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A 501 (c) (3) Non Profit, Public Charity Status 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi). 


The Victims of immunity foundation was formed in response to the type of human trafficking that immunity holder's engaged in against jessica Seymour

The Victims of Immunity is a foundation open for acceptance of donations that are used to bring awareness about how the majority of human trafficking is conducted.  Founded in 2012 as a response to the human trafficking performed through the owners of Joseph Kony and their guerrilla such as Charlotte Awino on with the SPU (Seattle Pacific University) in the area of Queen Anne Hill. The human trafficking that Kony’s Owners the united states, Awino the university and the state were performing was made against Jessica Seymour for effort of concealing slave trade efforts that federal employees conduct. We are not affiliated in any way with Charlotte Awino or any of her affiliations, current, past, or present. 

Victims of Immunity is a non profit foundation created as a response to the fact that in 2012 the Joseph Kony affiliated trafficker Charlotte Awino had threatened to Jessica Seymour that there would be a campus shooting and that it would be blamed on Jessica Seymour.

The Victims of Immunity Foundation states that Victims of Immunity are people who are being trafficked through someones immunity that is given to them by their job. Charlotte Awino was part of an experiment to traffick three people, Ms. Jessica Seymour was the first she trafficked in that experiment.

The experiment that SPU & Charlotte Awino are a part of conducting was a research experiment that used uninformed human test subjects in unlawful, unethical, deadly, immunity forfeiting, and abusive ways.  The Research Method of Human Trafficking is a way of covering up crime prior to the crime being engaged in, and it is a way of getting funding for the crimes Traffickers are intending to engage in. The Research Method of Human Trafficking is a way of making sure you don't go to jail for the trafficking your about to conduct and want to get gratified in doing while collecting a federal, state or research fund paycheck to traffick.  Victims are never actually part of any actual experiment, Victims are unknowingly put into such a faux research game so that they can be completely controlled when they inevitably report crimes they've witnessed or had done to them. Seattle Pacific University along with other Universities like Michigan States & Larry Nassar's human trafficking of students, and like Penn State's & Jerry Sandusky's human trafficking of students is a form of trafficking that is sanctioned by the government through "research grants" and all the trafficking of the involved students and athletics is a government sanctioned offense that the students are not apart of, didn't sign up for, don't know is why their being abused, and is a form of trafficking where the Victims either have to go public in a big way to try to recover the funds they spent to the university while the university used the Victims own money to further the trafficking being made, it is a method of human trafficking where you get your intended Victim to pay you to traffick them.  You become media sensationalized and publicly identifiable and even more sellable to the dark web of trafficking in order to recover for damages you sustained all while you were forced to pay for something you didn't know was going to be a form of trafficking of you, like tuition payments, mortgage payments, association dues, ect.   It is the Pay Me to Harm You Method of Human Trafficking. 

In 2012 Awino informed Jessica Seymour that her home would be interrupted, her family would be killed in front of her, and then she would be placed on the SPU campus to be made to be blamed for a campus shooting, all this was done after the abuse of court process was engaged in for catholic mafia by Attorney Gary Ownen Roberts who goes by the name Gary Roberts and who is a specific type of Catholic just like the Catholics that Awino was abdutcted for.  Gary Roberts is an attack for the pope catholic, he’s not the kind of catholic you think you are. Gary Roberts is the type of catholic who thinks he’s on a prophet related crime spree, he is a member of a catholic crime ring that calls them selves the prophets and these men get jobs all over in order to continue human trafficking in the Lords name just like Koney does wiht his Lords Resistance Army.

In 2014 the 22012 warned about campus shooting for SPU occurred, though Jessica Seymour had in 2012, after being threatened, moved back to her home in San Diego located in the Escala development of Mission Valley San Diego California.  When the 2014 Seattle Pacific University shooting happened Jessica Seymour was on the beach in Mission Beach San Diego when a man kicked sand on Jessica Seymour assaulting Jessica Seymour while she sun bathed in her bikini; the male perpetrator had a camera hidden in his cane he used to walk with though he was later apprehended by the Life Guards riding his bike on the boardwalk with no cane. The San Diego Police Department of Bird Rock (La Jolla) responded to the assault crime and arrested the man who timed his assault to be made when the SPU Shooting was taking place and the San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis never once asked Jessica Seymour to testify against the man that timed his assault to be made when the SPU shooting was being made. Even though there was a witness statement given to the Life Guards and to the Police by a woman that witnessed this man walk up and assault Jessica Seymour, Bonnie Dumanis and her disgusting police, sheriffs, and courts protected the perpetrator and never asked Ms. Seymour to testify at this abusers sentencing hearing or in the City Attorney's prosecution of him. 

