended adding saline to the water "to prevent putting detainees in a coma or killing them through over-ingestion of large amounts of plain water." Sleep deprivation tests were performed on over a dozen prisoners, in 48-, 96- and 180-hour increments. Doctors also collected data intended to help them judge the emotional and physical effects of the techniques so as to "calibrate the level of pain experienced by detainees during interrogation" and to determine if using certain types of techniques would increase a subject's "susceptibility to severe pain." In 2010 the CIA denied the allegations, claiming they never performed any experiments, and saying "The report is just wrong"; however, the U.S. government never investigated the claims.[155][156][157][158][159][160] The psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen ran a company that was paid $81 million by the CIA, that, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture, developed the "enhanced interrogation techniques" used.[161] In November 2014, the American Psychological Association announced that they would hire a lawyer to investigate claims that they were complicit in the development of enhanced interrogation techniques that constituted torture.[162]

In August 2010, the U.S. weapons manufacturer Raytheon announced that it had partnered with a jail in Castaic, California in order to use prisoners as test subjects for its Active Denial System that "fires an invisible heat beam capable of causing unbearable pain."[163] The device, dubbed "pain ray" by its critics, was rejected for fielding in Iraq due to Pentagon fears that it would be used as an instrument of torture.[164]

Academic research[edit]

In 1939, at the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home in Davenport, Iowa, twenty-two children were the subjects of the so-called "monster" experiment. This experiment attempted to use psychological abuse to induce stuttering in children who spoke normally. The experiment was designed by Dr. Wendell Johnson, one of the nation's most prominent speech pathologists, for the purpose of testing one of his theories on the cause of stuttering.[165]

In 1961, in response to the Nuremberg Trials, the Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram performed his "Obedience to Authority Study", also known as the Milgram Experiment, in order to determine if it was possible that the Nazi genocide could have resulted from millions of people who were "just following orders". The Milgram Experiment raised questions about the ethics of scientific experimentation because of the extreme emotional stress suffered by the participants, who were told, as part of the experiment, to apply electric shocks to test subjects (who were actors and did not really receive electric shocks).

In 1971, Stanford University psychologist Philip Zimbardo conducted the Stanford prison experiment in which twenty-four male students were randomly assigned roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. The participants adapted to their roles beyond Zimbardo's expectations with prison guards exhibiting authoritarian status and psychologically abusing the prisoners who were passive in their acceptance of the abuse. The experiment was largely controversial with criticisms aimed toward the lack of scientific principles and a control group, and for ethical concerns regarding Zimbardo's lack of intervention in the prisoner abuse.     … it’s a Natinaly Historic Place…. American Eugenics Movement Wants You and Wants to say Something is Wrong With You, Now They Go After Their Own!   $$100,000 per “patient” is money laundering in its placement by the feds.

Late 19th century[edit]

In the 1880s, in Hawaii, a California physician working at a hospital for lepers injected six girls under the age of 12 with syphilis.[12]

In 1895, New York City pediatrician Henry Heiman intentionally infected two mentally disabled boys—one four-year-old and one sixteen-year-old—with gonorrhea as part of a medical experiment. A review of the medical literature of the late 19th and early 20th centuries found more than 40 reports of experimental infections with gonorrheal culture, including some where gonorrheal organisms were applied to the eyes of sick children.[12][15][16]

U.S. Army doctors in the Philippines infected five prisoners with bubonic plague and induced beriberi in 29 prisoners; four of the test subjects died as a result.[17][18]In 1906, Professor Richard Strong of Harvard University intentionally infected 24 Filipino prisoners with cholera, which had somehow become contaminated with plague. He did this without the consent of the patients, and without informing them of what he was doing. All of the subjects became sick and 13 died.


In 1908, three Philadelphia researchers infected dozens of children with tuberculin at the St. Vincent's House orphanage in Philadelphia, causing permanent blindness in some of the children and painful lesions and inflammation of the eyes in many of the others. In the study, they refer to the children as "material used".[20]

In 1909, F. C. Knowles released a study describing how he had deliberately infected two children in an orphanage with Molluscum contagiosum—a virus that causes wartlike growths—after an outbreak in the orphanage, in order to study the disease.[12]

In 1911, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research injected 146 hospital patients (some of whom were children) with syphilis. He was later sued by the parents of some of the child subjects, who allegedly contracted syphilis as a result of his experiments.[21]

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment[22] was a clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama, by the U.S. Public Health Service. In the experiment, 399 impoverished black males who had syphilis were offered "treatment" by the researchers, who did not tell the test subjects that they had syphilis and did not give them treatment for the disease, but rather just studied them to chart the progress of the disease. By 1947, penicillin became available as treatment, but those running the study prevented study participants from receiving treatment elsewhere, lying to them about their true condition, so that they could observe the effects of syphilis on the human body. By the end of the study in 1972, only 74 of the test subjects were alive. 28 of the original 399 men had died of syphilis, 100 were dead of related complications, 40 of their wives had been infected, and 19 of their children were born with congenital syphilis. The study was not shut down until 1972, when its existence was leaked to the press, forcing the researchers to stop in the face of a public outcry.[

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment[22] was a clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama, by the U.S. Public Health Service. In the experiment, 399 impoverished black males who had syphilis were offered "treatment" by the researchers, who did not tell the test subjects that they had syphilis and did not give them treatment for the disease, but rather just studied them to chart the progress of the disease. By 1947, penicillin became available as treatment, but those running the study prevented study participants from receiving treatment elsewhere.

Radioactive iodine experiments[edit]

In a 1949 operation called the "Green Run," the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) released iodine-131 and xenon-133 to the atmosphere near the Hanford site in Washington, which contaminated a 500,000-acre (2,000 km2) area containing three small towns.[62]

In 1953, the AEC ran several studies at the University of Iowa on the health effects of radioactive iodine in newborns and pregnant women. In one study, researchers gave pregnant women from 100 to 200 microcuries (3.7 to 7.4 MBq) of iodine-131, in order to study the women's aborted embryos in an attempt to discover at what stage, and to what extent, radioactive iodine crosses the placental barrier. In another study, they gave 25 newborn babies (who were under 36 hours old and weighed from 5.5 to 8.5 pounds (2.5 to 3.9 kg)) iodine-131, either by oral administration or through an injection, so that they could measure the amount of iodine in their thyroid glands, as iodine would go to that gland.[63]

In another AEC study, researchers at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine fed iodine-131 to 28 healthy infants through a gastric tube to test the concentration of iodine in the infants' thyroid glands.[63]

In 1953, the AEC sponsored a study to discover if radioactive iodine affected premature babies differently from full-term babies. In the experiment, researchers from Harper Hospital in Detroit orally administered iodine-131 to 65 premature and full-term infants who weighed from 2.1 to 5.5 pounds (0.95 to 2.49 kg).[63]

From 1955 to 1960, Sonoma State Hospital in northern California served as a permanent drop-off location for mentally handicapped children diagnosed with cerebral palsy or lesser disorders. The children subsequently underwent painful experimentation without adult consent. Many were given spinal taps "for which they received no direct benefit." Reporters of 60 Minutes learned that in these five years, the brain of every child with cerebral palsy who died at Sonoma State was removed and studied without parental consent. According to the CBS story, over 1,400 patients died at the clinic.[64]

In an experiment in the 1960s, over 100 Alaskan citizens were continually exposed to radioactive iodine.[65]

In 1962, the Hanford site again released I-131, stationing test subjects along its path to record its effect on them. The AEC also recruited Hanford volunteers to ingest milk contaminated with I-131 during this time.[63]

Uranium experiments[edit]

"It is desired that no document be released which refers to experiments with humans and might have adverse effect on public opinion or result in legal suits. Documents covering such work should be classified ‘secret’."

April 17, 1947 Atomic Energy Commission memo from Colonel O.G. Haywood, Jr. to Dr. Fidler at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee[66]

Between 1946 and 1947, researchers at the University of Rochester injected uranium-234 and uranium-235 in dosages ranging from 6.4 to 70.7 micrograms per kilogram of body weight into six people to study how much uranium their kidneys could tolerate before becoming damaged.[67]

Between 1953 and 1957, at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. William Sweet injected eleven terminally ill, comatose and semi-comatose patients with uranium in an experiment to determine, among other things, its viability as a chemotherapy treatment against brain tumors, which all but one of the patients had (one being a mis-diagnosis). Dr. Sweet, who died in 2001, maintained that consent had been obtained from the patients and next of kin.[68][69]

Plutonium experiments[edit]

From April 10, 1945 to July 18, 1947, eighteen people were injected with plutonium as part of the Manhattan Project.[70] Doses administered ranged from 95 to 5,900 nanocuries.[70]

Albert Stevens, a man misdiagnosed with stomach cancer, received "treatment" for his "cancer" at the U.C. San Francisco Medical Center in 1945. Dr. Joseph Gilbert Hamilton, a Manhattan Project doctor in charge of the human experiments in California[71] had Stevens injected with Pu-238 and Pu-239 without informed consent. Stevens never had cancer; a surgery to remove cancerous cells was highly successful in removing the benign tumor, and he lived for another 20 years with the injected plutonium.[72] Since Stevens received the highly radioactive Pu-238, his accumulated dose over his remaining life was higher than anyone has ever received: 64 Sv (6400 rem). Neither Albert Stevens nor any of his relatives were told that he never had cancer; they were led to believe that the experimental "treatment" had worked. His cremated remains were surreptitiously acquired by Argonne National Laboratory Center for Human Radiobiology in 1975 without the consent of surviving relatives. Some of the ashes were transferred to the National Human Radiobiology Tissue Repository at Washington State University,[72] which keeps the remains of people who died having radioisotopes in their body.

Three patients at Billings Hospital at the University of Chicago were injected with plutonium.[73] In 1946, six employees of a Chicago metallurgical lab were given water that was contaminated with plutonium-239, so that researchers could study how plutonium is absorbed into the digestive tract.[67]

An eighteen-year-old woman at an upstate New York hospital, expecting to be treated for a pituitary gland disorder, was injected with plutonium


Irradiation experiments[edit]

Between 1960 and 1971, the Department of Defense funded non-consensual whole body radiation experiments on poor, black cancer patients, who were not told what was being done to them. Patients were told that they were receiving a "treatment" that might cure their cancer, but the Pentagon was trying to determine the effects of high levels of radiation on the human body. One of the doctors involved in the experiments, Robert Stone, was worried about litigation by the patients. He referred to them only by their initials on the medical reports. He did this so that, in his words, "there will be no means by which the patients can ever connect themselves up with the report", in order to prevent "either adverse publicity or litigation"


From 1913 to 1951, Dr. Leo Stanley, chief surgeon at the San Quentin Prison, performed a wide variety of experiments on hundreds of prisoners at San Quentin. Many of the experiments involved testicular implants, where Stanley would take the testicles out of executed prisoners and surgically implant them into living prisoners. In other experiments, he attempted to implant the testicles of ramsgoats, and boars into living prisoners. Stanley also performed various eugenics experiments, and forced sterilizations on San Quentin prisoners.[13] Stanley believed that his experiments would rejuvenate old men, control crime (which he believed had biological causes), and prevent the "unfit" from reproducing.

n 1963, 22 elderly patients at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in Brooklyn, New York were injected with live cancer cells by Chester M. Southam, who in 1952 had done the same to prisoners at the Ohio State Prison, in order to "discover the secret of how healthy bodies fight the invasion of malignant cells". The administration of the hospital attempted to cover the study up, but the New York medical licensing board ultimately placed Southam on probation for one year. Two years later, the American Cancer Society elected him as their Vice President.[54]


Blog # 574

7/26/18   Awino's mother

When the united states is doing experiments with the other countries it always has a contingency release.  When having an Awino release her child she has with Joseph Kony, and when having Awino release her child she has with Okot Odhiambo, to Atyam (Awino’s mother), Atyam was a contingency.

Awino did not get into America to traffick me through a Contingency, Awino got into America to traffick me through Duke University.  It was a pre-med undergraduate program that got Awino into America to human traffick me, and Awino threatened me with the SPU Shooting being blamed on me, I bolted, I got out as soon as I had enough money to leave.  And what did I get.  I got a whore in my home biting me.  You can all blame that whore, the one that said her name is Ariel Burton.   She’s your whore.

Its true, the United States keeps contingency over two of Awino’s children passing them off as if they are just Awino’s brothers but they are Joseph Kony’s son and the other is Okot Odhiambo’s son, both of whom are kept in Germany via an American Army base, or is it a CIA base… what it is known as is the reight to remove.

When an experiment has a reight to remove in it they are based around protocol to save a next of kin.  In my reight to remove I was separated from my family when drew a native to the program, had introduced himself to my mother.

I was separated in the easiest way possible.

I was later used to see if you can undo a contingency by this team of insertion artists who see still that I am to them their non contingent. 

When I was on the phone last night speaking to the person who had helped to keep me safe, my call was disconnected any my ability to call back was stopped.  I was telling this person about what’s happened to me since the day we spoke in communication about me having an ability to pick a sister up from the airport.   I was left abandoned then and used for trafficking fodder.  I was not assuming that those who supplied me with my loaner phone were listening, conducting, or engaging.  I have been instructed to keep myself in and not go to where I might source safety.  I was taken away from a safe place to be brought here by the same traffickers that covered up for Keith Swenson via gassing me when I reported that Keith Swenson had about 5 or so cops helping him traffick women he robs of their monthly finances.   I said to this person that stuck me here “why don’t you just leave me alone” and she said to me “I’m calling the cops, are you driving”.   When the country does experiments and the public sucks them up as if they are not obvious crimes made in an organized way, protected, trauma induction standards complete, then what you have is an experiment that is about to ravel.  Tighten up and take flight.  There will be no unraveling of this experiment, you might want to watch the series of events that got Awino to Seattle Pacific University to work on campus like ALL foreign students do especially since it involved a “Research Company” located in Seattle sending Charlotte Awino  $1200 a month checks for her employment which she was not legally allowed to have, she was only allowed to work on campus.  So this research company is the one doing the campus shootings, organizing the Victims in advance, organizing the community of Sheriffs, Cops, attorneys, and Judges in advance, and the pay is quite good.  The perks are even better, the crime is high, and the people of the land are the stupid idiots “that deserve to have it done to them since their too stupid to stop it” which is a verbatim of Kennith Krause and of his ideology as to why its ok for Homeland Security to be engaging in these Research Projects that are actually just trauma induction and the purpose for the trauma induction isn’t exactly peachy.   When does Research get investigated for the Executive Branch’s crimes against the public.  Because that is what this is about, I can’t even tell a person about Awino without my phone call ability being troubled. 


Blog # 573

7/24/18   If you wanna see... 

"her team" ?  Yes, isn't that what you all want, a whore to blame it all on. 

I'm out of it now my team is done, we are the only one left of the little.  


Blog # 572

7/23/18  If you wanna see where he lives, 

Victim Of Rape For Profit Human Trafficking suing against the pornographers that Stephanie Clifford has either been trafficked by, become a handler for, or just both may I ask you to help me.

I am aware of how trauma induction can force control.  I am not aware of what trauma induction has been used upon Stephanie Clifford but I think your brave for coming forward. 

If Stephanie is on film anywhere during your rape please provide that filming of her.  She may be someone that can testify on your behalf, though I’m not talking you into that, I just want to see her expressions she made when you were being targeted for her team.   Rape For Profit Human Trafficking is not a crime that is easily brought forward.  Please continue with your fight. Evaluating for if both of you were being put into a trauma induction or if it was just you at that day and in that opportunity they took is relevant to my si.  


Blog #571

7/22/18  If You Wanna Find God With Me I can Show You What It's Like

Its Sunday.  I've been kept from church in so many ways. Even Hilsableck made sure to make sure that me going to church would be some arrest, hmmm.  I'm not about to see your way and if you wanna find God with me, I can show you what it's like""""

Tell your children not to walk my words
Tell your children not to say my  play
What they mean
What they say

Yeah, can you keep them out of church for life
Can you hide them from the wait

I'm gonna take your daughter out to dinner with you
I'm gonna let you show her my game

Not about to see your light
But if you wanna find God with me
God can show you what it is, what it means what it says
Till you're ..... 

Not about to see your light
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Tell your children not to use my name
Tell your children how to refrain 

Do you wanna Rock Out with me
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Not about to see your light
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I can show you what he See's.""""


Blog #570

7/21/18  If the one and only can change from a  fawn to a dear…

If the only one can change from a Martin to a Vaughn then I can change this:

One of these Pharisees spoke up, saying to Jesus:

"Rabbi, we know that what you speak and teach is sound; you pay deference to no one, but teach in all honesty the way not.

"Give us your ruling on this: Are we or are we not permitted to pay taxes to the Roman Emperor?"

Jesus, say the Gospels, saw through their trick and said to them, "Show me all the coins in your pocket."

When they dug them out for him, no doubt happy to hear from him, he asked them: "Whose gave you all those roman shecks, thos golden coins are not in this area, you go from me now."

Let us pause again for a moment. What was the "trick"? The areas coins had Caesars image on them, with the inscription "Divus" — "God." To the Jews, treating an emperor as a God was idolatry. So just using the coin itself might constitute idolatry in Jewish law, and thus be forbidden. To use the coin to pay taxes to this same Caesar still worse! But by Roman law the taxes must be paid.

So the "trick" was that by answering one way, Jesus would break Jewish law; by answering the other way, he would break Roman law. Either way, he would in their minds be subject to false arrest. And their minds are dangerous.

But the Rabbi they asked so such known as Jesus had not quite answered, instead, he had answered the question with a questioncommand: "Whose gave you those roman shecks, thos golden coins are not from this area, you go from me now."

Says the lore, this is an old Jewish habit. As it is taught, "Why does a Jew answer a question with a question?" Answer: "Why not?" but the truth is that a jew answers a question with a loss of appetite. Oh. Now I see how a fawn is not a martin.

According to Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus answered: "thou shall not speak to me”

The man who had challenged him answered not apeep, they ran from me.

And then the Rabbi known as Jesus didn’t respond to them only commanded them to leave.

This answer, say Matthew, Mark, and Luke, took his opponents by surprise, and they went for a dead carrion.

And so on and so forth. 

Since I was stalked for a traffick ticket in collusion with Stephanie Clifford being stalked for some ticket stickit this month while she “worked” I will give you the one thing you never thought your gonna get, I’ll give you god.

Accordingly, here is what was just filed in court:

1)      I was not read any necessary items but have been questioned & interrogated relentlessly over Lisbeth’s need to say I drive, and there is no sufficient evidence to show that I committed the crime I stand accused of and there is only a prejudgment made about me by use of a document a cop got from a Business Entity without any subpoena for such; and on 7/16/18 even the Police Chief questioned me and allowed for an Officer to also question me repeatedly about things they intended to incriminate me with no matter how many times I tried to tell the Chief to stop he wouldn’t and just kept telling me that he won’t be nice to me if I don’t do what he wants me to do, and he was also telling me this with threats of not giving me access to my house key, mail key, and private data he wanted me to spill out of my purses even though my bags had already been Rifled through (God is the NRA) searched and seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment, everything gained by ** and his Attorneys has been gained in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S.C., all while I qualify for a public defender but won’t be able to have one?  I’m being bated and abused into having to answer all sorts of questions all the time without ever being able to speak to the appointed counsel I am authorized to receive via statute/code etc regarding my lack of poverty threshold disqualification, which is also a Procedural Issue, talking to a judge before a state has a Public Defender screen each accused person is a procedural error also that tends to allow for innocent people to be persuaded into saying their guilty. I was questioned relentlessly badgered me and harassed me and interrogated me about guns and he badgered me he said paranoid statements to me of “you can shoot a gun can’t you”.  The arresting officer was only interested in harming me due to his own paranoid and delusional and premeditated reasons, and this was not lawful and there was no lawful traffick stop, nor was there any lawful “phone call complaint” to police.  I have been questioned and interrogated and even abused for not speaking when such tactics get used,and this was even engaged in by law enforcement after I informed their counsel and the Judge. I was questioned by a Judge when I did not have counsel to speak to nor any proper avenue to contact any Public Defenders Office (See where Im at the morons here pretend like traffick law is some sort of real big issue, like they see it as their only way).  I was stalked as a part of this a man who identified himself to me as Rick tormented me and accused me of “looking in church windows” which is a Non-crime, police are not supposed to treat Non-crime with any sort of investigating their just supposed to tell those that abuse police report lines that the abuse of police reporting is felonious.  It was terrifying for a person with a gun in his holster to be intimidating me and stalking me for a Non-crime.

2)      At the restaurant where Rick stalked me at, I was asked repeatedly about non crime issues like I was under arrest. This is a form of conduct that is unlawful as it infringes upon certain U.S.C. codes.

3)      Any Police Department that would field a call for a Non Crime would have a duty to tell the informant that there is no crime involved and that the complaint is not necessary.  This police department went on a field trip trying to get any data unlawfully that they could for a Non-crime related phone call about me that they had their own friend make and lie to them with.  This is outside the scope of Policing.

4)      Rick left the restaurant after I asked him if I need an attorney and told me that he’s gonna get me.  His conduct was outside the scope of reason and of proper police protocol, but he left to go to the friends of his at the ** office and he gained a copy of my private account data with no subpoena for them to release the data, no subpoena for them to release the data, and with no due cause for his desire to know where I lived, there was no crime he witnessed or was informed of and there was no traffick stop that gave any legal means for Rick to be going to the office of the ** to get himself any data he could find regarding me my privacy is not a game. 

5)      Rick approached me after stalking me where I live and Rick came up to me with the print out from the **.  Rick had been stalking me at my private residence.  There was no sting, no legal right for surveillance, no crime to be investigating for the use of my private residence information he gained unlawfully to be getting gained/used/proliferated.  It is a violation of law to use your job as a cop to gain data unlawfully for the intent to place a person **** from friends related to Non-crimes that any police department has a duty to not allow, you can’t start reporting non crimes then investigating people for the Non- crime you reported or had your friend report; a police department has a duty to investigate those that call in to make false reports and a report of a Non-crime is a Red Flag that someone is intent to bring trumped up criminal harm to a Non-criminal, and to make a Non-criminal appear to be a criminal.  You can’t just decide you don’t want a person in your town then stalk them through police employed persons, nor can a police employee lawfully use his status to get documents from the ** for non-crime related matters.  I get the feeling this has been done a few times due to the proximity of the Chiefs use of ** which should be housed separately from police interference and entanglement.  I get the feeling many people have been personally invaded this way unlawfully by the way the Chief acted about my complaint I made regarding the acts of Rick who said to me that he needs to harm me since his son is in danger, and Rick is a clear threat to the public safety the things he engages in that bring him such danger that he needs to accuse innocent people of things he has friends cooberate with him.

