The List


Remember, these people are very dangerous, organized criminals with globally proliferated ties to human slave trade, human suffering, enslaving, and assaulting.  DO NOT confront them or retaliate in any way.... Let the uncorrupted Law Enforcement Professionals deal with the Human Trafficker's & trafficking affiliates on this list in the proper way.

Keeping a public list of potential & unconvicted Traffickers and Trafficking Affiliates is crucial to saving lives since these traffickers hardly ever get investigated or fired for their crimes; since these traffickers get protected.  Human Trafficking is the largest & likely best protected industry on the planet so this should become a huge list... We need your help in keeping our list growing, please contact The List with names of potential Traffickers and Affiliates and give us some information as to why they belong on this list. 

The San Diego Superior Court judges are caught in a Property Conversion Scam they run with Human Traffickers through the Investigation Method of Human Trafficking. This ring of human traffickers that work at the San Diego Superior Court also use there "mental court" to call their Victims they rob, "crazy" any time their Victims start to complain ... Find out more about the Investigation Method of Human Trafficking and about the Operation Shadowbox related property conversion scam of "law enforcement" employed stalkers of women that have homes by visiting the SeeMore Blog at and find out what to do when a cop lies to a judge about were your being housed by him, if a cop lied to a judge about where his actions had you taken to, then your in trouble big run! But if you can’t because the cop likes to harm you for your property, right oratrat, then staying to defend is what your gonna have to get help for, because these traffickers are gonna call you crazy…

The List  Potential Human Trafficking and Immunitied Human Trafficker Affiliated:

BUSINESS (money laundering, labor slaves, importing victims, sourcing & setting up victims, teaching traffickers children to become future traffickers, etc.) I’m breaking a victorian nation today, one.

*San Diego: Escala. Escala's 7 HOA Boards. Seabreeze Property Management. Portofino through GH Fenton Company. Mission Valley Comerica Bank. Mission Valley Starbucks. Oggi's Pizza. Crime Victims Fund. CRB Citizens Review Board. Center for Community Solutions (“advocate Jessica" from the Oceanside area who gets brought in to PB especially to aid in cover up for Robert Tartaro after the Victim is made to wait over 2 weeks for assistance with simple police reports that she is being terrorized over each time she tries to lodge them directly to the SDPD). CLERB Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board. Craigslist. San Diego Car Auctions. Harrah's Rincon Casino.  Smart Thinking Tutoring in DC. Family Justice Center's.  OAC Office of Assigned Counsel. Center for Community Services. San Diego Car Auctions. Pazo Sports. European Coach/European Collection Auto Sales and its many other names (Mission Valley). Pehoe's Restaurant Coronado Island. Pasquali's Restaurant La Jolla (Pasquali himself is a potential trafficker). St. Augustine Private Catholic School. Our Lady of Peace Private High School.  "UNI" University High (University of San Diego High School).  AMPM on Friars Road in Mission Valley is used to aid rapist traffickers and will supply altered video surveillance as faux & premeditated alibis, so the rapists forces a victim here while she is in trauma from a rape & immediately after a rape as to provide support for whatever story/defense a rapist intends to use if the human traffick victim reports the rape.  Molta Group.  Public Safety Group.  Jewish Family Services. U.S. Motors.  Siri Auto. Escala HOA's.  SAIC. SPAWAR. L-3 Communications. Amerland Group. Irvine Company. Prescott Property Management.  Mission Valley Scottish Rite Center.  All six 92108 Free Mason Lodges.  Palomar Card Room.  Carnival Supermarket Inc. Southwest Strategies LLC. Arkon Somo affiliated businesses & Neighborhood Market Association. Englander Knabe & Allen.  Steve Alexander Group. SD Union Tribune. The Cube. Some guy that ownes the first loan I sold whom was notarized by the man that agreet to lie to me and lie to the family Jackson during the loan signing lieing to both of us was the notaries job though we all know that the loan servicer was in on it too, so was the dirty whore that printed the malisously wrong loan documents, and so was the enrique, the very first loan signing were the notary was used to perpatrate the crime under my name like I was able. Progress Management. Some guys ownes all those idiotes from that Chula Vista Ameriquest Office. Mimi's Cafe & it's corporate outfit in Irvine. Golden State Law Group. Pacific Law Center.  USAA Bank / Mission Valley Branch. California Coast Credit Union. UTC Aerospace Systems. Scrooscoop Fastener Company. Edward's Detective Agency. Golden State Law Group. Randy Jones All America Sports Grill. Transport Data Systems. Sub-Mission Valley Doctor office of Kalish, Wilson, and Carroll MDS.  Fluxx. Side Bar. Searsucker. Pasquale's Restaurant, of La Jolla & of Del Mar.  Postal Annex. Annex Brands. Hooters aka Hootwink brands, and Robert H Brooks.  Tilted Kilt. Phill's BBQ. San Diego Public Defender's Office. San Diego Public Safety Group. Cars2go. Timeless Laser Clinic. CityWorks. Collaborative Services. Hana Spa in the Kearny Mesa area. Cosmetic Laser & Skin Clinic (in UTC area).  Precision Stalk Picks. CCS Inc. Rudi Camacho CSI Inc. Jewish Family Services.  Public Defenders Office.  Center for Community Solutions in Pacific Beach & Advocate “Jessica” from the Oceanside Center For Community Solutions.  Gina Salas. Federal Home Loans. San Diego Private Money.  Harrah Casino business holdings. South Beach Acquisitions, Inc. and West Coast Acquisitions, Inc.  Coastline Protection & Investigations.  Pappaleco's. Community Research Foundation. Office Depot & Fed Ex stores in Mission Valley.  the "investigation" company that Rudy Camacho Jr owns and operates and contracts with the DHS through, and Rudy Jr.'s attorney who rps this businesses rape for profit "investigators".  Advanced Electronic Solutions & AES2. SPAWAR.  Mission Valley Shell Gas Station on Mission Center Road. Tipsy Crow. Side Bar. Double Deuce Bar. Legal Aid Society Inc.  CAST Corp International. CASI International (Frazee Rd in SD & Norfolk VA). Safe Haven International Netwok Inc.  Food 4 Less (Mission Valley location but likely other locations as well). Legal Aid Society of San Diego.  Bed Bath  & Beyond (coupon/address/surveillance scam made on Victims of the Mission Valley IHT ring).  Pacific Coast Commercial Real Estate and Property Management. Pite Duncan Law Firm. Larson and Soleki Law Firm.  US Bank. Marcus and Millichap.  so.... .

*Orange County: Caribou Industries of Big Mike Harrah.  Harrah Casino business.  Toyota of Orange.  Accord Engineering. Acorn Paper.  All the businesses associated in any way to Doctor Grant Robicheaux.

*Menlo Park: Facebook. Les Moonves. 

*San Francisco: Leeland Yee. Chee Kung Tong (masonic business that Senator Yee traffics through). Couch Surfing.Com Global Headquarters.  

*Montclair / CA: Briarwood Mannor HOA's.  There is someone in Montclair.

*Seattle: Couch (which is based out of San Francisco).  Stell's at SPU. Paragon Restaurant. U.S. Bank locations in Bell Town & on the SPU campus.  Cellars Restaurant/Bar. Rock Salt (weekend venue, we are unsure if Rock Salt's week day venue is involved). Peso's Kitchen and Lounge, the owners are Seattle Pacific affiliated human trafficker's. Toulouse Petit. Cellar's. Jim & Jama Rand's Free Mason Lodge. Seattle Research Partners.  Jesuits.

*Portland: Kevin Chimienti who had about 3 businesses that you'd know about and about 8 businesses that you don't. 

*South Dakota:  Keith Swenson, property management and rental business, lists on Craigs List then comes to your door the day after you pay with some man he tells you you'll be sleeping with, then robs you while the cops assist him, regardless of your need for your food to be returned. the cops that work with Keith Swenson in his property conversion and food conversion scams are always on beet when Keith plays his assaults and robberies.  He'll tell you his last name is "Thompson" then have it switched to Swenson when you sign the rental agreement, he lists under phone number 254-1086 and he works with a woman named “Lisbeth” for trafficking of women to specific locations for murder of those women and discrediting of those women, the discrediting is made by “lisbeth’s” cop friends and by “Lisbeth’s” affiliations with the state “Lisbeth” works in.

*Nebraska: Arnies. White Dog Pub. State Police. A guy named that one guy. that one guy is a friend of the one and the two, he is a friend of the court. He’s a trafficker who likes to sit in the court. He likes to tell women who are being trafficked that they better shut up. Counsell. Haven House. Tom Jacobsen military housing. Military housing in town,

New York: GreenWhiteBlue Senior Member.  The Hotel where Alvin and Jessica stayed, where federal agents told hotel employees what to say to them just they could case jewelry known as The W. Joseph Kony. Lambdamambda.

*Colorado: Is Anybody Down.Com. ObamaNudes.Com & .Net. . Jesuits.