The Shooter was identified as Aaron Ybarra, who had a Seattle Public Defender named Ramona Brandes who had been timely contacted & had been given faxed paperwork regarding the deposition necessary for a non civil rights violating trial related to the campus shooting threat that Charlotte Awino made to Jessica Seymour in 2012, but the Public Defender's office and attorney Ramona Brandes refused to contact Jessica Seymour, and refused to try to depose Awino or Seymour in lieu of talking a man on mentally altering drugs into saying that he is guilty. Soon after the shooting Aaron Ybarra stated that he did not know how he got to the campus that day.

Through out 2009 and in early 2011 Jessica Seymour had been deliberately falsified as "crazy" by the San Diego Police Department in cover up of the crimes that, Former West Coast FBI Director turned San Diego Sheriff, Bill Gore's "Operation Shadowbox" had been committing in collusion with state and federal Agents.  When Jessica Seymour found small and numbered cameras hidden all over her home with some of them hard wired in to her electric wiring, she reported these criminally installed hidden cameras she found, she was then maliciously falsified as a "crazy" person by rouge law enforcement and especially by the San Diego Police Department's attorney Jan Goldsmith, the City Attorney's Office of San Diego, prior to her being ushered out of San Diego by the acts of state employed investigators who had traumatized a woman into a relationship with a human trafficker named James Shelton. This woman was aided in helping Jessica escape Escala to relocate to Washington.  Research later relieved that James Shelton was a notorious childhood murderer who served 30 years in the constant control and instruction of a Sheriff's Department near Seattle; like Charlotte Awino who also served over a decade under complete control of Joseph Kony and made into a notorious childhood murderer.  How many notorious childhood murderers does Jessica Seymour need to be put into proximity of before the ring of Sheriff affiliated human traffickers of Bill Gore's stop; Bill Gore is a retired West Coast Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who had transferred to FBI Internal Affairs in DC when he was nationally credited with the murders of people in their home who were doing nothing to anyone, he then ran for elected office post of the San Diego Sheriff.  James Shelton was instructed to control the woman that aided Jessica Seymour to leave San Diego and relocate to Seattle Washington.

These were especially toxic tactics of Bill Gores and of the City of San Diego since San Diego Police Officer Pino-Jarvis knew why she was called in to Ms. Seymour's Escala home to help assist Mr. Robert Tartaro remove a portion of the hidden camera equipment that had been found while Ms. Seymour was made to stay in her own room by a different San Diego Police Officer; Ms. Seymour only saw Officer Pino-Jarvise leaving her home with much of the camera equipment because of how she disobeyed Pino Jarvise's team mate Officer that was trying to force Ms. Seymour to stay in her room on the day that the hidden cameras were reported to the law enforcement agency of the SDPD.  Ms. Seymour was repeatedly treated as if she was not allowed to be in her own home.  The SDPD actually conspired to remove evidentiary property from Ms. Seymour and from her home immediately upon Ms. Seymour's reporting of the hidden camera crime, or did the SDPD conspire to remove the cameras immediately upon them seeing Ms. Seymour finding them, the cameras were a live feed being watched by as many as were willing to pay the San Diego Police Department & Albert Machhour & Bill Gore for access to watching Ms. Seymour live in real time and in real time data gaining of what Ms. Seymour was wearing, saying, preparing to depart to, conversing, etc.

