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the Blog is back...NOTICE & Disclaimer: The SeeMore Blog is real world Pg 13 type of content that should be conformed by a parent for teen and preteen awareness purposes of saving them from being a Victim as many Victims are regularly targeted at around ages 2, 7, 9, 12, 14 and any age is vulnerable. If you are 13 or younger please have your parent(s) relay the Blog to you, rather then trying to process it unaccompanied..

None stir the second time -
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye -
— Emily Dickinson

This Dickinson quote couldn’t be more appropriate in this blog! I just found it two days ago and it embodies our VOI imagery so well.  I found this quote in Emily Dickinson’s poem about “purpose in life” …. Even better is the irony in that this poem uses a gun as imagery where the gun finally realizes its purpose in life once a hunter finds it and uses it for hunting food and for protection..... See Emily Dickinson used her poetry to emotionally sustain herself and to protect herself as a woman who was living in a time of far reaching oppression of women.

This passage of Dickinson’s was so perfect since I repeatedly was targeted by Tartaro & his team of terrorist, as if I had guns, which he knew I didn't have since he violated every inch of my home and knew every possession of mine - his dirty trafficking cameras saw everything and all involved knew that I have no guns.

Now, we see what Tartaro's wrongful agenda was beyond just a cover up for his trafficking cameras he hid all over my home – and in the most interesting turn of irony, we finally see Tartaro’s purpose in that gun scam since I was later steered and manipulated to specific Universities by Tartaro's team of terrorists to be further abused by murderer's like Charlotte Awino, the irony comes into play because it took numerous questionable shootings that all in one way or another used a school or university to facilitate the questionable parts of the shooting, it is ironic that suspicious shootings had to transpire for us to finally see why the "big gun story" was engaged against me by Tartaro's team, and why this big “gun story” was also used during the abduction of me that Tartaro facilitated and just like an obsessed rapist he even had the audacity to show up and sit next to my family on the day I was freed from that abduction.

Tartaro did this as to make sure to reinforce his terrorizing of my life... he wanted me to know that he had a part in the abduction I suffered, and he wanted me to know that he had a part in the targeting of my family, which he knew I would later find out about from the premeditated Charlotte Awino threats about my family. See, these animals always preview to you what they are going to do to you as a way of trying to induce fear and feelings of being scared. These Immunity abusers think that you will go along with their agenda easier if they preview it to you first.... it is an abusive use of a technique called "psychological conditioning".  Here is some direct conditioning for Tartaro & his team of terrorists: Stay away from my family.

It would be nice if Dickinson’s quote were true, if all Abuses of Immunity, if all Immunitied Human Trafficking, and all trafficking, could be stopped just by laying the light of vision upon it, by laying upon it the light of seeing it for what it is and the purposes these Abuses of Immunity serves.

Unfortunately, this is not all it takes. I need your help in making this stop and all you have to do is tell a friend about this social issue.  Please read and follow my weekly blog on the stalking that still oppresses me, and help me bring it to a stop through awareness and documentation of it.... but more victims than just myself need you!

See, I know my purpose in life is not to be terrorized and stalked repeatedly by Immunity Abusers and their children.  My purpose in life is not to be repeatedly abused by this group of sociopaths while they take lament in the cries of their Victims.  No one’s purpose in life is as a punching bag for Abusive Immunity holders. No one’s purpose in life is to be exploited and abused so that perverts can make money off of the suffering they put you through. 

Like the power of Dickinson's Yellow Eye, these Immunity Abusers need to not be able to do this victimizing to any more victims, and we can accomplish this through community awareness of this social issue, awareness of the Victims of Immunity, victims that are sought to be created by Immunity Abusers.    

We need volunteers to help bring community awareness to this problem. Please help our cause by donating your time to the Victims of Immunity Foundation.  We ask that you bring awareness of how Immunity is being abused to make horrific crimes and enslavement of victims.

Jessica Seymour


Blog #321

10/7/14  So Thomas Broxtermann of the SDPD is Joseph Kony’s Right Hand Man here in San Diego…

I hope every witness that has stepped forward, enjoyed their baptism rain this morning & afternoon that we had in San Diego during this 80 degree weather.

Turns out that SDPD & CASTCorp International’s Thomas Broxtermann PhD is Joseph Kony’s Right Hand Man here in San Diego:   (notation in this article about Broxtermann & it is no wonder his type of crime is tied to Santa Barbra PD tactics as well)

Yep, it was Broxtermann who planned the abduction of me to “a hospital” where he falsified medical paperwork and maliciously lied as to gain a false imprisonment abduction of me so that I can have to watch the Actr of Valor movie he had waiting for me while he had his henchmen go round up G Youngblood, but in a Broxtermann non- coincidentally also has his hand in the planned retaliatory abduction of Jason Russell of Invisible Children, who had his food drugged & then was maneuvered to be on that side walk while persons with cameras just waited for the shot…..   And it is sooo Tartaro to be drugging a person’s food as to make that targeted person look a certain way.  So create situations to set up a person that shines a light on to Kony’s creators, yes set up & create situations to call any person crazy if that person happens to shine a light on to who created Joseph Kony, that is what Thomas Broxtermann does through the SDPD and through his abuse of his PhD, through his abuse of medicine which makes him guilty of medical torture, long with the rest of the medical trained criminals in his ring like uh, oh, say Marcus Van.

Yeah, turns out that SDPD’s Broxtermann is the right hand man for Joseph Kony & the LRA’s west coast affiliated human traffickers that get their hands on the kiddies through the jesuity catholic platform that sourced Charlotte Awino’s abduction from her catholic school same way Indian children on Reservations have been getting tortured through this same ring up and down the West Coast for so long now, even when the Kony terroristing human trafficking abduction ring was just a twinkle in the eye of this torture based slave trade of rape for profit that seeks alternate jurisdictions & immunity to run its crime through, to create slaves out of children and that operates through this ring outlined in The List, the line that is all yellow.

Love & Smootch’z,



Blog #320

10/6/14  A Call to Fall the Wicked!  Part 3,

NOTE TO IHT’s: because you needed my Shame to reclaim your Pride of Lions that left you for a stronger pack… When Rome’s in Ruin’s, We Are the Lions Free of the Colosseum”” and you will never have your fallen pack back, they have risen above you and are coming after you now due to your own wickedness...

A pride of Lionesses pack around the strongest Lion, and that Alpha will run out all competition even its own off spring… And it is entertaining I guess for some to see an aged out Lion like Gore & Holder lose their Pride trying desperately to get it back even with desperate Human Trafficking Cover Stories like Operation Shadowboxxx, Fast and Furious & with cheap tricks like the Ariel, Richard, Rocca “were doing a Satanic vampire movie” and like the polar opposite Gore/Dore/Peter’s “we have to damage this siren since she is a critter gonna have an anti-Christ critter baby”; oh and my favorite cover story made to the plebeians to get them to harm a Victim is the Tartaro / Gore/ Dumanis “we must stalk and watch this Domestic Terrorist who’ boyfriend is a Chaldean”; then there is the eversteady “we must research-rape this woman due to her genetic anomalies”; and of course theirs the ever present Leon / Tartaro / Klinger /Goldsmith/Broxtermann/JimmyFix catch all fall back of “this woman we are Victimizing is actually just crazy and were not really Victimizing her it just looks that way, but trust us it’s just that she’s crazy and we are not selling her around though we are”….  All the covers used by this Immunitied Human Traffickers in this ring around the rosies of HUMAN TRAFFICKERS that have been organized to be so large by Bill Gore’s FBI Post he got bounced from after his Ruby Ridge debacle paid out millions to the man that was targeted for his property & targeted to have his son & wife killed in front of him in his home…. A debacle were our San Diego Sheriff told the Congress of the United States that he has nothing to Answer to, no comment, 5th the 5th.

And now the time has come for this exploit of religions & schools & Reservation Alternate Jurisdictions, exploit of immunity giving posts, exploit of AMERICA and of AMERICAN’S, yes the time has come for the fall of this ring of human traffickers and of their money laundering platforms, the Call to Fall the Wicked is here and now resonating and a Call to Fall the Wicked is now made, SO IHT’s LISTEN NOW: all witnesses come forward now, you are called down to the baptism waters, wash away what you have done by declaring who you did it for and what you were told as to gain your agreement to ratify this human trafficking ring that your now called to leave before the Watchers out you anyway, while the Anti Stalker Nation sits back laughing finally appeased, validated, and on rout to being granted the saving of Victims, because this IHT Ring’s reach that stretches all the way to Joseph Kony’s LRA cannot be ignored by the World, cannot be ignored by the International Criminal Court, will not be ignore by the Anti Stalker Nation, because we are like Young Wild Volcano’s””, and we SEE too many Escala based & SPAWAR connections to the San Diego affiliated September 11th attacks of our American World Trade Center Towers, and we are done with your attacks of America you dirty alternate jurisdiction seeking, immunity seeking perverse human trafficker dark market running as your gdp…. GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY AMERICA, OUT OF MY SAN DIEGO, and STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY WHILE YOU GET OUT OF MY LIFE…. said every Victim, said every American…. Take your royal malty ass and get out you and all your filthy trashy dirt you IHT’s, we have real men and real women to fill your spots you gained through your IHT nepotism, and we don’t want your fake cover stories or your fake busted pretending of righteousness, of wisdom, everything about you IHT’s is a fake put on and you’re really stupid to have not self-preserved better, like your finally ready to go die in a cave or something...     

So Anti Stalker Nation, here are the crimes at hand that have tipped the scale:

1) You all know that I filed suit in Federal District Court against this Ring of IHT’s and that this ring then engaged in having Ariel & Richard placed into my home as a retaliation & discrediting maneuver, all while Sammartino made herself a larger party to the crimes made against me & against my home all while the DoJ was informed each step of the way… all which lead to additional claims of action and so a separate claim was filed against Eric Holder & his IHT over ran DoJ, a claim that was oh somehow place with Bencivengo just like the other Racketeering suit that has been judicially attacked before Defendants even start to Answer, which was brought by Colburn Stewart because he is a man that has been targeted for loss & conversion of his law degree/bar by this same ring of child targeting human traffickers that Dave Peter’s is working on behalf of through many HOA Criminal Enterprise Platforms of IHT money laundering including Escala’s residents & HOA boarded criminals.

**The emergency 911 calls & audios of the terrorizing’s, harassment’s & break in’s that preceded many of these videos will be released later:

2) You all know that late night 9/25/14 early morning 9/26/14 Ariel (Cooke) Burton made her premeditated “satanic” “vampire” assault of me for this IHT ring’s newest targeting COVER UP OF CRIME game that has been made through Michael Rocca’s & King’s little cover of a Snuff Film game that they call a “movie”:

3) You all know that around 7am on 9/26/14 the SDPD ratified the fact that Richard Kowalczyk had no legal rights to entry of my home given the legal circumstances at hand. This is when Richard & the SDPS instructed me to go get Richard’s “meds” for him which turned out to just be the newest SDPD cover up of crime and unlawful protection of those IHT’s that invade my home and stake me to harm me.  After which I was instructed by SDPD Sergeant Shaw as to be keeping all evidence for case # 14-039352, and the reasoning told to me to do so was because the Detective would not be in till Monday, as well I was also informed that an attorney procured by me would be who the evidence should be given to a detective through:

4) As you all know, midday of 9/26/14 I submitted additional evidence that I was not comfortable holding on to since it was drug evidence, of a huge needle, foils, crack melting pipe, crack smoking pipe & issued into custody the drug evidence to SDPD Sanders, Robles, & Williams:

5) You are all now being informed that on the evening of 9/26/14 Ariel Cooke Burton was released from custody though she and Richard should have been taken into custody for felonies related to their druggy-drug pipes and needles and foils & related to them calling me crazy and there for assaulting, invading, harassing, & invading me in that thought of theirs that I was their easy prey since they targeted me under their determination that I am “crazy”.

6) You are now all being informed that on the evening of 9/26/14 the SDPD Sanders Evan’s, and Nunez came to my home trying to break into it, when they saw that I was home they then had Richard break in to my home knowing well that his legal rights to entry were in dispute and were a civil matter, at which point the dirty dirty dirty SDPD & Richard & Ariel began to horrifically allow Ron & Travis to start harassing me and invading my home, yes the SDPD decided it would be funny and terrorizing to let Ron start invading my home right in front of me while I said no, get out, stop, and go away, all while the SDPD was informed that I had tried to have Ron & Travis restrained from their past stalking of me, yes you heard it, Ron had to get himself into my home as to satiate his deep dark obsession of me & obsession to invade me that he needs mental help with as to get over me as I will never love him the way he is secretly hoping for:


7) Now your being informed that on the morning of 9/27/14  I called to issue into custody the drugs I found in Ariel & Richard’s room while I was placing their stuff into a storage custody, the drugs were so foul and when added to the needle, crack pipe, foils, plastics, and biter assaults, well it dictated no time for anything but emergency precautions for my safety from these two stalkers & home invaders that were clearly working in collusion with know stalker’s Travis & Ron. So SDPD team Sharkey came out to grab the evidence of the Hash-Stash but somehow Ariel & Richard beat the SDPD to my door and before the SDPD could even get there Richard was trying to beat down my front door, my sliding glass door, and my garage. When team Sharkey finally showed up the SDPD Sharkey was suspicious in his handling of the evidence and in his later phone call where he took up for the drug abusing and violent assaulting Arie & Richard all which elicited Internal Affairs Investigation #51547.

8) Later on 9/27/14 the SDPD came by again with Richard and Ariel instructing them on how to break into my home yet again, and how to not remove over 90% of their stuff as to be able to “retain rights” that they had already lost and this was the SDPD & the City Attorney acting as legal advisors for two drug addict violent assaulting home invaders, and an SDPD even was retained as menial labor by and for Richard & Areiol as in the SDPD was moving stuff in and out for these two criminals all while again allowing Ron into my home again against my will:

[insert link]

9) Then the police left my home wide open and invaded by Richard and Ariel who then had Ron and Travis all engage in sitting outside of my bedroom door as to falsely imprison me all while calling me crazy, saying all sorts of dirty lies from the Operation Shadowboxxx & Endless Summer & Tartaro era of this stalking of me, and I have about 3 hours’ worth of audio & video of how I was imprisoned in my room by these 4 who would all take turns terrorizing me, banging on my window, banging on my door, all while I was calling & waiting for the SDPD to come arrest these 4 for this crime of harassing & imprisoning a person they all call crazy… at which time the SDPD just suspiciously refused to show up and get rid of these stalkers as to try to allow them to intercept the video evidence that I was instructed by SDPD Shaw to be retaining for the investigation.  When Ron and Travis started to smoke pot with Arie & Richard and blow it under my door I called the SDPD again telling them that I was being imprisoned in my room by 4 persons who were not letting me leave peacefully and who were blocking my door, and who were terrorizing me, and who were threatening me, and who were telling me about how they can wait out there till Monday night & how they have money to call in for food delivery but how I don’t and I told the police that Arie & Richard were threatening to keep me from food until I gave them the evidence I was told to hold on to. Here is just one of the video’s from this were the SDPD hear the incriminating evidence against them of Ariel Burton saying that the Police instructed them on how to break in and “told them to do it this way” and statements about how the cops told them to “not take over 90% of the stuff” out and how the cops help with this ended up having Ariel & Rich “start bringing stuff back in”:

10) As soon as Ron & Travis heard that I was calling the cops & reporting their pot smoke being blown under my door as I was kept from being able to leave, all of a sudden the 4 imprisoners of mine started to then smoke cigarettes and then started to blow that smoke under my door while taking turns banging on y door & window’s simultaneously between harassing terrorizing comments.

11) When the SDPD finally do show up, Ariel and the 3 boy toys finally leave my door so I go into my hall only to find a JimmyFix that the SDPD brought in for their cover up of their crimes, yes a Dr. James Fix employee named Mike Hammer was now in my home though Jim Fix & the SDPD were all listed as Defendants in the suit that is in Bencivengo’s court… hmmm retaliation and retribution made under color of law, all engaged in as to call a Victim “crazy” as the old through back of this San Diego Human Trafficking Ring of dirty dirty Immunity Seeking pervert criminals.  So I report to the SDPD that I was being falsely imprisoned by these 4 animals who had prior assaulted me & gone to jail for it and who had been found to have drugs in my home unlawfully & I informed the SDPD that other cops had been helping these 4 animals to terrorize me & to break into my home unlawfully, and then I played the audio for the SDPD of were Ariel Burton say’s to her mother on the phone that the SDPD had been instructing & helping her & Rich on how to break into my home and how to not remove more than 90% of their stuff (though 98% of their stuff had already been removed), yes, when I played that audio of Ariel Burton’s incrimination of the SDPD the next thing I know, I have a pig taking me to a police car all while trying to obstruct justice by trying to get that evidence I was told to hold onto into the hands of the movie studio aligned “actress” in a “satanic vampire” movie psycho Ariel Burton, though that evidence was not to be getting tampered with by any SDPD nor by the criminals implicated in the video nor by the criminals movie studio affiliates.

12) Upon me being unlawfully ushered to a cop car, I inform the SDPD that no evidence is to be handed over to the Richard & Ariel team of psychos.

13) Upon being forced and unlawfully imprisoned into a cop car, I am told by a pervert named Broxtermann that I need “a reality check” and that I am about to get the “reality check that [I] need” …. Yep that is what IHT Broxtermann says to me, then the sad pathetic jimmyfix Mike Hammer gets into the car and starts to be provocative pulling up my web site in front of me on a computer that was on his lap and he was making outrageously abusive & provocative comments to me even as I told him to stop, I had to tell the jimmyfix to stop quite a few times actually while I told him that what he & Broxtermann were doing was unlawful.

14) Next thing I know I am at a “hospital” were Broxtermann is telling me not to “stare at him as it is provocative”, so I told him that a stare is only provocative when it is being done by the larger entity… Broxtermann told me he has “been here forever” and that before he was SDPD he was a “teacher”. Broxtermann starts to tell me all sorts of stuff each time I am left in a room all alone with him, the perv that he is, and he tells me that “perception is reality”, and that he has “real power”.  Broxtermann then starts taking his cell phone camera and pointing it at me while positioning his phone onto the desk where he was pretending to be playing with it, very Ben Klinger & Cellia Luna of him… Next thing I know I have a “Doctor” asking me questions about my income and when I tell her that I would prefer to answer those questions without the SDPD in the room (as they need a warrant for my income data) I am then lambasted by his “Doctor” who had already been shown my wound and had already been informed that the woman Arial who gave me the wound had gone to jail for it and that she had been then falsely imprisoning me in my room for hours while I waited for the SDPD to make her stop and that is how I ended up in the back of a cop car.  The next thing I know I am being told to disrobe and to take my clothes off…. Hmmm. So I tell the “nurse” that I want the SDPD out of the room if I am to be taking my clothes of at the beckon whim of the 3rd parties that don’t seem to care one little bit about my wounds I was brought in with.  At this point Broxtermann stands up and tries desperately to stay in the room to watch me forced to get undressed, and Broxtermann tells this “nurse” that I am “violent”, naturally I told the nurse that I have not done a single violent thing and that Broxtermann is a liar and needs to get out of the room, and he finally walks his perverted sick self out… by Broxtermann, have fun losing your pension & reputation just like your friend IHT Jorge Leon.  So then the “nurse” starts to cut away at the shirt so that my wound can be let free to breath, but this nurse deliberately failed to do anything about the wound & actually tampered with the medical file with regards to omission of the wound and with regards to a few other things that would not find out about till later. Then as I am sitting waiting can any of you guess what Broxtermann’s team of human trafficking affiliated “medical persons” had on the TV for me??? Well it was non other then the movie of “Act of Valor”, yep this abduction of me to a “hospital” were I was to get a “reality check” was premeditated right down to what terrorizing thing was playing on the TV for me, and the “Act of Valor” movie was just a but much, a bit too obvious but it gets better…. The next thing I know I find out that no mention of my wounds was put into the medical file, and I had to ask for topical antibiotic ointment rather than just have it provided automatically by the first nurse who tried hard to keep my wounds secret in collusion with Broxtermann’s “doctor” human trafficker.   Next thing I hear comments from a different doctor about how I got the pictures of the wounds “into the file anyway” even though the first doctor tried to keep the file tampered with, and this was more than just an interesting rude abuse comment, it was a prelude to why more retaliation was to be made at me, because the next thing I know, I have yet another “doctor” telling me that no one should use self-defense or have self-defense readily at hand when being imprisoned by a prior attacker… hmmmm, oppressive at best, but actually an obstruction of justice as I had found out that Broxtermann had lied about me saying that I had “barricaded myself in my room with my knife to hurt myself with while I was threatening to kill others”… SOUNDS A BAIT TOO RUBY RIDGE!, because the reality is that I was being threatened and imprisoned by a woman who had assaulted me the day before, and any Victim would be right for taking her pepper spray & pocket knife out of her purse for self-defense against persons threatening off & on to break down my door and harm me again while keeping me from leaving. I inform the “doctors” that my official file was being tampered with and that I had every right to have my pepper spray out that DHS Agent Kenneth Krause gave me & that I had every right to have my pocket knife out that Tony Cooke gave me…. Yes I had every right to have all my self-defense protection items out in my own room that I was being falsely imprisoned in by 4 persons who had drugs in my home and who have been breaking in to my home with SDPD criminal assistance and who had gone to jail for assaulting me…. Yes and this Ruby Ridge shake down that Broxtermann was trying to facilitate for Billy Goat Gore was just too pathetic to get any worse right… WRONG, because the next thing I see is that the SDPD had stalked G Youngblood on her regular walk as to falsely imprison her along with me at this “hospital” so that I could learn a lesson & have a “reality check” as to the Power of the Broxterman, the sociopath that he is.  Unbelievable to be stalking Youngblood with false imprisonment just to be terrorizing to me, wasn’t the Act of Valor Movie enough to satiate Broxtermann’s power trip show of terrorizing abilities, did he really have to have his IHT”s go pick up Youngblood to bring her in for no real reason other than to be provocative to me?,  Pathetic SDPD, your Broxterman and your jimmyfixxx’s are truly pathetic in your overt relentlessness to stalk and harm San Diego women that your slave trading, torturing, mentally & emotionally abusing, and well selling & breading…. Hey PhDumbAss Broxtermann, you’ll be going to that special place with Tartaro’s name on it & the two of you can keep each other company for ever and ever since you think you’re some sort of “been around forever” type of Character.

15) Once I got back home, I see that my home has been further invaded, I had been robbed of money, a purse of mine has gone stolen (which would be an Areil thing but since Travis is involved in this it might be he who stole my purse), my pocket knife from Tony Cooke is missing, my evidence has been tampered with, my Dog is missing and a penny is left in his litter box, and my home had dirty stinky trash all over it while nearly each entry lock was broken, and my window screen gone missing….

16) When I found my Rock’Doggy I go to get him and I am read the notes in the computer that say that the two men who abducted my dog said that the dog’s owner had been arrested and had gone to jail … though I was not arrested and not in jail, I was I a “hospital” being terrorized while Ron & Travis and Ariel & Richard broke into my mail box, stole my possessions, stole my self-protection, through trash and rank smut all over my home, abducted my dog to try to have him adopted” as if I was gone away to jail when I was not, all with the aid of the SDPD and all while this ring of IHT”s had the Act of Valor movie shoved in my face while they stalked down G Youngblood to then have shoved in my face caring not about any repercussion for stalking and falsely imprisoning two women in a conspiracy to human traffic & falsely imprison.  

Reality is reality, and here and now the SDPD had crossed a line of abusing “crazy” women with false imprisonment scams made in collusion with home invaders, stalkers, terrorizers, that all add up to human trafficking as this “hospital” gets money for me & Youngblood being falsely imprisoned in it, all while the SDPD systematically maliciously engages in retaliation & discrediting of me as to aid them in their ability to continue on human trafficking via trying to damage my good claim against them as if I am just crazy, all while they set the stage for a Ruby Ridge type of event they are hoping to create for their snuff film they are making and plan to try to kill me for in their attempts to manipulate me out of my home that this SDPD IHT ring is making in collusion with the HOA’s criminal director David Peters… you know, that horrifically unethical poop-bird “attorney” who got caught maneuvering crap into a lagoon to the tune of a $100,000 “fine” conversion laundering of money to the City that targets all his Victims with him:

Anti Stalker Nation, it is one thing to stalk me and call me crazy, but it is a wicked thing to be abducting my dog, assaulting me, bringing drugs into my home, breaking into my home all under color of law while manipulating TV programing’s & stalking of Ms. Youngblood as to prove the Broxtermann point of being “powerful” all just to terrorize and discredit a woman Victim that has brought a law suit against the SDPD criminals that aid all this human trafficking via Official Medical Torture that could only get more terroristing & Kony’esqu by bringing in an LRA Victim… oh that’s right, this IHT ring did that too already, and I am totally surprised that Awino wasn’t somehow brought into the “hospital”, but there’s always tomorrow right?  It is another thing entirely to be so Wicked to be stalking and falsely imprisoning Ms. Youngblood, as you force me to see the Act of Valor Movie, while having Ron & Travis abduct my dog from my home after having a dirty drug injecting skull “religion” having bitch named Ariel assault & bite me, all just to make the point & lesson to me that you IHT’s will do whatever you want to anyone you want…. And because the lesson here is for you IHT’s here is the point for you: You were being Watched, so now it is time for you to Go to Hell IHT’s really, Hell’s dungeon is done waiting for you at this point and everyone is ready for your due imprisonment, so IHT’s take your snuff film and snort it till you overdose you Wicked Perverted Degenerates that have now been relegated to Tartarus, as Hell is even too good for you.




Blog #319

10/5/14  Because if You needed my Shame to Reclaim your Pride”” then you’re the one standing in the way of what you’re supposed to be wanting…

Since the Anti Stalker Nation is a nation of genius’ness let me share this with you all now… When this Immunitied Human Trafficking ring of pervs are trying to get the plebeians to do whatever dirty dirty that no normal person would ever do to another, the stories used are very detailed & the propaganda is very specific to each plebeian depending on what the particular plebeian is susceptible to, and in this case we have about 80% of these IHT’s on this West Coast Trafficking Slave Trade Line being susceptible to the Bible.  So the Bible is called upon regularly by this IHT ring of pervs, and accordingly a Spiritual Phenomenon is at hand, and what we have at that point is a group of IHT’s who believe one way while the others believe the other way and the point at hand is this: A baby was brought to earth as a conduit for God to be able to make you acceptable beyond your sin should you accept the offering, and accordingly a baby will be brought to earth that ushers in God’s taking of his accepted that can be forgiven for their sin… some call this 2nd baby the “anti-christ” while others see this baby as the beginning of God’s return to claim those that have accepted the offering for cleansing of worthlessness known as sin…

Ok, so now that you all know the doctrine’s that my stalkers are all manipulated through by a ring of good for nothing idiodic Slave Traders, well, it becomes easy to see how a Victim like me with an little anomaly, is made stalked so relentlessly, but this ring of Slave Traders’ use any anomaly to their plebeians as a justification to enslave, and that means that hundreds of thousands of children are targeted early in life as to be labeled in any sort of way that would fit into the IHT’s reasoning’s & justifications for EnSlaving… and especially fun for this ring of IHT’s is to call a perfectly non-abnormal person any sort of abnormal as this serves these IHT’s in many ways.  Now, I already know what I have to offer the world, the messages I harbor, the things I see, the gift I could give that so many have been waiting on or trying to prevent…. And I am not the first, nor the first to be considered skin broken, but I am the first to call this what it is, a Slave Trade made through subversion of just about all, but mainly through subversion of Immunity Giving posts & through subversion of religion.

Now your ready Anti Stalkers, for Part 3 of the Call to Fall the Wicked, because there is no guts and glory””, yes there is not Greater Glory than God’s and well, my skin was not broken by the teeth, my skin was broken by the attempt to break free from the bite of the Bitter that has fallen for the story that is needed as to keep the rightness mislabeled for a story that is antiquated at best…

And Here are Ariel Cook-Burton & Richard what ever his name crack needles, foiles, rubber gloves and boiling pipe that the SDPD had and tried to make cover up of for these two drug addict violent criminals as to my detriment and why, well because the SDPD was in on getting these two degenerates in to the invading of my home in the first place just like they did with Dave Peter’s & Bill Gore back with that Robert Tartaro guy, you know the one who’s got a special place in hell waiting for him:

… yes to keep a rightness discredited, non-believed, and abused by the Wicked who’s say that they Think of Angels Choking on their Halo’s, Get them Drunk on Rose Water””  and well anything they say can and is about to be held against them, and they will wish they had Just one Yesterday”” to go back to and change, as to undue this that God controls, this that God can only give or take; because God can give and God can take and God can give back if so desired, so when God See’s the wicked playing Games & when god has the Watchers’s watching it is for last chances to repent & not for any sort of inability of God’s to do as God so desires. See you tomorrow Anti Stalker Nation.

Love and Hugs to my Anti Stalker Nation, the need for bleach to the IHT’s yes Salt to IHT’s,



Blog #317

10/3/14  But isn’t that what the MKUltra & it’s 1000’s of affiliated cover schools & businesses want, doesn’t MKUltra want its slave trade Victims to think that love is supposed to hurt and that sex is supposed to be rape, and that you have to keep your mouth shut and do what your told if you want to live…  

Yes, isn’t Immunity facilitated Slave Trade a platform were the Victim is made to think that love is supposed to be a battlefield…. So why try to call what you’ve done to Ms. Yougblood, and are now doing to her child (children), any sort of “experiment” when the truth is that you have waged a war against her and I, and many other San Diego women, huh you pathetic IHT’s, why not just start calling yours selves what you are, you are Slave Traders and you have outlined this Slave Trade through attorneys just as much as through pervs who call themselves doctors of “psychiatry” which has a book that changes all the time since it is nearly always wrong and incorrect, and is only made for issuing of federal & state money to specific “projects” in yet again another laundering scheme associated to Immunity ran Slave Trade…  Don’t you want your slaves to be queued by the commandeering you make of their everything, their home, computer’s, accounts, friends, neighbors, don’t you want a response from your Slaves after all, especially after you IHT’s have your Victim Assaulted then Victim Blamed while having a team of at least 4 perverts using advanced military type of terrorizing tactics at that Victim… your answer is yes, yes you want a response so brace yourself IHT’s because your getting what you want here your getting what you asked for by being foolish enough to fail to STOP like directed to you long ago….



Blog #316

10/2/14  So Uhhm, ya does anyone in the Anti Stalker Nation know if Dave King of “dk3 Studio’s” is the same guy as that attorney who call’s himself “Call King”… yes, is there an attorney named Dave King who also has a movie & image studio in San Diego named “dk3 studios” which by the way has a “secret dungeon set next door for fetish’s” … is this all owned by an attorney “King” … because because… this is the studio that Mathew Rocca was using for his Escala located “Vampire but really Satanic’s” movie he has been happy to engage in for this ring of IHT’s that put “actress” Ariel Cook-Burton into my home in an unlawful Home Invasion Scheme made t to facilitate and further an unlawful property conversion scam, and assault, and an abduction…..    

Yes, can someone in the Anti Stalker Nation shed some light on this one because we all know how the FBI is intent to keep billy goat gore’s IHT ring covered up with any story possible and well they can all go to jail as far as I am concerned. And I don’t want the world to see you cause I don’t think that they’d understand””….




Blog #315

10/2/14  Any one wanna guess what type of mental cleansing my most recent attacker needs, let’s just make her head & her reality check real Spick and Span ….

Anti Stalker Nation, so in this IHT’s sad pathetic attempt to blame “satan” for their Human Trafficking through their immunity posts they decided to use yet another USAA Insurance scam artist trafficker of theirs, yes Ariel Alexandra Zimen Burton (aka Ariel Cooke-Burton, likely related to Escala’s Tony Cooke who they paid to stalk me) yes Ariel Burton is yet another one of the USAA bank affiliated human traffickers, while her Richard Peter Kowalczyk hails from the Oregon Human Trafficking ring that has turned Portland into the #1 Rape For Profit Human Trafficking Hub in America with Bill Gore’s FBI post & with the jesuites that were/are exploiting kids up and down the west coast. Yes you just read it, Ariel Burton is part of the USAA ring of Mission Valley Human Trafficker’s & USAA is a national platform for the Human Trafficking money laundering made by person’s prior inducted by the ring of traffickers that operate through the military & through SPAWAR.

So the “reality check” & the “mental cleaning” that SDPD’sCaptain Broxtermann thought himself so clever to try to engage in against me is not a matter of me seeing anything new, it is a matter of Broxtermann’s affiliations with Jorge Leon, Gary Rapp, & Landsdown, it is a matter for all to now see how the SDPD has a long history a multi- generational history of human trafficking, abusing women, and victimizing as far back as when bill gore’s daddy was a SDPD…. And on that note, last night I was stalked by a SDPD when I tried to upload my evidence to my stalker blog, so now through continued unlawful SDPD stalking, terrorizing, oppressing, intimidating, and victimizing you all have to wait another day to see the proof of how the SDPD have more than just an unlawful vendetta against me, yes the San Diego Human Trafficker’s operation in Escala have more than just a conversion scam of my home & a discrediting campaign against me in retaliation for suing them, yes the SDPD are engaged in Slave Making Tactics of Victim Blaming & Abduction, and so let me say the time has come for you all to See, so wipe your glasses clean because your all gonna see how the SDPD was acting in collusion to aiding of the home invasion of a woman who was just assaulted by the invaders…. This is for you all to see so if need be go get your mental faculties spic and span and wait for it, because the Call to Fall the Wicked has arrived and Part 3 of this story is not something I am going to be intimidated out of making the public aware of and as the Mocking J, this game of my IHT stalkers does not end in me being killed in their now desired Ruby Ridge’esqu game…. Nope, to jail for IHT’s, that is how this ends.

Hugs and Love to my Anti Stalker Nation, salt to IHT’s,



Blog #314

9/30/14   So the SDPD ring of Operation Shadowboxxx Human Traffickers that have set up shop in Escala instructed Ron and Travis to break into my home and steal my dog as to try to have him "adopted" to anyone....

Right, now I see why the money in my wallet has been emptied out and only $3 left in it.  

How many more times does a woman Victim have to tell Ron And Travis Meyer s to stay out of her home.... And what was the entrapment  game for in trying to manipulate me through my dog, why try to hurt my Rocky and force me into a specific place to try to save him?? Because when Travis and Ron were harassing me with Arie & Richard, yes when all 4 of these animals were falsely imprisoning me in my room, Travis was saying that  Rocky had "one foot in the grave" as to try to provoke terrorize & harass me, so why abduct a dog with that type of status... oh I see, what was the scam to have done to me when I go get my dog?

Smootchy to your yet again fail! and uh, what has to be done to you befor you stay out of my house?



Blog #313

9/30/14   Ring Around the Rosies, Pocket Full of Posies, Ashes Ashes, You All Fall Down…. Part 2 of The Call to Fall the Wicked.

Last night I came home to find that my dog was missing and a penny was put in his litter box... Who took my Pup, and why harass me & terrorize me by putting a penny in his litter box, what ever could you be symbolizing. His water cup had been totally emptied out as well when it takes my Rocky 3 days to drink an entire cup of water, so who did that? 

Part 2 of the Scoop for the Anti Stalker Nation…. So on the morning of 9/26/14 the SDPD came to my home with Richard Peter Kowalczyk while Ariel Alexandra Zimen Burton (aka Ariel Cooke-Burton) was still where she could drama out her many different personalities to a captive audience.  When the SPDP came to my house with the appropriately named Richard, the SDPD told me that Richard needs to come in and get his drugs, his meds.  I informed the SDPD that Rich never informed me that he takes regular daily meds or drugs, and I informed the SDPD that Richard & Ari have no legal right to entry and have forfeited any entry rights they gained unlawfully.  The SDPD ratified this and then instructed me to go get his meds for him and Rich informed us all that the meds were in his bathroom drawer, so I recorded the entire event and went up to get these meds… I find a crack pipe with brown burnt residue in it in this drawer so I bring everything in this drawer for the SDPD.  I show them the crack pipe and I hand them down all the contents of the drawer.  This is the first time the SDPD should have taken Richard Peter Kowalczyk to jail.  I was told by Lieutenant Shaw that I need to hold on to and retain all the evidence for this assault case #14-039352 that Ariel Burton aka Ari went to jail for.

Then as the day progressed and as the situation progressed, I see two more pipes on the bathroom counter one of which is an inhaling pipe that has no flute & that would be impossible to smoke pot from, and it is only for crack & for crack’s sister cousin friends of dirty dirty dirtiness.  So in horror & shock I turn to grab my phone to have the SDPD come pick this stuff up & to put into custody for the assault case # 14-039352 and what do I see sitting on Rich & Arie’s box… well I see 4 used foil squares, a hypodermic needle, plastics & used plastic gloves…. Ok, so now it is clear that a 4th reason has arisen that forfeits Rich & Arie from entry into my home, and uhm, Ok, so now it is clear that not only does this couple have clear VIOLENT tendencies but that they are also using illicit drugs. All due Safety Precautions and Due Victim Rights to Protection of Safety were instantly engaged.  I began to move Ariel & her Rich stuff into a storage unit, and I then find even more drugs, a tin with a jar in it full of pot that has been rolled into little balls and soaked in liquids that smelled like rank hell, just like how all of Arie & Rich’s trash would smell, and it became clear that something even more remiss was at hand with regards to Arie & Rich’s potions, food, & concoctions & “sambucha’s” they were always making that always had the most foul smelling trash that they would never properly remove from the unit, just try to force me to have to do for them, and this all started to add up to a reveal of a horrific intent of Arie’s & Richard’s and I recalled the day that Richard had set a gas can next to the piolet light of my water heater as to get me to instantly grab it away from that water heater the moment I saw what he had done…. Yes, Richard wanted my finger prints on a gas can, crack pipes, a big crack needle that was bigger than any regular hypodermic needle used for things like daily injections, and on burnt foil squares…. Wow, Arie and Richard are beyond rank, they are criminal stalkers calculating on a level that is far too advanced for either of them so they are clearly working in a team fashion, and out they go immediately no time for a storage unit.

So as I was taking out their stuff for them to retrieve all of a sudden there were weird skulls popping up all over their room at each turn of removal of their stuff and these two are like weird little skull hider’s, then the next day as Arie was imprisoning me in my room after the SDPD told Ari & Rich how to break into my house, well that is when Arie starts making lie comments outside my room saying that I broke here skull’s and made the point to say that her skulls were religious items… ok, whatever does that mean?   Seems like that stalker who made that “movie in Escala about vampires who are just actually satanic” named  is tied to this Felony Assault of me that Arei made at me while she had her computer filming her assaults of me…. Ok, so the computer is evidence to and the video in it of the premeditated assault of me that Arie was intent to try to provoke is actually an item for cut and paste and edit into a movie snuff film related to the Vampire Movie Cover Story that the Operation Shadowboxxx has concocted as to try to explain away all the crime that Operation Shadowboxxx & Operation Endless Summer have been conducting for human trafficking & gun trafficking…. I said it last week so NOTE TO IHT’s, no not even satiny Satan wants to be the blame taker for the sick perverse crimes you make & it has become clear that a “Lieutenant Sharkey” is and was involved with trying to cover up Richard’s crimes and drugs.

When I found the stash of hash, I was not comfortable keeping that as evidence so I called the SDPD to pick it up to formally lodge it into their evidence custody.  So out comes an Officer Sharkey, and I hear his team making comments about how they are not going to do anything with the pot, so I call in to add this to the internal affairs investigation that is at hand regarding the police’s handling of Richard in a way that was putting me into unsafe positions and putting me into harm’s way and putting me into a disenfranchisement, and the next thing I know, I have Officer Sharkey calling me telling me that the pot has been lodged into evidence and that it was a tiny amount so I informed him that this is untrue and that all of Rich’s dirtiness and criminal stuff has been video’d by me and that I video taped the handing over of it all to the police, and I told Officer Sharkey that I am just gonna post it all to the internet to let the public decide if it was all too little & too nothing to be arresting Richard for Felony targeting & invading of a woman that Richard was calling crazy, and saying was crazy when he first met her…. The SDPD had everything they needed even Rich’s own admission to thestalking & harassing & home invading of a person that Rich considered to be Crazy, and still the SDPD even with all his illicit crack pipe needle stuff still wanted to protect Richard, hmmm.   Next thing I know I have the SDPD instructing Ariel & Rich on how to break into my home and Officer Sharkey DESPERATELY wanted the video evidence of the assault on me that Ariel Burton had made in premeditation as if I would ever care that she was throwing all her own food onto the floor, I just didn’t want her to fall in it and crack her scull open or anything… when she couldn’t get me to attack her like she thought she could, well she then resorted to attacking me and SDPD Officer Sharkey wanted her to have my evidence so that she & Rich & their team of movie making idiots could all splice and dice it for the SDPD witch makes little sense to me since I already know that the SDPD have no trouble tampering with evidence for them self and Rudy Camacho Jr made it clear that this ring of IHT’s can make anything look any way… which is what IHT SDPD Captain Broxtermann kept trying to shove in my face with his “perception is reality” crap he kept saying to me like he was running out of prerehearsed harassment comments, so here’s what Broxtermann, No, Nope, perception is not reality, reality is reality, and perception is a fools game it is a puppeteering made for criminals who just need some story as to engage in as a cover up for the crimes they are intending to create, and the reality here is that as soon as you left me Broxtermann, the Act Of Valor Movie was playing on the tv…. So let’s all have fun with that because in Part 3 of this scoop, your going down dear and the reality is that you have not been here forever like you said the reality is you’ve only been on the SDPD for 30 years, ten more than Gary Rapp was, and uh, maybe your Gary Rapp can get you a job at his new Agency he’s att, I mean at.  Yes, perception is not reality, perception is a skewed fools game and you were a fool to act like your perception could have ever been that bad because the bruises are in the file regardless of the fact that your Gisi tried so hard to keep that evidence out of the file and hidden, and you’re a doubly stupid fool Broxtermann for having your henchmen stalk and call out the Hey Youngblood, but again we’ll save all that for Part 3.

As soon as I find a safe place and a non-hacked drop box account, I will be drop-boxing the evidence for you Anti Stalker Nation, in spite of SDPD Lieutenant’s Sharky’s best attempts to keep you all from it… unless he is cooking up some new scam now as to try to harm me again so that he can tamper with evidence again…. Or did the SDPD already tamper with my evidence?  Hey SDPD Sharkey, do you feel comfortable taking that bet, you gonna try to track me down anywhere I may be forced to go to, just so to keep my evidence obstructed?  Shark-bate, but who was it, think Sharkey think, because it wasn’t me.




Blog #312

9/29/14   “Time won’t let you down Jessica”, is the Judgment call that Angel Uriel just made, yes the Angel that holds the Gates for Got to decide who gets locked in to Tartarus lower then Hell a specially horrific place for the especially Wicked & Perverse, and the Call has been made & decided, because….

Because, Because in this massive spiritual phenomenon that is at hand for me to Message to you, and well, for me to beckon your repent for the sake of your own soul, a sociopath named Ariel Cooke-Burton was the representation of the Angel Uriel’s Watcher Arrival,  and Ariel Cooke-Burton is who the Angel Uriel was Watching as to decide on this Match that is soon to be at hand and that is now pre-determined, and Ariel Cooke-Burton’s wickedness just failed you all you dirty IHT’s, and now a special place in Hell has your names on it, because Angel Uriel just needed some “because, because”, and has now seen it with and for God.

Because Love is a battlefield””, Angel of God’s, Uriel, has blown the southern winds with artfulness while standing at the gates holding Tartarus, because this Angel of Repentance has an Arch that does not fail, and the protection of righteous as per God has been made, and I have the battle wounds to prove to my doubters that this war field is lit on fire, and the Battle is about to send the Wicked straight to the prison depths they belong in, and well this is about to get good, because you found me’’ IHT’s even as I tried to avoid you and your dirty IHT perv selves, and trust that the joke is on you, but I’m being esoteric yet again, so save the cold hard ground for the Wicked, as it should be.

So here is Part One of the Scoop for my Anti Stalker Nation, my latest set of stalker property invaders are named Ariel Burton who is actually Ariel Cooke-Burton, and her “”boyfriend”” Handler who is named Richard Peter Kowalczyk because a pawn is a pawn is a pawn, apparently. 

So now Rich & Ariel have been running their little “I’m a Christian but really secretly a Satanic” game for the Escala’s collusion with that “I’m a Vampire but really just a Satanic” movie guy from Blog #308 for a little while now in collusion with Terraces Travis & Ron Meyer who can not stop themselves from their obsession with me like as if to peek through my blinds to try to see me naked”” or something, like to be in my home as close to me as possible and stuff, because we can all tell that secretly Ron actually does like the lady’s obviously... seems he might have the affinity to swing both ways just like Ariel Cook Burton told me that she and Richard do engage in back when she was hitting on me, though they are so young to be so subverted from the middle indicating some childhood sexual based trauma and uh well you can send this to yo’mamma since she is the one who micro-managed your entire youth as to turn you into the sociopath that’cha have proven to be, you little Biter, read Enoch and figure out what your Handlers consider you and start to see how you need to educate in what subversion of your soul means as you are not supposed to be this wicked, dear biter, & because you are not supposed to be what you have become but I fear your time to have repented has passed you by, even as young as you are, if not it will take a lot of work to undo how wicked you’re comfortable in due to how amazingly gross you have decided is ok, because uhm, everyone knows the trash was and is your’s so try to understand though I can tell it is hard for you to keep up with the under current, but that is what Rich floats on all while you think you’re so smart, yes your Handler Rich Mr. not good Enough for the Marines floats on your stupid while you think you two are some sort of smart pair when the reality is that you are fed the dirty that you then decide mindlessly is ok to then engage in, sad actually how disgusting you allow yourself to be, see, I know you had enough time to analyze what it was that you were told to do and say and you still didn’t say no, you still were stupid enough to be that wicked while all the Watcher’s watched, even as I had decoded it for you, but rip my skin and say it’s my fault you animal, you sad sick animal lacking even a base level of human, no one cry’s for you, and nothing runs to you but for Travis & Ron and that is the ultimate patheticness and all I can do is thank you for inadvertently taking down your kind that are over at the SDPD, because Broxtermann seems to think that just because he has been here forever, that this is how it will always be for him though all were Watching and are now fully evidenced in the removal of him from his post. 

So basically to wrap up Part One of this Call to Fall the Wicked, Ariel Burton aka Arial Cooke-Burton attacked me on 9/25/14 and she bit into my flesh like a Opuss’y-dei “savage whore”, and she premeditate to do it, she then was hauled off to jail for it because my stalkers had not had the control yet of my newest phone so the cops that showed up on the early hours of 9/26/14 to haul Ariel Burton the Biter off to Jail in case number 14-039352 were actually a non subverted group of SDPD and were all that is Best of SDPD and were all that SDPD is supposed to be, and Part Two & Three of this Scoop involves the Dirty Cops Lieutenant Sharkey, Captain Broxstermann, a jimmyfix employee named Mike Hammer, and a few other SDPD Immunity seeking Human Traffickers, and trust me, the Wicked have nailed their coffers in Tartarus shut… Hey Youngblood you have been let to fall too low by these IHT’s & the time for your upward spiral is at hand and I’m gonna change you because let’s just tease that the Act of Valor Movie & the J Youngblood manipulations just gave you away even to all my doubters and you IHT’s at the SDPD have all just been undone… and you can blame your billy goat if you somehow can’t blame your selves, but I am off the table as the blame taker so think about that, because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun””, a little because, because my skin & bones force starved that Tartaro’s team thought to be so funny has turned into the Victims of Immunity Foundation all Yellow & Light and it is something Beautiful to be helping Victims of Immunity realize that they are not to blame for all the ugly this crime ring tries to drown them in, just like this Monarch Migration on its way to Mexico as to aid the War Angels that landed & that are blowing the winds here to San Diego:      Blog # 24 Epiphanies and Butterfly’s

Kiss, Kiss, give me a little sugar like Grama Lucy used to say,

And you can Call It Magic”” Because I am not the Valentine’s Butterfly, I am the

J Butterfly, wink wink, kiss kiss. 


Blog #311

9/25/14   You drew a line, you drew a line for me, oh what a thing to have to see….  

Hey Anti Stalker Nation, are you ready for another bad poem, one more off beat anthem’’ can you ever guess who this poem is for:

You drew a line, you drew a line for me, oh what a thing to See, because I am all light.

Look at the tears, look how they bleed for you, look how they bleed for you, because you came along and wrote a song for me, and you called it yellow.

You jumped across, you swam across for me, because I am all light which dictates the things I do, so look at the stars look how they are all yellow.

Oh I am not your Mobius strip to keep twisting every last drop of blood from while you starve me so that you can, so that you, so that what? So then;

Oh, yes my skin, oh yes my force starved skin and bones have turned into something beautiful, but what about the now destroyed beauty that preceded, like your glow that undoes your reputation that precedes you, because this has not been an even Match and you’re not in this position because of me like your some light addict, you’re in this position because of them that you drew the line under for me, for my List, so fine, I get it and it hurts more but I think that is what you like about it, it hurts more, not less; and all the threats, oh all the threats at me.  Look at the List, look how they were all clever.  Look at the List, Look at the Line, look how it shined for you.  I jumped for you, I swam for you, God loved you too but you bled me dry, you bled me dry, you bled me dry, you bled me dry, you bled me dry, you bled me dry…. What more could you possibly want or need after you made sure I had nothing left but faith, you have not bled dry so don’t try to twist this while you pretend to me that you can’t jump farther, can’t swim harder, can’t repent much much more, & while you pretend like others are not allowed to see you the way you have forced me to see you, or maybe decided to let me see you; stop pretending, stop standing in the way of what you wanted like the List was just for your own personal use and not for the world because that is not yellow, and the line you drew, the song you wrote for me is all yellow, so please repent, get you a ticket for an arrowplane ain't got no time for a fast train, you gotta get back to your line, you gotta get back to your yellow, or was that just a cold play coming to God moment art of war Match point, because this poem is about Gods Wrath against that yellow line you drew for me because of my light that you knew they would try to extinguish, you drew it to See what it was under the bright of my yellow...

IHT's: Repent fast and formally turn in all that you can, the first domino has been pushed and the Messenger & the Engineer are apparently what...

And by the way Holder, you can retire but you can not hide because this ain’t the CJP with an ADR all lined up for you to transfer to as to avoid penalty & jail, you had a higher duty of non-negligence & protection of America’s children and of America’s anti Slavery Amendments and you’re not just my Uncle Tom, no you have many others to answer to on this one you've been on, yes you had been given a higher standard than these pig attorneys turned judges & than these pig attorneys turned US Attorneys’, and than these pig FBI Directors turned Sheriff that are here in San Diego to Seattle…. …. But uhhh, thanks for the memories”” because it was time to stop holding holder quite some time ago, if you had only listened to the repent message earlier back when ya’ll were the only ones who knew what I am...


Blog #309

9/24/14   Thank you Pope Francis of the Jesuites…   

Yep, this is what needs to be done to this ring while their jail cells are being readied:


All are watching to see how this perv kreeps out of this or if he is jailed for it, do not disappoint please.

Thank you,



Blog #308

9/23/14   Picture a movie of stupid plebeians from Escala’s HOA trying to pin their human trafficker’s crimes now on the dragon. 

Ok, hi Anti Stalker Nation, miss ya!  So it has been attack of the stalker plebeians all weekend long, the few spots I went to I would get the sad desperate stalk down with the “stories” and “explanations” that are intended to be had by the Escala ring of criminals… too bad the “”circumstancials“” all add up to some hard core evidence that actually, after this long & after this many circumstances, outweighs any physical evidence that just gets robbed from Victims anyway.

So one stalker over the weekend did the whole “”“the feds block the public from a lot of school terrorist shooting’s that get caught and interrupted and stopped because the public can’t handle to know about it all, the public would be too scared to know the truth”””… hmmm oh really, Ok, you wanted it stalker IHT’s here it is: Let me tell you now that there are not enough “ domestic terrorist” events to even go around and this country is under the thumb on stiff lock down and no one does nothing that is not allowed or aided by at least 2 or more of the intel entities components, but no attack slips by unknown about by the Feds & so the Feds either facilitate it or not it is that simple, basically any “terrorist events on school campuses” are very much something that the public would need to know about every time and the only pretend idea about blocking the public from pretend thwarted shootings is the pretend idea that the attacks were not being created by persons acting as if they are the good guys….  So NOTE TO IHT”s: Let’s get one thing clear stalkers, since your obviously reading this, the only reason to keep some crime from the public is if your alibi story is too shoddy like that story Bill Gore told about having to burn a house down (a house rented by an OCD Bank Robber Rock Miner & Owner of one of the largest stashes of explosives that the FBI has ever seen, yes burn that guys explosive house down at such a high heat that it would “neutralize explosives”.  Yes, shoddy, as in the public would see through it for what it is, a sad cover up of something, oh say maybe a domestic ring of terrorizing human trafficker criminal slaver’s & arms dealers looking to propagandize, launder, and recruit after gaining immunity giving jobs decade after decade.

Yep and then this stalker lady from over the weekend even had the whole story salt and peppered with how her “special ops navy & marine” guys are moving out of America because they see how America has gone to “sh*t” as she put it… so I told her that the reason the Special Ops guy friendly dates of hers all move out of the country is because they are the ones with the hidden camera’s making the hidden camera porn that gets secretly used on a woman to sell her around for quite some time to the pervs around town & to the pervs on the dating websites that pay good money & pay good “this for that” in order to get paired up to a specific woman they’ve been obsessing about unbeknowanced to her, as if it’s just an “experiment in the power of persuasion” which is what the dating sites are all acting like as if it is something that all persons using web sites should expect, like it is the cost you pay for using the internet, you know, like you sign up to be human trafficked via “research” just for going to a website that was soliciting you nonstop every time you got online…. Ya, those “special ops” guys move out of the country because they will get caught otherwise and it is a lot easier to traffic a non-American woman right, right, ya, didn’t one of you stalker traffickers go out of your way to talk about selling Asian women & uh, didn’t you go out of your way to tell me that Asian women are so sellable… yep that is what I was told by a stalker trafficker that stalked me months ago, IHT’s to jail please.  And so basically if one Special Ops type guy can Handle and secretly traffick 5 to 6 American woman in a year then he can basically more than double that amount in the Asian countries all with a lot less likelihood of getting caught or in any sort of trouble for it.

Now yesterday one of the Escala based stalkers who has stalked me all over SubMission Valley for the last year has now all of a sudden shown up at a place he has never stalked me at before, yah, a place I have been able to otherwise ditch him & the chick he stalkes me with whom he identified yesterday as being his sister, and he found me now at the place that neither he or his sister have showed up to yet, but then low and behold here he is showing up yesterday to say to tell me all about how he has a movie he has filmed partially in Escala, and how his movie is about real live modern day “vampires” that do horrible things to Christians just to show the Christian’s about how judgmental they are andhow non-loving non-godly they are and in this movie these “vampires” are actually satanic and just satin worshipers & don’t have any of the mystical or supernatural vampire’y qualities that are found in all the other vampire movies that are so popular, and he tells me that all of this ugliness in this beautiful setting of San Diego corruption in this movie is just from satin worshipers….. hmm, so then he tells me about how these satin worshipers attack and victimize the Christians by going to churches and pretending to be Christian as to get close enough to be able to hurt the Christian’s, and so then he moves into how he is so surprised that his ala’mode & organic idea and story is actually something that actually happens in real life,… ok, ya, aright, so I humor this plebian hoping it will placate him you know so that he and his movie vampires won’t hurt me right, wink wink, because that is just how us Victims are forced to have to survive, right.  So he tells me that some guy at the Escala pool start following his sister home & he then asks me about my protection and about if I have protection and security & he wants to know if I have any Security and what my protection methods are considering that I was also stalked in Escala right just like his sister was.  He tells me about his favorite movie director’s crazy coincidence in some wall street movie about “the 1% needing protection from the 99%’rs” and how that story was actually coincidentally actually happening in real life though the movie writer had no connection to wall street on-going’s and wow it’s all a coincidence right just like what a coincidence that he is making a movie in Escala about devil worshiper’s Victimizing Christian Women by pretending to be church going Christians but in reality the characters in his movie are actually just undercover Satanist’s and wow what a coincidence that women in Escala are actually being targeted for Victimization in real life too and not just in his movie plot, and wow it is actually happening in real life, as if some silly happy medium has been reached that explains away SPAWAR’s Chief Otto Miller Act of Valor at SPU’s Otto Miller Hall shooting, like as if Military, Sheriff, Operation Shadowboxxx, Judges, FBI, & CIA human traffickers are all just to be chalked up to some satin cult, like some bad bunch of satin sheet romper party freak rapists who hurt all the “Christian’s by pretending to be Catholic’s” though I am pretty sure the large majority of the priests & nuns and the rest of the jesuites that have been stalking me for this property conversion laundering scam side of their sex sales of the kiddies & rape for profit sales of their now grown slaves are actually quite Christian/Catholic and do have much more to repent for than just being Satanic’s posing as Christians, hmm right ya I said it, Christian’s have a duty to not be negligent with religion, let the plebeians be negligent with religions, not the Christian, not the saved & the saved are held to a higher standard of non-negligence than those abused lonely that are picked off by the cults…. Hmmm, and this stalker with this game I just related to you did have a big smile on his face when he left but he is always smiling so what to make of it right, like he just brokered a cease fire then he went on to tell me how he grew up in some “bubble” type of community in the East County of Rancho San Diego area in a development called “Monarch”, you know just a little butterfly reference for old time sake huh; not a good way to end a stalk fest my little IHT’s, no not smart sending the pawn in.  Yep, as soon as this stalker invites me to his movie, an invite I got by way of baiting him on were his movie is being shown at, which I admit I did bait him and this is something I normally do not care to engage in but he wanted me to ask so bad I mean this guy went out of his way to even tell me all about how he has been studying Hitler & some other dictator as to learn all about “propaganda” use for the “Satinic’s to use on the Christians in the movie”” and so on this one time I did bait as I was a bit curious where he could possibly be showing his move at & let’s just say that I am not surprised in the least as to his answer, and I then am privileged to be invited to view this vampire movie that has been shot in Escala & around San Diego that is a sad last ditch attempt for Escala to explain away it’s crimes right as if it is all just ran by the non-mystical non magical vampires this movie guy call’s “Satan Worshiper’s who Hate Christians because basically Christians are human & have negative views and also sin” and he say’s these Satan’s in his movie love to harm the Christian’s just by getting close to them through pretending to be all about God, and yes I know this kind of subversion happens but a key element missing from this cover story Movie Game with regards to how it was pitched yesterday is the problem of Satanist’s also hurting their own “satan religion” worshiping women and children when they do hurt their own, which puts us back at square one of this IHT rings cover up issue, and well, I can add the doe’s of the Set or Satanic Church to my lawsuit any time as it is a very short hop from Tartaro to SPAWAR to the Navy to the NSA to Aquino to the founders of the Set I just haven’t doe’ed out the NSA or all the San Francisco freeks yet that are associated to the crimes that have been made against me; just like it was a very short hop from Alvin Mansour to the Jesuits to the SPU to David Hildebrand to USD… and this satanic story cover up just doesn’t get us anywhere past anything does it USD, & SPU & Set & Jesuite’s….  And I think one of the most interesting parts about yesterday’s stalk fest was when a lady that was sitting came over to me to ask me about this stalker guy after he left, and she proceeds to tell me about how she recognized this guy from a Coronado Island bicycle shop where he was working at and uh well the entire thing is so ridiculous because I want to know how some guy making a B-rate movie that works at the seasonal joint jobs around town can afford to live in Escala, wonder if his landlord is on any of the HOA boards that like to Stalk their Victims & Harass their Victims with oh so terrorizing stories all while making it impossible for that Victim Homeowner to pay her bills due to the relentless stalking games and terrorizings that leave a Victim rendered paralyzed & all that yesterday’s stalker told me about is all very creative but uhm it does not undo how the HOA’s and their catholic affiliated attorneys are knowingly human trafficking through Escala & through the County, City, Law Enforcements & Courts, and through many other property managements apparently all targeting women of any sort, not just Christian women.  I am the real thing a real Envoi a real Ambassador, a real Messenger, I am not a pawn, no, nope, I am no cheap plated iron clad nickel or alloy to low ball offer story pitch to as if this new pitch line up that has been tossed at me over the last few days can make any sense out of any of the wishful coinky’dinks that add up to a ring of military precisioned campus shooting & human trafficking, because guess what, SPAWAR & George Galdorisi don’t strike me as the type to be propagandized, no they seem way more like the propagandor makers & facilitators  so I can’t write off their Act of Valor book or their Chief Otto Miller or their Traffic Victim Charlotte Awino, or my manipulated forced placement with Awino & with Shelton, nor my manipulated forced placement at SPU or the Otto Miller Hall shooting no I can’t chalk all that up to being any sort of “accidently” written by Galdorisi & his friends like he fell for some subliminal messaging or some “persuasive experiment” that just somehow coincidentally guided him to pick that Otto Miller name for his Character and that had the “Save the Traffic Victim from her captor abductor’s” plot the save Awino from Kony theme all published in the year that I was FORCE manipulated to be living with two notorious childhood murderer’s Shelton & Awino after I was systematically forced to have some “crazy” label attached to me through Operation Shadowboxxx ring of TRO Racketeering Court House Worker PIGS…. And anyone who can accept all that con job is just in on it to some degree and I can only message to STEP AWAY FROM FEAR OF LEAVING IT, no threat no promise no amount of this for that is worth staying in a protection of slave trade human trafficking Trading & Robbing Of Soul’s.

NOTE TO IHT’s: And you can’t afford to lie, I cannot afford your lie, a soul is a soul not a lie not a lie, not a lie lie lie, I cannot afford to lie how expensive is a lie how expensive is a soul, how would I ever get another soul if I sold this only one I got, if I sold this only one I got to you by cozying up to your stupid blame it all on the Dragon story when not even Satan wants credit for this that you immunity holding human traffickers have become while you try to twist satin sheets into gold, because if you haven’t noticed, Satan has been getting a make over, ya, Satan is now just the good guy, he is now just the great giver of all the wisdom that God didn’t want you to have since God hates everyone, yep that is the flip flop story now being shoved down everyone’s eyes and ears so I don’t really think that even Satan wants to take the blame for your Human Trafficking either, nope Satan is on a PR campaign doing damage control trying to undo that Eddy Munster “character” getup that the Navy & NSA Aquino guy went on Oprah wearing when this “satanic church experiment” was first sanctioned and started, & ya Satan is busy getting a personality make over and his new identity as the all loving benevolent giver of knowledge just doesn’t fit into accepting the blame for your slave trade rape for profit crimes you IHT’s, and well uhmmm guess what, your even rejected by the Dragon, ha, so now what you pigs? Back to the drawing board as you don’t get out of this crime spree of yours that easy and you don’t fit into Satan’s newest role model position loving giver of knowledge, and you don’t fit into God’s long standing model of giver of life and expectations to be worthy & protection of innocence and of soul’s, nope so where do you fit in Human Traffickers as your Satan has abandoned you for a new made-over knowledge giver of light & taker of you from out of the Dark, hmmm, so IHT’s you could try pleabanism, but you already do that & it’s gotten you into a situation, I forgot sorry; ok then how about atheism, but that’s right those darn atheists don’t take to propaganda so easily but trauma based control works on everyone right, because “”hunger hurts, but starving works””… hmm, but starved bodies have a tendency to draw attention and the starved bodies are also a bit of a pill to get any slave labor out of, and the medical torture on a starved body is just you know, skewed, yep the only good thing about the starving platform is all the DNA harvesting you can use to search for what exactly, but this is already established and the questions have been answered so the starving thing is just not a need any more either is it, hmmm, ok, then hmmm that leads us right back to REPENT.   If you are being threatened or intimidated into to protecting this ring of human traffickers, STEP AWAY FROM FEAR AND REPENT, this is your soul and it is a very real commodity, the most precious in all existence and in all of space and time so try to reconnect to it, take the first step and repent from such wickedness you IHT’s.

I simply do not accept any cover up game that leaves me disenfranchised, leaves other Victims disenfranchised, all while also leaving any other Victim’s able to be made by this ring of terrorister stalker immunity seeking Human Traffickers who need to be in jail for very long sentences of decades upon decades… America can push the domino on this black market crime spree and therein create a dynamic that can start it’s end across the rest of the globe, because that is what America is good at & it has not gone to sh*t, it is just had it’s post’s subverted by a black market.

“”””you want to make me sick, because you want to lick my wounds you gave me, don’t you?  You want the badge of honor when you save my hide, after you’re the one who put my hide into this ill position… you want to make me sick, you want to lick my wounds, don’t you, baby, you want the badge of honor when you save my hide, but you’re the one in the way of the day of doom, baby, if you need my shame to reclaim your pride, and when I think of it my fingers turn to fists”””… when you save my what? When you save my what, my soul, can you save my soul. No you can’t, Right, I have a badge of honor for you stalkers, and it is lying sad in your own hands isn’t it.  Honor up and do better than to blame the Satin’y Satan Dragon for your ugliness as if you have nothing to repent from as the Dragon is not the conduit, oh wait, didn’t the Satan Dragon share that bit of knowledge with you yet you plebian Escala stalkers of mine because I know your reading this and watching me so invasively in your obsession with how much better you must be than I am, and this twisting of the satin sheets into some sort of golden parachute is not acceptable, would it be to you had the roles been reversed, I didn’t think so, back to the drawing board, and let’s just say that I am not a pawn so I don’t make deals like the boss, I am not the one for you all to be chasing after, duh, so stop stalking me, stop with your stories you use on the mushy minded as I protect the righteousness, like a pet bowed to the foot of its master waiting for the only one who can command this creature you treat me as, because trust me, God needs no protection nor does Satan who has been watching human death for a long time now and is ready for it, the first Angel to actually die trying grasping for a makeover like as if a makeover could ever fill a call to repent, let’s not imagine that a makeover can change you IHT’s because “”it’s so so fitting how you smell like your doused in cheap perfume so wear me around your neck like a locket and let me weigh you down till you’re on your knees at which time I will watch you choke on your words because you look so good in blue’’’’ or are you going to rely on a Dragon, is there even time for that because you ask an Angel what it is that “the Devil wants to know” the answer seems to be that Satan is a bit interested in seeing what a soul of a fallen Angel looks like when God cracks it open & your Satan seems to have accepted its own death… oh wait did you IHT’s think Angels & Fallen Angels have no Souls just because they never die? Oh that’s cute and a real bewilderment for me to watch you all operate in you stupid IHT’s, yes the Dragon has been collecting and watching human’s die for so long now that the obsession is fixed & Satan just wants to look good on the way out right, meaning that your time to repent is now and accountably is now for you IHT’s, no one left to blame it on but your selves so repent…  Destruction or Redemption of a Fallen Angel does not lead to one order, nor does destruction of a fallen angel’s soul, study your chemistry, study your humanity, study religions, study electricityall they physics and then try to tell me what a Redemption or Destruction of the soul of a Fallen Angel leads too…. Or has your giver of Knowledge not shared this with you…. Will the first death of an Angel that fell be an anti-climactic boo hoo proving that human soul’s are the most valuable and in need of protection, because it will not lead to the propagandized one order that is being shoved down the eyes and the ears by the war mongers who want to silly the fools around… oh Anti Stalker Nation, when will these IHT’s see their flaw in their story… why don’t you IHT’s study your economics and monitory policy model’s again please, take another look at how currency is actually controlled because it is not controlled by the persons who use it simply by their use of it, as if that constitutes a ratification & controlling holding of a model that is in actuality only controlled by those who war monger it as to manipulate economies and scales.   

Since this is the game you IHT’s sought to play with my life, well at least that is how it gets spinned if I just chalk all this stalking up to it being a satanic ring of traffickers in a movie scam cover for “snuff film & trafficking sales of humans” rather than an Immunity seeking ring of domestic terrorisitng traffickers that supply virtual nations their GDP’s made through black markets…. Hey IHT’s it’s too easy to blame it all on the Dragon, but do note that the Dragon this Vampire Bat if you will, is making itself over and it is not just a recruitment tactic any longer, this is engaged in by the Dragons desire & time to either Repent or to Die looking like a martyr who died trying to give the humans the knowledge and the light, but make no mistake the Morning Star’s light is a non-life-sustaining twinkle from here on earth & every day that twinkle disappears at the rise of the Son, the morning star light is very much different from the Light of the closest star which by the way is the Son, I mean sun.  The message is for helping your soul in everlasting warmth that sustains this lifetime but not at my expense I am not a martyr I am a favorite pet right, like a highly agile and able sleek Doberman or German Shepard coveted by my master for all my ability, and I sit at my master’s side waiting for the loving master’s command right, or are you IHT’s having a hardship in trying to help me realize that I am a dragon who belongs to you, is my head supposed to be spinning from your newest “revelations” you throw at me… should I dare sound as crazy as you all sound when you stalk me, sure lets, so then here we go: IHT’s, did you think that I didn’t already get that omen, I got it when Francesco messed up, yes I know what I protect and I know why I was drugged after Andrew Wallace messed up, yes I know what I have for birth to the world and so do not try to keep controlling my body, run fast as you can but before you go tell me IHT’s am I supposed to be reconsidering my choice or are you reconsidering your choices yet, yes I know why Kiwi wanted to plant the seed that I can go have my eggs frozen as I am kept from finding a husband, and I have bad news for you, I will be a mother despite your attempts to manipulate me out of having love. I see, and I feel, and IHT’s I still don’t see your love can’t feel your love, but I have given you that feeling & shown you love for you to savor in repent, so give me all of your propaganda that you have to give, give all your propaganda over for me to burn, repent or take your satin sheet golden parachute and fall using it after you are forced to jump the platforms IHT’s just like what Satan is doing with this loving giver of wisdom makeover that has left you wicked IHT’s all abandoned in.




Blog #307     

9/18/14   You like to make yourself believe that planet earth isn’t swirling…. So then, let me tie up Saint Odile to her name sake Tropical Storm Odile who hit San Diego a day ago on the 16th like a wake-up call to See…

Wow, I could never even ask for a better tie in, it just doesn’t get any more obvious that this one IHT”s so figure it out…. Yep, this tropical storm that was never meant to travel up to San Diego got rerouted by those War Angels that landed in the water outside of Rosarito when you felt that earthquake last week, and this tropical storm is named Odile, and when you research Odile you find Saint Odile the Patroness of Good Eye Sight, and uhm I must say that I can’t stop smiling, wow, God does have huge sense of obviousness when warning you IHT’s and this shows a love for you so you better repent as this means the rage and wrath for failing to repent will be a bad one right isn’t that the game you like to play, consider this God’s check mate, the Patroness Saint of Good Eye Sight, Saint “Odile”, sent the first birth pang to San Diego huh….

*The Patroness Saint of Good Sight Odile:

*The storm name:

The Patroness of Good Eye Sight, St. Odile is the name sake for the Tropical Storm Odile that the War Angels tossed at San Diego without warning about 5 hours after I filed an Opposition in court telling Peters & Freedman, Terraces, PennyMac & judge Nevitt (& basically all others listed in my suit filed for this Atrocity Game that has been made upon my life) to repent. Yes about 5 hours after I filed an Opposition  with the request instruction to REPENT, the storm was redirected by the War Angels as to changed route & hit upon San Diego, SubMission Valley & El Cajon which by the way is known as Little Baghdad due to it having the 2nd largest concentration of Chaldean’s in the world outside of Irac, with Michigan having the first largest concentration of Chaldean’s outside of Irac… which is poignant considering Judge Bencivengo’s assignment to this Racketeering Scam that needs to be cleaned out of San Diego with all participants being outed for the human traffickers that they are & jailed accordingly, I am not the one giving the repent option, if it were I in charge I would not give a last chance I would have all the IHT’s in jail already, that’s just how I feel trying to reach the things that I can see””. 

I was born on December 14th a day of superstitious fear for the Royal’s, my mother’s first birth pangs were on the 13th which is the day St. Odile is commemorated in the Orthodox Church, and remembered for being born without eye sight that she miraculously gained when she was baptized by a saint that followed an Angel to Palma where Odile had been dropped off at by her mother Bethwinda (((looks like a combination of Bertha & Linda to me))) as Odile’s parents did not really want her due to her being “disabled” since she was born without being able to see.

*The Patroness Saint of Good Sight Odile:

And, uh, well, it is legend that Odile fled & crossed the River Rhine after going back home once she was no longer a cripple disabled blind girl; she encountered continued hate from her father and had further miracles protect her from her fathers’ murderous wrath when she fled across the River Rhine and her father’s wrath at her for coming home ended up in his INADVERTANT killing of his son that he so loved, which happened when he was chasing his daughter Odile away from her family again, SO REPENT BIRTHA & LINDA as it is not only San Diego, nor just all the IHT’s that are being called to repent, nope it’s you guys too, so repent immediately repent as this flip flop in the whale story delivery of this message is obvious and correction, truth, repair, and a change of course is being directed at you all, come clean, and do it formally.  I don’t know when or who gave tropical storm Odile its name but I sure don’t want to see the Hurricane Version of this Wrath that will be made due to this ring of IHT’s failure to comply.  Saint Odile is the Patron Saint for the partially-sighted and blind, and she just gave you all a bump to see & repent right after I filed pleading on saying to do so as I was lead to instruct you to repent, do you understand me yet.

Love & Hugs,



Blog #306     

9/17/14   Did you all feel and hear the storm that hit San Diego yesterday from the south and without warning… because as you can see today the trees are in the streets of Sub-Mission Valley and the stop lights out side of Escala are blinking red at you…. And since we’re talking storms, let’s also talk whales & Sharkey’s.

So a monsoon downpour hit Mission Valley & the Chaldean enclave known as El Cajon yesterday without warning and it came up from Mexico, now all the street lights are blinking red at the Escala.  The sirens were nonstop yesterday as the trees fell into the streets from the wind and down pore, and as all good storms do it washed away the dirty penny’s didn’t it, or did it just shine them up real nice so that they can be shiny and easier seen for the plucking, we all shall see, but in any event, the Storm is meant as a sign to appease God, as in Jonah and the Whale… See I have been in a whale belly if you will, that brought me right back to Sub-Mission Valley when I tried to leave just like Jonah, and the message Jonah tasked with was for the Chaldeans which are basically Assyrian’s, the message was about repenting from the fight that was at hand between the Assyrian Chaldeans & between the Jew’s in that time & the message was about a wicked city repenting from their wicked ways… later on Jesus confirmed this entire whale delivery of the messenger Jonah back to where he left from story as being a supernatural event, an Act of God if you will… the story is that the wicked city did listen to Jonah, and was spared God’s wrath…. The beauty in this story is supposed to lie in the New Testament depending on what “faith” you are…. See, the beauty is that God eventually came up with a measure that would allow his chosen people the Jew’s, to be able to not have to be protected by the Messenger’s or protected by the will of those who were supposed to hear the messages, see God created a conduit that allowed his chosen people and all people to be good enough, and to cover sin & it is all written about in this book called the Bible, and the wicked in the cities no longer needed to be saved from the other wicked in the other cities as they could just repent and accept the conduit, but then there is this other book a Torah that just acts as though things ended at the introduction of God’s conduit and that God will be back to claim all and make one order of this mess of the wicked so then this dictates to be as wicked as you want while you wait… right Mossad, this is what your shoving down the throats of this San Diego over taking of yours & of your friends correct??!!!... in the here and now what I have been tasked with to have in my life is this: we have the Chaldeans/jesuits, the Jews, and the Law all in Escala & San Diego where these Wicked have been running amuck on behalf of their satanic infused human trafficking slave trade platform till there is no redemption, though their Messenger that they manipulated & forced to look a certain way & forced to leave, yes their Messenger has returned just like Jonah not even wanting to be a part of any of this wickedness that this ring of human traffickers are all about while they pretend that they are “immune”…. Hey you wicked IHT’s: Look at the stop lights, their blinking at you to stop after yesterday’s monsoon, and do not miss the flip flop’s in this version of the classic story, ohh and you harbinger’s of this classic who think you know & who think you have something to tell me, let me tell you that this Message is for you too, because you can’t know as much as you pretend to, or you would have already made repent, I see you, I hear you, I want you saved as much as you think you want to convert me… you have been led a stray by a masterful deception but I do love you, don’t you feel me yet you who were tasked to protect but who now need protecting, let me protect you, it is what I have been created for and what I am good at so do not make the misstep to imagine that I am not here for you too as you have been subverted as well and redemption is yours for the seeing and taking, take your out take your recalibration and kreep on while you pretend to your selves that it is I who is the creature, until that day comes when you can feel and accept the exalt that I see is yours to own if you care to repent and enjail the subversion while setting free those you have wrongfully maliciously put into bondage… this is the beginning of the birth pangs of the call to you to repent so do you understand me yet, or do you somehow think this is just a Jew, a Kreep, and a Seymour joke of some sort.

When Micky Jew brought in Pennymac’s human trafficking affiliated Agents’ Melissa Batham-Sharkey & her husband Warren Sharkey to try to bring in any sort of fruit of the forbidden tree into the Escala attack of me, well the parties were joined publicly in their conspiracy to unlawfully convert real property for laundering of human trafficking & terroristing money, but the more interesting part of that now public union is in how it shows the unlawful nature of the way IHT’s try to bring in premeditated data that they are not allowed to have due to the unclean nature of its existence, but these IHT’s need the force placed force birthed unlawful in creation, data for their covers of their human trafficking, I mean for their “investigation’s”, so now we see how many “convicted” innocents have been getting set up into “jail” once we start to investigate all the cases that have been handled by the same traffickers that are handling my case, and Melisa Batham Sharkey did tell me that she likes all the perks and business increase and Mexico trips that she has been able to have once she started to attack at me as if my safety and the safety of her daughter are of lesser concern to her as I did tell her that her being introduced by Pennymac into this situation is of no mistake and that those that she serves look to control women who have beautiful daughters… the Sharkey’s are playing roulette with their many “employers” and their playing roulette with their daughter’s innocence becoming the property of Slave Trader’s and this makes the Sharky’s too stupid as they were informed of this and informed of how this ring they have just loved joining have plans for their daughter’s innocence and purity in a this for that type of crime ring but the Sharky’s seem to not care or are they just too far in already, they did move from their humble beginnings into the “Pacific” platform over in the La Jolla office of the Pacific Sotheby’s so follow the property conversion money laundering trail from Pacific Real Estate to Seattle Pacific University to Pacific Sotheby’s if you want to find the businesses that do laundering for this human trafficking ring and there are way more “Pacific” labeled traffickers that have interjected themselves & their wickedness into my life as if I was just fodder to be killed later after deceiving me and exploiting my everything, like simple basic needs of work & employment referrals and searches on line. 
And now for the Wickedest Whale that brings God’s will full circle, a will that I am not in any sort of control of, a will that I can help all change if messages of repenting from wickedness will be heeded…  Jessica and the Jeep rather than Johna and the Whale… my question is when do you IHT idiots see what I am, I am your wicked crime ring’s end, watch or repent the decision is yours…. So this one involves Jan Goldsmith’s friends, first his wife’s friend Hugenor who is now “retired” after the complaint I made to the CJP about her proof of service scam TRO game she played with Seff Jerksky, yes now Hugenor is now in the camp of the Yuri Hofmmann and apparently the ADR employs all the Judges who “retire” to avoid the penalty of the Commission of Judicial Performance, and quite frankly this is a recipe for disaster that needs to have its ingredients recalibrated, because it is unsavory.  See, bad criminal judges who are allowed to keep running crime simply by “retiring” is a wicked game that the CJP is cossetting and the time is now for a change in this policy… judges to jail for committing crimes, not to retirement working at the ADR.

Jan’s other friend Keith Phillips, well his chance to repent is squeaking shut so say’s the Lord, right, wink wink…. Because here’s what, he got paid for what he did to me through a property conversion scam that is/was made in reverse where he took out a second mortgage which basically becomes a cash payment to him once the second mortgage creditor starts to play games with his account so that they can do a lien on his home and the end game is to hire a creditor attorney who can call out the mortgage companies deliberate “violation” of law which then allows for the second mortgage to be dropped completely by the lien holder due to their “mistake” and consumer credit violations that they now need to make correction for and so tell me Jessica Dorman over at the Presbyterian Scottish Right umbrella’d Hyde & Swigart, yes tell me Ms. Dorman, how did Keith Philips second mortgage payment scam go down, did that money payment for what Keith did to me get freed & cleared and cleaned through the court yet by the in- collusion creditor’s deliberate “mistake attack” of Keith…. We are onto a Whale now aren’t we with this light shined on this scam method of payment to the perverse for their wicked ways, and the use of creditors to rob homes to convert to this ring of perv’s is shining bright.  When do you IHT’s see that the message I bring you was not chosen by me, no it was brought to you by your own wickedness and lawlessness that you make while you pose as the law, and you made a mistake trying to repeatedly sell me around, and your time to repent from what your doing is at hand, heed the monsoons, the earth quakes the stop lights, follow the signs in reverse like good little boys & girls as they will lead you back to the light and out of this disgusting that you have allowed your selves to be.  Do not miss the flip flop here as I am Jessica a woman, and not Jonah a man so those who need to repent in their wickedness is not a one sided ideal this time.





Blog #305     

9/15/14   Not exactly sure why Judge Nevett would pretend like he didn’t know that I had found cameras in my house…. After all, Judge Nevett was one of the 3 judges on Seymour v. Tartaro, SDPD, etal….

So someone wants to play a game of remember & forget today, not a problem, here is what you’re looking for whoever you are:

On Seymour v. Tartaro, SDPD etal, the first judge that case was deliberately given to for malicious judicial mismanagement & for obstruction of justice was Yuri Hoffmann, and it is one of the cases that forced him into retirement via his abuse of post in how he refused to honor a timely peremptory challenge as I was being forced into court by a few different ambushes organized by this ring of traffickers back in 2009 to 2010… see when the CIA is McUltra’ing in collusion with Operation Endless Summer (or with its Sister Act that was a “real estate & mortgage Sales-Agent sting” cover for human trafficking hot women) well they have you maliciously brought into court by scams they make at you through your creditors and through scams they make at you through unlawful invasion of your life & home via stalking & cyber stalking you as to commandeer your search for a job, roommates, and your socializing & dating and the web sites are in on in it like Craigslist & like “dating site” networks such as Match, like how Shelton was placed up with my mother; When the CIA is McUltra’ing you with the Operation Shadowboxxx they use insurance companies like USAA, not that Bonnie is above Bill Gores old insurance scam racketeering of human trafficking the women she is paid to hate by Mexican drug lord car dealership having American conduit’s. And as an fyi for your protection, when the CIA is McUltra’ing you for both Bonnies’ “investigations” & for Bill’s “investigations” at the same time, well that is when you’ll also be forced into court through the TRO & Restraining Order Racketeering scam which is the fall out that I was in back in 2010 to 2011 before the catch all was engaged in through the abduction scam false imprisonment.

Anyhow, when Yuri Hoffman was finally investigated by the Commission On Judicial Performance the Superiority Court of San Diego then started to redistribute all the bogus cases that he was war mongering, and I had many judges on my cases I was forced to defend against, and many Judges recused themselves from my cases that were being systematically bombarded against me as those judges knew that the Operation Shadowboxxx’s & Endless Summer’s were working with federal agents as to bring phony cases to force targeted Victims into court as to make the victim’s look a certain way that aided going after whoever they didn’t have any due cause against such as Alvin Mansour’s Uncle….. you know take out the HT competition type of turf war because in this town you don’t step on the IHT turf of the Sheriff’s, right.

So when my cases were redistributed from Yuri the Furi, I had cases to defend with Oberholtzen, Strausse, Nevitt, Rodger, Whitney, Barton, Enright, Longstreth, some called in from Riverside retired judge I think named Merrideth Marrinan who was outside the scope of the CJP (which is when you know your rapist is a special rapist and so you don’t even need the DoJ to tell you so anymore), Danielson, Taylor, a Katz, and ultimately the clean-up guy abduction artist judge in the “Mental Court” but I’m saving that name for later, wait for it.

So many of the creditors that used fake POS’s to gain court judgments ended up dismissing their claims and likely the files have “disappeared” anyhow, I was basically being made to look a certain way that I am not and was not just for the “DA to have some reason to investigate me all so I could be micro managed to the big boom on the right day by the Pacific Law Center about a year after the attack of my good name was first engaged in…. and though these IHT’s have taken the Crown from me that Seattle owed me for stopping the campus shooting for as long as did, San Diego still owes me my crown for saving it from the explosion “”terrorist act”” of that building were the new bankruptcy court sits, that I was first being set up for by Pacific Law Center’s Mossad freak show ensemble who was stalk piling & covering up their explosives in collusion with Bill Gore & the FBI who were hiding those explosives at a “ocd” bank robber’s mining obsessed guys house, right, but lets get back to today’s Nevitt-ation if you will.   

