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“None stir the second time-
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye”
— Emily Dickinson

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The SeeMore Blog is real world Pg 13 type of content that should be conformed by a parent for teen and preteen awareness purposes of saving them from being a Victim as many Victims are regularly targeted at around ages 2, 7, 9, 12, 14 and any age is vulnerable.  If you are 13 or younger please have your parent(s) relay the Blog to you, rather then trying to process it unaccompanied.  

Remember, these people are very dangerous, organized criminals with globally proliferated ties to human slave trade, human suffering, enslaving, and assaulting.  DO NOT confront them or retaliate in any way.... Let the uncorrupted Law Enforcement Professionals deal  in the proper way with the Human Trafficker's & trafficking affiliated issues brought to the community awareness through this blog. 

Keeping a public blog of potential & unconvicted Traffickers and Trafficking Affiliates is crucial to Community Awareness and to saving lives since these traffickers hardly ever get investigated or fired for their crimes; since these traffickers get protected.  Human Trafficking is the largest & likely best protected industry on the planet.

The Victims of Immunity Foundation's overall goal is to foster a world that does not have any more Victims of Immunity being created by criminals who seek immunity positions to abuse through.  

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When your enemy has his hate


this is joseph kony’s hands around charlotte awino’s neck the morning after her abduction so the story don’t add up, her school uniform is too clean

Juliea Child says your in. You can’t jsut do this and run black and the five who sing my songs your in with no cover, is this fun. is this fun. Who was born to be wild, why did Kony wear this shirt that day, who gave him this shirt, why are the wild things floating around the fall out boy videos with shovels, and did ben care when you eight his dinner. How was she pre-med at Duke and nursing at Seattle Pacific University, how. Why was Jessica forced to be living with her, what all did she say to Jessica... Jessica who is a totally safe American and who would likely not be let into any nursing program just for this reality blog she keeps, kony seems artistic this wild shirt he chose, wait... this born to be his wild thing shirt he was instructed to wear for his experiment running cowards. How did Jason Russel get this photo for himself and how did Actor Jason Russel end up drugged in his own home to be yelling in the street in Diego taken to the men's version of the crazy jail, I'm calling you from the future telling you that you made a mistake''''' HOW CRAZY IS JASON RUSSEL AND WHY DID YOU DRUG HIM TO SAY SO? hE’S YOUR ONLY INDIVIDUAL.

This is James Shelton, also a NOTORIOUS childhood murderer just like Charlotte awino, and it DOESN'T add up the way his picture is as if no one had THEIR hands around his neck to train him

this is james shelton the other murderer Jessica was placed living with in 2011 right before being placed living with Charlotte Awino, 2 notorious childhood murderers in one year - that must be some sort of record. Wasn't Yolanda Moats-shakoor inducted to have Jessica placed at a table with murderer Francois Shammam, a table at the restaurant that the U.S. Olympic Volley Ball Doctor also took Jessica too, and wasn't Jessica placed into proximity to yet another murderer when she was told to take a break by Alvin Mansour back when Yolanda took Jessica to Orange County for a set up by the guy Yolanda was dating from this ring of "law officers" looking to have yolanda's sex trafficker film Jessica looking at a methyl-riddeln pill he left on his counter for his game yolanda his whore in it to win it all the way, whats the link with meth and kony and shelton.    LOOK AT THE PICTURE BELOW   It was Bonny who was using a fake investigation on real estate agents to have her jollys in her trafficking needs and plays, she’s as guilty as the prosecutor for what Franswa did. And putting me in to contact with this murderer a third murderer that bill gores perversions needed me in contact with to keep fake phoney "investigating" of me as thier way to keep invading me to sell me to rapists, oh yolanda you whore. How many women raped in the investigations of Chaldeans and Franswa, bonny dumanis you’re the perv of the way. (619) 569-7714   “Requiring a defendant to show more than a period of investigative inactivity comports with Lovasco's teaching that it is appropriate for a prosecutor to wait to seek an “indictment[ ] until he is completely satisfied that he’s fucked and raped as many women as possible through his hidden cameras and whores that are rapists and do rape the unsuspecting women that just so happen to live in Escala where Shammam lived, purchased property, and the human trafficking prosecutors will be able promptly to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, once their done’ sexuallyucking the women their delaying this investigation for so that they may rape the women then say they can’t sue you for raping them and putting it all on your hidden cameras so that you can sell the rape, just ask Polly Wheat, she’s the expert.” 431 U.S. at 795 (holding the “Due Process Clause does not require” courts to “[p]enaliz[e] prosecutors who defer action so that they can rape and prostitute women even longer through the investigation while the women just think they are having bad luck and have bad luck with men as the SDPD police tell them when they try to report the rapes” because they lack evidence to prove guilt).

this is james shelton the other murderer Jessica was placed living with in 2011 right before being placed living with Charlotte Awino, 2 notorious childhood murderers in one year - that must be some sort of record. Wasn't Yolanda Moats-shakoor inducted to have Jessica placed at a table with murderer Francois Shammam, a table at the restaurant that the U.S. Olympic Volley Ball Doctor also took Jessica too, and wasn't Jessica placed into proximity to yet another murderer when she was told to take a break by Alvin Mansour back when Yolanda took Jessica to Orange County for a set up by the guy Yolanda was dating from this ring of "law officers" looking to have yolanda's sex trafficker film Jessica looking at a methyl-riddeln pill he left on his counter for his game yolanda his whore in it to win it all the way, whats the link with meth and kony and shelton.


It was Bonny who was using a fake investigation on real estate agents to have her jollys in her trafficking needs and plays, she’s as guilty as the prosecutor for what Franswa did. And putting me in to contact with this murderer a third murderer that bill gores perversions needed me in contact with to keep fake phoney "investigating" of me as thier way to keep invading me to sell me to rapists, oh yolanda you whore. How many women raped in the investigations of Chaldeans and Franswa, bonny dumanis you’re the perv of the way. (619) 569-7714

“Requiring a defendant to show more than a period of investigative inactivity comports with Lovasco's teaching that it is appropriate for a prosecutor to wait to seek an “indictment[ ] until he is completely satisfied that he’s fucked and raped as many women as possible through his hidden cameras and whores that are rapists and do rape the unsuspecting women that just so happen to live in Escala where Shammam lived, purchased property, and the human trafficking prosecutors will be able promptly to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, once their done’ sexuallyucking the women their delaying this investigation for so that they may rape the women then say they can’t sue you for raping them and putting it all on your hidden cameras so that you can sell the rape, just ask Polly Wheat, she’s the expert.” 431 U.S. at 795 (holding the “Due Process Clause does not require” courts to “[p]enaliz[e] prosecutors who defer action so that they can rape and prostitute women even longer through the investigation while the women just think they are having bad luck and have bad luck with men as the SDPD police tell them when they try to report the rapes” because they lack evidence to prove guilt).


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Youv been a million before me, your the last of the real one when you take your job and shove it I mean when you get the coin, I mean when you piss off someone that has been in your play. Well I guess I mean when you take a home loose a home and then get the offer.  Well wait, maybe its when you get the keys back, like all your friends choose you to follow, and your enemies friends help you.  Like you drove the price down for them.  The Gods are at war. When do men go to war because Gods go to war over only one thing.  The Gods go to war over one look from me.

When the Gods go to knock on my door and I’m not the one there, what you expect will be. Expect a glance from me.

I take my 1434

Gods, when you knock on my door in Escala where you placed me, when you see I’m not there find me for I shall not wait longer they robbed you.

Jessica Marie Seymour


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Blog # 316

3/20/18  Oh I want something just like this “””

The honey dish and pot are crack.

Don’t you know yet, you’re a God.

Get in.

Shainsmoke the entire way home, its their crack. We did it. Get Home.

Come home now



 went syndicated, don’t you love my foundation.

Look what just joined our team….

A church…

See. I go syndicated and the only one who listened is the church and they’re the Scientists of Church,  damn the NSA is good their so good, they lie.

I  know how to win this one watch:

you are owned by me didn’t you know. I have the lie I am the wi and I do not pretend. Your leader is under my control.  Do you like their hands in my view.  I don’t do you I don’t do you.

Areuthinkingwhatimthinking.    Justlikeregularlifeonlyslightlylessimportant

When can I collect.



Blog #514

3/10/18  Not Every Eric becomes Prince  ”””

If your the crown prince of a middle eastern forever and eric prince wants to meet you but only after already selling Blackwater as a san diego staple of trafficking in the kind I am, the real smart pretty dangerous so rape her kind, according to you all.

Back channel Black channel where is your channel bag collation, I mean where is my chanel bag collection, my diamonds, my house.  Seychelles and saysmells if you isn’t got the kick you got to behave. And that doesn’t mean setting up a president to rake a king, not every prince becomes a king”””   when you have to use the family to get the gain you must refrain your out and strained you can’t compete your in your eat, you can’t repeat your out your treat you can’t repeat you can’t blah blah black sheep you cantbehave or behave or be me, you cant behave you cant behave you can’t behave you can’t between the sheets, you can’t be seen in the street you can’t eat you can’t eat you can’t eat. You can’t eat. You may drink black water.  Nader George is a triangle today one today only sale of the week and how you act as if the Crowned Prince didn’t know is the joke.   Gorkaaf is an idiot Gorkaaf is not going to laugh at the joke. Goodbuy. Ericprince can say he didn’t know buy how can anyone say that the Crown Prince did not know… that’s the go, eat the pea. Jelle.

Eat your only pea, but stay away from me  black water was involved in subcontracting rapes of me in the sandiego needed operations of shadowboxxing and of delaying investigations and in trafficking do you think the prince of Arabia didn’t know. Does that crown prince hate chaldeans does he hate them does he, he doesn’t he does not even know who they are and does not care he is not in the place of the prince erik he is in the fly in the tri and wont take plane into the sky he will fail his re. he is in the re.  Who lived so much life, Kill me twice''' it means I'm still alive. Whoops.

Did I need to eat a hot dog, yes I wanted my dinner, you don’t hear me speak of my dinner then run to buy it from away then run back with it in your hand and eat it infront of me, I will let you peak in my slink since my back hurts but I won’t let you win and your epic fail on the front of the street won’t be. You can go alone to your next channel. 

Heres what sucks for me, Im in compete with the trump he was brought to my face he was take to his race he can’t win he already lost, he gave away his family his pay his wife and his idiot prince.  You want to have the employees say that shit to me is there anyone who needs more protection from the blackwater types then myself. no, there isn't. 

Soon , he give away his next pay check soon, you effectively human trafficked a president, he’s the slave I am not.  I won't even save you. 

Black water crack water shove it up their ass water, you’re the open. Eat your Shrimp. 

Is that correct Dr. Sheridan ER.  You got one day left to play then you sing. The song you sing sounds like Eat It.

Its done, its his second paycheck not his first, he can take his harvest boxes and shove it.

Kiss Kiss,

Jessica S


Blog #513

3/2/18   Shelly Walley

Shelly Walley.

Incase her name wasn’t Ann, you can identify her here:

She is forth from the left on the back row up against the wall with the black framed glasses on. That’s the “executive director” that allowed the abuse and called the woman that started to control my whereabouts, transportation, and movements along with the timing of such, I am being kept under this woman’s control of my free movement when she calls others that would be giving me a ride to make sure they tell me late that they won’t be giving me a ride since they are simply trafficking… Nicole is the woman two people down in the back row last from the left or first from the right and has her face partialy cut off, their the traffickers that control their Victims ability to leave, how they leave, when they leave, portraying a nice church lady but they sure did control her too once it didn’t behoove them to have me have safe easy passage, I was blocked from ability to leave an area just so this team of dangerous women could keep their trafficking concealed…. Even had Lara Burnside call me to make the acclaim of the name Ann so just incase this game goes farther, this link above is the link to the real time traffickers, anyone want to have them traffick you just be in a position to need help.


Blog #512

3/2/18  Being the Wiener Dog

When you have to cover your tracks you call someone crazy it’s the way so it becomes disguised but oh honey I got your number, you used a realtor to keep me and my ability to leave you micromanaged and in your control, did you know your realtor just told me that Ann called her and instructed her not to help me, your director going by the name Ann called the poser of prettiness, the Burnside, to tell her and inform her to not take me where I was being kept from going, I have every right not to continuously be kept from my property and you all seem to know Melissa Sharky the way you all want my stuff.

I was lied to in order for me not to get my property yesterday, then my ride in today Mrs Realtor Burnside decides that she somehow won’t take me now after you call her, so and for what, Ann and your side kick that can’t remember what she said yesterday, what is the purpose of controlling my ride and controlling who will take me where, you act like you work at a place that doesn’t traffick but making sure I had no ride was a human trafficking  tactic and when you did make sure to have some emergency to change my plans of my getting my property repeatedly two days in a row after plying me that you’d get my property fixed for me but that I must do what you want me to do, its called leverage, and when you use safe travel versus unsafe travel as leverage you setting someone up.  When you like to use words to cover your tracks those words apply to you Madam.  I could have easily done yesterday what I now have been again kept from doing today but for your manipulation, threats, and plying, now I sit here wondering how long it takes for you to harm again.  Your word you chose indicated that you can’t imagine how a person like me would be able to escape you anyway, your accusation that I didn’t bring you an authentic medical report just because you didn’t like what it said (it kept you from being able to continue on calling me a negligent person) and so when you don’t like that you can no longer call me that you start lying about what you said the day before to keep me from my travel, all with your ply to repair my property as tour lure to force me into doing a week early what I was forced to do yesterday, and when you act like I will be labeled an abuser if I don’t do what you say you accompany it by threatening my shelter, my housing, my safety, my recovery of my property, then when you don’t like seeing your plan to call me negligent fall apart upon me giving you my medical clearance you changed everything up for and made an fake emergency over, you call me names. Your unprofessional, a liar, and a cheat but you have the audacity to call me an insinuating name and accuse me of giving you a fake medical record, all that is a tell tail sign however the topper offer is when the one person you allow to have me drive with via your post board referral as in this is a person you trust with your own in house referral, yes the topper is when you refuse to allow that person help me escape your control, manipulations, plys, abuses, bullying, lying, and controlling with medical emergencies that don’t exist and can wait till the appropriate time … you wanted to make me look a certain way and your tryiung real hard to do so but Ann called my ride today to make sure she cancelled on me after I was forced to wait for an hour so that you could delay my arrival at my property even longer, your trafficking me your acts are those a trafficker, take your label you sought to apply on me and use it for Lara who told me her name is spelled differently but I found her it wasn’t that hard once I finally called her from a phone that wasn’t your phone.   Tell Lara Burnside the realtor that she is delusional and that no one named Ann called her from your business, call Lara and tell her to say a different story for you, and call her a derogatory harassing bullying name when she tries to defend herself against your story.  All she was trying to do was give me a ride to my property you lied to me about, why would you make sure she didn’t.   You called her after I left to meet up with her just to make sure I wouldn’t get the ride, to control my whereabouts,  your as bad a polly wheat sending her friend after me to control me you just do it in the opposite direction trying to get me labeled and in the snow wont work, next.   Don’t forget that you informed me yesterday that you’d pay for a fix that you then made sure not to make all day while I walked around taking care of your fake emergency that I had already told you I was going to be doing the very next Monday but you couldn’t even get that done all day long that promise you made and when you were asked about it you said a this for that, just like you did with the fake emergency you concocted, you said I can’t stay at my housing unless I do my doctor visit that day… you did a this for that and you still got me to be in a vulnerable position regarding my housing while failing to give me the requested items I asked for regarding your emergency situation you created yesterday in the attempt to control my transportation also.  Your not gonna call me some negligent person without my defense of that, sorry you picked the wrong victim for your emergency, but should you be proven to have been plying me just remember that Lynnette already admitted to not having forgotten that you said you’d take care of fixing my transportation problem while I settled out your big ol’ medical emergency that you created to make me do what, not loose my housing, you’re a danger to the community Nicole.

Nicole make sure you ask both people I showed my medical lab results to before you accuse me again of giving you a fake medical record, that seems to be something you’d do but I wouldn’t.




Blog #511

3/1/18  Just Listed

Your ritual is to rob me, sounds like your in need of an update. 

You can't call me a child abuser just because I put a picture up of a room that has had multiple abuses made in it.... then somehow a few years or decades later become FBI Agents.  You can't call Polly innocent. Thought that's why she gets stalked by cops and set up, I mean if your analyzing it when you have a girl become a trafficker by harming her sexually you then have to have her assume your punishment even if your not done letting her handle your victims and sell your rapes to her tenant.   I am saying that if I blog a video to my public that your staking me and I ask my public if they think you love me, you can't just answer that with a Valentines gun show I already know your strong. I asked the public not my stalkers and should it scare me into silence, if not then have me called a child abuser well then that would be a dead end road.  Im not the abuser here in this equation, am I being set up again, that never works anymore for you.  Hey Yolanda what did you get for Valentines day as their whore, because I got a big old guilt trip attempted upon me for not being their whore but hey that just you that's just how you are you just got 'bitchas in your book. If they loved me they would have just outed the guy you sleep with.  I really mean I didn't plan on showing up at all""" do yo miss the days when you pretended on me, the way you loved to do it like you can't help but try to set someone up, tell the world the names of your law enforcement friends that told you what to say to me, tell them or stay a whore forever and know, you were so sure your were just so hot that your interest in them I mean their interest in you was all because I was a bad person and all the sex yo were in after crying to me about how another guy just dumped you by walking a new woman in front of you on his arm, yes all the sex you'd get from your law enforcement friends  is still just somehow unrelated to you being trafficked and willingly Handaling me for them, your their whore it it you permanent status like how it s Polly's.   Your a Handler for a Traffiking ring but somehow you think your not a bought up whore of theirs, you can't fool some of the people all of the time but I didnt make that up.  How easily you were converted from a sex slave to a Handler of other sex slaves that don't want the sex abuse was astronomical... and please do analyze how that make you sound, how it sounds, the dynamic between being a sex slave the way you are while they make you think they arent manipulating you on to their next buyer of you, and apply that to each time they asked you to abuse me, get me somewhere, take me somewhere and especially apply it to when they wanted you to have me meet your coworker Franswa Shammam.  Did I really need to be put into their Murder Investigation by your, or let me phrase it better, they trafficked me through the murder investigation too after having Yolanda agree to get me out in public with Franswa Shammam and they had her do this to me by having us all meet up at the same place that they had the U.S. Olympic Training Center for Volley Ball Doctor had me go to meet up with him.  Sounds like their hive is a brewery, oh and thats where Albert Machhour was instructed to take me for dinner right before he raped me.  Your ill Yolanda.  How many times did I need to be fraudulently forced into the observation stages of bulshit "investigations" so that I could be forced into them by your whores like Yolanda & Machhour... its gotta be a pretty damning amount of times you sought to control me in san diego by observing me with your persons of interest, your suspects, your what.... an to use Yolanda makes you investigators knowing that your using your investigations to human traffick, its all over you.   I can't even look at you with out your pills, I mean without seeing the words human trafficker painted all over you.  How much did Franswa Shammam's Escala Condo net this trafficking ring , I mean is escala just that special that this trafficking ring has to only allow SPAWAR employees to own in there with out being trafficked.

Maybe Im' just looking at this all wrong, maybe when I ask if they love me and they then go have another campus shooting on Valentines day as their answer, maybe its is because they love me, maybe they are just that mad that you called me crazy and had me thrown into a crazy jail for reporting rapes you paid to watch and set up in premeditation and well directed all that you did to cover up yourself by calling me crazy. maybe this valentines day thing is their way of showing love, maybe you all should never call me cray again, put me in a crazy jail again, put me in any jail again, maybe you all should have never harmed me at all, maybe I belonged to someone else and they wont be down or out or ever finished until you rectify what you've done, maybe I am loved by them.  Is that how it goes. Am I that valuable in that way, oh what some men will doe to clear a womans name, oh if they had not ever called  me crazy as their way of covering up their crimes would they have never angered you into this manifestation of making the world see that I was right, of sound mind speaking the honest truth, I was correct and their cover up of their crimes was to have me be called crazy, dragged off, abducted in broad daylight, drugged against my will as if a judge is the final say in their game and harmed as if I ran for president against the soviet dictator, and hurt by what was done to me, maybe you all forced them into their only way of protecting me and making it painfully obvious that you lied about me just so you could rape me and never pay for it, maybe if I can in no way ever be mad enough for whats been done to me they can, whoa maybe those who violate me angered the most untouchable by calling me crazy maybe they will prove it till the end of time that I am not crazy and that you all set me up using their system which would really piss them off and do you think they will obey you. Is this the see I am in need of seeing, think these thoughts with me, if this is the reality then I'm done and they will prove I'm not crazy and never was and did get abducted by a ring of judges and cops assaulted and set up, and that if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone because look I am theirs and they are untouchable doing the best with what they got", am I deducting it wrong again, if so then the other opinion is that you are dangerous you love me and you will not stop till you have nothing left to use and you will keep me from having anymore problems if I just do what. and why is being immortal not for long, I know the answer but what part of the shadow am I to obey in order to get the opinion to change as in what could possibly instate my legitimacy that was robbed from me by being certified as if I was crazy through an court house abduction.  I guess they really did piss you off and their games are not going to get me my homes back, get me legal protection, get me my reputation back, what does it take to get my reputation as a hard working successful beautiful woman with assets and never had been raped back, I guess I am to see your view.  Maybe i should return the favor ok, here, I will go again soon and you will not hound me do I remind you of me. and am i supposed to be asking you to stop upon this way of seeing, you wouldn't stop if I asked, now wait and if I find out you used me you will go to hell. 

Ohh and thinking these ways for you makes me your what.  

Ohh and I can't live without you. 

ohh and you didn't put them in this situation, they put me in this situation rendering your innocence when it is I who is holy. You know holy actually means victimless, and your just clearing the name of the ultimate victim knowing I never wanted to be a victim.  I am victimless you know this too and I shouldn't be mad at you I should be interested in your protection, even macy's children are more protected by my accidental video then by her.  Im like a victimless hero but in woman form, this is getting interesting, you must be interesting. maybe your the most interesting men in the world.  do you want a double x. I stopped serving beers in my 20's and you just want me at a beer tub one last time in some hot little outfit, but Im kinda not gonna play my self in real life... would you.  

Ohh and now today my car oh my car, oh my car...... all as if I must be a child abuser though there isn't even a child to abuse, here's what:

So you steal my car battery from my car when you have the idea that Im getting it, you have the audacity to force me into positions of asking your friends around town for assistance with your money needs from me.  You accuse me of wanting something for free when you converted personal property in my car, had Macy take papers from my purse, took a battery and as starter out of my engine to put in your fake out ones, and converted quite a few other women's cars to yourself and even through a community connection paycheck scam a woman had played against she who's car you kept, Polly Wheat you launder cars for Walt Orum Jr, then you Walt have the audacity to tell Polly that you only stole my car battery because your not allowed to keep a car battery on your premises, which sounds like your a sociopathic liar as if some how you have to take out every battery from every car you tow.  You then tell me that you only put in the junker battery because I called in to inform you of my picking up my car which you delayed by at least 3 days both of  which makes it sound like you were already engaged in piecing my car apart to sell it.  like you work for Macy and Page's Police Handalers or something....  Then you have the audacity to steal a rock from my car. Well you got what you planned for when you put that juncked battery in my car and when you stole from my car you Tow Truck Agency employed by the local Police Sheriff and masons.  You got me to break down and be stranded, happy, good.  Now because of you I have some push against me that really is owed to you and it is you that should be broken down for robbing a car, and admitting it so effortlessly as if to indicate that you can't even get in trouble, your the abuser and your dirty your a launderer and a thieve but worse your a human trafficking ring, so your Listed and your father might need to be listed too, ok Walt Orum Jr your Listed and since you had your ex wife threaten me by gaining access to me that only your sheriff friends could have promised to you and yours,she's also listed, her crazy out of her mind ass Merrit Shoemacker aka Merrit Orum.

Your out of your mind.



Blog #510

2/28/18  Just Listed

Harvey Weinstein.




Blog #509

2/28/18  Green Valley Ranch

2300 Paseo Verde Parkway, Henderson Nevada 89052

I had to file a complaint with this woman GVR when her potty stunk so bad that I had to evacuate, her sewers are remiss  and she had her Howard the door guy enter my room when I asked for a female since I was in the shower when the entire disgust of the pluming backed up into the shower, I was wet , undressed, and with shampoo in my air asking for a woman to help me evacuate GVR's disgust, she isn't very clean.  It was a room that Mike the cop from washington let me stay at on his roll.  It seemed nice of him however it wasn't. 

check the room see if there were any cameras.

yours for the ru



Blog 508

2/27/18   Did you all think about it when you tossed it back at me…

When I reported to the police about being trafficked in vegas by the Stations Casino’s through Mike’s free stays at that Maloof venue, I did infact tell the police that I was trafficked by Mike and for the laundering of cleaning dirty money that comes from the Joseph Kony legacy of trafficking, and legacy is kinda just the wrong way to put it but the way I put it to police was perfect, and no I didn’t use the word legacy, I basically just came right out and said it that I was being trafficked this way because the maloofs are laundering LRA money.

Then I got attacked and my dog stolen to facilitate the attack, Officer Betz did inform someone that had deputy Hilsabeck instructed to intimidate me about Vegas, and yes there certainly is some sort of Beverly hills I look like her and Alvin looks like her husband and we look like were sitting across from Adrienne type of sycophantic psychopathy centered around Big Mike’s trafficking of me in Vegas as if he was just helping me transition into the place I found a job at, the Grand View, who hated me they hated me in training because they had an actress doing the training and some british type of sounding fool as the owners broker. 

I’m not saying that I’m fodder, wait wait… I’m not saying that Alvin and I are not fodder for the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills but I guess I am saying it…. I look so seattle but feel so LA”””

Well I guess that came near full around since it was Big Mike who did traffick me in Washington and in Nevada through his casino link up, he did traffick me at one other casino but if I told you which on I’d have to start saying caprece salad that same way the rest of you all do.

Any how, at that casino, the hard rock, I learned something about the difference between the management of the maloof’s laundering and the (the maloofs owne the Boulder casino’s) rock hards’ laundering, the hard rocks attorneys are salon cia agents, the maloofs are not.

So Pushcar, your like a whore the way your always making sure you lie for the camera got any good looks lately.  Threaten me for telling on the maloofs, you go to jail.  Stalking me for telling on the Maloofs, you go to home base then on to prison, keep your home base for your selves your going to need it.

Oh oh and I did the pony tail dance first long before you found our stand ins.

See the first time I a had my meet up with Mr. Wynn, I was standing with Alvin Mansour, were were at the spa at the Wynn, and we were visited at the desk by the owner, Mr. Wynn, the looser Mr. Wynn, the arrested in real time masseuse of his, his in time address party he had me fill out at his casino, and when I had been shopping for a diamond ring in vegas  this last time I was there I was shocked to find the diamondair at the Wynn had a huge crack in the huge multi million dollar diamond I was interested in it was yellow gorgeous and well it wasn’t on the list after I realized…. I tried it on and when I showed them the crack they said it wasn’t there, then they said it was a natural flaw, I daid it’s on the gma map of the stone then?  then they said oh, it’s a crack in our stone, I told them if I were to buy it I’d bring in my own appraiser and something bigger then their microscope they tried to act like they don’t have but even with a ten mag loop you could tell they had lent out the ring without having approval or wouldn’t it have been pulled and reinsured and reshaped and not just put back in the window for sale, hmmm.  My diamonds are still missing just like the rest of my stuff robbed from me some of it as if it weren’t a robbery.  Resigned from any good presidential seats for the presidential parties lately. 

Your all in the bucket.

Hire what you want you won’t be.

Kony diamonds laundering presidents are we getting anywhere yet, didn’t my stand in look alike wither Mansour look alike husband have their home robbed and her jewelery robbed…. Pay attention.  I’m hear you can have me ask my self questions about Hawaii of you can just behave….. go ask Alvin if her confronted anyone at the Hawaii airport for stalking me, he did he picked up a man that was standing behind me reading my itinerary and he later blamed this on me when this man somehow later in the week when this same man from the airport somehow showed up next to me again as I was shopping at the hotel mezzanine where alvin was sitting talking to one of the directors…. This man had to go to a totally different island from the one he airport stalked me at, and no this man could not see our flight itinerary, he would have only been able to see my rental car data and would not have been able to have gotten the island hopping data from either Alvin or from me, and when Alvin saw this man behind me again on a different island later in the same week Alvin acted to me like I must have had something to have done with it so if you all didn’t get the marriage out of us that you wanted its because of you all not because of me, he was not my type after all though, isn’t that a hoot. Turns out my type has way more money then Alvin.  And it turns out my type knows how to love.  My stitch came loose again, how many threads I got… wait for it.

You got my thread count or not. Yours came loose now I see you lied, you care more about just my thread count, find me see me deal.  It’s the 27th do you know where your boy is tonight. I hope he is a gentle what, a gentle man. “”””

It was a hot dog, you blew your entire cover over one hot dog.  You had him listen to me say to Charlotte that we need to get a hot dog, then he ran to the infamous seattle hot dog cart came running back toward up with a hot dog in each hand, then he started to eat them, he ate my hot dog, he at it right in front of me after running to go get it, he ate my hot dog right in front of me, my dinner, he at it right in front of me while holding the second one right infront of Awino, she didn’t care but I did, I knocked that hot dog from his mouth, oh his just one mistake his just one mistake, you all blew your only cover by an inchoff hotdog.  You fucked up so bad your brainwashed soldier hit me for knocking his hot dog out his mouth for eating it in front of me after he ran to get two hot dogs that he know we needed, we said we wanted, we planned on walking there to get ours …. He ran there in the instant I thought the thought and said the say, he ran to get it an keep it away from me from me from me and my roommate, he was on her plane.  David Wetzle blew your cover over a hot dog, he fought me physically for your hot dog of mine I knocked from his hand and out his mouth when he ran back to eat it infront of me, fuck you.   He had his mistress Awino fight me like a mini harm, like she was his protector, and was she.  She felt so horrific for going l.r.a. on me and I didn’t even know yet about her past, you all blew her off and defaced yourselves, and you hottdoggied it all away.  If he had handed up our hotdog’s he would haven’t have had the one mistake and  you all would have gotten me killed the way you wanted too. Your done.   You will always be known for blowing your cover over a hot dog.  Her with her british accent like she isn’t a dictators daughter.





2/27/18    Champion Champion""

Yes, what, your calling me from the future again, uhmm ok what went wrong

We almost forgot something yesterday

Huh, you almost forgot yesterday that I care, don't ever my love, forget that I care, I am the one that cares. 

Did you say that I can live through this?

Live through what?  

Champion listen, can I do anything?

I told you so, yes you can do anything.  

Champion, can I give you this thought from the past so I can live through my head ache

No, your too young.

I must be, I'm calling you aren't I

What happened, your mad at me, what happened.

I shouldn't have hurt you

I can say anything. 

Like What

Like whats his name is an NSA Agent

Who's an NSA Agent?

Manafort is.  Paul Manafort is a NSA Agent, he was part the the NSA's turn to run the Presidency, see, Obama was and is a CIA Agent and this was their time to stop running the presidency but they don't want to let go. 


Are you ok


I must be, I'm calling you aren't I Are you young enough? Are you? 

Yes I'll be there too. love you

Are you sure

Yeah, I'll be there for you. Here, take this with you through the phone lines, its the power of being the Champion, now lets see how you feel.

I feel like I used to be a man. Can I have my own power, you'll have repeated safety, money, and fame.

Good.  I think having to live through something is too painful, I find that you have lived through it though it doesn't happen. 

Are you sure you love me

Yes 100 percent. I don't need to be killed in 2020, Im the Champion they lost. 

I love you more

Hmmm. The good kind of hmmm.... I won't let them kill me not now not ever, love you.

You love me?

Yes and they don't get to kill you either. 


Blog #506

2/26/18  I'ts probably a dummy missile,

Tube Chop this is great

"I don't have to do it again, I'm not a whore"    Sendak -

I'm glad Sendak said it, since Im the one that you seek to have pay his time. 


If this has to be done again I might correct you with this 5911615

Put the guy in to jail that your thinking of me to serve his life sentence, this is done now for me and for my family. 

Jessica Marie Seymour


Blog #5045

2/24/18  thought you could be

Hi Team Coco, whats up with that name, I know what coco means in frienche I mean french but what does it me to you….

Are we another goat or are ww e another machine, are we doing this thing, is someone else doing this thing, who’s doing this thing.

Please tell the Comedian from the train game episode that I said thank you.  I thought it was a beauty she did a great job and ya guess getting married is the way to exploit a person. Hmmm.

Did I mean to say exploit a person for wanting to get married, or avoid a show, or was I actually looking for true love, Im not the one who came up with stuff like the “Bachelor” so tell me Im the one.

And on that note, Pete Wentz you’re the only one, I mean it I truly love you and only you you and I will be together forever and we will love each other, you’re the one, I’m telling you that you’re the only one.  I won’t even lie to you, you’re the one I love you.  Because I do , I do  I do love you, I want to be honest, I love you. You’re the Only One, I see you in your tub kiss your woman and laugh with your child, and i realize you’re the One, I love you.  I see you when your in your stages of vampire to beating a big old dude in an arena while I and my lions clinge to your every move, I love you.

If I thought you could b I would just watch you and see, if I knew you were me I would just breath

If I could wait a day I would grab you to say that I need you I need you I need eeeeed you.

If you wait for me, I will make you pleased you will be with my hand and will eat in the place of the grate

Do you please do you please take this breath with me eeeeeee.  Take this breath with me.

I can be I can be I can be eeeeee I can be eee.

I can be I can be I canbeeeeee free, I can be I can be free.


Its yours Pete Wentz I love you and you’re the Only One.  I need you to believe.

Kisses, Smootchez,


I wrote this song specifically for you but I want you to finish it so we can have done this together. 


Blog #504

2/23/18  Easier for ever now again

Welcome back, your safe here again, I will now make it safe for all you’ve waited on, I am yours we will be.

Iam ready for you.

My sisters birthday is in celebration in Cali in the place we were both born, Happy Birthday jennifer.

I got enoughuybecause.  This game has always acted like you need to be and now its after you so name the perv that trained you to sell this financial product that got him thrown in jail almost, see he’s a perv and he stalked you before our father died, hes a bit of a game player and has you selling his product for too long that it got you raised up in a specter of advancement see your such an interesting person that you got put on a read trip of your own around and around asking for $5000 checks from all his friends so he could sell you to them easier, all while you lose lose lose, all the money you make converted to special areas special rooms special realities, special tri, I am done Im in heaven now with my man, were done to them and they look to you to be in their re, get safe, play hard hard play, use his name he is done and so is the stalking and trafficking of you just as fast as you can report him now and all the things he said, all the things he did, all the pervs he had you talk to, all the funds he sloshed around through your housing needs, all the shell corp names hes had, all the dirt he thought you would clean by your own need to eat and live and have shelter, I love you, close it, you will be the closer for the first time in your life, feel the power its yours, enjoy, you’re the best get em girl.  I will post your data for you in this blog if you want it to be easy and quick, but it does happen now, All the things done to you when he was up in your life all the loss, hospitalization like you just drink so much water, the robberies, who cares if they were fake diamonds the robbers didn’t think they were fake. Report him to the federal department of corrections first. Hint hint.   

Hey, if you wanna go to FOB on your birthday in our home town I’ll take you, Love you, Love Jessica.

Love you also mom, you can not report what’s been done to you I get it, but you already did to a court that has what you can recall in its filed finished shelving, don’t you get it you lost now we get stalked but you don't have to have lost, now enjoy your children’s victories, we do it in hopes that you get free too, we love you, be nice to us, they tried to make you hate us but you don’t and we know it.

Here, on this day and in this hour a song written and given to Imagine Dragons:

Moon That Wont Collide

Did you think I didn’t see,

Honey on the back of a bee

OH your an apostrophe Ima a hashtag on alongwith (&)

Ampersand and Encempris can you flee can you introduce me


I can’t behave I can’t behave I can’t behave I can’t behave


If you need to have a drug I m the honey to your side,

Im the moon that won’t collide I am your honey on your side,

If you need to have a drug I m the love upon your face the innocence of grace

The hour and the pace


I can’t behave I can’t behave I can’t behave


I will believe the babies in the bees the truth that we cant see the peace we are to achieve

The house is in the eave the seekers don’t receive, the each of the empty believe

I can’t behave I can’t behave


When you come to me so heavenly spent

I can’t repent

Get your wealth and feed my heal, keep me steal, try to eat the hour after I die, like a fly

Don’t you want a bee.

Don’t you want to feal.  Foyer full of thunder I was in there the hour after, try to eat like a fly


I can’t tell you how to repeat your age, your underwear, your not a tare

They were mine, I’ll fly in like a Bee and Return them to Me.


I can’t behave I can’t behave

I can’t behave I can’t behave


I can’t behave I can’t behave. //

When you can’t have it today or any day Not Today Not Today but soon we’ll set you free again and let you behave.  Written by Jessica Seymour melody is the 8 above 8 on G. Its yours Imagine Dragons, hope you enjoy figuring out the rif.  You could donate all the proceeds to nonprofits, you could do this thing. Everyones is talking, you could do this thing you've been doing. 

I want the box, sooner I will just take it, why you get to have so much of it.  Not A dove, they are stuck saying the same thing every day, it might sound peaceful but it’s a trap, their always asking me my name.




Blog # 503

2/23/18   Frosty the Snow Man Not today Little Boy not ever.

“to fund gun violence research”

Oregon apparently needs more gun research I suppose they didn’t have enough that day that story broke about a highschool there getting shot up though

Its always going to be about watching you in your own home, its not safe to let all registries get passed, it becomes too easy to call you crazy, think about it. 

I don’t have grimiacing but when a camera is watching me as I am doing 30 things at the same time while listening to an oppressor that’s gained my ability to leave from her talk all about the trafficking I can’t even imagine is going on, I some how look like I’m talking to myself though Im just stating things I typed to see how they sound, I actualy wanted to see how they hear but that just makes me sound worse.  I was looking at nothing thinking to my self and lipping the words I just typed, Im an artist that highly specializes in written word and even I can look odd trying to type and read and entertain and listen and fret, I told Macy not to talk about having worn her mask the entire time she was steeling those trucks, I didn’t want to hear it or know about it I was at her mercy and didn’t want to be, think about all the things those who watch on the computer cameras of ours see when they’re stalking us, imagine it all now being part of a background check for gun purchase, or a back ground check for a job, or part of an id check to go buy a tomato. The last thing Oregon or anyone else in the world needs is “more funding for gun research”…. You have no idea the level of abuse being done & payed for as if it was research,  I mean , it’s a number one war crime tribunal type of thing this “were just doing research” crap is all about.  You have no idea how few gun issues there realy are, it’s the money made off these shootings yes, sure, any idiot can conclude such, but what about the sex. 

Do you want to talk more about the trafficking ring that stalked me after getting me to the table with Donald Trump.  Because first we have to talk about how I never got trafficked at all until after Larry Klinghoffer bought the Hooters Resteraunt, that I worked at, away from the prior owner…. Now that company has fingerprints of all the Hooters Girls, as a way of logging in for work as a way of ringing up your potatoes and didn’t 24 hour fitness do the same thing in San Diego to the people trying to work out at the Mission Valley Mall, didn’t SDSU do it to just to get into their gym, its invasive and finger prints are on hot demand.

It was a Seattle based firm that started trafficking me in San Diego after buying the Hooters Restaurant I worked at without giving them my finger prints, and it was their pervertManagers that decided to show up at Starbucks in the late of the night wearing pajamas for the SDPD’s incessant need to cover up their crimes by calling me “crazy”.  Now after all this time of Seattle’s Perversions, they had that Oregon shooting when their SPU shooting didn’t take the research far enough, bravo Oregon you did a great job trafficking me around with your police, now how about having your needed research on gun violence help itself out.

Are you smelling this shit, the dogs are barking.

And while you wait the kids aren’t alreight,

Next gen psychos are being made and given guns while we get accused of being crazy so that we can’t have any guns.  Ridden any good trains yet, the kind where you and all your friends you haven’t seen since youth all take out some shooter that needs food.

Are we stupid and is it fun. How will the world look with out anymore Research.


Jessica of the Angels


Blog #502

2/22/18    The Train Game, Play yourself in real life…

So did these three guys that play their own selves in this movie actually think this shooting event on a train was something we all think is just a coincidence about them 3 being on the train not knowing that each of them were on the train then finding out that they somehow took out a bunch of terrorizing shooters that somehow ended up being some homelss guy from a park, and that each of them as childhood friends just somehow got on that train together accidentally unknowingly for themselves, now they play their role in their story they have in theaters right now… play yourself go right a head, while the teenagers march let them be the next gave is as far as your concerned, enjoy the red carpet;

February 8th 2018 Conana O’Brien show, episode 81130 watch it here      but know the link expires today.

Danes Father is the prostitute of his own son.

Your not a ward you’re a tarmac.

Your timeis now

Dunnagan, you sound delusional.

Police man dunnagan, in san diego sbuy, you sound delusional, report any crimes lately.

I know your story sounds so delusional that I already reviewed it and found out that you’re a craptacular.  That means Im gonna kick your ass. Heard any good videos lately, I did. Ok then again, maybe your just delusional. Sounds like a grade school fight.

Your delusional your delusional your loosing your mind, how does Mariah do the bath thing, she’ll find out real soon and I’m betting on her win. Right pariah, right right. Hey Pariah, Did you hear Mariah singing to me on New Years, Im a hero. Yoru still a rapeist, that uses the enforcements to crazy’afy your victims. Talked to Chipman lately Pariah, your delusional your delusional boy your loosing your mind””””

Here is a video of the dunnagan cop in diego telling a victim she sounds delusional for reporting a crime: Officer Dunnagan says oh, let the highschool kids have their delusion blown up in front of them while they march let them be called delusional and that there is no gun control issue that any law can solve, so that they can get the conditioning they should have for having access to staged events.  Have Dunnagan go to their rally and tell them they sound delusional:

They show up again and agian.png


Tell them nothings being done to them and that their all just actors anyway, agreed to go to school that day, agreed to do what their parent say, agreed to be angry for the show, agreed to have that friend walk the toe, agreed to say he did it on his own, agree to keep him silent about you all, agree to keep the murders a necessary part of the experiment in what is it that guy in that late late late show said, he said “Brittan had a shooting, passed the necessary gun laws and never had another high school shooting, England same, this other country same, that other country same, then this country did the laws with out being forced, now that countries gone, now you America why can’t you listen to your teenager”  yea that’s what that import from England of Africa said on his show, how about we do as weeeere told as the deal is on the table, no more if  you just do the deal we are demanding. Fake Tears Were Living Fake Tears Their Living, delusional delusional.“”””

Yes I was saying that I had to audition for the Apprentice, and so when being questioned about it by she who made me audition she learned that I’d met the Donald, and that he was tall then she, my grandmother, interrupted me and asked so did you get on the show then, I said no.  It was Bobby’s wife who forced me to go the apprentice audition, and yes she did force me to go shes the one I grew up calling Grandma Carol.  She’s the daughter of Charlie in the masons ring of righteousness. She sold me out to the Donald as an apprentice and she is going to have to recant a few things soon my own family  the way she acts is in tribute I wasn’t , I wasn’t ever hurt by anything more than her by what she agreed to tell me do to me say to me say about me, she’s the reason the reason.  The ring of righteousness is now mine, I’m not like her or like Charlie, and Florida Masons don’t three two one one two three fingers make the world go round anymore.

I am ready to fight the fight are you ready to stop.  168687

Did you think It was over yet, its not The Gods are At War.

Loaded God Contest, Cock It And Pull It.

Am I mour then you bargained for yet, don’t mind me, Im just watching you hiding in the closet watching me.

You, your favorite color is blue, you like me, almost more then you love me, I was on their play, you stoll me from them, you believe, you look dark and handsom but your white, just like me.  You love to be alone, but not usually, you’re a team mate a team mate though you thought you we and under the face, you love to eat ham and beans, you don’t want me to know you but you don’t want me to not, you think I can see you but your so in the center you forget the wind, you got a triangle loaded and want me to be the situation you just don’t want to be found out to be a Mc Ultra love, you don’t want it to be true, I get you. And we sit and say look what their doing, look at them now in their house in their town.  Hmmm. You had to have seen me when I was younger, maybe at my third grade something, you’ve known me since 3rd grade and now you’re a man only how did you end up younger then me. Oh, you didn’t. They did’t tell him yet that I got stolen, and when he finds out in a little while he’s gonna get you. He will tear you apart like a tiny little bitty tiny wire tap.  A wire tap is how you go down, your stupid er then stupid is.  Why would I save who stole me, because you know how to put me back, its a little bit worse then my wound your sutures, it just a little bit worse.

You need me to love you back but breaking your brain over me has gotten you alive, not woke like the other teams say, but your alive not dead.   When you look at them under your lights under your teams cameras you see their dead, you don’t look at your self I know or you’d have had a clear learn already made, I love you what you’ve allowed to be done is left out, ok. Do you know what I am yet. Do you know who I am, do you know me.  Canyou love again without knowing me is what your after isn’t it. I love you too.  There. Are we done.  Do you know yet what you stole from them, do you know how nice my life is by now had yo never stolen me.  You couldn’t be with me so no one can have me, you couldn’t stand who they wanted me to marry so you stole me then placed me like you hate me when I’m all you ever need. You can’t tell me nothing till you tell me who I am, do you know what you stoll yet, and when he finds out he’s going to do what.  When he finds out that Im not where he put me what are you going to have to say.  Wasn’t he waiting for my specific day to have me be his again and look what you’ve done, you better get going with placing me back where you dragged me down off of or your out of luv, Gold Plated… even little piggy joy rapp knew the pedistool was gold and calling it golden was not so offensive as being called goaled platted but you’ve got very little explinationing left. Soon he comes to the pedistool he placed me on to find me what… not where he placed me. Do I look like I ran off the place I was, or do I look like I was robed because he sees. Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you not to say they taste the same. Haven’t you ever seen those that have had to talk to him. Don’t even move.  

You’ve gone on bragging about it like you all have not the ability to fix, ability to stop, ability to say.  Here I am stuck off the pedistool he placed me on not knowing your campusory detail

I am here telling you that some one stole me planted me tried to kill me in an attempt to make me look like the blame taker for thieir killing of others, all on a campus, all after calling me crazy since I found their hidden cameras that their Tartaro filed in court in his answer to compliant that he had immunity for his hidden camera placing  rapeing in my home…. And your all still willing not to act as though this thing is a horrible experiment with horrible repercussions for you all, gun control is like a baby you can have your baby and you can kill your baby but you can’t do both without someone seeing the bump.  Heres what that means, you are not able to do both with out someone seeing you.  I am here and am telling you about this game your now all watching Florida Teen playing, like an experiment where some know about what their into and with some not knowing what their into by the acts of others, you seeing them organized by a machine that is intent to stop white market guns in some way to have more opportunities to call you crazy, harm, call you different and grow a market in which they will call some of their buyers crazy and use your purchase to imprison you, while calling other patrons of thiers a good candidate, and yet while others will be come inslaved to them as a handler a pusher or as a seller.   You don’t want to live the way this experiment has its control and hypothesis living, trust me, I am the control and you don’t want to have to be living the way this game has intend for you all, all, all, not a few, not just those that are doing stuff, but all.

Look, when you need to pass such requirements to get protection, and when staged events become more real then the real, when this gets the approval that every other Late Late Late Show sponsor countries have lined up and given, you end up with a less safe way of having your own life.  You need that though right, you need to be in a way of having to need help living your life right, so you can have a harvest box delivered to you from he who would take the top.  In the event he gives up his next check, he is the slave and I am free.  At that time we will talk about his useage his ring of traffickers al though they will probably be getting called the racketeering launderers rather then traffickers but the sex is there already so who will call it trafficking once the slave of all slaves is introduced to the like Hillary was introduced.   In Case God Doesn’t Show, Let It Roll.””” Thx Forthememeories, its like you but weeter,  oh, gues Im’ a prostitute because I found the cameras they  hid in my home,  me thinking its because they hid the cameras is a bounce too short, Im a prostitute because I found their hidden cameras, got it, got it.  Have you ever seen anyone I had to deal with.  The new face of failure, bullet proof but not any better off’’ if I woke up next to you would we see the moon. Setting in a honeymoon, if I woke up next to you, prettier and younger and better off, honeymoon, invasioin of privacy is allowed. Im just your prostitute honey if I find the cameras. Do you know who is actually a prostitute, Travis Meyers is actually a prostitute and his mommy is too.  Im only a prostitute for reporting your crimes, your crimes, your crime.  Calling a person a prostitute isn’t supposed to harm them right, but for if your forced into it because you were called it, or did you just find out force and hidden cameras are not normal, did you just find that out, that what you do is not normal or protected, but call everyone who finds them your prostitutes call them that then make your iinvestmentigations choptop and propprp, so you can just investigate away all your investments you didn’t actually have the money for like me lying on an auto loan about how much I make so that I can drive a way from you relentless on foot stalkalogy, oh but I didn’t lie its you fbi autosales men that lie on applications like depsterate dirty thieves.  Found another of you and you should have seen the look on his face when I told him no. He looked like a cop that was just told no.  He looked just like a cop, you know I have a theory, when your undercover you are who your employer has you go cover as.  If you’re a bunk as perv you get to be undercover as a sales man and that’s just what you are, you’re a sales man.  If you’re a pervert rapeist you get to be undercover as a arms dealer, and that’s what you are you’re a gone toeting dealer.    None of you are actually federal agents anymore your just the whores your boss told you to go be. Prove me wrong.  

If I paid you to go be a mafia heavy man so that you could tell me all about who your killing, aren’t you just the mafia heavy man, not actually a federal agent but just a whore that kills twice each time.  Let the Leaves Fall Of in the Summer, start over Again In Mexico, these bosses they don’t love you, and they want you to find happiness in misery”””   Think about me. “””   Piano Hero, free love aint that expensive if you have the undercover job, I don’t care what they think, its about you Piano Hero, I didn’t ask to be a human test subject and do you think they’ll last, they don’t I take over the breaks over. Lets here it for Americas Sweet Hears I must Confess, your in love with my own.  Pretend that I don’t know Im a Legande and that Time hasn’t told enough people yet,  go on with it Bad Ass Piano Hero, must it.  Lets Hear it For America’s Sweet Hearts, they work at other places too not just the FBI.  

Just a little drop in their drink, as Polly Wheat says, and you can get them all talking their drunk rant that almost got us all out of this, just use the same exact person each time and it works, just a drop or two in their drink and they won’t shut up this time.   Your not just a foot note Piano Hero””  I love you too, you’re the best your behind my back already being on another guitar.  OH darling, the last time you came through oh darling oh darling whooo little darling, oh just use the same woman with the same game, have the bartender make them their sweety drinks just a drop away. K+  does he does he know the way to worship our love, does he ever end up like us, oh the last time you came through oh little darling, darling does he does he knowo oh oho oh oh ohy oh does  he know whoa, but I will never end up like them my backs already yours.  Tell MessAnger I got a gift for him, he’s been saved.  Do as the Wheat.  Right Piano Hero.  Use the same girl on the same guy , just a drop away like wheat would say, he'd talk all day. Who needed to hear that , probably someone  that asked you to do that one thing. 

The attorney’s league referenced in the Rachel Madow Show, where she will never forget the quote, about how this man in this attorney’s league said to the other that “you will never forget what I do to you, it will be disgusting, I will ruin you” and blah blah blah, its those guys you know, I mean you do know this, correct.

Its those guysn the ones Madina is part of the ring of attornies that make you all answer for your pay it’s the ring of attornies as they decide how bad your life is when you don’t want to date them anymore or care about how they all run the world as Ed would always say about how great it to date him.  I’m gonna buy you a drank””

Anyways, got a rhythm foryou, its called tr, use it or loose it.  If you take the re and twist the re you get to use the entire false prophet. I must spen a lot of time on computers to be able to tell yuwhat you’ve all been looking for, get your analog phones at your local deputies stations then re peat repreat reapeat. You got to triangle the re.   ( a re is a thing computers use to give you data in the form of an image), the images are going to make you thinkg about what your doing, your trafficking ring will continue to use this method of issuein you until you stop it, can you stop it, can they control it, can they cry enough people to get you in, can they work you in, can they implode what they want to, can a machine calibration be tuned to make the machine spill its contents, yes, can you get your re to be machine, no so then you have to let the implosion transpire but you have no time left so you have to take a dump and then repeat, you have to repeat, you don’t believe me, you won’t even see, you can’t get lavender from a tree.

Blowing thing up in Analog conversion scheme is just a research project (used by the military) cover for a digital analog human trafficking sales schematic, think of all we watch programed on our non analog feeds…. Think more about what non programed nonstop sex crimes analog conversion scheme programing looks like, is sold to, happens to be fed by, think about this befor you pretend that homemade servers are not a dish, it a ping on a satellite ping not a on satellite dish, its an analog dish, its enough to incriminate anybody just think about that what does digital do, what does it receive what does it do when ananlog hists to it. Is there a reason that people need secret soldcieties, is there any secret anymore, I am the last one to have a count, I count, I have account. Have you ever seen something called google earth a satalite zooms into any address, yep on this controlled aparatice the images are old I’m talking about watching all people any one at all times with satellites but with a ping off of them that get you into their room, their phone can emit images that you can watch, oh shit.  I am not the fastest iam am the slowest you have to play the tune to get the live feed, follow those turnup leaves, stay sweet san diego.  You don’t even know whats beenfound. Im tired of the way you all play the way you use your little bit of resources it s lie your slow ed, like you lick the window, speed it up a bunch see your tree forgive.

A story for Gary Rapp, I didn’t know I was going to get you to put me in this mess till I rectified something your daughter did.   You’re the whore of the day, not me.  I was just facebooking and look look looking then I saw your daughter on line and some one changed her status to gay likely because you were still in the room when the Dr Beverly Hills guy fucked joy in your bed, I was the only one who tried to stop your daughter from driving loaded, from fucking him in your bed and from helping himself to your what in your where, but anyways, if I lived in Hillcrest I might make you a lemon pot pie, or I mean a almond croissant, right kiwi, none of you saw that one coming and didn’t expect it, right Kiwi, right, well he’s a wizard in the kitchen and drug rapes women too, but he’s not the pianito he… wait wait wait, I mean he’s not the piano hero.   You’re a rapeist too aren’t you Delrosa right “Kiwi” derosa  or what ever your name is, you’re a rapeist to aren’t you is that why your husband left you or did he leave you because you’re a joy. 

Have fun deciphering that one Gary.  And while you already on your next job your next victims, I gonna buy you a drank. ‘’’

The things some think to show me I don’t care to see, we’re in a next level arena it’s a graduation party.

Happy G Day



Blog #501

2/21/18   NnnnnnDiego  sbuy, so hold me tight or do…..

So apparently their getting hack attacked and my fun little agent salt video isn’t playing but neither is the guilty video that Macy made.

If Im a prostitute for hidden video’s made by those invading my home, got that Keith Philips & mohalk-man Jan, if Im a prostitute for hidden video’s made by those invading my home, if I want money for restitution for your hidden video games you destroyed me over, then I can upload anything I want under your predetermined against me legal doctrines.  So if Macy is a murderer and a trafficker Handeler kept under the crime ring of Dane’s, Danes Father’s, and Auckenbok, who all tried to traffick me, keep me from financial freedom (yes the timeing of my  month long abduction you all just did was timed to destroy the credit I just rebuilt after 10 long years of your shit, I had just applied for a home loan and received a guarantee of credit worthiness should I have the three other credit cards I then got for the necessary bump up of my credit score and BOOM I get called some criminal for driving though Im driving to save my life, though I wasn’t even actually driving but what ever, though Id be driving to escape trafficker, yes so I get called a criminal for driving as if San Diego Police didn’t stalk me to get away with my driving record license, yes so I get called a criminal for doing what all others would rightfully do drive to escape trafficker, yes so I get called a criminal so that over three months of my ability to bump up my credit score gets destroyed away from me, I get this done to me after trying to have a DMV fill my need.  It was a Vegas DMV that started trafficking me in collusion with that guy that guy that guy, the one who has my vine, the one who told me all about his meeting and talking with Donald Trump, that guy his huge ass “let me help you” self that stalked me in Washington, that guy that lives in cali and just needed to help me so he did when I relocated to Vegas, I mean why not relocate to Vegas its what Albert Machhour’s Agents had him and his brother do when he got caught human trafficking me for your perv ring NNNNNNNNNDiego sbuy. Yes, uhm if Ima a prostitute that wants to get paid for your hidden cameras you put in my home with out any warning then Macy’s confessions obsessions admission traditions and children she can’t protect like I can  protect a child can all be posted and since news is so fake then my syndications can be protected under the law to be let stayed syndicated right vimeo. Right.

Anyway, yea that guy, that guy that guy, he is that guy from Washington that wanted to help me in Vegas always driving to Vegas from Cali to help me while I was transitioning from the job hunt aka Greatview or wait wait it is callHthe Grand View, anyways its that guy, its him, he told me about gambling in another state that Trump owner of the casino he was at just sat down next to him at the casino to talk to him and said “look at all these people that come here to just leave their money with me”, its that big tall guy, he works for Uber and he fancies himself to be a Senator some day, he was that Oregon cop that Vancouver right by Oregon Portland cop, he’s that cop that pulled a “stupid foster kid” out of a fireplace chimney way back when, its that cop guy who helped me inn Vegas.  Guess what, I never had so many problems in my life till I met Donald Trump, oh yes of course it was for the Apprentice, of course I was sat at a table in Los Angeles pulled out from the crowd place in front of their cameras, sat at a table with others who all had specific things to say and when the camera came to me I was asked a specific joke and I responded, “hey I make a lot of money” and then my life began to be stalked differently right Mr. McUltra.  So when I watch your Conan O’Brian show all about me, I can’t help but think that the Black Masked MessAnger needs me just a little bit more and when the black tries to acquire the white reds will all fall down.   See white can detach from the black at any time and still go back and reattach, but black can not, if or when black detaches from white it dies, it can’t reattach either, so hold me or do. Red aint your pocket.  

Yes Donald Trump was there that day sat at a table, picked me out of the entire line up with a brown haired clipboard toting producer that did so many double takes of me that it became obvious, so not knowing what to say when the camera was in my face I told them I make a lot of money, and now I hear about it on the O’brien show the show the show watch this show.

Macy, you thieving whore, you stole my foundations tax papers so that you could sell them, you basically sold me in that thought process, you made that video you made it, you were the last one on my computer and you’re the one that had my computer going when I was in your room figuring out what to do with my hair, and when you told me later that your pentagram necklace is just a star of david I realized your fakeness was atrocious, I have all rights reserved for posting your video you made by going into my computer with out propertly asking me first, you’re a trafficker who is a grand theft auto admissionary who is a whore of Davids, I mean San Diego’s, yes you’ve been to that crazy jail house facility right, you’ve been to jail in San Diego right, you’ve been to Los Collinas correct Macy, I didn’t know you but your team did know about me, you trafficked me and my video you made is self defense even under one of Keith Phillips more notorietied logics he spouted off in court recently.   Your children are more safe away from your unlocked doors, your Neighbors that set you up with bags of heroin, your men you keep, your triangle, you shit.  You speak like the whore you are and your moms bank account and biker friends are also done, you can’t keep hiding you stories in your moms bank.

Fuck off both of you and your polly wheat too. Your all filth and your disgrace is yours not my doing. M Keep your Shriebies and your toast close, keep your Africa so close, keep your children in harm as you lie and say you can get off the charges because if anyone other them myself belong in witness protection its your daughters who need it the ones you don’t even care to keep klean from diseases you can’t trace to a specific man, keep your children’s house door locked so men don’t keep coming in and leaving you stuff while your daughters get drugged and raped with out anyone knowing, even the left behind issues in them just get cared away with no questions asked no accountability made.  Your disgusting and have what to say about me.   What does your mom call your daughter, a cumbucket, yes that’s what she calls your daughter to your face right in front of your daughter and you still go to thanksgiving at her house, count me out. Fuck you  whores of San Diego.

NNNNNNNNNDeigo sbuy.

Your cheap I was not, the cost for doing this shit to me just whent up.   Mr. Obrien thanks.




Blog #550

2/19/18   Auchenbok

Here is the local police report of the day, its the second draft, should I post the first drafts, hmm

"Police Report


To Whom It May Concern,                                                 in re:  auchenbok

I was trafficked by a woman named Macy A. she stalked me in Sheridan Wyoming, she stole my clothes and paperwork that had my name, social security number, and business data such as my ein.

Macy A. is her married name though she is divorced, and she is in probation though relayed to me that she stole about 4 cars with a few others in the area, Macy is a handler for a trafficker she dated for about a year who puts her in jail whenever it suits him and he is one of the four that helped Macy steal the four cars (they were stolen from a man that this trafficking ring put into a prison sentence).  The man that puts Macy in jail whenever it suits him is a man that has a badge that smokes meth with all the people in town and that has a way of showing up where ever I am at to intimidate and harm me, his name is Auckenbauch and he scares me, he has a long ugly beard and he had a different woman stalking me and harassing me also at the home of someone who said she would help me with my car.

Auckenbauch has a problem where he likes to give young girls the idea that he can do what ever he wants but then he gets the girls put into jail, and Macy told me that she thought the two of them were going to get married, but as soon as this Auckenbauch broke up with Macy he had  her using money that turned out to be fake money then he even was able to get her extra time in jail when another fake bill was found (placed) in the tip jar of a bartender. Macy has no idea that she is being trafficked, though when I told her that she is not safe she acted like she is scared then she started talking murder about people.

I somehow was finding my video practices in my computer had captured one of Macy’s murder threat statements and admissions to having grand theft auto crimes that she and her crew were looking to try to cover up and one of the girls needed food so Macy was organizing that, I sent the video to the police in Sheridan via emailing it to Angie Long at the Public Defenders Office and via emailing it to Louey Williams and to his employee both who are of the local “DCI” Agents (Attorney General Agents) that actually appear to be running the crime in this area; if you research how the jail cells get filled up so specifically and intently you realize that those in the area pretending to be “investigating” crime are actually just keeping criminals in their ring of control, like for example, once Macy found out that a woman named Paige Zorn had informed me about a “Aukencops” badge, Macy somehow ended up in a jail cell for a weekend with Paige Zorn so to intimidate and threaten Paige regarding the stolen cars and regarding Paige’s grandfathers plans to have the stolen trucks moved.  This areas “investigators” and “legal person’s” and “law enforcement” are part of this crime ring that uses a cover of a “biker gang” known as the “hell’s angels”, all of which I have learned through a very ugly stalking of me, I don’t do crime, I don’t own a motorcycle, I don’t do drugs, and I’m not a for sale woman so why I have had to learn all of this while this town has their criminals stalking me is very odd except for how organized they were back with this same type of organized crime in El Cajon California when they had this same criminal organization & structure working with an “operation shadowbox” via the Sheriff’s Department about a decade ago when they all blamed their crime on Chaldean people. I’m not even Chaldean but I sure am getting trafficked around by your same brotherhood of criminals.  I’m not a gang member and I’m not trying to be, have your freeks stop, see, one of your local police officers had his son start sex trafficking Paige Zorn after Paige stated in the Police Station the comment of “I hope taking blood from a little girl like me gets your dick hard”, as Paige stated repeatedly to me in her recalling of her meet up with this Officer who’s son Dane somehow later started to take Paige Zorn to this cops house as if he was just dating her and wanted her to meat his father, sure, but how does that account for how Macy was also sex trafficked by both Dane and Auckenbauch… Oh that’s right, I said it, this police officer in your town likes to have his son sex the women he uses to have trucks stolen, then when I am finally getting my car out of tow the woman who helped me tells me later about how much work she does with the tow guy who threatened me about how I want my car for free, and he was specific, and he told me I need to do some work and go around to his friends in town asking for money and when Polly finally got my car from him all of a sudden I’m then getting sold for sex to her tenant in a trailer she owns an when I found out about this a different woman named Brandy was brought in by Auckenbauch to be the one to have to have sex with Polly Wheat’s tenant, because I stated that I will never go to her tenants house to clean though this tenant tried to have me sexually speak at him on the phone and when I told him stop, he still tried with Vernon Staggs to negotiate some way of having me forced to his house, then he came over about a week or so later to view Brandy the same way he had done to me back when I was being told that he has new born infant clothes and needs a person to clean his trailer and that I can make $100 and a bunch of unused infant clothes if I go there, but he was going to drug me and I heard this conversating between Polly and him, then later Polly told me she wanted to drug Brandy’s boyfriend Josh.  I tried to leave and was beaten and struck by Polly, she yelled at me and told me that I’m not allowed to talk to anyone without her first approval and that I’m not allowed to have Josh shovel the snow from my car, and that I have to have all my communication go through her first, and that I have more work to do though I was doing all her cleaning that Brandy wasn’t doing, and all her paperwork and she even wanted me up at 2 in the morning watching and typing dictation of the 2 hour long video her attorney gave her of her arrest.  When I tried to escape, Polly physically and verbally and emotionally assaulted me, followed me, tried to keep her husband Vernon Staggs or Skaggs (I saw it printed both ways) from helping me leave when I needed my car towed to the local auto parts store Napa, where a man named Brandon and his co-worker both saw and heard Polly’s attempts to keep me in their control, Polly called the store demanding to know if I was there and Brandon said he was unsure as I had told him I was being stalked and that she is scaring me and please don’t tell her anything about me.  Then Polly showed up at the Napa parts store with Josh driving her and she came in then demanded that I leave with her, then she went home and called in again and told the Napa store employees to tell me to leave and to walk back to Polly’s and when they told her no and informed me of what she had just demanded, I tried to leave the store but Polly had a woman follow me that stopped me from walking away from the store by placing her car in between me and the sidewalk, and I had never seen this woman, she told me to get into her car and I said who are you, she said she’s Polly’s friend and that her name is Lynn and that I need to go back to Polly’s and get into Polly’s house immediately.  I tried to go from her but she would not let me so I walked back into the Napa auto parts store.   Then I finally got away, and had been stalked again since.  I am not part of a bikers gang nor am I part of any prostitution but you all like to allow rape as your method of allowing this human trafficking ring to exist, and sexual assault was part of how I ended up meeting Paige Zorn, Elaina Schriebies, and Polly Wheat, a man named Dan Helsibeck grabbed at my breast after threatening me about the police report I made in Las Vegas, and about the ACP program, I need Dan Helsibeck to stop stalking me. You also have a woman in that area named Cundiff who needs to stop stalking me also, she liked to try to make me some criminal that I am not and not only did Macy’s mother use the acts of Cundiff to try to control me, but the tow yard guy Walt Orum Jr. did too, he also used the act of Cundiff’s as his way of intimidating me, disparaging me, and terrorizing me… the criminal terrorizing this ring of esteemed people of Sheridan engaged in is debilitating and I want them to stop having me stalked and abused.

I would have never been a slave of Polly Wheats had I not been first abused by Cundiff, I would have not been in Cundiff’s proximity if I had not first been stalked, tormented and abused by Dan Helsabeck and his friend Pushcar who helped someone steal my dog.

I was abused by Macy who also stole my clothes and other items, she ransacked my purse and had threatened me, but didn’t want me going from her house after she started telling me stories about how her neighbors would “plant heroin on her and her son’s coats” which to me would have indicated to report such crimes but to especially start locking your doors, which Macy never did until the day I asked to leave her house since each time I tried to leave her house she would force me to go to a group therapy place with her that I didn’t fit in at.  I did finally after a lot of her manipulation with guilt and ranting and yelling finally go to the place that was offered to me back when I had begun recovering from being assaulted by bicker gang member Elaina Schriebies. A woman named Polly Wheat had befriended me to stay with her and that she’d help me with my car but it was Macy’s mother who had me intercepted from Polly Wheat’s house when I was finally out of the horrible situation that Angie Long had aided me to be in due to her lack of ability, her “conflict of interest” and due to her lack of care. 

I am scared for my life and safety due to your rings abuse you all allow and refuse to stop, and I had worked so hard for the safety and stability you stole from me.  My dog has already been reported as stolen to the local Sheridan cops but when they send their son’s to sex the women they get into their stations, maybe I need more help in getting my dog back.

I have video uploaded all of Macy’s admissions she had captured in a phone call to her friend and yes, I am positive that authorities use her phone on a tap but just ignore all the crime that ends up hurting their nice sweet victims such as myself. View it listen to it arrest accordingly from it at look in the Syndicated area if you can’t find the password in the blog.

I need help staying free from your abuse don’t try to contact me, you likely just like them, pigs perverts and delinquents.  Just get my papers for my business from Macy and returned to me via a method where I don’t have to deal with you.

Keep your police officers son’s away from me, I don’t want any.

Keep your sheriff deputies off of me, I don’t want any.

Keep your dog robbers and callers off of me, they don’t want any.

Give me my dog back, your scum.

Polly’s phone is tapped too, you can listen to her selling me and you can listen to Garth (aka Vernon Staggs or Skaggs) selling me via prosecuting those that wire tap her phone.  You can hear the clicking on her phone when you use it.  Macy’s friend gave me and her a phone that is tapped by the Sheriffs who just use the data to sell women and have women move their fake money and drugs like bikers don’t get jobs at departments.

Very truly,

Jessica Seymour"

All right Anti Stalker Nation and Street Light People, they keep wanting to say to me comments about me getting my car for free... here we go, how much should I pay to have tracking devices installed in my cars the day I buy them, should I let them work me to death.




Blog # 549
2/5/18  Game done. 

In the event that you missed it, it’s the Verano Family Crime Ring that Paige Zorn hails from, and she met President Obama at her Uncles funeral when she was young and he told her that if she ever needed anything to just have him called, her Uncle was a decorated military deceased. Merano verano verandas Miranda.  Where’s my rights. 

Blog # 548

2/3/18 church

HI, did you ask me a question, yes you did. “Put The Slime Away Some Where.

We don’t have a story that ends with no climax. The last thing I could be accused of is being anticlimactic, correct. Oh oh, am I supposed to be red right now from the white, can’t happen, he chose my license plate and my white convertible mustang said NOTFORU in Cali so your red machine is not what you want, trust me, when this stitch breaks your gonna want my fuzzy and you will remember that you asked for it you wolk up no luv. You wok up no uve you want my stuffing, here heres how I return the favor, you got to hold me or do. Now you want a confirmation here it is , yes. Every answer is yes. Now its about what you wouldn’t do, is there anything you wouldn’t do for money because there is nothing they wouldn’t do for money.

I am telling you hold me tight, a black masked messAnger looks uglier being washed off in the sink, the fabric was less costly but makeup is so special.

How deep you wanna go, how deep are you. I know. Rthe is how we end is too loose, keep it tight. Hold me or do you wolk up no luv. Yes he was not exactly the 8th guess I have a few moments unknown then, but yea he was a volllyball coach for the us Olympic team and yes he is a rapist, drugs you then forces you into sex forces you in his house forces you in his room where he hides in the dark, he hides his camera in the dark and tells you its because he is the trump of s an diego , he is the “little trump” due to all his house flipping he does and yes he’s a doctor, nt really a medicine man more like a medical abuser of us volleyball players, but yes his camera is hidden in a hole he tells you he is in remodel of his house, you can ask Yolanda Moats Shakoor all about him she knows him, she just didn’t get ot go to his house with some ply of listing it for sale. Go ask her about the doctor this team of perverts had attack me. Did I say yollyball, I meant VolleyBall as in the US Olympic Training Center in San Diego, yep he’s the doctor trafficking the US Olympics for the feds in SD. My stitch just came loose to take his Wilson and slam it spike it, tell him he’s crazy then force him into court so they can drag him off to the crazy jail of Diaz’s, it aint broxtermans back then, it was Diaz’s.

Nnnnnnnnnnnday goes right, hold me tight in the bible Not For You is mentioned a specific amount of time and our distance between us is sharp like a fight. Pretty sure this isn’t how our story ends, isn’t the climax you need. I have what you need. Im in his house he’s lost in his house he’s not in h is house when I am. He’s not in his house. I am in his house. Hold . Sleepon me tonight hes high were sharp, hes llaf tou you not me. You just can’t pretend were were lovers, were are friends were e friends were s friends cere we were friends now you love me no you seek me now you want me now you need me or I can just never call yo9u again did it hurt when I threatened it, yo think were not friends but you know me better then anyone else after all I think I got your dossier before you got mine. We are the last if you can get that achieved.

They come now toss them the book.

We have just started you got much more on the way start the next album with me. Not then not them not rem. Wake up no luv…. that’s worse than no luck im not staying in their house their staying in mine. Lets work on our friendship since that’s something that our ultra type of love has never done befor, were friends. that’s fine. Were friends cause were past the limit’s the sharp is not a bullet, it’s a sword we agree.

I love your face make up, and I cant keep you off my back so nananananathis isn’t how our story ends, build your climax hot and delicate, so delicate it cant fail. I wanna sleep on every single note and stud that comes out of you , nannannananana nother day goes high, hold me tight or note. Thanks for the little round trampoline interesting word for a blog you know. So many ways to go with it.

Offer them the data they keep you upon a totem with. They keep you on a totem the want you to fly they think I will dye they think they will get my violet speak more French to me and I’ll toss you ake.

Watching gymnasts get sexually abused on hidden cameras is not as fun as watching volleyball players get sexually abused on hidden cameras, the funds from the sales of the US Olympics Volley Ball Players and hopefuls is reap a full blame more then the gymnasts. Hold .

Ever wonder who is telling the doctors the commands on exactly what to do when an how to blame the victim when she reports it, ulta ultra big. Mr. McUltra, how you do’ing. Were all talking about you what does that mean. You’re my no no no that doesn’t work, hmm. Im your church, get on your knees and we will pray together side by side, did you need me there with you then. See I pray every day that’s how I know you see I’m holy to you and you know what the meaning of holy is? Get on your face please.

Yeah and the US Olympics for sale in viego he does like to smoke his pot too. He likes to smoke his pot take his viagra and rape the women of san diego, you loose, I dropped off a big old batch for the border patrol a while ago. Use it, it was his enemies.

Lets make sure how our story ends is more like how theirs ends. You’re the music to my story and now your part of it but you knew that was best, you were the only one. Heres my glory, I’ll add to your story.

Wilson huh, guess you need Yolanda Moats Shakoor, she’s there antithesis in the tr. Were past the limit’s the limits, the distance between us, use it.

Im about to harm you sexually by how deep we get. Not for u your memeories will suck for a while, remember I told you so you know not to stay there with them in those memorie, you need to play high, play high, play high, because not holding you is not an option. Jesus loves us not them and we all know how that used to go, here’s how it goes now, every piece of water and sod blames the god every piece of harm to my type goes to my eye, my eye, my eyes. Mine. You took Jesus past the limits, he now very mad. He’s not the sword but he did make one, sing it loud nnnnnnnnnther day is mine. Let their path of sexual abuses be their own to mingle in and shove them all away from the rest of us. If we didn’t do this thing we did no one would be talking about it at all but is talk what we know is how it stops, arrests don’t stop them they still open their sick little mouths and talk about how the victims just misunderstood. Lock them away in their own places. Nnnnnnnnther day is mine, you have my son he’s in your guitar, the one you play in the reverse, though you were told to play it backwards or was it upside down, did you think you were paying it wrong, don’t, I love you the most. You make me laugh the hardest. Did it seem weird weird to hear me say something they say to those they harm younger and younger. Did it stop you from wanting me to help you. You have no idea how bad it is soon. Play your star. Llaf tuo yo B.

Get video of me dropping off his pot to the Boarder Patrol in Canada where they stopped me, did you see anything special.

No no no no this isn’t how our story ends.

Do you know that we loved your first. They say their the reason why your so talented, why your so deep, so instrumental, so able, so interesting, so pretty, so smart, so able to fight with out them. I hate all their friends we miss the days that we pretended with you. Run Away and Never see any of u again, tell u to shit it out already, I mean spit it out already, say it. Become such a strange shat. Arent you sick of them even more yet. Get rid of them or are you afraid to be with out their Ultra taming. No your not afraid of that, get them all. I played them all. Stop stopping at one, go for them all.

Is love mean sometimes?




