About the Victims

The Victims of Immunity come in all ages, races, gender's, and socio-economic levels.

Common Types of Victims of Immunity:

Human Traffic Victims:

  • Both adults and children, women and men, that are being trafficked unknowingly through rape, date rape, or other forms of forced or duressed sex.  Though the majority of victims are of lower income demographics certainly median to high income victims are just as easily targeted for victimization.
  • Victims that are being trafficked through sale of personal & private images of them gained unknowingly through hidden video cameras placed in their home. 
  • Victims of any age, that have been brought to America as young pre-teenagers by Diplomats, or through shipments, or through use of an international card, and that think they are paying off their parents debt through "massages sold online" or through other work, or that are being raped, or put in to any sex industry, or who are simply asked to get other girls/people into the sex or "massage" industry, or are made to get people to certain places at certain times. 
  • Victims that started out reporting a crime of assault or some other abuse that forced them to any sort of detaining/jail/hospital, and are now being targeted for additional assaults by strangers, or by police, or by other law enforcement that may be using an undercover status.  
  • Pedestal Victims are Victims who have some sort of compelling fame, beauty, achievement or lineage that cause them to be targeted by criminally involved Immunity Holders. 

Pedestal Victims of Immunity Holder Human Trafficking Abuse:

  • Pedestal Victims are Victims who have some sort of compelling fame, beauty, achievement or lineage that cause them to be targeted by criminally involved Immunity Holders who seek to sell them and bet on them for some sort of premeditated & orchestrated assault or fall from grace often times. 
  • Some Pedestal Victims are Victims sought for their health or youthful organs due to their blood type. Often time Typo O blood holders are sourced when they are children and kept in a sterile type of hard to detect control for the event of any blood or organ trafficking that could keep a rich enough person off of any "organ recipient wait list".  It takes a certain type of immunity holding position to source and move this type of Victim in and out of countries & boarders. 

Human Trafficking Victims NOT Involving Sex, Labor, or Organ Sales:

  • NO sex, rape, or forced labor has to exist for you to be a human traffic victim of immunity.
  • This clarification NEEDS to be added to the legal definition of human trafficking because victims of human trafficking can be made victimized through this human trafficking rings “Gambling Methods of Human Trafficking”, as well as by the ring of traffickers who operate through the "we make your dreams come true" group of Immunity abusers. 
  • These immunitied human traffickers don’t always succeed in the rape or sexual perversion but that doesn't mean that you weren't’ effected by their targeting of you, so NO SEX or Labor has to be in existence for these animals to be trafficking you as an exchange of "other things" that are not money or labor and that don't appear to fit into a "commercial exchange" are used by trafficking rings as the payment to the traffickers that operate through Immunity giving jobs. 
  • Since these immunitited traffickers are taking bets on your reactions to human trafficking situations that they put you in, and are having money bets made by & collected by the traffickers through these bets, a person doesn't have to fit the legal definition of "human trafficking" to be a victim of human trafficking.  These gambling method of trafficking situations include non sexual, non labor, and non-coerced sex; since the intended unlawful sexual perversion, or even the intended forced sex, doesn't always transpire, you were still made trafficked since you were treated trafficked and made to feel how a trafficked person feels, and even with out “intent to rape” since money was made by that third party group that targets you, trafficking did occur.
  • Bets and games made by immunitied human traffickers include little things like if they can get you to tell them your age, or if they can get you to give them a picture or a kiss, your social security number, or ….  You can be trafficked just for revenge, and you can be human trafficked without sex or sales of any sort, for some data is in exhcange and photos are in exchange, location at the specific moment is in exchange, loss of your property is in exchange.  You surely do not have to have any sexual abuse or money exchange or even transfer of your movement to be human trafficked. 
  • The immunitied human traffickers bet on things to do to you that are MUCH, much uglier than these examples.
  • The bottom line is that it is a form of human trafficking which needs to be addressed.
  • You can be trafficked and money can be made off of you by this ring’s gambling on what you will do, say, or how you will react to the sexual perversions, how soon they can accomplish a goal like sex, a kiss, or if they can get you to share a dinner rather then order your own, and these traffickers make large amounts of money by placing bets on you, so...
  • You do experience the manipulative and enslaved aspects of human trafficking even without any labor or sex actually being involved…
  • It is crucial that this definition of human trafficking be incorporated into law as to more comprehensively protect all types of victims of human trafficking that these corrupted immunitied persons are performing. 
  • Gambling Method of Human Trafficking (GMHT) will entail that getting you to Casinos that are on an Indian Reservation be facilitated; since these Indian Reservations are “Sovereign Nations” that have lessened laws than America a deliberate and calculated effort to circumvent laws are made through these casinos that are sprinkled all along the West Coast of America from one boarder to the next.