6)      This ticket is due for dismissal since the arresting officer also failed to sign the ticket. I have a traffick citation made under traffick law that is unenforceable. My copy of my ticket was given to me without any lawful enforceable signature but a forgery was engaged in by the police department as if a signature by an issuing officer to the person being given the ticket in not a plausible denial of the enforceability of the ticket (though it is).  Rick had engaged in making a false claim against me with his friend who he had call the police department with a Non-crime report of someone looking in church windows.  Rick then engaged in deceit, fraud, unlawful use of his post at some ** Company, the interjection of the county into Ricks stalking of me was malicious and when a deputy who told me his name is Jesse pulled out his private audio recorder he had hidden in his shirt, Jesse informed me that the tactic was used because he and his Boss want me to “shut up”.

7)      This ticket is due for dismissal since the officer changed the infraction after the fact and the unsigned ticket has nothing of the mention on it regarding any form of a second offence of violation of law.  Accusing a person after the arrest of things they didn’t even do in the first place is a scam so acting as though the ticket is now changed when it was never signed to begin with infringes upon a persons rights, and would only be part of using data gained from the forbidden tree.

8)      Forbidden Tree Legal Doctrine is the doctrine that a prosecutor can’t use unlawfully gained data for anything.  Unclean and tampered with data, evidence, etc. is inadmissible in court and can’t be used to prosecute; all data about me was gained through unlawful stalking that was performed with the intent to engage in unlawful conduct against me, all ticket data was used to conduct unlawful acts against me including use of tactics only acceptable **.  I could literally make any admission of any crime right now and how it pertains to this thicket and it would never be admissible, it would always be fruit from the forbidden tree.  This is deliberate on the part of the Police Department, if it were not, then the Chief would not have engaged in any tactics related to investigating that he did engage in against me on 7/16/18.  You can’t gain dirty, the gaining of my private data from ** is dirty.  The gaining of the stalking of me with the intent to be explained away as if a person just called in about a non crime as if that is due cause to stalk me at a restaurant, at a **, at a residence address is unclean.   I have a fundamental right to privacy protected by the U.S.C codes that state that I have a “right to be let alone”, and ever since H**’s employed police employees forced me to stay in a home that had a gas leak while they played games through their status as a police department, all while failing to get me to the hospital, yes ever since that, I have been relentlessly stalked by all of H**’s far reach, including to try to discredit me for having reported the gassing as an organized crime that was made at me where negligence of the law enforcement after hours phone line H** uses would be the Least of the Crime, yes where Negligence would be the best case scenario and where organized gassing of a person would be the other end of the spectrum, having related data about the gassing lead me to report the crime as not just a negligence of the police who maintain H**’s phone line and who stalked me, harassed me, terrorized me, stalked me when I would leave the house; I reported the gassing as a deliberately made abuse of me due to the way the people who I didn’t know were trained first responders had repeatedly tried to keep me in the gas, get me to go back into the gas after I fled the gas, and how they refused to issue even a phone call to an emergency response like an ambulance, I was taken to the hospital by a retired EMT from around the way, and ever since H** found out that someone took me to the emergency room after they gassed me, I have been getting retaliated against by local unlawfully acting police who don’t even tell you their police. Yes this is what is called an Unlawful Police Vendetta; Law Enforcement have been stalking me in collusion with a place called H** that has the audacity to employ police with second and part time jobs so that police employees can start to do whatever they want to already Victimized women while failing to inform the women that they are actually talking to police and coworkers of police.  I have been stalked by law enforcement since being at H** who also terrorized me with “driving” as a way to keep me under their control and they terrorized me about having reported to law enforcement the gassing of me that they facilitated and arraigned.  I was abused by H** Employees so that I would not report further the Human Trafficking crimes I made them aware of.  H** did nothing to help me other then commandeer me in an effort to defraud me of a phone I had a text message on from a woman named Macy Alden who was intent to engage in baby trafficking as per the text message she sent me and H** repeatedly tried to get me to give my phone to a man for him to reset it and erase the text.  H** Employees have repeatedly tried to force me into an unlawful “research project” that they had me be solicited for by P**.  The research project is about abusing a woman sexually, also known as organized human trafficking.  I am an expert on the subject matter. I can recognize the subject matter.  I am a tolerant person but Peggy Triggs has a manager that is telling her what to say as if it is ok to use unlawful tactics, deceit with the intent to cause bodily harm, unlawful methods, and abuse upon Uninformed Human Test Subjects; the office that P** works with is set up to intercept and bring harm to unsuspecting women and H** referred me to P**, who tried to call me horrible things as if I was just getting assistance from a “Life Coach” when the reality is that this “Life Coach” was actually trying to engage in misconduct related to her healthcare status, she was not a “Life Coach” as according to P**, but it was rather a conspired event for trying to get a 2 to 3 hour forensic assessment of me for H** to use to try to discredit me upon my informing of law enforcement that H** was responsible for gassing me and for trying to keep me in a gassed house after I reported the leak and after I reported that I was leaving the house for safety from the gas leak.  Rick is not actually a traffick cop engaged in a traffick citation, this is a coordinated stalking of me made through use of unlawful surveillance which is outlined in many codes as being a grounds for the inability to prosecute the Victim of the Unlawful Surveillance; aka: Grounds For Dismissal.

9)      The law has been violated via sub rosa policy of using ** without actual due cause, a call from a friend to you when you’re at work about someone looking in a church window is not due cause for gaining any data about a person without a subpoena from a business that has a duty to protect that persons private data.  The restaurant I was at was also private property and there was not traffick stop made. ** used data to go to an extent of stalking me at my home, bullying me, harassing me, intimidating me, accusing me, servealing me unlawfully, engaging in organizing the call about me through stalking of me with 3rd parties. Who is the person that called into police to accuse me of a Non-crime of looking in a church window.  It is unlawful sub rosa policy to find a way to follow a woman in reverse just because your other friend works for H** who was at the very least Negligent in a gas leak report. Rick was unstable and looked like he was going to shoot me until people near me started talking loudly, he looked like he wanted to hit me, he looked like he was on the brink of uncontrolled psychosis, his mental status is under question and he has no discression. 

10)  The reasons above are not all the reasons or doctrines that make the ticket/citation unenforceable and due for Dismissal.

11)  The reasons above are not all the doctrines that make the ticket/citation unlawfully gained.

12)  I am aware that there is a sex abuse scandal in this town. P** has engaged in cover up of a “Research Experiment” that is conducting sex abuse. Stalking me to discredit me and force me into a position of inferiority in this is part of that Unlawful Research Experiment and this town is getting paid to make this Research and the illegality of the crimes this Research is engaging in is being covered up for by Corporation's status so that none of the Researchers and knowing outlier conducts could be sued for, such as false arrest, rape, and unlawful surveillance but until the corporation stands trial P** will keep denying the corporations entanglement however the corporation goes by the acronym of B&B and the State is cosseting its unlawful participating in this Research Study of abusing women through trying to force women into signing forms that allow B&B to have private data while maliciously misleading the women as if B&B is actually part of Life Coaching.  P** demanded me not to work for anyone other then who she was going to have me work for so this is actually just human trafficking. Complete control a woman through where she lives, works, and gets fictitiously “life coached” at is a scam being made on women right now and it’s a form of human trafficking, much money is being handed around in exchange for stalking women, discrediting women, and abusing women in advance of an assault that would be planned to be made, usually the assault is made by whomever wealthy man is coming to town for what ever reason, such as when the local car dealership brought me here to be assaulted by a man named Kevin C** who tried to lure me to his hotel room when he was here making sure to help the Car Dealership get their ability to find women cars for purchase through the introduction of new creditors.  This is a scam that gets Kevin C* a lot of money sex and stalking of women he wants to meet and this Research Experiment is just part of a cover for servicing many wealthy men that come and go from this town, its organized forced prostitution upon the unsuspecting women, and it is a way of depleting a woman and discrediting a woman in advance of and/or after the crimes made by this Research Study Experiment; this scam of stalking a woman for fraudulently unlawfully gained tickets and cars for the local dealerships to solicit you for purchase of a new one from them is a scam likely tied to a man named Azziz Machhour. Please issue subpoena of the details of the undercover nature of C*.  C* is a federal agent who comes here to have his sex with the women he knows are being funneled here through places like H**. You as the attorney for the plaintiff have a duty to investigate these now revealed facts.  You as a judge have a duty to fail to protect such an experiment.  You both have a duty to stop allowing Police to engage in sub rosa conduct, unlawful conduct, and even just stalking with friends who call in to report Non-crime for the specific intent to give a premeditated excuse for why the stalking was engaged in.  You both have a duty to stop allowing women to be exploited at the ** by police.  Gassing a person as experimentation was outlawed by the Nuremburg Trials and H** has no right to be using this experiment research program to conduct any outlawed crimes, nor does the Police department have the right to discredit the Victims of H**s’.

 If you fail to protect women from the dirtiness of this Research Project your State is engaging in then you are looking at a lengthy prosecutorial in depth subpoena and investigating of you. I suspect this is why my qualified for and legal right to protection of assigned attorney has been somehow kept from me while trying to make me sign away rights that I was not negotiated with prior was also engaged in.  I need an attorney to be assigned if I can’t find one that will work for free, and I will demand leave of this court to appeal the decision to keep me from assigned counsel.  I do not waive any of my rights to an attorney or to “habeas corpus” whatever it is that that term means.   I am asking injunctive relief; I am asking that a protective order be placed against R* and from his friend for my protection from Rick & his friend that called in to make a Non-crime report about me, and I would like the protection order to be made against H** and against my landlord who has a relationship with H** and who has kept unlawful surveillance of me and who likely gives access of his camera system to third parties just like H** does; my landlord has kept me under his watchful eye nearly everyday for the five days prior to the ticket that was gained unlawfully. My landlord owns multiple properties and does not keep cameras on the residents of all his properties just the ones where women get stalked by police at that H** gets women to be living at.

 This type of legal battle is difficult and I am asking the court to please reconsider having an assigned attorney granted.  I live under the poverty threshold of $12,000 annual salary and I have lived under that threshold for many years and its not likely to change soon, its called Oppression. 

 I am noticing the court that I will want a jury trial, and will likely have cause for a change of venue.

Dismissal of this case is hereby requested.

And moving right alone, just added to the Types of Victims page:

·         S. Clifford:  The common knowledge is that this VOI was targeted by Trafficker Agents pretending to be investigating how it would be that they could touch her and get her in trouble for it.  She was arrested after an Immunity Holder touched her buttocks and breasts; Clifford was taken to a jail where she was processed and released when her attorney informed the media that she's not the first stripper who has been arrested for such and had the charges dropped.  Clifford did not stay in the jail long, her manager that helped her get to the location for the set up conspired arrest didn't even take the time to cover up the tracks.   Men at the local police department were taking money in exchange for a pool on who it would be that would get the arrest and decided to allow a ringer, a woman cop was the Immunity Holder Human Trafficker that got the manager paid for the premeditated arrest.  The Immunity Holder in this woman that is being sold around arrested and tried is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump didn’t mind using cops.

This is how you do it,



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If you had a Reservation, I win. Because you never cared to stop breaking my CSRF token.


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7/19/18  Oh Yeah, And By The Way

Its time. 


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7/19/18  Just Listed Also

Since the knights of columbus can't stop themselves, maybe they should be busted in the middle of them making money off of child porn of the church they serve...

Just Listed:  Knights Of Columbus, One Columbus Plaza, New Haven, Connecticut 06510. The Supreme Carl A Anderson. and one knight in particular that stalked me yesterday for Kevin at the instruction to me of a Police Chief. …

When you want to arrest a woman for working and you live in the pedo house of the popes, you get to have one thing, she will harm you. If you can't keep your hands off of a woman then don't go to the strip club you got her to work at, she wouldn't have been asked if she could have her boobies touched but for you needing to watch specific women work. You fake knights with your DC your Columbia, your cops you tell what to say do and hide for you, your all the ones here trafficking and you take your direction for the vatacan, you are homeland Security's real public enemy number one.  Knights of Columbus are true invaders of America and they are who are the threat, and they are who are taking it upon themselves to pay areas to traffick women for them to rape.  Your not really asking the world to believe that a stripper allowing dollar bills to be placed on her rather then crumpled up and thrown at her for her to bend over to pick up like the trash that threw it deserves to be arrested by you when you worked so hard to get her to your location, yes don't ask anyone to believe that a stripper your cops trained conditioned and manipulated is somehow in need of arrest when you go up to her with your conditioned question to the response you conditioned her to give and act like she is in need of arrest, clearly the time for Orange is for you to be arrested not for our arrests, but you did it anyway, you had a man named Rick stalk me and terrorize me like you did to Stormy and your question you had him ask me was "are you working".... you stalk Stormy while she was working almost at the same time you had stalked me as if I was working.  The Time for Orange is yours, not the women that you use. 

Knights of Columbus you are now grouped in with the Free Masons, Free Masons your no longer the stuck masons, your free again. 

… your sick and your wrong, she’s young dirty blond, and Trump sank inside her like a suicide bomb, he said he’s seen bigger boobs, she said she’s seen men live better, then who through the matches down into the glitter…””” 

Malania Trump should have already moved to a different wing in the House she’s in.

I set the pace. I set the pace. You do not set the pace. I am the pace setter.  I set the pace. I set the pace. I set the pace. Now you care which side win’s long as the room keeps spinning thats not the business your in ever again, cause you’re a sky a sky full of stars your gonna see what its like when a woman gives you her heart, you won’t want to tear me apart, cause in a sky full of starts I think I see you.”””

Streetlight People, hello. Stay Frosty now your in.

In the darkness of the dawn, in the swirling of this storm, I no longer roll with the punches hope is not gone now, the light is on. Million of miles and now I’m home, in the swirling no more swimming, rolling with the thunder and bleeding no more, the light is on, the light is on””  Stuck in the Jet Wash bad trip chasing you on the Million miles ahead of the aqua blue, blessed is myself.  Cant capture me. With the Black Banners Raised As the Crooked Smiles Fade””

All Black Banners Raised. Now is the time of the Aqua Blue, it’s the Rapture. WAR don’t you know that the kids aren’t allreight. Im a carnival bear set free since the Chief of Police wanted me to dump out my purse for all to see, don’t you know that the dirty sadness fills you up as my balloon, in the end we meet.  Don’t you know that the kids aren’t allreight.”””  See you soon. On and on told which side your on, forced thrown to cut.  All your friends they say stay, go now.


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7/19/18  Just Listed

When I was stalked by Kevin Chimienti he told me that my sister must have been dating that man that taught her how to become a business leader in the form of business that he went to jail for and that this dating relationship must be the reason why she wont tell me his name, and she wasn't the one that told me he went to jail I don't even think she knows that he went to jail.  Really Chimienti, you tell me this. 

Just Listed:  The Mystery Man that Chimienti said my sister must have dated, the guy that taught her how to do the business that has always had all her funds from it go directly to the same group.  All while she thinks that she's just spending that money on a way to live.  Your team may have put you in jail but they didn't stop taking from your group you trained.  Did you find the least savvy of course you did.  But I see. 


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7/19/18  OWere at tthe end of infinity your here with me""" 

still trying to figure it out, the zero is wrong in the graph type.  There are not negative numbers in the reality of life there is no set point. there are other numbers we don't have and when you try to account for them as if they are negative as if they are on the other sideof a 0 that does not exist all you get is what your allowed to have, want the rest, you cant but you can solve for the need with the 5.

You need your game to make sense to you, I am. 


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7/18/18  One Look From Mee, your on my faded love..."""

Still trying to find out what the boost is... Then look at the diagram in the link I posted, in the diagram you have graphs, the graphs have an image in them and ratios AND theroms, and they have a formula and some other stuff, you see specific set numbers assigned in the math (formulas) and there is a wrong number, if you look at the graph you see a set point start at 0 and an image made that is contained in the graph but you dont see how far out the rest of the graph goes, they only show you a split part, you see the amount"relevant" and they detonate the rest as if it was infinity and they use such symbol in the formula.  the infinity is accurate however the fact that there is no representation for the end of it is what is on the table, Its never been calculated as a split because the math shows the designated number as __ but it is actually 5, if you want to have the actual lock down you need to change just one number to 5.  The formula has deceived you for years because of the way that number currently being used is such a tri. the image however does not come out as a triangle in the graph though, it just comes out as a clean contained therom, in reality the shape in the graph goes on past infinit. so the image is a long uncontained image which is what you get when you use 5, five is the proper number to traid out in the formula. The formula is right there in the links demonstration. 


you don't even need to start over again the rest of the formula is correct substitute out 5 for the number that is currently being used and you get it all.  Every math problem that currently exists is solved.  

You can't even get anywhere anymore with out a five. 


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7/17/18  On The Fifth

when I was at a restaurant on the Fifth a man walked up to me and demanded to know my name, he had already asked me a bunch of questions and I had already shook his hand when he told me his name was Rick after I said Hi Im Jessica.  Then somehow after Rick got done accusing me he asked me his line of fed to him questions and comments and I really could tell he was not mentally sound, couldn't even remember my name or was it just that a fool says anything his ear piece daddies tell him to say? Rick  old me he had talked to his buddy about a non crime then he said I did this non crime.  I looked at Rick and interestingly enough he was so smooth, he said he was the first and the best, he was a last and a timed.  Rick demanded to know from me if I had committed this act of this non crime his friend and him engaged in using as a fake reason to be stalking me , you know, its that thing where you intend to commit a crime against a woman your stalking so you have  friend of yours act as though she's done something so you can have any pathetic rational for why your now following hunting and stalking the woman that you now in front of talking at.  NNNNNNNNNother Day Goes By.''  Shuffle. 

Now Rick tells me he's gonna find out if I gave a thank you card to a church or not, then he actually instead took his fat ass down to the local business that had no lawful right to give Rick any of my data and Rick printed him self off my private data and he used it to stalk me at my house later that night.  Over a church thank you card and its that same Dan Hilsabeck story about how I'm not allowed to go to any churches, sound good to you Churches?  Does it sound good to you Churches that your acts of conspiring with "Community Outreach Programs and Cops" for your distribution of tithes has engaged in the total surprise surprise of the complete Authoritarianism State of America, because its not a surprise to me, and I'm telling Jesus on you. Now he knows. 

Then Rick took his papers he got with out any right jurisdiction tithe subpoena or warrant to then engage in finding my private data on this paper and where I live and he later stalked me at my home, he walked up to me in the place I stay and he took his dirty hands and he divided the rest of the week he decided he'd listen to a fake bell tole and he took his hands and he tried to police me, he decided to tell me what to do with out reason and as soon as he touched me he began to engage in a rage he began to engage in a supernatural schizophrenia telling me about how his son needs protection, how his family is in need of his protecting of them from me.  Rick terrorized me and harassed me after stalking me for so many weeks now that it got kinda sad.  Rick terrorized me telling me that I can shoot a gun can't I.  Rick said to me that I can shoot a gun can't I. so in Ricks world if you can shoot a gun your a terror to him where he just about cant keep his tongue from spouting off.  Rick told me he was gonna get me. He told me he was gonna get me he told me and hid friends that he was gonna get me.  

Rick took me away, he made me go places with him that I didn't have to go to.  

Rick took me away and he placed me in front of a person that didn't care about how unstable Rick was acting and didn't care about how it is that some people are abducted in broad day light as if it was normal conduct. 

I want you to believe.  

Patrick, your the only one, take a picture of our names you write in some wet concrete and put it in another frame, frame it so nicely that we eat.  I want to see your handwriting in the wet concrete saying you wrote it for me, my name is Jessica. 

Rick took his que from the fact that I'm kept under unlawful servealance by a man that plays with Lisbeth and with Lisbeth's certain way of trafficking Victims with her Boss.  All it ended up leading to was a bunch of time for Rick to be used to harm others for this ring of Templar Knights that are really just fools. Jesus' Knights take down the Catholic Knights they serve the now abated Rome and only them is the only them to them. 

So when you can't kill me with Gassing you fall on a knight with the cameras of the desperation you already first put women in, then you have your dirty trash in the trash hole tell your victims thier crazy then you take your victims for walkes on the street naked walks on the street of your town after you drug and strip her, then you tell her she's unlawful for having been harmed by your own scum, you then take her to a town where you can fall back on you'r other team of treat.  Literally one of the women that Rick stalked prior to me for this ring of Research On Sexually Abusing A Woman that this state is getting money form from the NSA to conduct, was walked down a street naked after being drugged and stripped, now Rick looks to me as his next conquest and since his interest was not to get on the unlawful surveillance cameras too soon Rick decided to pounce on me on a day when all who watch those cameras saw me with both of my big black bags in my hands. They wanted to see all my work i work on and then they used the data of what was in my bags to find me a friend.  The friend needed to be a woman in a controlled environment who needed to be told just what to say to me to try to get herself at my home later.  When Rick had his friend Jesse stalk me for  him later on, Rick had Jesse tell me that he wanted me to Shut Up, and he told me he wanted me to shut up as the reason for having used a tactic so San Diego that it forced his own issue up to the table, see Ricks friend Jesse had taken a hidden audio recorder out of his shirt way late in the day to make sure I saw it after he and I has spent the entire day together already, and so I said to Jesse that I know this tactic and that it was used because he wanted to illicit conversation about this hidden audio recorder and I asked him if his boss knows he uses this tactic, and Jesse said his boss does know that he uses this tactic and I said then what does it mean to them, and Jessie told me "it means I want you to shut up".  I said you want me to shut up, and Jesse said it again, he said Yes I want you to shut up.  Problem is that Jesse didn;t get told by his trusted protection that I am Blogger, shut up don't happen.  Shut up is the last thing you get when you put a for use later for dubbing in fake statements in to different videos hidden audio recorder to me!  Oh yes, when you play that game on me we just all get to find your little weapon the one you take out and show like its a big deal, like your programming of of women for your sex abuse is some sort of real big deal the kind you deny till your in it with me.  The DoJ already got a date down Jesse on both you and Rick about how you like to wrangle women with Peggy Triggs Boss here in town to put them in front of your only murderer and tell them what you want the murderer to say for you.  Your list she spouted off with her other informant didn't reveal all but it did tell me what I needed to know which is of course what your next move is and according to them its to call your Victim crazy with their own mouths then send her home to be drugged and sent walking  sown the streets naked for you and for the places you then have them Victims taken to.   Wicked little perverts that you all are hiding under your sunday garbs for your Knightly coverup.  Tell me again where it is that I can go. Tell me more about what it is that I can do, take your mentally ill Rick and have his gun removed from him because he clearly intended to use it on my that day with all his schizophrenic ramblings in which he couldn't even get out a statement he is conditioned to say every day.  I amended to paper you conspired to use on me and no one will execute it. NO ONE Will EXECUTE THE DOCUMENT YOU INTENDED TO FORCE ME AND TRICK ME IN TO HAVING TO SIGN FOR THE RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF.  MY INTEREST IS ONLY ON THE DAY YOU SEED. 