*Arizona and phenixs: Michael Iuculano . HMCL. Surefast. Thomas Gehart. AJ Grahm Financial. Jack Sutter. Equity Wave Lending aka EQL(apparently all tied to Ian Kingsly’s cyber stalking of Ms. Seymour). the king. Doug Ducey.

*Georgia: Robert H Brook.

*Texas: Texxxan.Com. USAA"Bank" Insurance Company. Stewart Title (San Diego offices Carla Brushard, and LA Offices’ Sheri Snider).   Hurricane Group. SOFREP... oh and Brandon Webb, you know you visited my website before you opened yours so take your definition and shove it because under the gun knows that you use SOFREP to repeat things said.  3S Services. Plano. Camacho Jr. Rudy.

*Las Vegas: Any of the places Agent Albert Machhour and his brother worked at, lived at, and associated with or to.  Minnie Foxx. Grand View Resort. 

This is a child. This child is a person. Her name is Awino, and she is the person I was placed living with, why is she being used as an adult. Love Come Down.  I was trafficked by United States of America Law Enforcement Agencies controlled by the trafficking ring that Bill Gore Affiliates with (makes money with), Bill Gore is a United States FBI Agent Director of the West Coast Region who was later transferred to Washington DC to be a cover up artist for the FBI’s Internal Affairs Investigation Unit after he was no longer able to stay in Seattle since he gave the kill order on the Ruby Ridge government murder that paid out $2million dollars to the man who was forced to watch his son die and watch his wife be shot in the back while holding their other child. The man with his hands around her neck is called Joseph Kony, he is the number 1 most wanted criminal for the International Criminal Court who prosecute crimes against humanity. This pedophile called Joseph Kony is wanted for abducting and trafficking over 30,000 children to sell to the world markets as do anything your told slaves. In my time living with this child in this picture she threatened me that if I spoke then I would be blamed for the campus shooting at the Seattle Pacific University, I fled as her threat was like nothing you’d ever imagine. A year or so later the Seattle Pacific University has a man called crazy and then blamed for the shooting that was actually done by the Research Company that employed this Child in this picture, they employed her unlawfully and are an American Company, she was on student visa in the nursing program while I was in the MBA program. And as an international student she was not allowed to work off campus, and her checks I witnessed that came in the mail were from an address in Seattle that was no where near Queen Ann Hill. I am done. My stalkers are not. Keeping me in a holding pattern like what Bill Cosby’s accuser Andrea Constand referred to in her sentencing hearing against pedophile Bill Cosby. And now there is a Jorg helping this murderer call his victims crazy. Jorg. under the thumb, take. because I’m not spending any of my life on Kate Jorgensen’s crimes against humanity & game she plays with a jesuite ran sex for money crime ring. It’s a crime against humanity to call women mentally incompetent because they don’t get forced to plea guilty to a traffick ticket gained through unlawful acts of the cops. Innocence is the commodity because this entire spree that this area was on played a game with status. Now they traffick through alternate jurisdictions like Winnebego Indian Tribe Catholic Church pervert Priests & Fathers, like the Church Priest that was at Wayne Catholic Church till he got sentenced to the Indian Tribe.

This is a child. This child is a person. Her name is Awino, and she is the person I was placed living with, why is she being used as an adult. Love Come Down.

I was trafficked by United States of America Law Enforcement Agencies controlled by the trafficking ring that Bill Gore Affiliates with (makes money with), Bill Gore is a United States FBI Agent Director of the West Coast Region who was later transferred to Washington DC to be a cover up artist for the FBI’s Internal Affairs Investigation Unit after he was no longer able to stay in Seattle since he gave the kill order on the Ruby Ridge government murder that paid out $2million dollars to the man who was forced to watch his son die and watch his wife be shot in the back while holding their other child. The man with his hands around her neck is called Joseph Kony, he is the number 1 most wanted criminal for the International Criminal Court who prosecute crimes against humanity. This pedophile called Joseph Kony is wanted for abducting and trafficking over 30,000 children to sell to the world markets as do anything your told slaves. In my time living with this child in this picture she threatened me that if I spoke then I would be blamed for the campus shooting at the Seattle Pacific University, I fled as her threat was like nothing you’d ever imagine. A year or so later the Seattle Pacific University has a man called crazy and then blamed for the shooting that was actually done by the Research Company that employed this Child in this picture, they employed her unlawfully and are an American Company, she was on student visa in the nursing program while I was in the MBA program. And as an international student she was not allowed to work off campus, and her checks I witnessed that came in the mail were from an address in Seattle that was no where near Queen Ann Hill. I am done. My stalkers are not. Keeping me in a holding pattern like what Bill Cosby’s accuser Andrea Constand referred to in her sentencing hearing against pedophile Bill Cosby. And now there is a Jorg helping this murderer call his victims crazy. Jorg. under the thumb, take. because I’m not spending any of my life on Kate Jorgensen’s crimes against humanity & game she plays with a jesuite ran sex for money crime ring. It’s a crime against humanity to call women mentally incompetent because they don’t get forced to plea guilty to a traffick ticket gained through unlawful acts of the cops. Innocence is the commodity because this entire spree that this area was on played a game with status. Now they traffick through alternate jurisdictions like Winnebego Indian Tribe Catholic Church pervert Priests & Fathers, like the Church Priest that was at Wayne Catholic Church till he got sentenced to the Indian Tribe.

*Pennsylvania: Yardini Research Inc. seems to have a tie to the Pennsylvania terroristing human traffickers.  The Titus Company (human traffics with Navy via sub-contracting).  JonahPeretti, theOne site impersonated a business rival who set up a dating site that rivaled Peretti's service, and another site impersonated a John, an American gun rights advocate with whom Peretti disagreed. In a 2005 legal settlement, Peretti apologized to both men.[15][16]

*New Hampshire: ADA Traffic Control.

*Wyoming: APlus Towing, East Ridge Towing.  Both work with the sheriffs that stalk women and they like to sell women through the cops son's, but they love to sell your cars after the cops get those cars to them!  They like to sell your cars to the traffickers that try to rape you on hidden cameras! Hey what fun. look another trafficker in Wyoming just sold Chimienti another car.

*New Mexico: ENMU Eastern New Mexico University. Shadowbox.

*New York: Trump U. sneezed and dirty money fell out. Kick. You gotta stop letting military dudes traffick guns while you try to hide their dirty money you commingled with FASFA. You wanted it solved but you didn’t you just wanted to know how to cover it up enough so it can’t get solved and though I brought a Championship to San Diego when you thought no once could beat you now I see you thingk its because I’m on sudafed while you make sure to force me to be coughing non stop in need of syrip. I now did it twice. third time is the bear right, we got lions and tigers now bears. You can’t beet me i was made for this, correct. Fuck you time is arrived.

*Florida: Kaplan. Shriners International Headquarters located in Tampa. Legal Chield.

*Virginia/DC: Strayer University Corporate. Smart Thinking. St Albans School. Washington Post.  CACI International.

*International: Tia Juana/Boarder area Car Auctions. Tia Juana Sports Betting Caliente/Pazo Sports. Saint Mary's College schools. SAIC. Mason & Shriner organizations.

 I love you Patrick. Your the best, still the only one. We love you Patrick, get em. Not Listed, get em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So oh I’m a classic, not a hot mess, black dress, no fade. Your a tu. Get it. Do you get it. Did you get it. Do you get it. Do you get it. Do you get it. Do you get it. NO. Attornies do.