What I can say is that Nevitt was supposed to have recused himself from the Seymour v. Tartaro, SDPD et al case due to Judge Nevitt’s Navy alma matter affiliation, just like the judge before him that the case was sent to after Yuri retired to avoid the penalty of the CJP.  So when I had the robbery of my safe I saw that most of my pleading documents from that case had been replaced & made to say Strausse on them so what was I supposed to do, keep yelling to the world that my pleadings are being tampered with, or just go with it?  I can’t stop these animals, I can only let them out themselves in front of everyone, what am I supposed to do when the options are to either shut your mouth & maybe be able to survive, or tell the truth & be called crazy and abducted into a false imprisonment, or maybe just drugged up and dragged onto a school campus and then shot up after being forced to watch your family get murdered which is what Awino was conditioning me to accept like she was Kony and like I was her, and like SPU was the LRA.  Either way, you all should have seen Judge Nevitt today obstructing justice when my hearing was placed in his court instead of Judge Kreep’s court…. Oh and the face that Judge Nevitt made to me when he wanted me to cry when he said to me the statement to me in the form of a surprised question of “you found cameras in your home” like he has never heard this before, what a sociopath, because uhm ya, hello, isn’t he supposed to remember when he massively obstructs justice and defrauds a Victim out of her day in court, out of her Discovery, and out of her right to have a jury trial which is what he and a ring of others did to me back in 2010 to 2011 and desperately want to do to me again now as to protect criminals engaged in outlawed non-immunity covered MKULTRA & human trafficking & terroristing all laundered through Property Conversion Scams & FAFSA scams that are engaged in as to ultimately create down trodden Slaves.  So then why didn’t Nevitt recuse himself today?  Is he still taking up for the Navy arranged human trafficking slave trading that Tartaro, & Machhour & Escala are running through the Dod & Navy & SPAWAR for their Sir Mr. CIA McUltra … Mr. McUltra is Catholic, IrishScots Catholic & he’s been Knighted by Britain, but he’s a human trafficker and he plays money games with other traffickers like with that hot Ms. BND & with that oh so tactical Ms. Mossad, and lets not forget about his wife Mrs. Kubark-McUltra who does speak Spanish and does live in Mexico for part of the year.

Anyhow, it was so good to see Judge Nevitt again after all this time and now I see that he was indeed on board with the idea of switching my pleadings out on a very important case that he should have never been on and had any one of the 1st 2nd, 3rd or 4th added judges on that case not made official Obstruction of Justice then I would not have been abducted, falsely imprisoned, or hauled off to the Awino/Shelton/SPU Seattle terrorizing event, and all those other women between 2010 to now that have been raped by cops in our San Diego would have been spared as this ring of SDPD human traffickers would have been off the streets sooner, so ya, good to see you again judge Nevitt, hope your game today was worth it, and I hope you felt the first birth pang today when you made me cry today when you acted like you never knew about the hidden cameras I found in my home your game is over, you and Kevin Enright’s games are over, and so are Danielson’s, and especially the Racketeering of the TRO’s, the get your hands on the Kiddies, and the Cash for Cuties sales of mug shot Victims, because Nevitt you have just outed yourself, and you knew to recuse yourself long ago, but you just love what that Military based human trafficking platform can do for you don’t’cha, you and Enright both just love the type of perks it brings…. And Enright is who I am referring to as the 4th judge on Seymour v. Tartaro, SDPD etal as Kevin Enright was in on the micro-managing of my cases to Yuri Hoffman to begin with and Enright was instructing his court he was the presiding judge of at that time, and in fact the Seymour v. State of California et al case was micro-managed by Enright as to be obstructing me from justice. Oh, and Anti Stalker Nation, it gets better, yes it does… so as I was waiting for court, a stalker was sent up to me to call me “Whitney” of all names & it seemed like judge Whitney sure wanted me to think of him today… then the court had a woman planted in it wearing a Target employee shirt & name tag who left as soon as I left practically, there was also a dark psych punch were one of this rings stalker “attorney’s” agreed to walk in to court saying to the bailiff comments about needing an interpreter even though the “woman” in the hall asking for one is not the person on the case just the wife of the person on the case & this attorney was going out of his way to act and infer that since this “woman in the hall” is not the person listed on the case then no interpreter needs to be provided correct bailiff, and even Micky Jew was in on the game when he started to make pot shots at me about my “recollection” as if somehow he knew more about this stalking of me than I knew, so let me say here and now Mr. Micky Jew if you ever start to find cover up on your old pleadings after a robbery conversion of your property then you might fear for your life too and so know that there is a difference between “recollection” & between having to operate within a deadly game that I am not in control of, so do save your “recollection” comments for your other Victim’s while I save my tears for my other Stalker’s, as we all know that Judge Nevitt wanted me to cry while he acted like he knows nothing about me and about Escala’s terrorizing & trafficking of women that is made with, by, and for the Navy’s over use of the CIA which is not supposed to be functioning as a Slave Trade nor is there supposed to be such an overwhelming militarization of the CIA as they have proven that they cannot be trusted with Army’s, children, churches, jails, or with Military bases, because they are crazy now that they are overran by jesuit affiliated persons correct, and we have all seen what the jesuits do when they are in total control, we see that they are not of or for Jesus in any way and are a dirty human trafficking network of submersion made for Malta War Mongers, Order of Malta get out of my USA CIA & State Dept..… Order of Malta get out.  Welcome to The List Nevitt, I’ve been waiting a long time for this slip up, nice to watch as Micky Jew showed that he was in on it with his lies he made about his ideas that I was denied a jury trial request when the reality is that Judge Kreep told me last week that if I wanted a jury trial request then I would have to make it ex parte and this was said right in front of Mr. Jew… note to self Mr. Jew, you’re on the wrong side of this game and you know that your boss David Peter’s had his friend Tony Cooke stalking me and personally invading my home and food, and did you know that Tony’s father supposedly works at the pentagon, so tell me Mr. Jew what exactly do you think your boss is up to that you think you are smart to be aiding rather than taking it to the Inspector General’s?




Blog #304     

9/14/14   No, no, she doesn’t even have to be in on it, no, she is Golden, because her Slaver’s play her like a fiddle to a tune…

Fiddley deee Fiddley daaa Fiddly la de da de da, yes Modern Day Slaves are play’ed like a fiddle especially when the Slave was made by this Slave Ring way back as a toddler, made easy by how the Slaves mother was also targeted at youth…. So no, no my mother was not in on any of this IHT rings laundering foreclosure scams that were made conduit’ed through her in one way or another.

And here is how it all went down, let me just set the stage for act one of this fiddle extravaganza masterpiece show that I have watched her in for too long now…

So, my Anti Stalker Nation and the Slaver’s both know that my mother was targeted as a toddler to be handed over to a doctor that employed my mother’s father… a doctor who saw a problem that did not exist as neither my mother’s mom nor her father were looking for any help for any issue but this shriner was looking for lots of beautiful and normal (control group) kids (that were pretty enough to desire since it wasn’t actually any sort of experiment at all nor was it any sort of needed treatment at all) to pull apart and rape as if it was just an experiment perpetrated against the children of trusting women who believed in the legitimacy of the crap any old perv with an “MD” would spew…. Basically my mother has been mentally, emotionally & physically stalked her entire life and now that she is not “beautiful anymore” as she put’s it, I have seen this Slave Ring try to manipulate her with totally different golden-plated karats for their controlling of her and when I look onto her eyes I see God cry in the reflection of my enemies who sit suspended in the air behind my shoulder’s waiting and fighting as to say I am theirs, yes there has been a fight for my soul and I have felt it and seen it. 

Though I have seen my mother’s beauty & though I have watched others try to make her beauty fade like a bet was made, and I have not given up on her beauty but I still have no interest in fiddles though I am starting to think I must need one with her name on it as to lead the snakes into the ocean & away from her just to get her to see her beauty again  …., oh and IHT’s do not underestimate that the lights of the city are not too heavy for me, so I will use them to shine on to your ugly every time, but call in your construction crew because it is hell on the engines, as the road outside my house is paved with my good intentions, and one day you’ll grow nostalgic for disaster, but I can write it better than you ever felt it… yes IHT’s, it is My Pretty Lips that Will Frame this that you’ve done while you think you know how crazy I am, that’s sweet, how cute & I will have you lose your faith in your switcheroo scam your making to the masses where your presenting Satan to be God”“.  My light my shadow, I am the Operation Shadow-Boxer & you IHT’s made me so, thank yourself As Furious and As Fast As You Can Baby for the self-fulfilling prophesy as you wanted for your own destruction IHT’s.

So yes my mother, my mother, oh yes my mother, ok. So she first was hit up for this unlawful property conversion scam conduit & if need be patsy, back when her stalkers were targeting me for my placement from my first home I bought into my second home in the Escala. At that time in my life, my mother had already been maneuvered into a real estate license & sales job situation just like decades before when I watched her being maneuvered into a nursing type of career.

So my mother was being the real estate agent and accordingly bought a condo on a lake.

But then, yes but then, a man, a man, a man came along, a man that worked for Microsoft of course, a man that was leading a double life of course, a man came a long that helped her out of her condo and on into a home with him and a marriage, now we have two properties tied to a same social security number holding slave.

Then the man is caught with his “mistress” aka his real life, and all of a sudden both properties are now in foreclosure and my mother so distraught, so not able to even see the property conversion scam at hand being made through her name, her social, her payments & then deliberately oppressed inability to make payment’s thereafter.

That’s 2…

3 & 4 are Shelton.

3 & 4… so then my mother is made repeatedly to fear for shelter, a basic human need and her Slaver’s are ultra-mandated to feed and shelter this Slave so what did they come up with next for her while they targeted her daughter a bit further down their Slave Trade Pipe Line… well as these Slaver’s were busy calling me lies, yes calling me crazy as their coordinated move they made while getting James Shelton & Charlotte Awino into position in Seattle which included the cyber stalking of my mother’s online use as to pair her up with James Shelton in a way where she was ambushed to think that he was being perfectly matched up to a compatible MURDERER, hmmm, great dating site match up for her kinda like Robert Tartaro’s match up to be renting a room from me as if he was any sort of upstanding service man when in reality he is just an East Coast Human Trafficker protected by a human trafficking ring that uses the military as a mule for rape for profit human trafficking…. next thing you know my mother is living with James Shelton newly released from prison murderer who no woman would ever be with but for a Slave made to fear living on the streets, yes so all of a sudden my mother and James Shelton are living in James Shelton’s parents property that is depending on rent payments and of course my mother’s & James’ job options start to all just fall through and the property goes into foreclosure, but wait, wait, there is a golden light, if you can’t pay the rent than you can save up the bit of cash you get for a down payment on your own home right????  Yes yes so James Shelton and my mother are saving up, but then there is a need for that money, a need to move a daughter out of a bad situation like move me from San Diego to Seattle… so the money is spent but there is already a real estate agent looking for a new home for the James and the Slave he was promised... and promised to be able to kill without having to go back to jail, how did that go for you Shelton you f’n animal pig.….  ok enter stage left SPU and Awino.

Yes, so then as I am hauled off to SPU that 3rd home is converted but not until after my family paid & labored over making it inhabitable, so then on to the 4th….

Now all of a sudden a fourth home pulls through by that real estate Agent and though some how the “down payment” money was spent on getting me from San Diego Mental Jail to Seattle King of the Crazy F’xxx SPU, a home is still somehow able to be qualified for and James and his promised slave-to-be-murder-fodder, are able to buy a home of their own… now remember Anti Stalker Nation, I am at this time living on the SPU campus being terrorized out of my A grades by the CIA/Boeing/Microsoft/SPAWAR- Vulcan over ran SPU MBA Program that was thinking that my life is to be as they want it to be and to be as they write it to be for their Act Of Valor laundering “donation” scam’s & propagandas intent to further Black Markets that IHT’s run, but these IHT’s to the Lord they left their conscience pressed between two pages of the bible in the drawer….”” so their ability to play Christian’s on a Christian campus was simply their own undoing and was their plated gold falling & flaking from their cold cheap nickel clad personas.

Let’s just say that by the time I figured out just a bit of what Awino was & what Shelton was, that 4th home was already way too far-gone and foreclosure scammed away and to this day my mother is being too micro-managed with the karats to be able to know freedom for her or for those that she loves, but the new day has dawned, it is just a matter of her looking out her window to a blinding moment of My Light if her over compensation for survival ego can let her walk to the window & open it and smell the fresh air and look at the son, I mean look at the sun, square for that brief second that we are all able to manage that kind of glory for before we would go blind if to stare for any longer.

I can take your problems away with a nod and a wave of my hand because that is just the kind of girl that I am”“… but you have to give me the water to paint the true colors with, don’t be afraid of the car crash or of the hearts getting off the poet-couches to walk on the water””… my carrots are better than their karats… and I can give you what they offer but they cannot give you what I have been tasked to give, do you understand me yet…. Don’t miss the real message while you’re being seduced by the switcheroo.  

So that’s 4 properties in about a 5 year period that were converted via the Slave conduit known as my mom, and uhmm, well, so ya, I haven’t even begun to tell you what time already told me, such as but not limited to the money and labor spent by my mother and brothers as to bring these properties to an upgraded state & some to an inhabitable state before they were taken by the property converter money laundering slave trader “banks” that need a way of maxim benefit placed on a property before the unlawful converting of it as to prove how smart the converters are to the contrast of how stupid the slave laborers are…. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME YET… Because I, I, I don’t care just what you think as long as it’s about me””“…  The rest of you can find happiness in misery… but not my family anymore, get it yet… I call it freedom, as a silly business opened for IHT’s to run their crap through is not an approved second place option, but I digress again.

This is your vivisection IHT’s and you have been willing it to your selves for too long now, so your welcome for helping you get what you truly wanted by the acts you have made…. Peace be with you as your black heart is extracted and put into a formaldehyde filled glass jar to teach the youth with about you.

I can teach you how to make boys next door out of A-holes, I can even teach you how to make a boy next door out of yourself you A-holes, Americana Exotica, do you want to feel a little wild?  Ok, then let’s all have a very Pale-Golden-September as we all watch all the armor falling down, and let’s have a good week now than shall we.




Blog #303     

9/13/14   On a Solar Flare Kind of Note ….

Mala fide my home, love, family, my pleadings, my work & education & reputation & freedom, and my good claims for repair to the damages you caused me; so then I will

Mulify my voice till it’s all you hear in every song & see in every glance; or better if you

Mollify me now, come on make it easy appeas’ey so you can say I never mattered - run it up the flag pole, but it will cost your repair to damages you made, make no mistake.

Make no mistake the truth is coming out, it’s just a matter of how loud, and that is always a matter of appeasing God, the righteous, the innocent, and I am of the protectors of the righteous as you IHT’s all knew before I was even born.




Blog #302     

9/11/14   Atrocity by definition and the HRCR 9/11….

By definition Atrocity means:

An extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence, or injury.

So yes what has been done to me qualifies as an atrocity, so then:

“Victims of Atrocity have a right to know the truth… a right to tell the Truth” as per the Human Rights Resolution 200, as per the Human Rights Resolution 2005/66, and per HRCR 9/11… so this is a symbolic day for many reasons especially regarding the official clever threats and oppression of truth that was done to me yesterday…

By definition I have had many official acts of Atrocity engaged in against me so it was very interesting yesterday to watch 4 judges all on an organized queue of instruction from their one brain all decided to undue the little bit of protections that I am able to gain and this was an organized systematic oppression tactic, but the truth wants out, and this oppressive “undoing”  game all lead to the culminating indirect threats and misinforming, as to oppress a Victim’s truth, made by judge Kreep,  & this ring of IHT’s had Judge Kreep start to actively start testifying for the Escala with unsolicited directions to Micky Jew on “striking” my truths from the official record and how that is something that will be granted with “sanctions” especially if I dare to bring up any more relevant data regarding the matters of fact surrounding the unlawful property conversion scam at hand, data that this judge needs so to be able to make an informed decision rather than to be misled by his employers who have already flexed their might at judge Kreep in the past…. So naturally I had to combat this way too obvious display of woman hate by informing judge Kreep I have every right to say and tell the truth, and this is a fact, just like the fact that pro se applicants have a right not to have to become perfected attorneys & know as much as an attorney, in order to have protection of civil rights, which was a totally new concept for judge Kreep & it appears that his legal department over at the Superiority Court of San Diego seems to want this judge to be kept in the dark, and that’s not quite fair for him or for the women of San Diego who are not to be having all their property converted from them by a ring of criminals… then Micky Jew again started in with how he is trying to help me get the right pleadings in to court like he is my attorney now all while he can’t seem to keep his Ter-ror-ist-aces of the Terraces HOA to stop harassing me at my window or stop contacting me at my email that I never gave to any ofmy neighbors who have all been told to Stop harassing, stalking, terrorizing, and invading me… but for some reason Micky Jew wants to help me get my pleading right…  judge Kreep should have immediately disqualified Micky Jew from the case, especially after Micky Jew started to say how “bad” he feels for the home owners in the Terroraces , though Micky Jew knows first-hand that his boss Dave Peter’s had that buddy of his Tony Cooke stalking me and my food, and invading my home so I am not sure what delusion this Micky Jew holds his bar license under but it sure sounds like it is a delusion of human trafficker complicity… not a problem, we now know, good, welcome to The List.

The best part of yesterday’s judge stalk fest was when the judges decided that they would make my case the last case of the day so that the presiding-judge-kevin-enright could walk past the back door of the court that was left open so that he could give me a stair down like I should care one bit about his little stalking and intimidating, he can kick rocks and go back upstairs to his office.  Then on a final note, judge Kreep wants to have a trial though I have repeatedly been cleverly kept from any discovery through how Escala Terroraces have repeatedly vacated their phony law suit against me as to try to cover up their fraud they thought that I would never be alive to tell a judge about.

Sounds real normal, a trial for a suit that has no discovery made in it due to the repeated acts of Vacate that have been made by the teams of unlawful property conversion scam artists that run this money laundering technique up and down the west coast of Billy Goat Gore’s old FBI territory, all for the cleaning of the money made from the Indian Reservation exploitation of the kiddies…. Ok, let’s have a trial with no discovery as my request for due discovery time is of no concern to a judge though it is a major obstruction of justice, we’ll see how a Jury feels about that… oh but then I am informed that there is no Jury, and then I am informed by Micky Jew that no judgment had even been made in the past which was all a premeditated pitch to judge Kreep so that he could go on the record to explain why he changed the prior hearings official record & change the reality of the case and changed the minute order to suit that action (which I found out yesterday was actually all done for the appeal court to be able to screw with my Writ I was told I had to use after I put in for the appeal of the denial of the motion for disqualification recusal of judge Kreep)…. Isn’t changing the reality of a court date hearing into something that never happened a defrauding of me out of due process with regards to instructing me to have to file a specific motion rather than just hear the motions I did file and that I had been allowed to file when the trial was vacated at the hearing that I was told I could file new motions for the “new trial” back a few days prior at the hearing that is now being all changed up and re-reality’ed?  The next thing I know, as I am sitting listening to Escala’s & Tearass’s Micky Jew spout off how badly he wants to help me get my pleadings “right” all of a sudden judge Kreep starts inserting his delusions into the official record by acting like I am doing & saying things wrong when I silently shake my head in the no motion as I listen to Micky Jews lies and deceit.  Yep Kreep starts to try to oppress me again and makes threats at me again with statements about me “saying things” and “acting out” as if to imply to the record that I was doing something other than just shaking my head no… this is why I am left to be last in court, and anyone listening to the court recording will hear that I was lambasted and threatened for saying nothing all as if I had just said something and this indicates that the Superiority Court of San Diego is intent to tamper with the audio recordings of the cases related to me.  This all starts to make Kreep’s bias against women’s rights start to look like a bias against women Victims as well, and this is a bad position for San Diego Women who can’t even get bad rapist cops off the streets…. Something here in San Diego is remiss to say the least & Texas has got nothing on San Diego’s organized woman hate, nope San Diego leads the Nation on Hate of Women exercised through courts & their corresponding city & county employees, and I even saw yesterday a woman get bombarded out of thousands of dollars part of which she claimed to me to have a law that protects her from having to give over part of that money, all while judge Kreep won’t let her submit this law & I saw judge Kreep “shut her down” as he calls it, each time she tried to speak to him, all as her “husband” also won’t present what she is trying to submit, all while no one gets her an interpreter though she is clearly in need of one…. & Kreep made the Asian imported woman who’s money is at play made to be left to stay seated in the court after oppressing her all while Kreep takes her “husband” & the other men to his back chambers to discuss her payment of her money that she contends needs to be a lower amount…. Wow. This woman told me that now she is scared the judge will have her taken by a sheriff “contempt contempt” if she tries again to give the judge her legal code she found that she said applies….  You know what, my mother had 2 or 3 men in the last 5 years aid in her loosing 4 properties that she lived in and that she was maneuvered into for shelter…. 4 foreclosures in 5 years… someone is running a property conversion scam & just looking for easily oppressed women to make look like the blame takers…. 4 “foreclosures” in 5 years, that is impossible not to be an organized fraud that is looking for an ignorant oppressed woman to have it run through while she’s just in search of shelter, you know the American DREAM of a home & shelter,,,,, and it makes it human trafficking when the woman in court is oppressed from self-defense while her money is being negotiated away from her by 4 men, while she say’s she owes less by law, and there is nothing about Kreep’s treatment of women that is normal or average, just like there is nothing normal or average about how Callahan & Duncan of Pite Duncan made official deceit of judge Kreep when they failed to inform him that they had a law suit case number regarding me and that they have aided their client in a fraud of Trustee Selling then Un-Trustee Selling my home to themselves twice now and for two different amounts all while they are not legally any sort of Trustee whatsoever…. FRAUD & COVER UP... but I don’t see Mike Baker getting threatened with Sanctions, just his co-conspirator Micky Jew being basically instructed to motion to strike the record is what I get to see… very kreepy indeed, because “defending” your client is not to be done as to further fraud & deceit, and attorneys are an officer of the court who need to inform the court of frauds not engage in them with the court nor with their client, but that must either be naive, or just be that we’re in a human trafficking over ran court, maybe both?   Why am I being instructed to file “only one specific allowed motion” for a “vacate of a default judgment” when a judgment was never entered, all so that a rushed hurried “trial” can be forced to be made with no proper discovery & with no property discovery period that was not made interrupted by the Vacates that Peters and Freedman made while having me stalked and oppressed around by the Terorasses home owners that have also played this scam on the prior owner of this home apparently….  Why is a hurried rushed non discovery hav’n trial now all of a sudden being crafted out by instructing me to file for a vacate of something that did not exist when my prior pleadings were sufficient to reopen discovery and reset a non-negligent non-set up actual trial with a jury of persons rather than court house county employed suspect acting “judges”.   

Then as I leave the court to go back to the appeal desk, I find that Keith Phillip’s has planted one of his stalkers their waiting before the door just waiting to do a baiting right before I walk in to that room…. Look, I don’t care that Keith is the guy that keeps dirty cops on the streets of San Diego so that the Tartaro pervs can keep gaining that oh so special hidden camera human trafficking sales live stream footages of the dirty things the patrons tell the Tartaro’s to do to the Victims all while the SDPD help to get the hidden cameras out of the home when they all see the Victim finding the cameras after she has been assaulted, molested, invaded…. No I don’t care that Keith does this for the SDPD as he is not the only one who keeps dirty cops on the streets so that they can traffick more women, nope lots of San Diego City & County employees do this, keith is just one ofmany who will walk in and say that a Victim now just wants to get paid for having sex on a camera while knowing full well that the reality is that it is beyond damaging and horrific for anyone to find hidden cameras that Tartaro types are raping women for & in front of with the aid of SDPD, and keith knows that this is a horrifically damaging abuse that would need proper remedy of the damages & repair of the damages, but than that would mean 5 dirty cops, a ton of dirty “agents”, & a dirty Tartaro would not be able to make more Victims for this human trafficking ring.  So officially, the City Attorney Office is again stalking me and harassing me around and Keith Phillips needs to be Ordered to have a psychological evaluation done by a county paid doctor but in a county that hates men. 

My right to tell the truth is not dictated by who likes or dislikes what they hear, it is dictated by the truth & by the atrocities, and IHT threats, oppressions, and pretend ignorance’s of fundamentally protected rights are enough to make all IHT’s complicit beyond just negligent & formally criminal you IHT’s, so stop threatening me because Leon & his bosses bosses bosses bosses boss do know your glass houses and this is the last time you’ll be nicely reminded of this I’m sure.




Blog #301      

9/9/14   Duhdadahda Duhduhdada… “Am I More Than You Bargained For Yet?, I’ve Been Die’n To Tell You Anything You Want To Hear, Cuz That’s Just Who I am This Week… You’re Just a Line in a Song… You’re Going Down Down in an Earlier Round”…. Centuries have been waiting for Centuries for their David and Goliath, Your Crimes will never be forgotten, You IHT’s Will be Remembered For Me Being Your Just One Mistake….

Speaking of God Complex’s, let me tell my Anti Stalker Nation that for some odd reason Eric Holder’s DoJ & Bill Gore’s San Diego County have not had their co-conspirator co-defendant Travis Meyer leave me alone yet, and I bet this Rape For Profit Ring is still even trying to have Kathy Rowes’ rape scams made on that poor home owner in her own home so that she moves out so that Kathy Rowe can convert her DREAM home to herself all while the County Superiority Court keeps it all abducted,,, I mean protected as if it is all just a “prank”…. And if anything, the repeated abuse harassment & stalking that Rape For Profit Human Trafficker Travis inflicts upon me at the instruction of this IHT ring, yes if anything Travis’ abuse of me is simply making all his coconspiritors guilty of Escala’s crimes though I wish his handler would just stop telling him to terrorize me so not to sink the whole ship ya know, loose lips sink ships, so guess it’s too late anyway for Trav’s team.

Ashes to ashes & dust to dust right, NOTE TO IHT’s: you burn your ashes now because you all look so pretty just like your Travis, spin that because your story’s all wrong and you needed to fix yourself before I was ever in your eye, and you will remember me for centuries, but for me you have died for me, not I for you & I shadow over you now, and I will forget you, because the War Angels have been around forever and you have brought them here and now.

My Light, yes IHT’s, I am the opposite of to forget & no there’s nothing wrong with me & we all know you can’t be fixed, so we mean to lock you away & toss the key, and you will be gone soon, and your one mistake is all it did take, you will remember me for Centuries, this is history, remember me for Centuries.  O I knew you could not see, but I thought maybe some of you IHT’s could feel, alas, I was wrong, your mistake not mine.  “Some legends are told, some turn to dust, some to gold, and your one mistake means the world will know my name” like David & Goliath.

Super Smootch,



Blog #300     

9/7/14   Happy Happy 300th Blog-Day Anti Stalker Nation!!!  “Hey Youngblood, doesn’t it feel like our time is running out, I’m Gonna Change You”

Oh yes, and I do have a Happy Blog-Day gift for you! Yes, yes, so here we are, the time has arrived; so let’s talk real talk.

Let’s you and I really talk about the “crazy” game that was used by this San Diego ring of terroristing human traffickers that cover up their crimes by conspiring how to place blame on their Victims & if that fails then simply by calling their Victims “crazy”, and when I say that this ring calls their Victims “crazy” I am not talking about some sad pleabian made demonstrative word & stalking harassments, nope, I am talking about the real deal, I am talking about the plots & conspirings & racketeering of false arrest, false imprisonment, and broad day light abductions made in public & made to give any sort of erroneous legitimate-looking legitimacy to the false imprisonment scams this ring of Human Trafficker’s in The List engage in as to then sell a Victim for a higher premium in their Cash For Cuties Scam were perverts pay more to sexually stalk & assault a woman who is Crazy as Seff Jersky described it to me the “fact that statistically crazy women who have been arrested are more wild in bed” and again tell me how you got your “statistics” and what you use them to justify.  And this Cash for Cuties Scandal that San Diego Courts, SDPD, & Sheriffs are running in collusion with “property builders/owners” uses all the federal resources acquired through “terrorism, public safety, blah blah blah” phony investigations like Operation Shadowboxxx & Endless Sumer both of which have used the FBI, the CIA, SPAWAR, NSA, and DHS/Border Patrol, DoD, Fusion Center’s, CAUSE Program, and many more federal entities, all as if state ran “investigations” are really just a cover for the virtual county of the Order of Malta’s jesuit’y  over ran American federal entities to be human trafficking through as to place the blame of their acts on the state employed idiots who never say “no, I’m not going to do that to another human”, like for instance Seattle PD Officer Oreiro who agreed to write his police report in a conflicting way from the reality of what I said & how I sounded, and Oriero did this to me to support this IHT ran SPU campus terroristing event that I was targeted to be labeled “crazy” for, you know so that I could be made the blame taker of it like what Awino told me about… who at Duke University got Charlotte into the country for her later placement at SPU??.  And on that LRA Kony trauma based control on babies in the womb’s note…..

Yes, I watched with my own two eyes, Ms. Youngblood being tortured by Bill Gore’s & Cathy Dixson’s team of human traffickers, but more importantly, I watched them watching her, and even more importantly I watched them torture her unborn baby which is what ties Bill Gore to Joseph Kony… yes both Bill Gore & Joseph Kony are running slave trade “experiments” of breading easier to control humans by targeting them in the womb.

I watched in person how teams of Sheriff’s would bombard naked Youngblood even when she was not doing anything wrong, I watched Youngblood kept in total isolation for over 2 days in a row sometimes not let out of her cage for even the “one hour a day” that she had the “right” too, you know because “crazy prego women” need to have a right to one hour a day with clothes, shackles, and sun out of a cage.  I watched Dixson’s pervert “nurse” human traffickers putting Youngblood’s camera view on full screen after they took all her clothes from her just so they could perv out on how fun it was for them to have this pregnant Ms. Youngblood sitting naked on the jail room floor privates on floor, baby in a belly, belly that is on the jail room floor, expected mother belly & baby inside it kept disrobed on the ground like animals.  What did Youngblood do to be in such a predicament you might ask, well she was stalked to be made impregnated and then brought up on a chumped up situation to get her into an “experiment” of Bill Gore’s own trauma based control through the womb where a nurse (yes a nurse like what Awino was steered into, like what my mother was steered into, like what my grandmother was steered into at the Red Cross & VA, like what many human trafficking Handlers are steered into), yes a nurse was made to provoke the hormonal pregnant young woman and a slap was made by Ms. Youngblood at a therapy session, yep Ms. Youngblood slapped the arm I believe of the nurse that was going out of her way to apparently provoke this stalked young lady, and when I say that “nurses provoke” the Victims that they are calling “patients” whom are in a jail not a rehab, well I am telling you that it is premeditated planned out provoking and I even had a nurse try to get me to do such to a different woman, but I’ll tell you about that later on.  So a “nurse” provoked Ms. Youngblood then used the normal reaction that they got out Ms. Youngblood as a cover for their intended & desired outrageous over medicating & torturing of this pregnant woman & of her baby in the womb.  I witnessed a pregnant Ms. Youngblood’s decent achieved by the Bill Gore’s & Catharine Dixson’s & the Superior Courts human trafficking ring that deliberately & systematically dehumanized, taunted, tortured, abusively drugged, maliciously isolated, and terrorized Ms. Youngblood.  I witnessed Ms. Youngblood drugged wacked out of her mind to where she couldn’t even talk & then stripped naked and kept on the floor, all persons were told that we could not talk to her even if she called to us or sang to us, on a rare good day like right before she was due for another injection she would sing to us; and Youngblood was being made isolated from normal human contact for months on end and let out of her cage they put her in maybe sometimes once a day for maybe an hour were she was kept in chains as if she was some threat when she couldn’t even really talk anymore, due to the drugs & torture.  Who is the father of Youngblood’s baby; as they took Youngblood to a birthing center and took the baby immediately leaving Youngblood with only a picture of her baby, and I can tell you that when Ms. Youngblood came back from the hospital where she was not being maliciously drugged anymore she actually came back normal and able to hold a conversation, and not drug wacked out of her mind like how Bill Gore & Catherine Dixon & the Superior Court were keeping her in their kidnapping they intended to make after torturing the baby in the womb through torturing the pregnant mother, and this is the Method of Operation that Joseph Kony was supported for & told to engage in by this ring of jesuit human traffickers that have been setting up their crimes through the San Diego Sheriff & through his affinity for the Indian Reservation Donation’s & children; it is why a Kony victim turned handler Charlotte Awino was brought to Bill’s old stomping grounds of Seattle and placed living with me as to aid in manipulations of me, and Bill Gore is at least a 3rd generation human trafficker and the HT ring he is affiliated with is the same “religious experiment” that told Kony to start calling himself the God & his “army of Slave’s” the Lord’s Resistance Army & to start saying that he is God and that he knows all to the 30,000 kiddies they wanted him to abduct & enslave & torture & impregnate for torture through the womb, torture on to unborn babies, and this “religious experiment” coupled with its sister act of the “medial experiment” are all tied to Pennsylvania & to its Cash for Kids Scandal… Human Traffickers Slave Traders have for a long time now looked for any cover story for their slave trading and the “were doing necessary experimentation” is a story they’ve used for too long now, let’s just call it what it is, let’s call it Human Trafficking Slave Trade made under any guise that any other Trafficker is willing to sign off on tongue in cheek, after all, Pennsylvania did not start out as a state, nor as a city.  Pennsylvania started out as a religious experiment that was being conducted by a fanatical religious Quaker named William Penn and that is why Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas are so tied to this experiment San Diego over taking that has been made:

Yes, I saw the degradation, sexual targeting stripping of all clothes, dehumanizing, abuse, torture, isolation, sexual voyeuring on large screen, solitary mental dark psych ambush that was engaged in at Ms. Youngblood so that she could be in a micromanaged situation long enough for her baby to be systematically abused through the womb then taken from her Mother as California State Property in San Diego’s custody, possession.  Who is that baby’s father…. wait for it.

She was always called Youngblood by the Slavers, as if her first name had been erased, as if a respectful salutation was too much.  How many others were watching & paying for Youngblood to be kept naked with her baby body on the floor no panties no nothing but extreme & extremely abusive amounts of drugging’s she was forced to take… how much money does Bill Gore sell that live stream for, I bet Seff Jerksky & his “research buddies” all know.

I saw Talia Gore being told what she had to say in court by a California Social Worker Elene Bratton after Talia had an non-outrage “outrage” in court softly proclaiming her innocence at the “potential” “lies” of a teenage mother who may have been affiliated to Talia’s ex-boyfriend who may have been an SDPD…. How will we ever know now that Talia is being conditioned & drugged daily in Corona California’s version of Patton, right.

I had a different woman tell me that she had escaped and was hiding under a bridge and that the police that found her handed her off to a man in a truck who was not a police man before they then took her in to be “arrested” for hiding under a bridge after escaping as she put it, and then I saw this same woman being told by Elene Bratton that she had to say she is a “prostitute” and “guilty” in court and that she was “born in Coronado” and she was Spanish speaking but all her instruction was given to her in English & her court responses were conditioned into her to be made in English not Spanish.  

I had an older woman tell me that she had woken up one day years ago behind a shed were she had been punched by two guys and that when she woke up she had a big scar in her tummy and that she was told that she is missing organs, and that the San Diego Police have been repeatedly following her for all these years ever since that incident, and this is the woman that Mary Lou Becason tried to get me to enrage… yes this woman had a favorite “jail cell” because it had a window, and so the SD Sheriff & Catherine Dixson decided it would be funny to place this woman in to a “jail cell” with me and then a week later try to get me to take the “favorite room”, the “best room” even though the woman who had been pulled out of it prior & who had been asking to be put back into her favorite room really wanted that room back badly… I looked at Mary Lou Becason and asked her, why would I want to take a room that this other woman badly wants to be back in when I don’t give one care about what “jail cell” I am in?  I asked Mary Lou Becason the question “wouldn’t you think that she would get mad and blame me andmaybe attack me if I took her favorite room” and I told Mary Lou Becason “why don’t you just put her back in her favorite room and not try to drag me into the abuse infliction of her as retaliation for her pleading for it back”.  I suppose that is when Mary Lou Becason decided that she would later inflict her control over my body like a rapist, since she couldn’t control my mind.

There is so much more to this story, especially the parts about where Mary Lou Becason tried to get me to take my shirt off for her when she had me go into a room off camera to test my heart as I was in so much pane from what was being done to me… I believed she could just do the EKG pads with my shirt on and so that is when Mary Lou Becason decided she would violate me one way or another, and a few weeks later she rounded up 5 of her most favorite perverts and they all watched as Mary Lou Becason pulled my pants and underwear off of me down to my vagina where she placed her hand as to assault me while degrading me & dehumanizing me and torturing me in front of a room full of animals where a camera should have been able to see all unless the five persons who were suspiciously brought in to the room trick was meant to block Mary Lou’s premeditated sexual assault of me from the cameras….

This is what Bill Gore wanted when he had is Becason pull my pants off for checking to see if I had a tail of some sort, wings of some sort, correct.

How did I see all this, how did I have all this happen to me?,,,,

Well, about a year after SDPD human trafficker Jorge Leon threatened me that he would have me locked away at the “crazy jail” as retaliation if I tried again to get reports filed for the hidden cameras & rapes that Albert Machhour & Robert Tartaro were engaged in and that I was repeatedly kept from crime report issuance of, until the day I went into the SDPD headquarters where I was abused by Derik Diaz & Stephanie Rose, and by all the persons they dragged in to do dark psych scare tactics on me while I waited in the lobby.  Yes, about a year after I finally was given police report numbers for the crimes that I had to repeatedly report through tremendous threats & abuse, Jorge Leon then finally made good on his threats (threats that I did report way before they were actually made good on).  Jorje Leon, Albert Machhour, Robert Tartaro, and all the rest of the Escala Human trafficker’s all got Ben Klinger to start stalking me around and of course Ben had a friend of his expose his genitals to me at the Tipsy Crow which was back then called some other name, and soon after that first abuse Ben Klinger then started to follow me around all over Escala with his cell phone pointed at me.   Ben would just pop up at the mail box, he would come running over to it as if he knew when I was walking out my front door.  Ben would come find me on my dog walks with his cell phone out pointed at me, and Ben Klinger was provocatively terrorizing me while pointing his phone at me & I didn’t really know what the heck this dude was up to.  And Ben then played the TRO Racketeering Scam that Cole Stewart is suing the Superior Court for.  Yep, Ben Klinger filed a crazy TRO saying that I ran around Escala yelling that I am a prostitute with AIDS (never happened), and Ben Klinger’s crazy & truly unbelievable to any idiot with half a brain “stories” didn’t stop there, nope, Ben Klinger said that I broke into his house through his garage (never happened), Ben Klinger said a bunch of other unbelievable truly twisted crap and when I showed up to fight this bogus story telling of his I was all alone in a court room with Judge Rogers, a bailiff, and with Ben & his Veronica Orono (who’s brothers deal illegal arms in Mexico as per Ben), and this tactic of making sure that no witnesses other than County Paid freeks were in the room was repeatedly engaged in at me in the Superior Court.  I brought proof of Ben Klinger’s lies that totally discredited all his stories but Judge Rodger’s “shut me down” each time I asked him to review the evidence & each time I tried to testify and inform the court of the circumstances at hand, and when Ben Klinger’s testimony contradicted his written statement Rodger’s job was to throw the entire sham out at that very moment but when I pointed out to Rodger’s how Ben’s statements just proved his TRO to have been gained through fraud & deceit, this Judge Rodgers simply pretended as if he didn’t hear me.  Ben Klinger was even awarded a fee for his attorney that was not even in the court, and Judge Rodger’s had a clear affiliation to Ben Klinger that there was no way of pin pointing at that time, and so Ben was given his faux Restraining Order and then he started to stalk me around with his phone pointed at me even more and he told me that he is video taping me.  I made it clear to him that his “restraining order” meant that he had to stop coming around me each time I left my house but he never stopped, and I tried to fight the restraining order but the Superior Court’s Appeal Division is just the step up the ladder for this ring of Immunity seeking Human Traffickers.  What made it even worse was the “vex lit” form scam that the Superior Court engaged in with Robert Tartaro, SDPD, Keith Phillips, Jan Goldsmith, Yuri Hoffmann, & Judge Strauss who was the judge on Seymour v. Tartaro, SDPD etal.  And that was the case where me the Victim (trying to gain any sort of meaningful recovery from having hidden cameras & rape scams inflicted on me and covered up by at least 4 SDPD Officers) was then made to have that due repair & needed safety twisted on me by Deputy City Attorney Keith Phillips who protected the human trafficking SDPD at the expense of citizen safety, by twisting my testimony into his delusion where he stated that I “had sex in front of cameras and now wanted to be paid for it” … yep that is what Keith Phillips had the audacity to say as a cover up for the horrific abuses that the SDPD engaged in against women in collusion with Rapists like Tartaro who have SDPD help him get the rest of his hidden cameras out of my home and Keith Phillips & Jan Goldsmith knew what they did to protect Tartaro & the SDPD was a crime & Keith Phillips & Jan knew what they did was a public safety issue but did it anyway, why?, not to save my life, lets not make that pretense game after the fact, because the Leon debacle was just Jan smelling the bacon burning & Leon knows the glass houses you two have been sitting in, no one saved me I have been hung out to dry and now the world has forged an Anti Stalker Nation.  Little Keith Phillips also tried to force me to have “brain scans” done & blood drawn, yea these idiotic’s wanted my blood real bad even bad enough to engage in maliciously calling me a “prostitute with aids” which would make me a threat to the public safety & allow for any of my past medical records to be accessed (& tampered with) all with no warrant having to be asked for so no proof trail leading back to who tampered with my records that would be presented after I was to be killed at SPU as if jesuites don’t subversion the Methodists & Presbyterians as well as the Catholics; and this lack of warrant for medical records scam also goes for a “crazy with a gun” yep, all HIPPA & warrants are totally circumvented by calling your Victim a certain set of lies.  & Keith Phillips was in collusion with Jorje Leon & with Tartaro & with the Superior Court the entire time, even before I found the hidden cameras, as the IHT idiots on the street beats are told what to do to their Victims by the IHT Attorneys who are consulting with whatever judge will be on the concocted “case” in a few months when the game is ready to be placed into the San Diego Superior Court Human Trafficking Cash For Cuties scam perv judges & if Keith Phillips was not in collusion with the IHT’s then surely he would have already turned state evidence, informant, & protected key witness, but he is not and has not and I know exactly how he was paid for what he agreed to do to me, so now then.  

After the Superior court repeatedly used their concocted “vex lit” status (that they gained by saying that Yuri Hoffman made 5 adverse rulings against my pleadings for State Department employed stalkers David Miller & Rebeckka Hickxson), as to defraud me out of justice & as to obstruct justice, I was then never able to get any remedy of the wrongful Restraining Order Scams that Albert Machhour had been engaged in against me at the same time as Ben Klinger, but Albert Machhour’s attorney didn’t hide like Ben’s “make believe invisible” attorney, and Albert used David Miller’s old neighbor at that State Department Investigative Field Office, an attorney named Jennifer Najib Hasso who non-coincidentally reps the Chaldeans of San Diego quite often and who just like SDPD’s Derik Diaz, also has family members who have Gambling Licenses & businesses, and Jennifer converted her mother & father’s gambling business to herself by first conspiring with her father to defraud her mother from it in the divorce, and then turning around and not giving the business back to the father afterwards as promised, but I digress…

So, Ben Klinger had apparently used all his stalk fest video’s to say that I had violated an order that I never violated and that was Void & in appeal anyhow, and the SDPD had Ben Klinger round up a magical 5 number of fake occasions of “violation” and one day I got a notice to appear to a hearing that stated 5 counts of Order Violation, well my friends 5 counts was the magic number for a “felony” rather than a misdemeanor which by the way would allow for a 3 to 5 year “”jail hospital”” sentence abduction of forced drugging as to get an accused ready to say “guilty” rather than say “not guilty” all a bunch of unlawful false imprisonment given to and forced on to any citizen for no crime & no guilty verdict anything, so long as these IHT judges can find just one county paid doctor when 2 doctors are actually needed, & a crooked attorney, both of which are too easy to find; and this coordinated plot against me couldn’t have gotten any more obvious, so I though surely the judge on the matter would be dismissing this silly game being played by vexed police that I had sued….

Nope, instead I had a clever abduction where I showed up to court and had the Public Defender recuse themselves by saying that they had a “conflict of interest” which they refused to disclose to me the exact conflict was over but that I later found out it was from some plea bargain deal they struck with jesuit “our lady” high school Yolanda Moats Shakoor apparently were she agreed to do and say whatever dirty disgusting lies about me that would “save her hide” from oh say one more chumped up scam of wrongdoing that she likely never did but the Agents investigating her for the chumped up plea bargain intended bust sure did have a good time manipulating sex out of her, filming it, & passing her around monthly to really screw with her head, amazing. Especially in how they have her still handled by the “Ameriquest Crew of 9-11 terrorist funders” who all looked at my call queue as the place to shove their JL Sirimane… but I digress yet again.  

So I show up to court to get the bogus lies cleared up and can’t have any attorney representation, and so I was never arraigned, but rather pushed off on to an OAC attorney who surprise surprise surprise, all these years later turned out to be on the “public safety terror safety” group of the County’s & of Bill Gores’, and this OAC Attorney named Gary Roberts that is on a “mission for God” & that also had me set up through his employee Michael Ghilezan who turns out is a 6 language speaking Boston/Pennsylvania affiliated jesuity indoctrinated freek yes, and the scam was for these two to terrorize me behind the scenes till I asked to simply just represent myself, which I was not allowed to do rather I was forced by a Court Clerk to do a “Marsden Hearing” where I thought I was just gonna fire my attorney, but all of a sudden he stands up with his game where he says he wants to refer my case to the “mental health court” and it couldn’t get any more obvious for a judge to see that this guy was maliciously calling his client “crazy” when she didn’t want him as an attorney on her case anymore…. It was extremely abusive, obviously maliciously inclined, and instantly I had no more rights, I was instantly Stripped of All My Americanness, all in a court house that knew that my testimony was accurate and that knew about Bonny Dumanis’ &  Bill Gore’sOperation Shadoboxxx & Endless Summer stalking of me and this court knew nothing I had ever said was false or “delusional” but was all the horrific stalking of me through obviously horribly ran abusive “investigations” that sneak & peak warrants were issued for, this court knew everything that I testified to was being done to me systematically by persons with huge amounts of resources to easily do all that I had reported, but this human trafficking Cash for Cuties Scandal court acted like I had no rights simply based off of a getting fired attorney who was clear to all engaging in malicious negligent misrepresentation of me… next thing I knew I had persons making secret statements about Big 5 Sporting Good guns that I was never asked anything about nor was I ever given the opportunity to defend against it all while my new attorney was making secret meetings with the “mental court judge” like I was some imbecile and Marcy Chipman never asked me any questions nor let me testify in my defense to any of the odd things, secretive comments, & abuse that I was being put through, Marcy Chipman refused to meet with me and she kept baiting me that I had to go see a county paid Dr. Mathew Caroll before she would talk to me, and when I asked Marcy Chipman to get this forced Doctor visit Vacated, she refused to do so and when I asked her to then tell me what this Dr. Mathew Caroll visit was all about she refused to give me any of the paperwork that this Dr. had been given by the City Attorney Office.  Marcy Chipman even refused to meet with me in any private area to discuss my case, so I had t0 put in for a Vacate of this “mental court” thing all on my own and was never treated in any fair way by anyone at the San Diego Superior Court, and Marcy Chipman made deliberatenegligent misrepresentation of me, never even had me arraigned on anything that would even allow for any sort of referral to any other court, and she had me sent off to Jorje Leon’s “crazy jail” all while I had never been arraigned, never been informed verbally or in writing about any of the “secret” circumstances of this newly rushed “mental court” game, and all while Marcy Chipman refused repeatedly to meet with me someplace safe…. Marcy one time pretended that she wanted me to meet in the court house that was calling me crazy and that was having Sheriff Deputies like Kelleher imprison me in stairwells… Marcy did not care one little bit about my defense and refused to even meet me at the coffee shop across the street from the court after I told her how unsafe of a place the court house had been due to how the Deputies would force me into stairwells & I told Marcy that Carol Trujillo had the video evidence of this & that the evidence had been subpoenaed to judge Whitney’s court & that Whitney acted like the Sheriffs gave him an empty envelope, I even Motioned for Janis Sammartino to Order the CLERB to produce the evidence video since the Dirty Sheriff was now acting like they had no video when they had already produced it to Whitney & to Carol Trujillo, but even Sammartino was in on this large scale ring of IHT’s that were hell bent on their campus shooting scams & other money laundering scams that they were going crazy to hurry up on when their jesuity Indian Reservation sex pillaging & sex trafficking was being brought to light in the Seattle & Oregon Courts that did list the San Diego Jesuit’s as Defendants…. Little did they know that the Koney 2012 campaign was gonna set of a series of events all while I was living with Awino….. Guess that Founder paid the same price as I but in a bit of a different way, hey but the “crazy” beat down is bad any way it is dealt, trust me.  

So next thing I know, I think I am showing up to have my case sent back to the normal court and instead I am hauled off abducted by the San Diego County paid Judge & Sheriff to some “crazy jail” when I have never committed any crime nor had I ever been found guilty of any crime nor had I ever done or said anything crazy, rather just spoke the truth about what I had witnessed all while every other person but me knew that it was all Operation Shadowboxxx& Endless Summer both doing the things to me that I was reporting, and the question now is how many of these animals knew then that it was all aslo tied to the Indian Reservation jesuit rape for profit trafficking ring that was imploding in 2011.  Even more compelling, I was being abducted to the human trafficking “crazy jail” based off of only ONE Doctor’s SD County paid for opinion of me where I spent about a minute telling him that I have not been given any thing from my attorney to be able to address with him, & this was the County paid Dr. Mathew Caroll, and Marcy Chipman told me that I didn’t need my own doctor to make any second opinion of what Gary Roberts & the City Attorney had apparently said about me when I had asked to just represent myself against the Ben Klinger & SDPD stalking of me they made about a year after I sued Tartaro & SDPD…. Everyone in any court position could see that I was being set up and the more I defended myself the more they all acted like, see, see she’s crazy, just like they were all sharing one brain in which the words “malicious retaliation” didn’t exist inside of.  This ring of Police Human Traffickers did to me what the LAPD did to Christine Collins back in the 1920’s when they were covering up for their Chicken Coup murder’s, rapes, & voyeuring’s of such.

Yep, I was instantly abducted for SDPD Jorge Leon’s threat promise, and taken to the “crazy jail” though I clearly knew each party in the court and clearly knew each person’s job which is all you have to know to be able to aid in your own defense, all with one County paid Doctor’s “opinion” deducted from one minute of time where he was informed that I had not been given any data to review for this “visit” I was forced to like I live in the Middle East as if I live in Africa which is were Marcy Chipman ran off to apparently after torturing me; but no one was trying to defend me, all were simply setting me up & are affiliated to this jesuity Africa Obsessed crime ring that at that time was also being found out for the Indian Reservation Rapes of Kids scams which I didn’t yet know was affiliated to what was being done to me….  When I was abducted in this clever false imprisonment scam that I was never even arraigned on, I was also then refused help in my requests for Habeas Corpus and Marcy Chipman even told the jail that if I want a Habeas Corpus Writ then I can write it myself…. Ok now all of a sudden I am able to aid in my own defense I see, then get me out of here, but she didn’t help me one little bit and so I did write my own Habeas Corpus Writ to the Federal Court, and I asked Ed Medina to go pay the $5 for me, and he lied to me when he told me that he went and paid the $5 bucks but I found out later that he never did pay the mandatory $5 for me to be allowed to have my Habeas Corpus entertained by a judge, and the entire thing was a massive obstruction of justice game that a bunch of human traffickers paid by the City & State & County of San Diego are running on a massive scale.

And at the very least Mr. Eduardo Medina should have been easily able to get me out of that “crazy jail” before I was ever forced drugs, so let’s talk about the drugs, they make even boys grow boobies….

So, then some duchebag who calls himself Nurse Erwin, who I years later saw hunting more Victims at the Mission Valley Hooters, yes then Nurse Erwin & Catherin Dixson began drugging me against my will so that they could sell me for more once I was free as the drug this scam dictated for me to have to have forced into my body was a drug created to grow huge boobs on whoever it is forced on….  All of a sudden I wasn’t even American anymore, I had no rights not even to say no to drugs, and I was being sexually assaulted by Mary Lou Becason and drugged to have huge boobs forced to grow, all while then later stalked after the fact by pervs who buy access to women with mug shots, because they are “more wild in bed”, all while I was drugged & micro-managed to Seattle & to Seattle Pacific University all to later find out that this put me into living with two different notorious childhood murderer’s in under one year after maliciously being called “crazy” & then micromanaged to be placed living on the SPU campus with a professor that was controlling my mail and electricity account.

I am not the crazy one for reporting what is done to me by this ring of Immunity seeking Human Traffickers, no, they are the crazy ones for doing the crazy things I report truthfully, honestly, and accurately, as if I start to sugar coat it for them than I have become their SLAVE TOTALITY & I’d rather just be their Fem Fetale …. But their crazy game works on their Victims repeatedly and horrifically and it is a jesuit opis dey and middle eastern trauma based control tactic that is made to fund (through human trafficking) the Virtual Country of the Order of Malta, and all who this form of cover up, Victim Blaming, Victim drugging, and “let’s just get judges to call our Victims crazy” abuses & crimes & rape the Indian Kiddy Savages & RACKETEERING’S are all due long lengthy jail times for such treasonous abuse and sex, rape, human suffering scams.

And since way back in 2011 I reported this false imprisonment and abduction scam to FBI Agent Mike Collins, all to only have more retaliation made at me, I can tell you here and now that the DOJ investigating the SDPD is just for purposes of cleaning up the evidence as to ultimately pretend that the SDPD is all cleared of any wrong doing in the human trafficking at hand that I am not the only or first Victim of and the SDPD has been doing this way back when Bill Gores’ daddy was an SDPD, and so the DoJ is as guilty of thishuman trafficking & of its money laundering scams of terroristings, “research”, property conversions scams, and Victims Blaming’s as that guy was in Florida that the FBI shot in his home when they visited him to question him about the Boston Marathon & MIT campus cop shooting… and yes that is a twisted riddle.

No, I have never been crazy, and I am not the crazy one in this equation known as The Stalking of Jessica Seymour.  Nope, in totality I am the closer, I have always been the closer even as far back as both of my parents being kept and made downtrodden as to look a certain way… because mental illness is a “familial genetic trait” propaganda that Malta uses as part of their eugenics platform of looking to exterminate & imprison & slave trade that they propagandize to the idiots with, the idiots that have already been determined to be too stupid to resist the propaganda, so let me just close by saying again that the War Angels have arrived now stomping the earth & sitting in Rosarito Mexico & the War Angels have boxed you in IHT’s and they are waiting because false imprisonment crimes are about as much of an attack on my Constitutional Rights & Fundamental Right that can be conjured up, and the time for this ring of criminal immunity seeking human trafficker due imprisonments is at hand.

Jessica Rising, so Happy 300th Blog Day Anti Stalker Nation!




9/4/14   43% of sealed & unknown about, unfindable “search warrant’s” is what makes SDPD’s & SD Sheriff’s Human Trafficking Ring a Superior Court human trafficking ring

Here is a link to an article with way low stats on the actual “sealed warrant searches” that Immunity Holding Human Traffickers engage in here in San Diego:

See, this article is out lining the State’s use of Sneak and Peek “warrants” that are used by State entities for any old lie of a reason or any non-reason, and it is one way how human trafficking & the cover up there after, is made by IHT”s in San Diego. 

See, when you live in a county or city where 43% of entries into your homes go sealed and never made public, what you get is a residency in a human trafficking over ran police state rather than a residency in America, but it gets worse…

See this article is only outlining the State of California’s practices not the Federal Agencies sealed “sneak and peek” entries in to the homes of San Diego’s women that are se stalked because they “look” a certain way, yes stalked by human traffickers because you or your kid look a certain way like you look as if someone would pay big money to watch you live in real time in your home getting hurt by persons’ paid to stalk and invade you.

When you add in the Federal sneak and peek sealed warrants that are engaged in here in San Diego what you get is a much larger percentage of “search entries” than 43%, you get a number that is so high that it renders San Diego County & Courts to be systematically creating a country of its own that is managed to aid Immunity Holder’s Human Trafficking crime ring that likes to get in and out of women’s’ homes to hide cameras for premeditated rapes, sex abuse scams, and sex based invasions that our San Diego courts & law enforcements are running, protecting, and selling.  If a sneaky peeky secret entry into your home is denied and this ring wants to get their cameras out anyway, like as if you just found the live feed cameras and there is no time to get one of these “secret warrants”  then the SDPD, Sheriff’s, etc.,  will have whoever has been paid to rape you for the hidden cameras just start to act drunk as if the cops need to be called out, & trust me this is a second option and not their first option… this human trafficking ring’s first option is to try to grab at any false arrest of you that they can as to have the access to retrieving their IHT cameras, and if that fails too like if your Snow White a perfect Angel with no due cause for even a chumped up arrest, well then this ring will “SWAT CALL” you as in they will have an “anonymous” call made to the police with a person posing as being kidnapped and held at your address so that the SWAT can come bust through your doors to come get their IHT affiliated cameras out….

If all else fails this San Diego IHT ring resort to calling you “crazy” as a cover up to their crimes made against you and the end game after that is you know blame you for any one of their campus shooting spree’s they have planned, then convert your property to themselves… and when all that goes awry what you have is a still alive witness to federal & state terroristing, human trafficking, and slave trade, which makes that targeted witness a very uniquely vulnerable human and this gives a special set of protections that is supposed to be afforded by courts, but for a court’s involvement in the human trafficking & rape for profit scams they protect when they don’t want to get “banished” to the “traffick court” or have the CJP not protect them the next time they get caught not reporting “donation” money’s….

In real estate, San Diego is always a leading national indicator for trends and forecasting so when you see that San Diego is using sneak and peak secret never findable sealed warrant’s half of the time on women home owners who are being targeted for harm & loss then for unlawful property conversion scams then you can expect that to be what the rest of the country starts to do, and I can tell you firsthand Anti Stalker Nation, that this sealed never disclosed home invasion tactic made by Immunitied Human Traffickers creates a jurisdiction & virtual country that is not in any way America.  San Diego has become its own virtual nation for many America Citizens targeted by this Immunitied Human Trafficking ring that has ties to Mexico Cartel Drug/Trafficking money, and ties to the Jesuit rape for profit child raping & selling & slavery ring and you cannot tell me that out of hundreds of priests and thousands of Child Victims and decades upon decades of abuse, that not a single one of those priests & nuns weren’t live streaming their rapes of kiddies to buyers as this “live streaming” is the way around that pesky “child porn evidence” problem that tends to bring arrests, I am not stupid enough to believe that the children were not sold by the priests & nuns that are part of the Society of Jesus law suits that rendered that settlement here from San Diego to Seattle & through Portland.  




Blog #298     

9/3/14  ”My Blog Knows What You Did In The Dark…”

Ok Anti Stalker Nation, so yesterday Travis Meyer’s and Ron Doe were served with the Complaint filed for this Unlawful Property Conversion Scam Made in the Furtherance of Human Trafficking and of course Travis starts contacting me with even more unlawful abuse, unlawful harassment of a “protected class” person as he has decided that I am “crazy”, and he sent me some sort of comment about some “20 person Restraining Order” Racketeering & False Arrest scam that uses faulty fraudulent Proofs of Service just like what Seff Jerksky engaged in earlier this year and that is now full under the Appeal process due to its unlawfulness that renders it a “Void Order”, which by the way has also never actually been made lawfully served either, so I can’t wait to see what kind of “judge” is engaged in whatever new TRO Racketeering & False Arrest Scam is at play, because I have never heard anything about this till yesterday when Travis starts emailing me all psychotically basically telling me that he can’t wait till I am “arrested” on some sort of TRO Racketeering “Warrant” that I’ve also never been sent anything about & it seems that this scam would have been something Travis would have said something about it in one of his many other harassment cyber stalking emails he has been sending, ya, why would Travis hold back on such a jewel of abuse & not harass me with it earlier had it not been a conspired scam meant to gain a specifically timed false “arrest”.?.?.? A scam with some hearing that I have never been served either.  I guess Travis was just mad that I called him a “lady” which to him is the most disgusting thing that a human could ever be. Yep I sure did call Ron and Travis “ladies” but not because of their sexual preferences, trust me, I love me some gay people why wouldn’t I, but I called Travis & Ron ladies because they act more bitchy & passive aggressive than any woman you might ever meet…

And on that note, let me just state that I am protected to Blog & my Blog is protected by these inalienable Rights:

1) My Right to Freedom of Speech, which I make through my Blog as to protect myself & to protect the public

2) My Right to Self-Protection which my Blog is and serves as in a non-violent way

3) My Protected Rights to make the public aware of danger

4) My Protected Rights to communicate any Truth about any Person in any Way that I would determine to be the safest way for me to do so.

5) My Victims Rights that protect me from abuse and organized retaliation made at me for reporting crime, and all law enforcement entities have been reported to & have been told to read my Blog for a running documentation of the daily unlawful harassment, stalking, retaliating, terrorizing, and other crimes that I can not possibly reach out to them about each time I am targeted for the unlawful abuse.

6) My Rights to Join Parties and Publicly Search/Advertise for other Victims of this Class that I have been forced into.

So with regards to any “20 person Restraining Order Hearing & False Arrest” Scam that anyone including Seff Jerksky might be engaged in less for Travis Meyer’s simply having a psychotic delusion (which could very well be the case at hand), let me tell you know, here and now, that I have never been served a thing, nor have I ever been lawfully served any Order, Void Order, or suit so this newest Racketeering Scam that I am being targeted for by the persons that should have easily been arrested long ago for their crimes, well, you all can go back to the drawing board with your desired false arrest scams.  By the way, telling the truth, blogging the truth is never slander or libel and I am an uniquely vulnerable woman due to the acts of those who are blogged about and I have all & every right to blog about the truths at hand…. If you scum didn’t want to be blogged about then you could have simply not made your stalking of me & unlawful abuses of me that you have taken money & favors to engage in against me, and my rights to free speech are not even for any judge to take away at any time that any Woman fails to show up to any “hearing” regardless of if she knows about the scam hearing or not, yep, judges are supposed to uphold the Constitution regardless, so I just can’t wait to see this newest Racketeering & “false arrest” scam judge that would violate protection of freedom of speech, I wonder if it is Judge Goldsmith again handing it to Hugenore again a if the persons attacking me are my “family” for “family court” like what Seff Jerksky was instructed to go pretend to be…..

Update on the Suit: I have filed the 1st & 2nd Designation of Doe Defendants, which covers some of the Operation Shadowboxxx & Endless Summer & Seattle & Jesuit perv stalker human trafficker property converter “murder plotting with childhood murderer roommate placement” human traffickers.  The 3rd Designation will have all the Jewish ring of human traffickers such as David the Israeli Ambassador turned Movie Producer & it will have all of the stalkers employed by Ty Hauter as well as himself Designated in this human trafficking, Racketeering, terroristing & property conversion scam that I have every right to speak about, blog about, and peruse unobstructed justice for.

Smoootch & Hugs,



 Blog #297     

9/1/14  Let’s get one thing Straight right now, Nothing in Escala works both ways except for these two’s you know what’s…..   

Happy Labor Day Anti Stalker Nation!  Yep, if Judge Kreep can use “sodomy” references as to protect Robert Tartaro & his dirty SDPD/Spawar/CIA perv catholic mafia traffickers, then I can more craftily use the same thing for highlighting an actual truth, and on that note…..

Caught em, yep, caught Travis Meyer and his Handler Ron in the act that Ben Klinger use to engage in with them… even though it’s so laughable to see how sick these two are with the games they play on women it gets real serious real fast when you know that these Escala based terrorizers are tied to the terroristing events that have traumatized America including the 9/11 attack on New York, and it gets real serious real fast when you know that this Escala ring of terrorizers are making their stalking games in collusion with human traffickers at the courts, police, and Intelligence entities… but when you compound Travis’ propensity to do whatever his master & handler Ron tells him to do with the fact that San Diego’s got a suspiciously way too disproportional representation in our city and county posts of sexually perverse sexually deviant persons, you start to see the danger in what I am about to show you….

Yesterday Travis engaged in his regular harassment and abuse of yelling at me with harassment as I sat in my room when he walked past my window on his way out to a dog walk, and so I got my video camera ready to capture the harassment he makes at me on his way back from his dog walks as well, but for some reason Travis didn’t say anything as he passed by my window which is when I knew that something was up, but I was just happy that Travis had seemed to have gotten his abuse of me out of his system for the day when he opened his door and went into his house without any more harassment, but then, yes but then I heard Travis immediately come back outside, at which point he started playing games with his carpet and it was so off, such a suspicious move so I thought surely he was up to something and that he was likely going to be throwing his pennies at my front step like he regularly does, or that maybe he was gonna throw his dog poop at my door like he regularly does so I positioned my camera to catch his arm through from out his patio toward my front door… but nothing, and this was so odd for Travis as he usually doesn’t have such small bouts of psychosis over me as his bouts of psychosis he goes on at me are usually long drawn out harassments of me that he makes.  So naturally it became clear that this was one of those little bait & video tactics that Ben Klinger & Ron used to engage in at which time in my video I pan up to catch Ron in the act… YEP Caught these two lunatics in the act of harassing me as to bait me to try to self-defend all so that any self-defense a Victim would make would be captured and twisted as if there was no prior & immediate harassment and provoking out of Travis a few moments earlier, provoking that was a bait, because when I panned up in my video due to how oddly calm Travis was acting right after harassing me at window when he walked by I see Ron standing at his window shirtless, likely naked, with a video camera pointing a me, yep, Ron told Travis to harass me so that I would react all so that Ron could film the provoked reaction that Travis was supposed to harass out of me…. Too bad for Ron & for his clear slave Travis, that all they got was a video of their sickness, as once I caught Ron in the act of his little bait & film for his desired twisted use like what Agent Ben Klinger taught him to do, well all you get is a shot of topless & likely naked Ron trying to get off film real quick to try to act like his camera was just on some stand as if he wasn’t conspiring with Travis as to deliberately provoke me in a moment of self-defense…. And When I told Ron that he can be seen in my video his Travis started yelling and harassing me again, yep.  When I told Ron why can’t he tell Travis to stop saying shit each time he walks past my window you see topless Ron the coward start to try to hide and place his camera on a stand as if it just randomly caught some sort of video of me talking at his window… too bad he got caught in the act, oh yes and I waited just long enough today to report this all to my Anti Stalker Nation as to really let Ron & Travis sink their teeth into their unlawfulness with their sociopathic “version” of the reality at hand, and so now with no further delay, here is the 2 minute video where you can see topless (and likely naked) Ron at his window probably sexually gratifying himself all giddy with his con job he was trying to pull off like a plebian as if I wouldn’t instantly know he was up there by how Travis was acting normal for a brief second….

Yep, you can hear Travis immediately start harassing me once I tell Ron that he is caught and tell him to have Travis stop with the shit bird games of harassment, provoking, and con job terrorizing he makes when he walks past my window… Travis starts telling me that “it goes both ways baby” in his admission of the fact that he was trying to set me up, which was his sick twisted interpretation of the blog I posted yesterday about the light flick sting I conducted so that I could find out exactly what was up with Kiwi’s light flickering communications she repeatedly made to my terroristing neighbors… the problem is that there is a big difference between trying to set someone up and between getting to the bottom of an act that is suspicious & criminal, so have fun with that lady’s, I mean Ron & Travis, you sad sick perverts that you are, sad atavistic hold overs of Escala’s clandestine ring of terroristing psychos, because if you haven’t noticed you two are the idiots that Escala has hung out to dry by engaging you to be cyber hacking me, and invading my home, and harassing me.  Then Travis started F’bombing me, and even later that night witnesses saw Ron’s sad little camera he had now angled at my home to keep me under unlawful surveillance for rapists… on that note let’s take a poll… Why did Robert Tartaro come and sit next to my family the day my family found me when I was let free from the abduction that this ring of psychotic pervert human traffickers engaged in against me, and how many of you want to know if Kiwi, Robert & Ron’s back east connections have anything to do with Sammartino & Seff Jerksky????? 

One more time for posterity, this video is much more bright on my camera and on my upload to my computer then it is after it gets uploaded to the internet, so watch it full screen to see if you think Ron is doing something gross while he was filming me as he stood shirtless & naked’y at his window after instructing his Victim turned boytoy to provoke me & terrorize me on his way out past my window, and then to act suspiciously normal on his way back, yes and listen to when Travis starts to harass me about the “Sheriff’s” and about how I “can’t sue anyone” as he is so comforted in how he and the other rape for profit “craigslist” terrorister Kathy Rowe are both so protected by that judge Danielson & the rest of the pervs over at the San Diego Superior Court who protect all the perverts who surreptitiously invade a woman’s home through craigslist or through any cyber hacking that SPAWAR DoD & NSA traffickers agree to aid in making for this ring of San Diego Sociopaths, and why, what do they get for protecting rape for profit human trafficker scam artists like Ron, Cathy Rowe, Travis, Kiwi, & Tartaro?

And since Travis told me to “blog about it, smootches”…. Here is a real big salutation for him:   ……

Haha, Smoochy Smootches, your pig handler appears so gross shirtless and likely naked out his window while he films me after telling you to provoke & harass me & then act normal on your way back from the abuse infliction, no wonder he can’t get a real woman, enjoy your video’s & if you ever want to escape this ring of traffickers that have turned you into what you are now, you can call the National Human Trafficking Hot Line at 1-888-373-7888 and they can help you escape this that you have been abused into becoming as I doubt you started out this degenerate way and your time for healing is ready for you,



Blog #297      

9/1/14  Let’s get one thing Straight right now, Nothing in Escala works both ways except for these two’s you know what’s…..    

Happy Labor Day Anti Stalker Nation!  Yep, if Judge Kreep can use “sodomy” references as to protect Robert Tartaro & his dirty SDPD/Spawar/CIA perv catholic mafia traffickers, then I can more craftily use the same thing for highlighting an actual truth, and on that note…..

Caught em, yep, caught Travis Meyer and his Handler Ron in the act that Ben Klinger use to engage in with them… even though its so laughable to see how sick these two are with the games they play on women it gets real serious real fast when you know that these Escala based terrorizers are tied to the terroristing events that have traumatized America including the 9/11 attack on New York, and it gets real serious real fast when you know that this Escala ring of terrorizers are making their stalking games in collusion with human traffickers at the courts, police, and Intelligence entities… but when you compound Travis’ propensity to do what ever his master & handler Ron tells him to do with the fact that San Diego’s got a suspiciously way too disproportional representation in our city and county posts of sexually perverse sexually deviant persons, you start to see the danger in what I am about to show you….

Yesterday Travis engaged in his regular harassment and abuse of yelling at me with harassment as he walked past my window on his way out to a dog walk, and so I got my video camera ready to capture the harassment he makes at me on his way back from his dog walk as well, but for some reason Travis didn’t say anything as he passed by my window which is when I knew that something was up, but I was just happy that Travis had seemed to have gotten his abuse of me out of his system for the day when he opened his door and went into his house without any more harassment, but then, yes but then I heard Travis immediately come back outside, at which point he started playing games with his carpet and it was so off, such a suspicious move so I thought surely he was up to something and that he was likely going to be throwing his pennies at my front step like he regularly does, or that maybe he was gonna throw his dog poop at my door like he regularly does so I positioned my camera to catch his arm through from out his patio toward my front door… but nothing, and this was so odd for Travis as he usually doesn’t have such small bouts of psychosis over me as his bouts of psychosis he goes on at me are usually long drawn out harassments of me that he makes.  So naturally it became clear that this was one of those little bait & video tactics that Ben Klinger & Ron used to engage in at which time in my video I pan up to catch Ron in the act… YEP Caught these two lunatics in the act of harassing me as to bait me to try to self-defend all so that any self-defense a Victim would make would be captured and twisted as if there was no prior & immediate harassment and provoking out of Travis a few moments earlier, provoking that was a bait, because when I panned up in my video due to how oddly calm Travis was acting right after harassing me at window when he walked by I see Ron standing at his window naked with a video camera pointing a me, yep, Ron told Travis to harass me so that I would react all so that Ron could film the provoked reaction that Travis was supposed to harass out of me…. Too bad for Ron & for his clear slave Travis, that all they got was a video of their sickness, as once I caught Ron in the act of his little bait & film for his desired twisted use like what Agent Ben Klinger taught him to do, well all you get is a shot of naked Ron trying to get off film real quick to try to act like his camera was just on some stand as if he wasn’t conspiring with Travis as to deliberately provoke me in a moment of self-defense…. And When I told Ron that he can be seen in my video his Travis started yelling and harassing me again, yep.  When I told Ron why can’t he tell Travis to stop saying shit each time he walks past my window you see naked Ron the coward start to try to hide and place his camera on a stand as if it just randomly caught some sort of video of me talking at his window… too bad he got caught in the act, oh yes and I waited just long enough today to report this all to my Anti Stalker Nation as to really let Ron & Travis sink their teeth into their unlawfulness with their sociopathic “version” of the reality at hand, and so now with no further delay, here is the 2 minute video where you can see naked Ron at his window probably sexually gratifying himself all giddy with his con job he was trying to pull off like a plebian as if I wouldn’t instantly know he was up there by how Travis was acting normal for a brief second….

Yep, you can hear Travis immediately start harassing me once I tell Ron that he is caught and tell him to have Travis stop with the shit bird games of harassment, provoking, and con job terrorizing he makes when he walks past my window… Travis starts telling me that “it goes both ways baby” in his admission of the fact that he was trying to set me up, which was his sick twisted interpretation of the blog I posted yesterday about the light flick sting I conducted so that I could find out exactly what was up with Kiwi’s light flickering communications she repeatedly made to my terrorist neighbors… the problem is that there is a big difference between trying to set someone up and between getting to the bottom of an act that is suspicious & criminal, so have fun with that lady’s, I mean Ron & Travis, you sad sick perverts that you are, sad atavistic hold overs of Escala’s clandestine ring of terroristing psychos, because if you haven’t noticed you two are the idiots that Escala has hung out to dry by engaging you to be cyber hacking me, and invading my home, and harassing me.  Then Travis started F’bombing me, and even later that night witnesses saw Ron’s sad little camera he had now angled at my home to keep me under unlawful surveillance for rapists… on that note let’s take a poll… Why did Robert Tartaro come and sit next to my family the day my family found me when I was let free from the abduction that this ring of psychotic pervert human traffickers engaged in against me, and how many of you want to know if Kiwi, Robert & Ron’s back east connections have anything to do with Sammartino & Seff Jerksky????? 

One more time for posterity, watch it full screen to see if you think Ron is doing something sexually perverted while he was filming me as he stood naked’y at his window after instructing his Victim turned boytoy to provoke me & terrorize me on his way out past my window, then to act suspiciously normal on his way back, yes and listen to when Travis starts to harass me about the “Sheriff’s” and about how I can’t “sue any one” as he is so comforted in how he and the other rape for profit “craigslist” terrorister Kathy Rowe are both so protected by that judge Danielson & the rest of the pervs over at the San Diego Superior Court who protect all the perverts who surreptitiously invade a woman’s home through craigslist or through any cyber hacking that SPAWAR DoD & NSA traffickers agree to aid in making for this ring of San Diego Sociopaths, and why what do they get for protecting rape for profit human trafficker scam artists like Ron, Cathy Rowe, Travis, Kiwi, & Tartaro?

And since Travis told me to “blog about it, smootches”…. Here is a real big salutation for him:   ……

Haha, Smoochy Smootches, your pig handler appears so gross naked, no wonder he can’t get a real woman, enjoy your video’s & if you ever want to escape this ring of traffickers that have turned you into what you are now, you can call the National Human Trafficking Hot Line at 1-888-373-7888 and they can help you escape this that you have been abused into becoming as I doubt you started out this way and your time for healing is ready for you,



Blog #296

8/31/14  Nepotism dictates that you don’t have to be Catholic to be placed & used by a ring of human trafficking pervs that operate through USD.   

In the past 5 days here is what we have…

…We have another appearance by Rod Smith, complete with another prop, and complete with the same Rabi from the Pennsylvania area Quaker guy’s stalking.

We have another harassment from a Billy Goat Gore Sheriff Deputy complete with a lie out of this Deputy when she was told to stop. 

…We have a stalker virus loaded on to my computer through my newest flash/thumb drive which was fine for a few months until it was commandeered when I printed from it at the “Office Depot” about a two weeks ago and the very next time I put that flash into my computer, about a half hour after printing, I have an alert on my computer about the driver and now all of a sudden my computer use has “Duncan Donuts” adds & “dead man walking” adds popping up coordinated to the attack of my brother.

…We have more harassment cyber hack attacks sent from Travis Meyer.

…We have Judge Kreep working in random comments about “sodomy” into a court hearing as to insinuate that hiding cameras in a woman’s home to sell her through is not an unlawful sexual perversion, as if I don’t know better what I was put through, as if I can’t properly identify the fact that I was being sold around and the camera’s were a facilitator of it, as if men with cameras can do anything they want to women, NO THANK’s, save it for the idiots Kreep because unlawful sexual perversion is real & so is USD based human trafficking.

…We have a blog page that keeps blocking me out when I try to update my blog and fix hack attacks of it.

Yep, it’s been a crap filled 5 days, but the most important thing that we have is a grip of informing that reveals that the Universal Security company that is based out of Tustin OC, and that had been using/responding to the “light flickering communicating” that my last roommate Kiwi was paid to be making against me that would alert someone’s cameras that were placed on my home in which to keep me stalked around when I would leave my home, yes we have a revelation that that Universal Security Guard who responded & sat outside my home after Kiwi played the light flickering game that I then mimicked as to sting out what the heck it was all about, yes that same Universal Security Protection Guard that also responded when I engaged in the “light flicker sting” & who then stalked me to across the street which was outside of the Escala Development, well the revelation is that this guy was hired to patrol more than just Escala just so he could stalk me from inside my home to outside my home to outside of my homes development as if he was hired by the County & City & by Escala, as if good ol Jan Goldsmith’s & good ol Bonnie Dumanis’ & good ol’ Bily Goat Gore all hired this gang tatted Mexico-mafia guy in a way that would allow him to stalk me even outside of Escala & to stalk me all around San Diego Mission Valley in collusion with Kiwi’s home invasion and invasion of my personal privacy that Kiwi’s team used as to source the exact fit of guy that I described to her as being what I was looking for to mary & settle down with, all which was at hand all while I then end up systematically stalked by that “perfect fit” Andrew Wallace’s team of traffickers and hidden camera rape filming pervs that was all compounded by SDPD stalking & ticketing of me for no legitimate reasons… so was it the Goldsmiths & Dumanis watching the girls gone wild camera man hidden camera video of Andrew Wallace’s systematic and enhanced sexual targeting & rape scam of me, all after having Universal Security answering to Kiwi’s light flick communications because it sure was Zimmerman’s perv Police that stalked me in collusion with Kiwi & Andrew through use of that phone that Ian Kingsley stalked me to get into my custody and he was stalking me in collusion with that Judge Whitney & with the home conversion scam artists that have their oh so many “Irish-Scottish catholic mafia” types all over the targeting of my home through the deceitful lawyers that make lies about some ideas they have created regarding having any type of right to my home when they have no right whatsoever to my home or to sexually stalking me, but I guess when judges have delusions that unlawful sexual perversion only pertains to “sodomy”, then what you end up with is a large ring of human trafficking attorney’s.  So will it come out in the wash that it was Escala and the County/City of San Diego that hired Kiwi & the Universal Security mafia affiliated employees, or will it just come out in the wash that Kiwi & Tartaro were both hired to stalk me and invade me personally & ambush my home & work, and micro manage me into harm all for the DoD & SPAWAR all for Operation Shadowboxxx & the defunct Operation Endless Summer that Dumanis publicly thanked the CIA for their help with….  I already know that Kiwi’s home invasion of me as a surreptitious tenant scam was affiliated to Robert Tartaro’s, but could this Universal Security also have been stalking me around with the City & County as to call me “crazy” instantly upon my demand to this mafia gangbanger perv to stop sitting in front of my house then 5 minutes later showing up to where I drove too, which I demanded this perv to stop doing all after my light sting had revealed that this tactic summonsed him and it was the second time that he did this to me based off of Kiwi’s light flickering game, like no text, email, or phone communications evidence was to be made…. Ohhh and this Security Guard was so stupid to think that Kiwi had flicked the light for the neighbor/camera to call him, he was so stupid to not know when Kiwi was to return from out of town, and he was so ready to play the “crazy” game with the Mexico-gang affiliated mafia persons that got jobs at the places I would eat at like the Mc Donald’s across the street where a guy named Raul had in the past targeted my food and tampered with my food with a guy named Tony Cooke who was stalking me for his friend Dave Peters of Peters & Freedman who is Escala’s attorney, and this home conversion scam that Escala cossets has officially tied it self to human trafficking outside of the protection of the Operation Shadowboxxx umbrella and so the SPAWAR/DOD/CIA over ran Escala really kinda just royally screwed themselves.., which is why I have some surprise surprise rushed “trial” date placed in yet another USD indoctrinated nepotistical court employed, judge all as I was defrauded out of my Discovery Time through how Escala kept “vacating” their claim against me.  Yep, I can confirm that Escala and one other entity was stalking me through nearly impossible to prove Light Flickering Communication methods of keeping me under unlawful surveillance so that pervs could provoke me and sexually stalk me, but will it turn out that this Universal Security Guards “outside of Escala” security purchasers are not just a few other “businesses” but also both the City of San Diego & the County of San Diego, because that would be quite the interesting conspiring considering the home invasion Universal was making with Kiwi that was used for the data gathering that sourced Andrew Wallace for the rape scam of the “one and done Method of Human Trafficking” that was using that “girls gone wild” camera guy for the hidden cameras that Andrew’s military & MMA style fighting affiliated roommate was watching…. Hey so does Robert Tartaro’s MMA style fighting/training that he was doing when he was invading my home to rape me on his hidden cameras happen to be the same San Diego MMA fighting group that Andrew and his military roommate are a part of ??????? …. Wow Kiwi, and you call yourself a woman?  I think you should start dating Dumanis, you two are a pair of jokers who deserve each other.

In closing, for any other Victims who may ever be told that hidden cameras in your home used for selling you is not any sort of “unlawful sexual perversion because not even sodomy blah blah blah” by judge kreep, well I have something for you Victims…. If your ever bombarded in court with having a judge use sodomy references when you testify that your found hidden cameras in your home and that they were being use to human traffic you around, and that this is a formal Human Trafficking Crime due to how these cameras were used to sexually sell you, and you then say that these cameras are also an Unlawful Sexual Perversion Crime, what you will get is Judge Kreep making defense for the criminals based on some sort of “sodomy” commenting that he makes for the pervs who put cameras in your home, So when this set of re-abuse of you happens Victims go ahead and let judge kreep know that the cameras are a violation of your fundamental rights & your civil rights, your rights to self-protection, are a violation of your personal privacy that does not go away just because you’re in public but that certainly exists any place your in private at, and that the hidden cameras in your home are a violation of your rights not to by sexually attacked and sold around in a sex slave ring that likes to watch their Victimization & Sex Sales on super huge tv screens that the County of San Diego & SD’s Fusion Center paid about a million dollars for, and that at the very least the hidden cameras are an unlawful sexual perversion under the “up skirt” laws that dictate that just because a perv can attach a camera to a stick doesn’t mean that he can film up your skirt simply because you wore a skirt…. This is also what makes the beach stalking and sexual “filming” & “photos” of your Womanly sexual areas & genital areas unlawful to do to where as you just because you left your house in a skirt or went to the beach and are in a bikini does not mean anyone can exploit you any way they want to even if it is just their personal camera’s as if they aren’t going to try to sell the images of you that are their own violation of public decency codes, upskirt codes, and unlawful sexual perversion codes… So Victims, use these already established doctrines of law to put in check any pervert judge, life guard, or cop that wants to protect a human trafficker that uses cameras to abuse you when you state what has been done to you, and Victims, never accept any man’s (or Aunt Tom’lynn Woman’s) story about how it is ok and not a crime for anyone to be using cameras to be stalking you, selling you, exploiting you, etc, as it is never ever just some innocent or harmless endeavor or brush off by Immunity holders, it is always human trafficking and some sort of money or other satisfaction is being had and traded by the ring of pervs who do this to women.  There are unlawful sexual perversion codes that exist, I have seen them, and no judge has any right to perpetrate that these codes don’t exist nor is your use of these codes to protect yourself the open door for judges to start braiding into your case any sort of “sodomy” references like what Kreep did to me that I asked him to strike from the record when I told him that I don’t want that word associated to my home litigation but Kreep refused to strike his dirty sodomy asserting comments like as if he is the cool new priest on the Indian Reservation playground, I mean cool new judge at the court house.  

