Soon to be released, The Escala Circle .... stay tuned Anti Stalker Nation!  A portion of the proceeds will go to a good cause... the VOIF naturally but also to other Anti Human Trafficking entities that Founder Jessica Seymour see's value in, but also Ms. Seymour pledges to use a portion of proceeds from her book sales to support policy reform related to immunity forfeiture. 

The Escala Series of novels include “The Escala Circle” which is the name of the street Jessica lived on in this Escala Development located in San Diego, and it introduces you to the circle of persons who are targeting the main character who is based on Jessica’s experiences being targeted by these corrupt Agents. 

The second novel is called “The Escala Way” which is also a name of a street in the Escala development, and this novel now introduces you to the way that this corrupt group of people are targeting the main character and other women, through the abuses of the federal employments they sought out or had handed to them by their fathers who are human trafficking federal agents because this corrupt ring is generations old, and steeped in traditions of hate and misogyny.   

The third novel “Escape From Escala” details Jessica’s flee from the Escala cosseted human trafficker federal Agents, only to later find that her escape was coordinated by traffickers who placed her at a University only to manipulate her living with a documented childhood murderer while using a different documented childhood murderer's money to pay the way for Jessica to be maneuvered out of San Diego to Seattle.  This is where the fourth novel starts.....  records started to tell a very specific story.

The fourth novel “Saving the Black Masked MessAnger”, picks up where Escape From Escala left of and begins with a flashback to the day that Jessica took Joy to a Fall Out Boy Concert as a birthday gift to Joy years before the FOB records started to tell a very specific story as if the Research Cover For Human Trafficking had finaly RunAMuck....  Then Saving the Black Masked MessAnger regains immediate time to uncover how Jessica's sister was originally the target of the Call a Seymour Crazy Game that was being engaged in by this ring of traffickers who had Federal Agents stalking Jessica's sister years prior to stalking Jessica, and how they used their surveillance footage's of Jessica's sister to blackoffend others but always put a digitally made black mask on the face area of the surveillance footage of Jessica's sister.... plays to how much time was put into the shooting event scams these Agents had Jessica targeted for by their manchurian'esqu murderer Charlotte Awino (Google her name and read the many New York Times Articles about her catholic school arraigned abduction by Human Trafficker Joseph Kony’s MK Ultra’esqu “Do-Anything Agent Farm” , and read the NYTimes articles detail about how Charlotte's parents have affiliations to Hillary Clinton, and to the UN,  but that never talk about how Charlotte’s father is the Ugandan President’s doctor).  Then get the book and see the reality.

The fifth novel titled "Saving the Beauty Messenger; Birds on the Wire above Escala"  is currently underway and it is amazing, so, hold on.  

Get in pre-order line for the books and be the first to see how this real life story now comes throttle.

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