Blog #547

1/30/18   Isn't Paige Zorn fake, The veranda family crime ring isn't, even sitting pres barak obama goes to their funeral. 

So in a recent attempt to stop making me their next Victim

Angie ,  your the only one who refused to allow DeRosa to engage me illegally in front of you when you asked him to speak to you in the hallway, unfortunately Shoemaker picked up right were DeRosa couldn't get you to facilitate for him, and Shumacker would have only been able to do such had people in your office and the State Defenders office work together on (collude) (conspire) to have had it performed the instant you walked out of the court refusing to speak to DeRosa unless he'd go to the hallway with you which he refused to do, as you know.  They gained a 6 month long order after you left the court an order to act as though Im crazy, and the state was all about it with that corrupt C who ordered it with out DeRosa pleading for or actually asking for, he just used his plausible deniability by having C shelter the harmful discrediting act under her now forfeited judicial immunity.  Accordingly please don't share the password of this video with anyone in your office rather take the data for reporting your co-workers crimes since they all like to play with the State Attorneys Office. 

This video is a proof that your trafficking of me is done.  I am not pleased with how you allow your Tim and Emit to keep stalking me or to make it so poignant on Seymour Street. 

Attached is the report of crime, AND the link to the video evidence of it.  I was preparing my look for my next blog post when I captured this verbal admission of what had been relayed to me by Macy personally. I waited to do my blog because of how bad my hair looked, but then recently found that the computer had captured the phone call that Macy was on while I waited for her as I was looking in my camera to see if my hair looked good enough for the video blog I was going to be making for Martin Luther King Jr. day.  Now that I have found this video, I can see how stressful your acts are on me, and how stressful it was to be navigating staying with Macy. 

I am not your game so have your Agent Tim leave me alone, and stop stalking me. He is actively trying to get others logged onto the computer I use so he is scandalous in a team... have his team leave me alone too.  Stop acting like the badge he has gives him and Emit the ability to be human trafficking, mething, soliciting, raping, stalking, harassing, racketeering, robbing those they help you all to arrest and keep under protected in court. 

Thanks, Jessica Seymour 



Mr. Louey , Public Defenders Office Angie,

I have become aware of a crime I would like you to please send this crime report to the police in Sheridan since I am unable to, I would be back harmed for making this crime report all alone.   I have prior given the Police Chief a crime report and now am having further stalking made against me. 

I was walking across the street in my summer clothes and cloth shoes in a heavy snow  when two different trucks with women in them stopped to help me.  It seemed so necessary after how I had been defamed toward about the person I had been planning to stay with.

a crime where some man was put in prison then as soon as they could they went and robbed his house of his property including about 3 automobiles.   Macy started to tell me things like she has neighbors that have planted heroin in her home at least two times, she tried to scare me and intimidate me when I said that I was going to stay somewhere else, and as I put my stuff together to leave with,  she began using ambush tactics of telling me that she can’t breath and was not going to let me give her a psychotic breakdown, she tried to make me stay and acted like me going to a group with here was what I needed to do.  I told her that she’s correct that she’s not going to be doing that nervous breakdown thing as if I am her problem.  I told her she needs to stop and that she’s just fine, but yesterday when I was on  Street, Macy’s ex-boyfriend Handler of over one year had shown up to intimidate me, stalk me and otherwise harass me, and though I tried to stay still and be unnoticed he started to stair me down;  He is aware that I know about him and Paige Zorn (of the Veranda Family of Organized Criminals), he is aware that I know about him and his attempt to rape Macy this past holiday season, and he is aware that Macy asked Paige about “who has a badge”.  Macy told me that Paige Zorn helped Macy and others (seemed like she said about 3 people did this crime of attacking a person you put in jail) take the property of a man that is in jail but Macy used the word prison. 

I was just sitting there manifesting my on line blog post I was working on, totally surprised when I went back and heard what I captured.

Dane, the son of a Police Man is sleeping with both Paige Zorn and Macy Alden, and it is Dane’s police officer father that had Dane start trafficking Paige after Paige said to him upon a blood draw when she was arrested the words “I  hope taking blood from little girls like me gets your dick hard”, you got some real winners in your area, the type that have been getting inducted and trafficked for generations.

Dane is the other person

I don’t really care about your areas , but you all seem to need me here, keep me here and refuse to let me pass unobstructed so now when you show up at the places I’m at, while you make sure someone gets me to the location I’m at, you need to be arrested.  Your stressing me out deliberately, your having me stalked, you trying to harm me.  I am feeling very stressed by your areas conducts, you have attacked me unprovoked even after I performed my duty to retreat, you have done nothing but hurt me, why don’t you arrest your Agents that do nothing other then Rape, Get High, Sell Drugs, Sexually Assault, Set Up Women With Fake Money, Steal From the Homes of Those You Put In Jail, and then set up with others that have nothing to do with your area that you forced these others to.  You’re a crime ring that allowed for and planed for Dan Hilsibeck to Sexually Assault me in collusion with Who Ever Called You and you have had no reason to have your perverts get me to your town and forced to stay so long, unless it was all for your crime rings need to blow up Hilsabeck’s prior employer in Vegas with all sorts of interesting funding for emergency response.  You can hear Macy say about your other employee that her “grampas gonna take those trucks back” at 21.11.10/33.33.78 to 21.12.93/33.33.778 then she talks about murdering people who know about this crime, so when her ex-handler sex trafficker of yours Tim Auckenbauch shows up on Seymour Street to harass me, stalk me, terrorize me, intimidate me and likely traffic  me with his meth users he does meth with, murder is not that far off and I want you to keep your agent out of his areas its time to send away your best meth using badge holding employees, and yes I’m referring to your employee Tim Auchenback, get him away from me. I am not your unloader, I am your let me go.

I know you all want your hands on the personal, real, and tangible property of anyone you can get to have a record, but leave me alone.

You can see in the video how stressed this is making me, arrest your agent Tim for his crimes and make him leave me alone, and make him have his crime ring you allow him to run for you to also leave my face, don’t find me, leave me alone, stop stalking me, stop showing up where I am taken to, stop showing up where I go to, STOP.  You will protect me immediately.  Im not your game, Im not part of your trafficking ring you use and create, and I am not yours to domicile.

It appears that you keeping my testimony from the feds about Caleb & Elaine is just how you do things, your not trustworthy, you lie, you rob you keep.  You then have me tracked and made to fear, you will not allow any harm to be done to me.   Keep your other Badged Meth Dealer and Human Trafficker Emit away from me also.  Keep your crime ring away from me.  Keep your ring of “Community Connections” away from me because I already saw them drug Macy just to get here going daily in a way you could probably arrest her at any moment she’s out driving.  I am not interested in your ability to try to demonize me instead of stopping how your Agents are Trafficking women that they control, sexually abuse, sexually stalk, and force drugs into so that they can be the ones needing arrest rather then you as I am sure the profit lies with you all who never get arrested for your crimes your trafficking through women and police officer’s children.  Your not running undercover stings, your running drugs, fake money, and women through your irregular murderous fakely undercover, Undercover Badged.  And I’m just so curious how a teen that says that dirty commenting in a booking blood take somehow ends up having that cop who she said it to have his son all of a sudden in her vagina a short time later.  Hmm. Young Paige Zorn is too stupid to know she’s being trafficked, but Dane is not. Young Paige Zorn knows she’s intoxicated with her Philadelphia/Pennsylvania families mafia connections that she attributes to how President Barak Obama came to her uncles funeral and told her to call him if she ever needs anything.  Hmm. Young Paige Zorn is too stupid to know how trafficking works and how unglamorous it is but I certainly know that her two arrests to take her out of college and get her thinking dirty says to cops is fun is not an attribute she’d have had her family never been doing what they do.  Your generational trafficking and criminal inducing area is in need of your arrests too.   Your court knew I sourced my own housing but your ring of court house criminals and attendees made sure I didn’t go, made sure someone intercepted me for you and it was two women driving and a third on a different corner that contacted me as I walked across the street from where you trafficked me to.

28.44 you clearly know what’s going on as your jail is actively putting people together for you so you can cover up easier but you still do nothing to your Auckenbauck.  Your Agents Tim and Emit and Helisbeck, and Pushcar, and Gilmore, and their police friends make it impossible to even help you.

Jessica Seymour


.  The areas list proliferators did not want to open this video since it doesn't fit their attempted arson's vendetta, the areas DCI let a list go around town then a guy has his home burnt down, then another person on the list had their home burnt down, then I meet the woman that told me about the list, and this guy burning down all the homes of the people whos names are on the DCI's informant list is none other then the guy who DCI uses to rape women, its that Tim Auckenbauck guy who is torching all those homes of the people he has used as informants, but the head of the DCI doesn't wan tot stop the arson's nor does he want to do anything about the crimes talked about & threats in this Video.


Blog #546

1/28/18   Think I can’t say what you need to know

So if you were reading, typing, watching, updating, hearing, prepping, deciding, and being interrupted by children what would you look like to others, would your mouth movement as you read be called “talking to yourself”, or would your staring up into the sky to recall from memory be called “looking at, or watching, nothing”, or would your facial reactions be called “grimacing”, would you be brave enough to post such on line if you found it in your computer because your prepping for your blog actually had you recording rather then just seeing, hmmm, what if it made you look weird like you had really bad hair, no makeup on and were being truly shocked and stressed about what you were hearing when you tried to ignore and type and prep.  What if you got really hurt by how many kids kept trying to engage you while you were typing. What if you were sitting there the entire time in pain from the whiplash you got on September 11th….Would you be stressed out looking or better stated would your stress be showing all over yourself, would you look stress managing, would you look stressed if someone just started engaging in threatening murder in your earshot 21:35 “if you talk I’m going to fucken murder you”.  What about when you hear how a group of human trafficking ticket writing prevs is using driver license records they make for one to suffer in are used just to put two specific people into a holding cell together . What if you were eating a cookie without your hands and has splashes of light hitting you unflatteringly as you were online working, and tying and looking around for memory to recall what you needed.….  None of us would right, but what if you listened to it and found that a crime was discovered that had gone so undiscovered for so long like something from three years ago and you realized that it was just the 4th or 5th crime being relayed in this video you didn’t know you were making when you were just looking in your camera at how bad your roots had grown out, wondering if you could possibly get away with hair that bad in your next blog post you were prepping for, oh just listen….

Hmm, what if I looked like a toll had been taken should a movie guy do a picture of me called Jessica Before and After, and should it win an award.

Just wondering.  Who is Mandy Field. That’s the crime.




Blog #545

1/27/18   You shouldn't have

So in the event that a catastrophe happens I need to say Rio and Jun Agishi were along for their own insurance.

Just Listed Rio Agishi, and Jun Agishi.

under your cradel,



Blog #544

1/26/18   I wouldn't have

Dr. Schnider, Eyan Hunter, their just Listed


Blog #543

1/26/18   Hello

I can't find my yellow brick road.


Blog #542

1/25/18  incase you can’t tell, your introuble.

HI, did we speak yet, no we didn’t, but we should,get ready your in the cybr stalk fest of my life now, see how it feels, see if your typs get you sounding stupid.

Ready?  I think you should know that the yellowbrickroad is gone. Yellow road your gone. Your public defenders that you train at your offices then implant to harm the victims that ya’ll stalk around and refuse to defend their going now:

“Attention Public Defenders Office

In your areas attempt to traffick me further upon release, we became aware.

In our attempt to understand your areas lack of advocacy at arraignment, we have become informed. You have a federally employed under cover agent that is sexually abusing, selling, trading, harming, and entrapmenting your local area women and teens.  His name is Tim Auchkenbauch easily mistaken for Otenbock,  he gave a woman you have aided in having  jailed and set up, fake money, then he had another person put different fake money into a tip jar so that the woman you aided in having jailed could gain more charges while in custody unable to actually put tips in anyone's tip jar.  Tim Auchkenbauch aka Tim Otenbock seduces teens, a woman of the age of 19, by flashing badges to them then telling them “shhh”, then making sure they gain a record or two in your system.  The intent is to traffick the women as if they are criminals but to also sex traffick them, and to create unwilling unknowing participation in a money conversion schematic known as Fantasy Inmate, where inmate gaining is used by law enforcement and attorneys as a way of collecting big amounts of money. If you’ve ever played Fantasy Football then you are close to understanding the concept.

Your current Handling of “entrapment” defense is a wealth of opportunity for your criminals you protect such as Mr. Tim Auchkenbauch aka TimOtenbock who did also sexually trap and frame the same woman he gave fake money to that you aided in being jailed.  You have never once deposed or “ordered” or discoveried the Agents that tell you what to do.  The State Prosecutors in this state that tell you what to do, as if judges don’t issue Dismissals, are temporarily unlawful.  The way you have judges use the arraignment proceedings is a criminally inclined approach. 

How would you properly defend against a system of uses of Public Defenders that won’t even issue Motions for Dismissal when requested by the client, all while clients are left alone at arraignment for your judges to make criminals out of even when nothing criminal took place.   Would you provide the defense of entrapment, or would you allow a woman to be called a criminal by a judge and suspiciously made to stay longer in your system while you play around as if you can’t report the jail house abuse your clients report to you all so that you can have the State Attorneys use it to their advantage instead.  You allow for Probation to be used to keep these women even further incarcerated when they start to put the pieces together about what is being done to them.

…because you can’t seem to ask the judge for  anything  a client tells you to ask them for such as Dismissals  while you tell clients that only the Prosecutors can ask a judge for a dismissal.  Your lucky that I am not sitting in a “state hospital” as you had hoped for or otherwise you wouldn’t be getting this data in time not to hurt more people.

Not only are we looking to have you immediately issue appeals for the Washingmachine, we are also immediately asking that you issue arraignment assistance prior to judges getting their hands on your clients. We are also demanding you to start properly and urgently issuing reports of jail house abuse to the proper authorities every time you hear an abuse by jailer content of data.

I am interested in knowing how you defend against entrapment if you refuse to order the items needed by your clients through the Discovery Process.  Orders and Subpoenas are easy to gain.  Intimidating, Oppressing, Bullying, and Lying To is not a proper protocol to use on your clients.”

If you thought you knew how to entertain me why so many lies, I  mean, no video footage of the assault, come on.

Is there no video of the Police entering the room either?  What is that police report sex crimes report number, oh you didn’t make one because you reviewed the footage and decided nothing wrong happened isn’t that what you said Police Lady from San Diego.

How did I get one dude from Vegas then some chick from San Diego all in the same day, hmmm.

Is this some sort of controlled environment, some sort of specific training game where you like to play lets do this realy stupid thing about talking about you right infront of Angie knowing she wont do it…. Your so stupid.  Cant believe your eventrying to have friends still, stupid Delrosa stupid Shumacker you’re the freek in the week.

So then how do you even stair at yourself, Rainwater, whatever.

Its your spot to meet right it is I know.       

Your laundering is special, like no one knows.

Did mr gates ever buy a home to flip. Yep only for what was under the floorboard.




Blog # 541

1/24/18  Otenbock

In the event your ever Otenbock’ed, I mean RottenCop’ed, you need to know about how to protect your self since it is a massive human trafficking being done by the Attorney General's Division of Criminal Investigation teams who care not that 19 year old teenagers are being stalked by men they give badges to who flash them to the girls when they want the girls to engage in even more deals with them sexually, and for finances…. In fact Louey Williams knows about how this is done he assists the pervert drug addict sex slave making perverts that refuse to hand the badges over when it is requested then use them to defraud persons out of drugs and sex, what about RottenCop that’s what it was called when Paige informed me that he showed her his badge then engaged in taking meth with other teenagers who like to tell cops “Hey, hope taking blood from little girls like me makes you get a hard on”,,,, oh yes that is what Paige said to a police officer right before his son started to date her and get her arrested in collusion with Otenbock, and what else does Otenbock do, he likes to call up past Victims of his and lure them to his house as if he needs his washing machine moved and can’t do it on his own, then when the Victims shows up to help him move furniture she is attacked and it is attempted to force her into sexual acts, sex, sex like moving a washing machine is some ingenious code.   Washing Machine, didn’t Otenbock first get this washingmachine arrested years ago when he had her pay someone with  fake money he got from his boss, his boss who has badges, badges Otenbock uses with teen age women who like to say stupid things to cops, aka Paige and didn’t Paige have sex on the washignmachine’s couch when Paige was left homeless once her housing and schooling were withered away by Otenbock, yep.  The Victims known as “washing machine” well, after she was arrested and abused horrifically in jail, caught extra charges when Otenbock had an affiliate of his put additional fake money into a tip jar at a bar.  Of course it was this Victims young children that were of interest, yes child conversion is a huge part of Law Enforcement Forms of Human Trafficking, but when you can’t get a badge back from Otenbock then it is a sanctioned for of trafficking being made by Attorney General’s Louey Williams.

Louey won’t even look into erasing the probation games played against such a Victim when he is informed that that Victim is being manipulated by the areas immunitied human traffickers.

You think fake money is just a part of Otenbock’s rottencop’ing, it aint, because the woman that attacked me for the 9-11 terrroristers that stalked me in Escala, well that woman who just assaulted me was protected in her being caught with fake money she brought in with her Hell’s Angels Boy Friend Caleb, who is said to be named Caleb Cook, and this woman Elaine Shreibies did tell me all about it, but Louey and the areas defenders don’t want what I know said to the Federal Attorneys prosecuting Caleb, like they have something already investigated and falsely cleared away to hide.

Otenbock’s washingmachine was already taken back into jail via a probation officer calling her to instruct her about who in her building is likely to not be setting her up, wink wink, then having local cops go out to try to pick her up for not paying a bill that Otenbock forced this Victim, that he calls the washingmachine, into having on her record like poverty court is the new black.  Hey Otenbock, did you like it when the WashingMachine dind’t move… no you did not like it when she said no to having sex with ya you fucken perv.  Special Agent Louey Williams knows just who I am talking about, he knows who this trafficking Victim is that is on a vedettaEngaged probation for having the fake money that Otenbock RottenCop gave her then had put into the tip jar around town so that she could gain even more charges while she was sitting in a jail cell dying from a tooth infection that was so severe that she had to have a  puss pocket explode all over her jail cell in order to get relief that the jail just wouldn’t give her, yes she had to save her own life by pulling her own head infection out of her head via pulling a tooth out that she was requesting medical attention for to her jailers who just acted like they didn’t hear her asking for help.  How does an Attorney General for a State allow a woman to get more charges for fake money when she is in a jail cell dying though the Agent who gave her the fake money is sitting at a house telling a woman to put other fake money into a tip jar, like as if only the WashingMachine is the only person in a 1200 mile radius of fake money makers all while Schriebies is already an informant on fake money makers while she is being sold around for sex sales to the friends of Deputies while she’s thinking like Paige thinks, like she’s hot hot hot just all the men want her and she’s so protected to do as much drugs as she wants via Otenbock type of badge and drug use Flashing around, yes, Elaine Shriebies is dating at least 3 men that Deputies know, one of them married who got himself in front of Caleb at a local casino one night while Elaine just goes and sits down next to the married man and his wife trying to make him stress about having cheated on his wife all while he then sends Elaine money to the Jail that she then turns around and issues to her friends while the Deputies make fake name changes (“typos”) on the payout check.  Its called money laundering but if you ask Elaine she’ll just say to you that she didn’t assault me though she told everyone else around her that she did and she’ll also tell you that she isn’t being trafficked by Deputies, though she is, and she’ll tell you that she loves Caleb her boyfriend who was there with her the night she went to sit next to the guy she’s sleeping with that sends her money for it to the jail who then disperses it to people who’s names they somehow inexplicably can’t spell correctly.  And if you ask the nurse who diagnosed me with Whiplash from the assault Schreibies made upon me, the nurse will just say have an attorney call me, what attorney because I’ve caught 8 attorneys involved in your trafficking ring and 1 doctor.  How many WashingMachines ya’ll got because it sure seems like Elaine Schriebies is one of them also.  What is it that Schriebies parents do?




Your in your house.


Blog #540

1/22/18  If I were a cat

You know how I used to be all yellow, now I’m green.

Jessica Seymour

Blog #539

1/21/18  anonymouse

Tom and Jerry, cat and mouse. Pretty pathetic for a grown man, but then again your not a man, more like an over grown idiot in a small boy’s body.  568 is his call sign on line and he is not your sucker, see he is the one who told me that he made the “anonymouse” phone call to the FBI about the “9-11 attackers” way back when they were running around San Diego going into hooters, and buying homes and refinancing them with Ameriquest.  Psycho much Sergio, yes you are very psycho but cat and mouse , really as if it matters, ok anonymouse, if I can do what a congression can’t then heres the wall money, which one of your older brothers isn’t in mexico I mean which one of your ,,, wait its Juan isn’t it, yes. Juan Cabrera he isn’t your brother but he is like your brother, and he’s somehow on your face book at this very moment, has that tattoo of the mexico flag picture as his id photo.  In the event that you need money to buy a wall or build a bridge, maybe congressionals can get it from a bank in Canada and from HSBC where the Cabrera ‘s do their laundering through from mexico.  Then epresident don’t have to be epresedente.  And then when you get your wall money tell the idiot so long.   Their money, not mine.  Sergio Cabrera was very isolated when he let me know his story as to why he called in on his Neighbors and informed the FBI of his neighbors activity being related to the 911 terrorist attack in 2001, Sergio Cabrera was not very convincing to me that he was not instructed to call on his neighbor, which is why I asked him what their suspicious activity in his mind could have possibly been, you’re a cheat and a trashman Sergio, and now you get to have your piece of shit.  See I don’t care that a Dossier leads to Escala and all you little shit heads, I was an owner on my own, not one of you, I was in on the original invite list also, and Im not one of you, not your girl either, I’m on a different area and so if you want a paid for wall Escala is mine. Your Canada connector the Isereali Ambassador, he’s well on his way, your stupid your covering uping and story telling is so outed that you can’t even keep a day.

Ok Anonamouse and his warehouse will show the hidden camera footages to the government right, isn’t that why all the “porn stars” were getting killed lately, all the young stars as you say, here Cabrera, this aint funn anymour for you.  Now it is your turn to have the water spilled on you for sticking your foot out when I walked by, is there anyone you’d like to name as to why you had cameras put in my house then a man named Tartaro spilling his Immunity defense out in court you shit, do you want to name him yet, because I know now who you think to be, and the fun you think you have is done.   Youll see someday when its your daughters turn that it wasn’t actually that fun for you to be doing what you’ve been doing, especially when it indicates that a woman like myself get pulled into it, Im not yours, remember that when you do your next little eisolated event.  You wanna have me beaten on the 9’11 dates again and again, you want to do that to me, not today little boy not today.   Sorry that you thought you were the mouse, not the cat because it would have been real fun right now to tell you that you got caught be the dog.  Did you know the guy in Down town that I had to sell a few pieces of my jewelry to when you repeatedly started to try to force me into pornography the way you repeatedly had all my job opportunities stopped while having guys like City Attorney Kieth Phillips assert that I wanted to get paid for hiding cameras in my home, you fucken prick, your daughter is the spring of your whore, you’re a fall and a prick with a whore is the derivative of a pound of ash. You cant be what you tried to be your team is a 911 idiosyncrasy now.  I now know that your brother knows the jeweler I had to sell a small amount of my expensive jewelry to so that I could pay my bills and you want to call me a whore after you spill your footages of women into the streets, your harem is gonna get you pervert.  You sneek into homes then hid film cameras then tell police in the area when to get the cameras for you then kill the victims.  You don’t think your funny, we don’t like how you personally terrorize for 911 plane tragedies, we don’t like the day taken as yours, you wana have some tripe hit me on September 11th like your some big deal, are you some emergency bought I thought you can’t call the emergency line this many times without being called crazy by the sdpd, I got this for you, your banned.



Blog # 538

1/19/18  Fall Out

“residents of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties known to have perished at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. They account for at least 24 of the 58 victims killed.”

Hm, that’s some sort of important shot. Gotta release the facts to sometimes, you know.  How is it that this type of targeting keeps happening. Just shy of half of the most largest attack of this sort are from socal, im perplexed. I guess not really though. You thought I was there didn’t ya. Your little data grabbers didn’t tell you when someone was not in a crowd.  Hm.  Facial recognition just aint what it used to be.  Or is it that someone was on the ground taking specific people out prior to the shots from the sky. At least one woman died that way her name is Andrea Castilla. And Rocio Rocha was shot at three other times in her life.

Just Listed:  Robert H Brooks. Atlanta GA.  He’s living the life.

Im just the one trying to avoid being shot at, being harmed, being taken for no reason, being stripped, being lied about, being treated like a triangle, when Im not.

For example three plus one is not yours.


Here I must say the new CD for Fall Out Boy sounds like a amaizing race it sounds like love, it sounds so pretty, I think I m in love.  Thanks for the true love hope you have more soon.

Awesome  it sounds so pretty Imabuy it.  Justdont take me to the farm, ok I go now.

See now you can choose if you wanna play my song or not. 

We Win.

Kis kiss,



Blog #537

1/18/18  Does the collector love me or hate me

Can you see the two differences in this same story located at the links above? 

Here let me help:

Click to minute 11:7 on the Kony 2012 video.

One minute FISA is a noNO, the next it’s a goGO.

Nonoagogo.  Then a business is chosen for raid.  Hey the bitch, does the collector love me or hate me.  How do you fair, you’re the bitch, so uhm your hated didn’t even know it did you, as thebitch you get to be what you never suspected. Im not the blame taker, im not the culpable, im not the bitch, Im not a prostitute, im not yours, im not the liar, im not the psycho, im the SE, don’t you see, know you don’t. Tell the collector I asked if he loves me. Try not to piss him off, as thebitch your on thin ice you never knew about till now.  Ask the collector if he liked the ny times version better then the nbc version.  Ask him if he thinks your thebitch. Ask him if when the world sees him if its your picture they see, never once has thebitch ever realized all the other thebitch’z of the other collector.  Oh that’s right there aren’t as many players as you thought, and they’ve been waiting for one of you the bitches to actually be informed, now im the tree what do you think that means do you think they just hurt you a little.  Did you just hurt me a little.  You’re all done! Please enjoy your day.

So in the game of who stole all my stuff, sold me around, but I can’t get my stuff returned or a lawsuit filed where Im not called dirty names, I am not longer the SE but now the tree, if you knew what that meant you’d know the next move when a collector knows, its to make the tree a disturbed rectangle, a disturbed rectangle means that I get to have a triangle, I will take the triangle of the re.  Since the tree gets to do what to the re, I will set my re free, go away. What happens when a tree doesn’t do what a tree is supposed to, they never not do what their supposed to, team 8 did you ever fail on any of your missions, did you.  Did anyone survive that you said was dead . is there still a loose end, don’t tie it.  You assassins’ have no more authority. 

Now the 8 collectors have to go to the main.  I win, that means I set you all free, you done, prove it you can’t, as the SE I never get to be free of you, when I won the coin game you still didn’t stop those few of you that seem to think you’re so great in with the collector.  Have you realized yet your wrong.  Don’t you know who you are yet, you’re the trees that never said stop, no, noway, uhuh.  That makes you a problem.  You can’t say no to anything.  You cant say no, yep that means they got your dirt perched, waiting,  I am not dirty and can’t be made dirty, Im the tree that said no already, simply because I see.  

Now that the Special Agents for the Department of Domestic Control can’t do what they’ve been doing whats next. What peons do you set me apart with next what dirtly little area do you try to force me into next what time is it now, what is you see what do you see what do you see when a tree wont. You get rid of them, but what about when thetree is the SE and said no. It’s never happened, have your covivian then decide what I”ve decided, I won’t be with out my things, my life, my time, my houses, my friends, my my my, my smiling in court when you fail and my re.  You know you don’t stop with your stuff I know this, I never asked you to its just that its gotten old stupid its gotten like what you thought about it when you finally saw your fathers doing it without their masks.  Its you know, its that thing, its that return of your things you were never aware were gone.



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1/16/18  You Can't Do What I Do Fool

Hey Marcus & Millichap I decided what drank to buy ya, its called a Dirty Naval.  He is 6:36 and he thinks hes a big deal just like you do.  He thinks hes got this all confused but the Dirty Naval is six parts ice, 3 olives, a  6 th of a part of cranberry juice, then you add a ton of crap like schnaps.

Got this for you 636 :

Working with beverage brokers, the pros and cons

Working with you like your new  you thought I forgot about you, little boy""".

You cant do what I do, you cant do what I do you cant do what I do, ya, you decided to make me your enemy just because you could fool.  Your dirty and your about to give me a time for dirty to end.  Go kick a ball, the only one you have is Marcus & Millichap.    

Had to make sure you didn’t regret it right, though you just did. You think your 5 thought you were  8.



Blog #535

1/14/18  What a catch what a catch

Just listed Sergeant Ryan Molony, he’s got the names of the other Eugene human trafficking police officers.  Oh and why not, why not declare my love for the fall out boy, here another song for you all yours, own it play it love it:  I can take a few

Heres what you do you take a few

You make a new then you call your darkest blue

I wont ever call you again you think your not my friend, I will never call you again

I wont ever call you again you think your not my friend, I will never call you again


I got your baby, lets make a few, I got your trophy what a view.

And that’s what you get you like to return to the view,

You like to listen through

But didn’t I say you like to listen to me under the run in time of no sun

If your under the gun only one will do

If your under the gun only one will do


Some take one but I take a few

I wont ever call you again I will never call you

I wont call you again I will never call you

You think your not my friend but only one will do


You and we are crazy, we don’t know

It’s the others that tell us so, if your not laughing then you you you got a go

Its only snow in the dark, run in the time of no sun

Its only you in the under tow its only the run of the one

The one under the gun he’s pretend, already dead hes got a go.


I can take a few I cant live with you,

Under the gun they try to take one,

I won’t ever call you again you think I’m not your friend, I will never call you again

Many won’t do.  


Whatcha think a good song?  Yeah I know, now I’m a song writer. That’s great, think fall out boy wants it yet, I do, I think so.

Oh, by the way, here is the favorite boy:

Ryan Molony

Kiss kiss,



Blog #534

1/14/18  Wholey Moley

I just checked this link from the VOI’s Dictionary page and wholey moley its not up anymore and the online article is like totally disappeared, hmmm.  And it’s a Server Error what happened, too many human trafficking victims find out, what about me, what about stalking me with the spying stingray technology to traffick me around for men to show up where I was heading to, hmm,  how bout the day I bought my jeep since a stingray technology was in it from the prior hore you were stalking, oh did I buy a used jeep that was pawned off on me as new, and did I just hear how I want my jeep for free…. YES.   Yes I did.  When the table turns and it just did let me say to you what you bought and I want to say to you do you want it free now that you know.  Then I make you a return and for all the damage to your credit should I leave you empty unable to find a replacement, or do you just want return.k

It’s a great day, a MLK day, a hip hop huray day, a kiss a way day, a pacers gotta pick up the pace day.   My anti stalker nation type of day, my make the stalkers think day, oh that’s right they don’t know how to think they just get their badges and pretend to do nothing to people. For me though, Its an Anniversary Day and Stalker Blog Anniversary day so HAPPY ANNAVERSARY!  HERE IS THE LATEST VIDEO BLOG ADDRESS IN HONOR OF HOW UGLY TRAFFICKERS ARE. 

Happy Martin Luther King Day, my heart goes out to all the human trafficking victims that were shot and shot at in Las Vegas,  I did inform the city and a regulatory board about what the Grand View and a casino were doing and are up to and informed them in writing that they were likely the next to be targeted, see I was lured to and placed at the Grand View for a Real Estate Job, and since it was the only option that panned out in my job search I just had to apply right, Just some guy in a beamer talking loudly about a job opportunity, loud enough in my ear shot and ready to hire, and of course my online finding attempts just got Stingray’d away, so I had to bit on the line and get me a job that oh just so happened to be in my ear shot, like Im so lucky to finally have a good opportunity just find me, and wow just be right in my ear shot just a few guys and gal talking right in front of me about needing really great sales people for a real estate job,  really great pay, well that’s me isn’t it?  Wow finally an opportunity to get my life out of the system of control its been in hmm, oh low and behold the right job found me, guess what, it was just another trafficking of me and Im so saddened for all the victims of this tragedy, it could have been easily stopped had any sort of government agency simply started arresting their employees for such activities.  Trafficking is a game, it’s a game. A game.  And when I started this blog on MLK day years ago it was to say slavery is old, stupid and ready civil rights are not won yet, especially when you can be put up for arraignment with out an attorney present while judges interrogate you and while yo qualify for appointed attorney, oh and especially when you can go to a jail for months with out any type of arraignment like in the Klinger case that trafficked me, guess some people just need to call someone crazy every now and again. 

The control the public form of slavery is just a cover for a business of human trafficking and their so over played now. Hmm I was abducted just before the shooting so that I could be assaulted by a guy who thinks his grabbing of me sexually was never gonna be found out, since he knew Id be attacked on September 11th of last year, but he wasn’t told that this ring of crime artists were gonna use a woman named Elaine Schriebies for the assault he knew he was positioning me for and sexually grabbing me for, however his accomplice Officer Alex Betz did know.  This man Im talking about is named Dan Hilsabeck a former Las Vegas Officer, he decided to sexually assault me by grabbing my breast and he then placed me in proximity to Elaine Schreibies and Dan Hilsabecks affiliates kept me in contact with Elaine each day awaiting her September 11th attack of me and then all betz were on, found out you were all attacked when I was it live on the news like many other americans only I knew that it was totally avoidable via stopping federal agents from playing trafficking games. So here, I can deduct so much better then the FBI correct?? I can deduct for you that the next one of these attacks are going  to be the nexus between where Hilsabeck and Schriebies cross lines with a Sheriff Chief. And yes I know where this cross is at so I will inform you that it is at an area of Los Angeles, and this time it really deducts that instead the grand view will give us a location of above level ground.   Since Officer Betz is a “Reasearch Trooper” and Dan Hilsabeck had a time to the recent attack, the last person’s investment is going to have to be a reactive triangle and there are about twenty of those and they are all in LA.   11:0  7:11    Awino in Koney 2012 is 7:11 vacant window area in Centuries Hyperlaps video is 0:11.   Oldest ever two different options :

So do those who agree all the time to stalk me for the sheriffs associations incessant need to be the oldest and final say even understand what they are doing, yes.  And when they chose which one it will be a large scale event, or they lose.  But the FBI knows this. Im just the one who is trying to avoid being assaulted robbed, and falsely imprisoned again.  So do you think they love me.

Return the re,



Blog #533

1/14/18  Formal identification of nohah syndrome

 Nohah Syndrome:

For the community of Psychiatrists out there that study Stockholm Syndrome, the VOI Foundation is clearly identifying a clear and different syndrome and it is for people who don’t know they were abducted but who manifest a syndrome of protection of those who have taken abduction of them in ways that are not to be seen as abduction.  It is different than slave trade mentality.  It is the performed into existence deliberately by people that take a victim and make sure that the victim is never categorized as having been abducted.  The long term effects are a total denial of the obvious, and a complete structure breakdown when challenged with the idea that someone has controlled them.  Unbelievable circumstances performed obviously by a team or group of people go completely rationalized by the victim in an attack of anyone who mentions the truth about a perpetrator (team or group member) that has harmed them, usually the victim is lead to believe that he/she actually used the perpetrator.   Obvious organized and meticulously planned out harm that a victim suffers is somehow not noticed by the victim who needs the acts of the team to survive; funding, housing, employment, socializing, and communicating is used as a way to corral the victim in a team effort that uses the natural human thought processing of stimuli to engage in a total denial of the idea that one person could possibly have attacked them in collusion with many.  It is a repetitive and life long effort made by a person who has many others as the ownership is not via slave trading, though trades are made of the victims, and the ownership is not based around abduction training, though abductions are timely made and disguised as something else to the world.  A victim of this syndrome is considered “research” to those who hold high enough positions of control of a team, but there is not research rather, there is simple repetitive abuse engaged in by so many different people through out a victims life that the victim develops a fierce protection of the perpetrators so fierce that it would often appear that the victim wanted the abuse, but they actually at the time wanted something the abuser was  projecting or pretending in their communications to the victim.  The perpetrator leaves and a different team mate takes up the game.   This type of induction is already know about by the perpetrators as not being able to have it transfer through the womb though the idea is proliferated that it does,  and this proliferation is a reasoned out that if a child of a victim can be conformed simply by abusing the parent then the child is not harmed and is simply a useable character in the reason why teams are made and formed.  The idea that having defenders that don’t have to be made into defenders through the “abuse process” of creating a fierce defender is part of how a team gets completely covered by law enforcement.

Though it is obvious that the offspring of the victim will have to be abused in the same team fashion as to cause them to suffer from this syndrome, the team manipulators still pretend that the children are not being abused into acting like their parents were abused into acting like.  This is a formation of a bet made a long long time ago by the types of people who like to pretend that people are there’s as long as it is for the protection of a country.  It was determined that if a person only had to have a relative harmed so that they would defend a horrible act or horrible person, then it was not abusive and was necessary to do, like it was an inherited trait, like abuse could create deformity in the offspring that caused the off spring to like being harmed and defend the harm doer.  The lie that the harm part is not something that is happening since it only happened a generation or so prior is part of the game, which allows for the complete control of the victim to be something that has to be covered up and protected as if it were for the defense of something important when it is in reality just a way to keep sex crimes covered up.  Part of the non-abduction abductions are made by those who pretend to be dating you, marrying you, married to you, protecting you from someone out there , protecting you from yourself, protecting you from the public (as if you should be jailed repeatedly usually for petty things, things that you wouldn’t be problemed with but for the team that stalks you).   Law enforcement teams will be engaged in arresting specific teammates repeatedly as to convert their ideas into somehow protecting the police in the area; in the way a Fantasy Football Team will compete with their contemporaries by picking a fantasy team out of real NFL employees, a group of law enforcement people will  chose citizens to have arrested at the same time each year to try to win as many points as possible just like when a fantasy football team player gets points each time one of their chosen NFL employees scores a touchdown.  The law enforcement will keep you the victim arrested repetitively for set up circumstances just to win a pool of money, and rather than calling it fantasy football it’s called fantasy inmate and its pools can range from a couple thousand of dollars at the end of the year or can range up to a couple of millions of dollars.  The victims usually just say something that helps the perpetrators.  And fierce inmate protection of the deputies at the incarceration center is usually a tell tail sign that more than just slave trade mentality is at hand.  Property usually goes missing in cases of this type of Nohah Syndrome.  

Nohah Syndrome is a direct link to the Leviticus issues that arise biblically regarding incest with marrying fathers to nieces.

Nohah Syndrome has a 5 distinct forms.  The game form identified above is engaged in by more than just law enforcement.  The other 4 remaining forms are

Find them at the above link!  Happpy new year



Blog #532

1/12/18   the bitch



When someone collects don’t they like to show their collection, usually right, don’t they, if not then your just one of those weirdo’s who collects to make sure know one knows what you’ve done.  Can’t I at least get my Disney Princess CD back,  I mean didn’t you have fun listening to me sing those songs.  Ok so someone has asked me about what the hell all this in my blog means.  And why has so many things been based around making it obvious that its about you, and no it wasn’t a patronize asking, it wasn’t a sycophant either, it was a genuine and natural response to seeing.  It is when you really stop acting and you say, whow if all this happened I guess it is about you the person it happened to.  It is when the complete denial that anyone in the word would not just do something like this to others enters your part of the conversation.   When you feel that you too could be tricked and harmed and struck the gem stops, I mean the game stops.  And then you really want to know what it is that is going on.  The person who organizes all these people that stalk me, the person who organizes all the things that get done, like the shootings and the names of the people placed where they are placed, well, that person he is a bitch, he is the bitch, the bitch is the person who thinks he is the gain in the game, he doesn’t think he got picked due to his name, see that kind of thing would be for those idiots the bitch corrals, the bitch never sees himself as the same as those he is corralling, he thinks he is special, he thinks he even has a first place relationship with the collector.  When the bitch sees the Se call him a bitch like I’m doing now, it has a tendency to wake him up have him see his culpability and re.  :

Across the US, sexual harassment at the hands of landlords, property managers and others in the housing industry can drive poor women and their children into homelessness. It is a problem badly understood and virtually unstudied.

Khristen Sellers needed a home.

The previous few years had been a struggle. She'd left an abusive relationship, been arrested, wandered out and then back into her children's lives. Just as she seemed to be getting back on track, a probation violation sent Sellers to prison for the first time.

After five months, she returned to her hometown of Laurinburg, North Carolina. She was broke and homeless, starting over at the age of 29. She slept on couches. She got a job at a supermarket, then another at a fast-food restaurant.

"I'm walking to these jobs trying to, you know, stay afloat," she recalls.

So when Four-County Community Services - a local housing agency - offered her an opportunity to move into a white panelled, three-bedroom trailer home on the outskirts of town, she readily accepted. That's when the trouble started.

"I was trying to fix my life," she says, "and this put a halt on it."

She had applied for the federally subsidised Housing Choice Voucher Program, better known by its former title, Section 8. In the US, 2.1 million low-income households rent from private landlords using the vouchers, and their rent is partially or fully covered by funds from the federal government.

Laurinburg is located in one of the most economically depressed counties in North Carolina. Vouchers are coveted, and some people languished on the waiting list for as long as 10 years. Four-County was the local agency entrusted with disbursing them.

Based on need, Sellers qualified relatively quickly. Another Section 8 tenant had abandoned the double-wide trailer on Dorset Drive, and Sellers was told that if she cleaned it, she could move right in.

Every morning, Sellers' mother dropped her off alone at the property. For a week, she hauled out broken furniture, pulled rotten food from the refrigerator, scrubbed dog excrement off the carpets and poisoned the cockroaches. There was extensive damage to the property that Sellers couldn't fix herself, but before the landlord would make the repairs, an inspector from Four-County had to take a look.

Sellers remembers the first time the agency's inspector, a former North Carolina state police officer named Eric Pender, came to the property with a clipboard in hand. As she continued to clean, she says the conversation quickly turned from the house to Sellers' personal life.

"'Where's your boyfriend?' 'Why you don't have a man here cleaning?'" Sellers says he asked her. "And I'm like, 'I don't have time for a man, I just came out of prison, I'm trying to get my life right.'"

Undeterred, Sellers says Pender asked her if she "gives head" or if she'd ever been paid for sex, implying that his signature on the inspection was the only thing standing between her and a place to live. At one point, she says he called her into the bathroom under the pretence of showing her a needed repair. She says he pulled her in by her hips, blocked the doorway and took out his penis. She managed to push him out of the way.

Sellers was horrified. And she says it was the first in a string of incidents.

"It was continuous," she says. "He would never sign. Each time he came, it was like, 'You owe me before I sign this paper. And you gotta make a decision.'"

She worried she would lose her voucher if she complained to the housing agency. She tried to hire a lawyer who told her to come back when she had witnesses. A private investigator told her she couldn't afford him.

A colleague she confided in thought she was doing Sellers a favour by going to Pender's boss.

But the boss told Pender, who confronted Sellers as she was raking the backyard of Dorset Drive. She managed to secretly record the conversation on her mobile phone.

On the recording, Pender said he heard Sellers was "getting tired of me asking you for pussy".

"Be careful who you talk to," he said. "You're on this programme because you need it and you done waited a long time. But it's so easy to lose it."

Just before the recording ends, he added, "We straight - well, we almost straight. You'll take care of me later on."

Sellers says there were moments when she considered giving in. After all, he was a respected local official, a former cop. She was a homeless single mother with a criminal record.

"If I go tell somebody he said that, he'll say 'No, I didn't.' Who gonna look like the liar?" she says. "I just didn't know what to do at that point and I needed somewhere to stay."

Standing in a pile of dead leaves in the backyard of Dorset Drive, Sellers felt utterly alone. What she didn't know at the time was she was just one of dozens of women who had gone through something similar.

In a post-Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo world, most people are well aware sexual harassment occurs in the workplace. But across the US, women are subjected to it in a far more intimate setting - their homes.

Every year, hundreds of state and federal civil lawsuits are filed against landlords, property owners, building superintendents and maintenance workers alleging persistent, pervasive sexual harassment and misconduct, covering everything from sexual remarks to rape. This includes so-called "quid pro quo" sexual harassment, wherein the perpetrator demands sex in exchange for rent or repairs.

"In employment, you leave. It's horrible, but you can leave and go home," says Kelly Clarke, a supervising lawyer at the Fair Housing Project of Legal Aid of North Carolina. "This is somebody who can invade your home."

Martisha Coleman, a young mother who brought a case against her landlord in East St Louis, Illinois, says after repeatedly rebuffing advances, she became so scared of him that she started pushing her bed against the door at night. She says he retaliated when she wasn't home. (The case is awaiting a judge's ruling.)

"He unlocked my door, came inside my house, looked through my items and left a five-day eviction [notice] on my bed."

Situations like Coleman's are virtually unstudied. There has never been a comprehensive national survey of tenants to track the frequency of sexual harassment in housing, or to determine where or to whom it occurs most often. Most advocates and experts believe poor women and women of colour are disproportionately affected, though that is based mainly on experiential evidence and a single, 30-year-old study. Advocates say victims who are undocumented or who do not speak English are also easy targets, as are women fleeing domestic violence.

The lack of affordable housing stock in major American cities compounds the desperate circumstances renters can find themselves in. A single eviction can preclude victims from huge swathes of the public and private housing market.

"The link is vulnerability and poverty," says Kate Sablosky Elengold, a clinical associate law professor at University of North Carolina who prosecuted sexual harassment cases for the justice department's civil rights division. "The risk to a woman standing up against it is homelessness."

udy tried to put what happened in Laurinburg behind her.

After all, she'd already lost the tiny red house with the blue shutters on the east side of town, and was forced to move back home to Baltimore, Maryland, crammed into a single apartment with her adult children. Besides that, she was ashamed. (Judy requested the BBC not publish her full name).

But then a cousin called to tell her about a story in the local Laurinburg newspaper - Eric Pender and his boss John Wesley at Four-County Community Services were in big trouble. Three women were accusing the men of years of sexual misconduct at the housing agency. Judy pulled up the story, and Googled Craig Hensel, the young lawyer who had finally heard Khristen Sellers' story and agreed to file a lawsuit. Pender was also criminally charged with simple assault.

"I gave [Hensel] a call," Judy says. "I told him something similar happened to me."

Around 2008, Judy moved to Laurinburg and received a housing voucher from Four-County. She was looking for a change of pace - a country lifestyle, far away from big city problems.

Four years later, she says she made a crucial mistake - she signed on a lease for a public housing unit in Baltimore for her daughter. Receiving federal housing benefits in two places constitutes fraud. A caseworker at Four-County Community Services informed Judy the voucher for the little red house would be terminated.

Judy left that meeting distraught, and says that's when she bumped into Pender. She says he offered his help.

Pender had always had something to say about her looks, her shape, the smell of the oil she wore, Judy says. Twice, she claims, he groped her buttocks. This time, she alleges, he told her he could help with her voucher situation if, "one hand washes the other. You help me out, I'll help you out." Judy says it was clear to her that he was talking about sex.

"I felt like my back was up against the wall," she recalls. "I needed to keep a roof over me and my son's heads. I didn't have the money."

According to Judy, Pender came to her home after hours for a single sexual encounter. She assumed Pender would be able to do something to save the voucher. Instead, she says, he did nothing and the voucher was terminated.

"This man used me," she says. "I felt humiliated."

One of the last times she saw Pender, Judy made two secret recordings on her cell phone. In the recording, he made comments about her coming to his home, and referenced oral sex. She says she thought she could play it to Pender's girlfriend to get back at him, but never did.

"I didn't try to tell nobody," she says. "Who wants to be publicly known for sleeping with people [for something]? That's like being a whore or a prostitute. That's how I felt."

But months after her move back to Baltimore, she read that not only were three other women claiming sexual harassment, one had also acquiesced to the sexual demands "out of fear" her benefits would be negatively impacted if she refused.

"I can point a finger now because I got three more pointing back at him."

Even if a sexual harassment complaint eventually reaches the proper authorities, the act of reporting can lead to an eviction. That's what Tonya Robinson says happened to her, after she was assaulted by a property manager at an apartment complex in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Twenty-six women later came forward with similar allegations.

"When he touched me, I ran down and told the neighbour who'd been living there for years," she says. "I was kicked out of the apartment, my children and I during the winter time."

Victims can report sexual harassment to state and municipal civil rights entities, private fair housing agencies - like local legal aid offices - and to federal agencies like the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

But the process varies from state to state and agencies often have different requirements in terms of time an investigation can take and level of confidentiality. Civil legal proceedings can take years, and evictions only a matter of weeks.

Besides, many victims are simply unaware they can make a formal complaint. Shanna Smith, president of the National Fair Housing Alliance, says women often tell her, "I didn't know I could do something about it."

In October 2017, the justice department announced a new sexual harassment initiative which aims to lower barriers to reporting. They opened a dedicated hotline for sexual harassment in housing complaints. New interventions and trainings are being proposed for local police departments and landlord-tenant courts. A nationwide roll-out of these solutions could come later this year.

"Sexual harassment in housing is illegal and unacceptable. Too many women today are being taken advantage of by their landlords," Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand said in a statement to the BBC. "The justice department has made helping these women a priority."

But successfully making a complaint is just the first step. For Khristen Sellers and the other women, it was just the beginning of the ordeal.

"The breadth of it was so shocking," says Jessica Clarke, a former DOJ lawyer who eventually handled the Laurinburg case. "When the person who has the keys to your door, who controls where you live is a predator, there's nothing scarier."

Although Sellers and her lawyer now had other women like Judy willing to go public with their stories, it became clear it was going to be a difficult road forward.

Not only did Pender continue in his job as usual, but one of the complainants was called to Four-County's offices and suddenly recanted. Less than a month later, the woman received a housing voucher.

Four-County also attempted to terminate Sellers' voucher, purportedly over the shoddy condition of the trailer on Dorset Drive. Termination letters sent to Sellers were signed by Pender himself. Her lawyers, which now included Kelly Clarke from Legal Aid of North Carolina, petitioned for restraining orders against Pender and the agency.

"This is clear-cut retaliation," Clarke told the local press at the time. "They're targeting Khristen to scare the other women into keeping quiet."

But by then, the floodgates were open. Women were coming forward with allegations spanning years, and many pointed to Pender's boss, John Wesley.

Samantha Oxendine alleges that in 2010, she brought her newborn son with her to Wesley's office to inquire about a voucher. She claims he told her she could have a voucher that day if she agreed to "come over here and suck it". Oxendine picked up her son and fled. She told her mother Jill, who went back to Four-County's office to complain.

I told them my young 'un didn't have to drop to her knees for nothing," recalls Jill. "I was ready to kill them."

Around the same time, Jennifer Dial was hoping to move out of a dangerous apartment complex into a house she could only afford if she had a voucher. She says Wesley repeatedly asked her to dance for him, or show him her underwear in exchange for one. She never went back and sent the agency a letter of complaint.

"I had to have somewhere for my kids to stay, and all you're worried about is seeing what kind of underwear I have on," says Dial. "It was disrespectful."

Neither Oxendine nor Dial ever heard back, and never received vouchers. Oxendine and her children continued to live with family. Dial gave up on the dream of the house and moved to an apartment only to find it was infested with bed bugs. She lost all her belongings.

Latina Covington knew she could complain to HUD, the government's housing department. She called and told them that Wesley was pressuring her for sex in exchange for a voucher for her disabled brother. On one occasion she alleges he slipped his hand into her pants as they were standing talking. She says HUD referred her to a local housing nonprofit.

But for some reason the nonprofit never returned her calls and her brother stayed on the waiting list for seven years.

"I felt like nobody was hearing me," she says. "Emotionally it really broke me down."

The scant data available on sexual harassment in housing seem to show small numbers of cases like this each year. In the US in 2016, private fair housing organisations recorded 137 complaints of sexual harassment from their clients. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development acted on 28 cases, and HUD-funded fair housing assistance programmes around the country filed 130 cases.

But those numbers may be deceptively low, since a single complaint can reveal dozens of additional victims.


"Finding one victim often leads to finding two, six, 16, 23 - in many of these cases we uncover ongoing harassment of many women over a period of years," says Sara Pratt, the former deputy assistant secretary for Enforcement and Programs at HUD. "That is unfortunately all too common."

The BBC requested data from state civil and human rights agencies and found many cannot easily report how many of their housing cases involve allegations of sexual harassment each year. Of the state agencies that did provide that information, the number of cases per year were in single or low-two-digit numbers. California was the exception, recording dozens of complaints each year, including 159 complaints in 2015.

Lawsuits brought in the private housing market can be settled in complete secrecy, since defendants often demand confidentiality agreements, not unlike the nondisclosure agreements Harvey Weinstein reportedly used to keep women from speaking publicly.

"Powerful men know they have the right to make that request," says Fred Freiberg, executive director of the Fair Housing Justice Center in New York City. "I have a strong view that confidentiality agreements are counterproductive and don't serve the public interest."

In total, 16 women came forward in Laurinburg, and of those, six said they had engaged in sex or other sexual activity with one or both men.

The women said that over the years, they had been reporting Pender to Wesley, or Wesley to Pender, without knowing there were allegations against both men.

In a call with the BBC, Wesley says he "categorically denies" all the allegations that were made against him, though he declined to go through them individually. He says the women were motivated by money.

"They lied. There's no better way to say it," he says. "Either they're lying or I'm lying."

Pender did not respond to requests for comment. He denied all the allegations throughout the legal proceedings.

In February 2014, two years into the lawsuit, Four-County was in a state of upheaval. A state audit revealed the agency was riddled with nepotism, and misspent $4.8m (£3.5m) worth of taxpayer money on things like gym memberships and bar tabs. One executive director was fired, and the organisation changed its name to Southeastern Community and Family Services.


One thing did not change - Pender and Wesley still had jobs.

Coming forward had been difficult, but so was staying forward in a tiny town like Laurinburg. Other women came up to Sellers to tell her she was putting their housing in jeopardy. She says members of her church questioned her to the point where she stopped going. Rumours flew about possible retaliation. An abandoned home across the street from Sellers' mysteriously went up in flames one night.

"I wanted to give up many times," she says. "It became too scary."

A lengthy case of this nature is typical. Gustavo Velasquez, former assistant secretary of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at HUD under the Obama administration, says when he first joined the department in 2014, sexual harassment investigations were dragging on for years.

"We were able to bring that number down to nine months. But it really should be 90 days," he says.

HUD became aware of the Laurinburg case about a year and a half after Sellers first came forward. They sent their investigators to Laurinburg, who sent their findings to the justice department. Then the DOJ began its own investigation.

"There were several women who would tell me the kind of things they would do, because they had small children," says a DOJ lawyer who worked on the investigation. "No one should have to make that decision. No one should have to make that choice."

By the time the inquiry concluded, 71 additional women came forward with complaints deemed credible by the justice department. In December 2014, the DOJ filed a federal lawsuit against Four-County.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment in housing in the US, here is how to report it:

§  Call the Department of Justice's dedicated hotline for sexual harassment complaints: 1-844-380-6178 or Email

§  Call the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at 1-800-669-9777

§  Contact a local fair housing centre - find yours at

Pender was placed on administrative leave; Wesley was required to be accompanied by a female employee on any home visits. Security cameras were installed in the offices. But the agency refused to resolve with the DOJ, calling the lawsuit "frivolous".

Finally, in the summer of 2015, HUD sent letters threatening to withhold Four-County's funding if it did not address the sexual harassment complaints. Both Pender and Wesley were finally terminated, and soon afterward, the lawsuit was settled for $2.7m. At the time, it was the largest settlement of its kind in federal housing law history.

The agency's new executive director Ericka J Whitaker released a statement: "I make no pretence of knowing what actually occurred with all parties allegedly involved in this case. What I do know is that fighting an ongoing legal battle is unproductive for the agency."


When the bitch sees that he was chosen for his name too, I guess this story about the Sellers- and how investigators allowed her housing if she would you know do the things he wanted her to do-, well he will realize that he in fact is the bitch and that has a tendency to start quite a scare, but what could I possibly have to say about it, I’m simply a stalked woman that the bitch thinks he owns like as if the Collector is just one of those weirdo’s even though he wants the world to see what he thinks he has collected.   Hmm, what name could the bitch have would his name be something like Special Agent for Domestic Control Bedel, might it be something like Special Agent Bedel, maybe.  Maybe it’s Special Agent Able.  I mean the woman in the story above Ms. Sellers, me Ms. Seymour, all the shot at students, the view from the casino for the open air show in Vegas, hmm I’m just living my life your not showing me anything Able, so as the bitch who do you think is gonna see what you do, Special Agent for Domestic Control who do you think is gonna see all the spoils of war you have taken like collectors told you to retrieve, but you know you were not supposed to, and i see, I am the check to your ballance.  And do they love me.

Heaven is just a what away….  Ohhhh little darlings, pacers, or so the slogan gooes,




Blog # 531

1/3/18  Just Listed stalking and setting up sexual assault:

You are the “research section” of Montana’s trooper situation.  You stalk women in collusion with others who you have call in about the person, your guilty. You stalked me for others who have played your game for you while you had two or a few other of your deputies follow up with you once your game was met with me on a private property.   You informed the next state over what to do and how you wanted it done, and you made the call on las vegas … just listed Officer Alex Betz, he is a montana research trooper.


Blog # 530

1/1/18 Darkest Estertion.

Oh do New York investigators wana call Jessie crazie, then shoot up a school, oh, oh ok, do you like to go through my jewelry in the W, then have it stolen for your investigators to own.  Did you think my time was free, like im for sale or something, oh is that confusing, do you think I worked for you to come take my stuff, call me names, then try to kill me, ohh., ok then I’ll just let the oh the closers, oh the ones with the end it all to say but who refrain since they don’t care that they need me, here to the closers, your luv is enveloping:

Since you are the only ones who could understand who’s speaking to you, what they are saying, Say your drunk rant and end it. Did someone put the lights out on you in Manchester, how does it feel, now are you in your own boat.  Hold me or don’t … what about when your made to have to, hold me or don’t the real one wouldn’t just tell mission valley that their an expensive mistake, no, the last of the real ones wouldn’t die in a trunk, ii had made something darker then black and named it estertion.  So different from just wiping something out heres what your waiting for, hold me or do. Change your lyric on that one song to do and ton then your done. Nquiack run hury befor the defect gets tou choked. Did I mean gets you choked, estertion is blue, hold me or do.  Nothing like following up your own answer you asked. So close to being drunk watch your words or hold them to folk.  But oh they didn’t mean to mess up your machine, hold them or don’t, can’t get the scene it, me your in love with you just didn’t know… oh oh Im in love with a group and now I cant suit, blah blah blah.  Love me or don’t you has a trip to keep no more searching out the rime the weathers all wrong but the vire is the tounge, frozen weather to keep you stiched, you wanna sleep on all my fuzz huh, I knew that.  Though a real one doesn’t come lose - but you say you’re the lama monster family- you say you’re the lack of preassure under stress, so its you that’s gotta stay together be the best you Gott when your so preassured, thinkyou can, think you can ,think  you can.  Owe no this isn’t how th e story goes. My story gets my monsters not yhours.  I was just a only child of your universe when you found me, when you found m spinning around u.  whats in side you is my glory, my glory, im the last of the realdum, spellings for collapsing stars that cank get the beta since alpha’s along… bets are better off separated by at least one breed Im the last of the real.  You got plenty of other cames and games to please or fight for, but he’s working on more, infinity has to end so don the breed,   bread breaks new and here I am for you, im the only real you r the last of the old new, I know the whole damn city thinks to hold me but should you need me you’re the last of the old new, yourthe last of the old new, so true so true genes have a way of resoponding to the idea of the breed, im the last of the old ne, you’re the new of the real one, you’re the finite of the in, you’re the love of the lo you’re the love of the real, your want to be with out the dream, you’ll see.  Your in search of my glory but I hid it in you hid it in so far your almost alive, I was just a lonely child of your universe middle king, your universes mid now Iam alive in you, you you, you live for me. You love for me, your mine, that’s what you don’t see.  Theres no million befor me I am first not last, she is last nor for you, your not having her, she’s not yours shese not yours and your tunnel is a crown forming when you think of me, when you think of me,  you will protect me, you will protect me, your telling me I’m the only one, it is true, it is true, Im an ultra kind of love, im the first of the new old. .  . I whent back to see if your really there with me at that place where infinity begins too end stop thingking this ices skating rink is so bold, take the hitch off to see infinity expand and blow you into a frame you never knew I could hold, you’re the one young enough to believe Im a champion. Im a champion only I can live through this butyour idea of reserection is a fail, im not your tail this story is not your view, I see myself on that cross, on that frost, on that beach on that morning, on that fain on that vein, on that main, on the tore on the woman that still believes in going too fast, half this long, rather then far, live so much that gott is gonna have to go get his ice picks. Oops you did it over and over again, write this down, your lost.  Play my tune I wrote for you use the long soft slow strokes, they play it high I played it all, I played it all, you have no ideas what they seek to do to you next, far as the time, sure your there sure you’ve arrived, but I played all while you played, seak myrhym for I am iam im.  Maybe a delay isn’t wat you say, maybe its too slow for way to few.  14-14-10-1+19=4    crazy.  But when I was there I took a snap shot of us looking so bent it was great to revisit grabbed some of myfuzz, some of whats in side me whats inside me, got me inthree got me in there got me in there, your last of your dying is your re. not just for me not just for me… if your only for me show me.  Because your right back at 14. Take another hit off that story, publish it a day early and get your mind out of your ttoew  my stuffing came out on you, on yu on y you don’t.  say it or bring me the box. You scare of who, you or your other piece. 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Blog #259

12/31/17  Marcus & Millichap

Ima buy u a drank,  ima buy you a drank,

How’d ya do It M&M, hmmm, Im done being your still,

in 2009, New York State investigators investigated the company following charges that Glen Kunofsky, senior vice president of investments, and nine other Marcus & Millichap brokers were accused of acting fraudulently and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The federal charges were dismissed in 2014 following a 3-year investigation.[6][7][8]

Which one or two of you “New York State investigators” was in my room at the W Hotel when I was there with Alvin?  Fuck off

You traded me for them.

You uptraded. 

When I ate dinner with George and Bill neither of them said he was allowed to be a trade. Glen seemed so stupid but it was rico you just failed DC LA NY, HI all failed  SD didn't hmmm. they had 2014 SPU shooting and you dropped the case real quick, guess they bought you but did they buy you a drank''''. 

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organized Act violations Mansour group, right Glen. 

I gotcha Its a Mash Up like T-Pain & RU.  Your  so greaezy so sleezy.  Property construction must be near an all time low. 

are you thinken what im thinken"""



Blog #258

12/31/17   I don’t need your problems so Just Listed:

Just Listed, see I just got stalked with a silly ass joke so I now the time the traffickers are bad clocks, they see themselves as so special like they really know how to move.  Im always on time, and I’m always real, here’s the most recent update to The List  Just Listed:

Pushcar. Dan Hilsabeck. Gillmore. Dave Hofmeier. Blumenstock. Skaggs. Dietrick. Sulz. Schriebies. Allen Thompson


Seth Shumaker. Christopher LaRosa.

You all do what your told to do, then you get the top telling you your done, don’t you see.  So if they actually want you to say no, then what is it your silly asses are missing. Your missing Middle Management, Middle Management is in control, uh-o.

We all know how stupid Middle Management is, last time you pissed me off it was with your upper level associates, now they toppled you and are Upper Middle Management where real harm to the top can be arranged.  Here though, now and in the reality, Middle Management is in control, do you know what that means, it means your left picking up pieces.

And since Middle Management doesn’t know how exactly to topple the top or control the masses I suppose your all wondering how to do what needs to be done, Middle Management can’t help you. See when you take me and you try to separate me from the top the topple happens, the bottom gets that lift thing you try to create but Middle Management just seems to crumble your game, you absolutely need me now, ouch.  You gonna let Middle Management run game, ok, but their not good at it, and according to the last statement your in need a triumph, a gross negligence.  Even Middle Management understands that, but they will feed from your que and seek a newby, a no one, but Im the only one. Uh oh.  Watch how those in the place of placing the top show you what they really think about your businesses, or don’t.  I don’t’ re. 

Ok so for the needy, do you remember when you listened on your tapped phone calls and heard Albert Machhour coughing each time I said something that didn’t fit what you told him to say, or did it not fit what he told you was happening, then you all told him to have me say that “I wanted him to come over” guess what, there’s a problem in three of those recordings.

Maybe the people here could just play their game do what they think, think what their instructed to do is easy to do, keep a person here, keep a woman tricked, harm a child hurt a tr. 

But they already know and they won’t, they will expedite me leaving instead.

But the end has already arrived.

Like the blue lit up hotel in the Remix To Ignition””



Blog #527

12/30/17   Ok, so for the Fans…

Hey super sloth, I mean Super Slooth, don’t let them drug Mariah Cary again this year before putting her on a stage for the worlds new year experience, if you must torment her just toss her back ground tape so she can just sing as she feels, why are you so Obsessed with her High Notes anyways. Why are you So Obsessed with acting like she will hit the high note for you rather than rely on her back up. Your Delusional Your Delusional your Confused You know.””  Forcing and winning are not the same.

Hey super sloth, Im not trying to be rude but hey sloth I’m seeing you, the way you do the things you do you remind me of super jeep, your remix to ignition cook your food in your kitchen.  Toot toot, Beep beep hot and fresh out the kitchen, sipp’en on your so dumb. “”” After the hotel lobby it is a Gibbs on a taxi , got every man in escala wish’in should have gotten your cameras out my kitchen, pull the windows up in the back of my truck, we just buggin it out. Now usually I don’t do this but you got to be playing a field, here’s the remix to ignition, heres a little preview of the remix:  You must be a football coach got every man in here wishin, bounce. “””

Hoping you all a Happpy New Year, love you Anti Stalker Nation, your loved and yes she pulled in the planets,  hope you get to have more fun than anyone else and hope the light people shine, Shine Streetlight pPeople, hope you don’t drop the ball, hope the Anti Stalker Nation is ready for great 2018, Remember that Im your Fan too!  Anther taste of your Honey, Can’t Describe, how good it feels to have you ton.  You know Sugar Never Ever tells so sweet”””

Hugs and Love,



Blog # 526

Alvin Mansour, Alvin Najib Mansour, Najib Mansour, yep Najib Mansour, definitely Najib Mansour.  Najib Orem. As in from theking. Name change makes life easy but you don’t get to be king. Good buy but you don’t get to be king. You are not the king, the king is now named, good by to the Orem.  Now a King is alive but he’s not your line.  You can thank your dad.   He’s the idiot that refused to find out.  If the idolater’s that knew gave you a penny it would have the face of a dog on it.  You understand I could never be with someone like that once finding it out. Gold, when I am brought gold, it will have no face on it.


Blog # 525
 Listed Yesterday, Dan Hilsabeck

Las Vegas Police Officer Dan Hilsabeck apparently specializes in touching women like he isn't trained repeatedly on how not to touch a woman, it's called sexual assault and none other then a ""San Diego"" native would come out at 3am to take the police report about it.  He's an IHT.  He keeps his type in close proximity, and he likes to keep a arms length distance from your ticket he gives you while he plays touchy touchy intending to have some whore of his team's assault you for their need to call you crazy which he does with a Shumacker & a Long & a man who thinks he's a teammate.

Hilsabeck thought the DEA would cover it up for him but they won't.

That's it, 



Blog # 524
 Just Listed, Dan Hilsabeck

Hmm, guess the Vegas stalkers were not quite happy with the planed out destruction they had for that “Grand View” because Vegas’s Officer Dan Hilsabeck made sure to hurt me, harm me, stalk me for his team, and he made sure to have another assault made against me on September 11th 2017 this time one of his friends friends family’s friends.  He kept me under lock and key, under surveillance and has kept my dog Rocky from me, he is a psycho who has not quite learned what it means to keep his trauma team happy so when they come to ask him to do it again wait till he finds out who he is gonna be happily sicked upon this time, see it was way to easy to have stopped that Vegas thing from that “Grand View” so why can’t I find a way home, why is my transportation being stalked, used as if it is some sort of really bad bad bad thing and used against me like I need to be forced to a specific hospital for real abusing tests.  Seems like hilsabeck’s hands don’t know his analyst in harm is already linked to the Hill Jr. in his “detention” capacity. Yep, William Hill Jr. don’t let that name retain you.




Blog # 523
 I Needed To Have A Time To See

If you look you will see it will always be California San Diego

Good Buy

Jessica Seymour


Blog # 522
9/6/17  Just Listed, Eric Path's Father

Its Eric Path's father. 

Jessica Marie


Blog # 521
9/5/17  Just Listed, U.S. Bank … stalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkStalkeratzi.

US Bank was just Listed.  This bank had some of my car payments made from it and did indeed allow a Capital One Auto Finance to stalk me at the bank on a day that I was in my bank telling them of an accounting error on their behalf related to a totally separate account from the one I paid my car payments through,  it was a correction made necessary due to the predatory nature of the issue, the penalty violated predatory banking practices laws and was ripe for review, it was supposed to be corrected by law but instead I had a weird thing happen on the banks phone and my call was sent to a person that was asking me questions about my auto then I took off and saw that a San Diego Police Officer was waiting outside of the bank I was at he looked like he went in as I had been going out but he was just a few yards ahead of me so I had already left the bank by the time he had passed me and entered the bank, I was being intimidated by San Diego Police Department officers regularly so didn’t think much about it at the time since they were always menacing me.   But now I clearly see that he was more than menacing me that day since he actually entered the bank not just sat outside of it. The bank turned my need for their proper & legal accounting and correction to be turned over to someone at my auto deal who started asking me questions about what I drive and about my auto and they then had an officer show up in the bank but I wasn’t willing to stay on hold as long as they were having me stay on hold for so I ended up leaving right before person they sent from the SDPD showed up, we passed each other outside of the bank though as I was leaving but since the bank had me on hold for so long I just left them on hold too.  Walked right out past the San Diego Police Officer that was trying to have me what, have me what, have me what all while I just thought he was simply another menacer on the stalkeratzi trail that the SDPD was ensuing upon me.  But that was not so was it, it was not so was it. It was not so was it. I was not just a menace that time was it.  Hey SDPD when you showed up at US Bank the day I was there on the phone with their special department did you need me to stay longer and wasn’t that being made possible for you by my bank, and wasn’t that being accommodated by you for … for . for . for …. Hmmm why go to such a rigamaroo if it were just for the lien holder, or for the bank, it was for who sold it to me that’s the only reason to do such a rigamarou. You all screwed with my payments to protect what you were doing with the dealerships. Scum your scum. And you want my bank account statements to protect you being scum as if I didn’t pay. Scum.   It was the US Bank location by the DMV, its by a Target store across the street , its by a Home Depot that’s by a DMV but you gotta turn a corner to see it, its across the street from the target.  Go. 

So what was my lean holder pretenseing for the SDPD’s need to have access to my bank, auto loan and location.  Hmmm & I was supposed to be in a work out status pending one bank account statement proving that one payment my lien holder was acting like they couldn’t find though they found the rest of the on time payments I made via my bank card payment process to the lien holders pay by phone option where a person takes your payment and sends you a verification code.   If I didn’t get a verification code then do I have a right to say give me your bank account statements US bank, no, I have a right to say give me your bank statements Capital One Auto Finance.  Yo show me your bank account statements and I’ll  show you mine. Wait what you say Capital One, your bank statements are protected by laws you don’t have to give them to me just because you failed to give me a verification code for one of my payments.  Hmmm.   Then I don’t have to give you any either, & my only option was to make a work out for you over one payment you refused to call timely but you know you had it.   You then stopped letting me make payments and forced me to have to go to my bank to have a ledger made for you all while you have my bank phone communications taken over too…. Hmm maybe the SDPD were working for someone else since I find it hard to believe that they alone have a resource like that, but yes the state of California  the SDPD do have to stop doing what their told to do by the federal agencies that “””Liaison””” with state ran Operations.   Even the medical type right, Right.  “operations” “operations” operatives, operations ooperations cooperations corporations operations “im looking for the O. who is the capital letter giver for Operations like the Shadowbox.  Hmm, I sure don’t think that when Bill Gore gave the Kill Order to the team that was stalking the Ruby Ridge Property, I sure don’t think that he did not know that the court sent Him the summons to appear over a “weapon” to an address that he did not live at or use.  The court uses of Bill Gore are sinister to the elevens.  He did know that when he had the court send the summons to appear to the wrong address he would then issue the kill order as planned. 

So the neighbor of the ruby ridge property that made all the false accusation against the owner of Ruby Ridge did so with the intent to own that property.  Then use the courts as their way to have a reason to show up to the property for no reason at all.   The court was used to make a legal issue that didn’t actually exist and so the summons to appear in court over a firearm was deliberately sent to the wrong address.  Then when the owner of Ruby Ridge didn’t show up to court that day the illegitimate summons wanted him to (the summons he never got and was never gonna get) the Operator got to have his way & a team of killers who knew a kill order was intent showed up and started killing.   You would think the Operator was the person who used the neighbor to have him make all the false statements about the Ruby Ridge home owner, but it wouldn’t support the fact that the owner of Ruby Ridge had a bunch of people taking him to his first ever nio-natzi group engagement….  Yes “informants” were taking him to the places ahead of time to support a group effort of having  him killed not knowing that in the end game the reason was actually to have his family killed in front of him.   Tell my you didn’t just add in the medical operations to the part of this game that you played upon me also Bill Gore.  You didn’t JUST add in the idea of having me put through an operation you always intended some medical abuse of me didn’t you, didn’t you think that what my mother had been put through and with your Mr. Murderer James Shelton having his success in his detangling of my mother for you, didn’t you realize that you had to have some sort of medical operation like what my mother was put through as a child didn’t you try to mimic it.  Then didn’t you take it to the next level with that false arrest scaming against me as if I were a crazy person now I have to prove how not crazy I am to each person I meet.  I won’t.   you can say what you want in court but you proven history is that you lose. You do what you did in public and you still lose, you show the world what your doing and thell the story but they don’t stay un structured you still have to have the structure enforced and that is why you lose so you think to own the structure but you do.  It means that you bought what you own, and in slave treade thats the ultimate slav3e.   Your that guy,  your that guy being put in the tomb that goes down niagara falls all while he just thinks he’s investigating the perfect soldier.  Your so perfect.  Bill Gore, your so perfect.  You get to take th3e ride down’ the falls and still survive, hmmm. Then you got Broxterman the fool he says the part that he singers wrote.  Your so stupid is how the story goes. Everybody else says oh, he survived the fall ok what’s next, you just get out of the tomb and say where’s the perfect soldier.  Oh nothing then is what your fathers then think after hearing your reaction… you didn’t even get out and say oh I’m supposed to be your perfect soldier.  And you even know what you wanted to do to the perfect soldier once you found it.  Hmmmm. You wanted to sell the perfect soldier.  You got sold Gore.  You know how it goes.  You thought that I was what the perfect soldier was supposed to do but you never realized.  Yo gotta run Gore if you want a chance to live you gotta run you know that. You do that to the children of who your after so you know that. You try to make the children run when your after their father.  You try to have them shot at even if their guard dog is with them, you gona have an awakening?  You gonna have that thing you keep trying to be after.  Your so perfect. Urinit right now, are you able to get out even if I give you instruct9ions.   You gonna go down the falls again.  You don’t even know how big they’ve gotten, but if you get out of the thing this tyme and say where is the perfect soldier you know they shoot you. I could help but you don’t want help because your mentally ill.  You could help yourself under the gun but you refuse to go to Big % Agent and tell him to now say the truth rather then defend the lie he wrote to the court to support you having me called crazy with a gun, the lie of all lies.  You could even try to report  abuse but the feds are strong & you want them gone.  You get in bed with you want gone, you’re a whore so the only way …. Oh that’s right, you’re the perfect soldier.   You didn’t even know that you were chasing yourself. 
Im not gonna get you out of it. Go see your Broxterman he’ll get you out of it.  He’s the repeater.  Oh, but that’s right you don’t because you’re the perfect soldier.   You probably stopped talking to the repeater a while ago.  Make it look new. Oh wait your just being screwed like what you thought to do to others, you don’t hold a book.  I do.  I just don’t like slavery.  Go see Broxterman The Repeater.  Then do as I say, see that’s why I won’t help you.  You will never do as I say I am what you think is beneath you.   You think I have done what is beneath and you did. I didn’t.  That means you go.   Go see Broxterman he’s your right hand kony man.   Go see him he’s beneath and It’s your best bet. Is this helpful. 