Love ya,





Blog #295

8/26/14  All-of-it Disclosure

Threats now turned into immediate retribution against my family equal a crime even if it is done with oh so advanced tactics and premeditation as to have it look like just a random event; yes before Monday could even hit a family member of mine had a long baited well manipulated shake down made against him… oh yes and this swift shake down of my brother was oh so preplaced as to be let loose upon command & put in place before this most recent “Rod Smith” threat had even been allowed to be made, & this attack as to immediately make good on a threat has been brewing on the back burner of Janis Sammartino’s affiliated Opus Dei human traffickers of this catholic mafia ring of rape the kiddies on the Indian Reservations that has only yet been pinned to the Jesuits:

"What you had at these [jesuit] boarding schools was nothing less than a Slobodan Milosevic-style cultural assassination using rape as an offensive weapon to control people," he said. "They can deny it, they can pretend like it didn't happen, they can minimize it, but that's what it is."

Yes the Jesuits protection for their slave trade of sex slaves brought up from little on up to be groomed sexually to be indoctrinated to be sexual controlled, sellable, was and is linked to many jesuit’y over takings of Indian Reservations including here in San Diego, but how much longer do we wait to have it linked to Janis Sammartino’s Opis Dei human trafficker affiliates & USD’s corresponding Malta Order that are both also a part of this ring of human traffickers posing as priests posted up on Sovereign Jurisdictions of Indian Reservations where their Federal DoJ & FBI employed human traffickers were able to keep this HT ring protected for decades, that is why it is dangerous to have a Catholic Mafia running our courts & CIA & State Department, our jails & hospitals.  And Opus Dei’s organizing with the Jesuits for the expediting of slave trade through trauma based control and dark psych control that sought the Indian Reservations didn’t stay on the alternate jurisdiction protection of the Indian Reservations did they, no this judge & attorney ring of Opus Dei Traffickers had their ring of rapists kreep out and around from the Reservation’s & from the Churches and right on into Escala type of Developments, right on into Universities, and right on into the hostpiallars all to protect the horrific molestation & rape of the kiddies that is made through not only the churches & schools but also through medicine of the shriner’s of the Medical Malta Order all posing as if they are just filling ridiculous CIA “research” that now dictates calling all Victims “crazy” as if nothing wrong was ever done to them as if forced Self Mortification is holy and sanctified like the Victims should be happy that they were & are tortured physically and mentally just so that they can be “saved” & be “closer to God” as Opis Dei pontificates to themselves which is why you read in one of the above linked articles that the “priests” on the Indian Reservation raped the kids under the adage of “destroy the savage to save the man”… they told each other that kids were savages so let’s rape & destroy them so that they can “find God” and people like Sammartino & Gore & his father before him all basically said ok, how can we help!

And the answer back was, help us first get the funds to pay our Victims converted from the church bank and from the insurance companies while we protect our slave trade through a bankruptcy where we say all our universities are not assets though they are since they are used for the same slave trade that human trafficked so many Indian Reservation kids.

Now a days this ring of Immunity holding Human Traffickers helps this crime ring cover its abuse by agreeing to just call the Victims’ children “crazy” when the Victims children all of a sudden seem to be having to experience the same systematic assault tactics that were used on their Victim parents, and this will no longer be tolerated. More and more is comes to light that all the survivors & their off spring are being targeted by this ring as if now the children of the past Victims need to be “experimented on” though it is actually just the slave trade platform of passing on a book of business as if it is needed research when it is not, and it is all reminiscent of the way MIT did this for the CIA as if feeding radiated oats to “stupid” kids was for the Quaker Company when it was really for the dissecting of human brains that was engaged in by the perv jesuit’y, shriner’y, malta’y “doctor” freeks that have over ran the CIA for the running of crimes against American Children & now African Children as if it is all just needed medical experiments, now the justification made to the followers is about how much better and closer to God the abused are once they are put through Mortification of their Flesh…. Well let me Disclose all of it to you, let me disclose all of this end that is at hand to you now, this doctrine that is immerging is the Opus Dei doctrine:

and Opuss Dei indoctrinated attorneys turned judges like Sammartino wasted no time in engaging in a make good on a threat targeting of my family member in under a day or so from threatening me about how I better just start saying that this has all been a delusion of mine as if any way under the sun all the Awino / Shelton / SPU / Ottis Miller / SPAWAR / Mission Valley / Escala / Tartaro crap show is just a delusion of mine or like I am just a master manipulator of reality like I can bend the physics around me to make all these things related, all conducted as if any “sane” person can just see that these matters at hand are in no way related, no way micromanaged, no way military precise, and in no way organized…. As if “it is all just some obsession delusion of mine” would ever be plausible, sure, ha ha not tonight. 

No one is stupid enough to pretend that Awino & Shelton & SPU & Otto Miller & Act of Valor & Mission Valley’s proximity to SPAWAR & Tartaro’s cameras, is all just some random coincidental occurrence, like there are that many childhood murderer’s floating around that we all have 2 or 3 of them all grown up now living with us and our family…. Then tell me Sammartino, how many childhood murderers should be living with you and your children you pig of pigs.

I said no one is stupid enough to believe that all of this is just some imagining of mine Olivet that has been done to me that I Disclose to you for you all to be engaged and compelled to make it stop.  I cannot change the reality I can only laugh at anyone who wants to pretend like it could be some issue of mine when the reality is clear and these matters that add up to only one conclusion which is that immunity holding human traffickers are creating the attacks of campuses & attacks of America, and are doing it through over running of our government posts as to use immunity for making this human trafficking & terrorizing & cover up there after , and only a small number of well-placed groups can benefit from getting the citizens and the government to attack each other over say oh maybe gun control pushes, so never tell me that a rising tide lifts all boats because the reality is that a rising tide displaces all boats and only the largest best placed boats don’t get displaced high and dry crashed into the docs & beached at the lakes & oceans that use to hold them properly.  A time of end for this human trafficking slave trade that is linked to the Indian Reservation Systematic Rapes made by the jesuity perv opuss’y perv malta’y disgraces to God all covered up and well concealed by their affiliated IHT’s like Sammartino & Gore disgraces to America is disclosed now as if we are all sitting amongst the olive trees, because threatening to attack my family then doing so all fashioned around me agreeing to have all as long as I agree that the crimes against me were just a delusion of mine has triggered a response from above now hasn’t it, did you San Fran Malta’y’s all feel the ground shake this weekend when you targeted my brother and made good on your threats, did you feel the landing of the War Angels’ that also sit above you in this choir you have become so leery of mad at your place in it and perverted by your affinity for the money made off of the backs of the slaves you think all humans are here to be for you to abuse & sell.

NOTE TO IHT’s: you need to think about why it is that you want to exterminate my family, and why is it so important that should your extermination games fail you, that the next game is to pull the crazy card after you engage in invading the everything of me and of my family members?  Ask yourself why you and your lower bosses fear us so much that you need to attack and downtrodden us so much like it is a bad luck curse that is all too well organized, all covered up as if it is just crazy or coincidence… why is it that you IHT’s really need it to be that we Victims of yours are just mentally crazy as you micromanage and control our lives into your desired outcomes, think about it IHT’s, think about it because I have given you every revelation of your own end time for this human trafficking slave trade your running through your immunity giving posts your pervert affiliates have put you into, and if you think for one minute that you & your kids won’t be called “crazy” on this due retribution weather change that’s going around, then your mistaken.

Yes, Janet Sammartino’s affiliates had their threat about hurting my family immediately engaged in over the weekend.  I found out that this ring of trafficker’s have been stalking around and bombarding my brother, indoctrinating him & bombarding him with propaganda about how he does not have to abide by a specific law due to how there is a “Freeman on the Land” situation of some sort.  Janis’ affiliates who started targeting me within days of her refusal to recuse herself from my case have actually been having this ring cyber bombarding my brother with “freeman on the land” propaganda & ply’s to him as if he is not to have to comply with a law just so that this ring would have him in a very instant predicament at the waiving of a finger, and over the weekend my brother was instantly targeted for the set up that he was lead into by this IHT ring of stalkers who had him all love bombed by a ring of stalkers who bombarded him with the idea that there is such a thing as a “Freeman on The Land” set of laws that protect him from other laws…. And after this ring ply’d my family member to engage in this idea, then he was just a sitting duck for the same IHT law enforcement human traffickers that prior aided murder James Shelton into my mother’s home & that aided the robbing of my safe, and who now have allowed for the instant retaliation of harm to my brother engaged in right after a threat about my family’s safety was made.  Unbelievable that this ring of criminally inclined human trafficking law enforcement that has ties to James Shelton have now all of a sudden been able to target a family member of mine within hours after I blogged about how this tactic of threatening my families safety isn’t going to get me to say that this has all been a “delusion” of mine…. Yep, I had a family member lured into a trap by a social group’s maneuverings and manipulations’… sounds like what Joy Rapp and Officer Garry Rapp had targeted me with years ago before Garry Rapp & his Coronado Island DoD SPAWAR freeks all sourced Agent Tartaro to be in my home to sell me and manipulate me and invade my ability to live in any free way.   So you IHT’s want to bombard my brother with the idea that there is a set of laws that allow him to not abide by a specific law just so you can get him not to abide by it all while you wait for a poignant time to engage in calling him out on it, all while you get him all drugged up… aside from the “Freeman” part of this targeting of my brother, it sounds just like what Joy Rapp & Gary Rapp did to me, so it is no wonder that this ring of criminals who were appointed to make good on the threat to target my family is also part of the same exact immunitied human trafficking ring that got Shelton into my family’s home and aided in the robbing & steeling of my safe after getting me to Seattle Pacific University & living with childhood murderer Charlotte Awino, all by using childhood murderer James Shelton’s money to transport me from San Diego to Seattle after the abduction I suffered where I was sexually assaulted by Mary Lou Becason and were I was drugged against my will and made to suffer horrific torture abuses and assaults all because I reported crimes that were actually human trafficking that was being made by federal agents under their game that it was all just Operation Shadowboxxx & Operation Endless Summer, all explained to IHT’s as if it was all just needed research torture all tongue-in-cheek-bought-off-on by catholic rape for profit human trafficking judges who all knew about the targeting of me and just decided to Opus Dei out on me with their delusional thoughts that I needed to be “made stronger and ridded of my weakness and ridded of my softness through mortification of my flesh” as they watched me being systematically raped on their hidden cameras and as they pleasured themselves correct.

NOTE TO IHT’s:  Us Victims that survive your attempts to get us to kill ourselves for relief from your abuse, & us Victims that survive your attempts to murder us in any way that can be made to look like it wasn’t a murder, and us Victims who survive your torture based abduction scams, well we all happened to like being soft and week, and human, and we liked our naiveté, and in your bull-crap cover story attempt to make me closer to God and a soldier to your abuse, you have lost your game to do this to anymore of God’s children while you play pious Catholics, and no one is here for you to be throwing your crazy upon as if it is somehow good for us like we should thank you for the suffering that no human is supposed to have to experience, like I should have to suffer through your abuses just for you to place bets on if I could survive them while you sold me in the process, all as you propagandize that this is such a good thing for us Victims to be put through as if it is “mortification of the flesh” when it is just your perverse propaganda that is just a cover to your human trafficking…. because I can tell you that just because I survived this attack of my life better than anyone else could have survived such an attack like this that has been done to me, doesn’t mean that I am happy or at peace with what you all have done here, nor am I closer to God, nor am I going to forgive you nor will God, and I was better before you sought to sell me as if it is just so good for me to be made to suffer inorganic suffering so that you could make money and get off…. so do sleep well now because your time for your human trafficking and subverting of innocence through this false profit’ing & false god’ing you run that you call catholic religion when it is not what normal Catholics are about in any way shape of form is now going to rightfully be identified as a terrorist group akin to the ISIS form of Muslim, that’s right you heard me IHT’s of this catholic mafia ring your just as bad as ISIS maybe worse because you have attacked American’s on American soil non-stop, and this America gutting IHT ring of sex crime tortures & sales, has come to its end times.  Just because the majority of women you do this to don’t survive & either die, go crazy, or become Slave Mentality controllable or Slave Trade Handler’s does not make me feel grateful to you for showing me how strong I am, I already knew I was strong and I was already close to God, and all you have done is harm, and my softness & weakness & naiveté that you think was your’s to take is going to be your undoing, I promise this to you IHT’s as attacking my kid brother again with all the systematic organized propaganda and too well placed timing of your stalking of me & of him & of my family is a war line your crossing and I can no longer hold back the entities that waited salivating as they watched you toe that line for a long time now daring to cross that line again, well now you have and targeting my brother with this game & manipulation of him after all else at hand is a line you cross to your own end day’s as it is clear that a choir moved toward you, didn’t you feel the earth shake upon your San Fran Malta’y area when this Higher Choir landed & posted up on the outskirts poised now to end your Malta Mandate of Destructing of America.  I am not the one in charge of this war you’re starting at me again refusing to just repair the damages and repent from the harming you love to cause, as if you didn’t gain all eyes of the heavens upon you with the last grip of attacks I demanded you to just stop.  No, IHT’s you have alwaysbeen in charge of keeping this war from yourselves and now you’re going too far, the War Angels in the Choir are not happy with this that you’ve done to my brother just to retaliate against me, and I can no longer hold them back, so Opus Dei Sammartino, you never should have joined in & let your affiliates engage in targeting and propagandizing to my Brother for months about the “Freeman on the Land” “laws” as to get him positioned for this attack you intended to be a retaliation to me should I not do what your affiliated IHT’s over at USD sent that Ron Smith guy to threaten me into.  So let’s have a full disclosure of all’ov-it please, yes, let’s start to talk about Opis Dei attorneys & Opus Dei Judges conversion of catholic donation money’s by getting sex abuse settlements paid from the catholic bank & through insurance companies via the Jesuit’s of the Northwest’s coordinated raping of Indian Reservation Victims who were in Bill Gores FBI jurisdiction all done in an organized scam where you actually seek to convert that payout from the victims as if they should use it to open casino’s.  Abuse of Indian kids translated into funds for building Casino’s for even more laundering of HT dirty money through Gambling Casino’s built on the reservations through the funds that were converted from the insurance & church funds through the settlement… first rob the Indian Children of their innocence then rob them of their settlements as if they have to use it for casino’s on the Reservations, isn’t that what is at hand in this end leg of this subversion of the church through the Jesuits of the North West that make the schools for the Opus Dei priests to have kiddies to rape… how many of the inflicted stalked Indian Reservations in USD Bill Gore’s past jurisdiction now have casino’s from the funds that were converted from the church through the rape of children settlement pay out scam all made as if a jesuit bankruptcy could just conceal the game at hand and have the church bank & insurance companies pony up rather than have the jesuite’s pay out to repair a little bit of the huge damages they do, who was the jesuites bankruptcy attorney & Judge, please do tell.  Gore, how much casino donation money have you taken this year for your campaign funds?

This threat to hurt my family now made complete with the hurting of my family & the making good on the threat all tied to Opis Dei’s Sammartino’s targeting of me that was ran through USD’s Rod Smith’s “your business card reminds me of a story” threat maker is what makes IHT Janis Sammartino and her affiliate ring of IHT’s all in need of court ordered drugging “therapy” as to try to get rid of their Obsessions and Psychosis regarding harming me.  A psychosis where they think the week and soft need to be forced into mortification of the fleshxxx as to make these soft week Victims strong and close to God, yep this is what these animals say to themselves so they can try to act to themselves as if they are actually helping their child Victims into being strong and able for God to love them, meanwhile the entire thing is a scam to get a new casino on a new Indian Reservation all funded through robbing the insurance company & catholic bank through a lawsuit for the prior Pope’s negligence in not stopping the priests, and Janis is just one of the judges protecting this same type of organized abuse and laundering scam as it is made here in California through the property conversion scams made by IHT affiliated HOA communities like Escala where trafficking made by diplomats gets housed and where trafficking made through terrorizing event scams gets housed, and where SPAWAR & Kony & DoD & CIA affiliated trafficking made through hidden cameras & rape for profit all gets housed….

NOTE TO IHT’s: Have fun with that Janis Sammartino have fun with the earthquakes and the weather that you have brought upon you all with your making good on your instant retaliation against my family that you have had on your back burner just waiting to enact at the moment I made it clear that I would not be your Slave Mentality indoctrinated blame taker who cover’s up your crimes for you as if they are all just some issue of mine that I must be having. When you make your next confession make sure it’s a good one IHT’s because the Angels of War have heard your request and they landed on the outskirts of your Malta San Fran headquarters, so your chance to repent is over like as if your own personal sanctified eternal fire of burnt & abused offering was just made abominationed of your desolationed empty, like a call to the heavens to come see what you’ve been up to.

Anti Stalker Nation, I love you always and I know that this instant targeting of my brother was such a long ago facilitated targeting that there is no way to have seen it coming, I know that only someone affiliated to these IHT’s could have known what they were cooking up to throw at my Brother after propagandizing to him all that Freeman crap. I know that the only ones who could have seen it coming are the human traffickers affiliated to the USD & Opus Dei of Sammartino’s& Gores, who attack me again when their entire ring knows that I am not of theirs to harm any more, am not a Slave of theirs, and have fully rejected all their deals just like the one they had “our lady of peace” jesuit’y indoctrinated & abused around till she gave in & now HT trained, Yolanda Shakoor make at me years ago when they had her tell me about how when she goes out she has no problems and no men raping her, and all sorts of bottle service at the clubs & limousines and how she is safe out in San Diego and then she said to me about how I can have all that too just like her and how all this can stop if I stop reporting what was at hand back then, which was Tartaro’s cameras & rape scams, and Pacific Law Centers’ down town terrorizing scam appointment all combined with 1 am calls from FBI Agent Karen Shlick’ady’dick (IHT Handler of my Grandmother), and with JENNA helicopter stalking’s and with cars that would run me off the road….  Yep, it was no deal then and it is no deal now, as I don’t value the dirty things & dirty ways that are offered to me in exchange for me protecting this ring of criminals rather than outing them and protecting the future Victims they seek to make 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Every little Indian boy and girl counts and are not to be neglected by the DoJ & FBI just so that this catholic mafia ring of freaks can sexually assault them, sell the hidden camera images of the rapes of kiddy porn as to drive up the price to the out of town buyers who paid big bucks/donations/gambling “losses” as to buy the savage rape slave for the weekend, and never go to jail for it…. Nope it is a call here and now for the priests and their patrons to go to hell as in jail, before they expire naturally at which time they can be escorted by a fallen Angel straight to hell to receive their crown of shit.   

My brother and mother and sister are not to be this rings Victims any longer and the propaganda’s, deal cutting, cover up’s, slave trade mentality, and trauma based condition crap engaged in against my family has finally rendered a ground breaking response from the heaven’s & from the spirits, not that these IHT’s could feel a spirit aside from killing one. 

Love to my Anti Stalker Nation, salt to IHT’s,





Blog #294

8/22/14  Threats, and Instructions, and What Do You Really Want games all facilitated around how I “remind you of a story”, all done in line again to Janet Sammartino’s targeting & oppressing of my rights to justice.  

Just like when Jorje Leone had a story for me about how I remind him of a girl who got locked away in the “crazy jail” that he told me when he refused to take the Rape Report’s on Tartaro & Machhour that had been put into writing and handed to him that he handed back to me threatening me in a clever way that if I tried to report again then I would be thrown in the “crazy jail”…

And just like how after I filed in the Federal Court in Seattle, when Charlotte Awino then later had a story for me about how I remind her of a girl who used to be a banker and who knew too much and didn’t keep her mouth shut and how that girl had her family killed in front her then she was dragged out on campus for “her life to be made a waste to the world where she was called the killer of her entire family” to the entire world and yes Charlotte pointed toward the SPU campus when she told me this “story” about the girl that I “remind” her of… it wasn’t until a few months later that I found out that she was actually a notorious childhood murderer and it was even longer after that till I found out that a different notorious childhood murderer James Shelton had been placed living with my family as if “dating web sites research” of pairing up loser’s with winners & telling them that they are “compatible” is just some sort of “experiment” in the “power of persuasion” as the cover excuse for how it is actually just an exploit & human trafficking of women trying to find love to be trafficked to the Handlers & Murderers & Patrons of this trafficking ring…. Here’s an idea for all you disgusting men that can’t get a woman, rather then hurting a kid, raping, & using human trafficking rings why don’t you all just change so that you can be acceptable for us to spend time with you pathetic excuses for the term Man; you user patrons of this trafficking ring need to learn how to change to be good enough rather than engaging in trying to “knock a woman down” a few pegs so that she would be able to be harmed by you…. NOTE TO IHT’s: Figure it out “men”…. Instead of having to harm women and children so that you can be as pathetic asyou want while still having something warm to poke on, why don’t you just change & let the kids and woman stay safe and not “knocked down” to your pathetic level, change so that you can be good enough for a non-abused non-slaved woman rather than systematically abusing large groups of children & woman to be down to your level of pathetic, which I reject and do not accept especially when the terms are that I have to say that all your abuse you engage in never actually happened and that it is just some “obsessive psychosis” of mine… NO DEAL, no way, not even with threats to take my family & foundation & novel’s & my own life from me, NO DEAL: Counter Offer is that you change and that you become worthy of me and then you won’t have to be so low as to have to use the women and children your IHT ring of human trafficker’s are torturing through their abuse of their posts in which they “knock a woman down a few pegs” just so that you don’t have to change into a better self as to be able to have a woman, yep you pathetic excuses of “men” who use human trafficking rings you just want to stay the pathetic selves that keep any woman from being able to tolerate you all while still having access to sex which is the apparent only thing that matters to you, grow up and don’t Victim Blame me as if your all normal for using a ring of human trafficking that seeks to stalk women and children through religious church going, KICK ROCKS and if you wanted me then you would change and clean up your act…. NOTE TO IHT’s: REAL MEN DON’T MAKE MONEY BY SLAVE TRADE, AND REAL MEN DON’T USE RAPE FOR PROFIT OR ANY OTHER SORT OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING AS TO HAVE SEX OR AS TO HAVE A WOMAN MADE SO DOWNTRODDEN AS TO BE ABLE TO TOLLORATE YOU IN YOUR REFUSAL TO LEARN HOW TO CORRECTLY TREAT A HUMAN/WOMAN: ONLY PATHETIC BOYS WHO NEVER GREW UP DO SO.

Yes, just like those two other times that I had people make threats at me that they were entirely ready to engage in, I have again now heard a story about how I remind some one of something that is based around threats made in the form of stories… oh the power of stories that pervert Human Trafficker’s retaliate with and use as to condition you to accept “it” easier & to let you know what they intend to do to you if you don’t comply with their dirty game of covering up for this CIA affiliated ring of human trafficking Agents that are so protected by this ring of freek shows with ties to Pennsylvania/New Jersey.

So here is the chronology of this most recent threat about to harm my family that is tied to Janis Sammartino’s abuse of my filed pleading that somehow just ends up with her as if I am not stalked and controlled and abused out of justice by the District Court’s pathetic collusion to protect all the human trafficking acts of all the Federal Agents that are involved in this targeting of me and of my family as if our mere existence is of some sort of damning evidence of some horrific crime that the jesuit overran CIA engaged in and was told to STOP DOING but rather just started to do it in Africa through Kony… yes my mother is a survivor of the medical torture of children & sexually based abuse of children““research”’ that Charlotte Awino was also targeted for & my father was also a childhood victim of this ring’s abuses so I suppose my families mere existence is a bit of damning evidence in the horrific abuses that no American or human is to be put through by any government, court, or faction.

So here is the Chronology surrounding Wednesday night’s threat made in a story of how I remind someone of something all based around a threat about my family….

First, on 8/13/14 I notice that for some odd reason my claim in federal court has outrageously been directed to “JLS” which is Janet Sammartino; given the circumstanced that the Federal Court knows about regarding the terrorizing of me this file should have never been given to her, so I file 3 pleading’s one that requests additional time to serve along with formal Service of Summons & Complaint to be made by US Marshal since there are Federally employed Defendant’s that are Doe’s.  I file ex parte motion regarding the conflict of interest with judges Sammartino & Bencivengo having anything to do with my good claim, and I filed the first designation of Does for the Marshals to serve. Yep, Immunitied Human Trafficker Janis Sammartino sent me my pleading back through the mail having them “unfiled” under the abuse of service court processes as if the fact that the US Marshal’s need to serve federal agents and their co-criminals is of some sort of non-matter at hand when it is, and it is an abuse of post for any judge to try to Handle a court file for the yet unserved human trafficking accused Defendant’s by playing Service Games knowing well that it will bring me the Plaintiff Victim, who is informing the court of human trafficking related money laundering attacks, would be brought much potential harm to try to serve, and the Complaint already informed dirty Janis that 2 different notorious murderers and a now realized campus shooting are all a part of this issue at hand that I need due recovery of damages for.  Dirty Janis Sammartino is abusing her post again just like she promised to do for her dirty affiliates last time I had to file in the San Diego Federal Court and what a joke that somehow magically I just pull the same judge as last time & she refuses cleverly to not pass the file to a different judge when asked to…. Human Trafficking judges always refuse to just pass their Victims files on to non-conspiring judges when asked to, and Janis seems to have to lose her post like her Yuri Hoffman had to for the same game of commandeering all my files as to bring me premeditated detriment.  This time Janis is not wasting any time in having me threatened and stalked by those she should not be protecting at my detriment.

Here is the link to Janis’ “service cop out” she used as to keep control of a file were a Victim is stating that Sammartino is a party to the Suit:

Second, by “8/14/14” (the very next day) IHT Janis Sammartino “unfile’s” all my pleadings and has them sent back to me, though I didn’t get them back till yesterday, and Sammartino acts as though a “service” issue is logical though service clearly needs to be done by the US Marshals since Federal Agents are co-criminals in the matter that is filed as to bring me justice & constitutional protections that I am not to be cleverly abused out of. 

Thirdly and next, by the time 8/18/14 Monday night hits after the weekend, I am being interestingly put into proximity to a hot guy too hot and wonderful not to notice & just too hot not to fall for, turns out he is from the Pennsylvania area, and this proximity to this guy who was placed at the spot I have been going to for blogging was enhanced by a rabbi, and a Jewish “Investor” who shows you pictures of him at the Playboy Mansion. 

Fourthly, on 8/20/14 the Pennsylvania area guy is texting me on Wednesday night asking me where I am at, as if he is going to meet up, but instead of him ever meeting up, I end up having a different guy just sit down at my table after striking up a conversation about the lady who was walking around the coffee shop inviting people to a church service that is held at a hotel.  Ya, on the Wednesday after the Pennsylvania Sammartino’s Monday night stalkers she & her affiliates had hunt me down 2 days prior, the hot one of them finds out where I was at and then a guy there walks over with questions about being new to San Diego and about the church prop handout that some lady was walking around with.  This guy sits down and tells me his name is Rod, and he later referred to himself as Rod Smith.  Rod Smith’s entire targeting of me, made after the Pennsylvania area guy confirmed my whereabouts’, was based around a series of premeditated statements that he couldn’t really account for later on each time he ended up contradicting himself each time he moved on to one of his other items he needed to work into his targeting of me, all while I have to sit and wait for my blog post to load which should not be an hour long event but for some reason turns out to be a long wait at times just to copy and paste a blog post.  So there I was waiting for my blog changes to post as saved, and here is Rod Smith now telling me his stories about how my business card reminds him of a story….

Yep Rod Smith starts telling me how my business card reminds him of how back when he was in undergrad he had a professor tell him that his repeated topic in his homework writings was indicating that he should go to talk to so-and-so… and then when he talked to the so-and-so-referral he was then again referred to go talk to someone else which was a counselor, and the “you remind me game” was based around how his writings were about domestic Violence and he then tells me that he was being stalked around by people who knew something “embarrassing” about him which in this story ended up being about how his father was a “domestic violence” abuser and how Rod was stalked by people who somehow new this and how everyone Rod met somehow knew that his father was this embarrassment of a Domestic Violence perpetrator.  That was Rod Smith’s segway into how the referrals that were made to him by his Jewish teachers ended up having the “counselor” tell him that he was “obsessed” and basically in a psychosis over the idea that “everyone knew this embarrassing thing about his father”… and Rod Smith stated about how he refused to believe that it was any “obsession” and that the stalking was all very real… BUT THEN…. Yes but then, how 5 years later he decided and realized that he wasn’t being stalked and how he was just “obsessed” about it and how he was bringing all sorts of “domestic Violence to him now in his adult life due to the obsession he now finally was aware of 5 years after being told this…. And how I remind him of that time in his life, all based around my foundation’s business card and awareness campaign… all that innuendo & story about how I remind him of that time in his life all based off of my business card, yep, nothing of any sort of pre-prepped surreptitious sycophantic anything there in all that, sure. 

So then this Ron Smith tells me about how great his life is now that he finally sees that he was wrong about “being stalked”, and how much better everything was now that he was not to bring up or talk about his stalkers as if it was all just him “obsessed” about “Domestic Violence Awareness” due to his father, and that he was just “twisting” every one into stalking him but that there was not any actual stalking of him once he took the blame for whatever it was that was prior making him think that persons “knew things” about his father and him…..   yep how just deciding, 5 years after the Jewish teacher referral to the counselor, that he was just “obsessed with domestic violence & that no one was stalking him” all things just magically got better and how that decision just fixed everything and how his “big campaign he was on to stop Domestic Violence” was bringing domestic violence to him in his adult life, and how just rather chalking his “stalkers” up to being his own “obsession” as if he was never actually being stalked at all like it was all just a figment of his imagination rather then the crime of 3rd parties, has been the answer to all things, and he is now in his PhD program in University of San Diego in the Leadership PhD program, which all of a sudden flips into the question statement he made to me about “you love your family don’t you”.  Yep Rod Smith tells me all this then busts out with innuendo that I am like him in how someday I will see that I am just obsessed and not stalked, while statements of “you do love your family don’t you” are made all followed up with statements of “your family is still here now, you do love then don’t you”, that all get salt and peppered in to this “story” I remind Rod of… so I told him oh ya, and when Awino was telling me that my family would be killed in front of me it sure did make me realize how much I love my family, right.

I questioned Rod Smith about the contradictions in his story about his life, which he should be an expert on, I also questioned him about if he ever really truly thought that his stalkers were not stalkers or if he still to this day believes that he was being stalked, because he was not going to be leaving me alone and this guy wouldn’t even stop when I was finally turning off my computer and unplugging my keyboard and packing up as my blog had loaded; no Rod was on a mission with his innuendo’s about how I need to make cover up for my abusers as if it is just some delusion of mine if I love my family…. All timed around Janis Sammartino’s Pennsylvania based stalking of my good claim and filed pleadings, attacks she made with “service” games though service of summons and complaint isn’t even made yet by any of the US Marshal’s who handle human trafficking & federal agent involved Service of Complaints for the pretend safety of the uniquely vulnerable Victim petitioner.  So I realized that if I wanted to leave unscaved I would have to give this Rod Smith stalker what he needed right, and since he was using abusive dark psych tactics as to try to find out what is really valuable to me (since all my valuable’s have already been stolen by his affiliates) I finally gave him what he was looking for when he started to tell me his next story about how my Foundation reminds him of how he used to do public speeches to advocate against Domestic Violence but how that “petered out” and how basically this is going to happen to my VOI Foundation and what then, so I told him that my books and that the narrative at hand will be long lasting even if my foundation ever “peter’s out”,  the Foundation will always have served the purpose of launching the books if nothing else good ever is realized from it… and Anti Stalkers, you should have seen his face light up when he said to me… “ok now I see what you really want, ok your just a genius, I see”, & this “genius” complimenting & “love bombing” is made by stalkers in an attempt to try to enhance the propaganda they just spewed on you when their propaganda attack is about to close for the day, and this “you’re a genius” comment is what Rod basically said to me all happy to have some new idea of what can be leveraged against me to make me comply, but my books and blog are already under my own copyright and even the attacking at my book’s potential income that any fools might want to make will not pan out for them the way they may think as nothing about their attacks of me and of my family ever really do pan out for this ring of idiots does it… yes IHT’s, I am cut from a different cloth and your attacks are rather outing you fully to all the world so don’t count on me joining your team of Slave Mentality compliance & delusional self-blame cover up of your crime methods of Victim Blaming used in your Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring, because I am cut from a different cloth than your Victims who you force into Slave Mentality wereyou have them seeking to please you as their only way to survive, and this is why I have a duty to help all your Slaves see your tactics and be spared from them if possible.

Yep, Victims, let me tell you right now that when someone is playing the “you remind me” game of making threats to you, the best bet for your safety is to let them ramble it all out so that you can survive to report it.

Second guessing yourself on the reality of a stalking situation is a danger to your personal safety, so I told Ron Smith that second guessing yourself about a clear stalking situation is an indoctrination of “Slave Mentality”, and that his tactic of dealing with his stalkers by protecting their crimes and who were clearly targeting him through his schooling and who could have easily gained data about his father’s “domestic violence” from police reports, and that the self-denial of being stalked is a Slave Mentality, and this is very true Victims so don’t fall for the game made by Human Traffickers of this Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring where they try to turn their abuse of you into some “delusion” of your’s….  tactics of dealing with stalkers by protecting their crime through taking the blame for their crimes as if it was all just an obsession of your’s rather than a reality of stalking being perpetrated against you is a Slave Mentality associated to a form of Stockholm Syndrome, and all Victims need to be aware of this tactic & trick.

Victims, when your stalkers try to force you to please them as to ensure your survival, reputation, and safety of your family it is known as and identified by me to be the term of “Slave Mentality”, which is a form of Stockholm Syndrome where you the Victim seeks to please the abuser by just adopting any plausible deniability story that they threaten you into or that they coerce you into through their trusted posts they gain… it is all a bunch of psychological abuse that is a game to these IHT’s where they try to propagandize to you as if your bringing all bad upon yourself though an organized ring of slave traders are bringing the bad upon you systematically through many unlawful methods that are outlawed by the Human Rights Declaration and by the Outlawing of Medical Torture established due to WWII… yep, getting a Victim to accept responsibility for the horrific acts made by 3rd parties is a very dangerous game to let work on you and it is an indicator that your are being set up to be the blame taker of other things that you never did.  This is not a form of “research in the power of persuasion” it is actually just human trafficking slave trade made through dark psych tactics that are outlawed.

Hey Janis, tell your Rod Smith for me this... “Once a Slave becomes a Handler through indoctrination of Slave Mentality then they are always a Slave”, but that “Once a Slave refuses to become a Handler, then Freedom is gained”, and that I will never be made to believe that I am to blame for something that others are actually doing, I cannot be made to think that your problem is my fault, I don’t gaslight and will not allow you to rewrite the reality of your crimes against me as if it is just some psychosis obsession of mine & I just don’t really like you IHT’s enough to do that for you & uhm uhh I’m just not that into your failure of a platform your all still refusing to jump from, so go kick rocks Sammartino you and all your Pennsylvania/NewJersy relocatee’s to San Diego stalker fools, especially your Kiwi who you & your Tartaro have been having invade my life as to source that Andrew Wallace rape scammer that your Girls Gone Wild pervs are using for their hidden camera coerced (and there for rape) scam “One And Done Method of Human Trafficking” hidden video camera scam you protect you total piece of waste of space, yes all IHT judges are a waste of space, and a cancer to the public safety at large.

NOTE TO IHT’s: I hold the stalkers to blame for their damages, and will not be made scared, for my families safety, into your compliance game of just chalking your abuse of me up to being some sort of obsession of mine… Kick Rock’s IHT’s, because if I can’t reposition my family into not having to be living with your murderer rapists than you’re the ones who will be to blame for your acts not me and not them, because here’s what…


NOTE TO IHT’s: Save this newest round of Threats, and Instructions, and “What Do You Really Want” games all facilitated around how I “remind you of a story”, all done in line again to Janet Sammartino’s targeting & oppressing of my rights to justice.   

Since no one is that stupid, I can only deduct one of two possibilities out of anyone out there could ever act as though the TWO notorious childhood murderer’s placed in my home & my family’s home at the same time, combined with its relationship to the Seattle Pacific University Shooting at Otto Miller Hall that finally transpired all to facilitate the San Diego area SPAWAR Galdorisi “Chief Otto Miller” Act of Valor Book, all combined with Tartaro’s SPAWAR affiliations that are surfacing… yes out of the impossible probabilities in the situations at hand, I can only deduct that a person is either in severe denial or is a part of the cover up of the crime, because no one is that stupid to imagine that it is all just coincidental, not even Sammartino is that stupid, so she’s protecting the crimes made by SPAWAR’s human trafficking ring and it’s affiliated Federal Agents as if some promise to give me what I want, in return for me just saying that it is all just not real but rather just and “obsession” of mine, as if that propaganda book “The Secret” is somehow the reasoning behind the military precise impossible organic happenings that are all actually being engaged in by our DoJ & CIA & SPAWAR & our Courts & our Universities all being so over ran by pervert human traffickers who’s first allegiance is not to the American public or to America, but are to what the USD “PhD in Leadership” is all about which is “shaping of the public through leadership”… yes Immunitied Human Traffickers first allegiance is to shaping the public and grooming the public into being easier controlled/trafficked and even trauma based control tactics are not off limits to these IHT’s who’s first allegiance is for perpetuation of the black markets that produce the DGP’s of the Virtual Sovereign Nations. 

NO Dirty human trafficking America-gutting pervert will ever get me to pretend for them that their stalking of me was just a “psychosis” of mine, not even through threats at me about my family as even that is old hat now, and quite simply if there is anyone in my family who wouldn’t be taking extreme safety measures after this entire Awino Shelton extermination plot that has been uncovered & that is statistically impossible to be anything of any organic accidental coinky-dink, well then all I can say is that their denial & accepted Slave Mentality would be what is tied to anything unsafe for them rather than their safety needs being somehow tied to me doing what I am told to do by Human Traffickers who seek to try to force me into compliance with their desire to Slave me easier….

I have every right to leave my home and not be terrorized and stalked to be sexually abused, I have every right to be in my home and not be sexually abused and exploited by federally paid pervert human traffickers, and I have every right to justice & to having all that has been taken from me repaired. I have every right to have freedom from this federally ran ring of human suffering inflictors when leave my home, date, job hunt, educate, work, live, have safety & privacy inside my home, and to have protection of law’s that allow for my justice to be given to me, and so it is time for arrests of all pervert IHT’s who refuse to stop and along with them the arrests of their fool Handler’s that stalk Victims with & for this ring.  NOTE TO IHT’s: Get this straight, it is time for Arrest of you all, not time for me to indoctrinate your Slave Mentality in exchange for a book deal or for a Degree, or for the safety of my family.

Love to my Anti Stalker Nation…. I choose you, so please keep my family safe should they be in any denial or jeopardy, please keep my home safe and please keep me safe, and in return I will never fail to keep trying to save others from having to go through this human trafficking slavery, and I know you know the importance of that. 

Hugs and Love,



Blog #293

8/20/14  “Yo”  “Sometimes Before It Gets Better, The Darkness Gets Bigger,  The Person That You’d Take a Bullet For Is Behind The Trigger” ...

Hey Anti Stalker Nation!  So I got the stalk fest on Monday, when Chris “Doe” just had to show up where I was at online, and he showed up this time in a flashy not to be missed new corvette rather than the Anti-Pope mobile he stalked me in last time.  He was all smiles as he reversed to pull in right where I could see him and as he got out of his car he said while staring at the ground and laughing, that he is not stalking me, though his 10pm tanning need seems just a bit contrived, yes he went into the tanning salon next door to where I was at the last time he stalked me, and at just a bit after 10pm there was plenty of parking in front of the tanning salon but he still had to park right in front of where I could see him even if I moved into the coffee shop, which I did as soon as he started to ask me how I’ve been & when he left he started flicking his headlights in at the coffee shop door, what is it with this guy…. What is it that Chris wants from me, when it was he who sought me out on the first Christmas that I was made alienated from my Family after my Uncles FBI Friend started to work with Tartaro’s crime ring as to get me an easier slave isolated away from my family…. What could Chris Doe want, does he want to apologize for using the service that was trying to sell me to him, does he want to apologize for trying to exploit me on my holy holiday of Christmas when it was my first one all alone with no family to celebrate with?  Does he want to apologize for trying to turn that pain in to any sort of coerced scammed sex when he flashed & exposed his genitals to me…. What is it that Chris could find so funny to be laughing about because sincere apologies don’t come with laughing, and they don’t come with stalking, they come with reparation, humility, and a humbled attempt to show remorsefulness.  I am a Woman & “our guts can’t be reworked”, I am a Woman and not your Slave, no Slave mentality to torture into me will be ingrained so NOTE TO IHT’s: I am not cut from the same cloth as your other Victims, I am the one that you have been waiting to fear, so save the smiles and the laughing stalks’, and if you have an apology just send a hallmark card as you clearly know how to hunt me down, or better yet, send a declaration into court stating who sold me to you on Christmas Day after making sure I was all alone and alienated from my family, but do not expect me to adopt your slave mentality where I long for your approval and see things your way as my only option for survival.   

Speaking of trying to beat a Victim into Slave Mentality, let’s just say that I had a hurried rushed “trial” placed on me though I have not received a rightful discovery period, and now today I see that both of the Catholic Mafia attorneys for the Escala HOA & for the Bank have now formally “associated” themselves even though it was clear months ago that they were tag teaming me after I had my title cleared and while I was arguing with my HOA about how I don’t owe them any money while they refused to ever issue me a ledger for what they pretended I must owe them as to have some bs plausible reason to engage the property conversion scam at hand… So here are my pleadings that were printed and given to the court:

“”””I was just made aware that my Proof of Service by mail may not have been delivered with my request for Continuance of this Friday’s trial that was set without consulting with my calendar. 

Since Peter’s and Freedman were Served by mail and by E-mail, I am faxing the POS for the prior made mail service now to the court as to remedy any confusion of service. 

I am also sending proof that this page was also now faxed to Peters and Freedman, and now that this morning I see they are “associating” another attorney from the bank they conspired with and used to sully my cleared title back when I was forced to simply gain the funding to cure this HOA’s erroneously gained “redemption period”, I am also sending proof that I have faxed this POS to this “Associated” attorney Mike Baker for he and his Catholic Mafia affiliated John Duncan & Drew Callahan who are both affiliated to the same Catholic Mafia crime ring that is human trafficking & laundering through Escala & through “Operation Shadowboxxx” that saw me off to Seattle Pacific University back when SPAWAR’s Galdorisi was planning his “Chief Otto Miller” Act of Valor book publishing to be made in collusion with the Otto Miller Hall shooting that was supposed to be made in 2012 and blamed on me via this crime ring’s dirty attempts at converting all my real property that I am protecting myself against through horrific oppression and brutality that Pite Duncan & Peter’s and Freedman engage in against me relentlessly with their affiliated crime ring traffickers who stalk and harass me relentlessly, especially now that their Seattle Pacific University Otto Miller Hall shooting has finally been engaged in on behalf of this crime ring that first conspired to have Navy/SPAWAR Robert Tartaro invade my home as to sell me through his hidden camera method of human trafficking that was engaged in when my earning’s and employment were first being targeted by this crime ring. Full request for Continuance can be viewed by all at on the Stalker Blog for today’s date.  As well, it appears that “Mike Baker” has been stalking me since high school just like how Agent Lee Martin has been & Lee Martin was helping Tartaro hidden camera sell me.

Dated: August 20, 2014    By:___________________________ Jessica Seymour, in pro se

Prior submitted:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the * “Trial” needs to be taken off calendar and Continued until after Discovery can be performed, and that the Discovery Period needs to be Reopened due to the conniving abuse of court processes & criminal acts that Plaintiff’s used as to cleverly defraud me out of gaining Discovery.  Defendant, JESSICA SEYMOUR, will, and hereby does, move for an order continuing the trial and mandatory settlement conference, respectively, reopening discovery until 30 days prior to the new trial date, and referring this matter to a non-conspiring non biased Judge (as Whitney is a party to this unlawful property conversion scam at hand which is tied to human trafficking money laundering based out of Seattle/Bill Gore/Charlotte Awino-Lords Resistance Army Human Trafficking Ring all who placed guerilla soldiers & childhood murderer’s in my home/living arrangements after cleverly trafficking me to be on the Seattle Pacific University Campus for their ease in their intended 2012 campus shooting terroristing act that they have now engaged in about a month or so ago 2014) and for trial setting. The request for continuance is made on the grounds that I the defendant am not available for any * trial and will not be in town for that day, as well, as on the grounds that defendant’s attorney situation has been set to change, and as well as on the grounds that substantial discovery remains to be completed, and the defendant is unable to adequately prepare this case for trial either through new counsel or as a self-represented litigant in the time remaining.

The continuance request is based on this notice of motion, on the declaration(s) of Jessica Seymour Defendant, and the supporting memorandum served and filed herewith, on the records and file herein, and on such human trafficking & terrorist circumstanced presented herein regarding Charlotte Awino’s, LRA, James Shelton, Seattle Pacific University, and Seattle’s direct ties to Escala, San Diego Superior Court’s & Terraces criminals who seek to convert this home, which constitute a series of events that only logically render one plausible deduction that is due Discovery Period, if not just for property protection rights but also for the safety of the general public at large who needs protection from the property conversion scam tactics that are at hand.  I have mailed served & also engage email service of this paperwork to Plaintiff’s attorneys.

Pursuant to Local Rule 1.06 (A) the court will make a tentative ruling on the merits of this matter by 2:00 p.m., the court day before the hearing. The complete text of the tentative rulings for the department may be downloaded off the court’s website. If the party does not have online access, they may call the dedicated phone number for the department as referenced in the local telephone directory between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the court day before the hearing and receive the tentative ruling. If you do not call the court and the opposing party by 4:00 p.m. the court day before the hearing, no hearing will be held.

Dated: August 18, 2014                                  By: Jessica Seymour, Defendant, In Pro Per

Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Motion to Continue

I.  Background

This lawsuit arises from an unlawful & erroneous $30,000 “non judicial foreclosure” scam that was forced against me by Plaintiff’s due to their unlawful human trafficking affiliations where they launder dirty money through terrorizing & through unlawful property conversion scams.  The plaintiffs are suing the defendant in order to recover tenancy of home they never had any right to trustee sale. Plaintiff’s and their attorney’s & all the Judges my cases have been sent to in the past are all members of the Human Trafficking ring that placed me living with the LRA’s childhood murderer Charlotte Awino on the Seattle Pacific University campus so that I could be murdered by her while my family was to be simultaneously murdered by this rings other now grown childhood murderer named James Shelton that was placed at the same time living with my family, and Awino through her attempted conditioning tactics made me aware in 2012 that a campus crime event was to be made and blamed on me, now that event has transpired and is being blamed on someone else who has been targeted by this same ring of “catholic mafia” human traffickers who first had Awino “abducted” by Joseph Kony from a Catholic Church in Uganda decades before having her brought to America as for engaging in this crime rings crime spree’s which did include the clearing of my home title by Judge Dore as to allow for an unlawful conversion by Terraces after I was to be killed, but now that I am still alive to testify about the horrific fraudulent nature of this conversion scam, I have the corrupt judges trying to continually aid in harming me further for Plaintiff’s. 

I the defendant was initially represented by self, due to the reluctances of attorneys to engage in cases involving human trafficker’s organized crime spree’s where the Judge on the matter is an affiliate of the crime ring’s scams at hand.  However in recent I have asked for my case to be transferred out of Judge Whitney’s & Judge Dore’s criminally affiliated control and I am still waiting for word on that re-appointment of Judge and so are a few attorneys who know a mute case when they see it being held onto by an in cahoot’s judge who in the past protected this courts racketeering scams that it is currently being sued for in Federal court Stewart v. San Diego Superior Court;  I have also finally sourced a potentially interested attorney who could take on a case to substitute in my unequally situated position of cleverly forced self-representation, and this new attorney could not be ready for trial in the hurried time that this court has suspiciously set a trial for. 

               Defendant, who has never been treated fairly in any of the forced self-representing of herself in any other case has been seeking replacement counsel diligently during this last month, and has yet to find an attorney who is both willing to handle his case, and able to prepare the case for trial by the current trial date set. Additionally, discovery remains to be completed in this lawsuit. This is the first request for continuance made by the defendant.



{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}1)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant’s ability to use counsel has only recently been made available in this case, whereas defendant has been recently kept from authentic phone and computer use via a home invasion by plaintiff’s who had a woman they sourced/hired and conspired with for gaining of my phone data, computer data, and home invasion and this matter is under pending investigation and has only recently been made known to me as being facilitated by peter’s and freedman & the terraces, and it needs more time for discovery, and defendant is seeking new counsel, and such new counsel will be unable to adequately prosecute this matter at trial without a continuance;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}2)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}No one at the court sent me any communication regarding this suspicious date prior to them setting it and it was chosen without consulting me about it, and as it turns out I am not available on that date, and will be out of town on prepaid business arrangements;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}3)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Due to the way that plaintiffs have vacated, then re-established this suit repeatedly through their in-cahoot’s criminally inclined judge Whitney, who refuses to simply transfer this case when sent a timely peremptory challenge, i the defendant have now been apparently defrauded out of gaining substantial discovery needed for a fair trial held in the interest of justice, and in the interest of upholding the rights of a woman targeted systematically by the organized criminal acts of plaintiff’s.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}4)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Due to the way Plaintiff’s have been having their affiliate Travis Meyer’s repeatedly harassing me, sleep deprivation’ing me, cyber hacking me, and terrorizing me, unlawfully surveilling me, invading of my privacy and home, i have not had a normal enough existence to even begin to fight this attack of my home or source the help needed or income/job needed for fair defense against such organized relentless attacks of me and of my life and ability to heal past the horrific abuse of plaintiff’s & their organized group that target me under any stupid story they can concoct as to seem legitimate but their targeting of my life, my family, and my home, has been anything but legitimate.

A. Good Cause. A court may grant a continuance before or during trial on an affirmative showing of good cause and each request for a continuance must be considered on its own merits (Cal. Rules of Ct., Rule 3.1332(c)).

B. Significant, Unanticipated Change in Case Status Constitutes Good Cause for Continuance. The circumstances that may indicate good cause for a continuance include a significant, unanticipated change in the status of the case as a result of which the case is not ready for trial ( Cal. Rules of Ct., Rule 3.1332(c)(7)). I originally defended myself due to force, and through hope that San Diego’s Superior Court Employed Human Traffickers would have been fired by now. Unfortunately, as the case progressed, so has the criminal nature of this Court and of Plaintiffs, especially with regards to their recent placement of a trafficker living in my home, an assault & stalking of me made in collusion with the Seattle Pacific University Campus Shooting it has become clear that I the defendant will not be able to gain a fair or just trial without a super-attorney and have been forced to try to find a pro-bono attorney to adequately represent the my interests in this court. Defendant’s attorney is hopefully going to be able to be substituted into this case in *2014.

C. Continuance Sought as Soon as Reasonably Practical. A party seeking a continuance of the date set for trial, whether contested or uncontested or stipulated to by the parties, must make the motion or application as soon as reasonably practical once the necessity for the continuance is discovered (Cal. Rules of Ct., Rule 3.1332(b)).  I the defendant have been diligently seeking replacement counsel during the last month; however, the process has been hampered by a combination of factors.  The attorneys the defendant has been able to reach are either too busy, on vacation, do not handle this type of case, or are priced outside of the defendant’s ability to pay. Because of these reasons, he has been unable to find a replacement attorney. Additionally, at this point, were the defendant to find an attorney willing to take his case, he has been informed that it is extremely unlikely that any attorney would be able to have this case prepared for trial by the current trial date.  I just received data about this trial date yesterday on 8/19/2014 and am responding upon first opportunity, and I will be prejudiced and deprived of the opportunity to fully and fairly present this case and have this matter transferred to a non-biased venue/judge by an attorney that can’t be bullied the way judge Whitney has been bullying me for so many years now in collusion with this courts “Racketeering TRO Scams” and sales of women through falsely gained mug shot scams that are facilitated by this racketeering court’s stalking of persons’ forced into it by human traffickers.

Furthermore, the defendant, upon reviewing the records sent to me by the catholic mafia attorney’s & judges of Terraces, believe additional discovery is necessary to properly present this case for trial.

D. Opportunity for Full Presentation. A continuance should be granted if failure to allow the continuance would probably or possibly prejudice the party seeking the continuance by depriving that party of the opportunity to fully and fairly present his/her/its case (Cadle Co. v. WorldWide Hospitality Furniture (2006) 144 Cal. App. 4th 504, 513–515, 50 Cal. Rptr. 3d 480; In re Dolly A. (1986) 177 Cal. App. 3d 195, 199, 201, 222 Cal. Rptr. 741; Cohen v. Herbert (1960) 186 Cal. App. 2d 488, 494, 8 Cal. Rptr. 922).

Dated: August 18, 2014                                  By: JESSICA SEYMOUR Defendant, In Pro Per


I, JESSISCA SEYMOUR, am the Defendant in this matter, and I ADDITIONALY declare the following in support of my motion for continuance:

  1. Until August 3, 2014, I was kept under unlawful surveillance and controlled phone & computer cyber hacking that was commandeering all my computer, phone & home security attempts at protection of elf and defense against Plaintiff. I have tried to regain my ability to freedom by reporting this crime, asking for TRO’s against the Terraces Travis Meyer and his husband Ron, and by finally getting rid of the woman named “Kiwi” who most recently invaded my home to keep me in harm’s way in collusion with the Terraces & with their Peter’s & Freedman & their mafia/trafficking affiliations such as “Robert Tartaro”.

  2. I have never been given a fair or just, or non-stalked defense in this court / in a lawsuit before, and am in the process of finding replacement counsel.

  3. If I am unable to find a replacement attorney, I will need to prepare to represent myself, which means that I will still have need for discovery time that I have been defrauded out of due to the clever acts of the Plaintiff’s vacating then reinstating unlawfully this “possession” attempt that they are barred from due to their own criminal acts in this matter at hand.

  4. During the last months, I have contacted numerous attorneys’ offices, and have to date found no attorney that is both willing and able to handle my lawsuit, but am waiting for contact back from a new hopeful attorney that understands slave trade in its modern form that this court house is engaged in.

  5. Additionally, after reviewing the data sent to by Plaintiff’s for this case, there appears to be a substantial amount of discovery that will be necessary to bring this case to trial, as the financial records of the plaintiff(s), HOA members, and their catholic mafia attorney’s, are expected to be critical in proving the money loaned by the plaintiff, and the intent of the


  1. It will be at least several more months until this matter may be prepared for trial, and the timing will depend on how quickly I am able to find a replacement attorney, or else prepare to represent myself free of invasion and micro-managed oppressions of all things that constitute a normal human existence free of slave trade oppressions. For this reason, I ask that the existing trial date be vacated, my case be referred back to the Case Management Program for setting of a trial date, and referred back to judge reassignment, and that discovery remain open until 30 days before the next trial date that is set.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Dated: August, 18, 2014                                 By: JESSICA SEYMOUR Defendant, In Pro Per””””

Interesting move my stalkers are making with no fear to join up as if to over engage some idea that they have found each other through me when it was them targeting me systematically in a processioned timing team of attacks for too long now… it reminds me of what State Department Investigatory Field Office at 555 West Beech street Attorney’s Jennifer Hasso &  David Miller did when they had Rebecckha Hixson and Robert Tartaro both join up with David Miller to attack me all as if they had not been attacking me together in advance as to create the situations they were using to try to make me look a certain way & force me into court and that all ended up with judge Yuri Hoffmann’s hurried “retirement” he made as to cover up what the Commission on Judicial Performance was finding out about and would have to take action on due to the large amount of evidence I sent them before Yuri had Joe Camile (Amerkanian) stalk me at the place I was faxing to them from.  Ya the nerve of this group to play the join up as if we weren’t already tag teaming their attacking of me together for years just to force me into loss, harm, & into the courts to be abused by their incahoots judges…. Well we’ll just see about this “association of counsel” like these animals haven’t been associated for way longer then now because the weather has changed, and the San Diego Courts have been found out just like in Pennsylvania.

So there it is, most recent stalk fest all blogged out for the world to see.  

Kissess & Hugs,



Blog #292

8/18/14  “You would do anything for love, anything been thinking of, but you just won’t do that…” huh?...

Too much of a trip for you huh, well this ‘“that”’ which you couldn’t see at first is what makes this an epic journey and not a trip.  Do you see it yet.

And on the other hand, do you want to see what the Ringer circles around for, double backs for, back tracks for, bends over backwards to enlighten you with, and free the masses for.

Follow me follow me follow me, till you see all my dreams.  No one can control when an epic truth is ready to use its might and reset a wrong.

When do I get to see you in a more truthful way, and do you want what you see I need, as no one can deny that I have always been smaller then you but what I protect is bigger than even nations of virtuosity.   

Can you even imagine getting what you want, can you even imagine me getting what I want.  Have you imagined what you will do when you get what you want and will it be meaningful or empty and how long will it last you.

When do I get to see you in a truthful way, can you even handle that. Do you even know who you are yet, and are you the saviors of tomorrow or are you just a chimera for the left, a chimera for the right.  How long will it last you because when stewing for too long everything melts in a pot and only makes a brew, when your expertise is in finely executed recipes, a brew can’t make you too satisfied.  Be exact when burning a congress of ravens, and know that I am the opposite of a raven though I also have messages to bring you, and warring fields to follow as war mongers go so unchecked so easily.  It only takes one to start a bank of change & of points & of authorities, when the banks have gone to war and created monsters, why not a curse for a curse, seems biblical right, and all involved love the biblical even if for different reasons and ambitions, and all have seen now the relentless targeting of me the relentless wrong that is to now be corrected, the horrific painting of me in a backwards way as to retaliate, all know now the disgust of these low lives that were so trusted to be so worthy, don’t be mad at me for showing you what they showed me, they own all of their bad will and especially for misrepresenting me for their own crime intentions of terrorizing.

Smootchy Smootches,



Blog #291

8/15/14  So Dumanis wants to coat tail O’malley with unused Clear Chanel billboard child sex trafficking awareness… Good job I guess, after all I did say that Step 1 is to Protect the Children, is this a coming to God moment Dumanis, like trying to repent for your human trafficking of women & laundering of dirty money sin’s?

So good to have Nancy O’malley’s anti sex-trafficking of kids billboard campaign being hitched here in San Diego to Bonnie Dumanis, as kids are the first to need protection but a billboard campaign is mute when the FJC’s & Family Courts are doing the trafficking that ultimately sets up the platform that aids the rest of the human traffickers that are not immunity holders. 

Let me make this really real for you Bonny, your billboards also need to read that “Prostitution isn’t a profession, its Slavery… and it starts with Rape For Profit Human Trafficking” … but that would be against what your in the DA position for here in San Diego right, and I do mean your protection of Machhour & Tartaro when I was lambasted by your Deputy DA as if something was wrong with me for saying the truth that I now know pointed to you & to your Billy Goat Gore & to your Jan Goldsmith and to your Landsdown, and to your Mexico Catholic Mafia funders, and ultimately to all your Pennsylvania trafficker affiliates that set up our courts the way they set up the Cash for Kids courts… did the FJC help in the Pennsylvania court facilitated trafficking I wonder???? 

See, O’mally’s beacon is her Family Justice Center link up’s for Victims, and I know first-hand the Victimization & cover up of crime that the Family Justice Center’s engage in as they made cover up for Robert Tartaro & for Albert Machhour while exploiting how I was forced to them by SDPD as a mandate in exchange for Detective Philips to actually take the investigatory report, and when I showed up to the location I was forced to go to if I was to have any “investigation” performed I was bombarded by a cops daughter who used to make my Starbucks drinks, then I was propositioned by FJC where they told me I had to fill out their forms and give them all my medical data, private social security number data, and also authorized them to do whatever they wanted with it, and release them of liability…. No way, I told them that I was not there for their services and only was forced to their location by SDPD Detective Phillip to give a crime report to him… the FJC kept on trying to force all my private data from me and waive their liability in exchange for being able to give a police report, and FJC was doing dirty work for the SDPD who has no right to any of that data but found a scam way to strong arm it out of a Victim through their pervert exploitive “Family Justice Center’s”. 
The other problem with O’maley’s human trafficking campaign is that just like Dumanis, it is just a cover to throw you off the scent… as in both O’malley and Dumanis aid the human trafficking of California Women, and though all anti human trafficking campaigns are very welcomed, that can’t undue the “thow doest protest too much” that applies to O’mally & Dumanis, here’s why….

Steve Chikhani’s human trafficking of Pedestal Victim Nadia Lockyer, (aka Nadia Davis of the Santa Anna area) yes Steve Chiknani’s organized human trafficking, stalking, drugging, sexually exploiting, making porn of on hidden camera’s, and extorting/threatening & beating of Nadia Lockyer was made covered up an protected by Nancy O’malley who made such unforgivable negligence to keep protected human trafficker Steve Chikhani when O’malley & her San Fran /Sacramento State Attorney General counter parts refused to prosecute Steve Chikhani for his targeting, drugging, hidden camera porno for profit blackmail human trafficking when he beat Nadia Lockyer in front of her child:

Oh, and don’t let the Scottish-IrishCatholicMafia ties to the sourcing of Nadia from the Santa Ana area miss you, because those traffickers are the same ring that have been stalking my father his entire life and they stalked my mother and are responsible for her and my father’s pair up, so the Trafficking that was sourcing Nadia Davis in the Santa
Ana Tustin area to have her paired up with Bill Lockyer then targeted for use in an extortion of money scheme that involved drugging and sex videotaping a woman who clearly never knew what hit her, yes that trafficking ring got it’s Steve Chikhani protected by Nancy O’maley after they had Nadia IHT Handled by Nancy as

Nadia was working for the DA that happens to be O’mally apparently prior to Nadia being targeted by Steve Chikhani directly, so my question is who got Nadia to go to that particular “rehab” where Chikhani targeted her at as to get to Bill’s money and accounts... was it a Kaiser Permanente facilitated pairing of Chikhani & Nadia’s “rehab”… well that opens a whole new can of worms, especially given the Kaiser was the contracted DoD medical outfit used for when the DoD was going from paper to digital records for medical files…. Good old human trafficking through Doctor’s and Nurses Kaiser Permanente.

O’maley used horrific Victim Blaming to make cover for Chikhani’s horrific human trafficking of Nadia and O’mally is quoted as saying that there were several problems with the case against Chikhani since Nadia had “invited” him to the hotel room she was at with her child after Bill told her to kill herself (because that’s how you treat a much younger woman you got through your own use of the trafficking ring that turned on you), yep O’maley stated that it was a problem in the case that Nadia a woman being Victimized and drugged and extorted with hidden camera sex tapes “invited” the oh so confusing and drug manipulating Chikhani to her hotel room as if she should have know that he was going to beat her…  So O’maley and her team of Human Trafficking protectors at the State AG reasoned that Victim Nadia was not to have justice because she “invited” (controlled by a man who made hidden camera sex video’s of her), a man to her room then called him days after the attack, as if this made the Victim “unreliable”… let me tell you one thing here and now, a Victim has every right to call a perpetrator and say anything she wants to him after he has attacked her and rendered her scared or in fight/flight mode, and O’maley is an IHT with her reasoning’s used to protect human trafficking of Nadia that is made ultimately to protect the Tustin Santa Anna Orange County ring of traffickers that originally offered Nadia up to Bill…. Victims do not know that they are being micromanaged around through their jobs, and Victims have such psychologically horrific abuses systematically made against them that you cannot expect the Victim not to call her attacker, it is actually quite normal that she did call him days after the sideswipe attack confused and wanting to try to understand what was at hand and O’mally’s use in this trafficking of Nadia does show the thow does’t protest quality regarding the “no human trafficking of kids” campaign that Bonnie Dumanis is now trying to use in the same way, as to throw you off the scent, but Dumanis & O’maley’s protection of the human trafficking ring that targets California’s Women also allows for children to be trafficked making a mute cause out of the throw you off the scent billboard campaign.  Who knows what Chikhani did & secretly filmed once he beat unconscious Nadia as her kid watched, did Chikhani then traffic the kid, because that would really fit in to the schematic of how Bill Lockyers affiliates turned on him… this could have ended up a bit Speckle Mansion had Bill Gore been the Alameda County sheriff.  Question, what part of the world do you think Nadia Davis-Lockyer’s father the immigration attorney worked in?  When your being secretly video’d by a perv with a cell phone often times they pretend to just be texting or checking emails while talking to you and act like they are not using any filming app, and they will act like your crazy if you ask them what they are doing with their phone out.  Most important here is O’maley’s lack of human trafficking advocate for the Victim as the “unreliable” crap that gets assigned to a Victims perfectly normal reaction to such hard to detect human trafficking demands an advocate as to defend against the attacks that a disgusting DA would make for a human trafficking ring that operates through the courts… yes I just laid some philosophy on you all in that I just said that a residual “drug addiction” and even a phone call to an attacker is an extremely normal human reaction to being human traffickedin such hard to detect ways that are so subversive, drugged, systematic, and so well organized.  Nadia wasn’t “unreliable” she was normal and of course her attacker likes to say she’s crazy and that all his crime is actually just that a woman is falling apart in front of us all…. Sounds like the standard protocol for this human trafficking ring that Dumanis also protects…. Prove you don’t protect them Bonnie, bust the court house traffickers and all your other trafficker affiliates and let the cards fall where they may, but don’t hide behind bill boards about kid trafficking being wrong as that is just too easy.

Hey Bonnie, you can ride on O’maley’s coat tails all you want because she seems like a really good besty for you, lots of two faced tricks to teach you and you can get her some of that fancy car dealership dirty money laundering from the Mexico “Donor” money you like so much.

Self-promote all you like about how much you know about slavery of children Bonnie and how wrong you find it in your likely Clear channel kickback scheme, but just know that the truth always comes out… it is one of those things that Einstein said to be as sure as the sun rising and setting every day,  



Blog #290

8/13/14  Gutten Morgan! Wetzel Pretzel!… ze twisting and ze flipping is oh so Wundiba!

Its been such an interesting move on the part of the Boyfriend CIA with regards to his falling out with Ms. Mossad, the way he started dating der Froiline vonna um de ecka, to try to make Ms. Mossad jealous and come running back…

Yep, ever since the human traffickers employed with the CIA had their falling out with the Mossad human traffickers by way of basically offering up David the Ambassador trafficker to me in an attempt to be offering me up to him, this Trafficking Ring has been going to the German human trafficking BND employees for the smoothing over of any situation:

I think that the cover smooth over story of having the “German’s” take the blame for the white flag raising all with a coordinated story of a 145th birthday of a bridge builder from Saxonburg Pennsylvania turned Trenton New Jersey resident, is all quite genius!  I am totally sure 2 artsy, German bridge builder enthusiast history buffs, with no special ops training could totally pull of that flag heist in that time frame…. Ok… Whatever it takes to quell the fears of the trafficker terrorists in the DoJ & US Attorney’s office with regards to them being found out for their parts in the school shootings, & 9/11 terrorism ties all to their Escala Development, right. Too bad it’s all just too Wetzel Pretzel of a smooth over story… see this cover story complete with it’s “photo evidence” & “flag return” just reminds me too much of when this ring of Federally employed terrorist human traffickers first tried to cover up their crimes they made against me right before salt and peppering all sorts of “evidence” concoctions all around my home that day I was sent to the Down Town explosion that Gore was trying to get, all engaged in a year or so before having me manipulated, micromanaged, and trafficked around to Seattle (for their desired SPU shooting) by David Wetzel & his Charlotte Awino ((who Customs wouldn’t let fly together to Germany in Christmas break in 2011 back when Charlotte was pretending to not know him, all while her kids are in Germany “researched” by our American base in Germany which is our American “Africa Command” Base as if the DoD/CIA ever stopped MKULTRA when it obviously has not & obviously only relocated it)), yes this ring of CIA/SPAWAR/DoD human trafficking domestic terrorists all had their Germany affiliated David Wetzel and their Charlotte Awino assigned to me for the smoothing over of the Escala/David the Israeli Ambassador trafficking ring fall out with a scam to exterminate me and my entire family all planned out to be made to look like I just went crazy with a gun… oh and the best part about this white flag smooth over is how the German Bridge Builder is Prussian, which have interesting associations to the Hessen’s, and which now after all this time gives an outing & understanding to all those “accidents” and “bad luck incidents’” that transpired at the building site of that Brooklyn Bridge that culminated in the death of the German builder who is named as the homage for the white flags “art instillation tribute”, ya the German bridge builder actually died building that bridge from an injury he sustained and many other odd “bad luck” curse type of instances surround the German Family’s building of that bridge… how many malta’y-jesuit’y makers of “curses” were stalking around that “German Engineer” who got a bid to build a bridge that suck masons really wanted to build… guess the truth always comes out, even about hundreds of year old “hesssen curse” scams made through jesuit’y-malta’y stalking’s.

This premeditated alibi cover story smooth over is too smart… scary smart.

I love it, hope it helps the Holder feel confident moving forward with his orders he takes on his “brainwash the Americans about guns” and with his “patcon the Christian Americans” games he has been playing for too long now as it is his glory to be caught red handed and shown for what he really holds allegiance to, which is the black market GDP’s of the virtual nations, such as the use of ATF for gun trafficking as if it was just an “operation” a “fast & furious operation”…. Dirty trafficker terrorister’s need to be placed behind the bars and drugged for the crazy’s they are, right?.

Too good of a lover’s spat, love triangle power play made all while Israel is under attack and her Jesuit’y controlled CIA boyfriend won’t even step in like he always has…

What a power play to get the Ms. Mossad human traffickers back under control, you know, so that they don’t go testifying against their CIA human trafficker counter parts to the ICC about the true origins & players of the “Kony trauma based control sex slave manufacturing plant” that Malta’yJesuit’y & certainly some of the Africa based Jewish’y  traffickers have been subverting immunity giving posts as to create for themselves their desired legions of sex slaves, how sick it is to need so many sex slaves, what kind of therapy could even exist to help this ring of perverts stop obsessing over Africa’s little kiddies with the intent to then bring them to America to help traffic around unsuspecting students as part of a fafsa converting laundering scam?  How do you rehabilitate perverts who sexually target kids so to make them easier adult slaves? Hmmm. Some say there is not rehabilitation but I believe these animals can be put to work in the state jails, I think they are good for research, isn’t that what they deserve, a taste of their own bad “medicine”.  And this would be one of those moments known as “Be Careful Making Wishes in the Dark, Can’t Be Sure When They’ve hit their Mark” … because the devil is in the details as they say, and the details surrounding this smooth over story are phenomenal!  So if I were the NYPD I would be investigating the Michael Aquino tribe of human traffickers, uh, I mean, “researchers in child rape & control of humans through religion as to get them do what we say such as hand us their kiddy’s for us to abuse” hold over’s who all deserve to be life sentenced in the nasty state jails for the terrorists that they are; ya if I were the NYPD I would look to those Army/NSA persons who approved & paid for Aquino’s “experiment” slave creation scams, as to unravel the origins of this cover up smooth over story that these traffickers Wish for in the Dark, not knowing who actually did the white flag raising… unless the NYPD employed human traffickers are happy with this cover up smooth over story… as in this is our story and were sticking to it, case closed.




 Blog #289

8/11/14  Self Mortification is a very different thing from Forced Self Mortification.

Hey Anti Stalker Nation… you’re the BEST!

So I have had some inquiring minds want to know questioning so here we go… I was asked what it was that I thought when the helicopters were stalking me on those three occasions… the truth is that I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know how to piece together all the torment that I was One-Two-Then-Sucker-Punched with in that time. It was so horrific and I knew naturally that it had to do with Tartaro’s cameras I found & had to do with the weird instruction my attorney gave me to meet him down town where I was stalked like crazy and stalked by people walking past me doing things and saying things to try to get me to panic, it was all so odd, & when I tried to call my attorney & tell him I was running late he wouldn’t answer his cell & my calls would get dropped, so I called in to his office to have them transfer me to his cell, and that didn’t work either so thank God I am such a get to the bottom of things person as that is why I abandoned that down town appointment & opted to go to his office and wait for him to show up there since I couldn’t get in contact with him to see if he was still waiting for me, silly me, which is when I was told that he is never down town on that particular day of the week, and that he had been in his office all morning, then he had me shuffled around as I waited to speak to him and it was such an even more abusing terrorizing that happened at his office & he kept me waiting for him all day till finally Kery Steigerwalt himself showed up out of the blue & all of a sudden I was now in an office with loose eyed Keri Staigerwalt and I only call him this because he actually rolled his eyes at me, yep he actually role his eyes at my legal questions & at my questions about why Feiselman sent me to downtown to meet up with him “in between his court appearances” while his secretary told me he was in his office all day and always is on that particular day of the week… If my questions were so stupid then why didn’t Larry just answer them for himself, he knew what my concerns were. Ya, loose eyed Kery couldn’t see how his business was being unlawfully ran, by pervs posing as “attorney’s”… sure Kery, you were in on your companies crimes, fess up already you loose eyed terroristing trafficker.

I knew the driving me off the roads and the copter stalking all felt terrorizing, tormenting, mortifying, harassing, scary, bewildering, and it was horrific to have this copter stalking me & the only logical deduction I could make was that it was one of Gary Rapp’s wealthy Coronado Island friends private helicopter & that it was tied to the murder of Niko, Alvin Mansours best friend, who was ran off the road and found dead after his last supper that was with Alvin & Kevin Mansour… I certainly didn’t know that federal or state helicopters were allowed to be unmarked and it seemed like a special perk of the wealthy to me, and it seemed that it was all sorts of Tartaro, Rapp, Niko, cover up retaliation for finding cameras… later on it became clear that I was being called a terrorist, much much later on, and I did try to keep San Diego safe as I did report this situation to entities, but I was always then made to suffer more.  These terroristers think that they are smarter or better if they can control a person and especially if they can control the masses into ciaos, fights, harm, suffering; these human traffickpers think that controlling humans means that your more evolved, when in actuality their pea brains don’t let them see the error in that paradigm, so these pervs get a lot more out of their slave trade platforms than just money that is made, and more than just political & positions that are gained; yes these traffickers gain/exchange a level of personal satisfaction out of their trafficking of humans and control of other humans, so personal gratification is a form of the “commercial exchange” related to trafficking, but it is easier to simply eliminate the “commercial exchange” verbage from the legal definition, but for the level of digging that can be allowed regarding “finding” the traffickers Commercial Exchange; likely when I start to seek policy changes I will start first with a more large definition of “commercial exchange” then try to have it eliminated in total from having to even be proven as for arrest & conviction, all under the same doctrine that governs conspiracy law.

The last bit of inquiring minds want to know has been surrounded around how do you stop human trafficking and slave trade, the answer is long, and I am working on the complete guide to it due to forced necesseaty as these animals could have just stopped long ago, but for now know that the very first step is this:

Step 1: Protect the Children.

Sounds easy right, well when your kids aren’t even safe at church, or at the doctors, and when child protective services & juvenile courts are infiltrated by traffickers, it is not as simple as it sounds.

Love and Hugs,



Blog #288

8/8/14  Call Sign JENNA…. Like the famous pornography “star”… Because that’s just how the San Diego FBI employed trafficker terroristers role, or uhm, fly…

Yes, you read correctly in the prior post, that Charlotte Awino told me about a time before the abduction were she heard God tell her not to get in to the car & so Charlotte was fighting with her parents & protesting getting in a car that came by to pick her up and that had all her friends in it.  But her parents made her get into the car and go off with her friends.  Shortly thereafter the car had a total accident and everyone in it died except for Charlotte.  Her parents demanded to know why or what or how it was that she had been forewarned to not get into the car; that is when she told them she had been commanded by God not to enter the car.

Charlotte’s father being a Hotel owner & a Doctor and more importantly being the CIA employed doctor to the Ugandan President should have never repeated this incident let alone go on a spree about it with all his jesuity maltay perverted affiliates, who engaged in the Catholic School House abduction of Charlotte just as fast as they could; other parents who knew about this abduction plan went to get their daughter’s out of the school to keep them from the abuses that were being arraigned as a cover for the abduction of Charlotte but Charlotte’s parents were bouty’bout it, and wanted it, which is why it is so awful for Charlotte’s mother to now be Handling around Charlotte’s children she was forced to have in captivity through rape all while this ring has Charlotte off handling the Victims that are intended to be exterminated as a cover for the Terrorisitng Human Trafficking Agenda of perverts who are currently engaging their crime through their FBI posts, Sheriff posts, Attorney General Posts, DoJ posts… yes the DoJ in collusion with the Eric Holder “how to do it that we can explain it away if ever the need be” has been targeting Christian for harm for so long now in collusion with Ruby Ride Billy Goat Gore. It is time to stop holding Holder, as he and his affiliated ring of terroristing human traffickers in Escala are not just tied to the SPU Attack, but also to the 9/11 attack and this is not a correlation for anyone to be ignoring anymore as if it is just the rambling of a “crazyJessica”… I can not undo what Sergio Cabrera informed me of, I can not change it, nor can I embellish it, I can not undo what was told to me by a ring of trafficker terrorister’s back when they thought that all their secrets they are dying to tell would all just go with me to the grave they were intending to put me in.

It is not the only time that Charlotte was commanded, but the second time was a softer voice and was an instruction, and Charlotte believed it to be from an Angel that time, it was the instruction to “walk away now” from the LRA on a day that she did not have all her kids with her, but she listened to her Angel though she was compelled to stay with her kids, but unless you have had a Commandment thundered at you before then you may not understand the need to abide, and for the record it is quite established that actual commandments from God are never ever a harm to do to anyone so NOTE TO IHT’s: don’t go off on any of your “our Victims are crazy and hear voices” tangents, as that is not what this is and Awino is not crazy in any way her IHT Handlers are the Crazy One’s & what they do to her to get her into a dark place is a war crime, and she is actually an Alpha Human in every respect of the concept, and you might want to leave her alone before she realizes what you all are all about you duplicitous freaks that you all are. 

The Kony abduction of the Aboku Girls from that Catholic School was all about Charlotte and it was spurred by her father’s relations with the malta’y jesuit’y cia’y perverts in Uganda that were/are running their experiments through Joseph Kony as if it was all just him…. They give new meaning to “Guinei Pig” now in recent don’t they.

So yesterday I was yet again set up by the FBI & CIA/DoD & DHS & NSA perv traffickers who use their posts to commandeer my mail, my payments, my home, my entire life, & of course my calls that I make into my creditors, yep the instant I put in my account number or social security number to access my account & make payments or arrangements I end up being routed to some dirty NSA’ish Agent human trafficker and so yet again my car payment that I made last month & also form the month before has somehow now not been paid/made yet again though I had confirmation from my bank and from my creditor that the payment I made was fine & which was a double payment because this same game was played on my account the month prior as well and so now I was yet again being told that my car was to be converted from me, so that I may be walking the streets, all while my payments have been made but then tampered with by the trafficking ring of the oh so special Sub’mission Valley Escala freekshow Agents & the businesses that are set up here for the fed’s to perform such hard to detect slave trade.... Yep that makes 2 or 3 months in a row where my car payment money was put into my bank, then my auto loan holder was given the payment over the phone, confirmed payment, while my bank showed the money as taken, all then rearranged and undone by the next time I go to pay my next due bill a month later all in a coordinated property conversion scam that is engaged in to make me look like some F-up who doesn’t pay my bill…. This is old hat and this ring of traffickers did this scam to me back in the day too, when they were first setting me up to lose my home, ya, when this ring first engaged in their real property conversion scam they acted like my payment to my $200 a month credit card was late by 2 days and raised my payment to over $1300 as if a late payment made my interest rate soar to such a predatory jump & these animals refused to fix it and adjust it back down all in collusion with Agent Albert Machhour & his ring of criminals all targeting me to do loans for them that all one way or another ended up with my lenders pressuring me for bogus “urgent deadline” stuff all while the home owners then wanted me to do things that I could not do on loan files all with a huge $60,000 commission pipeline lure made while targeting all my credit accounts as to have my payment outgo be raised in a horrifically panic’abl way of over a 500% increase, a $1100 increase to my monthly outgo budget, even though I paid timely and would be due an adjustment back to normal even if a payment made it in “2 days late” and so coordinated attack of a Slaves budget & property through tampering with payments is a regular tactic made by these human Trafficking Federally Employed Agents who specialize in tormenting, mortifying, and disenfranchisement attacks at the budgets & stability of one of their targets they wish to knock down a few notches as to have an easier time trafficking the Target, and part of why they do it is so their Victim will make a report & complain about the credit abuse so to give the FBI some legitimate looking reason to now be in the account investigating the claims the Victim is forced to report, or just loose her car when they do this again next month…. & this is always a scam where the traffickers working at the FBI have already planted, or forced, truly surreptitious data that they want to gain from the account in a way that looks usable in court… Yep, it is a form of being Cabrera’d that these corrupt federally employed human traffickers engage in with their criminals that they have had gain employment at the bank & it is very dangerous as when Comerica Bank did this to me when I was faxing to the CJP about judge Yuri Hoffman’s crimes, the Comerica Bank employees were conspiring with Joe Camile aka Joe Amerkanian, and that Comerica Bank was aiding a premeditated rape scam human traffickgin that Joe was employed to commit and took instruction on…. So the next question would be, was I stalked yesterday in relation to the bank scam payment tampering…. Yes I was, and I was stalked when I left the bank and got a soda, I had a guy stalk me and he wanted to get me on his camera phone upset after the creditor had made their scam, yep, this stalker wanted to engage in conversation as an exploit of the truly harassing tampering of my payments and my banking & this stalker stalked me in collusion with the corrupt federal agent that had commandeered my first phone call I made to pay which is when I found out that this scam has now again for another month in a row been engaged in, as I am having freeks tell me that I never paid and to give my car to them, when the reality is that I did pay, I did follow up to confirm my payments, and when this game to get me irritated is followed up by an in person stalk it is a psychological abuse & is a trafficking exploit because money & data was exchanged as to gain video & audio footage of me the Victim that my stalkers intend to use to make even more money off of and even use as any sort of snuff film as if they believe that they have their system on such lockdown that they will never get caught but war crimes are war crimes, and the truth always comes out…. So did I let my stalker’s get the F’bombs that they were looking for and hoping for, paid for, and maybe even praying for…. I sure did. F’them, F’stalkers with games to play who want to “Dorner” you, as in stalk & torment you till you start shooting them, because you know what, I ended up finding out from this stalker that the all black sleek helicopter that was used to terrorize & stalk me on three occasions that SDPD horeje leon then used when harassing me (where as SDPD Leon would ask me if TV’s talk tome and if helicopters follow me) ya, I found out from yesterday’s stalker who works at the Aero Drive Airport, that the all black sleek helicopter that has no markings and that circles the Charger Stadium a day or so before games is registered under the Call Sign JENNA and that it is the San Diego FBI’s helicopter…..  so it was the San Diego FBI was terrorizing me with helicopter stalking’s so that I would say it, as to then call me “crazy” when I said it, & even Kenneth Krause knew that this was an FBI helicopter and still didn’t make any formal whistle blowing rather he just found way’s to try to get money to one of 3 attorneys he told me to go hire related to the Ben Klinger/Escala/Jan Goldsmith/Lansdown stalk fest that they all engaged in when I reported about finding Robert Tartaro’s hidden “sell a woman” cameras & reported his 3 police friends who were helping him destroy all my evidence of his crimes as if I am not American… Tartaro the Terrorist & he was in collusion with Bill Gore’s terrorist event & explosive stockpile that was being house by an “OCD” “bank robber”…. Oh and even better, not even did my Uncle Carey blow the whistle nor did his childhood FBI friend where as my Uncle Carey had consulted & confirmed with his FBI friend of this 3 time helicopter stalking & terrorizing of me & my Uncle consulted with this guy who is one of his best friend FBI Agent about this helicopter stalking that was so horrific as I was being ran off the road when I would get stalked by this helicopter, so I asked my Uncle to come have my cousins pick me up as I did not feel safe driving or staying at my home alone after finding all the tampered stuff that had been salt & peppered hidden all around my home on that day that I was supposed to meet Larry Feiselman down town in front of the old building that was “across from both court houses” (which is now the newly built federal court house) that Bill Gore’s terrorist event creating crime ring were planning to blow up after getting me into it’s proximity.  Ya I told my Uncle about the helicopter stalking and that I couldn’t even walk my dog or get my mail without some Escala stalker coming up and saying abusive threats to me and he consulted with his FBI Agent besty and both of them could have easily stopped the later planned abduction of me but instead they rather start to engage in having my Aunt Tanya & my Grampa Robert “Bob” both start exploiting me and these animals had my Aunt & Grampa both interrogating me on hidden audio devices after telling & prepping & instructing both my Aunt & Grampa on what to say to me and how to say it as to try to gain a response from me that would “clear” Tartaro, and when my grampa became violent when he couldn’t get the response out of me that he was looking for it became clear that this was not the first time by Grampa had done this & though I had never before seen any aggression out of my grampa when he couldn’t serve his master he resorted to getting violent as a tactic to for his affiliated oh so important D’Bags when he couldn’t get the reaction that he was promising to deliver, and that is when it became clear that this was not my grandfather’s first time harming a family member for this ring of traffickers, and slowly all that my father was & said, started to make sense and finally fit, yes my Catholic Great Grandma Lucy and her son Robert that she “abandoned” (as he calls it), when he was a kid during the Great Depression are both Victims turned handlers of this trafficking ring and my father never had a chance, but it would still be years before I would piece together this IHT Crime Rings stalking of my mother’s mother. Yes, my father was harmed by this ring for his entire life as well, and this family commandeering that this trafficking ring uses with their badges and job positions is a dark psych abuse that is used to get a Targeted Victim made isolated, and it all started to show it’s face & then my Uncle’s “business he set up for my cousin Garen” started to become apparent as an IHT “commercial exchange” whereas that business that my Uncle just “coincidentally” started in sync with his & my grandfather’s agree’ance to Handle me, yes that business was based around bringing shipments in to America from Mexico for delivery to Dentists & as an extra perk all my inheritance from my Seymour side also got converted to Carey Anderson’s family as my grandpa made a point to me to tell me that he will take me out of his will if I don’t stop trying to report what has been done to me.  This IHT ring is so well organized, just like the cover up tormenting that the FBI employed human traffickers engaged in against me every time I tried to source safety …. It was such an abuse, it was such a torturous abuse what was being done to me relentlessly, at that time and these animals didn’t care one bit for my safety or for my life rather they just started to have my Grandma Bert’s IHT Handler Karen Schlick (who I later found out works for the FBI & has been assigned to Handle my Slave “asset” of a Grandmother) start calling me at one in the morning, yes back when that helicopter was stalking me around this IHT ring had an elderly Agent start calling me at 1 am; FBI Agent Karen Schlick engaged in 1 am calls to start asking me questions about mortgages and about sending me checks to cash into my bank so I could “eat”, all while I never asked her for money nor said that I had no food, and it was all a bunch of torture being engaged in against me over the phone to be used by animals wanting to make me sound as if I was not able to take care of myself, so when I see this attack at my finances and credit history being engaged in again now two & three months in a row you better believe that all involved can go F themselves if they think that I will stay silent for them conditioned from the last time they targeted me this way for their intended abduction scam…. Hmmm, ya off to F’n hell for them all, let’s get Marcy Chipman back here to San Diego, I am ready to have her convicted with the rest of the Abduction Pack of Animals on The List.   