*San Diego: Kieth W Phillips and his women. David Miller. Jan Goldsmith. Meredith Rae Levin. Kerry Steigerwalt. Larry Fieselman. Michael Slattery. Gary Owen Roberts aka Gary Roberts and he thinks he is a "Prophet" on some mission of God's... loony-tune this one & he is farmed by the San Diego "Task Forces" that are ran & set up by Billy Goat Gore for cover-up of law enforcement made crimes, and terroristings.  Michael Begovich. Jennifer Hasso-Najib. Marcee Chipman. Linda Pollack. Peters & Freedman Law. Mark Miller. The Vegas turned San Diego Attorney that represented Joe Camile Amerkanian when the DA was prosecuting him for stealing from the house of an elderly person.  Celia Luna (not an attorney but worked for an attorney office & with DA office human trafficking attorneys). Ted Kimball. Kimbal Tirey & St. John. Patricia Tirey. Wendy St. John. Dave Peters, Stephen Kirkland. Edward Medina. Keith Sharp. Eugene "Gene" Iredale & Jeremy D Warren both who DHS ICE Agent had me go to with my evidence back when this vendettas was first conspiring to call me "crazy" as if this would cover up their crime for ever; Devin has been walking a fine line btw.  Michael Berg. Theresa Erickson. Robert Arentz. Don Bokovoy. David Weil. (research is indicating that Jonathan Vaknin may also be a human trafficking affiliated attorney).  Stephen M Kirkland. Dave Peters. Keenan A Parker. James R. McCormick. David Michael Peters. Phill Jackson. John G Madsen. Bart Miesfeld / Corine Miesfeld.  Randal "Randy" C. Sterling and his public office holding wife. Christian Pauly. Bonny Dumanis. Laura Duffy. Cathy Smith of CityWorks & Collaborative Services. Evangaline Salas Attorney goes by Gina Salas. Ann Counsel deputy county counsel/deputy district attorney. John D Duncan. Steven Wayn Pite. Mike Baker. Drew A Callahan. Amy Weisman (obsessed with Russians, likely aided getting Anastasia in to the US to be Human Trafficked with and for Ambassadors). Kristine Nesthus. Micky Jew.  Joyce A Akasaka, who sometimes goes by the name "Joy" depending on the severity of the stalking of you that Joyce is engaged in & Joyce refuses to also identify her Bar number when requested for it, which is when she finally tells you that her name is actually Joyce not "Joy", and of course Joyce is a USD human trafficking affiliate. John Wertz. Richard Medina Jr.  David L McCarthy.  Lorena Slomanson. Emily Rose-Weber (who with Kamala Harris likes to cover up Human Trafficking as if  it is just  "revenge porn "  that can be "legalized" in  a "precedence" set by an IHT San Diego Judge).  Public Defender and prior SDPD, Henry C Coker.  Paige Stevens.  Mike Baker.  Peter Soleki. Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch. Shahbod Kerendian, AKA: Shab David Kerendian.  Emanual Savitch.  sandra d. Hells Angels biker group. Legal Shield.

*North Carolina: State Supreme Court, finishing the job for rapists is not protected its just human trafficking in the jesuite method.

*Sacramento: Jerry Brown. Kamala Harris (she covers up for IHT's & lets the State of California human traffick by pretending that human trafficking is just a "gang" ring crime, Kamala Hariss subverts justice and lets the State of California human traffic while keeping the States' Victims from justice & just calling those Victims any sort of discrediting like all Victims are "crazy", Kamala keeps Victims from restitution, and from safety. Kamala is part of the IHT cover up of their crimes & just like Laura Duffy, Kamala Harris asserts as if human trafficking it is just done by  "gangs & prostitutes" but the fact is that if you try to stop any California State, County, or City entity/employee from trafficking you Kamala makes sure to let you be called "crazy" even though any actual crazy person still has a right not to be human trafficked by immunity holders.  Kamala Harris and her predecessor had many opportunities to stop the organized IHT targeting of Jessica Seymour and simply rather than stopping it Kamala rather facilitated it, just like what Jan Goldsmith does & what Christine Nesthus does). Bill Lockyer.  Hells Angels biker group.

*Pasadena: Falk and Sharp Law Offices.  This is how they do it: . 

*Thousand Oaks:  CEE has been rumored to be showing under clothed images of women to children; Community Educational Entertainment.

*Los Angeles: Carlos E Sosa. Gary Aredelian. Fletcher, White, and Adair Attorney's at Law. John R. Fletcher and his Adair partner. Michael Klosk. Shari Snider. Howard K Stern.  David A Smyth.  Michael Ghilezan , aka "R Michael Ghilezan" and he has towed a fine line with his connections to the Boston area & San Diego area "terrorist" plots that have been set up to have blame placed on specific targeted persons, and Ghiezan appears to know too many languages to not be soon listed under the Intell Agent part of this list of potential human trafficking terroristers and he worked with & for Gary Robets/OAC in the abduction of Founder Jessica Seymour which was an abduction made to facilitate the later planned on terroristing set up that Charlotte Awino & James Shelton were being used in against Jessica and her family as to have Jessica made to be the wrongful blame-taker for one of Bill Gores/USD Jesuit's planned domestic terrorist attacks.  David Medina. 

*Riverside / CA: Linda Hollenbeck. Nine Entertaninment Company. Is there a way to take you something back when I gohome? Can I bring you adrink, do you want’ a game, do you need to hear a pretty song. can europe and riverside be the onesameplace? and what does and stand for?

*Orange /CA: Orange County Doctor for Bravo Grant William Robicheaux , and his girlfriend Cerissa Laura Riley have a network and in it are attorneys.

Alaska: Andrew Grannik attorney for the state. Michael Corey Judge. Justin Schneider rapeist. John Skidmore state employed investigator that used the “current Law” as the reason for being a trafficker protector, what about this mans attempted murder which is what choking a person is. And since its very obvious, the State of Alaska since this is an aid to human trafficking that they just performed with all their resources. there is just something about this guys home arrest that doesn’t quite fit the deal.

*San Francisco & Bay Area: Nancy O'Maley.

*Arizona: Jeff Phillips. 

*Seattle: Ron McKinstry. Michael McKinstry. Grant Learned. Jeff Van Duzer. Geoff Enns. Lana Floid. Keith Kemper. ELM Law. Daniel J Ichinaga. Gary Little.  Skip Le.

*Portland: Kevin Chimienti’s attorney. Kevin Chimiente car dealership & dealership affiliates (in many states).

*Maryland: Hilary Neiman.

*D.C.: Eric Holder. Operation Shaowbox. Operation Take The Trip.

*Florida: Benjamin Crump.

*Colorado: Kate Jorgensen, jesuit trained, hey jesuits stop.

*Las Vegas: Barry Levinson. Legal Shield

*Utah: Matthew Mikko, JD.

*Wyoming:  Seth Shumaker. Christopher LaRosa. Hell’s Angels biker group.

*Montana: Scott Twito. 

*Alaska: Andrew Grannik.  

*New Mexico: Sutin Thayer, and Browne. Christopher H Holland.

*New York:  Michael Dean Cohen. Hell’s Angel’s biker group.

*Indiana: Beckman Lawson LLP. Mark Bloom.

*Nebraska: Legal Shield. Jorgensen. A judge that like to point at women and then show them the two finger salute. Can’t remember his name just yet but I only asked once.

*International: Kate Jorgensen, she’s listed international because she also works at a institution of higher education.



*California:  Stacy Thayer.



*California: Judge Katz. Judge Yuri Hofmann. Judge Kevin Enright. Judge Longstreth. Judge Hugenor. Judge Tim Taylor.  Judge Danielson. Judge Trentacosta. Judge Enright. Judge Strauss who covered for Tartaro & SDPD & Yuri Hoffman's HT related crimes.  Judge Whitney. Judge Frederick Maguire.  Judge Cantil-Sakauye because she knew about all this back in 2010 and has not stopped it. Judge Danielson who used to work at judge Maguire’s old law firm before Maguire became a judge. Judge Buckley in Los Angeles. Judge Boren in Los Angeles.  Kamalla Harris of San Fran attorney gen for Cali. As she knows about this Cash for Cuties human trafficking of women via false arrest mug shot scams and does not stop it in any way. Judge Court Clerk Brenda Rey in Los Angeles. Judge Marrinan.  Judge Whitney. Judge Rogers. Judge Goldsmith. Judge Runston Maino. Justice Alex McDonald. Judge William Nevitt.  Judge Kerry Wells; Kerry Wells and the presiding department judge are instrumental in property conversion scams in San Diego, so instrumental that before Jessica Seymour was even in appeal presiding judge had made sure to walk into the court of Gary Kreep to intimidate Ms. Seymour when she was waiting to plead to Gary Kreep for a necessary relief that was due to her under the law, but judge Gary Kreep just failed to provide it once his boss the presiding judge walked into the court to menace Ms. Seymour.  .  Cathy Bencivengo.  William Q Hayes. Judge Gary Kreep. Commissioner Miesfeld.  

*Washington: Judge Pro Tem Michael McKinstry. Judge Gary Little. Judge Timothy Dore.

*Riverside CA: Judge Sabet. 

*Nebraska: Judge Wester.

*Arizona: Judge Randy Bartlett, who prior to becoming a judge back when he was just a human trafficking attorney this Randy Bartlett offered my father $10,000 for my not yet born brother based off of pictures of my sister and I, now judge Bartlett has his hands on the kiddies through the juvenile/family court he "pioneered".  

*Oregon: Kevin.

*Washington (Seattle):  judge Jim Rogers. 

*Wyoming: Judge Cundiff.

*Pennsylvania:  Judge Mark Ciavarella . Judge Michael Conahan.  Judge Thomas Munley. Judge Joseph Bianco.

*Montana: Judge G Todd Baugh. 

*Alaska: Judge Michael Corey.

*New Hampshire: Judge Paul Desjardens.

*Federal Court: Judge Sammartino (San Diego). Judge Robart (Seattle).  Judge Ricardo S. Martinez (Seattle... and yes, that's the Judge who let a porn website continue to use photo images of underage girls... as not to "run the human traffickers underground" and it sounds real similar to how Masso Salmasi told Jessica Seymour that child molester laws need to be lightened because the molesters kill the kids since they get scared of the law after they commit the abuse... these Washington traffickers are shaping up to be the most foul).

