Kegger Club president a billion kegs or bust

Kegger Club…. what high school has one of those?

I was glad that Charles Blow was able to shut up Cuomo for a few minutes but to hear this Cuomo freek bust out with the prophylactic comment was quite ridiculous. Do Kegger Clubs that use women to call them appropriate have a person that is their best of the bunch. Is Cuomo an idiot.

Are the Sheriffs really that stupid...

Norma Angelica Alvarez, 44, and Jose Reyes Martinez, 44 — were arrested.  But the headline reads that California girl, 15, ran pot shop out of her bedroom, and that the guns were hers, the fully loaded assault rifles where here, and that the post was supplied to the 15 year old’s pot shop by her mom. .... OH COME ON... pretty sure its the Martinez.

Suspended Drivers Are Not Criminals Nor Are They For You To Keep Trying To Kill

Her body is on the curb from your shitty drivers that bump her suv just because you can't manage a slow speed chase.  Hunting women to have them thrown from thier cars is a problem you have not us.... no suspended licenced driver has to be killed, grow up you chasers of the smallest form of law, your traffick cops your too stupid to be anything other then traffick.  

Kamal & Hespel

Can any one trust Kamala

Four Democratic senators — Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Ron Wyden (Ore.), Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Martin Heinrich (N.M.) — are now demanding that the director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, intervene to declassify the information.

Hespel, tell Kamala who is Listed for quite some time now all about hour White Sites. 

Guess the donald didn't need to donate his pay last week,

he had already donated it back in february, he gave $100,000 to that transportation department with a lovely picture of what appears to be two chinese immigrants holding his check up to the press.

i guess when you need to have a day to selebrate it would be the day you didn't use the full term. somehow though it did end up that the expense account was the biggest escape, expensive mistake, old fall out toy, the last relief.   tax code 969 expense account legal uses.  He failed.  

April 2nd 2018 the day the Donald gets to decide who will get his salary check

I guess you do have to sign the back to get it converted to someone else, but its not the same as signing it, its not the same as cashing it and signing a check over to a beneficiary or in this case the slave converting park service, who it is likely to be again this year right.  Property conversion schemes are not just for the donald, he's not the only volunteer slave, some guy who worked on his campaign volunteered to work for free too right, however I must put it out there one more time for the righteous looking actors, you look like you lost.  Little old me beat them all both hillary and donald.  I win, I'm telling you it means that I am no longer just the person who gets to tell you all about what is going on as the system brings me harm, nope that parts over, now I get to tell you all now how you look. So Spicer says to avoid scrutiny he must let the media "corps" decide who gets the donalds check, fund, Spicer says sorry too, and that this avoidance of scritinizaton plan was scrapped at the last minute the media was not pleased. Im not so sure that scrutinization was proved by pennymac on my mortgage loans I then don't owe on, my homes.  Is it scrutinizationt that voids a note and is it Faulty scrutinization as just one factor in buying a home on a military base that's being passed off to the public as a public development, can SPAWAR get anymore obvious.  I had a County Employee Force abuse my protection under the scrutinization defense just do what ever they wanted and when they had the biggest pot smokers in town help them do what they did to me, I delivered a specific amount of pot to one of their friends in the boarder patrol. Guess what, they bit. 

Spicer + avoiding scrutinization + then refusing to avoid scrutinizing = I get my homes back. 

You can not go around messing with porn actresses they are property.  I am not a porn actress I am not property, I am not owned, I can not work for free, but you made sure that you did, your now owned too, you can't work for free in the game you play, you even got your daughters husband to work for free, you got your son to work. you have no right side left. The property you pay isn't stupid either she's nasty and your in a world she lives in. 

I proved in court that my homes were mine and that was part of why Chase used a so called mortgage servicer company aptly chosen for the word Penny in its name (PennyMac) who joined to the HOA in Escala in the unlawful property conversion scam and schematic, a schematic aptly disguised by how Escala runs about 10 different HOA's that joined in on a PennyMac game of acting like I paid PennyMac money I never paid them then they take my home in complete joined in court racketeering with a HOA that had no actual claim to my home either especially as it was my HOA keeping me from having money to give them while they sold me on their cameras (for example when Rudy Camacho Jr made his move in the Escala Gym, and by having Ron, his whore Travis who needed my hair, and other Members of the HOA start stalking me with others like Tartaro, tenants of mine by the dozens, with Ben Klinger his whore and her brothers in Mexico, with that HOA on site manager that had HOA Members sitting in on meetings of mine that were not even any sort of scheduled meeting just an ambush of me when I would be stalked all over, oh how about the other more easily proven in court defenses to the fact that the HOA had no actual lawful claim to my home either you can't stop taking a persons payment because you have to pay off your IOLTA by trafficking me and saying I own you $45,000 that are attorney fees for your ridiculous pittance of money you accrued against me by stalking me making sure I couldn't make moeny then refusing to take my money when I did pay as if you can't take it but for it being $45,000 that you can't possiple actualy owe to your attorney on my behalf. How many people go to pay there hoa bill to be told that your payment won't be taken unless you pay their attorney first.... if I fell behind oh say $2000 but took that to make $45,000 for your IOLTA laundering is that really how a court says I have to not have my home is that how you find a way to steal a home while cleaning who's dirty money in the Peter's & Freidman Interest bearing Lawer Trust Account, who's money is it you lander and send around through your attorneys accounts when the development is a defence department development that poor stalked women like myself get forced into buying a home in under the impression that the property is public, who's dirty money needed to be cleaned to the tunes of my false lie), and then by having a county worker find his pot hand while having a judge refuse to allow the county to have the form it would have needed in order to keep me safe in my property ownership, but when the county doesn't want me in my home anyway, you know for their own train game, who gets played because I'm not playing my self in any movie, this is my real life, I'm white, not red. 