I can help you.  Oh that’s right you’re the perfect soldier so I will only dictate to you what you have already had to do and you will go you will go to Broxterman.  

Kisses, Smootches, Travis Meyers is still a Human Trafficker, but he can spit on himself not me,



Blog #520

9/2/17    The faster & the furioused

Ok Anti Stalker Nation & Abolitionists is it enough to describe human trafficking with in a system or organization to that system or organization for the human trafficking to be identified by them or do I have to come out and say the words human trafficking, because if I describe it then they don’t have to hand it over to the cleaners, but if I say the words human trafficking then they hand the issue over to the cleaners and just keep the problem going.  So in the case of Account Tampering Human Trafficking should I have to take the trash end of the problem or should the larger entity provide the shelter from the problem that is due:

"Capital One Auto Finance Corporate Office

Email: ****         Please Forward to the Corporate Office, not to customer service, and not to any work out department


Please contact me immediately, I have had a problem in my account that was never able to be reversed, and last time we spoke I had a reinstatement and immediately found myself in the hospital having a large tumor examined. 

I was seen at the Orange County California hospital called *** . I was diagnosed with a tumor on my right ribcage and have been battling that ever since.  My family and their support was a large need to seek and I was not able to properly abide by any of the things I had been in support of prior to this tumor having grown to such a large size, I was forced to have to drop many things I should have been able to have success in and focus on trying to find a way to survive this tumor.  I am expecting to have a surgery later and am starting to get back on my feet.

This medical battle has revealed many things, I must tell you that this jeep has had many problems that are beyond the realm of a safe vehicle; it came to be that as soon as this jeep stopped working it was diagnosed by WallMart as having too small of a battery and I verified that this battery they were looking at in my jeep was the same one I had seen in this car the day I bought it, so it was diagnosed by Wallmart as needing a larger battery and this was a discussion of length I had ta Wallmart since I had only had the jeep for a short time, bought is marked as if it were a new car from the dealership and it had that battery in it the day I bought it.  I was not informed by the dealership that they had committed such a crime regarding this car and they used to act as thought they had nothing to do with this too small of a battery and acted like that is how they got it from the factory.  They’ve since been found in this lie and have actually had three other people report that this car had been used by a different dealership prior to my being lured to buy this car. 

It was very wrong to have been sold a car used prior by a person who worked at the dealership so that he may bed women in it the camera he used to support his habit was found in the jeep later. And the entire situation has cause extreme issues in safety, health, and commentary about me after I was found on hidden camera footages while driving my car I bought … they left their hidden porno in car camera in the jeep then sold it to me then tried to have footages of me populated around and I have never had sex in a car.  The person that forced me to have to buy a car that day was named Joe Camile aka Joe Amerkanian and so he likely has a part in having me forced to buy that car as he was the rapist that was sitting in my way while I walked to the Trolley that day and his stalking of me is directly related to the fact that I was maneuvered into this jeep purchase.  I want you to please have an investigation started about this company I bought this jeep from and an investigation as to how they got this car to sell, who used this car, who had this car, and who had its odometer tampered with ... I have had so many electrical, heater, starter, alternator, battery, brake, exhaust, wind shield wiper fluid line, and stereo problems with this car that fails to shut off after you park it and take the keys out of the ignition, that I am sure a recall is necessary and I should have a brand new jeep replace this faulty one but in the interim can you please forfeit the prior established terms and set me up into a reasonable payment program with the current Kelly Blue Book value of poor condition and let me get out from under this payment issue with a reasonable reinstatement as due per the medical issues I have had.

I would like you to please have this issue tied into the former documentations I sent you regarding how my payments were erroneously handled by the people that my phone payments were routed to as I believe they are part of the illegal team that rapist Joe Camile aka Joe Amerkanian was stalking me and controlling me through, stalking a woman is a way to control her with fear and he made me fear for my life then had his federal agent friends take advantage of my payment record and incoming phone calls to your company.  They seem to be pornographers that use rape as their forte for their hidden cameras & probably pretend to be engaged in using some form of undercover investigators that’s likely how they get a company to let them start controlling certain persons payments.

I am requesting a medical related reinstatement or a total loan forgiveness for this jeep that is in need of a factory recall and investigation as to what human trafficking ring is using your lending services to harm those they stalk.

I am not in any way responsible for falling behind in your payment system as you had it set up for my failure and should have never had me or any other having to be subjected to those in your Texas call center that posed as employees of your company who kept trying to keep my payments erroneously recorded.  Were they federal employees or not please verify and send me your formal statement regarding the other employment of the people your system had routed my phone calls to when I would call in to pay my car bill over the phone.  This statement of yours is important especially since this car type chosen by this group in San Diego to have steered me into after scaring me by following me around when I would leave my home to walk to the Trolley which they did numerous times but when they started to use a man that had prior raped me, I guess I fell right in to their trap of getting a car to try to avoid them, they later had their other affiliates in town track me around driving to issue me ridiculous amounts of problems as retaliation for trying to source safety, but since then it has not been revealed that you were part of it but that the San Diego Police Department that staggeringly tried to force me out of even being able to drive my car was hiring Joe Camille to rape for them.  Don’t support human traffickers that come to you to have access to your clients just because they got federal employee jobs first.  Who every you had commandeering my phone calls to your number were messing with my payments and this is already been verified your past attempt to correct the actual payment history all but for one payment I made that you could not find, and that never got cleared up because my bank account statements are private and not necessary for you to have corrected my account status over one payment when your records made by those who your company had sent me to for phone payment had made so many deliberate errors, hang up on me, and irrevocably provocative actions, that you to fix over 5 payments of mine in your records that had shown my payments to have not been credited to me properly.  I dislike scams to take a persons property but seems like your company is less than interested in partaking in such so please keep me in your contact and have my reinstatement made in a common sense way since the car is such a pile of fraudulently forced upon me problems.  

 I am telling you that human traffickers have gotten in bed with you by targeting payments of specific people they sell around while the Victim either does or doesn’t find their hidden cameras they use while sending horrific situations to their life. You have a duty to protect me not the negligent payment recordation tactics of those scandalous people that messed with my payment history to begin with.

If your compelled as a company to make a good will assist I would request that you have this debt removed completely as having human traffickers that do whatever they want since they have a badge or a friend with a badge is enough of a conscience shocking situation for you to engage the type of good will that would help a person  into a different car that I won’t be targeted in, or you could even have the dealership be held accountable for this scam they forced me into with their co-conspirator Amerkanian, or some restoratory situation, compelling for this is necessary as I should have some sort of help from you for what you allowed to harm me in your call center practices you make with undercover outfitted perpetrators that mess up a persons payment history in aid of a scam to convert a car, their business for this exact activity is a large enough scam for you to take notice.  Albert Machhour aka Aziz Machhour is one of the people in San Diego that work to convert cars from the people using your payment call center redirects. Investigate him as well please so to stop this abuse from happening to other women.

Jessica Seymour”"

In this situation above a person fighting a health battle would get the reinstatement when requested, and in the situation above, the person who had the payment history corrected all but one payment where the lender took demand for a private bank statement in order to correct the one last payment they didn’t seem to find that was paid, and so then should have never been hit with erroneous reporting of being behind a payment let alone multiple payments, & shouldn’t have had to be in any work out status at all or rearrangement of the loan at all, then shouldn’t the facts that 8 or so other payments were found to have been erroneously misapplied then corrected have lent to the action of that person not having to give their private banking data documents over to a creditor for proper correction; even just as a good will adjustment till a proper accounting was made since the creditor had years to go after any sort of one missing payment; I mean shouldn't the fact that they had to correct all of their wrongful reporting that theirmaffiliates put into their computer system show to them that they had a problem that they should not be afflicting the borrower with especialy when it came downt to just one payment that they acted like they couldn't correct, going after a persons credit repeatedly is a tactic of impoverishment and sectioning out away from the rest who's credit is left usable, its like deliberately letting a person into a first world country but making sure they had to live like a 9th world person;  third world is termed for places like Mexico, 9th world is termed for places like Nicaragua place where guerrilla soldiers own the land and rape at will, place3s where like Koney type of experiments are a repeated thing, you just boko hiram it when you end up getting caught.   'Im an american so I basically have a right to use the credit & the road system, or you could just say that I am deliberately having all my priviledges taken from me the smartest opponent to date so lets see what a repeated arena would be against the less smart. .  Yes, I should have never been put into the position I was put into regarding anything about my driving or my driving right or the predicated idea that driving is a privilege though calculations that determine driving to be a right exist, as in, when a county of founders is trying to deduct possible rights for a group of citizens they use a specific formula of how many citizens do this act daily every day repeatedly, then it is or is not a right.  Driving for a human trafficking Victim is not a privileged but a right to life, driving in today's society gives a Victim the ability to get a way to save their life, which is why the San Diego Police Department decided to scam me out of a free & clear drivers license over 3 times to which I repeatedly had to correct their scam, then got too sick to be able to and had to once agian leave to save my life.  Now I’m persecuted by the acts of the San Diego Police Department who tried to force me into not being able to flee, and public transportation was not safe for the Victim so it’s not part of the argument.

So then, if a Victim of human trafficking and scandalous bogus ticket for suspension & removal of license & corresponding oppression from income to even just pay the scam tickets and even just pay an attorney to fight the scam tickets is a factual situation, then it would be enough to have a doctrine of protective right’s put in place for a Victim under any persecution of a driver license scam of the Police Mafia’s, however if your going to dismiss that truth and reality that a right exists in lieu of your scams & laws, I will say this , the equation used by the founding fathers for one specific right out of them all was this “can you take something away without the public overturning your foundation”, this question is in play secretly as in a secret way of doing just so in the way that the public agrees with ya and helps ya… this don’t fly forever especially since idiot members of the public stop getting paid to do it and then realize the trap their in too.

So then if you take driving away from the public will they over turn your foundation. Yes

Check box marked: Right to drive, not any other idea.

Here is the mathematical equation for today’s modern right protectors:  Are 18% of the public (take out people under the age of 16) driving, and if yes, how many of them drive at least almost every day (so 6 out of every 7 days of the week), if so then driving is a right not a privilege.  Your protected against this right being used to imprison you as if you’re a criminal when your not.  

Whats your thought, want a voice… soon.



Blog # 519

8/31/17    Just Listed

New to The List:

Eric Path.  He's a guy that was in high school with me and went to college in Fullerton.  He's Listed.



Blog # 518

8/27/17    who needs to be a day late when you can be a day early

This guy:  because he is the self proclaimed Story Teller underling of the Procopio  (Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch) law firm that some how inexplicably has & against all logic has, 19 of its 20 2018 top lawyers in america awarded attorney’s hailing from their San Diego office, its like some kind of national record , some sort of amazing acquisition, some sort of crystal ball into 2018, some sort of unpaid for affiliated award, sure.  Or is it just that you gave Human Trafficker Jan Goldsmith a job after he was threatened to confess or quit.  Your a part of it & it is a fraud.. 

Savitch, your such a part of it that you don't even see it when it's happened to your family. 

This idea that Procopio didn't pay for 20 of your companies lawyers to be somehow named as the top attorneys in the country for 2018 is as rich in trafficking trade as this image of Alvin Mansour with the Pope being placed right over his affiliation to the giving of money to the San Diego Police Foundation:

Alvin Mansour gave me $50,000 once and he told me to have his attorney review it . Do you know what happened, He was instructed to make a call to me when he knew he had hired a team to stalk me & he was instructed to say to me that I "don't owe him money anymore",  Yes, Alvin Mansour's tax attorney told Alvin to call me on  my wire tapped phone and tell me that I don't owe him money anymore. Can you tell me Savitch Hargreaves Cory Procopio why you had him do that?. 

Tartaro was there that day you instructed Alvin to call me with such a statement, he was actually sitting in my stair well listening to the conversation though I was in my office, not too shaby huh. 

Didn't I get other money from Alvin as your story goes?

What would that $50,000 dollars have been for as your story goes.

Would I have been the blame taker for all of your crime or did he not tell you that we met and started a relationship prior to him ever making any money.  Your story does not add up and the San Diego Police or as they put it, their Foundation benefits from it like as in your money gets spent on child uniform and child police motorcycle. Then years later Alvin, your never mentioned in the arrest role for Operation Shadowboxxx, though they profited off of following you also.  Lets not forget that Operation Shadowboxxx employed thousands of cops, hundreds of fbi agents, and over 70,000 informants. Ok, so i guess if I had the money to pay off the dude who gave the kill order on a property owner of a spot called Ruby Ridge after instructing Terry Kinnison (through a friend of course but it was just research) how to have an investigation made against his neighbor, hmmm, so yes I guess if I had the money to I would also start to funnel pay off funds to the police or their “foundation” you know so I could write it off on m y taxes, yeah I guess I would also start to syphen money to him also so that I could keep my life and property & not have my pregnant wife and son shot and murdered infront of me someday like what Bill Gore & his murderers do to people.  Hey I remember Gore's run for Sheriff, the ballot was a fraud because it never declared that Gore was the notorious FBI Director of Seattle/West Coast that gave an infamous & negligent & ruthless & fraudulent kill order to a in-discriminatory murderer with a lack of clearance, and a lack of immunity that couldn’t hold up in court, right but just get some new guy a public office seat to say some bs about why the arrest & murder charges against the shooter had to be unenforced in court (I mean you only shoot a dog & his 14 year old owner in the woods on their property for no reason other then to in discriminatorily protect your self though the child had no ability to actually shoot you and you made sure of that over the years the way you took their guns from them prior to your research project of them, your informant is a prick), and that ended up with a multi million dollar pay out to the home owner after he had to watch his bride & children murdered in front of him while we all watched on tv... sounds right up your SPU shooting ally Bill Gore, you fucken piece of shit. Your the true research project aren’t you.

Then again, maybe I wouldn’t give you money or anything else your after.  You had to have the ATF and some gun story made against me you one trick pony.  You got one trick and the fbi cant seem to figure you out, hmm guess they & their cop job pony play house are gona have to set you up soon, missing any money lately, yes you are aren’t you, because I know everything and I say what ever I am in charge of you now I don’t hold back any of the truth, I tell itguess what you still can’t get that guy at the Big 5 store to fess up to starting a fake claim against me when I bought a gun that I never picked up and got a refund on, oh but your Lee Martin the 3rd is just such a great guy to get me to think I needed home protection from Alvin, you psycho I probably wouldn’t have even thought to date Albert Azziz Machhour had you not all gone out of your way to make me think that I needed to be protected against Alvin and his violent tendencies in the Chaldean community, so you send me your triumphant negro as you callhim though he’s not even negro, and you then have your other guy go tell Alvin that I;m dating a black man, oh yes you did and you did it so funny that he lost about $900 that night in your gambling tables you ran as if your just investigating some El Cajone loser’s.  Is any of the losses from your gambling tables documented, your take your pay out, did you document any of your gambling transactions or did you make people look like a specific pay wage for the IRS, did your ATF guys in your Operation Shadowboxxx have any fun, yes they did.  How many spike strips you issue you psycho you need to be studied but in a pretend in’voronment.

Are you gonna act like a tax attorney of Alvin's wasn't helping him evade your little tax fraud thing the fbi was setting him up for... or did he finaly loose enough at your exploit Bill, maybe the sdpd liked you having your way but Tartaro & Machhour sure didn't like your immediate loss of their funds they were scared of having take place so they hurt me real bad for what you did & Alvin goes off the deep end with paying the sdpd who could incriminate Tartaro & Machhou in their camera hiding porn scandal they got caught in for their real profit maker human trafficking outfit, oh boy and when they wanted to try to rationalize why they had cameras in my home judges got them off the hook by acting like it made sense that they needed to make a porno of me... FOR WHAT, judges, tell me & the world why you all let the fbi operation shadowbox & cheaters tv show  have their fake ass warrants to enter my home secretly to rob me, and to hide porno making cameras in my home while you let thier agents pretend to need to rent from me or pretend to be my future husband while  you had your whore female agents tracking Alvin like he was a total catch you treated him like he was a king the women you sent to him but he always wanted to make up with me and try to have me back and when I refused to take him back the last time he showed up at my home drunk like your fool you all decided that I was the one to take the blame for you all because one of your female agents didn't get lucky the way you thought she would, is that why you hired darling Edward Medina too since you had his friendly fire caught up years prior that night you had a whore of yours grab his arm in front of me, yes lets all go back to your days and nights in downtown at the clubs, lets all go to the Broadway bar & club, lets all go back to the JBar, lets all go back to the Side Bar, lets all go through your receipts in Down 'town bars, restaurants clubs strip joints, lets all go back and see who's more embarrassed, you for your triumphant crimes or me for your triumphant attacks or Sarah Gibbs for her trumped up rape you all made, yes even Alvin Mansour wanted her hurt so how often do you use him for your games... lets look at your informants and freemasonic perversions, lets loook at your club owners and their informants since you cant' make them your informants. lets see who's more embarrassed because you sure did go out of your way to embarrass me and make me seem like I was crazy, now your the crazy looking ones an audit will prove it, lets have Operation Shadow Box and three other sheriff Operations related to the same ATF related I mean San Diego LA & Orange County affiliated "operations".  I mean just leave out the 23 Billion dollar "research" scam that is currently underway where you have to have shootings, public killings, sad situations and violence in public, staged with real people who aren't told whats going on, aren't in on it, and Arent actually what your calling them, all while you are actually just murdering & making porn of real people who are not crazy or pornographers. Your bet is off Do you even feal embarrassment or shame as part of your own human responses or were they taken from you.  Your all so crazy right now and undertaken that your calling the president crazy on tv trying to set up a standard old 5150 on the president, I watch it and laugh but know your serious so it seems tragic since you know very little about your bosses need for presidents with the certain thing this president has.

Do you even have humiliation oh you'll feel the shame again don't worry. feel shame, or were many of your normal response systems taken from you in your training, your now unwilling bet holders are self proclaimed experts at trying to make sure you feel ashamed so get ready to bow.  

When you couldn't take your dirty little porno projects and do to me what you do to others you decided to have me become your crazy campus shooter co-mingling me with awino, your so stupid it makes me retreat, isn't that a crime…. Weren’t yo supposed to try to force me to self defend.   I mean you should have seen them follow me around trying to make a porno out of each job interview I went on, and even after I had reported the hidden cameras to law enforcement I was still followed around on my job interviews even followed to a med device job interview for an Orange County office it turned into a  scam to have footage of me, then you oh so clever decided you were gonna use it after I would be shoot as if I was a campus shooter threat, your so physically repulsively ridiculous that you all should no longer be an Agency, that is how stupid it is to give you money and offices and equipment.  

For the truly powerful power hungry in the way that power is actually an option for them, the real way, not just this way you perverts all think of power & think that your actually  in a powerful position, but for those in a real power position proof is always required to be delivered to them for their decision about your proposal & its a game but here is the fact, you all just lost, you all just proved that you are a one trick power trip rather then  this best new way to try to pornograph & deliver children to the, you put your hands in their cookie jar and now my proof will be delivered, they know my triumph realtriumph not the overwhelming burden you are, and they know my win was triumphant, I mean how did I even get three of the 4 coins that got “accidentally” released from that **** bank, how did I win, because I will always now win.  Your little scam of trying to take a persons driving away from them is also under review you lose. They know what they use in those coins, theyknow what their looking for they know that I have 3of them they know that I am the un.  You should have just been waiting outside of that bank when your guy dropped them in the bag, like how 4 generations ago of your line did, your undone. The broxterman might even be used to come get you right before he is taken into the ward. You’re the mental interest now.

You were gonna use your pornos of me in a main stream way after publicly infamous'ing me by saying I was a campus shooter that would have been killed in the way awino described to me, all for how alvin evaded an arrest they were banking on, then you have him pay the SDPD while you all now try to actually have a 5150 engaged on the president, your psycho & your done.  Pay attention: I didnt get set up in your games but they still went down later after I reported them and you all know that I am not an Agent.  What does that tell you about your ability to run. It tells you that your not going to escape the blame.   u r not able to run u have proven that your not able to run the show your incompetent & the president will stay, this is what you don;t realize, you dont realize that this thing you've been doing is something you already lost so now your just being placed for your fall. You can't run the show, you've proven it you've proven you cant even run the show with a billion times the fee a president gets paid, your solicitation of this big old "america is gonna change in an upheaval" is played out & proven to be the loss, the pay out comes now, you were the research not us. 

I win you loose.  My Blood is the Blood they've been waiting on, they knew it already, my decision is final, my start is now. 


Jessica Seymour


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8/26/17  What about the zhang zhang dynasty ....

Hey Anti Stalker Nation & Abolitionists, do you thing the Streetlight People have had enough help lately?  I don't either, I think they need more help so here is the latest addition to the Warning Signs for Victims page: 

  • You repeatedly have to hear the same thing out of people that you need to deal with, for example you repeatedly hear from people "so it's everybody", or you repeatedly hear from people the same statements of "so let me get this straight its everyone you talk to" "so everyone is in on it, so everyone is hurting you". When a ring of traffickers are having this said to you repeatedly though you may not even be doing or saying the same thing to each of the people who are treating you this way, you have a problem where the ring of traffickers is a binge, a binge is a ring of traffickers that take your privacy away by pretending that your in an interview, they are pretending to be interviewing you formally for placement into a Research Study that they are conducting. This is their cover for their human trafficking and their team is exceptional. It is exceptional in size and scope and have ridiculous funding and ridiculous amounts of persons involved. If you get forced into this type of cover up of the crimes that have been engaged in against you, realize that you have to make a formal announcement that your in some sort of unbeknownst human research study that is engaged in crimes against the public, this sounds crazy, the problem is that there is no board of normal people that monitor human test subject research, all monitoring of such is performed by adults who have been in tests subject stresses for years. They have no scope on the reality of the harm and think it normal to do horrible things in the idealism that they are covered/protected as needed research. It is a horrible cover of unimaginably large scaled human trafficking and the perpetrators are child rapists, self declared hypnotists, self declared teachers of triangulated control, and are often times in the military protected programs that hide their crimes as if they are necessary for control of the public in the interest of the protection of the country. It is one of this countries largest exports, the harm done to others viewed by high paying high gambling and controlled through debt lenders of human suffering. Often times these purchasers of this government protected commodity of phony research, have been found out to be War Mongers. The type that would pair a child with a perpetration just to try to find a gun... in other words, they like to bring together the victims and the criminal but in a way that they can get payback for what they've spent. In terms of human trafficking, the research will indicate that a town has to be completely controlled as an experiment, there are a few places like this that have been verified as this type of activity and currently the largest and largest funded experiment of this sort is Orange County California and it has demanded that it filter it's funding into nine other counties so that funding can be hidden as if it is public spending. It is the largest funded human experimentation on uninformed human test subjects with over eight billion in allotted federal funds that are issued to the counties through the law enforcement's underscored participation in undercover investigations. These investigations have a federal partner in them keeping the liability of the federally engaged in crimes a duty of the state to cover up all with the intent to bankrupt soon at least 40 states with settlement claims that will only go to specific victims. The federal government will then need to have much more oversight of the states and of the police. One of the largest controlling single fund holders is in San Diego and is a police officer low life who thinks he has to work in El Cajone, and he is hiding over a billion dollars of these funds that he thinks he can get away with not spending as long as he is able to keep confiscating peoples property in hard to detect ways then reissuing them in exchange for paid to for receipt keeping the budget for this largest ever human test subject game has now reduced enough in order to try to keep it covered up during audit practices, that it is looking for this now known unspent billion. IN Orange County you can't get away with a million but you can get away with a billion. You do have to have a scare tactic though and it is about to be let out. So when someone tries to hide the fact that your reporting things that make you qualified to be a Victim, their fault of saying to you at every new day that "so its everyone" "so it is everyone you talk to" is going to be their relinquish of their 18 million employees they've hired and informed then that they are special agents. Special agents that say what ever their told to say since it is part of their special employment, when you ask them how they get paid, watch the blood drain from their faces. Real federal agents downgrade by all these fake special agents being gathered by this human test research are going to be uninterested in the insult to them so long as they get to be part of the grab of the millions they've had a real hard time in trying to have each for them selves. Other types of federal agents won't even touch the property or the game but won't report it or endanger themselves by quitting their job. Most will be disgusted, but many will think, hey, if I went for a Billion also, wouldn't I have succeeded too. This largest in history of America, research on uninformed human test subjects, phony scam is fashioned around the tactics used in ancient china to control the people into suicide for honor, giving the king the title of Emperor, and to have worship of total government control. This tactic of being "researched" upon in this largest ever American research funded scam is a very pointed desire. The research will likely go burned like in every other time, however this spending can't go unclaimed until there is another phenomenal missing amount of money from the united states bank account to be documented formally, like what happened at the pentagon during the 9/11 attack plan. This ring thinks they can do this tactic two more times before having this research funding grab taken from them so they are planning at least 20,000 small time money trace losses to close down any searching for billions, and even are planning 60 large attacks to make it look like some terrorist took money from a fund while a smoke screen was in play.

See, this tactic is similar to the Tang Dynasty tactics ... The Tang Dynasty was a fake Dynasty put in place by the Qin Dynasty & the Qin Dynasty did such in order to get rid of the Six Dynasties.  You think it can't happen because the time frame of the rule, but in truth you only have a Xin Dynasty which is the one in rule today, it is the one Dynasty with one Emperor who after several years of cultivating a personality cult, will finally proclaim himself Emperor, just like how he finally proclaimed himself emperor in 9 AD. He said his name was thr.  He is named Wang Mang... this is the modern day dynamic, the wang is in charge as incompetent as he might be he is the one that had the inheritance of the personality cult that he formed due to how the Marquess of Yangping totally remembered being mind controlled as a teenager by the release of a threat made by Wang Zhengjun's sister that no one recorded as being alive. To this very day the culture in China is repeatedly used to reinforce the control gained by acting like a Dynasty was a form of religion and a form of royalty. Human traffickers wish to be a Dynasty.  They will write you the movie right in front of you then tell you your the person in the movie, right Cheaters.... your wang is to small much like chinamen, so you take to America to find your big stick to walk with while you pretend to walk softly, though you really want to beat down someone with the personality cult.  We don't want your porn, you make of us after stalking us and hiding your cameras invading our privacy while you have fights provoked so that you can have one party fall when you send up your Sui Dynasty perverse money/person pornographer to try to bed the Victims you've been provoking, take your in the know pornographer likely disease ridden person you somehow keep on your payroll and bed them your self but you already do don't cha... oh, you dont bed them also, these people you pay to go up to unsuspecting Americans, oh you don't you don't bed them sometimes yourself, oh come on there has to be footage's of such somewhere, the cult gets wise sometimes remember that.

Cheaters, how much laundering do you do for this team in San Diego that think they are trying to place the millions they have syphened while the guy whom took the Billion plays you all. Orange County gets the playbook while you all make the personality cult.  No one normal wants your show or your spy tech, so take your cult and flush it because us normal people dont want you'r Mang. 

Never forget about the meng part of the weng



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8/20/17   Cheaters the movie , I'll take it. 

Revenge Porn Method of Human Trafficking has been identified. 

Revenge Porn has been used as a term to describe when a disgruntled person hires someone to hide cameras in your home to secretly film you after hiring a different person to try to bed you.  This tactic is widespread use for cell phone cameras and other small cameras that don't need to be hidden in your home.  There is also the hacking of your cell phone & computer phone to try to make porn of you or of your children, however this term has been a misnomer since it implies that the person that is being Victimized is somehow just a porn participant when actually this crime is a form of human trafficking and a form of rape.  

 Human Trafficking that is conducted as if the woman Victim was approving of the "porn" so that the "porn" can be shared legally, sold legally, and gained "legally" but it is not legal, it is a protected method of Immunitied Human Trafficking due to how clever law enforcement & the media term it but it is Human Trafficking made with the intent to traffic without being held to criminal standards, and conducted with the intent to not be made to stop the conduct, the San Diego Police Department employed human traffickers' attorney Keith Phillips of the San Diego City Attorney's Office is a Pioneer of walking into court and stating that he is confused and that he basically understands that a Victim of this sort of premeditated cover for human trafficking is wanting to be paid for having hidden cameras recording the events that take place in the home, so that the Victim had cameras in her home and now wants to be paid for the footage... forced slavery is his game he furnishes, and he likes to get the Victim to look like she wants to be paid for porn, a psychological attack that engages the Victim is then saying a defense of no I don't want to get paid for porn, as if the Victim just ratified that she made porn, and the State of California still has his bar license approved though they know that Keith Philips likes to email women in the "Crazy Prison" about showing up to court rooms that he has said such a thing in, and Kieth Phillips then likes to re-stalk the Victim by later sending email correspondence to her asking if he can have a "I saved Jessica Seymour's Life" Anti Stalker Nation Tee. you time.  So Basically, attorneys are Revenge Porn Method of Human Trafficking flow throughs and financiers, almost all Revenge Porn is financed through IOLTA's.  

Another funder of revenge porn human trafficking & propigandizer as to how it is just a normal thing and not human trafficking, is the company that publicly calls its self Cheaters and that maintain a site for cheatersspy and David Moye along with Tommy Habeeb are Revenger Porn Method of Human Trafficking traffickers who believe that Valentines Day is the busiest time of year for their hidden camera forced porn & rape season but they are not sure why it is their busiest time of year.  However the Victims of Immunity Foundation knows that this busiest time of year is due to the fact that they have a lot of vulnerable women to hunt around that Valentines Day emotional grab fest.  The Cheaters Spy arena is a cover up for Tommy Habeeb's actual acts of making sure that a revenge is engaged upon unsuspecting people.  Jessica Seymour was set up by a person in Alvin Mansour's Marcus and Millichap Real Estate office in La Jolla California; when a person in the Marcus and Millichap office decided that he'd have his partner in crime contact Cheaters impersonating Alvin and act like Alvin hired (contacted) Cheaters the TV Show as if Alvin had infidelity concerns. And then this team of people started to follow Jessica Seymour around to force sex upon her they found out that they were not the only team harming Jessica Seymour then realized they could form a new job type among their intruders and had a term coined for Jessica, they called her their little bitch.  Later they changed their coin to the term their "Big Bitch" when they added Alvin Mansour to their sponsor, as in, they tried this again to a different person that Alvin Mansour dated.  When this other woman started to realize that she was being stalked she assumed it was the police since she had been stalked by them prior.  

The Mission Valley San Diego Police Department now have a few women in Mission Valley that they work on with their team of Texas plated vehicles.  Operation Shadowbox employees knew what was going on with the subcontracting of Cheaters employed fools but liked it so very much that hey relayed a contract to them also. Alvin Mansours' investigator he hired to find Jessica Seymour when she moved from her River Run condo into her Escala condo did not know that a separate team of perverts were hired by someone in the Marcus and Millichap realtor offices posing as Alvin Mansour to gain "Cheaters" television time for Alvin and Jessica, but he did know that the Shadowbox was a person named .... and does also know that this person is the Shadowboss of the entire scam to run trumpet over the Caldeans of the area since they have enough wealth to hide. The Cheaters show and forum for hiding cameras in a persons home spy shop, is a method of porn force human trafficking and the Cheaters show never fully comes close to ever showing the full amount of people they are trafficking just as if they are doing a show that has a person followed, approached, secretly filmed, and this premeditated cover up for human trafficking is a rape for profit even if they are really good at casting the person who walked up to the Victim as if they are not listening to the fights a couple just had or listening to them vent to their friends or profiling them so to send just the right person up to them at just the organized right time, you know like when your vulnerable because your significant other just broke up with you so he could do something silly then get back with you a few weeks later when his silly thing dropped him cold  silly things have to go to other castings at just the right time also.  The two of you never saw what was happening till someday the SDPD had to cover it up for the Shadowbox. Obviously you can substitute in your areas police department and federal infused "operation" for the two we are outlining to you but the fact is that this method of human trafficking made with it's plethora of cover up in advance is a contracted crime.

Bobby Goldstein and Joey Greco and Kenneth Smith Jr. are  television traffickers and love to have their girlfriends trafficked.  The show itself is a trafficking cover up and has had such press revealing: 

In 2002, the Houston Press tracked down several people who said they were paid $400 per show by one of the detectives of the agency to act on the show, and were paid $50 per referral of other actors. One performer said, "What [the show's private detective] told me was that some of the episodes are real, but... they would do these ringer episodes to supplement the show." The show's private investigator denies that he staged anyone's scenario and further added that the number of inquiries the agency receives made this unnecessary. The producers of Cheaters currently reiterate the reality of each episode in a legalistic message at its end, though a Federal Communications Commission representative confirmed to the Houston Press that "there's no law or regulation against presenting acted-out scenarios as reality on television."

Yes this company considers them-self an "AGENCY".  Their Agency is one of human trafficking porn from non porn actors and conditioning their viewers to think it as not being pornographic, not questioning it as a Victim'full type of activity, and not even portraying the actual persons identity at times just bust'in out episodes that remember a tactic used but non disposable.  If they like to come after Jessica Seymour again she is welcoming their type of cover up defense engaged prior to trafficking, the I don't think theirs any law against it defense. underwhelming and under-realized.  She says here now there is a law against what you've don't to her, read her statements made in court then decide your not doing anything unlawful,  She says that they can use their newest method of telling their Victims that they have to shut their mouth about the cameras they find. She says that she aint the one to worry about.  She says their defunct Shadowboss is the one to worry abut since he just realized that you set them up to be billion dollar lossed to your own account.  Yes, this kingpin boss of the Operation Shadowobox just realized what you did to his billions, he might be good at covering them up in his lowly San Diego La Jolla chief position but back when he was running the show in El Cajone he remembers your intrusion, & he just found Tartaro' friend all over your transfer. Sometimes el hefe isn't the police chief just the chief who's a police officer.  Can you imagine, a police officer investigator hiding billions of dollars of his.  who what when where and how did he get that much money and how is he so underwhelming. I suppose that was the ammunition behind the idea of lets just rob this guy anyway that Cheaters decided was a great pretense to a chapter of their remedy. idea. See we already know you read what Jessica Seymour filed in court but trafficked her anyway, you know there are laws against what you do, you just think you can impoverish anyone you want so that they can't defend themselves.  A friend of Cheaters was indirectly involved with setting up a forced business bankruptcy for Alvin Mansour and hunter Carson was also operational in the federal cover-up of at least three murders.  Conditioning the public into thinking that setting up a "cheater" for humiliation regarding a private problem is a tactic of furthering, funding, ratifying, and conjoining types of trafficking especially when you have to have actors and handlers get the filming accomplished for you when you know dam good and well that the person who called in to your show is just an impostor. Who in Holywould is treaten you like you matter. Condition this, your wife is divorcing you, does she get the unknowing porno shake down that kelsey grammars wife got?  What show is she about to be on so that she can get the your naked on film shakedown publicly?  Visual Entertainment of Canada has a direct line to the home porn propaganda calling its Synister engagements some sort of professional act. You can't keep calling every woman you put a camera on a porn professional and not someday get caught. Someone along the line forgot to at least have a few people caught and now your all going down, sounds playerplayed. But that's just the lie machine acting like a credible witness. 

Director Hunter Carson and two security guards, were indicted on charges of restraining a woman. On November 9, 2006, the four were acquitted. In another episode, Greco was detained at the scene of a bachelor party while helping a man confront his cheating fiancée. After Greco explained the situation about the couple to police, he was given a short talk about disturbing the peace and released with a written warning.

On November 3, 2009, Inside Edition reiterated the claim that the show was staged, citing several more actors who said they were paid to appear. One of them appeared in the Greco stabbing episode and claimed it was staged. Despite the depiction of a male being placed under arrest for stabbing Greco, Inside Edition found that no actual arrest matching that description was made by the Rowlett, Texas police department, where the episode took place. The ambulance shown, along with the EMS personnel appeared to be from "Greater Dallas EMS". Greater Dallas EMS was a private transfer ambulance in the Dallas area but would have never been dispatched for a 911 emergency. They are now out of business after being raided by the FBI in an investigation known as Operation Easy Rider. Physician–patient privilege would prevent the hospital that treated Greco from releasing records to Inside Edition. Nothing prevents the producers of Cheaters from voluntarily displaying the records, yet they have not done so. Despite the lack of records, Goldstein denied in an interview that the episode was staged. In a follow-up, aired on Inside Editionthe following week (November 9, 2009), Greco was interviewed by investigative reporter Matt Meagher about the previous week's accusations. Greco declined to respond, claiming that he could not legally do so.

These Cheaters employed traffickers always have the local police on pay. Usually also have Emergency Response Teams on pay in the areas they are pretending to be filming in also and it is a tactic of Badge behavior Broxterman's that they learned a long time ago back when he also learned it. 

On August 8, 2010, an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission press release reported that Bobby Goldstein Productions, Inc., and Cheaters II, Ltd. (Civil Action No. 3:08-CV-1912-P) paid $50,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit. The suit was brought on the behalf of two female office assistants who were the target of frequent sexual jokes and comments, unwanted physical advances, and propositions for sex. The alleged perpetrators included members of upper management. Says attorney Robert A. Canino, a regional attorney from the EEOC Dallas District Office, "just because the creator of Cheaters promotes a TV show business which thrives on featuring sexual transgressions, it is no justification for engaging in sexual improprieties which violate the employment rights of his female employees behind the scenes."

Or was it not so behind the scenes.  Don't they hire some pretty easy to control women, $50,000 is nothing compared to how much they made off of their secret footages of those two women. But are they whores for asking for relief & repair, you'd have to consult the experts Keith Phillips &  Jan Goldsmith, or you can just ask Jan's hair it knows everything.   Trevenging, it is that thing you do when you are refused relief, you end up taking the profit of revenge and trading it for nothing leaving revenge a T, the tee takes the place of the nothing and you end up with the loot.  When a woman can't get relief you portray her as being vengeful while you sell your deliberately made revenge porn of unsuspecting Victims. your Trevenge is that you don't get to have it all you end up trying to be the a and the ass and you succeed you now get to play the game of how many players played.  

Isn't this enough to convict of human trafficking: Visual Entertainment of Canada has released several best-of collections of Cheaters on DVD in Region 1. In addition the Cheaters Spy Shop was launched in September 2011 to sell items used on the show and has been promoted in episodes beginning in the Season 12. Cheaters DVD releases are uncensored, with language and sexual content (including occasional views of acts such as fellatio and penetration) shown unfiltered.  

These people being sold by Visual Entertainment are not signing porn contracts.  These human traffickers operate in the open in front of every one targeting anyone, and operating with a team that says they are not doing any thing that a law is written to stop.  Isn't that the term traffickers use when they are also having a child traversed from one country to the next, no law says a child can't travel so these traffickers just tell you they are taking a child to another area, there's no law against it.  They don't tell you the truth about how their filming their travel so that buyers can buy the child later.  Why is an unsuspecting adult just as vulnerable as a child that is being filmed without their knowledge.  

Do we really need a law against it, yes I suppose we do since we all just can't be returned.  But my self as a not a victim for long, says it is real obvious what you should not be doing, and we all know that hiding cameras in a persons home is not at all legal.  So if no law says you can't do it why is there a law designed to make sure that you can do it.  The Patriot Act states that hiding cameras in peoples home is protected as long as your story for doing so is somehow in line with their story for protecting such an illegal act. 


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8/16/17   Iam

What did the hero get he got his wedding paid for …. Sounds biblical.

Its a biblical story the leaders are playing and it’s not their story to tell that’s why it’s not in the bible.  I’ts not your story to blaze through or fornicate.  Your lack of attention will be retrievable.
Am I
If she has the blood of the lam then what would I have. Would I hav you would you have had two lions. Would you have thought they were lightning, since you thought they were thunder they failed to roar, stupid is as stupid did theyr too smart that’s why you lost.


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8/15/17   How they felt or why they were there

In Nevadas Cliven Bundy case hitler, I mean District court Judge Goop nasty, I mean Gloria Navarro, told DEFENDANTS OF THEIR RIGHT, I mean DEFENDANTS OF THEIR LIVES, that they could not testify as to how they felt or why they were there at Cliven Bundy’s ranch.  Hmm, hitler is sitting in a judge seat.  Because your only on stand for your freedom but don’t tell those who hold your key why you were there or how you felt.

So this “judge” Navarro of the Gloria type decided that these men that the FBI had brought up with movie documentary glory, and who had been introduced to a swaggering informant are not allowed to defend themselves as to how they felt or how they got there or why they were there, just like how the FBI told them in the video camera documentary instructions you know.  Since the FBI were so secretive the people they wanted to have star in their documentary were given similar instructions as to not say things, hmm wouldn’t that be a dramatic event. Surely the FBI didn’t instruct the Defendants but now they are instructed what not to say by the FBI’s chosen judgeattorney for their video needs.

The interesting thing is that know one knows … who is informant knowone and why isn’t she on the stand.  The other informant was a part of this case, why isn’t informant knowone on the stand telling hitler, I mean judge Navarro, that it has to be said. That she has to tell you why she was there, is informant knowone the woman the FBI undercover Agents killed in front of one of Bundy’s son’s and the federal Agents Attorney Steven Myhre knows about this murder made to influence men under investigation. Yes.

You know what else the fbi’s attorneys help cover up with plying and positioning and with tiraids & movies and sitting where they want you to sit when they want you to sit there, it’s that Hugh Heffner guy he gets all the girls hungry, he hands them off then doesn’t even go anywhere he’s the perfect cover and he’s about the dumannis.   Bill Cosby, dumani’s school time friend rapes an 18 year old and the story goes that he just liked her toes he just liked to lick her toes ,but then, yes but then, she ends up in San Diego a decade later defending herself for sitting in a car.  I mean she didn’t get to defend herself she just got the mug shot to sell her around through by the San Deigo Sheriff Department traffickers that got her to the men’s jail. The said she had a white thing with her so to get her arrested and taken to the women’s jail.  Hmm.

Chloe Goins , a human trafficking via the video footages & mug shots human trafficking method of the San Diego leagal & law pervert traffickers, and of Bonnie Dumannis’s  Tanya Sierra cover up statement maker… inaccurate information to the public is not your luxury, dumanis tell Tanys to stay put, she is the liar of the day and she won’t want to stay long but you will want her now

Tanya Sierra Public Affairs Officer   

because when I met Tanya Sierra she gave me a different name, she said she was a teacher but back then she was really a “journalist” posing for the Sheriff as a journalist she said to me that she was a teacher and wanted to ask me a bunch of questions. 

Public Affairs Officer at the San Diego County District Attorney's Office

Greater San Diego Area

Public Relations and Communications


1.        San Diego County District Attorney


1.        The San Diego Union-Tribune

2.       The Press-Enterprise

3.       Denver Rocky Mountain News


1.        National University


4 people have recommended Tanya

I guess when you decide to pocket a story you then get to work for the city or the county or just the District Attorney’s cover up of stalking of women for sexual reasons squad.  I’m proud of you Tanya you did it , you got yourself a real job.  On her LinkedIn Page I notice she has put down “Storytelling” as one of her skills& you would have to be good at making up and telling story’s to succeed in San Diego’s lie factory of the DA’s office but knowone knows.  She puts storytelling as one of her skills, she was a journalist though supposed to be a fact teller, but she puts storytelling as her skill for her linkedin story, guess she wanted to make herself irresistible””” to the San Diego County District Attorney.

This Tanya Sierra, she didn’t use her real name back when she and I spoke and she did not use her title as a journalist either, she was a scam artist, a liar, and now a self admitted story teller.   Why would she have to approach me as if she was a teacher back when she was working for the Press Enterprise I mean the San Diego Union Tribune, your undercover job covers are starting to co-mingle when I can remember you as your only hope.   Do you remember saying that Tanya to so many rape victims you perpetrated your self to for your team all as if if you ever got caught you’d just say you were just investigative jouanalisting but you were persuading rape victims out of defense for your agency you piglet.  Oink oink oink oink you are a pig now congratulations piglet, your graduation must have looked like some other phony’s from National U.  National U is about one step lower than the Pheonix but maybe Im just an education snob.  Don’t you have a duty now to tell your friend Dana Littlefield at the Union Tribune to say that Bill Cosby sexual assault of 18 year old Playboy Mansion Victim Chloe Gains was a reason she was at the jail for the men to begin with, the man jail she was just apparently approached by a Sheriff Deputy while she sat in a car, a car that belonged to whom.  In the full title of the car who all owned it or paid for it.  Don’t you have a duty Tanya pigSierra to tell your friend Dana Littlefield   that you had to let Playboy Mansion Victim Chloe Goins ten years later not have her day in court because of how she had a trial anyway the kind that goes public on the internet.   The kind Cosby actually needed.   Don’t you have a duty to tell Dana Littlefield that Goins was only let out of her agreement because she was a, I mean that she was let out of her under age victimization scandal you contracted for her to have used against her because, WAIT WAIT WAIT, DIDN’T YOU GET LET OUT OF YOUR CHILDHOOD TORTURE BY SAYING WHAT EVER YOU HAD TO Tanya Sierr.  Tanya, You are a victim turned trafficker & the childhood videos of you are not on board anymore are they, at whoo’s expense, At Chloe Goins’ expense and you knew that prior to your statement to Dana Littlefield.  You can’t work your way out of being trafficked Tanya.  Chloe Goins payed a price already even if your Bonnie Dumanis says lets just let good enough be.  Not even working for Bonnie Dumanis can get you released from your handlers so one day you’ll remember trust me.  As far as your past targeting me for your team, you can suck it.  To me your just like victim turned handler Yolanda Moats Shakoor… the two of you are still just a bitch in my book””””  right Yolanda.  Isn’t that what you wanted to play for me so many times you could walk it backwards in the dark, you were commissioned to tell me & play for me your traffickers desired song for me which was “still a Bitch” by Lil’Troy,    isn’t that what your sexfriends told you to play for me Yolanda, yes it is. And yes you did play it for me and say it to me in such a funny way no one could ever be mad at you. Your still just a what in the mud?  You still just a what in the mud, you still just a what in the mud.  I have no respect for handlers, past Victims be aware.  Not even past victims turned handlers will get my affection, or my appetite.  Yolanda be very careful the next time your team of traffickers that enjoy you have you use a song like that at your only hope for recovery.  You basically got paid to threaten me but you did it with a clever song your traffickers told you to play & say & then you still think to do it again to someone else they pay you to harm, your not a “informant” nor or you a plea bargain brigade anymore your just someone used to threaten murder through a song.  You’re a trained handler who likes it very much now just like Tanya Sierra so keep tracken away & maybe you too can end up working for the district attorney formally rather then informally.  Your next victim is awaiting your song since they are planning her murder now, go to the reason and tell him who you’ve been instructed to play that song to now since you didn’t get what you were after with your game you played on me you total mind controlled and now acclimated handler that you are.  You’re a concocter of at least one murder that did get performed and you know it.  Yolanda your only hope knows more than you, did you think you were smarter than myself, how could you.  Go now to the cops to tell them about who on their team told you to play that song at me, then tell then who you were asked to play it for other than myself, and now tell them who you are playing it for again she has a life that depends on it.  Or are the cops less smart then you also Yolanda.   Well then you’re the Handler that uses them.  Hmm maybe it has nothing to do with smarts the way a victim of a thousand team ring of armed badge holders is abused.  Maybe it has more to do with you.

Yolanda her days are numbered are you that hateful.  Go to the right person the web.  I will publish a statement for you if you like, do a video blog post it to Vimeo and send it to the VOI in an email.  The VOI is going Syndicated and you can be the first topic if you like.  But don’t let this victim of yours go killed for the fun of playing that stale old you just a b in my book song, don’t be that shallow brained to still be thrilled from the play of that song.  Your team that likes you naked and in that mans home the one in orange county that you took me too the one with the cameras all over his home & the thing of rhydalin he was instructed to leave on the counter when you two left me alone, that man & your team, like to have a song played to your Victims that says things like “I go there, I’ll beat you, Soon you die, bitch in my book”… see Yolanda, you can’t keep all your victims from finding out about you so go back a few steps in life and get yourself Un-Handler status, come clean just don’t be the last one to do it.  If you ever found out that joy rapp came clean on what she was paid to do to me would you want to come clean after her or before her.  You gained monetary profit for what you did to me, it makes you a human trafficker just like that guy travis Meyers.  He gaines profit from the women he traffickes that he takes the hair of when he is getting them to the salon he works at, & I don’t have to tell you anything about spells, concocted bath tub cleanses, or about other witchvodoocraftology correct you dirty little scum master.   You and your “psychic” as you tried to paint it off to me, yes, you and your “psychic” do any good spells lately, you perv, you two do any good craftology lately any good fool  could survive, or is it just that you like to play that song for women that then go missing.  You and your friends have a murder rapp to meet.  And your audacity to play that song again at request when last time went the way it went. You think I get my stats from the gutter where you dwell or is it that you are the next big twist.  She’s missing the woman you played that song for last, and you know shes been murdered, now you have again agreed to play it, you scum.  Now you have a friend in you slate this Tanya Sierra this woman that likes to tell stories to the public from the DA’s office you got a great reason to go now but you try to out music your enemy, your enemy out numbered and who likely took you to your first concert.  You play for her your murder song you and at your age you should have grown a brain by now. Go apply at the DA’s office Yolanda, because they have to hire you.  Ya’ll give rape for profit such a new style its so you know, you and Dana Littlefield could write a new story about the Playboy Mansion, maybe go tell stories about that Windsor Capital Mortgage office lady you worked for, maybe you could have her & Chloe Goins sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby while the world you all try to force upon the rest of us call then liars if they report it then set them up to have scars, bruises, parked cars at the jail with “white stuff” in it, maybe you & dana littlefield can tell the public about how Chula Vista’s Superior Court has a trial waiting in on one of that Windsor Capital Mortgage offices affiliates.  You did tell me that she was a whore, a whore that used to frequent the Playboy Mansion, and she was so nice to me so nice to you to let you work at her office you double crosser hateful what.  In my book your name is spelled undertake which translates to Yo.    Chula Vista huh, chula vista, chula vista, where the Superior court of chula vista.  Dana Littlefield go to the superior court of chula vista for 2008 stories then hold back data about why Chloe Goins is made to look like the whore who lied about Bill Cosby just so the Sheriff could have her set up and put on to the cameras I was put on to falsely also, then go tell her sorry.  Tell Chloe Goins sorry about all the things that the DA got to go unseal, go find, go see about her child hood all wanted by Bill Gore & his Cosby affiliates.   Go Now Dana you offend me the face of you at the bottom of your plush pieces made at the cost of others.  You protect the areas trafficking cops then the areas trafficking sheriffs now not only the areas Cosby laden District attorney then what, then what do you & her employee Tanya Sierra do . you go eat.

You so well fed but you can’t even imply that Chloe Goins was take off the calendar for being innocent rather chose to act out that not enough evidence was available &n that you only take cases you can win, you dropped the case because you couldn’t get a different Victim to shut up.   Me at the Chula Vista Superior Court… go check it all out.  Go get the video footage of what the bailiff at the metal detector was asked to do then tell her to remember what she said when she thought her requested questioning of me was ridiculous, then go ask that cop that got me there why he actually dropped the ticket he used to get me there, the stalker traffick ticket the scam made to keep a Victim at bay.   You like to take a privilege so that your Victim can be called a crime doer in any city your cops will stalk her at with you. You use traffick tickets to try to take a privilege from a Victim so that when she runs from your abuse you have her called a wrong doer driving with out that license will you make sure she can’t pay the exorbitant amount of bogus tickets she gets, you like to call her a doer of fraud and a crime maker for driving away from you after she realizes how trapped your trying to rape her into, not even a license to have for legally getting away from you then you call her an arrestee for trying to wait out your plague.  

One night and one more time, one night, thanks for the memories they taste like you but sweeter.’’’’’

Your like people who kick metal statues,



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8/14/17   Hate you.  I have spoken.

Should hate speech be protected

Yes, hate speech should be protected, hate should be protected, and so should speech.  If you got people stupid enough to be so protected by hate then you gotta have people stupid enough to be speaking about it. And if you have people so hateful of the street to go march about it and protest hate with hatefulness then you need to let them speak.  Even silent protests that are not violent and are provoked by hate speech are protected hate, just the passive aggressive type and don’t even try to take things from the passive aggressive’s, they hive.

Protect hate, it’s valuable, it’s the speeches way of saying fuck you to.   Don’t’ mess with the speeches, the don’t protect.  They only return what you show so kicking metal statues or playing guitars while you kick metal statues is like licking a window, why do it.  Instead, You should mess with the people who don’t love.

You can quote me.

Jessica Seymour


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8/13/17    if the glove don't' fit you must acquit

but if the glove doesnt have a voice then Tri the orange.

Isn't that clever & it's all the LAPD does not want you to see. 

Tri the orange.



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8/9/17   Was tartaro a fake name with a real good background made for it?  Yep.

Hey Anti Stalker Nation thanks for all the help and love you are so nice!  See I found out a trip to a place can sometimes just reveal things in a supernatural way.  I was parked to go to dinner, the green jeep of Tartaro's was sitting right there when I got out of my car, I did a double take because he didn't have the only green jeep of that year & make & model & color scheme so I was looking for the accuracy so I took a second to see if it had the same paint terror & the same upholstery terror, & the same ugly plastic pieces added onto it terror, the same looking scrapes on it terror, It was a terror to ride in Tartaros jeep when he was having me help him to the gas station the one on the corner, the Shell Station, it was the Shell Station, the Shell Station that I won a small claims court award against & boy oh boy did he make me pay... oh ya the owner of the Shell Station sure did know the in's & outs of having me abused later for having such a nice car that his little car wash damaged, but it was the small claims court judge that surveyed my car & evidence and awarded me the damages.  See there is something there between that Shell Station owner and between some of the stalking of me, like as in he knows three people that know  Aziz "Albert" Machhour.   So back to Tartaro's green jeep showing up right at one of the places I had been eating at for the last for weeks.  It was the same jeep and it revealed an actual name to relate to the outrageous fake background that was created for the name of Robert Tartaro.  See this jeep had been sold, and it has been the second sale that was made of this jeep & the first sale was for a three thousand dollar difference & had one of his family members buy it from him .... amature'ish for a person with such a secret identity but then again no one can pin a crime so obvious on them why dont they just use their real names when pretending to be undercover.  

See, this jeep of Tartaro's had been sold this second time now by the person in his family he offloaded it to, and there was a bill of sale for $100 right in the back window of the jeep & all the plates had been taken off this jeep.  The bill of sale listed the seller, the buyer, the vin, the price, and interestingly enough the notary with a different name from what the Seller put as her name. 

So the   dori c batton wrote her name that way for the bank notary person on the signature line, but the bank notary spelled it out as  dori c Batted, but then at the top of the bill of sale the seller Dori put her name as Dory C Batten  .... which one is it, is it Batton, Batted, or Batten even the notary doesn't' seem to care but uh their was no notary number or stamp/seal on the form that was posted on Tartaro's old jeep he used to seal the deal as a lowly IT guy in San Diego. 
buyer was mark klassy The "bank notary"  was Dean J Gruis or possibly a variation of that since the signature was so hard to read maybe the notary's last name is  grius  or greis,

The sale date was July 5 2017 .

Im only saying it cause of how similar the name Batted or Batten, or Batted is to the name  Bathen and Bathen is the prior name of that Melissa Sharky lady who robbed me. the realtor lady who had a father in law that is a judge in San Diego, no conflict of interest there right, wrong.  

So Tartaro's real last name is closer to bather, something like Batten or thats right it is Bathed. He sold his jeep to a person in his family, then had is sold to a Klassy for $100.  How did Klassy get such a good deal. I want to find out how a person has a federal issued pay stub that says his NAME is Tartaro along with a drivers licence that says such as well as a pay grade substitution on his pay stub that indicates he is under the releaf of the pay grade related to the sale of a prostitute you know, like when someone signs up for the military to get a housing grant.  He just wanted to get his housing paid by acting like he was undercover.  He was really a person listed to be set to a crime.  He is a prostitute of what actual person.  He is a prostitute with a fake background. hE IS A PROSTITUTE THAT MAKES SURE HIS PAY FROM HIS PIMP, I MEAN HIS AGENCY, IS COMPENSATED BY ROBBING THOSE HE IS TRICKING.

Sounds like a family affair especially when someone gets a $100 dollar car.   Did a Bathed work for the SDPD or for the Shadowbox agencies on the operation that was going on prior to the Shadowbox operation, yes.   How many other women did he assault under his actual name, come on oratrat spill. 

See I want to know because of some of the things that Amy Coriddi was told to say to me and do to me the terrorizing she was told to do to me about my sheets, my jewelry bag or at least thE placement of where I put my jewelry baG when I was staying with her after being traumatized by Tartaro and by his team of prostitutes so that I had to leave my own home and move into Amy Coriddi's home, go find out what and who had her treating me in the horrific way she started to treat me after she was contacted by Bathed's team of prostitutes with pay stubs and fake badges, see Amy Coriddi would have called her brother in law when contacted to harm me for no reason other then to disrupt my housing yet again, so you can also go ask her brother in law who was/is married to her sister Anna Coriddi.   The thing is that Amy kept it from my best friend Angela Coriddi, so not only did I get disenfranchised from my best friend relationship but I also had my housing interrupted, my housing has now been invaded and disrupted and caused to be lost at least 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 times, at least fourteen times my housing has been invaded interrupted, deliberately controlled and even matched to a murderer twice.  Isn't this excessive for government employees to be doing.  Am I the only one that finds that many home invasions and set up's to be a bit too obsessive, too hard not to prove, and well scandal invoking the kind of scandal where I was targeted for profit not for any illegal act of my own, even you Yolanda Moats Shakoor you even know what to say to stop this from happening to me anymore but you've been trafficked by those guys who get you your Chaldean Mortgage outfit job & then by those Ameriquest invading launderers that had you get me to Mimi's & by those who had you working for that Windsor Capital office with that Playboy Bunny girl arent you tired of being trafficked yet or is Handaling that good of a way of life.    I am saying that I am being trafficked, my housing has been controlled, my family was set up to have too  much hardship so that even living with a murderer seems somehow uncoincidental to who,  and even recently my ability to have a hotel when relocating has been controlled.  I am saying that a new investigation against Bathed's team mates needs to be investigated especially his orange county timing of how he and my uncles' fbi friend got people to interrupt my staying at my grandparents house also, oh and also invaded my attempt to have a car when I was with my grandparents at Toyota of Orange... I am stalked at every move and no one gets arrested a code of silence even achieve by showing what to Amy Coriddi. Bathed your, obsession with me is like a trip, so why did your old car show up where I have been having dinner at for a $100 sale... did you really think that you could keep stalking me and not have some sort of trip up, that bill of sale shouldn't have been in that window should it.  Did you think that God would leave me high and dry when it came to your terrorizing of me and of me in my jeep.  You and your team should try to make a bit less then $100 so we can tell you about how little you matter.  But please don't have me treated the way your rapist had Sarah treated when she told her abuser the same thing that night he drugged her so that she'd move & a room in my home opened up for you while you had Machhour ready and lined up to tell me bad things about my friend I knew since we were 18.  You are a class act of rape for profit and your housing needs are ripe.  So how much you selling your rape for now a days Bathed. 


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8/8/17   Unimity what is it.  What is its return, it's return is Uminity. 

In the VOI's Dictionary:

  • Uminity: it means you thought I was gone

  • Unimity: it means you thought I was here with you, it means you thought I was gone. Unimity, it is somewhat like aloha, since you can say aloha for saying hi, or for saying goodby. It also means you thought I was done.

The VOI released these two terms to a Giant corporation in a grant request and now someone in there circle is trying to make up their own definition for this word uminity but the universe doesn't want me to lose. 

If the universe doesn't want me to lose but I lost, what do you think they will do to you.  What forces do you think the universes over seeer's will do to you if you made me loose. Would my little thunder and lightning bring me the box while a super force fall's your little re. 



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8/6/17   Help

On Friday I was reading the paper that people call the WSJ, and on Friday I was enlightened to the fact that mueller has two Grand Juries now on the hot and heavy leaks trail ... two grand juries to decide on whether or not a leak was accomplished, I find this interesting because of how deliberately crapy of a job all those special counsels & inquiry units do when inquiring & investigating about if there is a legal problem with the FBI.  Seriously tell me who do you hire to investigate the FBI's actions.
How dependable is the Grand Jury unit in the Connecticut area that was just consumed by Mueller, and why is a need for a take over... why is the
Is it more dependable than the one that was just formed, the evidence this Connecticut Grand Jury gathered needs to be publicly consumed and the new investigation of the new grand jury needs to be kept from it.... I know that seems difficult to let the public have everything from one grand jury but to keep it all from the new Grand Jury as if one grand jury's findings are not relevant or important or prove a coverup or show a disdain by those put on the jury, or prove that the areas informants are trafficking or prove that the clowns in the FBI are not competent or are just not relevant just because of time that has passed...
See in this ungrand jury tial the WSJ said that Connecticuts ungrand jury that has been put in place by whoever made the complaint to the area's grand jury office to have this specific issue investigated, had to have had a reason to do it in that area.  Now Mueller has his new Grand Jury place in a different area, how big is the crime.  How many grand jury's should there be for one crime, this is being considered one crime of intelligence leaking regardless of how many leakers there are, who in Conecticut is the same as the leaker issue in Washington .   Seriously if you were in Conecticut and said Hey Grand Jury, read this paper, I wrot that Michael Flynn is a National Security Advisor and that he is a spy with Russia, I suppose you would have been taken to the same "crazy jail" I was taken to when I reported to the grand jury in San Diego that police officer team of 8 people helped a pervert rapist named Tartaro take out hidden cameras from my home when I reported them to the police.  So who actually got the Connecticut grand jury to take on a National Security Advisor because you wouldn't have been using Flynn's name only leading a trail to him in what ever you put in to the Connecticut grand jury.
See when I had two different grand jury's looking into the problem in San Diego that was plaguing me and sending me into harms way just for walking my dog, checking my mail, driving, I did have one grand jury have evidence of mine go missing from their safe when I asked them to have it produced for me in court.
A second grand jury was engaged when I had other crimes made against me so I had once Two Grand Juries, so I mean that I can relate to Meuller and to how he now has Two Grand Juries, and to how he must feel when evidence goes missing.  
Yes I said the Connecticut grand jury is a set up to cover up crime just like how Shadowbox was a set up to cover up fast & furious crime.   I love the way that the Shadowboss I mean Operation Shadowbox gets to be placed as just an El Cajone Police Department crime rather then what is as, a multi-federal agency crime engaged by the ATF and any other agency that the Cajone Investigation low ranking officer who used to be a federal agent.  before shadowbox was the Elcahones right ot abuse it was called something else and was not a state ran investigation, there is this thing about investigating someone or thing so many times that it basically exonerates the person or crime but really its just because it is so lucrative for the Agents and State.  California profited from this phony investigation San Diego profited from this phoney investigation, joy rapp's father down there in the El Cajone area he goes to for work profited from this phony investigation so much so that he could outsource his daughter to live next to me to invade me personally for his hate of teh Chaldean I was dating, he likes to use his daughter & she likes to use his bed when he and her mother are out of town, guess that's why he had his military friends invade my home & fax machine, did you all know that joy rapps father gary did also work at the coronado island police department, you know, in the military personnel department, I mean in the IT Department, though his pay grade wouldn't say so, and he sent his daughter to school with all the tijuana drug lord's children, and Melissa Sharkey profited, a mortgage company I never paid a cent to profited, said my home was worth $800,000 before they tried to take it then said it was worth $400,000 later, anyways, what I'm saying is that I get it Mueller sometimes you just need two or three grand juries not one.  You know, when the triangle is total you need at least one more grand jury so watch him find a state that will take a new claim (I'm nearly positive that it will be West Virginia) then tell me if he is part of the problem or not.  
Here is a crime to report that I just can't report through the regular methods since I'm vindictively sought after by those in the cajone releaf fund.  Here is the crime, a man tried to keep me from having an attorney when I was looking to have legal representation he sat in on a meeting that I was in with attorney Allen Cate, he is an agent now, but then he was a man that tried to influence Allen Cate. Then I find out the Superior Court played a "stipulation" game though when Allen Cate testified in court about it he said under oath that he did not stipulate to anything, he was also agreeable to saying so in the Attorney Declaration filed with the appeal court.  That's a crime, to influence an attorney not to take a case then when he does take the case you have your law clerk engage in faking a stipulation of a pleading by hacking Allen Cates computer then acting like I didn't deny any stipulation when Allen Cate was basically testifying just so you could have a fake ass mortgage company take my home then keep my property from me till they stoll it, then keep me from having my ability to have the county recorder know what happened in court.  This mortgage company that Allan Cates "friend" assisted had sent me a paper saying that I had made a $900 payment to them when I had never paid them anything. I contacted Chase bank immediately to tell them what had happened and informed them that the scam of telling me on paper I sent money to a company that I never sent money to was not going to have the impact they wanted which I said because I never had any business with this PennyMac company, they were only sourced in aid of Chase Mortgage companies crimes they played when agent contacted them to hound me, see each creditor I called the agent in this shadowbox related conspiring had the audacity to take over all my communications... if I called any creditors these shadowbox related agents went to them behind my back and started to undo my assistance, my credit, my payment history, my negotiations... I had a payment modification made on my first property over in River Run in Mission Valley, a man named Dino in that mortgage companies modification department did a modification for me dropping my payment down hundreds of dollars, I lost two years on my term & he took it back to a 30 year term but he did drop the payments, since a better financial situation was not in the plan for me regarding the power this ring of shadowboxer traffickers were allowing I ended up with that modification having it's monthly payment change and it was put to the exact same amount of monthly payment I had already had lowered in signed modification agreement, you don't do a modification agreement to your mortgage unless it is to lower your term or payment, interest rate etc.  You don't add on two years to your term just to have the exact same payment... when I called to Dino to tell him something went wrong in my bill all of a sudden I couldn't get him on the phone, Dino some how didn't pick up his phone line anymore but some rude person did, and my River Run home got turned into a game by these Agents who implanted the State Department's darling of David Millers' into my River Run home, yes Agent Rebecca Hixson got her self to invade my rental property to try to rob me of my tennis bracelet since this is what David Miller requested from me after Yuri the Furi Hoffman failed to recuse himself, and David Miller threatened me that if I didn't give him my tennis bracelet I would have to have problems for the rest of my life.  He basically made me fear for any of my property, and when I did investigating of him he really told Rebecca Hixson to not put on her rental application the fact that she had been employed at one of the title companies in the same building that the State Department was located in, and that he himself had his law office in, the law office he started to sexually engage Agent Rbeccah Hixson in once employing her for his secretary, you know because there is nothing at all illegal about what he did just to get my jewellery as some sort of Judgement pay.... I once watched that housewife episode where Taylor Armstrong's opposing counsel attorney asked for for her wedding ring and her birkin bag for his wife as a settlement in the claim he "won" against her then dead husband that had "committed suicide" I mean whose husband hasn't been found dead during an investigation, it's totally normal for a television camera to pose a phone call where some attorney is asking for the ring a dead man gave his wife all in the same breath as asking for her birkin.  Hey everybody, attorneys are trying to find hot women to rob with druggings, phony claims, and with fake judgments made by a team of phony invaders and judges that refuse to recuse themselves due to thier psychological expertiese like Hoffman well their just a few of the mediators in on the crime.
So not only does the federal government, the state, and the group of pervs that stalked me & put Tartaro, Hixson, and so many others in to my life owe me two properties back free & clear but they owe me my jewelry & bags back guess what I will be taking yours. Your homes, your bags, your jewellery, your fancy unseen accounts, you will all have your day just like Knight Trading Group got
Knight Trading Group busted but attorney john bluher just gets a different job at Endion Capital.  Then after Taylor Armstrong's ring & birkin are taken by some attorney for his own wife to have since you know breach of contract is such a hard thing to prove you have to settle for a birkin and a wedding ring of a dead man, any way, can anyone say shake down.  Can any one say Accrued Trading Practice Statements that were materially false and misleading, maybe that's why armstrong was made to look hanged.  You know when you have to go on to a fake reality show about marriage counseling your just fishing for celebrity.  Couples Therapy sounds too much like Celebrity Rehab, and I'm probably wrong but wasn't Courtney Stodden on both shows.  I'm just not really thinking that the outcome of trafficking Stodden via marriage of underage person is such a blatant crime to ignore especially when I was trafficked by the Palm Casino's holdings in Vegas, yes the Station Casino's were the trafficking hub for Federal Agent and Uber Driver Michael Kendol who is located in Barstow or maybe it's Needles, but he is the one who trafficked me for the Station Casino's & then he even had the Hard Rock in on it when I stopped talking to him all that much, or maybe he switched to the Hard Rock when I made complaints at the Station Casino for how odd the ...  he trafficked me for his team he used a team located in LA and he did contact me to have me trafficked by them he did have me trafficked through the same people who get people on these reality shows, and he had a hand in getting me to a different location and so that he could have me trafficked by some pool tournament people.  I still have not gotten my property returned to me from him though he knows very well that I have asked for him to take it to a church for me to recover it from.  Isn't one of Taylor Armstrongs acquaintances the owner of the Palms/Station Casino, yep.  So this guy Michael Kendol who stalked me in Washington then stalked me in Vegas and low and behold I'm getting steered around to abuse just for staying at a free casino stay room as he pawned it off to me as, just so you know, he never had any sort of relationship or activity with me nor did anyone else so he was not looking to have a already abused & traumatized wife, he was looking to have another action packed referral for his returning com-padre... I just found out that Federal Agent Michael Kendol knows Robert Tartaro's father.
Now I have reported that I am being trafficked by Michael Kendol who knows Tartaro's father and that I have had a problem each time Kendol "assisted" me and I have reported that Attorney Allen Cate had a man try to keep him from representing me which is a crime, I have reported that my pleading performed by my attorney was falsified by a friend of the man that Allen Cate had introduced me to in his office which is the same man that tried to keep me from leggal representation and who has a law clerk at the court performing pleading changes.  I have reported that Allen Cate himself said under oath that he did not put in any of the stipulation that was used to aid in the invasion of my home by the Gore'ish perverts that invaded it with thier El Cajone renters tricks, scams, falsifications, and premeditated deliberate defrauding of me from legal protection I had every right to and protection of.  Oh and by the way Tartaro took some of my jewelry, when he lived with me so what is going on here I know I'm always correct so when you have so much interest in what I wear what is going on here.
So I also read in the WSJ about some Martha Vinyard stuff and it reminded me of   when Kiwi De La Rosa (just one of those tenants of mine who invaded my home to harm me) decided to show me pictures of Barak Obama that she took when she was at Marthas Vineyard.  She was also a financial analyst of the Federal Governments, why all the financial duplicity regarding those who have been "investigating" me. How far is Marthas Vineyard from Connecticut or do I just sound so Cali right now...


Blog # 510  

8/2/17  It was a Cannon All In One Printer

So when Agent "Robert Tartaro" or as he goes by Oratrat, you know tartaro spelled backwards, decided to try to take off all the stuff he had put onto my computer he used my cannon all in one printer through the fax function to do so.  See oratrat's team had been using my computer and putting a bunch of stuff on it and now I find out they were putting their hidden camera footage's of my home on to my computer through my cannon printer so that I could be made to look like I was the one filming my own home... these traffickers were trying to put their hidden camera footages of me onto my own computer for someone else to hack and have lead back to me as if I was the one filming my own self & tartaro did it using my fax function of my cannon all in one printer.... the point is that these such things leave a mark and this fax printer is still being used to this day by someone that robbed me of my property when I had my property in storage as if I didn;t pay for my storage bill though I had paid my bill the same way for over 2 years bi-monthly, than all of a sudden when a federal agent decided that he needed something my bill was somehow "not been paid" and my property gone with out even a public notice or auction just gone to some guy in the area who has a business but who somehow can't be identified & this is what you call a set up & a robbery, so how many times did the FBI visit my storage unit.  Here is the point though, someone else is now being set up to look like they film themselves in their home though they are being trafficked through hidden cameras... thats high end, you cant get caught by the regular old entry that way but when you use the fax line your already marked and once is dumb but twice is stupid, she's gonna find out right now that she's being set up to look like a criminal you can't even call her crazy you already certified her as an Agent, uupsudaisy you just hung your self..

Why not a fresh start, oh thats right you never finished, hahhahahahahahahahaahahah,



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8/1/17 Wassim Farris,  the son of Syria's 2nd in command of the Syrian Army         Updated

Two words: Wassim Farris 

Wassim Farris, shouldn't he have been at the shooting in 2014 since he was supposed to be failed in his graduating year , failed in two of his classes so strategically that it would cost him another 24 or so months to graduate, yea.. but I had written a formal complaint to the Director of Student affairs about how I saw Syrian Student Wasim Farris being treated and about how was being hunted and forced to loose weight out of his control and how a professor was treating him unfairly. It would have to be in at least one place within the SPU files... did SPU file that Complaint in my file, Wasim's file or in the HR file for the professor I complained about.

Why didn't the public defender Ramona Brandes pull all things related to Awino and Seymour and anyone else in this website when giving defense to someone serving 124 years on prison in the mental part of the prison.... don't forget, that 124 year long sentence had been planned for me to be serving.  Drugging  a person then getting them on a campus with a gun in their hand is not a play to be missed in the defense of anyone.  I wrote to , emailed, called and faxed the public defenders & to Ramona Brandes about 4 times and waited to hear back, they never called or emailed back nor did they dispose Awino, myself or any other student that has complained about abuse on campus.  I complained to the Seattle Police & to an Internal affairs officer about how Dorian Oreiro threatened me when I told him about what was happening with Awino & her Human Trafficking ties she was using to harm me with & how she had threatened me about my family being killed and about me being posed out on the SPU campus as the harm doer.   Why did not the Defenders office contact Wassim Farris if it was that I was just a crazy person or that Awino was just a guerrilla murderer, what was the problem with contacting & deposing student Wassim Farris when the SPU congress was trying to have him delayed from graduation so that this shooting I would be posed in could be achieved.... Wassim Farris did have FBI Agents attacking him in his home when he would be out, had him living with a spy from another country, and had him solicited to go home to Syria and be a double crosser of his own country.... the FBI in Seattle likes to try to get people killed.  Wassim told me that he told the FBI NO an taht he would never work for them against this country and that if he whet home and was an FBI Agent he'd be killed, and the FBI still wouldn't leave him alone, so why didn't Ramona Brandes depose this highly sought after reputable person if Awino ^& myself are just so crazy to not bother deposing...  I told Brandes about Wassim Farris.  Why such an assisted cover up by the public defenders & how long have they been working for the FBI's disgraces.  Brandes has heard of Skype, why not try to set up a Skype deposition of Wassim Farris if he is good enough to be courted by the FBI why not depose him when told that the SPU faculty was trying to keep him & force him into a longer stay here in America by lying about his performance all at the first timed shooting that had been planned by SPU, as per Awino's comments. 