Ex's In a Soured Relationship With an Immunity Holder:   Ex-Wives, Ex-Girlfriends, Ex-Husbands, Ex-Boyfriends of a person who has any sort of immunity, for example:

  • T. Gore:   The common knowledge is that a San Diego Police SWAT Officer targeted her for multiple rapes, and engaged the Police, Sheriff, his sister, a teen-mom, and the San Diego CIA Agent Media Person(s)/Reporter, to engage in a set -up and discrediting campaign against her, in an attempt to paint her as a crazy kid-napper of her own child, through the SWAT Officer's sister who apparently told T.Gore that she could pick up her child from daycare while the teen-mom told T.Gore which child was hers, as the nationwide escapade that these Traffickers had T.Gore on for over 9 months was a time in which T.Gore recalls having had a birth of a child that was taken from her.  All of this was done to this victim as retaliation & cover up as to protect the SWAT Officer rapist upon this Victim Of Immunity's attempts to report this SWAT Officer's rapes and oppression's to the Police
  • D. Machhour:  The common knowledge is that in her divorce she was sought out by an attorney that was planted as to protect the immunitied ex-husband through oppressing & misrepresenting this VOI, and her case was sent to an incahoots judge. This attorney of D. Machhour's actually got kickbacks for the running of a victims charity that is supported financially by the human traffick affiliated Local Sheriff & Police Chief and this support was made with the intent to harm& further control the victims that are seeking help at that charity that this attorney runs.
  • S. Gibbs:  The common knowledge a is that this VOI was the roommate of a woman that was being targeted for abduction and rape, and so this VOI was targeted to be driven out of town through a horrific and terrifying assault so that she would have to leave town, and this was done by Agent Human Traffickers so that her roommate that they were targeting would have to find a new tenant and when the new tenant was sourced these Agents planted one of their own human trafficking federal Agents in the home as to gain complete access, invasion, and control of the woman they sought to traffick.  S. Gibbs had been dating the head of security for Starbucks Corporate office in Seattle Washington at the time of the assault and he was a real piece of work, mentally ill guy who gets all sorts of high end Corporate In House Security Admin jobs, he used to work at Kirkland also known as Costco in their in house security enforcement, he is likely a mentally illman passed around till the right job at the wrong premeditated shooting so that he can cover up what ever crime he needs to.  Why was San  Diego S. dating a man from Seattle... her job she had by the field sold her to him.  When P. Cook refused to have Sarah video'd with him she became fair game to the rape for profit rape you in a hotel room you gott drugged to scam this trafficking ring engages in. 
  • Y. Shakoor:  The common knowledge is that this VOI was targeted by trafficker Agents pretending to be investigating mortgage fraud in an office this VOI worked at, and they targeted this VOI as to leverage her against some other unsuspecting women that this group wanted to also traffick. So they set up this VOI to think she had to take a plea bargain to work against her friend, but before they put Y Shakoor into this chumped up position as a wrong doer, they  infiltrated the office she worked at and pretended to just be a co-workers that want to date her, but they ended up intentionally passing her around from Agent to Agent to Agent that pretended to want to be her boyfriend and trafficked her this way for about two years, devastating her emotionally making her think that there was something wrong with her or that she just had "bad luck with men", before they finally had the rest of their team make the fraud accusations against her to get her to agree to lure her other friend they were targeting out to certain places so that attempted trafficking could be engaged in all while Y. Shakoor was lead to hurt her friend to save her own self, all because Y. Shakoor was a viable conduit for these Human trafficker Federal Agents to use as to engage her in targeting other woman that these traffickers sought to also human traffic through their phony investigation they concocted and cherry-picked specific sexually desirable sales reps to be put into. & en-leashed by.   
  • S. Clifford:  The common knowledge is that this VOI was targeted by Trafficker Agents pretending to be investigating how it would be that they could touch her and get her in trouble for it.  She was arrested after an Immunity Holder touched her buttocks and breasts; Clifford was taken to a jail where she was processed and released when her attorney informed the media that she's not the first stripper who has been arrested for such and had the charges dropped.  Clifford did not stay in the jail long, her manager that helped her get to the location for the set up conspired arrest didn't even take the time to cover up the tracks.   Men at the local police department were taking money in exchange for a pool on who it would be that would get the arrest and decided to allow a ringer, a woman cop was the Immunity Holder Human Trafficker that got the manager paid for the premeditated arrest.   The Immunity Holder in this woman being sold around, arrested and tried is D. Trump.

People Who Have Recently Lost Their Immunity or Pose Some Other Threat Through Their Knowledge of Trade Secrets That Are Too Dangerous to Stay Protected

One of the best examples of this type of Victim Of Immunity (VOI) is Susan Lindauer who was a CIA Asset but after knowing too much she was abducted and falsely imprisoned as a crazy person through an organized abuse of Judicial Immunity and CIA Agent Immunity that sought to control her through damaging her credibility, free movement, and the corrupt immunity abusers that feared Susan's truth even sought to have her drugged through court order with amounts of drugs that would have in effect chemically lobotomized her... luckily the Judge was only willing to abuse his immunity so far and drew the line at the chemical lobotomy but some immunity abusing Judges don't draw that line and do seek to permanently damage a VOI that they are targeting through deliberate and conspired false imprisonment.

People Who Have Witnessed a Crime and/or Reported a Crime that was engaged in by an IHT or by an IHT Affiliate

If you inadvertently witness or report a crime that was engaged in by a human trafficking ring affiliate, then all methods of abusing you will be engaged in, IHT's will call you crazy and try to discredit you.  This type of Victim of Immunity will likely have a chumped up investigation of them made through the reporting of the crime they suffered or witnessed not even knowing that it was a Law Enforcement Employee or Sub-Contractor, or Intelligence Agent that they are reporting against, but it will become clear that Immunity Abuse is at hand when a Victims due reports get turned into a targeting of that Victim by those who should be protecting that Victim.  

People who Have Witnessed a triangle:  Omarosa Manigault.  When does Trump take his shoe off and hit a statue of her?

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