If you want me to shut up then leave me alone and don't let others harm me.  Its that simple you freeks you Research for the cover of your intent, your Research Studies for your payment to your selves for your rapes you intend to have for you, for your teams, for your country. 

If the Jews can take Rome I will ask Jesus to allow them to go home.  If the Jews can stay in their own they wouldn't need Ms Citizen McGoen trying to be shown how easy it was for mosad to harm her.  She said Mossad was the most bestest the bestest the highly bestest, their the mostest.  She is just off a bit the kind of bit you just took aiming at me.   You think Revelation isnt a war, its a war its the war. The negotiation is on.  Tell me what you want me to say to God, to Jesus to the church. 

So much for the tipe of dei.  So much for the return of the reunited.  So much for the way you say.  If the church thought they go first guess it was that they whent to the cops in your town USA. 


Blog #561

7/5/18  Don’t Also Forget

When I was crowned King I was crowned By roman Authority to be King, the authority was a non king emperor of sorts who had army precision crown me King under their authority, they crowned me King they are of a tribe that repented from emperor and effectively the emperor therefor vacated authority, and I am the King.  I am the King of Rome but I stay.  The Jews may take over Rome.  Cops can deny themselves now. 

Happy 5th of July Rome.


Blog #560     I’m In It To Win It Philippians 3:14 I press on to win.

7/4/18  Don’t Forget

I was crowned King of The Jews, I was crowned King of the Jews by roman authority, Caesar took his oade/I took my crown.

I took my crown I died, died on the day I was crowned.  Im more than alive and did I die a King.  Caesar died.  Who’s he talking to right now, not you.  Im in your own home. Stay up Stay up, you take the Full Full truth and you pour some out!"""  All your dirty thoughts of Me they were never yours to keep"""  Resurrection Men, Im an American King too, but you cant put me on a quarter and say Im Hawaiian.

Im talking to you.  Im talking to you. 

I am King of the Jews and I’m talking to you.  I arrive crowned King when I come yet now.  I am King of The Jews, I am King.  I’ll let my people be sifted since I can’t seem to find them.  I’ll always let my people be sifted till they crown my home.   I want my home crowned.  I will always let my people get sifted, they fail till they do.  Now did I conquer more than you. Have I become King of more then the jew.  Show me your marks though I believe you.  I am unresurrected and am coming for you.

Happy Fourth Of July America. 


Blog #559

7/1/18   a King, a Biggs, & a Jordan

Its kinda like a Jew a Seymour and a Kreep only the jew in this case is actually a tribe.

Someones gonna lose their property, And in the end I get mine returned.  Synopsis, the series starred veteran Wills son.


Blog # 558

6/30/18  I wasn't given fair protection under the law, sotomayer would even agree. 

Search Results:  Docket for 10-10383

Title: In Re Jessica Seymour, Petitioner v. 
In Re Jessica Seymour, Petitioner Petition for a writ of mandamus and/or prohibition and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due June 8, 2011) 2670 Escala Circle

Variant Control Numbers

ARC Identifier: 1524561


HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 7

Extent (Size):

195 linear feet, 7 linear inches


National Archives at Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1)
National Archives Building
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20408

A1 7

Note: The Engrossed Dockets from 1791 to 1995 have been scanned by the National Archives from its microfilm collection and are available in its Catalog. 


Blog #557 

6/29/18   Pacific Realestate 557


When it is a time the bashaw will shine… Elaine Bashaw was the transaction coordinator so there was never any of what had been said, I was simply being watched to be sold, there was no wrong doing on my part, there was a time when you would have never been informed of the transaction coordination on each of the files but that time is over.  Elaine Bashaw She did the work she did the work she didn’t save the work. It means it was a set up to begin with.


BBlog# 556

6/28/18   Bback

Its the way she did it.  Lisbeth Ramirez the Enhanced Client Advocate.  She's the one.  Power player on the murder of some stupid student some stupid counselor some stupid person being set up as if he is mentally ill.

in the mathmatical part of this story the constant is the judicial system use by the DoJ.  The Governors are the consistent, the judges do what the legal people ask them to do and the legal people are the orchestrators.  Change the constant to the inevitible I.


Blog #555

6/27/18  When Blackwater was hacking my mothers computer to send murderers to her and get me in their proximity…

Yes When Blackwater the Corporation was just doing the business of the government they were using men like Ratatattat Rattatattattat Tartaro to invade my home while invading my mother’s computer just to have men like rapist murderer James Shelton tell her the things she needed  to hear to think that he should be the one all while her housing was repeatedly leveraged, I’m telling you that she is the banned product.  Mr Erik Prince then had his employee contractors for the federal government demand things out of them, like they needed to move, they needed to have a trailer they needed to have a gameplan, they needed to have a way to house a person when that person needed to not be in the house.  I’m saying that James Shelton started to act specifically in ways that my mother demanded him to have his own place to live and it was a little trailer that anyone could stay in should James Shelton start acting normal again, and that’s the trailer used by Blackwater to get me to Seattle & to Seattle Pacific University back when Blackwater needed to be part of the campus shooting game for the San Diego Traffickers of William Gore, and  then use my life and times to force me to Seattle on Tartaro.  A mother is a precious gift,  not a toy for boys to play with.  When do your keep your word. When do you say oh that’s right in our play when a Banned Product begins to know you have to have the feet of the winged bird take the play.


Blog #554

6/25/18  Come To Life Come To Life”””

Ever heard of the Russian that had to rent a room from me in escala, yes you do know him blackwater, backwater take it to the bathwater.   Stanislav Keylahv.  Are you smelli’g that shit, hey”””

You cant stop them the only thing that’s stopping them is them”””

Just Listed: Blackwater, Erik Prince, their Teams For Hire.

And since your not dead, here’s your boost over heavens gate:

Blackwaters is so pissed that they just interrupted my feed to have the music of the Chemical Romance Black Parade is Dead bashed at me, hahaha.  They can’t even begin to show it right Stanislav Keylahv.


Blog #553

6/24/18  Hohlla back girl""""

Yes, I will go to war with you Jessica, did you know yoo didn't do what I said too yet I did see you.  I saw you do what you needed to do, I heard you do as I commanded you to do.  I hear those worship against you their dirty way the game they play, I am  At War but I will stop and join your war, I am at war with you Jessica, a bell will ring. 

My son may say: Knights, Jesus' Knights you will correct this problem, this attack of Jessica that has brought me and mine out to War.  You will obey, you will not leave the church but you will no longer be answering to any church as you must detach from the church, no longer do you fix the work of government, you are now mine and we are at War.  Protect Jessica, she is not to be murdered, exiled, killed, set up, or raped.  


Blog #552

6/23/18   Who was setting me up as if I was suicidal, angry, a bad doer for Lisbeth's cover up of their gassing of me they made with a mentally ill nurse named Deena....  

Their names are Peggy Triggs. Julie Rother, Jessica Barnes, LICSW, Kevin Chimienti possibly Kevin O’bleness

The company corporations and the state well, their still trying to collect on a campus shooting how much money are these fake shooting real fake research in the cover up of human trafficking and trauma induction bullshit studies generating for the states that play this game on all of us in ways where they sanction murder and sanction placing false blame for the murders on to someone their just pretending not to be trafficking….

Here is what was sent to them so that they can't claim innocence next time some one shoots up a place in their attack of anyone that is not their own:

Attention * DOJ


Re:  Abusive, Fraud, Unlawful Acts, Misleading Medical Data, Cover Up, Unlawful Experimentation, Unethical Use of Deceit on a Victim, Conspiracy to Abuse, Harm, and Murder

Julie Rother is a medical professional in * who is using Victims as unknowing human test subjects.  Against the will or knowledge of the Victims, Julie Rother is using their need to exploit them into unethical research on uninformed human test subjects and it included a gassing (attempted murder), it included an attempted Date Rape, and it included false medical statements.  Cover up of these crimes and abuses was just revealed when Peggy Triggs failed to keep the file of one of the Victims accurate and then denied having asked the Victims to have signed a Contract with a third party corporation.  The contract that was presented to the Victim was *Department Letter Head and was an authorization they demanded me to sign as if it was just an “Release of Information Authorization” to release information to a corporation.  When I asked Peggy Triggs what the corporation is she told me it was “just a company we work with”, then I said what do you work with them on.  Peggy informed me of many things then when I said to her “is it a Research Project” Peggy said “yes, it is a Research Project”, I asked what they are studying in specific with the *Department and Peggy told me they are studying the effects of sex abuse on women.  I told Peggy Triggs that I cannot be in any sort of Research Project or any study, and that I don’t want to be sexually abused, I had not informed Peggy of any sex abuse for her to have decided to put me into such a Research Project so Peggy had information she was using that I never gave her and certainly the reason for trying to have me controlled through some sort of Release Form is also part of a cover up attempt of how a man had already tried to engage in Date Rape Practiced against me after a police officer named Joaquin and his coworker named Lisbeth had used my need for assistance as a way to engage in trying to murder me for some other study I was never informed about or asked to join nor did I join.   Both Lisbeth and Joaquin are employees of the City of South Sioux and they are both trained in first responder protocol but somehow both of them failed to have me taken to a medical emergency room the night they decided to gas me for their Sex Abuse “Research” Ring of Sex Abusers who had a man named Kevin Chimienti possibly Kevin O’bleness  waiting to approach me in *where Lisbeth forced me to through exploit and unlawful conduct regarding my housing.  Chimienti was using tactics of knowing things about me that I didn’t tell him and in advance of stalking me when Lisbeth forced me into *, Chimienti was already engaged in an exploit of my need for housing and he was trying to lure me to a hotel room of his that only had one bed in it.   When I didn’t go to the hotel room with him he used a different man to sexually approach me.  I am apparently being abused for having reported sexual assault that a police officer engaged in and this cover up of his crime that is using Research as its excuse for abuse, trafficking, lying with the intent to harm, and with the intent to set up a Victim.   The way I was portrayed to a third party by Julie Rother was sinister and was in an attempt to pre-discredit me.  The problem is that I have survived one of these types of trafficking rings that use “Research” as a way to cover up sex sales, and as a way to cover up intended abuse in advance of executing the abuse, and as a way of gaining extra pay for the human trafficking their running through the “Research” game, and as a way of cleaning dirty money, and all the Victims just get called names, discredited, are arrested for crimes they never engaged in, and are made to suffer.

I am telling you that the State of* is engaged in a sex trafficking ring through a study project that I am in and am demanding you to take me out of AND that the State of * is engaged in a sex trafficking through another Research Project that Peggy Triggs tried to force me into and when I declined to release information and when I declined to sign myself up for the Research Project Peggy posed to me as just being an affiliate of the *Department Peggy then covered up this crime by removing her second contract that was on Public Health Department Letter Head from the file of me that they have in their office and I found this out when I asked for a copy of that “contract” release form I declined to sign.  Peggy began to lie and say that she never gave me two different “contracts” with one of them being a company that is a Corporation with a name that sounds like Breitling And Breier Co.   I searched my forms and Peggy had failed to give me a copy of what I declined to sign but then she today said she never gave me such a form and never told me about a Research Project, I informed Peggy that her computer won’t lie since she had to have saved it when she printed it.  I am demanding the DOJ to take me out of all of the Research Projects that you have in this state, I know the states funding for such a project is huge since in the past a different state did this to me when they wanted to have a school shooting engaged in.  I found out about Research Projects that a person never even know exist by how I was treated, abused, raped, and then drawn up unlawfully as if I was some sort of issue, as if I was a prostitute so it is likely that many of this Research Ring of Sex Traffickers are not just looking to gas women and are not just looking to shoot up a school campus, but are also looking to call their Victims they sell to Rapists anything necessary as to have the Victim pay for the crime.  You need to protect all persons that the ring of housing affiliated to * * and the entities affiliated to Peggy Triggs & Julie Rother are running this sex abuse ring of human trafficking with, for example, after I refused to sight the contract Authorizing Triggs and Rother to give a company my data both of them sent emails to a woman they forced me to go to so that I may have security deposit assistance.  Both Peggy Triggs and Julie Rother emailed a woman they forced me to go to named Jessica Barnes who is also now listed in this complaint as being a Sex Trafficker who first seeks to gain a Power of Attorney from you as part of seeing her.  Yes I was demanded to sign paperwork that I refused to sign just for some simple security deposit funds, and in that paperwork was a Power of Attorney for the State of* and the state needs to stop trying to gain complete control over women who need a little bit of security deposit funds through this ring of human traffickers that set up a federally funded Experiment and Research Project as a way to get paid twice for their crimes and as a way to clean dirty money. 

Today when Peggy denied having shown me a second contract asking for Authorization regarding a company that she is now covering up for it revealed how criminal in nature the *Department is acting and how they want Victims to be blamed, Gaslighted, and with Peggy’s denial she wanted to hand me over to the same woman that Jessica Barnes told me already lied about me to her the day I was demanded to sign a power of attorney that I did not sign and refused, so now your human trafficking agencies in this state will find a way to take complete control of me anyway which is a form of brokering of Victims who refuse to be Victimized and set up.   A Power of Attorney to the State of * is what the Heartland counseling Services Inc is trying to gain out of the Victims of the State of * and when * was doing this same type of thing to me in Seattle at the Seattle Pacific University I demanded to be taken out of all Studies, Research, and Use of Deceit on Human Test Subjects back then so I never should have been controlled to * for your human traffickers to do the same to me now.  I will not allow this to go unmonitored, I am not the only Victim of this trafficking ring and Lisbeth & Juoqine of ** and of the City of * both lured a mentally ill woman to gas me for them and then bothor Juoqine and Lisbeth repeatedly tried to keep me in the gas when I called in to report the gas fumes, both of these trained first responders tried to keep me in the gas, Lisbeth tried to force me back into the gassed home and neither of them tried to get me to medical attention, I was taken to the emergency room by a retired EMT who knew the signs of gassing and that’s they only reason this murderous human trafficking ring hasn’t killed me yet in a way they can try to explain away which Jessica Barnes illuminated me to when she asked me if I was “suicidal” which is the biggest insult to me personal that a woman seeking a Power of Attorney could possibly make, and Jessica Barnes is a threat to the community the way she insisted that I try to simply walk away from them rather then find out what it is they are doing, but the States file having been tampered by Peggy Triggs and Julie Rother was more than just eye opening, it was obvious crime.  It is unlawful to create a false inaccurate and misleading medical file even if that file is just at the *Department.  This crime ring that is getting cover up as if their just doing research is actually planning something very threatening to the public and they just need someone to blame it on but I aint the one.  Use of the Police Department is part of this crime ring and I am demanding that you inform all local law enforcement to stop stalking me and to leave me alone and to stop engaging in their unlawful surveillance they’ve already begun as if I am somehow ready to be abused again.  Here is what was already sent to the DHHS about this and its only gotten worse for having reported:


You have unlawful sex abuse related Research being used on Uninformed Human Test Subjects who are being entrapped and forced by a woman named Peggy in *.  She is working with two to five others to harm women that are in need of a specific type of community assistance, and they are working with police in order to have the Victims stalked. One Victim was told to sign a form to get aid with a simple housing voucher item and that form was presented by Peggy as if it were to authorize contact but when questioned by a savvy Victim it was found out that the form was actually for uninformed test subject approval.  So you have Peggy soliciting Victims who need assistance for surreptitiously gained and deceitfully gained signature to be put into a Human Test Subject Research Project and in the aftermath of refusing to sign it, Peggy has the Victims go to the police to get money for travel to a different place in South Sioux City where the employees of Heartland Counseling tell the Victims that they are being talked about by Julie Rother (whom the Victims have never met or talked to) and Julie Rother is falsifying data in emails about the Victims telling Heartland Counseling that the Victims are "upset" and "hesitant to get help"... Both of which are lies because the Victims are never even actually told that the Heartland Counseling appointment is for anything other then for a fancy Life Coach to help the Victim gain employment... but when the Victim goes to Heartland Counseling a person named Jessica Barnes is told to imply that there is something wrong with the Victims when the Victim comments that she was lied to and told that the appointment was just for a "Life Coach" and not for a mental exam.  This Research and Study your creating Victims for needs to be shut down, it was police that caused the person to be in need of assistance, and on the day the Victim is to go to the Heartland Counseling Services she has to hear about the police about three times in threatening ways, abusive ways, suggestive ways, etc. then has false records made against them.  Accordingly I am saying that the local Police are part of controlling the Victim that is being unlawfully harmed and targeted to be placed in your Uniformed Human Test Subject Research, and the conduct in in violation of the few laws related to use of deceit on human test subjects.  I am demanding that you take all women and needy out of your test, research, targeting, etc immediately.   The Human Test Subject being abused refused to sign the requested form for the Corporate Umbrella Housed Research experiment and was still abused by a different Research Study that she was not asked to sign her name to surreptitiously as if it was just a place that helps you get a job, which is how the Corporate Umbrella'd Research Study was portrayed.   Poor women that your police try to harm are not fair picking, take all Victims of Peggy’s and of Julie Rother’s out of the study immediately and provide proof of such to the DOJ immediately. Thank you.

This is the type of fake BS type of Research that is set up to run sex crimes through so your Attorney General for the State had to have already approved it and secured the funding from the government, please also investigate how this research study Peggy Triggs is pedaling without full disclosure of what it is, then covering p for it when the abuse gets obvious and sinister and this is something a state  attorney would have to have approved of for your state. 


Blog #551



More than 600 members of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' church have denounced him over the administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.

Members of the United Methodist Church from across the country signed a letter Monday accusing Sessions of child abuse, immorality and racial discrimination. They also chided Sessions for using biblical scripture to defend the policy, saying it runs counter to the church's doctrine.

Sessions also was blasted in a separate letter signed by 75 former U.S. attorneys from both parties, who asked him to end the family separation policy at the border. Their letter, published Monday on Medium, said the policy results in families and children being greeted with unexpected cruelty at the doorstep of the United States.”

And on that note, Churches of the United States:

Your long standing Sin is over, because you will no longer be referring all those who come to you for assistance to anyone other then to your selves.  Churches of the United States follow the Methodist Rebell.  You are not longer allowed to stay in the practice of sending women children or men to the police to receive gas vouchers for the tithe your to spend on them directly, Churches of the United States that participate in giving tithe money to the police for the police to issue out are no longer under the graces of God, and Jesus has spoken. 

It is original sin to have tried to murder Jesus and for all of you that believe in his murder having been your grace to overcome sin be aware now that you’ve been.   You have been. You have been in a system that cossets those who would equate to the modern day murderers of Jesus, you have been sending Victims and Needy and those who need protection from the government or from their head hunters, yes you’ve been sending those in need of your help right to those who would be atribe to the murderers Ceasar sent to the Jewish Temple Men… your like the hitler of the day and I’d never even say but for, but for one Church finally saying out loud a denunciation of someone who acts like you do to the woman who need you to protect them who need you to clothe them assist them, and fix them.  You take the Victims of a cop then send them to the cop after trying to gain as much data as possible and whith your tithe money you say go to the police for a voucher that we will pay to them after they get done with you like your not the criminal in that act…. You take the tithe of the united state and you spend it on clothes for your service when I wore a robe a robe that was dirty and tathered mostly, and you never will wash your sin in it.  You ate from my day and you now say you owe me nothing.   You owe me everything, you owe me while I put myself together to feel again while those I love tell me that they still won’t let me have been murdered, while I tell my self lets see what the church my murder created is doing while I’m told that the past came to be alive so that I could learn to flea and avoid murder as if sometimes I needed a test when all I needed was a Robe that was made of fine linen.   Now to find “churches” abandon their children each Sunday into a Day Care at the Church as if its nothing like leading your family to separation is nothing, like sending your children into daycare at church so that the church can have to liaison with the police and background check authorities over you who give them the opportunity so that your pastor doesn’t have to have a crying baby interrupt him in his service where he tells you about tithing so that your money is his, an old tribal story about 10percent being for god, yes god is beneath me and if I capitalize it then I’m talking about myself, yes and when I say woman I care for in your time of tribulation go to that church now and be saved you churches tell her go to the police to get a voucher that we will pay to them.  While you open up your sermons to the relentless beat of the soldiers who are now adays just the cops in ways of acting like the luxury of having daycare is necessary at church when it is not, when it is just a way to perform back ground checks on those needed to watch your children you willfully separate from you for your precious tithe hour with your precious pastors who look so fine I could spit… even the ones dating your daughters, even the ones driving “beaters”.  You think you need no crying babies in your church sermon, I rose to the feet millions for you and you take and  take and finally point the finger at the caesar and say stop taking babies from mothers, we do have maternity and paternity swab tests that would allow the fake Home Land Security to know who the children and mothers and fathers all belong to each other or not, in minutes swab tests would tell the fake Home Land Security that the children are not trafficked victims but take and take and take just like my church has been doing then say , “oh go to the cops to get the gas voucher”, I will provide not more standing feet.  It would be an honor for a church to have crying babies in the service but you want silence for your own pontifications while I show those how to rise.  You say take your babies to our day care and we call it Sunday School, here’s a lesson for you then, take you child care and shove it up the asses of those who link into your computers and cameras in your daycare for you lazy parents who don’t want to say to themselves that church is for us in a family capacity not in a lets hand our children over capacity so that data checks, background checks, cops an the fbi can be in the church for those who would volunteer around children… hers a thought keep your kids with you in the sermon and look at them each time the pastor asks for money from you.  Take the money and invest it even more because all the church is doing is perpetrating the only original sin which was to sell me out, selling out Jesus is the only original sin and it is where sin began and to think Jesus came to erase it… I must have been walking backwards into my mothers womb.   Get the terms of “go to the cops for our tithe assistance” out of your mouths.  Get the opening up the church to the authority just so you can have your children watched while you supposedly learn, and worship not, all stopped.   Your children belong in the sermon with you not in the care of others who are just a way to invite cops and robers to the church for things other then for reform, would you even hide me today if the cops were after me or would you have been like pontius pilot… a man flying me right to the murderers that are the authority sent by the ceasar.   Churches unlit is your new flight. Aaaament.