I was drugged by Oratrat's affiliates when he was keeping monitoring of my home after he was kicked out & I was the one they tested this on first when they had me unlawfully imprisoned like it was a game of joy for them & they had me formally drugged against my will for 3 months in solitary confinement sometimes with psycho's yelling & screaming all night with violence & homosexuality a regular daily conditioning to for someone to try to outwit under extreme threat of violence thrown against you by guards also.  I was supposed to spend 124 years after being set up by SPU for this and they gave a nursing degree to notorious murderer Awino for access to those in medical need & gave a huge promotion from dungeon basement & hated professor to Masters program level MBa Prof & I'm supposed to be "crazy" when SPU is teamed with homicidal psychotic adult professors, security guards & faculty.  When David Wetzle forced SPU Security to gain a restraining order against him after he came to my class to harm me when Agent Tracy He was transferring data between he, Awino & myself the school had a duty to give over all data relating to all of us that they had, instead they got a under cover Agent posing as as student murdered and still didn't hand over an of the data they had about any of us to the state of washington... 124 years is what Aaron Ybarra just got a few months ago & his sharp shooter skills with that wound suffered by under cover Agent Paul Lee ... wiat wait wait, I meant 112 year sentence:

uhha, SPU didn't give over to the state any data about what they were upto with all this interesting stuff nor did the state depose or subpoena  it.  Sounds like a way out for the person who said he did what he is being told he did, see I sat for 3 months in a facility like what he is being kept in  and witnessed drugged up people being told what they have to say in court & if someone as unskilled as Elene Bratton could do it then any Social Worker could do it.  My mom tells me in her hero voice that she got me out of that false imprisonment and I love to give her that but when Agent Robert Tartaro, I mean Orat rat, somehow for some reason shows up to the release hearing and sits right next to my mother to menace her I somehow know that I was released due to how someone in the CIA wanted me to be the scape goat for something billy goat gore'ish in Seattle... so thank you SPU for so badly wanting someone murdered on your campus, it saved me from 5 years of false imprisonment and & forced drugging that the State of California so negligently allowed for against me for 3 months due to the State having no actual over sight of  Public Defenders or of the City Attorney traffickers & enablers of police abuse violence murdering's trafficking's rapes or wanna be philanthropists like what Agent Lee Martin said to me that he wants to be someday so he took a job as professor at UC San Marcos State University for his ring of oh so smart human traffickers that just wanna make your dreams come true...  Looking back at it now Albert Machhour made it clear that they had chosen me as a candidate because he told me that I need to say only positive things for the next couple of months and don't say any negative things right now then he basically started to traffick me hmm if I had only known then about what he was talking about I may have been able to tap dance with the lets make your dreams come true traffickers but does it matter when in reality they didn't care about "The Secret", see that's the book Agent Albert Machhour gave me when he told me to only say positive things and say things that I wanted to have come true, but I never said anything about shootings, trafficking, rape, assault, imprisonment, stalking, imposed poverty, invasion, personal invasion, of any sort of the sort but that's what they decided to pay others to dish out for me, so I suppose if your not in the know that they are offering you this then you don't get anything nice anyhow,  good thing I'm not a trafficker huh or I'd be getting a reward from this ring for not having my words be a treat to me.   This ring is gonna get in trouble soon for not abiding by their own rules when it comes to those who are not part of their game.

I watched Wassim Farris be dragged into tears by what the FBI was doing to him because he said no to them just because he said no to the FBI in Seattle they were terrorizing him, causing him to loose weight and he told me that he hears them listening to his calls, and that he knows they would go into his room when he was away, and that he was being threatened to be held back from his graduation due to the Ethics professor telling him that he must do things or else fail the course and he was the second smartest person there in that ring of MBA Students so when he was told that his work was not Sibelius fulfilling he was being lied to & when he proved such to the professor he was threatened outside of the class by the professor who made sure to approach Wassim then tell Wassim to stop following him & that it can get him kicked out of the program to be following a professor.  I was this man professor walk up to him from behind & do this to him 7 this was the Christian Ethics in Business Professor who did this to Wassim.  Wassim told me he knew why this professor was doing this scam to him and then showed me an FBI Agents card and Wassim started to tell me how they courted him into an underground part of the Seattle city tourism stops, some place underground is where they took him and he said they had a woman that was gorgeous that walked by him and grabbed his genitals and kinda kissed him a little on the cheek and that he was profoundly upset and told them to stop asking him to work for them, this was some old under world city of Seattle that has been built over with the new city of Seattle and that is where the FBI of Seattle likes to play. 





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8/1/17   The VOI Identifies The Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking

Feather, I must confess you could have knocked me out. Since you want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness let me ask you, does your wife know what you do and do you know the way to worship, does it mean you peaked early,  does does does your husband know what you do, but I will never end up like ya'll, ceep a calendar this way you will always know.  Lets hear it.. lets hear it for America's Sweethearts, they don't confess.""""" they just have badges they abuse.

So that's a great Fall Out Boy Mash Up in usher in of this Identifying of the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking.  Here is a brief start to the VOI's formal identification of the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, your welcome America but watch out for those sweet hearts that never confess they just wear a badge of immunity.


Not completed yet however for now know the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking has been Identified.

Where have you been, where are you right now, where have you been shopping, and who do you really talk to when you get routed by your Credit Card Servicer after you punch in your social or credit card number?

Have you been to that local bra shop a few times lately, have you come home to find your room is different then you left it. 

Have you been shopping with your credit card a baby stores, then find out that a missing data, like a payment to your creditor that you made, goes missing from your payment statement.  

Did you call in to your creditor or search your home, did you get an alarm system recently due to that I think people are in my home when I am out shopping feeling. Did you get treated horribly by your creditor when you called have that missing payment you made be brought current, there is a reason for that abuse the creditors give you... You were transferred to a trafficker that has gained a job with a federal agency that "liaisons" with creditors who have persons looked at for "fraud" or for "being of interest", but these federal agency persons trafficking you through their use of your credit are doing a few things to you without you realizing it.  They are making sure to control your credit and to know each time you use it, they will show up where you'r at or have a friend of theirs do so.

Your payments to your auto, and credit cards, and insurance creditors somehow begin to "disappear" in the creditors' system; your bank seems to not forward your payments to your creditors that you make electronically or via checks, though the money is in the account and appears to you to have been taken, often times you will also have a confirmation number while your money just sits there for an entire payment cycle while late fees and bad credit ratings pile up, it wont be like you had more in your bank than you thought it will be like you have less than you though because you don't get to find out about it till hundreds of dollars in damages per bill hit your account.  When you find out about the "mistake" somehow the damage caused is treated as if you must have done something wrong even though you just paid your bills in a regular way; refusals to issue credit repairing fixes and tactics of odd refusals to get the funds adjustments to show the funds had been timely made given to the creditor are likely to take place while the creditor acts as though they also now need "special arrangements" for gaining of your funds; this is a sign that corrupt immunity holders are attacking the safety that good credit and auto loans given to a targeted Victim.  Strained and insistent communications from your creditor end up being a occurrence, like they constancy want the same data from you over and over again while they refuse to fix the problem. 

Car dealers that sell primarily to strippers or to the persons that strippers find to take there are a trafficking hub with in a city and are usually a CIA trafficking hub, you may not even know that the person who referred you to look at a car was in on it and already knew to be active with strippers and dealers, dealerships of used cars that strippers and their affiliates buy from are where you might be put in to proximity of just to have some really fake looking reason to put you into any sort of investigation. 

The Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking is a different crime and a different impact on the Victims in how the people watching your every move are allowing non Agent interception of your life and credit.  They are allowing retired Agents and fired Agents to then repeat their crimes against you through a different ring of Federally Employed stalkers that take a middle man cut of the proceeds rather then a directly paid commission, they are like a Broker of data mass amounts of data that they intercept for those that are the direct book of business in which you the Victim are the asset for use.  These Brokers of the data are very special they like to know where you live if you have recently moved even if you've already updated your creditor with your new address, its like a big red flag that someone other then your creditor is talking to you right now after you've been transferred from your original call in, as if after you punched into the phone your social or your account numbers, you all of a sudden was transferred to a department that didn't have all the same stuff your creditor would have.  Like they couldn't add points, they couldn't adjust your interest rate down, they couldn't offer you a promotion that the store was having, they couldn't find your new address, they couldn't find your recent payment then in their finagling in your account you also couldn't get credit for your recent payment until you gave over your private bank statement to show your payment, which is a data harvesting tactic so easy to gain for this ring of Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking Federal Agents... let me ask you, if a person said, "hey I don't actually work for your credit card company but I intercepted your call so I could get you to be positioned to send in your bank statement to my fax number" would you send it to them, no you wouldn't, would you send it to them even if they were a upstanding and trustworthy FBI Agent.   No you wouldn't.  Would you send it to them if they were and IRS Agent. Even if you wanted to clear your name in an investigation wouldn't they still need to have probable cause and a warrant proven as to have your bank account statement data. Yes.  So you wouldn't even give it to them to clear your name you'd use your right to have them prove they need it for any sufficient legal cause, that they don't have. And can't get a warrant for.  The abuse is tremendous when Agents want to take over your credit so that they can have everything they have no probable cause for and can't get a warrant for retrieval of, that's why they end up desperately trying to have some other way to reveal anything they seek to have found in some legal way after gaining it illegally, oh and don't imagine that is harmless in either side of their gain, and don't imagine that it is not exceptional when they actually end up acting like you did something wrong, for the most part they don't want you to ever have any crime brought against you they just want to invade you to sell you. 

Credit card companies and their servicing arrangements need to be free of federal illegal data gathering and intercepting of your location and credit uses, limits, terms, and payments.  Because there is no legal reason for this act of interfering with your credit card use and servicing needs, it is just a form of human trafficking and the abuse you suffer is a leash around your neck that you can't even detect till your being raped by someone you know took you to a store for some reason that didn't add up till that moment.  

Federal Agent Rudy Camacho had his son Rudy Camacho Jr. take Jessica Seymour to a Victoria Secret store as part of her job interview as he has said he needs to have a certain amount of things achieved before his need to take Jessica Seymour to Mexico to her to meet his attorney and to sign the employment contract that he needs to have a personal Secretary sign and it just so happens that this trip was pre-planned before the need for a Secretary to be on the trip with him, so Jessica Seymour's need for employment was used as a reason to get her not only hopefully to Mexico, but first to get her to a lingerie store that she had a credit account at and Camacho went out of his way with a lengthy need to have a few of his panty replacement needs to be met prior to leaving for his Mexico destination so that is why this job training had to be done at the mall.  Yes Private Investigator Rudy Camacho Jr. offered Jessica Seymour over $150,00 a year to be a personal secretary to do any of his non business errands and business errands through his Airport Advertising Business and he never told Jessica Seymour that he was a licences private investigator that moved into Escala as a job to harm her and yes Rudy Camacho Jr. hired Jessica Seymour with the false pretense that she would go on the Mexico trip to do the employment paper work that his attorney would bring on the trip though he strted to give her errancs to run  immediately, and yes it was an American Attorney, but Camacho Jr. did start the training process, and that is how Ms. Seymour was able to see his interior of his room where he needed to finish packing for his trip instructed Jessica on what else he needed for the business trip & this is where he  had told her to check out his treasury notes that were hand signed since they were a series of uncut $20 dollar bills that the Treasury Department had given out with hand made signature on it.  See Camacho Jr. had moved in to Escala just to watch Jessica Seymour so he could commandeer her on her walk to the Escala Gym and make it look like they showed up together rather then separate.   He had a plan to get Jessica Seymour to Mexico in a way that looked on cameras as to be a relationship though in order to achieve these footage's he made Jessica Seymour believe that she was in a training process for a job of being a high paid legal Secretary that would also additionally repair Camacho Jr.'s personal secretary life style errands and he was training her on them and telling her what she would need in Mexico for the week long business trip, he was also training her on what he would need her to do for replacement of panties he tore as he put it and that needed to be replaced before he leaves for the Mexico trip. This Human Trafficker third generation Rudy Camacho Jr. is a perfect example of how slick and how well timed these traffickers are when when trying to make a Victim of theirs look like a Prostitute for their story their weaving of how and why a woman has video camera footage's and the game is to make sure the Victim is dead before ever being able to say that those footages were not authorized and that she never knew about any cameras in her home; and these Agents & their ring of traffickers certainly never want a Victim to find their hidden cameras they make play for in all sort of ways.   They wait till they force your finances into the need of a high paying career job and then need you to do all these things that they could then say make you something other then what your actually in employment for, and they don't expect you to be able to object or tell the truth. If you don't think that Jr runs the Escala area Police Department then your dead wrong.  That is why you as a targeted public don't need these criminals having any additional help from your Credit Card Servicing Departments. Rudy Camacho would not have had the Victoria Secret to do list with regards to cleverly manipulating Jessica to that store had there not been her credit card interest being sold around. It's a woman's right to look good in lingerie without having to be sold around because of it. ... it's why privacy is a right. the constitution calls it simply the right to be let alone.   Ms. Seymour tried to explain this to Grant Learned in the Seattle Pacific University requiem but he couldn't grasp the concept, just like he couldn't grasp the subject that an Amicus Curiae Brief has to have a question written by the body even though the wording of the starting out "question" is the same as the original question posed in the supported brief; if the person that wrote the original brief missed so many fundamental answers it is because their wording of the question was interpreted by them in the wrong syllable. so your answering the same stated words though the syllable your answering wasn't in the original question since the body of the original brief was not answering it. The body of the Amicus Curiae is the new question just like the body of the original brief let you know what syllable the question was in originally. If you don't support a different and missed angle of the same words of the original question then it would just be a different type of brief, a rhetoric versus a support.  And this is the ideology that the feds use in their use of our Servicing of our Credit, they act as though it is legal as if it is in support of something, but these federal agents that acquire our Servicing of our Credit have so many options with regards to entry warrants that you don't even get to know about that it makes their "support" just rhetoric.  Rhetoric is intended to kill.

Visit the page at :

Jessica Seymour 


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7/28/17   ... So I looked into the missing equipment yep it was sold on the black market;  Hey FBI, check it ...

I had the unfortunate sales pitch hit my shot of hearing and was yet again forced to have to deal with the FbI about criminal cops & sheriffs.  I did a little bit of foot work and found out that the "missing equipment" that the rep helped the perpetrator replace so that he could avoid being investigated by his employer was sold on the black market to a guy that had to pretend he was a aw enforcement agent to someone in another area that wanted a woman raped.  Here's the complaint that the FBI made hard to get into them:  

"Colorado FBI
Fax :  
303 629 7171   re:  Licence plate numbers ogu590 & qyu686  &  gmq888
A man in a meeting was saying that he would help the other man in the meeting with a problem he had.  Then the conversation progressed and this man in the meeting was soliciting the other man as a potential client for audio and surveillance type of equipment he was representing for his company he worked for, and I observed cameras, head sets, and wiring.  The sales man who was helping the other man was making his pitch to this potential client and to one other man, so it was three men at this appointment being held at the Starbucks in Colorado ***.  The third participant made it clear that he was interested in buying for his law enforcement boss and that he was law enforcement  in the area.  The other man that was being pitched to was wearing a shirt that had an engraving of the sort saying adavidson Products and it had a white sheriff type 7 point star in its logo and the print type was red, it was all sewed into a button up short sleeve shirt, and he disclosed information about what the fire department was upto and talked about the command structure.  
I over heard the sales guy talking about snipers, swat teams, and other types of “ops”, a “ton of the SEALS”, all the special ops people as he would refer to them as.  He then went on to say “the way it works with the SEALS is, I did a job with the SEALS in San Diego a month ago, and they all said this was a product that didn’t lay down well but they wanted it anyway, and now I am going out to the Las Vegas DEA because they want this so bad and with the fire department in Las Vegas they are having a problem with their push buttons so now were doing the push buttons different”, and then I heard this sales rep say to the  
And the law enforcement guy said his “albatross is convincing the lieutenant that the phone operators need this equipment and that the swat team is already approved for this equipment though.  The law enforcement employee that was at this meeting asked if the radio is static or not.  Then they all decided that is was not static.  The sales rep blatantly said he did not know if it was static then they all decided that it was not. 
This sales rep also informed these two people that he just helped a guy in another state with making his pack look complete for turn in to his superiors, and this sales rep said “this man was missing a bunch of his gear and didn’t want to be investigated when he turned it in so this reps company just made sure to get him the missing pieces to his set so that he could avoid investigation and he said this even before he said all the other sales points 30 minutes or so after he informed  
A conducter  piece was also part of this reps gear he was selling and this guy wore a black and red shirt with bull embroidery logo  with the words SILynx and he had a pamphlet with him that also said the same.  He was giving out data about the 50 man tem in one area the 30 man team in a different area and how he was now working with a guy that used to be a cop, … then a congratulations was given out to one of the men for his second place achievement in a shooting arraignment.  They highlighted how “Quinn finished third” and how that was a surprise. 
To my knowledge the size of a swat or special ops team is nondisclosable.  So why is this guy jeopardizing teams with his talk talk talk in a Starbucks.  Why is his selling point about how filled a guys missing gear so that he could turn it in without getting investigated, he completely engaged these two about he helped a guy stay out of investigation and how that was a good thing and neither of these two men got up and left or said, hey that’s not how we run our areas.  Missing gear is a big deal, that why its logged and sometimes numbered, and these two as well as the sales guy know this. 
A third man in this meeting then said, if he can show this to his employer then Mc Millian will probably go with it.   Then later the sales man said yea if I need to talk
When my conscience shock was peaked I told these three men that it is a very serious crime to help a person fill their missing gear so that they can turn in their pack and avoid investigation.  I told them that Missing Gear usually end up at murder sceens.   These two law enforcement agents began to act rudely to me, they told me that I did not hear that, they told me to leave the area, I said your all in a public place  speaking loudly, and it is a crime to fill a person’s missing gear to allow them to avoid investigation when they turn in their packs.  I sat back down and these two law enforcement men’s response was to carry on with this criminal rather then to just end the sales meeting & find an ethical dealer.  These two men are then also criminals who like that selling point of this rep.  These two military men are not acting according to the posts they’ve sworn to uphold and are liasoning with a rep of a military grade product against the treated position their in, they are in cahoots on some defrauding of the departments they are employed by.  The law enforcement guy with the black shirt of said how he was at an Amway show then had to divert for something relating to the Boston shooting and so had to make a detection regarding the 168 match kings and had to all of a sudden use 165 but ended up going with the 175’s and how the gun seems to run on the 175’s and how the reepers will run on the 175’s but how the machine guns will run with anything you put in it.  Hmm pretty sure the public doesn’t have to be subjected to anything you can put in a machine gun but then again I wouldn’t know any of his procedures had he not been disclosing them in public, he also informed that one gun fired four rounds and then was done.   Then the other guy in the sales meeting started to say how one guy needs to have his hand slapped because he didn’t know how to put a suppressor on and how he had to use a wrench to get the suppressor off of the gun the other guy had. Suppressors are not a public offered kit, they are not a legally allowed law enforcement gear but these guys have them for their teams, and then also don’t really train them on how to put the suppressors on or off just slap their hands if they damage them.  These two men laughed with the rep when he made the comment at me that he “can tell he’s in Colorado now” since I was demanding that his unlawful acts stop being a selling point, yes these other two Colorado law enforcement men laughed about the Colorado Ethics that the sales man made a point to joke off.   These guys said that all special teams in the area meet on the first and third Wednesday so next week and then on the 16th they’ll have it again, he said he’d give the equipment to Don Doff to use in training. Please inform special ops that their calendaring and whereabouts have been compromised to a criminal that covers up missing equipment for other criminals who seek to avoid investigation. The sniper sale will be an easy sale but if somebody moves into transition then they might have a difficulty with the close of the system and that their back up used to be just an ear bud…  I am sure somewhere in court this was made to look different.  
The guy said that he works with the ERA & that they have company specs, seemed like an offer. 
These guys said the reepers are an inferior product and that there is some problem with them and they are simply defective.  And that they won’t fire more than one round… where’s those other two rounds, and that this is why they needed to get machine guns.  Hmm, sounds like a meeting of the mind. 
Please investigate these people and any cases they have been involved with as they are moray bankrupt, ethically unavailable, and socially superior in their deduction of themselves, they feel accountable to none, and openly engage their braggadocious crimes they make so to keep each other all on the same wavelength about hey call me in the future when you don’t want an investigation related to your gear.  They consider themselves above the law and are profiled now as a threat. 
 The guy said that he works with the ERA & that they have company specs, seemed like an offer. 
There autos are licence plate numbers: 
Sales Rep; black Ford  Colorado OGU-590
2nd place shooter;  white Chevy  Colorado QYU-686  
Officer/"Lietanants affiliate";  burgundy Chevy Colorado   GMQ-888"   

And that is how investigations that are set up to clear a criminal get placed into the light...  always report the things you hear wondering cops & sheriffs saying when they don't realize that they aren't actuality above the law in everyone's opinion.  These 3 people almost got away with this crime, and they had an internal affairs investigation cleared away for them about 2 years ago I just found about so they are a system of seeking abuse helpers & this Sales Rep needs to be investigated in four other states,  Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. 

Kiss Kiss,




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7/24/17   Bill Harrah Just Listed, his father isn't the only transporter

Just listed is Bill Harrah.  Bill Harrah & he is the one who hired that man to try to take Jessica Seymour's Father out to assault him, Harrah paid his friend that used to go to that bar to make sure that Jessica Seymour's father was killed.  the Harrahs work with federal agent in real estate and used a Las Vegas Wyndam employed CIA Agent to try to force Jessica Seymour into a real estate employment at the Harrah Casino, this CIA Agent is an "Australian" informing CIA Agent, and her big thing was to try to get Jessica Seymour employed at the Harrah's Casino, as she tried to bait Jessica Seymour to a Station casino for the job offer. The next day Jessica Seymour was stalked by Las Vegas Police and threatened while the police engaged in a premeditated family data retrieval engagement against Ms. Seymour.  Bill Hararh isn't the only one trafficking in the Harrah business model and his transport influences are a needed truck & Thermo King 5309 is not the only San Antonio tie to the Harrah uses. 

Bill Harrah had the audacity to hire a man named Michael to try to assault me back when Robert Tartaro was placed living in my home invading me for his own perversions and assault.  Tartaro had questioned me the night that Michael took me to the same restaurant that Machhour had taken me to about 8 month prior and Michael was unsuccessful in getting me to "his" condo (it wasn't his condo) and so when he showed up to dinner late he then tried to get a first date kiss from me and Tartaro made sure to tell me how Michael smelled on his face when he tried to get a kiss from me which I suspect Tartaro already knew about and was taking bets on since the smell as Tartaro put it was specific.... Harrah hired that Michael guy, Tartaro knew who that Michael guy was and this trafficking ring is more than just a little bit upset at being known for murdering my father and harrah is not at all threatened by this trucking ring being caught in San Antonio though he should be since he and his affiliates were expecting all of the people, so in the case of 6 dead guess who got busted

The Driver got busted because sometimes you just don;t want to have to deal with dead bodies in your receiving department check their wifi there is a significant amount of texas communications, and your welcome. 

The Nevada Department of real estate has the name of the woman who tried to get me to go work for the Harrah, the CIA Agent who works at Wyndam and in my emails from her she specifically told me to "call her important" ... so this is her moment, she is important. 


Blog #  505
7/23/17    FBI Agent Michael Kendol Youtime, because Uminity means "you thought I was gone".  Retired Washington Vancouver Police Officer  Mike Kendoll, you will take my property to a church tomorrow and give them my contact data of my Foundation so that I may retrieve my property

Federal Agent Michael Kendol tried to human traffick me by taking me to hotels so I must admit that I believe he was affiliated to federal Agent Kenneth Krause at some point in time.
See Agent Michael Kendol who's cover is that he is a Uber Driver is actually a trafficker, he would lure me with free nights stays at popular hotels while I was transitioning for the job I got, he would leave me money in the hotel room he said he would check into since they were free to him as promotions, and he would tell me that he might leave in a few hours or leave now, he would tell me that he was in touch with the legal maneuvers of the police department of Vancouver since he there would use his discretion on each person in his  arrest potential, as in if he saw someone break the law he would then decide of they needed the "full treatment" "or just the release" and Agent Michael Kendoll would repeatedly try to impress upon me  that he was under the assumption that I was homeless, so he would repeatedly tell me that he was helping me get set up till my job pay would cover my needs. you thought i was gone. 
Federal Agent Mike Kendoll told me about his time with donald trump but I stayed uncommentary, I didn't respond the way he thought I might.  I responded late, I stayed intell, i tried to relay his actual thought when he made it, he seemed to want to be a Senator.  I told him he should but that was before he reminded me who he was. He told me that in order to be let off a ticket you had to be so submissive, apologetic, and remembering that he would say that if you want off you have to change your behavior. You would get the "full treatment" if you were mouthing of to him, and if you were telling him that he didn't see what he said you did, and if you were defending your self to him after he pulled you over, like if you said there was no way that could have just happened since my car is in disrepair and wont drive 80 miles per hour...  you know... he made it clear to me that you deserve the "full treatment" of his authority if you mouthed off, if you failed to behave, and if you failed to say he was correct.  Full treatment included tickets he wouldn't have given you, jail time he wouldn't have made sure you got had you been submissive, and with a change in behavior due to beating since you had no remorse for your crime which in his aggression was a traffick ticket, we were talking about a traffick ticket scenario he so eloquently induced into the conversation with his look up and commentary of how a sign on the road was inconclusive a sign he went out of his way to get me to, he made sure he to drive us past this sign with his intended incert ready. you thought I was gone.
He says as a police officer it was his job to decide what treatment you got out of him or any other police officer.  his job is to make it home safely to his family at night.  He responded to this with a lack of interest like he knows that police are'nt really in that much danger.  like he knows police just kinda do what they want and say anything to keep it covered up. 
I had to do research after the fact of his abuse he delivered me to at each stay, see he would say hey I have a free stay so I'll go to where your at and put you in this room, he added my name sometimes to these free stay rooms he had access to.  He would try to stay long enough to make it look a certain way but soon or sooner I would be abused by the hotel security or staff.  In fact the only hotel i was not abused at was the one he had to go out of his way to get me to that had that street sign out near it, almost like that street sign in some sort of cop experiment. I guess I was the experiment.  Unimity, it means you thought I was here with you, it means you thought I was gone.  Unimity, it is somewhat like aloha, since you can say aloha for saying hi, or for saying goodby.  Uminity, it means you thought I was gone.  I found out that Agent Michael Kendoll is not a federal agent of this countries.  He carries a gun, he seeks to run for president some day and senate soon, he is under cover with a foreign government and he is targeting me, when I am in Washington on my VOI website at a startbucks, and I read Starbucks user agreement for their wifi & it didn't say hey be prepared for 3 cops to show up here to our coffee shop to observe you & then to have another countries Agent show up at the gas station to proposition that you call him when your out of the holiday season to say a bit about how your travels have gone.  So I was unprepared to find he to be a different countries Agent rather than just the Security Agency's Agent.  Guess he just got treated accordingly since he has still refused to take my property to a church with instructions to contact me through my foundation.  Yes, Agent Kendoll has my property and I've publicly asked him to have it stayed at a safe place for me to pick it up at later, but he refused to do such, and he acts like he don't know that I have requested to have my property taken to a church when I have done so to him publicly.  Agent Michael Kendol lives in California and is a repeated user of the legal system and he is vexatiously keeping my property from me. Retired Washington Vancouver Police Officer  Mike Kendoll, you will take my property to a church tomorrow and give them my contact data of my Foundation so that I may retrieve my property.  You might think it is dead though it is just dormant but it is still my property.  You will take my property to a church tomorrow and give them my contact data an make sure they contact me at the VOI to retrieve my vine. because. I am not gone. 

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7/21/17  How is Bonnie Dumanis so different to the FBI than Donald Trump & his son...

So when District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis gets found out for taking money from notorious Mexican intelligence & trafficker attorneys from a car lot sales guy for interfering with an election, yes money from another continues human traffickers sent via their attorney to the maserati dealership in San Diego to be then given to Bonnie Dumanis, yes mexico interference to get bonnie dumanis elected,  to get her into elected official position,  how is that so much more of a non issue for the FBI than what the FBI is doing to the Trumps.... Especially considering her current tax situation, she is in a tax fraud as we speak regarding her taxes, oh yes her tax fraud is spectacular she is hiding assets in her trust account she had before her speedily transport to san diego, yes she is trying to hide the tax fraud she is in trouble for (look in Delaware .)... so is it futile to hold dumanis accountable just because Bonnie Dumanis is a CIA Agent, yes. She get away with many national security crime conducts of hers just because she in on the CIA's program to shoot at people, thats why I was dragged to Seattle Pacific University via that James Shelton guys money & stalking of my mother & that is why I was lured to the down town federal court area by Don Bockavoy while being "under surveillance as a terrorist threat" 

It sounds like a precedence set by the FBI regarding elected officials, so now all their doing is personal trafficking of the elected officials they investigate ore even the clerks who their investigating.....  oh wait that doesn't make any sense every investigation is different. ... so then as far as a precidence set, aren't you supposed to call crazy those that accuse you of conspiring ... ok so then the FBI has a whole set of agents that need to call their co-agents crazy N & president Trump needs to call the FBI crazy.  I mean that is what the FBI and their m'affiliated (yes that is how you use the word  affiliated in san diego when speaking of law enforcement), yes that is what the FBI had me called for filing Conspiracy Suit in court... the FBI had me called paranoid and crazy just because I used the work conspiracy against them in court after finding their affiliated cameras in my home while they paid Albert Machhour to rape me, so I think the they are the crazy ones who need to be imprisoned and it just isn't enough t fire an FBI Director he needs to be in jail... then the FBI helped to make sure I was abducted and drugged just for having a good legal doctrine against them for their actual conspiring & trafficking.  Now they point their finger at the president and his child while always refusing to point the finger at CIA Agent criminal traffickers... Now that 's collusion.  

Know what, If anyone ever went after the FBI's collusion with the shooting of the public "research and directing" on gun control & mania crap that government agency collusion is funding and proliferating and  basically using as a cover for human trafficking, you would see that CIA Agent Dumanis has kept a record.



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7/20/17   When your being Human Trafficked as the President

This is a quote by the current president “I don’t think we’re under investigation,” he said. “I’m not under investigation. For what? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

It came from this article


The president thinks he's not under investigation because he didn't do anything wrong, what he doesn't know is that this is exactly how each of the Victims of the Investigation Method of Human Trafficking would feel and would speak,and sometimes do feel and do think president Trump is being Human Trafficked his family is being trafficked soon as this ring of FBI agents can do so, and I guarantee that at least 3 of the FBI Agents that fraudulently investigated myself so to traffick me are investigating Donald Trump.

Guarantees like this don't just come along every day. 

Jessica M. Seymour 


Blog # 502

7/17/17    Minneapolis Police Department is Human Trafficking, Just Listed Minniapolice PD.

The Minneapolis Police Department is caught in the cover up of a rape crime of human trafficking and send out their best cover up artist to murder the Witness in cold blood with his vest camera off:

And this is why it is not safe for human traffick victims to call 911, I myself was harmed more for calling 911 to report the in progress crimes of a trafficker Ariel Burton & Richard Peter Kowalczyk  and even years earlier of Robert Tartaro and all it got me was abused by the human trafficking San Diego Police... 911 has more to do with this murder and with the abuse that I suffered than you would even imagine.

If you are a woman alone you can not trust police right now.

Witnesses to a crime of sex assault get murdered for calling 911 and they get murdered for opening their door to a police officer, don't open your doors to police. If Broxterman had never hired Peter Kowalczyk to invade my home with his ripe old whore, then the escala trafficking ring would have had to have gotten another court judge to replace documents of mine that used to be in the court file but they ended up just needing Clerk Neil to do it for them.  I am illustrating that were this woman lived is part of the reason why the cop murdered her, who ever got her her housing needs to be looked into regarding this murder of Justine Ruszczyk.  I'll be listing the San Diego 911 units as human traffickers also.  Who did take my 911 calls that day that the Kowalczyk's were paid by the city attorney to do what was done to me for trafficking reasons of conversion, false imprisonment, access to a persons home when they would be kept out of it, and for the Broxterman's need to say to me that Fall Out Boy Quote of how "we'vebeen here forever"... their murder attempt was made a few days earlier against me but it didn't work because areil burton is a bitch but she aintthat great as an actress like she applauds herself in being.  This woman Justine Ruszczyk her husband and the cop that killed her are a triangle, a 2014 triangle in which I didn't get the murder that was supposed to be....  isn't forgiveness great... the czy'ks get all their motions played out down townwhile Mayor Hodges gets one up on San Diego's Mayor.



Blog # 501

7/13/17   New Definition of Human Trafficking... Legal implications apply

Visit the VOI Dictionary to read the new  definition of human trafficking.




Blog # 500

7/8/17   Hmmm.

I’ve been getting the follow around & so I took a look now I gotta tell the world that in the hacking of my computer someone dropped a stitch, you know.. a cap or as they would call it, a line, and now I don’t know what’s worse, those who do horrible things really good or those who do horrible things really bad, so what I did was look at ther spectrum and found the four hops in their title and remembered that they were trying to repeat a re so I took the leap and found the trea so then it made sense  who was hacking me to run their tip ran like this: “kill her”

read for your self:


Google it and you get: Local news in wgme Portland


Google it and you get:


Google it and you get:

I could put the entire string in from the fallen link that revealed all. But sometimes revealing all is a tri.

This data above was in the address bar of the web page I was on that had a fallen link removed so that I could see. And now all of you will too.  I googled the specific parts of the revealed string that were the re and found these corresponding websites in the simple yellow (which would be the green) These hackers were counting on the fact that I get watched in the camera on my computer, if someone had been watching me at that moment that the tip ran then the color of the tip would have been clear and the links to the websites being used to run the tr would have not been revealed.

The full address fell when the connection timed out.  Amateurs. But they are supposed to be the elite at this so I thought to show them their crime  and when I did another link dropped then the entire address showed up, and now you got a crime you can’t erase…. They were dirtying money in their friends bank account to set him up for a crime they had all agreed to try to pin on my bank.  Ooopsy.  And these are the CIA hackers that use Esacala.  Funny how the tide turns, Y1esEhY is the revealed op.  Can’t kill me then try to kill them it won’t shoe since Im’ not at Grandview.  So the FBI is really bad at doing the CIA’s job, hot butter on my plate and a dull instrument can do more damage than a sharp one.  Can a hot knife cut through butter easier then a dull one.


Hot butter on my breakfast plate.

2Fmail in aribic code means kill her and Aribic code is only used by three special ops agents.

 I’m the genesis of rhythm “””


Jessica is the re.


Blog #499

7/6/17    Closing a navy base

What does Guy Chammas do when he is closing a navy base for realignment, he furnishes he redoes it and the crime goes away, the way the Navy picks up all the traffickers of mission valley goes to show.  Guy Chammas gets his hands on the kiddy’s for the closed military bases and he is not going to stop so then you would have to have a shortage of green light in the sphere of the light capture area of a computerized camera.  gre-at the re

Take a look at the soil samples and find the lie. The lie the lie. He is cleaning the dirt the lie the bodies are lost, they are not ru, the footages are the proof.

the Footage's are the proof, something about feet that you just can't hind in the dirt even after cleaning it, do you need to know more.  How do i know Guy Chammas, he was the trafficker guy used to have my car repossessed for that Toyota of Orange interrupting FBI Agent, and he didn't even tell me my rights.

thats the re,



Blog  #498

6/25/17  Selling the same thing I'd be selling...

Notice to the Employees of Grand View in Nevada near Las Vegas, you’re not safe.

I was lured to Seattle Pacific University because I get stalked by federally employed human traffickers that like to try to pin their crimes on others and they have been caught 4 times now trying to place me somehow in proximity to their crimes....

Now, I was lured to Grand View in Las Vegas to be hit up by three defense agency persons and now it became clear that yet another Awino style shooting event was going to be in play, I was warned about not interrupting anyone because you never know when they are putting out a fire like when a person in the buyer position starts beating hitting a sales agent…. Minnie Foxx the actress said this to me and when I asked if there had ever actually been such an event or any work place violence she rolled her eyes at me then I found out a bit more about her then she would want anyone to know so then I had a problem repeatedly being called sweetie by her, she made it clear that she is not the one to be hurt.  It was clear that it is those employees with the million dollar vested payout retirements that were to be not so sweet. I was let to be returned to the re.  This means that this Grand View real estate company is to have the event they seek but that I will have to be the one that gets called crazy over it and so I complained to your dre. Found out that your dre is not even a dre but a board of investors they play games with the licensees.  I then remembered the last time I got put through this it was in the summer of 2012 when I was ending my time in the arms of the psycho James Shelton and by that I mean that he was able to have my mother get me to his house to wait out my time till courses started at the MBA program I was let into at Seattle Pacific University… I had left San Diego because of a bunch of threats and trafficking that a popular guy named Bill Gore had been paying others to make against me, he is a psycho that used to order hits on areas known as Ruby Ridge and places like the Microsoft campus but that one never got approved so hmmm.  What I can tell you is that when I was at SPU I finally had the opportunity to escape the human trafficking ring that was invading my life, business, operations, and socializing, only to find that I hadn't escaped them at all and that I hadn't been left alone just cleverly placed by Bill Gores team of human traffickers.

At Seattle Pacific University I needed housing the university computer system synced me with a professors house and student named Charlotte Awino.  That professor ended up years later in a journalistic publishing that informed the world that she was in the safest place possible during the shooting, yes that’s right, I said shooting.  See in 2012 I had been able to have The Charlotte Awino harm me, she made threats to me, she told me that my family would be killed in front of me, then that I would be pulled out publicly made a wasted life then made to be looking liked the blame taker, and she was talking about an event that was later played out on the campus in 2014, the campus had been use in a federal investigation in the early 50’s then it changed. Or maybe it was just only in the 80’s, who can keep up.  Anyhow, in the even that a need was very ones this campus would serve… that later meant that if there was a reason to have the public treated as if they are a treat, which meant they have to be told how to act, then basically this campus would serve...  Basically the school started to do experiments for the feds. Lots of schools do this it isn’t that new. So Awino made this threat, I then report it I then get terrorized for reporting it, had my home in San Diego cleverly taken from me in a legal treat where I couldn’t even get the court to sign the Pendency of Action form when there was a pendency of action in place, you know, totally blatant property conversion scams, I had my automobile used by my neighbors stuff like that, you know, they had my garage door unlocked broken & purportedly a safety hazard the SDPD was filming the event when the neighbors were having my garage torn off its hinges, then my neighbors drove my car around while I was asleep at night, real real trusted tactics, they had a key, the actual second key to my auto which they stole from me from my bedroom.  I then realized that I had a tracking device that had been installed on my jeep, now I get cops or agents that know where I am at repeatedly.   Sound weird, was for the first two years but now I realize the trip is on them. See Charlotte Awino was a childhood murderer they brought in from Africa during the Obama administration, James Shelton the guy that found my mother, he was a childhood murderer from the Sheriff days of that popular guy Bill Gore, I mean the FBI Director of the West Coast days of Bill Gore, who can keep up you know, after that ruby ridge kill order of his he had to be transferred to intelligence in DC… but that’s just our silly FBI you know the one that likes to kill us then tell us how we should feel about it, they tell us we shouldn’t have guns as if we are all just crazy.  Oh by the way did you all here at Grand View know that you have a immunity holding diplomatic ex special ops recruiter guy married to one of your employees, oh did he sell your product , yeah he did, did he threaten a person who went public with his video of the threat, yeah he did, did he try to work there with you all yea he did, he even got caught up by police who verified his threat when he threatened to kill a guy on your work property, where he said he had diplomatic immunity and could kill with out getting put in jail and then said some other things, had shoulder checked the dude, and then the police came out, did Grand View ever tell any of you this because they never told me this, I had to go out of my way to find this gem;

It appears that right now you currently only have 5 Special Ops guys workingthere right now. Selling the same thing your selling.

Like I just got informed of a bunch of other stuff, like the Grand View hires Immunity to Kill and threaten to kill diplomatic immunity holders that used to be special op’s for the government.  This “Jabbaho” guy that made this ripoffreport that you can view in teh link above, he reminds me just a little of Charlotte Awino, you know the person who makes the thing public to someone then that some one gets called crazy… too bad I am like professional at being called crazy in that it don’t work on me, you can’t get me to back down just because you intend to try to force me into your crazy jail, drug me, then rob me… get it, your in check.   So back to you the Employees of Grand View here in Las Vegas Nevada, your going to be into a big game, not just the little game. Your finances are a reason,  your health is a reason, your owners lack of ability to pay a pride is a reason, the Casino is a reason, the Actors are a reason, the Immunity Holding Ex Special Op’s guys are a reason, the owners are a reason, who really owns the Grand View, the people who come in to beat you up as if they are just looking for a time share are the reason.

And it is pathetic when those who could stop something refuse to, so that some scripted “hero” can get infamy, while some drugged up suspect can get placed in the building when the immunity holding state department employees with the tell tail of “I can kill you and not go to jail for it” comment preview to you, decide to have their day of notoriety with in their community of killers, traffickers, gamblers, pay our dividends on who got set up for what part that the psycho’s that the Obama administration still to this day pays out returns to even though they are no longer in the arena to be doing so.  Oh yes, Seattle Pacific University was in on the shooting, had government pay out for it and planned it in advance for so long that they were even on point with who got interviewed by journalists and the woman who’s home I was forced to live in with Awino , well she was part of the targeting of my self that SPU and Awino were engaged in, her name is Ruth Ediger and she was chosen for this interview at the link below & chosen for a huge job promotion after the shooting that I got called crazy for reporting months in advance of it happening. Who was in the safest place in the entire campus & where was Awino during the shooting, well of course the person touting to the media that she was in the safest place was the professor who placed me living in her house with the notorious childhood murderer from the Joseph Kony human trafficking ring names Charlow Awino, that person is Professor Ruth Edigar:  

You do all know who Joseph Kony is don’t you, he is the united nations number one most wanted criminal .  He is wanted for human trafficking with immunity, over $40,000 children, thats right, Joseph koney abducted over 30,000 children for $10,000 which was his original pay off , and he made these children into sex slave killers and asked for more money but the government said that they would take the children instead so that is why you always hear the number of abducted children as being a 30,000 number instead of a 40,000 number.  Yes 30,000 Joseph Kony sex slaved guerilla soldiers that he has been known to have others call them, and they do what they are told to do even after all this time.  Are you not alloowed to cal Joseph Kony's children sex slaves? How many has he fathered because the government took Awino's child of his to a German miiltary base and has those children caloing thier grandmother thier mom, and hs them calling thier mother thier sister, and has thier Mother Charlote showing me pictures of both her children and telling me that they are her brothers... They are being rased in Germany on a US military base and being rased to belive that thier mother is thier sisterall thiel their mother actualy cooberates this to all others.  How notorious is this special op’s executive who has this diplomatic immunity so that he can do this same job you all do, it don’t add up.

Your not safe your not alone and your not at all doing what you think your doing, Grand Veiw is loosing money and are cranking through people at record breaking paces they have a debt to pay to the boys in the cia. They think they can out run it by having you become the next shooting event.  Specific boys in the cia get paid for these shooting events just like Seattle Pacific University got paid for their shooting event they were in on, they call it research. You’ve been told.

Kisses & hugs,



Blog # 497

6/21/17   Just Listed Mike Kendol aka Michael Kendol

My Windsong was not that ugly crown bottle by the prince… mine is the original the one that is hard to find, the glass bottle that is reminiscent of Estee Lauder’s bottle they came out with a few year ago for the YouthDew spray bottle.

My robbed WindSong is not the prince matchabelli ,it is the original the one that has the original sent not the recent reproductions, not the matchabelli crown jar, and not the rude version that has the return label on it.  Matchabelli, Machiavelli… who knows when there’s just so many foreigners involved and so many diplomatic immunity holders selling the same thing I’d be selling. Hmmm.

My Wind Song was purchased a day that a specific person bought it and gave it to my grandma.  There was a special person in the store the day that bottle was purchased, and my grand mother was under surveillance the day she got the bottle and it is the Wind Song perfume that has the bottle that has been mimicked by Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew bottle, but my bottle of Wind Song had no bow around the waist of the hourglass shape like the Estee Lauder reproduction look alike mimick. My bottle of WindSong was elegant twisted glass.   I want my stuff back and so some police traffickers decide they need to stalk me and threaten me and for no reason intimidate me about my family then tell me that I have to give them data about my sister then about my mother or I will go to jail and that lying to them is a felony.   I think it pathetic but the danger is real, they really want to harm my mother and sister, federal protection is necessary at this point since yet another terrorizing attack is eminent.

I have great reason to alert you to this, you need to know that I was attacked today by police just because I requested my items back again, and that means something to this ring of game playing trafficker terroristers, you know, just like how the WindSong Matchabelli v. Machiavelli thing is important. 

The police here where I am at want to get their hands dirty against my family and have tried to already find a family member of mine since their attack of me, by attack I am referring to being stalked by them for verbal abuse and harm.  I had police tell me that I am a homeless person that needs to get over the SPU Shooting, they also told me that I have to give them my sister’s date of birth, location, and age along with the place my mother lives and the tried to get the phone number to my mother.  I was forced to disclose such data as they were calling me bigoted names suggesting that I am a thief, implying that I don’t belong in their area, and then telling me that if I don’t tell them this data about my family then I will go to jail, all due to how the San Diego Police stalked me for bogus tickets to try to attack my ability to drive to safety from them from their attacks from their strip joint owner friends from their operations, from their sex trafficking, from their perversions they made with that Tartaro guy, you know the San Diego Police stalking of me to keep covered up their trafficking, but guess what, their Oregon affiliates and their robbery specialists are too involved in keeping what they robbed from me that they posted something they did to me on their non- analog network, they are trying to harm me with their smut now as they seek to out someone in their ring while proving that the attack of me was organized and was paid for.

In fact even Mike Kendol has recently been involved in allowing my whereabouts to be joined to his trafficking of myself he made sure to do from Washington to Eugene Oregon to his friends place I was working at when I got stopped by an actual actress who also works there and who wanted to call me sweetie more than she wanted to keep her cover.   Yes it turns out the job I tried to start to rebuild my life through so happened to be a place that apparently Mike Kendol has a friend at… here’s the problem though, this place also has a person on line saying that they were accosted by a Secret Service Agent that works there who told him that if he wanted to he could kill him and not go to jail for it because he has diplomatic immunity.  How is it that I am working some start over job but with federal immunity to kill Agents that threaten little old sales guys to the point where the police came out and verified that the person making the kill threats actually does have diplomatic immunity and is actually a federal Agent and that he is a prior special ops retiree…. How does that happen, then I find out that one of the most influential to the new hire’s  personnel for this business had been an actress for so long now that even she doesn’t remember her own name, then I find out that the director of the location has a tie to one of the  Russian people that lived near me in Escala…. What are the odds, seems like yet another  shooting event that I am being pushed into proximity of, whanna know why I think this, well I could tell you more but it is so much more interesting to see how you act when I don’t, see I am tired of being called crazy or homeless or ugly or pathetic or screwy, or have sand kicked in my face when I’m laying out at the beach with the bikini top untied for the maximum tan while you have your drugged abused and trip'ed Yabbara rome onto a campus while your otto miller valor guy waited the sharp shooter he is .  How is it that Ruth Edigar was in the "safest room in the campus", her mba classes must be real interesting who's being abused by them now... wasn't there a technical "sharp shooter" in that room with Ruth Edigar on that moment in time, yes there was somehow a sharp shooter in that room with the others who were to either be gone or be tipped. Here is ruth Edigar's trip:

Yea I think that I will just keep you guessing see since I get to be the one abused for warning you, like what happened at SPU…  my life your game, NO.  your game your fail. Not even the cop trafficker that stalked me today with his comments can get you all out of what you are, you have failed.  Even with your threats and data grab about my family you still won’t succeed. Don’t forget, my family has been getting put through this longer then you’ve been alive, and I ended it. Your in check.



Blog # 496
6/20/17   Letter to the FBI: Your WindSong stay's on the mind of the other FBI...

The thing about wind song is that you aren't able to find it anywhere at all, but then my bottle of it popps up on the internet for sale, by those who rob me and somehow real time investigators tri to keep the windsong for them selves... a double robbery, what is so important about that bottle of WindSong that law enforcement would recover it in a robbery that had my name on other items that were for sale by the same thieves, but not reach out to me to return my bottle of actual real authentic Windsong.. well it is because of who gave it to me.  It was my grandmothers bottle of Windsong and when she gave it to my I was asked a lot of items by Joy Rapp.  She was very interested in how the bottle of Windsong was sealed to tight to even open it to smell it, that is a bottle of Windsong that has a story , I want my Windsong back too.

Yes FBI, you have yet again had my property in your possession and allowed it to be sold right as your investigators saw it for sale by a person that had listed items that had my name on them, your robbery and you refusal to keep my property safe while your team uses it is criminal and again I am demanding that your roberies the clever ones made to look like they were not a robbery and the straight up deputy birklid enabled robbery have their final day and that my items get returned to me it is hard to find Original Bottle and unopened Windsong on the market so it is not hard for you all to gain my property back from those you enable. 

FBI: I want you to have my property returned to me.  You know all things that were cataloged and videoed by tartaro and by the others that you have had your own employees enable in their targeting of me all while a dead body was in the storage unit next to mine, your all a bunch of traffickers, you place your Victim next to my stuff then have my stuff sold as I pay usual for my long account or you have your gun toating storage shop owner have his tidy true law enforcement friend aid in having the finger print botched at the seen of the crime during the finger printing that was done all while his boss shows up to tell him hey don't tell this Victim that we have the codes to the gates for all the storage units in town... yea the local law enforcement has the gate codes for all the robberies that have had triple action in the area of Washington that had James Shelton being used for targeting my family, my life, my ability to seek safety... My mother didn't even tell me that he was a rapeist of an under age girl that he then murdered and spent 30 years in jail for while the deputy Birklid types conditioned him for their furthermore of their other murdered they want him to perform... your not so close if you think he not so harmful.  

Im not so stupid as you think or like to play for yourselves, see I know that the Bottle of WindSong is the end of your time your story tellers play is set, he was upset when the SPU thing didn't go off as it was planned and so he called in his older game the one that put that Windsong into my mother's mothers hands, then into mine and right on into yours.  Your done, now I want' my stuff back, and oh by the way I applied to SPU at the computers in the Portofino Apartments next to the Escala Development so if you think that I was in the MBA program after going to Seattle I wasn't ... I had to leave San Diego for my own safety and there you all were just ready and waiting with your James Shelton to have his money for my move all filtered through his abuse of my mother, no mother lures her daughter to the den of James Shelton's with out telling her to be careful of the rapeist murderer unless that mother is truly being abused mentally and insistently, so the fact that my mother didn't tell me that James Shelton was a murderer convicted childhood rapeist and murderer until the day I told her that my family needs protective orders from the Seattle court due to how I just found out that the university I was at had placed me living with a notorious childhood murderer at one of the professors back units for rent, and that the school deliberately used my account with them to convert funds to that professor while refusing to tell me that I was being housed with a trained murderer human trafficker, yes that is when my mother finally told me what she needed to say about James Shelton long before I ever even tried to get safety from my mothers reports she would make during those times when I was being so followed that I couldn't even go to the gym at the 24 Hour Fitness in Mission Valley with out being stalked by DHS Agents, yes DHS Agents even went into the gym I worked out at in order to terrorize me while I worked out, but they just made it look like they needed to question my account data, my bio-metrics harvested by 24 hour Fitness and like they needed to observe my hot ass dancing in my tkb classes... oh yes I know more then you can even keep up with FBI, so when I say return my property to me I am being very clear with the intelligence, you need to go online and find my WindSong original perfume  and have it used to bring me back the rest of my property, diamonds and all.  I also want my credit back the credit of mine that allowed me to have a $80,000 credit card limit on my black card, so don't even think that return of my property is enough I want my total repair because it was hard work to have credit that nice, but you knew that when you messed with my account and had my payment amount changed, my apr changed, and my payment history changed right before you put that creditor into the for sale section yes, MBNA credit card got screwed with by you and sold off but you did target my account first so that I couldn't have nice credit at the place MBNA was going to be sold to... your such criminals you so insane but do get my WindSong back, it is more than just a family heirloom of mine, it is your task. 

Jessica Seymour


Blog # 495

6/17/17  Not that I could have already told you or anything, but yeah Cosby trafficker, affiliate of the same ring that stalked me, just got off of over thirty counts of trafficking ...

Cosby made over 30,000 video's of his drugged victims . he is an expert and he teaches others how to do what he does, now he's got a jury that somehow cant figure out if he's a rapeist.  smiling like a fiend he walks out of the court house, who knows maybe the judge didn't know what rape is, maybe the jury thought that rape means tru, or maybe it is that the burden of proof was lacking to even begin to call him a rapeist, how can you trust that many women you know what they say about women, you know it is true what they say, we bleed for seven day sand don't die... who could trust something like that, who could trust something that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die. 

mistrial... at least those women got off easy, they didn't get called whores yet publicly by anyone other then a team of experts. 

repeat re up in there  Go Get AN Analog Dish.  You're Victims not whores and his team of experts dug up so much trash that you cant even try to find a jury that would have don this differently.  Get a new venue and don't use the DA, go for trafficking and sue his producer, sue the tv company their are 3 of them that have used you, multi millions in trafficking but you deserve more after being called what your buyers are calling you. 

Thanks for coming forward, but this just got very greatly harmful for you.

Jessica S


Blog # 494
6/15/17      I know that the way this is written is so that Victims don't get protection and it is purposeful, so who wrote it, what bank accounts got full for writing it, and who are they trying to keep from protection.

The Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act:

"The federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act defines sex trafficking as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act.”

Federaly employed Human Traffickers get protection from this working while Victims are called prostitutes and abused further by judges, police and other immunity holding traffickers along with thier ring of young an d eager to show talkers.

When the purpose is defined then you can issue out all the protection that this act was supposed to protect just that simple little verbage added in undoes all the protection this act was supposed to provide, your raped you go to court you say he raped me for others to watch, they say who got paid for the commercial sex you say i didn't do commercial sex, they say your not a victim. they say they can watch what ever they want and your not being trafficked your not a victim and you had to have been needing it, you know your a bad girl.  Your a bad person you are being investigated your not a victim your a person who did this oh I don't know, you did this oh i remember, you did this thing, you went to starbucks across the street for coffee, you spoke to a person on our list and whoopsie we so happened to have had that person on our list sitting their to meet with one of our undercover agents, now your affiliated and we can do what we want to you on our hidden cameras and all will join in because we're the threat.   And oh ya, we know you were going to be at startbucks, we set you up true, we called you things we needed to say so that we could get paid three times off of hurting you, hunting you, invading you, sex trafficking you though the definition of it in our Act says you can't get protection from it. Hah. we will always win. So go now you twat and have your day in court so we can call you a whore. and while your not watching we have our affiliates call you crazy as they stalk you so specially, like force you into thier jurisdiction though it is truely stalking. and we we we know this but guess what you get no protection because you already said your not commercially sex'ing nice, guess we are smarter than you and stupid is as stupid does so try not to irritate the next perv we send your way please as we will have to have you executed in some way, we might call in our dark art in the nsa or maybe we just use a fool like you that went our way that doesn't even know that his pay checks are for our treat.  he's a sex act too though there doesn't have to be sex since there doesn't have to be commercial sex, yep no protection for either of you, we'll just blame our crime on you both and call it a sandwich. A hundred dollar sandwich. You trafficked me Michael Kendoll and now I want protection from you from our ring of criminals you put me into proximity of and the people who have tried to harm me since, have my grape vine shipped to a church and have the church contact me so that I may retrieve it someday in safety and not in trubuse.  

trubuse:  you just take out th e E you just splice and dice together the two words true and abuse and you get trubuse, kinda what you have to do when you need to splice and dice together a "video" who would even notice all the splice when there is so much dice, you just splice it and dice it to the jury so that your judge can lie for you with out the lack of plausible deniability. Premeditated plausible deniability, also known as calling the cat black though it should be a little white dog.  Sleep apnea much, you had me go there to get a medical device sales job and instead i end up with what, you did what with thier little sleep apnea filming sleep room you did what what did you do to the interview i never had put on film but you did as if your room for interviewing had to be the room with the machine in it that I'd be rep'ing. your scum and you done.  forget about the a, it got forgotten about just because you were always dispensable, so the a is for your a, i mean your fall. return the re.

Michael kendoll,  he is the trafficker that has had me approached in washington, followed in california and has had oregon tape me.  I think the interstate transfer thing was elaborated deliberately for some reason, he is the police department of Vancouver affiliated traffficker that stalked me over the holidays in Washington then somehow gave proximity to me for a ring of traffickers that seek to call me a prostitute and he just gave them the footage's they'd be after too bad he didn't just call in a return. that means that it is too bad that he didn't just say no when he was asked if he had tried to have sex with me.
The truth is not that hard to find, and no "commercial sex act" nor any "sex act" is needed to be performed in order to need protection from human traffickers.
Change your little wording in your little Federal Trafficking Protection Act so that it actually can protect the Victims rather than the federal traffickers with Protection from their Acts being made public, litigated against, and remitting of imprisonment of them selves in the jailes they like to get little 20 year old women into. 

For the purpose... for the purpose of anything other then "commercial sex" leaves alot o f Victims high and dry when it comes to having protection from human traffickers.

you have conspired to keep a state ran trafficking into a federal protection of states from being held accountable for their trafficking acts, allowances, and furtherance's.  You have gone out of your way to exploit for the furtherance of an under the counter porno release needed for your judges to call me a prostitute for you though I've done no such thing, your just trafficking me for your splice & dice game of creating a fakeporno for those who have leverage with it, Im not your newest at this you have had to have done this before, what judges need this trafficking put under the feds so to protect the state let me guess it's still california that needs this right, you perfect storm maker, tell the truth this time and get the states to stop this abuse.

How many judges do youknow Mike Kendol.

Trip meter says you gone too far,


Blog #493

6/13/17    A disclaimer so that the human traffickers in the Federal Government can stop holding back my funds...

We are not affiliated in any way with Charlotte Awino or any of her affiliations, current, past, or present.  We do not support or have contact with Charlotte Awino or any of the entities, or people that supported the creating of her life story.  The founding of the Victims Of Immunity was in response to being a Victim of Charlotte Awino, a Victims of those who have affiliations to her, and a Victim of the way things used to be.

NO donations or funds related to the VOI Foundation or to my self have ever been and never will be used in relation to Charlotte Awino, her affiliations or for any other type of human trafficking or terrorism.  It is a federally employed human trafficker tactic to mis-use the ability to isolate a person from their wealth, isolate a persons business from it's funds, and isolate a Victim from truly living free of their assaults.

So here is the truth :  We are not affiliated in any way with Charlotte Awino or any of her affiliations, current, past, or present.  We do not support or have contact with Charlotte Awino or any of the entities, or people that supported the creating of her life story.  The founding of the Victims Of Immunity was in response to being a Victim of Charlotte Awino, a Victims of those who have affiliations to her, and a Victim of the way things used to be.  We are not affiliated with any of the traffickers you call terrorists that you put into the way of my life and planted into my home while you kept them on a pay check of some sort.

Jessica Seymour


Blog # 492

6/10/17  So I turned in a coin & I do want to see the forensics proliferated, so here...

Letter that accompanies the coin:

"Trafficking Commission


Re: human trafficking related triangle (triangle repeated, female ((and male)) Victim)


In the attached plastic bag is a dime, a coin that came across the counter to me when I was purchasing an item to preay over, it was a fast food restaurant that gave me this dime as change.

I noticed it returned it and was not given the return receipt. It repeated itself to me returned it tre

I am saying the above data so that your computer hackers can find the perpetrator.

I am an expert in subject matter related to trafficking and was surprised to see this dime.  I am sending it to you return it to the repeat, this is data for your forensic people, they need to swab it in repeat quire. This means that they need to square swab it, which means that they need to recover the urine on it without damaging the negative triangle that is placed on the coin before it is used to draw death upon a person, this is not a cult type of coin practice but is trea, which means it is a person that is related to law enforcement in some way, usually a person who has made a threat and likes to repeat the rets urn, this means they take a piece of the person’s urine to burn onto a coin. A return is place on the coin during the event, in the return the event is refused and the person they are trafficking is then murdered or tripped up on to an investigation, it is possible because of what is used in the return re, a return re is the way a isotope returns the even strand of the dna, that indicates that the person’s urine was binding in the process of excretion. This is evidence that the person was being assaulted during the excretion of the urine. The other side of the coin, the heads side, is the triangle, that is placed under the urine, you have to remove the urine with a sponge not a swab, you have to remove the triangle with a re, which means a mesh, you have to mesh the triangle to get it to appear, the mesh is product made by a company that has stalk in the persons that kinds like to do this kind of thing, the solution is the Forensic Strategic Solutions used in Alabama and it is a Computer Forensics Powder that when used on this type of crime the coin reveals under the urine the triangle of skin tissue that is placed on the coin first… you might think this sounds weird but the triangle of people who do this need evidence for them selves and they usually have someone drop the coin off at a place then have a different person immediately get change, then take the coin to a different place that has a person that uses the coin to pay a bill, the bill is usually a payment of a threat that needs to be verified as being achieved before monetary payment is given to the perpetrator, I just so happened to intercept it, hmm.  Not sure who was infront of me or behind me in line or if I was at a place that had some sort of accidental switch up, but its yours to solve and it is fresh, obviously these people are medical industry and computer industry types of affiliated, but you can sure tell that they are careful, the coin is not repeated, which means that it softened up before the acid was repead… urine has acid, it didn’t even get to release it’s fume, you can use this coin to undertriangulate the perpetrators because you can secrete their re from the fume and watch an image of the child emanate from the urine under red light, an image will appear in the fume that is likely a high priced assault and this sounds wacko, its not, it is repeattechnology and it is real and it is not expensive and it is very formal, and it is a dark art, just like what human trafficking is. You know how gas fumes in the heat, it is different than that but if you ever look at gas fuming indoors you will see an image of a ret appear under the light color even (which is green) the even light is not a ray or a warp of ray, but is a tru emanating green light which are extremely hard to find and are used in cardboard scanning (they take a red light to cardboard and scan it to see if it is flat or concave and then they know if it is ready to ship). Three manufactures of cardboard use this method on their shipping line.

On the other side of the coin, you do not want to use cotton (swab) & solution at all.  You want to use hydrolyzed powder.  Swab solution turns it into a current because of gravity, then when it is touched by the swab (cotton) it turns into a magnet so burn it but you only get 3 DNA samples instead of all 8.  So you need to use a protein eV. Then you have all 8 strands of the dna and they all go together, rather than being unusable. They do not use under the arm…

The perpetrators, the traffickers, they cut off a strand of arm hair to make the triangle with and they burn it on the coin before dripping the urine onto the coin.

This coin is likely a repeated use coin meaning that they do business often and don’t even test each others fumes any more but do watch to see who is leaving the coin at the food place.  Sound crazy, well these types of people are crazy and are informed of methods that they should not be able to be using, they should not have the things needed to achieve this type of crime… they shouldn’t have the children.

Drug addicts imprint their own finger onto a coin with drug acid just to prove themselves to their ring, which is a mockery of this type of crime that I am sending to you. Coin games like the one associated to this crime are usually trafficking related because traffickers are a slave trade.

Slave trade is related to control of a person which is what they think they can gain in a long term way by harming the urine.  People who practice this crime are doing it because they are trying to control a person via a group of people that make “eternal” promises to each other, like a blood brother or something… they believe and are achieving a triangle of unity that traps something about the Victim in their opinion.  trauma changes a person’s chemistry and they are trying to control a person with a permanent change in chemistry which is what they think they are achieving with this coin type of transaction with each other. 

Bottom line, you can solve this crime, you can retrieve dna and urine from this coin, the victims skin is in the triangle too.  The other two sides of the triangle are dna of the person who needs to get paid for what they did to the kid, and usually also the person who brings them (him) the kid… The Victims, the Perpetrator, the Transporter Deliverer.

The female victim is the top circle with the uneven pattern of removal of tr, the male victim is the even pattern of removal of tr that is under the tr of the female victim. … the uneven looking ring (female) is over the even well separated ring that stays somewhat circular (male ring), the female ring moves unevenly.

Thank you,


That actually has a bit more than what was sent with the coin but I didn't want anybody to be able to remove something hope a pathologist get to be involved in the recovery of the data from this coin. 




Blog, # 491

6/9/17   If you were from where I'm from then you would know:



Blog # 490

6/8/17   Chinese definition of  Human Trafficking


Thats it 




6/7/17    Thunder to the lightning,  you’re the thunder to the lighting””””

Believer, try the rapps. Try the traps, wapps that don’t mean no. Believer believer. Im’ the lightning to your thunder.  There are only three thunder’s.

Under the gun. Let the bullets fail.

You’re the thunder to the lighting.


Thunder to the lighnig ther is a thuncer to the lighnig, Last things last, the fire and the flames ar crage… they can not crage (they are grace, they can not grace. Blood in nmy veins fir e of my blame.

Thunder to the lighning, Im’m the thunder to the lightning.

Blah blah blig blah lbalh because Im the ribcage.

Imagine Beleiver, you the thunder to the rightning.

Rightning to the rigntning, your th e rightning to the ringing.

Try to treaterethe retreave. Tre.


Jressica Seymour.  You can’t master your own Sea, Ima a Seymour, your master is the re. I am my own master. I like the Jeep in your video, your crazy little thunder, There a giant roar, thunder feal the thunder light and the thunder thunder feal the thunder feal the thunder thunder feal the thunder lighting and the thunder, crack. Bring me the box.

Im the lightning and the thunder.


Blog # 488

6/3/17   Just a little bit more about Judge Koss

Judge Koss also owns (through his children's scripted endevers) the phone system at the jail he makes judgments on the inmates of.  Hmm. Guess the treatment center they own needed a little help ... you can send them to your own jail and to your own treatment center but you can't make them lie... unless...

Unless what, unless you have the beat on the street forcing them to.  Cops like those who protect Savage & Willett.  Savage is related to C. Willett #6888 of the San deigo Police Department in what way??   try to repeat the return.

Savage is the return and he is protected to even go into Oregon from Washington to harm off duty cops, hmm, got arrested too.  Burte. 

Just Listed:

T. Schmottlach #5682 San Diego Police Department

R. Park #5682 San Diego Police Department

C. Willett #6888 San Diego Police Department






Blog # 487

5/31/17   The FBI doesn’t care if there is footage of children being imprinted on to coins’

 If you thought you found it , here is what you missed to return th return you have to treat the yellow as if it is helping you find green

Treat the return like it is trying to return the re.

If there were one or two destroyed feeders you just go to the tripre, it will be sittingin the re of the return tr, treup.

They would have to destroy the r, which would explode something (It would always explode the phone of the person right befor the r). But tons of ret would be returned to the re

tre re4 it’s the recipient… the person who needed wanted treate the footages made. It’s the person who usually needed the jump.  Should probably find Comey’s 3 jumps before someones iphone explodes, you know, since he’ll be testifying soon and all.

Why shouldn’t I say it, they already called me crazy… the FBI & police have their wives selling my Chanel & LV bags now instead of wearing them… my diamond bracelet is sold now about 2 weeks ago in tre  Enjoy your fall out, boys. It will come.  Should I protect a porn for profit made secretly upon raped & abused children & adults just so the fbi might give me back my stuff they robbed me of in California & in Washington while I was at SPU… no, they like their pervert wives duplicity way too much for me to think that they’ll actually return my property, right Hilary, I mean Bill.  Hillary and Bill’s what… what, oh ya, hodgepodge home made server.

Phones are the easy findable, try the actual routs and find the returns.  Wait till you see what you find. Just don’t let them cast their bomb threading onto your right to protect yourself, protect children, protect your family, protect country. Read the blog & you’ll know how to treu the red out ot the return like what they do not to get caught, they can be found though on the retttt but who would even look there, only them to try to pin their big triangle on you all….  Trip the red.

They will be caught trying to melt down a universal tre… they want to melt down the one in New York which is what Comey is gonna be trying to pin on Russia…  right Stas Stanislav A. Khaylov, you all tried to use me like your tru, tri, treat, now you have to trea, not my fault, but your own.



Blog # 486

5/28/17    havn’t you wondered how its done

Here is the transcript for most recent video blog address:

Hi Anti stalker Nation and Abolitionists, I am Jessica Seymour, Founder of the Victims of Immunity Foundation.

I’m trying to return the re, so I am doing a special blog post to the Anonymous groups Death Eaters Campaign to let them know that we as American’s appreciate what they are doing regarding Child Pornography, Child Sex Sales & Conditioning, and International Slave Trade. 

Your Campaign should have been a much larger success by now, so I’m not going to be sitting back and not tell you that you need to use the analog design much more than your attack of the Dark Web design, child sex attacks are way more vindictive than a little bit of shining the light onto the Dark Web. So keep open the analog triangles and gereat the re.

“U” thought that the world wanted more trafficking, treat. Return the re.

Treat the re retern the er, want to know more, go read the blog to learn how to returnthe return returnthe re.  you should know when an analog return treats it, then you have your treat . try to return the re you can’t so you have to go analog in the yellow hold the troll to the re, it is the return of the reception of the wire treat, try to find the return thread, then hold the analog light to the right and tilt it, you’ll see color then, you know what the treat is, once you see color then you know what the treat is, it won’t be moving. 

Good luck!

Try to tr,



Blog # 485

5/27/17   Why do people tell me everything... because I am special

If you ever met me you'd understand.   Death Eaters , you need to get going again.

Death Eaters united in the common tre ee would help everybody.

Just Listed :

1. Church of England Children's Society... what name are they going by nowadays ....

2. Children's High Level Group... what name are they going by nowadays ....

3. Lord Justice Leveson   ... what name is he going by nowadays ....  pretty sure it is Brian Chief

Is there some reason that you dont use the re... yes there is, you have 2 pedophiles in charge of your UK undertaking of child porn removal.




Blog # 484

5/26/17   triangle

Tartaro Kowalczyk Khaylov

Little known self shared fact about Richard Peter Kowalczyk… he is a dod trained nuclear weapon disarm specialist.

Little Know self shared fact about Rob Tartaro… he is a nuclear submarine programmer.

Little known self shared fact about Stanislav A. Khaylov …. tru.

Seriously do more.





Blog #483

5/18/17    OH Yes you did Anti Stalkers, you did what the Streetlight People wish they could do…

20 year sentence, true.

Thirty years of guilt, real tru

Three tree trepeat

Trafficking yep, guilt or time for trafficking, nope; white house detail, yep; Richard Ledgett of the NSA involved, yep; time he got for it, none.

OH ya and here is the best quote from the article found at the above link:

“His wife asked for leniency, citing their two children.”

That’s how the wives with kids to protect need to be for traffickers that started in the marines, got into the white house detail, then kept it going all through the trial.

Wow.   When these pervert immunity seeking for the destroying of lives “sex research” they “need to and must conduct” human trafficker's care not one little bit about the family of who they are sexting & selling, or care one little bit about the lives of who they are hurting, this man’s wife is so brainwashed that she thinks to go to court for leniency so her children can have more access to a human trafficker that so happens to be their father, of course this guy's in collusion accomplice attorney instructed her to go public in court with such a thing to ask for.  And that is how higher up traffickers rule their book of business, If she does not get protection formally from the government then she becomes easily the traded book of business in this slave trade now that this TRAFFICKING RING GOT HER TO FORMALLY SHOW PUBLICLY THAT she is too brainwashed to even part from a child molester rapist TRAFFICKER… it is likely that his NSA boss will sell her to some pervert now that she is in court saying what she said.  This is a qualified assessment and she needs to get help.

On the other hand…..Keep up the good work Anti Stalker Nation, your loved!  You probably saved at least 20 youth from this secret service agents marine and NSA tied trafficking ring assaults.   Your hero’s and we love you!

Hey, hey, so did this Secret Service guy Lee Robert Moore have any connections to any of the other Secret Service mentions related to this blog? 

Just listed, Robert Moore, I meant Lee R. More, I mean Robert Lee, I mean ….. ya this guy used all of these variations and more so keep searching and you will find his link to sex trafficking for Richard Ledgett of the NSA




Blog #482                                                                                      

5/18/17   NSA & EternalBlue

Who, so I don’t even have to be the one to blame the NSA… Microsoft is doing it for me!!!!


Here is the article:

Ok so that’s great, Microsoft is quoted saying:

“Smith, the Microsoft chief, was critical of NSA for what he called "stockpiling" computer vulnerabilities for use in spy operations.”

And the article says:

The ransomware used in the hack exploited a vulnerability purportedly from NSA called EternalBlue, according to cyber security experts. Microsoft issued the patch shortly after the vulnerability was made public.”

And the article says:

“The U.S. government has been linked to an industrial control system malware called Stuxnet that was used in an operation”

Yes used in an operation…  several years ago… Stuxnet targeted…  uranium enrichment centrifuges and caused many to spin out of control and self-destruct.

what’s the thing between eternalblue and stuxnet…. It’s the rea

also known as return eternal ap.

Read about EternalBlue in Wikipedia:

When you read about EternalBlue in Wikipedia pay attention to the April 8, 2014  … pay attention to that date, I attended a hearing on that date, correct NSA.  And if you toggle to “exploit” from that page, you get  and on that page for exploit you get this: “local exploit[2] requires prior access to the vulnerable system and usually increases the privileges of the person running the exploit past those granted by the system administrator. Exploits against client applications also exist, usually consisting of modified servers that send an exploit if accessed with a client application.”

Pay attention to that date, my blog post for that date was:

Blog 248

4/9/14 Why is Judge Whitney so desperate to NOT abide by the Peremptory Challenge Form that he is by law having to abide by?????

Pay attention to the fact that Blog posts mentioning the date 4/8/14 were tampered with in my Blog, as I am not the one who positioned my blog with non sequential posts, that was a hacker, & someone is trying to get their treat treated:

Blog #252

5/14/14  Are ICE Agents Kenneth Krause & Ryan Faulkner in the same identical human trafficking ring, because it sure feels like it to me….

In my blog at

If you punch in “ctrl f” or another way of saying it is to hit the control key and the f key at the same time, then when the find window opens up type in 4/8/14 you will see two hits on this find search and they are not in order, and that was not my own typo or arrangement it was someone else’s hacking of my computer and blog.  The two hits are on blog #'s 248 and 252.

Hey NSA, it might have been "good to see me" as your Agent decided to say to me in his sexual abuse & harassement of me on 5/15/17 with a few others when I left a tournament, but uh, its your biggest friend Microsoft turning on ya for it. I’m still just same Jessica, strong as nails, saying you’re a threat to America.  Truman was not of sound mind when he organized the NSA and the acts of Truman on that day are treason.  Treason is the refusal to repeat the needed treat that would protect the citizens who are the most vulnerable against the citizens that are nearly invulnerable.  You wanna say there is an over sea’s or foreign component to treason, hmm, see who repeats.

They say you’re a foreigner if your treasonous.

So who is trying to get their treat treated:

Michael S Rogers,

And it is over his treat of a thread, and there is also that book thing he’s up to with the Completely Built on Lies treat.

Just google the words “completely built on lies” and you’ll start to get it.




Blog #480                                                                                                                           

5/16/17   When the CIA gave me a job interview…

 So ya, uh huh, when the CIA gave me a job interview I was sat at a big long table that was white, it had a single yellow paper clip placed at the part of the table I was placed sitting at, the chair I sat in was directed to me to be sitting in.  The guy came in and began a battery assault of an interview. The battery included him asking me a question then starting to mouth things to me silently while I answered the question

When I got home I spent the next day in bed since the interview was so mind abusing, I even talked about it with Sarah Gibbs boyfriend Patrick Coors about how psychologically abusive the interview had been, I was approached at my garage door by Ben Klinger also a day later and he was very inquisitive about how I had been with regards to my job hunt, I told him that I had just had an interview with Merck or maybe it was Pfizer, and that I did get the interview in a Orange County office where there were no signs, no data in the public directory of the building, and where you had to go up an elevator to a phone on a stand to call for your appointment entry.  I told Ben Klinger the office location.

Ben Klinger said to me, ya I’ve been there, I’ve interviewed there, which I thought was strange since he always lead first with the data that he was a Medical Device Operation Implant Specialist for Medtronic heart implant devices…. So I said to him innocently, oh so you did pharma sales rep before you did med dev, he looked at me and squinted, and things were all of a sudden very odd with him after that.

I got the job interview by going on line in my computer applying for pharma sales rep jobs that would come up on my screen in my job hunt searches.

I was beat down during the interview so I asked Ben Klinger if he had his interviewer start to silently mouth things to him while he was answering a question that the interviewer had just asked.  He asked me what I did when the interviewer started to do that to me… so I asked him what would he have done, Ben Klinger said “I would have stopped the interview and asked the interviewer if he thought that I was stupid”… guess that is the difference between people who know they are interviewing with the CIA and between people who don’t know but who simply need a job, because what I did was totally different than what he said he would have done.