The San Diego Police Department robbed Ms. Seymour of evidentiary property then called Ms. Seymour "crazy" in court when she sued for damages such acts caused, all while their Jan Goldsmith instructed his jr attorney to say this was a case of "hiding cameras in your own home then wanting to get paid for them" and defrauded Ms. Seymour out of justice and due remedy which later allowed for the campus shootings to be more steadily engaged in, and they did so boldly in the face of truth and data, they did so boldly after Robert Tartaro filed in court his Answer To Complaint in which his 11th Affirmative Defense is his Immunity.  Robert Tartaro did this complaint answer in the face of his police counterparts who still in the face of evidence and with a court house in full knowledge decided to play a game as if Jessica Seymour was to be held in a jail for being incompetent, no crime committed to jail Ms. Seymour just a false accusation by already proven guilty cops. Robert Tartaro's Eleventh Affirmative Defense Filed in the San Diego Superior Court was his Immunity.  It is not allowed to use Immunity as an Answer to Complaint Defense unless already proven that you have to.  Then this court that sought to have Ms. Seymour abused with drugs in a jail for not committing any crime other then telling The Truth, got to be relieved of such right in front of rapist Robert Tartaro who came to court to sit in the seat of the Mother, Robert Tartaro sat next to Jessica Seymour's mother on the day that Ms. Seymour was released from such horrific abuse of the court, and of the San Diego Police Department and Sheriff who will lock you away in the face of evidence against them, though you've committed no crime, and they will seek to drug you abuse you have you harmed and then include themselves into your family.  

This form of human trafficking a woman through hidden cameras is known as part of the Law Enforcement Method of Human Trafficking where law enforcement employees will use their status to pretend to be investigating women that have done no wrong but who are highly sell'able to voyeurs who like to pay to have access to the knowledge of where a woman is, where a woman will be, where a woman will be at, and what a woman will do on any specific day, and they like to watch their intended Victim prior to their intended attack they will make once data is gained as to where that woman will be & will be approachable at.  This voyeuristic characteristic of this type of human trafficking is akin and assisted by computer hacking and monitoring also made in real time as a Victim is working, socializing, and using her computer, her addresses and contacts and calendar are of specific interest to these types of human traffickers who also seek to take money data from Victims accounts. Operation Shadowbox was later found out to be a cover for human trafficking and was staged as a flop of an operation that cost millions, recovered small amounts of money, hosted many gambling and prostitution exchanges, and basically became a poster board for how to exchange being an immigrant (chaldean) as a way to have an excuse made by Bill Gore for using the State of California as a federally employed trafficker via preposterous use of the Patriot Act provisions related to those certain type of immigrants that can be tied to Irack.  A few of the San Diego Chaldeans made good in their exchange of their lineage as a reason for having the State deploy Federal Agents upon those who Sheriff Bill Gore was stalking. 

In 2011 Ms. Seymour's acceptance into the prestigious MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program at Seattle Pacific University had played a role in SPU's designed campus shooting event, that later transpired in 2014, when there was a threat made by the team-mate's of a man named David Wetzel.

David Wetzel had stormed the SPU campus in 2012 to harass, terrorize, and role play against Jessica Seymour while she was in her Finance Course on campus. These events were related to and reported to Seattle Police Department Officers in 2012, but a Seattle Police Officer named Dorian D. Oreiro made light of the reports and threatened Jessica Seymour with the term of being called crazy; this threat was captured in audio recording of the report and a copy of the audio recording along with a complaint was lodged with the Seattle Police Department's Internal Affairs Department.

In the SPU shooting [ ] a man named Aaron Ybarra was made to take the blame of the campus shooting event that Charlotte Awino had described to Jessica Seymour about 2 years earlier. A person claiming to be a student was murdered, he went by the name Paul Lee. His status as a student had been unverified by legal teams.  His autopsy stated a wound to the head though first hand accounts state that the Victim was shot from the front around the chest.

In between Jessica Seymour leaving SPU in early 2012 & the 2014 shooting on the SPU campus having transpired,  a different school shooting transpired in Sandy Hook Connecticut on Jessica Seymour's birthday of December 14th; the morning of that Sandy Hook shooting an Army Ranger named David Hildebrand, who was an undercover agent trying to traffick Jessica Seymour for his affiliates, had opened up the door to Jessica Seymour's home when she was in her room sleeping though her doors were locked. Hildebrand had never been given a key to Jessica Seymour's home and he entered her locked home by use of the key that he used when he entered her home prior when she was away from her home conducting business.  Hildebrand had the key made for him by one of the local lock smiths that assist the human trafficking ring that traffic's in the La Jolla, Del Mar, and Mission Valley areas of San Diego California.  On a different occasion Hildebrand had also been somehow able to walk in to a computer lab that Jessica Seymour was in right after a San Diego Policeman had walked into the same computer lab.  Hildebrand demanded that Jessica Seymour step outside to talk to him.  Jessica Seymour was unaware that he was an undercover agent seeking to human traffick her but later found disturbing information that proves such. 

