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Andrea Constand

Thank you for not giving up.

Thank you for believing.

Thank you for your address during sentencing, likely the only thing that kept him off of home imprisonment versus the prison he needs to die in, he and his comrades in this crime.

You said you did not have the ability to be out of a holding pattern that you felt. I am telling you that holding pattern was deliberate and created for you by the teams of trafficking that you just put away. The holding pattern is part of the conditioning tactic, it is malicious and deliberate, it is part of a governmental program of human trafficking. Sorry that you felt it and that it seemed to be a symptom when it was a deliberate control of you made by his affiliates. You need not hear a song tell you that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, you don’t need to hear a song tell you that you expect the law to so as it sees fit, and you do not need a slave to tell you that she’s better off now because if she had never been slaved she wouldn’t be sitting with Colbert. I am sitting her telling you for the truth, that your better off now that you put him away and so are the rest of us. 3 years is not enough of a distribution for what and who has done this to you and to billions of other women. We are done serving their sentences they seem to keep evading by placing us in their controlled environments, their holding patterns. 10 years isn’t even enough to deter the younger versions of him coming up in this ring of trafficking that the government runs, that the states run, that the cities and counties run, that the universities run. Why should they get to run anything anymore.

If they refuse to stop the holding pattern they inflict, then get them yet again! Your the best! Thank you for being an Anti Stalker Nation, thank you for not giving up, thank you for taking him to court twice its not what they tried to make of you, thank you for winning. Now go after the government agencies that sell women like you, the ones that helped Cosby through the Research Project cover up and funding for scam you were problemed by. Please.

I am in your hands. Jesus is in this He’s also in the Anti Stalker Hall Of Fame, let him reign.