Pope Francis

Pope Francis,

I am a person you know. I am stalked by Jesuites and you’re their leader, I had hoped you would have stopped church protected child molestation and sales and I had hoped you would have stopped the jesuites use of me in they’re crime rings, especially the crime ring of calling a Victim a criminal when they aren’t so that Jesuite crimes can have atonement (so jesuites don’t have to go to jail for their organized crimes). I am the innocent who your jesuites’ harm to try to keep their crime taking on rather then being arrested and stopped, and the atonement is their way of keeping their child prostitution & child molestation, and child sex trafficking ring on going, though God chose you with his smoke to make it stop, You’re their leader, you’re the Jesuite Pope, your the latin.

I am asking you to stop allowing your Jesuites and their affiliates advancement of attacking me. Jesuite Kate Jorgensen whom is a creighton jesuite trained attorney is stalking me for a ring of law enforcement employed human traffickers whom you already know are affiliated to trafficking Charlotte Awino from a Catholic church in Uganda for the Joseph Kony “Experiment”. This is your crime rings second time attacking me in the same method of abuse of court process with Jesuite affiliated US law enforcement at the border and in many other places including this area whom have joined with Joseph Kony to continue to abuse women via the catholic church and jesuites. Kate Jorgensen has used the law in an illegal way in order to further cover up of crimes that I bring awareness of to the world, attorney kate jorgensen has invoked a malicious game of discrediting me for pleading innocent to a misdemeanor issue that I have full lawful right to have my innocence protected regarding, you know there is no crime in taking a criminal cop to court but kate jorgenson would rather act as though her intent to have me drugged for competency to aid in a defense she only will give of guilty is your game I won’t allow, I want you to have extradition made of Kate Jorgensen for her crimes. Jogensen is not an american the way she practices law for your endeavor in human trafficking sex crimes you are in due to non less then placating it rather then forbidding it, you failed to stop your priests, your cops, your deputies, your perverts, your days and your knights, and your attorneys from stalking women, all over the place, and in this area you are in violation of the Mann Act the way transferes have been made to keep child molesters as close to schools as possible. and kates also affilated to a school. Instruct attorney Kate Jorgensen to file a withdraw of her motion to call me incompetent to stand trial for a ticket I am demanding be defended. Your intent to have me drugged for no actual incompetency is a crime of high stat and all Jesuites are a part of it. I am the highest.

Jessica Seymour