Blog # 479

5/15/17 Faulconer treaty

Just Listed, Matt Awbrey:

Matt Awbrey .. pay freeze means pay freeze not free up pay for special traffickers, and then when questioned about it have the audacity to say voters would have never intended not to raise pay for promotions, because no private sector business would do such a thing…. Guess again. Your listed Awbrey for being so traffick true, and by that I mean that he is Faulconer’s treat

Actually Matt Awbrey, if you’re talking about spirit your not talking about intent, intent of the law is to enable jerks to be as mean about a violation as possible, spirit of the law is the reasonable part of the law that enables a person to be as trustworthy about a law as possible, to which you know nothing about, did you get one of those promotions???? you should be a ninth circuit court of appeal judge the way you think, right Kenneth Krause, I mean the 9th Circus Court of Appeals covered up for your human trafficking just like they covered up for Tartaro’s & the SDPD’s when I appealed to them the things done to me in san diego courts for the City Attorney & for the benefit of judge yuri Hoffman and on behalf of all the other judges that the Commission of Judicial Performance did not fire the way they fired Hoffman unless you just want to call a CJP data slip a non-fireing. 


Where is the list of everyone who got one of these special promotions for pay raise during a pay freeze

How many people on The List got pay raises during this pay freeze, and what is their new title used to facilitate the pay raise…. How many Sheriff employees got the pay raise, and how many judges got the pay raise via interesting title adjustment.   Isn’t it like 4 judges, 1 sheriff, 4 officers of the court, 6 court clerks, 1 person in Escala that lives next to someone on The List, 12 tree branches in the Home Made Server treaty, and like maybe 5 public officials…. Ya all human trafficking pay day recipients tripping the wire on a pay freeze.  Thought your muny munny muny from the strip club owners was more than enough to get you through the freeze, guess pensions are worth two in the tree.  Dawla dAwla bills ya’ll.




Blog  #478

5/14/17   Tri tip   

A bomb threader: so we talked about bomb threader’s like human trafficker Hilary Clinton’s and we discussed the lap top & desk top, but it is the cell phones that are so iterating. If you have a cell phone blow up in your hip or waist you were just used as a cover for the fact that a hacker jut got on the highway, well basically made a highway out of the three person thread that was being ran, your phone exploded on you to keep cover of the “person of interest’s phone” that was being used.  See a person who is third in the thread is always third before the person of interest that is the cover for the thread and is always, as in never the one who’s phone explodes, the person who is protected when the thread gets hacked, rarely can one of these threads get hacked, but when they do it is because someone laid their programming at a slant somewhat and saw a specific speed of movement then threaded into it… the federally employed traffickers do not want to get hacked or found out, so they trip the thread through the red flow of the camera tubes (which can be seen by a hacker at an angle when taking the hacker tool and placing it at a slant); the federally or state employed human trafficker that is using a “person of interest” to run thread through sees a yellow unit of pixel abrupt the red camera tube and instantly yellow trips the response, the person in front of the hacker is the third in the thread, the yellow is taken from the home made server which stalls the progression long enough for the person in front of the person of interest phone to then short the reverse tread which blows up the phone of that person who is second in the thread…. Basically the use of the person of interest’s phone is protected at any cost so that the bomb threading can’t be traced back to law enforcement.   

Hey you who have had your cell phone blow up on ya, do you want to know why you were chosen, well it was because you used thread thread thread, which means you thought using porn sites would not harm ya.  Thing is that not many hackers even know about how to use the equipment they have for listening to redundant traps in the pone tones if they did they would watch it at an slant or angle rather then listening to it, but to watch it you have to have a third piece of equipment, so usually when a group of hackers catch this thread it is accidentally, and not very common, unless t is just because the government wants to out somebody.  So the kill of the highway (the red tube) also knows as the bomb detonation, is always achieved upon the person who was second in the three person thread.  

There is always about 3 hours of phone use on the person of interest’s phone use that goes interrupted and investigators usually attribute it to the person of interest “ditching their phone”, like as if the person of interest was trying not to be wire tapped, like they were a bad person catching on to the idea that they were being monitored and sought to evade law enforcement for three hours.

When hackers do get onto these red tubes, they can hear thousands of government affiliates selling unsuspecting  Victims to other people in this trafficking ring.  Cell phone is for watching, desk top is for hearing, lap top is for treating a trip wire like a stop.  So when a person like Hillary Clinton has hers, her homemade server, it indicates her accomplishment in being in thread for blowing up a huge main frame site or server engines.  A phone is for hurting a person, a desk top is for blowing up thread treaties or documents or videos because when a thread is taken to yutube (which is the green tube, the yutube is treated as the ignite), most videos need to be removed to be sold on a different thread. Lap top is used as the return so when a person like Hillary Clinton has her home made server is for threading together a way to stop the explode from hitting the return trip and exploding the people involved in the bomb thread, because the server is the treaties (the person that is negotiating the sale of the sex trafficking or of the explosions) which is the version of the bomb that undergoes the catalytic conversion after ignite. 

Cell phone is for trip wire (seeing the tone in the thread treatie which is the tone that reverts the repeat)

Lap top is for trap (hearing the tone needed to hit the ignite which is the orange color but it is not a tube)

Desk top is for blowing up the server (ignite on the green tube)

Home made server is for blowing up the return; since there is a tone that wire backs to the desk top to kill the next ignite so that it is not a world wide explode problem (making it possible to do it and not blow up your own network of trafficking).

 What does Hillary & her treatie have in mind, what giant server do they want to blow up by igniting the component in the “red eye” (which is a term only CIA agents would know with regards to servers of such large importance.  Every giant computer system has one giant red eye which is the part that is like a camera….treaties call it the red eye because they are always trying to protect theirs.

Try to top that,



Blog # 477

5/11/17   Homeland Security Agent Kenneth Krause again stalked Jessica Seymour's Craigs List roommate posting's

Don't forget about this:    ....

.... Immunitied Human Trafficker's use of concocted investigations, and commandeering of legitimate investigations is performed to infiltrate a woman's life as to have and easy and invisible leash around her neck controlling ALL, EACH and EVERY aspect of the targeted woman's life, right down to the police that get dispatched if she reports finding cameras hidden in her home, or if she tries to report any of the systematic date rape tactics that are used to human traffic a woman without her knowing. 

The derived perverse misogynistic pleasure out of their idea of "knocking a woman down a few notches" is one of the reasons these Immunitied Traffickers are drawn to targeting and vulnerable-izing young adults that were prior child stars or models; patrons will pay a very large fee and make very large bets to see a star or model made exploited sexually, mentally exploited, and knocked down off her star pedestal. 

This type of “Pedestal Victim” + “investigation” equation is very relevant to every day women being targeted by this ring of IHT’s that mis-use investigation powers, and concoct investigations as to secretly control & sell a person through.

This is why Immunitied Traffickers acting as paparazzi or running an IRS investigation on a glamorous or rich star or model needs to be analyzed when looking at the devastation these stars go through while never knowing they are having bets on their demise, loss of property, and suffering, conducted and often times by judges and made by those who pretend to be investigating them, after all, why is it that 95% of the mug shots gained of Lindsey Lohan have the camera placed so high above her that it looks like she is on her knees looking up at you,  this is rude, uncalled for, bizarre, and a human traffickers trademark; Lindsey Lohan mug shot traffickers place the camera much higher than average mug shots appear to receive.   Why is it that a movie producer was reported to have gotten naked out side of Lindsey Lohan's dressing room when she did not want to leave her room to shoot a specific scene; does this Movie Producer work with investigators or with PI firms, or with other types of traffickers, yes he does.  Why is it that this producer got naked as to coerce Lindsey Lohan to get naked, coerce her to stop hiding in her dressing room, coerce her to get naked herself, have a drink, and do a 3 way sex scene?   This is not normal, average, or ok and America needs to start recognizing how trafficking of our American women is being made in ways to facilitate gambling bets on a woman who surprise surprise surprise is under some sort of investigation, such as the one that the IRS was engaged in for a very long time now against Lindsey Lohan, and this woman is clearly being trafficked in very clever ways by a very clever ring of IHT’s that include the judges and arrest'ers affiliated to Lindsey Lohan's court battles, and especially includes the IRS investigators that stalked her.  Was Jessica Seymour ever put into any IRS investigation. The destruction of Lindsey Lohan’s life is massively pushed by the IHT’s media connections, as being chalked up to some problem of Lindsey Lohan’s even when she acts the way this type of micromanaging abuse and torture would dictate for this type of Victim to act like, all done with a misogynist hate that is attempting to conceal the oppression that is made of a woman when she is being cleverly handled around by severely oppressive human traffickers who have gained positions of immunity and access.

Why is it that Los Angeles judges let off the Attorney Handler & the Psychiatric Doctor Handler of Anna Nichole Smith after these men had convictions by a jury?

The Handlers, Federal Agents, Judges, “psychiatrists”, and Attorney Handlers that facilitate the trafficking of these stars needs to be brought forward because this ring of IHT’s use these same tactics on regular non-star women who don’t have enough money or resources to begin to defend against them.  These IHT animals seek to get a star to alternate jurisdictions (like Indian Reservation Casino's) so that sexual deviates can pay to have better and easier access to the targeted stars, their food, and their hotel rooms, sometimes the targeted star end up dead after being drugged too much for a trafficking patron to access, this is a very sinister use of concocted investigations,  and this is a very sinister ring of human trafficking attorneys that later become Immunitied Human Trafficker’s when they become judges.  This ring of IHT’s use these same tactics on regular non-star women who don’t have enough money or resources to begin to defend against these IHT’s attacks, for example IHT Investigator Kenneth Krause of the Dept of Homeland Security that testified in the Anna Nichole Smith trials was later unleashed on the general public of traffic victims and Kenneth Krause targeted Founder Jessica Seymour when she was being set up by IHT’s for discrediting and for abduction as a cover up of the human trafficking sales cameras that DoD Robert Tartaro had hid all over Jessica’s home to sell her through,  later a DoD Tactical Specialist from the US Calvary Unit conspired to coerce Founder Jessica Seymour to an Indian Reservation as to take trafficking bets on her, through the direction of his US Attorney affiliate  ….. so actual Every Day American Women are made just as targeted by this ring of IHT’s that look to create money off of “pedestal victims” such as Models or Hollywood Starlets… this ring affects us all.  Awareness of this is important so that the community at large can recognize the signs of how IHT’s traffic victims in very clever ways while engaging in making the victim look like the person to blame as to keep the victim isolated as to facilitate an easier trafficking of a victim.   

Years later after Jessica Seymour made her way back to San Diego after the Seattle Pacific University & Charlotte Awino & James Shelton campus shooting experiment went sideways for this type of human trafficking ring,  Agent Kenneth Krause again stalked Jessica Seymour's Craigs List roommate posting's to harass her and email her as if he was a prospective renter since he is now fired from the DHS, and he contacted Jessica Seymour about how he was taking control of her roommate renting attempts in collusion with the City Attorney, when he (Agent Kenneth Krause) responded to one of Jessica Seymour's room rent postings telling her that he was taking control of her housing roommate needs because he was an out of work, middle aged, fired from the DHS, federal employee starting over because of how she had reported him to the DHS.  Kenneth Krause tormented and tortured Jessica Seymour by his and his affiliates control of invading of and stalking of Jessica Seymour's financial options like renting out a room in her home, like education finance & admission, and like auto finances.  Kenneth Krause somehow knew about Jessica Seymour's Craigs List postings for a roommate even though Jessica Seymour had to walk to and use a computer lab that was located away from her home and personal identity use.  Jessica Seymour was stalked on her way to the computer lab she used and was stalked in that lab then Kenneth Krause was given access to Jessica Seymour's roommate postings; he took control of Jessica Seymour's home safety and finances by commandeering her roommate attempts through brutal and torturous personal invasion of her home and computer use.  Yes, the same Agent Kenneth Krause that investigated the investigation of Anna Nichole Smith movements, then gave expert testimony at her murder trial, and then what else before stalking Jessica Seymour for his human trafficking and false imprisonment scams.  Home Invasion is a tactic of Immunity Holding Human Traffickers, because of the type of Victims who already have housing, but it is just one step away from the intended loss of property and control of housing that Investigation Method Human Trafficking tries to induce.

When you analyze the type of person that seeks out specific careers as to make cover for sexual deviancy, for example pedophiles that seek to work at universities or to become priests, you will see that the way these Human Traffickers use investigation powers, the religious protections of the church, and Sovereign Nation Indian Laws to facilitate human trafficking is a very real threat to the society at large.

Yes, these guys think their invisible, but if you take away their shroud of immunity what you will see are animals of a base nature, not of a human nature, but predatory animals of a sociopathic flaw that should have excluded them from their posts.

These faux and commandeered investigations access a woman's phone, credit cards, mail, financial & bank accounts, calendar, computer, computer use, cable, car, family & friends, school, records, insurance, employment, church, and home to create a virtual and inescapable invisible prison of destruction around a woman targeted to be human trafficked by immunity holders, and how much fun they have raping and torturing the American women & men they put on their invisible leashes illustrates how pleased they are with being "above the law". ...

To read more go to

Loves & hugs,



Blog  #476

5/10/17   Trip

A bomb threader: a singular analog can create withing a computer a traverse thread ... cause a computer to ignite a light threading a reverse in the gradient u see an explosive youeactor,  b hits the rav then an ignite is laid in the panel above the keybord in laptops of other people, in desk tops you get a big explosion in yours an three other peoples desk tops. It is a thread to explode a system in a uron (youe tube).  If you could get into a central keep all facility you could blow a entire global system you'd only need a yellow teter (thread) which is only found in the camera system.  I guess I am illustrating that human traffickers are terrorists, and the porn they make of us in our homes is on analog, don't look for the abuse of us in the in the digital use systems in tracking the damages being done, look at the DoD type of analog thread.... analog phones are still used, mostly by traffickers and mostly the DoD issues analog, and wouldn't they want to know when someone is issuing themselves their own analog, since they primarily thread in analog with regards to certain specific types of things. 
Kony's not the only human trafficker sex abuser using analog phones issued from a defense department of a country. 

Jessica of Angel's


Blog #475

5/7/17   Entrance Exam Test

is there such a thing as an Analog above the  Dish... you know, the kind that would be for the old kind of TV reception which is not digital. It is as a analog (one singular analog) but is an Analog Dish, it has no reason today so Comey calls it a homemade server unless it is found in a terrorists house, then it is known as a bomb threader.... If it is found in a non terrorists house it is satellite on analog tri, looks like a server but it is a dish fully rationalized computer communicating on analog AND on digital, and on waves, like a ? that can watch any system.  It can watch any system, and Analog Dish server, especially homemade ones can watch any thing.  It is somewhat of an on earth satellite. It is a nontradedtreter.

 Frequencies, yep. Trade, yep. triangles, nope.

Human trafficking, with exceptional speed.  trafficking, with return. try the return. If That means treat the neighbors at the speed of tre then it means try a dish that is not frequent with the same one singular analog.

try the neighbor's where the party's are held if your in different areas they can probably only span about 3 hours distance... a person like hilary's would be all in house except for when it when through 3 other peoples, but a person like Gore, his would be like a three hour detour through a person of interest's computer.   Try his joint terrorism task force people. try the music guys he uses from the cia game trips. 

three times too many, 



Blog #474

5/7/17     Coldplay, this is a song written for you to have…

Yellow the rudest way to please, the set is never in the eror, it’s in the trees.

The sigh is the return of the return

Truly the return of the tree 5 to the 5 on the rif

Five to the 8 on the tiff

Play it so fast it sounds like a cloud, play it so tree is sounds like the 3

U, is here mi is there, three is near, 

Tree’snot bare, Emily’s there

Enjoy that amazing song Coldplay, it’s yours.  Can’t wait to see what you do with it, hear what you say through it.


All Yellow


Blog #473

5/6/17     Oops you did it again...

Young and a menace huh, so you still wanna talk huh.  but I'm not done decoding your last album for those that like to watch us as if they aren't employing you.  OH, so as far as the time, far as the time""" your only gonna get there yet if you check the Weather so if your checking out the ride"" send the message that I was young and not a menace. 

If I am off the deep end
I’m just here to become the best yet
I’m just here for the psych assessment
I’m just here for the the...
Broxterman Fall

And the assessment."""

You've gone way too slow for way too long, but I guess your getting caught up, next time ask for another dossier another look-c.

OH that's right Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists, Fall Out Boy released an early song for their upcoming statement album

It's a secret vacation, foreign customs and you, type of statement...

I hear you, write a totally new song please that is not on your radar yet , that is not on your upcoming album yet, and tell me why are you the menace, because I wrote MessAnger and painted a picture.

Get a second look c and write another song for you statement album, let me know why it is that you are the Menace just because you wrote about it.  Why the Brittany Spears reference, a 2 For 2017.

I could press fast forward for you.  The little kid running from the two monster parents young and a menace I mean she is a runaway isn't she, I mean she is a run away in a club watching a rock band isn't she, you say she's not the menace but that your the menace because you wrote about it.  Speak upon it, what does Awino need to know about her secret vacation she had here in America what should she know about foreign customs and her, does she need to run from someone or does someone need to run from her... I don't take being set up as a campus shooter very lightly, I don't take the fact that my family was also simultaneously placed with a different notorious murderer very lightly, she was engaging so was David Wetzle, she was engaging in a secret and her team thought that I was the easy fall girl, do you think the Awino engaged shootem up "experiment*" so gun control can be forced is something she has just been transferred out of?  Does her newest secret foreign customs need to seek to try to kill someone twice, does Aaron Yabarra deserve adequate legal representation or just to sit in the crazy jail till his version of Elene Bratton gets him to say in court what she wants him to say in court because I know I'm not the Nikki Sixx.  Who is Awino setting up now who needs to run from her now.  The "Resistance" still want their paranoid induced gun control for their growth of their black markets... who needs to run from her now because I was running from her then the night that David Wetzle almost lost it and tried to beat me up on the street

*experiment so it can get cover & funding.

We’ve gone way too fast for way too long
And we were never supposed to make it half this far
And I lived so much life, lived so much life
I think that God is gonna have to kill me twice
Kill me twice like my name was Nikki Sixx
I woke up in my shoes again but somewhere you exist singing
Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about
Oh, I only wrote this down to make you press rewind
And send a message I was young and a menace

Woke up on the wrong side of reality
And there’s a madness that’s just coursing right through me
And as far as the time, far as the time
Not sure I’m there yet but I’m searching out the ride
Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about
Oh, I only wrote this down to make you press rewind
And send a message that I was young and a menace

If I am off the deep end
I’m just here to become the best yet
I’m just here for the psych assessment
I’m just here for the the...

And the assessment

Wait a minute, I’m the menace

We’ve gone way too fast for way too long""""


All Yellow


Blog #472

5/4/17   Abolitionist Squared

"Military & its Subcontractors:

An outrageous amount of Slavery and money laundering is engaged through the military.  From the Military’s use of technology, national defense contracts, international movement across borders, and culture of “do what your told” & “retaliation for whistleblowing”.  Human Traffickers exploit of America’s military platform for laundering and for Slave creation & sales is a national tragedy, even at ports our military go to Slavery is set up by Military Higher-up's for the enlisted men to use, and the higher-up's just tell the enlisted military men to use protection while in port.  Slavery funneled through military platforms are often times an Alternate Jurisdiction Seeking Cover for Slavery as to gain slave trade in a way that it can have the appearance of not being illegal.  Secret Subcontractor deals especially when subcontracted secretly for the military or any Dod or Defense entity have to be investigated automatically at different intervals of the effects the secret contracts have had on women. For instance, was a secret government contract used to build a housing complexes such as Escala in San Diego a reason in any form as to why women were victimized in there and in the corresponding apartment complexes after being lured to buy in the area, live in the area, or visit in the area; was the ratio of public sales and occupancy that was contracted to be fit in with the developments secretly contracted military housing ratios causing damages to the women of the public that were being allowed into the secretly contracted development; violations of the Tucker Act are masked and hidden by the subcontractor form of human trafficking that is engaged in by the military.  Deliberate and "accidental"  damages and violations of the Tucker Act are being unbrought in court because of military and subcontract abuse that is made with the intent to harm women all while a large group around the woman is already there to make her seem to be the blame taker for the ugly things that are done to her.  This form of human trafficking is human trafficking because it always involves rape, rape attempt, "study" of controlling Victims, and use of judges for protection of the secret contract.

****A total and complete overhaul of the Military culture’s prospective on women, children, “national security”, sex, rape, “prostitution”, and revenge is absolutely necessary, and it must be made from a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ANY FORM OF SLAVERY platform that teaches all the ways that Slavery is made so that military professionals cannot become incrementally indoctrinated into committing Slavery through their posts.  The Military also needs to engage in screening that keeps Human Trafficker Slave Traders from gaining entry into our American military components****"

This was just added to the abolitionist Squared Movement, so hope you all do your homework on the Little Tucker Act because the little Tucker Act tries to limit damages of this kind to $25,000 and its wording shows an intent to keep workers slaves, to keep subcontractors unaccounted.  Change this wording I am referring to and the contractors don't have protection from paying Victims there for the government does not have protection from paying victims for damages they make to Victims either.

Sean Spicer, please make sure President Trump donates just a little bit less than his entire quarterly pay... a quarter is too small, make sure he keeps at least $5 dollars total and he wins. they changed Every thing after Obama wouldn't put his hands on the bible at swear in.



Blog #471

5/2/17  Home Brewed Server .... What!

Ok Street Light People , Hillary Clinton blames Wiki Leaks and Russia and FBI Director James Comey for her losing her campaign.

"Clinton specifically cited the letter from Comey late in the campaign saying agents were looking into possible new information related to Clinton’s secret, homebrewed computer server. She was ultimately never charged with a crime, and Comey cleared Clinton on the Sunday before the election."

Streetlight People .... what is a Home Brewed Computer and who does it Serve, what is a home brewed computer server, what is a home brewed Computer server to FBI Directer James Comey since he is the fabulous one who wrote this "letter" that is giving us this new term for a ?... this is a new term for a what, what is it that they are trying to call a "server" ... it is a home made what?  What is Comey covering up for her.. she had a homemade "what" that is now being called a "server" ... what was it really and truly because it was not used as a "server" as would protect her, a "sever would be a legally protected thing .... but aren't Hillary and Comey doing such a good job making them selves out to be on opposite sides of this...  Comey is protecting her what, her homemade what.

Oh and by the way Streetlight People,  Hillary says she says she is going back to being an activist, a part of the resistance... probably part of the Lords Resistance Army.


Jessica of the Angels


Blog #470

4/23/17   Today's the day

you tried to repeat you tried to repeat treid to repeat treatthearmwith respectreturntherepeat repeattherepe, think of it as if you didn't know that the repeat was the removal of the ret. now you have th ecure for cancer you'd actualy have to keep theret in the arm not in the petri dish.

this is for the quriouse lab reterds, not for the plebs in science: didn't cancer grow less fastinthereturnofthe dre return the rey to the ret, as if you had to keep the dishstable, the arm is unstable. . yours truely, Jessica Seymour


Blog #469


Jesus won the coin game. 

Coin game people, I said don't test the Siel of God. 

Your printing & capta is not going to stay, your coins will loose their pull.

Mocking J



4/3/17   Hey President Trump I kinda like you as the president so I;m gonna tell you something...

The president has to accept pay.  Do not donate anymore of your pay.  You could be impeached.

The National Park service needs to give him back his check... Trump, your attorneys are not telling you about all things. .. it happens to the bet of us, I mean the best of us.  uhmm, maybe go check the archives in the K section. 

Honest mistake out of a person saying that he loves America enough to work for free, but you may not traffick your self. your time is not free. your not allowed to self slave. you can not indenture America.  you, the National Park service your not going to keep his check, they are a party to a crime if they do. You can not work for free, it burdens and makes one susceptible to outside influences.

Come on how could your staff even let you go there fire some yes men.

we were there.  made a face but you ignored it... Park Service attorneys need to politely return the check, right US Attorney's Office, I know you read my blog.

Thank you,



Blog #467                                                                      

4/2/17   T, this t

the reaturn of the r,  the rate in which you split the receptor to force what you were rying to findtook an r.  the receptor that you forced into existence took what you were after then did what you did not want to have happen. dont use the lung, you do not understand the recept.

you will try returnt. you will fail. you are only to use r. since your pleblimatic I will decide to tell uyou that ar is t. drf i thought you knew. so then r it HOWEVER, drf was not usedmeaning that r turned into gr. do not use the fit. use the r if you think r is it you read inacurat .  the problem that plebsin science haveisthatthey want the badthing.  try to imagine all the people living for today, imagine all the people imagine there is heaven. imagine thiere is peace and he thought you tried to tree thereutheruewhen did you decide to uyr.

then, the cure you want for hiv is in the arm and it is not is not not not not a speed processsssssss no speed processsssss. YOU MUS T SIMPLY COTERIZE ALON G THE RETOF THE VEIN IN TH ERECEPTER... AND YOU DIDNT EVEN KNOW RECEPTERS HAVE A VEIN. IT IS ELEMENOS LIKE IAS IN ELEMENOP, YOU KNOW THE BEGINNG LIKE HOW WE ALL LEARN THE ALPHA BET, so go back to the original thought had by the prof that found the rintheg.




RESPECT THE VEIN THAT YOU DONT' KNOW ABOUT .  OHYA AND SINCE YOU THOUGHT YOU KNW YOU ABC'S THE R LOOKS LIKE A t under the microscope on 50,000,000,000,000 mag, so dont cetrifuge use tat special magnigier you got , the one you use for the sky.... the one the israeli's use at the sky.

at 2 mag it looks like a winglikefluttering, make sure you are only using alive people so don't get stupid with experimenting ... no cadavers , no dogs, no animals , no use of the things you call primates.

respect peoples arms.

you can not use the cure for aids on hiv.





youcan not use the cure for aids on hiv the cure for hiv is tru. it is r under y/req this means r is yellow would yu rernaqno.qisre wen trying to cure hiv use the other vein in th re help it yellow useiriradiate. then under the re put your recepter troughthe y. this is the technique were it doesnot return but if th eperson contracts it agian the cure is done it is a one time cure.

your 'r causing a anemiea instantly, stop using magnifier when tapping the cell.

Jessica Seymour


Blog #466

3/28/17     the reightous tattribute... Father should I get rid of this t.

the plebeians of the science owl, I mean the science world have gone ahead and perferated a lung when I said that God wouldn't let it happen. hmmm thought you were to stupid to let it return.

you thought you could put it im in me return there then goto the realy and revert the froude . gottcha, you refused to read reaturn reaturn return thougt that you got the returnyourefusedtoreadthefrerew, and allealed the freot. return the T t return the reaturnre returntheg return the reunderthefre returnthere Fromunderthetree.

alreight science pleabiens, well talk more soon.

Jessica Seymour


Blog # 465

3/25/17 "why not do the righteous thing"

In real life and in fake life"

The statement "in real life and in fake life, is asked to the guy in this video by the "mtv investigator" guy of this mtv show.  there is a problem though, the guy being punked by the Rose Chiauzzi, better stated, the guy being "catfish'ed" by Rose CHiauzzi, yes this guy that this question was stated to said "yes" as the answer to this stated question that was positioned upon him.

Problem is that KariannePeniche is not the only black masked Victim. I want you to know that this mtv & catfish thing isn't the only sensationalizing of her video that isn't a drugged black masked video, is it Dr. Marcus Van is it, do you still have the mask Dr. Marcus?  Here is another video link of the sexualizing of this woman who was assaulted by Dr. Marcus Van and Dr. Marcus Van drugged me, so now I'm wondering why my sister has a black masked videocirculateing from when a music studio producer had drugged her years ago.... way before I was ever targeted as a crazy person with a gun.

Mindy Mc creedy,"Worth more dead" to this IHT trafficking ring that Dr. Marcus Van treat's women through.




Blog # 464

3/23/17   “What would have happened if somebody just farted” said the FBI Agent…

“FBI Agents posed as filmmakers”  is todays titled headline:

and spoke to Defendants undercover”.

This is indicative of the FBI’s overwhelming intentions to insult on camera and these guys know just how to phrase a question as to solicit the desired response they are looking for, so how is that admissible in court when it should at the very least be considered badgering a witness. … because with 12 men, one of them has gotta be a witness.    The men that showed up to support a cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy from having seizure of -already accustomed to free ranging- cattle, were demeaned, belittled, abusively mind invaded, and detracted by the people suing them, this is a form of human trafficking performed for cameras so that many could enjoy the abuse for years to come, oh and they have enjoyed the abuse… one of the Agents said to his target “what would have happened if “”somebody just farted””,  though the FBI as hired by the people suing these men that showed up to support Cliven Bundy, had no reason to be surreptitiously human trafficking them on video set to them as a movie production... I know I was never offered the option to agree or disagree to the video camera filming that these same types of FBItraffickers engaged in against me... does that makes a distinction between me and these 12 men in the opinion of the US Attorney's Office?

The fbi had no reason to be employed by the Bureau of Land Management… So then a legal team hired the fbi as private investigators, which is illegal and the US Attorney’s Office should be reprimanded for such a decision, and the fbi should apparently stop pretending not to be human trafficking film makers.  The US Attorney’s Office is guilty of soliciting human traffickers employed by the fbi to make insulting degrading films of people unless of course the fbi was making this film for other attorneys that the Bureau of Land Management hired?  The enjoyment that the filmmakers gained when editing footage to provide to the court was a received gratuitous payment and the targets suffering in court in front of a bunch of people was the human degrading of the target all made in exchange for money, was it money that the fbi was hired to make this film for…. Because it sounds personal unless of course the FBI was paid to make the film for defense of the Bureau of Land Management; the film was real hands on, real unconscionable, and real decisive in how to mentally engage the Victim.  These men Scott Drexler and Eric Parker are not paid like Gregory Buleson who would be the prostitute according to human trafficking laws as currently written (rather than a victim, since Burleson was an fbi paid informant starting in 2012, two years before the events that led to his indictment as one of Clive Bundy’s co-conspirators) An FBI witness testified on Cross examination Wednesday that defendant Gregory Burleson was a paid FBI informant starting in 2012.   …. "FBI Special Agent Michael Capato did not disclose the information Burleson Provided, but previous testimony had indicated that indicted Burleson was active in Arizona militia groups and that it is unclear from testimony when or if indicted Burleson stopped being an informant"… he could literally be on the stand as an informant ringleader. … an Informant Ring… an Informant Ring Of Human Traffickers,  this is governmental travvveling of Informant Trafficker’s , that makes it human trafficking yoused by the US Attorney’s Office just like what is going on in San Diego by the US Attorney’s, like what they did to “informant” Albert Machhour when they moved him to Las Vegas after he was found out to be harming me…. So why years later did the yuserofpeoples Office bring Albert Macchour back into San Diego to harm me further for Tartaro’s removal.   Oh and by the way it's so pathetic of the us Attorneys Office to pretend that they can't tell when a CIA Agent is being called an FBI Informant.

US Attorney’s office, I just want to know what would happen if somebody farted, and why you chose that for court use out of your human trafficking video maker’s you hired from the FBI, and what is the induction of stand your ground forced reaction… what is the real story here if your fbi human trafficking film makers, you employed for the defense of the bureau of land managements desire to sue & imprison 12 men that came to the aid of a cattle rancher with no engaged show of force, have to have a paid informant of the fbi’s go to be one of Cliven Bundy’s “co-conspirators” in what your calling a stand off with a land management bureau…. A “stand off” that didn’t even have any real problem but your using this staged FBI Paid Informant made “stand off” some reason to film those you accuse and name as defendants,  in a government trial against six men accused of conspiring to block Bureau OF Land Management agents from impounding cattle... is it six or is it twelve?.  One of the governments’ paid informants could not be a “co-conspirer” but only a ring leader, and he had to travel to ring that … you human trafficked Bundy through a paid witness on cross examination because you didn’t get the cattle payment you wanted.  Does that sound familiar to Ruby Ridge wanting neighbors or does it just sound familiar to the US Attorneys office that used Ruby Ridge to further protect US paid human trafficking in San Diego … interesting now a cattle wrangle leading to a Gore.  What I am saying is that this is a video trafficking of Gores intend, and that these filmmakers have worked for the Sheriffs Office in San Diego for the human trafficking Operation Shadowbox but for it’s pre-Operation that went by a different name.

you are human trafficking through ridiculous law enforcement perverts, but do they fart.

See US Attorney’s,  Human trafficking is not just for sexual enjoyment see there are far too many other pervertious enjoyments gained by traffickers and the patrons such as your selves US Attorneys.   

Cattle and the Gore…   cant’ trust it.  Guess Gore didn’t get to kill Bundy’s family like he got to in his Ruby Ridge murder’s , must be whey they informants are co-defendants of Bundy’s & of the 12 men, you know, so to make sure they pay with time in jail since the desired “stand off” murder’s couldn’t happen and no one shot a gun.

Just Listed: Michael Capato, Gregory Burleson.

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #463

3/21/17   Business v Office

So today Comey says that the FBI did not have orders to tap Trumps Office and that Trump was not tapped nor that orders to tap Trumps  Office were given

Uhmm, you’d have to demand specific words to get any truth though all know what your asking for, it’s like a bull shit FOIA, “Freedom of Information Act” request, where you get nothing from the feds as if they don’t know what your asking for, so, if Trump wants to have subpoenas forcibly processed he would have to demand to have the Trump business taps requested.

Jessica Seymour


Blog #462

3/17/17   Marines United right Kenneth Krause....

Byron J Boyd is a member of the marine scandal facebook human trafficking club Marines United so don't tell me that a caltran is not a legal Oneness.

Revenger is also a huma trafficking member of club Marines United.... so it is interesting that Revenger's freind in the club goes by the huma name.

Help the Angels',




*Revenge Porn:  An Immunitied Human Trafficker invented way of calling premeditated human trafficking of stalked women a "pornographically engaged" crime rather than a Human Trafficking Caltran, because to law enforcement pornographers have rights.  One embargo does not have rights, but many embargoes have rights together according to themselves... A Caltran is not an embargo. More than one Caltran can not exist legally. 

Caltran is wrongfully integrated

Revenger Porn is human trafficking conducted in premeditation of cover from arrest. Revenger Porn is Highly organized and even Congress supports it.


Blog #  461.2

3/11/17 Underthe gun Big5…

Just listed: Brandon Webb, Eric Greitens, Ryan Zinke, Byron J Boyd , Facebook.

So in honor of Brandon Webb’s big old introduction to a “rebooted marine Scandal” uploaded to his site as a alert to his friends, lets remind him that he got an entire Seal Team killed, go for it parents, oh and lets remind him that his very own, you pussy since that is a word you use every day, got ya caught, oh and may I also remind you that this is all so very “alleged” since that is the word you always use when answering about opentree, yes of course so he and his friends in human trafficking were just Listed, so ya can see this small hey everyone lets all get on the same page for questioning type of news story addition to his SOFREP webpage at this link because isn't your friend Byron Boyd one of the 30,000 members of this human trafficking slave trade of peoples girlfriends extortion & "investigation" ring of Revenge Traffickers,  BECAUSE AT LEAST 30 LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE EMPLOYED AS INVESTIGATORS AT THEIR JOB ARE SECRETLY AND PRIVATELY (AS IN NOT INVESTIGATING THIS MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK SITE BUT SUPPORTING IT) MEMBERS OF THIS SITE AND ABOUT 15,000 OF THIS THINGS MEMBERS ARE LAW ENFORCEMENT EMPLOYED:

Marines United 2: A scandal rebooted

By Jack Murphy 03.09.2017#Military News Email Share Tweet

This week the Marine Corps has been rocked by a scandal involving Marines United, a private Facebook group in which some thirty thousand members (many active and former Marines) shared revenge porn of ex-girlfriends.  In some cases, members threatened to rape fellow service members and in at least one instance a female Marine was stalked.  Bounties were also offered for nude pictures of specific service women.  Members of the group have told this author several cover stories ranging from, “this group doesn’t exist” to claims that the group was just about preventing soldier suicides.  The journalists who investigated the group have had members threaten them and their families.

The scandal has prompted the Marine Corps to launch an investigation and NCIS and the FBI were as of last reporting unsure if they were going to press for felony charges or not.  Some of the behavior in the Marines United group most likely violated federal and state laws.  The Marines United group was shut down due to the investigation.  Much of it certainly violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice that active duty Marines are subject to.  In Washington, lawmakers are calling on Secretary of Defense (and former Marine) Mattis to kick those who participated in the illegal and unethical behavior out of the Marines.

Ohk, so let me see here, according to Jack Murphy’s account NCIS and the FBI seem to think that “revenge porn” is not human trafficking and so just want maybe to have lawmakers reach out to the Secretary of Defense to have the Secretary of Defense “kick out of the marines, the unethically behaved marine” evenge porn makers caught using this private facebook account with 30 thousand marines that are spewing revenge porn as if facebook is not in on it….   Guess what, Revenge Porn is human trafficking at it’s most youtubed.

So, so, Brandon Webb, you run this story on your SOFREP site but you won’t repeat something now all of a sudden like hey Ryan Zinke what were yourthinking to hack a SOFREP account with the ream, or like hey oh my friend mister congressman what about calling a spade a spade and use theterm human trafficking since it is so hard to prosecute ….. hmmm you pick strange things not to repeat…. You got Tillman killed didn’t you., oh comone what your supposed to have repeated you chose not to, you got Tillman killed, under the gun big6.5 also known as 5


Jessica, and don’t forget, SOFREP repeats everything even when your not using it, rememberyour theone thathaditdesignedthatway, that means that you have no defense


Blog #461

3/10/17  memoria: a formal note embodying the written record of a diplomatic discussion

Hey Jesus…

Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend
As I’ve known you to be

Take your time, hurry up
The choice is yours, don't be late
Take a rest as a friend
As an old

Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria

Come doused in love, soaked in light
As I want you to be
As a trend, as a friend
As an old

Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria

And I swear that I don't have a gun
No I don't have a gun

Jesus… this time I will make sure no one hurts you!  Your welcome here again Jesus! Just thought you should know…

Pray for Jesus, pray for him to have u live!  Pray for other things that are on your heart for Jesus to receive… have you ever prayed for Jesus yet?  Have you ever prayed for God yet… pray for God to live!

Who do prayers go to? 

Love ya,



Blog # 460

2/23/2017   Two things, the Weather and the Time

Hi people, two things, the weather and the time,

Here is a link to some unheard of Cali weather, it has been raining in LA so much that the flooding is somewhat of a weather phenomenon. So in this corresponding blog post, I am giving you a link to an video article about this weather

I also found a video article about some new planets in a new galaxy and a “20 year” old star, or at least it was only “found 20 years ago” by our nasa types.

I’m bringing this to you because about a year ago I told you that we are in the time of the Woman who is dressed in the son and who carries the moon at her feet… a Revelation reference.  It is likely that this woman was carrying the son and was dressed in the moon… So upon these planets that have arrived, What I want to say now is that we are in the Time of the reign, so wouldn’t it be interesting if this woman called back in these 7 planets that just appeared at this 20 year old star before all planets appear, and would we be getting pictures of such a call back if it happens?

Now that we are in the Time of the reign, try to stop thinking about rudethings.                                     

 Tyndale New Testament:

1The revelation of Iesus Christe, which God gave unto him, for to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass. And he sent and shewed by his angel unto his servant Ihon, 2which bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Iesus Christ, and of all things that he saw. 3Happy is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of the prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein. For the time is at hand. 4Ihon to the vij. congregations in Asia. Grace be with you and peace, from him which is and which was, and which is to come: and from the vij. spirits which are present before his throne, 5and from Iesus Christ which is a faithful witness, and first begotten of the dead: and Lord over the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 6and made us kings and priests unto God his father, be glory, and dominion for evermore amen. 7Behold he cometh with clouds, and all eyes shall see him: and they also which pierced him. And all kindreds of the earth shall wail. Even so amen. 8I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord almighty, which is and which was and which is to come. 9Ihon your brother and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience which is in Iesu Christ, was in the isle of Pathmos for the word of God, and for the witnessing of Iesu Christ. 10I was in the spirit on a son day, and heard behind me, a great voice, as it had been of a trompe 11saying: I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. That thou seest write in a book, and send it unto the congregations which are in Asia, unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thiatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicia. 12And I turned back to see the voice that spake to me. And when I was turned: I saw vij. golden candlesticks. 13and in the midst of the candlesticks, one like unto the son of man clothed with a linen garment down to the ground, and gird about the paps with a golden girdle. 14His head, and his hairs were white, as white wool, and as snow: and his eyes were as a flame of fire: 15and his feet like unto brass, as though they brent in a furnace: and his voice as the sound of many waters. 16And he had in his right hand vij. stars. And out of his mouth went a two edged sword. And his face shone even as the sun in his strength. 17And when I saw him, I fell at his feet, even as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me: fear not. I am the first and the last, 18and am alive, and was dead. And behold I am alive for evermore, and have the keys of hell and of death. 19Write therefore the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be fulfilled hereafter: 20and the mystery of the vij. stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the vij. golden candlesticks. The vij. stars are the angels of the vij. congregations: And the vij. candlesticks which thou sawest are the vij. congregations.

Isn’t the snow beautiful,



Blog #459

2/22/17   I have a good claim against you ... or you want my property..... or I have some kids you like.....or I'm hot and you can't get me so you do this:

Selling the victims is aided by watching them in a larger than life and secret way. Surreptitiously selling a successful and clean women that Traffickers can verify medical records of through their investigation tactics, and then driving the price up with hidden video viewing parties the patrons have & place bets on while at work, as if they are investigating, and it is a degradation tactic that leaves the women targets very much stalked in obsessive ways by very well supported & facilitated traffickers & patrons.  These tactics drives the price up because the patrons are paying to have arranged in person access to the victim where they intend to harm the victims while law enforcement makes sure that they don't get in trouble for the harm these patrons intend to cause.  The patrons are paying to know where the unsuspecting woman is going to be, what to say to her, and how to cover up the crime an dare paying to have the cover up artist cop make sure to intimidate, upset,  or even false imprison the victim often time with the use of "psychiatric facility" placement of the victims as if she "doesn't make sense".   Often times the woman is abused by some one else right before or days before the patrons premeditates with the law enforcement's selling of the victim's whereabouts and other data to the patron who intends to do the harm with paying Immunity holding traffickers for a guarantee to not get caught... paying Immunity Holding Traffickers that are posing as being in some serious investigation.

Immunitied Human Trafficker's use of concocted investigations, and commandeering of legitimate investigations is performed to infiltrate a woman's life as to have and easy and invisible leash around her neck controlling ALL, EACH and EVERY aspect of the targeted woman's life, right down to the police that get dispatched if she reports finding cameras hidden in her home, or if she tries to report any of the systematic date rape tactics that are used to human traffic a woman without her knowing.

The derived perverse misogynistic pleasure out of their idea of "knocking a woman down a few notches" is one of the reasons these Immunitied Traffickers are drawn to targeting and vulnerable-izing young adults that were prior child stars or models; patrons will pay a very large fee and make very large bets to see a star or model made exploited sexually, mentally exploited, and knocked down off her star pedestal.

This type of “Pedestal Victim” + “investigation” equation is very relevant to every day women being targeted by this ring of IHT’s that mis-use investigation powers, and concoct investigations as to secretly control & sell a victim through.

It's not just in San Diego, but Gore is one of the bests at it... I mean getting all the IHT fed's a cover with a state ran investigation.. what a great idea, you such a shadowbox operator... you even have wikipedia blaming it on the "El Cajon police"  through their affiliation with Gary Rapp or as you spin it "the DEA".... what wikipedia doesn't tell you is that the tiny bit you seized & tiny bit of arrests somehow took you all 10 years plus that additional 2 years where you called your faux investigation something else; you all committed more crime in that time with your operation then you all caught by this "mafia"... you all just needed some middle eastern looking thing so to bring in the oh so special patriot act invasions for your selling of women... you all had no right to put cameras in my home then try to destroy my reputation so to cover up your crimes.   You had no right to concoct a “national defense” issue to rung your crime through so that you could use your oh so special patriot act invasions for your selling of women.... You all had no right to hide cameras in my home or in any other person's home just because you conspired in-advance to fall back on the patriot act if you got caught... you had no right to then debase me, have my good claims destroyed by your inchoot judges & authority offices, you had no right to have my reputation destroyed calling me any sort of whore in home self videoer, you had no right to have me falsely imprisoned & drugged to cover up your crimes, you had no right to stalk me pay men to harass me sexually abuse me nor do you have the right to keep selling your designed videos of me you secretly made,  you've had no right to repeatedly invade my home to have me assaulted & abducted into your false imprisonments, you had no right to have me and my mother forced unknowingly into living with 2 different notorious childhood murderers James Shelton & Charlotte Awino, you have no right to have then converted my home with your team of incohoots hoa/bank/judge/court agents & mortgage/banker/realtor agents, and you've had no right to have all my property stolen in clever ways that you think you can defend while you keep me unable to get claims in court by calling me "vexed"... your vexed by the fact that it is youtime. youtimeisnow... Investigation Method of Human Trafficking is going to name you.




Blog #458

2/20/17  Copy Written…. As prior stated.

Hey there Anti Stalkers… you have done a great thing, you keep me safe and I now got the info that 3 people have been trying to start a story deal about my story but they are trying to use a character of a woman from a different one of the campus shootings rather than use the reality that it is my story, yea they are trying to get around the copy write that was already made regarding my books, blogs, and names.  My story is not gonna be highjacked.

Not gonna happen, you can’t steal my story, not legally not illegally, so stop…  you robbery specialists want my story but you don't wana use my name.

My story is copy written you can’t steal it with the intent for some pay out after the fact.  Cease & Desist.




Blog #457

2/18/17   Transcript of the 2017 Video Blog Address

Hi Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionist's!  Here is the trasncript of the Video Blog Address that was just posted!

Hi Anti Stalker Nation, I am Jessica Seymour the Founder of the Victims of Immunity Foundation.

Your time is so valuable to me and I am glad to know your doing so good!  I wanted to reach out to you in a 2017 video blog to commemorate the past 6 years of the Victims of Immunity Foundation but first I want to say Happy Birthday to my Mother and Brothers, and I want to say happy 5th Anniversary to the Anti Stalker Nation… MLK day came and went without me saying thank you to ya or even wishing ya a happy anniversary so I’ll say it now!  Happy Anniversary Anti Stalker Nation!

You have been so hard working over the past 6 years that I have so many topics I could speak on for this Video Blog post, but I am going to keep it narrowed to the most requested feedback that I get

First I get asked about my references to “U time”. Utime means god decides the time of your temperature. Utime arrives, your not gonna be in the warmth. U time is over, you are gonna be in the short.  It means that your not gonna get away with your crime you been planning.  “Umi” is also a very requested esoterical item of clarification, and all I can say is that it could be you and me, or it could be u m I,  or it should be you me rather, than me you. But I think the Coldplay video summed it up in the way that sometimes you just gotta go ape shit about things and bang your guitar around.   turn your magic on Umi she’d say”””””  every thing you want’s just a dream away… I feal my heart beating, I feal me heart beneath my skin… Im alive again””””” ALIVE AGAIN”””””.

You’ve also wanted to know about Rocky and how he is doing, he is excellent!  He will likely want to say hi again soon so keep checking in and he might make another Video Blog Appearance soon!

Next up is my blogs quoting of song lyrics… You all have wanted to know about how the quoting of song lyrics has been working out for me.  I can tell you that music is the most important form of communication and that I have achieved infamy.  One of the most memorable repeats of the use of music quotes has been made by BadBehavior Broxerman which is a spin on words because SDPD Officer Broxterman runs a company where he teaches IHT’s how to call their victims mentally insane and he calls this company “Badge Behavior”.   Broxterman basicly trains human traffickers how to use their immunity giving job to further harm against Victims of human trafficking… he really reminds me of how a specific judge Koss not only judges and assigns needless bail upon a person he keeps in his own jail cell, but also this judge Koss owns the behavioral health facility that so many of his jailed are forced by the court to use. So I call him BadBehavior Broxterman since he is so guilty. When Broxterman had the Ariel Burton and her RichardPeter rent a room from me as a cover for their home invasion and false imprisoning scam they made with my neighbors, I was forced to hang out with Broxterman all alone in a room that had no cameras in it, however there is footage out there of Broxterman double quoting a fallout boy song lyric to me in this room so basically Broxterman was using his hidden camera he wears to record himself saying to me when I was abusively left alone with him the words “We’ve been her forever” and that’s when I knew I had a massive impression withmy style of abolitionism. See he was being intimidating about how he is satanical and how his and Ariel Burton’s way of harm has been here for so long and he wanted me to know that he is influential with “intimidating the crow” as his types would put it, he may have simply said it on his hidden camera to be showing that he was in control, however I know he had to have some outside assistance with his plan to have me in that room that day seeing as how the movie his satanic cult had on in that facility at that time was the “Act of Valor” Chief Otto Miller movie, the movie that throws forward to the Otto Miller Hall SPU Campus shooting event scandal that had me whisked off to the SPU campus through the funds of that murderer guy James Shelton… yep James Shelton’s money was used to get me out of San Diego and into Washington.  Broxterman  quoted Fall Out Boy to me and I about laughed at him cause in the car on the way over to the place Broxterman took me to he had my website pulled up on his in unit computer screen and he had not been on the page of the blog that had been relating a Fall Out Boy reference so he had been reading my blog for a while to have been using it in his abduction scam of his he made against me, guess I conditioned him after all, got him to reveal himself and even got him to incriminate himself on his hidden camera footage that he makes a lot of money off of pondering in the market,  u need to repeal your triangle.

Which leads me to the coin series of videos that have been released on the blog.  People are wanting to know what it’s about. Broxterman knows, go ask him.  Maybe he has something to say.

If you haven’t visited the website lately let me update ya!  The Victims Of Immunity Foundation is now offering doughnuts as a fundraising donation option!  I know where the good ones are so don’t miss out!

You know how to reach me with your gathering of data pertaining to what has been done to you, so send me more info if your waiting for your story to hit the Stalker Blog and don’t give up on your safety!

Anti Stalkers and Abolitionist’s, you are loved!""""

Thank you,

The word


Blog #456

2/17/17   urintheopen

uthug wereinthefree nowurintheopen take cover

return my stones. 



Blog #455

2/11/17   So They Say

In Street Crimes Officer Surface has a tattoo, it is of a woman in jail clothes who is being eaten by a shark and the words of the tattoo say "Feed Me"... this is a guy that is feeding jails for judges that own the jails... sure some of the judges get clever and serve on the board or have the jail put into their children's ownership but the problem is that they are still the judges that rule on how long and on who stay in the jails & Officer Surface is feeding specific women to Judge Koss and when other Officers feed up other women to Judge Koss you often times end up with Patricia Van Rollins as your Public Defender and if you question her she tells you that Judge Koss does not own the jail, so then you ask oh well its his children that own the jail he is sending people to and even forcing a bail onto for no legitimate reason.  This jail is one of about 4 jails along the 5 Freeway corridor that are privately owned and that are being deliberately fed by the Street Crimes Officers for a human trafficking undertaking.  A girl has gone missing she is Stephanie and has a baby son, and Officer Travino has a "Don't ask about it " policy when people ask Connor Smith if he knows where Stefanie has disappeared to.   Officer Travino has the girl in the boats off the waters, such a great way to traffic a girl... where is her son? The waters are service that drugged up and abducted girls are being taken to by this ring of judges that own jails and it is done through the police, sheriffs, highway patrols & Public Defenders that have gotten their claws in on these people, these traffficked people who are "hard to get" women or easy to defame women ... you know those who do drugs or speak up, hey Street Crimes your Officer Surface & his Travino need that arrest you keep failing to deliberately make against them, you know, the one where you clear their name... how bout a real arrest of them that actually gets made with out their awaiting of it. You pigs.  how dare Patricia Van Rolling say that Judge Koss doesn't own the jail were she puts people into the forced guilty forms. E

Oh ya, guess that Officer Surface has asked one to many girls to give him "sex to let you go" during stalker arrests that really cant even be called an arrest since it is just human trafficking, you know that slavery law type of thing that never gets enforced in America...

Oh and they say that Officer Surface likes to go to Oregon from his post in Washington just to plant dope on off duty cops. Hmm. Oh and Serface even had a girls mother raided just because he knew that the teenagerish girl had been sleeping in her bed naked Peeping Toms who are ya?

Serface loved to raid that room didn't he. Hows that girl doing now.  Rat Poison & battery acid huh you planning that one aren't ya, uei. uei isthritw

Hey Sergeant DJ did you enjoy hurting the girl that you did that same scam too... hey where is that pushers peeping tom cell phone today hurry run pusher. youthepusherhavanundertakingjusttohavetheyeler.

hey Connor, daddy can't save you from every thing so don't try to kill that girl today that you are planning to have "hot shot" given to.... you know, when you have the battery acid put into the syringe of the meth you know is gonna be handed over to the "rat" or to the person who didn"""t pay your daddy off or just didn't pay off your ring of thugs. you guys  like it when people start walking around all retarded after their handed a "hot Shot", Connor is the chemist isn't he you got the right mix 

DJ you the Sergeant ya, whats your tattoo?  Is it battery acid and rat poison added into a syringe of meth that gets handed over to a person who acts like a hot shot and so the mix is called a "hot Shot" of meth. go go run hide.


tryulater. no. not gonna.


Blog #454

1/27/17   Just Listed in 2017

Hi Anti Stalker Nation!  Know your doing excellent!  Know that your so good, but did you know that AwesomeNess doesn't show up so easy in the online dictionary search I did.... But that Awesome was defined as:

causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fearcausing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear.  

And since Ness is easily defined as:

Forming nouns chiefly from adjectives

Guess that means that I am AWESOMENESS because I have my own dictionary of nouns that are chiefly formed from adjectives.

Accordingly I am announcing the first to be Listed in 2017 as San Diego Police Officers: Officer Marino 7501. Officer Fircus 7248. Officer Ferbershaw 8861.

These guys give you these numbers I posted by their names as their badge numbers and Ferbershaw is the youtuberingleader.

If you found his youtube account you would seetheputerpick that he is having put up online as an "awesomeness" image and it is a picture of my but. I kinda wanted to cut him off from his extrapolary stalking & trafficking  of me on line that he is making years after stalking me with some strip club owner on behalf of the SDPD that was going on against me in Point Loma in 2015.  I know why he is using a picture of my but, but  I just want to know why and how he has a picture of my bare but?  

Keep it real "kitt in" as Ferbershaw says,

Jessa Baby.


blog #453

1/18/17  you nine imri

'trigger means 3 you mi is 3justlikeiystob,ustfn------- it means Seal Team 4 is underthe gum umi3

but since you are me it is actually Seal Team 1not3. 

U r me


yoruisy urhi gumiscrause


______________________ _____________________

Blog #452

1/17/17   Regarding all the Youtube things on my backfeed:  There is a reason that beauty is being reviewed, the reason for the drugging and putting on stage of artists, its about taking bets about the day you’ll be found dead.  It’s about calling ya crazy… MC, Get a different doctor and dump the boyfriend….

Mariah Carey, you wrote:

Sweet destiny
Carried me through desperation
To the one that was waiting for me

Prayed through the nights

So I believed

had a vision of love, had a vision of love
And it was all that you've given me

I've realized a dream
And I visualized
The love that came to be

Feel so……."

Mariah, you need to dump the guy your dating, he’s in on it, you know, the getting you on stage under a prescribed narcotic for an “issue”… they did it to Britney, MC go LIVE without the back up track, yes you are that good!

… o ya, and get a new manager too.

If you can do this, The Father’s got someone for you, remember:

Still I believed, And now I know I've Succeeded, so Thankful that I've received the answer."""

Hugs and Kisses,

Jessica of The Angels

oh, and by the way, kenith krause & his sad little team of pervs, your obsession with me is gonna get'cha.


BLog # 451

1/17/17   Trigger

SOFREP will take anything you say and have someone else repeat it for you

"HT2 ****** was the conduit between the Platoon drug culture and the Boat guys. ******" 

“SEAL Eric Greitens, who was a member of SEAL Team 5, led a Joint Spec Ops group called "Marc V"”… “which was tasked with eliminating key” ...

“Ryan Zinke, a retired SEAL and current member of Congress”, 

“Ryan Zinke, a retired SEAL and current member of Congress, encountered similar attacks, as has former Navy SEAL and SOFREP founder Brandon Webb”… deal with ryan to continue to sell out special ops.

“special warfare combatant crewmen”  … a special crewman one of two.

Hmm. These are the undercutters, the ones that will continue to sell out Seal Teams each time a special op is disclosed. Get rid of SofREP, and ya, you want ta know who sold out the team the one team who’s parents are still waiting for answers, ya its these guys, Eric Greitens, Ryan Zinke, and One of Two, google the quotes above, find the article and you’ll know who One of two crewman is, save your selves, get rid of SoFrep.




Blog Advocate

the path your looking for is the increased solubal transparent.

Blog # 450

1/14/17    youtime

A critic told me that it is impossible for a bubble of air injected into your muscle to then get pushed into you circulatory system by the recuperating muscle.

Had to introduce the idea that there should not be any air injected into the muscle.

The body goes through a great time of not allowing bubbles of air into the body… it does this whole skin thing & this whole self contained breathing thing when it’s ready for air in its longs, then a woman’s water breaks.

Now I introduce the difference between gas and air.

Gas in a body is regulated. The body does this entire compression thing even the muscles. When air is introduced into the body rather than the breathing process you end up with a change in a receptor that is always unrecepted, as in, there are receptors in our body that are not receptive. They are to stay that way or we die.  As air is forced through the body from the muscle due to a introduction of air into the muscle which is a human made thing, the body decides how to process air in a muscle, at this point you end up with a grab.  The grab is to decide if there is enough gas to proceed, if yes the gas takes the air into transformation through the system when a non receptive receptor then grows due to the change in the gas.  This is the grab, it grabs the gas like air and pushes it into the only system that makes any sense to put it into which is the cardiovascular system, this system then re-releases it into the circulatory system, and when this transpires the old receptors that are now in jeopardy act like they used to and push the gaseous produce into the artery system at which point a denial is induced by this system and a default reaction is to reciprocate then the now less gaseous product is released into the vein system through what is called the syncropatic response. Syncropatic response is usually only found in nucleus division like in nuclear explosions.

The vein system is forced by a tiny little explode into taking this product that is now looking like a transparent thought to the resonating vascular system which responds with the receptor that it has in the lung… the cure to aids lies in this response as well, however if reversed inproportionately the airborn version of aids will be throughout.  But God’s just not gonna let that happen.  Basically the body has one respected response to air and after the syncropatic response changes the prior gaseous air into a received note (due to the prior unreceptive receptor getting turned into a responsive receptor)  the thing left behind is a murmur.  This murmur echo’s and is eventually pushed to the engine of the body. The engine explodes.  Try it on a being that is not from our planet and you end up with a potato… just had to lighten the mood.

As in, they experiment on this type of thing on potatoes all the time, they being the entity that knows which three gasses can get air to do this type of thing with in bodies.  Risperdal is one of the gases that can do this but you have to use the liquid version and you have to have a nurse that is in on putting the amount of air necessary into the injected Victim.  The other two gases that do this are called inerted viscouse retert which is only produced by injection of animal protein into our system through an injected drug known as heroin (aka resperdal) . This is special heroin though the kind that comes from a gas induced biotin used in methodol, but liquid methodol is very expensive, so only a few organized murderers use it, and you get quite the reaction from the Victim prior to the explode of the engine for that type of trick… this engine is the brain rather then the heart. It’s like a truth serum.

Finally, the only other thing that does this is the product known as youtime. Youtime is the derivative of youtrivitibinil and ruhiptinal in other words, youtime.

Utrivibitinal which is derived from a cellulose found in liquid plasm derived from decaying plasma found in the same places that our plasma televisions are derived from, is then combined with what is called earth horse meaning that this plasma is combined with ruhipnol, ruhipnol mixed with utrivibital is called methadone.  In order for this type of murder to be productive, the “patient” needs to have been introduced to methadone earlier in life.  Often times a secondary cut or abrasion is necessary as to get the oxygen function to air to be engaged… sound interesting Biter, how much were you paid Ariel Burton to invade my home to tear into my flesh, how much did you profit Biter when you bit me with your computer camera going as you provoked any contact you could get, when you didn’t get any, you attacked like a wondering whore. But it’s the company you keep.

Good thing I was never on methadone, but that wasn’t the prior induction they were looking for.

Jessica Seymour


Blog 449

1/8/17  Siel Of God

Sieal Of God

you think that you an take can save by coverup. take got caught while you do the nother. New Count by investigator shows 140 is good, you just got cot.. maybe you get cuffed to your cot and druged against your will, maybe marylou becason puts air in the syringe so that you can die about a year later after your muscle pushes the air out of it into your system.... like what she's been doing. Surprise, I'm alive. you have met your matchunderes marilou do you wonder where your air buble ended up, yet

Get down and pray marylou becaus many know what you've got in exchange, you murderess, thieve. 

God can put your bubble where he wants it to be, surprixe I'm alive wonder where he has put your bubble maybe you'll find It. 

you the guilt


Blog #448

1/7/17   Wearing a mask gets old, even if you are falling from a bull.

Just like ballet slippers only kick out so many psychos...  So tell me you me or yumi or umi. Is it you and me or knot. Get it going.

Had my doubt but I let them out, you were the drought and I was holy water, and know we are without.”””

Like you know u know how much better off I AM, And I confessed to you riding shotgun under the purple sky’s, that I love you because I cant remember just how to forget ... because you were the song.  If you ever asked mi if you could be the song again youd hear YEShn

Everybody remembers the shot gun scam… even the Big 5 employee, even the judge, even tartaro, even bob Seymour, even the guy that placed a receipt in bob Seymour’s second bedroom.... even the FBI Agent that phoned with Carey Anderson. 


Jessa hugs & smootches… oh ya happy New Year to the Anti Stalker Nation!


Blog #447

12/5/16  Obituary of Charles Craig Seymour  

Charles Craig Seymour died a warrior.  He was murdered by a man that put resin in his drink, he was murdered at around the Tustin Orange County of California.

Born to Robert T. Seymour and Carol Seymour, Charles Craig Seymour went by the name Chuck, Charles, and Chucky.  He was the kind of Uncle that would sit up with you all night around a fire pit shooting the shit, and he would take the oil pigments and canvas you brought him and paint you a masterpiece.  Charles could do anything with his hands, he could beat the tar out of 5 to 10 guys at a time, and he could be remembered for knowing too much. 

Some might say that he wasn’t that great of a Father, but that he deserved an obituary anyhow since he was born here. 

He is survived by 5 children, Jennifer Seymour, Jessica Seymour, Brandon Seymour, Charles James Seymour, and Steven Seymour.

His mother and father never ran an obituary, said they didn’t want their friends to know. His oldest daughter hides his ashes and has not yet let anyone approach for funeral services.

Charles Craig Seymour died a warrior. He was murdered by a man who had tried to force him at gun point to do a sex act, Charles Seymour took the man down from the position of power that the gun afforded to this indescent retard, then warned everyone at the Bar where Charles was lured out from by this regular of that bar; this bar is the bar located next to a Stater Bro. Grocery Store, by Tustin Liqueur Store, and it is called The Fling. 

Charles Craig Seymour was murdered by a crime associate of the man who had held Charles at gun point trying to force a sex act.  These two criminals conspired to murder Charles Seymour as revenge for his alerting the others at the Bar about how the regular had held him at gun point demanding a sex act that caused Charles to beat the perpetrator and disarm him, Charles Seymour took the gun and threw it during the fight, then returned to The Fling bar to warn others about this scam of luring a man out to the grass area to then pull a gun on him to demand sex acts… also known as human trafficking.

These two criminals conspired to murder Charles Craig Seymour about  4 months after the altercation, by way of having Charles Craig Seymour lured to take a drink that had first had nail salon resin poured into the can of beer that was offered to Charles Seymour.   The can of beer was purchased at the Tustin Liquor Store that is located next to The Fling bar; both are about 4 blocks from the California Highway Patrol Office.  

These two men were not known to Charles Seymour as friends or affiliated to each other and the resin, that was slipped into Charles’ drink outside of the Tustin Liquor store, was resin sourced from the nail salon across the street called AJ Nail.  These murderers used resin they gained from AJ Nail Salon to murder with, and to make drugs with; these murderers run a heroin crime ring, and have murdered this way many times, and have been let to murder this way even after an FBI crime report was delivered to the FBI Field Office reporting these murderers of Charles Seymour; the FBI’s response has been to rather hire Charles Seymour’s niece, Ashley Seymour, ignoring the murder report and ignoring the murderous heroin ring.  Though a female employee of The Fling bar knows and has agreed to assist in this type of drugging of The Fling patrons, she has never been questioned by the FBI. 

Charles Craig Seymour was born in Texas on around a military base, where Robert “Bob” Seymour allowed his son Charles Seymour to be probed by the ever young youth program known as the EBT Program; the military wouldn’t exactly call it service to the country but for each time they get caught or need more secret funding.

Charles Craig Seymour provided food, safety, housing, hugs, and interesting moments, he was an ok father and was trained on how to be a less than stellar husband, however, most EBT Program survivors aren’t stellar husbands.

Charles Craig Seymour will be remembered as ornery, but to those who inherited his best, he could be remembered as gold.   


Blog #446

12/4/16  Fake US Embassy… how many days could that last????

So, CNN is saying that a fake US Embassy issued unknown amounts of Visa’s; passports, but that 150 passports were in the office when it was busted, but that this office was open for OVER A DECADE.


Ghana, hmm. 

Only the CIA could protect such a thing, especially when a fake Dutch Embassy was also found in this same area, I say this especially because the passports were authentic so for over 10 years these places were getting actual passport books… Reminds me of David the Israeli Ambassador’s stack of actual parking passes he had unlimited access to for his Canada license plate cars that would take Victims like Anastasia around for image changing haircuts after she met up with me, knowing that I sent a crime report to the FBI about how David of Canada the past Israeli Ambassador turned Hollywood movie producer, investor/renter in Escala, owner of a sushi spot restaurant located on the SDSU campus, had thought to comment to me about how he traffics Anastasia to America, and I also reported what Anastasia had said to me when David was resting....  The rest of us only got two parking passes and some of us got towed even though our passes were proper, just so we could be towed to a yard that was being used to invade our cars and put tracking devices on them, but what ever… It’s Bill Gores Escala so who cares what happens, right thug SDPD, just do what ever you want there along with DHS’s Rudy Camacho… Maybe I’ll open a fake Embassy and hand out real passports & sell them to traffickers like yourselves, it’s better than having to steal Jessica Seymour’s passport right Seattle Pacific University?  SPU will you donate the flag I need for my fake embassy?

How far is Ghana from Qatar?  All I know is that you gotta go through Egypt unless you wanna get your back wet.

You thought that I was found but I was go. You can bow bow bow and pretend, that you don’t don’t know that you’re a legend, oh but time time time has not told anyone else yet’’’’’’’’ . Right Jesus.

I got a supernatural relationship with Jesus. But He’s got a supernatural relationship with Geme, got that Umi.




Blog #445

11/27/16   Umi I know your name

Good job in Qatar yesterday, too bad ya took him to the wrong base, if you want to make sure they don’t let him go in the morning then get qtar hero to q in Awino.




Blog #444

11/25/16    UUu going down where you were

Hi Anti Stalker Nation, hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Assad Whadat…. Stop targeting my sister.  It is not my sisters fault that your Victim Amanda Constable stalked me to gain a tenancy in my home after your frienemy told her to do so.  My sister is NOT 4 U.

Oh and by the way Assad, your friend was using Amanda in a room rent money conversion scam before she was posted up to approach me... He had her in an apartment without enough money to pay for electricity, with out transportation, and with the guys at the store across the street trying to force her into sex for money after she went in to that grocery store to apply for a job. It is your jewellery store owner friend and he is the married one that was extorting Amanda through a realtor that was assigned to manage the condo apartment like unit your cheating on his wife phycho frienemy shacked her up in.  My sister is Not For You, and she doesn't sleep with married men, she doesn't do any of the stuff you conned Amanda into, guess what, if you continue to have your ring of weirdo's continue to book appointments with my sister while making sure no actual clients get through to her, your going to be outing your FBI contacts that your playing titely with... you know, your human trafficking FBI friends, you know, you know the ones that contact my uncle Cary Anderson. My Sister is NOT FOR YOU.

Here is another titely related to Escala,


I was not keeping up with the boys next door.  Apparently someone was.  When u were young you had a different name, and you changed it.  When you were young you touched a child, however you were almost not under age so you changed your name after he reported you.  You changed your name to avoid having the kind of life that perverts like yourself have after being reported. U got to hurt even more because of it.  Now you cut hair. Your not on the Megan’s Law List, and couldn’t be found as a local neighborhood pervert when due diligence was performed. U felt safe attacking me.  You have an online alias, it has made u obvious.  Someone should excavate who u buried under your Escala tile… and who could have known about that?.  Get were U where, or is that transposed.

I got a flashback, another memory, and here it is:

“One and Done” Method of Human Trafficking

Identification of the One and Done Method of human trafficking is hereby made.  It has been commercialized in many ways and especially by Robert Hoffman through his Pennsylvania based businesses that are named and more telling, its parent company that is named

These types of Victims are not looking for one time sex, but are being forced into it by crafty, well supported, unrelenting, invasion expert, human traffickers that are willing to invest months upon a Victim just to abusively harm them after gaining sex for the first time with that Victim.  These Traffickers are supported in each step of this one time sex gaining; the support includes having access to the Victims private data, location, psychological dossier, and professional real time tactic instructions which are usually made through text messages, as many of these traffickers will wear hidden cameras for others to listen and watch each interaction through.

The fostering and use of a cyber leash and location oppressing of a targeted Victim usually has a law support or intelligence agency employed human trafficker supporting it, however, it is easy for a ring of amateurs to put a tracking device on a Victims phone just by gaining her phone number.

Through cyber leashes, a Victim's location, interests, and personal data are hijacked by human traffickers who's intent is to isolate and target the Victim as to gain a one time sexual contact while using all the hijacked data to get the Victims to think that the trafficker is just a normal guy that is interested in them in a long term way.  These type of human traffickers will stalk their Victims for months and will even build up a relationship with them just to make the Victim think that she is in a committed relationship, but once the sex is finally gained the human trafficker abruptly ends the relationship in a demeaning way and conspires (and usually makes bets) to make sure the Victim is emotionally abused, left confused, striped of safety, exposed, vulnerable, and often times traumatized.

The One and Done Method of human trafficking is made in a group tactic where once the Victim has been systematically abused by one of the stalkers traffickers, she is nearly immediately approached by the next human trafficker in the trafficking ring.  The ring of human traffickers are trying to force a woman into sexual sales by emotional abuse, invasion, and conditioning of them into one time sex.  These traffickers are trying to force a targeted woman into prostitution and into exploit without her even knowing it but receiving the horrific aspects of such behavior all as if she is just having some bad luck in relationships which is designed to rob the Victim of confidence, self sufficiency, confidence in being able to keep a man with out giving sex sooner, and many other isolating and victimizing harms.  These traffickers gain a profile they put into their Victims life and play their inserted profile of their Victim's psyche like a team sport while the Victim thinks she it dating her potential husband, as these traffickers know just what this Victim is looking for and these trafficker portray it to a tee, right up until their first sexual interaction is gained. These traffickers didn't just learn this on the street, this was at one time a professional intelligence tactic that has had millions of dollars poured into it as if it is just "research".

The Victims of the One and Done Method of Human Trafficking are not looking for one time sex, and these Victims are lied to systematically by a ring of traffickers in a way that is so oppressing, emotionally degrading, confusing, and relentless, that the "forced prostitution" is gained, though the Victims has never engaged in prostitution, or in taking payment, or in negotiation of payment, or in any trade... the Victim receives nothing for the acts that are cleverly forced upon her through relentless stalking and invasion, and the Victim receives the idea that she is just having bad luck in dating; the Victim is receiving a depletion and an idea that she is just unlovable, and not worth a relationship and is made accustomed to a one time sexual experience, which is something that no one should have forced upon them nor systematically engaged in against them, and this is part of what makes this a human trafficking.

The personal invasion of this type of Victim is meant to leave the Victim with out employment, close friends, and with out family relationships; more than just the one time sex is gained by the One and Done Method of human trafficking... these traffickers are targeting all of their Victims self support.

The commercialization & "commercial exchange" tactics of the One and Done Method of human trafficking are made in a violation of law in how Human Traffic Victims, Slave’s, are targeted to be sold without knowing it.

Without knowing it, these Victims are sold for sex abuse, through cyber leashes that facilitate in person contact, and Founder Jessica Seymour along with her mother, were both lured to be using the One and One website services, and were kept on invisible leashes through the use of this website hosting provider which is affiliated to  In fact many cyber stalking and in person harms were maneuvered against Founder Jessica Seymour by how her computer was being sideswiped every time she logged in to update her Stalker Blog back when it was on the One and One web server platform that Robert Hoffman owns and operates and cleverly named, apparently after he already formed the commercialization of the human trafficking via cyber enleashment that his other business One and Done is and was created for achieving.

The One and Done Method of Human Trafficking is sometimes akin to the Rape for Profit Method of Human Trafficking whereas women are being sold without knowing it through the data farming that is engaged in against them, in which that data is used to not only locate the Victim, but also to gain access to know just what to say to the Victim when this ring of Trafficker Stalker's approach her for their intended and premeditated sex abuse.  The Victim thinks she's met her perfect match due to how these Trafficker portray themselves through the data they have robed from the Victim in advance of their in person approach.

The One and Done Method of Human Trafficking focuses on invasion of a targeted Victims private everything so that it can be used by Stalker Traffickers who intend to exploit that information for exploiting their Victim with, and the intent is to rob and to gain sex under the false pretense that it is a lasting relationship of any sort, when in actuality the Stalker Trafficker is intent to try to force the Victim into one time sex as to condition her into prostitution. 

Then after the one time sex is gained, in a systematic way that basically resorts to a “forced manipulated and coerced ""consent""”, the team of Stalker Human Trafficker's engage in a planned “dumping” of the Victim so that she can feel used, abused, tricked, embarrassed, dehumanized, confused, lied to, traumatized, and ultimately conditioned to being controlled as to be forced into this Trafficking's "prostitution" ring of slave trade where they use the idea of "prostitution" as to place blame on the Victim and this is a malicious deliberate induction of trauma, which is a dark psych tactic used in “mind control conditioning” platforms like what Joseph Kony was being supported & trained on in exchange for his creation of over 20,000 future slaves that are now adults like Charlotte Awino being used to facilitate handling of American women.  

When a Targeted Victim is artificially made to "feel" comfortable through the familiarity that her stolen data is used to create, then the Victim is being raped regardless of any fraudulent "consent" looking dynamic that is forced into existence, and the rape is made at a profit to the perpetrators whether the profit is delayed or instant, and the commercialization is double engaged as the data was not mined for free and someone took funds for the data collection even if they charged the funds to their Victim through clever ways like website payments to a host like One And    

When a Victim is made to feel that someone knows everything about her then she is being control conditioned as if her ability to live depends on the "all knowing god like individual' which is the dark psych tactic Kony used/uses as to force people into slavery, this is a war crime that makes this premeditated deceived consent a mute point rendering the fact of it to be a rape, systematic rape.

The targeted Victim is lead to believe that she is in any sort of a committed relationship by the trafficker who has an intent to create a false consent looking dynamic just so that he can have a plausible deniability if the Victim ever reports the intended rape, which is what the sex actually is, the force maneuvered and conned sex which boils down to a rape in actuality; when Traffickers apply their group/team dynamic that is used and engaged in against the targeted Victim, the event is a rape regardless of the manipulated tricked conned "consensual looking" game used for gaining the sex, where the women is then “dumped by her new boyfriend” some short time after the conned sex is gained, as to fulfill the Stalker Trafficker's intent to force the woman into a one time sex situation that is meant to "prostitute" the Victim without her consent or taking any part in; because the targeted Victim never gave consent to any sort of premeditated prostitution tactic that the Stalker was intent to engage in, the event is a rape, especially when the Stalker Trafficker had cameras hidden on him or in the room as to further sell & gamble, and exploit the woman he was targeting to force into any sort of one time sex while indicating otherwise to her with use of her private data that she never gave him. 

Most of the time the “dumping”, that is engaged in shortly after sex is maneuvered from the Victim, is made in a way that the trafficking group can join in and take bets on, such as a texting “dumping” where the trafficker who was posing as the perfect boyfriend, has his premeditated "text dumping" performed on a group text forum on his side of the conversation, where the rest of the sex trafficking team is aiding him in what to say to her to make the dumping that much more brutal and apparent to the Victim that she was just controlled, or that something is not adding up in the matter of the facts at hand.