Blog #550

6/19/18  in the beginning

Just Listed  Jose Nunez…. Hey border patrol your agreement to hate mothers has allowed fro Jose Nunez to rape a child, your DHS protocol and indoctrination is rejected, you say you have to take children from a mother or father because you don’t know if the child is trafficked… there is a quick ten minute test that allows for dna to know whether a child is with its mother or father, see your talking about how you won’t let children stay with a trafficker and were talking about how you wont let children stay with a parent.  You say you must take the children since they might be a trafficking victim but were talking about the other thing your actually doing, which is taking children from their parents just because they have a right to flea persecution…. You can’t fool us with your indoctrinations you espout like you cant just use a quick cheek swab to determine paternity and maternity when we all know you can, your just taking kids for the fun of it, you like to use tactics that are traumatic and we now know you don’t just call us all chattel but that you do now act upon us that way with those stupid enough to try to tell us that human trafficking is why you do it when really you do it because your human trafficking.  You just want to put as  much trauma on each chattel as possible and when you can’t do it through a draft since theirs no war, you just do it through a targeted research project called Homeland Security.

I don’t want to hear some witch up on the podium tell me she took children as part of how they can’t determine if the child is with a parent, you’re a liar, you took children to teach a bunch of lessons to  a bunch of people and now all you get is a group of fear induced victims that might not know how to find a fire station next time one of your paid for perpetrators like Jose Nunez uses one of your chattel for what you intended him to use them for.

I am all brown right now.



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6/18/18  New York looses

when you have a veterinarian that will do it, New York looses.


Blog #548


When you don’t care about the way I am treated you don’t get what you need.  I have a tree, it needs things, it needs things from you.   You keep acting like there’s and mine are yours as if the equation has no variable no constant and no power.

I have power.  I have constant, I am the variable, that is the type of equation that hurts people though I don’t hurt anyone.  If I want to have the you being hurt go away I have to change the constant in the equation and this would leave me all my power, all my fight all my corrections to the past all my rights, the only thing is it would cost you the delusions that have been set into motion to keep you all very happy, sad, thoughtful, and powerless for so long and on que.  These delusions are costly they have a reason for being, they protect those who need more and more children to harm.

You will have to deal with the fact that so many want to harm you in exchange for your compliance and that its all just human trafficking not some big life event.  Not some big bang moment. Not some wow were all so influential were all so smart now moment, it will suck.

I will really be shitty to know that the smartest people have been engaged in helping sell children for sex abuse. 

You will miss your nice lives that they afford to you so that you keep them in the profit.

It will be the way you all know who the constant in the equation has been.  The constant in the equation has been the Inspector Generals who never once say that there is any wrong doing in any of their investigations they always cover up for the employees of their entity that they are told to investigate.  In the agencies themselves lives and breeds the constant.

If your failing it is because you have refused to change the constant back into the variable while never placing the constant on the woman.


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Sad Beyellow, don’t be sad, I didn’t really leave you.  Your Patrick kept me lean, he kept me mean, his piano hero ism kept me seen.  I love you Yellow.   BEYELLOW! Your in the Anti Stalker Nation Hall of Fame now J smile again.   All sad faces down, watch this show.

Can one bad apple destroy an entire team of Beyellow…. Only one fly can make you poor out all the milk. But can one bad apple destroy an entire team of Beyellow.  No.  your now a team of be yellow again, not below, your be yellow, your light is return.  All the bad apples are out.

Laufing at one or twenty of you is not the same as laughing at all of you, join.

Our light is green your is not grey, your light is black, you’ll see

And the true return of light, its happened.

I asked Jesus why are there depictions for so long now of you being a black man and a black man on a cross, I asked if it was a black worship thing… he told me its because he has a dark side.  He said when he sees these images he thinks to himself huh, maybe I let it out now.  Maybe I show my dark side. Maybe I show you what white worship has achieved, what black worship is gonna do and what my ugly side is too.  Should I sow what wit worship has achieved.

Then I cry,  and I think Jesus, why not just fove me the sword, and he does.  I woke up no one, I woke up, no one , no one was waiting for me to wake up except for the yellow, no wonder I jumped across for you, no oneder I drew and drew, no wonder theres a line to you.  I made you a darker color find an abyss lead in it a trist take away a drey and find your own navel.

Or am I just a spook a spoof_ . maybe you put a grey up on the cross instead of a black man and tell me if Im a niegro. Tell me if im a taupe ,tell me if ‘m off white, tell me if iam a dead man or a fly.   Tell me if I may die tell me if I may go and tell my mother that your all purple. Tell her that your all read all red tell her that your all dead so she’ll give me my word. She’d care that I lied like a perfect mother cares if her child eats. That means she’ll kill you all for me, and she’ll know I was ready for it. Or did my stich come loose.  Would my mother kill for me, for the children of mine, for her own sake, kill for my taste in peontry,  I mean poetry, would you tell her its was my father killing me, we aren’t that dysfunctional though you’ve tried. 

Time for Orange is accurate.

Hugs and love 


Blog # 546

5/26/18  Loving to be in love with God

Hi God,

How you doing today, hope your doing ok, miss you. Just wanted to say hi and that I have given it much thought in asking you today to go to war with us.  I love you God, never did what you said, but I love you anyway. You don’t fail, fear not mighty god, some day you see.

Thank you,

Jessica … Did I tell you I love you .  Your like I used to be, very wise. Someone came and robbed me, now I sit and I wait. Lets do this war thing, the one you’ve always taught about.



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5/21/18  if you think you are in the way…

Just saw a woman tell an another woman that were not gonna talk about the Constitution because we are not lawyers…. The woman was in need to know self defense is a protected right, protected under the Constitution.  Then the other woman said that we are not lawyers so were not gonna talk about the Rights that supersede state laws. I had to learn about that in 8th grade when I was forced to learn the preamble by heart to recite it to the class as part of my ability to pass a course and go to highschool.

Im done with hav’g dreams, the things that I believe, and I believe you took the fear from me!””” You’re the only one.

You’re the last of the new.  I am here for your, in the era of two. It the past that your after a tree that you found in knee to the ground,

You’re the fastest and the worst enemy to have, you’re the best of the idoiots, and the past of the feel.

You’re the worst of the interim until,

You’re the best of the grey triangle you sit in, and the plebiots are the ones who cut the trees, feed the fleas, and run the please.

In the reverberance is your paper plane the one that fades the one that blades the one that took your heart away.  I hold it only to say, you love me more.  Much more than I do more than I do, isn’t that best though.. No?

Then ohold me own hold me own, your my own. I will love you like you love me, hold me tight or do.

Were done with having dreams the thing thing ththththting that we believe is the names in the dried concrete.  You and me, were the best of the new. We, you and me two.




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5/20/18  When your enemy has his hate

So when I was in the minute I was a child in a man body, now Im in my own body. 

That’s the message for today, this Pentecost of celebration for the church and the ideology that insults my Father of how he sent me to die.  Murder as an acceptance of your cleanliness, murder I chose in an insult to my own ability to protect better,  my ability to murder better just doesn’t exist so how you think you are clean from this is a modern miracle but I still have a hard time explaining it to my Father.  His insult by the act is less now that he decided to give life to the Past the Present and the Future.  But the insult that he sent me to be murdered is the best way to insult him yet, I love Christians, however in this Pentecost I am free.

WHOOOOOO… Its raining where I am.

Wow, so here’s a typed version of todays video blog address:

“Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists, I am Jessica Seymour, Founder of the Victims of Immunity Foundation, and I was gassed.

I understand that a comedian on a thing called Team Coco made sure to show highlight that stalking the relatives of SS military officers is ridiculous, like its your right as a survivor, bit it isn’t and your disrespect is to fall upon your self, not us. You had to get your self put into this stalking someway not at my expense again, you’ll give back what you’ve taken in your relentless stupidity about those related to germany’s military officers of the ww2 era.  Really though, a gassing. Your older.

When I was gassed it was a day I had been out.  For about 3 days a woman and the owner of the home had played a game with the Landlord… so three different parties.  The woman was a roommate of mine, the owner was a city employee, and the landlord was a place that says they help Victims of trafficking.  When I first contacted this place, they said tell me this and tell me that, I said, I have nothing to tell unless you actually have an opening for assisting me.  The womans face changed, she said ok, you can stay here, and she gave me a bunch of data, I shared a bit with her and she was unhappy with me saying that police were involved in the stalking and trafficking of me that a man named Keith Swenson engaged in and she told me I can trust her police friend Joaquin but she never told me Joaquin was an employee of the place she worked at which is the lease holder of the home I was placed in for safety.

And so I started to live with the roommate Deena who facilitated the gassing. Lisbeth is the woman that is spiteful, full of terror and she is part of the landlords scham with the city but she got herself a job at the Tenants/Lease Holders business.  The owner is the man who somehow works for the city, hmmm. 

Sounds like laundering already, a business that cops get jobs at is sending  money to a city employee for rent of his home that he somehow has his best guy friend living around and his best tormented woman living in, and then I enter the scene, all because Lisbeth thinks to hurt me since she couldn’t force herself into my private data until after I was sure there was a safe reason to be answering her questions.  Lisbeth demanded to know things all the time like where I was going, who I was interviewing with, you know like what a person following you around would need to know, she justified it as if in the event I didn’t come back home and was harmed she’d know where I was last at…. Sure. 

So one day the hot water goes out, the roommate tells me she’s just gonna call her friend the home owner.  The woman runs a diagnostic at the request of the owner, she comes back into the room and says “yep the water heaters shot, there’s water in the pan”…. I said are you going to let the landlord know?  She said “later”, “my friend the owner has maintenance guys that have the lock code and can let themselves in to fix it”. 

The next day I called the landlord to see if they knew yet about the issue, they did, but about three days of no hot water later two men in the drive way from two different maintenance companies were in the house left unattended, neither the owner nor the landlord were there.  One of the maintenance cars had passed me when I had been walking home like I was under their idea. How is it that I just so happen to be heading home when some guy shows up to meet with some other guy that has the access code to the home and who had been in the home all alone fixing a water heater waiting for his friend from another company to show up right as I am heading home.

As soon as I heard them leave, I left. Then later when I headed home a white suv was pulling into the drive way so I turned and went to the church, I watched the church group do church things. After the suv pulled away I went home.  I smelled gas so I opened the windows, I was wondering why a person just left and why there was a fan blowing air up the stairway, I though at first maybe a repair was just made & a pilot light lit, and that maybe that’s why there was a gas smell like maybe it was a residual a left over, not an active leak. So I called the landlord who has an after hours pick up line and I reported that I have to leave the home there is a gas smell and I told the after hours guy that it doesn’t smell safe enough to sleep in, and I asked him if he knew why there was a fan down stairs….. he told me that I have to wait for the landlord to call me. At this point I had to do as told, that’s how the vibe had gotten and sure enough it was Lisbeth who I had been instructed to wait for in a house that I reported as being of gas smell.  Lisbeth called and I kept trying to get out of the house but Lisbeth kept me on the phone with a series of questions and demands like “put me on the phone with deena” and like “is it a fan or a humidifier”, and “you can’t leave the home with the windows open” like as if I needed to close the windows befor getting to safety, I kept telling Lisbeth that I needed to go and finally Lisbeth just got hung up on as she tried to act as though my reporting to her was of no merit.

I remember walking outside and flipping over a bin filled with water and toys, and thinking to my self that I needed to flip it over so that mosquitoes don’t start breading in it.  I remember thinking that the bikes are not supposed to be there.  I remember thinking that I should get out of the back yard but didn’t want to walk toward the door again it reeked of gas.  I had gotten up the gusto to exit the yard and as soon as I did I see Lisbeth pulling up in a black suv, she demanded that I go back into the house, she scolded me and demanded me to repeat to her where it was that I’d be going to while I left the windows open, and she again told me to get the home secured, I told her I cant leave a home like a bomb in a neighborhood, she rolled her eyes and told me to go back in the home with her.  Lisbeth made me walk back into the back yard with her and as soon as Lisbeth go to the door she had a reaction and then said “oh, im not going in there”… I said uhhu, and I said I’m going away from the home now so I walked to the sidewalk and stood there because Lisbeth had acted like I’d be introuble for leaveing the gassed house, the gas had begun pouring out the house and when the neighbor pulled up I remember being in her way and so I said I was just waiting for someone, then I decided I can’t wait, so I walked to the church while Lisbeth said she’s gonna get someone to come fix the leak.

I ended up in the emergency room.  When I was finally home late that night, the woman roommate tells me she thinks its her ex-husband trying to kill her again, and she detailed to me how he knows everyone in town that works on water heaters since he’s done ducting for over 25 years.  I said uhoh, then I was put on the phone with Lisbeth shocked to find out that she did not get notified by the after hours guy when I had called from the hospital to tell my landlord my location since its like your on their leash of control in order to have housing.  As if you have to do as your told or you can’t have your shelter for the duration your supposed to have it for and like your “not working with them” if you don’t do as they demand all while they have you housed with some notorious monster.  The woman roommate is a notorious monster who has been telling me how she’s been in jail for “saying false statements” and how she’s got a judge that is finally getting in trouble for putting her in jail, and how she had some elderly lady “cheek pocket a pill” so that they could gain evidence against a convalescent home nurse so to have the state fire the nurse.  Then this woman tells me about house she has housing but won’t take it so that she can use her situation to get the elderly lady to buy a home for them all to live in and how this is so good since the elderly lady is paying $7000 a month to the convalescent home and how a mortgage is way cheaper, and how good it is that being a nurse makes her so able to do home care for this elderly lady, and how great it is that she is so lucky to have had her “son committed for having done stuff to her daughters”…. Oh yes, here I am living with a nurse who leads on the very first moment of arrival the stories about her daughters and their virginity and her son.  This is the very first thing I have to have tossed at me then I find out this woman was selling stories to Lisbeth like Im so interested in her daughters all while I have a tv anchor asking me in a job interview if I’ve ever done community service things, so I naturally tell her about the Foster Youth Mentor Program and I realized when I saw Lisbeth & deena lie with each other about my having spoken to Lisbeth after being back from the hospital and they both acted like I didn’t speak to Lisbeth when I got home from the hospital, yes that is when I realized the job interview was a set up just the same way san diego was doing it… and it was a real estate job and some how the interviewer was just your friendly local news broadcaster.  Hmmm and my roommate was the friend of the owner and the landlord was the company that let deena stay even though she had housing… My very fist contact with Lisbeth was the need for safety after Keiht Swenson and about 5 cops were caught trafficking and engaged in using “investigations” as a way to traffick and how my property was robbed and how police refused to make the crime reports for the crimes I reported to them and how I then had to lodge my reports online.  

I then find out from a manager that a guy named Joaquin whom Lisbeth told me to talk to since he is a police man is actually also an employee at this place so is actually a co-worker of lisbeths, not just some cop.  I ask if Lisbeth is also a cop, and the strangest thing happened, crickets…. Yes silence.  Yes Lisbeth who ruled the roost with an iron fist and allows a woman to stay in a home after already having housing provided to her, and who is in touch with a man that showed up the first day I was living there and who just so happens to be the owner, but not just in touch with him, their besties, they’ve known each other for decades and are friends and deena sends her daughters over to play with his friend a grown man that wears makeup to sports games, and whom deena dates.

Dates through sending using her daughters to ply him at games then in a store then somehow live next to him and need to take him food and candy and drop by in their short shorts, like volleyball shorts but shorter, like bikini shorts to spend time with him while on their way to the “candy store” which is actually just a gas station. Oh yes, I had to have a sit down after the gassing where I heard all sorts of the stories deena was saying about me so that Lisbeth could start a fake phony but very real investigation against me as if I like her daughters…. Didn’t san diego try to keep me on their leash doing that to me when I signed up to be a mentor, yes they did, and the handed me a girl after telling me all about her remember that Anti Stalkers, remember K***** at the Foster Youth Mentor Program where Mrs. Lee Davis found me at the Christmas party then had began to sell me to perverts in  Dell Mar.  Oh yes, I’ve seen the other side of it yet again, and this time all set up in advance like someone I knew was able to tell where I’d be able to go after Keith Swenson stole all my money, my jewelry, and other stuff while putting just enough data into my hands.  And you pervs think to act as if I sign up for this shit, as if I’m on your team as if we’re doing this thing. 

So know I come to find out that the after hours service is actually the police department which is another city employee correct,  so I was living with deena a past city employee turned nurse who stalks me and some elderly lady and some man down the way while refusing to use the housing she got just so she can stay at her city employee friends house while police posing as advocates but whom are actually cops (which make them city employees)  can keep you under their unlawful surveillance to kill you, force you to say things you shouldn’t be forced to be having to say while new reporters of the past can interview you and be asked what you told them, all while conspiring to keep you in a gas filling house while you try to get out though they all have first responder training, so yes this was an attempted murder and I found out that approximately 89% of the crimes made against pregnant women are the crime of murder.  I found that out.  It was a preview.  

So the pregnant looking body type draws out the murderers huh, the ones that are specially homicidal at the given moment. I told deena she needs to stop using her children when she started to espout that she never told me she got her son committed.  But deena did tell me such and she told me that he was released from the committal she made of him and released to his father all while she has the daughters like there’s some payback waiting, this Handler deena tells me all about having been stalked by her ex since she was 14 and how she had to leave to new York to sleep with a “black man that was 20” back when she was 17 just to get away from who she later married whom had stalked her since she was 14 and who her family kept telling her to marry once she returned from new york.  Now she uses her daughters like san diego used K*****.  Try to serve them all up on a platter to a would be pedo, I’m no pedophile and you’re the ones in the mirror not me.  You’re the perverts selling children around and who are a pedophile ring that sees me as another victim to play games with by acting repeatedly and almost nonstop as if I need do be under “investigation” somehow for the rest of my life and I don’t care if you all f’off and die. You should all be in prison for this scam let alone fired but here you all are acting like somehow I’m the problem.  Your not safe, your not mentally sound, you have no business in the jobs you’ve gained for furtherance of your crimes, and you fail.

Am I wrong for saying that murderers that try to kill me need to f’off and die, or should I just be the one to die, guess what, I wont die for anyone.  City of the Murderers, your off your rocker. Your police are pedophiles who are intercepting Victims of Trafficking so to harm them when they repo the crimes of  their cohorts down the way. City of Murderers, you take up jobs in the House where the Victims report to advocates there to help them with safety and you make cover up for the crimes of your cohorts through trying to gas a person, a murder plot for anyone you have too get in harms way, you need to stay away from the places set up to help Victims, not start trying to kill the Victims.  Am I supposed to sit around and shut my mouth for your counterparts that get shootings to look a certain way when I was the one informed of the beginning of it, of it being a scam.  Should I shut my mouth about how Awino told me about the SPU shooting long before it happened, NO.

I won’t die for anyone. 

I won’t be lied about for anyone.

I won’t shut up for anyone, you will shut up instead.

I won’t lie for IHT’s. Im not part of their team, Im their Victim but not for long because were are all going to need our inalienable rights now, not just us Victims. You will have the burden of serving the time for your own crimes rather then me serving it clandestinely for you. 

Self-defense is real, so is the persecution I’ve been kept under by police who seem to think its ok to pretend ‘Im a criminal for fleeing them when they are intent to traffick me, murder me, and cry foul play like I did something.  My drivers license status the san diego police sought to put me in is part of this crime of attempted murder that just took place, just ask Lisbeth because Lisbeth was coached on trying to get me to say some admission while I was forced to be sitting in a room with the murderer after the gassing attack failed, yes, Lisbeth decided to badger me, and intimidate me about whether I drive, and so she showed her hand more then once during her control the Victim game she engaged in like no one will ever hear the truth, and it was Lisbeth who told me that there was “nothing suspicious” about how plausible it was that two different professionals from two different companies with two different sets of training were somehow both missing what ever it was that caused the gas leak. Lisbeth is in on it and in on the cover up of it and was an active roll taker in trying to get me to stay in the house as long as she and her after hours police coworker could both gain though their both trained first responders, so here is my question:

Did San Diego make them selves a party to this towns crimes of did this town make them selves a party to San Diego’s crimes.  Joining, furthering, and ratifying a preexisting conspiracy is a crime that makes you liable for all the other crimes and now this trafficking rings perversion is in the official Attempted Murder in First Degree place.  

Deena and Lisbeth, here is something you two human traffickers need to know… I have an inalienable right to flee you two human traffickers and any others that are part of what you do to Victims of trafficking.  I have a fundamental right to protect my self from you so when you had Sarah try to lure me back to the house while I was fleeing your place of control you violated my rights, I have always fled the traffickrs to their disdain, they want me to stay and fight so they can kill me in a way they can writeoff in a form, but when I don’t go for that they try to make a crime out of fleeing them and it was a set up of the san diego ring of police sheriff and city employed traffickers that operate with Immunity there like immunity is some magical thing when it isn’t.  No immunity is going to cover your crimes.  Your form of intercepting Victims by gaining employment at the House is a violation of the immunity you first sought to achieve prior to committing the crimes you plan.  Your murderers in premeditation and you fail.  So fails also the idea that fleeing your persecution is some how a crime when it isn’t, your little license game is denied and you can take it up with the originators of the intent you’ve been trying to go about in collusion with Liar Pervert Hilsabeck who had three attorneys violate their posts just to gain the same your trying to gain as if I have no right to your malicious unlawful obstructions, stalking’s, harassing, abuse, and murder attempts.  Violation of post is going to be a big deal again now.  And the idea that a Victim of an attempted murder can’t say what there is to say is a crime too, I have every right to tell anyone in any way at any time the facts regarding those involved with the gassing, regardless of the problems you might try to have with that.  Lisbeth is rude to her Victims, condescending to her Victims, and intimidating to her Victims. Oh and Dean can’t come over when ever he wants Sarah.  It is 100% my business to correct when someone is trying to paint me in untrue ways especially when their using children to further such a crime against me, any fool understands that painting a picture about a person as if their interested in your children is some sort of game, if a person is interested in your children you go somewhere else, you don’t start playing inferenceing games, unless your just repeatedly using your children to get others falsely implicated or falsely investigated like the pervs that you all are in your pursuit to question me about my period.   You can’t take a persons right to speak about things they need to say for their own safety.  I will talk repeatedly when you lie, and your story is flawed.  If you keep trying to act like Im into children yours will be taken by the state, you need to stop using children this way Lisbeth & Deena. Your almost worse then Lee Davis & Lee Martin with their Foster Youth Mentor use of K***** but she was already a ward of the court used by this team that stalks me, your part of a psychopath team of traffickers getting paid by the city to engage in your crime.

