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Michael Avenatti the natti, he's in, he's hungry and he mine. Welcome to the ASN Hall Of Fame

Guess what, there is a storm a coming”, your only team charge just acted like she was gonna dump the man you need to keep protected, and your team is out. My team now gets all of Stormy, her team is not hers now its mine. Going to jail for a Jacob is not a way to keep your line. Here comes the storm. Avenatti your team leader backed out on you when you stand accused, that has to be the end of her team taking you to the bath. Natti just means boobs, and so here we are, you and me. Her team you had been used by is now mine. Take down these sex selling “Security Companies” their just a nation living in our nation and playing games called take the house. You had just enough to save a play, now your mine. These men have women drugged and harmed and they always engage in real estate fraud. Send a list of all the women Wohl used to set you up. He’s mine too now. Jacob Wohl is my own new mate.