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“The whole world is only about money, nothing else." said the man that trafficked Jessica Pallingston

Jessica Pallingston is the newest inductee to the Anti Stalker Hall Of Fame, because your so brave to go up aganst this man that rudy camacho jr.'d you... 

Jessica Pallingston, thank you for sharing the tactics and techniques that the wealthiest human traffickers are taught by the fools that traffick women for the so called elite, the so called presidential who want a woman with education for theirs to harm, a woman with a doctor that has already used her status with anything such as anxiety as a predetermined selling point of premeditated discrediting of you the intended victim if you ever do sue or complain to law enforcement, and just to be clear there isn't really any sort of actual statue of limitation when it comes to elite traffickers and how they force their rapes nor is there an actual statute of limitations on the way they force women to become any sort of rapist. 

It is appreciated the fact that you were so candid and honest in the grotesque ways this man acts when he is conditioning a woman that was sold to him by doctors of a human trafficking ring.