Blog #287

8/6/14  Let’s deconstruct the Escala–Israeli– MaltaJesuit-Human Trafficking Ring just a bit more since my Stalkers are trying to blow smoke rings….

Hi Anti Stalker Nation, seeing as how these human traffickers in Escala are blowing their smoke rings I am gonna do another deconstruction, but first things first….

So I have more stalking from Travis Meyer and he about blew a gasket against my walls on Saturday Night between midnight & 1 am, after he read my Saturday post. Yep, Travis had also again started back in saying sad sick disturbing things as he passed by my window and then of course he started to send me his cyber stalking & harassment emails as to give any sort of plausible explanation as to the string of Roommate Renters that have been set up to be exploiting me through my computer posting for roommates… yes Travis Meyer has now been instructed to act as though he has gone up to all my roommates to “inform them” of me, as if he is the reason that past roommates are joined when the reality is that my postings for roommates were commandeered by the traffickers at the NSA and at the CIA and through SPAWAR all in a back and forth way as to keep from getting caught in total, and it is kinda pathetic now to see Travis being told to exert some story about how he will go up to my roommates as if he is the one who has commandeered my Roommates over and over again as if they hadn’t stalked me in advance of gaining their surreptitious tenancies & placements through their cyber stalking they made in advance of ever meeting me in a team coordinated effort.  Yes and the saddest and best part about this cover up of the cyber stalking of me for surreptitious tenancy game that Travis is now again playing is that in the past Travis Meyer prior took instruction to assert the equal but opposite game where as I have emails from Travis in the past were he was told to say to me & to pretend that all my roommates go up to him and Ron, now the story flip flops to him being the one to go up to my roommates…. Interesting plausible deniability scam made by a sad little caught ring of traffickers who have been using their posts to commandeer my computer as to put their invisible leash around me, sending me persons intent to harm me in collusion with a huge team of perverted criminals now trying to hide this and cover this up by instructing the most unstable link in their chain with direction to now act like he has been the one to go up to my stalker roommates after the fact as if they didn’t all stalk me in advance of tenancy gaining and with mal intent to harm me….  As if this is ever going to undo the James Shelton placement into my family’s life through the pair up of him that was made through my mother’s “Match. Com” account as if it was just an “experiment in the power of persuasion related to compatibility” which is what these commandeered online dating websites are now trying to assert as an explanation to how so many women have been unknowingly sold around to pervert traffick patrons…..

….as if Travis Meyers recent newest harassment comments he has been told to say are somehow going to explain away how I was steered & forced to Seattle Pacific University and to Seattle in general through James Shelton’s money and through the cyber stalking of all my computer uses…..  No Travis, I think not, in fact, I know better.  I along with the entire world know better and know that I have been getting intentionally exploited by your ring of colluding “roommate” human trafficker affiliates since even before you all had Sarah raped and abducted down town as to then have Robert Tartaro commandeer her room when you knew that I would then be looking for a new roommate after you had your Albert Machhour in my ear, and your Patrick Coors & your Boeing get Sarah to move to the Seattle area after running her out of town…. Yes Travis you can act like you go talk to all my roommates after you prior acted like they all go talk to you, but what you cannot act like is normal and none of this Escala activity is normal, nope it is all abnormal human behaviors made for human trafficking, but do keep pretending all the way till you can’t anymore, because if you have not noticed, Rebecca Hixson, Yuri Hoffmann, & David Miller have all been released and hung out to dry, but do keep up your charade Travis and Ron as it is getting quite scary & Trav, I am not the only one noticing your instability getting exploited by your handler, and an arrest of you for public protection from your Trav-mania is eminent, but do feel free to go up an harass my newest roommates if you like as if it is part of some plan, but do note yet again that this is about the 3rd time this “foreclosure & eviction” game has been played over the past 7 years and as all other times this game will end up recanting & dismissing itself as to cover up for its illegitimacy so go tell what ever new team mates of yours you have in my home anything you want to tell them… Unless, yes unless, my newest roommates are not from your stalking ring, uh-o, what to do when a Slave has Gained Freedom… don’t panic yet Travis, panic when you’re getting arrested, and trust me, no one will care to be “videotaping” it like what you are obsessing over with regards to your delusions on “fact” & “sheriffs” that you have again sent to me in a cyber-stalking felonious harassment shown here at this link:

& here I sit with no TRO from the court yet though it is clear to all that Travis needs to be formally restrained & helped out of his obsession with all this Jessica that is and that be.  Yes Travis’ Handler’s are so upset after I told Kiwi about how I reported her light flashing tactics of communicating to the stalker neighbors with light flashings rather than with text or phone callings…. Yes Travis went ballistic when I dropped it on Kiwi Saturday that her tactics she was using resulted in a little sting operation of mine and how it revealed that she was communicating with lights to “someone” watching my home who would then have a Mexico Mafia “security guard” start stalking me around all over Mission Valley and how he is no long placed in Escala and how a police report was made and along with a DEMAND to that “security guard” & to his Tustin located Employer.  Yes, when Kiwi saw that she was caught, she pulled out on this scam of Escala’s didn’t she, on Saturday night she pulled out didn’t she Escala, and so your Travis lost his mind banging on my walls all night when he sees this fall out tied to my Saturday 8/2/14 Blog posting…

So let’s Deconstruct this a little bit more real simple like; Travis & Ron are and have been in collusion conspiring with Ben Klinger who was aiding the Escala facilitation & protection of trafficker David the Israeli Ambassador who lived in Escala when he was not living in Canada; Bill Gore’s human trafficking through the Canada border are part of why his buddy David has been refuge in Escala after Bill Gore’s trafficking ring got him the SD Sheriff Post for his long time Mexico Boarder human trafficking ties to be engaged now that he has spent enough time establishing this west coast line of traffickers up over at the northern border of our America.  Now know, this trafficking ring has two sides with regard to the Jewish ran Human Trafficking platform, this Escala & Bill Gore trafficking ring has one side that cooperates with the Israeli Jewish human trafficker platform & it has one side that does not cooperate with the Jewish human trafficking platform as it see’s the Jewish human traffickers as a competitor and it all has to do with Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives burial rights of royalty/Malta. This dynamic was chimed in on by the Mexico & Irish/Scottish platforms of human trafficking that are operating their crimes up and down the West Coast under the logistics that Bill Gore gained from his many powerful placements that have all counted on his degenerate to be as deep as promised, & Gore is the tie in’s to the SDPD & to the USD Lawyer/Judge & to the military& to the SPAWAR human trafficking platforms that were using the Operation Shadowboxxx to traffic through as if it was just getting those bad Catholic’s from the middle east & Operation Shadowboxxx is used in relation to protecting the terroristing & trafficking that is cosseted in Escala & Escala was set up for protecting and running this terroristing rings laundering tactics & for creating the stories that would support the “state of emergency” terroristing attacks that were planned for San Diego through Tartaro’s & Klinger’s targeting of me & when that went south after I found cameras hidden in my home the “crazy Jessica” story was engaged in & this ring decided to see if David would take over the handling of me & when that didn’t work the “crazy Jessica” story was further engaged with the intent to now later have me manipulated to Seattle & to SPU.  After the 9/11 attacks Escala was developed as to be a safe haven for the rest of the terroristing that this ring of San Diego human traffickers are engaged in and it is why Sergio Cabrera of the “”throw a pitch to the FBI via “anonymous & bogus crime report tips” as to have patsy’s set up while covering their own tracks””” ring has had the Cabrera’s & David placed in Escala for protection of them while they engage their further crimes of terroristing attacks like what I was being set up with regarding this crimes rings cyber controlling of me, of my schooling, of my roommates, of my job searches, my ability to source a spouse…. Yes this crime ring that Escala was built to house & to house the Victims being sourced, is now falling apart through one sides hate for Israel Human Traffickers & desire to control Jerusalem’s Catholic relations that is being out paced by the other Catholic side of this trafficking ring’s love & protection for Israel Jewish Human Traffickers who use bible prophecy as a reasoning to be protecting Israel and for unification with this Israeli Human Trafficking ring…. Both sides of this Catholic/Jewish human trafficking platform are very very upset that I made complaints to all entities and to all Inspector Generals about the Human Trafficking that Anastasia informed me about that Ambassador turned Restaurantuer turned movie producer David was so smug in his control of that he didn’t seem to care much about the “loose lips sink ships” adage when he was bragging to me about his ongoing’s…. Yes all sides of this Escala ring of traffickers are very upset at Escala’s lack of delivery with regards to me still being alive, and these traffickers are very upset with how I am now undoing all the damage to my credibility that “doctors” & “jorje leon” & Escala criminals were all engaged in and that tried to recreate the CIA’s MKULTRA need to exterminate me & my family by forcing me up to Seattle to have this same game played on me by Awino, Learned, Dore, Ruthy Edigar, and many other “judge” and “medical” persons who’s expertise is in trafficking for Malta…. Didn’t you pervert mentally ill “researcher doctor philosophizing on psyche & childhood abuse & knowledge transferred through the womb” perverts all need my family to be “crazy” as to support your experimenting on my two parents that you did to them both when they were young, your torture experiments like Freud’s child sex experiments all dictated that my parents and their children all need to be crazy correct, as to be able to support your “research” cover of what you were really targeting & breeding for, yes to protect your “research cover” and be able to keep it sanctioned and ongoing, while you know exterminating your research subjects keeps your secrets safe right…. Perverts of Freud Flip Flop Philosophy to hell with you all for then placing your childhood torture Victim Charlotte Awino in my life to further theoretically prove or disprove in a “lets see what would happen” as if you weren’t actually just trying to have her and Shelton kill me & my entire family under the cover story of your campus shootings made by “crazy’s” as to aid your gun trafficking black market sales that would soar once gun control policy is forced… And wasn’t it always about Charlotte that catholic school abduction, yes wasn’t that catholic school abduction always about how Charlotte was Commanded not to get into that car with all her friends, and how she fought with her mother telling her mother that she didn’t want to get into the car and how a voice commanded her not to get into the car, yes the car with all her friends who within minutes all died in the car accident that only Charlotte Awino survived, leaving her mother & father demanding to know how she knew that she was not to get into the car to begin with that they forced her to get into anyway, yes you pervs are always trying to hurt & control people like Charlotte who are Commanded now aren’t you…. to hell with you all, once my flame and twice my burn is not how stupid I would be, it is how stupid you would be.

So know well, all who seek to engage in covering up your crimes as if it is all going to be explained away by what Marcy Chipman did to me with Bill Gore, Jan Goldsmith, Ben Klinger & his ring of Escala freeks, Gary Roberts, Jorje Leon, Albert Machhour, Robert Tartaro, Yuri Hoffmann, Superior Court Freeks, etc etc etc… yes if you think your illegitimate “crazy” game you throw upon your Victims is going to get you out of this then you better think again because the only one looking & sounding crazy are the IHT’s, as they try to hold on to their human trafficking slave trade they make through their abuse of children and sexual grooming of raping children, because Escala, you can’t explain your way out of serving David right on up to me, and the Jewish faction of this major human trafficking ring is going to war with your platform of blaming the Muslims that you make all while you marvel at & worship the Muslim trauma based control model of human trafficking that you had Joseph Kony engage in for you under the LRA propaganda, or have you not turned on the news lately to see the war that Israel is engaged in while the Malta-jesuites that are in control of America’s most powerful posts all refuse to step in and aid….

So NOTE TO IHT’s: When the Bat’s have their say & they Ebola Marcy Chipman out of Africa you should have all seen this as your last hurrah, so the more you have Travis send me emails about me being “5150” & being “crazy” the more you undo your oh so precious groundwork you laid with your past tactics of attacking at me as if I was just crazy with no voice, and even at this point your stalking of my family for generations now has undone all the “crazy” you threw onto my mother & father both whom you were stalking since they were born, yah you all even stalked my father through my Catholic raised Grampa Robert Seymour’s military affiliations, and no one thinks anymore that anyone in my family is what you IHT’s have relentlessly tried to paint my family as, no one is going along anymore with your generations old “hessen curses” or with your lame erroneous malicious mis-diagnosis’ala’malta “schitzo” mental crap you gain through your drugging’s & designations you engaged in with the intent to use this family for your decades long planed “gun control” agenda you came up with eons ago as your way to grow your trafficking platforms…. So if you will not stop this game, then I will be crazy like a fox & now that all the animals are being let out of their cages please do finally see that the bats have been released and even back when Clandestine Industries chose a bat as their logo there was no way to have foreseen any of this that has arisen so if you think there is no higher power controlling this that we are on IHT’s, yes if you think that there is no Greater Power now at hand to stop your abuses, yes a Greater Power that you have awakened from your inability to be forgiven for your sick ill abuses, then you might as well stick your heads in the sand IHT’s because you can’t read the signs & tying your camel to the date tree is not going to suffice any longer…  Ebola plague from eating bats is bringing Marcy Chipman’s “Peace Corp” home from Africa yes, to answer for what she did to me in collusion with San Diego’s ring of terrorists as if Escala is a normal residential development when it is not…. IHT’s, didn’t you have one of German’s Royal Family Princesses who was “born deaf” later in her life “committed” to an a Dr. Ludwig Binswanger’s insane asylum in Switzerland for being “schizophrenic” in between your wars Malta, didn’t you have her deliberately and wrongfully called crazy during your manipulations in the world wars… she was the one walking down the war torn streets handing out food and help to persons all while she was forced living in squalor in Athens correct… you Malta’s had her committed after you called her crazy correct, and now she is buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, correct, a saint Righteous Among Nations, yes. 

She wasn’t really crazy now was she Malta, you just wanted to have your child rape pervert Sigmund Freud walk up with stories about x-raying her ovaries and sterilizing her & her ovaries so to relieve the “sexual tension” that was causing her “schizophrenia” and you all thought you would never be held accountable for such disgusting dirty crazy psycho-babbling philosophizing experimenting in your cover up’s of your sexual degenerative natures with your “diagnosis” and “treatments” you all made-up in collusion against a German Royal women you thought could never talk about what you were up to you perverse sexually degenerate idiot doctors you all think your selves to be so smart in how you use your idiotic ideas as cover up for the sex crimes you commit as if it is needed “research” & “treatment” when it is simply human trafficking slave trade.… read up Travis of the Stalkers….Mount of Olives in Jerusalem Israel at the church of Mary Magdalene is where she now rests upon the walking grounds of Jesus himself…. Jesus that Malta and Israel are all so interested in genetically proving or disproving as a God among men of immaculate creation, a messiah or a lie, a hunt through the newest of genetic abilities now that these animals finally have unlocked the DNA strands, which were not prior available to these animals back when their first set of world war eugenicist hunting’s had  been explained as just a “German crazy hate” as these world war’s cover up for what was actually at hand, which was a large Malta organized eugenic hunt for Jesus lineage proof & testing on human submission through torture, and now that we have unraveled they mysteries of DNA you Malta are just itching for another world war so that you can do your large scale search for Jesus descendants yet again to prove or disprove finally that he is or is not immaculate as your cover to your legion’s for what you’re really up to which is really just slave trade painted to be a hundred different other things, but let’s not split hairs anymore, your all just slave trader’s playing games with the world through a hundred thousand different sets of idiotic propagandas that you use upon all as to create the dynamics you desire for the furtherance of your Modern Day Slave Trade that you make through your abuses of the Immunity you gain with ill intent…. 

On that note, let’s talk about how deliberate-misdiagnosis of mental conditions are a Malta doctor staple & how much of a Human Trafficking staple it is to target a Victim with misdiagnosis of “schizophrenia” & with any other type of non-merited “delusional” diagnosis that is used as to cover up the crimes made against the Victim by a discrediting of the Victim…. All while this IHT rings false diagnose are used for the erroneous drugging of Victims with rhespidal so that big old boobies can be forced to grow on the Victims as to sell the Victims for more money on this IHT facilitated trafficking ring, yes tell me how much will your perverts pay for a boy with boobies how much does a boy or girl with giant respidal boobies sell for IHT’s, and how long can you sell your “delusional” boys with rehspidal boobies for once you damage their thyroid & pituitary glands with your rhespidal so that he will have his big old boobies for his entire life & tell me please one other thing, once you “damage a Victims thyroid” with your respidal how “mentally ill” can you call this Victim based on your oh so interesting assertions that thyroid imbalance leads to “mental illness” though it really only leads to serializations, milking boobies, and weight gain…..  Oh yes and let’s talk about how actually rare actual “delusional disorder” and “paranoid schizophrenia” are… less than 1% of the population actually contract real “schizophrenia” and the rest of these diagnosis above that less than 1% mark, are actually Victims of this human trafficking ring being discredited by a “military order of doctors & their Israeli Ambassador counterpart affiliated doctors” who all take orders from their human trafficking bosses…. Mount of Olives for a Princess that was deaf and did not fear the bullets whizzing around her after all…. So let’s begin to close this Chapter of this book that I am naming the “crazy pages”, because there is no actual mental illness in my family lines nor do I have any mental illness regardless of how much of a last resort catch all this “our Victims are actually just Crazy” game that human trafficking rapist perverts like to play…. “This will be fun”, said Sergio Cabrera when I had him & his brother served with the original filed Federal Court Complaint that I was Commanded to file back in 2010, and so now here we are full circle with the crazy game huh all as you wonder who Commanded me, this time let it be I who say that this will be fun, watching you all get what you deserve for your attacking at me and at my America that you make as if it is all just crazy jihadists & crazy’s with gun’s though your hand in these games is too obvious to ignore but you can keep on with the “experiment” fall back and the “crazy” fall back all you like IHT’s till your human trafficking undoes all of the cover’s & immunities you conspired to use to run your slave trade through….  Mount of Olives for the “schitzo” German Hessen turned Greek Princess after all.  Hmmm interesting that Peters & Freedman have me being handled by “Micky Jew” while their counterpart over at Tim Dore’s Seattle IHT headquarters has my file being handled by “Sandra Israel”… no kidding Anti Stalker Nation, ya can’t even make this stuff up to be any better obvious…. When will my Stalkers See that there is a Spiritual Phenomenon, response to all their ugly, at hand that is not under their control nor under my control….  NOTE TO IHT’s: Repeated attacking at me or at my family only makes it worse on you IHT’s, and haven’t you tested that enough, no?  Ok then, strike your match as if you’ve never heard the word retreat, when I have been saying such to you for so long now.  A change has come, and so now the word is changed from retreat to “repent” if you so desire. 

Smootches, Love and Hugs to my Anti Stalker Nation,

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #286

8/4/14  Why wouldn’t I love to see American Posts of Massive Importance Being Cleansed and Handed Back over to Actual American Loyalty having Americans, Who Don’t Put First the GDP of the five or so existing“Virtual Country” Sovereignty Models of Nationality that dictate the leaching off of my America for running their slave trade GDP through….

 …. as the Jesuit Malta indoctrination model demands that a person’s first loyalty and adherence be to the Order of themselves and to the sovereign nation of themselves, and America demands better than that in our posts, we want our most powerful posts to be held by persons who’s first loyalty and adherences are to America & to America’s sovereign jurisdiction not Malta’s.  And we want our most powerful posts held by those who’s acts are for the benefit of America and not to & for the benefit of the many leaching virtual sovereignties & orders of trafficking rings that pretend to be American first when they are clearly not, and when they are clearly abusing their American Given Immunity as to benefit Malta’s Gross Domestic Product by way of actively engaging in gutting America like they do to all countries that they invade through subversion & with the intent to grow their slave trade model’s and grooming for sex abuse, slavery, and demand. Americas posts are not to be held by human trafficking mafia’s of any kind but certainly there is a pattern here of jesuit’y malta’y overran posts of major importance and that dynamic is not for or by America, it is not organic, and it has become clear that it is & was part of the child rape machine that set itself up in the Catholic church so successfully for too long now…. Not even the Pope is denying it and he is actively trying to cut out all subversion of Catholicism that has become too apparent to deny.  If the Pope is taking back the church from this ring of perverts then why wouldn’t America do the same and take back all posts from this same ring of perverts, and then do such to all the other American platforms this human trafficking slave trade ring has commandeered and subverted…. Just like the Pope is tacking the church back from these animals posing as so righteous & so High End, America is taking its posts back from them too, and this is not to be feared, the harms that Slave Traffickers will engage in as their last ditch attempt to keep control of their slave trade platforms is not to be feared, they are to fear going to jail for the rest of their lives, we are not to fear cleaning our good posts & gaining them back from all the persons whose first loyalty is to the Slave Trade Platforms…. As this is not just a Malta GDP, a few slave trade human trafficking platforms all fight for our immunity giving posts and the time to secure them and stop this Second American Slave Trade is here and now….

Ohhh, and it just keeps getting better! Now it air’s that the CIA has not only been hacking the Senate & Congress data and evidences, and by the way making those evidence documents “disappear” from the Senator’s computers, but it is now coming out that the CIA has been micromanaging that Whistle Blower complaints, data, and evidence that is sent to the Inspector Generals who are to be stopping abuses of immunity giving posts… the Malta’y eugenicistic’y  Jesuit’y Catholic Mafia over ran CIA is getting the blame from the Inspector General’s negligence all put on them, the Inspector General’s for all the entities of America have all decided that they didn’t get complaints and whistleblower data because the CIA was intercepting it and covering it up….

Not only that, but in an end to the Nancy-MaltaMafia-Palosi craze-fest she had her spokeswoman release a statement saying that she has accepted the apology of the man she charged and berated, but he apparently never apologized, yeah then Victim apparently never apologized for doing nothing wrong, and this goes to show the delusional nature of the way the San Francisco based Malta’s act when they are clearly in the wrong…    …. yes these San Francisco Malta’s do not even care when they have just been caught in the act they still deny deny deny by trying to flip flop it as if their Victim was to blame & as if even their Victim knows this, as if the Victim even apologized for the transgression made by the Abuser even when no such reality exists, even when no such apology is made Nancy the Malta-Aggressor accepts her Victims non’apology-apology showing how “gracious” she is… now you’re seeing why they have to be forced out of the posts they abuse, as they will never concede their own need to change, not even when it is clear to them that they are raping children do they ever blame themselves, they just act like it is the kiddy’s fault for being so cute and that the kiddy they’ve been stalking will apologize someday when older, you know, apologize for being so cute & irresistible in diapers…. An apology that these Immunitied Human Traffickers are intent to hear one day after forcing it from their Victim by how these IHT’s stalk their child Victims for 20 and 30 years with assault till the Victim finally just gives in to Slave Mentality as an only means for survival.

As for me, I cannot afford a lie the way Palosi & Brennan seem to think they can.

I can’t afford a lie, and fear is a lie. 

One who controls their own fear is not always the “MIT experiment in frontal lobe fiber build up & unfolding of fibers” crap story that was thrown at me last night by a guy who turns out is another one of the “Tipsy Crow, Ty Hauter” ring of “let’s-stalk-the-ladies” perv trafficker’s….  Yes NOTE TO IHT affiliated Liam Orouk: not all persons exhibiting a lack of fear are to be explained away as if it is some frontal lobe damage mental issue, so save your crap…. See, because, why would I fear the CIA that has been used by the Order of Malta & their Legionnaires for Jesus, for the stalking of my family for at least the last 4 generations since Bertha Bopp came here from Germany, why would I ever fear them, why should I fear such profane dishonor when I can see the energy changed with the weather a while back already…. Sometimes sweet Liam, that lack of fear is from control, from knowing and seeing, and from faith, and not from all the propaganda your superiors tell your 23 year old simple self all about, that you gobble up like a toad on a fly farm….

Duty and Fear are counterintuitive, and some of us are what you might call “enlightened” or “intuitive”, worse is when those of us are also charismatic, right IHT’s…

So when I have a duty, to keep others from being put through what I have been forced to suffer through, then why would I ever be afraid of the Catholic Mafia of jesuits &  malta’s over ran CIA & NSA post’s, and on that plain of knowledge then why would I fear their counterpart Slaver Trafficker’s of Irish & Scottish & York “Rite” pervs that have been stalking me and my family for so many generations when I have no reason to even fear their way more scary CIA & Malta counter parts that have handed their stalking of me over to your ring of trafficker affiliates Liam, like you’re the closers, when it is I who set the pace, when it is I who is the closer, and always have been…. Why would I fear IHT’s when I already know how this that we are on ends, I am the closer.  And I don’t even hard close in the booth so be warned that you don’t have a last chance hard sell to even be waiting for in any last ditch effort to clean yourself from all this that you have done to me and to my ancestors, and to the rest of the world’s children, all us who you seek to enslave and groom for your harm as to have your future planned harm be excepted by us easier when you decide to inflict it upon us later… NOTE THIS IHT’S: there is no last chance deal to be waiting for as the mark to you to finally stop your targeting of me has arrived and there is no waiting for forgiveness till at the last moment for the dirty you have been actively engaged in, and so when I start to look at the nearly 50 person strong ring of the Irish & Scottish last names related to this stalking of me for sex abuse, it becomes clear that that Malta’s USD & Seattle’s jesuuit’y traffickers have handed me back over to those who started this game on my fathers side, so I see your allies falling from you like fly’s IHT’s, and I will not fear your dirty perverted selves by decision, by faith, by knowledge, and by the obvious…. So “Liam Orourk”, keep your stories about Cuba’s slave trade tactics of shooting the slave at the end of the harvest season, yes keep your shooting the slave stories to yourself or just for your next Victim, as you’re playing dumb tactics you use when told to stop, are a sure sign that your team that has placed you living in Mexico see’s you as temporary to them & so your stupid is what they use to keep your days numbered not mine.  Can’t believe this ring of Ty’s has gotten you placed living in Mexico crossing the border almost daily and you can’t see that this means your dispensable to them…. Truly underwhelming, and I have a few neighbors that you would totally fit in with Liam Orourk…. Can’t believe you were stupid enough to make your comments about cops to me and stupid enough to have the “Tipsy Crow Manager” stalk take place yesterday when you have known about my blog… engaging in those comments when you could read easily about how one of the Tipsy Crow managers was working in collusion with a SDPD cop & Sergeant Hannagan make you some sort of fool above fools Liam… whatever is it that your repeatedly bringing across the border on behalf of your crime ring friends as if your JAG Attorney father could just protect you from anything that you might get caught in.  

Oh yes Anti Stalker Nation, the minute I told Liam “Orourk” that it was very odd for a Tipsy Crow manager to just be showing up on the side walk after he and I leave the Southpaw where we had dinner at, I then find out from Liam that this Southpaw Restaurant bar is owned by Ty Hauer as well, and then as if right on cue, Liam starts in with comments to me about being on a “rape crusade”… I’m not even making a paraphrase out of it, Liam actually made comments to me about me being on a “rape crusade”…. Wow, real normal type of commentary out of this stalker last night, and it has become clear that Liam’s “frontal lobe fiber build up” that keeps him from “fearing” his regular border crossings he makes on behalf of this crime ring he works for, is an exploit of his frontal lobe damage and that this is a much different root cause from why I don’t fear his ring or it’s IHT affiliates that are crumbling.

“You are a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down. Strike a match and I’ll burn you to the ground”….

Love and Hugs,



Blog #285

8/2/14  “I’ve got the scars from tomorrow, and I wish you could see that you’re the antidote to everything except for me.  A constellation of tears on your lashes, burn everything you love then burn the ashes” …

I am not one to jump on the misogynistic attack train that women in politics get ambushed by that dictates that they are either “crazy” or a “bitch” as for the reasons to dismiss them & to discredit them, BUT…. San Francisco’s Malta Majesty Nancy Pelosi just went off the deep end, all while Malta’s Jesuit laundering platform’s John Brennen is found out for his cover up targeting of a different California Senator::



Yep, what a great way to start a weekend, with a meltdown of this human trafficking rings top players, right in front of you without you even knowing what it was exactly, and so how do these brokers in human suffering feel with a taste of their own medicine…. Hey at least they aren’t being put through what their Victims get put through regarding the bad medicine that these human traffickers use on the Victims they target.  Not even the CIA, the NSA, nor their ringleaders such as the Malta facilitated global trafficking platform has the anti-dote for this that they have called upon themselves in their relentless attack of America, with their dirty games and their dirty sales of rapes…  now they burn down everything they love with their cover up’s of their crimes all now coming clean and so a constellation of tears will dot their eyes till they then burn the ashes of their self-dismantled love of rape, set up, slavery, and money all made on the backs of their bruised while they look into the innocent eyes of the kiddies they seek to sell and groom. 

On that note let me commend the Zahu family for standing up to the San Diego County Machine of murder, rape, and cover-up:

So good to see this family get one step closer to the targeting of their daughter Rebecca Zahu, and to uncovering the truth behind why Jonah Shaknai was targeted to have his  son killed in his home then had his woman killed in his home & hung naked from the balcony for all to see.  This ring of doctor’s, medicine’s, and secret selling of women is being marched from Ruffin Road all the way to Ridgehaven Court. And the Zahu’s are one step closer to uncovering a bombshell….. remember everyone, that Dina Shaknai was also calling foul play in her son’s death way after Zahu was also murdered within a few days after the boy passed away from his injuries…. When a man’s first born is killed (in front of him/in his own home), while that man’s woman is killed (in front of him/in his own home) all under the cover up jurisdiction of Ruby Ridge Bill Gore & his “forensic crime labs”, well what you have is a much larger story then even the Zahu’s yet know, but they will see all in their seeking of correction to the ridiculous “suicide” story that was made out of this Victim’s murder.

On that note, I would also like to quickly address yet another bomb shell waiting to be found…

This most recent Snowden/NSA revelation about the 20 year old boys that would find and pass around all sorts of private images and communications about women as if it was just boy’s being boy’s and careless & pervy with their jobs…. NO… it was and is way more than just boys being boy’s… it is very much human trafficking being made to look like it is something else…. This IHT ring that gets these “20 year old boys” into the positions where they can gain a woman’s private everything do have a much more organized use and usage of all the stuff they have their “20 year old boy’s” gaining and hunting for them, and the passing around and joking of woman is a cop out for what Snowden truly knows, truly saw, and this is what you call leverage.

On a final note:

Guess we will all be seeing Marcy Chipman back in America very soon and her days of hiding in Africa with the peace corps are over.  A plague huh, a plague to get your peace corps cover story unveiled, very biblical indeed. You can run Marcy, but you can’t hide, and with what you and your ring of Bill Gore affiliated terroristing traffickers all did to me in collusion with Escala & Ben Klinger & his retired Israeli Ambassador David is building to such a phenomenal crescendo, that is will take a choir of Angels to sing it properly…  NOTE TO IHT’S: you brought this shit storm upon your selves so don’t look at me in defective way as if my lack of fear of you is now some sort of mental issue, my lack of fear of you is a blessing bestowed for faith, it is an ordination, it is bestowed from logic and knowledge of your stupid, and it is not shuddered by your repeated clever well concealed threats, as you nor I am guiding this that we are on that you have brought upon your selves, you have forced the entire universe to watch your crimes in disbelief and now that energy is heading full steam toward you while you think your sitting still. 

God is good at filling God’s Wrath of Till, when dishing out the revenge for seeking governance positions & immunity just for the purpose of hurting God’s children who are God’s innocent Angels, so see you soon Marcy.

Kisses and Hugs, and Love to my Anti Stalker Nation,



Blog #284

7/31/14  Stalker’atzi Report & yes of course it is Travis doing the stalking yet again…

Quick update, yesterday Travis decided that his fascination and obsession and hate he has for me dictated that he should stalk me at the mail box when I am outside with my friends. The unlawful surveillance and relentless invasions that Travis goes out of his way to make at me as to make it known that he is a part of this crime ring is just so crazy… he knows that I have asked the court three times now to give me a TRO which the court always tries one way or another to ignore, and I haven’t even heard back yet on the last clock and drop TRO that was submitted after I got stalked around by the Sheriff’s & the clerks.

So when Travis used his unlawful surveillance stalk fest and hacker attack, he then decided to walk right up to me at the mail box, knowing that I want him and his husband to leave me alone and stay away from me and to stop emailing me when I’ve never given him my email address.

If I see travis at the mailbox or anywhere I just wait till he’s gone to then do what I need to do, but then again I’m not stalking, harassing, human trafficking, or invading his home, right, but that is what he, ron & their crime ring do to me… but still I sit with no TRO hearing date mailed back to me by the San Diego Jesuit over ran Superior Court. I even checked the return box last time I was at the clerks counter and my clock & dropped TRO request was not left in there either for me to pick up in person, so not sure what the court is now up to in their protections of Rape For Profit ring affiliates Kathy Rowe & Travis Meyer but it sure is leaving me totally stalked and abused, and is definitely some sort of court facilitated open door to another “terroristing” scam attack that they must still be trying to facilitate as if their SPU attack wasn’t bad enough… all of which could just be stopped easily by a simple court order to these criminals to STOP… but I guess these Court House Employed terroristors think like, Blachwheil, that they can just wipe clean the blood on their hands as if they will never get caught.

When travis was done stalking me at the mail box, he returned to his house to be able to start harassing & stalking me from his back window when I was then at my garage, & travis started to holler out at me trying to mask his voice as if he was a woman and he was yelling out his window “your crazy” at me…. If he thought I was crazy, than wouldn’t he just stop emailing me & stay away from me and leave me alone rather than repeatedly go out of his way to be all about me, and repeatedly coming up to me, and repeatedly emailing me, and even with his repeated harassments he makes out his window’s at me, you would still think that the light bulb would go on in his head that he needs to get help with his obsessions he has over me, but no he just keeps getting himself interjected into my life at the direction of someone.  Didn’t we go over this with that plebian chick neighbor who would repeatedly rush her dog walks as to be in my path of travel with her kids all while she would call me “crazy” from her windows…. Didn’t we already go over how when you think someone is crazy you try to stay away from them rather than rush up to provoke them, right, that plebian chick finally saw the light & the flaw in this rings terrorizing and she doesn’t run up to me anymore when I am out nor does she any longer yell things out her window at me, guess her Sheriff Department employed sister-in-law told her to stop now…. so why is travis the last atavistic hold over of this criminal human trafficking ring’s obsession with on foot in Escala stalking of me…. even the Sheriff Department has seemed to finally stop stalking me around the court after I published the audio of how I was stalked around the court, so when does this evolution start to hit travis?  When do travis and ron evolve past their clear obsession with me and start to rather try to cover their tracks, can’t their scary plebian selves see that they are being used to their own detriment by their team of criminals that turned on them quite some time ago all with smiles on their faces in love with how stupid and easily controlled travis and ron have allowed themselves to be, or is it just that travis is the only one not seeing the road he is being lead down by his ron?  It hardly seems that ron is as stupid as travis and it became clear a while back that travis is one of this ring’s childhood Victims that has completely conformed to this crime ring and now gets used by it, and I have tried to get this to stop for so long now that my only question left is to figure out why the court hasn’t protected travis from his own stupid pliability in propensity to stalk, hate, and do what he’s told, this guys stupid is a danger to his own self, and each time he becomes more emboldened with his in person stalking & harassing of me, he becomes more of a threat to me as well, so why won’t this travis meyer start to see the fool his buddy’s are playing him for, he needs to wake up because his hate crimes of a protected class “crazy” person as he calls me, yes travis meyer’s push to try to provoke his stalking of me, and his violation of my marsy’s law rights that outlaw his unlawful surveillance of me that he has been making with many other Escala based freeks, is something they are all now setting him up with as his felony acts would have been easily stopped by now by the courts, the FBI, the SDPolice Mafia, if they were not setting him up to be their next Aaron Ybara, as he is looking quite crazy lately in his repeated photo’s of my home he takes and emails to me.  This guy is a terroristing attack waiting to happen and he needs intervention because he can’t stop himself from coming around me and I really don’t want any more of his ring of terrorister’s games falling on me anymore as I am so far up above it already, yes, I have figured out their games already and now just look down at their scary with pitty at how sad they all are looking while they feel so fulfilled in their sadness… My frienemy called these acts, like what travis & ron are engaged in, “self-punishment”…. Yeh my frienemy used the psychological term “self punishment” to try to describe a situation like what travis is being engaged in at himself by the goating of his crime ring who he still can’t see as having turned on him a while back… he is still misinterpreting their protection of him from the TRO’s I need and have asked for, yes, travis still see’s this protection of him that the court has been caught suspiciously engaged in, in a backwards way, yes travis doesn’t see the road they are walking him down, but I do, and so I want this next act that they want to use travis for to be stopped as to keep travis from being used by his frienemy’s he thinks love him, and travis clearly needs protection from himself at this point as it won’t be me who gets hurt by the things travis is engaging in.  I said a while back that the weather has changed and lightning strikes on beaches in the middle of summer should be enough proof for travis to heed the signs and stop the self-punishment circle his little scary hamster’y self has been put on by his own crime ring of terroristers…. Wonder why travis had the need to appear himself right as I was meeting up with my newest friends, hmmm.




Blog #283

7/30/14  “When Rome’s in Ruins, We are the Lions Free of the Colosseum” ….. ROAR…. “In Poisoned Places, We Are Anti-Venom, We’re the Beginning of the End”… “And It’s All Over Now Before it Has Begun, We’ve Already One”….

For an exercise in how dangerous perceived immunity is & especially dangerous is the perceived immunity that is wrongly afforded to the medical community so that it can be used for abuse, let’s just note here about how even an obvious to the eye pervert disk jocky can use the perceived trust in correctness that the medical community propagates about itself as to get his hands on the kiddies; for decades protected by the hospitals that let him do this and even gave him an office to organize his human trafficking through, all legitimized by the hospital staff and law enforcements who refused to ever do anything about it or even say anything about it until after this perv was dead lets look at the disk jockey turned Royal Knight & Papal Knight named Jim Savile:

Yes, when a non-doctor wants to dress up in a doctor coat with a stethoscope and roam around hospital rooms it should look suspicious to EVERYONE, let alone to Margaret Thatcher & the Vatican who Knited Savile…. Yep. Asa Noble, a Papal Knight, & as a perv Knighted by the Queen of England, Savile was likely even invited in to the Order of Malta and surely Malta’s doctor affiliates were protecting Saville’s likely videoing of his assaults he would make at the hospitals he had free reign of.

“Groomed a Nation For Sex Abuse” say’s the second headline… that is human trafficking made facilitated by immunity abuse and certainly a queen of England could have at any time stopped such a high profile & obvious abuser in her commonwealth but she rather invite him into Buckingham palace so he can get his hands on the African’s in the picture of him that is in one of the articles above.  I mean the first time he was caught at the morgue should have been the last time he was let anywhere near a hospital full of vulnerable patients, but the doctors in his trafficking ring just let it all stand as if it was all normal even as staff reported repeatedly about being sexually assaulted by this guy and his ring of weirdo’s he would entertain with.  

This “disk jocky”, who’s obviousness in his suspiciousness would pull the flag of ANY and ALL non-human-trafficking medical persons, was protected and facilitated by the entire medical & law community in this country of England, why?  Immunity abuse was used to keep this freek from ever being held accountable and children & patients don’t need to be continued to be sexually sold to perverts through perversion of immunity abusing  hospitalars, shrinars, or maltars, jesuitars or of law-enforcementars, researchars,  all who are accomplices in furtherance of human trafficking.

What is Broadmore High Security Mental Hospital & and the community around it and all the other hospitals & all those hospital’s employees all thinking all these years letting this guy gain access to drugged up “mental” patients & to patients in beds & to dead bodies all these years while complaint after complaint about his crimes got swept under the rug… as to “honour” the Knighthood that he was protected by from his papal knighthood honour and by his Knighthood from the Queen he received…. Everyone knew what he was up to. Before Saville’s death there were documentaries made that interviewed some Victims and everyone knew what this man was up to, they just protected him because to this trafficking ring the ill are fair prey…. Wait for it, bet these animals start to try to explain it all away as if it was just needed research for the British Intelligence Agencies…. Ya, it’s just research, especially if you share your hidden camera footages with all your friends. It is an ultimate betrayal of immunity, oaths to protect and heal, and is an ultimate betrayal of the public trust that doctors & the medical community have which constitutes an perceived immunity from a perceived correctness, these animals are IHT’s with a direct link to Roman Catholic lines & Nobility lines of human trafficking that have subverted our America now systematically through the jesuite platforms of education related to law degrees, medical degrees, psychology/psychiatry, & “philosophy, studies…. Who’s graduates go on to become human traffickers once well indoctrinated & groomed through the schooling, and they human traffic through the posts we don’t stop them from repeatedly gaining…… This is the Road to Ruin, And We’ve Started at the End” Anti Stalker Nation!  We work backwards from here, a rising of a phoenix America is to stop this Modern Day Slave Trade, this Second American Slave Trade that seeks to “groom an entire generation to sex abuse”…. As to make them better slaves, or interested in buying more slaves, either way this is the begining of the end, anti-venom in poisoned places, Anti Stalker Nation.  Forfeiture of all Forms of Immunity abuse is what is waiting way back at the beginning of this road, when we all get there.  Immunity and perceived protection from perceived immunity & quasi-immunity are to be forfeit upon any acts of or ratifying or furthering Human Trafficking & “Sex Grooming” of children or of anyone through systematic rape…. That is where this roughened road we are all standing on leads all the way back to.  Take the immunity away from these mafia’s and put them behind bars 10 years as a mandatory minimum, no immunity no deals, and no more of their games or loopholes, or ill gotten policy enactments, no more of their laundering of their dirty money through development & through FAFSA conversions & debt scams.  No more flip flopping & interchanging their crimes through all the different sovereign jurisdictions, no more hurting our Indian Reservation families…. No More. 

To this day this Saville man is still being protected as if the Victims all just are now coming forward after his death, when the truth is that many Victims tried to report way back when he was still alive, but his ring protected him, and knew just how to oppress and handle around the rest of the Victims to keep them in fear of him, and that is human trafficking made facilitated through immunity abuse and perceived immunity abuse.   

Love and Hugs,



Blog #282

7/28/14  “More Shocking than you ever knew, right on cue, J Butterfly in the Trees, and the birds to blow the meaning in to BeBopp”….If I am supposed to be some crazed animal who can’t feel the horrific mortification, humiliation, pain, suffering, and torment that is systematically inflicted upon me then you’re going to hear this crazed animal ROAR, and that means that you have a lot of explaining to do Mr. Ludwig Hoffmann Von Rumerstein… you and the Prince you serve have a lot of explaining to do regarding this Medicine you Practice… better get on the phone to the Russian & Spain monarchy’s right after you call your Israeli Ambassador’s….

Far more shocking than anything you ever knew, right on cue.  So what exactly is the reason that the worlds medical communities of Malta along with all their human trafficking counter parts that also abuse the Catholic church platform, such as but not limited to the jesuit’s, want to get their hands on all the medical records of all the American’s??? Well I can tell you that it is because of their extreme religious beliefs regarding themselves as being ordained by God Angels of the “Principalities” type as they call it    and 

Yes the Catholics of Malta which is an Order of Royalty & Nobility do consider themselves to be of Angels and some even think that they are Angels of the Principality Order who are ordained by God to run the economy & governments of the human people, and they believe in this thing called Satin, and these Catholic Angel Royals posing as a Medical Community of Soldiers believe that this Satin is a Fallen Angel, and these Malta Royals & Nobel’s believe that Angels have procreated with Humans and that this means that there are other Angels that have Fallen just like Satan, and there for all Fallen Angels are “satanic” to this ring of idiots and to their counterparts over at the “church of satin”…. And naturally any of the offspring from these fallen angels are naturally of a huge concern to these pureblood Royalty & Nobility of Malta

So here it is lets just let all the Animals out of the cages and finally just say why these Order of Malta Angels of God are so interested in getting their breeding, enslaving, human trafficking economy, and sex abuses through any subversion method hands on all the medical records of all the persons on earth… engaged in all while these groups of idiots change around their views quite often about what it is that God intends or implies with the “human offspring” of these fallen angel’s that these Malta Royal Noble’s believe wholeheartedly in… sometimes some generations of Malta’s think these fallen Angel half breeds are animals to be destroyed as an obomination to God, while a few generations later these Malta then start to think that these “half breeds” they hunt are actually God’s plan and are created by God to be used by these Malta Angel Royal Nobel’s, and then even some Malta think that these half human half angel offspring are more important to God’s will then even the Malta themselves are if in fact the fallen angel that bread with the human was from a “higher order of Angel” than that of the “Principalities Order”…. And Malta flip flops on it’s thoughts about how these half breeds that they believe in should be handled or exterminated just like how they feel about the persons with lineage to Jesus himself, while some Malta think that these half breeds should be bread together and propagated for many other crazy reasonings that their silly little deviant minds conjure up but which all somehow lead back to “creating or avoiding Armageddon” and this is what they spend their days on while the children they are stalking get abused, sold, assaulted, and tortured…. And while these Order of Malta’s are so crazy, one thing however that does not change with Malta’s views on these “half breed off-spring of fallen Angels” that they are hunting down, is the fact that they consider these offspring of these fallen Angels that they believe in, to be a threat to their pure blood line of Angel’s as they consider themselves to be Angelic as well, or just straight up Angels in human form, which they propagandize to themselves to justify their manipulations of economies & of humans as if it is something other than human trafficking through their immunity & sovereign jurisdiction, and accordingly these Order of Malta’s are crazy.  This one thing that does not change with this ring of idiots that use this idea of hunting half breed’s as their justification and propaganda for their human trafficking of humans, yes the one thing that does not change in this dynamic these idiots have set up over a thousand years ago, is their obsession obsessive feeling of threat that they throw at those they consider to be the offspring of the “Fallen Angel’s”, and so this ring of traffickers posing as a medical community of soldier’s of Malta or SMOM’s is obsessed with any genetic anomaly, and any genetic anomaly is of some greater meaning to them, oh yes, and also some insult to them & to their perfection as pure-bred angels or as the ordained by God that they all consider themselves to be which is what allows them to be Royal Nobel’s; for example the insult of  “hemophilia” that Royal German Hessen’s introduced into the Royal Families bloodlines of the Spanish & Russian Royal Families:,9171,758458,00.html

What an insult to bring a “blood disease” into their perfection, and so a retaliation is needed correct, like a “family curse” made true by the awful events created by the jesuits’ stalking of any and all of the descendants of the German Royalty, planes fall out of the sky, children bleed to death repeatedly, first born’s die.

And any genetic anomaly is hunted down by these eugenicistic Malta Nobility as if it is a personal insult to them, to their beliefs of creation origin, and to their difference from the humans.

And so the three bumps on my tail bone, are what these animals have been after in their complete systematic targeting of both my mother and my father since before my parents were even born.

The fascination with the set of 3 bumps on my tailbone is why Bill Gore and his human trafficking counter parts of Jan Goldsmith & Ben Klinger & David the Ambassador all conspired to force me into a position where Bill Gore could have his medical animal MaryLou Becason tear off my clothes and assault me in front of a bunch of other animals and for a camera… and genetic anomalies are why Seattle’s’ sex pervert jesuits had their Amanda Knox’s labia measured when she was scammed into that Italian jail as a scape goat for the murder they sold to some animal who wanted to have his dream to kill come true.

My father’s Scottish mother Carol Carothers’s-Seymour (my grandmother on my father’s side) has 3 bumps on her tailbone;

My Mother’s father James Haygood (my grandfather on my mother’s side) also had bumps on his tailbone that military VA doctors operated on and those bumps on his tailbone are why my Bopp lineaged German grandmother was placed with him, and yes, the “Hessen Curse” is actually just the jesuites & Malta stalking around the German royal family descendants in retaliation for the “hemophilia” that was introduced way back when to two of the other Royal families of the world the Russian & the Spanish Monarchy’s…. And my German family ties to the Bopp heritage of mine stem back to antiquity as far back as the Ottoman Empire that used the Boppard region along the River Rhine before the Holy Roman Empire started to use it, and my Bopp marriage linages do trace back to antiquity and my German family marriage ties of the Bopps & Dirner’s to the Fredericks, the Meuller’s, the Hess’, the Ludwigs do tie back to those families royal descendant lines all the way back to the 1500’s, 1600’s, 1700’s and 1800’s, yes the family marriages and history of the Dirner’s & of the Bopp’s of Boppard Germany can be traced back to early marriages to the Fredericks, the Hess’, the Ludwig’s, the Mueller’s, & the 1500’s Bopp descendant lines to the Ludwig’s of the Louie III line do predate the currentLudwig-Hoffmann unions, and when you learn the history here you see that the stalking retaliation that the Order of Malta & it’s legion of jesuites have engaged in through their human trafficking platform’s at the German Royal thrown & at all of it’s even far off lines of linages, has been engaged in by Malta & their jesuite legionaries as if it is all just some “Hessen curse” & “bad luck” which is when you start to see that the stalking retaliations that were made against the German Royal family ties were made as to get the German Royal’s to abdicate the thrown so that a certain awful Dictatorship could take over Germany and be used for this eugenicist crazed hunt that Malta & it’s jesuits have been on for too long now, and clearly these crazy Order of Malta & their legionaries thought they needed to look through the “Descendants of Jesus” and eradicate them, right, exterminate them, right, isn’t that what was intended by the Dictatorship of Germany that was not anything that could be achieved while a Royal German line was still sitting on their throne, so then tell me Malta, were all the “Hemophilia” bleed out deaths also just your drugging of 3 royal families as to create a sanctioned organized retaliation in the form of a “curse” at the German Royal’s as to get them to abdicate their thrown so you could place your World War Mongering Fools in control of the German Nation?  Malta, did you use your “medicines” to drug & bleed out the descendants of 3 of the world’s royal families as to get the dynamic you needed for your war mongering that makes you rich that you engage in as if you just need to find all the “angel half breeds”… wow Order of Malta you’re really degenerate.  You have a lot of explaining to do Military Order of Malta & so do the Ludwig Hoffman Von Rumerstein’s & that families second in command position of Malta along with Malta’s obsession with my Bopp family ties & my Carother’s family ties all render that Malta has a lot of explaining to do.  Malta, you ran your desires to overtake thrones, as to put in control a dictator, as to search for angel half breed markers in Jesus’s descendant’s in the Jewish ethnicity, and you did it by pawning it all off with stories as if it was all just the crazy of German’s…. NOTE TO MALTA IHT’s: Oh Malta you and your jesuity ideas and your obsessions with your perfection & nobility & royalty are sick, your obsessions with Jerusalem& with Jesus’s heritage, and with Angels, are crazy… you all are as crazy about proving or disproving your propaganda you control others with, all while your human trafficker counter parts within the Jewish community want to disprove Jesus as their messiah as if there is a DNA trace that proves no immaculacy in Jesus’ conception, and your comingling’s of your crazy has now come to the light in how it is used to human traffic slave trade for your sexual deviancy’s that you wish to inflict upon all so that no one can stand to correct you through your immunity you hide behind, and so I want to know, do you all even hear yourselves when your propagandizing this crap to your followers? Do you all even hear anymore, because I know you can’t See.   You think God wants or sanctions any of the stories you create as your cover for human trafficking, breeding, war mongering as a cover for eugenic desires of medical torture, and terrorizing?  Your followers are idiots, and God would surly like them unsubverted from you, and re-subverted away from your desires to hurt the children. 

The Malta, Satanic, & Jewish platforms for human trafficking are called out first but the Muslim & Hindue & Atheist platforms of human trafficking are just as ugly and idiotic and also use Immunity Abuse Platforms, and no religion has been safe from human trafficking, “immunity abuse”,  or from  terroristing, all that are subversions of a religion engaged in for organized sex abuse and human suffering but truly the Malta’s medical torture avenues of eugenics combined with the posts that the Jesuit’s gain, are the most major player in this trauma based control tactic that gets used systematically to herd the humans into one direction and all standing on one platform & jumping to that platform as if theirs is burning down from the fires Malta sets in its desire for war’s and retaliations that allow them to convert property and money to themselves while further enslaving humanity as if a “human condition” is some sort of something that exists and needs to be fixed… the thing is that the Muslim’s & Hindue’s are currently organized around the trauma induction form of control, not organized around gaining medical files of every American, it is the catholic medical platform that is doing that right now through their commandeering of the posts that are making policy & controlling the Intelligence Agencies, and the only Muslim that cared about the 3 bumps on my tailbone was a white man employed by the CIA brought here from Morocco, and who’s brother was caught in my bank handling other genetic anomaly holders of Warrdenburg Syndrome who were brought here to San Diego from Africa, where the island of Malta is situated near, so what direction does that point to… it points right back to the Military Order of the Malta who launder their dirty money through our American military & schools/jesuits, while they hunt down genetic anomalies like human’s with tails?????  Is that what I am supposed to believe you all think; you Malta think that you should be allowed to do whatever you want to persons with bumps on their tailbone…so that you can try to breed create an atavistic missing link or create an “Angel with 3 sets of wings” which crazy is it SMOM?… NOTE TO IHT’S: you all give the term “mad scientist” & “medical torture” a whole new level of stupid, your all crazed idiot sex deviants, and denial can’t really even explain away your actions you engage in as if no idea to not do those actions never entered your realm of thought, when it has had to.

So America, when a group of jesuits starts to overrun the CIA, the State Department, and the DoJ and want to get everyone’s medical files into their access & get access to your medical files all while they uptick their “gun trafficking” through the cover of Fast & Furious, and all while they try to create forced gun control policy changes through the campus shooting’s they engaged in one of which they wanted to pin on me while exterminating my family, well it is all done for the human traffickers intent to decide who is an animal with atavistic traits and who is an half breed Angel, and who is related to Jesus, and who is a devil, and who gets to live & who must be eradicated and robbed…. This is the crazy dynamic they operate under and their propaganda knows no bounds and they are crazy while engaging their morally deficient “doctors” in calling all the rest of us the crazy ones when we don’t care for, or fall for, their propaganda’s they engage in as to further what it is that they are really actually up to, which happen to be the cover up’s of their acts of human trafficking as the truth about the human trafficking that they are doing harms their “stories” of propaganda that get people to act & react, and follow… and follow the propaganda, all of which also by the way is what allows these traffickers to perform their war mongering & human trafficking slave trade & this Human Trafficking through Immunity that the Order of Malta & their Royals & Nobles all enjoy, is the largest business model & economy on the planet and it always has been, and it’s methods are ridiculously crazy, and the three bumps on my tailbone & the bumps on the tailbones of the fathers mother & on my mother’s father & on the family  members of mine that were stalked before me & before I was ever born, are looked at by half of this crazed Malta ring that see my three sets of “Angel Wings” to be of the Highest Order of Angels, the Seraphim that sit above the type of Angels that the Order of Malta consider themselves to be, while the other half of this organized crime ring of Malta idiots see my 3 tailbone bumps as if they make me some half breed human some atavistic hold over to do whatever they want to & try to reverse breed evolution as to prove or disprove evolution, but either way they spin it, they are all obsessed with me and with the rest of my ancestors, and they seek to relentlessly oppress and harm us in their ring of slavery human trafficking that they perform through how stupid and idiotic and foolish, and crazy and sexually predatory they all are. Nothing about God is any of the crap they engage in and so if they want to pretend that I am an animal who is impervious to the humiliating, suffering, mortification, pain, and abuse they systematically inflict upon me then they are going to hear me roar like a lion, like an animal, as I am not the one who believes their crazy bunch of crap, they are the ones who believe it, and so this animal they consider me to be will flex my superiority over their stupid, regardless of how many idiots of theirs they seek to use against me, crazy is as crazy does, and I have never stalked around a royal family while presenting it to the world as a curse, nor have I stalked around 3 royal families as to bleed out their babies with my medical & botanical drugging’s as to support that desired abdication of a royal throne so that I could place a war monger Dictator in the control seat of that country… no it is not I who have done that for so many hundreds of years now, no, but my SMOM jesuity stalkers have, so roar, ruff-fuff, and meow, cawwh-khahh, tweet tweet, moooo, and roar, yes IHT’s I am here to mock you, let me hold the mirror up for you to see how stupid you all are, how foolish you all are, and how mentally ill you are all to have tried to throw all that you are onto me and my family as if we are beneath you just because we don’t want any part of your stupid, or just because your “botanists, medicines, drugging’s” of three Royal Families weren’t figured out till now…. And why did the circumventing of the Ludwig-Bopp lineage become so important to you all so long ago Malta or should I say Ludwig-Hoffman?   You bled to death Spain’s & Russia’s royal children from the German Royal marriages then terrorized that German family even more as if your acts were a curse, just so that you could screw with the German’s monarchy as to get them to abdicate, so that you could place your war monger as to be able to screw with the Jewish that were living in & around Germany, and you Screw with your own Catholic children while they are just being good little kids going to church or going to school, seems that there is nothing that you’re not willing to do or screw, and now you think God hasn’t seen this, good luck with that you Malta’y jesuite’y open up hospitals & schools as to launder and source victims through for your human trafficking subversionist pervert slave traders that think your ordained by God… tell me Order of Malta Nobel’s of Human Trafficking, how does it feel to be outed by an animal like me?  And tell me, where is your boss at, because your apparent attempts at your world war 3 that you wish to run through America after you pick through all of our medical files all so that you can further your eugenics based hunting, human trafficking, breeding & slave trading made through your immunity giving posts, yes, because your attempts to harm with your immunity & traffic on this large scale level, have just been undone.


Mocking J



Blog #281

7/25/14  Those human traffickers who control the establishment also control the anti-establishment, this will be important later.   

So that Chris “expose your genitals on Christmas guy” from 2010 who stalked me in between Guy Chammas & Kenneth Kraus’s stalk of me, just showed up to stalk me at the newest place I have found to do my work at, and this Chris guy has now stalked me about 3 or 4 times since I have been back from Seattle, pathetic jerk, so this time I got the license plate number from the his newest pathetic “I buy and sell cars” ride of the week and his pathetic self, made sure to stalk me in a white Toyota license plate 6YIK666.  As far as I am concerned, Chris can take his Anti’pope-mobile and shove it.

No joke, that was the California license plate on the front of the car he used to stalk me today…. I’m not scared by “jesus freaks” so why would I be scared by “satan freaks”? The propaganda just doesn’t work on me so take your SET and realign your silly little characters & subversions of your s-bible.

On another note, I had a good deal of enlightenment from a guy who buys into all of the “Anti-Establishment” propaganda that is put out in great lengths by the same persons that propagandize to the “Establishment”, all so that both sides can be manipulated into conflicts that will allow for large scale imprisonment or any sort of “martial law” scam game.  All of the propaganda on both sides of any establishment or government get manufactured mostly by the human trafficking ring as this allows the slave trader human traffickers to create the dynamics that they want for their businesses to grow.  Eugenics is a major factor in any breading of any animal so those that are so interested in getting their hands on to every American’s medical records, are very interested in creating conflicts that allow them to also imprison if possible.  So this friend that buys into the anti-establishment propaganda that circulates clued me into a large issue that can get in the way of the fight to stop this Second American Slave Trade, and what was revealed is that persons don’t see that anarchy is what the traffickers want.

That is why a peaceful nonviolent protection and reaction is the Answer.  When Martin Luther King engaged in this answer against segregation, the FBI Director actively engaged in a set of tactics as to try to get MLK to kill himself, and this is fairly well known now and is a part of history that appears to be well documented.  When the FBI’s tactics failed to get MLK to “go crazy” & failed to get him to go “suicidal” & failed to get him to be provoked to violence, then the “assassination” game gets played, & the very first thing that my new friend showed me when he told me about the “dark internet” the very first thing he showed me was the “assassin” pages to show me how protected you are on the dark internet, and I am assuming he picked that word based on the fact that it was at the top of the alphabetical list.  None the less, much of the other stuff that is floating around the “dark internet” appears to be sales of humans and it all uses bit coins, and even trades of tattoo art work in exchange for other items, and well you get the picture…. No credit cards no cash exchanged over the dark internet, only in person cash deals, bit coins, and trades, so when I see Chris show up today to stalk me at the newer place I have been getting my work done at, and after seeing how smug he was and how he made sure to basically square off to me to try to provoke me, all I can say to my ring of Human Trafficking Stalkers is NOTE TO IHT’s: keep your bit-bit’s & your cash & your trades of the kiddies and the woman, TILL there is no saving for you, as I am not gonna be the one getting hurt by your assassin purchases, scams, maneuvers, or fix all’s, haven’t you learned yet that your games at me backfire on you every time…. Why do you think Aaron Ybarra is still alive, watch, let’s see if his jesuit assigned counsel & jesuit judge get taken off the case before you even have a chance to try to get someone to hang him in his cell & act like he did it.  By the way, when an Stalker stalks me as to win bets on & control the deck on the gambling method of HT were they make bets on if they can get specific things in my Anti Stalker Blog, well now they are human trafficking in a conspired racketeering fashion leaving them all guilty of all the crimes of all the rest of their ring of criminals so welcome to the terrorist designation Chris as you now have made yourself a party to the campus terroristing vents that the rest of your co-stalkers have been engaged in at me.

My Anti Stalker Nation knows that they don’t want to be manipulated by any of the establishment or anti-establishment propaganda that is put out by the same group of traffickers who seek to be able to have a reason to get both sides fighting so that their trafficking, false imprisoning, erroneous “crazy” labeling, and breeding & selling can all be done easier through the conflicts they look to create.  Anti Stalkers are not anarchists, nor are they a joke to provoke.  The Anti Stalker Nation are protectors of what is righteous and cannot even be provoked by the books that were long ago commandeered by human trafficker slave traders who sought to legitimize their tactics by putting them into things like the bible.  My religion is not the only thing that human traffickers seek to run their harm through, oh no, they also seek to run their harm through interjecting their ideas into all things, and the bible is not magically immune to these animals subversion of it, no no no, nope, if God does not stop perverts from harming children then why would God stop a pervert from harming the bible stories….think about it.  Yep, I’ll say it right now, the Official Subversion of the Bible is one of the reasons people have thought for so long that “prostitution” is something real as if it is the “oldest profession of women”…. The reality is that “prostitution” is a Victim Blaming tactic used by traffickers to keep them safe and their Victim easier victimized all while it even gets the Victim to think that this is some “profession”…. Wake up.  Official Subversion of the Bible is why it is used (by persons like pedophiles who get Priest jobs) to train girls, boys, & women into thinking that they are to be second to a man and told the rule by a man, all while it is used to train’s men to think that their place is to direct women & that the women are supposed to by God listen to what the men say… it is a bunch of subversion of God’s Love and it only helps human traffickers slave trade in America and through all religions more easily, and this same game is played through the satanic bible as well and in all other religious books, human traffickers don’t discriminate the books they exploit & subvert.…

And this subversion of religious books including the Bible makes people easier targets or it makes people turn away from God, and it needs to be addressed.  And this is why my Anti Stalkers know what the lyric “surrender love” means, and no subversion of my Anti Stalker Nation is needed, the message is simple, too simple to subvert, “release the doves, surrender love”… and all religious & atheistic views can agree on this regardless of any of the other subversions of God that are made in any of the religious books that are treated as if they are untouchable as if God would protect those books from subversions though God does not even protect the innocence of children from subversion... think about it.  We humans are here for a reason and we are not here to be abused.  Nor are we to stand by while others abuse.  Nor are we here to be made fools out of.  We protect the children and the innocence and unvers the subversions.

That is why it is proper to focus on protection of all forms of non-violent self-protection which by the way is what traffickers are the most scared by & is why they try to target and set up my Blog & try to keep my audio recording at bay…. Even the Seff Jerksky guy’s ring of traffickers has the clerk at the court counter somehow asking me if I am trying to have personal service of my forms made on Seff though all my services are only needed to be made by mail, and are made only by mail so if Seff Jerksky has anyone trying to find him it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with his games of set up’s, Or with his & Travis’ supposed stalker bloggings of what they do to me,  & Seff can blame himself for his games of hurting the other people he undoubtedly stalks as my Anti Stalker Nation is not stupid enough to engage in any of the games that traffickers make then try to blame on their Victims… even pedophiles think that the children they hurt are to blame for being so cute in diapers… ya that’s out there on the dark internet too apparently & so David the Movie Producer Israeli Ambassador Sushi Restaurant on the SDSU campus right next to the Starbucks that had hidden cameras found in it is not the only I like kids in diapers perv out there meaning that there are jail mates perfect for him to share a cell with….

So 6Chris666 you can go kick rocks because you can’t provoke me to run and hide, or go isolate away to stay safe from you, nor can you get me to attack at you when you keep stalking me around, go play your “expose your genitals on Christmas-then stalk the Victim for reporting you” game with someone new like a jail cell buddy or something and remember that you were already told by me to stop, so when you’re in your jail cell playing peekaboo with your new friends contemplate on what stop means.




Blog #280

7/24/14  Yes it was Guy Chammas who was assigned to protect David the Israeli Ambassador turned SDSU Campus Sushi Restaurant Owner & Hollywood Movie Producer, and Guy Chammas was tasked with plying me with ideas that there is no way that Anastasia could have been trafficked here from Russia in the manor that she & David informed me about, Guy was tasked with human trafficking mefor his oppressing of me and my reporting about Anastasia…

Yep back in 2010 to 2011 Guy Chammas was human trafficking me for this ring of Immunitied Human Trafficking Terroristers.

And now, Guy Chammas gets his hands on hazardous materials from SPAWAR 

through his Accord Engineering job... back when Guy was stalking me in Mission Valley he would traffic through GoVavi events, and he was instrumental in trying to cover up about Anastasia & instrumental in trying to keep me from any further reporting about what I was told by David, Anastasia & Linda Bull.  Guy was protecting Escala’s trafficking ring in his targeting of me for his harms.

And yes, Guy re-stalked me in Mission Valley last year around the middle of 2013 and he is a danger to the public to be handling Hazardous Materials from SPAWAR's terroristing ring of human traffickers.

There, there it is for you as you have wanted it so long yes, now I found it, have it.

It is a threat to the public at large for traffickers Guy & SPAWAR to be involved with each other in any way. 

It is a public safety issur for Guy Chammas & SPAWAR to be working together through a third party & for Guy to have his hands on the terroristing group SPAWAR’s HAZMINCEN's, especially considering that the SPAWAR account is going to have some explosive materials in that particular HAZMICEN, that Guy would be responsible for counting, tallying, & moving, and that it too much of a threat considering all the hard effort Guy Chammas made in harming me and plying me with ideas that no way could it have been possible for Anastasia to have been put in a 3 day shipment from Russia on a feeding tube & twilight sleep at age 13 to be sold here for her virginity in a transaction that involved Davit.  And Guy kept trying to make me think I was crazy for believing her, as if no one could survive in the cold hull of a plane for 3 day shipments, but when your doing temperature controlled food shipments or even temp controlled material shipments using crates that have hidden compartments, all facilitated by doctors who put the Victim on feeding tubes & twilight drug induced comas, then it is not so impossible at all to be bringing in 13 year old girls for Ambassadors now is it.  Anastasia told me she was 23 now and that she will have worked off her mother’s debt in another ten years and free at age 33.  Anastasia was mortified when David told me how she came to America and how cute it was that they put her in a diaper for him.

Anastasia said of course she knew where her tracking device is hidden in her.

Anastasia said she now travels with the International Cards that Ambassadors are issued for family travel and that the International Card was what was going to be getting her sister into the country later that year when she turns 13.  I asked Anastasia how much debt could her mother possibly have. She looked at me in a break from her cigarette, with her still wet hair from her shower at David’s, then she staired at the 3 kids that were sitting watching tv while her handler was folding forks and knives onto napkins for the restaurant.  When I asked Anastasia why her sister has to now come to America to work off her mother’s debt if it is gonna be all gone in 10 more years of her work, Anastasia teared up began to shake and told me “I don’t know”.  It was a defining moment in my life, and Guy is a monster.

Guy tried to keep me from reporting this and I was horrifically retaliated against by Ben Klinger when I did report it to another entity after seeing how I was being worked over by Guy a man posing as an interested boyfriend.

SPAWAR’s Hazardous Material Center being “kept in compliance” by Guy Chamass’s Accord Engineering job is a recipe for a San Diego Disaster that Billy Goat Gore so badly wants for some reason.  A man that is teamed up with human traffickers such as Guy Chammas (protector of David the Israeli Ambassador movie producer trafficker of Anastasia) yes that Guy Chammas is not on the up and up in any of what he does and his ultimate dream is to become a famous tv personality scientist to the kiddies so what is Accord Engineering up to with this placement of Guy onto this account?

Very Truly Yours Anastasia, because I never stopped reporting what David told me while he thought I was just an older version of you.  





Blog #279


I suppose that lyric above says it all:

Amazingly beautiful, and so easy to do apparently, simple and simply beautiful to finally wave the white flag right…. Now to put the color back into the American Flag & put it back up in place with some meaning to it restored….

As in when you Bronx Borough Eric, use the US Attorneys and the IRS for targeting a senator as to destroy his ability to hold his seat just so that you can gain a controlling power shift ratio in congress with the intent and systematic guarantee that your healthcare plan will then undoubtedly be approved, then what you have done is a crime and a mis-use of funds & courts & post, and you did it before too didn’t you mis-use tax funds for the last election too right… and when you call off your erroneous investigation of the senator as an April Fool’s Day joke after gaining that targets needed post & accordingly didn’t need the “investigation” of the senator that Learner was trying to find auditable infractions for you from your silly “mystery emails sent to her” about nonprofit appearance payments that were not relevant but were sent as to give any aid to any sort of premeditated reason for initiating a chumped up “investigation audit of a congress seat holder”, well it means that your mis-using tax funds for malicious investigations & false criminal law suites & for ANYTHING ELSE LIKE FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING THROUGH “IMMUNITY”, all conspired on (before ever creating any fake issue to even be investigating) by the US Attorney’s Office, the IRS Office involving Non Profits, and by the Attorney General yourself, well what your doing is human trafficking that senator through the immunity abuse via the Investigation Method of Human Trafficking and your trafficking that senator as to basically commercially exchange his seat to someone that will vote for your health care so you trafficked a congressman as to gain voting control of the congress all while you take a pay check to do it Eric Holder????.... who’s your boss, who are you doing this for Eric?  When this type of human trafficking is just fine by you to engage in it starts to give an entirely new shine to your statements you made a decade ago about how “the public needs to be brain washed about gun control” given the circumstances of the campus shootings… now when these types of human trafficking’s are engaged in by you it also then gives a brighter shine on the gun trafficking of Fast & Furious too now doesn’t it…. Your human trafficking, gun trafficking, and terrorism is starting to shine too bright to ignore and this is no April Fool’s Day joke sir….

So thanks for waiving the white flag, THE TIME TO STOP IMMUNITY ABUSE AND IMMUNITIED HUMAN TRAFFICKING HAS DAWNED, and Eric your time to go to jail is now arrived and your immunity forfeiture to set a precedence, but you and your silly billy goat gore are not getting out of this without also being tied to your attorney facilitated rape for profit human trafficking through abuse of immunity sir, so here is a little birthday gift if you will:

“””FBI, DoJ and its Eric Holder, DHS, DoD via NCIS & via DoD web site, SDPoliceMafia, SDSheriffMafia

cc to the ICC

7/7/14second sent set of data

Crime Report in Re: Human Trafficking Rape for Profit made under the “One and Done” Method of Human Trafficking, organized systematic stalking of women for human trafficking made in San Diego and in all other places that Bill Gore has been allowed to subvert.

Investigative Entities,

While you have made it painfully clear that you already know about the methods of human trafficking & gun trafficking through “Investigations” and “IRS Audits” and “Operations”, we are reporting to you a rape and we are reporting to you a newly identified method of human trafficking called One and Done Human Trafficking, which is a rape for profit form of human trafficking and which is the organized premeditated way this rape was engaged in.  You can understand more about this form of human trafficking that your NSA/Intel Agencies & SPAWAR’s abuse of technology, data, and payroll are all facilitating in a sex crime sex targeting of women who have their private data used against them in an exploit were the team of human traffickers premeditate to gain single use sex from the unsuspecting woman under false pretenses were her private data is used to lead her into believing that the stalker trafficker is actually a caring genuine monogamous type of interested non-stalker, the intent is to psychologically abuse the targeted woman through the organized “dumping” of her after the sex is conned/forced out of her in a way that can be premeditatedly explained off as consensual should the woman ever pursue any sex crime charges; the premeditated sex is filmed on hidden cameras, the “dumping” is made against the unsuspecting Victim in a coordinated systematic way such as a group text dynamic where the Victim is told very cryptic abusive things by her “new boyfriend” that are instructed to him to say by the team of criminals that are in the group text that is being performed against her, and the intent is to demean and condition a targeted Victim in a very specific way as to attempt to convert her into slave trade that these men are part of and that is a part of a Medical Torture group that equivocate themselves to be War Criminals due to the outlawed nature of the tactics they use to human traffic and slave trade American Women.  This ring runs the trafficking & the laundering of its dirty money through the businesses they set up (and through universities), and you can read more about this One And Done Method of human trafficking at this link:

The Human Trafficking Ring group that engaged in this rape complaint via the One and Done Method of Human Trafficking include:

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}1)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}A doctor named Marcus Van, and a

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}2)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Doctor of psychology & medicine from Italy named Francesco Bucci, and a

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}3)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Hindu decent Eye Doctor who is a regular at

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}4)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Searsucker and is also a regular at

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}5)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Fluxx, where he picks off women to drug and abduct with a woman he pretends is his girlfriend, they are engaged in outlawed human rights violating war crime dark psychology abuse against the women that they target and they are protected by Searsucker who’s employees pretend not to know the Eye Doctor’s name when a Victim of his later tries to find out his name for crime reports.  I am sure the Agency this Eye Doctor works for that brought him into America for him to commit his crimes is not listed on this complaint, but we would welcome the opportunity to be deposed about him and who/why he is so well facilitated.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}6)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}A man named Andrew Wallace, who was sourced from the data that;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}7)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}C*K*D  gathered from the Victim Jessica Seymour after cyber hacking her computer in a team as to gain a tenancy in Jessica’s house in which K has been using light flashing tactics to give stalking communications (with out phone or email traces) to someone in the immediate area of Escala who then has some security guard guy repeatedly stalk Ms. Seymour when she leaves her house and before K got caught doing this she was relentlessly & repetitively dark psych conditioning and talking about

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}8)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Duncan Doughnuts as a place that Jessica has to try, yes an unreasonable amount of times the words Duncan doughnuts has come out of K’s mouth and “K” C*K*D  has been engaging in Unlawful Dark Psych Conditioning and unlawful surveillance against her target Ms. Seymour in relation to many things including “Duncan Doughnuts” since day one of this targeting of Jessica that K has engaged in by cyber stalking Jessica’s search for a safe roommate as to personally invade Jessica Seymour’s home and privacy as for maximum invasion & exploitation of this targeted woman Victim named Jessica Seymour who should never have to be systematically tortured this way in a slave trade that prior used this tactic to get Robert Tartaro into Ms. Seymour’s home as to aid a rape for profit scam that he and Agent Albert Machour were engaged in that involved selling Ms. Seymour through hidden cameras that Tartaro, Machhour, and a Jorge Leon were selling Ms. Seymour through in collusion with the persons who later engaged in targeting Chaldeans through an “operation Shadowboxxx” human trafficking ring ran by your Bill Gore who’s trafficking ring later engaged in manipulating and forcing & trafficking Ms. Seymour to be living on the SPU Campus with a notorious murderer named Charlotte Awino while having a different murderer named James Shelton placed living with Ms. Seymour’s family, and Awino & SPU did make it know through threats & tactics that Ms. Seymour & her family were to be murdered. After Rapist Andrew Wallace’s first attempt to access Ms. Seymour failed, he later also had Jessica Seymour lured to him by a bartender who goes by the name;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}9)      {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Baker, who is believed to be named Mathew Baker or possibly Daniel Baker, but his two jobs he lures target Victims through are:

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}10)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}The Tipsy Crow, who’s;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}11)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Owner Mr. Ty Hauter’s Coronado Island affiliations appear to include an;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}12)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Escala resident who lives behind Jessica Seymour at 2680 Escala Circle in San Diego Ca 92108 who has for years now kept Ms. Seymour under unlawful surveillance on behalf of rapists, and to

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}13)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}A prior Coronado Island Police Officer IT named Gary Rapp who’s daughter

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}14)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Joy Rapp is how Ms. Seymour was first targeted for human trafficking robbery at

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}15)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Side Bar, where Joy Rapp, her father Gary Rapp, and a team of others including the Side Bar Bouncer and an “Aborigine” manager named Eric all engaged in a drugging and robbery of Jessica Seymour; Aborigine is now Fluxxx.  And Joy Rapp’s stalking is what made Jessica feel the need to move and that is when Jessica started to get forced in to buying the condo in Escala that this ring of traffickers had already prior unlawfully converted to the bank/HOA from the original owner who was also targeted by many of the Escala based traffickers in this ring of criminals in their money laundering through unlawful property conversion scams that they have been relentlessly engaging in against Ms. Seymour with and through their human trafficking affiliates including multiple bank criminals, lawyer criminals, and judge criminals such as

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}16)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Seattle’s Tim Dore, who was very interested in Charlotte Awino and who had Jessica Seymour communicating directly to him & to his control rather than to the Office of the Filing Clerk. Many other judges are involved in this human trafficking ringsuch as but not limited to

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}17)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Yuri Hoffmann who has also engaged in property conversion scams against Ms. Seymour were other surreptitious tenancies were made against Ms. Seymour through the cyber stalking & enleashing of her, and it appears that Yuri Hoffmann had an affiliation to

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}18)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Pennsylvania’s Robert Hoffmann who has COMMERCIALIZED the One and Done method of human trafficking via his “One and Done .com”, and “One and One .com” corporate business models. Other Escala human trafficker terroristing criminals include

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}19)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}NOC Agent “Albert” Azziz Machhour who repeatedly rents in Escala as to menace Jessica Seymour whom he has assaulted in 2010 & whom he had

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}20)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}SDPD Jorge Leon terrorize and abuse Ms. Seymour as to cover up that rape for him & for Tartaro; and Machhour was also used in 2009/2008 to keep concealed this trafficking rings systematic rape that was made against Sarah Gibbs where she was drugged and abducted at the

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}21)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}JSix also known as JBar located in the

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}22)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Solamar Hotel, and this was a rape that for some in explicable reason the police were so sure that it was Jessica who was raped, and where San Diego police officer

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}23)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Lee Martin exploited the rape of Sarah to try to get Jessica set up at some behavioral health location when Jessica was trying to find a hospital for Sara to receive treatment at, oh yes it was
Albert Machhour who was tasked with plying Jessica with false data to make her think that the rape of Sara was somehow Sarah’s fault though that rape was a systematic rape that the JSix bartenders were in on, and that was engaged in so horrifically as to get Sarah to leave town so that a room would open up in Jessica Seymour’s home for Robert Tartaro to rent, as Sarah Gibbs was Jessica’s roommate at the time, and on the premeditated date of that rape & drugging abduction of Sarah, Jessica had been taken out of town to Las Vegas by her boyfriend chaldean Alvin Mansour who had planned that trip around reuniting with his girlfriend Ms. Seymour that he had prior broken up with right before Albert Aziz Machhour started targeting Ms. Seymour and this break up make up game that Mansour & Machhour were engaged in became clear much later on in this targeting of Ms. Seymour.  Other San Diego Police Human Traffickers involved in this rape scam have been

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}24)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}What ever police man pulled over Andrew Wallace on the night he had set up his original first date with Jessica Seymour were he lured her out to “Outback Steakhouse”,

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}25)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Officer Brennen who stalked Ms. Seymour in Mission Valley in collusion with his

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}26)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Sergeant Scott Nappora as a retaliation for the blog Ms. Seymour wrote regarding Bonnie Dumanis’ straw donor car dealership owner who helped her to launder money from Mexico human trafficking rings through her campaign funds, and this Sergeant Nappora abuse, and down trodden & oppression of Ms. Seymour was based around demeaning her and threatening her and retaliating against her by basically calling her crazy in a clever way of inserting “5150” comments into his stalking of her & the audio of this has been uploaded to the internet as well it has been given to the SDPD.  A few weeks later Andrew Wallace’s targeting of Ms. Seymour for human trafficking premeditated rape gained in “plausible deniability of consent scams” achieved through group terrorizing of her, were

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}27)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Officer Graves and his

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}28)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Sergeant Dunnagan both who conspired with C*K*D  & with Tipsy Crow & Andrew Wallace in a stalking of Ms. Seymour that involved a false ticket scam were Ms. Seymour was later called “delusional” by Sergeant Dunagan when she reported to him that officer Graves had just stalked her in a systematic way. Then shortly after Andrew Wallace’s maneuvered rape of Ms. Seymour two other SDPD stalked Ms. Seymour in Mission Valley when she was trying to eat and her order was commandeered by a

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}29)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Police Officer driving SUV License Plate number 1413934 who stalked Ms. Seymour to the Burger King in Mission Valley where her food order was commandeered by this cops human trafficking affiliate and Ms. Seymour’s food order was drugged and within 24 hours she began bleeding profusely in a manor that was unlike a period, at a time that was not part of any normal cycle as she had already had her period prior, the bleeding was extreme and was accompanied with many other side effects that are consistent with the “Plan B” drug and that are side effects that Ms. Seymour does not experience with any regular cycle; the Plan B drug was placed in Ms. Seymour’s food order at the Burger King through drugs that were given to Police SUV License Plate #1413934 by the Eye Doctor who Searsucker & Fluxxx protects and facilitates. On the day of the “plan B” drugging, when Ms. Seymour left the Burger King she saw the first SUV Cop, and before she could even get to her car a second

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}30)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Police SUV License Plate Number #1413936 showed up to gang stalk Ms. Seymour as she was on her way to her car after eating the poisoned food and now 2 SDPD SUV Cop units were stalking & menacing Ms. Seymour as she was being poisoned so that the Rape that Andrew Wallace scammed would not lead to a pregnancy whereas this ring was keeping Ms. Seymour’s menstruation cycle under unlawful surveillance as to have maximum success in their attempt to act as though Ms. Seymour wanted the rape due to her being in ovulation in her cycle, which is a long standing premeditated defense these human trafficking rapists & their human trafficking attorneys work into their targeting of a woman for their premeditated rape, and even when Robert Tartaro was being abusive to Ms. Seymour when he gained surreptitious tenancy in Ms. Seymour’s Escala home he made off handed and bewildering comments to her about how badly women want sex when they are ovulating and how that stands up on court all the time; Other Escala human traffickers include;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}31)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Navy/SPAWAR IT Robert Tartaro who like C*K*D  , had gained a surreptitious tenancy with Ms. Seymour with the intent to sell her through cameras he hid in her home, that he was also using to make a snuff film with as this ring has always intended to use Ms. Seymour in a murder of her that was to be made to look like something else, which is why this ring had maneuvered Jessica Seymour to the Seattle Pacific University in 2012 to be living with another surreptitious tenancy with

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}32)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Charlotte Awino who is a guerilla soldier murderer from Uganda’s Joseph Kony’s LRA the largest human trafficker of our time & the recent SPU Otto Miller Hall shooting was originally supposed to happen in 2012 to enhance the publishing release of SPAWAR’S George Galdorisi’s Act of Valor book who’s main character is “Chief Otto Miller” and that shooting was originally supposed to be pinned on Jessica Seymour out of retaliation for how she was able to avoid the “terrorist” state of emergency event that Bill Gore was planning to have made here in San Diego which is what Robert Tartaro was supposed to be making sure to be getting Ms. Seymour blamed for but you all already have been informed of that; in fact when Ms. Seymour reported to

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}33)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}FBI Agent Mike Collins from the SPU Campus as to how a trafficking ring was using the San Diego Sheriff department for human trafficking this FBA Agent Mike Collin’s made further cover up of this data as to facilitate the SPU attack that was being planned to be blamed on Jessica Seymour & it appears that Agent Mike Collins has ties to Escala as well. Other Escala based human traffickers involved in this human trafficking platform of One and Done Human trafficking abuses include,

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}34)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Ron and Travis Meyer at 2672 Escala Circle;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}35)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}April” and her husband at 2656 Escala Circle;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}36)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}A “Doctor, plastic surgeon” renting out 2660 Escala Circle;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}37)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}The gang tattoo sporting “Security Guard” hired by Escala through Universal Security Protection Company, chosen under the direction of Escala’s employee’s

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}38)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Peters and Freedman LLP, and their

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}39)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Tony Cook, and a few other Escala residents like;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}40)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Ben Klinger who used to stalk Jessica Seymour from his 2682 Escala Circle location, who not coincidentally in any way has prior engaged in a sexual based abuse of Jessica at the Bitter End which is the prior name for the Tipsy Crow that employs Andrew Wallace and Baker. Baker’s other bar tending job is at:

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}41)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Union Kitchen & Tap where he picked off Jessica Seymour with two other men who concocted a scheme to get Jessica to

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}42)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Werewolf where a trafficker named

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}43)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Scott Flanigan also prior had to get Jessica to & get Jessica on the Werewolf cameras, on an occasion when he also took her to

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}44)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Double Duce, and then this gun toting federal Agent Flanigan tried to ply Jessica Seymour into the

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}45)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Down Town Marriot Hotel room of his in exchange for foodA few months later Scott Flanigan’s crime ring catholic mafia human trafficking affiliates had human trafficker

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}46)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Ian Kingsley stalk Ms. Seymour by cyber stalking her locations she was logging on to the internet at, and Ian’s scam was to get a phone with a tracker into Ms. Seymour’s custody then to pull a gun on her, but we digress… After Baker (and his two friends that moved to San Diego over 10 years ago from New York and that target Hooter’s Girls) got Jessica to Warewolf, they then switched up the plans and somehow ended up at Tipsy Crow for Andrew to have another access/attempt at targeting for infliction of sexual crime. When Baker targets a woman he uses the Security Cameras at these down town human trafficking hubs, but he also uses his roommate that he informed is the

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}47)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Camera Man for Girls Gone Wild, who is one of the men that was directing

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}48)   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Andrew Wallace’s Roommate on exactly what time to invade Andrews’s room as to gain a trauma induction on Jessica Seymour, and Andrew’s Roommate was being instructed through hidden cameras that were placed in his room by Baker’s camera guy roommate from the “Girls Gone Wild” porn induction business model.  Andrew’s Roommate also used to work at Tipsy Crow, and he is a short red headed man that was a DoD/Army Information Tech. Non-coincidentally Andrew informed Jessica that his mother and step father are DoD and that his father writes cheat sheets to use at the casinos which you can obtain by buying one of Andrew’s Father’s books he wrote about gambling.  “Book” involved human trafficking is a propaganda that is used to recruit new handlers’ into the human trafficking ring that does launder a huge amount of its dirty money through casino gambling tactics, which is why the catholic church has paid out a huge reparation to Indian Reservation children in Bill Gores’ FBI director territory, and which is why some San Diego based casino’s donate to Bill Gore’s campaign funds, since Bill Gore has been human trafficking through his many posts for so long now, like his FBI post and like his Operation Shadowboxxx, and Bill Gore is at least a 2nd generation trafficker and his University of San Diego catholic mafia school is facilitating much human trafficking with in San Diego, particularly it’s Law School indoctrination of human traffickers into a subversion platform that this catholic mafia ring of human traffickers use as to gain false jurisdiction under a sovereign entity called Malta and called Jesuit’s, but this ring of criminals “sovereign immunity” is forfeit by their acts of war crimes that they engage in through the nice American jobs they gain, which they also use to cover up their human trafficking, raping, and terroristing crimes in advance of making the crimes. 