*Las Vegas:

*International: The criminal court that keeps pretending.



*Washington District Of Columbia:  Carl A. Anderson. 

*San Diego: William Lansdowne. Derick Diaz and his families gambling affiliations. Stephanie Rose. Officer Pino-Jarvis. Officer Livermore. Officer Volker. Officer Gary Rapp. Officer Lee Martin the 3rd.  Officer Quinn. Officer Jauregul.  Detective Phillips. Sergeant Jorge Leon. Officer Ramos. Jerry Sanders. Officer Doll. Officer Brennen. Sargent Naparo. Chief Zimmerman. Officer Ted Mansour. Ernesto Encinas. Cory Moles. Anthony Arevalos. Robert Kanaski who is now with Bill Gores human trafficking Sheriff Dept.  Bill Gores's father was a San Diego Police Mafia employee who likely guided Jorge Leon's initial human trafficking efforts along with Bill Kolender who was PD prior to graduating to the Sheriff Mafia ring of human traffickers that stalk San Diego women.  Sergeant Hannagan aka Chuck Hannagan.  Officer Graves. Shelley Zimmerman.  Officer Harvey. Captain Thomas Broxtermann. Sergeant Sharkey.  Officer J Jarrells. Officer Robles. Officer Sanders. Officer Williams. Officer Evans. Officer Nunez. Sergeant Sean Bannan. Sergeant Brown. Officer Krouss. "Acting Sergeant" Officer Little.  Female 911 Dispatch Ms Miller.  Officer Maynard.  Officer Arguelles. Officer Gomez. Prior Officer Henry Coker. Officer Newbold. Sergeant Hurtado. Officer Marino 7501. Officer Fircus 7248. Officer Ferbershaw 8861.  T. Schmottlach #5682.  R. Park #5682.  C. Willett #6888.  And one other officer that trafficked me with  Ferbershaw that day that Schmottlach, Park, Willett and others came out to to harass me for no reason only to simply engage in aiding their "sergeant" in trafficking me into a false imprisonment scam of theirs, the sdpd has been trafficking women for so long now with their lets have the court or sheriff call her crazy scam, that it has become ripe pick it people.  So it's all of your victims are crazy, so it's everyone then right SDPD your employees are normal and everyone esle is crazy... I get it your so smart. Pat Sprecco.

*Riverside: Bonnie Garcia. 

— Justice Department lawyer Robert Prince

*Los Angeles: Officer LaSalle Cullpepper.  Officer Scott Flanagan ( Scott may be with a federal agency rather then with the LAPD but he was with LAPD employees when he tried to traffic Jessica on his trip to San Diego from Pasadena).

*Hawaii:  Ted Sakai. Neal Wagatsuma. Ryan Faulkner (also later of the DHS/ICE).

*Oregon:  Police Chief Jeff Sale (Bend).  Roger Magana (Eugene). Roger Magana knows someone that Seattle's Nathan Birklid robbed Jessica Seymour with, their traffickers in the same ring of IHT's who like to make their game an interstate transfer thing so that federal jurisdiction can come save them at any time they get caught.  Chief Robert Lehner, Police Chief, Eugene. Sergeant Ryan Molony. 

*Washington:  Officer Dorian D Oreiro (Seattle).

*Minneapolis:  If you call 911 more than once to report a home invasion or rape in a nice area you might get shot dead by any one of the Minneapolis Police Department Employees that are trying to become the first something... the first to kill a perpetrator in live action it is a group that hangs out in the somali area with the latest four CIA Agents. 

*Texas:  The police filmed in the Joe Greco stabbing footage circa Cheaters Show. 

*South Dakota:  Keith Swenson.  Two Cops working the day Keith Swenson Called The Cops on a Woman that Didn’t want to sleep with a man that night at the beckoned demand of Keith’s.  Cop Marquez. Cop Pastrolo. Cop that tells you his first name rather then his last name, Jeremy.  They’ve all been listed for the fact that Jessica reported crimes to them and they made cover up of those crimes for Keith Swenson rather than issuing police reports or even incident numbers.  It’s not an option to not make a crime report when a citizen asks you to and reports crimes to you.  You don’t just get to pick and choose who you make crime reports against. I found out from a Dispatch that there were no incident report numbers or police report numbers for the crimes I reported on two different days, that a conspiracy to cover up the crimes and trafficking of Keith Swenson the man the Cops rent from when they use their dealership plates and cars and trailers.  

*Las Vegas:  Officer  D Martine 4751.  Sergeant M Menzie.  C Church 5120.

*Colorado:  Stephen Cole. 

*New Mexico:

*Pennsylvania: Which Juvenile beat & Curfew Enforcement police officers were feeding kids to the Cash For Kids Scandal judges???. Police Chief James Romano. 

*New Hampshire: Officer Timothy Godin.  Officer Lietvan.  Officer Nathan Roy.  Officer Steven Arsenault.    



*San Diego: San Diego Sheriff Dept. Bill Gore. Dr. Catherine Dixson (drugs perfectly sane women that pose a threat to the trafficking rings secrecy, so that these victims won't expose the trafficking ring while in court). Elene Bratton (social worker that programs the victims for months on end, on what they must say in court, after Dixson drugs the victim).  Deputy Kelleher.  Nurse Erwin. Nurse Mary Lou Becason. Bill Kolender.  Deputy McAuther. Deputy Anderson. Sergeant Strong. S Ochoa #1193.  Deputy Arneson.  Rod Smith (but only as informant).

*Seattle: Mason County Sheriff Dept. Nathan Birklid. Chief Jan Alvord (ATF &E affiliated to some degree). Thurman Rankin.



*Hawaii: Ted Sakai. Neal Wagatsuma. Ryan Faulkner (later of DHS/ICE).

*Montana:  Trooper Alex Betz.

*Las Vegas: Dan Hilsabeck... likely he was LVPD based on what he said when stalking Jessica Seymour. 

*Pennsylvania: Sheriff Charlie Morris. 

 *New Hampshire: Jim Murphy.

*Vermont:  Jim Murphy.

*Wyoming:  Pushcar. Dan Hilsabeck. Gillmore. Allen Thompson. Dave Hofmeier. Blumenstock. Skaggs. Dietrick. Sultz. Schriebies. 



States that engage in human trafficking their citizens: California. Alaska. Wyoming. DC. Massachusetts. Iowa. Nebraska.


*Texas:  The Cheaters "Agency" that we all know as a tv show.  Joey Greco, Joel Stephen Greco.  Tommy Habeeb. Thomas Habeeb. Jeremy Hechler. Israel Cavazos. Andrew Phillips.  

*California: The team of Orange County and San Diego men that were using Yolanda Shakoor to act as though they were a team of federal agents that needed her to tell them my whereabouts and that got her to lock herself in a Del Taco bathroom long enough for them to place them selves at the corners of the street she lived on then spike strip Jessica Seymour's car when I drove away from dropping her off on Halloween of 2010; ask her who she is in with for service, here's a hint she thinks she is his girlfriend because he knew the guy who spike stripped Jessica Seymour's car to try to kill her, harm her, injure her, rob her of her car, & set her up as if She was a drunk driver, even though Jessica didn't drink on that holiday & was the Designated Driver; heres a link . The interesting part is that she leaves out her Ameriquest & Windsor Capital loan officer jobs but does leave in her Chaldean owned outfit that she used to have me be face to face with, the Chaldean under investigation at the time, murderer loan officer of Francoise Shammam, this Equity One Chaldean Office is a FBI ran outfit that is harassingly left out of the picture of how Yolanda came to be informant. They were used to repeatedly try to put Jessica Seymour in contact with anyone that was already under investigation just to keep being able to pretend to be having a reason to be "investigating" Jessica Seymour the real thing is that they were just using this tactic to destroy her life, earning potential, and to human traffick her to buyers of the secretly  made hidden camera work of Alvin Mansour's, Robert Tartaro's, and Aziz Machhour. Yolanda Moats-Shakoor or what ever name she goes by off the grid is a pervert and aids human traffickers even knowing that they are placing cameras in their home to sell the Victims through.  Yolanda brings the Victims and even travels them to other Counties from where they live she is the triangle tip... she's supported.  Is Mr. Shammam out of jail yet for his murder conviction or did he even get convicted, he was Equity One's largest producer so the FBI has a double hand in that murder he was arrested for, and did get me in proximity to a murderer, and did try to have him continue to traffick for them when they had known he was under investigation for murder, and they had him running drugs for them, the FBI In San Diego is a racketeer with the law just waiting to drop anyone who they can get to commit their murderers for them. Correct police chief lansdown, you were in on it with your employed pay rolled human traffickers you hired to be police, your in on it. Zimmermann didn't mind running your Store errands for you did she since she liked to watch all the naked lady footage's with you. You two pornographers are the best that the San Diego Police Mafia are ever gonna get the dirty perverts that you are & the way you helped teh Catholics traffick & cover up child sales your disgusting the two of you; For your disgust The San Diego Chapter of the Knights of Columbus are officially Listed.  The next chief is cutting forces. Oh and by the way heres' a link to all of Shamamm's friends who don't even know how he spells his name . Harvey Weinstein. Black Box. Busniness posing as a security company but is a foreign intelligence agency European Coach and any other name its gone by through selling of it as a closed business.