The trafficker will often times say he “changed his mind” with regards to the relationship, as if that is some sort of defense for targeting a woman to force and maneuver premeditated "one time sex" out of her in a way that her private data is used against her, and in an alarming majority of the time the premeditated one time sex that the trafficker was engaged in gaining is also secretly videotaped unbeknowanced to the Victim. 

This form of human trafficking as commercialized, and as commercialized by Robert Hoffman’s One and Done .Com is a feeder to the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking as well as a feeder to Rape for Profit scams where the Victim is stalked and targeted with data she never gave the Trafficker who is working with a team as to conspire to gain any thing he can potentially say is "consent" though the Victim never consented to any sort of premeditated abuse of her body or mind and was lead to believe that something actually meaningful was at hand, and this tactic is made to further deplete, degrade, sell, and terrorize a Victim in the “conditioning” process that human traffickers engage in against their Slaves they are trying relentlessly to put onto an invisible leash & onto a cyber leash of stalking and manipulating and maneuvering, all engaged in for selling of that woman in any way that is commercial or that is "non-commercial looking" as to maliciously circumvent the current legal definition of human trafficking, which is also a crime that somehow no one ever gets arrested for… it is called a deliberate subversion of justice which is a crime.  Good thing that Pennsylvania’s Robert Hoffman and his affiliated San Diego “judge” Yuri Hoffmann have commercialized it ever so sweetly with this overtly bold One and Done .Com Company.  

The abuse and damages that the Victim suffers are always thrown back on her as if she is some wrongdoer, or has some bad luck, or is just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that she is "crazy", or that boys will be boys.... the Victim is regularly told a bunch of propaganda from a Handler as to oppress & keep the Victim from ever getting to the bottom of what all the ugliness is stemming from as if it just random bad luck, inexplicable.  The reality is that the horrible situations that the Victim is constantly trying to navigate out of are all systematically planned out and executed with military precision. 

Here is another example or two for you of how horrific and damaging this form of human trafficking is, how it is done right in front of you while the Victim is Blamed, and how it is meant to facilitate medical torture that is outlawed in every country:  

Dr. Drew Pinsky + San Diego Charger Football player from Florida Russ Smith =

Amber Smith on TV saying that she was a prostitute rather than the truth that she was a Traffick Victim which became clear through the show, as in one of the therapy sessions the truth is revealed that she was not prostituting and that she was made to believe that something meaningful was at hand & she was made to feel that genuine interest was at hand and she was invaded personally by her stalkers as to be psychologically made to feel reciprocal genuine interest in these men that were stalking her with mafia tactics, military precision, and for human trafficking; on Dr. Drew’s TV show you can see Amber Smith yelling and crying in a therapy session about “why did all those men only want me once and never call me again, and never talk to me again, and never care about me again”… she was not prostituting, she actually thought something meaningful was at hand as her therapy reveals to the dismay of Dr. Drew’s desire to rather call her a prostitute while getting her down trodden self to also call herself a prostitute, but she was actually a model being Pedestal Victimized Human Trafficked in the One and Done form of human trafficking that is tied to the Rape for Profit and Gambling Methods of human trafficking, but that is also used by & tied to the “Make Your Dreams Come True” platforms of human trafficking, and Amber Smith was put on Dr. Drew’s show to be abused by him in his attempt, and scam, to forever give any sort of plausible deniability to the men that trafficked her,  just like Kari Ann Peniche, who was also put on Dr. Drew’s show for the very same protection of the Stalker Abuser Traffickers that have stalked her for her entire life. 

When you rape a kid then control her therapy as to detriment her further, than your committing Medical War Crimes against Humanity, and Dr.Drew’s targeting of Kari Ann was made around gaining access to Kari Ann's house as to gain some sort of sexual video of a different Hollywood actress, as evidenced by quotes from Kari Ann’s blog.

Kari Ann Peniche was put on Dr. Drew’s show with the intent to get her to say her acts were her own when she was clearly being drugged and abused by Dr. Marcus Van when she was only about 19 years old, this is Human Trafficking Sex Sales Made To Look Like The Victim Is Something That She Is NOT, and it is extremely organized in a military fashion, it is Conditioned Slavery made in the open as if the human trafficked Slave is to blame, and it is why Marcus Van moved to San Diego for the targeting of San Diego women for the same harm, and he has targeted many other women than just Kari Anne Peniche and Jessica Seymour for his infliction of his premeditated harms that render him and Dr. Drew to be on par with War Criminals, and they have gone to war against American women.   In fact Dr. Drew said he would frame Lindsey Lohan as to force her into addiction therapy if he were her father.... ... in April 2010.  Here: ^ Grim, Ryan. "Dr. Drew Getting Ripped For Suggesting Lindsay Lohan Be Framed For Drug Use" The Huffington Post; April 15, 2010

Actually, the Santa Barbra University Campus "shooter" was seen by one of Dr. Drew’s co-human traffickers Medical Torture inflicting book pedaling “doctors” named Charles Sophy who appears to have a property conversion scam via jewelry engaged in through his abuse of medicine and he also has a book to sell just like George Galdorisi’s San Diego affiliated & Jesuit ran SPAWAR, yep that’s right, Dr. Drew’s Charles Sophy of Pennsylvania (RepublicanHerald.comand psychiatrist ) set an author event to sign his book at Sophy’s Jewelers in LA in 2010 & that store is owned by a cousin of Charles Sophy who is part of the Pennsylvania based catholic mafia human traffickers that ran the Cash for Kids Scandal animals who scouted Elliot Rogers through Charles Sophy before having Elliot Rogers maneuvered to be a student in Santa Barbra which is the same area where Kari Ann Penichewas lured to by San Diego’s Marcus Van.

Kari Ann said this about Dr. Drew & Celeb Rehab:

"I will say that Dr. Drew hasn't made any attempt to stay in touch or offer me any after-care since doing the three shows. He only called once when the “tape” with two friends and I was leaked (by a psycho b***h I let in my home per Drew’s request) to leave me a voice-mail and ask how I wanted him to handle the press he was getting regarding the [sex tape] incident."

So the One and Done form of Human Trafficking is closely tied to the Victim Blaming & Medical Torture that is used on Human Traffick Victims which allow for them to be made to look like the blame takers for things which are crimes against humanity and that are crimes that are actually made by human traffickers looking to extend their ability to slave and sell humans, through clever abuse and drugging’s.  And it comes full circle when the breeding of future slaves comes into play through traffickers subversion of a states “child welfare system” and “social services”, and judicial services were traffickers first get their hands on their youngest and bred Victims.  When you see how Kari Ann’s mother, who moved from San Diego to Oregon, denies the abuse that Kari Ann selflessly shares in an attempt to recover from it (only to be abused by this process through Dr. Drew), you start to see that this is a slave trade of horrific abuse and control that always looks to breed the next generation of Victims & then get them controlled as early as possible; and that often times looks to publicize their acts so to recruit and take bets.  Kari Ann's "husband" Justin Williams appears to be a clear breeder stalker handler, who got Ms. Peniche impregnated and within 10 months of age Justin Williams was getting Kari Ann's son from her in court with "lab tests" showing that the baby had "synthetic" substance in his hair follicle.  Justin's IHT attorney is Mario Van Oorschot, and the entire robbing of a woman through court while calling the woman crazy is a con job that doctors are in on in premeditation which is why Peniche was on Dr. Drew’s show to begin with. If traffickers especially the well educated traffickers like Dr. Marcus Van stopped targeting Kari Ann for clever rape & impregnation scams engaged in to subvert her from her own success, how different do you know her life would be - If she was left to have all the amazing profits and gains from her own hard work and not targeted systematically by men trying to make money off of her through publicized exploit and sexual abuse of her – her life under her own un-circumvented control would be nothing like what has been made for her to suffer in, a platform that her mother has facilitated as her mother was a slave as well who gave in to the platform to end up handling her own daughter for traffickers as Marcus Van stated that Kari Ann's mother would put drugs in Kari Ann's juice to control Kari Anne's weight so that she would be more appealing, which is what makes human trafficking a Slave Trade as blatant & protected as the First American Slave Trade was.

This is where the One and Done Human Trafficking Rape Method is intent to lead to, it is intent to lead to the Slavery of the Victim it is used against, see the Victim either keeps her mouth shut about it and is further conditioned and slaved, or she reports it which is when the ring of traffickers send their IHT police, IHT City Attorney, IHT DA, and or IHT federal agents in to act as though it sounds “crazy” and as if it sounds “consensual” when it was no way able to be consensual due to the way the Victim was targeted, which is when the IHT’s bring in their Human Trafficking “doctors” & “judges”, that is the full circle of human trafficking through stalking & cyber stalking that Robert Hoffmann’s ONE and DONE business model has commercialized. 

In relation to the publicizing of targeted Victims, Lindsey Lohan had a "list" of sexual partners stolen from her and publicized...  a list she made through being in "therapy", likely affiliated to a court ordered therapy. How much smaller would Lindsey Lohan’s “list” be, had she been left to her own self and not stalked and sold around through the judges & doctors & cover businesses & lawyer’s conspiring to control her & sell her around as if it is some sort of issue of hers, when before these animals were One and Done targeting her, she had a very nice and successful life and career in advance of being targeted for the One and Done Method of Human Trafficking.

Premeditated unlawful gaining of “consent” boils down to rape...  hidden cameras are involved, and favors are involved, and people are paid to gain the data that is used to control and trick the Victims that are being targeted for this slave trade, that is so abusively based around gaining of one time sex while the Victim is mislead as to force prostitution tactics into a Victims life, that it deserves its own special designation and sub set of laws for convictions & for preventing it from being explained away by the rapist human trafficker slave traders who premeditate to create any sort of “consent” looking alibi they engage in while calling their Victim “crazy”.  This is the One And Done Method of Human Trafficking as commercially traded without the Victim's participation, and it is commercially traded by many traffickers and blatantly by Robert Hoffman of the One and Done .Com platform of data gathering that appears to be a cover business for what entity?  It is possible that a subversion of the NSA is used to gather data through Yuri Hoffman, traffickers like "Seff Jwersky" and through Robert Hoffman's businesses.... Slavery is that judicially and federally organized because Traffickers have sought out to gain immunity giving jobs with access to everything as to run human trafficking through the cover of "national security" "protected trade secrets" and through "immunity", which is why all roads lead to arresting and jailing traffickers, strengthening immunity forfeiture, and strengthening oversight of government. “”””””

Thanks for your time revisiting this Anti Stalkers.  Streetlight People, you are not off just because it is holiday season. 

Hugs and Kisses, Smootches,

Jessa Butterfly


Blog # 443

9/29/16 Back when I was stalked in San Diego....

Ok so, a change of pace here, a memory.

Back when I was getting stalked in San Diego the Anti Stalker Nation had used the in store tv set at the Coffee Bean store to send me messages, they would put the message they wanted to get to me in the “Sagittarius” section of the horoscope... sometimes they would put an instruction and the instruction was always on how to outwit the stalkers that were attacking me….

Thank you.

And by the way, it really upset the IHT’s that caught on and that then tried to start overriding your hack…. And uhm, well your so good.  One day I got about 3 different Sagittarius horoscopes put on that tv in under 4 minutes so your hacker-dance war was in the real combat at least once.

So listen, listen my sister needs a birthday gift because the stalk down on her life has gotten to the point where you could have, have, have.  And the IHT stalkers that you enjoy stopping have been thinking about a gift for her & tomorrow was their planned abuse, so Anti Stalker,  if you like to get at IHT Anthony, then today’s your day unless you’re so skilled to have tomorrow be your day.   Either way, Anthony is yours if you like.  He is so corrupt.

Your welcome….

OH and by the way, the one who ratted you out was USD’s “I’m in the PHD degree in Leadership” guy that was outlined in blog post 294…

 When your back door got interrupted, the IHT’s started to put in their own horoscope postings on the Coffee Bean’s in store tv system.  USD PhD Rod Smith was in person assisting what the bent law enforcement horoscope interjections were saying.  You really angered them.



Blog #442

9/23/16   Ohhh I Think I Landed, Where There Are Miracles At Work, Now We've Got Ya Open Handed""""...... Just Listed....

Ralph Inzunza. Michael Gilardi. Lance Malone.

All 3 just Listed.

Army of One"""



Blog #441

9/20/16 The Riders Ride.

Blonds might have more fun, but having this quarter walked up to me was not...

The Transcript of the most recent video blog:

Hi Anti Stalker Nation. This is an uncomfortable topic for a video blog post but, hey it found me so here it is.

You could call me an Expert so I'm just gonna lay it out there... there is no easy way to approach this topic.

This that I am holding is a quarter, it was handed off to me basically because I am still being stalked.

If you notice this quarter has a finger print on it but it is a finger print that has been placed on it by an acid laden finger rendering a violation of DNA and a violation of print marks, but rather leaving behind an undeniable human remain.

I am showing it to you before sending it off to law enforcement because I want you aware, so here is an excerpt of the law enforcement report that is accompanying this quarter:

“Law Enforcement:

Please find the attached taped quarter placed upon this crime report. This quarter was gained in the vicinity of **********.

The quarter was used as part of a ritual of killing.

The satanic cult likely affiliated to this coin prides its self as being “satanic” but has members that would tell you that they are christian.

A child's finger was placed on the quarter after flesh burning acid was poured on the child's finger, this is part of the ritual of murder and the child was abducted, assaulted, murdered, and likely eaten.

This is a fresh quarter, as in, this child was acid printed onto the quarter within the last month, and the burned flesh on this quarter is fresh.

Usually these quarters circulate to the point where the acid mark is still noticeable but not traceable so easily to the Victims DNA.

This quarter is so new in the acid and imprint, that it likely only changed hands a few times.

When it was handed to me I realized what it was and treated it as delicately as possible, and realized that it has a traceable and find-able amount of human material on it so I am sending it to you.

I know about these kinds of rituals because I have been stalked by the types of groups that do the crime, persons that I call human traffickers.

I was likely targeted to be in contact with this coin due to the stalking that has been engaged in against myself, and I am sending this coin to you; please recover the child that was harmed as her or his print seemed to be different as if there was some DNA accidentally left behind... the acid used usually does not leave behind any DNA and is usually used by cults to try to release an innocence as they seem to be interested in dong to a child.”

There it is Street Light People. There it is, there's the nasty. That's the disgust, and well, it doesn't get talked about does it. The person who walked this up to me is likely part of the same ring of law enforcement traffickers that have done other things to me and that have no fear and that have immunity for use in cover up of the crimes they commit. . But the coin game is over, the silence is now loud and my account is not silent, it is public.

Coin game people: Don't test the Seal of God.”

Street Light People, Remember.

With Love,

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #440

9/15/16   Grab an Onion Just To Rock It Down, You Hot Now, Listen Up""""

Freeway, It's What We Do"""

Sigel, are you really the enemy?  

your not the enemy, I'm Not the enemy, really enemy??? Really the Enemy is the future with out God.

It's not gonna happen, remember the prophet,  Enemy now your coin game goes.

Kisses and Hugs,



Blog #439

8/30/16  I Need The Dark In A Little More Light"""

Remember me for centuries"" because I will not forget.  Umi, it's Travis.




Blog #438

8/10/16  Fred Brito... Priest, NFL, Kidney Transplant, Psychiatrist, Dr. Phill Show, World Wide Hotel Staffing : HUMAN TRAFFICKER.

Carlo DiMaria is also Fred Brito, and well with a job list like his he's a Human Trafficker, a well supported human trafficker who's allies just turned on him with their Cover Their But "resume scam" story.

Now this article is out of Eugene Oregon and the police mafia just turned on their Brito:

How is it that a man gets all these fancy jobs being a " low budget" con man?  Dateline doesn't highlight low budget con men after their stint of being outed on Oprah's Dr. Phill .... that kind of stuff is done when you know too much.  Carlo DiMaria aka Fred Brito "low budget"... now way.  It is that he is hooked up by a ring of human trafficker's that use his jobs they allow him to have placement at to human traffic people, drug people, physiologically abuse children as a priest, psychologically abuse patients to discredit them, & to determine who's kidney ends up trafficked from what hotel. Brito's network of human trafficking affiliates used their Eugene Oregon ring of Police to set him up for the fall they intend to isolate on to this Fred Brito of theirs.

Eugene supports Portland as one of the largest underage human trafficking rings of America (also known as rape for profit) and Eugene has prior been a safe place for Fred Brito's affiliated human trafficking ring but they just used a cop to "pull him over" and act as if there was a suspicion that his name was not correct. 

Thyonne Gordon, did you ever hurt a Fielding Grad School student in connection to Fred Brito's family?  And you say you just fired him because of his "personality":

And this article above is from 2005, so the Oregon human trafficking network of Police are just a bit puppety in this arrest they were paid to perform and this has been a long build up of a chosen to take a fall for the team scam that Fred Brito is likely fine with.

Anti Stalker Nation, look at all of Fred Brito's names and see if you know any Victims, because his "employers" are not victims.




Blog # 437

This happened on July 26, 2016

"Day of year is a number between 1 and 366 (January 1 is day 1). 2016 is a leap year.
After today there are 158 days remaining in this year."

This happened on July 25, 2016

A Collaboration Center. 




Blog #1

So here's the scoop... my computer is still being hacked and every time I try to find a roommate it gets hijacked by pervs... just yesterday when I tried to interview a prospective roommate, Joy Rapp was stalking me and waiting at the Starbucks that I was supposed to meet this prospective roommate at... can anyone say "stalk-a-hollic".  What is worse is that a few days before that, I had Sergio Cabrera show up at Starbucks to stalk me with in 10 to 20 minutes of logging on to my computer and emailing a prospective roommate..... Guess my postings for a roommate are still getting exploited 100% of the time by this group of Immunity Abuser's that stalk me.

 Don't even get me started on the stalking that r**ist Joe "Camile" Amerkanian & Cavalry Officer Hildebrand were making in collusion against me a month ago in December 2012 at the employment of Strayer's CEO connections at the US Attorney’s office.... let’s just say that every time I went anywhere Joe Camile Amerkanian would pull up in his sad black car to terrorize me, and he was getting fed my whereabouts’ by who????  The SDPD refused to file my online police reports as an attempt to try to force me to come into their station, which I am sure is another attempt of the disgraceful SDPD Human Traffickers to have their Derik Diaz and their Stephanie Rose try to intimidate me out of reporting crimes like they did back when I reported Robert Tartaro's & Albert Machhour's abuses.... why can't a victim get a police report lodged on line if it is the only way she is safe while reporting?  To say that the SDPD is in conflict with me would be an understatement since they refuse to stop targeting me, an online reporting system that mandates all police departments to accept online reports for all human trafficking & stalking victims should be enforced.

 Love you!



Blog #436

6/17/1  Guitar Hero

Turn your magic on Umi she'd say, Everything you want's a dream away""" so take this Adventure of a Lifetime"" with me even if we have to make a Coldplay.

Oh and by the way, I just fund out that the FBI hired my cousin Ashley Seymour. Yes, by the way the FBI recruited my cousin Ashley Seymour, real smooth.  Hey Ashley, they hired you so that they could appear to have a legitimate looking reason to "investigate" & "background check" all of your family as well as all your families medical records.  Ashley, this gives them the illegitimate ability to access all records, all Agency records on my family and it is a total cover up scam of the abuse that distinctly has always been made against my family... smooth, reminds me of FBI Agent Karen Schlik's entanglement with my grandmother Bertha, oh and reminds me of my cousins father Cary Anderson who's longtime "friends" and even neighbors are FBI Agents. Ashley, every file about me and my mother at every Agency can and surely has been tampered with in the hiring of you & this  "background check" scam is so Silver Clouds With Grey Linings""".

Try not to get Ashley hurt please FBI, put her on a desk job rather than an under cover position , correct.  If you have my cousin on an undercover position I would call that deliberate negligence, and human trafficking since she is beautiful and desirable, and you will not be "whoring out" Ashley any further... put her on a desk job away from your pervert agents.  

Call of Duty,



Blog #435

4/17/16   San Diego Superior Court just caught in a Property Conversion Scam through the Law Enforcement Method Of Human Trafficking…

You Know I Look So Seattle, But I Feel So LA, because Girls Just Want To Have Fun””” so I hope you like my new red hair Anti Stalkers! I do seem to look totally Seattle with this red hair, but this blog post is about what I See in San Diego.

Hi Anti Stalker Nation, anyone who knows me knows that my favorite song is Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  I listen to this favorite song of mine Time After Time, and I realize that it is Beautiful Like a Rainbow””” so it was only a matter of time till it found its self in this blog!

I have just posted evidence that the San Diego Superior Court aided, furthered, ratified and joined a Property Conversion Scam conducted by a human trafficking ring, so take a look at the newest video.

Here is the transcript of this Video Blog:

Hi Victims, Anti Stalker Nation, and Abolitionists,

I am Jessica Seymour,

Since an investigation of last December’s Law enforcement bust of a gambling ring will show that the law enforcement agents made more money and committed more crimes in premeditation than all who were arrested in this sting, this special video blog is dedicated to the Victims of the Investigation Method of Human Trafficking. 

Victims, here is how you protect yourself when law enforcement human traffickers are colluding with their court house & judge employed human trafficker affiliates. 

What you have to do is formally video your evidence and go public with it since these immunity seeking human traffickers will hunt you to rob you of your physical evidence, rob you of your personal and real property, conspire clever ways to rob your court files of your evidence, and even hack away your drop box links of your evidence.  So here are 4 very important pieces of evidence that prove that the San Diego Superior Court colluded in a property conversion scam of a woman this court knew to be a Human Trafficking Victim.

First, here is a filed Notice of Pendency of Action for my Escala property filed on June 3rd 2015 that was treated unlawfully by the San Diego Superior Court’s Presiding Department, where as the Presiding judge refused to issue his signature on this form after it was filed, which he did as to keep me from being able to have this form filed with the County Recorder’s Office.  The Presiding Judge has no legal authority or discretion to keep the county uninformed of a legal matter that is pending on a property, and this was a court house aided scam to convert my Escala Property.

Now there is a new Presiding Department judge, but this new Presiding Judge still has not processed my filed Notice of Pendency of Action nunk pro tunc as he knows that he should, and this Presiding Department judge has also kept my Escala Appeal in a hold status with no answer to my Request for Extension of Time On Appeal Brief that I had to file for due to the courts unlawful acts of keeping my Record on Appeal tampered with, whereas my Record on Appeal Notices and additions where kept out of the Record of Acton and Docket, and out of the Appealable Record.  Law prohibit this kind of action but the human trafficking San Diego Superior Court does not care about the laws that it breaks.   

The court did this to me all at the same time that a woman who converted my personal property from my home, took it upon herself to also sell my Escala home though she, and her Broker, and their attorney all knew about the court house filed Notice of Pendency and about the Appeal. In fact, when the San Diego Superior court kept denying me of the conformed Notice of Pendency of Action, I asked the Broker to have his attorney perform this form for the County Recorder’s Office and this Broker also refused to do so, I also asked the opposing party’s attorney Mike Baker to also perform this form for the County Recorder’s Office, and Mike Baker also failed to, so I informed his Attorney firm and this attorney firm also failed to have the County Recorder’s Office made aware of this pending action that remains pending on this home to this day.  And this team of real estate licensed human traffickers converted my home, all while I was asking for my personal property back, which they hid from me for months then converted to themselves…. This ring of human traffickers must have thought I would be dead by now. Or did they think the Ben Klinger & SDPD call Jessica “crazy” game was going to work for them. Bad news, it won’t. 

Second, here is a “Received 6/25/15” marked 2nd Complaint and Notice to the Presiding Department about the File Tampering of the Record On Appeal with Declaration and with Emergency Requests.  See the San Diego Superior Court of Appeals has refused to treat my pleadings and my appeal lawfully, so the Presiding Department was made aware of it, and all that was done by the Presiding Department was a cover up of the abuse. 

I had to make complaints to the Presiding Department about the unlawful and suspicious treatment that my pleadings and I were receiving from the court due to thing like this:

Third, here is a filed 3rd Notice of Submission of Proceedings and Discovery for the Record On Appeal dated and “received” June 25th 2015 with attachments that never made it into the Record on Appeal, nor did the attachments and designated items that were in the two prior filed designations.

All my pleadings have been kept out of the Register of action in violation of law which you can read about as I am going to be posting my pleadings in a blog very soon, but before this I wanted you all to see that they have been received by the court but have been kept out of the physical file, have been kept from a judges revue though they are Emergency Pleading, and have been kept from the Record on Appeal which is what forced me to have to ask for a Continuance on my Appeal Brief, see you can’t have an appeal with pleadings, exhibits, and evidence that has been kept out of the Record On Appeal.  My request for Extension and for the Record on Appeal to be corrected, has gone unanswered and has been used to keep my appeal in a “suspended” status while the SDPD stalk me with the intent to force me into this Superior Court that is waiting to violate more law with the intent to use a 2011 Ben Klinger attacking of me as their way to cover up what they’ve done by calling a victim of theirs “crazy”.  Shame on you San Diego Superior Court.

It is disgusting the way the San Diego Superior Court and its judges conspire against a woman who has property that their human trafficking ring of law enforcement traffickers are trying to convert.

Fourth, here is the 7th Notice of Tampering of Register of Action, Court File, and Application for Emergency Relief Under Title 42 U.S.C. Section 14141, with Declaration in Support and Proposed Order, that was filed and stamped on September 3, 2015. 

Around October 8th I found out that the San Diego Superior Court of Appeals treated this filing unlawfully through a scam of theirs to only stamp the word “received” on to my pleadings I filed, and so I refiled this 7th Notice again and the clerk begrudgedly gave me a “Filed” stamp on it as you can see here, but this court still kept this pleading out of the Register and out of the Record, keeping it undocketed, and unable to be discoverable, which is another violation of law.  As you can see here, this is the same pleading filed again on October 8th 2015.

I informed the court months prior, that under Rule 8.817 (b)(1) that a “document is deemed filed on the date the clerk receives it”, however this court continued to repeatedly act as though I never filed things, as if they had no proof of service when the service was made, or was not necessary.

Let’s, not forget, I was in appeal for a few reasons including the fact that the Lower Court tampered with their Register Of Action Docket as well, and failed to send to me or to my attorney the decision it had made all while tampering with my attorney regarding stipulations that were never actually made, and I say this with an attorney testimony and with Attorney Declaration to support this claim.

The San Diego Superior Court has actively engaged in cosseting & furthering human trafficking, property conversion, and specifically property conversion of Victims, and in cover up aiding by calling the Victims they help to make, a “crazy” person.

Shame on you San Diego Superior Court, and this game has gotten exposed, old, and expired… do you hear that Paige Steven’s, stop cosseting this game of the Human Trafficking Superior Courts, do you hear that Henry Coker, stop furthering and aiding this “our Victim is Crazy” game of the SDPD’s, Henry Coker, resign if you can’t stand up to your former employer, oh but that’s right, you’re in on it with them.

Victims, watch this show, because I will have my Escala property back, and I will have justice just like I pray for you to receive!

Anti Stalker Nation, Abolitionists, and Victims please read the Civil Codes and Title 42 USC Section 14141 violations of this San Diego Superior Court’s that will be made known to you in the next few blog postings regarding the filed and maliciously unheard pleadings that will be posted in this blog shortly.

IHT’s convert the property of their Victims with the aid of Court Employees, even the personal property of their Victims, isn’t that right attorneys Peter Solecki and Mike Baker.  Your unlawful property conversion scams Peter Soleki and Mike Baker have officially gotten you both Listed, and the Superior Court had received Emergency Pleading for protection of my personal property back in April and May of 2015 all while attorney Peter Soleki’s clients hid my property from me in collusion with Mike Baker.

Victims, Anti Stalker Nation, and Abolitionists,

I am Jessica Seymour and I See Your True Color’s Shining Through, and That’s Why I love you, So Don’t Be Afraid to Let Them Show, Because You’re Beautiful, Like a Rainbow….

Victims, you know My Necklaces of Rope Have Become Tired and Untied, and you know I’ve Got My Hands Laced Together, and I Made a Little Prison, and I’m Locking Up Everyone Who Ever…”””

The San Diego Court feel that they are far enough above the law as to human traffic blatantly with some of the most horrific ways to human traffic, yes, malicious and deliberate false imprisonment and forced drugging’s made for furtherance of cover up, and for the furtherance of human trafficking & property conversion of human traffic Victims are some of the most despicable and conscience shocking acts that a court system & law enforcement system can make.

Victims, this one was for you, hope you draw strength, because you’re Beautiful Like A Rainbow”””



Blog #434

4/14/16 The Earthquake & Bellagio…

Inquiring minds want to know about The Earthquake.  Can’t say much just now, but the CIA knows about how they put Augusto Pinochet into power so long ago they thought it was never gonna be an issue, but all those human attack violations of Pinochet’s & of his CIA made coup of Chile don’t just go away so easily.  Now that Pinochet’s daughter has been caught up yet again while the human torture and other abuses & murders are coming under investigation, well, the ground has shaken.

So here, make your own deductions:

Inquiring minds also want to know what high roller ties does Alvin Mansour’s Uncle have in Vegas and well, they are the same as the place Alvin took me to the weekend Sarah was stalked, drugged, and abducted and assaulted and trafficked…. Bellagio.

On that Sarah abduction note, don’t forget Streetlight People, this SDPD human trafficker affiliates stalk me at the hospital I was finally able to get Sarah too after a night of horrific abuse by Lee Martin who told me to go to “Hospital” that went by the name of something similar to “Horizons” which turned out to be a mental confinement hospital since and he deliberately sent me there because he thought that I was the rape victims, see, after I found out what had happened to Sarah, I was looking for a hospital that had the anti-HIV shot, and so I called Lee Martin to find out what hospital had this shot, and Lee assuming that I was the one who got raped, steered me to a place that does not do rape treatment or rape kits at all, but that does lock you away as a crazy for the City    abduction of Sarah is the one where SDPD Lee Martin the 3rd had started to have his SDPD affiliates commandeer my phone calls and even when the 2 SDPD finally came to take Sarah report at the hospital, they kept questioning me about Escala and about if I owned in Escala and were way too interested in me.  And this is the Lee Martin the 3rd SDPD who instructed me to have him do my taxes for me as in between his times at the Rock Church & the SDPD he just so happened to be taking H&R Block tax prep courses to do taxes for people, and he instructed me to have my taxes done through him.  Yep this is the SDPD SWAT Officer Lee Martin the 3rd who stalked me since high school, and who aided Robert Tartaro when I had asked Lee Martin to stay on his couch since my roommate, Robert Tartaro, had scared me and had cameras hidden in my home.

Yep, this that rape of Sarah that was performed when Alvin made travel plans for us to stay at the Bellagio, and this is the rape that shortly afterward, Albert Machhour was contacting me to tell me that Sarah had gone to the room she was raped in all on her own to do cocaine…. Yea, uh huh…. Reality is that Sarah was drugged along with her manager she was out with that night, and once the perv IHT got Sarah’s bosses phone, he started using it to call Sarah on and he located her through her phone after he took her bosses phone, and that is how he got Sarah to that room, and the hotel security was in on it.

Oh, and by the way, shortly after calling Lee Martin, Kimberly Usery was instructed to start calling me to ask me specific questions, and well she was doing so under her DHS affiliation, so you do the IRS + DHS + Sheriff + FBI + Gambling Control + hide it all through your Human Trafficking SDPD math… this list from the arrests cited in Blog #431 is missing it’s SDPD cover up run it all through from this list of “Agencies”:



Homeland Security Investigations

Internal Revenue Service

California Department of Justice Bureau of Gambling Control

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department


USAO - California, Southern

Why do you all think the SDPD is missing from this list that the FBI posted? 

Hey Operation Shadoboxxx…. You can’t keep it covered up for ever so why you trying to disassociate from the SDPD now?  Oh and how you used your pervert court house Judges to cover-up what you all do at my expense; you call me your victim crazy through your court house human trafficking animals.  Your judges and court employees are not privileged to the immunity you sought to use of theirs against me and neither are you.  You’ve all been so obvious that you can’t cover it up, not even your property conversion scams, and you expect Paige Stevens and Henry Coker to keep this game of yours going as if I and the rest of the world is just so stupid.

Yep, Bellagio.

Yellow Flicker Beat”””,



Blog #433

4/12/16   Office of the Public Defender…

Sick of organized crime being ran by the criminals that seek to gain the upstanding job positions? Me too.

And on that note, my attorney at the public defender’s office that got herself onto his SDPD acting as though I am hurt a hand scam as to falsely imprison me through stalking me around relentlessly, well she has refused to do just about anything and has effectively robbed me of my right to assistance of counsel, and it was not even her that was on this SDPD case to begin with, nope.  Paige Stevens took my case from a different Deputy Public Defender just so that this newest SDPD scam could be handled into the Ben Klinger case that should have been mute due to not only being a 6 year old scam but also due to court error, but attorney Paige Stevens knows this and does not do anything about it. I have been worked into a position where the Public Defender won’t even motion for a continuance when I ask for one. 

When I asked attorney Paige Stevens to do things like file Response to the City Attorney’s opposition, Paige Stevens told me that she will not file opposition on that SDPD case and Paige Stevens told me that she will not file on the SDPD case or on the Ben Klinger case, so I asked her to file for Continuances on the case she said was open, and she still has worked hard to keep me unprotected and effectively unrepresented, and attorney Paige Stevens told me that any “criminal” and “felony” proceedings have been suspended pending this “mental competency” Ben Klinger issue and now I am being treated like a criminal on suspended cases all while I am basically forced to beg for the dismissal & continuances that I am due and that Paige Stevens still refuses to file… all while she tells me to go to one of her three doctors but then never sends me these doctors names or data.  Since I have to repeatedly ask the Public Defender for the things I need that they somehow refuse to do just so I can be put into horrible and abusive situations, here are last weeks and this Monday’s communications sent to Deputy Public Defender Paige Stevens:

Office of the Public Defender

450 B Street #900

San Diego CA 92101

C/O Paige Stevens


Re: Jessica Seymour; Klinger & SDPD


Ms. Paige Stevens,

In my 4/8/16 communication to you I asked you to make immediate court pleading to undo any damages your acts have caused me in court.  I also asked you for a few other things and instructed you that the communication was a formal complaint about you for your HR file and I asked you to have it lodged with your HR office and Manager.  I am sure you have submitted such to HR by this time in the day.

Today I am following up on last week’s communication.  Today I am also contacting you as I do not have any new attorney from the Public Defender’s Office yet to contact instead.  I am requesting that you or someone else in your office go Ex Parte on tomorrow Ex Parte Calendar to request a Recall of any warrant that may be in existence, and to inform the court that your office is working on Motion to Quash any warrant that may exist, and due to the Civil Rights Violations regarding the Marsden I was never given by the court, file for Dismissal of these matters.

I do not need to appear on either of these matters and you are allowed to appear for me; you told me that the court has suspended all matters as to only entertain the “mental competency” matter at this time (you said this to me two times and even used it as your response to me when I asked you to file a Response to the City Attorney’s Objection to the small pleading you did actually file but failed to defend.  Since mental competency is not a felony, then neither would any proper warrant be of a felony assignment, so you are able to recall and quash any potential warrant without my appearance, so is any other attorney from your office.  If any “felony” designation has been attached to me in any “warrant” by this court than it would be erroneous and this would be part of your ex parte recall and quash pleadings.

You would know better what this court has done to me than I would due to your lack of securing the Continuances I asked you to motion for that you have never motioned for.  I am kept out of the loop by your refusal to allow for Substitution, your refusal to assist in the requested Marsden, and your refusal to motion for the Continuances I instruct you to make, and by your refusal to make any defense of me whatsoever, and by your refusal to make any defense I request and instruct you on, so if there are any harms that have been made against me by the court I am instructing you and your office to make immediate ex parte remedy.  If there are any warrants, immediately file for a Warrant Recall Ex Parte AND file a Motion To Quash any warrants.

I requested from you and from the court a Marsden Hearing that was never set: I am also instructing you now to file Motion for Dismissal of all issues based on the Court’s and your Offices refusal to secure Marsden Hearing after I clock and dropped its Motion pleadings, and issued such to you also, with requested help from you, that you refused to give me, all effectively alienating me. 

I believe that myself and the court are due an Attorney Declaration stating all the dates on which I instructed you to gain Continuances through submitting Motions for Continuance, and that you failed to Motion for these Continuances that I your client instructed you to Motion for, causing your client harm and effectively alienating your client from Marsden Hearing You and your office buried my Marsden Hearing Pleading for all this time now as I was never notified of any hearing date from you as I had requested to have from you, rather when I asked you to secure Marsden date, you told me in email that you only file motions that you prepare; you alienated me along with the court that refused to set Marsden Hearing.

If there is no harm as of yet made against me by the court, and if there are no warrants made by the court, than please still file the requested Attorney Declaration and also in addition to your Attorney Declaration, inform the court that I need Continuances of any calendared dates as I have logistical issues with getting to any hearings as of now.  

To restate this to you:

1)      Please enter immediate ex parte Motion for Recall of any warrants that may exist;

2)      Please Motion to Quash any warrants that may exist, by the end of the week on ex parte;

3)      Please Motion for Dismissal of these cases due to Marsden disregard of yours & of the courts, and due to the alienation this causes, along with other Civil Right Violations that should be obvious to you;

4)      Please Motion for Continuance of any court dates pending Dismissal Motions;

5)      Please Motion for Substitution of attorney;

6)      Please submit Attorney Declaration to the court and to me that you prior failed to gain (and even motion for) the prior continuances and other motions I requested for you to make, including the Marsden Hearing you alienated me regarding and basically denied me of along with the court, and that you are working with your office to substitute attorney’s on my case due to your failure to make the instructed Motions for Continuances that I requested you to make, while also declaring that you are filing for Dismissals of these two suspended cases and of the Mental Competency case. 

7)      Please include in your Attorney Declaration that I informed you that these matters were Human Trafficking related matters and asked for Protective Orders to be filed by you for me, and that I asked you for a Venue Change after indicating to you that I am treated suspiciously in this court house, and please include in your Declaration any measures you took to uphold Human Trafficking laws & protocols, and Victims’ Rights.

Thank you,

Jessica Seymour


Office of the Public Defender

450 B Street #900

San Diego CA 92101

C/O Paige Stevens


Re: Jessica Seymour; Klinger & SDPD


Ms. Paige Stevens,

I need your office to assign me a new attorney, please inform your Manager of my need and requests below:

You had stated to me at the hearing, that you refused to let me join while having me stay sitting in the hallway for you, that you were going to have 3 doctors names emailed to me regarding the horrific attack of my mental capacity gained through your lack of keeping that 2011 Court & Ben Klinger attack of me stopped even though you had stated that this Klinger case was being brought up again now due to past “court error” reasons, and even though the statute of limitations on that Ben Klinger case had been reached

So I instructed you to file the Motions for Dismissal and to gain the Dismissal of this Klinger Case and of the corresponding attack of my mental stability.   You refused and never even had the names of the 3 doctors you wanted me to go see prior to the Superior Court’s doctor that this venue wanted me to see. 

You basically said things in front of your coworker that you had no intention of doing, as you have never facilitated me having any contact with any of the 3 doctors you said you’ve used in the past.  I have been waiting for your submission to me the names and contacts of your 3 doctors but you have not sent them; I had instructed you to file a Dismissal of these issues but you failed to, did you at least gain the Continuance that I requested you to gain for this mental stability attack of me that I instructed you to file? 

You told me that I would not have to go to this county paid court house doctor without going to one of the three I chose first, yet you still never sent me their information when I asked, all while also not submitting the Motions for Dismissal of this issue entirely since it has breached statute of limitations and since it has court errors embroiled in it. 

These acts of yours, and other acts of yours, led me to ask for a Substitution of Attorney from your office and I somehow still have you as my attorney which forced me to try to gain a Marsden Hearing which you deliberately refused to aid me with either when I informed you that I was not able gain the hearing date on my own.  You basically tried to force me to go to mental competency evaluation for the Ben Klinger case when there are at least two grounds for dismissal that you’re refusing to file.  You basically tried to force me to go to a mental competency hearing with no defense against it made though you were instructed to make this defense all while refusing to file the continuance I need.  Your dates you’ve obtained don’t work with my schedule and this is more than any client needs to say for a request for Motion for Continuance to be filed with a court.  Ms. Stevens your refusal to help me is in furtherance of cover up of human trafficking and SDPD affiliated crimes, and this SDPD has a history of sexual abuse of women, so why are you aiding this to my detriment.  A simple continuance would have taken you less than an hour total to file and secure but now I have to ask you to have any potential damages your acts have caused me made reversed in the court pending your office assigning a new attorney to this file.  This and the Marsden Pleading are a form of Formal Complaint of you to your Superiors, why have they not simply transferred my file to one of their many other attorneys.  Have this communication lodged with your Superiors as a Formal Complaint against you for your HR File, and please ask them to have my file transferred to a different attorney.

I am instructing you to contact the court immediately via Filed Pleading to inform them that months ago I had asked for a Continuance and for Substitute of Attorney based on your lack of ability to assist in my defense which lead to the clock and dropped Marsden pleading highlighting my need for a new attorney based off of your inadequate representation, Embroilment, Negligent Misrepresentation, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, and Reckless Disregard For the Truth. You still never had a different attorney in your office take this case, and rather you have continued to try to keep this case from having the necessary Motions for keeping the Klinger case separated from the SDPD case, the Motions for Dismissal of the Klinger case & Motion for Dismissal of the Mental Competency issues

I had to ask you repeatedly for this Motion to Dismiss these two Klinger case issues, and you ignored me.

I contacted you a few months ago instructing you to file pleading clearing up any sort of issue your lack of proper representation has potentially caused me.  You have not sent me anything to show that you honored this instruction.

Accordingly, now I must ask you again to file for Motion for Continuance pending request for Substitution of Attorney and if your office refuses to assign me a new attorney then I also need you to submit to the court a Motion for Substitution of Attorney with an Exhibit One of being the prior Marsden Hearing Pleading I provided to you, and with Exhibit Two being the email I sent you month ago again requesting the continuances I need while having a new attorney assigned by your office, which would be my only recourse since I can’t get a Marsden Hearing set, unless you and the court are trying to force me into self representation. 

Inform the court immediately that I needed continuances of dates and requested you to file for them months ago and that you refused to.  Do this while clearing up any issues you have caused me by refusal to request continuances.

I need you to also file pleading taking care of any other issue(s) you have caused me in the courts as I do not want your negligence to cause me to have any warrants issued, and I tried to avoid this intent of yours month ago but you simply want to keep me damaged in the court.  Have immediate reversal of any warrants that may potentially be in effect made through the courts.

If your acts of refusing to substitute attorney, refusing to gain continuances of court dates, and refusals to file Motions to Dismiss have caused me any legal issues or warrant issues I am instructing you now to file immediate pleading to reverse these issues and to have a new attorney from your office take these files from you. I never wanted you and Ms. Jara to combine these two cases into only yours, just like I never wanted the court to suspiciously tie these two cases to each other but you have repeatedly failed to do any proactive defense against the acts of the court though you know they are full of error, and even indicate a need for change of venue, especially considering the Human Trafficking issues I made you aware of related to this Venue.

Thank you,

Jessica Seymour

Paige….  Please start doing your job, I would not be in any potential harm had you performed a simple continuance the first seven or so times you were asked to do so, and these issues I am now trying to navigate through with my right to counsel basically voided by you would not be a situation I would be in had you taken proper protocol and action for a Human Traffic Victim, had you taken simple instruction from me your client, and had you just once defended me rather than alienate me, oh and by the way, yours and the courts little closed chambers meeting about me that resulted in you subsequently sitting by and with opposing counsel rather than with me also alienated me, so though you may be the courts & the City Attorney’s sweetheart, you’re far from diligent in the job your supposed to be performing for your client.  Your beyond suspicious at this point and well, why are you still damaging me and my case?  Where is my substitution of attorney?

So I am posting a “Corrected Version” of Blog #432 now.

Anti Stalker Nation,  Thank you!

J Butterfly,



Blog #432

4/10/16 Sick to my stomach over Alvin Mansour’ hiring of an “investigator” to attack me with third parties that this “investigator” sourced….  Corrected version”

Hi Anti Stalker Nation… I am sick to my stomach.  I just found out a landmine has been hiding in my path… After all this time of defending Alvin Mansour, I now find out that he actually has had a hand in what has been done to me. 

Alvin Mansour hired an “investigator” to target me back when I had broken up with him, and moved out of my River Run Condo to get away from Joy Rapp.  Yes apparently when Alvin was not able to monopolize me after one of our break up’s, he decided he would have me monopolized by an “investigator”… turns out, this “investigator” is tied to both Albert Machhour and to the SDPD’s stalking and trafficking of me, which means Alvin Mansour has been in on this trafficking of me the entire time since his hiring of this “investigator”….  I can’t even stomach it, you’re disgusting, and in the same low budget class as professional fakes, professional perverts, professional liars, professional duplicitous sycophant human trafficker’s Machhour & Tartaro.  Proves money can’t buy you class, but you already know this right under the counter dirty money FBI, SDPD, Sheriff, and ATF, right you classless under the counter launder through our own “investigations” IHT traffickers.

You disgust me Alvin.  How much did you pay this SDPD affiliated pervert to have men attack me?   How much of your fee was paid to Albert Machhour for him to approach me and start trafficking me under this “investigators” use of Albert Machhour’s Federal Agent job immunity…. Would Alberts side job be considered human trafficking by his agency or would it just be called “moonlighting” and why was this parlayed off through albert Machhour’s mortgage scams he was running with his wife prior to divorce and with Justin Alport after that, that they both tried to pin on me as if I was some low budget mortgage person who could be forced into a corner through abuse games & clever financial depletions.

Now I am forced to even wonder about your Uncle that all this targeting of me stems from… is he just targeted through hate like what Joy Rapp & Gary Rapp indicated to me, or is he actually a trafficker too but in the ring that stands in threat to this Operation Shadowboxxx ring of immunity seeking Human Trafficker law enforcement Agents.

Your scum Alvin Mansour… how much did you pay him and what did you like to see him bring to you.  What did he like to have Albert Machhour to do me for you & your “investigator” Alvin, is this how your little every week gambling spot avoided being arrested last December.  How many other guys from your office paid this “investigator” to stalk women, and what other women have been stalked due to Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Agents use of this “investigator”.  This is human trafficking of the beautiful women that top Real Estate Agents date and or are married to; this investigator is human trafficking specific women, so tell us all Alvin, how did you meet him.

Yes Alvin, how did you meet this “Investigator” human trafficker you paid to stalk me, and does he even have an “Investigator” permit or is his cover just one of those employees of some “PI” firm, because it is running wild in California that Private Investigator firms and Attorney Firms hire “investigators” as employees and never have them get licensed with the state as Private Investigator.  It is one of California’s major negligence’s in its collusion and furtherment of human trafficking the way “private investigator” firms can hire investigators under one licensed owner or Manager rather than having all employees pass a check and be licensed. It is a major trafficking furtherment that the State of California allows Attorney Firms to hire as an employee an “investigator” allowing that investigator to bypass getting a license and background check with the state as to be conducting the acts they conduct.

Alvin, how many other guys from your weekly poker games paid this “investigator” to stalk women, and what other women have been stalked due to this “investigator’s” perversions he makes with his SDPD and other Agency affiliates?

Hey Alvin, does your Investigator have contact with SDPD’s Internal Affairs Derik Diaz or with any of Derik Diaz’s gambling business ties.  Is this why the SDPD’s Derik Diaz and Stephanie Rose both threatened me and played games when I reported the assaults and what the 3 SDPD officers had done with Tartaro regarding their helping him to remove his hidden cameras after Tartaro’s scam he made that day I started to find those hidden cameras… a report I had to make to Internal Affairs since I was threatened by SDPD each time I tried prior to gain police report numbers for these crimes, right Jorje Leon.

Hey Alvin, what about all your Uncle’s High Roller ties and perks in Vegas… and what about all of “Albert” Aziz Macchour’s….. Alvin, now you have me wondering and questioning your attempts to buy that Oceanside Casino and your hand off of your hotel to your cousin in Detroit, sure your brother still has ties to that properties gas station that you fancied as part of your families gas enterprises your uncle wanted to import gas from the middle east for, so then is the State Department (who monitors applications to import oil) also a patron of this “investigator” of yours Alvin, because that would make a lot more sense out of Rebecca Hixson & David Miller’s targeting of me regarding that River Run Condo I moved out of to get away from Joy Rapp’s relentlessness.  That is when her DoD affiliated SDPD turned “other Agency” computer expert, IT expert father had a hand in steering my computer use of my hunt for a new property right into Escala and right into that particular unit.

Hey Alvin, Robert Tartaro’s team of pervert human traffickers described you as a Muslim to my Grandfather as to anger him into doing to me the things they were abusing my elderly grandfather into doing for them, a Muslim Middle Easterner type of terrorist threat is how this ring you employed described you.  You were not described as a successful American Catholic to my grandfather, nope you were described as a national threat to my grandfather, just thought you should know how those that collude with your Private Investigator you paid to hurt me look at you.

Streetlight People, I’m too sick to point out the obvious so I will just say at this point that attorney David Miller, who employed Rebecca Hixson (who rented out my River Run Condo when I moved into my new Escala Townhome), and who works with/for and by the State Department’s Investigation Field Office in Down Town San Diego, yes attorney David Miller’s IOLTA needs to be immediately investigated especially for slick cover ups made years ago & this David Miller with Rebecca Hixson and Yuri Hoffman all tried to defraud me out of over $15,000 through their scamming they make through the Superior Court.  Oh and also the IOLTA’s of any attorney ever affiliated to Alvin Mansour & to his Uncle and to Alvin Mansour’s Detroit based cousin.

I always knew Alvin was obsessive about me and controlling, but this is an entirely new level of disgust.

And it was Alvin Mansour who took me to Vegas to reunite our relationship that weekend Sarah Gibbs got abducted and attacked… the trafficking where Albert Machhour then started to contact me to tell me that Sarah had gone to the hotel room all on her own to do a drug…. Yep.  Like I said before, I knew Sarah since we were 17 & 18 years old and never once saw her do drugs, not even when Joy Rapp tried to shove them at Sarah.

I can’t even wrap my mind around it yet, so sick to find out after defending this family for so long.   Guess the Rapp’s hate of the Mansour’s was less a part of jealousy over money and more just part of a turf war after all, I mean, Joy Rapp, you did go to school with the Salem’s correct, and you did have one of them approach us out down town one night, right.

Yellow Flicker Beat”””,



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4/8/16  Hey FBI, how much did your Federally Employed Human Traffickers spend on this “investigation” & how many years have you been Shadowboxxxing before these arrests.  Hey SDPD & Shadowboxxx, did you notice the name Nasseem Salem on the FBI’s arrest role, because I noticed all the names missing from this FBI list….

Ok, so I’ve been sitting on this since December, but now seems right!

Only $10 million & only 21 people arrested, uhm and how much did you spend on this “investigation” cover of your own human trafficking FBI?

Streetlight People and Anti Stalker Nation, here is an arrest role from the FBI’s website from a 21 person arrest made in December 2015 , so about 4 months ago.  This arrest role & sting is missing a few of the others that were part of this Operation Shadowbox branch off arrest/sting that was finally made in a small attempt to justify the   perversions & trafficking of the Operation Shadowbox Agents and Agencies.

Later in this blog post I want to tell you all about Page Stevens and about the Public Defender Office’s crimes of deliberate and premeditated Negligent Misrepresentation, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, and Reckless Disregard For the Truth.  Yes when attorneys deliberately Misrepresent a client and deliberately engage in being ineffective it is a crime, and when it is done repeatedly as to cover up for SDPD crimes then it is more than a crime, it becomes colluded acts of racketeering, human trafficking, and false imprisonment.

But first, here is an FBI Release that is missing quite a few criminals for some odd reason:

Twenty Five People Charged as Members of $10 Million Illegal Gambling and Money Laundering Operation

For Further Information, Contact: Assistant U.S. Attorney Joshua Mellor (619) 546-9733

NEWS RELEASE SUMMARY – December 9, 2015

SAN DIEGO – Twenty five people are charged in a federal grand jury indictment with participating in an illegal gambling operation that laundered an estimated $10 million in gambling proceeds through Chula Vista and San Diego card rooms in what is believed to be the biggest illegal gambling prosecution in San Diego county in recent memory.

More than 200 agents from the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations and the IRS plus San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies and investigators from the California Department of Justice Bureau of Gambling Control served five search warrants and 22 seizure warrants early today at locations in Chula Vista, San Diego and elsewhere.

The search and seizure locations included the Village Club Card Room, also known as Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista, and the Palomar Card Room in San Diego. The card rooms are also charged in the indictment, which was unsealed in federal court this morning. Agents seized more than $600,000 during today’s searches of player accounts and bank accounts.

Authorities around the country arrested 21 people so far today at locations around San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties as well as San Jose, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Iowa. Five indicted defendants remain fugitives and warrants have been issued for their arrests. 

These defendants, plus the two corporations, are charged in a federal grand jury indictment with various crimes, including running an Illegal Gambling Business, Conspiracy to Launder Monetary Instruments, Failure to Maintain an Anti-Money Laundering Program and Transportation for Prostitution.

Four defendants were arraigned on the indictment in federal court this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Barbara Major. Craig Kolk, Ricardo Castellanos-Velasquez, Duy Trang were granted bail;  Ali Lareybi was detained pending a hearing on Friday at 10 a.m. before Judge Major. The remaining San Diego are scheduled to be arraigned before Judge Major tomorrow. The United States is seeking the removal of out-of-state defendants to San Diego.

According to court documents, some of the defendants allegedly operated unlicensed casinos out of rented Rancho Santa Fe mansions. Up to three times a week, some defendants held intimate high-stakes poker and black jack games in extravagant settings that featured professional card dealers, prostitutes, chefs and waitresses.

Court documents allege that lead defendant David Stroj operated an illegal bookmaking business that extended throughout North America, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, South Carolina and Florida, as well as locations in Mexico and Canada.

Millions of dollars in proceeds from the gambling events were laundered through the Palomar and Village Club card rooms, Las Vegas casinos, various bank accounts, shell companies, and a bail bonds business. The ring also operated illegal offshore online gaming websites.

“This indictment describes a massive operation that laundered millions of dollars in illicit proceeds,” said U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy. “We are committed to putting an end to any activity that enables criminals to hide illicit proceeds.”

“The defendants in this case allegedly acted as a criminal enterprise that allowed the proceeds from illegal gambling to be laundered through local card rooms thereby avoiding federal financial reporting requirements that help keep our communities safe,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric S. Birnbaum. “Today's indictment is an example of the FBI's commitment to work with our law enforcement partners to identity, disrupt and dismantle complex criminal conspiracies.”

“HSI is committed to serving side-by-side with our partners in the San Diego law enforcement community,” said Dave Shaw, special agent in charge for HSI San Diego. “This investigation has dismantled an illicit gambling operation with ties to money laundering and a cross-border prostitution recruitment scheme.  Let it be clear, HSI will aggressively pursue any and all leads involving transnational criminal activity linked to the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“These defendants allegedly participated in an illegal sports gambling business, lining their pockets with profits from an illicit poker and blackjack business,” said Special Agent in Charge Erick Martinez of IRS Criminal Investigation. “Taking assets away from illegal operations is one of the government’s most effective tools against money laundering and organized crime.”

California’s Bureau of Gambling Control Chief Wayne Quint, Jr. issued Emergency Closure Orders on both the Palomar and Village Club card rooms effective immediately.

“These casinos allegedly engaged in money laundering and illegal gambling schemes that undermine the well-being of our communities,” said Attorney General Kamala D. Harris. “I thank our California Department of Justice Bureau of Gambling Control Special Agents, as well as our local and federal law enforcement partners, for holding the alleged perpetrators accountable for their financial crimes.”

The investigation, which began in 2013, involved hundreds of intercepted calls and text messages, border crossing records plus extensive surveillance and reviews of financial records.

Stroj, the lead defendant, is described as a large-scale international bookmaker based in the San Diego area. He is charged with conducting an illegal bookmaking business, conducting an illegal poker and blackjack business and conspiracy to launder money.

According to court records, Stroj and codefendants used offshore gambling websites, including, and, to manage his bookmaking business. Stroj used financiers, a business manager, sub agents, money runners, money couriers and debt collectors to conduct the bookmaking business and launder millions of dollars.

The bookmaking clients would make checks out to the casinos such as Palomar and the Village Club, or the Wynn and Bellagio casinos in Las Vegas, and the funds would be deposited into marker or player bank accounts, court records said.

During one intercepted call, Stroj discussed gambling income and how to launder it through a card club: “Palomar is the best way I can wash the money. I don’t have to report it. I just deposit it at the Palomar and there’s no problems for me.”

In another call, Stroj said: “Between you and me, the best way to launder money, you do it through these local casinos in San Diego…that’s how, if someone owes me a 100 ($100,000) and they want to wire it to me, I wire it to the Palomar and leave it in my player’s bank and they give me chips.”

Card rooms are legal in the state of California if they comply with strict regulations. For example, an owner of a gambling establishment must apply for and obtain a valid state gambling license from the Bureau and the California Gambling Control Commission (Commission). The Bureau's Licensing staff will conduct in-depth background investigations on applicants to determine whether they are suitable to hold a state gambling license. Suitability is determined by a number of factors including but not limited to the applicant's honesty, integrity, general character, reputation, habits, and financial and criminal history.

DEFENDANTS                                Case Number: 15cr2932-BAS                     

Bryan Sibbach                                    

David Stroj                                                                

Matthew Greenwood                         

Jeffrey Broadt                                    

Jeffrey Stoff                                      

*Arturo Diaz-Ramirez                                   

Jaime Behar                                        

Robert Stroj                                       

Craig Kolk                                         

Jean Paul Rojo                                   

Joshua Jones                                       

Ricardo Castellanos-Velasquez         

*Alexandra Kane                               

Bryan Sibbach                                    

Joseph Palermo                                  

Thomas Mallozzi                                

Stephen Bednar                                 

Christopher Parsons                           

*Jeffrey Mohr                                    

*Kyle Allen                                        

Michael Hipple                                   

Duy Trang                                          

Alfredo Barba                                    

Ali Lareybi

Harvey Souza                                     

Naseem Salem



Palomar Card Club

VC Cardroom, Inc., dba Seven Mile Casino and Village Card Club


Two counts, Conducting an Illegal Gambling Business, in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1955

Maximum Penalty Five Years in Custody, $250,000 fine, three years supervised release

(Count one is the first 20 defendants in the indictment)

(County two is David Stroj, Jeffrey Stoff, Arturo Diaz-Ramirez, Jaime Behar, Duy Trang and Alfredo Barba)

One count, Conspiracy to Launder Monetary Instruments, in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. Sec 1956 (h)

Maximum Penalty 20Years in Custody, $500,000 fine, three years supervised release

(David Stroj, Matthew Greenwood, Jeffrey Broadt, Jeffrey Stoff, Arturo Diaz-Ramirez, Jaime Behar, Robert Stroj, Craig Kolk, Jean Paul Rojo, Ricardo Castellanos-Velasquez, Alexandra Kane, Bryan Sibbach, Joseph Palermo, Christopher Parsons, Jeffrey Mohr, Duy Trang, Ali Lareybi, Naseem Salem and Palomar Card Club)

Two counts, Failure to Maintain Anti-Money Laundering Program , in violation of Title 31 U.S.C. Sec. 5318 (h) (1) and  5322 (a)

Maximum Penalty Five Years in Custody, $250,000 fine, three years supervised release

Once count for each corporation

Two counts, Transportation for Prostitution, in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2421

Maximum Penalty 10 Years in Custody, $250,000 fine, three years supervised release

(Defendants David Stroj and Jeffrey Broadt only)



Homeland Security Investigations

Internal Revenue Service

California Department of Justice Bureau of Gambling Control

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department


USAO - California, Southern

So this arrest of only 21 people for only $10 million in gambling laundering is a farce, it’s a crime, it’s a joke, it’s a scam, it’s a cover up, it’s pathetic, and these Agencies likely spent far more than $10 million on this investigation, while their IHT Agents made under the counter far more than $10 million through this “investigation” that they chumped up to be able to more easily human traffic; Alvin Mansour was put into this investigations predecessor “investigation” just so that I could be trafficked by these Immunity Seeking Human Trafficker FBI Agents & their affiliates who were originally just investigating Alvin’s Uncle till they saw me in Alvin’s Maserati, right…..  the one he bought from the guy who cleans Bonny Dumanis’ campaign money that comes from El Chapo’s south of the boarder affiliates.

Oh and this report above that uses the word “prostitute” is screaming for Human Trafficking Charges so why is the DoJ & FBI so hesitant to ever do anything about Human Trafficking especially regarding the Gambling on the Indian Reservation Casino’s ?????  There is a reason why.

All the people who didn’t get arrested in this sting but who were “investigated” well those people are part of the Human Trafficking FBI Agent ring of cover up specialists & crimes & they didn’t get arrested because they are in collusion with this ring of Human Trafficking Federal Agents & their crimes are protected by these Agents.

I have Jeffery Broadt, and Bryan Sibbach highlighted on this list above of the FBI’s for a reason Streetlight People, and they are officially being Listed today on The List along with attorney Page Stevens.

Streetlight People, I also have highlighted from this FBI report the part about how “some of the defendants allegedly operated unlicensed casinos out of rented Rancho Santa Fe mansions”.  I’m just wondering, how many of those took place on Thursday nights?

I also have highlighted this part from above “In another call, Stroj said: “Between you and me, the best way to launder money, you do it through these local casinos in San Diego…that’s how, if someone owes me a 100 ($100,000) and they want to wire it to me, I wire it to the Palomar and leave it in my player’s bank and they give me chips.”

This quote is a gem, but why is the FBI not saying what the money laundering was for, was it for drugs, nope. Was it for black market guns?  Was it for Human Trafficking money to be cleaned, what’s your story FBI.  This report does list Monetary Instruments but is vague about it, are these mortgage instruments, are they tied to laundering through bogus and premeditated foreclosures like what has been done to me now through attorneys after a particular bank employee changes a payment or a modification arrangement? 

This list of the FBI’s is missing a great deal of the arrests that should be, and it is especially missing the arrests of the FBI Agent Human Traffickers, Sheriff Department Traffickers,  DHS Human Traffickers, SDPD Human Traffickers, and other Agent Human Traffickers…. I mean, what about all the dirty money Agent Albert Machhour laundered through this “investigation”.

There is way more regarding this puny arrest that took oh almost 10 years to gain, nothing suspicious there right, but I will get to that in a future blog to focus now on attorney Page Stevens and the Public Defender’s Office.

A brief background is that in 2015 I was still stalked by the SDPD not only regarding the Ariel Burton, Broxterman, & Escala home invasion and conversion of property scam, but I was also stalked around town relentlessly by the SDPD.  This ring of SDPD criminals had people following me that would call in to police about me for no reason, then the police would show up trying to call me crazy, which never worked out for them. Then the SDPD started to follow me around and they would come up to me or pull me over nearly twice a week stalking me which also never worked out for them.  Then they started to pull me over repeatedly as I was fighting 2014 traffic tickets in court, tickets the SDPD erroneously issued to try to have my license suspended and they kept stalking me each time they thought that trick to have my license suspended, had worked but I was always in the right, and the SDPD could never gain their attack of me they were trying to gain.  Each time this SDPD stalking of me would be engaged in against me I would ask the SDPD employed stalker to have his Sergeant come out and I would explain and complain to the Sergeant’s about what their Officer they supervise was doing to me and I asked these Sergeants to have this conduct out of these officers be stopped.

Then one night when an SDPD Officer was sitting at a green light waiting for me to pass through it (stalking me through my cell phone, knowing my locations at all times) I passed through the green light doing nothing wrong at all and he pulls me over at the discretion of some Strip Club that is by that light I was pulled over at.  This SDPD Officer walked up to my window on his personal cell phone talking to someone about me.  Yes Officer Newbold walked up to my car from near his strip club and he is talking about me to this third party on his phone and throwing around the word PERT repeatedly to this person he was talking to on his phone at my driver window about me in front of me.  A police officer talking about you in front of you to someone on his cell phone about PERT at your car window after pulling you over for no crime while his gun is on his hip is psychologically abusive and is perverse, especially if the person you’re doing it to is mentally ill.  If the person, such as myself, is not mentally ill, then this officer & his Sergeants attack is a perverse intimidation tactic indicative that there is intent to commit a crime against this sane person you’re conspiring to call crazy so that you can do anything you want to her, right Newbold.   

I told Officer Newbold that his conduct was beyond unprofessional and just like what is always performed, his Sergeant was requested to come, and I asked for his Sergeant so that I may complain about this issue and Officer Newbold knew that I wanted to complain about his phone call game he was engaging I at my car window in his uniform with his gun on his hip while he talked about me to someone while dropping the word PERT repeatedly, which is the Psychiatric Evaluation Response Team that used to be ran by Dr. Fix that Jorge Leon & the SDPD used back when Ben Klinger & Albert Machhour were first playing their “Let’s Call Our Victim Crazy” game.  When Officer Newbold’s Sergeant showed up, he automatically stuck his fingers and hands in my window and started yelling at me, then he started screaming at me, then he started to put on the even scarier show of taking one of his hands in and out of my window to use it to start punching my window telling me that I was hurting him as if he couldn’t take his other hand out, which he could but since he was playing a premeditated game to attack and abuse me he just kept pretending all while Newbold and another officer witnessed this scam.  Then this “Sergeant” would put his punching hand back inside my window telling me that I am pinching his hands, and it was such a disgusting tactic that I immediately asked for his Lieutenant to show up but he started to punch my window even more and he started cussing at me, he really wanted me scared and in shock but I repeated to him that I wanted his Lieutenant to show up.  He then started to remove his hand again to punch my window and then he put his hand back in my window where he had been keeping his other hand at.  Then he said he needs my window lowered so I lowered it and instantly he took his hand that he had been keeping in my window and he slid it down the curve of the widow to again start pretending that he was now stuck in my window at the part where the curve meets that door frame, and the entire event was a staged, premeditated, attack of me that shows how psychologically perverse and criminally insane the SDPD has become through years of running their trafficking & laundering scams with Operation Shadowbox, right Jorje Leon.

I say Criminally Insane because what this SDPD stalking and terrorizing and abusing of me set up of me as some sort of cop hand hurter, that SDPD Officer Newbold and “Sergeant” Hurtado are and were engaged in, was performed as to have me falsely imprisoned as if I hurt an Officer all to gain a mug shot to sell around, a mug shot that was likely paid for in advance anyhow, all to then have the SDPD’s old Ben Klinger “Call our Victim Crazy Game” scam reengaged in by the Superior Court & by the Public Defender’s in collusion with the City Attorney’s Office, right former SDPD Officer turned Attorney Public Defender Henry Coker…. Wait, oh that’s right you were an Oceanside Police Officer, right, Oceanside where that DOD base is that Bonny Dumanis was using the Police for targeting of “pot” with those CIA Agents she thanked publicly after the DA busted some “pot” users at some Pacific Beach apartment, far away from the DOD base she claimed to be “protecting” in her Operation Endless Summer media address, that is you correct Henry Coker.  

I found out later that Officer Newbold, Sergeant Hurtado, and this strip club were conspiring to call me a drunk driver, but the SDPD did not issue or ask for a field sobriety test, a breathalyzer test, or a blood alcohol test after falsely imprisoning me.  In fact Officer Newbold has sexually explicit music playing extremely loudly in his police car I was forced to sit in while waiting for a Lieutenant to arrive which I asked for after Hurtado’s psych game he played with his hands at my window.  I then had a different SDPD come up to me telling me he was a Lieutenant and that he’s not going to take a report from me about what had just happened.  Then a female SDPD arrived and I told her what the Lieutenant said to me and I was informed that he was not a Lieutenant. Criminally Insane SDPD.

I am a victim of human trafficking, and the SDPD has had a big part in it and in the cover up of it, and they are way too involved in my life, my home, my whereabouts, and this crime spree of the SDPD’s has included the deliberate Ineffective Assistance of Counsel whereas no Motion to Dismiss has been entered by attorney Paige Stevens, no effective subpoena for evidence has been entered or defended, no request to have the old outdated Klinger case Dismissed or separated from this newest SDPD scam against me has been made, and the Public Defender’s even took away one of the attorneys named Ms. Jara who was helping me just so that I could be monopolized and Handled into harm by Paige Stevens at the instruction of Henry Coker.

I instructed Paige Stevens to have the “added on” Ben Klinger case (that had already reached its statute of limitations and that even had court error dismissal qualifications) be separated from this newest SDPD stalking of me case that the SDPD called a harming of their hand case.

Paige Stevens and Henry Coker are so deliberately ineffective, incompetent, exhibiting of a total disregard for the truth, and are so deliberately negligent in their treatment of my case that it was the Road to Marsden all over again just like what the OAC had deliberately done with Gary Owen Roberts the first time in 2011 when he called me crazy when I filed for the Marsden Hearing.  And the OAC was only able to do this in 2011 because of the “conflict of interest” that the Public Defender’s office now magically does not have seeing as how the Police Departments Henry Coker is in charge.

Paige Stevens repeatedly tried to keep me from participating in my own defense and then even told me I couldn’t email her and that I would have to start calling her, even though she knew I did not have a phone. 

Yes I was forced to have to live without a phone just to be able to not have SDPD stalking me around nonstop, and my own attorney then told me I have to only call her and not email her.  So I am including some of the instructions made to Paige Stevens, instructions that included my repeatedly instructing Paige Stevens to have a Motion For Continuance of Proceedings filed, Continuances that she never filed for just to deliberately keep me in a bad situation and to bring me harm, Later I am going to include the request I made to Paige Stevens and to the Henry Coker for a Substitution of Attorney which they also never made, but for now, here is the Marsden Pleading that I clock and dropped filed at the court and that I gave a copy of to Paige Stevens, then when I was not able to have this Marsden pleading formally filed at the court I instructed Paige Stevens to have it filed and to have the court date and time set by the court since I couldn’t get it set.  Paige Stevens emailed me back saying that she “only files pleadings she prepares”, to which I responded that this pleading was already clock and dropped filed and that she only needs to have it formally stamped and the hearing set, but she never did, and she never informed me of when I could have my Marsden Hearing, and now I need the Anti Stalker Nation’s help in getting my Marsden Hearing set, yes I need a different attorney from the Public Defender’s office, one that sees Henry Coker for the SDPD’s collusionary placement into this position that he is.

Here is the Marsden Pleading that Paige & the Court received but never set a date for and that Paige Stevens also has tried to keep buried, and that her boss Henry Coker has also tried to keep buried while likely defaming me and while never entering a Substitution of Attorneys; nor has Henry Coker had his underling Paige Stevens secure the Marsden Hearing, the Motions for Dismissal, the Motion for Separation of Cases, the Motions for Subpoena, or the necessary and instructed Motions for Continuance & Substitution of Attorney, yep, so here is the Marsden that I had clock and dropped, and that the Court had clock and dropped received, that Paige Stevens refused to secure a date and time for when I couldn’t get such from the court:                                



Klinger/SDPD and SDPD joined,



Jessica Seymour,











Court No.: 204247, and 125479, and MH 106109




Date:      11/20/15




Motion is hereby made for a Marsden Hearing due to Ineffective Assistance of Counsel with Motion for Substitution of Attorney with declaration in support, and attached Notice, for cases  204247, and 125479, and MH 106109.  Request For Audio Recording of Hearing is hereby made.

Declaration in support:    I declare that Paige Stevens has been incompetent and inadequate in her defense of the erroneous claims made against me. Basis for Marsden Hearing and Substitution of Counsel are Inadequate Representation, Embroilment, Negligent Misrepresentation, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, and Reckless Disregard For the Truth.

1) Appointed counsel is not providing adequate representation.  At the second hearing I had with Ms. Stevens she kept me in the hallway telling me that I was 5th on Docket, and to wait for her in the hallway until the judge called our case, and Page Stevens forced me to miss my time in front of the judge.  Ms. Stevens then came into the hallway from the court room telling me that my cases had been basically joined and that they were both pending a mental evaluation due to the “courts mistake” and “court error” made after I was finally free from the unlawful imprisonment that was made against me by the “mental incompetency” mal practices of the OAC.  The OAC targeted me on behalf of the City and County when I found hidden cameras placed in my home by the liaisoning that the SDPD was engaged in with the County’s “Operation Shadowbox”; the state and federal Agent[s] affiliated with Operation Shadowbox were selling me through their hidden cameras to men that would then also pay to know my whereabouts and I was targeted for sexual assault by Operation Shadowbox state and federal Agents.  The OAC’s attorneys agreed to harm me to cover up the crimes of state, city, county, and federal agents that were being made under the false pretenses of Operation Shadowbox. Money laundering of human trafficking money is made through Interest On Attorney Trust Accounts and all the OAC attorneys used to harm me into the “mental incompetency court” need to be investigated for money laundering.

Ms. Stevens has failed to make subpoenaed discovery of the 3 SDPD that took some of the Operation Shadowbox’s cameras from my home the day their patrons all saw me finding the cameras.  I am still stalked to this day by the SDPD’s abuse of their investigation powers, which is also a defense that Page Stevens is refusing to address. Page Stevens has failed to bring up any defense I am due under Human Trafficking and Victims’ Rights laws that protect me form such abuse just for reporting what I have witnessed.  Ms. Stevens

I informed Page Stevens that court’s mistakes are grounds for Dismissal and instructed Paige Stevens to file Motion of for Dismissal of the “mental incompetency” attack of me, and Motion for Dismissal of the Klinger/SDPD case all together.  Ms. Stevens has failed to engage in proper defense of a client where the court has made error’s that give cause for dismissal.  Attorney Page Stevens has become incompetent.  Attorney Paige Stevens representation of me has become so defective that it has effectively violated my right to counsel.

2) Appointed counsel Paige Stevens has become embroiled in such an irreconcilable conflict that ineffective representation is likely to result. People v. Barnett (1998) 17 Cal.4th 1044, 1085; People v. Mayfield (1997) 14 Cal.4th 668, 795.).  Paige Stevens has refused to identify to me the Conflict of Interest that the Public Defender’s Office had in 2011 regarding representing this case.  I have requested a formal in writing Declaration from my attorney Paige Stevens as to the 2011 Conflict of Interest.  Paige Stevens has refused to furnish this Attorney Declaration to me.

               In response to my request for Paige Stevens to furnish me with her Declaration of the reason for the 2011 Conflict of Interest, Ms. Sevens has told me that I must only call her and not email her.  Paige Stevens knows that I have no phone and that emailing is best; Ms. Sevens refuses to work with me in standard email medium and has caused me hardship simply so that there will be no paper record of her negligence and misrepresentation.

               At the last hearing, I asked Paige Stevens again in person for the reason of the 2011 “Conflict of Interest” and she deflected to some email pdf from of a “denial of claim” form that was produced after the Public Defender’s had already made their 2011 Conflict of Interest [in the Ben Klinger Case; due to the date on the form Page Stevens produced, a date that was after the Public Defender’s conflict of interest hand off of me to the OAC, this form was no way in affiliation to the Public Defenders Offices’ “conflict of interest”]. I informed Ms. Stevens that the form she deflected to could not possibly be the reason for the Public Defender’s 2011 “conflict of interest” that they used to send my case to the OAC.  Page Stevens responded by telling me that she was not going to discuss the conflict of interest anymore.  This has become an active deception of Ms. Stevens’, and the defense of the claims made against me renders that I have a right to know what the formal in writing grounds were for the 2011 conflict of interest; had this “conflict of interest” never been used by the Public Defenders than I would have never been called incompetent by the OAC.

               Page Steven’s took back door in chambers conference with the judge upon the last hearing and she came out hostile toward me.  Page Stevens didn’t even sit with me in the court room, but chose to rather sit in close proximity to the opposing counsel.

Attorney Page Steven’s refusal to vet out the actual and formal reason for the 2011 conflict of interest in this case looks to be a cover up of past city employee crime when combined with her refusal to defend in any way against this new attack of my mental competency that I have instructed her to defend against. Attorney Paige Stevens has become ineffective in defending me.