This is nowhere near the full amount of persons involved in this human trafficking ring, and since human trafficking is a larger business platform than both gun and drug trafficking, you can expect this list of yours to grow if you do a diligent job.

Andrew Wallace with the assistance of a team of trafficker affiliates of his, premeditated to relentlessly stalk, exploit, war against, and manipulate Jessica Seymour (in violation of her fundamental, civil, and human rights), with the intent to present himself in a way that fit her most desired personal data that C*K*D  gained in coordination with cyber hackers.  Andrew Wallace presented himself as a man ready to be monogamous and agreed to a monogamous relationship, and everything Andrew Wallace made malicious deceit of was a systematic human trafficking affiliated crime made as to gain sex that he intended to be onetime sex maneuvered through deceit, while presenting it to his Victim as being something else.  Andrew Wallace intended to engage in one time sex as to further a trafficking agenda to dark psych condition a slave while demining her systematically in violation of her human rights all as private information she never gave him was used to attempt to force Jessica Seymour to conform or be retaliated against which is an outlawed tactic. 

Premeditating to gain one time sex out of a Victim that Andrew worked with a team to target in the most effective way as to conceal & misrepresent what his actual intent was is a rape & is a human trafficking that is systematically engaged in against a targeted Victim repeatedly and in a 6 month time frame about 30 to 50 men will bombard a woman with this tactic and some of those men just make horrible abuse when rejected by the Victim, while others will drug the woman to rape her, while others of them will date rape her, while others of them will conspire to try to gain the “consent” looking alibi but all the men that are stalking around a targeted Victims such as Jessica Seymour are stalking the Victim relentlessly with the intent to try to force her into their slavery sex trade ring of human trafficking through their rape scams that subvert the targeted Victim from any normal resemblance of a life & freedom while these traffickers scam how to rob their Victim of everything in clever conversion scams, all made with the intent to make sure the Victim knows that they were just targeted right after the assault is made/gained; yes Andrew Wallace worked with a team so that he would know just what to say to his intended Victim as to gain that sex under the false pretense that it was a serious interaction as to facilitate an erroneous “consent” defense to his rape that he was intent to make sure that his Victim would later be made aware of, while he placed/allowed for hidden cameras to be placed in his room for repeated sales of their Targeted Victim, hidden cameras that Andrew’s roommate was able to watch and take instruction on with regards to barging into the room at a moment to bring mortification and trauma to their Victim Jessica Seymour all with the intent to placate a victim’s confusion with a plied coffee maneuver to get her onto the “Duncan Doughnut” store cameras for K’s East Coast Human Trafficking Rape for Profit through dark psych trauma induced conditioning tactics of MKULTRA that have been outlawed since the 1970’s is a crime that boils down to being systematic rape for profit that was followed up a few days later by a drugging of Ms. Seymour’s food order where SDPD stalked Ms. Seymour to the Burger King in Mission Valley as to get Drugs that would induce a Menstruation looking “abortion” type of event through drugs made available to them by the Eye Doctor who prior targeted Ms. Seymour at Searsucker and with/for Fluxx, while then engaging in a group text “dumping” game at Jessica Seymour are all human trafficking rape facilitation scams made with the intent to inflict psychological trauma focused around sex as to try to force a woman into sex slavery, made to further human trafficking related property conversion scams, terroristing scams, and in this case was made to further the exploit caused by the Seattle Pacific University terroristing event that Charlotte Awino & her SPAWAR affiliates were first planning to have blamed on Ms. Seymour in 2012, which is a crime for the ages, and it is not protected by any of the false pretenses that traffickers seek to gain in premeditation, no it is not protected under “trade secrets”, nor is it protected as “national security”, nor is it protected by “immunity”, nor protected by alternate jurisdictions, nor protected as “research”, and the time has now behold itself to you all for you to stop this long time slave trade; Jessica Seymour is demanding from you here and now, STOP your organized crimes that you bounce around from business to business, & from school to school, & from agency to agency through your subversion techniques such as, but not limited to, your “jesuit” affiliations that you organize this human trafficking and money laundering through.  The catholic mafia’s related to this human trafficking network are the a) Mexico based Sinaloas and Knights of Malta gangs that operate close to the San Diego border & up and down Bill Gores FBI Territory, and are b) the Jesuit gangs that operate through subversion of Universities, schools, and judge positions, and are c) the Irish/Scottish Catholic mafia that operate through the mason & shriner doctors & lodges they run & organize their crimes though.

Contact Ms. Seymour at for the rest of the details related to this systematic human trafficking rape scam or set an appointment, leave your card at her home.””

And that is what you call the Beginning of the End of your long crime spree sir’s.

Kiss Kiss,



Blog #278

7/22/14  Why can’t felony stalkers be stopped by the DoJ before another scammed murder terroristing event or rape is engaged in by the stalkers??? Oh that’s right, its because the DoJ is in on it, right….

Well, I got another cyber harassment stalking were Travis Meyer appears to be proving yet again that he trespasses onto my private use area to take unlawful harassment surveillance of me for his ring of rapist affiliates that invade my home and I can’t even get a TRO from this San Diego Court System that protects rape for profit affiliated scam artist stalkers harassers like Kathy Rowe & Travis Meyer, so here is the email he sent me on 7/20/14 knowing full well that I have told him to stop & knowing full well that I have tried to get the needed TRO that would make his & his affilates crimes stop being able to be engaged in:


And since this recent stalking is formed around the 3rd unlawful trustee sale of my home that will be abaited, I guess I should post the Answer To Complaint that was filed today:


Answer to Complaint for Unlawful Detainer is made by American born Plaintiff Jessica Seymour in pro se who is not an attorney, and by all things proper and due, Plaintiff hereby makes proper demand for her pleadings to be given pro se consideration and not held to the high standards of a trained attorney; Plaintiff exercises her common knowledge statuted rights to plead in layman’s terms that are based on right and wrong, fairness, justice, and protection of fundamental rights, and right to protection of property and protection of self.  Defendant Jessica Seymour denies all allegations made by Plaintiff PennyMac and asserts that PennyMac has not right to this property and has colluded in an unlawful property conversion scam in furtherance of human trafficking money laundering & have violated many laws and have unclean hands barring Plaintiff PennyMac from relief of any sort.

Affirmative Defenses

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}1.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Violations of SEC FAS 140; Unlawful Trustee Foreclosure Sale

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}2.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Violations of USC Title 15; Act HR 1944, 12 USC Dodd-Frank Act Title XIV; SEC FAS140; Standing not   met

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}3.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Malicious intentional infliction of distress, anguish, torture, human trafficking, etc., Violation of US Constitution Article 1 Section 6 ; 1985 Claim False Imprisonment & Rape for Profit in the Commission of Crime

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}4.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Bank Committed Fraud; engaged in with intent to convert real property and launder money in Violation of California Constitution Article 1, Section 1; and in Violation of HR 1944 Rights

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}5.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Violation of Civil and Fundamental Rights; Violation of Human Rights Declaration; Cruel and Unusual Torture


Jurisdiction of this court is invoked under the appropriate State statute and/or 28 U.S.C. §§ 1343, (1), (2), (3) and (4).  This action at law for money damages arises under USC 242 Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law and, Title 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 and the United States Constitution, the laws of the State of California and common law principles to redress a deprivation under color of state law of rights, privileges and immunities secured to Plaintiff by said statutes, and by the First, Fourth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. 


1. Defendant , Jessica Seymour, hereinafter referred to as “Defendant”, “I”, “me”, “my”, and “her”, is, and at times relevant was, a resident of, and employed, within the State of California and within the jurisdiction of a few courts including this criminally ran court.

2. a) Plaintiff’s PennyMac, and their co-conspirator’s MERS, Quality Loan Solutions, Chase, Terraces, Escala, Operation Shadowbox, Superior Court of San Diego, Richard Whitney, Tim Taylor, David Danielson, Kevin Enright, Yuri Hoffman, Rodgers, Tim Dore, Charlotte Awino, Grant Learned, Bill Gore, and other DOES hereinafter also referred to as “Plaintiff’s coconspirator’s”, is, were, are, and was, at all times relevant a resident in, employed within, preside with in or doing business in, organized and existing under the laws of America and mostly in the State of California & in many other States, within many counties and within the jurisdiction of many courts including this dirty co-conspiring court;

b) Plaintiff and their human trafficking affiliates are barred from relief, from relief of Stay, and from possession of the real property in question (under laches and the doctrine of unclean hands, and under Richman v. Bank of Perris (1929) 102 Cal. App. 71.) due to their unclean hands, their acts of fraud, and their unlawful acts related to their unlawfully gained and maneuvered position they have conspired to put Plaintiff into with the intent to convert the property in their money laundering scam they engage in on a large scale through Land Developer’s including but not limited to the large scale Pennsylvania affiliated Cash for Cuties scam that is engaged here in San Diego by many of the Pennsylvania relocated affiliates who structured San Diego’s court house ran racketeering in the same way they set up Pennsylvania’s Cash for Kids scam that came to light in 2008, and who have had Plaintiff Jessica Seymour stalked, harassed, sexually targeted, and set up for harms by Pennsylvania affiliated/relocates such as Fred Glick, Janis Sammartino, Seff Jersky, Steven Titus, Robert Hoffmann, John Thompson aka John Mulvahill, et al;

c) Plaintiff and its coconspirator’s caused all their own loss and damages related to this home due to their own unclean unlawful acts and the Defendant Jessica Seymour is due repair of the harms that Plaintiffhas maliciously sought to cause her to suffer, Defendant is not liable for any damages that the Plaintiff(s)s caused themselves. PennyMac knew that they had no rightful claim to this property before they engaged in the conversion scam with Terraces & Tim Dore/Charlotte Awino/SPU & Chase Bank who is the entity that had taken the servicing of this in question loan/property from the “Mortgage Store Financial” conspirators and that is why PennyMac used Los Angeles based Oil Industry Attorney Michael Klosk for the unlawful “trustee sale” that PennyMac & MERS & Quality Loan Services engaged in like a midnight tank pull off a contaminated gas station real slick after conspiring to defraud Defendant Jessica Seymour out of her civil rights under the USC & California Constitution to property protection, the conspired abuse that has caused Jessica Seymour to be trafficked to SPU & to Tim Dore caused Plaintiff and attorney Michael Klosk to have known about the bankruptcy Stay matter prior to engaging in this erroneous loan servicing scam & prior to their knowingly unlawfully made violations of SEC FAS 140, “reserving” “trustee sale” & “foreclosure recording” clouding of my title that had been a cleared and cleaned title of my ownership by way of how Chase Bank failed to keep interest in the property at the time of the bankruptcy, and DOE Plaintiff Chase Bank backed away from all interest in this property as to cover up their crimes (including TARP Fraud) that Chase engaged in against me with Plaintiff’s Co-Conspirators “Operation Shadowboxxx” through & with Chase Bank employees Vicky Cardova, Zach Scoggans, and others. At the time of the Bankruptcy Chases interest in the property and my obligation to Chase Bank were finalized and released and the property was mine free and clear via at least 2 methods; Yes PennyMac knew about this Stay under Bankruptcy at the very least a month before they went ahead with their unlawful trustee sail foreclosure and now Plaintiffs and their co-conspirators are vexed since Plaintiff has avoided Charlotte Awino’s, James Shelton’s, and Seattle Pacific University’s 2012 attempted murders of Defendant Jessica Seymour & of her family, and Plaintiff has recently engaged in collusion to the human trafficking of Defendant as well as 2 additional failed murder attempts that were made in January 2014 leaving Defendant Jessica Seymour alive which Plaintiff’s Tim Door and Terraces and PennyMac did not anticipate, Plaintiff did not anticipate Defendant Jessica Seymour to be able to avoid their murder attempts they made in collusion with SPAWAR & with at least 6 USAA insurance/bank affiliated criminal human trafficker murderers, and with SDPD Employees working at King’s Fish House, and with County employees such as DOE Defendants Bill Gore, all who are part of the money laundering & human trafficking ring that is affiliated to the Joseph Kony Human Trafficking Ring that created Charlotte Awino & had her brought to America and placed living with Victim Defendant Jessica Seymour on the Seattle Pacific University campus and Awino did threaten to make Defendant murdered and made a blame taker for crimes of a horrible nature.  Now that Defendant Jessica Seymour has been able to avoid Plaintiff’s murder attempts that they & their co-conspirators engaged in through finally committing their Seattle Pacific University Attack they made with the intent to have Defendant assaulted at the same time as the 6/5/14 attack, it is again proper to that emergency protective orders barring Plaintiff and their co-conspirators from any further stalking, raping, assaulting, surveillanceing, contacting, invading, human trafficking, slave trading, or imposing of vulnerability such as homelessness, against Ms. Seymour, and since Plaintiffs are barred relief they are also barred from possession of the in question property for such unclean acts that they have made, a Stay of Possession and Stay of foreclosure trustee sale proceedings is proper and hereby requested.

d) First,  Plaintiff’s co-human trafficking money launderer & coconspirator Chase did not continue interest in the loan on the home and released interest automatically by not engaging in any of the formal procedures necessary to keep interest in the property or to keep Defendant tied to the loan they then sold to PennyMac;

e) Second, at the time of the Bankruptcy, Jessica Seymour contacted the Court Department of Judge Dore’s regarding a matter that allowed & qualified her to be released of all of her Student Loan Debt and that also qualified her to have Chase Bank (the servicer at that time) to be barred from all interest in the property as well as relieving Defendant from all debt that Chase showed her to owe.  Defendant was told by Judge Tim Dore’s department to send the pleading to Judge Dore directly and not to send it to the Clerk of the Court, Plaintiff followed the directions the Department gave her and Defendant was released from the Chase Mortgage Loan Debt as well Chase’s interest in the real property was released and Chase allowed the debt to be released from the home, title was cleared ((which was later found out to be part of this conversion scam that dictated Defendant Jessica Seymour to be murdered by Plaintiff’s human trafficking ring of so that Tim Door’s crime ringaffiliates at the HOA’s/Terraces law office of DOE Plaintiff’s, Peter’s and Freedman, could convert the property to their Escala based human trafficking laundering ring via a bogus $30,000 non-judicial trustee sale scam)), I was released from the Federal Financial Aid Debt, and the Debt interest that Chase had in the property was also released, due to the pleading I submitted showing good cause that all debt and interest in the home are releasable and were released due to the “crazy” status that San Diego human traffickers conspired to put me into for their own unlawful intentions after scamming to force me to be buying the property. I submitted this pleading before finding out that I was steered to SPU for abuses and before knowing that I was living with a notorious childhood murderer human trafficker guerilla soldier named Charlotte Awino, but Judge Dore knew more about the intended crimes against me that Plaintiff’s coconspirators & notorious childhood murderer’s James Shelton and Charlotte Awino along with SPU, were engaging in and Judge Dore knew that Defendant Jessica Seymour was supposed to be getting murdered in 2012 at SPU’s Otto Miller Hall in correlation to SPAWARS’s George Galdorisi’s 2012 book publishing of “Act of Valor” who’s main character was given the propaganda fictitious name of “Chief Otto Miller” and so Jesuit Mafia Racketeering Trafficking  Judge Dore did conspire with human traffickers & Jesuit’s Peters and Freedman as to release all debt from me & from my home as if I was “crazy” and therefore was not liable to pay for loans and not liable for loss that Plaintiff and their coconspirators forced me into with the intent to convert it from me by later engaging in a vendetta to call me “crazy”, and Judge Dore did release Chase Mortgage Bank’s interest in the home due to the Vicky Cardova & Zack Scogan’s crimes committed against me, and due to Chase’s failure to properly respond and properly engage in keeping their interest in the home & failure to keep me bound to their faulty loan/servicing that they took years prior from “the Mortgage Store Financial” aka “American Home Mortgage Corp”, and this company was no longer a party of interest in the matter and is only recently been  brought up now at this time by one of PennyMac’s 4 attorney firms, Michael Klosk, on behalf of a conspiracy made by Bill Gore & his human trafficking affiliates as to try to scare me into compliance via some scam they cooked up long ago with one of the women they were also human trafficking named Yolanda Moats-Shakoor;

f ) Third, Jesuit Mafia Human Trafficker terrorist Judge Dore did release all debt on my home, and he did also release me from all home loan debt, HOA debt for both of Escala’s HOA’s, and he did release me from all student loan debt back when this Judge Dore thought that my family and I were just going to be killed by Charlotte Awino & James Shelton, and Judge Dore & Chase did release the home from the debt in a conspiracy to aid the HOA’s Jesuit Mafia Attorney’s Peters & Freedman in a premeditated non-judicial foreclosure scam real property conversion they intended to do after I was to be killed but when I reported to the police the crimes that Charlotte Awino & SPU were engaging in against me I then was made aware of Charlotte Awino’s LRA Human Trafficking guerilla soldier murderer status, and I was able to avoid the planned murder of me & my family that Ruby Ridge Bill Gore & his SPAWAR jesuit mafia affiliates were engaging in in 2012, and now in 2014 the terroristing murder event that has been long planned by this ring of Jesuit Mafia human traffickers who have a thing for calling their Victims “crazy” whom they stalk through abuse of their posts has finally been completed by this ring of criminal property conversion scam artists, & on6/5/14 SPU has finally had the attack that they have been wanting and that they agreed to let me into the school for me to be the unknowing unparticipating blame taker for the event which surprisingly now has a jesuit mafia judge & jesuit mafia affiliated public defender placed on the Aaron Ybarra shooter who can’t remember how he got on the campus to begin with and both have failed to have me deposed on the matters at hand regarding the SPU Shooting.  When Judge Dore was made aware of this knowledge I gained he then tried to start covering his tracks… all why he is needing to Recuse himself from this matter, and why PennyMac and others are not to be granted relief from stay of my bankruptcy as these criminals only seek to harm me more after gaining relief, and try to kill me again while converting my property to themselves as to launder their dirty money through. As soon as Judge Dore found out that I found out about the murderous past of Charlotte Awino and James Shelton all of a sudden Judge Dore swiftly closed my bankruptcy, and when the HOA did engage in their premeditated property conversion non-judicial foreclosure scam over a year later sick of waiting for me to be killed, I only then see Chase start to also recant their prior released position by way of now “selling” the already released loan to PennyMac as a way of clouding my title so that I could not remedy the HOA’s scammed $30,000 bill that I had been getting funding to remedy via the clean title and prelim I had duly and honorably achieved through the Bankruptcy which a trafficker DOE Plaintiff co-conspirator Carla Brushard engage in also trying to sully in collusion with PennyMac & Chase & Terraces on behalf of the Operation Shadowboxxx immunity holding human traffickers who launder money through abuse of home owners, property conversion & foreclosure scams, and through students financial aid conversion scams via Bill Gores Catholic/Jesuit Mafia affiliated human trafficking platform that conducts human trafficking under the “Investigation Method of Human Trafficking”;

g) Fourth, Defendant generally denies the legitimacy of each action that PennyMac’s & Terraces/Peters & Freedman have taken as to gain faulty trustee sales, and affirmative defenses include but are not limited to: Plaintiff’s served the Notice to Quit & filed the unlawful detainer actions, and engaged in unlawful “Foreclosure Trustee Sale” scams to retaliate against Plaintiff and while knowing that there was pending litigation on the home against them; By filing the Notice To Quit, The Complaint, & the “Trustee Sale” Plaintiffs have arbitrarily discriminated against the Defendant in violation of the Constitution and/or the laws of the USA, and/or the laws of California; Plaintiff seeks to convert the property of Jessica Seymour & evict Defendant Jessica Seymour based on unlawful acts that Plaintiff’s made against Defendant Jessica Seymour that include human trafficking of her, stalking, harassing, sexual assault & unlawful sexual perversions, and Plaintiff exercises in collusion with coconspirator’s unlawful hate crime abuse of a Defendant whom the Plaintiff(s) maliciously consider to be a “protected class” “crazy” citizen; Plaintiff long ago breeched any covenants and contracts that involve the Defendant; and other affirmative defenses stated here in; and Defendant requests the Plaintiff take no possession and abate their foreclosure and unlawful detainer acts against her home, and other things requested in the Answer to Complaint, pay Defendant’s costs & losses, and make otherremedies to damages incurred by Defendant due to Plaintiff’s unlawful abuses, such as pay heavy punitive damages and such as other remedies requested herein;

h) Fifth, Defendant was even just told by Judge Dore’s department on 3/14/14 to send a Pleading Response to Judge Dore directly in the mail and not to send it to the Clerk of the Court, and Defendant was told to do this when speaking to the woman who picked up the phone call she made to (206) 370-5300 where Defendant asked for Anne Hermes or Chris Dale, and Ann Hermes who fielded the call was very direct in her instruction that Defendant send  her Response in the mail directly to Judge Dore who has been tampering with Defendant’s pleadings and case, and Ann Hermes instructed Defendant to file pleading attention to “Judge Dore” and not to the Clerk’s Office, and Defendant has this on audio recording due to the protection of Victim’s Rights Laws that allow her to make any non-violent form of self-protection & protection of fundamental rights, allowing Defendant to make and use of non-violent recording and use it to protect herself from the fundamental & human rights violations & harms of the predatory stalkers that have immunity and abuse it to control and traffic women while tampering with her court communications. Accordingly, Judge Dore and his quasi immunity staff are all in forfeiture of their Immunity as are all other Immunity holder DOES still trying to aid this conspiracy to convert Defendants home from her after cleverly forcing her into buying the home.  Defendant doesn’t care to have any more of these Rape for Profit, Cash for Cuties Scandal, money laundering terrorisitng human trafficker’s Escala turf war fall out damages landing on her and on her home, so she is hereby demanding that a non-conspiring, and a non-Jesuit mafia affiliated judge handle this matter, because Defendant free and clear ownership of this home is a matter that was finalized long ago, the home is Defendant’s free and clear, the past loan on her home was cleared away by judge Dore and by Chase, and they are all only now bringing this matter up as a last ditch effort to gain this Escala turf at a time when Defendant had secured a loan to simply circumvent the HOA’s $30,000 conversion scam that they made unlawfully, which Defendant  had intended to sue them for after curing the Jesuit Mafia Human Traffickers Peters & Freedman’s & Escala’s fraudulently gained $30,000 due bill conversion scam they concocted in premeditation with their Jesuit affiliated Judge Dore who had first removed Chase’s loan from the property back when Defendant was just supposed to be killed by Charlotte Awino, never to be able to defend against this intended attacking, assaulting, and converting of her & of her property, in 2012 Chase’ released the home & loan to cover up their fraud thinking that Defendant would be dead and the property converted with no one to set the record straight, then they unlawfully engaged in trying to cover that up years later by selling a chumped up & void ownership to Plaintiff PennyMac, who is barred from relief and who have been told to take their issues up with Chase.

4. Defendant is unaware of the true names and capacities of the Plaintiff’s coconspirators herein as DOES 1 through 250, inclusive, and therefore identifies these criminals by such fictitious names. Defendant will seek leave of this Court to amend this Answer To Complaint to allege the true names and capacities when ascertained. Defendant is informed and believes and thereon alleges that each said fictitiously named DOE Plaintiffs are responsible in some manner for the occurrences herein alleged, and are liable to Defendant for the injuries and damages as herein alleged.

5. Defendant is informed and believes and thereon alleges that the aforementioned DOES are somehow responsible for the acts alleged herein as the agents, employers, representatives, subsidiaries, parent organizations or employees of other named Plaintiff’s, and in doing the acts alleged herein were acting unlawfully and abusively within the forfeiture of immunity abusing scope of their agency through unlawful customs and practices under color of law, employment or representative capacity of said named Plaintiff’s, or of each other. In the course of the acts and events described in this Answer To Complaint, the Plaintiff’s, including DOE Plaintiff’s agreed upon, furthered, or ratified the acts which damaged Defendant.

First Affirmative Defense

Unlawful Trustee Foreclosure Sale; Violations of SEC FAS 140; Standing not met Promissory Note Extinguished

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}6.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant refers to and repleads each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 1 through 5 of this Complaint, and by this reference incorporates the same herein and makes each a part hereof.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}7.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff’s have Scrutinized the deed instrument and all Plaintiff’s know by the term MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc.) that the Deed & Promissory Note being used to facilitate this unlawful foreclosure has been Scrutinized through the MERS’ registration of the in question deed of trust on the SEC as a REMIC (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit) in a special vehicle for tax exemption purposes. SEC stands for Securities and Exchange Commission.  SEC filing is permanent, and it is a permanent attachment rendering the Promissory Note to be gone forever in exchange for a Stock. The Note and the Stock cannot exist at the same time.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}8.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff’s did convert this trust deed in to a security and traded it on Wall Street; Scrutinized my deed and made money off of it though they did not put up any money and were not the purchase money loan.  The MERS also made money off of my loan payments I made, all while conspiring on how to convert the property back to themselves someday by use of criminal methods including but not limited to use of hard to detect methods of human trafficking of unsuspecting (and unparticipating) home owners. Plaintiff’s primarily use this scam in targeting single women into buying a specific property with the intent to harm her after getting her in the home, then convert the home back to themselves when they are no longer able to sell and otherwise harm the targeted women inside her home she was prior conned into buying, for example, like when Defendant found the hidden cameras that DOE Plaintiff Robert Tartaro placed into Ms. Seymour’s home and when Jessica Seymour tried to and attempted to stop that abuse of her and unlawful slave trading & selling of her, she was targeted and retaliated against horrifically and cleverly abducted and false imprisoned by Plaintiff’s co-conspirators.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}9.            {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}In cases of a REMIC, the Trustee does not have the power to manage the assets of the Trust, and so no longer has the power to manage any part of my Note or Deed of Trust; Scrutinized. Once the REMIC is formed it then gets converted into a security that is traded on Wall Street, rendering that servicers & MERS can no longer file any sort of Trustee sale, as the REMIC would have to file it if any foreclosure could even be legally enacted but it can’t, since my Note and Deed have been Scrutinized and have forever lost the REMICS security interest on/in my home in exchange for tax write off’s & other money which they can choose not to trade their interest for and Defendant could never sign a way to permit Plaintiff’s to violate FAS 140, nor could Defendant ever sign away fundamental rights to property protection & self-protection as they are unalienable any verbage suggesting that Defendant’ allows the Plaintiff(s) to violate law renders the entire contract void.  The Note and Deed have also been used by Plaintiff’s as a tax shelter, and as tax write off’s by Plaintiff’s which they never had to engage in, but engaging in such has rendered them to have no Standing as they are not all the Shareholders of the REMIC and are no longer a Real Party of Interest under FAS 140 (Financial Accounting Standards 140), and the loan in no more, it has forever become a stock that has been sold, scrutinized, and that has no security interest in Plaintiff’s real property as a Promissory Note is only enforceable intact and not scrutinized, Plaintiff knows by the term MERS that they cannot enforce Defendant to owe them anything and Plaintiffs chose that route in exchange for tax write of and sales of and the stock that my loan was converted into which is owned by thousands of shareholders all over the world who have no standing interest in this home’s Promissory Note that was extinguished by Plaintiff’s in their choice to gain other money that Plaintiff’s could have chosen not to gain had they wanted to keep any unbroken interest in my home, and had they wanted to keep any unbroken enforceability to foreclose or sell my home, and Plaintiff PennyMac knew this before conspiring with Chase to gain servicing by virtue of the term MERS being on the extinguished Note & Deed they conspired to “buy” for penny’s on the dollar with the mal intent to switch that up to some sort of $700,000 loss scam on their business tax’s, though no property in Escala has ever been worth $700,000 and though defendant has never had or owed any amount on this home near that figure, adn while defendant has never even received any “cash out” on this property.  Defendant Jessica Seymour has never taken a $700,000 loan and any loan that would ever jump that high was a conspired and predatory loan made at Defendant by Plaintiff & their coconspirator’s. 

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}10.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}When the Lender and MERS sold Defendant’s loan to the REMIC, the Lender and all subsequent Servicers such as PennyMac then forever lost their ability to enforce, control, or otherwise foreclose on my property, and are no longer a party of interest, because once the Trust Deed became a stock the Promissory Note ceased to exist, and Defendant is not responsible for the Banks desire to do this in exchange for money above the monthly payments she made, by scrutinizing their interest in this home on Wall Street after changing their Promissory Note into a different instrument that cannot be used to foreclose against Defendant with, the Plaintiff’s chose to loose all interest in the property in question and PennyMac knew this fact by virtue of the term MERS on the debt they bought…. And this was the intended defense that DOE Plaintiff Terraces HOA and their Legal Team wanted to assert against PennyMac once their targeted defendant would be dead, & Peters and Freedman conspired with PennyMac &Tim Dore to assert this same defense once they oppressed Defendant’s rights to protection of property through horrible acts including coordinated erroneous clouding of title and loan delay scams engaged in by Plaintiff’s maliciously, with the intent to cause Defendant loss of her ability to remedy and access her 90 day right of redemption which is an organized and clever deprivation of rights scam that Plaintiff’s are criminally guilty of in violation of Defendant’s Civil and Fundamental rights.


Second Affirmative Defense

Violations of U.S.C. Title 15; Standing Not Met


{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}11.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant refers to and repleads each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 6 through 10 of this complaint, and by this reference incorporates the same herein and makes each a part hereof.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}12.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Under FAS 140 the rule governing a sale enforce that a transaction can only be recognized as a sale if it is sold to a party at arm’s length; in other words, you cannot sell an asset to yourself, and the MERS and theREMIC cannot sell or transact the asset back to themselves from the shareholders; so the MERS nor any trustee nor reassignee (who are trying to convert my home to launder money through with this unlawful foreclosure scam I am defending against), can own the home to foreclose on it as the asset/instrument has been sold on Wall Street and Scrutinized already.  Plaintiff’s are engaged in the same type of unlawful shell scam of hiding things that Enron was engaging in when they were hiding their losses, and Plaintiff is engaged in a predatory lending scam in violation of 12 USC Dodd-Frank Title XIV anti-predatory lending guidelines and intention as to create an “unfair method of competition in violation of USC Title 15 §41-77, and Defendant cannot compete with this unfair advantage that Plaintiff’s have maliciously sought to create for Defendant Jessica Seymour to suffer in, especially not while these Plaintiff’s repeatedly maliciously attack, & conspire to attack, Defendant physically & emotionally, while attacking Defendant’s credibility as to subvert the protection and justice she is owed.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}13.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C} FAS 140 was created to govern the sale and securitization of a negotiable instruments. FAS 140 sets forth laws, standards, and provisions which state/dictate that once an Asset is sold the seller forever loses the ability to control the asset; so the sale of my scrutinized Trust Deed/Promissory Note when it was turned into a REMIC and Bond forbid the MERS and Servicers (such as PennyMac) from control of my home, and are no longer a real party of interest, but only engaged in a scam to make money off of my home again though they have never put up a single dollar toward my home but have sold it on Wall Street already for a 10,000% mark up on their cost to gain this broken instrument on my home, lending to the predatory nature of this foreclosure scam that is targeting me and systematically colluding with criminals as to circumvent my attempts at gaining justice and to defraud me out of my rights to protection of property and rights to protection.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}14.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Double Taxation: Avoidance of double taxation on assets and then again on shareholder income, causes the bank to put loans into SPV’s (Special Purpose Vehicles) so that they don’t get taxed on the asset under Internal Revenue Code 860, this way only the shareholders are taxed. This means that the Shareholders are the Real Parties of Interest.  The Trustee in this Non-Judicial Trustee Sale scam is not the real and beneficial party of interest because the REMIC does not own the note, the shareholders do, therefor the Trustee cannot enforce the Promissory note, they can’t have their cake and eat it too.  This MERS & REMIC use of the Distributed Parties of Interest scheme for the bank to avoid double taxation is legal, but is a choice the banks can chose not to engage in if they care to keep the Promissory Note enforceable and not broken, the tradeoff is the Standing to Foreclose and all Plaintiff’s gave that up and knew so regardless of how many clever re-servicing of a dead note & deed they maliciously conspire to engage in upon the women they are human trafficking and laundering money through all as if the targeted Victim will never be able to fight this crime.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}15.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Long ago it became that no one has the right to Foreclose on my home anymore because the MERS could have chose to have excepted double taxation and let the REMIC hold the centralized power if they cared to have enforceable Standing for Trustee Sales, but in this case Plaintiff’s rather chose to distribute the tax liabilities to the shareholders, therefore Plaintiff’s also chose to distribute the Parties of Interest; No one entity (other than Jessica Seymour) is a real and beneficial Party of Interest, rather every shareholder of the REMIC is a small party of interest in stock that broke the Promissory Note, and the MERS and all subsequent Servicers such as PennyMac are no longer able to enforce foreclosure or the in question Trustee Sale recording or activity. Likewise the Terraces/Escala lost their right to any foreclosure due to their conversion conspiracy made for this human trafficking money laundering ring that they stalk Defendant with, and that renders them forfeit to any CCR’s or laws that they seek to hide their unlawful conversion scams & laundering under for their furtherance of human trafficking and terroristing on the SPU campus, that they have now engaged in, after their scam with Pennymac & Dore & Chase to defraud me out of my ability to remedy my 90 day right of redemption by a systematic timed & unlawful “re-servicing” was engaged in by Plaintiff as to cloud my cleared title so that my loan to remedy the 90 Day right of Redemption would be forced away from me.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}16.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}No one has the right to foreclose against me, because thousands of shareholders each own a tiny part of my extinguished promissory note because a Promissory Note is only enforceable in its whole entirety as per law. You cannot enforce a Promissory Note that has been split up into many tiny pieces to form a stock sale split, nor can you enforce a Promissory Note that has been extinguished through trade off into scrutinization.  Defendant’s know this and only engaged in their unlawful servicing & recording of unlawful trustee sales as to benefit the HOA’s prior made unlawful trustee sale and damaged my ability to remedy my 90 day right of redemption through clouding my title when it was unlawfully realized by Plaintiff’s that I had secured a loan and title clearing for remedy of the 90 day redemption period amount, rendering all Plaintiff’s to have colluded to convert my real property with unclean hands and for unclean reasons, and through oppression of my rights to protection of property and self.  All of Defendant’s acts have rendered them criminals and forfeit to any interest in said property APN # 443-301-13-71; 2670 Escala Circle San Diego CA 92108; see legal description attached.


Third Affirmative Defense

Malicious Intentional Infliction of Distress, Anguish, etc. in Violation of Article 1 Section 6 of the US Constitution; Automatic Forfeiture of Any and All “Immunity” and/or “trade secrets, and/or “National Security”, and/or “Executive Order” circumvention of my right to Justice through protection of human trafficking tactics and activity that are conspired to be ran by immunity holders.


{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}17.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant refers to and repleads each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 11 through 16 of this complaint, and by this reference incorporates the same herein and makes each a part hereof.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}18.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff’s engaged in unlawful conversion of property for laundering the dirty money of the human trafficking ring that they are affiliated with and in collusion with. Plaintiff’s practice extreme methods of physical and psychological abusive “control” tactics as to exploit, manipulate, and anguish persons they target for their money laundering scam.  Plaintiff’s along with their coconspirators oppressed Defendant from employment, after their scheme to get her into this property, which Plaintiff’s engaged in as to isolate Defendant while scheming to hide video cameras in her home to sell her through.  All Plaintiffs are all guilty of all the acts of each tortfessor through conspiracy laws, and each Plaintiff did know about the pre-existing conspiracy, joined it, and ratified it by their despicable actions they made against Defendant in their unlawful property conversion scam they engage in while trafficking the Victims they are targeting as their Victims for their property conversion scams.  All Plaintiff’s have had options of leaving and reporting the unlawful conspiracy and collusion scam and report it to authorities but have refused too, and now they have blood on their hands as their Seattle Pacific University campus shooting has now been engaged in though I warned & informed everyone as to what Charlotte Awino had threatened me with & threatened me to be the Victimized blame taker for, which included that my family would be killed in front of me and a few months later I found out that a different notorious childhood murderer had also been placed living with my family, so all Plaintiff’s had the option to back away from their conspiracy targeting of me and they rather just have blood on their hands and go forward with their shootings & unlawful foreclosures because they have had their coconspirator human traffickers gain judge and law enforcement positions to Handle jesuit mafia related crime spree that they are all on like they are part of the 93% correlation that gun traffickers have to human traffickers & Charlotte Awino was abducted as a child by the worlds most wanted man who became that for his human trafficking abductions and dark psych “brainwashing” he made as the leader of the Lords Resistance Army and his name is Joseph Kony and the human trafficking ring he is part of is well established in America and has subverted our courts and law enforcements and schools through a few platforms including the Jesuit Platform.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}19.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Between the years of 2003 to 2007 Plaintiff’s coconspirator’s Edward Medina, Joy Rapp, Alvin Mansour, and Does actively engaged in luring Defendant to the property at hand:

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}20.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}First, Plaintiff’s engaged in coercing Defendant to this property at hand, and to make offers on this property at hand for Edward Medina to purchase but always at ridiculous noshot-longshot lowball offers.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}21.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Then Plaintiff’s actively, and at times in coordination with Gary Rapp & Joy Rapp, began terrorizing and abusing the Defendant’s living arrangements as to force Defendant to be on the market looking for new housing as to escape Plaintiff’s abuse they engaged in against Defendant in/at her prior home.  Plaintiff’s maliciously made Defendant feel the need for the perceived safety of a gated community all while repeatedly getting her into this Escala Development.  After prior coercing and scamming Defendant Jessica Seymour to the property at hand multiple times, which also included an offer in 2003from the builder’s real estate agent of Escala to buy a home in Escala (though the market for Escala was impacted and extremely hard to get into at that time with waiting lists) right around the time Plaintiff Edward Medina first disenfranchised Defendant’s living arrangement which is what lead to Defendant buying her very first property, which Plaintiffhuman trafficker Gary Rapp later targeted Defendant through with his malicious placement of Joy Rapp into a home right next door to Defendant Jessica Seymour’s home which he did for and on behalf of Operation Shadowbox’s targeting of Chaldean’s as Jessica Seymour was targeted by the Rapp’s due to Defendant’s relationship with Chaldean Alvin Mansour. It has now become public knowledge that the San Diego human trafficking rings were in conflict with the Mansour’s due to a now apparent human trafficking scam that one of Alvin Mansour’s jesuit Uncles is involved in; The UN has recently estimated that around 20 million living rape (rape for profit) survivors of Catholic Church Rape scams exists and that this high of a number of Victims means that it is a human trafficking ring and the jesuits are major contributors to this human trafficking ring and property conversion scam laundering and I am not their first or only Victim. 

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}22.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Between 2005 to 2007 Plaintiff’s Joy Rapp (in collusion with Gary Rapp and Doe), Lee Martin (in collusion with Gary Rapp and Doe), and Edward Medina (in collusion with Doe) all engaged in stalking, assaulting, robbing, terrorizing, and otherwise abusing Defendant in very covert hard to detect ways of abusing law enforcement investigatory powers which is called the Investigation Method of Human Trafficking, and they forced Defendant to fear for her life as to force Defendant to seek the protection of a gated community that Plaintiff’s’s prior conditioned, and lured, and coerced Defendant Jessica Seymour into being inside of, making offers on, and negotiating over.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}23.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff Alvin Mansour even drove Defendant through Escala one evening telling her that this was a great place for her to live and then he paid her the salary he owed her in one lump sum; when Defendant used her salary to pay her creditors, an even more harsh environment was created around Defendant by Plaintiffs as to make Defendant fear for her safety and an even more aggressive dynamic to get Defendant to buy this condo was engaged in. 

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}24.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff coconspirator Gary Rapp is/was a Department of Defense liaisoned (Navy/SPAWAR liaisoned) Coronado Police Officer with Information Technology specialties and access to many items that allowed him to stalk Defendant’s phone, computer, and home. 

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}25.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff coconspirator Lee Martin is/was a San Diego Police Department SWAT Officer liaison for the FBI with access to many items that allowed him to stalk Plaintiff and stalk Plaintiff’s phone, computer, and home.  Entities and Agencies at Defendant Gary Rapp’s disposal used all resources of a faux investigation they coined as “Shadow Boxer” for the manipulating, controlling, coercing, and terrorizing of Plaintiff in hard to detect ways that are the equivalent of slavery, in violation of US Constitution Article 1 Section 6.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}26.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant’s ex-fiancé Plaintiff coconspirator Edward Medina was at most times relevant, a Deputy District Attorney under Bonnie Dumanis, and he had access to many resources that allowed him to stalk Defendant’s work, home, phone, computer, etc.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}27.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant is now aware that Plaintiff & their coconspirator’s are long time human traffickers that gain posts that allow them to be able to control Victims they seek to force into their Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring, and Plaintiff (and their coconspirators) are Experts at engaging in the extremely hard to detect psychological control tactics of “conditioning through abuse, positive/negative reinforcement, systematic assault, & repetition” all psychologically abusive control tactics that are outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Defendant is not Plaintiff’s first or only Victim and in America human trafficking is a $3.5 Billion dollar a year industry that needs a large scale laundering platform such as the foreclosure scam that Plaintiff’s are being sued for now.  Plaintiff(s) seek to sell Victims in ways that destroy Victims in ways that are very hard to detect such as through hidden cameras they install in a Victims home and through systematic planned date rape’s they sell to men all unbeknown to the Victim who is just always handled to think that she must be having bad luck, or that something is wrong with her, or as if she is to blame, or like she can’t think, like she is “crazy”, and it is cruel and unusual torture that was outlawed by the Geneva Convention, outlawed by Congress in the 1970’s when they outlawed any further MK Ultra Mind Control “Experiments”, outlawed by the Human Rights Act Article 5, outlawed by the US Constitution Article 1 Section 6, outlawed by the “Belmont Report” which outlines protection of human research subjects (whereas pretending to be doing “research” is a common cover tactic and cover-up tactic used by Human Traffickers), and outlawed by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1946 due to the Nuremburg trials were as Plaintiff’s are in violation of UDHR Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Defendant is due immediate relief and safety, and is hereby demanding protective orders to be made by the Court against Plaintiff’s in the form of Restraining Orders to serve to the Plaintiff’s with this Answer to Complaint. UDHR Violation dictates that Plaintiff’s have forfeit even the alternate jurisdictions and immunities that they conspire to gain through Indian Reservations, Malta Sovereignty extended to jesuit mafia, Papal Sovereignty, Federal Jobs and Intelligence Jobs, National Security, etc. and all Plaintiff’s have forfeited any and all immunity, trade secrets, chumped up “national security” designations, and sovereign protections they surreptitiously gained to use unlawfully and with the intent to human traffic, slave trade, torture, and launder the money made off all this crime through.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}28.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant’s go to extremely abusive lengths to keep their human trafficking slave trade growing and concealed and have engaged in a false imprisonment scam against Plaintiff as to discredit her and Plaintiff motions the court to grant her protective orders against the Defendant’s including DOE Defendant’s.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}29.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Human traffickers do start targeting American girls at around age 13, and Plaintiff FBI Agent Lee Martin did start targeting Defendant while she was in high school, with clever scams to make Defendant feel that she had done something to have to “owe” money to Lee Martin.  A few years later about $12,000 had gone missing from Defendant’s bank account but she could never prove it or figure out how it was done, now it has become apparent that it was tied to Lee Martin the 2nd and Agent Lee Martin the 3rd’s gaining of Defendant’s checking account data. 

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}30.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Now Plaintiff’s are engaged in infliction of distress through targeting Defendant’s home and property title through terrorizing Defendant, provoking her, and delaying her financial title and loan as to give Plaintiff’s MERS, LSI Title, PennyMac, and Quality Loan Services the time they needed to engage in this scam recording of a scam trustee sale as to cloud Defendant’s title so that she would lose her financing that she had gained to remedy the HOA right of redemption as to aid in the unlawful property conversion scam that these jesuits are engaged in through the court, banks, schools, and military/investigatory jobs they subvert. Plaintiffs have been extremely malicious and distressing to Defendant while mis-handling her loan and title on behalf of MERS’ scam to keep her form funding that will allow her ownership and vesting of her home to be free and clear.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}31.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiffs DOE in the Escala HOA and neighborhood inflicted horrific stalking and terrorizing during the entire foreclosure scam that Defendant has been trying to remedy with funding that was stalled maliciously and deliberately and abusively, on behalf of MERS and other Plaintiff’s scheme for clouding Defendants title for oppression of due title ownership and oppression of Defendants remedy of the HOA’s unlawful acts.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}32.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff’s malicious and horrific abuse of Defendant includes: trespassing into her garage to harass Defendant’s roommates, and to block Defendant’s roommates from being able to leave; banging on Defendant’s walls at 4 am as to engage in sleep deprivation of Plaintiff.  Shining bright flood lights into Plaintiff’s windows at 5 am to cause her sleep deprivation; assault; gaining of surreptitious tenancies with Defendant as to hide cameras in her home for selling her through to men who were intent to also buy access to the knowledge of where Defendant would be as to stalk her sexually; invasion of Defendants privacy including home/phone/computer; the list of intentional distress that has been engaged against Plaintiff is that of sinister proportions that this team of human traffickers are extremely skilled at, and they are torturing Defendant in cruel and unusual ways of relentless systematic military planed precession harms & assaults.

Fourth Affirmative Defense

Bank Fraud in furtherance of a Conversion of Real Property Scheme engaged in for Organized Money Laundering in furtherance of horrific crimes against women, Including Plaintiff’s Conspiracy to Cover Up Their Bank Fraud in Violation of California Constitution Article 1, Section 1


{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}33.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant refers to and repleads each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 17 through 32 of this complaint, and by this reference incorporates the same herein and makes each a part hereof.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}34.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff’s all knew that they have no right to record any instruments on my home and only did so at this specific time as to further their money laundering unlawful conversion of real property scam at the exact moment to block Defendant from the loans she had procured for remedy of their co-conspirators faulty HOA foreclosure in a right of redemption period that Defendant was entitled to by law and statute, but was cleverly defrauded out of.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}35.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}As soon as this human trafficking ring found out through unlawful phone tapping, that Defendant had gained a loan offer for the use in accessing the right of redemption remedy period, immediately Plaintiff’s engaged Chase to collude to cover up their fraud they engaged in against Defendant, by an in-collusion timed “reassignment” of Plaintiff’s (old & released by Tim Dore) loan that Defendant did not owe them & that was no longer tied to or enforceable against the in question home either through (but not limited to) statute CCP §2941 subd. (b)(3)(B), and through the Scrutinization of that loan, and Plaintiff Chase colluded to cover up their past “Zack Scoggins” and past QLS targeting of Defendant for loss by agreeing to suddenly reassign their servicing to another company that was then used by Plaintiff’s MERS, Quality Loan Services, and LSI Title for a recording of an instrument all while DOE Plaintiff’s (a loan company) withheld title clearing data (regarding plaintiff Rebecca Hixson’s targeting of Defendant that she made with Yuri Hoffmann) from the title company as to stall Defendant’s loan and even engaged in other wrongful loan conduct as to allow time for the erroneous recording of the erroneous MERS & PennyMac trustee sale documents to be recorded as to block Defendant’s funding through clouding of Defendant clean title so that title insurance ALTA Policy could be kept form me as to provide for demolishing of my loan which Plaintiff’s knew was my only method of curing the 90 day redemption they created in their attempt to unlawfully convert my home, all acts were maliciously engaged in by Plaintiff & their coconspirator’s in an oppression of my fundamental rights to protection of property, on behalf of HOA/DOES Plaintiff’s who are intent to unlawfully convert this property in the furtherance of laundering their dirty human trafficking money.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}36.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Servicer buys a Dead Note Scam: Plaintiff Servicers engaged in a dead note sale scam as to further unlawful conversion of property for laundering the dirty money of the human trafficking ring scam that they are affiliated with, and in collusion with.  Plaintiff’s coconspirator MERS’s Note and Deed were dead for many reasons and unenforceable against Defendant and against her home including the release of them through bankruptcy by Time Dore, and through the doctrine of unclean hands that was used by Plaintiff’s coconspirators regarding their bank frauds and their scams to trick & force Defendant into buying this particular home, but also for the Scrutinizing of the Note as to assert that the in question Promissory Note and Trust Deed were dead when the Bank/MERS assigned it to Plaintiff Servicer PennyMac as to have the Plaintiff’s engage in having the dead Note and Deed fraudulently presented to the County Recorder’s Office for the fraudulent Trustee Sale as to facilitate the clouding of Defendants title as to oppress Defendant from funding needed to save her home from Plaintiff co-criminals HOA who are acting to try to convert Defendant’s home unlawfully just to cover up the prior crimes they engaged in against Defendant with their money launderers at Chase banks such as Kay Jackson, Vicky Cardova, Sheri Player, Chase Bank President’s, and a “Zack Scoggins” aka “Scott”, in violation of Defendant’s rights protected under the California Constitution Article 1 Section 1 “All people…enjoying and defending possessing and protecting property, pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness and privacy”. Plaintiff’s violation of Defendant’s fore mentioned right equates to Defendants “deprivation of law” violation made in the furtherance of Plaintiff’s money laundering human trafficking of Defendant Jessica Seymour violating Defendant’s Civil and Fundamental rights protected under the 14th Amendment, and under the 4th Amendment that forbids a seizing of a home through oppressing an owners ability to save and protect the home and especially oppressing an owner from new lending via deliberately sullying the title of the property at the specific time that the Owner was circumventing the scam being engaged against her, Plaintiff’s were not on title or credit pull, and had cleared way from the title of Defendants home due to their first attempt at this scam that they made with Plaintiff’s coconspirators “Zack Scoggins” Vicky Cardova, and Robert Tartaro, so the title had been cleared prior to this scam of Plaintiff’s , and their act to cloud title on behalf of the in collusion HOA was and is a criminal act of Plaintiff’s.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}37.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendants Lender that targeted her after she had already bought this property closed her loan to sell it as a bond to a REMIC and get paid instantly so the home was paid to the Lender through their releasing of Defendant from all Promise to Pay via breaking the Promissory Note intentionally and Defendant is not responsible for that act of the original Lender and MERS can non unbreak a broken Promissory Note as this is a violation of FAS140 which specifically prohibits both a NOTE and STOCK to exist at the same time against Defendant’s home and the MERS status specifically is a status of being a converted Stock status of the home.  After Plaintiff’s coconspirators paid off this home to themselves by releasing Defendant from her promise to now pay the home off for a second time via demolishing the Promissory Note, the in collusion DOE Plaintiff scam artists made sure that Defendant’s loan would go into default by horrifically oppressing and terrorizing Defendant with their large ring of human traffickers, so that the Banks could write it off as bad debt and make even more of a tax break all with the intent to then make even more money by then trying to foreclose on the home as if Defendan’t Promissory Note was never scrutinized though all Plaintiff’s knew that it is scrutinaized and that they have no Standing for foreclosing or ownership of the home as if Defendant’s promissory note being broken and scrutinized by Plaintiff’s coconspritors breaking of that note as to pay off the home, didn’t already pay the home off when it did and the Plaintiff as well as all of the Plaintiff’s coconspiritors are barred from relief and have no standing as to any ownership of the home that Defendant now owns and possesses by way of a release from obligation to promise to pay regardless of Plaintiff’s scam’s to make it appear otherwise a scam made in violation of FAS 140. Next in this dead note scam, the conspiring bank bought the written off loan on the secondary market as a junk bond for pennies on the dollar, and all lenders (and their attorney’s, their Title Companies, peons at the Recorder’s office, etc) involved in this scheme worked in collusion, and for purposes of laundering money for the human trafficking ring the DOE Plaintiffs HOA (and their attorneys) are involved in running through Peters and Freedman’s HOA foreclosure scams that are often times surrounded by an HOA organized stalking of erroneously calling the targetedhome owner “crazy” through the court house affiliated human trafficking criminals, performed with the intent to take the home once erroneous designation of “crazy” has damaged the targeted homeowner’s ability to maintain a normal life and this scam used this tactic on a woman named Sharon Steven’s as well as on Jessica Seymour, and many other Victims are being created by this ugly part of this “Servicer buy’s a Dead Note” scam that this ring of criminals seek immunity giving posts for their premeditated cover up’s of their criminals scams they target Victims with.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}38.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Then once the Plaintiff Servicer buys the dead note knowing well that under UCC code the promissory note is a one of a kind instrument that was killed through being scrutinized and is unenforceable and that their assignment would have to be made as a permanent fixture on the ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE that has the ONLY legally binding chain of title which Plaintiff’s know to be a promissory note that does not exist anymore, but Plaintiff’s buy it and trade it anyway for their scam as they intend to unlawfully deceive Defendant, knowing well that they have no proper chain of title and that their instrument they recorded is faulty, knowing that the chain of title defaulted to me the owner possessor back went the home was paid off by the original lenders desire to be paid instantly by a third party who rather have a stock as their physical commodity to own releasing instantly the physical ownership of the property to the Defendant Jessica Seymour, but Plaintiff’s still try to rob this home form me knowing full well that they have no enforceable unbroken unscrutinized Promissory Note to enforce payment with. Next in this Servicer Buys a Dead Note Scam, Plaintiff’s then claim to be the true holder in due course of a written off asset, and Plaintiff’s & coconspirator Quality Loan Services and their Attorneys and their LSI Title Company have facilitated this against Defendant now for 2 banks in the past 4 years on behalf of Plaintiff’s money laundering for human trafficking scam that that they are acting on behalf of.  I hereby demand Plaintiff’s to produce the Original Note that could not possibly exist as it was destroyed by MERS as to gain funds from a sale of it as a Stock….. Not a blank note, not a photo copy of a prior note that is dead, and especially not some chumped up pretend forged original as if MERS doesn’t scrutinize it’s notes it conspires to create as to use in their unlawful conversion of real property scam later for cleaning of dirty human trafficking money that human traffickers get on HOA Boards to engage in & lure women to buy homes in HOA communities as to be trafficked in hard to detect ways while Plaintiff’s lay wait for the banks and servicers to engage in the final laundering “foreclosure” and “trustee sale” and “non judicial foreclosure” schemes that they have sought to victimize the Defendant with horrifically after she found hidden cameras in her home that Robert Tartaro placed in her home and covered up his selling human trafficking of Defendant that he engaged in with the Terraces & Escala, and premeditated to say he had immunity for but human trafficking and torture are immunity forfeiting acts for all Plaintiffs that seek to cover up this scam as if they are protected by a forfeited immunity when they are not, and this court conspired with Robert Tartaro as to keep Defendant victim Jessica Seymour oppressed when she filed suit for the hidden camera scam she uncovered in 2010.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}39.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}To pull off this scam Plaintiff’s rely on the home owner being easily fooled with hard to detect abuse and crime, and Defendant’s rely on the targeted homeowner too be ignorant & horrifically oppressed and just give up in the same way that Plaintiff’s rely on Victims being too ignorant to be able to defend against the hard to detect human trafficking methods that are used on the targeted female home owners in collusion with/to this Servicer buys a Dead Note Scam, but since Defendant has caught Plaintiff’s in this scam the first time that Plaintiff’s engaged in it back in 2010, these Plaintiff’s started to rely on harming Defendant, attempting to murder Defendant, oppressing Defendant, terrorizing Defendant, torturing Defendant, raping Defendant for their hidden camera’s rape for profit scheme, discrediting Defendant, debilitating Defendant, and even violated all of Defendant fundamental rights when their unlawful targeting of Defendant sought to have her erroneously called “crazy” as their cover up of their crimes by way of ultimate discrediting of a sane persons witnessing of crime, all made with the intent to falsely imprison Defendant through this racketeering court house’s other scam that has been called the “TRO Racketeering” by another Victim named Colburn Stuart.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}40.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff’s rely on their erroneous targeting of Defendant with abuse for keeping Defendant isolated, unbelieved, and unable to source legal assistance as to bring light to this fraud, deception, and clean up (cover up) of the Plaintiff’s organized crime’s made with the intention is to use this fraud scheme of theirs to allow themselves to take possession of Defendant’s property after they buy the Dead Note for pennies on the dollar, and after making money off it by selling it on Wall Street, and after they make more money off of it by writing it off as over $700,000 of bad debt, after they make even more money off selling it back to themselves for pennies on the dollar, and after using it to con the US American government out of TARPFunds as if they needed a bail out after figuring out how to create money off the same home about 7 times all while acting like somehow some way they are some victim of the home owner when they make sure the home owner is oppressed from paying on a loan that is not even enforceable anyway due to the first time the Plaintiff’s sought to pay themselves off by choosing to release defendant’s from all obligations & promise to pay via their scrutinization of the Promissory Note. Plaintiff’s have made much money of their targeting of this home and targeting of defendant’s for systematic rape for profit scams & TRO Racketeering Scams that Plaintiff’s & their coconspirators all engage in (and engage in sell of) against Victims they are targeting , and now they want the home too for pennies on the dollar just to launder more of their dirty human trafficking money through, by starting this scam over on the next unparticipating Victim that they source to deceive into buying this home.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}41.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}I hereby formally object to this oh so devious Scam being used on me and against me by Plaintiff’s looking to convert my property through clever oppressions of my fundamental rights, and I request a Jury Trial, Protective Orders, and a Stay of the status quo, a Stay of Possession pending trial.


Fifth Affirmative Defense

Violation of Fundamental Rights Protected under the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution USC §2222 Violation of Human Rights Declaration; Cruel and Unusual Torture


{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}42.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Defendant refers to and repleads each and every allegation contained in paragraphs 33 through 41 of this complaint, and by this reference incorporates the same herein and makes each a part hereof.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}43.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}As if any Torture isn’t bad enough, the intentional Torture that Plaintiff’s maliciously and intentionally engaged in against Defendant was intended by Defendants as to be especially cruel and unusual by any sound persons standards, and Plaintiff’s acts are conscience shocking right before they become the moral turpitude of the Defendants.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}44.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Use of systematic Rape as to sell an unknowing target through is an especially cruel and unusual form of control through trauma methods akin to Joseph Kony’s human trafficking tactics and are outlawed globally due to the horrific nature of systematic rape and rape for profit.  The Defendant human traffickers use the rape for profit patrons as a scheme to try to force a woman into their slavery ring and this is especially conscience shocking, but when they do this after conning a woman into taking on a debt that the Plaintiff human traffickers intend to later convert back to themselves after making sure the targeted Defendant can’t gain employment, is isolated, is discredited, is falsely imprisoned, and is inflicted systematically with a traumatic stalking and abusing, well it becomes indentured servitude slavery enhanced by how they even target Defendant for funds after being put in  Defendant bankruptcy, but worse it elevates the Plaintiff’s crimes into the “unlawful mind control” category where they are now to be held to the standards of war criminals; however, when you take into account that Plaintiff’s affiliated ring of criminals began targeting Defendant when she was a minor through Plaintiff’s Coconspirator FBI Agent Lee Martin (who is also of the SDPD), and then add that Plaintiff’s organized a clever abduction of Defendant were they did sexually target her for sexual abuse and horrific control, scammed abduction & false imprisonment, and oppression through this court’s racketeering TRO Scam that they use to cleverly abduct and sell Victims through “mug shot’s” known as the Cash for Cuties Scandal that is akin to Pennsylvania’s Cash for Kids Scandal, well the Plaintiff’s & their Coconspirator’s start sounding more and more like Joseph Kony’s LRA, but worse, Plaintiff’s & their coconspirators conspired to get Defendant living with one of Joseph Kony’s “mind controlled brainwashed childhood murderer” Victims named Charlotte Awino, who now handles American Women that are being targeted for harm, and was used and sicked on the Defendant as to keep the Defendant handled and controlled and set up and threatened by these Criminal Plaintiffs on the Seattle Pacific University campus, all with the intent to make sure that Defendan’t was murdered in a way that looked like she was the person to blame for the murder, & Plaintiff’s thought htier conversion of this home of Defendant’s would just happen after killing Defendant after clearing the title for Peters & Freedman & the Escala/Terraces HOA terroristing human trafficking affilites of this jesuit ran crime ring.  On that note Escala’s Jesuit Mafia ring of criminals was also housing a member of this crime ring’s affiliated Jewish Mafia human trafficking platform when it had David an “Israeli Ambassador” sicked on Defendant Jessica Seymour by Terraces property manager coconspirator Linda Bull in 2010 -2011, and “David” became a Hollywood Movie Producer when he stopped being an Ambassador, and so the campus shooting ties to books that are being farmed to become movies like SPAWAR’s George Galdorisi’s “Act of Valor” & like the “Hunger Games” are all also tied to this Escala based crime ring of human trafficker’s that recruit new members by showing them the propaganda they make out of basing their attacks around book and film releases.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}45.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Accordingly, Defendant hereby petitions the court to engage sanctions so strict on Plaintiff’s that they are unable to ever do this crime to another Victim.  Defendant hereby petitions the court to make referral of the Plaintiff’s crimes to the International Criminal Court, just like Joseph Kony has been referred to them.




{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}46.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiffs first conspired to get Defendant into this property to begin with for their easier time in bringing her this harm, exploitation, disenfranchisement, and oppression of fundamental rights, in their furtherance of their scam to make and launder dirty money off the backs of the unsuspecting Victims they target, systematically rape on hidden cameras, and sell.  

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}47.          {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}“Equity will not aid the [Plaintiff’s ] when he/she has been guilty of … fraudulent acts in the original transaction, which constitutes the foundation out of which the action for relief grows (Richman v. Bank of Perris (1929) 102 Cal. App. 71.)”,

Demand for Relief from Damages

               WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays judgment against Defendants, and each of them, as follows:

Demand For a Jury Trial

I request to have a jury trial.

Demand For a Lis Pendance Order

I request to have a lis pendnace form executed by the court for protection of my property rights.

Demand For a Stay of Possession Pending Jury Trial

I request to have a Stay of Possession Order made granted to me so that I may not have to be further inflicted by Plaintiff’s human trafficking methods of imposed homelessness they seek to make against their human trafficking Victims such as myself.  Plaintiffs are already threatening “eviction” which they relentlessly tried to gain through their human trafficking CoConspirator Judge Whitney, though this ring of unlawful property converters know they have no rights to my home, and while they know that I am in a protected status, and while they know that their scammed “release from stay of Bankruptcy” was facilitated by Tim Doors desire to cover up his past crimes he was engaging in with jesuit mafia Peters & Freedman HOA’s, and while they know that Tim Dore’s cover up “release from stay” is being appealed (though they target that appeal as well through criminal acts of the BAP panel that had 2 of the 3 judges also somehow tied to jesuit affiliations) and so Plaintiff’s & their large ring of criminals must be ordered to be Stayed from any possession attempts while I plead to gain recovery form damages that their unlawful crimes they are making against me have caused me in Plaintiff’s attempts to slave trade me, launder money through my home, subvert my right to justice, and disenfranchise my ability to pursue this good claim against them through their intended infliction of homelessness & vulnerability.  It is not proper to disrupt the status quo of my possession while I enforce them to repair and abate their unlawful foreclosure scams.  Irreparable harm will be made against me should my possession not be Stayed and such harm will oppress my ability to access my constitutional civil & human rights to protection of self and property, and freedom from clever slavery.

 Demand for Immediate Public Policy Changes for Protection of Human Trafficking Victims

I request for urgent and immediate public policy changes and amendments, and enforcements to protect the public at large:

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}A)           {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}From the loopholes in the legal definition of “Human Trafficking” I demand that the “commercial sex trade” language be modified to include “any exchange of personal gratification, or quid pro quo, or BitCoin engaged in between parties that are controlling a Victim that is being exchanged, even if that Victim is being exchanged unbeknown to the Victim herself/himself”; and “Controlling” to be defined as “Any use of any Federal, International, or State law enforcements, Intelligences, Investigative, and/or Defense entity and/or capabilities and/or subcontractors”;

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}B)           {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}From the loopholes used by Judicial entities as to dismiss good claims made by oppressed Victims on behalf of human traffickers, such as but not limited to:  1. Holding a pro se Victims claims and pleading to the perfection of a trained attorney; 2. Refusing to assign legal counsel to a pro se Victim that is asserting human trafficking related oppressions in her/his pleading; 3. Any assigning of any human trafficking related asserting Victim, or of her/his law suit’s, (or of any human trafficking related claims), to the “mental health court” and/or to court ordered court house paid psychiatrists; 4. Using a “vexatious litigant” designation on any person claiming human trafficking and/or stating anything that sounds to the more advance Deputies of the Court, to imply that human trafficking abuses/stalking/harassing/discrediting of a Victim are at hand unbeknowanced to the Victim.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}C)           {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C} From the loopholes that are used by “Researcher’s” who are seeking to make human trafficking through a premeditated cover of a “Research Project”, special public policy changes in this area need to focus on the “Use of Deceit on a Human Test Subject” and on federal entities abusive use of Research of Human Trafficking as a cover for engaging in and making dirty profits & kickbacks from the human trafficking of targeted women that perverted “researchers” what to be able to watch and/or rape while hidden cameras are being used.  This “I’m a Researcher on a Formal Research Project” is a common default/cover-up explanation given by traffickers who get caught, or who the Victim tries to gain rape or other sort of police reports against.  This “Research” Method of Human Trafficking & cover up of Human Trafficking is often times made against Students through schools. 

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}D)           {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}From the loopholes that are used for investigating “prostitution”, as these codes are being exploited by law enforcements and other traffickers (like the kind that organize in HOA’s/developments) who see a specific type of woman/man/child that they know they could make money off of by selling that targeted Victim in hard to detect ways through the cover of “investigating”.  This is a common default/cover-up explanation given by traffickers who get caught, or who the Victim tries to gain rape or other sort of police reports against.


The loopholes identified above are used by human trafficking affiliated courts and Judges as to protect human traffickers when one of their Victims becomes aware, and the loopholes above are engaged in as to retaliate and oppress a human trafficking related Victim from rape reports, from successful litigation, and from being believed, all in furtherance of an Immunity holder Human Trafficking ring that is organized within California’s, Oregon’s, and Washington’s human trafficking Hub network that has been set up by Bill Gore’s Seattle post he held in the FBI prior to his running of his crime ring affiliates crimes through his post as San Diego’s Sheriff. 


Formal Answer To Complaint By___________________________ Jessica Seymour, signed on_________




I, Jessica Seymour, am the Defendant in the above-entitled action and referenced action. I have read the foregoing motion and know the contents thereof. The same is true of my own knowledge, except as to those matters which are therein alleged on information and belief, and, as to those matters, I believe it to be true.  I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. 


Dated:   ________ 2014                               _________________________________ Jessica Seymour in Pro Per

Ooopsy, looks like I forgot to bring up a facts that PennyMac has now had 4 sets of attorneys pass along this fraud to the next and the list of human trafficking attorneys is adding up, all who know that they should be formally exiting an unlawful conspiracy… I also forgot to put in the fact that the more vulnerable party is due relief and has every fundamental right to use any and all loopholes for protection of property that any eat your cake and have it too criminal human trafficking money laundering MERS decided to create when they decided to break the only promissory enforceable instrument and change it.  

Ooopsy, looks like I forgot to bring up the lack of transparency that the banks engage in as I was never told that the bank would get paid on this home multiple times by reworking/changing/overhauling/scrutinizing & releasing their contract enforceability promissory note all while still demanding I pay them when they’ve already more than filed the principal balance through their chosen dealings that they did not have to do if they wanted to keep my chain of title clear for them & if they wanted not to void instrument the promissory note, so now, but for predatory lending, the benefit defaults to the more vulnerable party or infringes on & oppresses the fundamental rights that lead to allowing one to engage all avenues of property protection especially the ones that the more powerful entity provides through their own greed and dirty dealings as the Banks & Servicer’s know they are playing the Servicer Buys a Dead Note scam and passing it off on the general public at large as if they still have any enforceability against the more vulnerable party knowing full well that they don’t and that a cloud on title like what these human traffickers have created out of their intents to convert my home to themselves renders that any reasonable Servicer to pause before accepting any conveyance of title but I’m not dealing with reasonable parties, I am dealing with high end scam artists that make up malta’s gross domestic product off the backs of the bruised and off of the markets they plunder having no real economy of their own, and by the way if a lender was not paying themselves instantly and rather just be happy to take my 30 years of payments & all that interest then their promissory note would stay enforceable and out economies would not be able to be pillaged and controlled into turmoil by the black-markets that are not properly accounted for in our economic models, so when I say that I was conned into a property by a scam ring intent to convert that property to them selves after making sure that I couldn’t pay the loan that I would have been able to pay had they not made it impossible for me due to their organized stalking of me stalking of me, that is all not to say that other Americans didn’t get scamed the same way in the absence of the human traffiackign stalking because even in the absence of the human trafficking stalking, the economy was controlled on a large scale by the banks tactics as to depress a huge majority of homeowners from being able to pay, all while the banks had “bailout” scams engaged in so this bank scam of Servicer Buys a Dead Note scam does not have to have the human trafficking stalkfest that was engaged in against me as if that is the only way that this ring of racketeering criminals make sure to keep homeowners from being able to pay after being whooed into the home & loan, it is all predatory & the scam is not just applicable to those being stalked by IHT’s.

.… Oh and then there is the bullcrap con job that PennyMac has entered into as to try to act as though their void instrument is somehow not void with their computer system somehow acting like I paid them $900 when I never made any such payment of a single cent to PennyMac guess they thought I would never be alive to set that erroneous record straight either… hmm wonder what bank they are saying they have funds from me from….   Ooopsy, I also forgot to put in that avoidance of a void order scam that PennyMac engaged in as if I gave them money I never gave them…. Oh and on that note when I went to pay my bills this month I find out that all my June 2014 payments from last month have just never been sent from my bank and my payment confirmation numbers from my payments last month don’t show up till I then also say the name of the rep I paid with… turns out that my calls to my creditor was being commandeered and that means that I was being set up to give over all my bank data all while the person commandeering my call acting like a rep for my creditor failed to actually engage the payment and I find out a month later that now I am in a negative credit status I never deserved to be in and my payment calls to two of these creditors were made at the bank with the banks phone so they’re gonna get Listed for this scam they allowed that was made by Federal Agents commandeering my payments as to make me look a certain way last month when I was supposed to be killed on 6/5/14 apparently, and this was a targeting of my Car Payment bill and by the time I get to the bottom of it I am having my car and insurance being set up to be lost/taken and this ring really wishes me to have to be walking on foot again seeing as how I am still alive now don’t they.  Wait till I post the defenses of the stalking of me for erroneous tickets attack stalkfest that the SDPD engaged in against me for the same desire of having me erroneously lose my license & make me look a certain way all while converting funds from me & increasing my insurance bill for their apparent co-criminals that prior tried to make cover up for the USAA stalkers that were targeting my ability to be traveling in a car and not traveling on foot that this ring of criminals engaged in before their San Diego Police Mafia counterparts agreed to do it for this ring of criminal immunity holders that are targeting me for this trafficking ring, who were working to try to make me look a certain untrue way with all the “accidents” they were stalking me to try to put me in back when my blog was first attacked… what a bunch of perverts that wanna see a woman they terrorize be car-less and home-less all at the same time should she survive the murder & assault they were engaged in trying to facilitate in collusion with their SPU attack… all a bit too much military precision if you ask me, and this game is going to cost them the “assets” they don’t actually have any enforceability to foreclose on & so these banks should all go run and get their blood money “settlement’s” back from the DoJ that were negotiated in exchange for the DoJ not giving transparency to the public at large regarding the unenforceability of the destroyed Promissory Notes…. Ooopsy, I forgot so much of my defense… Guess I need to file an Errata with a “vex lit request to have my fundamental rights back” form.





Blog #277

7/21/14  Now you can have my face to put with my name and you can have my voice to put with my words my Anti Stalker Nation, because it is only fair….

Hope all my Anti Stalker’s had a great weekend!  I have uploaded my audio Address to you and to the Abolitionists here at this link:

Hope my image puts things into perspective for the world because if this ring of human trafficking terroristing slave trading freeks could do this crap to me, then they could do it to anyone and they intend to eventually try to slave everyone as if their insanity means that all who don’t do what they say must just be “crazy”… and that is a game that I will not let them play in exchange for trying to maintain any further anonymity that I might still have.

Here is the transcript to my Address:


This moment with You is so important to me. 

Know that you are cherished, because it has been a walk through hell and a lifetime of ugly events that I have championed to bring you to me in this moment in time, so You are loved deeply my Anti Stalker Nation and my family of Victims seeking freedom.

All the human trafficking slavers that exploit me know my face and my voice, so it is now only fair that my Anti Stalker Nation finally have a face to put with my name and a voice to put to my words, so here I am, I am Jessica Seymour., hello and Thank You for your time today.

We are in a time of suffering that has now been brought to the light this Second American Slave Trade that is so subversive while being so right in front of you that it leaves one confused enabling the Slave Traffickers to continue on right in plain sight, right in front of us while they call their Victims the ones to blame….  Modern Slaves do not know they are being enslaved, sold, bred, and traded.

It doesn’t have to be this way,

I can see an America Free of this Slave Trade Human Trafficking that has subverted our Law Enforcements, or schools, our Agencies, and all of our immunity giving posts.

Let’s eliminate the confusion Slave trader Human Traffickers create for us.

Join with me in the Abolitionist Squared Movement for creating an end to this Second American Slave Trade as Your help is needed for bringing awareness and effective change, Your help is needed for keeping Students & Financial Aid safe, Your help is needed for keeping safe the women, children & men that are targeted for, and then blamed for, this Second America Slave Trade Human Trafficking.

The American Public is supposed to be protected easily from such abuses.

Join with me, join the Anti Stalker Nation, join this awareness campaign that is designed to put an end to the Second American Slave Trade in all it’s methods of abuse, and see with me a future free of Slavery like what our good ancestors designed for us and fought for us to be able to protect, as organized Slavery has again attacked America for a second time in our history, and it is proper to dismantle it in all it’s dark avenues.

So Let’s Jump This Movement! Please visit the Victims of Immunity Foundation web site to make your donation pledge and you will receive awareness tools that will help us mobilize this Abolitionist Squared Movement from its grassroots into the next step of a National Platform, and then progressed into recovery of Slaved Traffic Victims, recovery for the financial abuses made on a large scale at students and property owners, and recovery for our America that has suffered from Slave Trade Human Trafficking tactics of terrorizing for too long now.      

Thank you for your time as it is so valuable to me, thank you for Anti Stalker’ing, and thank you for believing in an America freed from it’s Second Slave Trade Human Trafficking. ­­

All my love to you.

America, if these animals could do this to me then they can do this to anyone.

I love you, hugs and kisses for you,



Blog #276

7/20/14  So if your not doing anything wrong than why do you have to tamper with my emails and audio recordings, and steal my other evidence while helping yourself to my passport after placing two childhood murderer’s living with me & my family?

See Anti Stalker Nation, the human traffickers that have over ran the entities that give them access to our everything, seem to think that they are not doing anything wrong when they sell humans, conspire to convert a Victims property, and go on their overly orchestrated terroristing rampages as if gun shootings on campuses as to shrink the ability of the white market of gun sales to serve the gun demand, as to increase gun trafficking black markets that are 93% of the time tied to human trafficking markets.

So if they are not doing anything wrong in their opinion, then why do they hack my emails, and audio’s as to cover up their acts.  Basically my stalkers human trafficking terroristers know that what they do is wrong beyond just being illegal, so this is great news as it means that they can’t plead “insanity” when they get caught red handed.  See the ideals they focus on forcing on to the erroneous blame takers they source for their crimes, are the same ideals that actually apply to them as my stalkers are so crazy that they will undoubtable use that as a defense when they are caught red handed, as a crescendo is building for a collapse in this slave trade crime ring of traffickers as they seek to set up their next “crazy with a gun” story…. If not then they wouldn’t be covering their tracks by tampering with my emails & audio recordings & my website, they would just be letting their crime stand and be ignored & accepted as just fine, as if their control is as complete as it used to be, as if their control is as complete as they lie & say to their new recruits who they point out to about how their crimes are never held accountable to them though the whole world can see that they were responsible for the crime they blamed on their Victims.

When I was at SPU a professors son had stalked me out and about at Paragon, at the time of my first being approached by Jim Rand’s son, I did not yet know that he was a professors son, nor did I yet know Jim Rand yet as his son was sicked on me when I first moved to Seattle. Let me just say that Paragon, SPU & Queen Ann Hill is not the perfect example of controlee to be copied, rather it is all just a bad copy of a flawed “paragon” of less than perfection. That said, I told Jim Rand’s son upon his second approach of me, that I cannot be made to think that I did something that I didn’t do, nor can I be tricked into thinking that I am something that I am not, and neither will the larger public now watching these stalkers of mine so when these stalker traffickers tamper with my emails and audio’s and other evidence they are not the only ones laughing about what they’ve done, no, the Anti Stalker’s are also laughing watching these IHT traffickers as they tamper with my evidence through their SPAWAR & their other jesuit controlled entities it’s just that my Anti Stalkers are laughing at my stalkers rather than with them & my stalkers will be laughing themselves all the way into their jails cells due to their inability to control their obsession with me and dull obsession with their overworked and ill planned out “gun control” agenda of “terroristing” through this fear mongering at “crazy” people… to the jesuits and their mason nation of now grown child victims that are actively seeking out all positions to control an American through, anyone who doesn’t do what they say is “crazy”… well crazy is as crazy does, and it was crazy for anyone to think that any childhood murderer should be put into a nursing program, regardless of the circumstances that forced the child to have to become a guerilla soldier.  How did the CIA faculty at SPU get the entire university to go along with such a crazy idea, as anyone with the type of muscle memory of hand combat murder made during childhood brain development is precluded from medicine, psychiatry, social work and child instructing…. Many other meaningful areas of work & study are Charlotte Awino’s oyster so why would any university allow such a candidate into a nursing program…. Oh that’s right, it was for the Otto Miller Act of Valor shoot’em up you crazy with a gun game propaganda maker, which is also known as SPAWAR’s acts of terrorism against America made to further that trafficking ring of that guy David the Israeli Ambassador turned Movie Producer that use to use Escala as his trafficking hub…. Did David have anything to do with Hunger Games or with Tom Clancy presents Act of Valor--- at otto miller hall--- ???  And all that fallout between these imploding trafficking networks combined with the fallout from the African trafficking network’sn imploding is why my freinemy started calling me fallout girl so tickled that I’ve got that one cd on repeat in my car…

Hugs and Love,




Blog #275

7/16/14  So I’m actually very entertained by the hack attack that was made at yesterday’s blog post, and for the record the VOI is also wondering if Mr. Simas is gonna show up today…

There is a story brewng that is related to Immunity use for the protection of acts that have been engaged in for the targeting of human trafficking Victims…. Yes the targeting of specific American’s nonprofits that the IRS engaged in was an attack at Human Traffic Victims through how some of the targeted non-profits were structured in ways that would harm the trafficking hubs of certain areas, as well the tactics used by this group of IRS maniacs are/were tactics that actually were helping to cover up the fact that taxpayer funds were being used for political campaigning of the sitting administration which is illegal, but worse sets too far reaching of an unfair advantage in an election which then creates an election fraud issue…

…it is the same type of crime as when Bonnie Dumanis funds her gaining of her post & campaigns with money from another country via a straw donor and that is with out even bringing up how that other country’s money was dirty trafficking-crime money…

So when Mr. Simas says he has Immunity, when he does not, as his reason to defies a congressional subpoena to appear and give true testimony regarding the extent to which funds, funding, and control of non-profits was maneuvered for the micromanaging of the voting of the last presidential election, well we wait to see if forfeited immunity or especially the actual lack of immunity that Mr. Simas’ post is plagued with happens to be of any interest to Congress, or will they just give a Billy Goat Gore type of pass to this Mr. Simas…. Exactly, why wouldn’t Mr. Simas just show up and plead the 5th like Bill Gore did as to keep the horrible crimes of Ruby Ridge concealed… I mean all can see that when you storm a man’s home to kill his son and wife in front of him as retaliation for him not showing up to court for some chumped up hearing, then some sort of trauma based conditioning is at hand, and something about that Victims first born & wife was some sort of a threat to let stay alive to Gore.

