Returning to the control of, and isolation of, a Victim is the forefront of The Family Feud Method Of Human Trafficking.

Under The Family Feud Method of Human Trafficking a game is played that is similar to the conduct made by a man I knew that was written up on a show called Dateline named Eddie Shin see below:

Ed Shin was first introduced to me, Jessica Seymour, when I was working at a law firm where Ed Shin called into the office regularly and even asked John Distell to set him up with me for a date, but John Distell only pitched Ed Shin to me as an Investigator, not a businessman but an Investigator. I declined to date Mr. Shinn and was later found to have dated a different Ed who was actually an attorney working for the District Attorney as a Deputy DA.  Enough time in the legal field showed me that men are just as bad as hookers. 

When you read about how Ed Shin impersonated his victim in emails that Ed Shinn sent to his Victims family, you see the way this tactic is used to Victimize and to set up specific crime in a specific way of implanting data to be used by and for third parties that could send any crime investigation into a spinned direction through secretly inducing family to assert a specific set of lies given to them by the impersonator then retold to cops if ever the day arrived that a trial investigation was achieved. Lies about the Victim that were planted to the Victims family to say later if anyone ever asked about their child. Ed Shin’s story he needed said about his Victim by his Victims Family was that the victim was crazy.

Trafficker Ed Shin’s use of the Family Feud Method Of Human Trafficking showed how Ed Shin trafficked for business, business is the matter in which the Seattle FBI tried to attract Wasim Farris into their form of Human Trafficking in Syria when they tried to force Wasim Farris into taking $2million dollars into Syria to open up the business that the FBI wanted to secretly run while Wassim gave cover to it.  It was the business that Wasim was not willing to run since he knew it was an unlawful act. Wasim was abused and stalked as soon as he refused to agree to open a business after graduation in Syria. Even some FBI female Agents were induced to walk up to Wasim with other Agents standing around him then to rub up against his personal area to try to show him that sex was part of the deal. Wasim still refused to host a business endeavor in Syria for the FBI. The FBI who are the “authority” on “investigating” use the same method that Ed Shin uses for human trafficking sex and manipulation all designed to engage in money embezzling & laundering.  This is a high end form of Human Trafficking. The need to call a person crazy in order to cover up the crimes of the Family Feud Method Of Human Trafficking has far reach and is made by persons that gain legitimate looking standing in life, and Ed Shin was using his investigation job the same way FBI Agents use their jobs. Then a place like date line writes up the sensational part of the Human Trafficking when a bet is gained for the murder part of this type of Human Trafficking, Dateline and the communications business that makes their spin into the murder stories are part of the crime ring and do make money and other things off of the line up they are a part of wich is the use of the death for purposes of entertainment, Dateline is a very interesting form of entertainment that makes money off of their “reporting” of the deaths while they set up every part of the data the consumer gets, they set up the pictures, interviews, plot lines, and the real truth which is always a sale.

It is true the producers and actors of Dateline are part of the Family Feud Method of Human Trafficking, even the dead ends that Human Traffickers meet up with will be sold and traded by the Slave Owners and Dateline is affiliated to at least one Slave Owner business. Ed Shin never thought he was a pon but he kept on doing his crime even as it became obvious to him that no one was going to cover for him the way he would cover for those he trafficked with. Was he a willing participant in this business, a slave that tried to induce many forms of cover up for those he was told to use such as the fame seeking man in this story who lived in Vegas but who somehow didn’t go to jail for helping Ed Shin try to cover up the murder of the Victim that Ed Shin had been impersonating for months. No Ed Shin wasn’t a slave he was an ambitious man trying to become a slave owner.   

Ed Shin’s Victim wasn’t crazy or even in Africa, the real truth on the Dateline Human Trafficking engaged show was that Ed Shin’s Victim was a man doing business with a business man rather than running a business with an investigator who already got in trouble for prior embezzlement of a person he though someone else would just kill for him.  Protecting the unlawful acts of Investigators has become a threat to national security since they are conducting crimes for those who seek to arrest specific people, murder specific people, and keep people hurt.       

