Know The Signs When You See Them

Warning Signs of Victimization Through Someone's Immunity

Human Traffickers that seek immunity job positions will repeatedly seek to paint you as a wrong doer because one of there ways to cover up their trafficking of you is to establish an erroneous investigation against you.  This means that their tactics used to traffic you and abuse you are planned out in advance prior to attacking your life, and these immunity abusers cover up's are panned with aid by their affiliated attorneys in ways as to facilitate making you look like a wrong doer of any kind as to give them plausible deniability, but also to given them an opportunity to circumvent your rights that protect you.  

If these corrupted Immunity abusers get caught or think that you are starting to become aware of their stalking, they engage in calling you any type of threat that they can in order to circumvent your rights.  These traffickers will put roommates in your home who let them come in an out any time your away as to circumvent due process of warrant gaining.  Maybe you will be called a terrorist threat so that these corrupt abusers can get a sneak-n-peak entry to your home, or you will be called a crazy threat to society which facilitates many ugly things to be done to you through the loss of rights these human traffickers seek to gain by pretending that you are a danger to yourself or to society.  These immunitied traffickers will engage many different people to make erroneous accusations against you that support the attack they make against you, your Human Rights and your protected Constitutional Rights.  

This human trafficking ring is also used by those who run it.  Since this human trafficking ring is also used by American Agents, by Diplomats/Ambassadors', by Foreign Agents when they are here in America, and by our American Agents when over sea's, this ring will engage in trying to traffic a victim to Department of Defense employees.  When you hear about the DoD Advance Team engaging in abusing already exploited women in Columbia, you shouldn't imagine that these Americans then just stop that kind of behavior when they come back home to America, but since prostitution is illegal in America (as it should be) these DoD Agents have set up a ring to use in which they horrifically micro-manage the victims that they sell, without the victims knowing what is being done, the victim of immunity (VOI) have no idea why so much ugliness keeps interjecting into their lives.  