*Wyoming:  Polly Wheat's Tenant in the Trailer at the Trailer Park. 

*Nebraska: Kevin Chimienti. Police. State Police. Sheriff’s. Arnie’s Ford. A legion of men at the mason lodge that has a pentagram on the wall next to the door. two other car lots that use the same area. The Albert Machhour. Rick Hasse. Informant Dustin Wade Leiting, who watches women to sell around through “Informanting” for a cop friend of Rick Hasses who all go tell a judge that a police report was made to the police department when in reality no police report was called in to the police department, just Dustin Wade Leiting calling his off duty cop trafficker boss to tell him when and where women are then he’s instructed on what lie to perpetrate agaisnt the woman so that a cop named Rick Hasse can come to your house pretending he’s not trafficking you, but they are trafficking you so much so that they also lie to the judge about the location they take you to and the judge loves it, he loves being lied to since it gives him the ability to back out an pull out on the cops and attorneys at any moment, and the judge pretends that none of it is relevant tells your attorney to instruct you that it’s just a typo not a lie, not a cover up, not a scam, not a way to pretend that they need to fix documents any time once caught, not a crime, not deliberate just incase they want you to look someplace you’ve never been. Hmmm dead bodies anyone, thats the game here. They like dead bodies here, dead bodies. They can’t wait till they get some. They like to have dead bodies, how many, well they’ve shown at least three to four and usually there is just a crime regarding some car so far… like a one year old vehicle that has nearly 100,000 miles on it that needs to be pawened off onto some buyer in Nebraska, its a where was the dead body found problem that machhour and chimienti run through the “we need car dealership businesses” to pawn through, to clean dirtyness through, to stalk you through, so that each time your taken to them you get tripped. You are the women in this racket the ones that don’t know your being trafficked, just repeatedly needing to be at a car dealership. Filled it up with novacane, now their just dumb”””” Does my attorney do any discovery on Dustin Wade Leiting to prove to the judge why any “evidance” would be due for suppression, no she doesn’t, she just tells me that I have no defense, that lies to a judge made by a cop are just typo’s then she says that I must be too incompetant to defend myself with her, hmmm. How you like that dirty criminal turned informant for trafficking of women Leiting. Do you like to work out, do you. liar liar, or is it just that you see Rick Hasse lying about you having called into the police department when you didn’t, do you like seeing how an attorney will just keep that from discovery also, dou. How is it that a State Bar shows no discipline of a lawyer like that, hmmm, she should be fired again now by the state, see I fired her once already through a fairly established code, but hmmm the state still just keeps her in place harming people listening to her say what is all the evidance though she’s done none of the necessary discovery for defense, this is a wreck. Here’s my competency, you’re a catch.

*South Dakota:  Any one of the City of Tea car dealerships affiliated to dealer plates at the properties of Keith. 

*Washington DC.: Betsy DeVos.

*North Dakota: The middle eastern from Bosnia that goes by the name Kahmal who plays car dealer and traffics with the assistance of Paul Kruse.  Jane Bachmann, Anna Seller and her employee Nichole, and their game player control your transportation to leave you stranded Laura Burnside.



*West Coast: Michael Capato. Gregory Burleson.

*East Coast:  


*DC:  Bill Gore.



*San Diego:  Benjamin Klinger in Medical Devices/Surgery related to heart (organ trafficking). Jennifer Le, pharmacist. MaryLou Becason RN.  Elene Bratton. Dr. Catharine Dixon psychiatrist who likes to get her hands on the kids but also on the women that Sheriff Bill Gore is human trafficking though the Cash for Cuties false arrest mug shot scam. Community Research Partners/Foundation. Dr William Joseph Watts. Nagarjuna Devarupulli. Dr Michael Mantell. Tony Cooke (supposedly an MD but would rather swab DNA for "insurance" companies, sure). Kat Schenker. DDS George Georgaklis. Dr Mathew Caroll.  Dr Marcella Wilson. Dr Mark Kalish. Dr Jayne Stillings. Dr Mary A Renzi. Dr Michael Krelstein. Michelle Naughton RN helps traffickers leave scars on the IHT Victims faces after getting the Victim into a miro-dermabrasion (like what happened to Yolanda Shakoor's face when trafficker "investigators" wanted to knock her down a few pegs). Daniel Hiser MD. Atousa Brandish MD. Farzad Avaz. Marcus Mihhn Van aka Dr. Marcus Van. Erwin doe who goes by the title Nurse "Erwin" and who works for Sheriff Gore & for Catharine Dixon, and you can periodically find Erwin at the Mission Valley Hooters doing recon on which hot women to target next for the Cash For Cuties human trafficking scam of Bill Gores.  "Nurse Erwin"  & Elene Y F Bratton of San Diego County. Doctor Jim Fix. William Hawthorne, PhD. Diego Rogers, PsyD. Concha Barrio, PhD.  Graciela (Denise) Gonzalez. Dr Stein (San Diego County Employed part time full name is Orah Yaell Stein from Canada). Dr Jeffrey Abrams. Mike Hammer, of the Jim Fix persuasion. Dr Gisi. Dr Koh. Dr Enrique.  Thomas Broxtermann PhD and psychiatry hack of the SDPD & LRA. Some random RN who goes by the identity of RN Ashlen but who has no Registered Nurse Number or even existence as an employee by the places she gets her hands on to the Victims of hack wanna-be psychiatrist Bad Behavior Broxtermann.  A company that calls its self PERT.  

*Los Angeles & Pasadena: Dr. Drew Pinsky. Dr. Marcus Van (back when he lived in LA and liked to take "Pedestal Victim's" to Santa Barbara (headquarters for the Church of Satan's "Temple of Set") only to have the Victims wake up in a pool of blood like how one of Dr. Van's Victims was found by police in a hotel room laying in a puddle of blood only to then years later be funneled on to Drew Pinsky's "sex rehab" show as if the Victim is the one with the problem, all while Dr. Van is just free to run a muck of cleverly made drugging rape scams in San Diego with the aid of his medical license & with the aid of his military intelligence agent Man Nanny human trafficker roommate Nick. Doctor Charles Sophy who is not only of Los Angles but is also of Pennsylvania & is the terrorist trafficker that scouted the Santa Barbra shooting patsy for this IHT ring... does anyone believe that pipsqueek Elliot Rodgers could knife kill 3 people all on his own.     

*Orange /CA: Grant William Robicheaux.

*San Francisco & Bay Area:  Which Kaiser Permanente "doctors" were handling Nadia Lockyer into Chikhani's slave trade ring of trafficker's after Bill slave trade bred her, names please of Kaiser's human trafficking Doctors. 

*Wyoming:  Dr. Schnider. Dr. Eyan Hunter.

*Boston: Courtney Harding PhD. Bill Anthony.

*Pennsylvania: Dr Charles Sophy (also of Los Angeles). Thomas Radecki. Mohammad Abdule R Khan. 

*New York: Lauretta Bender, because there is no such thing as a schizophrenic 12 month old baby and ya don't have to be a doctor to know that, in fact the majority of kids that are "hearing voices" and having anger or aggression are actually just communicating that they have been sexually assaulted in one of the only ways their under developed brain will facilitate communication of such matters that children don't understand, and most adults who hear voices are also hearing the voice of a sexual attacker & often times the voices go away by addressing them in therapy and finding out what "the voices" want & slowly identifying who the voice is as it is usually a memory, but the huge human trafficking rape for profit platform prefers to suppress this data as "schizophrenic" children & adults are just so much easier to discredit, slave, and get into faux "research studies" that are a cover for sexual access to children and Victims, & for laundering IHT money through the research grants. 

*Georgia: Old Scottish Rite Hospital (decommissioned now, but had it's traffickers filtered out to other children’s hospitals). Michael Hoke MD. Forrest Adair. 

*Seattle: Masso Salmassi (says he is a psychiatrist, but targets victims through/with Couch Surfing and with Bastyr University, and with a Kenmore area Bethany Church).  Charlotte Awino Nursing Student. Cindy Price RN.  James Alan Shelton's Prison Psychiatrist. 


*Las Vegas:

*International: J Marion Sims. Donald Ewen Cameron.  Who were the Doctors that were making "embryos" then "implanting embryo's" all over America and abroad for San Diego attorney Theresa Erickson?.  Dr Josef Mengele. Dr Hans Eppinger. Dr Carl Clauberg. Sigmund Rascher. Dr Albert Neisser. Dr Henry K Beecher. Dr Karl Gebhardt. Herta Oberheuser. Karl Genzken. Dr Erwin Ding-Schuler.