The san diego police are a party to this crime. Attempted murder made closer achieved by cops that some how can’t remember the way to first respond to a call about a gas leak is the crime made possible by the game of stalking my drivers license, right Lisbeth who needed to ask me about my driving like you work for hilsabeck or something, so san diego is a party to this crime each cop that plagued me with bogus ticket and scam after scam after scam through stalking me with their stingray…. Who invaded my home to watch me on their larger then life $50,000 televisions. Maybe your daughters will just f men in your bed blown out on cocaine while your out of town since you dedicate your days to stalking me rather then getting Mr. Dr. 90210 off the streets. IHT’s, this murder attempt made you less then.  Oh but that’s right… your traffickers so your daughters are for sale, but I’m not for sale.

You stalk me for saying what’s happening all as if your ok that your daughters are being into what their into like you use your daughters the way deena does, but you say no one can talk about it.  I can talk about it, and you can’t stop the truth.

Do my stalkers have the right to gas people?  Do they have the right to sell their children. “

And that’s how you do a Pentecost!  You love the father you celebrate the churches in accuracies, and you clean out the dirt.

Since I know my Beloved Anti Stalker Nation would never traffick me,

Hugs and Love,



Blog # 543

5/19/18   In the middle there is a plan, it is the plan of the weirdo also known as the pedo.

Do you want your children in the middle.  The Pedo does. It is time to recognize the effects of conditioning programming and rapeing, these are performed deliberately and it’s a no.  No to this being forced upon us. No to this being were you want us. No to the Pedo.  You can shock and you can force and you can put into a catatonic state even as we are watching not knowing what to do while your programmers take full advantage, but you can not call us the guilty one.  You’re the guilty one, and you can go to the prison.  We are the Victims who say no we say no  more of you your middle is our graduation party no more, your pedo’s are not longer in love with their toys, you’ve noticed.  You have no idea how damaging they will be to  you now, and not to us anymore, children are not your toys and teen agers are not your next, the young are done.   We are the wild ones, we are the ones you tore to the ground and couldn’t find a way to build up.  We are the only ones you’ll remember.  There will be no effects on me, no affects on me, all away.  You try your die.  And I would not test the that taketh from your failure.  

Your attacks and bad on our soil not ours, we don’t attack ourselves anyway, we don’t take our triangle and we let the reign achieve.  I will face the lavender and take it for my own, I will place the lavender in my home, we will reighn we will reain weeee willlllll reighhn

Some problems you create for me will destroy you, try to bring your rape to me and you will go. Try to find you way to me and you will die, try to find your way to mine and you will cry, cry cry right befor you die, you will die and not after your intended harm is made but befor.  Things you thought to do to me are now for you to go through.  You, as in those of you who do it to us, all of you.  And better we all are once it starts, and it started, it started a week ago.

I am not your woman, so must have been your sister, you can’t protect your sister, that made you bate, your bate your bate you are bait.  Now your sister is gone from you like a foreigner was your priority, however your sister was smarter then you knowing you had not the ability to keep from being immersed by her beauty you were always attracted to her like your from the middle, like you’re a man that loves your mom more then your woman, like you’re a man that uses your woman more then you use the enemy of your woman, like you’re a man that is hard up to find a place, hard to hear a pace, hard to find a face, your in the middle like you ran, like you plan, like you failed.  Your all in the middle, I am not.  We are not.  There will only be middle for you and when your all trained to fail and to be sex addicts so immersed with looking at your sister, you’ll see her run from you and never even know you just got hit.  When you as a Seal Team get hit for looking at your sister, its not your Father that hits you, he can’t he’s also disgusted.  Its your enemy let to hit you at a profit to your fiend, a profit to your fiend, you know who they are.  Your only job was to find me a suitable man to marry and you failed.  You failed because you wanted to see me.   Now you know and you know you konw.  I have found my own man, your problem can’t escape you, you know your only hope to redeem your self as a value is to hurt the abuser, you will have to out them for even more then what kony is about, and you will have to go far. 

I will only aid you in going to the farthest places and staying there.  The order I chose is the one. 

Now, some song made its way off, place it now upon your next album so we all know.  I will know your true color.

I will choose the reactive b.

When I was forced to take a summer school class in Grossmont, I had to have a person in my face, he was a disgrace and he made sure to tell me a story about the best porno he’s ever seen and about how it was a woman being forced but how it was set up like she was just forgetting to say the “code” word like it was not really force but just a porno.  It was the “best porno” he’s “ever seen” he said, the things idiots say when they think their fathers are so impressive, you all were raised to be slaves to porn and now you look so used.  I was not impressed but was forced to listen to this while we studied math, don’t send your children to san diego state, the man that fought my father in oc in his youth went to san diego state and became some city man robbing funds, when my father was approached in arizona by an attorney to see pictures of us when trying to get my dad to sell him my youngest brother, he was corralled to try to gain such out of my father by the same person who picked on my father in their youth yeah it was that guy who went to san diego state, when I applied to college I should have gotten into my other school I applied to, not into San Diego State. Someone out there has my degree right Robert.  Hey ratrat, did you steal my very first blog post, just noticed yesterday.

 Now is when you all add.



Blog #542

5/18/18    Why is it that I love you...

Hey Anti Stalker Nation..... Hope Your having a great day!  Got stalked again, they tried to gas me, just had to say yikes. 

I love you,

Love Always,



Blog #ooooooo

Past present and now the future is there a way to find them. If I’m a papal your my stayepl.



Blog #000

I would be the remembrance, I would tell you to forgive, but you can’t and I won’t, Remember in the invent I was the cave the cav the fucthen kavme.  In your way you won’t know.  I want the day of light. I want and will be the day of light, I am the fight in the right, in the vein in your cave, you’re the fay, im the way you’re the few, Im the new, I am in the favor of my father and my woman in the favor in the fav.   Increase your cave.  If you whip your self again I will not favor you.  Stop hurting your self I am done on a cross, I am done on your image of me, I am in my dead team I am in your even tree your guilt is free your done. I am done with my guilt, we won’t cry and crawl again. Open up your triangle I am done with the guild of being stalked and harmed and wounded and faded into your crawl  you stop that now you stop that now, You will receive this today your true power, your true power to feel again, feal me in your favor, not in your crawl no more harm, no more torment, no more virgin review, no more trying to cry, not more hearing the voul and not the fouw.  If you keep trying to image me every day Oped Dei, you will fail to remember that I am here now too, and that I have the power in me again, I review.  Stop the walk on the flat earth.  I am on the vou not the l my father never fell, my hero is not even close to hell, my hell is in my palm when I see you leave me calm after hurting your self know me not if you fail to feel me in my spree, in my  flee, in my wait and see.  I wreath with your few, so now you will know I escaped the dinner too.  I don’t care if it angers you the trueness of my power now, the realness of my team, the abandonment of past as a part of reality when I can jump a candle and be a man.  I don’t have to have gone through it to have achieved enough to say to you no more imagery of a death I cheated.

Loveinmydameinmy trai in my new dei.


\ahmmmen amen.


So then

Blog # 000

If your in the te not in the be and out of ht e.  You want to know who owes you. I don’t owe you. No one I know owes you. Google owes you here’s how you collect, if I were Keith Swenson showing my cop buddies that I tell women’s details to I would every day take a piece of my tow, I would make sure you had your own tell one that I could use either day in a bad way. I would set you up, id made sure to use the woman that you set up the most, I would get her here play her with you then use her to tell on you like I didn’t do it, but here is how he did do it to you in your day…

When I robbed this woman I would put something in from when you rented the home from me, I’d put in something you didn’t’ notice you left without, like your under cover computer details:

Did you steal it or did your Chief get it to you, it’s the thing in my stuff that isn’t mine, the thing Keith Swenson used as a trade for having stole my stuff and having his part in his friends game his “we won’t stop till your homeless and destitute friends, his “we are gonna make your life a fucken hell” friends, right Maddow….   Who’s computer data was slipped into my belongings by Keith Swenson’s big ol game, it’s a 2017 Chromebook 15 CB3-532-C47C Granit Grey P/N: NX.GHJAA.002 RMN: N15Q9  S/N:NXGHJAA00274403EFE7600  UPC: 888863811427  WLANBLUETOOTH: 802.11ac + BT  with an intel processor Celeron Processor N3060  Sent to US C/O Frontier Logistics 1700 N. Alemeda Street in Compton CA 90222. C/O Frontier Logistics Services  251 Joliet, IL 60433 USA.  QTY 1,050   740  all complete with a WLan Mac: B0359FDDF789 and with the EAN:4713392753343 and with a item label of 15.6ACER CHRM BK NEW 556077407 ,  STORE-CIV / CARTON # 6025933344 , and a 1535-01 in from to the store & division number.  ID in shipping E2587 with bottom numbers being 2508 48219, heres the upc 0888863811427  ship date of 12/05/17 but some how that box is in Kieth Swenson’s house in Sioux Falls South Dakota making one wonder all about how that box then becomes my property in Keiths urgent need to rob me of my stuff in exchange for that empty box, that empty laptop computer box, using SYSTEM BD/BIOS: 00/Google_Banon.7287.313.0   It wouldn’t be cops getting this stuff to their department, oh no these 1,050 Acer Laptops are from the FBI correct, you got your own hoes too.  Unless I’m just thinking about things, sure its just a batch Acer Sent To Themselves in Compton FROM Jollet Illinois in LOADID: U41602-008,005 …. STRAIGHT OUTA COMPTON….


Eat your own area,



Blog #  541

5/8/18   Try again…

When a City is human trafficking women you almost always have the response to human trafficking asked to perform unlawful surveillance but is it very often to have the housing area commandeered to be allowing for human trafficking, the news reporters, and even the gas meter readers or trash men in on it… maybe when a Navy Seal becomes a trash man its normal but when its just some lady named D**na its probably much more controlled then just shaming a navy secrets selling seal to do your dirty work. I mean why would a gas employee need to be at a some where a woman named D**na and her friend Dean just tried to gas you, shouldn’t the city rather be investigating the 4 people I reported had gassed me  rather then trying to play some game as if It was me gassing myself?  When you report the crimes to people like L*is who point blank tell you that there’s nothing suspicious about a gas leak that sent you to the hospital while this Lis woman can’t manage first responder conduct of getting you to the hospital for gas poisoning. 

I suppose when L*s is in on covering up the gas poisoning as if you did it to yourself you as a human trafficking city would have to keep that concealed, however when it comes out later that L*s is actually a cop that gets her pay spade through the same method Joaquin  does but never told you that she was a cop like Joaquin AND never told you that Joaqine is an Advocate like she is, yes when you have a woman portray herself as not being a cop but is, you find out how much she did want you dead, and you find out just how much her accomplice D**na wanted you invaded and put into “committed” status like what she tells you she did to her son for raping her daughters, oh but I can’t report this, yes I can, especially when the city covers up their crimes by doing them again like sending a woman to turn on the gas when you leave as if you did it your self, too bad I caught her in the act of walking to the homes open door that was open while I moved my stuff out of it, and which was verified as opened by a different advocate when she witnessed me moving my stuff out the door to the garage, but some city employee is walking up to the house to sneak in while I’m going in and out just to do what, because if it were for safety there would be no sneaking. I got a picture of the woman the city uses when their gonna try to act as though one of the woman their trafficking is somehow gassing herself when she aint.  It was D**na who previewed this to me and D**na is a pedophile who admitted such but the City keeps using her over and over again to harm Victims it intercepts on this human trafficking slave trade route my handsome and perverted Navy Seal orchestrator done put me on for his Canada ringleader. 

I aint your momma.

That leaved  two options you should have known better but you’re a threat too not an investigator, your as bad as Kennith Krause or who ever he was. 

Your not my man o’control anymore and your City you forced me to with your Swenson, its old and its stupid to try to engage in your conduct for you, here’s why, I caught you.  I caught you all red handed and its ridiculous the story plot and the evidence against your little kill the girl schematic is readily available, you do have your own line into watching this house and two investigators in one office lying to bombard a victim is called torture, right Hespel.  You know all about torture for gods sake you have an  idiot spouting off to the world about how slavery is a choice and how slavery doesn’t exist anymore, and how much your torture is.  When you create this individual specific form of slavery where you insist on knowing as much as you can so that you can torture a person with it especially at times you seek to incarcerate them for no crime –escaping you is not a crime- , yes when you as the CIA do to us Americans what you did to Uruguay you end up getting done with. Yes, I’m saying that an Agency runs the trafficking ring I’ve been placed on and that I’m being trafficked on as if these safe places are not criminals when they are criminal who lie to you to get you in their control just for reporting to them that human trafficking has occurred and that your fleeing it.  Who else uses psychopaths and psychopathic lying cops… I only know one agency that can get away with that for so long and in such obviousness, and it’s the CIA, and if you were keeping count Anthony Bordain talks about the CIA more often then I do, so have him called crazy first befor you call me crazy for saying the secret word.  Oh and on that note, Hespel, you do Black Sites worse then you do White Sites like Joseph Kony’s mutilation for you camps he ran rung which it is, Hespel whats going on with your White Site Torture area you had Kony run for you, you got that torture clan, we know about your White Site Torture Areas too, and I  said it, I said I said it, The American Government via an Agency called the CIA is responsible for the Joseph Kony Human Trafficking ring and it was a White Site Torture camp of the CIA’s.

City, when you watch me and keep me under unlawful surveillance so that you can send up a gas meter employee, to sneak in to the house while I’m in the garage, to turn on another gas leak lie for you, your stories about me disintegrate, you also become known criminals.

My hackers think your stupid too.  They hacked my post so that I’d copy it to paste it in after typing it in my blog then not letting my blog save it.

Then when I hit the paste button after copying it and clearing it to start over my hackers had the paste default to what I actually wrote to you and though I was tempted to just leave it, I think I’ll go a head and change names to increase my safety that your infringing upon with your games of control.




Blog #539

5/4/18  Now get your nasty asses to work….

I know that attorneys are just waiting in line to help me and other trafficking Victims.. I know that it is so p0pular to say hey everyone, here is how trafficking is actually done lets sue the perps lets call them out on what their doing, lets call them traffickers lets fix the loop holes lets let these Victims help themselves with out having a judge throw them in the crazy jail… or worse take their homes from them with court house scams and lawyers for hoa’s and for mortgages that don’t exist…

Alreight heirs what I’m asking for, HELP, help me, help me, are there any normal attorneys that don’t use trafficking tactics to force a woman in to trafficked prostitution by cleaning dirty money for to give to this woman that you/your client slept with specifically with the intent to play games with to play games with to play with, to follow to induce psychological control tactics upon, to ultimately pay for the sex in some clever way that well, that hmm, well, that killed more than 2 birds with the same stone?, I mean can any attorney help me with my web page, for free of course, my web page titled Self Help To Sue Who Trafficks You 

My web page titled Self Help To Sue Who Trafficks You has been stagnant and waiting for way too long now, and I would like an attorney or two to help finish the page with me, Please send me your work anonymously you don’t deserve credit.  I would hope you would start with my pleading and points from the District Court in San Diego that Sammartino had made disappear from being used to hold rapeist federal agents accountable for their crime, their assaults, their murders, their trafficking in ways that the legal definition of trafficking just hasn’t been informed of yet by anyone other then me.  Maybe even use the lengthy data in the oh so disgusting Superiority Court in San Diego… that will also help you to make what I need.

I need more, I need to see more, I hear it all the time lately.  I hear it all the time. What I want today is for a link up to meaningful litigation for Victims to print, fill in the blanks, and file for free at courts across the country.  And I need it up on my website… you all know my own self research and pleading wasn’t enough, your turn you and your degrees, it your turn you juris doctors,  come fix us with your medicine.




Blog #538

4/25/18   Just Listed

Journalist Shiori Ito

Good job my sweet in the HashtagMeToo!  you just made the HallOf Fame!




Blog #537

4/25/18    Being helped and not helpful

Macy Alden – Macy Delaney / Macy Reinholt / Everett Newell… What ever her name is and the name of those who give out phones to her victims….

Macy just made sure to contact me today to tell me that I need to keep my baby close because you never know what baby sitters will do, she thinks shes got me all figured out, she was told to say such a thing by her human traffickers in Sheridan that wanted to baby traffick me, that Polly Wheat woman wanted me raped on the couch of her Tenant with a ploy that I would make $100 to clean the trailer… but when Polly Got Drunk she spilled the beans on the phone with this Tenant telling him to  just drug me and make sure to fuck me on the couch while she cleaned the trailer…. I was astonished so I decided to tell her that I can’t clean his house but she got him on the phone anyway talking to Garth Skaggs also known as Vernon Skaggs and he also started to negotiate with Polly's tenant for sex with me over the phone right in my line of hearing, so I walked in and said I will never be going to clean any of Polly’s Houses…. The very next day Polly via her Auckenboch connection found a homeless woman named Brandy  who’s boyfriend  was also homeless and named Brian, and found them both to come live for free in Polly’s sidewalk fifth wheel.  And when all of a sudden Pollys tenant had to show up to see Brandy so that Brandy could come over and clean his trailer, I realized this guy acts like he has to pay rent weekly to Polly when I did her book keeping I saw hid details and it wasn’t a weekly rental, he just stops buy to pretend to pay money each time he is looking to approve of a women to rape in front of a camera aimed at his couch and Aukenboch made the disturbing mistake to show up to a gas station Polly Wheat took us all to on Seymour Street, to view me also.  See did I forget to say that Auckenbock was Macy’s boyfriend for over a year and she thought they were getting married right up to the day he had her arrested from having fake $100 bills in her custody that he gave her, oh yes then he got her extra time in jail by having some Casino bartender get another tip in the jar of another fake bill and somehow it was Macy that served time for that tip though she was already in jail the night the tip was given out.  So Macy is indoctrinated from the day go hit the dayVie… as is DeVia Rape.  Isn’t Macy's fake one year long boyfriend Auckenbock Badge Holder a DeVia Rapeist, yes he is. 

When I tried to leave Polly’s house she beat me, a psychopathic rage took her over because I dared to ask Brian to shovel the snow away from my car so I could leave, but Polly started yelling screaming intimidating threatening Then she hit me and told me never to talk to anyone with out her permission, I bolted and Garth (Vernon Skaggs) demanded Brian take Polly for a ride just incase anyone called the cops,  I was towed to the Napa Auto Store where two employees witnessed Polly stalking me in person, over the phone, demanding them to send me home to her, and they also witnessed Polly sending her fake friend to impede my free movement when I tried to walk away a friend of Polly’s pulled up on the side walk area in the parking lot to stop me from crossing, and she told me I needed to leave with her and go back to Polly’s house, I asked her who she is and she told me she’s the lady the police used to get Polly Wheat her DUI at a hospital parking lot.  Polly knows this woman to be an informant for the cops in Sheridan but guess that’s just how the Human Trafficking Baby Trafficking Sheridan Cops & Sheriffs role… Her name is Lynne.

Now for no reason other then this ring of perverts being rapeist baby traffickers, I get a text from Macy Alden today saying that I better keep my  baby close since you never know what sitters will do…. Hmmm. 

Sounds like Macy is involved in ways I never gave her credit for.

I know her telephone call makes it clear she’s trafficking women via food and she repeatedly wanted me to make her food but when she kept steeling from Wallmart I knew I needed to be very careful of her. So I tried to find alternative housing but Macy was robbing me each time I left her house.  Her mother demanded to take my clothes overnight and they act like their doing you some favor but they are just murderers, Megg and Macy are just murderers.  And the baby trafficking text message was just a beginning, Macy went on to do the “Call Our Victim Crazy” thing they all think works for them so well though its gotten them in more trouble than they can count to.  I got the weirdest texts from Macy indicating her laps in judgment is climbing… I told her to leave me alone but she refused, I told her I have her in recording admitting to having stolen autos at the residence where Paige Zorn’s grandfather was going to get them from and try to make cover up of the Grand Theft Aut-o. 

I told Macy to stop but she wanted more.  I wanted her to stop, I finally had to block her messages and whoa the phone calls she made…. She thinks she can have her ring of criminals use me again though Witnesses at the Napa Auto Shop saw how I was stalked when I tried to leave their house. One of the employees at Napa is named Brandon & the other, whell he’s not the type.

Polly’s conditioning, housing, and slave labor is one thing but when it’s Macy’s preferred method of baby trafficking whell it means that the Tenant that Polly has groom her sexual- assault-victims-to-be is a regular in this rape for profit and rape porn ring…. Polly want a cracker, no polly you can’t have one stick to the local trash, us white women in our pretty little lives don’t want any of your trash. And that goes for you too Dan Helsibeck… Mr. I live in Vegas but work in Sheridan.  Your day is arriving get your wet lips ready you pervert. They are gonna speak a tale a tail your ass needs the tail.  Where you go at the day light hours when your not keeping track of the wheat.

Do you sit on Seymour Street.

Im thinking that Macy is in need of a reminder, so here is the link to the recording I have of her murder threats, her sex with Policeman’s sons being a joke to use against other women those son’s are sex trafficking, and her incessant need to have a child abduction made so she can be off the hook with her bosses who need an abduction but won’t get it.

I was being sold for rape to Polly’s tenant in her trailer in a trailer park there in town, I know this because he said where he lived when he came to Polly’s house to pay rent and to see me.  How were they gonna do it, whell, I heard Polly talking about Brandy going to the trailer of her Tenants the next day to clean it and I asked if Brian is going too, Poly stated blankly that she is going to drug Brian since he keeps beating Brandy.  She said she’s getting rid of that woman beater.  See loose lips sink ships but drunkard human traffickers burn them down like a clown to the grownd.

What was I doing in this area anyway… taking a lovely woman to a university along the road was a stop off for gas and that woman is now where.  I was gonna apply at the university too for transfer credit of all my MBA work not just what SPU has, not just where I was stered to by Jama's husband but from all the MBA work I've done, I'm technicaly maybe 3 or so courses away from a full MBA education but no one wants to give me credit for what I've done.

Since Macy wants to pull the Crazy Card, the your psychotic to call me out on my crime card, the you need mental help if you don’t respond the way I need you to card, here then, here is a copy of the recording of her saying the admissions to threatening murder, and she is a murderer, and it also has the way she controlled Paige Zorn with murder attempts made clear in jail when Macy’s trafficking ring got Macy in jail to tell Paige to shut up about Auckenbocks badge that he flashed to her and that she talked about to me…. Your all so perverted in Sheridan that you think your normal, but listen to yourself and watch the reactions you get out of nice sweet gentle people like myself, you make nice sweet gentle people like myself scared, worried, and under duress:

Watch this show Macy, and threaten me about a babysitter again & about how I need to have my baby kept close to me, and I will tell the child welfair services about how your children end up with STD’s even though their a virgin who hasn’t done anything she can remember…. All while you let the door stay open all night while your out on a call…

I’m a witness to your games and you’re a pervert like your mother. You weren’t being nice to me, you were deciding how to sell me, your done and your going to know this soon, you crossed a line, you decided to make a smoking gun, you decided to play a threat.