Victims of Immunity is a foundation that gives community awareness, self help for Victims, Expert Witness Services, and a Dictionary of VOI terms and insight. Immunity abuse is prolific within the black market of slavery. A working legal definition of Human Trafficking is located in the VOI's website with in the VOI Dictionary.


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 What Needs To Be Fixed

A 2012 report on human trafficking in America revealed that Seattle is America's largest human trafficking hub, but that very few arrests for human trafficking are made in Washington, very few if any victims are ever recovered, and virtually no prosecutions for human trafficking are brought in Washington against any human traffickers even though Washington was the first state to create laws against human trafficking.

How is this dynamic even a possibility? It is because a large network of human traffickers have long ago sought out any and every job that provides immunity, like the diplomatic immunity of an Ambassador, the judicial immunity of a Judge, the quasi immunity that court clerks receive, and especially the immunity given to Defense Agents, Intelligence Agents, or Police officers. These human traffickers have been furthering and protecting their trafficking ring through these surreptitiously gained immunities they sought to have when they applied for their job.  The west coast has a major human trafficking network that is supported and run by traffickers that have gained immunity giving jobs and other sort of law enforcement jobs.

This is a tragedy for Americans, but even more so for the Victims who are often called "crazy" or called a "prostitute" if they try to report the human trafficking crimes or if they try to gain help & many of these falsely labeled Victims are kids. Currently there is no meaningful help or protection for the Victims of Immunity, because the human traffickers protect themselves through their network of  immunity. Due to this dynamic the Victims Of Immunity Foundation has emerged.

The Victims Of Immunity Foundation estimates that the hardest hit demographics of people living victimized through someone’s immunity are:

1. Victims of certain types of human trafficking, like trafficking through rape, trafficking through Diplomat's "international cards", trafficking conducted through fusion centers, data gathering centers, churches, doctors offices, "investigations", and the “Gambling Method” of human trafficking performed through, and/or affiliated to, immunity holders;

2. The ex-wives/ex-husbands, ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend, of an Agent or Officer who has an Immunity of some sort; 

3. Women and men who have lost their Immunity or Immunitied Position, and now pose a threat to others who still use immunity in unlawful ways to victimize.

4. Students who have been lured and otherwise manipulated to specific Universities or schools that are overran by human traffickers whom launder human trafficking money through the targeted students Federal Financial Aid, and through “research” Grants;

5. Persons who have survived the foster care system, ward of the court system, or any "embryo" engineering system.  There is a high correlation between foster care survivors ending up targeted by Immunity holding Human Traffickers.

6. Persons who have been targeted by "Perceived Immunity" seeking Human Traffickers; Human Traffickers will also seek out jobs that give a perceived authority, and a perceived immunity, as to target Victims through.  Many IHT's (Immunity Holding Human Traffickers) direct other traffickers to get jobs as Doctor's, Psychiatrists, Life Coach's, Professor's, Sport Coaches, Lawyer's, Priest's / Pastor's / Rabi's / Imam's, Politicians, Nun's, Social Worker's, Nurses, etc. as to traffic through.  A Victim of an Immunitied Human Trafficker can be made stalked and targeted through a person who holds a position that the general public looks up to for knowledge, guidance, or assistance.  Any job position that grants a general or overwhelming trust factor, or authority, can be targeted by human trafficker's who are looking to abuse that trust as to create future Slave's and Handler's.  A perceived immunity is gained by traffickers overtaking of job positions that seem to have an overwhelming factor of trust inherent to them.  

7. Women who have expensive personal property and real property, but who are not married.  Attractive women that have wealth, or who have significant others that have wealth or high profile personalities within the communities that they live in. 

8. People that have had their credit card uses monitored and tracked by card services departments that have been established by the FBI or NSA as if they are a liasion to your credit card companies servicing department. 


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