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We ended up at the culture club. This is The day Patrick Stumph forgave.

Welcome to the Anti Stalker Hall of Fame Stumph, from Your Favorite One all the small talk is in. Fall Out Boys are no John Lennon right pink, right Operatioin Artichoke. Stumph you and your band don’t get to be killed now neither will your team, we got that kind of love, we gonna get that oh so sweet vengeance you all sang for me to receive and does it take money. it does. When my name changes you can be a stump again. My name changes, I’m a woman. Seemore at the Seymour Blog, you got a whole tear waiting to drop.

MMA is 83’d, name the Fall Out Boys connect, he’s gone, he can serve my jail time for me and you know I’m always taken in as the part of law that protects innocence due to force, and unlawful acts of lawenforce/lawprotect. He can’t serve for anyone other then myself and my sister, she’s not so smart, and if for some reason these stupid games of acting like my innocence is for me to say guilt for and of acting like your gonna keep having me serve time is some sort of play you can’t stop, then he can’t stop serving my time and he can’t stop being innocent to plea guilty. He takes on every debt of mine now. Any and all. you can control him and use him he played a game with two at the same time, he told a writer what to say, he told a writer when to play, and he told a writer how to care less.