UNIVERSITIES, Faculty and Professors

*Seattle Pacific University: Cheryl Michaels. Prof Ruth Edigar. Prof Grant Learned. Jeff Van Duzer. Prof Kim Sawers. Prof Don Dotty. Prof Bruce Baker. Prof Jim Rand. Jeff Jordan. Mark Oppenlander. not Deb Schleusener but the "Deb" she replaced as student coordinator. Bruce Congdon. Cindy Price. Evangeline Person. Cheryl Michaels and the rest of her Campus Security affiliates who let her tell me that Chirag Patel's sexual harassment's & stalkings, and his attempted assault & systematic luring's are "just normal horny guy behavior".  Daniel Martin. Phill Eaton.  Curtis A Martin.

*Thomas Jefferson School of Law: Susan Bisom-Rapp. 

*California High Schools: Lorraine Perkins... there is no statute of limitations for facilitating human trafficking of high school girls you got your hands on way back when.   

*Strayer: Lorrin Aruda. Robert Silberman and his US Attorney Office contacts. Matthew Mikko JD. Jama Rand (yep, Jim Rand's wife, ya this targeting uses their DoD & Free Mason affiliations).  Prof Rokeesha Green/Dr. Kay. Tracey Lacey.  Michael Platter.

*UEI in San Diego: Josiah Jaramillo. 

*St. Mary's College: Uganda, and California.  

*Portland Lutheran School:  Senator Ron Wyden

*Quarry Bank High School:  It also had 12-year-olds on its roll from 1972 to 1990yellow. it is their tre

*Seattle's Lakeside School & its absorbed St. Nicholas girls school:  

*Cal State San Marcos: Prof Lee Martin.

*University of San Diego: Mark Glen Bilby. The Law School Department is used for Human Trafficking Ring persons to become Attorneys. The high school (at least when it was "Uni") is used for trafficking purposes. Rod Smith (but only as a field agent for the university's IHT affiliated faculty). 

*Madonna University: Donald Gusfa. 

*Benedictine University: Mr. Flynn

*Seattle University / Jesuit University:  Patrick Sutton, graduated to be a traffic affiliated attorney now working for the medical industry stalking victims like me via cyber stalker methods.  Timothy Dore graduated to become a catholic Jesuit mafia judge that colludes with the University of San Diego Jesuit mafia members such as Bill Gore.  Patrick Henry Brady. 

*Lehigh University in Pennsylvania: Fred Glick related "research" professors, that later translated to human trafficking through restaurants in Bellevue WA & San Diego CA.  Seff Jerksky related "research" that later translated to human trafficking in San Diego through Mick Paulenoff's Precision Stalk Picks.

*Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania:  The Board Members at this Pennsylvania school that are affiliated with Texas Attorney Marco Delgado.  

*Eastern New Mexico University: Mr Jamie Laurenz. Jannet Buzzard (DoD). Steven Gamble. R T Ervin. Linda Weems. Janis Weems. Scott Smart. 

*Texas Universities:  Mr Jamie Laurenz.

*College of William and Mary: Who here got Dr. Marcus Van to go to this school?.

*James Madison University: David Ley. 

*University of British Columbia (Canada): David Ley (yes same guy as at James Madison and father of San Diego based Handler "Doug" Douglas Ley). 

*Massachusetts: MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

*Nebraska, Creighton University School of Law: & N/S Carolina University System: Jon Hansen (Dod trafficking through universities like Robert Silberman). Randy Rhyne.

*Florida: Monzeta Persaud, Kaplan. Donald Gufsa.

*Kaplan University: Donald Gusfa. Catherine Flynn (Colorado area). Wade Dyke (Florida / shriner head quarter area). Lynne Sommer (Florida area). Lisa Carter. Janell Johnson. 

*Regis University School:

*Montana: High school teacher Mr. Stacey Dean Rambold. 

*Pennsylvania: High school teacher Mathew Stevens. 

*Indiana Tech:  Duncan McCorquodale. Crystle Helderman. Judy Roy. Frank C Kahn III & his "employees" that impersonate their coworker named Nikki.  Authur Snyder.

*International Universities/Schools: Legionaries of Christ Academies.  Calderstones School.



*San Diego: Joy Rapp. Rudy Camacho Jr. Aziz "Albert" Machhour. Veronica Orona-Klinger. Kenneth Krause. Robert Tartaro. Joe "Camile" Amerkanian and his attorney. David Hildibrand and his U.S. Attorney Office contact/attorney. Lee Martin the 3rd & his father the 2nd. Ms. Lee Davis. Jennifer Lee. Benjamin Klinger.  Bill Gore. Gary Rapp. Veronica Orona Klinger.  Oram-Mansour grocery(ies) holdings. Guy Chammas. Majed Mansour.  Sergio Cabrera and his brothers.  Linda Bull. Mehdi Soaf. Yolanda Moats-Shakoor (abused so badly by trafficker Federal Agents that now she has become a controlled handler for them & assists the Immunitied Traffickers in manipulating other women/victims). Justin Allport and his Father.  Ahmad Houshmand (yes, the one from MIT).  Lindsey Dick & Brianna Dyson.  Celia Luna. Anthony Garcia.  Public Safety Group. Joeseph A Camile.  Anthony Mollica, also know as Anthony Fernandez (Pazo Sports). Jeremy Silverstein (SAIC & SPAWAR).  San Diego/Mission Valley based Albanian Immigration employees. Travis Doe & RonDoe (Escala), Stanislav A. Khaylov aka "Stas". Wasilly Demichow. Ahmed Houshmond.  Naseem Salem. Adel Salem.  Nick Salem (also known as "Naseem" but different person than the other Naseem Salem grocery store owner). Alan Ziegaus. A. Christopher Wahl.  Toni Uribi. Nagarjuna Devarupulli. Gregory Smith aka Greg Smith County Assessor, and yes he oversaw birth records and land use/tax.  Conrad Prebys. Charles Tranviskie.  Rita Ugarte. Michele Vo. Amanda Arguello. Josiah Jaramillo. Milorad Domovich aka "Mischka" & he also hails form Northern Cali.  Yasser Clor. Michael Freddick Brown. Marla Sheapard. "Mike" Michael Fioretto. Seffery E Jwersky. Daniele Sheely (also calls himself a "Diclisby" from the family exiled by the King of England to America way back when & he likes to talk about how he joined the DoD to "get away from" his ex-wife's mafia family in New York who had him working in "concrete"). Tony Cooke. Farain Jalil. Sacha Simoes. David Edward Martinez. Susan McCrea.  Sean Machhour. Douglas Ley. Kat Schenker. Pastor Jeremy Aylett. Pastor Miles McPherson. "Julie" at Mission Trails Church in Mission Valley and her friend "Sasha Samoes" both who seem to handle financial data for the church. The music director at Mission Trails church in Mission Valley who works at the Apple Store whom we believe is possibly named Greg Buhlert but the main pastor at the church Kyle Walters is not currently confirming this as a correct identity of this trafficker "Greg Buhlert" who's sister apparently works at Seattle Pacific University as he stated. Diane Marie Rahlfs.  Pasquale Angelotti. "Roscoe" at Postal Annex in Mission Valley on Friars Road. Patrick F Edd. Jack Pearce. Sean Hilly. Diane Pearce. "Kenny" the Scottish man from the England Army's Special Opp's who is a hot guy used to lure unsuspecting women. Fred Glick and his Canada imported manager Chris. Patrick Hunter. Tim Rossiter (retired Marine helicopter Sniper). Elizabeth Omidian. Cathy E Smith. "Petra" Sucuntra Kawpuna. Craig Sidenshwartz.  Greg Ryan of Drew Ford. Edmond Elghanian of David and Son's Jewelers in UTC.  J Olea Lopez of Luna Grill.  Ian Kingsley ("Mitell" employed "investigators"). Carol Trujillo. Travis Meyers (and his husband Ronald). Sir Marko Yankovich who sells insurance in Mission Valley go figure. Carla Brushard. Elene Y F Bratton . Ernesto Encinas.  Assad Whadat. Alan Razoky (Chaldean human trafficker). Rony Peters. Scott Flanigan. Sir Jankovic of State General Insurance. Ian Kingsley.  King Fish House Restaurants that like to hire human trafficking SDPD personnel for bartenders. Amberly Sabado (USAA Insurance HT Scam). Michael Scott. (USAA Insurance Scam).  Nicholas Ferrara (USAA Insurance HT Scam).  David Micelli (USAA Insurance Scam).  USAA Insurance/Bank Company Scam to personally invade me and my home for bringing me harm and for facilitating the false accusation scam that is the trademark of the false arrest racketeering scam of on behalf of Bonny Dumanis/Bill Gore/Jan Goldsmith/SDPD & this Racketeering Human trafficking Rings use of Insurance companies is criminal & with USAA it started with the DoD's Mr. Michael Brown & Mr. Pearson (both USAA Insurance Scam home invader human traffickers posing as renter's after cyber stalking you and your finances for harm). “Daniel Guerrero”,  aka Michael Daniel Guerrero, aka Dan Guerrero of Texas and of the Navy.  Nurse Erwin of the San Diego county “crazy jail” (as SDPD Srgt Jorge Leon calls it) but Erwin can also be found at the Mission Valley Hooters doing recon on which hot women to target next for the Cash for Cuties false arrest scam sell an innocent unsuspecting woman through maliciously & wrongfully gained mug shot scams. Cami Zalgadri. Marc Alan Chase. Ernesto Encinas. Diego Garijo. Olivia Garijo. Dan Pollesen. Kasey McCoskery.  Francesco Bucci. John "Mulvihill" Thompson.  Kathy J Rowe and all the lower court judges & county employees that protected her and that are part of her ring of traffickers of unsuspecting women). Patrick Henry Brady of the navy's freak show SPAWAR & of the Army & of Seattle University jesuit school & he is the boss of George Galdorisi's creator of 2012's Chief Otto Miller's Acts of Valor. George Galdorisi. John Rulon. Andrew Wallace in San Diego from Maryland. Barbara Bleichwehl.  Liam Orourk. Ty Hauter. Ariel  Alexandra Zimen Burton (aka Ariel Cooke-Burton, aka Arie Burton, likely related to Tony Cooke on her mothers side). Richard Peter Kowalczyk.  Eve Rocca. Mathew Rocca. John R Wertz Jr. & his attorney father.  Ronald Wallace  of the Africa to San Diego LRA crime ring connection via the "Safe Haven International Network".  Josh Londono, aka Joshua Joel Londono. Brianna Marie Wallace, aka Brianna Wallis-Londono. Rene Wallace.  Malika Mahanna. Craig Luther aka Craig Anthony Luther.  Brittney Falsey aka Brittney Elizabeth Falsey.   Public Defender and prior SDPD, Henry Coker. Roberto Guerrero.  Manuel Vizcarra. Jeffrey Broadt.  Bryan Sibbach.  Ralph Inzunza. Michael Gilardi. Lance Malone. Rod Smith of the USD's PhD in Leadership program (student).  Matt Awbrey, Spokesman for San Diego Mayor's Office of Kevin Faulconer. Rio Agishi.  Jun Agishi. Raul Medina. 