3) Negligent Misrepresentation is being made by Paige Stevens about my mental status and mental competency by Page Steven’s refusal to file any defense against such attack.  Paige Stevens has simply gone along with what the court judges in chamber and behind my back hearings have asked her to go along with. Page Steven’s treats me like I am stupid. Page Steven’s needs to gain the name’s of all Persons that are having the Judge take in chambers meetings with her. When I asked Ms. Steven’s about her in chambers behind closed door meeting with the Judge she tried to be dishonest with me acting as though it meant nothing, when it has caused a rift in her due care of me.  Attorney Paige Stevens has also refused to file the Response to Plaintiff’s Opposition that I instructed her to file regarding the subpoena’s and other discovery needed for the defense of my mental status & defense of these cases.  I relied on Page Stevens to defend against this mental competency attack and she has refused to now after speaking privately with the judge.  Page Stevens has breached her duty to act properly in defending me, and she is formally misrepresenting me to the world and to any potential jury as a person who needs a court ordered mental competency exam.  Attorney Paige Stevens has become ineffective in defending me. Page Stevens has not taken any of the actions prudent to my defense, and has not used a reasonable degree of care in defending me. Page Stevens hasn’t even asked for one continuance to allow her time to investigate what I have informed her of and she not even ask[ed] me details about the cases. 

4) Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Page Steven’s even refuses to meet with me timely to defend against this attack of my mental competency that is being made due to court error, while she tells me I can’t email her and while she knows I have no phone to call her on.  Ms. Steven’s wants to force me to wait until there is very little time to defend against this attack of my mental competency and has already damaged my case letting this attack of my mental competency be assigned on to two cases rather than keeping it just an issue on one case.  I informed Page Stevens that if I am being forced to defend against attacks of my mental stability and reputation that I want to have my own defense use our own doctor as well, which Page Stevens said would be fine but she has failed to ever secure such or provide me with the 3 names of the doctors she said she uses.  This conduct hurts me financially as I run a business that is based on my credibility. Page Stevens is damaging not only my cases defense and my financial gains by not filing a Motion for Dismissal [but she is also damaging by defence against the SDPD in the case that sould never have been attached to this 6 year old mental compitancy attack; what jury is going to not be tainted against me when told that I had a mental competency issue arise that dragged out me being cleared of what the SDPD has now attacked me with in this newest forcing of me into court as if I did something that I did not do]. Attorney Paige Stevens has become ineffective in defending me.

5) Reckless disregard for the truth has been engaged in [by] attorney Paige Stevens.  Attorney Paige Stevens has recklessly disregarded the truth about the 2011 “conflict of interest” that the Public Defender’s office used to hand me over to the OAC affiliated private attorneys who ambushed my mental standing. I need to have the formal declaration of the Public Defender’s before seeing any Doctor that wishes to test my mental competency based off of the fact that I have said that these cries crimes have been engaged in [back in 2011 by Ben Klinger, Judge Rodgers, the SDPD, Albert Machhour and by Robert Tartaro; this mental competency issue is 6 years old].  I was sent to the mental competency court [in 2011] by the OAC attorneys when I informed them [Gary Owens Roberts & Marcy Chipman] that I was being stalked by people who placed cameras in my home and that had the SDPD’s help in removing the cameras on the day that I was finding all the hidden cameras.  Attorney Page Steven’s has a duty to provide me with such evidence & discovery from the SDPD to take to any doctor that wants to [now] analyze my mental competency, and attorney Paige Steven’s has failed recklessly to engage in this duty to seek the truth.  Attorney Paige Stevens has become ineffective in defending me.

               Attorney Paige Stevens has held a reckless disregard for the truth when I asked her about her in chamber dealings with the judge.  Attorney Paige Stevens has held a reckless disregard for the truth when I asked her for her formal declaration in writing as to her offices past conflict of interest; On 11/16/15 Paige Stevens told me that her offices past file on me was just thin with nothing much in it since the case was transferred off so quickly and that she does not know what the past conflict of interest was, and that she will not be discussing it with me further. Attorney Paige Stevens has become uncooperative with me.

I further declare that I need a Continuance of the current appointments and hearings related to this case since I have instructed my attorney to file a Motion To Dismiss and she has not done so yet, causing me to need the Public Defender’s Office to issue me a Substitution of Counsel that Page Steven’s refused to engage in when I gave her the 11/16/17 Declaration with Request for Continuance.

My Attorney has failed to defend in other areas that will cause her embarrassment if I state them now, and I would prefer to keep them private unless I have to use them. I also informed my Attorney that the unjoining of these two cases needs to be motioned but she has not filed for that either. My attorney has not asked me a single question about the Klinger/SDPD case, nor has she asked me about the SDPD case since our first meeting, though much data has been given to her regarding that case.

The Plaintiffs’ attack of my mental competency is an insulting tactic used by the City Attorney against women that Operation Shadowbox, city, & county employees have damaged and harmed. I have instructed my Attorney to have the mental competency attack Opposed in pleading while motioning for Dismissal but she has failed to file for that either. My mental competency has never been an issue and my Attorney is not properly defending the attacks made against me by the Plaintiffs; and this may [be] too technical of a case for such a new attorney.  In the past this attack of my mental competency was engaged in just to cover-up the crimes of the county, city, state, and feds that used the Operation Shadowbox “investigation” for furtherment of crime and money laundering made through attorney trust fund accounts and non-judicial foreclosure scams that Home Owner Association Attorneys are running for this human trafficking ring of “investigators”. Page Stevens has failed to properly investigate and make discovery of any of the City and County “investigations” that have been used for the SDPD’s relentless stalking and harassing of me. 

I am asking for a more seasoned attorney from the Public Defender’s Office and need a Continuance to provide for more time with a new counsel for filing the proper dismissals, defenses, and discovery.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing it true and correct: _______________________                      ___________________________________

Date                                                                  Jessica Seymour




Klinger/SDPD, and SDPD,



Jessica Seymour,












Court No.: 204247, and 125479



Date:      11/20/15

Hearing Date:  ________________________

Hearing Time: ____________ in Dept. ____




               Notice to be filled out by Court:  Motion hearing for Marsden and Substitution of Attorney for Cases 204247, and 125479 is set for__________________________________2015 , at ___:____ am/pm , at court house located at _____________________________________________ ,  in Department _________ , with Judge _______________________________________.


______________________           _______________________________________

Date                                                                  Name

So, the court received this Marsden Motion but never issued and Marsden Hearing, all while knowing that I am a human trafficking Victim and while knowing that I have formally identified the SDPD as being part of the Human Trafficking ring that abuses me and while knowing that I have identified the court employees as being a part of the trafficking ring that abuses me, this court has a duty to change venue all on its own accord to a venue I am allowed to be able to occomodate.  All while my attorney also refused to gain the Marsden Hearing or even gain a substitution of attorney from within her office.  The Courts also have a duty to protect Human Trafficking Victims from traffickers even if those traffickers are Sheriff, Police, Judges, or Federal / State / County / City Employees.

Now, here is one of the communications I made in aid of my own defense to Paige Stevens that she totally never asked the court for any of:

Office of the Public Defender

450 B Street #900

San Diego CA 92101

C/O Paige Stevens


Re: Jessica Seymour

Ms. Stevens,

Thank you for receiving this second data requested, with Discovery Requests.

Data Requested By Me:

You prior requested data on the ticket numbers from the SPDP’s stalking of me for false tickets and I supplied you with them being Case #’s 37-2014-00309573, and 37-2014-00309572; and on Ticket Numbers Y1600181; and Y1531839; and Y1637925; and on Ticket Number’s 55359921; and P100850744. 

I was made aware on 9/26/15 that one of these cases were now used to have my license suspended by a court order for “not showing up” to court as told to me by an SDPD Officer who took my license from me though he was informed that I have never received my first needed informing of this [suspension, a formal notice is required by law prior to taking a licnece as to allow a person to fix the issue before having to be licenceless and it is a formal informing] that is needed prior to taking of a license.  This SDPD Officer told me that someone had reported me to be committing a crime but this SDPD Officer refused to investigate who had given this false report to the SDPD, his Sergeant was called out at my request and said that he would investigate this false report matter. This issue is relevant to this false arrest case because the SDPD’s targeting of me has been situated around human trafficking and the SDPD have actively been stalking me with the intent to take my license from me to force me to be walking the streets rather than driving.  This [suspension of my license] was done to me [by the San Diego Superior Court] though I informed the court in pleading that I needed extension of time for appeal trial.  This is the second time the SDPD and the Traffic Court have engaged in using the DMV to target my ability to drive, and the SDPD has even stalked me where I have faxed to my auto lean holder in hopes of targeting my car, 35)Please request discovery on the Traffic Court files.

I have regularly, and repeatedly in violation of law, experienced the Appeal Court refusing to enter my pleadings into my court files and the Appeal Court has regularly refused to enter into the Register of Action my pleadings and they have refused to give to judges my pleadings for months now on the court case surrounding my home, and it now appears that the Appeal Court is doing the same thing for the SDPD against my ability to drive as my pleading for extension of court date should have been honored by a judge had it been handled properly by the court, 36)Please request discovery on the Appeal Court files for my traffic tickets.

This Human Trafficking Ring that many SDPD employees are part of has been so extreme that from 2009 to 2012 they even had an Agent named Robert Tartaro invade my home by targeting my [online] roommate postings, Agent Robert Tartaro was working with another Agent named Albert Machhour to place hidden cameras all over my home to engage in making videos of me while Albert Machhour was pretending to me to be my boyfriend. One placed the hidden cameras while the other one pretended to me to be in a relationship with me so they basically broke up their video making of me into at least two different ways so that no one person could be considered to be a “human trafficker under the legal definition” [which is currently stated in a way that a single person has to do both forms of the trafficking event(s) for it to be considered to be human trafficking]; and they even then had me called crazy [by SDPD Jorje Leon] when I reported the cameras I found then had me called crazy in the court, then had me placed living with a Human Trafficker named Charlotte Awino when I found alternate housing and schooling in Seattle to try to get away from this stalking, a move to Washington that I was only able to make from funds placed by a man named James Shelton.  Charlotte Awino was in America from the Joseph Koney LRA Human Trafficking Ring, and she was placed living with me on the SPU Campus who later had a campus shooting.  Both Charlotte Awino and James Shelton are notorious childhood murderers, who have both been in decades long imprisonments/control, and all these people worked to keep me under heavy control, unlawful surveillance stalking of me, and all tried repeatedly to engage in threatening me and having me falsely imprisoned in liaison with the SDPD, 36)Please request discovery, phone, text, email records on Agent Robert Tartaro. 37)Please request discovery on Agent Albert Machhour (Aziz Machhour). 38)Please request discovery on phone, text, email records on Charlotte Awino. 39)Please request discovery on James Shelton.

Since around 2005 the SDPD has been targeting my property & home ownerships with a prior SDPD SWAT Officer named Lee Martin who I went to high school with, and with an Officer’s daughter named Joy Rapp (Officer Gary Rapp, Coronado PD, now with a Different Agency in East County), and numerous false “investigations” have been maliciously lodged against me by the SDPD as to keep me vulnerable, disenfranchised, and to ultimately give a plausible deniability to their stalking of me if theywere ever to be caught in their crimes, the SDPD has employees that are running a human trafficking ring through the courts & through false investigations & false arrests, 40)Please request discovery on each “investigation” that the SDPD has made against me, even if it was done under a different “investigation of a different person” such as my past boyfriend’s Uncle, my past boyfriend is named Alvin Mansour and his Uncle owns much Ocean Beach Property and I am not sure of this uncles first name.

These human traffickers are extremely dangerous and have sought out jobs that give them access to a gun and to a woman’s everything. Please take proper safety precautions for yourself; have you issued the request for Broad Range Protective Orders to be placed against these entities that are stalking me for false arrest scams, and that are repeatedly targeting my property and repeatedly trying to debilitate & traffic me?

The human traffickers that stalk and falsely arrest women they seek to sell and discredit have been doing so in liaison with many entities and bogus “investigations”, and have targeted me through “Operation Shadowbox”. 41)Please request discovery on Operation Shadowbox about me and about the name they ran their targeting of me though which is likely to be under the last name of “Mansour”, SDPD’s Gary Rapp and Joy Rapp hate the Mansour family and targeted me for dating Alvin Mansour.  Gary Rapp even bought a condo next to mine and then instructed Joy Rapp on her targeting of me, then when I moved to get away from Joy, my condo ownership was targeted. 42) Please request discovery on phone, text, email records on Gary Rapp’s. 43) Please request discovery on phone, text, email records on Joy Rapp.  

This court & law enforcement ran human trafficking ring launders its dirty money through property conversion scams & through interest on attorney trust accounts that aren’t monitored by the feds like our bank accounts are.  This ring seeks to target homes of people they live around by falsely imprisoning and victimizing, stalking, and human trafficking a woman; or as in SDPD Officer Rapp’s targeting of me, they buy a property next to a Victim they seek to make a lot of money off of.  44)Please request discovery on phone, text, email records and affiliated IOLTA accounts of attorney Marcy Chipman who aided in having me falsely imprisoned for 3 months. 45) Please request discovery on phone, text, email records and affiliated IOLTA accounts of attorney Gary Owen Roberts who aided in having me falsely imprisoned. The false imprisonment of me was tied to my neighbor Ben Klinger’s stalking of me that he made on behalf of law enforcement, 46) Please request discovery on phone, text, email records and affiliated IOLTA accounts of Ben Klingler’s attorney, [who did not show up to the hearing and] who had refused to give his name & identity to me during the court trial and appeal process [and judge Rodgers also refused to give me Ben Klinger’s attorney’s name when I asked for it in court]. 47) Please request discovery on phone, text, email records of Ben Klinger.  

Yes, Paige Stevens, the Public Defender’s Office, and Henry Coker have only worked to my detriment with the courts and with the City Attorney, and have failed to even correct any of the potentially bad situations they would be fostering me to be in.

Oh and by the way, Paige Stevens and the Public Defender’s Office never once engaged in any proper actions for defense of, or for protection of, a Human Trafficking Victim. The Public Defender’s Office has not once contacted federal investigators regarding this Human Trafficking targeting of me that I have reported to them as being engaged in through the SDPD & Court Employees.  Instead the Public Defender’s office under Henry Coker has facilitated not even motioning for one of continuances that I requested on any of the situations they deliberately allowed for by not defending at all against them. In fact, I even emailed Paige Stevens months ago follow up on the Marsden and Substitution of Attorney requested and I instructed her (since she won’t let go of me or even have a Marsden set when I cannot get it set at the court) to petition with the Court to have the damages her acts have caused me to be corrected and fixed pending Continuance and Substitution of attorney needs but has she done any of this yet?  

Hey Paige Stevens, why won’t you let me have a different attorney… why won’t your boss let you set a Marsden date, why are you trying to give the court every benefit to hurt me?  Especially when I have told you that this court has engaged in past crimes against me, why have you not even gotten the Venue Change I requested you to gain. 

Or better stated, why have you listened to Henry Coker’s instructions to not help me in any meaningful way.

More importantly Paige Stevens, why have you refused to properly identify the real reason for the 2011 “conflict of interest” your Public Defender’s Office had for this Ben Klinger case that you now want to keep in your total control and allow to be attached to this newest SDPD Human Trafficking of me… yes, whenever there is any “mug shot” involved with false arrests then it becomes a Human Trafficking since these mug shots are bought, sold, and traded by the SDPD’s affiliated human trafficking ring.

Paige, I still don’t have a phone, can I email you yet?

Better yet, Paige Stevens, please email me any Motions you’ve filed in court to try to undo any damages you’ve facilitated for this court & for the SDPD to bring against me unless of course you actually put in for the Motion for Continuance Pending Marsden Hearing that I assume you had to have put in, I mean it would be totally unlawful for you to have not put it in by now.

Yellow Flicker Beat”””



Blog #­­­­­430

4/7/16  ICIJ, yay!

I’ve been listening to people around town talking about the ICIJ’s big leak regarding so many and in particular the world soccer association known as FIFA.  GOOD JOB International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).  This is everything right about journalism, and by the way, the talkers are saying that you all did a larger dump than Snowden.  This means that you did a much bigger public service than Snowden did.  Congratulations!

Not that I am ahead of the curve or anything but in Blog #426 I already linked the El Chapo ring of Traffickers to FIFA which has already linked themselves to Interpol.  This ICIJ outing of these high profile wealthy criminals is outing a human trafficking & laundering ring that likes to tear apart the countries that give them their positions of power.  Which is why I am so glad that Putin is outed in this info dump, right Anastasia… Right Israeli Ambassador David who was trafficking Anastasia… right DHS Kenneth Krause who started trafficking me because I reported to authorities about Anastasia… 

Hey DHS Agent Kenneth Krause, didn’t you have a hand in the Ben Klinger, SDPD, Marcy Chipman, & Superior Courts, scam of calling me crazy for reporting the crimes I reported, yes you did.  In fact Marcy Chipman told me that she had just talked to you in the judges chambers on the day she helped a judge falsely imprison me in premeditation.

Hey Marcella Chipman, how was your time in Africa, did you visit Uganda or Kenya?  Did you visit Charlotte Awino’s father’s hotel? Doctors who practition upon Presidents and who also have hotels, should be a bit of a flag raise, but when those doctor’s children end up a Do Anything Agent secretly working for “research” companies after getting into America on student visa after being abducted from a Catholic School that had other parents rushing to get their kids out of the day before, yes abducted into a child guerilla soldier camp that was protected enough to have abducted over 30,000 children to traffick, well that should raise a lot more red flags, right Marcy Chipman of Texas, of San Diego, and of Africa after colluding to have me steered and handled to Washington on James Shelton’s dime for that premeditated SPU campus shooting that Charlotte Awino threatened to me about when I started to make reports to police, yes she threatened me about my family being killed in front of me then me being dragged out into the public to be made a shame and waist on the campus, the blame taker for the SPAWAR aligned event….  James Shelton, also a childhood murderer, rapist, controlled for 30 years by Sheriff’s then unleashed upon my mother via cyber stalking of her online time. 

I had a very naive comment made to me once about if James Shelton and this comment went like this… “if James Shelton wanted to kill your family then he would have”.

Well, here’s the obvious response: he was not allowed kill my family until I was there to be put into shock over being forced to watch it, because this was a coordinated handling of me and of my family by perv sociopaths tied to those who controlled James Shelton for 30 years through the jail system.

Here is a less obvious response:  James Shelton does what he is told to do by his handlers, and he may not have been the only person involved in assaulting & murdering that girl all those decades ago.

See, when I turned in the audio recording of the Seattle Police Officer cover up for Awino & for Wetzel’s handling of me, yes when I turned over to the Seattle Police Internal Affairs office the audio of their officer covering up for Awino, the entire premeditated campus shooting event for SPU & for it’s overly CIA Agent patroned MBA Program, got pushed back a while, while the Shady Hook shooting got to be aligned to be on my birthday… these human trafficker domestic terrorist gun traffickers are obsessed with me, anyone have any idea why.

So then, Streetlight People, what are all of DHS agent Kenneth Krause’s affiliations to Interpol & to Spawar?  I mean, we already know Kenneth Krause was the go to man for the Anna Nichole Smith negligent death/murder on an alternate jurisdiction Gambling Indian Land Casino trial, and we all know by now that both sides of these Human Trafficking related court matters are controlled by the traffickers, right down to the judges.

By the way Anti Stalker Nation, I’m so pleased withICIJ’s info dump that I’m going to include this link to the article below it:

“”Over a month after Gianni Infantino's election, FIFA has been caught up in a massive leak of documents -- dubbed the Panama Papers -- which allege business ties between a member of FIFA's ethics committee and men indicted for corruption.

FIFA says it has launched an investigation into that member —Uruguayan lawyer Juan Pedro Damiani— and alleged links to three men indicted on corruption charges by U.S. authorities.

The alleged ties were drawn from more than 11 million documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, a Panama law firm that allegedly helped set up secret shell companies and offshore accounts.

The documents go back decades and reference everyone from world leaders to public officials, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which carried out the yearlong investigation, in cooperation with more than 100 different news organizations.

In the case of FIFA, the three men allegedly linked to Damiani in the leak are Eugenio Figueredo, a former FIFA vice president, and Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, a father and son who ran a sports marketing business in Argentina.

The leaked documents allegedly show that Damiani and his law firm undertook work for at least seven offshore companies linked to Figueredo, who has been charged by U.S. authorities with money laundering and wire fraud.

"Our firm did not maintain any business relationship or conduct business with or for Mr. Eugenio Figueredo, nor for any of the other people mentioned in the newspaper article," the legal firm J.P. Damiani said in a statement to CNN.

The records do not suggest that Damiani, who is also president of Uruguayan club Penarol, acted illegally nor do they accuse the law firm of acting outside of the law.

But a spokesman for FIFA told CNN: "We confirm that on March 19 the investigatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee was informed by the chairman of the adjudicatory chamber, Hans-Joachim Eckert, about becoming recently aware of a business relationship between the member of the adjudicatory chamber Juan Pedro Damiani, and Eugenio Figueredo Aguerre."

he spokesman went on to say, "After receiving the information Dr. Cornel Borbély, chairman of the investigatory chamber of the Ethics Committee, has immediately opened a preliminary investigation to review the allegations in question. Dr. Borbély is currently looking into said allegations in order to determine if there is a breach against the FIFA Code of Ethics and decide any further measures. "

Regarding the FIFA corruption scandal, and the supposed CONMEBOL irregularities, Damiani said that as Penarol president he "reported the case to the FIFA Ethics Committee and the CONMEBOL Ethics committee.

"It is very unreasonable to be the complainant, to have been the witness who ratifies the complaint and to have any link with the denounced activities," added Damiani.

"That is probably why, because I had the courage of making a complaint, that there are people who are interested in damaging my reputation and good name with false and unfair allegations"

A German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung, obtained the data files from an anonymous source and shared them with the ICIJ. CNN hasn't been able to independently verify the ICIJ reports and has reached out to those named.

Damiani has worked on the ethics committee since 2003 and was involved in deciding the suspension of Sepp Blatter, the former FIFA president.

Since being elected in February to succeed Blatter, Infantino has spoken repeatedly about a "new era" for football, but the leaked documents have put the focus back on corruption claims that have dogged world football's governing body.

Figueredo, now 84, was a FIFA vice-president until 2014. He was arrested last May in Zurich on charges of corruption in an investigation launched by U.S. authorities.

The former head of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol), Figueredo has reportedly agreed a plea bargain deal to reduce his punishment in the FIFA corruption scandal, which could help him reduce his potential jail time by up to half the maximum 15 years sentence, according to the prosecution, said Reuters.

Both Hugo and Mariano Jinkis are under house arrest in Argentina as they face proceedings for extradition to the U.S. Their lawyers have previously told journalists that they are innocent of all accusations.

Several news organizations published reports Sunday about the many people named—from sports officials to world leaders—in the more than 11 million documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, the law firm that allegedly facilitated the creation of secret shell companies and offshore accounts.

Shell companies and offshore accounts can be used to mask the origin of financial transactions and ownership, though the documents do not necessarily indicate illegal activity.

Ramon Fonseca Mora, a co-founder of Mossack Fonseca, told CNN that the information published about the firm was false and full of inaccuracies.

In longer statements provided to the ICIJ, the firm said that the parties "in many circumstances" cited by the ICIJ "are not and have never been clients of Mossack Fonseca."

CNN attempted to contact representatives of Figueredo and the Jinkis' but did not receive a reply.”””

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­So it rarely gets better than this leak though I do feel it will, and here is a highlight of what makes this leak so good, Jurgen Mossack of Firm Mossack Fonseca, well of course he went to Catholic Schooling but well he’s also a CIA Agent who just so happens to also be a German BND…. Their version of our CIA though they would state it just a bit different according to the BND guy who stalked me in Seattle back when I was at SPU.  This BND guy was in Seattle to meet up with his boss of the private security company he runs which as he put it runs the private security for the Hollywood stars and he name dropped Angelina Jolie as one of his clients. And this BND was definitely part of the Awino-Wetzel pretzel.

While Fonseca of Mossack Fonseca is a novelist, hmm Galdorisi.  Oh ya, and Fonseca wanted to be a Priest before turning to law.

A quote that stood out to me from the article above was this one by Juan Pedro Damiani: "It is very unreasonable to be the complainant, to have been the witness who ratifies the complaint and to have any link with the denounced activities," ….. Right because a double cross never happens, nor do the guilty ever try to paint themselves as upstanding good doers… especially not when they get tipped off. 

Hey Streetlight People, we are the lights and you’re the ones who see the path that is being lit up, thank you.

Street Light People, what are Juan Pedro Damiani’s American IOLTA link ups?

And since a Panama law firm leak gave way to this massive corruption outing of how the traffickers hide their money, what are their IOLTA link ups? This is what is called an After Shock, right Chili? 

Yes, officially The Earthquake hit Chili and now the aftershocks are rippling.  Thank you Red.

Gravity is a Supreme Being and he has a way of after-shocking! 




Blog #­­­­­429

3/27/16 Happy Easter to the Anti Stalker Nation, to the Abolitionists, and to the Streetlight People!

Here is a gift I am allowed to relay:

One of God's favorite ways to be worshiped is to be smiled at. You just say God and look up and smile.

One of the best ways to worship God is to pray to him.  This might work, “God, you know the judgement I deserve.  Will you please help me. Will you please forgive me of my offenses. Will you please forgive me of my sin.  May I please receive you. If I may not receive you, please help me to do the things needed to receive you someday”.

Here are a few things on my heart;

Now I want to say Thank you God for your Son.

Now I want to say Thank you to The Father, and thank you for Jesus.

Now I want to say Thank you to the Divine Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus.

Now I want to say Thank you to Yahweh, and thank you for helping us know that The Great Giver of life knows everything.

Now I want to say Thank you to Jesus for Rising, and for coming back, especially when you could have just let this entire place burn for you to start over with fresh, thank you for loving us and earth more than the possibilities.  I know you have many options but you kept us.  Thank you for avoiding what was written, thank you for being Victorious, We love you!  Thank you all of those who can rightfully call the Righteous Lord Jesus your son, for taking what was written and redefining it.

Jesus, I walk for you but you dance for me, you fly for me, you soar, and your love reigns right out of the sky, and we can’t wait to see you finish your walk you started.  Thank you for rising above the ugly that was done to you that you never deserved and that your Father never intended when he allowed you to come, sorry for what was done to you, sorry for your pain, I hope some of us down here are making you smile.

And now I want to say thank you to the Holy Spirit for translating the secrets of my heart.  Thank you Holy Spirit for speaking the emotions I don’t know how to say.   

Team Jesus,



Blog #­­­­­428

3/22/16  Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention…

So about yesterday’s Yo-yo post, I forgot to mention, not only did this ring 0f IHT FBI agents use Yolanda to say whatever stupid thing they needed to have said, not only did these IHT FBI agents premeditate to illegally coach, guide & use Yolanda to pump me for private medical information & financial information & to coerce me into a bankruptcy over the phone as to gain this data illegally in a way that a different Agency could pretend was legally gained (Operation Shadowboxxx’s and its SDPD IHT liaison’s), data by the way that was not any sort of illegal thing on my behalf but was more being sought after due to the odd things that was put in with this data by these IHT’s, but these IHT FBI agents also passed Yolanda around sexually through their clever games of emotional abuse & control, but they also then passed Yolanda to some guy who lived in Orange County who installed cameras and had hidden cameras all over his home, including in his bedroom where he was making his hidden camera sex footages of Yolanda, a home that Yolanda was instructed to get me to, and when I was there he had a pill bottle of Ritalin left out on his kitchen counter though he doesn’t take Ritalin.  How much did these IHT’s make off of their hidden human trafficking video’s of Yolanda.

Here’s the thing, this Orange County hidden camera guy is so slick with his trafficking that he puts out unhidden cameras too all over his home while hiding all the electronics & screens in his attic, this is the guy who had conspired to keep Yolanda on the phone till the spike strip your tire IHT’s got themselves set up around the corner from Yolanda’s house that night she got drugged on Halloween while the Orange County hidden camera affiliate of theirs kept Yolanda on the phone locked in the Del Taco Bathroom, yep he told her to go into the bathroom in Dell Taco when I stopped to food and he told her to lock herself in the bathroom for over 45 minutes while I waited as they set up their attack plan. When she finally came out of the bathroom still on the phone with him, he had her tell me to take her to her home instead of staying at my house as prior planned. This is the drugging where a guy was trying to get her dragged off by his grasp on her arm to his room at the Hard Rock in San Diego, yah that was the night when she drank the drinks he was buying and giving to me that I wouldn’t drink since I was the driver that night, I told him I wasn’t drinking and that I was the designated driver but he still kept bringing me drinks… ya this Orange County Human Trafficker that this ring of IHT FBI agents had passed Yolanda to after they emotionally tore her apart & used her, yes this Orange County trafficker affiliated to the IHT FBI agents that were trafficking Yolanda, he kept Yolanda on the phone delaying my return of us to my house in Escala and he had instructed Yolanda to change her plans from staying at my house and he had her start demanding to be taken to her house so that I could be spike stripped on the way back from dropping Yolanda off at her house and this change up was organized by this ring of IHT’s with that Orange County Trafficker’s influence over Yolanda and this switch up of our plans to both stay at my house was done so that I could be spike stripped that night since my street has a bunch of cameras on it. Within a week Robert Tartaro was engaging in his home invasion of me. Shortly after that, Albert Machhour was back from his exile to Las Vegas and trying and again engaging in controlling my transportation, and engaged in handling & trafficking me for Tartaro’s hidden cameras team of IHT’s.


And Alvin Mansour has a copy of the pictures of my spike stripped tire and spike striped rim that were given to him in a black book that also had the complaints that were made to the Federal Agencies about what was being done to me.  I had to make books to hand out that were binded professionally as to keep my photo evidence, complaints & fax confirmations in since every time I would leave my home, I would return to find that my fax complaints and fax confirmations were missing from my paperwork. Yes, and Alvin Mansour got one of these books delivered to him.  Yes Alvin Mansour knew about the hell and torture that I was being put through.

Then this ring of stalkers of me, my life, my phone, my whereabouts’, had the IHT audacity to go to my insurance company and start giving me trouble there after they marked the accident officially as being non-fault and with suspicious damage to the tire and rim, you know, since the tire had a series of puncture holes in it and since the rim was bent up on the inside in a way that only spike strips could do.

Yep this ring of IHT”s wanted to make me look like a drunk driver after their attempts to abduct me from a Hard Rock Halloween Event went south on them when they tried it on me and then on, and then on Yolanda when this abductor realized that I wasn’t going to be dragged off by the arm, and that I wasn’t going to then let him drag off my friend either once he started to realign his abduction onto Yolanda after it failed on me.

So, what car lot got my car? What auction was used? How much of a profit was gained? How much of a commission on the sale was gained? How much tracking equipment was recovered from it? Who was it sold to?  How was the purchase financed & paid? I am sure Albert Machhour knows.

Yo, between the hidden camera Orange County guy with his Ritalin on counter hidden camera game of his & with his wana be porn he secretly makes on his unsuspecting Human Traffic Victims that are passed to him by the IHT FBI Agents, and between Richard and Ariel Burton the Biter Satanics of SDPD’s Broxterman, and between Robert Tartaro’s hidden cameras & assault, and between the 3 SDPD that helped him get some of his cameras out of my home, and between Ron & Travis’s & Ben Klinger’s cell phone cameras they would stalk and terrorize me with any time I would leave my home to walk my dog or get my mail, and between Kiwi’s surveillance cameras she had on my and on my home, that’s a whole lota human trafficking going on through cameras.  Hmm.

Remember how I was assaulted on the beach in San Diego by a guy with a hidden camera in his cane he used while he kicked sand up on me repeatedly as my bikini top had the ties loosened at the exact same time the Seattle Pacific University Campus Shooting was going on at the Chief Otto Miller Hall’s Act of Valor hero thing.  Streetlight People, how many SPAWAR employees have ever lived in Escala?  And How many have ever lived in Porto Fino?

Oh and by the way, that hidden camera cane toting assaulter quickly got off the beach and took off on a bike after assaulting me, he could ride a bike but rolled up slow and hurt up on me with his cane prop & with his little hidden camera, and guess what, he was arrested by the SDPD since the life guards at the beach along with a witness that was laying on the beach near me gave their statements, and interestingly enough a Florida guy from the board walk gave a statement since he was apparently watching the entire thing from the board walk.  Did the DA’s office ever once contact me to testify on my behalf at criminal assault charge hearing? NO. Did the FBI ever once contact me to give sworn affidavit or statement about how I was attacked on hidden camera as the SPU shooting was taking place. NO.  I have never been given the equal protection under law that I have a right to.

Remember SDPD’s Broxter-kony-man & his ring of IHT’s making sure to have the Act of Valor Movie playing on the TV at the place he basically abducted me to in a false imprisonment he made of me with Ron, Travis, Ariel & Richard, all who stalked me the same way Kiwi’s Agency stalked me.

Yolanda meeting me at Ameriquest then again working with those same Ameriquest Manager’s years later after this Human Trafficking was made upon her by FBI Agents who converted her from Victim to Handler of me, and it is a professional human trafficking tactic to try to turn the Victim into the hustler Handler, a complete take over. And this is the Ameriquest company investigated for funding some of the 9/11 terrorist funds, remember the San Diego affiliated 9/11 terrorists.  Remember JL Sirimane and his landing strip properties in Jamul being put into my call que through the Ameriquest computer system.

Yo, here’s what I wanna know, did Ruth Edigar, Charlotte Awino, James Shelton, Chirag Patel, Jim Rand, and Seattle Pacific University have any cameras or audio equipment being used on me at any time…. Charlotte, remember how that smoke detector would repeatedly have that odd issue?  Charlotte, don’t be their Handler any longer.

Did Charlotte Awino’s Research Company Employer have any cameras on me at any time?

Did Jim Rand’s Research Company have any tracking & stalking devices on me because Jim Rand’s son sure knew right were to find me at to approach me, and he was not a student.  What about Jama Rand being set up as one of my Professors when I was trying to finish my MBA at Strayer in another state other than Washington, and when I was doing my online MBA work on the same computers at the Porto Fino Apartments that were used by this ring of IHT’s about a year earlier to get me steered to and set up at Seattle Pacific University. Who was stalking me at the Porto Fino computers?

Who had James Shelton stalking my Mother through her online dating membership site?

What happened to me was sophisticated, well planned, and went off like domino’s but I don’t fall like domino’s, I rise.  Streetlight People… Who does this kind of sophisticated long term planning stuff?  Who racketeers to call this kind of stuff “Research” as a way to fund it, launder, and protect it from public & legal accountability?





Blog #­­­­­427

3/21/16 You Can’t Play With My Yo-Yo, yo yo! ’’’’

Anti Stalker Nation, Yo.  So this post is about Yolanda Shakoor & Kiwi De Rosa, both who had engaged in the rent from me to harm me scam for those who Human Traffic me.

I have to do this post because I just do.  I’ve got to remind you Anti Stalker Nation and Street Light People about how Yolanda Shakoor was human trafficked by the same bunch of Immunity seeking & holding Human Trafficking FBI Agents that were stalking me.  Remember how I past blogged about Yolanda being passed around by under cover agents who would engage in horrific debilitating tactics and control tactics upon her like the One & Done game they play repeatedly to a Victim of theirs…. You know, where these Agents deliberately use data they illegally gain to them make their Victim think she is their soul mate, best meant to be, totally their future, so then bed them once to premeditatedly debilitate them mentally & emotionally by then dating a new Victim while their next human trafficking agent just so happens to take interest in the first Victims… You know, the human trafficking One & Done game these Agencies, agents, & these FBI agents play that should be treated by the FBI Agency the same way Adult Industry Workers are treated, yep these FBI Agents need to be monitored with regular STD & disease testing just like Adult Industry Workers are. Right Ben Klinger, you and your IHT team tried to call me a prostitute so you could try to force me into testing so that you could sell me to higher paying pervs right you deviate, right Ben Klinger didn’t you try to call me a prostitute as if anyone would ever believe that.  You did, right as you and Albert Machhour were both turning my need for restraining orders to be placed against you into your games with your corrupt agencies criminally inclined San Diego Judges.  Yep you IHT’s thought your little Call Jessica a Crazy Prostitute Scam was gonna stick, but Here I am, Here I stand, I ain’t fall””””

So here’s what, You can’t play with my YO-YO!”””  Yolanda Shakoor’s story will show that she is a Victim handled to an ultimate degree even right down to her being placed at Ameriquest to begin with just like I was, however with Yolanda, this ring of IHT agents & their affiliated traffickers also had Yolanda Shakoor back in their Handling ring of Ameriquest affiliates, right Roberto Guerrero, right Manuel Vizcarra.  And didn’t you Roberto Guerrero & Manuel Vizcara also have Yolanda run me into you at that Mimi’s Café for your IHT affiliated FBI agents you Human Traffic for & she wasn’t even working for either of you at that time; what agents were they that you were working for Robert Guerrero & Manuel Vizcarra when you showed up to intimidate me at Mimi’s when YoYo & I were having lunch?   They are the same agents that had Yolanda ask me all sort of medical questions over the phone. Retroview is more than 20/20 vision.

Speaking of Yo & of Human Trafficking Agents, let’s talk about Catharine “Kiwi” De Rosa. Kiwi’s favorite word is Yo, and she is very questionable with that best friend link of hers to Sear Sucker where I was stalked by that man woman team of IHT’s that drugged me then abducted me to their house, that Hindue eye doctor who planned to do this to me after his girlfriend befriended me at Sear Sucker where Kiwi’s best friend bartends.

What federal agency had Kiwi De Rosa placed living with me through my roommate postings, because she has a sexual preference ambiguity and since her team had cameras on me and my home this is a IHT human trafficking home invasion paid for by the government. Especially if Kiwi likes women then this is just too much of a criminal act for this Agency to do placing her in my home, right Kiwi with your light switch game. 

When Kiwi was evicted after her light switch game, her agency then had the heroine needle pushing Satanics that intended to kill me with their little camera in computer game, assault and attack and draw blood vicious murderous attack they played that night an ambulance had to show up to help me where the SDPD finally had too many witnesses around not to arrest Ariel Burton.  Oh but as soon as Ariel got out wasn’t the SDPD immediately with her, Richard and with Travis & Ron engaging in tearing my house apart while keeping me basically imprisoned in my room, yes, yes the SDPD was immediately engaged in this right after I had them take Richard Kowalczyk & Ariel Burton’s heroin & needles from my home into evidence… at which point SDPD Broxtermann was immediately planning on how to rob me of the computer video evidence I was told to keep by the SDPD when Ariel Burton was still in jail.  Yes and SDPD Broxterman was immediately using data from my long blog when he had unlawfully imprisoned me for the SDPD. 

Here’s what, I posted on the same Craig’s List for both the Kiwi De Rosa roommate hunt as I did for the roommate hunt that rendered the Ariel Burton & Richard Kowalczyk premeditated home invasion and murder intents.  Yes whatever federal Agency Kiwi works for has also been running Human Trafficking of me and of others and has ties to the Satanics, and to the “Human Experiment” traffickers, that do the weird stuff to children for this ring of IHT’s, right SDPD Broxterman.

Here’s an unfinished poem Anti Stalker Nation:

The See of Trouble has been completely pierced……..

Hugs and Kisses,



Blog #426

3/11/16So Interpol is taking Trafficker El Chapo for Extradition, right Selebi.

Anti Stalker Nation, hope you’re having a great week too!  Jacki Selebi has just been Listed.  Here’s why…

So last week El Chapo’s daughter started to set the stage for El Chapo’s newest maneuver, in which he instructed his attorneys to stop fighting extradition, now today’s news reports say that two days after El Chapo was re-imprisoned that Interpol served warrants for extradition of El Chapo, and this report is even stating that at least one of El Chapo’s attorneys is going to be fighting this extradition though El Chapo said to stop fighting it… as if this attorney has a lot to lose and is no longer abiding by the instructions of his client.  Yes lasts weeks interview articles with his daughter El Chapo instructed his attorneys to stop fighting extradition but now El Chapo’s attorney is ““vowing””  to “challenge the extradition all the way up to the Supreme Court”.

Sounds like this attorney has too much to hide and has stopped taking the instruction of his client, in fact the picture of El Chapo released for this article , shows El Chapo having a filthy undergarment on looking set up for the “mentally incompetent” game that these United States High Official Human Traffickers use on a person who knows too much. 

Interpol is notoriously corrupt with traffickers, and now they are taking custody of one of the biggest traffickers, instead of America’s Homeland Security or FBI taking custody of El Chapo for extradition.

Streetlight People, what is Interpol up to because this is the same Interpol who’s President was found guilty for taking trafficking money and now this Interpol is going to take El Chapo from Mexico instead of US officials, hmmm.   

Wikipedia Links: In July 2010, former Interpol President Jackie Selebi was found guilty of corruption by the South African High Court in Johannesburg for accepting bribes worth €156,000 from a drug trafficker.[12] After being charged in January 2008, Selebi resigned as president of Interpol and was put on extended leave as National Police Commissioner of South Africa.[13] He was temporarily replaced by Arturo Herrera Verdugo, the National Commissioner of Investigations Police of Chile and former vice president for the American Zone, who remained acting president until October 2008 and the appointment of Khoo Boon Hui.  Arturo Herrera of Chile, why does that name sound corrupt Streetlight People?   


Streetlight People, what “drug trafficker” did Interpol’s president Jackie Selebi take over a hundred thousand in bribes from other then Glenn Agliotti?  Who have Interpol’s other trafficker “bribes” been given over to them from because Selebi wanted the soccer experience to have legal prostitution for the Worldcup and this just sounds way too close to our NFL Superbowl’s human trafficking that follows it around our country:

Wikipedia Links: In March of the same year, Selebi was also criticized for his suggestion to legalize prostitution and public drinking for the duration of the 2010 Soccer World Cup to be hosted in South Africa. Opposition political parties and Doctors For Life International expressed their dismay at Selebi's recommendation and called on parliament not to legalise prostitution or public drinking.[16][17 Selebi has admitted to a friendship with Glenn Agliotti,[18] who was accused of murdering Brett Kebble. He also received a conviction and suspended sentence for his role in a multi-million Rand drug deal known as the 'Paparas' case.[19] Despite being head of police at the time, Selebi claimed that he was oblivious that his friend was involved with crime.

Streetlight People, with about only 756 employees in 2013 with multimillions of side deal funds & an official annual budget of over $78 million in 2013, what are they doing with all that money, and why do police need “deals” with FIFA while the President of Interpol is trying to legalize prostitution for FIFA’s big event?  .  In 2013, Interpol was criticized over its multimillion-dollar deals with such private sector bodies as FIFA, Philip Morris, and the pharmaceutical industry. The criticism was mainly about the lack of transparency and potential conflicts of interest.  in 1938, Interpol fell under the control of Nazi Germany, and the Commission's headquarters were eventually moved to Berlin in 1942.[10] Most members withdrew their support during this period.[7] From 1938 to 1945, the presidents of Interpol included Otto Steinhäusl, Reinhard Heydrich, Arthur Nebe, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner. All were generals in the SS, and Kaltenbrunner was the highest ranking SS officer executed after the Nuremberg Trials.

Heydrich was attacked in Prague on 27 May 1942 by a British-trained team of Czech and Slovak soldiers who had been sent by the Czechoslovak government-in-exile to kill him in Operation Anthropoid. He died from his injuries a week later. Heydrich’s Intelligence falsely linked the assassins to the villages of Lidice and Ležáky and then Lidice was razed to the ground; all men and boys over the age of 16 were shot, and all but a handful of its women and children were deported and killed in Nazi concentration camps  … and this is Interpol Anti Stalker Nation. This is what International Police do, and Interpol and their legacy left by Jackie Selebi want to intercept El Chapo rather than the US taking him directly, hmmm.

Today’s news report also states that A Mexican federal official told AFP that the attorney general's office also wants to speak with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, who brokered the meeting” that Sean Penn had with El Chapo.  This was a meeting that is being said to have been a direct link to El Chapo getting re-captured.  Here’s the thing about Kate Del Castillo that is not being told in the news reports though:

Kate del Castillo :  One of her first known romantic relations was with Emilio Azcarraga Jean son of media mogul Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, and now CEO of the largest mass media company in Latin America, the Televisa Grup.[5]

Here’s what Streetlight People, media mogul Emilio Azcarraga is from San Antonio Texas and has Texas ties to what Texas affiliated people on The List, or should I rather just say: Streetlight People what ties might Emilio Azcarraga have to Rudi Camacho?  You know Rudi Camacho, who’s son Jr had a sheet of uncut $20 dollar bills framed and autographed by the head of the Federal Reserve as braggadocios Camacho Jr. put it.  A few more interesting things on Kate Del Castillo are that after dating Azcarraga, she dated a professional soccer player, hmmm FIFA shows up yet again in this situation, hmmm.

Interpol’s Africa connection corruption tied to trafficking & to soccer then to Chapo.  The Question is how many degrees of separation are there between Interpol’s old President Jackie Selebi and between Charlotte Awino & Kony, and by the way Streetlight People, when you’re finding out, find out who got Selebi his job at Interpol.   

Human Trafficking, not gun walking, not gun running, not drug trafficking, not racketeering, let’s get some Human Trafficking and Terrorism arrests for what these animals have been doing because these IHT’s & SPAWAR’s book mongers are alsoresponsible for these gun control game Campus Shootings as proven through what has been done to me making it time for them to be brought up on terrorism charges as well as human trafficking charges.

Love & Hugs,



Blog #­­­­­425


Law & Medical schools as related to the Stalking of Jessica Seymour:

Ok, Anti Stalker Nation & Street Light People, this is going to be a running topic but to start we have Duke University’s Medical School & Pre Med and we have Thomas Jefferson School of Law which is lovingly dubbed as TJ SL.

How many laws and international human trafficking laws have the CIA & Duke University violated to traffic in “students” like Charlotte Awino in to the USA.  Yes, Duke U colluded with what agency to get Charlotte Awino into this country on Student Visa for pre-med, which she ended up having some sort of “issue” at that resulted in her being moved to Seattle Pacific University’s prestigious Nursing program at just the right time to start commandeering me and my life for this ring of campus terrorist that like to premeditate to blame their crime spree shootings on any person they can drug & call crazy, right Marcy Chipman.  Streetlight People, how many ties to Texas do Robert Tartaro & Rudi Camacho & Africa gallivanting Marcy Chipman share, because DA Dumanis has me on audio recording regarding the Albert Machhour Rape “interview”, reporting that I was being followed by cars with Texas plates on them and the Texas ties to stalking me go straight to the social security stalking of my financial transactions. Streetlight People, this Texas tied stalking of me has been So Fast & So Furious.    

Streetlight People, here is a relevant fact for the rest of this blog for you:

Thomas Guernsey + Michigan University + Temple University = Human Trafficking Money Laundering via the same route as El Chapo.

Here’s a bit more about that equation, Michigan with it’s roman catholic hub of Chaldean’s teamed up with Philadelphia’s Temple Universities roman catholic ties are directly tied to that same roman catholic human trafficking network that El Chapo rose up through. It’s not that hidden of a road and it’s the same road Charlotte Awino is being Handled & is Handling through. So TJ SL’s Dean Thomas Guernsey’s appearance into San Diego isn’t quite some new job relocation.

By the way that DA interview mentioned above, was supposed to be about Robert Tartaro as well, but the SDPD’s Detective Phillips kept trying to force me not to bring up Robert Tartaro’s assault though Detective Phillips was handling both of these crimes for the SDPD, or rather should I more accurately say Detective Phillips was Handling me for this Human Trafficking ring of rape for profit, gun running, robbery of women’s possessions & property, hidden camera sales of women, Cash for Cuties Mug Shot Scam, threat to the public at large ring of gun & human traffickers that like to corner the market with their attorneys public policies & legal controls…. Oh so important to push through gun control policy for your gun trafficking that your willing to shoot up students as if it is a necessary experiment and research, right Charlotte Awino, you had been working for a research company illegally hadn’t you been while on student visa, right.  You were doing “research” on me weren’t you for a company affiliated to the same Agency that got you into the country so clandestinely on student visa instead of regular visa.

Hey Marcy Chipman, didn’t you tell a Chaplin for the “Crazy Jail” (as SDPD Jorje Leon calls it) that I could file my own complex Habeas Corpus after you made sure to help a court & its dirty judge call me incompetent just so you could traffic me into your false imprisonment scam, yes you did, which is why I had to file my own habeas corpus in Federal Court which had about 5 block attempts put on it by the Sheriffs & by the Court & by Edward Medina right up until my mother finally paid the $5 dollars herself for the court to file such a life altering document that the Sheriffs, the District Court and attorney Ed Medina all tried repeatedly to keep unfiled, attempt after attempt of mine, so yes, my Mother saved my life, thanks Mom. 

Yes women, a court of traffickers & a trafficking ring of cops, cops attorneys, & public defenders can easily falsely imprison you by pretending your crazy, but a mother can overcome a false imprisonment that somehow attorney Edward Medina couldn’t somehow get this false imprisonments habeas corpus filed for, but my Mom could from out of state….Hmmm.  Oh and by the way there is a “Crazy Jail” telephone call recorded of course, where Edward Medina told me that he had filed my habeas corpus and it took me another entire month of run around from the court till I found out from the court that he had not filed it and that he had lied to me about filing it.  What did attorney Edward Medina stand to receive out of this maneuver, and is it tied to his father’s origin into America?  

Robert Tartaro & the Superiority Court were so moved by my District Court filed Habeas Corpus that all of a sudden I was being released at a Superior Court hearing that Robert Tartaro just had to show up to… Robert Tartaro, a man I asked for protection from automatically by making a Marcy Law Rights giving police report against due to his home invasion, assault, & hidden camera scams he made against me, yes months after this tragedy he performed systematically against me with many others, Robert Tartaro just had to show up to a “mental competency” court hearing that I was forced into by Ben Klinger’s and Ron & Travis Meyer’s little “call the Victim Crazy” scam that Escala as used by the federal government for housing was engaged in. Yes Robert Tartaro just had to show up to a court hearing that should have had nothing to do with him about 9 months after he assaulted me, and he just had to sit himself down next to my mother to start up conversation with her; this is just a tad bit far beyond extreme stalking right into Human Trafficking intimidation and generational attacking, right CIA, which is why your next move to put me into Charlotte Awino’s grasps at Seattle Pacific University is just such an overly dirty maneuver, guess you thought I was just as confused and drug’able as your trafficking ring’s mark Arron Yabarra, right Gary Roberts, right Marcy Chipman, and now you got the Superiority Court & a fresh faced attitude ridden via her boss Henry Coker Public Defender trying to reinvent your Ben Klinger Crazy’Wheel for you, well guess what, Reawakening.

Speaking of Marcy Chipman, at this point Thomas Jefferson School of Law mightas well be reserved for the SDPD cops to get their “Im gonna be a human trafficking cop, assisting, ratifying, & cover up artist Public Defender & OAC attorney now that I am in the SDPD ring of cop traffickers known as by Jan Goldsmith as the Untouchables” scam law degrees from, or if that is too specific, then TJ SL can also just be reserved for its “Im gonna launder dirty money “”nationally and internationally”” via my IOLTA after I receive this pay & get Law Degree” scam… an IOLTA laundering ring scam that TJ SL shares with University of San Diego Law School.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is being sued in an unprecedented suit filed by a student.  Unprecedented because usually corrupt judges keep Law Schools protected from accountability, it’s just part of that IOLTA money laundering thing, you know, make sure a person willing to launder gets a law degree scam.

So Thomas Jefferson Law School is trying to defend its self by saying that this student didn’t suffer damages because she was offered a $60K job.  No new attorney worth a salt would ever take a job out the gate for $60K, because taking half the standard first year pay is career damaging and Thomas Jefferson School of Law would surly advise the same to many of their students, so Salt To IHT’s.

“Thomas Jefferson’s average student indebtedness, then about $137,000 — higher than that at Stanford Law School the same year — was among the highest in the nation. She also pointed to her school’s bar passage rate as consistently lower than 50 percent, which was below the average in California”.

From this above quote in the found at:

Thomas Jefferson might as well be the Stayer of Law Schools the way these “attorney’s” can’t get their BAR passed too easily after such an expensive education debt, but the bigger point here is that this unprecedented law suit that is finally going forward against Thomas Jefferson School of Law is that this Student apparently had claims made to her by the school about its Alumni Employment that didn’t end up actually employing her or supporting her in her employment hunt… at least the USD ring of racketeering attorneys actually will still hire from within… guess it got too hot for the Thomas Jefferson racketeering attorneys to keep up with its own cyclical force of dirty, right Marcy Chipman, right Henry Coker, right Henry Coker’s instruction to his understaff as to not file the Continuance Motion I have asked to have filed against this newest Ben Klinger reattack of me his IHT ring is again making at me after all these years of my hard earned safety from him & from his relentless stalking of me that he makes for this San Diego ring of oh so special human traffickers.

What does an attorney stand to gain for a client by refusing to file necessary Motion Pleadings that the client diligently requests?  Oh like say a requested Continuance asked for by a client since a date is not gonna work…. What ever could Henry Coker be up to with his instructions to a young attorney regarding not filing a simple Continuance Motion and with his instructions to a young attorney to only communicate with me via phone after being instructed by me as to the fact that I don’t have a phone.   OH and by the way Victims, the stalking of me has gone down to remarkable levels now that I have had to live without a phone due to the SDPD tracker-jacker phone stalking around of me that they have been engaged in for years now against the women they hurt.

Can’t stop the Spirits when They need You, this life is more than just a read thru’”

J Butterfly



Blog # 424


3/4/16  This matters because it leads back to people listed on The List…

IOLTA: “My dad deposited the money in a bank account with a lawyer and a while after he came to see the house, his house. He came twice.” 

In the latest news on El Chapo, his daughter is setting the stage, and you gotta read these articles Anti Stalker Nation because we’ve been waiting for a turn of events like this!  Street Light People here are some more Interest On Lawyer Trust Accounts for you, because there are at least four IOLTA’s stemming from these articles for you to help San Diego & America get justice and get cleaned up from those “high officials” who take blood money, and of course it draws in to Los Angeles:  

“El Chapo’s meeting with Penn was enabled by the actress Kate del Castillo, who hoped to produce a biopic of the drug lord, and his lawyers contacted at least two authors over a possible biography. In recent weeks his third wife, Emma Coronel, has granted a string of television interviews.”

These articles detail that El Chapo Guzman consults with his daughter to have her say that the Mexican Government is to blame and that he is not a criminal, and then El Chapo tells his attorneys to stop fighting extradition to America; “Highest official level of pay off’s” says his daughter regarding how he has run his business, and now El Chapo knows he has more leverage against American Officials then he has had against Mexican Officials.  El Chapo has more leverage now against American Officials, more leverage against American Officials who are, as his daughter puts it, now to blame since El Chapo is “not a criminal”.  Can’t wait to hear his list of American Officials he turns in for a lighter sentence… this El Chapo who is one of the largest trafficker’s in the world is a victim apparently from what his daughter says, where’s his victim protection, because he is gonna need it once he starts singing right Bill Gore, right Bonny Dumanis, right Jan & Ma’ Goldsmith, right Landsdown, right Rudi Camacho & right Rudi Camacho Jr… I mean after Ruby Ridge & after your “gun control” murder sprees on all these campuses killing El Chapo will just be another day at the office for you & the Higher Officials who took El Chapo’s money, correct.

Here are the articles:

Yes, Rosa Isela Guzmán Ortiz, daughter of El Chapo, is quoted as saying “My dad is not a criminal. The government is guilty,” she told the Guardian.

“Guzmán Ortiz said her father crossed the border in late 2015 to visit relatives and to view her home, a five-bedroom house with a large garden which he bought for her and her four children with the help of attorneys who took money from El Chapo to purchase the home with.”

PRIVACY LAWS: Asked to confirm that Guzmán Ortiz had been apprehended and detained in San Diego in 2011, special agent Amy Roderick, an FBI spokeswoman, said: “The arresting agency on that case was US customs and border protection.” Ralph DeSio, a spokesman for US customs and border protection, said the agency could not discuss specific cases due to privacy laws.

HIGHEST OFFICIAL LEVEL: Guzman consults with his daughter to say that Mexico Government is to blame and that he is not a criminal and then tells his attorneys to stop fighting extradition to America. Rosa Guzmán Ortiz’s explanation is that her father bought protection at the highest official level, regarding how his “business” grew. Biggest Anti Stalker of the Anti Stalker Nation, the black banners raise as the crooked smiles fade, I think you’re my best friend, don’t you know that the kids aren’t alright”””

Hugs and Kisses,

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #423

1/18/16 Happy Anniversary Anti Stalker Nation!!!!

On this MLK day of remembering that the long term effects of slavery need hero’s even 100’s of years after abolition, I wish you the Anti Stalker Nation of hero’s a very Happy Happy Anniversary!

You’re the best, and well, all of your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine, I’ll just follow your scent and you can just follow my smile”””

Love you always,



Blog #422

1/12/16   In The Court Of Glory…

When the Court Of Glory quakes and grows there is a New Witness. 

When the Court Of Glory returns to old ways there is Quiet Peace.

When the Court Of Glory trumpeted right hand, there is Sight and all bowed.

When the Court Of Glory trembles in water there is Yahweh.

When the Court Of Glory could not wait any longer for justice, The Lord came with a sound and found The Power in his Father I Am.

Order has been set, and now the Rules will be met.  

A poem for the Angelic’s.  Anti Stalker Nation, every once and a while I get a message about the tone of the courts, and so thank you… And call it true, call it true, call it true, call it True Love”””.

I’m still comparing your past to my future, they’re my wounds, but your sutures”””




Blog #421

1/1/16   Year End Founder’s Address for 2015

Happy New Year Anti Stalker Nation!  I hope your Christmas Celebrations were amazing too!

What a year, too many sharks in the water too few rounds in the ring”””… that said, here is my end of the year address for ya’ll.  Victims, this is the year of justice, I’m calling it.

Here is the transcript of the Address:

” Hi Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists, I am Jessica Seymour,

And I am here with a year end review! There is so much to share with you, so here is an update of a few of the 2015 highlights!

First, the Victims of Immunity Foundation received our 501 c3 status after waiting since 2012.  After four years of a standstill that included the IRS repeatedly asking the Victims of Immunity Foundation to re-send our 1023 Packet Application we finally have our formalized 501 c3 status. 

The IRS repeatedly “lost” our 1023 application to repeatedly have us re-fax it into them over the past 4 years not just to hold us back from being able to qualify for grant money, but to also stalk us repeatedly at the location we would fax from, and it was more than annoying, it was criminal. After 4 years and about 4 re-faxes of the originally sent application, we finally became a little less interesting to the IHT affiliates at the IRS that use their IRS jobs to facilitate phony investigations against specific women.  Yes after 4 years of sending in the exact same application, it finally became acceptable.  It’s a mile stone Anti Stalker’s!

Second, the Seattle area IHT’s still have not allowed Arron Yabarra’s Public Defender to contact me for discovery or testimony.  Still a cover up aided by those who organized the shooting, a cover up made by the attorney assigned to the shooter who can’t remember how he got to Otto Miller Hall or to the Seattle Pacific University Campus.

Third, an update on the San Diego & Escala ring of IHT’s!  So, in 2015 San Diego’s IHT’s have been organizing again through the Public Defenders Office’s acts of collusion with the City Attorney, all housed by the Superiority Court’s IHT judges.

As if the prior acts of the City Attorney outlined in News Chanel 10’s news reports weren’t bad enough, now the City Attorney has been caught red handed trying to cover up again for the SDPD’s stalking of women they like to sell through their hidden camera human trafficking they run with multiple other Agencies.  Don’t believe me? Then click on the link provided in this addresses transcript and watch Jan Goldsmith say that all Victims of the SDPD don’t deserve to be compensated, and then read GTI News’s investigation of the San Diego Public Defender’s Office where this office is caught in collusion with the City Attorney & the District Attorney for covering up the illegal acts of the San Diego Police Mafia of IHT’s:

In 2015 I have had an attorney named Henry Cocker instructing a younger attorney in having that old “Ben Klinger calls Jessica Seymour crazy in the court for Bill Gore’s & for the SDPD’s false imprisonment” scam that they run up against their Victims being ran again at me at the exact time that my home ownership court dealings are being attacked by court clerks, by judge Kerry Wells, and by judge Danielson. 

Yes, so that same old Escala, City Attorney, Operation Shadowbox, FBI telling IHT Judges what to do to me, human trafficking scam of 2011’s is being ran up against me through the Public Defender Henry Coker after a group of SDPD employee’s staked me all over Point Loma apparently with some strip club owners…. Amazing.

The 2015 reorganizing of the Ben Klinger, Judge Rogers, Marcy Chipman, OAC, Gary Roberts, Operation Shadowbossxxx, FBI, Kenneth Krause, Albert Machhour, David the Israeli Diplomat turned movie director, Robert Tartaro, Keith Phillip, Jan Goldsmith’s, and the rest of 2011’s immunity holding human trafficking ring of Traffickers & Handler’s are now again trying to harm me in that same old chumped up court case 5 years after it has already been mistake ridden by the San Diego Superior Court.

Yes this 2015 reorganizing of that old 2011 call the Victim crazy scam, is taking place synchronized with the Superior Court making sure that clerks don’t submit my filed pleadings to the judges, while also not docketing my filed pleadings in the Register of Action, nor placing my filed pleadings into the court file, in fact the clerks repeatedly try to hand me back my filed pleadings weeks after I have filed them and refuse to put these emergency pleadings in front of the judge and tell me that Court Counsel is telling them to do this to my pleadings, which is basically Christine Nesthus interjecting herself into my court dealings as to aid, further, and ratify property conversion scams.  I have even been refused the presiding office's stamp I need on one of my filed pleadings that needs a specific presiding judges signature & stamp on it stamp for the County Recorder’s Office. 

These IHT’s are pathetic and are now in collusion with the City Attorney who is scamming with attorney & prior SDPD Officer Henry Coker to harm me further with instructions to some new younger attorney on how to bring this same old scam right back up against me all these years later after too many court mistakes & limitations have already been reached. For this, you Henry Coker have earned your place on The List. Henry Coker, you’re the first IHT of 2016 to be Listed. 

Fourth and finally, it has been a little over a year since I shared with you that I have received the Seal of God.  Naturally there are many things I have learned and been privileged to.   I am privileged and honored to be able to share these things with you…

God does not like slavery and we are no longer in the age of the Divine Heavenly Father’s waiting and watching with great restraint.  Do you hear that IHT’s. If you’ve noticed, we are in the time of the Woman who is clothed in the Sun who has the Moon at her feet.  This is why we see the moon out all day at the same time as the Sun, this phenomenon did not happen before and now it is regular monthly occurrence. Do you hear that IHT’s this is not the year for your court house scams, this is the year for justice.

I can also share with the world that you should be nice to the Divine Heavenly Father because he cares about you so much. God is blamed for everything, especially through false doctrines in religion, be nice to The Creator of All Life, he feels. You can hurt the Father’s feelings, be nice to him and don’t assign bad things that happen to you to the Father’s will or desire.  The Father gave us a free will to use to please him and to please ourselves, and The Father does not bring any ugly into your life, however, The Father does turn ugly into something beautiful after the fact that others have abused their free will in order to abuse you. Please don’t hurt The Father, he loves you so.  I have learned this from Jesus.

I can also share with you that The Righteous Lord Jesus did not come here to die on the cross, he came here to live a long human life changing the world with every step he traveled and with every word he spoke over a lifetime of teaching and healing, and he was cut short.  The Good Good Father, the Divine Heavenly Father did not send his son to be abused and to be murdered. There is no pre-destiny or destiny, free will negates that entire concept regardless of how many times the word “predestine” is used in the bible. What was done to Jesus was so horrific, so ugly, that the Divine Heavenly Father allowed it to be acceptable for clearing away sin after it happened.  Jesus did not come here to go through what was done to him, this that was done was not a “destiny”, and The Father did not allow Jesus to come here to us to fill any death or murder on a cross.  Theological beliefs tend to favor that Jesus’ human journey was always God’s intention of covering our sin by Jesus’ dying on the cross, but this is not the truth. After the ugliness was done, God allowed the ugliness to be accepted into something bea­­utiful and we can all benefit from God’s Grace that sprung forward in response to the wicked ones actions made against the Righteous Lord Jesus.

In closing, I can share with you that Jesus is not God incarnate in human form like many Christian doctrines teach.  The Divine Heavenly Father and the Righteous Lord Jesus are not one and the same, they are two very different entities that are one in many ways, but they have never been God in the flesh as many doctrines attribute to Jesus, and they are not one being.

I have hope for your amazing 2016 Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists! As this road is climbing I see you keep shining, and you are beautiful.

I love you! “

There you have it Anti Stalker Nation & Abolitionist’s. 

Victims, remember that justice is just around the corner.

Street Light People, remember that justice is just around the corner, now is when it gets fun for you, and the sad things you’ve found in your work that have angered you to push for justice will now start to be replaced with success in your hard work, IHT’s will be publicly exposed this year, your hard work has not gone unseen but those IHT’s who have, will no longer.

With Love,

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #420

12/17/15   Code of Silence

Hey Anti Stalker Nation, this guy is a National Hero:

His name is Woody Higdon and he runs GTI News.  He has broken a silence about what is going on in San Diego, so I am not the only non silent.

I don’t think Woody has had to endure the "lets call this non-silent a crazy" beat down that I get out of the San Diego & West Coast IHT ring, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need support and a following….

Woody used to be a Police Officer and he has found disgust in what he is seeing in San Diego. 

How far does the San Diego Police Mafia’s stalking of women and Code of Silence go…

Mr. Higdon’s News outlet needs support just like I do, so Anti Stalker Nation, check him out!




Blog #419

12/13/15   Judge Paul Desjardens, and here’s the thing about CIA cover businesses...

Hi Anti Stalker Nation… So, I got that judges name who likes to give Immunity Holding Human Trafficking police officers custody of children these officers take from the homes associated to the Victims they create when these Victims report crimes that are made against them.  Yep, the human trafficking affiliated judge who likes to make the IHT Police Officer’s abductions of young girls from their home look any sort of legal….

Yah, the judge who gave Officer Nathan Roy temporary custody of children he took for no reason, which I say because the kids were apparently never handed over to any permanent placement and given back to the parents, parents who were the grown children of a woman that Officer Nathan Roy & his coworkers were harassing, yes the Judge who does this in the New Hampshire area for the Sheriff turned scandalous child-taker, turned National Sheriffs Association President which is basically becoming the coordinator of a nation of Immunity Seeking Human Trafficker Sheriffs (like Billy Goat Gore for example), turned ADA “Traffic” Control and Security Company Owner “private investigator” Jim Murphy…. Yes that judges name is purportedly Paul Desjardens.

Paul Desjardens is the Human Trafficking judge that handles children into the legal custody of the IHT Cop that took the kids from their home, and Paul Desjardens not only handles the child custody issues but he also apparently handles the traffic division and traffic hearings in this area too…. What? What kind of joke in your face IHT human trafficking is this Vermont & New Hampshire area engaging in through attornies turned judges?...  Same judge handles  temporary custody of children into the ownership of cops that took the children while this judge also tells the parents or grandparents of those children how much to pay for a traffic ticket once the cops get a specific Victim into traffick court….perfect set up to stalk around a Victim for these IHT Sheriffs & Cops…. Wonder if Desjardens also handles the foreclosure & especially the non-judicial foreclosure hearings that oopsy-accidentally end up in court judicial proceedings anyhow….

Hey Street Light People, the IOLTA’s affiliated to Judge Paul Desjardens lawyer days & the IOLTA’s associated to the attorneys of Jim Murphy all need to be investigated, along with this New Hampshire area’s Foreclosure & Non Judicial Foreclosure Attorneys & HOA Attorneys just like the California & San Diego Judges & attorneys need to be investigated for the clever conversion & money laundering schemes conducted by the nationally aligned IHT ring of money launderers… And don’t stop at their prospective IOLTA’s, please investigate the IOLTA’s of every arm’s length affiliated attorney to them because human traffickers are not stupid.  In fact, Street Light People, can you do better than arms length?

Now on to BioTech.  Anti Stalker Nation, a Victim is coming forward about BioTech Inc. (now purportedly possibly known as Biovision Inc.) that apparently likes to run “experiments” on women’s eyes, but the problem is that these women sometimes then end up with IHT’s stalking them while their DMV record somehow changes them to being listed as an “Organ Donor” though they have never agreed to or allowed such a designation.  This BioVision Inc is apparently a San Francisco area company, that spans their eye research all the way to East Coast women who apparently all of a sudden end up as organ donors on their DMV records though they have not agreed to that and where not designated that way prior to the “experiment”…

Anti Stalker Nation, the seemingly affiliated IHT and apparent founder of BioTech is listed as Vladimir Feingold:

…and Vladimir Feingold also works for Presbia Cooperetief U.A. out of Switzerland, Amsterdam, and Orange County CA.

When the problem is that some of the Eye Experiment’ees end up with IHT affiliated stalking and terrorizing of them along with their DMV records tampered with all aligned to out of the country medical charting & experimenting you have a wonderland for those businesses attorneys IOLTA’s .  Now BioTech/Biovision and this Presbia with their Mr. Feingold (who by the way has money transfers through employment contracts that end up in court judgements… can I get that dirty money legit”””…), yes now BioTech/Biovision and this Presbia are not only doing eye “experiments” but they also do some medical device stuff too…  Reminds me so much of back when Benjamin Klinger who does the heart pace maker surgeries was having his affiliates, Mission Valley stalkers of Women, & computer hacker IHT’s get me to job interviews at Allergan with Restasis, and at Pfizer, and at NuVasive for a Med Dev thing.  Yah, and the interview with Pfizer was a straight up CIA psychological profiling joke that wasted my time, my money, my travel, my energy, etc.  the Pfizer set up was not any sort of job interview but was done in a way to let me know that I was just set up and it was so abusive that afterwards not only were my driving/auto records tampered and messed with, but also my credit card payments and even my mortgages started to get logged incorrectly under my accounts. So here’s the thing with CIA cover businesses in America, like Albert Machhour’s many many many CIA auto dealership cover businesses used for abusing women through, once they get investigated they are never the same without that CIA money laundering and force of women flowing through them… Street Light People: these people, their businesses and their affiliated IOLTA’s all need to be investigated for money laundering, & they need to be investigated for human trafficking linked to IHT’s and for harm to women that are steered to the experiments, and also investigated for tampering of those women’s records at other places and entities with the specific intent to enleash those targeted women & children.  It is time to jail human trafficking Federal Agents and their dirty cover businesses they use to medically attack & stalk Victims through.   

Love and Kisses,

Mocking J


Blog #418

11/29/15   Data to give Thanksgiving over, straight out of New Hampshire again…

I hope the Anti Stalker Nation all had a great Thanksgiving! 

What’s going on in New Hampshire? Honestly, what kinda tragedy is this…  Now were getting data that purportedly the Immunity holding Human Traffickers in New Hampshire are taking apparent foster care custody of the children they remove from the homes of the Victims they stalk.

Apparently Officer Nathan Roy took custody of three or so female children from the son of a woman he was stalking, and then somehow he had the court award him temporary custody of these children he took from their home while he was an in uniform Police Officer.  Has anyone ever heard of such a thing…. So Police Officer Nathan Roy takes some girls form their home then he has the court award him temporary custody of them while “family” could be located, the problem is that apparently Officer Nathan Roy new very well these children’s family members since he had been threatening them prior when they had to give police reports.

… Imagine that Women… A policeman threatens you when you try to report crime, then he goes to one of your family’s homes where young girls are at and takes them, then gets a judge to give him temporary custody.  Purportedly the girls were forced to stay with Officer Nathan Roy for a few nights, it is unclear how many, but this happened after an older Victim of this family was threatened by Officer Nathan Roy when they called police to report a purported cyber hacking crime, and this older Female Victim did not live with the younger girls nor was she a care giver for them, so it is a bit too koinky-dink that this Officer had himself his private time with these girls at a judges award after telling this Victim that she better stop reporting the crimes that were being engaged in against her.

This Victim just wants to know why no one has ever investigated Officer Nathan Roy or investigated what he did with or to the girls he got his temporary custody hands on after taking them from their home in uniform and with gun on hip?  Talk about abduction and imprisonment made clean looking by a judge.

What’s the name of that Judge?????

Love and Hugs,

Mocking J


Blog #417

11/14/15   Straight Out of the Heaven’s …

This is a bit outside of the Stalker Blog’s scope, but since I witnessed it first-hand I’m gonna comment.  Anti Stalker Nation, check out this article & video’s:

So this article has a Navy Rep saying that this event was a missile test.  I almost want to List this Navy Rep Cmdr. Ryan Perry for this LIE, but not all liars are traffickers.  What I will say is that as a witness, this was not a missile test, the Navy never tests missiles over this area anyway, and this was two heavenly bodies colliding, so I wrote this aubade in honor and memory of this epic event:

 And this was two Heavenly bodies colliding, there was a magical heroic dusting of turquoise splendor that misted out of the collision, and the bright white light that was heading toward the blue light ended up with a Bright Turquoise tender;

 Mist, a tender turquois dusting that poured out as if it was an Angel’s heart that got broken by someone who was not his true love, as if he fell to some rocky beach where those who are not in true love go to fall.

 The  Luminescent White Light hit and began growing from a streaking in the sky to a glowing sphere of hot white splendor, then she began to fade and move off as if in the opposite direction in a cloud of dust, trying to flee away from her own broken heart.   

Luminescent White had grown into a bright circle while the sky around them was drawn in to them by their might. 

 The dark black round in the sky grew, and grew around them, as if an outer shell of theirs was thrown off by the collision; growing watching the world. White Light shrunk and waned out as Turquoise Light misted about, but their outer shell was watching the world while their inner circle mourned still and dark, sitting where they once were light.

 Giant black shell circled out around the middle bright White lens until the White Illuminating Light was feared to be no more than dark.

 When the entire event was a giant black orb like a camera lens, these two heavenly bodies appeared to be on high on high, saddened by being taken too early from being in Service to The Father.

 Knowing the heart break of having The Father taken from them too soon, they stayed trapped for a few day’s while The Watchers Watched, while their Team prayed, and while those  Among the Stars who were created for them vigiled for their return.  

Amen, Amen, and Halleluiah for the Heavens to open up and See them and their return.

It was amazing and sad, it was angry too, but it was not a missile test. Calling it a missile test is actually kinda rude.  Events in the sky are more than lies about missiles and tests.  There you have it Anti Stalker Nation, the truth not the lie.

Love and Hugs,

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #416

11/09/15   Straight Out of New Hampshire …

More Immunitied Human Trafficking data to make the Anti Stalker Nation aware of…. Officer Timothy Godin who is a Gorham New Hampshire police officer stopped a Victim from going to the Department of Justice regarding certain types of crime, and when she was on her way to the DoJ Office to make reports & hand over evidence, her purse was stolen from her car, then apparently when she went home to try to recoup, she finds that her cat is gone from her home.  She ends up apparently having her purse found at the Berlin New Hampshire police department and purportedly while she was on her way to pick up her stolen purse she was stopped by the police two times and both cops accused her of drinking, but they did not arrest her as a drunk driver.

Then when she tried to leave town to make her report she says she was pulled over yet again keeping her from ever getting her report into the Concord New Hampshire area she was supposed to make her report at.  Her cat was never returned to her home since that day of her purse showing up at the police station while she was pulled over 3 times on the day she had prepared to take her human trafficking related evidence into the DoJ. 

This human trafficking Victim believes her landlord was involved in the cat abduction and knows that the local police stole her purse from her car.  In that same week her mother’s home was started on fire, then all her tires were slashed on her car, then her three year old granddaughter went missing or abducted… all in the same week. Even the New Hampshire police told her that these incidents weren’t a coincidence, but never arrested anyone though they had evidence, video surveillance of the tire slashing and an ex-cop identified as walking away from the house fire, and apparently the child abduction thing didn’t really even have accountable investigating on.  But what did happen was a computer hacking where this Victim was baited with court law suit filing innuendo where a legal document was placed on her computer and the document was linked to the land lord.  