  • Police accuse you of doing things that aren't a crime.
  • Men/Women come up to you and know just what to say to make you feel familiar of them, as if they had access to your recent phone calls, or emails, or even as if they had seen the inside of your office or home. 
  • Upon you not wanting to engage in any conversation with strangers that approach you they immediately begin to call you "crazy" or try to make you feel "crazy".
  • Upon you doing standard business, like giving your roommate 30 day notice to leave, you get bombarded with abuse from them, especially where they start making derogatory comments about your "emotions" or they try to make you feel "crazy" and oppressed from leaving, this is a form of abuse known as gaslighting.
  • People & strangers seem to know things that you've never told them.
  • Your transportation is being controlled, in any way.  Your transportation on foot, in stores, on the road.  You have even just one control of your transportation made controlled your being trafficked. (does not apply to regular parenting of children)
  • Systematic and repeated "uglness" of some sort, for example, date rape performed against you in a system like every 3 months, or every 6 months.
  • Police Officers threaten you when you report rape, or other such significant crimes.
  • You find cameras hidden in your home.
  • Police make bewildering refusal to give you reports for significant crimes you try to report like date rape.
  • Police pretend to act as though your "not making sense"... get an audio recorder and use it, fast and always!  It is within your bounds to  protect your Fundamental Rights with audio recordings; if the abuse has gotten so bad and it has become clear that people intend to lie about you and your mental capacity, then you do not have to tell abusers that your audio recording, it may be safer not to let anyone know of your recordings, make multiple copies, and post them to online drop box's & give a copy of your audio of your police reports to the FBI with a copy of the paper report (unless the officer refuses to give you a report number which you should ask for on the audio recording at the time of the Police Officer's suspicious conduct... do  not expect his or her Sergeant or Chief to stop their abuse, and don't expect the FBI to stop the abuse either, because when a network of human traffickers set up a major HUB they are thorough and will keep your complaints on the same leash they keep you on, sorry.
  • You feel that monitoring and tracking of your menstruation is being made, for example, a roommate or friend makes odd questioning to you about when you get your period, or follows your receipts to see when you buy period products.  These corrupt immunitied human traffickers seek to protect the rapists they sell you to by building in a defense in case the rapist ever does end up in court.  The human traffickers plan their rapes around your period cycle so that if they are ever prosecuted in court the rapist who paid for access to you will make the defense that you were a willing participant in sex, and that you wanted it due to where you were at in your menstruation cycle. Some egregious traffickers will seek to impregnate you if they intend to call you crazy in the future, as away of farming children intended to be taken for their trafficking ring.
  • Irregular situations arise that are provocative as if to "push your buttons".  
  • Irregular situations arise that are trying to force you into court.  People file uncalled for lawsuits with wild accusations.
  • Irregular amounts of foreign people and multi-language speaking people are in your life, and even if you break contact with them, all over again and repeatedly foreign people keep somehow interjecting into your life.
  • Irregular amounts of military people keep interjecting into your life, especially in explicit ways, vulgar ways, demeaning ways, provocative ways, sexually inappropriate & aggressive ways.  This influx of military associated people act like you owe them something.
  • Irregular amount of Tax, IRS, Treasury Department issues, or even Texas affiliated people interjecting into your life, as an effective way of concocting a fraud investigation as to human traffic you through is to say your making money (off of prostitution, though your no prostitute) that your not paying taxes on.
  • When forced into court, Judges act to seemingly protect the person who got you into court as if the "Judge is testifying and interjecting on behalf of" the person who forced you into court, even in the face of your redeeming evidence.
  • Evidence for these court issues goes missing from your home.
  • Jewelry and other valuables go missing from your home but not as if a robbery happened, more as if your questioning if you lost or misplaced it.
  • Your passport goes missing or stolen.  
  • People constantly try to facilitate a "room-mate" or "tenancy" with you either through forcing you into a financial distress, or through luring you to live in a place or way that your not used to or familiar with.
  • Family and friends start to recoil from you as if someone has gone to them and scared them.... alienation.
  • Family and friends become mad at you for no apparent reason, or engage in bewildering questioning of you, as if someone, with some sort of credibility or authority, has gone to them and changed their impression or opinion of you.... alienation.  
  • Your successful patterns at work start to become cumbersome as if to cause you to loose money or not be able to earn your paycheck.
  • Kind relationships & affiliates at your bank, your creditors & loan holders start to become abusive and these people start to treat you noticeably and drastically different making financial transactions unusually difficult... controlling of income and money.
  • All your calls to businesses become lengthy with comments about needing to read a computer flag or note on your account, then your transferred to people who say degrading comments to you for no reason and sometime comments pertaining to situations they should have no way of knowing.
  • A constant bombardment of aggressive people interjecting them selves into your life at the places you frequent where this has never happened before.
  • An ex-partner or ex-friend shows up randomly at a place your at and then something "ugly" happens to you after they leave or upon your leaving.
  • Car accidents that seem to have a loud sound, and small holes in a tire upon inspection.
  • Insurance policy holders begin to give contradictory information like mis- applying payments or acting like they never received a payment that you may have even walked in to them and received a receipt for.
  • After surfing the web or having phone conversations, within a few hours or days some stranger goes out of his or her way to make you know that this was observed or listened to.
  • The majority of your positive, long term, and successful relationships start to simultaneously all just become abusive or oppressive, so much so that you start questioning what it must be that you have done wrong though you now nothing on your part has changed.
  • You start to feel as though your food is being controlled, tampered, or portioned out, or that your money to eat with is being micro-managed, either by a boyfriend, or by financial holds being put on things like your paycheck, or other financial stipends.
  • Gambling Method of Human Trafficking (GMHT) will entail that getting you to Casinos that are on an Indian Reservation be facilitated; since these Indian Reservations are “Sovereign Nations” that have lessened laws than America a deliberate and calculated effort to circumvent laws are made through these casinos that are sprinkled all along the West Coast of America from one boarder to the next. 

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