* Orange County CA:  Big Mike Harrah and all his ties to Arizona's Queen's Bay Hotel, McCulloch Properties & Oil businesses. Harrah brand/holding's such as Harrah Casino's. William F. Harrah and his father John Harrah. Bill Harrah & he is the one who hired that man to try to take Jessica Seymour's Father out to assault him, he paid his friend that used to go to that bar to make sure that Jessica Seymour's father was killed.  the Harrahs work with federal agent in real estate and used a Las Vegas Wyndam employed CIA Agent to try to force Jessica Seymour into a real estate employment at the Harrah Casino, this CIA Agent is an "Australian" informing CIA Agent, and her big thing was to try to get Jessica Seymour employed at the Harrah's Casino, as she tried to bait Jessica Seymour to a Station casino for the job offer. The next day Jessica Seymour was stalked by Las Vegas Police and threatened while the police engaged in a premeditated family data retrieval engagement against Ms. Seymour.  Eric Path. Cerissa Laura Riley.

*Los Angeles: Lauren Velarde. Drew Pinsky. John Kern. Roland E Arnall.

*San Francisco & Bay Area: Steve Chikhani.

*Seattle: Charlotte Awino. Chirag Patel. Ruth Edigar. Silaesh Katara. Lisa "Li-Li" Castinello & her aunt who is a Seattle Judge, and Li-Li's "Pimp" boyfriend Kenny. Masso Salmassi (son of a retired trafficking Ambassador). David Wetzel.  Tracey He, Grahm Jones. Cheryl Michaels.  Mateo who was running Rock Salt's weekend venue.  Patrick Coors. Farzin Jalil. Sean Ellingson. SPU Security Officer Evangaline Person. Timothy Dore (of the Seattle University Jesuit Mafia that is tied to Bill Gore & to the University of San Diego Jesuit Mafia that Rebecca Hixson & Alvin Mansour are tied to).  Richard S Whitney of Tacoma & San Diego. Majd Baniodeh. Seattle U.

*Portland:  Keith Raniere (but we all know thats not his real name). 

*Hawaii: Ben Hartley (Marine helicopter Pilot).  Ben Hartley is the man that tried to get Jessica Seymour to "sneek" onto a military base, he tried to steel me from those idiots that don't know what a boot means... he's gonna be quite upset soon. 

*Las Vegas: Mark DiMartino. John Thompson aka John Mulvahill.

*Chicago: Judicial Division Lawyers Conference. Council of Appellate Lawyers.  American Bar Association Judicial Division.

*Maryland: Federal Judges Association.

*Virginia: American Judges Association.

*Arizona: Ron Lynch & his "Undercover Boss" show friends. 

*Texas: Lary Majors. Wayne Majors.  Austin Majors. Larry Klinghoffer.  Marco Delgado (also of Pennsylvania & an attorney).  Brandon Webb. Eric Greitens. Ryan Zinke. Byron J Boyd.

*Colorado: Rebecca Stephany Hixson. Justin Rodgers (Colorado CDC). Donald Staats. Susan Staats. Craig Brittain. 

*Atlanta: Sam Osman, Aura Hookah Cafe. 

*Florida: Janell Johnson. Allen Pearson (now relocated to San Diego via the DoD).  James Matthew Bradley Jr., 60, of Clearwater, Florida

*New York: Petra Sucuntra Kawapuna. Craig Seidenschwartz. John Thompson aka John Mulvahill.

*Pennsylvania: Stephen Titus. John Thompson aka John Mulvahill. Seff Jerksky. Fred Glick. 

*New Hampshire: Peter Bill.

*Nebraska: Peggy Triggs. ACME, Association of Congregations & Ministers Wayne. St. Mary’s Churches and the St.Mary’s affiliation to the catholic church on the Winnevegas Indian Reservation. Grace Lutheran. James Seal, Donald Cleary. Business where abducted man was repeatedly raped on video while the state, city & county of wayne and its doctors, judge, and lawyers all fail to arrest the men that raped the abducted man, just went after the two business owners of a place the locals call the “Cellar”, its known as the Wine and Flower Shop and its owned now by persons that have refused to change what the business is all while some clergyman tells others in town to use the shop but can’t seem to help anyone else or even get the bats out of the church, he worships 007 and has a personalized licence plate that shows it. Journey Church. I show no deference. NorthEastern Health Department and the businesses they are running “Research” for, and the others that they are running “Research” for. Haven House. The after hours response persons hired by Haven House. Leaghia Lynch. Grace Lutheran. Rick Hasse. Some Informant. A place that can’t find a mistress. a place that can’t find a tornado, and a place that can’t find a bait. The Coalition that oversees “Haven House” and many other places Victimized women are sold through, the event where the Coalition that over sees Haven House sold my private protected data lead to thier team of sales men showing up at my home which was affiliated to the papers I got from this Coalitions actors, this Coalition has actors placed at the locations women go to for safety from abuse, and those actors work at police department, as parishes, and at local grocery stores, they are actors publicly filed as such with a “Research Project” that has no actual right to be abusing people who report them, Rick Hasse and Coworkers of his are involved with stalking women that get privacy protection forms from the places that this Coalition oversee’s. his closest friends — never suspected. Jones was careful to introduce his male lover, a Navy sailor, as his roommate. He persuaded an attractive friend to pose as his girlfriend whenever the SEALs threw parties. A person in a gold. A person that takes the women home. People that House. People that steer you to home Lisbeth Ramirez. Katy McLaughlin. Deacon Tim McNeil, chancellor of the Archdiocese of Omaha, said anyone who has been sexually abused by church personnel should contact law enforcement. Allegations of sexual abuse can be reported to the archdiocese's manager of victim assistance by calling 402-827-3798 or just call Rick Hasse and his friends they’ll just make sure your called crazy its fun to them so much fun they keep texting eachother about it but kate won’t discovery thier records because she is who Trick uses for his cover up of his arrest scams he makes for outing the protected data that saves your life from his kind, his kind is IHT, he is a Immunity Seeking Human Trafficker, and Kate is his prostitute he uses for calling crazy the women that need to be forced into court for protection of rights, like M who asked for a restraining order but since she was one of Haven House’s & Peggy Triggs’ Victims of Research (my newest foundation) you can’t get no protection… yet. See the judge decided not to make a restraining order against the man who’s son is in WestPoint since he’s the man Wallmart is used by and he knows all the local law enforcement men so he gets to keep now soliciting his ex wife M for sex and is part of a trafficking ring thatsends many men to stalk her for sex, its just another military human trafficking ring aided by clergy, judges, a family named Eric Knutson the doctors&lawyers who help the state get out of trouble for allowing this, and by Kate Jorgensen… Its all done to hurt you, its all done to hurt you. Their all Listed! And M is a protected class citizen, so why is it that she has less rights just for a judgement. Ford Dealer. Arnies. Horse Dealer. The guy Arnies sends to stalk you at the dmv office after the Chief of Police tells you to go for him. Marshal Hardy. Tim Defor.