The Family Feud Method Of Human Trafficking by impersonating someone that is being trafficked is still a very hard to detect method of human trafficking because the human traffickers that engage in it almost always have a spin artist ready, usually a cop or sheriff or doctor, but in Ed Shin case such as Dateline, and especially because the use of old emails (“evidence” retrieved from some prior “investigation”) that you and your family actually did send to each other, become a model and a cut & paste for the Human Traffickers while they imposter & the slave owners/human traffickers gained through stalking you for many years in advance, so that the tone and spelling and look of the texts or emails all feel legitimate. Traffickers get these texts or emails to impersonate you with from men that work in law enforcement or in investigation companies that nearly never get monitored, so that the legitimacy of the stolen data (watched and repeated texts or emails) can never be sourced as hacked data protecting the human traffickers tactics of being engaged in through use of law enforcement and legal professionals, who also barter in the data. 

Protective jobs are also used to gain data that would be tied to investigating, and this cover for where the data came from is one use of data that human traffickers get investigation access for, they also use this cover to keep their pay coming in from alternative places that want to have women in jail at specific times so they must think of Ed Shin as a woman. 

Now, there is a difference between texts and emails.

When I was being sent texts from an imposter that was spoofing by using the phone numbers of my family members to send me texts that only hurt me and that were demanding data that would lessen my safety, data like my location, pictures of any children, and new Id information like what ping tower I am nearest to, my family was also being sent texts from someone spoofing my phone number to them and this phone was issued by a protective service who made sure to gain the data of who I call for the trafficking ring. The protective service company is not just a way of keeping Victims location safe but it’s a way of back channeling someone’s attack, and I will get into that tactic more later.  Know now though that protective services are part of the Family Feud Method of Human Trafficking. Protective services are a company of their own opened up just to field new people into the trafficking ring that law enforcement jobs are used to facilitate and used to traffic through.  As soon as I told the imposter who was obviously impersonating me to my family and impersonating my family to me the protective service agency was pissed off and mean to me demanded that I take a different group of phones from them, a group of phones that demanded me to pay for the activation rather then be able to use the phone that was under protection, send me into pay to be trafficked through their business rather then to pay for the trafficking them selves. We all know this to be part of the pay us to traffick you and if a protective security business of any sort ever ask you to use their phones but to pay the bill to use their phones always take two of their phones and never activate. They just want the person that they activated the phone for prior to be in the ring of whoever it is that is trafficking you.  Indeed, is anyone wants to traffick you make sure they pay for it rather then you paying for it.   

A difference between texts and emails is that when a person is texting you to get to your email its part of a form of trafficking used to tamper with what you type,. Many in congress have had to use numerous forms of changes to account for why their typed messages are changed in their out box, it’s a person changing the texts they change what you type to make you look like your not coherent then when they can’t get out of your phone they make a loop in a server and implant an algorithm to seem like its just a computer virus the genious part of this is all about how is around you. Think about it, when you traffick someone on the phone you use one part of a tech and when you double track to the persons email account that is tied to the phone you need to wait till that person gets their email online using their computer once that triangle is made you can try to get all the other data you need about how best to traffick the others around the trafficked person. Its not a virus it’s a hit and walk. So the computer hacking falls under one jurisdiction and the text hacking falls under another jurisdiction and each version of the same problem is multiplied by all those on the wave length that a person is using there is still wavelengths used in this world, not all digital wavelengths are detectible some are formed by tracking those around someone.  A computer can send out a signal that other devices can’t. And in order to get to a person a computer or email is the necessity the real reason to attack a person by impersonating their family is to get to email.  The rest of the damage caused to a person is thrown to the lower level slave traders.  The real thing the high end traffickers want is your computer. 

When the imposters that were “personal friends” of mine, the kind of personal friend that take you in to hurt you after you have been placed without any resources, were sending texts to me as if it was a family member of mine that were so inflammatory that had my family actually sent them then we wouldn’t talk for years, and this is the way to isolate and demean families away from protecting each other. When my mothers email was then hacked to make sure the people around me could be detected all of a sudden my coputer stoped taking a charge of its battery, all of a sudden the battery charging ability of my computer was not longer functioning so I had a virus right, no, I had a person deciding when my computer would charge or not charge.  Once the computer is cut off from the Victim, then the human traffickers have way more access to whoever they isolated away from communicating with their family. The human traffickers don’t have much further to go to get the person set up for a crime the traffickers intend to pin on their victim and so the people around the victim or at least the technology seated around where the victim is located can be isolated it is a way of taking over machines in any area, if you can take over the machines in an area you can get them turned off at any time.  If this sounds weird to you imagine someone being capable of turning off your security system to your home and unlocking the front door then going in your home while your away to make you look like you were there. All while your typed communications make you look like your hacked or just crazy, incoherent, unintelligible.  It’s a tactic used already for decades setting of a group of machines to malfunction. 