On another note, I am kinda loving the hack attack of yesterday’s blog post that my cyber stalkers engaged in because they put back in a typo that I had corrected and so when I research it I end up just loving the irony…. See, I had corrected the typo that I originally typed when I made the statement “The Wrath of Till” and it was corrected before I uploaded that post to my blog to say “The Wrath of Tilly”…. So naturally when I see my correction taken out as to spite me and make me look “unintelligible” I consult with Captain Google to see if there is any significance to any “Wrath of Till”….

Low and behold, guess what starts to filter up in my search… it is 2 Chronicles 36:16.

In Second Chronicles 36:16 check out the King James 2000 translation and check out the Young’s Literal translation and see that the Wrath of Till is an actual Wrath of God is drawn by his people in how they mocked and misused His messenger’s Till there is no remedy for their sins; Till there is no healing of their sins for them, and no salvation can be given.  The people act so horrific, till the point where they can no longer be salvation’ed and forgiven for their sin by their maker, hmm, the “Wrath of Till” alla a hacker interface in the Microsoft Word processing software… interesting.

Now, my gramma Tilly chosen by my grampa Charley is not confused by me as God, no, of course not but in the spiritual realm she will throw the book at you IHT’s & will haunt you for your lack of due remedy to the damages you stupidly sought to inflict upon this family…. Oh, you don’t believe in ghosts or the spirit world, or in Angels… that’s fine but the royals and the nobles in the Order of Malta certainly do and they know that Charly Carothers sat above them, and that is why my father and my mother were maneuvered to each other… but that’s all for another time… hope my psycho IHT’s have enjoyed another dose of psychic for the psychos.

The stalkers of mine have some Microsoft Word attack that they make at their Victims and when they go switching out what you have typed & undoing your final changes & corrections you will see the screen blink and flash for a spit second, but the draft you’re working in doesn’t show what they just hacked and their version that ends up going to print & going to paste is not viewable to the Victim as if it sits in a hidden screen…. Nice. Like I said in the past, they likely call this Word Interface of theirs some clever name like “the Crazy Maker” or something.  For posterity, here is what was actually uploaded & saved by me after correction:

Blog #274

7/15/14  “I Can See Through You and Were Sitting in the Dark” yet again…

Well, well. So last night after I finally got home from getting my blog post uploaded, I park only to find my home alarm system starts going off though it was a complete impossibility due to the specific setting I have it on right now….  So, hmm, how in the wide wild world could my alarm be going off…. Oh, well given the specific setting I am on, that alarm pull trigger could ONLY be doing off by one of the key fobs… yeh the key fobs…. But those key fobs were in my safe that got stolen from Seattle by the ring of SPU terroristing human trafficker property converter’s that were planning that I would be dead & never able to defend my property rights.  This quickly became apparent when all of a sudden the alarm system started going off again this morning….. so who the hell in Escala has one of my key fobs from my stolen safe that was stolen from Seattle?????????????

I bet that it is the same person who was slamming his down stairs interior door over and over in a row this morning three separate times as the alarm system started to sound off again, but I’m satisfied that the usual banging on my walls has changed into the repetitive door slamming thing because it is a bit less invasive to my home, as well I share no doors with him & he can do what he wants with his own doors, just leave mind alone, as well I believe Travis needs to have some sort of coping mechanism I just look forward to the day when it doesn’t involve his misogyny & odd hate for me.  Oh, and by the way, I want my key fob’s back along with all the rest of my evidence and property that was in my safe as my Great Grampa Charley & Grandma Tilly will hunt you down in the afterlife for keeping me from my inheritance, oh my Great Grampa Charley will sick the Wrath of Tilly on you all for keeping me from my Great Grama Tilly’s wedding ring he gave her for this long already; IHT’s you have hurt her daughter, her grandson, and now her great granddaughter, she will find you… don’t make her wrath any worse on you because she will throw the book at you, give me back my stuff already and spare your selves her wrath in the now and in the hereafter you have caused her to engage in at you…. And I call that a little bit of psychic for the psycho’s and yes my stalkers are pscyho... and anyone who thinks this sounds like a joke better brush up on exactly what it is that the Knights of the Order of Malta considered my Great Grandpa Carothers’s lineage to hail from…. We scare the Order, yes I know because most in the Order do not like the creatures that sit above them and that See & especially scary to them is my December 14th day of birth…. But all of that is for another day. 

Hugs and Love,


Maybe I should just keep the Wrath of Till in that blog post and just be esoterical to my IHT idiots.




Blog #274

7/15/14  “I Can See Through You and Were Sitting in the Dark” yet again…

Well, well. So last night after I finally got home from getting my blog post uploaded, I park only to find my home alarm starts going off though it was a completely impossibility due to the specific setting I have it on right now….  So, hmm, how ever in the wide wild world could my alarm be going off…. Oh, well given the specific setting I am on, that alarm pull trigger could ONLY be doing off by one of the key fobs… yeh the key fobs…. But those key fobs were in my safe that got stolen from Seattle by the ring of SPU terroristing human trafficker property converter’s that were planning that I would be dead & never able to defend my property rights.  This quickly became apparent when all of a sudden the alarm started going off again this morning….. so who the hell in Escala has one of my key fobs from my stolen safe????????????? I bet that it is the same person who was slamming his down stairs interior door over and over in a row this morning three separate times, but I’m satisfied that the usual banging on my walls has changed into the repetitive door slamming thing because it is a bit less invasive to my home, and I believe Travis needs to have some sort of coping mechanism I just look forward to the day when it doesn’t involve his misogyny & odd hate for me.  Oh, and by the way, I want my key fob’s back along with all the rest of my evidence and property that was in my safe as my Great Granpa & Grandma Tilly will hunt you down in the afterlife for keeping me from my inherited, oh my Great Grampa Charly will sick the Wrath of Till on you all for keeping from my Great Grama Tilly wedding band for this long already, you have hurt her daughter, her grandson, and now her great granddaughter, she will find you… don’t make her wrath any worse on you, give me back my stuff already and spare your selves her wrath in the hereafter you have caused her to engage in …. And I call that a little bit of psychic for the psycho stalkers of mine…. and anyone who thinks this sounds like a joke better brush up on exactly what it is that the Knights of the Order of Malta considered my Great Grandpa Carothers’s lineage to hail from…. We scare the Order, yes I know because most in the Order do not like the creatures that sit above them and that See & especially scary to them is my December 14th day of birth…. But all of that is for another day.  

Hugs and Love,



Blog #273

7/14/14  “Here, Here Comes this Rising Tide, So Come On” … AbolitionistSquared is Launched!

Anti Stalker Nation, here today is the AbolitionistSquared start launch:

Yah, I am still working on putting together the Abolitionists Awareness Packs so tune back in for those later, or help me out with them and donate, donate, donate!

Ok so, what does it mean when a complaint addressed to Police Chief Zimmerman, marked private & confidential (with 11 pages of attachments that have already been sent to other entities), and that is instructed as Not To Be Read by Officer Harvey when he takes it for delivery of it to the Chief’s office, yes so what does it mean, when such a complaint is received by Officer Harvey an told as not to be read by him, only to have is response be him stating that he cannot guarantee that he won’t read it before giving itthe Chiefs Office???????, what does that statement of Officer Harvey’s mean…. It means that the human trafficker’s, rather than Trustworthy Officers, are getting their hands on the private confidential data that they want to intercept and be able to tamper with before it gets to the Chief as to give the Chief a plausible deniability scam of protection that isn’t needed no police chiefs need any more plausible deniability above what Jan conspires for them in premeditation from abuse of his post, because I fully expect to be able to have complaints addressed to a Chief of Police & instructed as not to be read by the desk cop, as it is marked private and confidential, NOT READ THEN, so why do I have a human trafficker Officer Harvey telling me that he doesn’t want to take the complaint and that he can’t promise not to read it as he processes it to the Chiefs Office as if he is out of his own control, reads the Chiefs mail if he so chooses, and is not ethical or professional & can’t be trusted with mail, all while the cops should be respecting communications to their Chief.  If a front desk cop cannot trust himself with a hand delivered compliant walked in by a Victim & delivered in a way so that it can’t be tampered with through the mail, then that cop has an ulterior motive with his provocative comments, attempts to turn away the complaint, & with his pretend ideas that he doesn’t have a secured SDPD envelope to put it, & with his data intercepting he wishes to give some sort of blame on me for, as if I have to use an envelope when that only makes it easier to set me up as I am dealing with terroristing human traffickers and my delivery of documents to a Police Chief has to be transparent, which is why I would prefer to fax it but of course the Chiefs Office doesn’t care to give a fax number as another plausible deniability scam that has no place in a Chiefs Office…. be accountable.   Ya, Officer Harvey has an ulterior motive and it is on behalf of the mafia traffickers that have overran San Diego’s Law Enforcements, Courts, and Entities & Lawyers.

What is also a meaningful matter from today is that it appears that I was stalked again by passive aggressive retaliatory targeting made by a person that should be detached from this stalking so now I am going to have to get to the bottom of why my appearance was targeted today in such a passive aggressive way.

After today’s potential stalking of my appearance, I filed some documents with the court and so I just hope I put the right date on my filing when I signed it because this city & county’s human traffickers will try to act like a woman is “crazy” if she uses a mistaken date, ridiculous & even if a targeted Victim is nothing less than perfection she will still be called “crazy” anyway by the San Diego Immunitied Human Traffickers.

This compels me to make a drop box to my Anti Stalker Nation, so here, here are the recent TRO’s I needed & I asked for before & after the SPU Shooting that was concocted by SPAWAR/Gore & had one TRO needed by a Victim of the Superior Court been issued & had the court not allowed a Human Trafficking ring of Judges to micromanage all my good claims, then my stalkers would not be so able to make their crimes against humanity, had the SD Human Trafficking Superior Court simply just have done what was proper by allowing TRO protection & hearing to a woman giving overwhelming evidence of harassment, then these stalkers of mine would not have been able to or emboldened to go forward with their desired campus shootings as the TRO would have rendered the shooting to have been a no-go for these animals to engage in had they ever once been shown that their commandeering of the Courts was broken, so here, here is what the Corrupt IHT judges Taylor, Danielson, & others all thought was ok to let me have to suffer further in:    meyer 6/17/14

In this audio you can hear some third party’s tampering as I have never edited this audio in any way but it has odd cut outs that were not in it originally.  You can hear that the head lady of the TRO Clinic interrupts my communicating with the Attorney, first she tried to act like nothing about the SPU Shooting should be in the TRO then after she saw my recorder there she tries to backpedal, this woman running the clinic also prior told the attorney helping me that I was working with some attorney on this TRO prior coming in to the TRO clinic before I came in, when that is nothing I ever said to her or did.  Later this lady went out of her way to hand me a paper with a trafficker’s name of Ugarte on it that had the big huge word SLAVE on the paper, and then this lady went behind my back over to Barbara Bleichwehl to make sure that I wouldn’t be able to actually get any TRO protection filed in collusion with the judges in the SD Superior Court that have their courts staff do their dirty work for them whenever possible. There is also a tampering of this audio were me saying that I want the emails in as exhibits because I want to try to keep them from getting tampered, seems to have been removed from my audio, then one of the two times where I read over what the attorney typed and tried to correct her drafts inaccuracy’s has also been tampered with, and the “inaccuracy’s” sure did make me seem like I couldn’t talk, and like I didn’t know what day it was, and like I didn’t know the difference between “you” & “me”… ya the “regular human trafficking advocating attorney” as she said she has human trafficking experience, definitely made some odd typo’s that made what I told her sound disjointed and off, and I had to correct it & even correct that days date as this attorney wanted it to seem like I was in the day before, likely because she was not it the prior day and wanted some sort of plausible deniability likely knowing that the ring of traffickers that run the TRO Clinics & Unlawful Detainer Clinics would be targeting me horrifically, which is what immediately ensued after I went to the filing counter… yep this audio makes it clear that I was relentlessly targeted to not be able to get that TRO into the court system. I had to repeatedly try to get a copy of my documents from the TRO clinic while stalked, provoked, and terrorized by the Sheriff’s & by Bleichwehl all who kept trying to get me to just leave with my originals and not file them in any way, and have no copy of them for referencing, all while I kept telling these people to just leave me alone already since they were going out of their way to protect my stalkers.  Oh, and this audio just is so StalkerBlog Ready in how when I finally have a copy to do a “clock and drop filing” even though no emergency TRO should ever have to be filed as a clock and drop after a team tries to keep it from being filed at all, am walking to my car playing again in my head and going over verbally the situation that just happened and you can hear the crows cackling over head while I relive how Bleichwehl said to me that no one’s filing anything for me today knowing full well that it was an Emergency TRO, yah, at the end of this audio I am walking to my car role playing the demand for a TRO that I had just made and that was violatedly refused to be taken and handled to TRO timely standards, and my TRO was even actively attempted by many to be kept from even being dropped into the clock & drop box & copied, and I was playing it out again to myself as I walked to my car, realizing how much of a dirty disgusting pig Bleichwehl just was as the crows are circling, and when I get into my car the song that comes on next is the “anything you say can and will be held against you” song from my Fall Out Boy album… it was a total StalkerBlog moment… and I don’t need anyone’s approval to make my nonviolent protection of self, and at this point even using physical self-protection when need be is totally appropriate and within the bounds of the law…

My most fundamental rights for self-protection and home protection are what supersede the desires of criminals, my rights supersede the rights of criminals that stalk me even if they conspire to stalk me through “investigations” or conspire to stalk me through maliciously & wrongly calling me “crazy”… Even actual “crazy” people have a right to fundamental self-protection and they are clearly being targeted by human traffickers in a whole new way other then just as sex slaves and until this Second American Slave Trader gourp of Human Traffickers looking to cleverly grow their next hundred years of black-market gun sales through their tactic of shooting up campuses as to force gun control policy is over, the “crazy” need more personal protection and assistance, not less….  How about that fact for you, as that fact is supported by the TRUTH that campus gun shootings are actually at an all-time low, and that the statistics that are being used to say otherwise are filled with shootings that happened nowhere near or on any campus.

I have every right to make and use my nonviolent methods of self-protection everywhere I am, as my audios are the only reason I survived this attack against my life,  oh and let me just say for the dirty dirty Christine Nesthus that there is a big difference between the statements of “I can do whatever I want” and the actual statement answer response to a provocative attack of my self-protection rights of “I can do whatever I want, it is my Victims Right’s to use any form of nonviolent self-protection”… so Note to Nesthus, never again cut up what I say to suit you, use my entire sentence and the ones before and after any of the items you seek to pick and choose as to paint your Victim in an erroneous light… I hope you never have Travis’ affiliated ring of traffickers turn on you and start stalking you Nesthus as you would never be able to survive it the way I have & I was never part of it like you to even be privileged enough to have a prior knowledge of their tactics like you do and you still would NEVR be able to navigate their abuse better than I have so your time to respect me is at hand lady, so do not mince my words again Kristhine Nesthus, you know my rights to non-violent self-protection are not something any judge can lawfully take from me.    meyer 4/3/14    jwersky4/7/14   judge tim dore’s clerk telling me to send my pleading to judge dore not to the clerk…. I sent it to the clerk of the court anyhow as I learned from the past that when Tim Dore is intercepting my pleading it ends up tampered or lost, and used to help his jesuit friends in peters & freedman have an easier time of unlawfully converting my home from me.

In these three TRO’s you can see the Tampering of Evidence that the courts engage in with the human traffickers that stalk me & cyber stalk me, as the email sent from Travis Meyer where he said “Tick Tock…” was sent to me from Travis at around 9 am on the day of the SPU attack, Travis sent that email on the morning of 6/5/14 and it was in my inbox as a new email that day, but it has been tampered with and was changed to “May 5th”, had it been tampered to say 5/5/14 I would have caught it before and mentioned that at the time of the TRO application with the attorney but my stalkers are slick and so the May-June switch out tampering was not even noticed till after the fact, and even the “TRO clinic” person’s in the Superior Court, who happen to also run the “Eviction Clinic”, were instrumental in not only trying to legitimize the tampering of that evidence by not asking about how that date conflicted with my Verbal Account I gave of the email receiveal date, but also engaged in handing me a paper that said “SLAVE” on it & this person who slickly gave me “SLAVE” propaganda then made sure to go get a human trafficker that has stalked me for about 7 yearsnamed Barbara Bleichwehl to make sure my filing didn’t get filed, actually IHT Barbara Bleichwehl “unfiled” it, after she prior sent over one of her underlings to do her dirty work for her & this underling that Bleichwehl commanded acted like she just “recognized” me as her reason for keeping my emergency TRO from going to a judge same day, even the “vex lit” forms that are used to keep a Victim of this IHT rings harmed have to be seen same day for emergency TRO’s unless of course a human trafficking court is protecting the traffickers.  The tampering of my evidence & the court’s protection of Travis Meyers, his husband Ron, Ben Klinger, Robert Tartaro, Albert Machhour, and the rest of the stalkers that I have complained about is of such a sinister criminal nature that these IHT’s have long ago forfeited their judicial & quasi-judicial immunity and they did all of this just to facilitate the SPU shooting, so when I see that they tampered with the evidence I printed from the same business that turned out to be where Travis’ “” was being engaged in being blogged in each time I would go in there by stalkers trying to make it look like I was the operator of that website that Travis & his co-criminals made… as if… what a bunch of maniac set up artist’s, premeditate to commit their crimes with the intent to make it look like their Victim made the crime... set up artists.  

What a bunch of crazy’s, this tampering is so blatantly outrageous, as had that “Tick Tock” shooting email actually been sent the month before the shooting then I would have forwarded it to the FBI then, which is what I do each time I get stalked, cyber stalked and harassed by emails from Travis… When Travis sent that “Tick Tock” email on the morning of the shooting he clearly expected me to have been dead too, and never able to set the record straight or correct the tampering of my email account that has been made by terroristers as to help cover up for the organized systematic terrorizing & selling around of me that Travis & Escala traffickers, and their court house & law enforcement human trafficking affiliates, have all been engaged in.

Travis’s 6/5/14 9am “Tick Tock” email has been tampered with, professionally by human trafficker’s at some time between when I first got it in my inbox that morning of 6/5/14 and when I printed it to take in to the court for the TRO because that email was a new email in my inbox and it was dated received 6/5/14 8:56 am on the morning this ring planned their SPU Attack, that was made complete with two different “snuff film” stalker phone camera stalkers filming me as I first got online and saw the shooting news, and even the man that assaulted me on the beach had a camera in his hand between his palm & his prop he used like he was a Ted Bundy fan….


So NOTE TO IHT’S: I’m no patsy, I am no blame taker for the crimes of others, and I am not your snuff film subject, regardless of how hard you try, I am the survivor and your game is over, go back to where you came from and take all your dirty tactics of terrorizing with you.

So the IHT’s that have over ran the courts are desperate to cover up their human trafficking scams of abuse, stalking, discrediting, systematic “making” of non-crazy “crazy” persons to have their crimes blamed on, and desperate to cover up their racketeering TRO scams, their Cash for Cuties Mug Shot scams, and micromanagement into harm of Victims that they have systematically engaged in against way more Victims than just myself; NOTE TO IHT’S: so only say my name when your deposed and this will be held against you, because I am clearly nowhere near your first or only Victim.  And I want to thank the Anti Stalker Nation for how desperate to cover up that you have made these Animals, because the abuse and mental tear down that you hear made against me when I tried to gain a needed emergency TRO is a systematic terrorizing of me that gets followed up later on in the same day by other abuse, and this is how a group of traffickers try to force a Victim into mental illness, and I am lucky to have the coping tactics that allow me put these animals in their place and forge forward, most of their Victims aren’t that lucky to have coping tactics for such abuse… in that court that day it was 8 against one little old me, and rape for profit affiliated harassers like Kathy Rowe & like Travis Meyer’s get protected by a court that is overran by animals that are making money off of the human trafficking ring that got them steered into those jobs.




Blog #272

7/11/14  What does it mean when all the hot Victims that the SDPD Target just get called “crazy” by Jan Goldsmith any time those Victims try to gain recovery for the damages made against them… 

Hey San Diego, Seattle, and everywhere else, when attorneys like Jan Goldsmith have a culture of further Victimizing the women that a city’s police have sought to harm, it means that racketeering is at hand, but when this scam of further victimizing& traumatizing of a women that brings good claim against the SDPD is made by Jan Goldsmith’s tactic of calling that Victim “crazy” as retaliation for that Victim trying to gain recovery for damages, well that means that you have a human trafficking scam aimed at taking a Victims property and babies through calling that Victim crazy then disenfranchising that Victim through false imprisonment of any kind all with the intent to sell & sexually exploit that Victim even more for daring to seek repair of the damages caused by the corrupt SDPD that grow emboldened by Jan’s sociopathic tactics he has been entrusted with & learned from his predecessors, and that Jan engages in with a large ring of traffickers & property converters, So Victims, when you start hearing the “you’re crazy” game please know that your baby & your property are being targeted in retaliation for you not liking to be abused and for not liking to be damaged by SDPD… this means your now a part of a large Class of Victims who are finding each other, and it means that you better hold on to your baby’s because Jan and his wife just love to get their hands on the babies, especially the cute babies made by hot Victims…. Oh yes Victims the time to Join Class is here and now as this is not a harmless game that Jan Goldsmith play’s no matter how stupid it sounds trust me, Jan has a 1, 2 punch up his sleeve to rob you of more than just your good claim & Virtue.

How many other women out there that the SDPD has called “crazy” when you reported a crime or had to sue the city or county for a damage it caused you????  Even if this happened to you 40 years ago, your still part of a Class under conspiracy laws, especially the way multi-generations of traffickers get employed at the SDPD & Sheriff’s & so on and so forth, because a City Attorney has a first duty to protecting the public in a city from any and all criminal cops, yes a City Attorney is not supposed to be defending the criminal acts of a cop, rather a City Attorney is supposed to be protecting the public from human trafficking cops, by taking complaints not as a time to further Victimize the complainant, but rather to advise a Police Department that the cop is a danger to the community, and that repairing the Victim is necessary, all while educating the rest of the police department non how not to be criminal human traffickers…. But that is not what happens when the City Attorney is also a human trafficker you see, so hold on to your babies Victims even if the defense against you is so silly sounding, Jan has an intention with it that other idiots will go along with, so the time to join class is now.

Kisses & Love,





Blog #271

7/10/14  I hope all my Anti Stalker’s had a great 4th of July… I had to take a break, a well-deserved break, not to say that the stalk fest stopped or anything, I just needed a holiday from the stalker blogging as to focus on AbolitionistSquared.

Hi Anti Stalker Nation, hope you had a great Independence Day 4th of July!

So I have had some questions about the time from when my Stalker Blog was attacked by an organized Pennsylvania based attack by a Seff Jwerksy, his judges Hugenior & Goldstein over at the “Family” court, & by the One and… I mean One and, so let go, here we go, an update of the stalk fest and attempted murder’s that ensued immediately after my original blog was attacked and downed in a systematic coordinated way earlier this year:



This is a follow up on the filed complaint about 2 murder attempts that was filed yesterday.

 The names of the stalkers that are attempting murder are named:

 King Fish House: Carlos, Jeremy, and the bartender was a shorter, heavier blond, who appears to fit an east county demographic.

USAA Bank/Insurance Co:  This military affiliated business has targeted me now in affiliation to & retaliation for Robert Tartaro's & Escala's & Bill Gore's human trafficking scam.  The man that tried to engage in a vehicular murder on Saturday is supposedly named David Miceli who gave me a USAA policy after he targeted me and then he started acting threatening and saying I have his money and it is in audio recording. 

The other man USAA had stalking me for concocted auto accident scams (but that was not an attempted murder just a false arrest scam) is named Nicholas Ferrara who gave me a USAA policy number after he targeted me.

The other two men that USAA has stalking me for home invasion surreptitious rental tenancies made through hacking my computer and emails through unlawful cyber stalking, are named Michael Brown and Allen Pearson... both who stalked my craigslist postings as to try to gain tenancy with me while conspiring to rout their crime through their USAA bank accounts and they basically both demanded that I go into a USAA bank where they had a different USAA bank employed human trafficker make harassment at me in a scam that was bewildering until recent events made it clear that this is a personal issue that owners of USAA are retaliating against me with for reporting crimes related to the human trafficking ring that USAA is clearly a part of and laundering money for.

Thank you,

Jessica Seymour

And here is the complaint that was sent a day or two before as to report the murder attempt that was made hours after my blog was downed when I went to one of my lunch spots that I later found out had SDPD employed “bartenders” working there, and this complaint was sent a few days before the above follow up complaint was updated on the FBI’s web site complaint intake form:

Federal Bureau of Investigation

c/o Police Abuse Dept/Human Trafficking Dept & FBI’s investigation of Bill Gore’s human trafficking through “Operation Shadowbox”.  

King Seafood Co  owners of King’s Fish House

3185 J Airway Ave, Cost Mesa, CA 92626, Fax (714) 432-0111


Re: Malicious Poisoning of food in conspiracy to facilitate SDPD related false arrest scam’s made on behalf of human trafficking through immunity job positions.  Dangerous conditions for the public created by King Fish House in San Diego CA.

FBI & King Seafood:

On 1/23/14I spent the night at the emergency room because I was poisoned maliciously and in premeditation by King Fish House employees who forced me to have explosive vomiting, explosive diarrhea, hard breathing at times, and my nail beds even started turning a shade of purple at one point, and this situation happened immediately after just 2 sips of my drink at the San Diego King Fish House location, where a waitress in the bar room poisoned my drink with visine. [I would be dead had I drank more of my drink].

And here is how it happened… At around 12 noon I went to the back tables at Kings Fish House in Mission Valley San Diego, were the plugs are, to sit at a table to do some computer work over my lunch.  I ordered one drink, the waitress goes behind the bar and makes the drink, then she brings it to me and walks off with a smirk that was very odd.  Next thing I know I have a manager coming up to me accusing me of crime, not asking me about any matter of contention but accusing me of ridiculous stories and crimes. 

The manager tells me that I’m the girl who walked out on my bill the last time that I was here.  I told the manager absolutely not, and that I waitressed during my undergrad and would never walk out on a bill due to my fondness of, & experience in, the industry.  The manager tells me ya, and she states to me that “you’re the girl who sits here all day on your computer” and that you’re the girl who “walked out on your bill the last time you were here” and she stated to me that “you went to “Bev Mo” to buy a bottle of wine and brought it in because of how there is no cork fee”. 

I told the manager that neither of those things ever happened, ever, and that the last time I was in I actually sat at the bar to watch a Charger game and I left before the game was even over and that I paid my bill & that my server was a guy (who kept opening an entirely new bottle each time he poured me my two drinks even though there were already open bottles), and that I paid and tipped him for his good service and I thought he was giving me such good service because of how he likely knew my friend Travis due to how this bartenders other job is with the juvenile sweeps department in the SDPD who will take kids to where my friend Travis works.  See I didn’t realize till later that this cop bartender was opening new bottles in front of me to poor my drink in front of me specially because he knew of the impending scam to poison my drink that this crew of SDPD affiliated bartenders were conspiring on. 

The manager started acting so weird, so cocky, telling me “oh, well I hope I haven’t embarrassed you in front of all these people, I hope you come back someday, since this must just be the other girl who looks like you”.  It was so cocky and off putting and I teared up and told her that she has embarrassed me and she seemed satisfied, but kept going on about how it must just be a girl who looked like me who sits here in the back on the computer “all day”, though I have never been there at your opening or closing and clearly the King Fish House staff hatefully target particular people. 

I told the manager that I have never brought in a bottle of wine to have it corked nor brough in a bottle to have it corked “”for free”’, and that someone must have this mistaken.  So the suspicious acting manager then states to me “oh, ok not the last time you were here but the time or two before that when you sat right here and had that same bartender who brought you this drink”.  So I tried to recall back to the past few times I had been here and I told your manager that I have paid my bill every time I have been here except for one time when the bartender told me that he covered my bill, that it was on him, the he “took care of it” and not to worry, and I told that manager that on that one occasion he said this to me in front of a second guy bartending or bussing, and that she can review the video to see me leaving my table to stand at the bar to ask for my bill which is when that male bartender told me he comp’ed it for me, and I thanked him and left, but that on that one occasion the earlier server who transferred my tab to him was a dark haired Asian woman not the blond bartender who was there that day accusing me of this after she first brings me my drink.  I told the manager that she can review the surveillance and she will see me packed up from my table, go to the bar, stand there, flag down the bartender, ask for my bill, then say oh thank you very much that is so sweet of you and waive by to the bartender.

I told the manager that I just would never do this and that I was friends with these people and would never to walk out on a bill. 

See in the past Israel, a server, had such a good heart to heart with me on the matters that my Foundation brings awareness about, whereas in the past the server named Israel has shared with me his thoughts on how some women are just “born to be prostitutes because they are so good at it”, which he explained to me is his deduction from growing up in his families brothel in TJ that he said his grandmother wanted him to run but how he likes to live the clean life for his daughters sake so he waiters here in America.  I had shared with King Fish House server Israel that day he told me all this when he was my table’s server, that prostitution is slavery and that no woman or human is born to be a slave and that if he wants to he can at any time rethink all his concepts he adopted at early ages watching women be abused and being told it is normal, because those women are being abused into being controlled, and that it is slavery, even if it appears to him that these woman can “leave any time” as he had stated, I informed him that the control tactics are so precise that actually the woman can’t just leave at any time and that this mis-appearance of freedom is deliberately made so to place blame on the Victim slave.  Israel reflected and told me that the tactics that the “Sinaloas” use are very bad and that is why he stay’s on this side working not for his families business, and I told him that this was honorable.  That night Israel acted thankful for the new take on his family’s business and gave me a hug when I left, so I thought this was still a friendly place for me to do my computer work on, and didn’t put it all together until the 1/23/14 poisoning of my drink, & it finally became clear that even the Pennsylvania based man that had stalked me a month or so ago when I was online in King Fish, named Steve Titas, was even a scam stalking just to gain my private data about what MBA program I was in when he pretended he was here in San Diego on an emergency appointment with his Navy contact who buys his specially equipment, which is when Steve Titas started plying me with the idea that he was going to be hiring an MBA holding employee soon as if he may have a job opening for me at his company.  Had I known that I was being put in great danger by King Fish House I would have never gone back, but the methods being used by the criminal staff are very hard to detect and coordinated, but I digress.

The manager had left the room and then came back and had started to act normal and not cocky anymore and had started to act as though she really understood this to be a mistake and told me that she won’t even bring it up to the other woman who looks like me. It was all very odd but I had work to finish, and it seemed quashed, so as I was working, I took a sip of my drink.  Then upon the second sip within minutes I started to feel my stomach expand, and was having goose bumps all over and was feeling nausea and this is not a normal reaction to two sips of a drink and I knew instantly that I had just been poisoned from all the burping and stomach expanding and pain and headache, and goose bumps or “chill bumps”.  I flagged down the bartender and I told her that I never walked out on a bill, and that she didn’t have to drug me.  She smirked at me and shrugged.  I told her that I was told my bill was comp’ed and that she was lied to and that she didn’t have to drug me and that I am feeling very sick from what she has done.  This waitress bartender walked off, and then the manager came over, and I told the manager that her bartender drugged me and that I am feeling sick, and the manager sat down and carried on this long conversation as I was in pain, telling me that the bartender would never do that and that the bartender was almost in tears, which is when I looked at your delusional in cahoots manager and told her the bartender smirked at me when I told her that she didn’t have to drug me and that this bartender was nowhere near tears.  As I sat there in too much pain to move I told the manager that this is all not adding up and that I am getting set up here, and now I understood why the last time I was in, the SDPD employed bartender kept opening a brand new bottle of wine to poor it right in front of me immediately after corking it in front of me, for both glasses I ordered though the prior bottle wasn’t finished yet, because he knew this was being set up against me in retaliation.  I told the manager that I get stalked by SDPD, And the manager then revealed to me that even the bartender who had set up the comp’ed bill scam to then turn around and act like it was a walk out also just graduated from the police academy and that his second job is also with the police… this scam all finally made sense and it was even assisted with a sexual targeting a week early by a man who apparently stalked me out downtown who told me some story about how he had a false arrest made of him from how his twin brother had walked out on a restaurant bill… so this entire stalking of me through King Fish House’s negligent hiring of known brothel affiliates/owners, and known police employed affiliated men who seek positions where they have access to a woman’s drink, is a major scam that is effecting patrons even when they are outside of the restaurant.  It is a danger to the public for King Fish house to be setting itself up through its employment practices, as a cover for crime that is by all your own employees accounts affiliated to Mexican based human trafficking brothels and to the SDPD’s human trafficking ring.

I had to go to the emergency room later that night dehydrated after the pain, diarrhea, and vomiting just wouldn’t stop and your King Fish House employees in Mission Valley are a disgrace to humanity and the SDPD employees are drugging and human trafficking the women who go in there, and are getting others to do it for them, like the trash waitress who they got to drug me for them.

That day, while at King Fish house, after 2 sips of my drink, and after then sitting for about an additional 5 or 10 minutes in too much pain to move, the explosive diarrhea started, and told the manager that she need to take that waitress bartender off the floor because she has in fact drugged me and I showed the manager the now dirty bathroom stall I had to rush into, and she said to me that she doesn’t need to see that, and I told her she needs to see what her staff is doing to the women it targets and that she needs to send her employee home and get the visine out from behind the bar, as I was packing up to leave, which is when your in cahoots manager then tells me that she had gone back there earlier to check for visine and didn’t find any then told me to leave and tried to keep me from leaving with my evidence which I told her I needed for taking to a lab…. Turns out I didn’t need it as the poisoning of me was enough to send me to the emergency room and leave me throwing up violently later that day.

Your staff of criminal are dangerous to the public as they use King Fish House locations to source victims and to try to conspire false arrest scams against Victims, all while hiring SDPD’s Immunity facilitated Human Trafficking police & Mexican brothel owners to give them access to women and to women’s drinks, likely laundering the dirty money through this business as well, and it is all very disgusting out of an Orange County based business, and now I am just curious what developer your with & who you contract for the building of your spec sites.

Thank you,

Jessica Seymour

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Blog #270

7/2/14  “One and Done” Method of Human Trafficking is officially registered here with you by the Victims of Immunity Foundation.

Identification of the One and Done method of human trafficking is hereby made.  It has been commercialized by Robert Hoffman through his Pennsylvania based businesses that are named and more telling, it’s parent company that is named

The commercialization of the One and Done method of human trafficking is made in a validation of how Human Traffick Victims, Slave’s, are targeted through cyber leashes, and Founder Jessica Seymour along with her mother were both lured to be using One and One website servers and were kept on invisible leashes through the use of that website hosting provider.  In fact many cyber stalking and harms were maneuvered against Founder Jessica Seymour by how her computer was being sideswiped every time she logged in to update her Stalker Blog back when it was on the One and One platform, that Robert Hoffman owns and operates, and cleverly named apparently after he already formed the commercialization of the human trafficking via cyber enleashment that his other business One and Done is for.

The One and Done method of Human Trafficking is a form of Rape for Profit Human Trafficking.  The One and Done Method of Human Trafficking focuses on invasion of a targeted Victims private everything so that it can be used by stalker traffickers who intent to exploit that information for exploiting their Victim with the intent to gain sex under the false pretense that that it is a lasting relationship of any sort.  Then after the sex is gained, in a systematic way that basically resorts to a “conned consent” then the team of stalker human traffickers engage in a planned “dumping” of the Victims so that she can feel used, abused, tricked, embarrassed, traumatized, and ultimately conditioned to being controlled which is a dark psych tactic used in “mind control conditioning” platforms like what Joseph Kony was being supported & trained on in exchange for his creation of over 20,000 future slaves that are now adults like Charlotte Awino being used to facilitate handling of American women. 

The targeted Victim is lead to believe that she is in any sort of a committed relationship by the trafficker who’s intent is to create a false consent looking dynamic just so that he can have a plausible deniability if the Victim ever reports the rape, which is what the sex actually is, the conned sex boils down to a rape in actuality; when you enter in the group dynamic that is used and engaged in against the targeted Victim the event is a rape regardless of the tricked conned consensual looking game used for gaining the sex, which the women is then “dumped by her new boyfriend” some short time after.  Most of the time the “dumping”, that is engaged in shortly after sex is conned from the victim, is made in a way that the trafficking group can join in and take bets on, such as a texting “dumping” where the trafficker posing as the perfect boyfriend, has his text dumping on a group text on his side of the conversation, where the rest of the sex trafficking team is aiding him in what to say to her to make the dumping that much more brutal and apparent to the Victim that she was just controlled, or that something is not adding up in the matter of the facts at hand.

The trafficker will often times say he “changed his mind” as if that is some sort of defense for targeting a woman to “trick” one time sex out of her in a way that her private data is used against her, and in an alarming majority of the time the premeditated one time sex that the trafficker was engaged in gaining is also secretly videotaped unbeknowanced to the Victim.  This form of Human Trafficking as commercialized by Robert Hoffman’s One and Done .Com is a feeder to the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking as well as a rape for profit scam where the Victim is stalked and targeted with data she never gave the trafficker who is working with a team as to conspire to gain any thing he can say is consent though the Victim never consented to any sort of premeditated abuse of her body or mind and was lead to believe that something actually meaningful was at hand, and this tactic is made to further deplete, degrade, sell, and terrorize a Victim in the “conditioning” process that human traffickers engage in against their slaves they are trying to put onto an invisible leach & cyber leash of stalking and manipulating and maneuvering, all for selling of that woman in any way that is commercial or that is a non-commercial looking as to maliciously circumvent the current legal definition of human trafficking, which is also a crime that somehow no one ever gets arrested for… it is called a deliberate subversion of justice which is a crime.  Good thing that Pennsylvania’s Robert Hoffman (and his affiliated San Diego “judge” Yuri Hoffmann) has commercialized it ever so sweetly with his overtly bold One and Done .com Company.

Here is another example or two for you of how horrific and damaging this form of human trafficking is, how it is done right in front of you while the Victim is Blamed, and how it is meant to facilitate medical torture that is outlawed in every country: 

Dr. Drew Pinsky + San Diego Charger Football player from Florida Russ Smith =

Amber Smith on TV saying that she was a prostitute rather than the truth that she was a Traffick Victim which became clear through the show, as in one of the therapy sessions the truth is revealed that she was not prostituting and that she was made genuinely interested in the men that were stalking her with mafia tactics, military precision, and for human trafficking; on Dr. Drew’s TV show you can see Amber Smith yelling in a therapy session about “why did all those men only want her once and never call her again and never talk to her again and never care about her again”… she was not prostituting, she actually thought something meaningful was at hand as her plate throwing therapy reveals to the dismay of Dr. Drew’s desire to rather call her a prostitute while getting her down trodden self to also call herself a prostitute, but she was actually a model being Pedestal Victimized Human Trafficked in the One and Done form of human trafficking that is tied to the Rape for Profit and the Gambling methods of human trafficking, but that is also tied to the “Make Your Dreams Come True” platforms of human trafficking, and Amber Smith was put on Dr. Drew’s to be abused by him in his attempt, and scam, to forever give any sort of plausible deniability to the men that trafficked her,  just like Kari Ann Peniche  who was also put on Dr. Drew’s show for the same scam of protecting the perpetrator traffickers.

When you rape a kid then control her therapy as to detriment her further than your committing Medical War Crimes against Humanity, and Dr.Drew’s targeting of Kari Ann was made around using her to gain some sort of sexual video of a different Hollywood actress, as evidenced by quotes from Kari Ann’s blog.

Kari Ann Peniche was put on Dr. Drew’s show with the intent to get into her house while also trying to get her to say her acts were her own when she was clearly being drugged and abused by Dr. Marcus Van when she was only about 19 years old, this is Human Trafficking Sex Sales Made To Look Like The Victim Is Something That She Is NOT, and it is extremely organized in a military fashion, it is conditioned Slavery made in the open as if the Slave is to blame, and it is why Marcus Van moved to San Diego for the targeting of San Diego women for the same harm seeing as how large & protected San Diego’s immunitied human trafficking ring is, and Van has targeted many other women than just Kari Anne Peniche and Jessica Seymour for his infliction of his premeditated harms that render him and Dr. Drew to be on par with War Criminals, and they have gone to war against American women.   In fact Dr. Drew said he would frame Lindsey Lohan in some sort of an arrest wrong doing force in to court IHT judges as to force her into addiction therapy if he were her father.... ... in April 2010.  Here: ^ Grim, Ryan. "Dr. Drew Getting Ripped For Suggesting Lindsay Lohan Be Framed For Drug Use" The Huffington Post; April 15, 2010

Actually, the Santa Barbra shooter was seen by one of Dr. Drew’s co-human traffickers Medical Torture inflicting book pedaling “doctors” named Charles Sophy who appears to have a property conversion scam via jewelry engaged in through his abuse of medicine and he also has a book to sell just like George Galdorisi’s San Diego affiliated & Jesuit ran SPAWAR, yep that’s right, Dr. Drew’s Charles Sophy of Pennsylvania (RepublicanHerald.comand psychiatrist ) set an author event to sign his book at Sophy’s Jewelers in 2010 & that store is owned by a cousin of Dr. Drew’s Charles Sophy of Pennsylvania catholic mafia human traffickers that scouted Elliot Rogers before he was maneuvered to be a student in Santa Barbra where Kari Ann Peniche was lured too by San Diego’s Marcus Van for a horrific attack in which she details waking up in a pool of blood after this Doctor animal Marcus Van drugged her, this is Medical Torture and when sex assault is involved it is Medical Torture Human Trafficking made for men who want to engage in a One and Done on a Woman while she is drugged not to be able to even identify the perpetrators and Doctor Van & his judges & US Attorney’s that protect him with little slaps on the wrists all has a lot of explaining left to do.

Kari Ann said this about Dr. Drew’s & Celeb Rehab:

"I will say that Dr. Drew hasn’t made any attempt to stay in touch or offer me any after-care since doing the three shows. He only called once when the “tape” with two friends and I was leaked (by a psycho b***h I let in my home per Drew’s request) to leave me a voicemail and ask how I wanted him to handle the press he was getting regarding the incident."

So the One and Done form of Human Trafficking is closely tied to the Medical Torture that is used on Human Traffic Victims which allow for them to be made to look like the blame takers for things that are crimes against humanity made by human traffickers looking to extend their ability to slave and sell humans, through clever abuse and drugging’s.  And it comes full circle when the breeding of future slaves comes into play through a states “child welfare system” and “social services”, and judicial services were traffickers first get their hands on their youngest and bread Victims.  When you see how Kari Ann’s mother, who moved from San Diego to Oregon, denies the abuse that Kari Ann selflessly shares in an attempt to recover from it, you start to see that this is a slave trade of horrific abuse and control that always looks to breed the next generation of Victims & then get them controlled as early as possible.  Kari Ann's "husband" Justin Williams appears to be a clear breeder stalker handler, who got Ms. Peniche impregnated and within 10 months of age Justin Williams was getting Kari Ann's son from her in court with "lab tests" showing that the baby had "synthetic" substance in his hair follicle.  Justin's IHT attorney is Mario Van Oorschot, and the entire robbing of a woman through court while calling the woman crazy is a con job that doctors are in on in premeditation which is why Peniche was on Dr. Drew’s to begin with. If traffickers stopped targeting Kari Ann for clever rape scams engaged in to subvert her from her own success, how different do you know her life would be - If she was left to have all the amazing profits and gains from her own hard work and not targeted systematically by men trying to make money off of her through sexual abuse of her – her life under her own un-circumvented control would be nothing like what has been made for her to suffer in that her mother has facilitated as her mother was a slave as well who gave in to the platform to end up handling her own daughter for traffickers, which is what makes this human trafficking a Slave Trade as blatant & protected as the First American Slave Trade was.

This full is where the One and Done Human Trafficking rape method is intent to lead to, see the Victim either keeps her mouth shut about it and is further conditioned and slaved, or she reports it which is when the ring of traffickers send their IHT police and or IHT federal agents in to act as though it sound “crazy” and as if it sounds “consensual” when it was no way able to be consensual due to the way the Victim was targeted, which is when the IHT’s being in their Human Trafficking “doctors” & “judges”, that is the full circle of human trafficking through stalking & cyber stalking that Robert Hoffmann’s ONE and DONE business model has commercialized.  How much smaller would Lindsey Lohan’s “list” be had she been left to her own self and not stalked and sold around through the judges & doctors & cover businesses & lawyer’s conspiring to sell her around as if it is some sort of issue of hers, when before these animals were One and Done targeting her, she had a very nice and successful life and career, until her father upset someone who decided to have his daughter targeted by this ring of IHT’s… or is it that her father was in on it at the beckon of Dr Drew Pinaky’s team of sex traffickers, as this would be a classic symptom of human trafficking of Pedestal Victims who’s parents/grandparents are often times involved in either the Handler and/or Slave aspect of this 2nd American Slave Trade of Human Trafficking that is mostly performed through immunity abuse in some form or another.

Premeditated unlawful stalked out, maneuvered and group manipulated gaining of “consent” boils down to rape especially when the One and Done break up is made by a team on a group text or group phone or email communication, or even if the team taking the bets just simply prepped the stalker on how to engage in the “done” part (breakup part), of this form of sex trafficking that is engaged in at to condition a Victim into a forced “prostitution” of any sort.  And hidden cameras are involved, and favors are involved, and people are paid to gain the data that is used to control and trick the Victims that are being targeted for this slave trade, making it another form of Rape for Profit Human Trafficking that is so ugly that it deserves its own special designation and sub set of laws for convictions & for preventing it from being explained away in court by the rapist human trafficker slave traders who premeditate to create any sort of “consent” looking alibi, while calling their Victim “crazy”.

Love You Forever and Ever Anti Stalker’s,



Blog #269

6/28/14 ”Whoa, where did the party go… We’re ending it on the phone…”

Anti stalkers, guess what, the most recent stalking human trafficker that was specially picked to be stalking me has ended at the instruction of his masters, and he went out of his way to make sure that I knew he is tied to this human trafficking ring of domestic terrorist sex criminals that are plaguing this west coast.  See this guy Andrew started to pursue me right after I told my “friend“ exactly what type of guy I was looking for, in that I told my “friend” that I just wish I could find my perfect blond haired light eyed WASP to settle down with and start a family with… and then a little bit later magically he showed up and started pursuing me, and looking back on it now, he went out of his way that first time we were supposed to meet up to tell me some story about how he got pulled over by SDPD on his way to meet me but that he didn’t get a ticket because in San Diego blond haired green eyed people never get tickets as he said to me. Turns out that this guy Andrew is actually tied to the ring of human traffickers that are using their down town clubs/businesses to human traffic women just like what Francesco Bucci is doing through Pappalecco.  Yep, turns out that Andrew’s systematic and calculated sexual targeting of me was based around my “friend” finding out just what my perfect looking man is and then poof he appeared knowing just how to start exploiting the horrific tragedy that I have been forced to navigate through with regards to how horrible it is that the SPU shooting took place all at a time that 20 other freaks all also attacked me on that same day.

Yep Andrew was being fed exactly what to say and do so that he could exploit the traumatic state of affairs, and so that he could have the most success in his plan to human traffic & rape a woman he stalks in clever ways that include a team of at least 10 or so guys and at least one female “friend” of mine that has now become all too clear of a human trafficker rather then a friend, amazing & it is all feeling very similar to the Charlotte Awino shake down of me that was going on in 2011 to 2012 so it appears that this ring of terroristers are still targeting San Diego for some event that they just need to have blamed on some unsuspecting person that they can call “crazy”…. Well like I said about SDPD Sergeant Dunnagan’s stalking of me, I am not settled in any way on taking any such fall, so good luck with that one pervert IHT’s but I’m not your patsy.

The most amazing part is that I am finding out that Andrew’s human trafficking sexual perversion, stalking made with the intent to gain sex through unlawful means human trafficking made with the intent to further domestic terrorists is tied to Robert Tartaro’s mixed martial arts ring, and is also tied to the man who did the camera footage for the “Girls Gone Wild” films up until that “business model” ended up with that Joe guy in Jail for plying underage girls with booze then soliciting sexual contacts as if it is just a consenting event when nothing about those girls gone wild crap videos was ever actually consenting since those woman were targeted by a team of men who used unlawful tactics on an uneven playing field against women who could not possibly know the extent of the matters at hand…. But hey, to these pervs denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Yep that is right Anti Stalker Nation, Andrew Wallice stalked me through one of the now apparent human trafficking down town hot spots through the camera system there, and he then engaged in covert hard to detect trafficking tactics that are unlawful with the intent to gain many things for himself, and then when he was told to engage in the “heartbreak” tactic at me he actually did it on the phone in a text game he played where he was having his “break up” with me engaged in by a team, and I kept getting messages show up in my phone that showed that Andrew’s texts were linked up to a “group text” party of his, yep Andrew had a group doing his on the “phone break” up with me where this team of traffickers he is part of actually all engage in their “break up for infliction of pain” on a targeted Victim tactic that they use in a systematic way as to try to do some sort of “shaming” of the Victims they target, well, I know I am no match for a team of professional human traffickers so trying to get me in any sort of “oh so sad depressed mad” state over some pervert that was chosen to target me based off of the ages old human trafficking tactic where a “friend” finds out just what you’re looking for in a man then all of a sudden he appears like God has finally sent you the perfect mate, is just not a trick that is going to be working out the way they planned it to, see, because it turns out that this Andrew Wallace MMA cage fighter in this DoD/Robert Tartaro/SDPD/hidden camera/Property Converting/Girls Gone Wild affiliated trafficking ring scam had engaged in having me drugged in a very specific way right before Andrew Wallace’s Systematic Break Up Scam of victimizing a woman that he is sexually targeting with a team & those drugs were made available by that Hindue Eye Doctor that Searsucker protects, and so Andrew’s targeting of me has now just tied itself even tighter to that Hindu Eye Doctor that picks off Victims in Fluxx & Searsucker, and Andrew’s systematic targeting of me has tied Robert Tartaro’s prior targeting of me now even tighter to the Judge David Danielson catholic mafia University of San Diego & Seattle University jesuit ring that has been targeting me & that maneuvered me to Seattle through Bill Gore.  See, the Superior Court and others were given formal demands to stop stalking & harassing me right before Andrew was told to (and agreed to) make his systematic group break up with me, which is supposed to make me so hurt since he was the perfect man I was waiting for, right.  Ya I am supposed to be so upset and hurt and outraged that I was broken up with by Andrew in such a demeaning way that he engaged in with a team so that he could effectively sell the break up while making it in a way that made sure to clue me into the fact that he has been targeting me with & for this ring of trafficker terroristers that I am supposed to be suicidal or something right now, right… I’m supposed to be all upset right, all out of control or something right…. Well the reality is that this ring has simply made their intent to commit a terrorist event here in San Diego more apparent with this refusal to just stop targeting me, and it makes me feel that they are pathetic, and very small, after all, they need unlawful and outlawed dark psych tricks just to be able to talk to me, so um why would I fall for their “oh I am so hurt game” as I would rather just make sure that they can’t do this to any more women rather than let their games work the way they want them to work…. And to any Victim Blamer abusers out there who would have the audacity to say to me how could I fall for such a trick if I’m such an expert, well let me just inform you notto STOP, because the idea that a Victim doesn’t need an advocate at times of being oppressed and manipulated and targeted by SYSTEMATIC OUTLAWED DARK PSYCH WAR CRIME TACTIC’S MADE BY TEAMS THAT ARE FEEDING DATA TO A MAN SO THAT HE KNOWS JUST WHAT TO SAY TO COMBAT A VICTIMS ATTEMPTS TO LEAVE THE SITUATION then you just don’t have an aptitude for what it means to be targeted and that might be great for you, but save your lack of knowledge for your children so that maybe they can be easier targets for this ring of Slave Trader Human Traffickers, is that what your telling me!?!

That said, a human trafficking sex crime complaint will be going to Eric Holder of the DoJ just like in the past when I sent the DoJ the SPU data and report about what Awino and SPU were engaged in, and so if any further terroristing events made to look like a “crazy” drugged shooter is to blame or better, like a “crazy” distraught woman is to blame because her “boyfriend” “broke up with her”, well it will be Eric Holder’s fault/scam just like the SPU shooting has ultimalty been facilitated by Eric Holder’s ring of Human Trafficking Attorneys that scam up how to call human trafficking and gun trafficking businesses of theirs just “investigation Operations so fast and so furiouse” as Eric Holder and many of his US Attorney’s did have the ultimate ability to stop the SPU event given all the reports the DoJ has had from me regarding the SPU stalking of me that Charlotte Awino & James Shelton were engaged in, but also Eric Holder’s DoJ had made cover up for all the crimes that were reported to them about Robert Tartaro & Albert Machhour’s targeting of me prior to the maneuvering of me to Seattle Pacific University.

With that said, here are the complaints that were sent to the San Diego Superior Court Mafia & it’s San Diego Grandiose Jury:

David Danielsen& the County of San Diego

CC: Bill Gore’s San Diego Sheriff Department & the oh so ineffective acting Grand Jury

Fax (619) 450-5162


Re: Your covering for & protecting of your rape for profit scam affiliated Kathy Rowe & Travis Meyer’s that you engage in for your ring of human trafficking criminal affiliates of yours.

David Danielsen:

You are of no honor and you are not a judge, you are a surreptitiously placed human trafficker affiliated to the Catholic Crime Ring that operates through USD and many other schools, therefor you are not to be address as “judge”, especially given how this title will be soon striped from you due to your own heinous criminal acts.  Ms. Seymour is done taking your Bull Shit.

We are aware that you are protecting the crimes of Travis Meyer the same way your court has protected the rape for profit human trafficking crimes of Kathy Rowe’s.  The rape for profit crime ring you are in is why you colluded on the erroneous Vex Lit status against Jessica Seymour back when Robert Tartaro was being sued by her, so we are very interested to see how many other women have been kept from safety and from justice through your mis-use and abuse of the Vex Lit status you seek to put your Victims in prior to your most disgusting crimes you intend to make against them.   In the case of your targeting of Ms. Seymour, you are guilty of subverting justice, aiding and abetting rapists and rape for profit scams made in ways with built in plausible deniability scams that stink of attorney & judge & law enforcement premeditation.  You are guilty of a major terroristing scam were you and your perverted ring of criminals sought to erroneously call Ms. Seymour any sort of wrong doer and in particular you also conspired to call Ms. Seymour any sort of “crazy” with the intent to have her drugged then maneuvered to the Seattle Pacific University in Seattle as you & your crime ring “sheriff’s” sourced two different Notorious Childhood Murderers to be maneuvered living with Ms. Seymour and separately with her family, which all ended up being part of your human trafficking crime ring’s scam to have Ms. Seymour and her entire family murderer as told to her by the murderer human trafficker of the Joseph Kony trafficking platform Charlotte Awino who threatened Ms. Seymour that she was to be the blame taker for the campus shooting that your crime ring originally tried to have take place on the SPU campus at Otto Miller Hall back in 2012in collusion with the book publishing of your crime ring’ affiliate over at SPAWAR George Galdorisi’s book Act of Valor which is why his main character was given the name “Chief Otto Miller”.  This all adds up to you being quite the domestic terrorist, and we are informed and believe that you had come to agree that Ms. Seymour would be killed on 6/5/14 as retaliation for reporting and outing and stopping this SPU attack you are part of the first time your affiliates tried to pull it off by “previewing conditioning” tactics that Awino made at Ms. Seymour regarding the fact that this terroristing event was to be made blamed on her by the human trafficking ring, gun trafficking ring, rape for profit ring & Cash form Cuties scam where you & your ring sell woman through the mug shots you erroneously gain of them through abuse of your post.  David, you are of a severe psychopathy on par with Bill Gore’s sociopathy which means that you are a danger to the public at large and you need to be incarcerated, jailed for life, and force drugged so that we may get you ready to stand trial for your crazy crimes you engaged in against Jessica Seymour, and your time for arrest and jailing is at hand due to your failure to simply stop yourself from your organized crimes against humanity that you have now engaged in again while being told that Ms. Seymour would be dead and not able to testify against you & against all the other SPU campus terrorists that facilitated the murdering on SPU on 6/5/14 that was supposed to be made against Ms. Seymour & against her family in2012 that she reported to all entities that your catholic affiliated mafia has subverted through the jesuit schooling platform.  We bring this to your attention now because Ms. Seymour was refused a TRO by you through your Vet Lit scam over a month ago when she first tried to get Travis Meyer to be made stopped.  Your negligence David, has allowed for your Travis Meyer and your SPU terroristers to now engage in the shooting at that campus and at other campuses that all could have been stopped had you never used your Vex Lit scam to subvert Ms. Seymour’s good claims and demands for protective orders against the criminals who have been so protected by you that they have now made the SPU terrorizing as if witness Jessica Seymour would never be able to speak upon the matter.  Your Travis Meyer made 2 cyber harassments & stalking’s & other terrorizings at Ms. Seymour on 6/5/14 that included a 9am “Tick Tock” email threat to Ms. Seymour as well as collusion to assault Ms. Seymour at the same time that the shooting was occurring. When Ms. Seymour tried to get this newest TRO you again engaged in having Ms. Seymour left unprotected and you even had complicit in murder Ms. Blackweill again stalk Ms. Seymour as to try to gain the audio recording & pleading that she was being kept from filing and getting same day protection, Ms. Seymour had a man try to force her in to oncoming traffic when she left the court house due to how you keep her from TRO. Recuse yourself from her forms immediately and go wash the blood off your hands quick, and STOP trying to subvert Ms. Seymour’s inalienable right to self-protection that Audio Recording brings her &other Victims forced to you and stalked around the court by your crime affiliates. 

Office of Court Counsel, facilitators of the Criminally Insane San Diego Superior Court crimes made against the public


Re: The lies and abuse you sent to Jessica Seymour dated 6/20/14

“The Office Of Court Counsel”:

We formally and officially REJECT each and every lie, accusation, and attack against Ms. Seymour’s honor and reputation that you negligently sent to her without ascertaining the entirety of the circumstances at hand, dated 6/20/14.

You fail to put return correspondence on your attack mail and you even fail to sign or identify who you are, so we find it safe to deduct that your one of David Danielson’s co-human trafficking criminals that are used to Oppress the Victims that David Danielson makes for his mafia catholic human traffickers that for some inexplicable reason all have ties back to Jesuit Universities, and/or Malta universities such as University of San Diego, and/or have ties to Seattle and Portland.  The UN has identified that there are over 20,000,000 living victims of the catholic human trafficking network that your acts are adjoining you too “office of court counsel”.

First, your office has been lied to, and has failed to ascertain the true situation at hand prior to attacking Ms. Seymour further, Cease and Desist with any and all further harassment of Ms. Seymour, even the harassment you collude to make against her through your third party contacts/traffickers.

Your Court House employees and judges have been stalking, harassing, terrorizing, abusing, Ms. Seymour for years and have unlawfully tampered with her pleadings and status, as to engaged in keeping her oppressed by the human trafficking ring that your court cossets and furthers; please see the Pennsylvania’s Cash for Kids Scandal to understand better the extent of trafficking crimes that your Court is making in this San Diego version of this type of human trafficking, which Ms. Seymour has coined as the Cash for Cuties Scandal where your judges are abusing their posts and processes as to aid in human trafficking of San Diego Women and Children and even Men.  Your job is not to keep these judge & clerk criminals protected but to keep the public protected from them, so start doing your job and use your words and anonymity to stop the abuses & crimes your clients are making, as we can assure you that your complicit to horrific events including this courts facilitation of the Seattle Pacific University Shooting murder that was made on 6/5/14; your clients were instrumental in trying to have that shooting take place in 2012 for it to be blamed on Ms. Seymour after your court erroneously and maliciously deliberately wrongfully labeled Ms. Seymour as if she is somehow a gun touting mental so that your court could have a cover for the abduction of M.s Seymour that they engaged in through abuse of court procedures and court powers, then your court house employee ring of criminals manipulated and forced Ms. Seymour to be living on the Seattle Pacific University campus with guerilla soldier childhood murderer human trafficker Charlotte Awino of the Joseph Kony LRA Human Trafficking ring who was made a “brain washed” murderer after the catholic school she was at facilitated her to be abducted. 

Now, your Danielsen and your Ms. Blackweil have been stalking Ms. Seymour for years and lying about her for years and in collusion with many other pervert trafficking judges, your clients have tampered with Ms. Seymour’s court files, pleadings, and evidence for years and they all have much to hide and cover up by lying about Ms. Seymour so you need to rethink your abuse you negligently made at her with post haste as it makes you in ratification of many crimes that you have a duty to stop rather than protect. Your employee criminals cannot be “intimidated” in any way as they are completely degenerate at this point and your claim is laughable, but better, we have audio recorded proof that Ms. Seymour’s conduct in the court house was fine and completely necessary due to the facts at hand regarding the emergency TRO matter at hand, and your dirty court left Ms. Seymour unprotected against murderers of the most sophisticated sort and someone did attempt to kill Ms. Seymour by trying to force her car into oncoming traffic on her way home as retaliation for her demand for protective orders that your disgusting degenerate clients kept Ms. Seymour from repeatedly, and had your dirty court employees simply granted protective orders against Travis Meyer the first time Ms. Seymour asked for them months ago before the SPU shooting, then that shooting would have been thwarted as Travis Meyer’s abusive targeting of Ms. Seymour is tied to those who coordinated and planned out the SPU attack.  Had your dirty court taken proper methods for stopping Travis Meyer than his criminal affiliates would not have been able to make the SPU attack that was geared toward harming, terrorizing, harassing, and intimidating Ms. Jessica Seymour. 

Secondly, may we inform you that never is it “disruptive” for a Victim to demand to see a judge for TRO, and never is it “disruptive” for a Victim to demand to have a Victim Advocate be made available when judicial immunity & quasi immunity are being used to unlawfully persecute a Victim by criminals like Ms. Blackweil who want to keep Ms. Seymour’s TRO from being treated fairly, or correctly.  Your disgusting criminal clerk Ms. Blackwiel had no due cause to not have a judge immediately review a TRO request filing that was prepared by an attorney, and your criminal stalker clerk had no due cause to not have a judge make immediate review of the “vex lit” form order that Blackweil had a different clerk stalk Ms. Seymour to demand for the TRO request that Ms. Seymour was kept from filing now for the 2nd time while criminal human trafficker affiliates of this court house try to drive Ms. Seymour in to oncoming traffic when she heads home after the terrorizing your dirty criminal threat to the public safety employees engaged in at Ms. Seymour as to try to oppress her from gaining self-protection, and this 6/20/14 communication of yours is also a retaliatory attempt to oppress Ms. Seymour from self-protection; you have blood on your hands and you know it which is why you don’t even sign your name to your communication.

Thirdly, the lies made by the Court House are made as to falsely imprison Ms. Seymour and are made to violate her and Victimize her systematically including through human trafficking methods, and Ms. Seymour has every fundamental, constitutional, and human right to self-protection that her audio recorder provides, case in point, we can prove that your wrong and that your court has lied and we can prove this and protect Ms. Seymour due to the audio we have that simply shows Ms. Seymour to be actually getting stalked, provoked, oppressed from safety of TRO, and kept from advocacy in a situation where a quasi judicial immunity was trialing Ms. Seymour and retaliated by having Armed Sheriff Deputies threaten and terrorize Ms. Seymour so if anyone here is “intimidating” and “harassing” and “verbally abusing” it is your court house employees doing such to Ms. Seymour and you stand corrected as the audio is fully protecting Ms. Seymour to the chagrin of your attacks. 

Fourthly, no court order of human trafficker David Danielsen is allowed to strip anyone of self-protection and in your dirty Hall of InJustice, all women & children need the self-protection of an audio recorder for preservation of fundamental rights, accordingly your experimental order regarding audio recording in the court house is mute, and is over ridden & superseded by Ms. Seymour’s rights to self protection that are protected by many many many codes, declarations, and bills that take precedence over catholic mafia David Danielsen’s desires to make a abuse of Ms. Seymour while premeditating that abuse to not be provable or protectable against…. Ms. Seymour’s fundamental rights against things like court house made false imprisonment and abduction all made in facilitation of a domestic terrorist event such as the SPU shooting scam are fundamental rights that are only protectable by audio recorded proof of the events as your court is a mafia, that has become obsessed with harming Ms. Seymour due to their extreme religious views that dictate their protection of crime syndicates of human trafficking that is facilitated by immunity abuse which render the immunity forfeit leaving David Danielsen’s order unenforceable but you can keep wasting county money printing it and mailing it all you want but you have been informed that Ms. Seymour’s rights supersede that suspicious order made by a criminal who is premeditating abuse while trying to make sure no proof of the abuse could be gained as to leave his intended Victims disabled and lied about, and terrorized and stalked around the court house.
Finally, we demand you to instruct your perverse clients at your dirty court house to STOP all stalking, provoking, harassing of Ms. Seymour, and have your clients STOP oppressing & retaliating against Ms. Seymour each time she tries to make self-protection and due informing, and while you’re at it go ahead and also STOP threatening Ms. Seymour with your Mute and Unenforceable civil rights violating “order” games. You and your court staff are directed to cease and desist all such inappropriate conduct with Ms. Seymour.

Sincerely, Victims of Immunity Foundation, on behalf of your Victims, Ms. Jessica Seymour

So there you have it Anti Stalkers…. Oh but wait, here’s one more update… Travis keeps emailing me with his cyber stalker harassment and crazy Escala antics of sociopathy and so it appears that I should make it known for him that my home has been sold 3 times and both of the prior sales were abated, and this third one will be abated also as all the dirty dealings of Tim Door’s he made for this ring of jesuit human trafficker property conversion laundering scams are now all being rushed into the light and this homerun of mine is about to be hit out of the park in defiance of the mismatch of power I am up against in trying to preserve my fundamental rights form perverts like Eric Holder who seem to think that my constitutional rights have to take a back seat to his human trafficking gun trafficking endeavor to grow it’s black market share of gun sales through this rash of concocted “crazy’s with gun’s” school shootings that he and his degenerate jesuity maltay get your hands on the kiddies thru the church & thru the schools CIA military controlling way of the knife freekshow sociopaths have been engaging in as if such domestic terrorizing of theirs won’t ever land them in jail….

NOTE TO IHT’S: West Coast Love is Living on the East Side, so don’t count on never being sent to jail Eric, & friends. 

Grand Slam Smootchy’s,



Blog #268

6/26/14 Not sure why Travis’ psychosis hit this morning to be yet again manifesting in his horrific banging on my wall’s at ungodly hours…

Good afternoon Anti Stalker’s, day is only half way through so far, but is started out at around 4:45am with an epic Travis Meyer meltdown psychotic fit of yet another morning of banging on my walls, and I know he just loves to be blogged about as his sick little need for any sort of attention so I rather refrain from even blogging about his stalker abuses if possible, but this one today was especially aggressive & scary, and he seems to be slipping deeper and deeper into a psychosis and his handler’s are not doing anything to curb he & Ron’s targeting of me, rather it seems that Travis is being encouraged into this dark place and this is very dangerous for the public at large given the way this ring of human trafficking terroristers are just looking for their next patsy to be the drugged up blame taker of whatever “event” they are going to be concocting next.  Travis needs a lot of love right now and therapy but not at the expense of my sleep, safety, or protection and my hope for this Escala based ring of perverse traffickers is that they soon are disbanded through increased arrests of the SPAWAR/DoD-Military-Intell-catholic mafia- aligned human trafficker money launderer freeeeeks that stalk me like they can’t control their obsessions with all of this Jessica that is and that be.  These demonstrative animals stalk & terrorize me as if I have 3 sets of wings extending from my vertebra or something….

On to the questions at hand.  So I have had some interesting questions that my Anti Stalker Nation want answers to, so here we go:

First, people want to know if I have pictures with Charlotte Awino.  There are tons of pictures of Charlotte and I out in Seattle & Queen Anne Hill, and in the SPU Library together.  I was maneuvered to be living with Charlotte and with another student named Stephanie, who was placed in this house of doom due to how her sister was stalked by IHT’s, once Stephanie’s mother came to visit, all of a sudden some sort of “secret issue” was at hand and Stephanie started to stay at some other location and when I tried to find out what was going on Stephany was aggressive, hostile, and down right out of character… Charlotte had made some explanation to me that Stephanie had moved out due to some “bloody” panties issue of some sort that transpired between Stephanie’s side of the room that she shared with Charlotte.  I had the lower room of the hovel that SPU maneuvered me into at Professor Ruth Edigar’s converted garage hovel located at the alley way by some of the SPU dorms on campus & the address is something like 3303 3rd Ave West, yep, SPU and it’s CIA SPAWAR FREEKSHOW HUMAN TRAFFICKERS maneuvered and manipulated and forced me into living in a hovel while they sought to put me into nearly $40,000 of debt while they converted nearly all of my federal financial aid stipend to themselves all with the intent to never award me the MBA degree that would earn, that would let me command the income needed to pay back the debt… it is a form of slavery close to indentured servitude that is being played on many students right now through many universities and I can tell you first hand that the west coast complaint intake field office of the Federal Financial Aid Department located in Colorado makes cover up for this organized crime and human traffickers have gained positions at the Fed Financial Aid Department & persons at the Federal Financial Aid Department facilitating this laundering scam of slavery creation and trafficking.  We have an epidemic in this country that did not exist 20 years ago, where now 4 year degrees are somehow magically now taking students 7 and 8 years to get all while those students are somehow forced out or lured out of their finalizing of their degree at that 7th or 8th year. Basically there is a slave trade epidemic targeting students for conversion of their financial aid made by the traffickers at schools that intend to never actually let the student earn or achieve the degree, but rather just suck the students Financial Aid for as long as possible all while selling the students sexually to the offspring of traffickers such as in the situation where SPU was facilitating the sale of me to student Chirag Patel… this form of slave trade is going to be addressed further in July’s AbolitionistSquared campaign that I am now forming!

Seattle Pacific University has this conversion scam down to a science with military precision & SPU has this slave trade down so well that even the little bit of funds that a student has left to live off of while being set up to never be able to get their degree they earn, are then converted to professors like Ruth Edigar through rent rates that are outrageous considering the exposed cement garage hovel that the slaves this ring targets are maneuvered into living at through the complete control of a slaves phone, internet, and circle of influence…. But I digress… basically, yes there are tons of pictures of Charlotte and I at the places we would go to that she was having me previewed and stalked at with the texts she’d make to the pervs that would then somehow show up tobe sexually harassing, aggressive, coercive, assaultive, manipulative, etc, and even Chirag Patel showed up at spots I would be at after I was no longer living with Charlotte as some handler named “Ozzy” started to try to traffick me around for this ring of terrorizer pervs and Ozzy was a bouncer/bartender/manager guy who started stalking me in collusion with “LiLi” Lisa Castillejoall after Awino was apparently no longer able to handle me & sell me around due to the police reports I made regarding David Wetzel’s stalking of me that was now leading back to the fact that David Wetzel & Charlotte Awino did very much know each other though Charlotte kept acting to me like she was scared of him too and like she didn’t know him but she did, and even Agent Tracy He made an at that time super confusing to me question when Tracy asked Charlotte if her and David were sleeping together…. There is a whole drawn out story here with all that CIA Student Agent maneuvering between Chirag, Tracy, Charlotte and a few other sexual pervert Agents that like to sexually abuse women as if they are above the law and above all human rights, but your gonna have to wait for the rest of those on-going’s of this dirty Imunitied Human Trafficking ring of immunity forfeiting pervert trafficking terroristers.

On that note, I need to know if Seattle’s David Wetzel is the son of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Gary Wetzel as this would just be too much considering how Gary Wetzel and SPAWAR’s Patrick Henry Brady are friends with pics taken together and posted on Wikipedia….. Hey Anti Stalkers, is Charlotte’s David Wetzel the son of Gary George Wetzel????   Because this is would be quite a convicting tie to SPAWAR’S ties to both Escala & Seattle Pacific University’s stalking of me, on top of the “Chief Otto Miller” designation of SPAWAR’s George Galdorisi.

Here is more scoop, Awino would also get checks in the mail from a “job” other than Sodexo & I think this is one of the reasons that Ruth would control the mail & electricity bill, and even when I placed the hovel unit’s electric bill in my name so that crazy Ruth couldn’t have it turned off on me as she threatened be about, she then had it transferred out of my name and back into her name though my hovel unit was one of three units and though my lease gave me the right to put that unit’s electricity into my name, Ruth still used this as some sort of manipulation and even had the SPU attorney’s at ELM Law go into court and act as if how dare I put my bill in my name in some cover up where Ruth & SPU’s attorney’s lied under oath & said I put her electricity into my name when that is something I could never do, the gas & electric company needed a copy of mine & Charlotte’s & Stephany’s lease as to put that one unit’s electricity into my name and the gas & electric company would never transfer 3 units into one under the lease I provided to them for my one unit to be in my name…. but ya, crazy Ruth was so inexplicably offended when I put my electricity into my name after she threatened to cut it off, that she then made up some sort of crazy lie and even somehow forced electric company to put my units’ bill back into Ruthi’s control, and yes “Ruthy” is what Charlotte called Professor Ruth Edigar, and Charlotte was even cozy cozy cozy with the MBA School Dean Jeff Van Duzer who Charlotte told me waived courses for her after they met up in his office.  Jeff Van Duzer & his judge friend that my Jane Doe case got steered to, both later had their buddy Grant Learned start attacking my schooling and my reputation and my honor right in sync with the attack they were all facilitating and planning to have blamed on me….. dirty animals, Victims beware.  Basically, international studetns are not allowed to be working off campus and this paycheck income & job of Awino’s indicates extreme corruption on the part of SPU & Ruth Edigar.

SPU engaged in human trafficking of students via financial aid scams & SPU took & converted about $40,000 of financial aid through me that I have to pay back all while SPU intended to never actually let me earn my degree and engaged online in an indentured servitude slavery platform were a Victim is targeted for debt that they will never be able to pay without the earning potential of the degree/education that the debt is for & the faculty convert the FA to their pay & to the University with the intent and earmark for use of it to laundering of dirty Human Trafficking money.  Converted about $40K through me for me to have to pay back with no authentic chance for the degree or education all while they had me living in a hovel scraping by giving even more of my funds to human trafficker SPU Professor Ruth Edigar, while being controlled and sold around by “roommate” Charlotte Awino without me even knowing what was at hand, and while treating me with horrific abuse each time I made diligent protection and due reporting of odd & criminal occurrences, harassments, manipulations, and assaults.




Blog #267

6/20/14 Duhh Sergeant Dunnagan, I am apparently fall out girl, but save your abuse for your wife and kids….

Just because the sound track to my Stalker Blog is primarily Fall Out Boy quotes doesn’t mean that I have settled for a fall, much to my stalkers dismay.  Yes Anti Stalker Nation, my stalkers think that they are setting me up for a fall so they keep getting increasingly self-assured in this latest lash out of theirs they have engaged in that they launched on 6/5/14.

Case in point, yesterday at the new spot I have found to log in and do my blogging at, I walk in to find 3 cops sitting in the area I sat in the day before & on the day before I was stalked by that Chaldean Insurance Salesman who targeted me last year who was trying to get me to give him all my family’s phone numbers and names.  When I showed up yesterday there were 3 cops sitting in the spot I sat at the prior day and I really didn’t think anything of it especially since they were motor cycle cops with the wheel & wings insignia on their uniforms, as for the most part, I have not been stalked by motor cops unless you count the outrageous amounts of stalker tickets I got back when I was a teen & was first planning my move to San Diego, but you all already know that I have been stalked by SDPD/FBI Lee Martin the 3rd since high school.  See, a tell tail sign that IHT’s are stalking you or stalking one of your kids is an overwhelmingly high amount of tickets to start to systematically be engaged in against you or your kid, as IHT’s use this method of stalking to not only in premeditation make a targeted Victim look a certain way and discredited but this type of IHT stalking also starts working a Victim into loss of driver’s licence and so it is a way to force a Victim into and onto the trolley or other public transit and on foot vulnerability, while depleting a Victims finances so that the targeted Victims can be easy to push into some sort of direction these IHT’s want to use their Victim for like “prostitution” or like crimes of robbery and such. Anti Stalker Nation, always be leery of any ridiculous amount of tickets being thrown at anyone in a systematic way as this is a Human Trafficking tactic used by human trafficker over ran police departments.

Yes, so first thing in the morning yesterday I arrive at my new spot I have been going to, and I find 3 motor cops there waiting, but thought nothing of it till it became apparent later on last night that now I have a Motor Cop & his Sergeant Chuck Dunnagan engaged in stalking me through the cops this Dunnagan supervises & these motorcycle cops are stalking me through unlawful surveillance tactics including in person harassment's and especially including a locator stalk app on this phone that was given to me by Ian Kingsley about a month before he pulled a gun on me on a night that I didn’t even have my car to be able to leave, and Ian Kingsley pulled his gun on me when he became suspicious about how I made it out of the St. Patrick’s Day hearing that judge Whitney had set up… yes apparently Ian Kingsley was under the impression that I wouldn’t be making it out of the hearing that Whitney was stalking me with, and when I did make it out of that hearing Ian was pissed, confused, bewildered and acting like he had been duped by someone who got him to agree to stalk me and pose as a nice caring friend, kinda the same platform that Kenneth Krause first started out on with his targeting of me that he made while all along he was in collusion with persons who are always intent to call their Victims “crazy” as a way to cover up the IHT crimes that Victims are forced to suffer through…. Oh ya Ian Kingsley started acting real intimidating as if he all of a sudden thought I was under cover on him and his crime ring due to how sure he was that I wouldn’t make it out of Whitney’s court hearing that day.

Long story short, as yesterday progressed, the very first thing that happens is that some guy who had showed up near where I had parked just somehow now shows up at the watering hole I went to and he starts telling me that he is from the future and that I must start the rebellion… ohh, ok, not a stalker???.... of course he is a stalker staking me around through that phone, then when I make it clear to him that he needs to leave me alone, all of a sudden I get texts from persons who had started to be real scarce starting on the few days prior to the SPU attack, yes last night I got texts at the same time from a person who had kinda made himself real scarce prior to the SPU attack but then in a coordinated way he starts texting me again about 2 days after the attack then he went into a no text mode to only then start texting me again in unison with another person last night, like the same puppeteer gives them both the same orders to contact and to not contact me their prey, and this one of the reasons why I hate texting, it just becomes such a game for traffickers.  And this guy posing as a friend wants to know what I am doing as if he is looking to meet up or something so I text that I am having a drink and then I just kinda blow off the coincidence of this guy texting me in coordination with the other well timed texter, only to find that this guy was in no way trying to make plans but just wanted to get me texting about being out, & when I see this I kinda blow it off because I always wanna give a person the benefit of the doubt and I just chalk it up to coincidence like I did with the 3 motor cycle cops earlier that morning…. But then, oh yes, but then when I am driving home later on I see a motor cop speeding up at me from way down the cross street to the intersection I was in he was all in a hurry to get up to me, but from how far away he was there was just no way he was flashing his lights for me especially considering that I hadn’t done anything to be pulled over for, so along I went only to find that he next turned once he finally reached the intersection and he then came following up behind me…. Ok, very odd, another motorcycle cop now out at night all in the dark with his thick eyeglasses on rushing to where my phone location leash say’s I am at, only to pull me over for what he said was a “blow through of the intersection” though from where he was at there is no way for him to be able to see the stop line or see cars stop before they get into the intersection so immediately the entire thing was ridiculously suspicious…. Cops on motorcycles out at night beat’s though an eye problem exists so strongly that the eye glasses being worn are a thick give away to this being a stalking event rather than a beat that he should be on…. Oh and his big thing was 100% going to be a scammed cash for cuties mug shot sales of a woman via DUI arrest scam that was being engaged in because my stalkers saw the text about the drink I was out getting ….  Too bad for my idiot stalkers that this text was 5 or so hours earlier in the day from when I headed home and it was clear immediately to this out at night (though he has diminished eye sight) & on a motorcycle cop, that there would be no DUI that he could possibly engage in as I was sober, which is when this stalker cop Officer J Graves decides that he now must convert his premeditated pull over into the petty things that were on his list to harass me over with out due cause for pulling me over as to reinforce his bogus stalked out unlawful with no due cause pull over he made which is when he starts engaging in all the other things his stalker puppeteer wanted him to harass me & terrorize me over… Yep stalker Officer Graves starts his premeditated laundry list he had the run down on when he agreed to stalk me for his human trafficking buddies & he starts taking issue with how I wear my seatbelt like he is my daddy… hey at least he didn’t reach into my car to grab my boobs pretending it was a seatbelt issue like what perv Human Trafficker Jorje Leon did…. Then this stalker cop Officer Graves has a problem with my address as if now he is the address police like women just have to be terrorized if they don’t allow every bouncer that takes their id gain their home address by way of a safe address placed on the license rather than an address that lets stalkers just show up at your door if they are in a trafficking ring…. Then this stalker cop Officer Graves takes his premeditated issue with my license plates though he see’s my new car registration in my window, and this “license plate” game has now been engaged in a few times by stalkers, once by another SDPD stalker harasser, and twice by the second “friend” who just started texting me earlier in the night in tandem with the other “friend” I haven’t heard from in a very calculated way prior to the 6/5/14 attacks.  Yep, out of the two persons who started texting me last night once I showed up to a watering hole to have a drink, is a person who has now tried to get my license plate data about 3 or so times now each time with different baited questioning and situational promptings….  And this same person is who had gotten some wine in me only to then be trying to bait me on questions that would be dropped in a way to try to clear rapist Albert Azziz Machhour from his stalking and terrorizing of me, who then on the same night went to see a movie with me where a Mazzo was parked waiting just the same way as so many other stalkers have done in the past obsessed over Alvin Mansour’s Mazzerati that they all know he paid cash for to that car dealer straw man Mexico money donation conduit ring of Bonnie Dumanis’, and on this same night, after the movie, low and behold Albert Aziz Machhour was waiting in my path of travel in Escala at 1:30am… oh yes my stalkers are unusually targeting my license plate as if they need it to be able to set me up for one of their newer terroristing events they must be planning to make here in San Diego just so Bill Gore can feel fulfilled with his sociopathic needs for laundering of dirty HT money through gaining state of emergency funds, not to mention the increased needs that a terrorist event brings for having “regional task forces” like what attorney Gary Robert’s was/is part of as his way for stalking, falsely imprisoning & having abducted the women who are surreptitiously forced into courts as retaliation for reporting the crimes that are made against them by San Diego County& City employees who are human trafficking and making every perverts “dreams come true”….

So immediately last night stalker cop Officer Graves acts were so suspicious and maddening and unlawful that I immediately reviewed the scene of Officer Graves crime, only to find his inability to see the stop line & sign as confirmation that he and his team of pigs were stalking me around through any sort of location device or app so naturally when I see a cop in a car just so happen to be sitting in the area, I ask him to call out Officer Graves Supervising Sergeant, and that is when Sergeant Human Trafficker Chuck Dunnagan shows up….. oh so many Irish Catholic ties to this IHT ring of Catholic Mafia Jesuit pervs running terroristing & trafficking of all sorts.  And right from pervert Leon’s playbook, Dunnagan starts to use abusive and made malicious dark psych tactics on me in retaliation and in oppression of the report I made to him about his officer being engaged in pulling me over in a suspicious and undue way that was a stalking he made in collusion with others in the evening that were tracking me through the Ian Kingsley phone. Yep as soon as Dunnagan started to deliberately fail to be diligent with a complaint about how one of his cops he supervises is engaging in stalking of a woman in relation to human trafficking efforts Dunnagan pulls out the old “delusional” tactic of the SDPD Human Trafficking Ring; ya Dunnagan started to tell me that I am “delusional” when I report the stalking that is engaged in on his beat….once I saw & heard how this Dunnagan acted it became even more clear that the 3 motor cycle cops from earlier in the morning were not random or coincidental but that now the SDPD have become so desperate in their stalking of me that they are now using their bike cops who can’t see and wear glasses to be out stalking me at night ….. so pathetic, what’s next, is the San Diego Police Mafia gonna send some of their high school Cop Explorer Program kids to come harass and stalk me for furtherance of this human traffickers desire to play with kiddies???

