Last night or would we need to call it early this morning at 1:22:am

My enemy was sitting outside my window. got up to see what the noise was only to see the big black truck sitting outside my window with the guy I rent from watching me… ever since I complained about him he had some other guy parking a black truck there to kinda give him some plausible deniability, but he has his cell phone plus there’s those other ways of seeing where a person is at any moment, see this guy has a big difference on his truck from the plausible deniability scam he engages in, this guys truck has metal bars on it but the decoy does not. 1:30 in the morning he comes to stalk me in the dead of night, he’s out of his own control, he scares me. He send others into my home when I leave and he has them take my property to him. He is like a man without a trouble. I don’t like it when men sit outside my window and stair at me while they are doing what ever it is they do.