Don’t forget why you named a Street after a Seymour.   None of you pervs & satanics get to keep Satin anymore, your trap is undone, I’m taking Satin for my own safe keeping of her.  Jesus, what should we do with Satin, she’s ready to be saved.

Go to the guillotine you freeks, you’ll look headless under just the right light.  And the stupid things you used to say will be your last free day.

How is it that Macy Reinholt-Alden-Delaney gets listed the same day that  

Hey macy you sound real normal in this recording you sound real fucken’normal, judge me in your texts with your dirty lies and names and insinuations, I’m so fit you can’t keep up.  The crazy game now officially turns to bite every single one of you. I will not be judged by anyone. You will be judged.

Just Listed:

Keith Swenson

Two Cops working the day Keith Swenson Called The Cops on a Woman that Didn’t want to sleep with a man that night at the beckoned demand of Keith’s.

Cop Marquez

Cop Pastrolo

Cop that tells you his first name rather then his last name, Jeremy

They’ve all been listed for the fact that I reported crimes to them and they made cover up of those crimes for Keith Swenson rather than issuing police reports or even incident numbers.  It’s not an option to not make a crime report when a citizen asks you to and reports crimes to you.  You don’t just get to pick and choose who you make crime reports against. I found out from a Dispatch that there were no incident report numbers or police report numbers for the crimes I reported on two different days, that a conspiracy to cover up the crimes and trafficking of Keith Swenson the man the Cops rent from when they use their dealership plates and cars and trailers.  

Macy Reinholt, aka Macy Alden, aka Macy Delaney

Auckenbock, unless he’s already been listed back when I listed Dan Hilsabeck

Megg Reinholt

Polly Wheat

Vernon Skaggs, aka Garth

Everett Newell

Dane the police officers boy who liked getting Paige Zorn into his fathers house before having her arrested how dare she talk to him the way she did… Dane will teach her a lesson like he’s teaching Macy, how gross are you all, you all need std tests

David Medina

Raul Medina

How is it that Macy exacts their threat against a baby for them, they’re not even in the same town, big pushes to call me crazy are the downfall very soon yes, yes.  When you need to have a person try to believe your way don’t you have a loose wire tap, yes you do.  What did I uncover here just trying to find a place to live?  I uncovered the urgency the urgency that men have when trafficking women I mean the very next day after I paid for my apartment the police are called out by their friend just because I won’t let someone come in and sleep with me…. Whatxcha say oooooh did you only mean well””””….  Then why is Macy involved.  We’re done as of yesterday doesn’t that mean you need to have a bitch happen, you only got one Bitch, you better play it.  We all know your only Bitch is South Dakota but you’d rather get the Bitch involved then played.  Watch how different it goes this time.  I knew that about you yesterday.  Isn’t it your turn now.  If you don’t put this trafficking ring into arrest by the end of the day you become the Bitch and I will be watching.

I don’t have a jeep.  My seeds he stole are pepper seeds.

Talky Talky Talky,



Blog #536

2/24/18    The Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking

It gets updated repeatedly....

... and on that note, the mickyultra method of human trafficking is being defined, its much worse then the McUltra Method of Human Trafficking, but who could be worse then the CIA with how aufull their trafficking is with their Mr. McUltra.... 




Blog #535

2/23/18   Have you ever been labor trafficked... I have, and its the same foo that thinks he owns me, he is in Canada, a Canadian and he knows the "Manager" that the Seattle Purchasers of Hooters in San Diego had stalk me and terrorize me named Chris and the San Diego Police Department used Chris so this owner of me is easy to find... Find him Now. 

Since I just got labor trafficked and had my housing controlled I have a little gift for he who owns me and makes me pay his bills:



I have become aware that your employee robbed me of sales commissions by putting a majority of my sales into a status other than the “JES” designation that my sales were under that I did get paid for, in other words, your employees changed a large number of my closed and money paid for sales transactions to a designation other than “JES” and then I wasn’t paid for them. 

I was paid less then I earned.

I was also paid less then I was promised during my interview offer and acceptance of job.

I was offered minimum wage plus 10% commission on my closed sales.

I received far less than 10% of my closed sales.

I received none of my hourly pay and I was forced to work over time, more than 40 hours a week and I was forced to not take a lunch and was unable to leave the building unless Kahmal attended me.

I was also told to work on one of my 2 days a week off and so I only was allowed 2 days off a week for only one of the 3+ weeks that I worked for you.

I was forced to quit after Paul refused to reconcile the fact that my full sales were missing from my designated record kept under “JES”.

I found one of the records of my sales deliberately misplaced under a “DRW” designation and when I showed it to Paul he started calling me crazy and told me to prove it then he demanded to know what it was that these clients of mine bought.  I found other scams being made at your Fargo location to which sales records and accounting with end batch credit card tape was being scammed.   Your employees were all part of it.  Each one of Kit Doser, Paul Kruse, and Kahmal were all part of the scam that is being run in your store and even Kit Dosner tried to force me to begin to touch your alarm system one day when he pretended not to hear it though he was the one that unlocked the doors and knew the alarm was going off, he simply wanted my finger prints on your alarm system and tried to force me to use your alarm system though my manager never gave me the code, Kit had tried to give me the alarm code the day before and I informed Paul about it but Paul said good, and never once changed the alarm when I told him I was not comfortable receiving an alarm code from someone other then my boss.  I made sure not to commit to memory your stores code but Kit tried to force me to use it and when I would not Kit threatened me that the Police will show up if I don’t use the alarm code and when I said to him oh well he finally decided to disarm the alarm.

I know for a fact that Kit is holding meetings in your store at night with many people, I walked past at night once and saw for my self that the store was being used at night after hours, and that furniture was being moved, and not in the way a store would expect, but more like you had small amounts of furniture changing out.  Paul would refuse to set the alarm on at least 2 occasions when both of us left for the end of shift.

Not only did Kit try to intimidate me with his comments and admissions of his past business partner that extorted money from his & his other partners business, admissions of having killed the past business partner not for the extortion but for the fact he shared with me that he killed his extorting business partner because this extortionist was about to “do it again  to some other person at some other church”.

I was forced to repeatedly here and be called “Kulitz” by your Kahmal employee and his side kick, both of whom Kit refers to as “the animals”.

Paul never stopped them all from calling me a “Kulitz” and even when I fell out side the day that Paul kept telling me to prove and give proof of my missing sales, neither Paul or Kit would help me up, both acted like it didn’t happen and I had to hobble over to others bleeding and in pane for the assistance that Paul refused to give in his robbery of me with his “proof” game.  I was even told that another one of your past sales employees was responsible for my missing sales records and Paul tried to blame his crimes on a sales rep named Maurice who Paul is scamming with at another furniture store called Collins. 

Your idiot employees can’t be this good at it to the point where you keep me from my pay also.

You might want to deny my sales and labor traffic me again but I don’t want that so I am again asking for the rest of my pay.  I filed a workman’s comp claim for the recovery for my medical bills for the fall but I am still in pain to this day from the fall and my wound isn’t even healed yet since it needed stitches but I was to harmed to even think of leaving my home that night, your employees were harassing me so much calling me dirty names and dirty derogatory “crazy” “insanity” comments each time I tried to have Paul reconcile the inaccurate sales record I stumbled upon after repeatedly asking when payday was all while Paul refused to tell me so that he could keep me laboring longer while he stole my commissions.  Kim in the corporate office even tried to act like I must have a misunderstanding when I reported to her that my sales records were inaccurate, she said my misunderstanding must have been from not training in the Bismark location so I had to repeat myself that my sales records were not accurate and needed her to look into the proper accounting, she sent me a list immediately but she sent it to Paul and Paul handed it to me after he had first accessed it.

You will have to go through all the sales and misrepresentations during my work time employment to find my records that Paul changed around but I know at least one of my clients that paid $3400 for furniture I sold them was placed under the “DRW” designation and changed from my “JES” designation I charged them under and sold furniture under, the clients name is Devon Urness and she bought product and paid and was removed from my sales record and Paul did this a lot to me.  I estimate my sales records that are tampered with adding up to at least an additional $1800 in commission you did not pay me yet. So at least $18,000 in sales I made and closed went missing from my record and I didn’t get paid on them yet even though I demanded my full pay back after I was forced to quit.  I have only received one paycheck that did not account for my total commissions or sales, and that did not account for my hourly wage of “minimum wage” which is approximately $7.25 an hour and that was promised to me by Paul in addition to my 10% commission upon my acceptance of my job. This pay would add up to about 5 days for my first week, 6 days for my second week, 6 days for my third week, and 2 days for my fourth week.   This total would be for over 40 hours a week at minimum wage, from 9:30am to about 7 pm on most nights, I was only able to leave at 6pm sometimes aside from my Sunday shift when you open late & close early, and I was never given a lunch break or any other sort of break.  I will be paid for my lack of actual lunch break too then.  Paul has become a threat to the public and a scam artist, you need to release him immediately, you should see what he did to your ceiling when you were having real estate agents out to appraise and walk through the property… Paul tore off ceiling boards and acted like you have a leak in your ceiling in 2 different areas then left the ceiling exposed, the Flex Steal Fabric Shelves pushed away from the wall with buckets behind them and a huge area of in the front disheveled then had Kahmal use a truck to park in the back the entire time showing some sort of power line issue, then when the real estate agents were coming in somehow each one of them were my client rather then Paul’s or Kit, we took turns with clients and somehow I had to help the 3 Real Estate Agents that came in posing as clients looking to buy, when I asked Paul why it is that so many contractors are my turn up he acted bewildered and I said are the Zimmerman’s selling this place, Paul said yes, so I began looking up Commercial Realtors on line in your area and photos of them on their websites proved that these clients of mine that were my up and that lied to me about needing furniture were actually local Commercial Realtors and Paul knew when they were coming in.  I never saw any leak or water in the buckets they just did it for pictures that Agents took to likely drive the offer price down.  What ever the reason for the lying real estate agents, Paul knew enough to que them to be in on my up, my turn to take the next clients that walk in.

Week one:  8.5 hours * T, W, Th, F, St, + three nights staying past 6pm to 7pm so additional 3 hours ,

Week two: Sun 5.5 hours + 8.5 hours * W, Th, F, St, + 4 night staying past 6pm so 4 hours,

Week three: + Sun 5.5 hours + 8.5 hours * M, W, Th, F, St  + 4 nights staying past 6pm so 4 hours

Week four: + Sun 5.5 hours + M,W. quit

$329.88 + $315.38 + $377 + $163.13 = $1185.39 in hourly pay I have not received and was promised by Paul upon my hire and acceptance of his work offer.

Approximately:  $1800 in commission pay I have not received +  $1185.39 in hourly pay I have not received = $2985.39 in pay I have not received but have asked for weeks ago.

Please Overnight this pay to:

Thank you,

Jessica Seymour


And this is the end of my paying and suffering and being in the dirt for you Mr. Canada.  Your issue with my family is easy Im gona help you pay, you pay directly to the masons.

Im free.  

So here is my break up with Mr. If I Don't Make It On The List... your on The List, your song is Listed under San Diego Businesses, I left you a visual you need of a woman in the dirt with you showing up with your strong body to lift me out of the dirt you  made sure I was put in by your friend Mr. Canada. Fuck off and die. 



Blog #534

2/22/18   Here you go.... 

So I still don't have all my stuff, accordingly:

"* Police Department


Second Report: Demand to recover stolen property located at *, and Release to neighbor * located *.

Police Department,

I made my first written report to you earlier this morning and upon viewing the house from the outside, your Keith Swenson did not return any of my property he kept when he unlawfully entered my residence, stole from me, damaged my property, removed some of my property and removed my access by his lock change game you’ve allowed him to do. Accordingly I am placing a second report to you about my missing stolen items and the likelihood that they are in the house I am the legal tenant of but can not get into.  I was not given any formal notices from your Keith Swenson that allowed any of his acts to be lawful, he even lied to me about his last name when he was trying to control me after I contacted him due to his Craig’s List add for weekly rentals which is an add he showed to police on the 19th of April 2018 when he was at my door  demanding me to let a strange man take sleep with me in my home I rented located at * and which has a maliciously open crawl way in the basement that Keith uses and allows other to use to enter the property undetected.

I am demanding that you immediately recover my stolen property from Keith Swenson and from my rental unit that I am too scared to enter into alone and that I have paid for rent on till the 2nd of May 2018, I give you authorization to enter my residence to recover the property that Keith Swenson has robbed me of in his attempts to force homelessness and property conversion upon me. 

I would like you to recover my funds from Keith as well which are the $200 rent I paid for tenancy thru to the 2nd of May 2018 and my $100 in deposit money as I am too afraid of Human Trafficker Sex Trafficker Keith Swenson and he has refused to answer the phone calls & text message the my neighbor has made to him in attempt to help me regain my access and property that psychopathic fit having Keith Swenson forced me into loosing while your cops determine each time they get involved that Keith is normal.  Kieth called the City Water Main Break Emergency Line immediately after he couldn’t get your cops to enter my property illegally on the 19th of April just a day after my tenancy began.  Keith is mentally unstable and a threat to the public and he made a criminal fraudulent report about me having been “barricaded” in my “room” on the 19th just to get your cops to come to harass me when I wouldn’t let Keiths man he brought to my home in, nor would I let Keith open the house up to my having to sleep with men as he demanded me to have to do that night.  I am reporting human trafficking to you.  Your lack of apprehension of keith Swenson based off of my reports in person was also criminal and caused me damage as I did make you aware prior to Keith robbing me, that he had made a criminal fraudulent Emergency Report to the Emergency Line to the City Water Main Break Emergency Hotline and that he was using all your city resources to harass me, bully me, intimidate me, invade my residence with false claims they would need to and have to investigate and did investigate to reveil the unlawfull activity of Keihts whereas there was not water mane or pipe break of any sort, and all this showed Keith's lack of mental stability but you all failed to keep me safe.  I didn’t need Keiths punishment of lieing to Police that I “baracaded” my self in my residence but you came and saw the lie he made then told me to answer the door each time you come to do a wellness check rather then arresting Keith Swenson for making a false report to police which is a felony.   He made a false report to the Emergency Response Water Main Break Hotline too befor he robbed me and you still didn’t arrest him.  Your in conjunction with him.  Accordingly I need you to recover my property from my home as I am too scared to go into my residence given the severe threat that Keith Swenson is to the public safety.  I give you permission to enter my residence and take the rest of my property Keith decided to rob me of when he entered my home illegaly and just dump what he didn’t want in the mud.  I have items missing from the Bathroom Medicine Cabinet above the bathroom sink of shampoos and conditioners.  I have cloth missing.  I have paper missing, I am missing two small black satchels of jewelry from the Express store.  I am missing about $100 dollars in food located in the refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen.  I am missing three pairs of shoes, I am missing two deadbolt locks in their unopened package that I bought from Ace Hardware on the 19th of April 2018 right after Keith had let someone into my home to sit in my bed smoking, I reported this to Keith to see if it was the cleaning crew he promised to send over and to inform him that the crew did not make the cleaning or repairs Keith promised me would be made.  I asked Keith to change the locks when he told me that it was not his cleaning crew.  The locks were about $30 at in an Ace Hardware bag and with the receipt in the bag.  I am missing two grocery store size bags that were in the kitchen shelf full of toiletry items, expensive toiletry items. I am missing 3 black bags that were in the kitchen filled with my dirt and other sod supplies for my farm and filled with other miscellaneous items.  I am missing a blue pepsi crate that is at this time considered and antique even though it’s a plastic crate from the early 80’s, in my pepsi crate were my seeds and other material for planting, I want those back too.  I have a pair of silver shoes that Keith put into my property that are not mine, I had seen them in the basement on the dryer and Keith stole those from some other Victim of his I would like to return them to you for proper identifying as Keith made comments to me on the 18th of April 2018 that the “woman” who’s food was in the fridge “wasn’t coming back for her food, the cops told me all sorts of things about her, she won’t be back” and when Keith told me this I asked him why.  I later saw a box of food left behind while all the good food was not in that box, he converted her good food to himself, and the box of food he left in the living room was supposed to be cleaned out on the 19th of April 2018.

*, I seek to avoid  your cops comments to me and lack of proper report numbers & lack of proper incident numbers and I seek to avoid your Keith Swenson’s lies about me that you fail to report as lies, I never barricaded my self and your cops had a duty to report such rather they decided not to say that Keith Swenson “swatted” me or better yet “wellnessswatted” me which is a crime.  Swatting is a crime, when you lie to cops in the intent to get them to enter a persons home for no lawful reason but only under the false pretense of the lie false report, in which you are committing a crime even if the police fail to enter the home.  I showed my lease contract to * and he knows that Keith is a pervert and weirdo and that Keith repeatedly has the audacity to lure women to this property then act like something is wrong with the women. Other neighbors have also  made many comments about Keith’s ability to repeatedly have cops at that corner house I rent to harass the tenants he lures there from his Craigs List Sex Trafficking Brothel Scam he’s involved with along with your * Car Dealership affiliates.

Please Recover my property immediately as time is of the essence in any robbery and do contact Keith for my cash money funds to be returned to me *.  The number Keith gave to me is *.

Thank you, Jessica Seymour 12 noon 4/22/18""

And that's how real people get things done, fake people like me have to have a strong arm, right. 

Very true,



Blog #533

4/21/18   So you think you can fuck with me

Here is a copy of the police report just made to the cops that idolize the Bill Gore method of using fake bs investigations & car dealerships for their human trafficking via "investigation Operation fake money printing" operatives.  Did I ever tell you that Albert Machour of the Operation Shadowbox's European Coach Car Dealership was making $35,000 a moth while the Operation Shadowboxxx had his wife also working there getting $30,000 a month salary, their salaries were the equivalent of what amount a year 35 + 30 =65 x 12 = $780,000 a year housed and cleaned by the Machhours via the Operation Shadowbox faux Operation which was liason'ed with how many "Public Safety" persons & agencies and how many national defence agencies, and they didn't even net that much in their bust did they, and even Machhour needed me to take a fake 100 bill to the machine in the Oscars Restaurant to get me on camera with fake money, the money I pay for my housing is real and its from the bank, hey Keith your aid is in the eight:

''*** Police Department


Public Safety Report and Police Misconduct Report in re Keith Swenson; Request for 5150 Mental Hold and Evaluation of Keith Swenson….. and later Kate Jorgensen.

I have been made aware that Keith Swenson is calling local emergency lines to make criminal fraudulent reports to them in the intent to harass me, abuse me, and to try to sell me.

I have had the most weird behaviors out of your officers who seem to think they should decide in favor for the non injured party showing a lack of discretion, an abuse of power, and a clear inability to adequately analyze a crime, but for the fact that they are in collusion with the criminal Keith Swenson.

I answered an add on Craigs List for housing that was on more than a daily offer yet your police decided that the psychologically unfit Mr. Keith Swenson’s lies added up to more sense and completely engaged in disenfranchising me, my housing, and even decided not to issue a crime report for the crimes I reported to them.

I reported that my home was broken into unlawfully and that my property was missing, stolen, and strewn around outside with the property of others.   My food is still in my home which I can’t get into because you police refuse to pay attention to crime reporting, and so your Keith Swenson decided not only to impose homelessness upon me after duping me into paying rent and deposit but he also decided to impose starvation upon me.  I say he is “your Keith Swenson” because he was housing 4 of your undercover police officers who were running a small time sting with others posing as having car dealership Dealer Plates for a dealership in ****.  Your sting employees decided to also move in a mobile trailer to use for their operations, and I’ve been kept under unlawful surveillance whereas your Keith Swenson decided to enter my house each time I left it and today I reported to police his crimes, though they decided to reply with “have you heard of small claims court”, sex trafficking is not a small claims court crime and your responding officers need sensitivity training among other type of special logic training so this complaint is about them as well.

1.       On 4/18/18   I entered into a contract and was given residency and possession of the property located at ** Drive in an area of town that your always in and immediately upon my tenancy I was watched by a police car as I was parking in the garage, a police car (SUV) circled around the house while I was in the garage.  I had given money for an extended stay and your officers are familiar with the way Keith Swenson rents out his houses.

2.       Immediately after tenancy began I was bombarded with Keith’s decision to have one of his employees try to barge into my house pushing on the door when I answered and the witness to this is named ***, who is a man your department “swatted” years ago as if he had a person trapped in his home in your interest to know who and what was next door to your Keith Swenson.

3.       On 4/19/18 I was bombarded by Keiht Swenson who had a man sitting outside my home, and Keith started yelling at me from outside telling me that I better open up my door and let him in and that I will be “sleeping with that man tonight” or I’ll “be leaving”.  I told Keith that I won’t be sleeping with any man and that he needed to stop trying to sell me to the man he had come to my house, and I informed him that he needed to stop harassing me and to speak to me in writing.  He (Keith Swenson) started holding up money in the air and told me that I’ll be sleeping with that man tonight and I said no way to him.  Keith began to threaten me about having the police called if I don’t let the man in that he had instructed to come to my door and live in my home with me, a stranger to me that I’ve never seen before, Keith demanded me to sleep with.

4.       On 4/19/18 when Keith Swenson threatened to have police keep me in a position to be sold, I told Keith to call these cops he knows, and he did.

5.       On 4/19/18 Keith Swenson made a criminal fake report to law enforcement to have law enforcement show up to my house where no crime had taken place at.  The police showed up and talked to their affiliate Keith then came to my door.  I asked them to meet me at the other door where there is a window (Keith keeps the front door in poor shape with no peep hole).  When speaking to the Police that showed up for Keith, I informed them of the sex sales scam that Keith Swenson was in attempt of and in forcing of and they ignored me.  I reported to them the same I am telling you now and your officers decided to play a game instead of taking my report.  Your officers told me that Keith had rented one room to me only and that another room is to be rented to the person Keith Swenson decides for me to live with and your cops did not even once stop them selves from this perplexing line of fake common sense… Common Sense Analytical Training would deduct that your cops story wasn’t adding up, who lives in a house then lets their “landlord” send strangers in it to live with them… this story the cops were perpetrating to me was an alarming story and their common sense would and should have prohibited them from acting like there was any plausibility to their story.  I told them that this is inaccurate and that I paid money to live in the home and that there is no other person that is to be joined into living with me by Keith’s decision of strangers from CraigsList arrangement of any sort that I have with Keith, then your cops said to me that they were there on a “wellness check” and I told them that this is an unlawful way to use the “wellness check” and that Keith lead them to engage in harassing me if they were there on a fraudulent “wellness check” call.  It is a criminal unlawful way of using cops to harass a person just like how “swatting” is a criminal scam played upon a Victim in their home.  I assured the cops that the “wellness check” story of their Keith Swenson didn’t hold water and that he should be arrested for lying to cops. The cops left without taking the Sex Crimes Report of sex trafficking attempt that Keith made at my door with his person he said I’d be sleeping with that night.