Washington D.C.: Surefire Intelligence LLC. Andy Wohl.

*Montana: Mr. Stacey Dean Rambold. 

*Wyoming: Meritt Shoemacker.  Walt Orem Jr.  Macy Alden .  Polly Wheat.  Garth aka Vernon Staggs aka Vernon Skaggs.  Macy Reinholt, aka Macy Alden, aka Macy Delaney. Auckenbock, unless he’s already been listed back when I listed Deputy Dan, I mean Deputy Dan Hilsabeck.  Megg Reinholt. Everett Newell. Dane the police officers boy who liked getting Paige Zorn into his fathers house before having her arrested how dare she talk to him the way she did… Dane will teach her a lesson like he’s teaching Macy, how gross are you all, you all need std tests.

*International: Angelina Atyam (Germany, prior in Uganda), also known as Angelina Awino, I mean Threasa Awino.  Donald E. Graham. Vatican affiliated Marcial Maciel and his Florida Shriner based retirement set up. Ernesto Encinas (Bonnie Dumanis' HT affiliate).  Jacki Selebi. Church of England Children's Society... what name are they going by nowadays.  Children's High Level Group... what name are they going by nowadays. Lord Justice Leveson   ... what name is he going by nowadays ....  pretty sure it is Brian Chief.  Journalist Shiori Ito. .

Michigan: Pastor Charles Ellis.


PUBLIC PERSONS, like social workers, elected officials, NFL Players, Banks, etc.

*San Diego: Lisa Walker. Stephen Hunter of the DoD & CRB & CLERB. Jonas Mouton & his affiliated Real Estate Investment Trust(s).  Sherri Lightner Counsel Woman. Arkan Somo. Donald E Graham. Jan Goldsmith. Jerry Sanders. Jeremy Aylett. Miles McPherson. George Galdorisi who is one of  the Novelists behind "Chief Otto Miller" & we are still researching Dick Couch in relation to the Act of Valor that was facilitated at Otto Miller Hall at SPU.   Kevin Faulconer.  Public Defender and prior SDPD, Henry Coker.

*Florida : Andrew Rosen & his Duke affiliates that first aided in Charlotte Awino being brought to America for those that seek to exploit her murderous& traurmatic past as to further crimes of human trafficking & domestic terrorism. 

*San Francisco: Senator Leland Yee, because you can't "reform" human trafficking "gangsters" that broker what they call "prostitutes" but who are actually just child slavery Victims.

*Seattle: Gavin Mc Hugh, baseball coach. 

*Portland: Trump. Mike Kendol. Jacob Wohl. Alvin Orem. Najib Orem. Orem. Mansour.

*Las Vegas: 

*Texas: Josue "Joe" Robles.  Dante Williams "the bootie tickler". the governor

*National: Retired Secretary of the Army Robert Silberman.  G Thomas Bailey believed to be ""Thomas Bailey "Tom" Murphy"" US Politician, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives. Donald E Graham. Thomas F. Flatley, the all over America traveler & developer with addresses in Arizona, Florida, Boston.  Francesco Bucci bi-national Italy / San Diego, and possibly Atlanta Georgia USA. Jozef Wesolowski that oh so special Ambassador of the Vatican City.  US Bank.

*Olympic Sports: Andrew King. Chuck Wielgus. 

*International: Fra' Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein.  Bill Cosby.  Dr. Jason Nurse of  Coventry England.  Visual Entertainment Inc VEI of Ontario. Nobuyoshi Araki "artist".



*San Diego: Rudy Camacho Sr.(DHS). Gary Rapp (SDPD/DoD).  Kenneth Krause (DHS/ICE) of the Anna Nichole Smith Indian Reservation Casino Death Hearing/Investigation, aka "Parihia Smith".  Lee Martin (FBI/SDPD SWAT). Robert Tartaro (DoD/CIA). David Hildebrand (Army Cavalry/DoD/CIA). Aziz "Albert" Machhour (CIA).  Michael D. Collins (FBI). Benjamin Klinger (Mosad/CIA).  Dan Pollesen (DOJ).  Kasey McCoskery (US Court Investigations / DOJ).  Bill Gore (FBI). George Galdorisi (naval special warfare & SPAWAR novelist partial creator of character "Chief Otto Miller" in novel Act of Valor. Patrick Henry Brady.

*Los Angeles: Scott Flanagan (stated a Federal affiliation likely DHS, but was in San Diego sexually stalking & soliciting Ms. Seymour, with LAPD Officers).  Roland E Arnall. Michael Kendol

*Barstow California: Michael Kendol. 

*Hawaii: Ryan Faulkner (DHS/ICE).

*Michigan: Pastor Charles Ellis.

*Seattle: Tracy He (CIA). Grahm Jones (DHS). Charlotte Awino (State Department).  Chirag Patel (CIA) (parents are CIA & the hotel holdings facilitate trafficking).  Bill Gore (FBI). Michael Kendol.

*Vancouver: Michael Kendol. 

*New York: Joseph Scheider aka Sidney Gottlieb (CIA).  Dr Donald Ewen Cameron (CIA MKULTRA) who was a Canada based "Scottish Doctor".  Dr John W Thompson of "In The Shadow of the Holocaust" ( US Army, British Intel, Israeli Army, CIA MKULTRA, what wasn't this duplicitous two timing doctor?). David Patraeus (CIA).

*D.C. : Sidney Gottlieb (CIA). Allen Dulles (CIA). John Brennen of the CIA & of New Jersey, and of the coup on the Jesuite CIA & Army Petraeus.  Eric Holder. Daniel Rosen with the State Departments' "counter terrorism" ring of IHT's ...wonder how closely he works with the FBI's CAUSE Program terroriser IHT's. R.L. More, I mean R.L.M, I mean Robert MMorizer, I mean Robert tartaro, I mean Robert L More, I mean Robert More, I mean Robert L Moore.

*California: Karen Schlick (FBI).  

*Portland:  Michael Kendol. 

*Colorado: Rebecca Stephany Hixson (State Department). Michael Kendol. 



*San Diego: Rock Church. Shelter Church.  St Theres in Del Cerro is doing some sort of money laundering that had instigated the beef & turf war between labor traffickers Mansour and sex traffickers Rapp. Bishop Bawai Soro & his Chaldean "church". Mission Trails Church Mission Valley.

*Seattle:  Bethany "Churches" near universities (SPU, Bastyr). Seattle University Jesuit campus based church.  

*Nebraska: all the churches in Wayne that pool tithe money to give to the state through the North Eastern Nebraska Public Health Department that is just a research company set up to further and cover up human trafficking of women, children, and men. The State Ran/Overseen North Eastern Nebraska Public Health Department takes the church money and advertises such on it’s pamphlet, but it is a state ran entity, and there are laws about co-mingling tithe money for the state. Orphan Grain Train.


*Nebraska: Catholic Church in Wayne, Catholic Church set up for an Indian Reservation Benivegas, or Winvegas. Father used to work at Wayne Catholic Church/school. First Christian.

*Las Vegas:

*Nebraska: Donald Cleary Jerome Coyle Kate Jorgensen, Rick Hasse, some how all with Tom & his Knights via the Wayne St. Mary’s Church.

*Foreign: St. Mary's College "Churches" Uganda & the Northern California location.



Please know you couldn't fight the oppression that stalked you, and you can't stop someone that is intent on targeting you to be one of their Victims of Immunity, and you would have never seen them coming since they are so protected and well trained in their targeting, and oppressing, and manipulating of their targets.  You didn't stand a chance even if you had seen them coming, they cover up their crimes in advance and by hurting you more, like predators.  

Know that you have to fight for recovery and for your freedoms back from them, you do have to stand for your self because if you don't they will try to force you to become what they are, but you are more than they have tried to make you.....You are worth more than what they try to have you feel, you're worth more to me than what they try to monetize of you.  I care more about you than to stay silent and scared, so I want you to know that your not the invaluable one, they are: 

"So Many Human Traffickers in This Corrupted Immunitied Ring Trying to Fool You With the Jobs They've Gained.... Like Dirty Penny's in the Gutter, They Are Trash.  

The Perfect Storm is Set Against These Corrupted Immunity Holders.  

So As a Storm Does, Let the Weather Roll Them Away Like Dirty Pennies in the Gutter That Have Not the Draw to Even Slow You, or Bend You For Picking Them Up, Give Them No Power Over Your Future Success and Recovery".                                                                      

Jessica Seymour

© Victims of Immunity Foundation