Here is the audio of Dunnagan’s acts of moral turpitude, and total disregard for a tip and complaint about the stalking one of his officer’s is making against me and there for against the public in general…. Just listen to how Dunnagan tries to oppress a Victim with his comments about the mental “delusions” the Victim sounds to be having, this pig of pigs disgrace of a badge perv:

Ya, there it is, a light taste of the unlawful & abusive Victim Blaming, auto-discrediting, scary oppressing, and terrorizing of a Victim reporting a stalking crime that a SDPoliceMafia stalker makes while on Chief Zimmerman’s apparent perverse watch of the SDPD… were Zimmerman & Sanders just setting up Lansdown all these years????????  Was Landsdown a puppet kept from knowledge of all the IHT abuses or was he in on it at it would appear that a Chief would have to be considering the complaints I gave to the front desk for Landsdown so many years ago back when Leon was terrorizing me, is this just the trafficking turf war playing out between the trafficking platforms that have over ran the west all fighting each other over trafficking turf while working in collusion for a common goal of state of emergency money, and slave creation, and laundering scams.

Smootchy’s from your beloved fall out girl,



Blog #266

6/18/14 “Wild Americana Exotica”

Out of all of the All-American All Stars of the Stereotypes handed down to us, I believe one of the most powerful ones is that of the Angry G’hetto Woman…

Yesterday Judge Danielson of the University of San Diego Jesuit Mafia decided that he and his ring of IHT’s would force my inner “G’hetto Goddess” stereo type to come out to play with University of San Diego Jesuit Mafia Judge Danielsen in his attempt to keep his traditions of Stalking, Harassing, Terrorizing, setting up, and Selling of San Diego women concealed at my expense….   

NOTE TO IHT’s: Here’s the problem… If I can’t get what I want, then you can’t get what you want, it is a simple equation.  You IHT’s want me to run scared and voiceless each time you attack at me, and uh, maybe I could have settled for that conditioned beat down you have engaged in had I been able to get what I want… I wanted you to leave me alone, simple; I wanted no more school shooting being made by you as you expand your black market sales of trafficked guns that correlate about 93% of the time to the human trafficking you’re doing.  I didn’t get what I want, so you don’t get what you want either, you don’t get me to stop protecting myself, nor do you get me to remain scared and retreat from your attacks anymore, as I have repeatedly performed my duty to retreat and it just never stops your attacks, so now you get my Inner Goddess All-American Super-Star stereotype G’hetto Angry woman, deal with it.

And on that note, here is the Scoop Anti Stalker Nation…. So yesterday I was at the San Diego Superior Court Hall of InJustice, filing for a protective restraining order against Travis Meyer due to his relentless attacks at me both cyber, in person, and in coordination with the other Escala based ring of traffickers & with the SPU attack, see, Travis emailed me on the morning of the 6/5/14 SPU attack. Yep, Travis for some reason was intent to start 6/5/14 with an 8:57am email to me where he said to me “Tick Tock”…. Like the time running out on an explosion of a bomb or something…

Then 5 or 6 hours later I was being sexually stalked and then assaulted on the San Diego beach while Seattle Pacific University was being attacked.  See all my stalkers who engaged in their attack of SPU that they were first trying to do and pin on me in 2012 were under the impression that I would not be here and that I would be dead as in “Tick Tock boom explosion your time is running out Jessa” and Travis was the idiot who agreed to start out the Count Down to the events of 6/5/14. Then later that night Travis again cyber harasses me at about 8:45pm just to see if I was still alive and he makes email harassment comments to me about how happy he is to be seeing Jesuit Mafia John Duncan & Steven Pite’s stalker at my door leaving documents I have had at my door about a million times before….  Once Travis’s bewilderment with my still alive status was in full kick, he again had to cyber harass and cyber stalk me with an email on 6/10/14 indicating his affiliation with videotaping my home for sheriff’s and how his “followers” can’t wait to see such videotaping of my home.  But when you go back to this email the next day to print it, you find that his remark about the “sheriff” that he stated would be taking me out of my home for him to video tape for his follower’s has now had the “Sheriff” word hacked out of it…. Who cares, I care not if Travis’s ring of criminals want to try to cover his tracks in relation to how he stalks me in collusion with the “sheriff” by hacking his harassments he makes to me as try to make them look different from how they really are….

What I do care about is the fact that yesterday when I had the restraining order clinic attorney’s help me this time with my need for protective order’s against Travis Meyer, all of a sudden Judge Mafia Danielsen has me stalked by a woman called Ms. Blackweil.  Ms. Blackweil is one of the Clerks who used to stalk me and my good pleadings back in 2010 for Keven Enright & for Robert Tartaro’s glorious immunity for hiding cameras in my home & selling of me through them all complete with his & Machhour’s rape games…. Ya this Clerk Supervisor Ms. Blackweil has BLOOD ON HER HANDS due to her long time stalking of me and of my pleadings, and had this court ever just protected me when I asked for protective orders then the criminals who have terrorized me would have been stopped long before their terrorizing of Santa Barbra & Seattle & Portland Universities…. Had the court system not deliberately systematically and enthusiastically kept me from just one of the restraining orders that I am due, then these criminals would not have been free to shoot up SPU and USB …. But then Peter Rodger & Peter Elliot wouldn’t be able to be pulling an Atyam right now right… Atyam, the mother who rather globe-trot and go to the White House dinners with Hillary & Bill, yes Atyam the mother who didn’t take her Charlotte back from Kony when he offered to give Charlotte back a year after the abduction… yes for Atyam the globe-trotting and fame was the bigger reward for the abuse that was prearranged to be done to Charlotte who was offered up to the abduction by her parents & by the jesuit’s Catholic School she was taken from…. Yep the Santa Barbra shooter’s father is joining up with the father of one of the kids that his son shot dead as to drum up a publicity campaign of activism for gun control…. Oh, sure, sounds real normal… sounds just like a collusion to sacrifice your kids in exchange for fame and publicity, just like what Charlotte Awino’s mother did at the discretion of Charlotte’s CIA employed doctor father that know one ever hears about but who is the doctor for the Ugandan President.

Anyhow, yesterday when I was filing the restraining order that an attorney prepared I get stalked by some court clerk who comes over to interrupt the process as if I have no right to see a judge for protective order’s, and she made this claim based off of the erroneous Vex Lit scam that Jan Goldsmith’s Keith Phillips & Tartaro’s David Miller all conspired on in 2009 -2010 with Yuri Hoffman, …. Same last name as the Victim of the Oregon shooting…. Hmm seems like Yuri-the-Furi & his Pennsylvania co-hort owner of “One and Done” Robert Hoffman have now made their mark of revenge… all while jesuit mafia Danielson prior refused my request for protective orders against Travis and sent back my first request for protective orders against Travis Meyer leaving me without even a chance to address a judge to request even temporary protection that would have stopped this attacking at universities that this ring of trafficker immunity holder’s are engaged in for their black market sales growth 100 year plan of forced gun restrictions on the white market of gun sales.  

Naturally I demanded to have this vex lit order form scam game (that is used to defraud Victims of this IHT ring from having protection and from having justice, and from having fundamental rights protection) made addressed immediately by whatever judge needs to address it and I was told that judge Danielson won’t be addressing it same day and that I cannot see a judge to get the protective orders needed so that I may stay alive…  When I state that I am demanding to see a judge today and that I have a fear for the safety of my life, I am still refused of having that Vex Lit form addressed same day the way that TRO’s are always addressed when there is a credible fear for safety and instead of any Victim Protection I rather get further stalked by a Clerk stalker long time co-conspiritor to human trafficking made through courts like what Pennsylvania has perfected, and this Clerk stalker starts harassing me, yes Court Clerk Blackweil walks up and starts to make gestures to me of wiping clean the blood that is on her hands pertaining to the SPU shooting and pertaining to the high likely hood of an attack against me for the “Tick Tock” murder time that Travis Meyer agrees to email terrorize me about.  Yes After dirty Clerk Blackweil makes it known that she doesn’t mind blood on her hands but rather like she is impervious to it just wiping it off with no remorse, she then had the Sheriff Deputies come up to the filing counter with games of telling me that I can’t file anything today and that I will have to come back tomorrow and telling me that I have to give my audio recorder to them to confiscate it as Presiding Judge Danielsen does not allow audio recording in the building….. but if I can’t get what I want then Danielsen can’t get the cover up of his abuses he makes in our courts, abuses that he wants no proof of to exist which is why he tampered with the tro request I prior made where at the first time I asked for a tro against Travis this Judge Danielsen sent my pleading back from me so that it would not be in the court records and so no proof of my need for protection would be findable in the court system.  I informed the Deputies that Blackwiel called up, that I have every right to use of all means of non violent self protection and Blackweil comes rushing over to try to stop me from getting photocopies of my restraining order pleading that she knew was made by an attorney, photo copies so that I may just “clock & drop” my file that she & Danielsen have gone to great lengths to cover up before when they prior sent my request back to me as to cloud the official court record of how I need Travis Meyer restrained from any further cyber stalking, harassing, and unlawful surveillances that he makes for teams of sexual predators he affiliates himself to.  Ya, Blackweil tries to confiscate my pleading as it clearly outlines the death threat and chain of events of 6/5/14 that this dirty court seek to keep from public court record.  When Blackweill see’s that the attorney help desk is witnessing what she and the Sheriff’s are up to, she decides she will let me keep my pleading with the cover that she now just needs to cross out the stamp on it… ok, what ever you dirty birdy Blackwiell… so I then get the photo copy I need so that I may do the clock and drop with it, and in it went to Danielsen for his control of the lack of safety that he has worked hard to make sure to have me suffering in. Ya, if I can’t get what I want than you can’t have my self-protection audio recorder, but you can have this recording of your abuse:

*** over one hour long, and starts with lawyer convo before clerk abuses:

Of course on my way home down Friar Road to the Escala Circle, I have some guy start drive stalking me trying to cause and accident and trying to force me into oncoming traffic when I try to avoid his games he is playing with heavy machinery.  Turns out this guy also goes into Eacala, lives there with his heavy Russian accent and his oh so clandestine agent new higher packet BMW licence plate #5YSR977 & this guy is likely another one of the SPAWAR’s inhouse counsel “Russian Obsessed” attorney Amy Weisman’s most recent imports as she is doing her best to bring in as many human trafficking Russians into America under the SPAWAR banner as possible like oh say ????Millorad Dormavich????..., and this guy in the BMW that was stalking me in his car yesterday was trying to have me forced into oncoming traffick and forced into a murderous head on collision on my way home from the court that protects & makes repeated cover up for Ron & Travis’ felonious cyber stalking and harassing and terrorizing, that they fail to ever just stop doing at me in their affiliations to Escala’s human trafficking ring of reedick plebeians.

If I can’t get what I want then IHT’s can’t get what they want, as in, mafia judge Danielsen’s unlawful policies of abusing Victims in court houses, abuse of Victims that he also in tandem seeks to control the evidence of such abuse through his “policies” of infringing on fundamental rights to self-protections that audio recorders bring to the Victims who are treated suspiciously in court houses, WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED TO.  And as in, the stalking of me to kill me in clever ways like car accidents will not force me into hiding scared like what your conditioning hopes for, no no, instead I will get your license plate and find out who & what your murderous stalking self is… you want me to run hide scared for my life… well I wanted you to stop school shootings in your gun control black marked of trafficked gun market growth platform but you IHT’s have refused and rather just engaged your jesuit mafia CIA head’s to start covering up even more so for you in broad day light…. No IHT’s I will not give you what you want I will not go hide scared of your murderous intentions your so desperately engaging in trying to cover up while you try to force a murder of me into fruition & this turf war between Patreas & Brennan can just go kick rocks, I am not going to run scared from you as that retreating has never worked, and if I can’t get the simple easy things I want then you can’t either…. I will not hand over my recorder to you, I will not leave the court running scared with no filed restraining order clock & dropped as you tried to facilitate by not filing it at the counter while you have Sheriff’s try to tell me I have to come file it tomorrow so that I can just stay left unprotected from the murder attempts against me that this court cossets, rather I will pull out my Wild Americana Exotica and I will let my inner G’hetto Woman out to make a stink so big over the tactics your making that you can’t run from them or cover them up IHT’s…. Yes I will be that G’hetto Queen that you can’t silence and that does not care about your games of abuse but who rather makes sure that all can hear and see what you’re doing, ya I can be that stereotypical G’hetto Queen you make through horrific oppressions and abuses, let it all be seen and heard, no problem, all hail to the stereotypical G’hetto All-American All-Star!

Love and Hugs,




Blog #265

6/16/14 SPAWAR, Marcy Chipman & SPU all be a war’ing against the fact that this is not life imitating art nor was it art imitating life, as I am proof that it was just a domestic terrorist event made by immunity holding & forfeiting Human Traffickers who look to recruit future idiots with the propaganda that they work into their military precision plans of terrorizing of Americans.

Ok Anti Stalkers get this… today when I was not even online, I had a computer hack go down, where my evidance that I was preparing to send to attorney Ramona Brandes got all sort of frozen in time.  Yes I was prepping evidence to send to Aaron Ybarra’s assigned counsel so that she can’t pull a Marcy Chipman/Michael Ghiezan/Gary Owen Roberts game of malicouse deliberate misrepresentation & set up of a Victim made as a protecting of immunity-forfeiting crimes of the FBI’s & the CIA’s & SPAWAR/Navy/DoD/State Department, & in this case the Seattle Police’s, & SPU’s Negligence, Human Trafficking, and Collusion in the shooting, all while the shooter is made to look a certain way that is likely not anywhere near the reality of the premeditated Valor Act made at Otto Miller Hall when this guy was there with some gun, and I say that based off of all the false crap that was salt and peppered and planted all over my home on that day that I escaped the attack that Bill Gore & Robert Tartaro were engaged in agaist me back in 2010 in San Diego….. I know that when this ring had dirty attorneys Pacific Law Center making me sit there for like 4 or 5 hours waiting as I demanded to speak to Feislman & question Larry Feislman’s odd downtown appointment set up, it was still not enough time for this ring to get all their planted phony evidence out of my house as they were focused surely on getting their explosives back to that “OCD Bank Robber Largest Stash of Explosives tied to No Event” guys house that Bill Gore later engaged in burning down as to cover his tracks and get his state of emergency money laundering made.

Naturally I don’t want any of the Victims of the shooting to be left unable to recover damages from all the perpetrators of this shooting, which in include the Seattle Police Dept, the Seattle Pacific University Faculty, the Seattle FBI Field Office, and SPAWAR. And I naturaly don’t want a guy to be drugged and made to spit out any sort of confession if it is not legitimate, and rather just conditioned like what I have seen first hand & like what I saw done to Talia Gore after she was so confused in court as to the “Victims” story of the transpiring’s of that San Diego “baby snatching” case… once this ring of IHT’s got their hand on Talia and forced drugged her they started working her over and telling her what she has to say as opposed to letting her testify as to what her side was and testify as to who was telling her what.

Yep, so I got hacked as I was prepping my discovery & evidence for Ramona Brandes, and my flash drive with my evidence got frozen with a very special incription that Microsoft is trying to act like they can’t crack…. Yes see, I bought this flash drive from the SPU library and used it in the SPU computers, and one of my professors was none other then Microsoft’s Ryan LaBrie, so the fact that this flash drive has now been locked as to protect SPU & SPAWAR’s terroristing acts is an obstruction of justice of the highest sort, and SPU, Bill Gore, Tim Dore all with their George Galdorisi SPAWAR & his “Chief Otto Miller” are all very desperate to cover their tracks now aren’t they.  Good. Because now it is clear that they know they had forfeited their immunity or why try to destroy & obstruct the proof, right.  Suppose at this point even Microsoft has made itself an accessory to murder in the capacity of the domestic terrorism variety, interesting, especially given how Ryan LaBrie worked under Paul Allen way back in the day befor becoming an SPU professor who was having Microsoft’s beta testing done at the SPU library that I bought my now frozen thumb drive at.

Wonder how long assigned counsel of the Crazy Shooter will try to avoid calling me to depose me??? …. Or will she try to wait to see if I just get killed in the next few weeks till she then calls me?

Full steam ahead IHT’s lets charge full speed to your self-destruction you’re too stupid to have not seen in your zeal to hurt me and terrorize students in your zeal for blood thirst and money laundering you 6/5/14 fools.

Kisses and Love



Blog #264

6/14/14 Flattery as the most sincere form of flattery or is it just that Imitation is still the most sincere form of flattery… Well that all depends on the absence or presence of an Order to make the flattery now doesn’t it.   

Anti Sr’s. You know that I am Super Sleuth and so therefor, you naturally know that I would get to the bottom of Galdorisi’s & SPAWAR’s & Escala’s reasoning for planning their attack of SPU on 6/5/14 as they have been planning this attack for so long in coordination with all the Judges & property converter’s that they use who all just so happened to also put that same date into their targeting of me at the instruction of someone that they have trusted in the puppeteering of this stalkiking of me, and so naturally that date is going to have some sort of esoteric and deeper meaning as these IHT terroristers can pick any day they choose.   And yes I did just combine stalking and kicking into stalkiking, and your welcome for that gem, which I dedicate to Albert Aziz Machhour’s stalking of me last night waiting in my path of travel inside of Escala at like 1:00am while I was on my way home from a movie like one in the morning is the time to take a walk in Escala with your hat on like you’re afraid of the light when you stalk in the dark as if your just randomly on a walk the rapist that you be… tell me just for good old times sake, did you drag any traumatized woman to the AMPM after you were done stalking me?.

So in my research I find that low and behold, on 6/5/14 over in Italy, the Pope fired the fantastic five, yep the Pope fired all five of his Financial Watchdog Board at the same time on 6/5/14:

Yes, the Pope made a major act of good faith with regards to the UN’s findings and demand for accountability made to the Church with regards to its human trafficking that it has been cosseting and facilitating mostly through the Jesuit’s subversion of anything they can get their hands on, and so as Italy starts its day way before we in America wake up to start our day, the Pope’s 6/5/14 firing of this group of Pope Bank money handlers is just a bit interesting to say the least considering the attack that was made later on that day here in America by this ring of animals who have been targeting me at every turn both in my schooling and at the courts and in my reporting of crime.  It is a bit bewildering considering that the Pope is supposedly a Jesuit, hmmm…. See the Pope fired the ring of 5 because of how much blocking they were giving the Specialist that the Pope hired who is a Specialist in money laundering intelligence.   Even better is the fact that one of the bitter 5 was caught trying to move money from Switzerland into Italy for a guy so that he could get out of paying taxes to Switzerland on that money…. Bad move, dumb and dumber on that move because Switzerland’s taxes go toward funding their things, ya, yep Switzerland’s taxes go to the funding of their things like to the funding of their Army’s.  In Switzerland the Holy do See.


The holy see, and the holy see that Jesuits posing as an Army for Jesus on behalf of Malta Nobility is just as a cover for perverting of all that an army is entrusted to and with, and the Holy See that this is an abomination, and the spirit of the innocence of the children have spoken, and that made some people very retaliatory now didn’t it, it made some people very desperate to pull a trigger didn’t it, not even realizing that each one of them was being engaged in a paper trail that leads their guilt right back to then & to their terroristing and trafficking that they all could have just said no to, all they would have had to do, to cover their tracks, was to say No I don’t want to do that to anyone and then there would be no proof of their past acts of crimes against humanity.  And like the many strictly confined and uniformed and hidden compartments of a Swiss Army Knife in a back pocket, the holder of the knife with his hand in his back pocket strictly watching what he was in denial about, watching what he was prior sure was not anything anyone was doing, with his hand in his pocket fingers on his knife of compact, he watched in a disbelief of how stupid his prior denial was, and he severed it.  A cut was made quick, with a light glistening on the blade of that feeling of how could he have been so stupid, how could he have been so deceived, how many Victims still uncounted, how much was the price made off of them, and how does he make repair to those that were crucified for their attempts to stop what he prior had been in denial of and that he was kept from and that he had prior disregarded as a denial of what he was told. The Swiss Army Knife can dig not just cut, and the light has shown where to dig to find the proofs of the disregard for the crimes against humanity that this ring has been making for too long through their posts they pervert in such hard to detect ways.

Hard to detect ways.  Flattery being one of them, a tactic used to get close as to be able to harm the one you deceive.  Disinformation is different from misinformation, so when I get a terrorizing, harassment, cyber stalking sent to me from Travis Meyer where he reveals that he has some affiliation to sheriff’s & to videotaping of my home, and that he does his videotaping to show to his “followers” of his blog that he has made in a sad little imitating of my Stalker Blog, well, it kinda makes me think about that homage that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but then I stop laughing at Travis’ patheticness remembering that Travis is a long time slave of this ring of IHT’s and that he makes his terrorizing of me at the instruction of the traffickers he has to love and who own him, and that is when it becomes apparent that some scam is at hand with regards to this sad little contrite and imitation of the blog I have been forced to have to keep as to document the crimes of my stalkers that they refuse to stop engaging in.

Yeah the flattery of Travis Meyer’s imitation of my blog dissipates fast upon the realization that Travis is instructed on this Blog flattery imitation of me as a tactic that he uses as some excuse to cyber stalk me with emails that his Ron uses to highjack my computer with in collusion with the other Escala SPAWAR human trafficking freak-show freeks.  See, there is no unsafe condition or stalking of Travis that forced Travis to be blogging for, so it becomes apparent that he is telling me about this act of his not to provide for any safety of anything like what my blog does, but rather Travis is engaging in telling me about his newest attack of me as to show that his disinformation campaign that his handlers have had him on in collusion with the other Escala based human traffickers for so many years now, is officially intent to have him take the blame for the stalking of me that is heading full steam ahead toward it’s judgment in court, but the rest of the stalkers that terrorize me are not going to get out of it that easily by having it all blamed on Travis, no, no, no. The persons who stalk me around to human traffic me are just like the traffickers who were trying to give a plausible deniability to the San Diego County organized rape for profit ring that targeted a Victim over a property that was being targeted by this County Employee ring of human traffickers who “make your dreams come true” that sought to put full blame on Kathy J Rowe while protecting Kathy Rowe as if she was the only one in on the rape for profit scam and as if she was just “pulling a prank” as a reasoning as to why she should not to be sent to any trial, when the reality is that those judges protecting Kathy Rowe, yes those county employee’s judge Alex McDonald & judge Runston Maino in collusion with the DA who’s appeal was halfhearted at best and focused on dirty sex talk when it should be focused on the human trafficking the Kathy Rowe engaged in with a large group that makes your dreams come true and this human trafficking is not even being addressed in the appeal, and the DA’s office is likely surprised to have won it’s halfhearted appeal that it filed due to media attention, and the DA’s office is now going out of its way to try to undo the prior orchestrated dismissal of Rowe who was first made a Valorous Mother of the Year who aids her disabled husband (order of the hospitallar shriners) and the judges & attorneys that have had the audacity to call Rowe’s acts a “prank”, are all in on the conspiracy to have the Victim be made human trafficked by a rape for profit human trafficking that was being set up where the rapists get to live their dream of rape guaranteed with a premeditated alibi & defense, all while Rowe would be able to convert the home once the home owner was too traumatized in the home to be able to live in it, and both Rowe & the Rapists who did try to finish the scam are all invested in specific ways into this IHT ring of County & City Employed human traffickers who recruit idiots as if it this is just a “group that makes your dreams come true”…..  And this is what Travis is being setup as, the protected scape goat, and the County of San Diego employed human traffickers never cease to amaze in how they finagle to blame their rape for profit trafficking on one person they are intent to protect, and Travis Meyer is just like the Kathy Rowe scape goat that was protected by the pervert judges the county employees, all until the court of appeals decided that maybe Kathy Rowe’s crimes of creating a plausible deniability for the rapists that were to be systematically raping a Victim but who couldn’t get the timing just right should go to trial.  And all the emails in the court case sound just like SPU’s Chirag Patel’s targeting sexual harassment texts he sent to me when he was trying to lure me to his house for his rape of me he was planning… rape he was planning that SPU’s Cheryl Michael made cover up for when it got foiled, yeh the texts Chirag sent me sound so similar to the emails that “Rowe” made to the “Unsuspecting Non-Rapist” rapists:

And all the emails in the court case sound just like Chirag Patel’s targeting texts he sent to me when he was trying to lure me to his house for his rape of me he was planning… rape he was planning that SPU’s Cheryl Michael’s said was just “normal horny guy behavior”, and that Officer Oreiro tried to defend as if I was baiting him when I was clearly saying no to this pig who was confusing me by his less than Christian acts he made while at a Christian University making me wonder if he was drunk or on drugs in my attempt to try to make any sort of sense out of what I found out later was his targeting of me in retaliation for the suite I filed in Seattle District Court against Bill Gore & others where I am named me as Jane Doe which I typed on the SPU computers that I was being watched on 24/7, and this suite was typed & filed on the day that Chirag first started his cleverly made soliciting at me in such a confusing way for me to try to navigate at a Christian school where I was repeatedly being given odd treatment from professors.

Yah, Rowe got caught scapegoating for the pimping of a woman without the woman’s knowledge aka Human Trafficking:

Kathy Rowe and her human trafficking ring counterpart Travis Meyer’s are going to have a rude awakening when their ring of trafficker handlers aren’t able to protect their crimes anymore and end up selling them out and down the river, at which point Kathy & Travis will try to naturally then spill the beans on the trafficking ring I meant the “we make all your dreams come true but you have to do this for us first” ring of human traffickers.  Yah, Kathy & Travis will try to spill the beans on the traffickers they conspire with, at which point they will likely just be found in their cells hung as if they committed suicide like that “It’s a Grind” coffee shop owner who was part of this rape for profit ring & this rape for profit ring also sells women through mug shots that were also gained by someone’s taking money for the gaining of those mug shots, so this entire trafficking ring that is using Kath Rowe and Travis Meyer with stories made to them of protection of them as long as they agree to act like the only one in on the targeting of the victim, is just not going to work out for them or for the City & County employed ring of human traffickers the way they had planned it too, just like how the SPU shooting & murder has not worked out to plan either has it, as in it was set up to be engaged in with the con-job that is was done by me somehow right, like through my blog somehow correct, and I was supposed to be arrested by now right & drugged up right, as if as if I am a magical witch to burn at at the stake though my blog was never actually readily publicly available and only viewable by very few that this ring of cyber hacking IHT’s allowed it to be viewed by and I just bet that the still living shooting of SPU will be getting the “Talia Gore” shakedown where he will be told what story to say in court & to investigators all while he is drugged up unable to say no…. But here I am not guilty & not arrested like all those who stalked me on 6/5/14 were told I would be. In fact the reality is that this scam of this IHT ring is now just exposing SPAWAR & George Galdorisi & their Valorous “Chief Otto Miller” personification at Otto Miller Hall in a unprecedented tying of them to the acts of horror & terror they conspire to make against humanity as a way of proliferation of their human trafficking & gun trafficking business that they run through schools and property developments. Seems that the scorned 5 that the Pope fired on 6/5/14 are not the only ones thinking that their set up’s & crimes would be just business as usual when it is not, as in this ring of human trafficking money laundering terroristers just made themselves totally revealed to the word.

Flattery used.  Flattery to get close enough to harm a Victim more?  Yes, this is a very old tactic.  So let me just say that with regards to the flattery thrown at me recently of how I amso “smart” and such “a genius” all made with the intent to try to get me to contradict myself, and worse, used to try to coerce certain statements and comments out of me that are to be elicited by highly engineered questions dropped at highly intelligent timing, just to try to create a reason for clearing criminals, yes I know this tactic all too well by now, and I know this tactic is used so criminals can be cleared of their wrong doing by an investigator who is setting up a line of questioning of a Victim in a specific way as to illicit specific answers that they can twist and sully as to clear the criminal, let me just say that this tactic is a human trafficking tactic so when a Victim such as my self has this done to her it is for protection of rapist criminals so it is to my advantage to inform you Investigator Flatterer’s hear and now that anything I answer to you regarding your cleverly dropped and premeditatedly made to clear your criminals questions, yes at that dynamic any answer of mine is a function of the torture known as trauma based conditioning, and so on that platform you Investigator’s are guilty of human trafficking by exploitation of trauma, and you will be held accountable for your “investigations made set up as to clear your criminals rather than to protect the public” tactics and here and now know that you have been caught and that you cannot take any statement you illicit for anything other than me litmusing your intent, and you cannot use any of my litmus of you to clear your pigs and that you can only use what I say under oath as the determination of your pigs innocence or guilt, unless of course you like to keep the public unsafe which renders you to be a co-conspirator…. That said; NOTE TO IHT’S: Let’s do this a different way, let’s sit and get shit sworn under oath and with no exploit of a trauma based control infliction, because after all, it is fact that trauma is induced as to force a Victim not to have the ability of a “gut instinct” or the ability to avoid a war that is engaged against the Victims, war’s that IHT’s refused to stop even when the Victim’s practiced their duty to retreat from.… yes Investigations of clever and ill exploit made with the intent to clear your murderer rapists at the expense of their Victims is a subversion of justices that are afforded to the Victims through Human Rights Doctrines.  So let me tell you Investigators that to reVictimize your target in your intent to clear your criminal co-workers, all started off with a flattery, is your ratification of and furtherance of and joining of a preexisting conspiracy to human traffic American’s.  Only my statements made under oath and with no trauma and with no wine that you buy me, are admissible for your use in your oh so tantamount desires to clear your pigs at my expense, so just know now that if a Victim is forced to have to engage in a war that is waged against her as her duty to retreat has been made and refused, then it does not matter if the Victim “knew” that a person was dangerous, and it does not matter if a Victim had a “gut instinct” that they disengaged, and it does not matter if a Victim rather did not go hide from the stalker, because those acts of following gut instinct and leaving were/are made many times by Victims, and it never mattered as the pervs never stopped their war against their Victims, IHT’s rather just further exploit Victims through negative reinforcement abuse and retaliations each time that the Victim listened to her “gut feeling” about someone stalking her not to mention all the other compelling’s such as a Victim’s natural tendency to want to find a husband and start a family or a Victims’ natural tendency to take people at face value…. That is why conditioning, dark psych, drugging’s, and trauma based control are crimes against humanity and are war crimes & tortures due to how these crimes create the inability for the Victim to be able to eat, work, or have the luxury of a gut instinct to follow or choose as those actions get horrific negative consequences that over time and through systematic torture force a Victim no other choice than to have to move in the direction they are being forced into even against their gut instinct or against their “better judgment”…. Each time a Victim, of this IHT ring, engages in the proper and good response this Victim gets a beat down of horrific proportions and so a divergent Victim will end up surviving only by learning their enemy as these IHT’s refuse to ever stop terrorizing those they enslave, and IHT’s terrorize the Victim each time she does the choice that the IHT’s don’t want.  Even just ignoring the IHT’s till they go away doesn’t work, they have no intention of ever going away from a slave they own, and this IHT ring’s creation of the NSA has made them too able to enleash a slave forever that the “gut instinct” a Victim “ignored”, and the “you could not have trusted them” so then “you’re at fault for going along “”willingly””” ideas you pig Investigators seek to create is not a reality and it is especially not a reality that you are granted, and if you want to use my responses then you must have me sit down with you under verification of truth accountable to penalty of perjury or put me under oath to a bible accountable to God, all without buying me a glass of wine, because in the moments of insight into you that you seek to force me to have, I will, due to forced war against me, use that time to see you. 

Investigators, your criminals are human trafficking criminals not to be let loose onto the general public regardless of your wants for clearing them by trickery and exploit of their Victims, and your too smart not to know that, so keep your Albert Machhour away from me, and save your flattery and especially save your reinforcement of it via your surprise in how the Victim doesn’t know there sooo whatever your flattery is at that moment.

Smoootchhhy Smooches,

Jessica …. 


Blog #263

6/12/14 We are The Jack-o-lantern’s in July”… 

Stalker alert! Stalker Alert! Hi Anti Stalker Nation. So next month I am going to start the AbolitionistSquared campaign for addressing and documenting and abolishing this second American Slave Trade that is at had via the terrorist platform cover that human trafficker’s use as a way for covering up & facilitating their crimes all with the intent to say they have “immunity” for their crimes should they get caught.  Like a candle inside a jack-o-lantern that lights up a dark hollowed out space, lets set fire to the cover’s that are used for Human Trafficking, even the cover up of it that is made via gun trafficking.  Abolitionists Against Modern Day Slavery to spite the face of the traffickers who say 6/5/14 as their day to push their “Northwoods” type of crap cover of their crimes against humanity via their strong holds of Seattle, Portland, and San Diego… and by the way, the Portland/Vancouver shooter was a kid, just 15 and in the high school’s ROTC and who’s brother is being reported as being an Army Sniper Special Op’s that is now just so happened to be working in insurance sales…. Isn’t the “insurance” platform of human trafficking a Bonnie Dumanis Specialty, and isn’t the Army the military component that “Operation Northwood’s” promoter and creator Lyman Lemnitzer of Pennsylvania was from before his Joint Chief of Staff position… oh and just check out all his internationally awarded honor badges of “order”…

I say, any and all Immunity is forfeited if your human trafficking, committing domestic terrorism, pretending to be “protecting national security” as to actually attack the public, and enslaving, while cleaning dirty money, and blowing smoke screens to hide the money you prior stole. 

I say “Operation Northwoods” types of cover up’s of human trafficking & of performing of the human trafficking that slaver traffickers gain jobs in the military /DoD /CIA / courts/ law enforcements with the intent to perform slavery in a way that is explained off as if it is somehow “national security” measures, is all just a bunch of slavers looking to gut America as a way of making their own Gross Domestic Product off of the backs of the bruised and this is un-nobile at best, and it forfeits all and any immunity especially it forfeits “national security immunity” lies that are made.

I say that the second American Abolitionist Movement is responsible to here and now unite, and bring class action suit against all in the government entities that are engaging in this form of Slavery.

Why does it matter what I say… well just let me get super esoterical in the answer of that question: because I am Jessica of the Angels, and those would be the Angels who have 3 sets of wings and that are higher than the “Angels of the Order of Nobility Over Seer’s of the Public” types of Angels, yes my higher “of the Angels status” is a protector of the ultimate kind and of the final say, more importantly, of the “righteous say” if you will…. Crazy malta jesuits who cannot even see what is before them is the end to their slave trade, the end that they have cultivated in their truest desires of money, murder, and sex before exaltation of God whom they exploit as to get people to let priests get their hands on the kiddies for the sexual grooming that this ring of slaver trader breeder slavers have created and have run for way to long now. No these slaver IHT’s can’t even see that now their acts have brought them to their demise because they have gone too far and now everyone can see them.

On a Stalker Alert, let me just make the Anti Stalker Nation aware that two more 6/5/14 dated harassments and crimes were sent to me in the mail as to reinforce these persons affiliation to the 6/5/14 terroristing event that Seattle Pacific University engaged in, after all, I did inform campus security investigator Cheryl Michael’s back in 2012 about all of the crimes at hand that SPU then made clear and direct communications to show their involvement in and collusion with the crimes & campus shooting threats that I diligently reported to all necessary entities.

Yes, I received two pieces of mail dated 6/5/14 one from human trafficker IHT of Seattle turned IHT of San Diego Judge Richard S Whitney, where he is now again acting on behalf of the Escala based human traffickers like he did in the past for CIA & Mossad’s double agent get your hands on the medical records, organ trafficker Ben Klinger of Escala and like he did in the past for IHT Bill Gore.  I also received a very oddly timed 6/5/14 letter in the mail from the New Jersey bank that the CIA has been using to run their targeting and abusing of me through.  

Oh, and by the way… the guy who stalked me on 6/9/14 you know the one who told me thank you for letting him observe & take my thoughts, ya that guy, well he just showed up to harass me again as I logged on to the internet to post this blog… cyber stalker freek show that he is… probably so happy to have made it into this stalker blog, but I can tell you one thing, if he touches & rubs my back and shoulder again while he shoves his phone in my face like what he did last time he stalked me then he is gonna get thrown in jail just like the perv who assaulted me at the beach in collusion with the SPU attack.

Kisses to my Anti Stalker Nation,

Jessica of the Angels  


Blog #262

6/10/14 Really, Billy Goat Gore, that’s pathetic of you & your IHT’s, a shooting in Portland high school about 20 miles from Vancouver Washington, but why oh supreme lord grand master would you and your west coast trafficking ring attack in Portland just outside of Vancouver Washington?????  (Less hacked version)

Anti S’rs, this has been a very deliberate attack made in Portland which is the number one human trafficking rape for profit hub in America, and this particular area of Portland that had today’s oh so well timed out high school shooting is about 20 miles from Vancouver Washington…. As in the Vancouver Washington that is home to Shared Hope International, as in the same Vancouver Washington that I made a phone call to yesterday, as in the same Vancouver Washington that hassupported Cole Stewart nd his California Coalition for Family and Children’slaw suite filed against the human traffickers that have over ran the San Diego Superior Court Family Court with their get their hands on the kiddies tactics that this court makes while converting all of a families money through the divorce process.  Yes this attack today was another one of this IHT ring of Bill Gores & Bonnie Dumanis’ flexing of their long reach, strong arm-muscle-down, retaliatory, thug mentality they surreptitiously gained their posts for so that they may organize these types of abuses though their cover of law enforcement & with their immunity….

“Another unrelated gun was found”  sounds like two people involved to me, all while sheriff’s call it unrelated, at least their not trying to call the second gun report a wrong report or misreporting like what happens every other time that the second and actual shooters are found & reported.

Yes, Anti Stalker Nation the time for any and all witnesses to come forward is at hand and join in a class action suit, as these animal human traffickers who see gun control laws as their growth plan for their black market gun sales, are making a huge, and diabolical push for their desired policies to be engaged in before their terms end & befor this current president’s final term ends.  This targeted attack outside of Vancouver Washington that was able to be made by this ring of human traffickers via their hub of criminals who love to harm children in Portland, is a deliberate targeted attack, retaliation for how I made a call to Vancouver yesterday, retaliation for how someone in Vancouver helps Cole Stewart with his good claim, and it is retaliation for how Abolitionist’s like Shared Hope International are setting up shop outside of Portland in Vancouver so to better address the Rape for Profit Hub that Portland has been used as by this ring of traffickers who cleverly maneuvered me to SPU after demolishing me in retaliation for the good claim I had brought against them in 2010, and today’s attack is poignant and the traffickers who engage in creating attacks that are related to schools are desperate and will try anything to subvert justice & try to dodge their imminent arrests, and now is the time for other Victims who have been scared to come forward to now unite and stop the other attacks this ring of desperate and depraved human traffickers are flexing their might with as a tactic to try to scare off the arrests of them that are imminent, only to again be cutting of their nose to spite their face since it only makes Victims see that they must come together to save lives. 

Salt to IHT’s that keep getting the opposite of what they are trying to achieve with these murder’s they organize, coordinate, and manipulate all conspired with the intent to facilitate their next 100 years of their black market gun trafficking sales with an increased market growth that they will achieve once it is harder for people to get guns due to the gun control policies they are trying to force push before they all exit from their posts. 

Victims and Anti Stalker’s find a way to unite a written documented and organized Vitim list, so that these IHT animals will be so apparently & obviously tied together & tied to the crimes they have engaged in as this will force them to have to stop doing their campus terroristing acts.

Find a way to get your name and story of Victimization made documented, as then these animals will be so tied together that they will be too caught to be able to terrorized with any more of their malicious propaganda shootings.  By joining our documentations and stories together we can force a light on them that makes them STOP…. And in the end this ring of Immunitied Human Trafficker’s in all their posts they gained as to run their abuses through, will realize that had they just stopped the first time they were told to STOP then they would have all walked away scott-free and no one the wiser to their ages old methods of slavery made right out in the open in front of your face in such a concealed & organized way that it is nearly imposible & too hard to detect, especially in how it is always performed in a way to have blame and harm placed on their Victims.

Love and Hugs,



Blog #261

6/9/14 Anti Stalker Nation wants more answers, no problem, hear they are…..  (less hacked version)

I am far from done answering all the questions that many have for me, so let’s just start in because I am a bit time constrained today.

First, my Anti S’rs want to know if anyone else was sent to me on that 6/5/14 SPU attack day after the Roger guy that Africa’s Sacha Simoas has had stalking me prior & most recently with John “Mulvahill” Thompson, and the answer is YES… two additional harassments and stalking transpired after Roger left the area I was at. 

I was stalked at that same location instantly by a man who had an eerie resemblance to SDPD Investigator Detective Phillips who in 2010 made huge cover-up for Naval Robert Tartaro & for Albert Machhour back when he was used as the Detective on the Rape Cases that Bonnie Dumanis’ office only wanted to prosecute if they could force me into not bringing up that Machhour was an Agent as told to me by the DoJ attorney Kevin McIrishnameIcan’trecallatThemoment.  And this guy who stalked me who looked like Detective Phillips had a different man with him who asked me how my day was going, and when I responded to his question, the black man who looks a lot like Detective Phillips started to put his phone up recording me, yep this Detective Phillips look-a-like stalked me to start filming me while I was in shock learning about the SPU shooting, and so upon seeing this animal recording me with his phone I started to tell them about the phenomenon of “snuff” films where perverts like to stalk a women around to make videos of her up to the moment they kill her as to make a film out of their murder of her, and so the guy put his phone down for a few seconds.  He put his phone down and stopped filming me for a few seconds and when he started to try to film me again I grabbed my recorder to do the same thing to him and he instantly stopped filming me with his phone, which was when I knew he had gotten the message that I knew what he was up to, so I left to go to the bathroom and that is when I saw Roger stalking me yet again.

Secondly, on the prior time that Roger stalked me, it was out down town on the same night that John “mulvahill” Thompson & the Stingeree camera commanders had John and his friend Kasper and some other guy all stalking me, which is what ended up a week or 2 later being the way that John started to contact me, see John “Mulvahill” Thompson got my number from Kasper and I never gave my number to John, yep he hunted it down through his friend Kasper, & Kasper was that oh so important arm’s length distance of plausible deniability that this ring of IHT’s premeditate to create for themselves should they ever need to be in court defending their crimes if they get caught.  Kasper had originally tried repeatedly to lure me via text even to a home that night when I left Stingeree… and when I left Sting is when Roger showed up at one of other spots I went to try to enjoy my life. Like I said, about a week or two later John Mulvahill Thompson was now texting me after he got my number from his Kasper.  And by the way, the big game that John Mulvahil Thompson was intent to play was the game of telling me about going to Fluxxx with him and he wanted to keep talking about Fluxxx till I told him that I am just not safe at Fluxxx due to the Hindu Eye Doctor who introduced me to one of the owners and then this Eye Doctor drugged me there & abducted me to his home with his girlfriend, and the instantaneous bombardment I got from John “Mulvahill” Thompson was all about demanding to know if I had “called the police on the Eye Doctor” who lured me from SearSucker to Fluxxx to drug me and abduct me to his home…. Yes John Mulvahill Thompson repeatedly demanded to know if I reported the Eye Doctor to police, and I kept thinking to myself as to why police was his concern when really a Doctor drugging women at clubs to abduct them to his home to then engage in Dark Psych like what the Hindu Eye Doctor did, would be a FBI report wouldn’t it, especially given all the education that “philosophical” John Mulvahill Thompson has, he would know that the Police would be a bit irrelevant to when Eye Doctors drug women at clubs to abduct them….  That kind of crime is federal not state which is why there is a special Doctor’s Court that the US Attorney is in charge of the prosecutions not the District Attorney, so why was it so important to John “Mulvahill” Thompson to find out about what the Police know or don’t know????? 

Thirdly, another stalking was later engaged in on the SPU attack day of 6/5/14 around 9pm.  The Jesuit Malta USD John D Duncan along with his Massachusetts & Connecticut Steven Wayn Pite engaged in sending a man to my home using the arms length distance gained by Drew A Callahan & by Michael Baker, and the harassment and terrorizing made of sending a harasser to my door on that night was made to make sure I knew that their targeting of my home was related to the SPU attack made earlier that day…. See Pite and Duncan have been playing games related to gaining the upper hand on Peter’s and Freedman for quite some time and they did have a hand in helping Jesuit Judge Door engage in his cover up of his past crimes he made where he was originally aiding Peters & Freedman in taking my home from me, a cover up that Tim Door engaged in where he is now taking instruction on making sure my home gets converted to Pite Duncan’s client rather then converted to Peter’s and Freedman’s client.  The thing is, neither of them have any right to my home and this posting that was horrifically, systematically, harassingly, and strategically made on the night of the SPU shooting and of the assault that was made on me at the beach, was done at about 9pm…. The hundred or so other times that this paper work has been posted to my door it was posted during the day in a normal fashion, not at 9pm at night by a stalker type who banged on my door over and over again repeatedly till around 9:10pm when he finally stopped… OH and this guy who Pite and Duncan sent to my home on the SPU shooting day, well he decided he would leave a sad face on my front door step eave and he used pennies to make his sad face he harassed me with as he made this harassing illegally timed posting to my door that he banged on and banged on.

Then I see that Travis Meyer decided to again send an email to me at about 8:50pm on 6/5/14 laughing about the man that was standing at my door banging away at it till about a quarter after 9pm the day of the SPU Shooting…. Ya, and Travis even took some of his dog poo and left it at the steps of my home & half smeared onto the side walk, so I did some research on what it means when humans communicate with feces, and it has become painfully and sadly clear that Travis is one of this IHT ring’s slaves since childhood and that he is on Ron’s leash, and that he has been in bondage since childhood and I truly wish freedom for Travis, and I have hope for him that someday he will break free from the indoctrinations and orders he revels in now too indoctrinated to know how to stop himself or how to say no.  What Travis didn’t think about is how his collisional & systematic cyber stalking email he sent proves that he keeps me and my home under unlawful surveillance as to harass and stalk me unlawfully for his masters that he has been so twisted by. 

After the pathetic-ness is absorbed, it is kinda sad to see how hard these fools try to maneuver their failures into any sort of abuse to make them feel better for their lack of so many things…. See even as I draft this blog posting this ring of IHT’s has sent up a stalker to harass me and when I tell him to save his games for his wife, he tells me on his way out that it has been fun to take my thought’s…. and this pathetic and made shaken stalker tries to muster up some self-worth by telling me “Thank you for letting me observe & take your thoughts”…. Oh Stalkers, those games are for the kiddies and you did not get your hands on me when I was a kiddy, and so all your stupid words don’t turn me into one of your Travis’, your tactics don’t turn me into one of your Kony’s or into one of your Hitler’s, or into one of your Awino’s God Bless her in her pursuit of real freedom….

Too bad for this idiot & for his ring of fools, my “thoughts” are already legally trademarked via copyright, and are not up for sale to anyone, nor are they yet to be inherited to any one, nor will they be converted as all is restored and the change has come & all of the conversion scams will be the undoing of my Stalkers, all while my property comes rushing back to me while my IHT’s only see it sitting still in their game of hurt that they are so focused on that they can’t see the forest for the tree.

NOTE TO IHT’S: you haven’t had my thoughts yet, but when you do, you will be reading them from behind bars that you will be making your new homes out of.

And on that note, just wait till I show the Anti Stalker Nation what was faxed to one of the creditors that the CIA has been using for stalking me and for setting me up & who is located in New Jersey, yes a creditor that was stalking me on behalf of John Brennan’s New Jersey Jesuit Mafia, and my fax was sent to this New Jersey creditor and then a few hours later this ring of IHT’s made their SPU attack so I am adding Jesuits John Brennan & the Jesuit he ran a successful coup against David Petraeus, both of the CIA, to The List. 

I love you Anti Stalkers, Smoochy’s,




Blog #260

6/6/14 See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste, 6th Sense?  Yes; Know.  …aka Metta…. Let me help you Know.  

No one has to stair at the sun till they go blind to know that it is day and not night, we just Know.

So put no faith in coincidence, believe in Knowing. The birds and the Butterflys’ know when to fly south and when to fly home, so why can’t you trust your Know; it isn’t un-Godly, it isn’t satanic, it isn’t mystical, it isn’t even spiritual, but spirituality does enhance knowing sometimes.  Knowing is simply trusting your own self, self-awareness, a connectedness to the planet we are being hurled through space on defying all logic through physics, sitting still at hundreds of miles per hour, if not more…. Your all physical aren’t you, it can’t just be my Anti Stalkers that are the only physical ones out there….

Correlations are a somewhat proof of what your able to Know anyhow even without them, so let’s talk SPU shooting, let me help you know because I have been attacked, I am hurting, I have been brutalized over trying to keep it from happening and I have lost.  My crown being held at bay, retaliation being used by idiots who still think they won’t ever go to jail for what they are doing, and who revel in hurting all that is innocent and pure. 

Let me help you see what you already know about this staged shooting, let me help you know what you see when your reading about the attack at SPU’s Otto Miller Hall.

“Chief Otto Miller” is a Character in a book that was published in 2012 so it was a character created in advance of the maneuvering & forcing of me to SPU from San Diego that took place in 2011 after Bill Gore’s ring of trafficker had abducted me, an abduction that I was finally feed from when this ring was successful in getting James Shelton’s money into my mother’s hands so that she may get me to Seattle from San Diego under the story presented to her a created story of how I am not safe in San Diego due to the created abduction of me that was made and this getting of me to Seattle & to SPU was facilitatd by James Shelton’s handlers who got his money into my mother’s hands to use to get me to Seattle while I was drugged by Bill Gore’s & Bonnie Dumanis’ Catherine Dixson, Ben Klinger, Jan Goldsmith & their Friends at San Diego law enforcements & courts.  The 2012 SPU Otto Miller Attack was supposed to happen in conjunction with the book release which is why I was maneuvered to SPU in 2011 after this ring abducted me.  The book was written by Tom Clancy in collusion with Navy SEAL Dick Couch, and with the Navy’s George Galdorisi who is also a Jesuit graduate of the Malta platform USD just like Gore, Mansour, Goldsmith, John D Duncan, Hilldebrand, etc etc.

Now the other interesting correlations are George Galdorisi’s affiliations to SPAWAR (Jeremy Silverstien who first tried to attack my old web site into the ground and off line) and to Tartaro’s & Ron’s (my neighbor who tells Travis Meyer how & when to terrorize me for him) Naval submarine affiliations.  Galdorisi is also a full on San Diego local, but goes to MIT for a business degree likely at the recommendation of Ahmed Houshmand who was so kind to bring Colorado’s Rebecca Hickson, David Miller/Jennifer Hasso-Najib & therefor Albert Machhour, and Yuri the fury Hoffmann into my life just as soon as I was maneuvered to buy in Escala.  This tie of Colorado’s Rebecca Hickson was also later used to bring Marcella Ann Chipman into my life, so Ahmad Houshmand of MIT has a lot of explaining to do especially considering the Colorado University ties to the theater shooting made by a neuro student in Arora Colorado.

This Dick Couch & George Galdorisi were so clandestine for so long that they were just itch’n to be seen by the world for their glory and they wanted to add that masonic in your face throw them off the scent of the trafficking ala “one world order” propaganda tactics of control, so they wanted some hard core esoteric mysterious tie to some sort of event that would put that oh so special & meaningful Jesuit-Malta-One World propaganda-Masonic mysticism on their book they were able to get Clancy to “present”… the book is called “Tom Clancy Presents: an Act Of Valor” and a main character is “Chief Otto Miller” named after SPU’s Otto Miller Hall so that the terroristing event that I was supposed to be framed within 2012 ala Awino & Shelton & so many others working at SPU, yes so that the planned terroristing event I was supposed to be pinned with where my family and I were supposed to be murdered Sandy Hook style, could help support the mystique of the book publishing, and the Act of Valor would be akin to the hero that emerged in yesterday’s attack, a pre chosen student that would be the Valorous savoir to be then risen up to take in donations and redistribute them just like what SPU would & will be doing, all as I would be dead and blamed for all the horrific events, yea I would be all dead and not able to call out Jesuit Tim Dore for his collusion with converting my home to the Escala HOA human traffickers via the Jesuits at Peters and Freedman that was transpiring, all while my family would have been killed as if I did it though it would be James Shelton’s murders promised to him by this same ring of traffickers who use the cover of being just a group that “makes your dreams come true” that Francesco Buci told me he is a part of…. Well I like all other actual free humans can make my own dreams come true but for these IHT’s interference, slaving, attacking, stalking, robbing, terrorizing of me and of my family, murder & money laundering scams, large scale mass-control scams, and cover ups.  So this ring of ridiculous asshole perverts finally finished their act yesterday, at the CIA controlled SPU complete with the hero and the Act of Valor at the helm of Otto Miller hall… I guess that is one way to get your wedding paid for, because by the way, the Valorous hero that newspapers keep making points of saying “always carries pepper spray” actually worked at SPU in the computer systems and was responsible for taking out data regarding Robert Tartaro from my flash drive when I would be doing my homework in the library’s computers, and this Valorous hero is affiliated to Boeing and to AEW&C Software Engineering for the Defense industry, and he is not just some randomly placed at Otto Miller Hall Valorous Hero…. See, he is taking attention off of the murdered Victim Paul Lee and off of the other injured Victims and that is a predesigned distraction that this Valor is engaged in regarding this situation isn’t he, and he is getting donation’s isn’t he, and he is in control of saying what the situation is for the official reason he jumped on the Shooter though first reports clearly stated 2 shooters were involved but that Investigator and likely Jesuit Police Chief Paul McDonagh now has it at 1 shooter and all I know is that you cannot trust anyone that oversees Officer Dorian Oreiro who was instructed to and willing to and did turn a very serious report into some attack at my mental faculties… this rig of criminals knows very much how to set up a person to be a blametaker, but easier for them is to exploit someone who has a “dream” of any sort, into someone who now has a gun and is told all sorts of propaganda about how his life is over anyway since they stalked him to get him a dui, & stalked him to get him a “mental hospital” designation in advance of their desire to use him…. See World, I want you to know how this ring of IHT’s creates a Murderer like James Shelton and like Ybarra and the mental issue creation and manipulation is premeditated so that the murderer can be force drugged and told what they have to say in court while they are on drugs and in a controlled environment that keep them from having any way of saying “no that’s not the fact, the fact is this and this person did that, and that is how this all transpired”; all a target can then say after drugging’s forced by the court is, “ok ok ok”, yep the drugs used on the Victims that get sourced and stalked and beat down are drugs that make you comply with whatever story and propaganda that is being shoved at you by the… on these drugs, you’re not hungry, your never full, you’re not able to say “no”, “stop”, or “that’s not accurate, that’s not how it happened”, and your certainly scared by the oppression and lack of abilities that you’re having while your brain is trying to figure out what the heck is going on… yes the drugs that CIA & Jesuit & Shriner affiliated doctors use on the Victims they stalk, are drugs that make you very scared of these Doctors & social workers threats & cops threats and if your able to somehow not do what your told to do then you end up just staying silent as you just can’t really process the state of no feeling that these drugs put you into.

You all know what you’re looking at when you see this Act of Valor at Otto Miller Hall made by a Defense industry IT employee in his last year at SPU. You all know just by looking at it… go see for yourself, go buy their book, it is what this ring of IHT’s murdered that innocent 19 year old student for.   Run jump buy while it is still just .99cents on Amazon, Amazon another Seattle based company standing to profit from any increase in this books sales & price… yes all go read what this 19 year old student was killed for… go read the glory and the valor of “Chief Otto Miller” who apparently saves a woman from her rapists, hmmm let’s see if that is how this ends up on the flop because in this game made out of my life the river had dried up a while back.

I am not trying to detract in any way from the Hero of the Story, the Valorous DoD subcontracted with just enough arm’s length distance of being an “intern” hero who is getting all sorts of donations and who was in the SPU computers I had to put my flash drives into for my homework, drives that had evidence related to Tartaro go missing from them; What I am doing is pointing out that the Victims are who need to be focused on so that this doesn’t destroy their lives & so this epidemic can be meaningfully stopped at its core, and in essence I want to keep murderers’ from being cultivated by the IHT’s there in Seattle & here in San Diego while keeping Patsy’s like what I was looked like as by these animals from being stalked and harmed, and I want to keep all the Victims of Immunity in Washington from being forced to jump onto a platform through conditioning tactics of mass control like what these campus shootings are engaged for, as the platforms are 2 very dangerous ones for our future… they are the platforms of easier trafficking to a larger market share, while creating propaganda to use in the future as to recruit other idiots that will believe so whole heartedly in the “proof” shown to them of the mystical powers and all-knowing control & abilities of them so do what they say, this is very bad propaganda for a bunch of Navy Mind Control Experiment human traffickers like to be creating for their future use on those they intend to recruit in the future with their promises of how they can make any dream come true if you just do this first for them.  Keeping murderers & patsy’s from being cultivated while focusing on the Victims is my goal as it is in appropriate for the premeditated Valor in this story to now be used right in front off our faces for the gathering of donations that will be converted for furtherance of trafficking & for laundering by this ring of IHT’s that write their stories in advance of their crimes against humanity that they intend to use for proof of their own superiority as a propaganda to those future recruits, see a soldier nation with no borders, no territory, and no seeable products such as Malta need to leach off of the rest of the countries on this planet by trafficking and slaving which demands constant recruitment which demands content “proof” to use for propagandizing to the idiots with, and this is all ran by IHT’s rings of criminals such as the country of the Order of Malta through our US entities like our CIA who Malta sucks dry to get the immunity for doing “mind control” as if it is just a “national security need” when it is actually just Malta’s human trafficking GDP and I am kinda grossed out by the rip off of our good service men… Malta and all your mysterious society branch offs, go back to your little fort on your little island from which you came, write your book propagandas & have your attacks there on your fort with no one to be hurt due to your lack of actual anything you virtual nation of “pope protectors” get your hands on the kiddies by subverting all things, perverts that you are, because America Know’s your tactics now of using our religions and our freedoms and our citizens for your ways of making your GDP you slaver’s who make money off of selling children and who sexually indoctrinate and groom children as if your ”God’s messengers’ Priests”, and there are even those of us American’s who see you, so go away now you and all your Valorous do what they are told to do characters in this game you make out of my life and out of all countries and out of all humanity that you Malta’s look at as if your above them just because they don’t Know your propaganda techniques that you use to further your trafficking platforms.

Kiss Kiss,



Blog #259

6/5/14 Our condolences to Seattle Pacific University, and to Queen Ann Hill, and to Seattle, and to Washington…   And to the family of the murdered Student (updated release).

The Victims of Immunity Foundation is deeply horrified by the attack at SPU that has transpired.  Jessica tried to make sure this didn’t happen to you, to Queen Ann, to SPU.  It appears that the persons at SPU who were trying to engage in this attack back when they had placed Jessica Seymour & Charlotte Awino at SPU were simply not stopped as they could have been, and as they should have been, given the heavy burden that Jessica bore in warning the public about the SPU faculty on goings she caught persons involved in at her, when they placed her living with a notorious guerilla soldier and attacked her education, and that had made threats to Jessica of this very thing happening and who made it clear that it would be blamed on Jessica, our Founder.

Founder, Jessica Seymour had informed the Seattle Police.

Jessica had informed the Seattle Superior Court when she filed for a restraining order against the forced childhood murderer Charlotte Awino, who went from Victim to Handler in this ring of global human trafficking.

Jessica had informed the Seattle Pacific University in general, and the MBA program and University President’s in total.

Jessica had informed the public in general when she filed a law suit in the District Court naming SPU as a defendant in relation to the threats and targeting’s that had transpired against her.

Jessica had informed the State Department and the DoJ, Homeland Security, and the FBI of the threat that had been made to her in relation to how it was a threat to have a campus shooting made on the SPU campus while having the blame placed on her all while a different notorious childhood murderer named James Shelton had been planning to kill Jessica’s family in collusion to the conspired campus shooting that SPU was facilitating.

Jessica feels a tremendous amount of survivor’s guilt right now as if she maybe somehow could have done more in some way to have had some longer lasting effect of prevention of this attack that was first being scammed to be pinned on her.

Of course we know Jessica is not the one who dropped the ball in relation to keeping this attack from happening, none the less, Jessica will always be deeply saddened that no one listened to her and that no one stopped this attack that she diligently reported when she was threatened with it and threatened to be the blame taker of it.

We also want to share with you that as this 2 person attack of SPU (that has now changed into a 1 person attack of SPU) was being colluded on, a man had walked up to Jessica Seymour with video camera in hand and he kicked sand up all over her face.  As she was reporting the incident a “witness” of sorts made comment to Ms. Jessica Seymour about “water being thrown in someone’s face” so Ms. Seymour has reason to believe that today’s attacks and assaults are tied to Sergio Cabrera’s psychotic delusions about Ms. Seymour with regards to the day she tripped and her water spilled out all over him and this is the same Sergio Cabrera who had years prior bragged about his part in colluded “anonymous tips”  to the FBI regarding the 9-11 terrorist attacks that were made as if some team of 10 or so foreigners could have ever pulled off that attack on their own, when after all this time it has become clear that San Diego’s Immunity holding human trafficking terrorizing psychopath’s clearly had a great deal of contact with the 9-11 terroristers, and who now play their dirty games on the campuses we send our young adults to, and in the developments we move to for the safety of the gates that just get easily breached by two faced terroristing types such as Sergio Cabrera and his brothers, and we hope they feel better now after paying some one to kick sand into Jessica’s eyes as their ring of trafficker terroristers prey upon SPU with their guns and their tactics of fear mongering, and murdering, and self glorifications.

We are now getting report that an IHT affiliate of Africa import Sacha Samoas of San Diego’s Screw Scoop, just stalked Jessica to the location she was online at reading about the SPU attack, this man’s name is “Roger” and he is a bonafied human trafficker that uses dark psych conditioning on as young of a woman as he can find, and Roger was also stalking Jessica the day that Kenny the man from Scottland & Kat Schenkler “dental assistant” were targeting Jessica last year. Roger was also stalking Jessica the night that John “Mulvahill” Thompson was stalking Jessica in collusion with a group of men and in collusion with the Stingeree night club camera operators. Now we are wondering how many other men are going to be sent by Bill Gore’s and Bonnie Dumanis’ IHT ring today to stalk and terrorize Ms. Seymour while she is mournig for SPU? 

The man who assaulted Ms. Seymour today (in collusion with the SPU assault) by stalking her to kick sand in her face is in jail right now and so it has begun, and this ring of IHT’s has cut off its nose to end up a spite to its own face yet again.  For the proper and due arrest of a man who attacked Jessica Seymour we thank the La Jolla Police Department and the San Diego Life Guards for that. We thank the witnesses that stepped forward to report what they witnessed, and Ms. Seymour takes console in the ability to educate the first responders upon what constitutes an unlawful sexual perversion.  We have faith and hope that all of those who are truly responsible for the corresponding attack that was made on SPU’s Christian centric students will also be placed in jail as well.

We along with Ms. Seymour are truly disgusted at the public hate & assaults that have been engaged in against SPU & Jessica nearly in simulcast with each other today.  We are saddened to see the result of what little SPU had done to aid Jessica’s due diligent reporting to them in 2012 about notorious childhood murderer Charlotte Awino’s threats.  We are saddened to see the result of what little the Federal Agencies and State Court Judges did to keep SPU and Jessica Seymour and Jessica’s family safe upon her diligent reporting she made to all regarding this situation & shooting that SPU was clearly facilitating through it’s placement of Awino to be living with Jessica, while other traffickers were placing murderer James Shelton living with Jessica’s family.

The VOI Foundation wishes safety, and security, and God’s healing for all Queen Ann residents, and for all SPU Student’s, and for Jessica’s family who is deeply shacken by today’s ongoings.

Sorry for your loss, but please take comfort knowing that someone did try to spare you all from it, unfortunately she was given the beat down each time she tried.

We love you, and you’re in our prayers,

Victims of Immunity Foundation


Blog #258

6/2/14 “Someone’s” hate.  

Anti Stalker Nation, would you believe it if I told you that over the weekend I was stalked, hunted down by a man from Pennsylvania named John Thompson who tried to cover up his identity as if his last name was Mulvilhill, though his roommate called him by “Thompson” throughout the night. 

What about if I told you that this Pennsylvania Cash for Kids affiliated stalker transplant in to San Diego’s Cash for Cutie’s scam stalker told me that he was also affiliated to the same Buffalo Law School that Bonnie Dumanis went to.

How bout if I told you that this John “Mulvahill” Thompson comes from a long line of Pennsylvania conditioners transplanted from England here in America way back in the 1700’s & 1800’s and that this Pennsylvania family of conditioner slavers sought to conduct their oh so secretive crimes in the 1800’s through gaining posts (like Bonnie Dumanis’ Cash for Cuties affiliate Bill Gore) as the Sheriff & Wardens during the 1800’s when capital punishment was still torture based, and this Thompson family also ran their crimes of trauma based conditioning by way of membership to the “Deaf and Dumb Association” that helped trafficker conditioner’s get their hands on the dumb and on the crazy….  What about if I tell you that these records are housed in the Sandusky loving & complicit acting Penn State, yet you can read all about the Thompson’s in the Penn State archives.

Or would this John Thompson “Mulvahill-cover” stalking be too much of a coincidence to the England Bergen-Belsen grandpappy Rodgers post that ties the Elliot Rodger’s attack to the IHT Slavers at the Aquinio-Santa Barbra-Experiment-church-NSA & it’s CIA affiliates all who control Escala and who stalk me.

Here is why I ask, because the Aquino Army experiments were always tied to MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments, and so is Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron of New York/Canada... CIA. MKULTRA along with the WWII era John W. Thompson’s book “In the Shadow of the Holocaust” that was written based off of what John W Thompson saw at Bergen-Belsen & that was printed by New York’s Rochester Press….. SO WHY DO I HAVE A “JOHN THOMPSON” DARK PSYCH CONDITIONER TARGETING ME SEXUALLY OVER THE WEEKEND THEN TRYING TO CONDITION ME WHEN HE SEES HE WON’T GET SEX, THEN ENGAGE IN VICIOUS CONDITIONING TACTICS, THEN CHANGE THE LAST NAME ON HIS OUTGOING PHONE MESSAGE ALL WHILE HIS STUPID FRIENDS CALLED HIM “THOMPSON” AND ALL WHILE HE WAS TRYING TO FIRST LIE ABOUT HIS ONLINE POSTING FOR A RENTAL UNIT IN PENNSYLVANIA UPON MY FACT CHECKING PROCESS?????  Yep an online posting that has his phone number that he called me from when he hunted me down in a team effort, yes, that has his Rochester New York 585 area code phone number posted at  Post # A43045:   for a Pennsylvania property in the area in Northern Liberties at the corner of N Hancock Street & W Jefferson Street, an area that was tied to ownership by the 1700 & 1800’s era Thompson family’s holdings related to their Iron works/mining, Penitentiary Warden Jobs, Quaker Schools, and Associations like the “Association for Supporting a Culture of Silk” and like the “Deaf and Dumb Association” all long ago covers for human trafficking endeavors such as sourcing victims that can be easily discredited or can’t talk at all, killing victims after calling them wrong doers & having them arrested, and well laundering & importing things like silk all with the intent to “influence the culture” so to increase sales demand & increase importing ability demand…..   Go Away Cash For Cuties scandal idiots who like to come to San Diego to sell & set up women you first seek to call crazy while you maliciously erroneously gain mug shots of them to use for selling them to perv idiots… and yes Anti Stalker Nation you should have seen the look on John Thompson’s face when he was put in check after he told me that I seem crazy…. Yesh you should have seen his face when I responded to him, “is that what you like in a woman, is that what you look for when your targeting women” & my Anti Stalker Nation you should have seen John’s turbo thumbs light up on his text messages to his team of pervs as he tried to figure out what tactic to use to try to regain control of the situation he never should have thought to have control of to begin with as stupid as he is, to his dismay, and at that point in the weekend I had not even yet known about this John guy’s Pennsylvania & Cash for Cuties & Seff Jwerksky ties and affiliations, nor had I yet known that this John guy came from such a long line of traffickers & handlers & patron’s & conditioner’s & NAME SAKES THAT ARE TIED TO MKULTRA & TIED TO THE HOLOCAUST AND TO HOLOCAUST BOOKS THAT CALL ALL GERMAN’S MENTALLY ILL, LIKE WHAT DONALD EWEN CAMERON SAID, AND LIKE HOW JOHN W THOMPSON’S BOOK “SHADOW OF THE HOLOCAUST” KINDA SAY’S IN IT, in a backwards way when it calls all German Doctors guilty for the war crimes…. Hey Thompson wanted all the German Doctors & especially all the Nazi Doctors to be held accountable for the human experiments that had transpired at the concentration camps and Dr. John W Thompson was disillusioned in a way when the criminal doctors that he and his human trafficking ring went after, were not held accountable at the Medical War Crimes Trials at Nuremburg and he & his family have been taking it out on me and my family ever since through his CIA MKULTRA affiliations & through Thompson’s  Col. David Marcus affiliations & through his Israel Army enlistment affiliations, and through his Scottish Rite Affiliations (shriners/hospitalar), and through his British Intelligence Group & FIAT affiliations, and through his deeply religious roman catholic Malta affiliations, and through his adopting of children affiliations…. What wasn’t this John W Thompson affiliated to and with, and working for????, need I say more about this stalker John “Mulvahill” Thompson who stalked me this weekend with all this crap all mad at me for outing this huge ring of trafficker terroristers. 

My Grandmother’s Uncle who was an SS Nazi Soldier stated to my Grandmother on a visit he made to America, that the German public did not know about all the things being done at the concentration camps and that neither did he, and based off of all the things that our American government does that we don’t find out about until a massive leak or until 100 years later, I believe this statement that my great-great Uncle made, and he clearly told my grandmother, his niece, that the [doctors running the] concentration camps had even been scheduling their incinerations on days that the wind would blow a direction that kept the ashes from reaching the cities just to keep the German public from finding out what was going on, so if anyone who wants to keep trying to make me pay for the sins of ancient history and pay for the sins of my dead relatives, who may not have ever been involved in anything at all, can know here and now that those days are over, and I am to be enfranchised and I also want all my property back too, and I want everything I would have had you idiots had proper foresight to have never targeted me to begin with, and I also want exemplary damages against my stalkers to be awarded to me, and I want a Thank You Jessica from the 2 cities I saved from attacks.   

NOTE TO IHT’s: I am no longer in the dark to be the Victim of any of your self-righteous scam artist slave trader’s & human trafficking blame taker patsy seekers, as if you’re better than me when you’re not even any better then Hitler himself who is one of the only War Criminals that paid the price of death at that time hunted down and no longer left to be alive; since Nuremburg fell short by having the human experiment conducting Doctors kept protected (rather then put to death), and let those doctors be incorporated into the CIA for the most part, who then engaged these criminals in the MKULTRA crap & then engaged that crap on to me and my family that means I get repaired with post haist, and the days of making my descendants pay for this is over, done, I am to be re-enfranchised as I am not like you IHT’s, I am no war criminal,  even as hard as your ring of IHT’s try to pin your desired terroristing & control crimes on me through your patsy making ways and cover up scams… do say hello to your Charlotte Awino & James Shelton & Tartaro & Machhour for me wont’ you IHT’s as I am not your patsy, and your best teams of abusers and Agents fail every time when trying to set me up because I have learned your games and so I retire you with no pension… go ask SDPD Jorge Leon who got betrayed by his Jan Goldsmith & his Bonny Dumanis and by his Bill Gore and by his Chief Landsdown human trafficking affiliates, all who’s day for being arrested are imminent so close I can finally grab at it and I am not the only one being redeemed here by your fall that you all have earned… I am not your only Victim as your conspiring to all say.  

Anyone want to call all this weekend’s John “Mulvahill” Thompson stalking of me that was made complete with targeted abuse and sexual targeting of me just a coinky-dink to the post about grandpappy Rodger’s war crime photo affiliations?  When will the DoJ, the CIA, and their data gatherer NSA stop their outlawed mind control cover of human trafficking??? And on that note did any of you see Snowden’s interview where he stated that he took an oath to protect American citizens, and an oath to protect the Constitution, and not an oath to an agency…. Yes he stated that one of the reasons he started to be called to hold his oaths of protection was when he gained high enough clearances to see that American’s were being lied to by Colin Powel about why we invaded Afghanistan and how that related to America having its fundamental rights that are protected by the Constitution being chipped away at through the fear mongered by terrorism hunting… By the way, Afghanistan is a poppy opiate & heroin trafficking country, the largest poppy supplier on the planet. Trafficking such as drug & gun trafficking is always a part of human trafficking and I get the feeling that the items Snowden still has for release are items tying the NSA’s data grabs to the DoJ & to the CIA’s facilitating of human trafficking and drug trafficking and gun trafficking, all through MKULTRA research crap cover’s, & concocted investigation crap cover’s like what Fast and Furiouse was, and right on through to attaching the DoJ, NSA & CIA right to this recent Control of the Public mind control experiment that is having schools and universities and public events shot at by “crazy’s” & “terrorist’s” all as a reason for increased chipping away at our Constitutional Rights.  MKULTRA mind control experiments were originally organized on 12 University Campus’s back when Donald Ewen Cameron & John W Thompson were alive, so how many schools are in the modern day MKULTRA mind control program that got Awino & Shelton into my life and into the lives of my German descendant family????  Remember, all German’s are Crazy as per Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron & all German’s have a form of Profound Knowledge Schizophrenia according to John W Thompson’s adaptation of the William Deming’s definition of Profound Knowledge…. And apparently John W Thompson’s off spring, name sake's, & adopted slave trader conditioners are on a mission to try to now prove this stupid idea that was engaged in as to pick German’s for MKULTRA crap way back when…. And this is one of the reasons why it is so personally important to my stalkers to repeatedly attack and monopolize and control and disenfranchise my family generation after generation… idiot fear monger, war monger, slave monger, Kony creating, Hitler creating, freaks that my stalkers are…. IHT’s: I see you now so go away you human trafficking freaks because the more you come after me the more of you that will get outed and shown to the world as the slave trading pervs that you are, and your secrets will keep getting spilled by me and the Anti Stalker Nation that are all sick of your abuses & cover up’s.  

Anti Stalker Nation, we are close to stopping this “crazy campus shooter” “epidemic” that the NSA & CIA & DoJ/FBI are engaged in and like to call a “needed for national security Experiment on mind control and on Social Conformity” as a way to justify it for getting funding for it to launder their dirty HT money through, and for getting it protected facilitated, and then blamed on some test subject….  Kinda like when the Pennsylvania Thompson family create an Association in the 1800’s for Supporting a Cultivating of a Culture of Silk, that they attend to after their Quaker School classes where they get their hands on the kiddies, and that they attend to after their Association meetings on how to get their hands on, and Handle around, the Deaf And Dumb…. The Dumb, it sounds like the CIA’s Quaker Oats Radiation Experiments that were performed at MIT yep, Massachusetts Boston.  

Who are now, and were prior, all of James Shelton’s Psychiatrists and Warden’s?

Anti Stalker’s you’re so loved, and thanked,




Blog #257

5/28/14 Misogyny, and when James Shelton told my Mother that he was just letting her think that she was helping him…. 

Anti Stalker Nation, wow, really another campus shooting over the weekend last Friday night at 9:30 pm all related to how Misogyny is a Danger to the Public Safety…. Hmmm.

That interests me as an advocate for Anti Misogyny, as hate of women is used for indoctrination of slave trade Handler’s that are being groomed to harm the slaves they are to be targeting for this crime ring that stalks me… oh and shameful how this shooter had been called a crazed “High Functioning Asperger” because in actuality it is a fringe idea; this idea that gets pushed about “high functioning” Asperger’s & “high functioning” Schizophrenia is a con job, rationalized off of some ranging “scale” of those “illnesses”… and even with autism the only reason a ranging scale is somewhat viable is due to the unexplained & inexplicable jump in the amount of autistic children that has occurred in the past decades and that has caused many mom’s to wonder what is being done to their children & to their children’s immunization shots.

There is no such thing as a high functioning mentally ill person, the two ideas are counter intuitive, against counter balance, and are a con job fit for slave trade & hate.

If you’re functioning but have some sort of something wrong in your feelings, then you just have a feeling, maybe even just a temporary disability, but not a mental illness. Easy-peezy.  Disabilities of the Feeling sort can be rehabbed just like most disabilities of the physical sort.  But pill pushers such as the drug pusher psychiatrists need to feed their big pharma, , so now feeling any sort of way is called a “mental illness” that needs a pill, sexual abuse often times, and fundamental rights restrictions, and even interpretation in any sort of divergent way is called a “mental illness” that needs a forced pill and a forced fundamental rights ambush abduction….  When does this game that Human Traffickers are playing get put in check…  A disability permanent or temporary is not a mental illness, and human’s should not fear normal or regular negative and depressed feelings, or be scared of feeling any certain way about something, as that is what lets those feelings go off the wrong track and turn into a huge character flaw that opens the door to being exploited by human traffickers who seek to make the public think that every thing is a Mental Illness all with the intent to use that game as a way of sexual abusing, and as a way of eugenic based stripping of fundamental rights & Constitutional Protections.  Feelings of Misogyny are correctable but we have to start as a community stopping the targeting of women as to start correcting how dangerously an unchecked misogyny can be used by Slaver’s that love to get their hands on the kiddies, Misogyny has to be stopped in the courts that protect rapists, and in the public that Victim Blame Teenage Rape Victims just because the rapists are football player’s.

You’re either mentally ill or you’re not…. You’re either functioning or you’re not. If you’re functioning, then an issue is some other thing you’re feeling or it is some other thing influencing you & and it is often times not even a disability to be feeling any sort of way, but it is not mental illness as illnesses implies a no-functioning by virtue of definition. Not less functioning, not high functioning, but no-functioning is what mental illness is, this “spectrum of mental illnesses” is just a pharma sales based market growth tactic that allows for many feelings, and disabilities to be targeted with drugs rather then just rehabilitated with effective methods that don’t include the drugs which inhibit feeling and there for make you an even easier target for human traffickers that perpetuate the largest industry on the planet of Slave sales. 

Things like depression & anger & hate are just a normal part of human experiences and human feelings, and are not to be felt of as any sort of mental condition, less for your functioning to have a drastic halt as in non-functioning.  But what about if truly someone were halting things at you, like halting your computer at you, and like halting your finances at you, halting your ability to interview for an actual job, halting your ability to live in a place you were not manipulated into, and halting your ability to walk your dog without being harassed & stalked, well that does not make you the crazy one, it makes your stalkers the mentally ill looking, danger to the public “crazy one’s” who never addressed their odd feelings of oh say misogyny, but rather who got rewarded for those negative feelings and now have been conditioned by money, pills, promises, clearances, and folie a deux tactics of mob mentality into acting like they have a bonafied mental illness by way of how their actions do interfere with their daily lives where as they focus on how to make money off of creating Victims out of our women & children… but they don’t think they look “mentally ill” when they are stalking a Victim, no IHT’s & their affiliates think they are the normal ones, and they think they just have to do what they have to do, like hurt children and women.

Human Traffickers were targeted as children to feel hate and confusion, and they have never sought to correct it rather they have a ring of criminals engage them in indulging in their negative feelings and negative desires so to create a mental illness looking thing as to mask the human trafficking & “human sacrificing” at hand in these shootings that are being coordinated on campuses and at events.   And I just don’t believe that Rogers kid was a 22 year old virgin who’s hate of women was a “mental illness”, he looks more like he is auditioning for a part in a movie, maybe a uh, um, uh, a part in a documentary on the killing that happened 10 years prior in the same city is what this Elliot Roger thought he was signing up for????. Because at times in his video’s it seems like he is auditioning, rehearsing, and role playing a character & the video’s seem to fit with the HT snuff film tactics that are engaged in by IHT’s especially by the IHT’s that affiliate with the “movie producer” types such as Escala’s David, the retired diplomat Israeli Ambassador turned movie producer.  See this 22 year old southern california virgin “rampage” has a few glitches in it that make it look like a retaliation, glitches by way of how the Hunger Games Novel writer lives in Sandy Hook Connecticut where kids were attacked on my birthday after I left Seattle and escaped having James Shelton & Charlotte Awino create that Shady Hook like event upon me & my family & that is the event where Special Ops Army Cavalry David Hildebrand stormed my home during the shooting that was going on at the other side of the country…. And this is a glich in how this Elliot guy’s father was a Director on the Hunger Games movie of the books written by the author who lives in Sandy Hook…. What was that movie about?  Because I know what Elliot’s grandpappy George Rodger was all about, ya this shooter “high functioning Asperger” Elliot’s Grandfather is George Rodger of the Magnum that is derived from Africa photo’s that let’s just say inspired so many back in the day sex addicted slave traders who were so intrigued by the implications of the bounty that could be found in Africa still, ya it’s was named the Magnum so go take a look for yourself at the photo’s especially 37, 46, & 51 of the 51 Magnum photos housed in the museum, and look at them from the prospective of a Slaver looking for bounty.  But what of Rodger’s work predates the Magnum Collection…. Well none other than the Bergen-Belsen photos that were used for war crime tribunals against Nazi war criminals, and grand pappy Rodger’s was instrumental in showing the world what was done to Jewish concentration camp abducted humans…. And the targeting of my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, and of my siblings & myself are all tied to someone’s hate of our German heritage. The targeting of me from my father’s side is associated to one of the other trafficking slave trader platforms, as there is not just one set of human trafficking rings, and Slaver’s do trade & breed their slaves amongst each other’s stock and always have as they are traditionally eugenicists who wish to kill or enslave all persons that are physically disabled and kill or enslave all persons they can call “mentally ill”, let’s be straight about that, which is why Human Trafficking related crimes need to have proper Minimum Sentences starting at 10 Years Imprisonment, and Human Trafficking Related Crimes need to be an automatic cause of Immunity Forfeiture & Loss, as well as why Human Trafficking legal & statutory definition’s need to be updated to include the tactics and methods used to human traffic such as “this for that”, and business trades/sales, and of course the research, immunity, “national security”, “investigation operation”, and gambling methods of human trafficking that I have pioneered the identifying of.

I only bring it up due to what I was forced to have to send on Friday. On Friday the stalking that Travis Meyer refuses to STOP, caused the VOI to have to issue a formal Notice for the safety of the public awareness in relation to the dangerous Misogyny Hate that Travis Meyer has gone out of his way to prove he is not in control of any more and that it has taken over his ability to stop himself from his targeting of me… See before there was any Operation Endless Summer of Massachusetts’ Bonnie Dumanis’ & her CIA buddies, AND before there was any Operation Shadowboxxx of University of San Diego Bill Gore’s & his FBI & “everything else west coast & don’t answer to Congress” buddies, well before all that was around for placement of Robert Tartaro into my home with his “immunity” for his hidden cameras and access to my everything, there was Lee Martin, Gary Rapp, and Travis & Ron….