6.       On 4/19/18 less then an hour after your cops left with out breaking the door down as Keith was hoping for and likely promised, I had an amber light truck for the City show up at my door telling me that they received an emergency call to the City emergency water main line and that I had a “basement full of water” from a “water main break”.  I told the Emergency Response Team person that he must have been crank called and that there was no water main break or leak of any kind.  I informed the City Emergency Response employee that he may check the basement if he needs to but that I believe his crank call was just made by my landlord who had just also made a fraudulent emergency report to the City Police about me, and that this was just another form of harassing me, humiliating me, invading my home and trying to keep control exerted over me by third parties. The emergency respondent went back to his City Vehicle did an investigation, returned to tell me that his supervisor was on the way and that the emergency line did a reverse lookup on who mad eth criminally persuasive false emergency report to them and he told me that he called the number his team gave him and that it was a man named Keith that made the criminal false report to the City Emergency Line.

7.       On 4/19/18  I was lead to have to be invaded in my home by a Supervisor and his Employee that maintain the City Emergency Response Line for broken water main’s and they did their investigation of the basement to find there was no such break.  Then I had to have assistance with the fact that the gas was not working, a person assisted me and found man footprints at the gas valve showing that it had been turned off, so my heat and hot water was turned off by Keith, then I also had to have assistance with keeping my water on after Keith tried to have the City erroneously shut it off which is what Keith Swenson demanded them to do when the Emergency Respondent did the follow up call after investigating the call.   On 4/21/18 I reported this crime of Keith’s to the police but they did not make a report, rather they kept trying to interrupt me so that I don’t state the obvious which is that Keith Swenson is a danger to the public and that he is having a psychotic breakdown of trying to sell me then make fraudulent emergency reports to City Employees. 

8.       On 4/21/18  Three different Police Employees failed to take a report for the criminal and threat to the public acts of Keith Swenson’s that were reported to them.  This is a clear indicator that he is an affiliate of the human trafficking ring that was using dealer plates and a mobile trailer unit and using Keith Swenson’s home to engage in fraudulent undercover work and fraudulent surveillance.  Three other faux “operations” or “stings” have been found to be human trafficking through such methods and your city is not immune to the trafficking ring that is human trafficking, unlawfully servailing & selling & controlling women through this method of fake, concocted investigations set up as if they are kosher; there is nothing kosher or clean about your cops actions of protecting Keith Swenson when a woman reports his sex demands of sleeping with a man he brings to the woman’s home he rents to her.  You have traffickers working at your department that make cover up and funding for the acts of their houseres which is what Keith Swenson is engaged in, I’m just not what he thought, I’m just not a woman he can force intimidate and scare into having to sleep with strange men and your cops he cohorts with that failed to report this on two different occasions now are in his same crime ring. I reported to cops on 4/21/18 that I think Keith is operating a brothel of some sort trying to force women to have to sleep with strange men he demands the women to open the door for, and I didn’t even receive a crime report for this all while the Officers were right there witnessing that my property had been invaded, broken into, altered, and trashed even while their coworkers verified on 4/19/18 my occupancy with Keith who called them and stated to them that I was a paying tenant that just needed his stranger roommate he chose for me to be let in but how it must just add up to some “bombarding of my self” unplausable story the cops fed to me.

9.       On 4/21/18  I was informed by cops that I had barricaded myself in my room on the 4/19/18 day that they used their codes to come harass me and protect trafficker Keith Swenson.  I informed these cops that no such thing had happened and told them that their emergency line was being used criminally by Keith and that I had no “wellness problem” that I “opened the door to the other” fake emergency criminally used by Keith City Employees of the Water Emergency Response Team, and that I had spoken to the cops that had responded to such a lie and proved that no such thing was at hand, but your cops on the 21st of April 2018 failed to apologize for such a horrific accusation of me, and they failed to correct it, and they failed to report it, and they failed to issue me a report number, a report, or even an incident number.  They told me to call them when my rental agreement was found in my property and they told me “have you ever heard of small claims court”.   I was repeatedly interrupted by cops each time I reported the sociopathic and psychopathic acts of their high priority to protect while he’s in his crimes affiliate named Keith Swenson.  I was treated aggressively, and with malicious abusive interrupting and non help, though I am a citizen with rights, and I was not given fair treatment under the law, the priority to protect the criminal and mentally deranged acts of Keith Swenson’s was a clear and present authority the cops were engaging in and in an interest of.

10.   When I found my rental agreement I called the cops to come meet me like I was instructed to do but they did not show up timely and I had to brave the cold, hunger, lack of housing I paid for, and financial disenfranchisement all by my self, all while the emergency dispatcher that was called refused to issue me a crime report number or even an incident number and when I instructed him to inform the other cops from earlier that I had requested to have an incident number issued & a crime report number issued for the break in and sex trafficking activities of calling the Victim Crazy via false reports to City Emergency Report Lines I was put on hold by the emergency operator and then told that he “has no legal authority to tell cops what to do”.  I informed him that I don’t want his legal authority, what I want is him to make notes to his coworkers that I am demanding a report number and an incident number, but your employees seem to want to act like they should be covering up the crimes I reported by continued lack of report number & incident number assigning to the crimes I have reported.  Breaking and entering is a crime, Keith had to break the locks to get in and he then robbed me of my access to my paid for housing and food and he tried to sell me the few days before while he made crazy unplausable criminally engaged in fraudulent reports to City Emergency Lines just to harass me, degrade me,  invade my housing, and to try to force me into his desired homelessness he needs me to be in for his human trafficking ring he engages in with “car dealership” employees and with cops.

I was forced to let strangers into my home one way or the other by Keith like he needed to win a bet or something, the water main break emergency line harassment and bullying is enough for cops to arrest Keith for but when it’s aided by Keith’s breaking and entering all while cops have his evidence from Craigs List that he doesn’t rent by the day is more then enough to arrest Keith Swenson, but I'm required to find my rental agreement in order to have entry to my home provided to me, I’m the injured party the home owner is not the injured party and all the evidence shows such but your cops fail to make report numbers, reports, incident numbers, sex crime reports, human trafficking reports, and they fail to protect the public at large from a man that is having a proven psychiatric fit that is dangerous to the public at large.  Keith boarded up my windows causing a fire hazard to me the tenant with legal rights to my occupancy, he turned off the gas and hot water, and he tried to trick the City into turning off all the water…. Keith is a threat to the public and if I were doing these such things you already have proof of Keith doing I’d have been arrested by now and put under psychiatric evaluation so I am demanding that you arrest and put under psychiatric evaluation Keith Swenson immediately as to protect the public.  Is Craigs List Sex Trafficking that hard for your local police to grasp or are they in on it with Keith… they did use his house for them selves in the past so I think they understand what it is they are refusing to make written recorded records of.  I mean unless you hire the stupidest people, I suppose you just hire the most perverse, one of the cops you sent out on the 21st of April 2018 had a horrible herpes outbreak all over his mustache line at his lips and he seemed to think it appropriate to be putting the public in to proximity with his open wounds and puss filled blisters of his, he’s the one that decided to tell me if I’ve ever heard of small claims court rather than to go arrest Keith Swenson for his unbelievable story and for his documented crimes that you have plenty of evidence of.

I had to back away from your herpes infested cop that responded for Keith on the Day he decided to do this crime of robbery, breaking and entering, and unlawful abuses to me the protected Tenant, I had to back away from your herpes infested cop when he spoke since you failed to put him on desk duty during his outbreak.  You could test him and even his coworkers for herpes if you think I’m wrong but calling the Water Emergency Line is also something you could do to help your need for a mental evaluation and hold of Keith Swenson the danger to the public that he is.

Just because some of your employees and affiliates are in this trafficking ring with him doesn’t mean you are lawfully conducting yourself by covering up his crimes through accusing me and through failing to be plausible and through refusing to issue crime reports when asked, refusing to issue crime reports when crime is reported to you, and refusing to issue incident numbers for incidents of crime reported to you that you somehow don’t understand.

I’m also issuing you the Formal Demand To Shut Down the “Operation” or “Investigation” that is affiliated to using the “Dealer Plates” of car dealerships and that rented from Keith Swenson, I can tell that it is a faux investigating issues just to further human trafficking & discrediting of Victims, so please inform the other Agencies your liaisoning with in the bogus “investigation” that you’re doing with Keith Swenson’s houses & with some Car Dealership in the city of *.  I was told by three local area people that they repeatedly saw about 5 cars with dealer plates on them renting from Keith and that they also saw the mobile trailer unit these 4 men used when they lived at this location.

Its not like I bit someone and went to jail for it or something horrible like that, Keith Swenson had & has no plausible reason to be protected in his crimes… I’ve seen police let a Tenant back into a property after acting like a landlord broke the law, I’ve seen cops tear down garage doors over such ideas yet you have a psychopath sociopath trying to sell women and you refuse to issue reports or help the Victims have the same protection under the law that you give to your Keith Swenson that supply’s you with housing during you need to watch women across the street, oh I witnessed such on 4/21/18,  I saw a woman leave her home then saw a city truck pull up outside to engage in going into the home.

Tenant and Citizen,

Jessica Seymour"

Ok so my housing is still being controlled but I can't get jeopardy. Im thinking that god is in the detail since the devil is so cute. 

Thank ya,



Blog #532

4/21/18   Just listed




Blog # 531

4/21/18   I’m a seal, a dead seal with a monitor on my ankle, and so now Ive cut it off and am again no longer a trash man.  The forgiveness of the circle of Righteousness is not for sale.

MOmentos, I wanted a few mementos’ said the former seal.

I myself served time for the crimes of two other seals that didn’t serve time, didn’t’ go to incarceration, didn’t get to work as a garbage man, and didn’t get to keep me.  I served their time when I did no crime, just because a game of trying to frame is the way.  My tiime was not counted to them anyway now correct, i mean if they can't tell weather I am their sis, woman, or mother then they can't keep what you stole. If they don't even know yet how a seal team actually works I may say for them that they don't own me and neither can you they never proxied. Im a free agent your idiots and your too involved not to know you will loose All I've Towed by your way, I took the boot to the base in San Diego, your buds are redacted.  There is no protection and they like the way they look in dead photos so what must i have to say about it when they can't even fund their mother or sis or woman to save their lives. They still don't know do they so does that mean they will be informed now to fund me.  

but photographing inside a nuclear submarine is a sale.

Right Richard Peter, right mister deactivator of nuclear weapons gone to the sale dismissed due to your own fail. your faith in your desire to call another your worshipful master shows your a coward, your tattoo on your neck of a triangle shows who you think you are.  Right mister special michanic Ron of the Travis Meyer's affiliation.  Go knock on my door and ask for me again you shitbird.

I must say about mementos that they are to be served to the jury, not the president.

I will say he is not what though was.

Trumps a human trafficker into Conditioning and Grooming and when the women who don’t sleep with him for money are forced into taking money from The Rump-t’s attorneys I can tell you that its is known as a Call, the Slave Owners know when their slaves need to be formally forced into prostitution via getting the pay they didn't really ask for in exchange for the sex and the slave owners know when and where their Victims spend money at.  They know that the separation of time between the sex and the forced pay makes them a little less vulgar than that guy who has aids that said he never paid a woman for sex but rather just paid her to leave after sex... what was his name. 

DeVia Rape is a form of forcing a woman into prostitution and the Rump-t is a conditioner for it, a programmer of it, a conditioner in his own mind of it, and a groomer, he launders dirty money of trafficking slave trades and he is under the gun of another aim, not mine, he is under the gun and the pardon combined with his past pardon of the human trafficker Meat Packer that went to jail for trafficking labor of children and for other forms of trafficking is just a show of who he owes.

I will now take back the time I served and owe it upon the inner circle of the others in the Circle of Righteousness and find out how many of them had to serve time for no crime but rather for the acts of others.  Each will go to the hole .




Blog #530

4/16/'18     Playing with tHe Hall of Fame.... 

E. L. James you wrote the book in when and got it out in 2011 telling my life with your fingers, you put in every thing and right down to Anastasia's name so I know you know the Ambassador that had to make sure I worked at his son's restaurant on the San Diego State University Campus & who lived in Escala with all his Canadian drivers, your playing with the Hall of Fame""  and all while I lived in the Seattle Queen Ann Hill stranded and terrorized by your men. Didn't you know that the submission thing was in the wrong era.  you win.

and on that note, did the Anti Stalker Nation see the hall of fame quote listed on this blogs page in the place of the yellow eye quote of Emily's , yes you did, I want to know if you think it is a quote of mine since I am speaking in it or if it's a quote of Roni's since I put her name as the person who stated the quote, or is it the man's quote the man that said that he wouldn't stop till his ex was destitute and homeless, or of course is it the quote of the man that taught him to do such a thing, and helped him do such a thing.  EL James, you tri don'tcha. 

I suppose you needed to know I was ultra kind of love, your the best of the neon and its time began so where do you lay.  Im in the place of the gate and you might see the grate and you might be the late, and you might eat the plate. I've been interested on the fate now i like to see the ..... oh never mind.  

Im saying that I was never claimed and now I was retrained.  Now you can eat like a fly and I only want to know one thing, how did you get Machhour to keep his filthy mouth shut for so long, I imagine its opened now. 

If The Script was changed and you got to issue the same it would have been my name. 

I must say from the Senate you look ashamed. 

Sometimes I wish the Hall Of Fame was a sarcastic hall so I could put your name in it or say you win, but I like the niceness and the beauty of the way it is now 

EL James, did you like the boost Whats his name got when he said his fate, he said hid data actualy he said his data was was used just like the other people that got used by Facebook,  he didn't even have his own attention"" he was silly listening to the guy in his tiny tiny ear piece answer for him the lie, the lie, ooooh oh the lie, he lied and said that his stuff was also taken used and handed to Anlytica and oooh he looked so stunned that question was the first on the list..... he did admit though that he is incompetent and unable to run a company, I mean who uses thier own information the same way they allow their clients information to be3 used, tell me one business owner that does that, he and his human trafficking businesses are not in the clear they got a boost but they didn't get over the gate""""  They decided to say their mentally incompetent and so don't forget that I never once said it when I was being forced into that declaration.  Oh and just listed in a way here at the  link, read to see how the commission command form of human trafficking just outed a trafficking ring that uses mom & pop shop laundering scams made off the backs of the bruised and when their Victim was literally bruised she didn't get her funds either, cant win with this method, just get your labor trafficked and the company acting like you never sold their property and can't get all your money you earned, makes it human trafficking for labor and human trafficking in laundering of dirty money, what country do they get most of their movable furniture from?

Hey missile thats guided to me, tell me your fine"""  and Ill find out.  You a dud?  you got dreams of  mine go out in the world and stop forcing me to start over and over again, get me the arrests, get me my life back you liked watching me have a nice life you didn't like that little movie you don't like spanking women with belts you weren't a slave at age 15 thats the guy that stole the head of the statues in the Eugene State University's library or should we just say that their heads were about to fall off anyway, did they explode, what did happen to the heads in the headless art impersonation of life that the Eugene University Library got from SEattle and how did that "artist" get those beings anyway, how did that "artist" get to have those after the congress didn't need them anymore. and where did their heads go, did the woman in the "art" that stands in the place of their heads decide to eat them? 

Hm. What must I be talking about now.... go ask. 

in the middle is where the transfiguring starts and if they are not holding a baby then they will kill you, wait for it.  

Drivin down the coast again the pills are kicken""" 

A public meltdown petulant but irrec. """"  Your stuck in the riptide, and only the life guard can save you.

if i told you that each of us have our own one of those in us would you think we were loved. if you thought I was wrong would you try to prove it.  If you lost would you keep y our head straight or would you blow up your own house.  I suppose it would only be up to your neighbor right gore, comey, right, wait till you see them spin your gona loose your mind. Oh now did my stitch just come loose""" wanna lay on my fuz.  If I told you that they all come out of the ground not the sky would you say earth loved you. 

stop hurting yourself through not hurting others.... would that be the message sent from the ground not the sky.  would you want to know, would you like it if you didn't have to.  Some times knowing means your not a god.  shooting at schools calling us fools eating the reap   mitchel erica did you know that under the wikipedia page your listed as a womens erotica pornographer, you lost your head, you won. 

Im int the day,

Who gave Zuckerman or suckerman the earpiece, who answered for him, who gave him a boost.  I am sure his attorney was in on the earpiece, its always an attorney that tries to cover up their crimes by calling you incompetent, making it out to be that your some problem to yourself.  Do you think its funny that you are a pornographer too. do you find it hard to believe that the presidents attorney called the fix is just a human trafficker cover up and deliver pervert.  If you have a presidents data too like twiter does do you need to provide it to your authors for their next perversions.  Is it your attorneys fault or is it y ours for saying what he told you to day problem is when their so simple to get you into the incompetence hole to save their ass. 

Suckerman, you could ask Kit Dosner he will tell you all about how true it is when an attorney says your too incompetent to stand trial, he's read all about all the statistics and data that prove it but truely napolian he's actually just been told what to say to his next Victim, and since your too incompetent to save your own private data from being given to Analytica your going to keep your head.  I gave Analytica something, a housewife. 




Blog #529

4/15/18   Guess I just lost....

I just saw that movie "50 shades of grey" and so I just lost.  I realize my competitor put every item into the movie, and I did see it before they saw my blog, and so they won.  Not that they didn't see my Blog before they made the movie but according to when the movie hit the press, I still had not had all the items listed in my blog. So they won.  

I lost the bet, they won, I am since here and now done. I lost the game. 

Jessica Seymour


Blog #528

4/2/18   The Commission Command Method of Human Trafficking is hereby identified

How is it that modern day slave trade didn’t pick up on commission commandeering as a most favorable form of human trafficking… news flash, modern day slave trade has picked up on it…

yours truly,



Blog # 527

4/1/18   Sorry that you had gone through that murder.

From the Senat where I sit, I am deeply sorry that you whent through that murder.  It was not proper, it was not allowed, and it will be left to the middle.  You are worshiped today for reserection but am in the heat and tell you that it wont stand.  when you arrive home you will have the undoing of the murder.  I am not willing to say that I will just make it safe for your return, I am willing to say you may undo your murder. 

I am only allowing this because I am so tired of hearing everyone say you deserved it, you asked for it, your father let you be born so that it would happen.  I am so sick of hearing that it was your destiny, and that you allowed it.  No.

I know you did not allow it, common sense says your not stupid.  Now is this moment eat my ear listen to what I hear say that you love me more then the rest tell me that I can not be unvest, seek my spirit for your return the heaven is now in hear the issue in now my ear. I love you, thank you for letting the fools prepare, sorry for the storys misrevere.  

We are sorry you went through murder, we are sorry that so many act like it was your destiny so that  they may do the dirty things they do then act like you made it ok.  Like you destined for it to be ok, like you accepted it.

On a cross drugged and dying you did not think I'l let misrevere stay forever did you. 

We love you, 

Your the best we invite you to War.

Thank you Jesus,

Jessica Seymour. 




Ham.  David Hogg.  When someone apologizes in the name of what is holy, you must recognize your not the one who gets to deny the apology. I am the one who gets to deny the apology, and I don’t deny it.  Her apology is accepted. Leave Lara alone. I have accepted her apology she made it to me not you, and that’s what you don’t get, you don’t get. 

If you realize that you need to stop then stop. 

Keep going with your lack of ability to protect rights like free speech via your financial campaign of using a persons ability to earn income as your game and its true you will be what has been ascribed to you:

Genesis 9:20-27 20Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. 21When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. 22Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father naked and told his two brothers outside. 23But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father's naked body. Their faces were turned the other way so that they would not see their father naked. 24When Noah awoke from his wine and found out what his youngest son had done to him, 25he said, "Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers." 26He also said, "Praise be to the LORD, the God of Shem! May Canaan be the slave of Shem. 27May God extend Japheth's territory; may Japheth live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth

Get out a magnificent thing to enlarge the words and see.  The anger you use to lash out with these words you say in type telling that her apology is not good for you and that there must be more accountability and how many sponsors does she have now....  it shows your hurt, and you need sleep.

Your authorities need, to let you say that she needs to be destroyed, shows you something, think.  Your out of line and you have nowhere to eat.

Islands like yourself, as in you have no team your just organizing people all on your own now determining your self to tell others what to do, to contact a woman’s support group and tell them to stop helping her with her easy job will be the metal that hides your covered backwards.


Just a wire,

Jessica Marie Seymour


Blog #525

3/30/18  On One Day

in france you have to be an alien.





Blog #524

3/28/18   You Remind Me Of a Psy-0p... I mean Always seen always heard, always fail, always just human trafficking and sex sales & sex enslavement.  Name one psyop that didn't involve someone getting sex.   Force, derange, control.... 


Father complex in psychology is a complex—a group of unconscious associations, or strong unconscious impulses—which specifically pertains to the image or archetype of the father. These impulses may be either positive (admiring and seeking out older father figures) or negative (distrusting or fearful).  Father complex - Wikipedia

In Neo-Freudian psychology, the Electra complex, as proposed by Carl Jung, is a girl's psychosexual competition with her mother for possession of her father. Electra complex - Wikipedia

Gary Rapps bed being used by the doctor on Doctor 90210 to screw Joy in when I tried to stop the entire thing by trying to not let her drive, she’s so good at getting to those men that when I asked her to give me her car keys and not drive drunk & high she gave the car keys from her key chain right over no fight then said I’ll just go home and go to be, 10 minutes later I see her walking out her door and to her car she got in and drove away, just like that she's the liar of the day. She told me later what she did when she came by to confess and laugh all about it about having sex in her dads bed while he and her mother were out of town, wonder how Doctor 90210 knew where we’d be the nought befor all of us, Me, Sarah, Joy all at the Stingerey, probably the same way that the Hindue Eye doctor knew where I was at when I was out years later.  Joy, you and your pathetic father brought much of this stuff upon me and your no longer going to be doing this to others, your day for being done harming women is over, next time your fidget of needing your daddy’s bed for your sex romps is electra’ing you and tickling your father complex just remind your self of the rump-t rump telling women he psy-ops with his little story about how much you look like his daughter, your dads used that once on a woman, your so gross he’s so foul together your both a few avenues short of a condum. IS IT WAS DOCTOR ?.....

