I never wanted to gain any of the data that Human Traffickers & Immunitied Human Traffickers forced upon me as if scared silence was what they intended to force upon me till they killed me.

Because of the well positioned types of IHT’s that target me, my only chance for survival was to have to out them each time they threw their oppression's and abuses on me.  I have been forced to collate the relentless stalking of me into Research after the fact, as every time I go out and leave my house I've been bombarded by a Slave Trade Ring that is imploding and has been desperate to cover up what they have shown me. I never wished to research anything let alone anything so ugly, but how can I stay silent about what I have seen when I know it is harming so many American’s, using "terroristing" events to launder their money and grow their black markets through policies that limit the white market's abilities to serve demand, and how can I stay silent when what has been done to me is so horrible & is something being done to so many Americans, and that is also harming so many abroad. 

That is why my only option has been to make their attacks forced at me changed into something meaningful to save others’ lives with each time these animals engage in making sure I know that they just attacked me in coordination with this IHT ring of terroristing traffickers. 

You don’t have to do that though Victims because now you have The List, now you have a place to register what is being done to you when the Police, Judges, Sheriff’s, and FBI make it clear to you that they are in on the Human Trafficking that your identifying as being made against you & that refuses to just leave you alone. When an entity threatens you or disregards your crime report of rape, trafficking, or other significant crime, you now have the Victims of Immunity Foundation List to register that situation & data with, and this is meant to help you stop the abuse, and to spare you from being forced into having to turn such stalking of you into a public documenting as this is a very difficult road to be on, it is a dangerous road to be forced onto, and it is not appropriate that I have had to use the premeditated events to harm me, then to "condition" me to accept the crimes against me, into Research about it, after the fact. 

My human trafficking stalkers refused to STOP, they forced me to document them which was their intention as they wanted to use my reporting of them to try to call me crazy when I reported the things they’ve done to me; yes my human trafficking stalkers have forced me to document them as to save my own life especially when they demonstratively go out of their way to make sure I know that they just targeted me for abuse in collusion with this IHT Ring that is set up from the San Diego boarder up to the Canada boarder.  But this is not advisable, and I do not want any Victim to have to resort to turning such horrible targeting into Research based on the Platform of Simply Leaving Their Home, which is what I was put through; simply leaving my home and living my life was turned against me as if leaving my home meant that I was to be abused, as if simply leaving my home to live my life meant that I was "asking for it"... uh huh. My reports to police & requests for Restraining Orders should have been enough to stop this dynamic, but I was not given that respect & I was not given that Right; I prefer you other Victims to be given that Right and respect rather then ever having to ever attempt to turn the stalking of you into Research, please do not attempt to do this, rather send the VOI Foundation your data and help to complete the Research already forced to be made.

I never did research in premeditation, I never did research in the pretense, current-tense, or intentionally, I always avoided all that I could. I was only forced to have to engage in researching persons who presented themselves to me one way & who then ended up doing odd, weird, suspicious, and horrible things and my Stalker's acts caused me to have to in the past-tence find out what they were up to & find out what they are a part of after they made their premeditated stalking's and attacks. Do not ever perpetuate or look for a situation, because these immunity abuser human traffickers slave traders are mentally ill sociopath predictors that you should avoid but for their initial deliberate misrepresenting of themselves, as your stalkers don't need any assistance in their stalking of you, especially since they already try to justify to themselves that their abuse of you is your fault anyway... as if your stupid so you deserve their abuse, as if your resilient so you deserve their abuse, as if how dare you leave your house or try to have financial stability of education or roommates, or how dare you report crime they are engaged in.  Yes your stalkers will already try to twist your simple act of finding a roommate, or finding a job or school, or simply just leaving your house, into some sort of idea that you sought them, as if you could ever have resources to do such, and when it is clear through the disenfranchisement that IHT's force one of their targeted Victims into, that they are the ones doing the stalkering that Victims are made to try to navigate through all while these animals will still try to act as though a Victims' harm is the Victims' fault, so you don't ever have to try to stop your stalkers by Researching them as they seek to out themselves, and now Victims you have The List to register them with while protecting your identity.  If your stalker IHT’s refuse to stop then they are forcing you to put together all the pieces related to their crime, but do not try research them as an option in any sort of way, rather send your stories to The List when all law enforcement and court remedy are used against you in retaliation for you simply saying STOP.

Practice all diligent attempts to avoid the targeting of you, even try to move away from the area if possible unless you've been forced to have to practice your rights to protection of property, and try to get the targeting of you to stop by making police reports and reports to the FBI while audio documenting those reports, but if this does not work and if your stalkers refused to stop, then you’re in a need to register them on The List, but never try to research them or tackle them on your own as this is too dangerous.

Never choose to be a martyr as human traffickers and Immunitied Human Traffickers are crazy murderer's, so do not attempt to research them in any way, Martyrs are forced not made, and I myself have done all I can to stay alive through horrific micromanagement into harms way & through horrific cyber stalking and in person stalking of me. I intend to stay alive and free from set up and have done my best to try to keep these IHT's stalking of me from the murder they have so desperately tried to make look like anything other than their murder of their Victim that these IHT’s engage in at me mad that they told me so much and showed me their ugly expecting me to not live long enough to even report them. I wish with all my heart that I was never forced to have the data forced on me that I share with you, but I can't change what sociopaths who want to be seen have forced me to have learned, so I use the data to save you if it can. 

I love you, stay as far away from those that stalk you as you can, but if your attempts at reporting and avoiding are relentlessly rejected to let stand, by the Immunity Holder's & Traffickers that stalk you, now there is another option for you that I did not have, rather than being forced by the relentlessness of stalkers into gathering their data they force upon you as if you will never be believed, or even alive long enough to tell what they have done and said, you now have The List to out those who are hurting you. You don't have to be forced to hide in doors while your life melts away, and you don't have to be forced to be bombarded each time you leave your house, while your good and just claims get negligently handled by court judges & clerks... now you have The List, my suffering so that you can avoid the same. The yellow line. 

We need your stories about what you could have never avoided, make The List powerful enough to stop Immunity Abusers that terrorize you so that your diligent attempts at avoiding them and moving on with your life will be successful, unblocked, and un-micromanaged into harm, while they will be behind bars.  Please contact us below at the We Need Your Stories button!

Thank you,

Victims Of Immunity


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