Yep, when I was first being targeted & set up as any sort of erroneous blame taker, Travis lured me to the hair salon he works at so that he could gain my credit card data & gain my hair as to use both in this targeting of me for false implicating at whatever scene of whatever crime… but none of that was needed after Operation Endless Summer got Albert Machhour targeting me & especially when Operation Shadowboxxx got Robert Tartaro targeting me via access to my everything & for selling me through hidden cameras all that were planned to culminate into a snuff film correct which is why I was so relentlessly followed on that day I was told by my attorney to meet him at a down town location he was never going to actually be, it was for footage for the snuff film correct; well once Tartaro was in my home Travis & Ron became a bit less important to this crime ring’s games until now I guess as Travis’ hate of me has flared to the point of uncontrolled disgust that it gave pause for a public service warning to the public in San Diego in a very direct way as to provide that Travis’s unchecked Misogyny issues he is exemplifying at me can be commandeered by persons that can help him, like oh say the men that own the salon that Travis lures women he hates too, in a way that is so eerily akin to how the “It’s a Grind Coffee Shop” was used by that rapist owner who was getting his victims addresses from the credit card swipes when they bought coffee… and so here is a copy of the public awareness notice that the VOI sent as to protect other women from how Travis is using the salon he works at as to commandeer women’s credit card data and well, DNA from hair & sent as to try to get some one who cares about Travis to get him to stop stalking women like myself:  this link shows the pdf scanned in email that Travis called me a c**t in about 3 times showing his hate and illustrating how women need to beware of the way this man’s misogyny has made him twisted and dangerous: 

[insert link to pdf here]    If you don’t mind twisted oppression intended disgusting profanity made by a man at a woman then read the attached email in this link & tell me if Travis is mentally ill or if he just needs to be rehabilitated out of his deep hate misogyny that has become a threat to public safety & see if you feel that Travis needs to be free from who tells him what hateful things to do to the women being targeted by this ring of Immunitied Human Trafficker’s, because they sure are trying to make Travis look mentally ill through all the emails he keeps sending me, and it is scaring me since these Escala based Criminal IHT affiliates are focusing Travis’ hate onto me again; he needs intervention from his handler & rehabilitation, or is he just mentally ill & in need of a pill & a 5150?... and how does this get corrected before it is a setup meant to be another murder attempt against me… wasn’t Awino & Shelton & Tartaro, and Yolanda Shakoor’s tire spiking team, & Dixson & the King Fish House poisoning ala it’s SDPD employees enough death attempts against me for me to have survived to be taken seriously about my near perfection in assessment yet, where is my crown for sparing San Diego and Seattle from the terroristing tactics that were at hand ala Bill Gore & Bonnie Dumanis’s IHT ring, where is my Thank You Jessica, as that is what Travis should be emailing me had I ever given him my email address which I never did. Oh and wait till you see the other email’s he sends me especially were he engages in terrorizing me & taunts me for having to cut my own hair now, as this taunting and ridiculing is a IHT tactic engaged against the Victims that are being targeted to be forced to have to engage in this crime rings “prostitution” attempts as to have money, you know, to have money for food and for hair cuts….  Ridicule of a woman who would rather cut her own hair than do what these criminals are trying to force her to do for money to pay for things (like hair cuts given by an IHT affiliate, can anyone say conversion scam?) is an IHT tactic that really works on the Victims who are targeted for infliction of low self esteem.  See low self esteem infliction is a science though it is usually reserved for the pimps that IHT’s traffick with, it is not above being inflicted through a person like Travis, and if you don’t like to read the disgust that no man in his right mind would sling at a woman neighbor of his then don’t click on the link above because here is the notice that was sent for community awareness purposes;    

Sent Friday the 23rd around 2pm:

Ken Tacconi, and all Owners Roger Tuttle: Model Call Salon

3741 Park Blvd

San Diego CA 92103

Phone 619 2***  Fax 619 68******  modlecalll**@*

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTWarning regarding threat to public safety your employee, Travis Meyer.

Mr. Tacconi and Mr. Tuttle,

We are contacting you for public safety purposes to make you aware of a danger that exist at your salon regarding how it was used by 2 of your employees for purposes of furtherance of crimes that are related to stalking, harassing, human trafficking, and terrorizing.

We are a non profit that specialize in bringing public awareness to the community regarding certain types of victimization that are related to immunity abuse such as human trafficking.  Most human trafficking victims are targeted through dangerous persons’ hate of women misogyny issues, and most human traffic Victims are “set up” to be labeled falsely, and are exposed to horribly abusive tactics such as what Travis Meyer has engaged in through your salon.  Please see the attachment email the Travis Meyer sent to his neighbor and your patron, Jessica Seymour, where Travis calls her a “stupid fu**ed up c**t” and where Travis Meyer calls her a “stupid c**t”, calls her “crazy”, and were he laughs or “lol” about how one of the other men he stalks Victim Jessica Seymour with has gained a fraudulent “order” at a hearing that Ms. Seymour was never served on, all engaged in just to try to set up the Victim Jessica Seymour, who Travis has been stalking since around 2007. 

Travis used your Salon in the past as to lure Ms. Seymour to, and he even scammed to have an arm’s length distance from his agenda to gain Ms. Seymour’s hair & credit card data, whereas Travis had Ms. Seymour come in for a hair appointment and he then placed Ms. Seymour with one of his co-workers as to have her data ran through his co-workers station rather than through Travis’ own station, and this was a premeditated act made with the intent to distance himself from the crime that was at hand which did include the gaining of hare for having Ms. Seymour’s hair left someplace incriminating that Ms. Seymour would never have been at, and Travis Meyer’s affiliation to “terroristing types” of criminals is very dangerous for you, for your patron’s, and for the public at large.  Travis has grown enraged and unstable, please protect other women who go to your salon, and if you need further emails to prove that Travis has a severe psychosis related to his stalking of a woman like Ms. Seymour, well we can send you a copy of all the emails he sends her repeatedly knowing that she does not want his contact.  He bangs on her walls, and he is just simply too dangerous to not warn you of so that other patrons of yours can be spared the terrorizing that Travis inflicts upon the women he hates, women who are stalked to be sold in hard to detect ways all facilitated by human trafficking immunity holders, which makes the protection of the public a community awareness effort as opposed to a law enforcement effort. 

Your employee Travis Meyer has recently gone off the deep end again and is posing a threat to society with the relentless stalking and cyber stalking & cyber harassing that he has been repeatedly told to stop, & Travis has had an up’tick in his stalking and terrorizing of Jessica Seymour who he had lured to your Hill Crest location years ago as to have Ms. Seymour’s credit card financial data farmed while gaining of Ms. Seymour’s hair, which we have uncovered to have been his part in an organized false implicating of Ms. Seymour that was planned to be made in collusion with human traffickers that are also Terrorists, such as Joseph Kony’s Charlotte Awino who was placed living with Ms. Seymour when she tried to escape the Escala stalking that Travis Meyer is engaged in, and we have uncovered that Ms. Seymour was being targeted to be set up to be the blame taker for a crime in which her hair that was gained by Travis was to be left at the scene of the crime that Ms. Seymour was being set up to be the blame taker for.

We fear that Travis Meyer would hurt any woman in your salon that he was told to hurt and that he lacks discretion, morals, and human traits related to his clear sociopathy that makes him a danger to the public at large and to your other Patrons.  We don’t want to see your business used the way that Little Italy “It’s A Grind” coffee shop was used back when that owner was gaining financial data from patrons just to then stalk them in their Escala garage to try to assault them…  And Travis Meyer does stalk Ms. Seymour at her Escala garage regularly over the past few years, and Travis’ recent dangerous tone in his stalking harassing emails he refuses to stop sending to Ms. Seymour, gives pause for concern for the safety of the public and for the safety of the other Victims he may seek to stalk the financial data & hair of through your salon.

We hope that you may be able to bring a positive change in Travis Meyer’s actions due to the good relationship you must share with him.  We hope that he stops his dirty little secret of terrorizing women via emails filled with hate, sociopathy, and crazy talk lies he is comfortable terrorizing and bullying a woman with. And we believe that your ability to get Travis back on the right path would save many other women from his clear psychotic fits of rage he has lost control of, due to how his affiliates have not been successful in their laundering of dirty human trafficking money through Escala’s HOA unlawful property conversion scams that Travis has been furthering via his relentless oppressing & terrorizing of Victim Jessica Seymour

Thank you, Victims of Immunity Foundation

Attached5/21/14 email that Travis Meyer sent to his Victim Jessica Seymour


Yep, so that Anti-Misogyny community awareness for purposes of the public safety notice was sent around 2pm on Friday, and how does this ring of Escala based human trafficking terroristers react, well they react by 7 hours later getting the NSA/Army/CIA Michael Aquino experiment Church of Set & Church of Satan infused Santa Barbara area Slaver “trauma induced control” specialists going on the “misogyny rampage” don’t they, wow, crazy terrorister’s that love slave trade sure are playing games, but look how it has backfired, now the entire country is saying what I was bringing awareness to, the entire country is saying that Misogyny is a threat to the public safety rather than saying, “high-functioning-Asperger-mentally-ill should be kept from guns” … looks like my stalkers cut off their nose only to end up a spite to their own face, and my stalkers have no problem sacrificing one of their own to further their cause, nor do my stalkers have a problem sacrificing a child of one of the other trafficking rings… when will this ring of Immunity affiliated Slaver terrorizers realize they already lost this war crime hunger game they have been making out of my life.  Long ago I had identified in pleading filed in Janis Sammartino’s court that Escala was a military base that was being pawned off on the general public as a normal residential development and that is causing great danger’s to the citizen’s lured into Escala, and Escala’s use by the Michael Aquino formed NSA with its mind control experiment satanic church along with the para-military regime that the CIA has become, is why Santa Barbra area IHT’s were able to respond with an attack with in 7 hours after the VOI’s public safety community awareness notice was sent to Travis’ mentor’s at the Model Call Salon.  These research based human traffickers like to hury up and release their assaults in preemptation of any formal stop that may be made upon their “research” any time a Victims that is being called a “human test subject” makes a report of abuse.  

Here is a link to a story stating that some witnesses saw 2 people in the car that the bullets were coming from:

NOTE TO IHT’s: Here is a Demand to my IHT’s and to their Slave Trader’s:  Stop your Black Market Gun Trafficking Market Share Growth Campaign that your engaged in where your using ideas about “mentally ill” people as to gain Gun Restrictions as to increase your black market sales of your trafficked guns.  And you can stop your Human Trafficking Slave trade black market endeavor’s & human sacrifices of the kids of the fools of your past as well… why can’t you dirty Human Trafficker War Monger’s just go get real jobs… and I’m not talking about how you exploit our law enforcement's, politics, & military defenses.  NO Slaver’s, I’m talking about you washing the toilets at the jails, and not sitting at judges benches as to target more Victims which is what is currently plaguing my San Diego, my America…. IHT’s and Slaver’s you’re a plague to all Countries and your oh so seeable as you have been just dying to be, do you feel better now?.  Salt, because I can’t stop you Slaver’s, you have to stop yourselves, you have to realize that you’re the crazy ones’ and that you need to get it back under control, just go get real jobs.

Regarding how this Hunger Game that these Slaver’s & IHT’s have been making out of my life and out of the public in general, yes regarding how this ring of Slaver terroristers Misogynists are tied to what James Shelton went and did to a 33 year old woman in 2012 in response to how he was told that he would no longer be able to kill my family as he was promised he would be able too, well that is for another blog due to how it is all part of the “group that makes your dreams come true” that Francesco Buci told me he belongs to.  And let’s not forget that before James Shelton was sicked on my family there was Celia Luna stalking me in the court house bathroom to tell me that if I care about my family then I wouldn’t say anyting about anything, hmmm, wonder if 16 year old Lorie Bonine had to hear anything like that before she was targeted for rape and murder by James Shelton & his handler’s & IHT affiliates.

Anti-Stalker’s and Abolitionists2, you get Kisses & Hugs & Love,




Blog #257

5/28/14 Misogyny, and when James Shelton told my Mother that he was just letting her think that she was helping him…. 

Anti Stalker Nation, wow, really another campus shooting over the weekend last Friday night at 9:30 pm all related to how Misogyny is a Danger to the Public Safety…. Hmmm.

That interests me as an advocate for Anti Misogyny, as hate of women is used for indoctrination of slave trade Handler’s that are being groomed to harm the slaves they are to be targeting for this crime ring that stalks me… oh and shameful how this shooter had been called a crazed “High Functioning Asperger” because in actuality it is a fringe idea; this idea that gets pushed about “high functioning” Asperger’s & “high functioning” Schizophrenia is a con job, rationalized off of some ranging “scale” of those “illnesses”… and even with autism the only reason a ranging scale is somewhat viable is due to the unexplained & inexplicable jump in the amount of autistic children that has occurred in the past decades and that has caused many mom’s to wonder what is being done to their children & to their children’s immunization shots.

There is no such thing as a high functioning mentally ill person, the two ideas are counter intuitive, against counter balance, and are a con job fit for slave trade & hate.

If you’re functioning but have some sort of something wrong in your feelings, then you just have a feeling, maybe even just a temporary disability, but not a mental illness. Easy-peezy.  Disabilities of the Feeling sort can be rehabbed just like most disabilities of the physical sort.  But pill pushers such as the drug pusher psychiatrists need to feed their big pharma, , so now feeling any sort of way is called a “mental illness” that needs a pill, sexual abuse often times, and fundamental rights restrictions, and even interpretation in any sort of divergent way is called a “mental illness” that needs a forced pill and a forced fundamental rights ambush abduction….  When does this game that Human Traffickers are playing get put in check…  A disability permanent or temporary is not a mental illness, and human’s should not fear normal or regular negative and depressed feelings, or be scared of feeling any certain way about something, as that is what lets those feelings go off the wrong track and turn into a huge character flaw that opens the door to being exploited by human traffickers who seek to make the public think that every thing is a Mental Illness all with the intent to use that game as a way of sexual abusing, and as a way of eugenic based stripping of fundamental rights & Constitutional Protections.  Feelings of Misogyny are correctable but we have to start as a community stopping the targeting of women as to start correcting how dangerously an unchecked misogyny can be used by Slaver’s that love to get their hands on the kiddies, Misogyny has to be stopped in the courts that protect rapists, and in the public that Victim Blame Teenage Rape Victims just because the rapists are football player’s.

You’re either mentally ill or you’re not…. You’re either functioning or you’re not. If you’re functioning, then an issue is some other thing you’re feeling or it is some other thing influencing you & and it is often times not even a disability to be feeling any sort of way, but it is not mental illness as illnesses implies a no-functioning by virtue of definition. Not less functioning, not high functioning, but no-functioning is what mental illness is, this “spectrum of mental illnesses” is just a pharma sales based market growth tactic that allows for many feelings, and disabilities to be targeted with drugs rather then just rehabilitated with effective methods that don’t include the drugs which inhibit feeling and there for make you an even easier target for human traffickers. 

Things like depression & anger & hate are just a normal part of human experiences and human feelings, and are not to be felt of as any sort of mental condition, less for your functioning to have a drastic halt as in non-functioning.  But what about if truly someone were halting things at you, like halting your computer at you, and like halting your finances at you, halting your ability to interview for an actual job, halting your ability to live in a place you were not manipulated into, and halting your ability to walk your dog without being harassed & stalked, well that does not make you the crazy one, it makes your stalkers the mentally ill looking, danger to the public “crazy one’s” who never addressed their odd feelings of oh say misogyny, but rather who got rewarded for those negative feelings and now have been conditioned by money, pills, promises, clearances, and folie a deux tactics of mob mentality into acting like they have a bonafied mental illness by way of how their actions do interfere with their daily lives where as they focus on how to make money off of creating Victims out of our women & children… but they don’t think they look “mentally ill” when they are stalking a Victim, no IHT’s & their affiliates think they are the normal ones, and they think they just have to do what they have to do, like hurt children and women.

Human Traffickers were targeted as children to feel hate and confusion, and they have never sought to correct it rather they have a ring of criminals engage them in indulging in their negative feelings and negative desires so to create a mental illness looking thing as to mask the human trafficking & “human sacrificing” at hand.   And I just don’t believe that kid was a 22 year old virgin who’s hate of women was a “mental illness”, he looks more like he is auditioning for a part in a movie, maybe a uh, um, uh, a part in a documentary on the killing that happened 10 years prior in the same city is what this Elliot Roger thought he was signing up for????. Because at times in his video’s it seems like he is auditioning, rehearsing, and role playing a character & the video’s seem to fit with the HT snuff film tactics that are engaged in by IHT’s especially by the IHT’s that affiliate with the “movie producer” types such as Escala’s David, the retired diplomat Israeli Ambassador turned movie producer.  See this 22 year old southern california virgin “rampage” has a few glitches in it that make it look like a retaliation, glitches by way of how the Hunger Games Novel writer lives in Sandy Hook Connecticut where kids were attacked on my birthday after I left Seattle and escaped having James Shelton & Charlotte Awino create that Shady Hook like event upon me & my family & that is the event where Special Ops Army Cavalry David Hildebrand storemed my home during the shooting that was going on at the other side of the country…. And this is a glich in how this Elliot guy’s father was a Director on the Hunger Games movie of the books written by author who lives in Sandy Hook…. What was that movie about?  Because I know what Elliot’s grandpappy George Rodger was all about, ya this shooter “high functioning Asperger” Elliot’s Grandfather is George Rodger of the Magnum that is derived from Africa photo’s that let’s just say inspired so many back in the day sex addicted slave traders who were so intrigued by the implications of the bounty that could be found in Africa still, ya it’s was named the Magnum so go take a look for yourself at the photo’s especially 37, 46, & 51 of the 51 Magnum photos housed in the museum, and look at them from the prospective of a Slaver looking for bounty.  But what of Rodger’s work predates the Magnum Collection…. Well none other than the Bergen-Belsen photos that were used for war crime tribunals against Nazi war criminals, and grand pappy Rodger’s was instrumental in showing the world what was done to Jewish concentration camp abducted humans…. And the targeting of my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, and of my siblings & myself are all tied to someone’s hate of our German heritage. The targeting of me from my father’s side is associated to one of the other trafficking slave trader platforms, as there is not just one set of human trafficking rings, and Slaver’s do trade & breed their slaves amongst each other’s stock and always have as they are traditionally eugenicists who wish to kill or enslave all persons that are physically disabled and kill or enslave all persons they can call “mentally ill”, let’s be straight about that, which is why Human Trafficking related crimes need to have proper Minimum Sentences starting at 10 Years Imprisonment, and Human Trafficking Related Crimes need to be an automatic cause of Immunity Forfeiture & Loss, as well as why Human Trafficking legal & statutory definition’s need to be updated to include the tactics and methods used to human traffic such as “this for that”, and business trades/sales, and of course the research, immunity, and gambling methods of human trafficking that I have pioneered the identifying of.

I only bring it up due to what I was forced to have to send on Friday. On Friday the stalking that Travis Meyer refuses to STOP, caused the VOI to have to issue a formal Notice for the safety of the public awareness in relation to the dangerous Misogyny Hate that Travis Meyer has gone out of his way to prove he is not in control of it anymore and that it has taken over his ability to stop himself from his targeting of me… See before there was any Operation Endless Summer of Massachusetts’ Bonnie Dumanis’ & her CIA buddies, AND before there was any Operation Shadowboxxx of University of San Diego Bill Gore’s & his FBI & “everything else west coast & don’t answer to Congress” buddies, well before all that was around for placement of Robert Tartaro into my home with his “immunity” for his hidden cameras and access to my everything, there was Lee Martin, Gary Rapp, and Travis & Ron….

Yep, when I was first being targeted & set up as any sort of erroneous blame taker, Travis lured me to the hair salon he works at so that he could gain my credit card data & gain my hair as to use both in this targeting of me for false implicating at whatever scene of whatever crime… but none of that was needed after Operation Endless Summer got Albert Machhour targeting me & especially when Operation Shadowboxxx got Robert Tartaro targeting me via access to my everything & for selling me through hidden cameras all that were planned to culminat into a snuff film correct which is why I was so relentlessly followed on that day I was told by my attorney to meet him at a down town location he was never going to actually be, it was for footage for the snuff film correct; well once Tartaro was in my home Travis & Ron became a bit less important to this crime ring’s games until now I guess as Travis’ hate of me has flared to the point of uncontrolled disgust that it gave pause for a public service warning to the public in San Diego in a very direct way as to provide that Travis’s unchecked Misogyny issues he is exemplifying at me can be commandeered by persons that can help him, like oh say the men that own the salon that Travis lures women he hates too, in a way that is so eerily akin to how the “It’s a Grind Coffee Shop” was used by that rapeist owner who was getting his victims addresses from the credit card swipes when they bought coffee… and so here is a copy of the public awareness notice that the VOI sent as to protect other women from how Travis is using the salon he works at as to commandeer women’s credit card data and well, DNA from hair:  this link shows the pdf scanned in email that Travis called me a c**t in about 3 times showing his hate and illustrating how women need to beware of the way this man’s misogyny has made him twisted and dangerous: 

[insert link to pdf here]    If you don’t mind twisted oppression intended disgusting profanity made by a man at a woman then read the attached email in this link & tell me if Travis is mentally ill or if he just needs to be rehabilitated out of his deep hate misogyny that has become a threat to public safety & see if you feel that Travis needs to be free from who tells him what hateful things to do to the women being targeted by this ring of Immunitied Human Trafficker’s, because they sure are trying to make Travis look mentally ill through all the emails he keeps sending me, and it is scaring me since these Escala based Criminal IHT affiliates are focusing Travis’ hate onto me again; he needs intervention from his handler & rehabilitation, or is he just mentally ill & in need of a pill & a 5150?... and how does this get corrected before it is a setup meant to be another murder attempt against me… wasn’t Awino & Shelton & Tartaro & Shakoor’s tire spiking team, & Dixson enough death attempts for me to have survived to be taken seriousely about my near perfection in assessment yet, where is my crown for sparing San Deigo and Seattle from the terroristing tactics that were at hand ala Bill Gore & Bonnie Dumanis’s IHT ring, where is my Thank You Jessica, as that is what Travis should be emailing me had I ever given him my email address which I never did. Oh and wait till you see the other email’s he sends me especially were he engages in terrorizing me & taunts me for having to cut my own hair now, as this taunting and ridiculing is a IHT tacted engaged againt the Victims that are being targeted to be forced to have to engage in this crime rings “prostitution” attempts as to have money, you know, to have money for food and for hair cuts….  Ridicule of a woman who would rather cut her own hair than do what these criminals are trying to force her to do for money to pay for things (like hair cuts given by a IHT affiliate, can anyone say conversion scam?) is an IHT tactic that really works on the Victims who are targeted for infliction of low self esteem.  See low self esteem infliction is a science though it is usually reserved for the pimps that IHT’s traffick with, it is not above being inflicted through a person like Travis, and if you don’t like to read the disgust that no man in his right mind would sling at a woman neighbor of his then don’t click on the link above because here is the notice that was sent for community awareness purposes;    

Sent Friday the 23rd around 2pm:

Ken Tacconi, and all Owners Roger Tuttle: Model Call Salon

3741 Park Blvd

San Diego CA 92103

Phone 619 2***  Fax 619 68******  modlecalll**@*

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTWarning regarding threat to public safety your employee, Travis Meyer.

Mr. Tacconi and Mr. Tuttle,

We are contacting you for public safety purposes to make you aware of a danger that exist at your salon regarding how it was used by 2 of your employees for purposes of furtherance of crimes that are related to stalking, harassing, human trafficking, and terrorizing.

We are a non profit that specialize in bringing public awareness to the community regarding certain types of victimization that are related to immunity abuse such as human trafficking.  Most human trafficking victims are targeted through dangerous persons’ hate of women misogyny issues, and most human traffic Victims are “set up” to be labeled falsely, and are exposed to horribly abusive tactics such as what Travis Meyer has engaged in through your salon.  Please see the attachment email the Travis Meyer sent to his neighbor and your patron, Jessica Seymour, where Travis calls her a “stupid fu**ed up c**t” and where Travis Meyer calls her a “stupid c**t”, calls her “crazy”, and were he laughs or “lol” about how one of the other men he stalks Victim Jessica Seymour with has gained a fraudulent “order” at a hearing that Ms. Seymour was never served on, all engaged in just to try to set up the Victim Jessica Seymour, who Travis has been stalking since around 2007. 

Travis used your Salon in the past as to lure Ms. Seymour to, and he even scammed to have an arm’s length distance from his agenda to gain Ms. Seymour’s hair & credit card data, whereas Travis had Ms. Seymour come in for a hair appointment and he then placed Ms. Seymour with one of his co-workers as to have her data ran through his co-workers station rather than through Travis’ own station, and this was a premeditated act made with the intent to distance himself from the crime that was at hand which did include the gaining of hare for having Ms. Seymour’s hair left someplace incriminating that Ms. Seymour would never have been at, and Travis Meyer’s affiliation to “terroristing types” of criminals is very dangerous for you, for your patron’s, and for the public at large.  Travis has grown enraged and unstable, please protect other women who go to your salon, and if you need further emails to prove that Travis has a severe psychosis related to his stalking of a woman like Ms. Seymour, well we can send you a copy of all the emails he sends her repeatedly knowing that she does not want his contact.  He bangs on her walls, and he is just simply too dangerous to not warn you of so that other patrons of yours can be spared the terrorizing that Travis inflicts upon the women he hates, women who are stalked to be sold in hard to detect ways all facilitated by human trafficking immunity holders, which makes the protection of the public a community awareness effort as opposed to a law enforcement effort. 

Your employee Travis Meyer has recently gone off the deep end again and is posing a threat to society with the relentless stalking and cyber stalking & cyber harassing that he has been repeatedly told to stop, & Travis has had an up’tick in his stalking and terrorizing of Jessica Seymour who he had lured to your Hill Crest location years ago as to have Ms. Seymour’s credit card financial data farmed while gaining of Ms. Seymour’s hair, which we have uncovered to have been his part in an organized false implicating of Ms. Seymour that was planned to be made in collusion with human traffickers that are also Terrorists, such as Joseph Kony’s Charlotte Awino who was placed living with Ms. Seymour when she tried to escape the Escala stalking that Travis Meyer is engaged in, and we have uncovered that Ms. Seymour was being targeted to be set up to be the blame taker for a crime in which her hair that was gained by Travis was to be left at the scene of the crime that Ms. Seymour was being set up to be the blame taker for.

We fear that Travis Meyer would hurt any woman in your salon that he was told to hurt and that he lacks discretion, morals, and human traits related to his clear sociopathy that makes him a danger to the public at large and to your other Patrons.  We don’t want to see your business used the way that Little Italy “It’s A Grind” coffee shop was used back when that owner was gaining financial data from patrons just to then stalk them in their Escala garage to try to assault them…  And Travis Meyer does stalk Ms. Seymour at her Escala garage regularly over the past few years, and Travis’ recent dangerous tone in his stalking harassing emails he refuses to stop sending to Ms. Seymour, gives pause for concern for the safety of the public and for the safety of the other Victims he may seek to stalk the financial data & hair of through your salon.

We hope that you may be able to bring a positive change in Travis Meyer’s actions due to the good relationship you must share with him.  We hope that he stops his dirty little secret of terrorizing women via emails filled with hate, sociopathy, and crazy talk lies he is comfortable terrorizing and bullying a woman with. And we believe that your ability to get Travis back on the right path would save many other women from his clear psychotic fits of rage he has lost control of, due to how his affiliates have not been successful in their laundering of dirty human trafficking money through Escala’s HOA unlawful property conversion scams that Travis has been furthering via his relentless oppressing & terrorizing of Victim Jessica Seymour

Thank you, Victims of Immunity Foundation

Attached5/21/14 email that Travis Meyer sent to his Victim Jessica Seymour


Yep, so that Anti-Misogyny community awareness for purposes of the public safety notice was sent around 2pm on Friday, and how does this ring of Escala based human trafficking terroristers react, well they react by 7 hours later getting the NSA/Army/CIA Michael Aquino experiment Church of Set & Church of Satan infused Santa Barbara area Slaver “trauma induced control” specialists going on the “misogyny rampage” don’t they, wow, crazy terrorister’s that love slave trade sure are playing games, but look how it has backfired, now the entire country is saying what I was bringing awareness to, the entire country is saying that Misogyny is a threat to the public safety rather than saying, “high-functioning-Asperger-mentally-ill should be kept from guns” … looks like my stalkers cut off their nose only to end up a spite to their own face, and my stalkers have no problem sacrificing one of their own to further their cause, nor do my stalkers have a problem sacrificing a child of one of the other trafficking rings… when will this ring of Immunity affiliated Slaver terrorizers realize they already lost this war crime hunger game they have been making out of my life.  Long ago I had identified in pleading filed in Janis Sammartino’s court that Escala was a military base that was being pawned off on the general public as a normal residential development and that is causing great danger’s to the citizen’s lured into Escala, and Escala’s use by the Michael Aquino formed NSA with its mind control experiment satanic church along with the para-military regime that the CIA has become, is why Santa Barbra area IHT’s were able to respond with an attack with in 7 hours after the VOI’s public safety community awareness notice sent to Travis’ mentor’s at the Modle Call Salon.  These research based human traffickers like to hury up and release their assaults in preemptation of any formal stop that may be made upon their “research” any time a Victims that is being called a “human test subject” makes a report of abuse.  

Here is a link to a story stating that some witnesses saw 2 people in the car that the bullets were coming from:


NOTE TO IHT’s: Here is a Demand to my IHT’s and to their Slave Trader’s:  Stop your Black Market Gun Trafficking Market Share Growth Campaign that your engaged in where your using ideas about “mentally ill” people as to gain Gun Restrictions as to increase your black market sales of your trafficked guns.  And you can stop your Human Trafficking Slave trade black market endeavor’s & human sacrifices of the kids of the fools of your past as well… why can’t you dirty Human Trafficker War Monger’s just go get real jobs… and I’m not talking about how you exploit our law enforcements, politics, & military defenses.  NO Slaver’s, I’m talking about you washing the toilets at the jails, and not sitting at judges benches as to target more Victims which is what is currently plaguing my San Diego, my America…. IHT’s and Slaver’s you’re a plague to all Countries and your oh so seeable as you have been just dying to be, do you feel better now?.  Salt, because I can’t stop you Slaver’s, you have to stop yourselves, you have to realize that you’re the crazy ones’ and that you need to get it back under control, just go get real jobs.

Regarding how this Hunger Game that these Slaver’s & IHT’s have been making out of my life and out of the public in general, yes regarding how this ring of Slaver terroristers Misogynists are tied to what James Shelton went and did to a 33 year old woman in 2012 in response to how he was told that he would no longer be able to kill my family as he was promised he would be able too, well that is for another blog due to how it is all part of the “group that makes your dreams come true” that Francesco Buci told me he belongs to.  And let’s not forget that before James Shelton was sicked on my family there was Celia Luna stalking me in the court house bathroom to tell me that if I care about my family then I wouldn’t say anyting about anything, hmmm, wonder if 16 year old Lorie Bonine had to hear anything like that before she was targeted for rape and murder by James Shelton & his handler’s & IHT affiliates.

Anti-Stalker’s and Abolitionists2, you get Kisses & Hugs & Love,




Blog #256

5/23/14 Poor Presiding Department Clerk, she is told what lies to say, and what cover-up’s to engage in as to protect the scamming, racketeering, conspiring, false imprisonment premeditating, and property converting, University Of San Diego OVERRAN, San Diego courts and law enforcement's…

Happy Friday Anti Stalker Nation & Have a Happy Memorial Day!  In memorial of the celebration at hand, and in memorial of the first Abolitionist Movement that has influenced this 2nd American Abolitionist Movement to be now organizing to fight the 2nd American Slave Trade, let me post about how the Jesuit-mafia/USD over ran San Diego Superior Court & Sheriff has made a Slave out of the Clerk of the Presiding Department, yes she has been worked into a Slave to do whatever she is told to do, say whatever lie she is told to say, make up whatever story she is told to make up, by the Jesuit mafia controlled University of San Diego’sDanielson, Gore, Goldsmith, Trentacosta, who all seek to repeatedly run their repeated crimes against me through their Washington area Judge Whitney who all of a sudden can’t make a decision and who has to take a matter into “submission” so that he may consult with who????  Who is Whitney taking orders from regarding the unlawful converting of my home scam he has been transferred into the “unlawful detainer” department for.

See, Anti S’rs, last time I had a telephonic hearing Judge Whitney refused to recuse himself but he did “dismiss” the Escala’s attempt to “un-vacate” their past crime’s they “vacated” as to try to cover up their dirty work they were engaged in while under the impression that Jan Goldsmith’s wife was going to be successful in her false imprisonment scam she concocted with the same trafficking ring that sent Seff Jwerksy to stalk me and submit to her a phony Proof of Service related to a hearing I was never served on.

Yes, I was to be falsely imprisoned by now via the Seff Jwersky conspired TRO scam this San Diego court system has become famous for, and when that scam didn’t work, Escala’s terroristing human trafficking money laundering via unlawful property conversion scam artists tried to cover up their tracks by engaging in having University of Seattle Jesuit University Judge Tim Dore engage in covering his conspiring he made of clearing my homes title in totality that he actually made for the Jesuit mafia trafficker affiliates of his at Peters and Freedman that aid the Home Owners Association method of running crime that is in Escala, which Judge Dore did back when he was sure I was going to be set up and murdered by Charlotte Awino & my family murdered by James Shelton, yes Judge Dore never thought he was gonna get caught as I was supposed to be dead, and falsely implicated while Escala was to quietly take my home for $30,000. … but since I am still alive all sorts of cover up has been getting engaged in and it is so obvious to watch & see these criminal animal Jesuit freakshow pervs crawling on the floor in the dark trying to find a way out of the box they put themselves in…. and that leads us to why they are making a “do what your told to do” slave out of their presiding departments clerk, and I feel so bad for her but come on lady, you know your covering up a crime & a conspiracy related to having a woman made falsely imprisoned as if she is an “order violator” on some “order” that was never in existence originally and that was never in exitance till the hearing I tried to get in to telephonically but was kept from, all as a way to try to erronousely call me some sort of “orver violator” though I have not received any order…. What a bunch of cowards.

Here is the slave trade tactic of conspiring to cover up the engaged in crime of conspiring to falsely imprison a woman as an Order Violator when no Order really ever existed…. First on May 21st 2014 the Presiding Department Clerk states to me that she has not received my phone calls to her desk nor my voicemails and that she has not left her desk since my first call to her:

5/21/14 audio  this is about an hour and a half long as that is the time frame that a court might trail a hearing for as in saving it to be last as to allow for a telephonic appearance person to show up in the phone line, and the best part of the audio is the end when the “mental health” department clerk states very clearly “NO” as an answer to the questions I posed to her in my attempt to get her to transfer me into the proper department, and the question I asked her was “doesn’t the mental health department help people”, and she was honest and said “NO” and that is such a truth as the San Diego Mental Health Court was set up just to harm people easier & to racketeer and traffick humans easier, just like the Family Court is engaging in.  

Then, an about face on 5/22/14 after this clerk is programed and enslaved into what to say as to cover up the crimes of the Court house criminals who were keeping my call’s blocked from her the prior day as to keep me from my appearance so that I could be set up an “order” violator as to facilitate a false arrest & false imprisonment that this Racketeering court is FAMOUSE for engaging in:

Yep there you have it Anti Stalker Nation, the plain & simple conspired racketeering of the San Diego Superior Court as over ran by the USD Jesuit mafia Judges that do the bidding of the order of the pope’s mafia military malta human trafficker money laundering terroristers.  And uhhmmm…. Exactly which date wat this clerk lieing on, was she lying on the 23rd when she failed to send my calls into the D-6 clerk, or was she lying the next day on the 24th when she tried to undo what she said the day before about being at her desk the entire time and not having any of the 3 messages I left her, and not having any incoming calls since the first one she answered…. Yes yes yes, which time was she lying because this determines if she was actively involved in the conspiracy to keep me from my telephonic appearance as to facilitate some stupid “order violator false imprisonment” scam, or if she was simply covering up for the conspirators the next day after being told to changer her story about having not gotten my calls & messages while she had never left her desk.  This my Victim’s is why your are inexplicably allowed to use any form of non violent protection at all & any times such as audio recordings, because when the cops, judges, and court clerks are all willing to set you up and willing to lie & worse to present a situation backwards from the reality of it just to set you up as if your some sort of anything, well then audio recordings are part of your fundamental right to self protection, bottom line end of discussion on that.  

For what it is worth, there are numbers circulating on fringe websites regarding the actual number of how many living victims there are right now on the Planet, yes numbers are staring to ciruculate that there are over 20 Million current living Victims of this ring of criminal pervs who pose as religouse piouse rightouse and God loving preists & nun’s, and so why do these animals here in San Diego think that they can keep tortureing me???... Hey self-ritchouse freeks, what about the Anti Torture Treaty:


What about not-so-fringe web site’s, how bout ABC news & Huffington Post data:


20,000,000 current living Victims of this human trafficking via “catholic religion” ring of get your hands on the kiddies…. What about how many living Victims there are that were targeted throught the Jesuits use of education (rather than use of church) as the conduit for the targeting of humans for sex abuse human trafficking and controlling… what about the other rings of human traffickers that tarted Victims through other religions and methods… like oh say sinigags and movie producing like that Escala based retired Israely Ambassador David who now Produces Movies???  This is the pool of humans that this IHT ring have at their disposal for use as do what you’re told Handlers of Slaves, and this is how it becomes very easy for a court, a school, a military, a church, a reservation, a sheriff dept, a community, a city to become completely over ran by an organized influx of handlers… yes there are that many Victims and many of them get converted into becoming Handlers for this IHT ring of traffkers who need an Army of abuses persons to now Handle the new Victims that are beign sought to be made.  What about all the past & now dead Victims of this Jesuit ring of human traffickers…. How many Victims total have the just the Jesuit catholic ring of traffickers made over the past 200 years???  What about the other Human Trafficking rings like the Doctor Human Trafficking & the Research Human Trafficking rings… how many of their Victims have been successfully converted into Handlers and are now targeting and trading & selling women children and others in exchange for businesses, money, and positions of power.

Oh yes, and wait for it Anti Stalkers, wait for the next blog that will have the dirty stalking of me that Travis Meyer refuses to stop engaging in as I am finally able to disclose how Travis Meyer had years ago furthered the set up of me as “terrorist” that Robert Tartaro & Bill Gore have been engaged in so to have a patsy blame taker for their crimes all facilitated through evidence framing and false implicating… see years ago before Tartaro was ever placed living with me, Travis pretended to be my friend as to lure me to the hair salon he works at only to then create a deliberate & phony arm’s length distance from his scam by then having me rather have my hair done by his co-worker, and the scam was to collect my hair from the brush and to data mine my credit card that I used to pay with all for the future intended set up of me and of my hair “evidence” to be placed at the scene of whatever crime Bill Gore wanted it paced at all while my credit card would be tampered to support whatever story these idiots were planning to & tried to place upon me as if I would even let anyone hurt my country just because they were a Sheriff or a DA, nope, not I, I will get to the bottom of any targeting of me and I will hold all publicly accountable regardless of how powerful of position’s they have surreptitiousely gained for running crime & slavery through.

Hugs and Kisses, with Smoochies too,



Blog #255

5/22/14 Satisfaction…

When someone described it to me last night as “satisfaction”, I had to admit it was.  But that does not mean I took or created it, no my Anti Stalker Nation, the satisfaction was given to me, and the topic of the “satisfaction” was of course the Francesco Buci outing that he presented me with.


See Anti Stalkers, the dark psych tactics used by human trafficker conditioner patrons are too hard to detect due to how much premeditation these traffickers put into their planned ambushes. That means that I did not know that Francesco was engaging in trafficking me through dark psych facilitated sexual stalking (also known criminally as “unlawful sexual perversion in the furtherance of human trafficking”… but also as a form of rape for profit) no I did not know that this was what Francesco was doing until he made sure to go out of his way to inform me of it, which he did after I questioned him about what he had done to me on the night I was abused about the “notary finger print” terrorizing of me that had transpired. 


That is when I got the satisfaction of seeing a conditioner tremble with the fear that ensues upon realization that conditioning tactics are no longer effective, and Francesco trembled when he realized that his ability to continue to traffick and condition slaves was over and that the last card he had to pull in his control game playbook had not been effective and so when he made it clear that he was a human trafficking patron & conditioner, you better believe it was satisfying to see him fall from his almighty persona he thinks he is worthy of.


Here is how it broke down…. Prior, I was stalked & terrorized all day about finger prints & notary harassment, then I came home to an empty house as my roommate was conveniently out of town for the night, and low & behold Travis and Ron kept pounding on the walls… so I did not feel safe being alone, and my boyfriend Francesco knew this.  When Francesco was pretending that he was happy to keep me safe I made it clear to him that I especially did not want any physical contact and I told him why, I told him that I don’t want to be conditioned physically and that I did not want to have stalking make me seek protection and then have that turned in to any sort of physical anything.  Francesco said that he understood and even in the past we had spoken about how athletes are conditioned physically into specific responses to stimuli, and we even spoke about how human traffickers use trauma based conditioning tactics, so Francesco knew very clearly what I was talking about to him and he acted fine about it, but in the end he did engage in his trauma based conditioning that the had planned to make in collusion with the finger print notarystalkers, and with the roommate out of town co-inky-dink that Ron & Travis were exploiting with their banging on my walls tactics.


Then, as I started to be less entwined by the trauma of the finger print notary banging on my walls roommate out of town stalk-fest, I told Francesco that I had realized something, so we had a conversation about how I realized that he did not honor my request to him and I was even still confused as to why he had not taken my conditioning concerns seriously as I know his psychology background allows him extensive knowledge on the subject matter.  Instead of Francesco acting normal about me telling him to never again disregard my concerns regarding physicality especially at a time that I am being stalked and put into fear, Francesco started right on in with more conditioning tactics rather than with any normal reaction or simple “ok”.  See immediately Francesco started to speak in the context of our future together and when I told Francesco that he will never have a future with me if he ever engages in any sort of non compliance again with regards to my distinct communications to him regarding no physical contact just safety on any occasion where I am being stalked prior, and Francesco’s response was to bring up my father, and it was bewildering, and then Francesco started to over exert some story at me as if to inform me of what & how he would say his response to police if I were ever to report his actions…. And all of that is when I realized that Francesco was actively in on the systematic stalking of me and that none of it was any sort of explainable misunderstanding but rather a premeditated targeted sexual based stalkfest all conducted with the intent to use my father’s status as a way to try to oppress me from reporting Francesco Buci’s part in this trafficking and “conditioning” racketeering that was at hand…. And when I made it clear to Francesco that nothing about my father makes me fear anything, Francesco realized that he had played his last card and that it was not enough to bluff me out of full reporting to authorities.


When Francesco started to tremble upon realizing that he was never in control of me the way his stupid ring of malta jesuit perv human traffickers had told him he would be, well he could no longer even hold his bluffing and posturing, and I left satisfied to see a conditioner finally trembling with the fear of being caught red handed, and that was the first time I realized that Francesco Buci was part of this, and that trembling of Francesco’s was the Victim’s Prerogative that I had every right to see in that moment as I left…


And so hours after that, when the LAPD human trafficker stalker “Officer LaSalle Culpepper”, tried to lure me & coerce me to the Marriot Hotel in an exploit of the supposed delicate state that IHT affiliated Conditioner Francesco Buci was trying to put me in, well I could only laugh to see that Francesco must have given a less than honest account of his “success” to his trafficking ring.   Yes Officer LaSalle Culpepper’s ring of traffickers even came complete with sending in a man & woman team after he left alone without me, and the team of stalkers thatLAPD Culpepper sent in had the game engaged in were they tried to pick a fight with me as if to try to get me yelling at them in public as if to try to “crazy” me for some one that must have been watching, or for someone to talk about if anyone ever went to this location to ask about that night…. So I told the stalker that tried to pick a fight with me that he was a B*** and to have a “goodnight”, and I just had to laugh as I walked off due to how this stalker of mine continued yelling out across a restaurant at me just to try to provoke me to yell back…. Didn’t Ron & Travis tell their human traffick affiliates that this tactic doesn’t pan out for them the way they plan it to & that it always backfires for them.


Well with satisfaction in hand, I called in yesterday repeatedly to my telephonic appearance at the 1:30 pm hearing that the pathetic Escala jesuite/USD attorneys had set with the intent for me to be hauled away as if I were crazy, and guess what… I was never able to get into the hearing, and the presiding department clerk was kept from a few of my call in attempts, and the presiding department clerk even inferred & acted as though my filed pleading answer objection, to Escala’s motion in which I noticed my telephonic appearance, was not received by the judges clerk.  Unfortunately for this ring of criminals, I have my copy of the stamped pleading that was also then posted in it’s errata form to this blog…. So this is not going to go the way the Escala traffickers conspired it to go with their racketeering judges, especially since I have over an hour long recording of my call in’s to yesterday’s hearing in which the presiding department’s clerk states that my calls & vm to her were not received…. So Ian Kingsley’s phone he got into my custody was not given to me just to track me around, it was also given to me as to aid in this unlawful property conversion scam that these traffickers are so overtly engaged in for their intent to launder their dirty money through “non-judicial trustee sale foreclosure” scams made against women who are targeted by a ring of criminals who are even placed at the lending institutions as to facilitate getting the intended victim’s financing of the home made in a way that is intended to be used against the Victim, correct.


Now I have even uncovered that my social security number has been flagged as to steer me to a New York financial office who was caught yelling at me and trying to provoke me after lying to me about the finagling of my account they have been engaged in that they have now tried to cover up…. What federal entity flagg’s your social security number as to steer you to one of their New York affiliates that say things to you like “you listen to me and you listen good”,  which is what was said to me when I tried to correct a lie that was placed in the history of my account.  So much for trying to rebuild your credit after a bk fiasco that a jesuit judge was placed on at the bequest of Billy Goat Gore’s domestic terroristing that he engages in and needs to have blame placed on someone that is on an invisible leash of his & this jesuit bk judge of Gore’s ring of IHT terrorist he play’s with even since before his & Jan Goldsmith’s days at University of San Diego, the malta school of non-jesuit-looking jesuit’s. 


And it does not matter to this ring of child assaulting women assaulting human trafficking terroristin slave traders if they conduct their trafficking as jesuits, teachers, mason’s, soldiers, judges, christians, satanist’s, catholics, terrorists, law enforcements, atheists, husbands, lawyers, doctors, or just as pimps…. No all that matters to this ring of slave trading human trafficking terrorists is the jurisdiction of Indian Reservations & the order of malta which is a sovereign nation posing as a religious military nation, yes it is a sovereign nation of no land, no borders, and no citizens, but how is that possible????  It is not possible, and I will tell you how they gain their unsuspecting citizen’s they consider to be their property to sell and export, and I will tell you what their GDP is and what they are producing, and I will even tell you what land they consider to be their Nation’s territory, and how they defend their land but that is for another and different blog than this one. 


Kisses to my Anti Stalkers in this hereby made publicly established 2nd American Abolition Movement,



Blog #254

5/19/14 But LAPD Officer LaSalle Culpepper, I don’t want to go to the Marriot Hotel with you…

After posting yesterday’s blog post about Francesco’s engaged in conditioning tactics and unlawful sexual perversion scam that is actually a human trafficking via immunity business of slavery & slave trade as furthered by Jesuits, I had to get a print out for a roommate, who like Tartaro is from the east coast, so I had to go to the only remaining print store in Mission Valley that was accessible to me, and low and behold did I get the stalk down exploit of the “pain infliction” that “boyfriend” Francesco was told to inflict upon me if I were to become aware of his oh so clever tactics and if I were to tell him to stop them.  So I went in to the Fed Ex store for a simple one page print, but not so simple right…. As one of the Fed Ex store workers went out of his way to make my visit so extra long, then he engaged in some crap show abuse as if he won’t print my one page and when I leave to find some other way to print my notice to my roommate, well a guy who had just then shown up to the Fed Ex store as I was being abused by a worker after waiting so long, yes a guy who had finally shown up then follows me out as I leave with out my print and he starts telling me how he has a printer across the street where he lives…. Yeh some guy in collusion with the Fed Ex jerk, shows up to try to coerce me to walk to his home with him… oh Sub-Mission Valley Human Traffickers have gotten so ridiculous and this is the same Fed Ex store that Rudy Camacho Jr repeatedly terrorized me about back when he was trying to coerce me to go to Mexico with him and with his attorney to finalize paper work for me to work as his secretary….. ya basically the DHS’s Rudy Camacho and his son Jr are using this Fed Ex store to set up Victims and terrorize Victims.  And I had to go to this Fed Ex due to howI have been stalked at my regular print store by this ring of traffickers, and that stalking was horrific too and it even tied together how Seff Jerksky & Travis Meyers have been cyber stalking me as to sell me through a web site called http://HowmebeingaBullyleadtohumantrafficking......  yes Travis/Ron/Escala and it’s Seff Jerksky (of Pennsylvania’s cash for kids scandal reinvent in San Diego known of as the Cash for Cuties Scandal where women are being sold through erroneously gained “mug shots) have actually set up a web site to sell me through and they set it up as if I was the one posting as if I was exonerating my stalkers by saying they stalk & bully & human traffic me through some fault of my own, and when I would go to my old print shop Office Depot, well, my stalkers were coming in and making posts to this web site for Travis & for Seff, at times they knew I was in the store as to try to support their stalking & selling of me as if It were I selling myself, and I even found out that that this Office Depot Manager & one of her “legal department” co-workers (& likely even some IT Department employee) happen to have been targeting me in collusion with that man Ian Kingsley who stalked me as to get this phone into my custody & who stalked me in collusion with a hearing date related to my home that was set with Judge Whitney, and this is that Ian Kingsley who pulled a gun on me after the St. Patrick’s Day hearing I had in Judge Whitney’s department, and apparently years ago this Ian Kingsley used to work at this Mission Valley Office Depot store that I have been so terrorized at that I had to resort to the Fed Ex store which I thought would be safe seeing as how Rudy Camacho Jr has moved out of Escala… now I see that Ian Kingsley has even been tampering with this phone he got into my custody and that Ian even took out from the contact list the name of the LAPD officer who tried to coerce me to the Marriot Hotel last night… oh ya, so after all the Fed Ex stalking terrorizing and trafficking attempts, I end up going to a local spot for a glass of wine and I have an LAPD Officer approach me to buy me more wine while trying to get me to go to the Marriot Hotel with him and his 2 LAPD friends.  Yep some guy comes up and wants to know if I date black men, he wants to tell me about his time in San Diego in the Navy at the submarine base in Point Loma, and he wants to tell me all about his prior work at the San Diego Sheriff Department, and how he is now a LAPD and how he want’s me to drive to Los Angeles and stay at his house with him since he has so much room, and he wants me to go to dinner with him for steak and potatoes, and he asks if I smoke cigars and how I need to go smoke a cigar with him and his friends at the Marriot Hotel their all staying at…. And each time I told him no, no thanks he just kept trying to get me to the Marriot Hotel in Mission Valley, and started to switch it up to how we all can just have drinks at the bar there if I don’t want to smoke a cigar….  This Officer even engaged in trying to get his friends to leave him as if to try to get me to have to give him a ride to his hotel…. So Scott Flannigan’esqu & Scott Flannigan was from Pasadena and likely an LAPD affiliate as well based off the gun he kept in the back of his pants but that is a story for a different blog post that I will make to get all my Anti Stalkers up to datewith the targeting’s of me that were engaged in after Jerksky & Robert Hoffman attacked my blog & web site as to obstruct justice in their plan to kill me after having me abducted through the San Diego Superior court TRO Racketeering scam that it is notorious for and is being sued for in federal court by the California Coalition for Family and Children.

Yes so I have LAPD engaged in an organized and systematic exploiting of the attempted conditioning & traumatizing that Francesco agreed to make, and this bombardment of organized terrorizing and soliciting that is made premeditatedly in “defendable” ways such as “smoke a cigar” at the Marriot Hotel with me crap tactic of trying to lure a down trodden & psychologically targeted woman to a hotel….  sad conditioning tactics of stalk fest bombardments of a victim that Conditioner’s use when they are thinking that one of their Victims has become aware of the organized situation at hand, and if a Victim target stands up for herself regarding unlawful sexual perversion scams of sexual coercion that get engaged in right after an oppression staking like oh say that notary & fingerprint stalk fest I blogged about to ya’ll, well then the Victim just then gets terrorized around town with more “conditioning” tactics that are always tonationed with eugenic based breeding & human trafficking based traumatizing (forcing) the Victim into “liking” of things that the Victim doesn’t have a natural preference for, and/or of things that are painful for the Victim that she would usually avoid rather than partake in.  Yes so in Francesco’s response to being told not to engage in any tactics that would be conditioning of me after I am stalked, the game he was making out of my life then shifted to his comments about my father as if to scare me, as if to hurt me and make me sad and make me feel like I better not tell anyone anything because of my father’s status and how that will be used against me as if it is my status, yes Francesco brought up my father’s normal reaction to being tortured as if I must fear the fact that my father responded the way his stalkers deliberately tried to get him to respond, and this old hat tactic does not work on me as I am proud of both my Mother and Father, as I know what they have suffered through and neither of them were ever able to be forced through abuse to kill themselves like what this ring of racketeering criminals were trying to get Cole Stuart to do back when they abducted him through a TRO scam that included having his bar license stripped from him in an overly coordinated way as to take bets on if he would just lay down and die, kill himself from the abuse… bet this ring of IHT’s never thought he would rather just out all of them…. And this gambling method of human trafficking along with this tactic of trying to exploit a Victim’s pain as to try to get her to a hotel or to try to get her to “date men” that she has no regular tast for & therfor hasn’t been able to be sold to,  after weeks long abuse targetings has been used so many times and is such a joke, so when I see that Ian Kingsley took out the contact name of LAPD Officer Culpepper that I had saved in this phone he got in to my custody, well, all I can do is laugh, just like how last night I was laughing at the pathetic stalking exploiting of the supposed sad state I should have been in due to Francesco’s sad little leverages about my father though I never told Francesco enough about my father for him to have been using that so aggressively as a leverage, so Francesco’s knowledge about my father was knowledge he gained prior to targeting me, and isn’t it interesting how it all backfires for these human trafficker stalker’atzi terroristors when their Victim is able to fight and defend with all of the light and with full knowledge of the actual situations rather than just acceptance of how things are made to look or sound.  Victims, NEVER ACCEPT THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN MADE TO LOOK OR FEEL, YOU ARE NOT TO STAY THIS SLAVE YOU HAVE BEEN TARGETED TO BE FORCED TO LIVE AS.  YOU ARE MORE THAN WHAT THIS RING OF IHT’S WANTS YOU TO KNOW, AND THEY ARE THE INVALUABLE ONES, FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM FROM TRAFFICKER’S AND FIGHT FOR FREEDOM FROM THEIR ABUSES. VICTIMS, YOUR TIME TO WIN THIS FIGHT HAS DAWNED, GOODMORNING.



Here is the complaint that was sent to Fed Ex:

’’”CEO Frederick W. Smith , Board of Directors, and Customer Care Dept.
Fed Ex Corporate, Three Galleria Tower, 13155 Noel Road, Suite 1600, Dallas TX 75240

Fax 214.703.4034




Re: Complaint regarding how your employees are engaging in Human Trafficking that is being engaged in by your Mission Valley San Diego California 92108 location, as well as other abuses related to hate of women (misogyny) that is leading your employees to engage in civil rights infringements related to stalking, harassing, conspiring to human traffic, and other abuse of female clients.


Hi Fed Ex, Frederick Smith, Mr. Glenn, Christine Richards, and Board of Directors:


  On 5/18/14 two of your employees engaged in an extreme woman based hate and abuse that ended up furthering a human trafficking effort that is made by traffickers who gain jobs at your business as to harm and set up the women in Mission Valley San Diego.  Mission Valley is a human trafficking Hub due to it’s proximity to students and to hotel’s.

  Your business has been used in the past by Rudy Camacho Jr who would use your Fed Ex location as a means for use of systematic threatening and controlling of Victim Jessica Seymour, back when Rudy Camacho Jr.’s father was using his Dept. of Homeland Security & Mexico Boarder Patrol job as to set up Victims with some sort and with any sort of false implicating that would then be used to keep the Victims from reporting rape crime they witnessed or had made against them.  Yes, your camera systems, and computer systems were used and manipulated years ago by Human Trafficker Rudy Camacho who then had his son Jr. engage in sexual based stalking of Victim Jessica Seymour as if she has something to fear about something regarding your Fed Ex store, and Rudy Camacho Jr. made clear and horrific threats, abuse, oppressions, manipulations, etc., to Victim Ms. Seymour about his ability to make a Victim look any way he wanted to through your computer & cameras system. 

  Rudy Camacho Jr. stalked Ms. Seymour in collusion with a man named Robert Tartaro who rented a room from Victim Jessica Seymour so that he could hide cameras in her home as to secretly sell her through, and when Ms. Seymour found these hidden cameras after an odd assault had been made, these human traffickers tried to force her through threats (including “fed ex” threats) into being a “sex slave” which is Human Trafficking, and Rudy rented out a condo in the Mission Valley Escala Development near the condo that Ms. Seymour owned, so that Rudy & his DHS & Texas affiliated father could engage in what is called Immunity based Human Trafficking, and since Rudy has not been seen in the Escala Complex for a few years, Ms. Seymour thought your location was now safe for her to use, when push came to shove over the weekend as a Renter of Victim Jessica Seymour’s had been in need of having a formal Notice made delivered which caused Victim Jessica Seymour to have to be in use of your print service.

  Ms. Seymour waited while 2 of your male employees failed to address her needs and while they even failed to address the pregnant woman’s needs who was in line ahead of Victim Jessica Seymour.  Your woman hating employees felt compelled to ignore the simple and quick needs of two women who were waiting as if the man’s needs that were too long of a work order to be having two women with quick needs waiting on, and the service practice commonly called multi-tasking was refused to be engaged in for either of the women who communicated simple quick one page print jobs to your employee “Hugh”, and Hugh was so rude, abusive, and hateful that the man waiting on the large order ended up walking off to help the pregnant woman behind him in line with her one page print, which is when Hugh should have handled Jessica Seymour’s one page print job with a service technique called multi-tasking, but Hugh’s hate for women and later revealed human trafficking affiliations caused him to fail in helping either women patrons of yours.  In fact, Hugh rather engaged in harassing Victim Jessica Seymour and threatening her about “calling security” which was so out of line, and so bizarre that even the oh so important male patron told Hugh that it is no problem for a one page print job to be multi-tasked into the Fed Ex experience, but Hugh’s abuse and scam was more important to Hugh than common sense or common service standards.   See, Hugh had engaged in having Ms. Seymour wait so long and be so un-helped for the purpose of having a human trafficker stalker show up as to finalize this human trafficking scam, see, when Hugh started to get on the phone telling any sort of weird story to “security” well Ms. Seymour naturally engaged in leaving to get her one page print somewhere else, and that is when a man who had came into the store while Hugh was making Ms. Seymour wait, then followed Ms. Seymour outside to approach her with the story about how he has a printer at his home across the street…. Yep, Hugh engaged in aiding an attempt to have Ms. Seymour cleverly abducted to a home across the street.

This man that Hugh was working in collusion with even followed Ms. Seymour as she walked down to the children’s school book store to ask them for a complimentary fax.  When Ms. Seymour left that store the man was still out side waiting for her then telling her that “Security is looking around for her and that they just came up to him to ask him about finding her”, in another attempt to try to scare Ms. Seymour into leaving with this man as if she had to fear “security”…  So we have identified that your Mission Valley Fed Ex ring of Human Traffickers colludes with local men living across the street and with the Security in attempts to scare and manipulate the Victims it targets for clever abductions, that are made to likely facilitate assaults that are facilitated via terrorizing, oppressing, harassment, misogyny, and stalking of the Victim.

  Naturally Ms. Seymour did not go off with this man but many Victims especially once put into fear, would fall prey to this scam that Hugh likes to engage in.

  Ms. Seymour walked over to the Joes Crab Shack and the normal non human trafficking Manager there gave a nice simple and easy one page print to Ms. Seymour and even refused to take the payment for the printed page, how kind, how normal, how non hateful of women gender based targeting and abusing of the Joes Crab Shack emplyee’s, how normal of them, too bad Fed Ex can’t just act normal. Joes Crab Shack didn’t even threaten Ms. Seymour once, not even any “security guard” threatening.  We are disgusted with your Hugh, and with your aid to human trafficking Homeland Security employed criminals such as your Texas affiliated Rudy Camacho and his son Jr. 

  We don’t know exactly what your past set of up of Ms. Seymour was, but we know this one made yesterday was a coordinated attempt to get Ms. Seymour to leave the property with a stranger posing as a kind helpful man all while needing to get away from “security” as if to fear that she did something wrong… later that night a different man approached Ms. Seymour trying to get her to go to the Marriott Hotel that is down the street from your Fed Ex location in Mission Valley.

  Your employee Hugh is a danger to the public, and we want all women patrons of any of your locations to be safe and not targeted by clearly mentally ill women-hating human trafficking affiliated employees of yours, such as Hugh.


Thank you,

Advocate, on behalf of Victim Jessica Seymour, Victims of Immunity Foundation””


Blog #253

5/18/14 “Can’t stop the spirits when they need you, this life is more than just a read through”  RHCP.


Ok so inquiring minds want to know if there have been any of the sexual solicitation or assault, or even any of their unlawful sexual perversion conditioning tactics and attacks made at me that always follow when I am being harassed with the “notary & finger print” stalking and harassing and oppressing and intimidating, that I reported to ya’ll about in blog #252, and this terrorizing of me over notary & finger prints has been going on ever since I found Tartaro’s Humant Trafficking cameras he hid all over my house… 
And the answer to the question as to if there has been any systematic sex solicitationor abuse is yes….Yep there sure has been, and it has been committed by the man who has been posing himself to me as if he is my boyfriend, and he did fall right in sink with this recent threatening of me that happened last week with regards to my “fingerprint & notary”.  The thing is Anti S’rs, this most recent wave of stalking of me, as to try to force condition me into this Jesuit tapped Immunity Holder’s ring of Human Trafficking, has been using this “finger print & notary” thing at me for so many many years now that it has become a Victim’s prerogative if you will, and so right now my only remaining question for Francesco, who is the faux “boyfriend” that has engaged in the unlawful sexual perversion and solicitations related to this most recent human trafficking targeting of me that this ring of IHT’s keep trying to make as if they have not already been caught,,, yes my only remaining question of Francesco is which one of his affiliates had that horribly bad white paint job clearly a salvage title Maserati waiting parked outside the place that that Francesco took me to on our first date?  Yes, Francesco, who in your ring of trauma based conditioning & control, slave trade human trafficker affiliates has access to salvage titles and to Maserati’s as to have them pulled up on queue to be menacing of me regarding Alvin Mansour’s car… seems like it would have to be someone affiliated to Albert Aziz Machhour & to his employers possibly? Am I correct you Italian import you…. Francesco, tell me I’m wrong dear, so that I can watch your hands start to tremble again as your conditioning plans fall apart to your dismay, as you start to realize that your Victim target is not what you thought she was and when you start to realize that your Victim target is not what you were told she is, yes, so good to finally see what you duplicitous over inflated ego-maniac, fake-ass-buster, “conditioner’s” look like when you first realize that your game is over and that you won’t be buying any more women to torture emotionally anymore and to basically rape via unlawful sexual perversion scams & tactics of organized coercions made after IHT stalking and terrorizing. 


I can’t really disclose any more info yet Anti Stalkers regarding Francesco’s stalking of me as it has been tied to the last university that targeted my education and the last thing I want right now is for that universities IHT “mind control slavery IHT through outlawed trauma based conditioning tactics disguised as research” freak show affiliates to go off and rush force one of their terrorist attacks prior to being outed like what ENMU did.  So I will stay silent for a moment on this most recent Conditioner named Francesco, who turns out is actually a black-psych obsessed “psychologist” import from Italy who thinks he is to be winning the green card lottery from the State Dept. & who’s most original targeting of me was based around my “father” and based around Francesco’s premeditated intent to use my father as some sort of leverage as to oppress me from reporting the crimes that Francesco was conspiring to be making in collusion with the stalkers who use the “notary & finger print” torturing of me now for so many years in furtherance of attempts to convert my home to this ring of Jesuit affiliated human traffickers that Escala’s HOA has been using so pathetically via Peters & Freedman & Judge Dore.  Yes, Francesco and his buddies wrongly thought that due to the worked into existence status of my father combined with the horrific stalking and threatening and “notary fingerprint” scam that they have engineered at me, combined with all the dark-psych & trauma tactics that they have engaged in, yes due to all these horrific stalking’s these animals think they can then just do whatever they want to me & they wrongly think that I must then have to be their “keep my mouth shut about their abuse” slave, just because of what this ring of IHT traffickers did to my father in his youth at the DoD bases affiliated to my “do whatever your told to do” indoctrinating of my grandfather…. Well, let me be the first to inform you Francesco that this line of thought you have has no logic, and you’re more than revealed so are the rest of your friends who aided you in your targeting of me, especially their over running of the State Department IHT affiliates that they contact for the green card lottery uses of getting IHT affiliated pervs from other countries into America to bring such horribly demonstrative ideals here to harm us all with in such secretive ways of terrorizing and terroristing.


I can’t stop these IHT freakshow trafficking & terroristing ring of criminals, they have to stop themselves.  Yes, and on that note let me close with a bit more of the double entendre and oh so esoteric lyrics from the Red Hot Chili Peppers song that was written back before this targeting of me this way had been engaged, I dedicate this to Francesco & to all his Italy & San Diego jesuit & malta ties that he is not good at hiding:


“Can’t stop the spirits when they need you

This life is more than just a read through


Kick start the golden generator

Sweet talk but don’t intimidate her

Can’t stop the gods from engineering

Feel no need for any interfering


J. Butterfly is in the treetop

Birds that blow the meaning into bebop


The world I love

The tears I drop to be a part of

The wave can’t stop

Ever wonder if it’s all for you


Mop tops, their  happy when they feed you


White heat is screaming in the jungle

Complete the motion if you stumble


Go write your message on the pavement

Burn so bright I wonder what the wave meant


Chop top, he says I’m gonna win big

Coming from space to teach you of the Pleiades

Chose not a life of imitation

Distant cousin to the reservation


East side love is living on the west end


This chapter’s gonna be a close one

Smoke rings I know your gonna blow one


Far more shocking than anything I ever knew

Right on cue


Knocked out but boy you better come to

Don’t die you know the truth is some due

Go write your message on the pavement

Burn so bright I wonder what the wave meant


Your image in the dictionary

This life is more than ordinary


Can’t stop the spirits when they need you

This life is more than just a read through”


Love, Love & Love, to my Anti Stalker Nation, and because “MKULTRA” crap is not actually any part of “National Security” and rather is just a cover for Immunitied Human Trafficking internatioinal SLAVE TRADE engaged in to fund domestic terrorism like 9/11 wich these Escala criminals are so closely tied to, so let me also close with a Bacio from the Golden Generator J. Butterfly you IHT idiots who can’t even see that I am not what you were told….



Blog #252

5/14/14 Are ICE Agents Kenneth Krause & Ryan Faulkner in the same identical human trafficking ring, because it sure feels like it to me….


My Anti Stalker Nation, I put you into some pleading I filed in court today so I am gonna CC ya’ll on it in this post a little bit lower down, because I owe it all to you!!!   And I love you!  I LOVE MY ANTI STALKER NATION!


But first things first, see I was mega-stalked again today when I was trying to pay a bill, and it has been this way for so long now, and each time it happens I am then stalked & approached for some premeditated assault and it is a conditioning tactic as I can’t really understand any other reason why this specific tactic would repeatedly be engaged in at me nearly each time I pay this same bill.  WhenI go to pay this bill I have someone stalk me repeatedly with “notary” this and “notary” that, then another person will repeatedly come in after the “notary” stalking and start to ask the person at the counter about “finger print” this and “finger print” that… and then after this is engaged in, within a few days I will have an assault made or attempted, or there will be some other unlawful sexual perversion or sex coercion made in coordination with this “notary& fingerprint” stalk fest as if I am too be scared & forced into compliance by some notary or some fingerprinting something that is being held over my head as a threat, so I know it is some sort of human trafficking related stalking and oppressing made by these IHT stalkers to try to scare me, but for the life of me I can’t figure out just what they are holding over my head and why it is that they keep targeting me when I go to pay my bill, I mean, I was coerced by Ameriquest to get a notary license but I already have been forced to blog about Ameriquest, and have already been forced and to blog about how I was coerced and maneuvered and basically set up into having my finger prints gained by Swat Officer-FBI Agent-Professor Lee Martin’s “donate your time to the at risk youth” scam that was engaged in, so what exactly is this ring of IHT’s trying to scare me about with regards to “finger print” stalking and “notary” stalking; Yes, what exact thing is it that they have been holding over my head as to repeatedly try to force me into compliance with their human trafficking rape for profit and forced sex, sexual perversion & coercion scams that they engage in, and what exactly are they trying to get me to be forced into, and to be forced to blog about???? 


Could this stalking & harassing be made to try to hold over my head the stalking and drugging that Joy Rapp engaged in against me the night she and her SDPD daddy’s team of traffickers first conspired to steal my tennis bracelet?  Or is this hold over my head stalk fest related to that very first loan signing of mine that Ameriquest had used for “training” me on back before I had my notary certificate, where the co-worker guy that was supposed to be training me & who did the notary on my very first set of loan docs that my manger Enrique didn’t even go over with me or actually train me with.?... yep, the loan doc trainer notary co-worker of mine made sure to not train me on the loan docs either as to facilitate his intent and scam where he covered up parts of the loan docs using his hand to cover and hide from the borrower & hide from me, the part on the loan doc’s were it said “2 year adjustable” even though the entire time I was in training & coaching on speaking to the home owner I was being told by my Ameriquest manager Enrique that the loan was a “30 year fixed”, and I didn’t even find out about this scam that was ran under my name till around 2 years later when the home owner called me to tell me that his payment changed and that Ameriquest was trying to take his home, which is when I reported the scam to the Human Resources Dept at Ameriquest, and then all of a sudden the east-county-trash-stereo-type-epitome named Kim Lindholm & a notary Cathy Dedah started to target me horrifically in collusion with other Mexico sinaloa affiliated Ameriquest employed trafficker’s such as Robert Guerrero & Enrique & Manuell Vizcara, and manager Enrique did profit immensely from the pricing margins he was hitting by selling 30 year fixed loans that were really priced out in the system as 2 year fixed loans, and by running the crime though the new hires who didn’t know what to even look for on loan docs, and this ring of Mexico Sinaloa affiliates did seek to run their crime through me due to the DoD Andrew Lima commandeering of my grandmother that was made back when she was employed helping nurses at the VA, ya my mothers mom from New York got trafficked through the VA via “nursing” type of work, sounds a bit like Charlotte Awino in that SPU nursing Program to me, oh and by the way, my Mom was also pushed into a nursing program at one point too…. Hmmm go figure.  Any how, this can’t be the reason that these stalkers keep trying to vulnerable me and traumatize me and put me in fear with this Notary & Finger Print traumatizing each time I pay a bill because they forced me already to have blogged about Ameriquest before as an attempt of mine to try to get these stalkers to stop but they refuse to stop, so what could it possibly be that my stalkers are trying to scare me about as to then try to force me into fear for my safety so that I am more vulnerable to whatever rapist and sexual perversion scam artist that they are planning on selling me to after fear induction tactics of horrific stalking, harassing, oprresing, and indirect but very direct threatening???? HhhhMMMMMwhat could it possible be that I am to be in fear of regarding notaries and finger prints???????? 


Yes, nearly each time I try to pay this bill I have some repetitive conditioning made and it’s induced trauma is then used to try to convert the scariness of this stalking into some sort of forced sexual assault or coercion, and I am at a loss for words on it until I read this article about the tactics of former cop turned Ice Agent Ryan Faulkner, tactics that ICE Agent Ryan Faulkner used on his concocted “investigation” tactic of human trafficking a woman that he & his ring of traffickers stalked since her youth at least since high school which is when this IHT ring maneuvered this victim Malia Arciera into “striping” at age 16.  Here is the article that makes me see that the repetitive conditioning of me & fear that I am put into regarding notary & fingerprints that takes place nearly every time I pay this bill :


See, when I read this above linked article I can’t help but cry because of the horrible similarities between what ICE Agent Kenneth Krause was doing to me in 2011 & what this ICE Agent Ryan Faulkner was doing to Malia Arciera.  At least for Malia she has an attorney who has not conspired to deliberately misrepresent her as being “crazy” in retaliation for reporting what ICE Ryan Faulkner did to her…. See when I told attorney Gary Owen Roberts about what had been done to me, he and his CIA Jesuit mafia including R. Michael Ghilezan just rather furthered their conspiracy they are in with this IHT ring and failed to stop engaging in their agreed to & paid for targeting if me to set me up as if I was just “crazy”, and I was set up by Gary Roberts & Michael Ghilezan in court and then handed off to now in Africa getting her hands on the kiddies, Marcee Chipman, and when I told attorney Marcee Chipman about what had happened to me & told her about how ICE Agent Kenneth Krause had raped me after he had been giving me money in exchange for information and how Kennith Krause told me to give that money to one of 3 specific “attorneys” he referred me to go talk to about the Escala-Ben Klinger- SDPD – City Attorney-Judge-Machhour-Tartaro smack down of me & of my life hidden camera rape game scam… yes when I told Marcee Chipman about what Kenneth Krause did to me and how he referred me to give money he gave me for info to one of 3 specific attorneys, well Marcee just started to terrorize me worse and failed to aid me and she rather started threatening me about Kennith Krause, and threatening me about how Kenneth Krause had been getting me out of Escala by how he acted like getting me out of Escala was for my own safety & he acted like I would need to spend nights with him to be away from the Escala stalkers Ron, & Travis, Klinger, Machhour, and Tartarto and all the others, and when Kenneth was doing this to me, well it made sense to me to get away from Escala stalking that was done to me each time I would get my mail or walk my dog, and in that Victimized state the way ICE Agent Kenneth Krause rationalized the getting of me out of Escala… but Marcee Chipman just started heckling me and terrorizing me and not helping me when I told her about how ICE Agent Kenneth Krause had raped me and how there was a police report about it that I was able to file with a friend who kept the police from terrorizing me….  In fact Marcee Chipman started to tell me how she is friends with Kenneth Krause and that she speaks with Kenneth Krause, but all of this is reserved my Anti Stalkers for Blog “Production of an Abduction Part 3” which you have all been so faithfully waiting for, and which you will all be rewarded with just as soon as my IHT stalkers are ready to take this fall which I am here in telling them about so that they can have an easier time accepting it when it happens to them, yes when they are arrested for the trafficking terroristing sociopaths that they are, I want them to go in peace in the handcuff bracelets that they get in return for repeatedly stealing my tennis bracelet which is one of the things that started my traffickers off on targeting me to convert everything I worked so hard to earn that they stupidly thought I didn’t deserve and that they thought they should just own for their money laundering and that they thought that I would just roll over and move on from if they only just trauma base conditioned me properly as they think they should do to their slaves, correct, am I correct, yes I am.  And if that doesn’t work than pin a terroristing money laundering event on me while killing my family, oh shame shame you IHT’s and your time has come to an end to be playing your games on any more Victims and your all off to jail soon, and like Jan Goldsmiths’ Keith Phillips, I will send you letters so that you will know I put you into your well-deserved imprisonments for daring to think of me for your targeted false-imprisonment abduction you scammed to make while you put James Shelton into my families lives… you IHT degenerates are done all of you with your stalking of me, you are all done but do keep trying as it has become somewhat long this end to your stalking that you have engaged in forcing me into having to force birth for you, but on that tactic of force-birthing well I learned it from you so pat yourself on the back’s you idiot IHT’s, but note that continued stalking of me and of my family is only your fast track to your own demise, my advisement is to STOP but you never listen to that word do you IHT’s.


So here is the pleading that got submitted in court today:


37-2013-00071984 CL UD CTL: Due to horrific & repeated hacking of all of my communications, I Defendant Jessica Seymour hereby make Errata Corrections in italics, to the Objection & Opposition to the 5/21/14, 1:30 pm Motion that Plaintiffs made in an attempt to now gain an order to vacate the entry of a Dismissal that was upheld 3 times now which puts the Terraces into 5 adverse decisions against them rendering them to be a Vexatious litigant under the same terms that were used against me in 2010 when my home was first being targeted for this unlawful property conversion scam & Terraces is barred from their desire to Set Aside their prior Vacate of this erroneous suit that was gained through an unlawful “non-judicial” foreclosure scam that this Escala Development is racketeering on with human traffickers that run crime through the “Operation Shadowboxxx” affiliates such as but not limited to the Judges that are racketeering in this court system as per a Federal Suit filed by the California Coalition for Family and Children .  NOTICE THAT I WILL BE ATTENDING VIA TELAPHONIC APPEARANCE IS HERE BY MADE NOTICE THAT under Victim’s Rights Laws I DO NOT NEED PERMISSION TO ATTEND VIA TELLEPHONIC APPEARANCE.    Notice of prior timely Peremptory Challenge filing that has gone refused & ignored by corrupt stalker Judge Whitney & Recusal of D-6 Judge Whitney is again demanded with good cause shown. A Stay of Proceedings is demanded as per law due to the fact that this home is subject to other litigation that Terraces’ corrupt Jesuit Mafia affiliated attorneys Peter’s & Freedman knew about prior to their unlawful and unbinding “non- judicial foreclosure” that they gained through unlawful methods & now want to enjoy after they vacated it as to cover up their past crimes which they now don’t care to cover up any longer due to how their co-conspirator in Seattle Jesuit Mafia affiliated Judge Dore has now engaged in covering up this rings original conspired attempts to convert this home that Judge Dore engaged in with Peters & Freedman back when Judge Dore and Bill Gore thought that I would never be around to defend against their property conversion scam in that Judge Dore & Terraces & Bill Gore thought (and planned) I would be murdered by the childhood murderer guerilla soldier Charlotte Awino who I was placed living with, while my family was to be murdered by notorious childhood murderer rapist James Shelton, who like Awino was also controlled in and

through long term captivity were they both experienced dark psychology tactics that are outlawed.

Declaration in Support of Opposition AND in support of requested Stay of Proceedings, & Peremptory Challenge & Designation of Terraces as a Vexatious Litigant:

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}1.         {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Plaintiff’s did not perform all of the proper foreclosure procedures to begin with and their Non Judicial Foreclosure Scam was unlawful in every way including the fact that the Escala & Terraces HOA’s and development conspired with other parties to get me to buy this home with the intent to convert it from me after attacking me in any way imaginable, and Terraces and all others are barred from relief under the Doctrine if Unclean Hands. Plaintiff’s are organized crime affiliated scam artists who engage in human trafficking, terroristing, and in laundering of dirty human trafficking money via property conversion scams & Plaintiffs as well as their attorneys feel safe misconducting in racketeering courts due to their catholic mafia connections. 

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}2.         {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}A Pending NOA is at hand regarding the Bankruptcy matters that bar Plaintiff’s from relief and a Stay of these proceedings is requested and is automatic per law. Plaintiff’s Terraces, all HOA’s, their Parent Company the Escala, and Peters and Freedman have prior Vacated this action and are now just making known misrepresentations to the court and are playing games and are making misconduct of court processes now asking to set aside the Vacate they prior made back when they thought their crime ring affiliates Chase, PennyMac, Tim Dore, etc, were going to be stealing My home so that the Escala & Terraces and it’s HOA & community members could look less criminal & less criminally liable in this conversion of real property scam that is used by the Escala based crime ring in a money laundering scam related to cleaning of dirty human trafficking money, drug money, gun trafficking money, all that is engaged in under the cover of just being an “Operation Shadowboxxx” that Ruby Ridge Bill Gore, the now Sheriff of San Diego, has all sorts of agencies and courts involved in aiding, which brings us to the “terroristing” scam of laundering dirty money that this dirty Operation Shadowbox, Tim Dore, multiple judges & attorneys, Judge Whitney, Escala/Terraces, and Peters & Freedman are all involved in with regards to me and to my home, and are involved in with regards to many other criminal acts such as but not limited to Sergio Cabrara’s 9/11 acts he made with and to the FBI that he informed me about.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}3.         {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Peters & Freedman’s prior paperwork due diligence related to “unlawful detainer” & related to “non judicial foreclosure” have all expired, they are not relevant anymore, have not been served on all parties, and they no longer have any standing, nor are applicable to the possession I have and to the current status quo.  Plaintiff’s Escala, Terraces, and Peters & Freedman all knew about the bankruptcy that prohibited them from any such “non judicial” foreclosure prior to their engaging in their unlawful “non-judicial” foreclosure, which they then sought to defraud me out of the ability to access the 90 day redemption period by way of conspiring with their affiliated human trafficker’s at the QLS, PennyMac, and Chase companies in how all of a sudden an erroneous clouding of my prior cleaned title of ownership was engaged in as to block my funding needed to remedy & access the redemption period that was initiated by the faulty foreclosure (a faulty foreclosure that I was going to remedy later when able to afford proper legal representation).  Prior to Plaintiff’s erroneous foreclosure and possession attempts the Terraces, Escala, and catholic Jesuit mafia members Peters & Freedman, all knew about the bankruptcy that cleared my home and me & that prohibited them from being owed & from collection of any erroneous $30,000 bill they sought to attribute to me and too my home that they refused to ever give me a ledger for when I asked for an accounting of this $30,000, but they engaged in their knowingly illegal non-judicial foreclosure scam anyhow and are barred from relief under the doctrine of unclean hands, as well Plaintiff’s are there for barred from relief they seek under any code, or statute, or that they seek with any of their in cahoots human trafficking & property converting racketeering judges such as Judge Whitney and at the 4/15/14 hearing both Judge Whitney and Terraces already knew that Pennymac had vacated their prior unlawful conversion scam non-judicial foreclosure and neither Terraces nor Judge Whitney brought up what they knew just so they could now turn around and try to use the defense of PennyMac’s Vacate as some sort of “New Idea” for a new hearing but all involved new about this defense at the last hearing and deliberately failed to assert it and are barred from now trying to use it for this newly concocted hearing [See Exhibit 1 Communication that Peters & Freedman received prior to last month’s hearing which shows terraces knew then about this “defense” item and failed to engage in showing that they are making abuse of court process and are unclean in their tactics, in violation of my California Constitutional Right to Protection of Property].    Plaintiff’s noticing forms and even their faulty unlawful “non judicial” foreclosure are all no longer covered by any of the prior forms or notices that Terraces prior engaged in that they Vacated in their ill intent to allow catholic jesuit mafia Judge Dore to try to cover up his past conspiring related to this home conversion scam, and in Terraces ill intent to have one of their other crime ring members just try to make this property conversion scam complete for them as to try to create an illusion of an arm’s length transaction and the illusion that no conversion scam is at hand, but there is an unlawful conversion scam at hand and it involves many Terraces and Escala based criminals including Peters & Freedman, and many judges, all who have unclean hands in this matter and so I am asking for them to be disqualified here and now.  

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}4.         {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Peters &Freedman and racketeering judges are engaging in misconduct of court processes with this new request they make only because their prior racketeering (with PennyMac, Chase, Jesuit’s Tim Dore, Tony Cook, Bill Gore, and others such as oil industry affiliated attorney Michael Klosk) has gone re-engineered, and all have now been uncovered to have been unlawfully racketeering and conspiring in crimes that are tied to domestic terrorist acts via Joseph Kony’s Lords Resistance Army’s guerrilla soldier childhood murderer Charlotte Awino & childhood murderer James Shelton’s murderous capacities.  Defendant Terraces, are barred from relief for setting aside of the prior Vacate they demanded to have, due to the doctrine of unclean hands, Terraces Attorneys are barred from representing Terraces due to their unclean hands in relation to Tim Dore, and to the Catholic University of San Diego, the Jesuit University of Seattle, and to the Catholic Jesuit “school” that facilitated the abduction of Charlotte Awino who was placed living with me after I was lured and maneuvered to Seattle Pacific University as to be set up as the unknowing blame taker for a campus terrorist event that childhood murderers Awino & Shelton wereassisting, and that Terraces HOA and community members were assisting in collusion with Jan Goldsmith, SDPD, Bill Gore, this Superior Court, and with all the other Operation Shadowbox & Endless Summer human trafficking terroristers who needed a sane person that they could call “crazy” and who they premeditated to established an erroneous “crazy” record against with this racketeering court house, and this was done to me by Plaintiff’s including Judges Whitney, Rogers, Katz, Longstreth, etc, with the intent to blame their crime rings intended SPU campus terroristing event on me though I would have actually just been murdered by Charlotte Awino all while they were intent to have my family murdered by a different childhood murderer James Shelton who was placed living with my family by Bill Gore’s Washington State Seattle affiliated crime ring; when I was to be killed/murdered this way Judge Dore had cleared my title of my home so that Peters & Freedman could convert it with ease, and now that I am still alive this entire scam has literally kept trying to re-do itself with the aid of the Racketeering Judges here in San Diego.  And this terroristing scam is a human trafficking scam made to launder money through the influx of funding that would pour in to any area that has a terrorist event, all while furthering a preexisting agenda of expanding of black marked gun sales via increased gun regulations, and it is already a known fact that human trafficking and gun trafficking have a high correlation to each other and are ran by the same groups of Immunity having criminals like what we saw in the Fast & Furious “Operation” faux investigation and what we have in this county’s Operation Shadowboxxx, & Operation Endless Summer all which deem this Venue to be a place impossible for me to be treated fairly, justly, non-Victimized, and respectfully, accordingly a Change of Venue is hereby demanded in pro se.

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}5.         {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}All persons in & related to Escala, and all persons in this Court, and at Jan Goldsmith’s, Bill Gore’s, Landsdown’s, and Bonnie Dumanis’ offices, and with the Operation Shadowbox & Endless Summer, ARE GUILTY OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM EFFORTS who in any way furthered, joined, ratified, and concocted the agenda to call me a sane person crazy, as to then have me & my family set up living with 2 different notorious childhood murderers including on a university campus; Terraces and this court house are all guilty of crimes made with the intent to make a domestic terrorist act that they planned to blame on me their Victim, after using any method to create a faux appearance of “crazy’ness” , of “mental illness” and assigning such a non-existent claim onto me, a woman they were just Victimizing with the intent to sell me around and with the intent to blame their crime on me, are all a party to DOMESTIC TERRORIST EFFORTS that were to