April 2nd 2018 the day the Donald gets to decide who will get his salary check

I guess you do have to sign the back to get it converted to someone else, but its not the same as signing it, its not the same as cashing it and signing a check over to a beneficiary or in this case the slave converting park service, who it is likely to be again this year right.  Property conversion schemes are not just for the donald, he's not the only volunteer slave, some guy who worked on his campaign volunteered to work for free too right, however I must put it out there one more time for the righteous looking actors, you look like you lost.  Little old me beat them all both hillary and donald.  I win, I'm telling you it means that I am no longer just the person who gets to tell you all about what is going on as the system brings me harm, nope that parts over, now I get to tell you all now how you look. So Spicer says to avoid scrutiny he must let the media "corps" decide who gets the donalds check, fund, Spicer says sorry too, and that this avoidance of scritinizaton plan was scrapped at the last minute the media was not pleased. Im not so sure that scrutinization was proved by pennymac on my mortgage loans I then don't owe on, my homes.  Is it scrutinizationt that voids a note and is it Faulty scrutinization as just one factor in buying a home on a military base that's being passed off to the public as a public development, can SPAWAR get anymore obvious.  I had a County Employee Force abuse my protection under the scrutinization defense just do what ever they wanted and when they had the biggest pot smokers in town help them do what they did to me, I delivered a specific amount of pot to one of their friends in the boarder patrol. Guess what, they bit. 

Spicer + avoiding scrutinization + then refusing to avoid scrutinizing = I get my homes back. 

You can not go around messing with porn actresses they are property.  I am not a porn actress I am not property, I am not owned, I can not work for free, but you made sure that you did, your now owned too, you can't work for free in the game you play, you even got your daughters husband to work for free, you got your son to work. you have no right side left. The property you pay isn't stupid either she's nasty and your in a world she lives in. 

I proved in court that my homes were mine and that was part of why Chase used a so called mortgage servicer company aptly chosen for the word Penny in its name (PennyMac) who joined to the HOA in Escala in the unlawful property conversion scam and schematic, a schematic aptly disguised by how Escala runs about 10 different HOA's that joined in on a PennyMac game of acting like I paid PennyMac money I never paid them then they take my home in complete joined in court racketeering with a HOA that had no actual claim to my home either especially as it was my HOA keeping me from having money to give them while they sold me on their cameras (for example when Rudy Camacho Jr made his move in the Escala Gym, and by having Ron, his whore Travis who needed my hair, and other Members of the HOA start stalking me with others like Tartaro, tenants of mine by the dozens, with Ben Klinger his whore and her brothers in Mexico, with that HOA on site manager that had HOA Members sitting in on meetings of mine that were not even any sort of scheduled meeting just an ambush of me when I would be stalked all over, oh how about the other more easily proven in court defenses to the fact that the HOA had no actual lawful claim to my home either you can't stop taking a persons payment because you have to pay off your IOLTA by trafficking me and saying I own you $45,000 that are attorney fees for your ridiculous pittance of money you accrued against me by stalking me making sure I couldn't make moeny then refusing to take my money when I did pay as if you can't take it but for it being $45,000 that you can't possiple actualy owe to your attorney on my behalf. How many people go to pay there hoa bill to be told that your payment won't be taken unless you pay their attorney first.... if I fell behind oh say $2000 but took that to make $45,000 for your IOLTA laundering is that really how a court says I have to not have my home is that how you find a way to steal a home while cleaning who's dirty money in the Peter's & Freidman Interest bearing Lawer Trust Account, who's money is it you lander and send around through your attorneys accounts when the development is a defence department development that poor stalked women like myself get forced into buying a home in under the impression that the property is public, who's dirty money needed to be cleaned to the tunes of my false lie), and then by having a county worker find his pot hand while having a judge refuse to allow the county to have the form it would have needed in order to keep me safe in my property ownership, but when the county doesn't want me in my home anyway, you know for their own train game, who gets played because I'm not playing my self in any movie, this is my real life, I'm white, not red. 

The HOA's had no standing, there was an attorney that verified such, he just didn't have a judge that lied for him he had a judge that Kreeped on him, told him that there was no ruling due to illness of pneumonia then as time ticks away on the ruling the judge gets found out for the lie though no order was ever sent to my attorney or to me, so the judge takes months to have a fake file emerge with a form signed by my attorney (fake signature) showing that I have stipulated to anything the Kreep wants to say.... do I seem like the type who would have stipulated to that, do I seem like the type that would have allowed an attorney to sign away my rights to an order, no I don't sound like that and I did not stipulate to such nor did my attorney stipulate on my behalf in his legal capacity I would have never allowed that, would have fired him first if he has even asked for such authority, and in court under oat my attorney stated to a different judge that he never sent any stipulation nor agreed to any stipulation and was awaiting an order from the Kreep but was long duped by the Kreep's responses of amnesia, I mean pneumonia.  All while the appeal pervs (judges and clerks) refused to answer emergency pleading by simply not giving it to the judge, when they by law have to regardless of any error they made up.  I had an in court stipulated approval stating that I was allowed to serve the other parties via email and I did serve them both in email and in mail when I could as in it costs money I had a waiver on file for approval of low income and if I had no money for mailing out documents but did email them but they also qualify for emergency status of not needing to be sent to apposing counsel but they were sent anyway via court stipulated email service approval, you just cant keep them from the judge, though all the judges knew what I was filing because I informed the Presiding Judge that my pleadings weren't making it into the file for discovery and were not making it to the judge either.  I was not only robbed of both of my homes by this ring of perverts that take controle of your mortgage, nor only by the HOA criminals overtaking the area's hoa's, but also by the court employees that get paid by the County of San Diego, the judges, the clerks, the ass at the top of the court building that allowed tartaro to answer in court pleading his immunity to having sex trafficked me while he and his coworkers got to do it again and again to others, there is a job the district attornies do but in San Diego they really don't do it, they just cover up for the county, why what is so important to them that this county ring of employees can do what ever the want. Its SPAWAR and 2 other places that the county is cosseting why doesn't the federal government give them enough of that, why the county so protected what is it they don't allow law suites against thier harm to go to discovery phase?

My HOA's joined in stalking me and embedding tenants in my home and having me set up for financial harm, then to take my home and how much did their scam and valuation scam earn all of them, their attorneys, and the realtors they had steal my clothes by not telling me where they were all at while making a dead line for me to pick them up, when I finaly found out where my clothes were I show up and they won't give me my property like I was an hour late but for months these realtors kept me from my clothes while I asked to know where they were.  It was other things too like my suiting, my perfumes, my shoes, my hair care products, my skin care products and everyone knows I don't spend cheap.  There was unlawful non judicial proceedings made  by the HOA's so many times that it became obvious, they couldn't really take my home for the little bit of fees they knew they wanted to make me prostitute to pay, but they asked anyway for over $40,000 in legal fees for their attorneys over some small amount that I didn't actually owe under quite a few legal protections from owning it so PenPenPenPenPennyMac joined in with them in court as I was getting close to having the HOA;s back off yet another time and the attorney were desperate, not just at PennyMac who actualy put an invoice out with a $900 payment to them made by me that I never made, as Chase was my bank and could not sell my loan to PennyMac in any legal way. The HOA's in Escala backed off three times in court till PennyMac joined them knowing well that I was the lawful owner but in this ring of clown judges and clown Associations you have to have the backing of something like a Penny in order to be sure your not getting double crossed.