That’s more than just one bad week, that is not all coincidental, and when a woman’s housing & car are invaded combined with arson & grandchild going missing then it is Human Trafficking, and New Hampshire cops agreed it was not all coincidental but chose rather to keep it all micro managed to the Victims detriment.  

The ex-cop that was walking from the burning home was apparently named Officer Lietvan, and the landlord who gained access to this Victims housing & cat was Peter Bill. On other occasions the Berlin New Hampshire police officers Nathan Roy & Steven Arsenault apparently harassed and cyberstalked this Victim, then made fun of her when she was reporting cybercrime, and said to her that they “could not understand” her because she “was speaking in code”.  Then they told her that she would be “busted if she continued to report” these crimes.

Anti Stalker Nation, this Victim wants to know what it means when a cop tells you that they can’t understand you and that your speaking in code.

I personally can tell you all that when I received a call back from the Center for Community Solutions, I was told specifically that I should “talk in code” to whatever advocate was to call me back. I also repeatedly had SDPD tell me that they could not understand me when I reported the rape & finding the hidden cameras, they basically forced me to put my reports in writhing the way they treated me & refused to issue report numbers, then when I put my crime reports in writing they still did not issue a police report, I had to re-report even after putting my reports in writing… what did it end up meaning?  It meant that local state ran Operation Shadowbox and Operation Endless Summer were cover fronts for Human Trafficking via liaisoning with federal agents & entities.  And both these cover front faux investigations were using Agent Albert Machhour and Ben Klinger.  Both of these faux investigations have murders of citizens tied to them and cover up of rape tactics like that AMPM on Friars road tactic of bringing a Victim in on cameras while the Victim is in shock from assault….  One thing I can tell this New Hampshire Victim is that her grandchild going missing the same week her mother’s home was set on fire while her DoJ reporting was made intimidated more then three times in the same day by men with guns on their hips is that this ring stalking her is a Human Trafficking ring that has sought out Immunity giving jobs. 

When cops tell you that you’ll be “busted” for reporting crimes it is known by the Anti Stalker Nation as being “Leon’ed”, as in Jorje Leon who would repeatedly threaten me for this San Diego County & City ring of Immunity seeking Human Traffickers.  SDPD’s Jorje Leon would tell me each time I tried to get a police report for the assaults & cameras, that I would be taken to the “crazy jail” if I didn’t stop reporting Albert Machhour & Robert Tartaro’s crimes. Victim, this IHT rings comments to you about how they did not understand you and that you were speaking in code, these comments they made to you each time you were stopped or make crime reports means that this IHT ring was intending to call you “mentally incompetent” in court as a precursor to having you falsely imprisoned in a “mental jail”. This is 100% the tactic intended by the cops that did that to you.  Sorry for the pain they have caused you.

Victim, there was likely faux investigations being made against many women in your area and that is likely why you were on an invisible leash where even your housing was being controlled. If there were no formal agency investigations then this ring of IHT’s were using their counterparts’ employed as Attorneys & Private Investigators for these police to pawn their actions off on to if they were ever questioned.  It is likely that law suits may have been tied to the ring of Immunitied Human Traffickers that have stalked you, and if so then the Attorneys Trust Funds known as IOLTA’s need to be investigated; you wouldn’t be their only victim. 

Sorry Victim that you got “Leon’ed”, but what I can do is List them, time is now, new additions to The List now made for the state of New Hampshire.

J Butterfly


Blog #415

10/15/15   Hey Vermont and New Hampshire!... oh ya, and the National Association of Sheriffs…

Anti Stalker Nation, your so good!  This guys getting Listed here and now for his part in the Island Pond Vermont Child Abductions where he as a Sheriff took children from single mothers, under the labeling & discrediting these mothers.  These children were all returned to their mothers & these mother’s found innocent, but the damage was done, the children were in the legal system and foster care system and that is all it takes for a lifetime of stalking to then be inherited up against them.  Let’s not forget, that I am a 1%er so I speak not only from experience and statistics, but I also speak from the heart about being stalked through the foster care system & its correlated legal system, stalking that add up to Organized Human Trafficking made by Immunity Holders.

Island Pond Vermont is where Jim Murphy was the Sheriff there when he organized a National Platform of Sheriffs through his Freemasonry affiliations.

And he was Sheriff there in Orleans County before he set up shop in New Hampshire as the owner of ADA Traffic Control and Security.

Does anyone know if Jim Murphy has any special Shriner Doctors he is affiliated to back then and now.  What doctors handled the Island Pond Vermont Investigation Method of Human Trafficking where single mothers were called “cultists” by the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department so that this ring of IHT’s could get their hands on the kiddies.

And this Jim Murphy guy was teaching this tactic to Sheriffs all across America when he was the President of the National Sheriffs Association… any one wanna bet if former Seattle FBI Director of the west coast, Ruby Ridge Experiment, & now Sheriff of one of the largest economies in California Bill Gore and his Father are Freemason aligned?

StuckMasons & Shriner’s, remember, you chose to target my mother as an infant, and I know what you were doing to her mother before her in New York, so don’t think this is over what you’ve been caught doing because the Divine Heavenly Father knows all and he has placed his Son with the Authority.

All Victims, reach out to the VOI Foundation with your stories here at the form found at this page

Especially you women & Victim’s of Jim Murphy’s newest platform of IHT’ing through his “investigation” services he runs through his ADA Traffic Control and Security Company….. “traffic control”… I told you these IHT’s love to telegraph what they are doing by naming their companies and business toung in cheek references to their human trafficking & gun trafficking games. Remember “Seller’s”, I mean Celler’s in Seattle where Li’li, was stalking me, her aunt a judge in Washington and all.

Contact us if ADA has ever “investigated” you surreptitiously and destroyed your life! 

Love and Hugs,

J Butterfly


Blog #414  

10/12/15   Hi Anti Stalkers & Abolitionists!

I needed to respond to the recent shooting in Oregon and also update everyone on what’s new to the VOI Foundation, so please watch the newest video address,  at URL , here is the manuscript to it:

Hi Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists!

I am Jessica Seymour,  Hope you’ve all been well since our last video address. 

As you can see I’m out at the beach at a spot called Sunset Cliffs, it’s a very special place with many interesting little tide pools that formed from an apparent meteor shower that hit earth eons ago, but to me it just looks so much more beautiful than that! 

I wanted to reach out to you now to let you all know that I am sorry and saddened for the Oregon Shootings over the last year.  I am worried over how is it that no one is officially questioning if organized abuse of people labeled as “mentally ill” is at hand.  The only thing that appears to been getting officially organized are pushes for gun control, which only really helps the black market of gun sales.

This recent shooters mother appears to have been getting cyber stalked for years online with people bating her in online forums with questions about her guns, the problem is that she was also in online forums talking about her mentally ill son and it is a very short jump for human traffickers to mark her and her family as a target.

After everything I have witnessed being done to me by an organized group of human traffickers, especially surrounding the SPU shooting, I have no doubt about the fact that these shootings are inauthentic and are way more than just some “crazy person” with a gun. This is so much more than that, and I am a sceptic. 

With living through the organized targeting of the SPU campus targeting, once I found out that human trafficking crimes have a 93% correlation to gun trafficking, the black market indications of black market gun sales increasing once Americans have a hard time purchasing guns, it made me see too clear that people labeled as “mentally ill” are being hunted by this crime ring of traffickers who love to use their Defense Jobs & Law Enforcement jobs to facilitate their crimes as if targeting of students is just something that needs to be done to the American public.  Remember, people who are being stalked and cyber stalked have more rights to self-protection not less, especially those who are being stalked this way for being “ill”.  Protected Classes of people have more rights to self-protection not less!

These shootings are a form of organized targeting of “mentally ill” people and they will be declassified sometime after these next 70 years just like the Quaker Oats, MIT’s & the CIA’s Radiation at the Fernald boys home “research” experiments were, but do we really want to have to see so many more college campuses & students abused this way in the mean time?

My solution is legislation changing the legal definition of Human Trafficking to include

1) no loop holes for clever traffickers, 2) no exchange of monetary anything verbiage as a qualifier for a human trafficking crime to be considered human trafficking, 3)  no sanctioned research or national defense needs being able to be used as a cover for trafficking, and 4) no immunity protections of any sort for any human traffickers.

You can read about the 1950’s human trafficking of children being called “mentally ill”, trafficking that was ran through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Quaker Oats Corporation, and the CIA through the State ran Fernald boys home. You should read about these experiments by Wiki’ing or Googling the words “Unethical Human Experimentation in the United States”.

These campus shootings are just the new wave version of the same old human trafficking that was being done in the 1950’s.  So I’m actively seeking Abolitionists who would like to work with me on changing the legal definition of what trafficking and modern day slavery is with the intent for the government, colleges, defense & Law enforcement’s Agencies to have to stop running these types of crime under their false pretenses shrouded in secrecy. 

Contact the VOI through the Expert Witness page Contact Form if you’re interested in working on policy reform on human trafficking laws!

On a lighter note and in closing, I also wanted you to know about the Victims of Immunity Donation Tee Shirts. Here’s what the front looks like and here is the Abolitionist Squared Tee back.  We also have a man version of this tee shirt!

Please visit the Abolitionist Squared VOI Gear page on our web site to get your tee!

Also, if you’re a chocolate lover we are rolling out See’s Candies in time for the holidays!  I personally adore Mrs. See’s and her story, and I hope to see her legacy and business back under the ownership of the Sees’s family someday.  She was revolutionary in her time for her business model and quality of product so I am excited to let you know that you should get your Chocolate fix here from us!  Please Visit the VOI Abolitionist Squared Gear page on our website to get your fill of Chocolate at Donation Prices of course.

Finally, Oregon and the West coast need our prayers Anti Stalker Nation. My condolences to the Families and Victims, and Students who don’t need to be getting targeted this way, and the problem is not mentally ill people, the problem is human traffickers that gun traffic and see to grow their black market business model through controlling the public market with policy, so let’s beat them at their own game and re-write the legal definition of what trafficking is so that these trafficker that target students, and mostly women & children can be put in jail much easier. 

Anti Stalker Nation, please send your prayers up through the Righteous Lord Jesus up to the Divine Heavenly Father so that we can start to see some justice and public accountability get slammed up against human traffickers.

Love and hugs, with prayers and hope,



Blog #413      

10/7/15   The Earthquake…

When The Earthquake hits, it will be in Chile. Those with ears to hear, hear.

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #412      

10/6/15   There’s Cabrera’d and then there’s Cabrera’d…

Hey Anti Stalker Nation, if you want to know what it is to be “Cabrera’d” then read about it at the VOI’s Dictionary page, or you can click on this link: . So I’m having to post out again since I was stalked by Sergio Cabrera yet again and this time he stalked me at a spot where about a week prior the SDPD had come up to me at harassing me while I was reading my bible to the ocean wave sounds.  

Not so nice to see them both still stalking women in tandem.  Too bad their doing it again while they still want to try to find out my phone number, yep the SDPD called my mother trying to find out my cell phone number about 2 weeks ago so that they could continue to “StingRay” me after my old phone became too obvious of a tracking device for them, will their tactics ever get them caught, I say yes.

At least I didn’t get the full Cabrera’d like the campus shooting victims got; somewhere between the 200 mile stretch from Troutdale to Roseburg there are some fast & furious FBI & CIA gun traffickers who have their claws sunk into some “mental illness” doctors… well to be more accurate somewhere between San Diego & Seattle.

This is not an unsanctioned event these shootings, period, and as if James Shelton & Charlotte Awino & Galdorisi-Otto Miller, & Seattle Pacific University Otto Miller Hall weren’t enough damming circumstantial proof, then my life being turned into the micro-management outlined in in this blog proves it to anyone with eyes to see, and the lengths these criminals go to in their stalking, cyber stalking, and micromanaging of their mark is gonna be a declassification event for the ages.

Oh and by the way, Arron Yabarra’s family still has not been told about me by his attorneys who have been contacted and informed of the 2012 Awino threats made to me about me being the blame taker for the shooting & these attorneys have also been informed about how I was treated by one of the police when I reported the Awino stalking of me.  The attorneys for Arron Yabarra are withholding evidence and the state of Washington Attorney General knows it.  Neither have contacted me for deposition, and his family is being kept from the knowledge of Slave Traded, controlled by Gun Trafficking Human Trafficker Joseph Kony, number one most wanted on the ICC’s criminal list affiliated Charlotte Awino’s threats to me in 2012 which were basically about the SPU shooting that was supposed to be tied around Galdorisi’s glorious Chief Otto Miller book release of that year, oh how proud SDPD’s Sergeant Broxterkony’man must be for this newest shooting of his affiliated crime rings…. Did I mention to you in a past blog that when SDPD’s Broxterman had me falsely imprisoned he made sure to have my web site pulled up on a computer in his car for me to have to see, and then he had the “Act of Glory” movie playing at the place he took me to for his malicious false imprisonment of me back when Travis Meyers, Ron, and the Satanic had invaded my home with the SDPD for about a week non stop, yep, right after having the Satanic Biter bite me.  And Broxterman is the SDPD employee that prior targeted Invisible Children’s Jason Russell.  Why don’t they care about how obvious they get, why do they act so protected, so above the law.

Awino; #1 most wanted criminal in the world affiliated Awino, placed living with me in America in a teachers home on the SPU Camus, threatening me when I report a German guy’s stalking of me, did I mention that when David Wetzel stalked me at my MBA night class he was looking like a total sociopath, and when I reported his stalking of me is when Awino started threatening me to be a blame taker if I didn’t keep my mouth shut, and I didn’t even know about James Shelton at that point yet.  Prior, this Awino was brain washed into telling all that her children she was forced to have under abduction were actually her mother’s children, yep she showed me pictures of them calling them her brothers saying that they lived in Germany on a US base with their “mother”…. Declassification for the ages, should we have to wait 100 years for it?




Blog #411      

10/2/15   Just Listed!!

Hi Anti Stalker Nation, and you Just a City Boy born and raised in South Detroit””” wanted you all to know that The List is growing. 

As the Pennsylvania area human trafficking scandals of Bill Cosby’s just keep heating up, we get a Vermont & Berlin New Hampshire Immunitied Human Trafficking Tip Off….

Inquiring minds want to know if the State & Police of New Hampshire hire the traffic control company called ADA Traffic Control ran by Jim Murphy and why Police Officer   Barney Valliere would say one thing to a Victim while other officers would try to discredit that same Victim since 2012. What Gang Stalking in New Hampshire is tied to Jim Murphy and to the Berlin Police Department so strongly that Victims purportedly get terrorized then discredited by police when reporting the crimes they are having inflicted upon them, and why would this ring be targeting single women who have children.

What Berlin New Hampshire police officers need to be Listed, and does Jim Murphy and ADA Traffic Control in Vermont have ties to immunity ran human trafficking of women and correlating destruction of these women’s credit and attacking of their “mental health” upon them giving police reports for break in’s and home & car vandalizing’s…. There is a tie in here isn’t there. It’s always a money laundering tie in isn’t it, gotta get that dirty IHT money legit”””  Does Jim Murphy have state or city/county contracts, and does he need to be on The List?  Any community services in New Hampshire dedicated to Victims that Police like to call “crazy” every time the Victims have to report a crime.

Inquiring minds want to know, because these Victims say that they can’t get justice in New Hampshire.

J Butterfly










Blog #410      

9/29/15   Foot Stool!

Anti Stalker Nation, when a new planet shows up from out of nowhere in the east in the early morning then you know that is the place of the thrown and that we just became the foot stool!

Thus says the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that you build unto me? and where is the place of my rest? Isaiah 66:1

Get up early and see the thrown that has just appeared in the heavens. Praise be to the Divine Heavenly Father, Glory be to the Righteous Risen King now sitting on the thrown!  Stretch out those feet and take a well earned break, celebrate like it is Arbor Day!  If you place them in San Diego, We will ease them with olive oil! 

Thank you and we would all sit in a tree and heal with you any day any time…

We would all sit in a tree with you and whittle arrows to offer up for reengineering so that they may be good enough for you to burn at night by your horse to keep him warm.

It flowed down the center of the main street. On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations. Revelation 22:2

… So no one can say that the Anti Christ is the healer of the nations or responsible for this nice time of prosperity that we are entering, as this nice time is from the leaves of the trees that the nations & people heal through, the trees that have been created by the Devine One through the mighty heart of the Righteous Risen King, but it is just like the wicked to steal the credit for it….. The wicked will keep the credit for trying to steal the healing away because those with eyes will See and those with ears do Hear; wicked you’ve been caught. Justice renews, and we all know that you Wicked are the ones who bring the attack at the end of this time of prosperity, and we Anti Stalkers know who protects us by opening the scrolls in response to the crimes of the Wicked.

Clearly as the moon shines, we have all been blessed now with prosperity because I could scream forever that there’s one less of you”””

Thank you Divine Heavenly Father.

With Love,

Jessica of The Angels


Blog #409      

8/25/15   Hi Anti Stalkers!

Anti Stalker Nation, just a quick inquiring minds want to know update because this odd August storm is calling me to you…

So some have asked about the “pain” in Blog #406 and wondered if it correlated to Blog #405’s topic of Albert Machhour, and the answer is of course not.  To be really honest with you, the sister of the young woman that Albert Machhour is marrying reached out to me and contacted me at the time of Blog Post #405 asking me about Danielle Machhour and concerned for her sister’s safety, in that her young sister was marrying a man twice her age who had converted her to a false god religion that is notorious for being hateful to woman and to Christians, and concerned that this man Albert Machhour had basically been intertwined in a human trafficking of one of her sisters friends.

Let me clarify, I was asked if I knew anything about a female friend, I believe named Kiersten, of the woman that Albert was marrying, and I was asked about this by the sister of the woman that Albert was marrying.   So the sister informed me of how one of the female friends of her sister (who is marrying Albert) was human trafficked in one of the apartments across from Escala, and I told her that this is pretty much the method of operation that Operation Shadowbox Agent Albert Machhour engages in for the human trafficking ring he is part of and it sounded so much like what Operation Shadowbox and Albert Machhour did to Sarah my roommate back in 2009, when he was telling me all about our future together while secretly seeking to sell Sarah in a drugging of her where she was manipulated off to a hotel room where her boss had been taken to and also slipped drugs into her drink.  Yep Albert Machhour and his “Investigation” ring of human traffickers did it yet again to a different woman likely named Keirsten, who was friends with the woman of the moment that he was dating. 

At the time of Sarah’s drugging and abduction, Albert actively in the weeks there after was engaged in elevated tactics and attempts at manipulating me to think that “Sarah wanted it” and that “Sarah went to the room for cocaine” which was baffling to me since I had never brought up cocaine and since Sarah didn’t do cocaine, and he tried to make me think that it was dangerous for me to let Sarah stay renting a room in my home any longer… then of course entered chester molester Robert Tartaro and his hidden cameras as the next renter of that room in my home.  My home. My home, watch this show.

So when inquiring minds want to know if the “pain” in the very next blog has anything to do with Albert Machhour I must simply squint my eyes as if to imply that there is no way under the Son that this man could ever mean anything more to this planet than to open his mouth and finally spout out some truth about his many many employers.

Blog #405 was my response to the sister who had reached out to me, and she was told that her questions and concerns would be answered in the next Blog Post. 

Blog #406 is a poem of sorts for a very special specialness that I have been blessed to spend time with, and it can not be sullied. Not sullied as in no connection to the rape for profit human trafficker Operation Shadowbox Agent Albert Machhour.

The “pain” in blog #406 is a pain of battle, not of the heart. It is a Warriors pain.  As in just want a way of keeping you special specialness inside my heart, and that I am lost in your fire below, all I know, all I know is that I love you so, so much it hurts”””

I see this road begin to climb, I see your Star begin to Shine, I see your colors, and I am dying of thirst.

Said 2gether thru life”””






Blog #407

7/17/15   I could scream forever that there's one less of you... 

LIke I said in blog post #406, I've missed you Anti Stalker Nation!  The blackout curtains have gone up and so here is an update,  today as I was lodging a complaint with the FBI a man stalked me at the place I was using a computer at and he harassed me 3 times trying to find out what I was doing. If my Stalkers are gonna know, then my Anti Stalkers are gonna know too, so here is the complaint that was lodged with the FBI abuse intake when he was stalking me: 

This is a complaint about the Superior Court Appellate Division for San Diego case No:37-2015-00200090 Terraces and PennyMac v Seymour.  This is a Color of Law Abuse Complaint made under Title 4th Amendment of the U.S.C. and under Title 42 U.S.C Section 14141 Lack of supervision and monitoring, Lack of and improper Training, and Improper Citizen Complaint Process. The Judges and clerks have willfully deprived me of a rights protected by the Constitution and by US Law. The judicial officials have committed violation of law acts within and beyond the limits of their lawful authority. On 7/14/15 Clerk Ryan refused to notify Karen Dolton that I was requesting to speak to her, he told me "I wont get her, I can call a deputy, do you want me to call a deputy". A manager was asked and was hostile. When Karen Dolton came to the counter she informed me that she is the Public Affairs Officer, I told her that I have an Emergency Application For Relief Under CCP 415.46 and that it is being refused to treated in an emergency way and that my court file is being tampered with. I told her there are many issues regarding how my file is being treated and I asked for a Complaint Form. She did not have a Complaint Form and told me that anything I give her she "is just going to give to the Executive Office" and pointed to the Presiding Department doors. She made this clear twice that she would do nothing with any complaint other then hand it over to her "boss" as she said. She told me I could have a piece of paper when I asked her a second time for a Complaint Form.  I told her to review the CCP 415.46 and CCP 1174.3 and CCP 473 issues in the Emergency Pleading as these issues are about court and judge abuses in depriving me of protection under law. Karen Dolton told me that it is not her job. I informed her that it is her job as it is a public affairs issue and I asked her to make a copy of the 25 page pleading, order, and exhibits in leau of her lack of complaint form. On the next time that I was at the counter on July 16th a clerk demanded from me a "change of address" form before even asking me my name, and this clerk has never even helped me before, I told her I was just there to file Emergency pleading, and she told me I am "court ordered" to give her an address. I asked her how she knew that and she told me her Manager told all the clerks this. My pleading I was filing requested the vacate of that order under law and was Emergency Application for Relief Under SDSC CIV-014, CCP 715.040, CCP 473, Rule 8.817, CCP 2023,SDSC CIV-050,and Penal Code 419. The court has been willfully depriving me and conspiring to deprive me of rights protected by the USC and by US Law and have acted beyond the limits of their lawful authority and have tampered with he items in the file, with the docket role Register of Action, have refused to issue Notice of Pendency of Action Form, and with the Record on Appeal evidence exhibit, as to willfully engage in deprivation of property.  
Lots more to share later Anti Stalkers,

Jessica of the Angels


Blog #406       

7/2/15   Thank you Star of Bethlehem and thank You for the Storm, the Sons of Tumult are here for your wrath in this Modern Day Moab. 

Anti Stalker Nation, the blackout curtains are rising.

For me the drought and the Holy Water”” have met, and the hot storm that hit this Modern Day Moab known as San Diego hit under the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem drawing me out and drawing me in and drawing me up.

Pain, and choppy water, and warm air with cold rain drops hit San Diego my Anti Stalker Nation drawing me back to you.

Pain, and choppy water, and warm air with cold rain drops hit San Diego today under the Star of Bethlehem that appeared again for the first time since the Righteous Lord Jesus’ birth.

It has been over 2000 years waiting for this star to appear again, and I am honored for my lifetime to have been graced with this gift. It is a beautiful Star and is set apart in the sky. How long will it stay, will it stay until the Modern Day Son’s of Tumult have been dealt with?

It was choppy water blowing into the port and upon the land this week. Warm air with cold rain drops marked for San Diego this beautiful star’s appearance to my life in the sky.

It was more than just a June Gloom making if feel like September”””  July hold over here in San Diego Anti Stalker Nation and these fireworks didn’t go off too soon”””, so may the bridges I have burned light my way back home on the Fourth of July”””

I promise I won’t miss the fireworks twice, but help me please, will you please help me.

Thank You.

Rocky and I like spinning for you to unspin things, and singing with the windows down, it just gets so hard sometimes, if you get me…”””” but your the song stuck in my head, your every song I’ve ever loved….””””

Sorry for being so far, sorry for not beholding you near enough, sorry for seeing you so close but not giving you all of my now. I will keep trying…

I love you,



Blog #405       

2/19/15   Things don’t ever change over night, but then again They just might. 

Ok, ok, maybe I said it wrong, so let me re state it: Are there any witnesses out there that know of any FRIENDS of any women that Albert Machhour has dug his claws into, that have ended up abducted in clever ways and human trafficked & assaulted in any sub-Mission Valley apartment complexes????  If so here is the number & a link to a National Hot Line for the Trafficking in Persons:

There number is 1 (888) 373-7888and well, if they don’t really help you with any sort of safety or assistance don’t be all too surprised, and if you just get retaliated against worse for using this resource, well then someone is tapping your phone and possibly even rerouting your calls which is a very easy thing for this type of ring to do to a woman it is stalking. 

One day the SubMission Valley’s gonna swallow them whole””

So then, did anyone in the Anti Stalker Nation catch this gaff made earlier this week by the San Diego Fox 5 News:

Highjack the hype, highjack the hype”””.  What San Diego Rape For Profit Ring do you think that the San Diego News is getting hack attacked over when it is a picture of the President as the suspect & with “No Charges” as the caption.  How long will those in charge of this San Diego epicenter’ed Immunitied & CIA Rape for Profit and trauma based control Human Trafficking ring keep it covered up rather than brought to the light and made stopped like good Presidents of the past did along with their First Ladies who made it illegal through Congress as to put it to an end.  Who are the gun traffickers & human traffickers responsible for undoing all of the MKULTRA Abolishment Laws and Policies that were put into place in the 1970’s? ... and why did they have me at SPU as their first blame taker for their intended campus shooting they finally pulled off even after I alerted all authorities about it.   Your Victims See you sooner or later, and our Voice is All Mighty.

Witnesses, no one else can speak for you, you must speak.  This has been said so many times that I’m not sure that it matters”””  get busy””” because if Human Traffickers are the shores I am the waives begging for big moons”””.  Silence is accountable and very loud.

Kisses Hugs and Love,



 Blog #404       

2/14/15   Wait, are you telling me that Danielle never knew that Albert was a NOC, uh oh, because that means she was a “Butterfly” and that the outlawed MKULTRA cover of trauma based slave trade is still being outright engaged in by the CIA on American Soil even…

Happy Valentine’s Day Anti Stalker Nation!  Hugs and Love to the Anti Stalkers!!!!  So I have been accused of being “negative” not positive, which is not actually accurate, see it’s just that the VOI Foundation is here to fix problems within the community, and problems aren’t problems if they are a “positive” thing.

Any how, in a departure from my wrongly labeled “negative”, I have decided to declare my Love!!!  I Love Love Love this guy, gonna call him a Valentine gift, his name is Brother Carlos & he is a Messenger for sure, but what he does is this Deliverance Outreach in his church.  He actually has a totally outrageous understanding of Demons and how Demons take up residency in us. He delivers people from the Demons that have attacked, and he feel all people have bad or unclean spirits, demons, that take up residency so he knows his outreach and deliverance is for everyone.  But the reason I love love love him is because he is so endearing, so funny without trying, and so passionate about relieving people from their tormentors, and well, his accent makes him so much fun to listen to as he is basically exorcising demons and teaching his flock on his regular video blog, so far my favorite blog post of his is his post on OCD he is just so cute in it & funny in it without trying to be that I just love it!  He’s up in Northern Cali you can tell that he truly cares about his flock’s redemption.  His passion for his Mission is just great!  So my Valentine Card goes to him!  You can check him out if you just google the words “Brother Carlos You Tube Videos”… but if you’re not into Jesus then you might not find his work as cute or meaningful as I find it, just a heads up!

So to close, I’m just getting some static about the possibility that Danielle Machhour was never disclosed to about her husband at that time’s NOC CIA job…. Well that would be some sort of something wouldn’t it, because it would mean that Danielle was an MKULTRA Human Test Slave Subject as well and I thought my family and I were just supposed to be some atavistic through back to the prehistoric times of the sanctioned MKULTRA of the 1950’s targeting’s; See MKULTRA was outlawed and decommissioned in the early 1970’s.  So if Daniele wasn’t told about her husbands status than that means that she was a test subject of outlawed MKULTRA Slave Trade and their for I wouldn’t be his first or only outlawed MKULTRA assignment, so basically any woman he marries or dates is just a candidate for a war crime type of outlawed game that the CIA makes upon women it wants to sell in hard to detect ways while systematically & with medically perfected psychological trauma based conditioning tactics of torture.

 So then any woman he is with is just a woman to sell and condition for a life of abuse after being turned into a controlled sham.  So this 50 year old guy would be sex conditioning for the CIA’s slave trade ring, any girl he could get his hands on then, like what Courtney Stodden’s 50 year old ex husband did to her so that she could then be divorced after getting her on that Dr. Drew show, to then be able to pass her around for a higher rate in the pedestal platform of IHT & they even have her glamourize to herself in public the fact that she can’t read, yep Dr. Drew couldn’t even take time out to teach her to read the contract he put in front of her and her 50 year old Handler, I mean husband, I mean ex-husband.   I think the CIA needs to keep their whores like Albert away from the teenager’s they get into his proximity so that by the time a girl is finally 20 or so she still has a fighting chance at being able to properly develop the ability to not be told everything she is gonna do.  I’m just saying, since slaver conditioning out a kid you know as soon as she turns 20 is still as illegal as MKULTRA is, I would just think that a pattern would be starting to show between the Butterfly’s that aren’t really legally supposed to be getting made, is that why Awino was thrown into the mix, since her CIA infused trauma based control conditioning was more like what the CIA was doing right here on American soil to us in the 1950’s.

Wouldn’t that be quite the bomb shell to find that Albert Machhour is tied to the mind controlling around of 3 or more women all targeted at very specific different age groupings… how many other women that Albert has hung out with ended up abducted & trafficked in Mission Valley… anyone out there with any potential data on if there are any other girls or women that Albert dated from east county that ended up abducted & assaulted in Mission Valley after he met her and showed her around to his friends??????  Any potential witnesses, like best girlfriends of the Victims, or family members with any data about the abductions of women that Albert dated, I mean aside from just the 2 abductions of me that the SDPD aided & facilitated for this IHT ring.  Anybody out there, any witnesses or Victims that anyone might be able to name???  Don’t stay silent on your realizations as it makes you an accessory to conspiracy to human traffic, slave trade, and rape for profit abduction, oh yah and to war crimes via outlawed MKULTRA torture tactics.    

Hmmmm Outlawed MKULTRA actively practiced in San Diego, hmmm, hmmmmmm.

Breaking this wheel on a Valentine’s Day needs an assist, where are you and who are you this caring Witness that I need?  How many witnesses are putting the pieces together?


The Last Butterfly


Blog #403       

2/13/15   Yikes, hasn’t that poor woman been through enough …

What is going on exactly, hmmmm?  See, the onslaught of inquiring minds that have been popping up lately seem to want to try really really really really want to know if I talk to Danielle Michhour the ex wife of CIA dirtyNOC Albert Machhour…. Uhhhmmm No, sorry but no, I don’t talk to Danielle that poor woman has been through enough just like I have, in fact I care not to have to have anything to do with Albert Machhour but when Perry Sagart finds & seeks me out of course it’s gonna be blogged about, and of course if your gonna have the audacity to be demonic enough to rape me then have a clandestine’d type of psy op game go on to say We were Fire Fire Fireworks”””, well then the Machhour will be spoken upon, and I can only imagine that he is trying to pin his cover outing on his ex wife, but it was the DOJ Attorney Kevin McCallahan (spelling may be off just like he is) that told me that Albert Machhour was a NOC Agent so it’s not my fault or Danielle’s fault that Albert’s team hates him, he burns everyone so may the bridges he has burned light his way back home”””” in the Bridges area of Escala, yes he has never stopped his renting in proximity to my home I bought and am about to have handed over to me…. Can’t really have a known MKULTRA butterfly be homeless once you’ve been caught getting her into the home with the intent to rob that home from her along with all her property while secretly selling her, then trying to have a campus shooting pined on her, right CIA?   Well… I guess you could have a homeless Butterfly so long as no one knows what she is and you can just call her crazy anyway via your JimmyFix’s & Broxterkonyman, right, too bad that ship sailed right, too bad I can’t be just treated like an animal anymore by my owner right, maybe it’s time to just off the last Butterfly, isn’t that the protocol?  Aren’t we getting closer to the time I’m found murdered hanging bound gaged and naked outside a mansion or hotel room or something, but the Sheriff’s coroner says it’s suicide?

Yes may Albert’s burning trail lead him to a burning bush to command his acts needed for divine forgiveness via formally reporting and removing himself from the Human Trafficking Ring of San Diego Immunity seekers, and just cut that deal for formal protection of your family like what you did to get into America leveraging those 6 or 7 languages your criminally inclined criminal geniuses ass knows.  See when Danielle was married to the CIA, she just like all other’s had to sign a very specific agreement of non-disclosure, so trying to engage up me the wonderings as to if I talk to the ex-wife of the rapist is just kinda another attack of the ex-wife trying to make her seem like she should be in jail for violating a very very special contract…. The kind of contract that had Albert running his crimes, I mean “investigations” through Danielle’s mortgage sales license, crimes he then turned around upon realizing that they weren’t gonna be able to be used to have this wife he was divorcing sent to jail, yes he then turned around and referred them to me upon his predatory stalking of me in Escala…. If I had only known that years prior one of his team of criminals had stalked my then roommate Sarah…. See these guys like to source women to traffic and harm through your ring of friends, they also like to isolate you, and, yes and when an IHT is from any of the middle eastern countries that bring over arranged mirages like the Chaldean’s from Iraq, well what you American girls need to know is that these arranged marriages always include your father usually, having part of a business or a whole business given to him in exchange for the American daughter.  Yes the exchange of items given to the family of the daughter in many of the types of “arraignments” are items given as to make sure that the family will never betray the husband to be yes so that there is leverage to push with incase the daughter ever tries to later escape… This happened to Danielle, see when she was trying to get rid of Albert, Albert immediately went into “have Danielle called crazy & criminal” mode & it did include having lengthy stories about Danielle’s High School Day’s Sexcapades in the school bathroom, yep Albert had Danielle’s family start giving up made up stories about Danielle as a teen to try to make Danielle look some sort of you know, promiscuous bi-polar’ish unstable’ish way for the court judge that IHT Handled all of Albert’s court needs, like when I filed for a restraining order against Albert, somehow it got shoveled to his divorce judge, hmmmm; And Albert told me this story about Danielle as being given to him by Danielle’s father for Albert’s attorney…. yep.   So he uses her as a breeder, then when she wants freedom he gets her dad in on the act of betrayal’s, what leverage do you think Albert had for engaging her own father against her?... with stories I can just no longer even believe after seeing how Danielle was even micromanaged to her own loss by her own attorney that that CIA got in control of the Divorce, yep IHT attorney and Sheriff/PD Chief suck up Mrs. Rey-Levine might as well just add Chipmann to her name.   No, I don’t talk to Danielle & she’s not the one to blame, and I care to have nothing to do with the criminally insane Machhour other than to put as much distance & community safety awareness in between us as possible, while I wait to see if he ever actually repents, and formally exits this conspiracy to human traffic & hidden camera sell & rape the women he “loves”. 

Hasn’t Danielle been through enough, thank God she didn’t have a daughter with Albert for him to leverage as a “business gaining transaction” asset “trade” someday…. Yah, ya that woman has been through enough just like me, so no one needs to be trying to look any further than the DoJ’s Kevin Callahan attorney freek for the blaming of Albert’s NOC outing, unless of course you want to blame his rape on it being what forced me to have to sue for how the DoJ failed to stop the SDPD from violating my rights, see the SDPD has no ability to not take a rape report.   Bottom line, women, don’t be surprised is the shit ever hits that fan in your marriage, yes don’t be surprised to find out that your parents won’t be on your side, won’t want to lose whatever is there to be held over their head, like their livelihood or job or whatever.  Victims, don’t be surprised when your family does whatever he says, even if it is to let you be isolated from them without them showing any concern for such.  American Womenare not equipped for the games these men bring with them from their anything goes areas that the CIA plucks them from, but our law enforcements should be so why is it so easy for these animals to get local law enforcements & courts to join in on the abuse of us? 

What exactly is going on here…. What exactly is the nexus between the Mansours, Machhour, Awino, Sagart & Escala….. hmmmm could it be oil as a laundering of IHT money?  We already know the car dealerships & real estate scams, the gambling license and casino jurisdictions, the student scams, and the HOA scams are a tie in but that just doesn’t explain Charlotte Awino & her German Handler and all the campus terrorizing yet, so it must be some sort of oil & Uganda something right, I mean, why did this Talmudish Kaballa’ish & Emerald Tablet ring of slave trade & hate & mystical terrorizing’s need Awino, & why attack the Big Six, oh yes, oil and then we stumble onto Kony’s USA creators made by Malta’s subversion America, pin it on America and get the world war malta’s been wanting for its increase in slave sex trade, arms trade, and drug trade’s…. or there is a better way, REPENT, OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND FORMALY EXIT THIS RAPE FOR PROFIT HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCAM WHILE IT CAN STILL BE MADE PRETEND TO BE AN ISOLATED WEST COAST THING, NO ONE CAN STAY SILENT AND EXPECT TO AVOID GOD’S WRATH, stay silent and they still get this war they want even if it takes them time, but you never get to enter paradise and you can’t get back your time once your window of opportunity closes…. Who know’s, maybe your repenting and opening of your mouth could actually curb this Black Flag Raised””” War that has been designed, UNDESIGN it, open your mouth, destroy this momentum toward war they have been able to create through your closed mouths you dirty IHT”s with no sight past your own nose, stupid as you are dirty.  Listen to the Messenger’s and stop abusing us, we are a gift.    

Anyhow, on this note, here is a very popular and contemporary sentiment on women that is held by many many many middle eastern men, especially the arranged mirage types like what many in the east county communities of San Diego regularly engage in complete with real estate & business exchanges… imagine the type of exchanges that a realtor with access to lease tenants could manage to offer to any daddy, hypothetically of course, in exchange for keeping daughter under control with no place to turn to if things ever got bad in the marriage:

This is not considered an extreme view to the middle eastern community of men:

Anyhow on another note, this is what high schools do to and think of “Foster Kids”:

And on a final note, “upskirt” is illegal under all state’s laws regarding public privacy expectations of which falls under not only Victims Right’s law’s, as well as Federal “right to be left alone” clauses of our Constitution, but also under indecent exposure laws but in an inverse way, see it is indecent to invasively expose a woman’s sexual anatomy just because she went out in public or went to the beach; However when the Victim is under age, if falls into the federal child porn realm regardless as to if that Victim was wearing panties or not, so what the hell could you possibly think this judge is, I say he’s an IHT:

America, it is time to start protecting our females again, from all the predators.




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2/9/15   Happy Birthday Dedication To My Friend Daniel …

I wrote this song, it is a gift to my favorite band, the way I see it, they can ignore it and let everyone call me crazy for writing it and herein copywriting it via my copy written blog, then giving it to myself since there was no response to the obvious, them in totality, or, yes or they can write a magical rock song with it and let everyone call them crazy for doing so.  I loved the tear drop piano part in the birthday song of mine, maybe they can put some of those piano tear drops into this song I wrote, because it is a song about children I want.  I still want a daughter to name Matchli and a son to name Striker and another child to name Lively maybe even a little baby to name Lightly.  

Matchli means “fish” in many places in India, though not spelled with the T.  Striker can mean “production” in German.  Obviously this is an homage to Jesus’ miracle production of feeding 4000 and 5000 from just a few fish & a few loaves of bread.  Of course there is the symbolism in the fact that a stricken match can light an entire dark room.   This song is written after its name sake chapter in the novel “Saving the Black Masked Massager” that I am working on details.

I am dedicating this song as a birthday gift to my friend Daniel who’s turning very very old today, and well, he was very forthcoming when I demanded a Hook from him that he will never get paid for.  I hope my favorite Fall Out Boy turns this into the magic they have become experts in.

Here it is a change that was a war

Matchli & Striker


Taking a dance

A little self defeating soul needed;

Think you’re my hero, so easy for you,

Maybe it’s like you cheated,

Easy’s why it was so funny to read you feed’m?


Since talking and walking

Are not both an art,

You’ve earned this hook to tear apart.


G Minor to G Major to a Minor 5th and that’s your hook.

G Minor to G Major and that’s the book.

When do they make such a sound

Heaven is awaiting to grow a year sprout,

Heaven is awaiting to have a Victory Bout.


Hunting in the dark using the sound

Even when you’re not there it’s as if you’re around

How do you turn a horrible sound into a real hook?


E Minor to G Major to A Minor 5th and that’s your better look.

E Minor to G Major to A Minor 5th, call me Matchli

When I finish the book.

Heaven was the ear, the hear of the look.

Heaven took the walk and then was rain.


Call me Matchli because I was a fish on a hook, Strike your Match brother.

Like a Daniel was mine

Told about time, times, and time an a half

We’ were eaten fish , Now we are realness,

Broken are the banks,

Strike your Match, watch the Archangel attack.


My other name is Striker like a secret missionary because your a Clandestine Visionary,

The way he can reflect in the Dark. Making the dance battle just what my ears needed to see.

 Because now i’m three.

E Minor to G Major to A Minor 5th and that’s your better look.

E Minor to G Major to A Minor 5th, call me Matchli when I finish the book.

So cast the nations around the neck, Fight like a toe was in the wreck

Strike your Match Light is a sound, make me proud.

It’s not exactly iambic pentameter, but it is full of meaning, and naturally I am in mourning of the twins I wanted, I know we will meet again in the next reality, wish we had met in this one too, but I will hold on to them in my dreams, though these two dreams were not the pretty kind”””

This life was given to me about my salvation, this life of mine is about my salvation, and sparing two from torture is in Gods perfect love.

Happy Birthday Daniel, you were the perfect biblical reference in this instance, wow, thanks for turning an ugly sound into a beautiful one…. Let’s see if FOB thinks to rock it, as it is not theirs to do with as they wish, it’s a gift from me to myself all though I could only work in fodder from two of the four.  I call my beloved a Major 5th, because I have no need to have to take out the vowels, I call my love a five letter word, IXOYE.




Blog #400        updated

2/4/15   Oh yes, I am a Top 1% Representation of California’s Foster Care System so I will speak upon all this here and now as being the set up of children and abuse of children farm that it is…

Happy 400th Blog Post Anti Stalker Nation! And it looks like we finally know exactly what a military guy has to do in San Diego as to get Bonnie Dumanis & her CIA rag tag’s to actually do something, and of course she draws her line in the sand regarding the military’s influx of torture of San Diegan’s right at the pinkie digit mark, but one might have to engage the blow torch cauterization as to actually be arrested:

No words for this story, so sad. Not sure I am buying the entire “schytzo” thing…. Now you all see what I am actually dealing with here in San Diego so know when I tell you that these guys and their IHT rings of sociopath’s do stalk a women 100% of the time if they want to, know that this assessment is true and accurate, these guys are totally capable of any type of torture, in fact they have special training in it, so that is why it is a systematic and premeditated CRIME for any County or City employee & doctor to ever call a woman “crazy” “delusional” “schytzo” or “a threat to the public” or any other horribly contrived cover up scam anytime that any Victim details what is being done to her.  Just because these IHT’s are crazy animals that do crazy things, it doesn’t mean that the Vcitims reporting the crimes are crazy, regardless of how crazy the situation sounds, you can be sure it is not the Victim responsible in any way for that, yes it is the lunatic IHT’s that create the crazy that no person should ever have to navigate through.

Surely the systematic retaliatory rape, rape for profit, and hidden camera tortures of women don’t matter to the Dumanis so I guess all us Women Victims of these psychos are just supposed to be thankful that we all have our pinkies.  I do however wish to extend the thought of “good job Bonnie” for her & her Malta’yJesuit’y IHT overran CIA buddy’s finally drawing the line against one of these oh so special San Diego guys, but I do suppose it was only due to the fact that this Team 5 Seal ripped off his fellow Seals that actually made this worthwhile for Bonnie, that pinkie thing & torture was probably just a bonus caveat.  Malta, get out of my CIA!  This is not your virtual countries CIA anymore, your medical soldiers for God that serve your royal nobility are not to be a commandeering of my CIA anymore, go bye bye Jesuity Platform of Child Slave Trade ran as if it is for national security when it is actually just for pedophiles cover up’s of their abuse of America’s children.  

This ring of military & DoD Human Traffickers are also let to run a muck across the river from Queen Ann Hill over in Bremerton Seattle too, this guy doing it against our Service Women and the mere fact that a perv even considers doing this while he is at work on a USA battle ship to one of his co-soldiers is due to an over reaching human trafficking platform that the DoD actively cossets, furnishes, and solicits:

yes, it is due to a far over reaching human trafficking platform that the DoD actively cossets, furnishes, and solicits:

Oh sailor why’da do it, why’da do that for”””

As far as an update on my ability to finish my education that I was lured into to as to be the plaything for the LRA’s American Supporters/Creators all while they set up their Act of Valor Shooting to be blamed on me, well let me just state that this time has arrived to out the most recent school to target me on behalf of the CAUSE Program.  I have given this school over a month to fix this and even a this week day deadline to undo all the damages they have caused me maliciously, but at last, no correction to be had by any of the torfessors at play, so as part of my recovery & as part of a protection of the student body, here is the latest school to systematically target my education as to bring me harm, loss, suffering, and set up. 

It is none other than the Fort Wayne area’s Indiana Tech’s MBA Program.  I was lead on for months and months and cleverly scammed out of start terms repeatedly by two stalkers taking direction on how to screw me most effectively, their names are Daniel McCorquidale and Crystle Henderilickson; these two deliberately and maliciously strung out my start dates as to allow for a triggering of a specific financial aid clause that I wouldn’t even actually be binded to for quite a few legal reasons, however that does not change the fact that they deliberately engaged in making my education delayed as to try to get me to loose my financing as if too much time had lapsed and this targeting was structured around their intended loss of “forbearance/deferment” status on the Financial Aid I qualified for that SPU & their counterpart human trafficking aligned colleges bilked from me maliciously with the intent to never actually really ever allow me the actual opportunity to finish my degree. 

So in December when I was supposed to start, I had been jerked around by Crystle all day long while she told me that she had enrolled me in my two classes for full time status. But by the end of her all day long stringing out of me I find out from a different office that Crystle actually only enrolled me in part time status of one course, and this is a human trafficker game where a student is asked to later pay for her course fees out of pocket a month and a half later after her financial aid is revoked due to the lack of full time status compliance, at which time men start stalking the student for “dinner dates” all while the incahoots university makes a deliberately maliciously concocted bill against the student so that she can have a negative mark that demands her to have to come up with thousands of dollars out of pocket to even be able to remove the mark before she is allowed to go to the next term but the kicker is that she looses her financial aid qualifying ability until she pay’s the out of pocket funds that she was supposed to have covered from her original full time status she was told she was in by the liar such as Crystal…. ENMU did this to me also but their scam was to have their pervert “researcher” Jamie Laurens maliciously drop me out of my second class then never put me back into it when I caught him red handed the very day after he made the malicious class drop. Jamie Laurenz the researcher that he is was having San Diego men target me for “dates” while he was demanding that I pay thousands of dollars to his school if I wanted to be able to enroll in my next term all while he had my professor acting like my homework wasn’t being turned in, though I was actually still doing the work assignments for both courses, stupid me, I thought the University President would force Jamie to put me back into the dropped class of mine that Jamie Laurenz targeted, seeing as how I made the ENMU President aware of the correction need with in less than a week of demanding for Jamie to fix his erroneous drop of me from my class, but the ENMU faculty just let me get targeted by men “for dates” while ENMU demanded money from me and treated me like an animal in their cage, yep they wanted me to pay them for their abuse of me, sound like the Escala HOA’s doesn’t it.

So by the end of the enrollment dead line in December, a Friday right before the Monday term start, I catch Crystle red handed in her lie to me that I was enrolled in full time status, at which time the game pulled in its CAUSE Program strings, but not until after Crystle and two others in a different department started to strong arm me to wire them over a thousand dollars hurry hurry rush rush do it do it now now now like I should just go sell my self real quick to come up with money on the spot that I wasn’t even able to foresee needing for my education, my future success…. Oh yes, they said that I need to wire them money if I wanted to start classes on Monday, so what happened to my APPROVED FINACIAL AID status that I had and sent to them earlier that day in the print screen of my FA Account data, and now that the full time status attack scam had been uncovered this ring of Human Trafficker Money Conversion Scam Artists next scam made in their cover up of their first scam was ready to be discovered and oh how ABUSIVE it was and is.  So foul and malicious this Indiana Tech MBA program is by being overran by the CAUSE Program & it’s affiliated “research” on a “use of deceit human test subject”.  Yes how abusive this program got because all of a sudden these Traffickers at Indiana Tech now have two creditor companies saying that I have a bad mark from non payment of a student loan as if my forbearance/deferment for being in the middle of my degree & being low income would somehow now just be all gone, then when I informed the school that their Dan & Crystal & a head Faculty Member are actually responsible for me not being enrolled in the prior term, now all of a sudden the bad marks and newly made loss of my one hour prior “approved” status on my Financial Aid account was achieved by some ladies who went back and forth as if they were the same one person and they called themselves “Tina”.  Yes so when “Tina” & the University was made aware that they were actually responsible for any laps in my enrollment from their less than normal handling of my application & approval on the prior term, then all of a sudden the game was again shifted by this ring of CAUSE FBI Agent’s use of my life and the game then changed into some story about how I was in a bad mark on some long ago loan from SDSU, oh and this was so obviously a concocted contrived attack made against me, see, if I had any SDSU era loans to pay they would be in automatic forbearance due to low income status if I did have these loans at all, but I actually don’t even have these student loans, and so this entire targeting of me by Indiana Tech was the biggest case of Indentured Servitude targeting of my education to date and the game was made by creditors who conspired this attack as to try to pawn money out of a debt they aren’t actually owed, money laundering for Human Trafficking all facilitated by a crime ring operating through Unviersities! …. Put a targeted woman & student into debt then make sure she can’t ever finish the degree to command the income to pay you back, all while you stalk her for the rest of her life as if she is a “campus terrorist” game, all made by you degenerates at the Billy Gore type of FBI that like to help the Act of Valor Books have some real life jazz to their publishing launches and movies thereafter….. What a crock, what a joke, what a scam…. Don’t they know that I am a OnePercenter?  Hey IHT’s, don’t try that scam on 1%er’s… We OnePercenter’s will out you!

Oh yes Anti Stalker Nation I am of a distinguished elite.  I am of the distinguished elite top less than 1% of California Foster Care Program Survivors to have ever earned a BA Degree from a major university like SDSU, SDSU Aztecs Fight, SDSU SDSU Aztecs Fight!

Yep see as a foster youth this ring of IHT’s can put any false crap documentation creation against you & about your into your “youth” records, like medical records and high school records, and even college records.  Oh yes these stalkers can make you look anyway that suits their long planned out and intended targeting of you!.... how else do you explain the fact the first foster home I was in somehow got me to Phoenix Arizona to be a student at Thunderbird High, this was one of those occult type of manipulations related to this IHT rings satanic obsessions with their phoenix birds and all the incantations that they systematically over long periods of time work in to their intended human sacrifices, hence the recent Snuff Filming endeavors tied to Broxterkonymann & such.

Oh yes the first foster family I was at had the bread winner move around for none other than specific IT jobs related to the codes used for air traffic control, air planes, and airports, and his job contracts in that time were manipulated around getting me to specific spots.  Then after this IHT ring that uses the California Foster Care System for its Slave Traders got me under their Phoenix Thunderbird High, they made sure to call me back to Cali so that I would have a transfer record of it integrated into the high school I would have naturally been at had I never been moved to Arizona.  Then like a month later, I am in high school in Potomac Maryland via this foster care system, not sure why I was allowed to be taken to live out of state so many times though right, right…. you know so these IHT’s on the other coast can watch me in one of their other controlled environments closer to DC.  Oh and that first Foster Care Home, well, that woman’s real daughter hated me back then and so many revelations about that woman’s past husband and proximity to the boarder have been coming to light and many of the college era dealings that this first foster home had engaged in at me all those years after I had left that first foster home start to look very coordinated, organized, and even at this point have ties to Africa and to a Hollywood production, it begins to look a certain way, yes.

Then of course I am a year later back in California and placed with a Talmudic’ish Jewish Foster Home that were straight up lunacy on the daily, in fact this foster home lady even got a job at one of the local high school’s a to be able to more easily cover up for the crimes her son would daily engage in, even once he grand theft auto’d a car in the middle of the night to drive it to Disneyland, yep he stole a car, drove it to Disneyland to break in to Disneyland and walk around all night with a friend of his and it all got covered up for this terd because when he got caught they called his dad to come get him seeing as how Disneyland was his father’s security account with ADT Security, and this is the Foster Home that was used as to get me at the California Distinguished & Commandeered High School of Centennial High….. this is the crap I had to navigate through all facilitated by the way my mother was incessantly stalked by this IHT ring & it’s pscyho’s, immediately upon her divorce and return to California.  When I was 13 my parents divorced, and before the end of that year of my life had passed, some freek show guy stalker of my mother’s decided he would literally head butt me to the ground yep, very out of the norm as far as targeting a woman’s child is concerned, yep head butt me a 13 year old girl, it was bizar’o…. Needless to say with my Mother’s approval of & knowledge of, Imoved, yes I found a different place to live very shortly after that through my junior high’s student advisor of mine for the Student Body Government that I had been elected to as the school treasurer, oh and I was also cheer captain so I had a lot of contact with faculty and resources and I used them to get away from that guy that was “dating” [stalking] my mother and somehow headbutting me to the ground, very odd, see my father had never laid a hand on me, my father never hurt me, so what was this guy’s attacking all about, right.  Next thing I know my Mom is being ushered out of the state and I am a “foster kid”…. But I am sure the story on paper goes much differently by now via my IHT stalkers and their tampering of the official reality that they think themselves so good at!

Oh and this story gets even so much better but for now this is your juicy tid bit!  But know this, know that this story of this California Foster Parent Nurse guy:

… yes know that this story of this nurse guy Foster Parent and his Kaiser Permanente job & Kaiser’s affiliation to very special DoD VA contracts is not going to be left unsaid, because Kaiser might as well be the State of California’s Foster Care Abuse of Kids Metropolis that only keeps getting bigger, and this time has arrived for this pedophile dream land to be stopped, because we all know that it is ultimately the Judges and the Familiarity Court’s that formally get the desired candidates in to the Foster Care Slave Trade ring of slavery. 

So don’t ever underestimate my ability to rise above adversity, I am a top one percent achiever survivor of the California Foster Care Slave Trade, after all.

Just a question IHT”s: How stupid did you really think I am? Funny. Because even at age 13 I was more able, likeable, technical, sound minded, and smarter than you IHT’s will ever be or ever even were in your prime and I just keep getting better with time.  Don’t hate me because it’s not my fault how inferior you are.  Leave My Family Alone.  Leave me alone.  The more you attack the more God likely feels sorry for me, and my faith in The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit has recently gotten even stronger, you IHT’s bring your own demise, leave me and my family alone already, get over us, move on, we will not ever want to be part of your ugly and we all see you now, along with the rest of the general public who also sees you now.  Tell your satiny Satan that sometimes even I gotta lose a battle to be able to win the rest, so retreat away from me in Jesus’s name I cast you out along with all those lies you make with your Angel eyes”””.  You IHT’s are nothing without one another, while I am everything amazing without you.  So then From Me to You, picture me laughing at your spirals of shame”” while I sing this to you in the most sarcastic way:

Oh, and I will be outing the two creditors that at the drop of a dime do the unlawful bidding of the FBI CAUSE Program freek show IHT’s in just a bit depending on their decided stance they take in relation to my demand to them to undue their malicious coordinated attack of my education and undo the damages they have inflicted in furtherance of Indentured Servitude Slave Trade of Foster Care Survivor Graduate Students made for this Money Laundering platform sidekick to this Slave Trade, see I am very overly fair to give innocents the ability and opportunity to prove they are not IHT’s but they always just prove otherwise, and they side with their loosing party just because it is the bigger entity over little ol me, little ol Victimized Foster Care Survivor, have to work two jobs through undergrad me… pick on the foster care survivor huh, pick on the foster kid, well now that sounds too much like SDPD/FBI/Professor Lee Martin the 3rd’s targeting of me through the Rock Church that engaged in teaming me up with K, who was supposed to call me an abuser right, like what she called her other Mentor… ohhh as if K hadn’t been put through enough Lee Martin and his pig IHT’s were fine to use & exploit her and pick on her and work on her just to try to get her to call me anything they wanted to get her too in an exploit of my good deeds and public service, because if your “under investigation for child abuse” then the SDPD doesn’t need a warrant for your medical records, and guess where they were setting up my medical records that they wanted to have access to with no warrant trail….. might it be Kaiser Permanente????......this was when they were setting me up for their blame taker of their San Diego attack they were planning….. WOW SDPD your disgusting, how long have you & the Shadowboxxx been stalking me for with your Pick on the Foster Kids ring of Sex Abusing Nurses?.... hold on, wait for it.

Sharp Shooting Words Maul the world like a carnival bear set free because the Kids Aren’t Alright’””  Oh, the IHT’s think their movies never end but they do end with the arrests of these IHT’s, Don't stop believin', Hold on to that feelin' Streetlight people, Don't stop believin' Hold on.
Kiss Kiss, and Hugs, roar roar, roar, picture me with one carnival bear””” claw in the air, roar,



Blog #399       

2/3/15   Always was and always will be a Mommy’s Girl…

My Mom needs to hear this while she is alive and kicking ass, so I am posting this small bit of a much larger sentiment now.

Yes, I have been a Daddy’s girl and a Mommy’s Girl my entire life, yes you can be both and I am both!

My mother is an amazing woman. 

To survive the type of systematic targeting that my mother has survived is a testament to my tenacity, I get it from my mother.

No child should ever be tortured the way the Shriners tortured my Mother as a toddler, and no human deserves to be targeted relentlessly thereafter for the rest of their life the way this cia-cover-business of “doctor’s” has targeted my mother and her children. 

My mother has overcome such horrific oppressions in the face of overwhelming control that it is one of the biggest miracle’s I can testify to & bear witness of and to, and so this ring of criminals having had exploited her computer use as to put childhood murderer James Shelton into her life is an undercut of a Victim that will never be excusable.

When I think of it, my fingers turn to fists”””.

And this ring has shoved their propaganda about her kids at my mother for so many years that all I can do is laugh at our stalkers as I watch my mother’s eyes open to the fact that all the crap she has been forced to accept as being somehow her fault (though no one human could possibly have that much bad luck in any organic way), yes it has been a blessing watching my mother’s eyes open to the fact that others are responsible for designing most of the suffering she has experienced and are responsible for her having to go through it, and the fact that that she has navigated through it so well is a testament to her faith in Jesus.  But still no one should ever be forced by human traffickers posing as any other thing, to have to endure what my mother has had deliberately and maliciously thrown on to her by the group that she been forced to have to endure… Yes the CIA’s “doctors” are degenerates and basically war criminals for the war they have engaged against my mother and her young mother before her in the 1950’s.  Blows my mind to see my grandmother have an FBI Handler even after all these years, named Karen Schlick.

And this group has tried so hard to keep my mother and I at odds, even starting right in to trying to destroy our relationship as soon as my mother and father split.  When my parents split my mother moved back to California and this ring of criminals were so quick to start targeting her immediately upon her arrival back into California. The targeting of my mother almost instantly upon her divorce was so systematic and malicious and deliberate that I was forced to find a different place to live because of one of the men that this ring had stalk my mother, and then this ring had my Mom maneuvered out of the state, so this ring’s use of it’s resources is very tactile and very deliberate, and so I will end this small tribute to my mother with this story as to show how & why the State of California’s nurses & social workers & law enforcement Human Traffickers all actively use the Foster Care System for it’s human trafficking of children and for specific targeting of specific children it intends to stalk with ugliness for the rest of that Victims life, like what these two children have to look forward to:

We’ll be returning to this article above later this week, but for now all I will say is Hey Youngblood doesn’t it feel like their time is running out””.

In closing of this small tribute to my Mother, I will say that her story is far from over and her time to shine is arrived, her freedom from these stalkers, who like to micromanage their Victims from very young ages, yes her freedom is at hand and she has a right to hold each and every Handler, Stalker, and Abuser accountable for everything they have tried to condition her into being any sort of blame holder of.

My Mother is one of the strongest women to have ever been.

My Mother, my hero.

My Mother is Amazing Anti Stalker Nation, and she is my biggest Anti Stalker!

I am my mother’s biggest cheerleader and a spirituality has gone out of its way to show my mother & reveal to my mother, a very hidden thing that has for too long now robbed her from her virtue.

In honor of my mother, in spite of all those interesting “foster parents” that California shovels its kids to when the kid has been chosen to be a slave.

To the Woman who inspired the Movement, Mom.




Blog #398       

2/1/15   #1 Human Trafficking Event in America is Today’s Super Bowl.

Today’s the day for the human trafficking superbowl which also happens to be the Super Bowl. 

So here are two referrals for you to take a look at Anti Stalker Nation:

In the above link, Shared Hope International has launched a great “children aren’t play things” campaign at the Super Bowl, check it out and sign their Petition!

On another note, here is a website that is a bit misdirected in its name choice, but none the less, this Victim is extremely brave for going public with the side of human trafficking that attacked her:

This woman Annie Lobert is still in a place in her recovery where she has kept the identity of a “Hooker” as being accepted by a Victim, which places the blame of the situation onto the Victim…. it is impossible for a Victim to be the blame taker and in this society a “hooker” is to blame for part of the transaction, and very very few hookers actually exist, very few women doing this without being systematically abused and forced into it, actually exist, so there are very few actual “hookers”, just lots and lots of Victims.

The acceptance of the idea of a “Hooker” & “Prostitute” is an IHT’s dream field.

The idea of a “Hooker” and a “Prostitute” is a Human Trafficker’s Slave Trader’s idea that places their blame onto their Victims, and in a formal way with the use of these two ideas as being a “legal code” blame taker that primarily and fundamentally and usually lets the “john” Buyer off the hook for the blame of the real crime at hand, which is Slave Trade.

The idea of a “Hooker” and a “Prostitute” allows for the Slavery to never be seen and to never be held accountable…. And it is woven into our judicial system by IHT’s & their IHT affiliated attorney’s …. We are woven the lie, and Annie will break free from that woven web someday when her recovery starts to advance.  Provocative name games that conjure up a yucky vision of Jesus having a team of hookers is an exploit, and Jesus will reveal to this Victim that his saving of her is to be held in a higher esteem.  Let Jesus work that name out Annie, maybe the “Victims Saved With Jesus” foundation is possibly more in line with your Mission. … VSWJ is much more glorifying than hfj.  Or “Jesus Saves Slaves” Foundation…. So many other names to better glorify what Jesus has saved you from, that don’t ratify the Victim Blaming Terms used by the IHT’s. 

I think Annie’s recovery will reveal to her someday that a rethink of the name of her foundation would be a good forward move for her, but till then I am still very proud of this Victim for how brave she is!


Good talk,



Blog #397        

1/30/15   How was the Vegas’ attack on Prince Harry a San Diego IHT ring affiliated scam, here’s how…  Oh and surprise surprise the Escala ring of TerrorAces stalkers make their appearance in it.  

So I have been getting a ton of compliments on my hair lately as I had to find a new specialist to fix the chemical cut that the last guy somehow managed to make upon my hair on my second visit to him, which he did after he found out who I was, and now I have found out who he is.  See on my first visit to this hair guy Santiago Mojica, he tells me all about how the back of his salon was being used by this great looking blond girl for her “Massage Services” and how this woman was selling more than “massage services” & how he didn’t know he professed on and on about how he didn’t know, didn’t know, didn’t know in a thow doth protest which would be followed up with a “even though the men would leave their “massages” so early and how she was really double booking…. Uh huh.  This is what this ring is saying about her, just like how this ring try’s to call me a “prostitute” as their intended cover up to their premeditated rapes they sell to men like that Marcus Van who likes to drug women then rape them & Cosby has nothing on Dr. Marcus Van.   Oh, and don’t I have audio of Trav”dandy & Ron imprisoning me in my room with the Biter & her RichardPeter where Trav and Ron tried to provoke me their Victim they were imprisoning in my own home, yes provoke me with very detailed stories about me being a prostitute…. Tell me more you freeks as you blow your pot under my door… yes I have the audio of the TerrorAces stalkers playing that same game on me the one where their Victim clean as snow is called a prostitute, but no one like Prince Harry, or Alvin Mansour would ever be caught hanging out with a prostitute, let alone being in a committed relationship with one… TOO MANY non-prostitutes to choose from right,,, oh and there is also that entire part of it about how I would never do such a thing regardless of circumstances, even if this ring has to pay Kennith Krause to get me to a hotel room as the only safe from Escala option. Yea, there is that entire part of reality which is that I would not ever engage in any form of prostitution that somehow seems to not be a reality that this ring of idiot IHT’s can see as being their downfall to their stupid stories they make up about their victims as to place IHT blame onto the targeted victim, GAME OVER IHT’s SO TAKE YOUR DIRTY SPLICE AND DICED VIDEO’S AND SNUFF FILMS AND CAMPUS TERRORISTING AND SEE IF YOU CAN SHOVE THOSE UP INTO YOUR FAVORITE SPOT YOU DEGENERATE HATER’S OF WOMEN!  So all of Santiago Mojica’s comments are beyond sinister just like Ron & Travis’s were that day they invaded my home to falsely imprison me in my room while they tried uselessly to provoke me.

And Santiago Mojica tells me about how this back room employee of his, the woman that got into Prince Harry’s hotel room in Vegas and that she is the one who took all those naked pictures of Prince Harry, and that Santiago has found all this out due to how this past employee of his was taken at the San Diego boarder when she tried to leave the country & how Agents questioned him about her after they had her.

But by my second visit Santiago Mojica’s entire persona changed, he was provocative instead of professive, he was actually even trying to start a fight with me after he burned my hair denying that he even burned my hair and when I pulled a foil and opened it and showed him the hair sitting in it he still acted like it was nothing, and at least it was just a touch up of his first attempt or my entire head would have been his to scorch.  He acted like he wanted to get me to fight and argue with him over the bad/horrible hair chemical cut in how when he was faced with the opened foils that he tried to hide from me, yes when he was faced with the opened foils that had my hair in them chemically cut from him he still tried to deny it which is a totally provocative thing to do to anyone, it is abusive and so I realized this guy was dangerous, and that his entire story about how he had known nothing about the Sex Sales that were engaged in the back of his Salon by the woman who somehow ended up in Prince Harry’s room with her camera phone going after she got Harry naked, was all just a thow do’est protest cover up moment made by a foreigner that is in this country to sell “CIA Butterfly’s” and this realization stems from the entire conversation that Santiago had with me prior regarding my question as to how the British Royal Intelligence Agency would have vetted any woman that was in proximity to Harry, and certainly any woman who ahead of time was going to be in Harry’s proximity, so then how did this “employee” of Santiago Mojica’s even get into Prince Harry’s proximity let alone hotel room & leave with any pictures on her phone unless she was handed up that way on any sort of “she’s good we control her” list.    This is Immunity holding Human Trafficking and this woman is a Victim just like Harry was, and who set it up, yes who set it up?…. Back when I was being relentlessly stalked and manipulated at every turn, there was a time when the stalking was so relentless that I couldn’t even go to a job interview without some weird thing and some weird commandeering of the interview transpiring, and it made me feel like I should go to Mexico and teach English at any University, so the feeling of being totally controlled does make a Victim feel like she must move to another country, that is how bad this rings total control of you is…. I was told by ** that if I went to Mexico I would come back in a body bag (didn’t quite understand this comment then but I get it now) and so this ring actually tries very hard to force it’s “Butterfly’s”, as they call them, to feel like their options would be more outside of the oppression they are systematically kept under here in America all as if it is just some issue of their own.  So I would love to know who and what was systematically forcing her into sexual acts called “messages” that got her set up into the back of Santiago Mojica’s salon with his clear knowledge of, and then into Prince Harry’s hotel for naked picture taking all complete with the ability to leave right past the UK’s Intelligence & Royal Assignment Detail, yes leave with those pictures after even being able to take those pictures… who do you think vouched for this woman as to get her into Prince Harry’s room, a vouching for her that even allowed for her to leave without having her phone checked by his Security Detail…. Hmmm, Santiago Mojica, who did you fry my hair for so to try to get me to look tore back????  Hmm, Santiago Mojica fried my hair right in line with the Biter’s & BroxterKonymann’s & SDPD’s stalking, harassing, terrorizing, invading and targeting of me.

Well, God is good and so guess what I find out.  I find out without even trying that Santiago Mojica is affiliated to my Harasser, Stalker, Seller, TerrorAce Trav’dandy!  Oh yes, and I have found out that Travis and Santiago worked together at that same Model Call salon that Trav got me to go to years ago so that he and his co-criminal could farm my credit card data and my hair, for whatever reason one would do so…. Well after all these years and campus shooting’s & home invasions & Snuff Film filming’s, it is clear what this ring stalks their Victims for; for blame takers of terroristing things that that this ring is planning to do, as to set the stalked woman up for as the blame taker for whatever horrible event none of these Victims would ever be part of.

CIA cover businesses are very dangerous, and I am sure that her phone had those pics removed by the UK’s Royal Intel Detail, so how did she end up getting pined for their release.

Now were seeing things comes full circle…. Who would want to pit the CIA & the MI17/MI6 against each other, who stands to benefit.

So ya, the past handler of the woman who got into Prince Harry’s room, got naked picks of him, then got around his Royal Intelligence Security with these pictures… sure wink wink… was being Handled by one of Trav’dandy’s buddies/affiliates named Santiago Mojica and this Mojica just say’s the same old same old same old Victim Blaming when this woman is found trying to leave America at the Mexico Boarder. Hmmmm.

On a final note for today I have some inquiring minds want to know regarding if I dislike church or something, and I assume it is from yesterday’s post.  The answer is no, I like church, I just don’t like corrupted churches like the kind opened up for the SDPD to run their crimes through while their Pastor turns the other cheek such as what the Rock did to me, nor do I like the kind of churches that seek out alternate jurisdictions as to be able to rape the kiddies through while never admitting to this actually being engaged in as a systematic conditioning of Slave Trade Victim’s like what the Jesuits/Malta have done up and down the West Coast through Bill Gores ruby ridge days in the FBI & like what they do in Africa through their Kony types, nor do I like churches that set up shop as to control those who the Sheriff & Cops & Attorney IHT’s have abused, which brings to mind one of Art Evan’s prior sermon’s he gave that I had totally forgotten about…. See there was one Sunday where Art Evan’s preached to his flock that is not good enough for him & for his time, yes where Art preached to his flock that “God chooses and pick’s America’s Cops”  and the point to the flock was about who are we to question God’s choice for our law enforcement's….. did I mention that the majority of the people that are steered to Christian Worship Center are people who have been somehow intertwined with law enforcement, might I say abused by local law enforcement, and here he is, here is Evan’s telling a flock (who are not even good enough for Evans to speak to personally), yes here is Evan’s telling a flock that have had many law enforcement interference into their lives, now being conditioned by Evans into the idea that “Law Enforcement” persons are “chosen by God” so do what they tell you to do, don’t question it as it is like questioning God…. Uhm, the reality is that at least 80% of law enforcement's and any other immunity giving positions are actually systematically sought out by criminals 100% of the time, and in places like San Diego they get real cleaver in their conditioning apparently in how they like to have their conditioner’s like Evan’s set up shop right next to the Sheriff’s Department as to really condition a flock of “criminally charged” and likely targeted person’s into a compliance frame of mind in the general area of the state property that is not supposed to be getting used as a hub for human trafficking & abduction of like what Gore uses the Sheriff Department for.  Now that this sermon of Evan’s has been brought to my mind, I see even stronger now the fact that this guy’s entire east county network that he denies even as a part of his church, is actually most likely an Operation Shadowboxxx aligned game put in place as to handle its Victims, and it makes sense now why so many in this Evan’s evangelical circle don’t actually have the formal Seminary & Theology training that Pastor’s should seek out, ohh and the east county alignments of Evan’s ring of affiliates of this church finally makes sense especially regarding the horrific and maliciously separating things that this church allowed to be said to me about the Seal of God, as if it is only for men, and Eunuch men at that.

But, no, I think church is great, I just don’t have a tolerance or taste for those churches or hair salon’s that are popped up and ran for the furtherance of harm & furtherance of IHT’s Trafficking & Handling of Victim’s that is made to cover up the crimes made by IHT’s…. but hey Evans say’s those crimes are made by people picked by God so do what they say as not to be questioning God…. Yikes! Now I see how Rapist Cop’s get their God Complexes that Jan Goldsmith likes to maintain to the public’s harm, on that note, here is just how committed IHT affiliated human trafficking Attorneys are to their laundering games, 12 years milking one case at our expense is nothing to these animals:

Yep, that is over 12 years of IHT money laundering scams that don’t even care how obvious they are, these IHT Attorneys did not even care to stay under the relatable settlement amounts, they just kept on keeping on.

How did I end up at Santiago Mojica’s “Salon 5th Avenue” for his hair burning, oh well that is a really great story, give you one guess.

Have a great weekend Anti Stalker Nation!

Hugs and Love, and Smootchy Smooches,



Blog #396       

1/29/15   Microsoft caught red handed in Human Trafficking yesterday to their dismay, and Evans caught red handed with 2 faces today as he planned…

Back in blog post 384 I highlighted the harm that is done against Christian’s by that Pastor Perkins guy, and now today I run into his apparent henchman who’s just sitting in the spot I have been getting coffee at and distributing my Abolitionist Squared pamphlets at.

This guy’s name is Evans and he went out of his way today to be well, belittling and self-righteous across the street from my home today, and this is so twofaced fromhow he Acts in front of his congregation…. See as a flock member I would expect to be able to meet with the highest educated church leader that I would need for a spiritual matter as significant as the Seal of God.  But today when Evans was waiting for me, complete in tow with some woman who walked by with commentary right after I bit on this fishing line lure that Evans was sitting across from Escala casting, yes but today when I see and try to inform Evans of how his congregation treated my simple request and then had [Perkins] give dangerous spiritual counsel on, Evans made sure to inform me that he has a “higher purpose in life than to take appointments” with his flock.  Yep Evans told me that he has people at his church that have been waiting over a year for an appointment with him, like he thinks he is some famous super star who is too good to tend to his flock…. I felt like maybe he wanted me to ask for his autograph or something, him so important and too above handling the spiritual needs of his flock and all.

Evans told me & showed me that he doesn’t really care about how his policy of handing a woman of the flock off to an unqualified undereducated on the topic at hand female church clergy just because she is female makes a person feel; It is really odd for a pastor to treat women as a liability,  and clearly he does not care about how misogynistic it feels, so I told him that I understand his tactic is for legal reasons so there was no reason to try to explain it to me as I understand it’s reasoning & that I told his appointment booker that I was fine with his wife joining, and that is when he told me that his “calling in life is a ““higher purpose”” thanto meet with the people who go to his church when they need spiritual questions answered and his stench from his Ridgehaven Road proximity to the Sheriff’s Department started to waft over to where I was sitting, this guy never acts this way in front of the church and it was quite stinky to get his duplicitous two faced reality handed at me even before I could finish my entire sentence and informing of him on the way his policy creates hate, rudeness of his clergy members, and bad guidance of the people who go to his church when they are seeking answers of a spiritual matter, which by the way is simply not of any concern to him regardless of a flock member being just fine to meet up with his wife in the room as well, this delusional two faced self important guy must really think every woman wants him or something, no wonder he fits in on Ridgehaven Road. 

At this point I was totally in awe of this guys two faced personality situation and so informed him that even as he may have this policy for any reason under the sun as to keep his flock from actually having their spiritual needs met, the fact is that God just found a way around it huh, because there I was sitting there discussing with him anyhow right?

That’s when Evans told me that he doesn’t see this as God’s divine anything but sees it more as how I have basically bothered him and that 3 of his online chat per