When you receive an inflammatory email or text you likely will respond with some tell of what you think, or what you know, or what dirt you have to spew if you keep having to be attacked by family. The Family Feud Method Of Human Trafficking is more than abuse, its more then a con, its more then a liar, its more then the berry device you heard others used before the apple device you use now, it’s a way of controlling machines around a person.  If a machine is involved its talking to some sort of preprogramed input.  Just like Ed Shin was using installing into his Victims family so that they’d perform a specific task for him someday when or of he was ever questioned on his business partners disappearance.  If you can take over machines that perform specific tasks a specific over lording is available. Machines are capable of being reprogramed, it was used in a nuclear power plant a few times and it was use in power grids a few times and when its done to you or your family it’s a terrorist taking over your machines is just a way of trying to track you and others around you the machines around you need to be taken over too keep complete control of any assist you as a victim might be able to find, taking over machines while pretending to be helping a victim is way beyond just a feud it is a terrorist attack of you and of who is around you and data from the Victim in the responses the Victims make to the inflammatory messages, or when very undetected, new addresses or even new baby pictures will be asked for by the imposter. The terrorist part is the intent to traffick the children they were anticipating you to have for their crime ring, you can’t sell pedophile stuff out in the open according to the most prolific pedophiles. As soon as I was getting texts that were from human traffickers pretending to be my family a woman in town threatened me with a specific cops name should I not give her data about being pregnant or not pregnant, she didn’t say anything about the cops job just about the cop as a person not as a cop, she wanted my baby and wanted me to talk about my baby and when she couldn’t get my baby she threatened me with the name of her trafficker idiot who a man that houses me also prior used to bring me harm and loss of ability to be self movement and we all know that controlling someones transportation is the very first act a slave owner engages in. And lets all face it, machines have power and even have power cords. If Im a machine then here we go I have a cord.

When a person pretending to be my family asked me for my address and pictures of a baby, I realized that the imposter had used similar style to my actual family members way way way past communications meaning that old no long accessible email addresses are still used for the takeover of an areas machinery, and when a person hasn’t been in one of their email accounts for a long time they can’t even detect the trafficking. And when I called the imposter out as an Imposter the ugliness ensued, and my family actually got messages from me that I never sent and that were sent by the same person impostering my family to me.  In fact this was such a game to the human traffickers that they did such at the same time with two different groups of my family, One group was made to look like they wanted to be on the “black list” as commented about and the other group of my family was made to look like they were just saying anything about me that the human traffickers near me would desire to have while demanding to know where I live.

This had been set up to be like a well timed attack of me over the holiday season by two different groups of human traffickers that work for the same seller of women who just wanted to have two of his own resources compete on the same victim at the same time.  Any person finding the messages would think the victim was some really awful person according to the texts found in the phone records, and if necessary, someone could also exploit how mad they made a family by sending enough bewildering texts that the family would want to call authorities for a wellness check on the victim. Eventually cops can go harm the victim at the exploit of the victims family worried by fake texts sent by imposters. And in the end of the Ed Shin story it was the Victims Family that contacted authorities to find their child.

Human Traffickers, especially the kind that get law enforcement affiliated jobs see your family as a threat to the trafficking of you, these traffickers will want to make you mad at your family and make your family mad at you and based on the effectiveness of their attack of you & of your family through their bogus message texts yes based on the effectiveness of their texts they get paid in some way. Based on how much data and fight the traffickers can cause you they get paid, it is sometimes a wager like a bet, and other times it is simply how much data is gained that the pay wage is based off of, but they do get paid to harm you while the traffickers get themselves even closer to trying to hurt you like Edd Shin hurt Chris Smith. So who’s computers were near Ed Shin.

When being Home means you sit where the Conn the Lier and the Berry are placed specifically each with a different group it means you sit with future assassins. And we all just don’t think that they should be a trafficking rings game.  So take your doctors and place your bet.

More underthescope to come soon.