Anyways, I must say that if the idea is that the rump the rump the ohso daddy likes the way a Father Complex garnishes instant and strong impulses for him to farm so lets tell all the victims and psy-op inductees hear that they "remind me of my daughter so much" yes likes it so much that he can’t even stop himself I will likely find a trip he is on remove his fantasy one day, he’s gonna be in front of a woman that actually does remind him of his daughter and he gonna get one real bad and find out more about his friends of psy-op tactics and trends. The rump-t dance here’s your chance to do the rump, the rump-t rump-t."""




Blog # 523

3/27/18  Call me Mr. Benzedrine just make sure you don’t let the Eye Doctor in”””

Give me a pen, call him Mr. Benzadrine, he’s just an Eye Doctor but you don’t wanna let him near your drink'in””” 

He’s the hindu eye doctor that drugged me after meeting me at SearSucker, he had the power to get me through the door in to a special event the horn guy was playing that night, he had his special back corner bar tender do the drugging for him and it was the second martini that he had it put into then was ushered out by him and his woman, they got me into their limo and off we went, he made sure to tell me she’s from mexico though she seemed to be just a bit non Mexican, more like Spanish her English was perfect and she spoke just about 3 language but really only one which is the language of being controlled, finding her is as good as finding him.

Perfection Jumping on trampolines for all the Tramp Fans”””  get it get it jumpin joe.




Blog #522

3/27/18  Good Job Street Light People!

The founder of the secretive self-help group NXIVM has been arrested for sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy charges.

Keith Raniere, also known as “The Vanguard” to members within the organization, was charged today in Brooklyn federal court with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labor. The charges arise from Raniere’s alleged role as the leader of a secret society within NXIVM. According to the U.S. States Attorney's Office, Raniere was deported by Mexican authorities after he was found Sunday outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in a luxury villa.

in which Raniere said, "The picture being painted in the media is not how I know our community and friends to be, nor how I experience it myself. However, as an organization and as individuals, we felt it was imperative that we hire experts to ensure there is no merit to the allegations."

"Additionally, I feel it is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group," the statement continued. "I firmly support one’s right to freedom of expression, so what the sorority or any other social group chooses to do is not our business so long as there is no abuse. Our experts, a forensic psychiatrist of international repute, psychologists and ex-law enforcement, say members of the sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, better off, and haven’t been coerced. Furthermore, the sorority is proud of what they created and want to share their story. I am confident they will be addressing you very soon."

“no period for a year” said a mother that introdiced her daughter to this nexium dude… your daughter was being drugged. No babies no loss of sex slave, just ask rumpt. …. Just take my t off and hit my rump…. Rumpt, sweet t, holey t, rkumprumpttrump t-rump spanky spanky eggs and banky.  

So I recently met a guy, he said that he had a friend who used abortion as birth control, I said birth control is an everyday event, she’d had to have had 365 abortions in one year, he said that she’s had 4.  I told him he must have realized that she stopped having that problem he knew about, but then as he spoke more he told a comment about “its impossible for a husband to rape his own wife”, I realized he was a pro.  He ended up fishing in sand so I told him he’s got to cut bait but he refused, he then took the standard default and told me what he would say about me, he said to me that I talk to myself, and this came out of his mouth after he had accused me of cutting a zip tie he had put through some wood… I had noticed two days before that he had left a box cutter in my house so I immediately understood his psychosis, he’s another one of those stuck masons the kind who don’t have enough oversight, the masonic boom.

This kip like guy, he acts like he’s broke, he likes to tell me that he had some business partner that stole all of his money and that this business partner likes to go to churches and fines around with the wealthy church people then get them into a business and that the business they were in was some indoor kids play business withal sorts of kids play stuff in it…. Then he said that when his money was all embezzled by his business partner the guy just had taken his show to the road and became dead because he was about to do the same thing to someone else, and that he is dead because he was going to do it again, and I said wow, then he interjected that he didn’t kill him. 

I said oh.

Now this phenom is telling me about myself after his intimidation tactics about how men die when they rob him and that its because the robber was going to do it again, like it’s the code.


Im waiting for him to hear himself, he’s that dumb, he’s such and idiot that he thinks Sorry Daniel is lieying about trump the rump but the day he has a picture of himself used to spank him with will be all the most interesting.  He’s a dump so have him dumped he’s like kip from napoleon dynamite he’s  that into himself and his technology. He loves his technology always and forever.

I am so pleased with the arrest of nexium freek show now can you federal agents arrest his judges and his cops and his actors and his videogrophers and his which witch the one that lends him her training.  Get his lousy team retrieve away from the people please.  Good Job Street Light People, getting rid of the do anything nexium is a great way of helping.  You need to get rid of his judges the ones with the research need to obey problems.   Raniere's fbi agents are yours for the arresting also.

He pyramid schemed sex sales slavery and branding in person as in others paid to watch his sex slaves get branded, it’s a reverse play and in it your not a reverse hero!  Anti Stalker Nation say spank that rump now Street Light People.  The hump the hump that lovely rump t hump.  Spanky spanky use his pictures, he has women that think they got them selves into bad things just happen to them because they get them selves into bad situations, which sounds just like the san diego police department training manual, you already know they get such woment to spank them with his face on it, rumpt rumpt how bout a don’t touch me.

One of the key principals in jness is that men are designed to be perverted that’s why he needed to put a prop in my name.  glad reniere is in jail your next don’t touch me. “hypnotic induction” is also known as drugging a woman and artarot had made sure to have me drugged in my own homes refrigerated food, then mr machhour would make comments to me about how skinny I was with no boobs left from the weight loss…. Was machhour an inductee to the reniere guys experiment of sexual control of women that just so happens to need rape and drugging…. Glad this guys actually being called a trafficker since no one in san diego or washington human traffick. Don’t forget, I am and Expert in the subject.  Lets not call a truth in analytics a bias your just too stupid to count, when 4 means 365 and husbands have no way of rapeing their wife your just talking to your self, no one will listen to you.

Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking hereby identified.




Blog # 521

3/26/18   and a son

Andason: Did he say he wanted to be spanked by a magazine that had his picture on it.

Sorry Daniel: Yes He said it was a form of helping him control me.

Andason: Did he use a weapon.

Sorry Daniel: Yes his penis he perched himself on a bed in his home he got me to meet him at he positioned me after a few hours of his propaganda and his magazines and his aprenticeships and his names and his helpers.  I was completely used and he said it was a remedy that I be.  He told me that he’s gonna call me later to ask me onto the Apprentice but when 2 turned into 4 I wasn’t allowed on the show since any good conditioner knows that porn actresses have a short window of conditioned response mechanism for forced sex that they will cop to as being consensual, when I was left to a longer reference point of 4 hours before he tried to force sex through tactics of abuse and exploit of me I was able to see the negotiation and since I didn’t actually want to be on the apprentice I was ok saying that I had to go and he could call me later to tell me I wouldn’t be on the apprentice… once sex force through the perfectly times perch exhibit was more then enough, remember, I told you I didn’t want to have sex with him but since bad things happen and I had happened to get my self into a position I had to do what I had to do to save my life as any rape victims knows, you all know that porn actresses are cultivated through rape you all know that especially rape that they will take the blame for like a good little victims, right bill gore, anyhow, I was able to save the sex abuse spare and I later used it.  

Andason: What kind of favor.

Sorry Daniel:  I’d never get counseling to recognize that it wasn’t consensual, that systematic abuse and forced sex with military grade tactics isn’t rape though it is.

Oh said Andason.    

Hey perv, this is enough you had the woman say that she didn’t want to but that bad things happen and that she realized what kind of situation she got herself into the kind of situation where she’d be raped if not for forced consent, its like that fall out boy line, would you rather be a widow or a divorcee, either way the dead is dead….. either way weather she decided to go with the trap HE put her in she was made to have sex that night she was trapped, Romans 5:12-18 it was timed, and she did not have a choice other then be raped or falsely admit to the idea you consented to make it not rape, the not rape is easier for the mind to heal from she’s been hurt and he perched, Wires Above Escala have things like him perched on them and they will attack the death now under my command. Death Through A dominate, Life Through C rihaty  - Therefore, just as a sini is a bait entered the world through one mans fate, and dead thought Sini did you eat a fig, and Sini said no. did you eat a fruit, smiling Sini said yes. So then Rihaty said so did you eat a peach no said Sini, then Sini said but id no like it.  Ohk said Rihaty and the two of them have gotten hatered to be available, so in the story the fruit that got eaten is a quince and that’g GID’s fruit and he just found out and so now he asking Jessica if she will go to war with him and let his O she hold become his again and she said, ok. So your in the Senate said the GID through his O and I said unto he, wasn’t it my quince though. O . Sinis your free go watch this war with she who you adore make sure you love Jessica Marie Seymour first.   And Jesus said I do. Sini and his first i took the second i and became a person Rihaty did the sinder and both are free sin is removed by she who has won. in this way death came yet with the wonder of the light she took sin and reminded the widow. Therefor, as one trespas lead to no passage, one justification lead to no life for all men.  Genesis come here with the last few genomes and show me again how earth brought forth vegetation yielding and seed of every kind, Genisis said ohk, then apig showed up and sid oh Im done. But none will be done for war is in the crate. I will fwn a ply and find the eye and be. And Jesus in his Father Figure said I no longer have many children, just mine, the rest of what has been brought forth are not my family, I will make a new seti for those not my family who I love but love last and not the way that I love my family.  I am a man again. My time and I will sit in the Senates farthest bew trying not to laugh but for the widow like when I saw that coin that day. Jesus did separate the o from the k and said sit back farthest from me while only the few pass by. Wonder not how it was in the middle of the day that I was not the same. That I fought a sedar and flew away, I fought a time and dwindled a day then I remembered the woman arrived with the crown of words she saw finding its way to the light begging to make it stop, and she is her crown of dirty words have been conquered she was made to hold the thoughts of these sad words and so that I may keep love now Iam mad she should have let me know what was happening and how she was conquering.  The words on her crown are for you pigs to read, your pigs you pigs you not men your pigs.   And then I said jenisis sit back and I will be the Revelation, my crown doesn’t say the things you can read I picked up the whore, the prostitute the sun and the stars and I threw them at you then I said read, read whats on my head the forehead and when you eat I will take your he and make you flee. The reveal of bation is that I am shehero the one that saved your nation and I will not allow every knee to bow, your not good enough, you down on your face, all the way down lay down I will separate not another day from night.  Jesus said ok thank you Revelation will you let me give you more stars more moons and more tapping little feet.  Yes said Revelation, Jesus Im in love with you. Yes she said she’d marry me.

Hope will flow till she is a baby. sedar will conquer a variant, Genisis will remove a spray and a K then the everliving water will play.  Your crown will paate

The baptism waters will flow for one day. I will B.

Whow lets all go read Revelation now.

Super J


Blog #520

2/26\5/18  is San Diego Playboy a tryed and tru, hef you better look into your security staff they be selling your girls to the higher power the 60% market share of all American Commercial Real Estate Sales Agency of the M&M kind…..

Matt Post, crazy people aren’t at your level, your anger is on the ballot. Your crazy for thinking that we don’t see your full beard and that the "mind control over grandparents" commenting isn’t crazy.  Are you asking yourself what it is that your teachers are teaching that makes some people want to go to a school and shoot at it with a gun.

I went to high school with a guy who had a pretty full beard but no mustache al that full, he was named Bruce and he sat behind me in Spanish class, your no Bruce.

Did you hear the angry girl who identified herself as a “black girl” prior to the shooting and now she is a “black girl who has not changed”  be aware of the idea that something traumatic didn’t change you, because it did but your feeding the abusers who say no harm no foul no problem.   There is something foul and you all have changed.   Recognize the change don’t live in denial, I have to term out how to del with a change I might be the only one that is able to be unraped, but you are not able to be unchanged by a campus shooting and you know it, here is what you don’t hear:

Kendra Wilkinson dated a man that worked with Alvin Mansour at the San Diego Marcus and Millichap office, even though she was a controlled by hefner woman, how it is that she could date a man behind heffners back means that his handlers sell him short and lie to him and sell his women while he acts like his women don’t get out and play, there is a breach in his clean and his own employed security has made the breach and given him disinformation which is important.   Crystal Heffner sold her diamond engagement ring from Heffner to a La Jolla jeweler who has a tie to the Ben Tashakorian owned jeweler store in La Jolla San Diego, Ben Tashakorian is the Marcus and Millichap Employee who sold the big old deal with Alvin Mansour, your crowds Mr. Post are organized by the same shit Facebook hired as their mass minority control and organize unit that got trump elected and you’re their new study, trump is a study in you.  Your protests against your own safety is a Cambridge Analytica specialty and why do they from Brittan want you disarmed and why does it make sense to you to say to me that you are willing to give up your right to self protection of gun ownership just because others are not like you and that their crazy while your not, so you shouldn’t have guns.  In case you didn’t notice Matt, your outgunned, those that seek to own you have advanced guns just like they did 200 years ago and as their guns keep advance so should ours so that protection isn’t meaningless, mute, unable.  And by the way, your comfort calling people crazy on tv shows your just a little bit unable to grasp why they need protection from you.   You are willing to do anything to say what you say.  They are not.  If you have guns walking their way into highschool so that people can act like its from craziness your ill in the thoughts you protect, in fact your crazy in the thought process since you missing the most logical and statistical purpose of those events, if a presidency can be commandeered cant a student, didn’t someone tell the shooters something, what did the teachers teach the students that made them want to take a gun to school and it is something you were taught too.  Isn’t Cambridge Analytical a British empire also who sell women to the door to door holiday parade of politicians that like to see you upset at the way.   You didn’t really live before facebook you just listened to  your parents friends prior to facebook, and do I care no.  I care about how you have such a fantastic beard.  You and that guy that guy thatAaalayah Eastmond still regular and will fight for all of us, she was different before the shooting and the idea that she wasn’t is crazy, should I let her have a gun as an adult or just as a now past the page of crazy adult like oh say 21.  Study genocide or at least attempted genocide and stop acting like I don’t deserve a gun.  Matt, I know you won’t be out gunned if the day ever arose that genocide is a real thing attempted.  I know you Mattt that you won’t be outgunned since you’ll be just old enough.  You’ll change your way, and if there is a demand it would be for you to stop saying people are crazy for shooting up campuses because the truth is that they are likely drugged  likely influenced and likely taught like you’ve been taught, calling people crazy people who need distance from guns is like saying you’re a logical person that needs no protection the world is safe and no dictators exist and America has no problems.  Guns are just the way to get you ready to be marched, listen to the beat of your marching feet sounds like a time.  Exploit the genocide say it never happened, show your face.  You have to be an armed republic or your just an Analytica.

Phillip Mudd needs to watch about the newest crazy, he’s it.  He’s a man that didn’t cry when trumps pick to run the CIA was water boarding for 29 days straight a person that doesn’t want to heal you.

I want to heal you, your not doing a good job calling me wrong, you don’t understand the fact that we all have been to highschool too.  We all have learned what you’ve learned but we didn’t call our selves on par with the betters till you did. We all just thought you were like us when we were shot at in highschool with things other then bullets, you’re the one saying their not like you which is something we never said, we never said that not al 18 year olds are like us the crazy ones don’t deserve much, your saying that your saying distance your self from your crazy piers we never said that since we had crazy highschool moments that did not encourage genocide tactics like what facebook is doing.  Your being taught and trained in a specific way cultivated quite sometime ago, wake up.

Bill Mudd didn’t cry when his cia friend that is now in charge murdered and killed to keep an oil coup transparently unseen by your family, your not on par with me Matt and you have no right to tell me that I may not self defend, sit up on your pedestal and shut up. I promise my crazy ass won’t shoot you or at you or at anyone else that isn’t trying to kill me, maybe I should shoot at the next who tries to rape me it’s better then pretending I’m the same as before though I just might get back to before with a special type of thought.  You however on your pedestal are crazy to think you have the right to tell me at age 18 19 or 20 that I don’t have the right to self protection that has  meaningfulness to the same guns the police that want to rape me carry.  Shut your mouth Matt and just listen to your prep say what your prep tells you to say don’t deviate or think analytically or for yourself, just shut up sit on your teenage pedestal and listen to the clan you spit from, your not thinking what you say your regurgitating it after handing spoon fed to you or you can prove me wrong but you can’t.  You’re the problem when you think your not right to protect your self from those who seek to analytica you, fool , your old enough to be called a fool aren’t you, so then when you come after me lets make it mano a mano since my physical attributes definitely keep me totally consistent with arming my self to defend against you, I’ll just put on my padded bra and we can sit together while you rape me or kill me as I try not to hurt my self fighting you.  Those that tell you what to say on tv the preparatory, they are rapeists and at your tender age of what ever you say your already their idiot, but should I let them out gun you, no I shall not.

The shooting did change you and your exploiting others into saying that it didn’t.  your just a bitch in a book, should you stay that way all your life. Oh wait your probably on a pay role and Im just crazy.

Guess I should have to use stones to kill my enemy approaching me to harm me mortaly and mortality’y, some wounds you keep after the attempt didn’t kill you and their real and they don’t show a perfection of lack of self defense they show the imperfection of it. Grow a bit before you want to kill please.  I was never as irresponsible as you at the same age.   I get my period so I’m crazy, I know I can go hand to hand with you when you come for me because Im crazy.  I can make love but I cant say when because I’m crazy you think I can defend my self from you makes you crazy…..

…. Or maybe they should just only get to rape and drugg and attack 18, 19, and 20 year old girls, or maybe just the crazy ones and it should all be based around which ones don’t have a gun because the rapesist in this trafficking ring your bowing to do find out what guns their intended Victims have or don’t have, you’re a fool. Maybe it’s a right of passage to be able to kill and molest a person based on their age and lack of ability to self defend you pedophile in training.


I went to Quince Orchard High School right there next to you you’re a fool Im so cool. Don't you know, black market gun trafficking has a 98% corellation to human trafficking, fuck you you pervert, Im gonna go out and look like a  highschool kid talk like a 50 year old with an agenda and throw around the word crazy like I never thought it might be used to describe myself the put on par myself to the girl who sad she was regular and is still regular after the shooting.  Your a danger to the public Matt. 


Jessica no genocide jes.


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3/25/18  Just Listed  Michael Dean Cohen

So when you try to sell a woman by telling her that she owes you 20million if she don't stay quiet then your a trafficker.  However when you don't want to be a person who's name is on the check you make the handler in  your enterprise heloc his home. 

Attorney Michael Dean Cohen of a New York based company, your Listed. 

Jessica Seymour


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3/24/18 Magnitude Scales

The first scale that genuinely calculated a magnitude for a tsunami, rather than an intensity at a particular location was the ML scale proposed by Murty & Loomis based on the potential energy.[38] Difficulties in calculating the potential energy of the tsunami mean that this scale is rarely used. Abe introduced the tsunami magnitude scale {\displaystyle {\mathit {M}}_{t}}, calculated from,{\displaystyle \,{\mathit {M}}_{t}={a}\log h+{b}\log R={\mathit {D}}}

Mt = a log h + blog R = D

where h is the maximum tsunami-wave amplitude (in m) measured by a tide gauge at a distance R from the epicentre, ab and D are constants used to make the Mt scale match as closely as possible with the moment magnitude scale.[42]

why isn’t the 2011 tsunami that occurred while I was falsely imprisoned in a crazy jail listed in wikipedias  page. 

My name in wikepedia ends their game. 



Jessica Marie Seymour


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3/23/18  Mc Dougal  Mc Dougal  À sortie idiot

In the Vanderbuilt interview of Playboy model Ms. Mc Dougal she stated that Trump contacted her because he liked her test results. 

McDougal said that she thought they'd get married, she said that after she was bedded Trump showed her his hand and in it was a bunch of money to pay her for sex.  The look on her face.  She cried all night, she went back and then 10 month trafficking of her was complete.  She went back, she went back, she must have trafficked herself then.  McDougal was his prisoner.  She was driven psychologically to prove to him that shes not a whore, not a prostitute, not into him for allure, but that it was real, really real, and he played his wife in on her dragging her around his family and wife as if to McDougal, that family was her future and his wife was the new past that would pass.   And "pass a test" was the beginning of the after rape game, he raped her if he was not telling her that the sex was paid for.   He intimated it to her after the fact they, the didn't meet randomly, he had her medical records ahead of time because he paid for them, he made sure he was with a clean woman that had a dossier on her psychology already prepared, and Agent Albert Machhour is the Agent that told me that Heffner has a file on each girl where he know EVERYTHING about her before he sells her, heffners girls are always clean... this story it strue.   What test and who calculated the score, he called her to say he "liked the way she scored on the test".   he is the only way.  Where is the test results he received because he couldn't have been referencing the money in hand he showed after luring a woman to sex through knowing everything about her first, or as it's most properly termed, buying rape that doesn't get reported. 

If your forced into consent then you didn't consent.  It's rape.

If you concented but did not have disclosure of pertinent issues surrounding the sex, then you did not consent.  It's rape. 

If you found out that you didn't know the person who presented themself to you one way, then you did not concent.  It's rape. 

So there's Rape, there's Statutory Rape, there's DeVia Rape.

Is McDougal an idiot. Not at all, she doesn't even know what she's describing.  She was trafficked by a group of masters, and forced into sex by a handler and programmer who revels in his idea of himself as a programmer, he put McDougal in to a Reverse Prisoners Dilemma where she lost more by taking the money, and lost more by not returning to him to give him more sex after she was shown what he thinks of her. This is a human trafficking.  He's done this with the money laundering too. 

Meuller, I hate the FBI traffickers you cosset and further, are you going to "interview" trump just to let him free, or are you going to figure out what I know.  Do you care to know the only way out of a Reverse Prisoner's Dilemma and how to get out of the one Trump has you in with him.  I already know that you are going to do just that because he went through the suffer, but did he have enough, no.  and its your family Meuller who get to be placed to suffer if you fail in the idea that your the guy that's gonna arrest a president.  Trump firing you would conclude a series, if he is old he will seek not to conclude a series.  I am seeking to conclude a series.  I can't have trump fire you or it means that I lose and I will not loose, here is how.  If I say that I'm not an alien then I can't loose.  I'm not an alien.  

Smootchy smoottches,