The HOA's had no standing, there was an attorney that verified such, he just didn't have a judge that lied for him he had a judge that Kreeped on him, told him that there was no ruling due to illness of pneumonia then as time ticks away on the ruling the judge gets found out for the lie though no order was ever sent to my attorney or to me, so the judge takes months to have a fake file emerge with a form signed by my attorney (fake signature) showing that I have stipulated to anything the Kreep wants to say.... do I seem like the type who would have stipulated to that, do I seem like the type that would have allowed an attorney to sign away my rights to an order, no I don't sound like that and I did not stipulate to such nor did my attorney stipulate on my behalf in his legal capacity I would have never allowed that, would have fired him first if he has even asked for such authority, and in court under oat my attorney stated to a different judge that he never sent any stipulation nor agreed to any stipulation and was awaiting an order from the Kreep but was long duped by the Kreep's responses of amnesia, I mean pneumonia.  All while the appeal pervs (judges and clerks) refused to answer emergency pleading by simply not giving it to the judge, when they by law have to regardless of any error they made up.  I had an in court stipulated approval stating that I was allowed to serve the other parties via email and I did serve them both in email and in mail when I could as in it costs money I had a waiver on file for approval of low income and if I had no money for mailing out documents but did email them but they also qualify for emergency status of not needing to be sent to apposing counsel but they were sent anyway via court stipulated email service approval, you just cant keep them from the judge, though all the judges knew what I was filing because I informed the Presiding Judge that my pleadings weren't making it into the file for discovery and were not making it to the judge either.  I was not only robbed of both of my homes by this ring of perverts that take controle of your mortgage, nor only by the HOA criminals overtaking the area's hoa's, but also by the court employees that get paid by the County of San Diego, the judges, the clerks, the ass at the top of the court building that allowed tartaro to answer in court pleading his immunity to having sex trafficked me while he and his coworkers got to do it again and again to others, there is a job the district attornies do but in San Diego they really don't do it, they just cover up for the county, why what is so important to them that this county ring of employees can do what ever the want. Its SPAWAR and 2 other places that the county is cosseting why doesn't the federal government give them enough of that, why the county so protected what is it they don't allow law suites against thier harm to go to discovery phase?

My HOA's joined in stalking me and embedding tenants in my home and having me set up for financial harm, then to take my home and how much did their scam and valuation scam earn all of them, their attorneys, and the realtors they had steal my clothes by not telling me where they were all at while making a dead line for me to pick them up, when I finaly found out where my clothes were I show up and they won't give me my property like I was an hour late but for months these realtors kept me from my clothes while I asked to know where they were.  It was other things too like my suiting, my perfumes, my shoes, my hair care products, my skin care products and everyone knows I don't spend cheap.  There was unlawful non judicial proceedings made  by the HOA's so many times that it became obvious, they couldn't really take my home for the little bit of fees they knew they wanted to make me prostitute to pay, but they asked anyway for over $40,000 in legal fees for their attorneys over some small amount that I didn't actually owe under quite a few legal protections from owning it so PenPenPenPenPennyMac joined in with them in court as I was getting close to having the HOA;s back off yet another time and the attorney were desperate, not just at PennyMac who actualy put an invoice out with a $900 payment to them made by me that I never made, as Chase was my bank and could not sell my loan to PennyMac in any legal way. The HOA's in Escala backed off three times in court till PennyMac joined them knowing well that I was the lawful owner but in this ring of clown judges and clown Associations you have to have the backing of something like a Penny in order to be sure your not getting double crossed. 

Macy isn't that guilty is she?

So in a recent attempt to stop making me their next Victim

The password is findyouronlypea.  The areas list proliferators did not want to open this video since it doesn't fit their attempted arson's vendetta, the areas DCI let a list go around town then a guy has his home burnt down, then another person on the list had their home burnt down, then I meet the woman that told me about the list, and this guy burning down all the homes of the people whos names are on the DCI's informant list is none other then the guy who DCI uses to rape women, its that Tim Auckenbauck guy who is torching all those homes of the people he has used as informants, but the head of the DCI doesn't wan tot stop the arson's nor does he want to do anything about the crimes talked about & threats in this Video.

Angie ,  your the only one who refused to allow DeRosa to engage me illegally in front of you when you asked him to speak to you in the hallway, unfortunately Shoemaker picked up right were DeRosa couldn't get you to facilitate for him, and Shumacker would have only been able to do such had people in your office and the State Defenders office work together on (collude) (conspire) to have had it performed the instant you walked out of the court refusing to speak to DeRosa unless he'd go to the hallway with you which he refused to do, as you know.  They gained a 6 month long order after you left the court an order to act as though Im crazy, and the state was all about it with that corrupt C who ordered it with out DeRosa pleading for or actually asking for, he just used his plausible deniability by having C shelter the harmful discrediting act under her now forfeited judicial immunity.  Accordingly please don't share the password of this video with anyone in your office rather take the data for reporting your co-workers crimes since they all like to play with the State Attorneys Office. 

This video is a proof that your trafficking of me is done.  I am not pleased with how you allow your Tim and Emit to keep stalking me or to make it so poignant on  Street. 

Attached is the report of crime, AND the link to the video evidence of it.  I was preparing my look for my next blog post when I captured this verbal admission of what had been relayed to me by Macy personally. I waited to do my blog because of how bad my hair looked, but then recently found that the computer had captured the phone call that Macy was on while I waited for her as I was looking in my camera to see if my hair looked good enough for the video blog I was going to be making for Martin Luther King Jr. day.  Now that I have found this video, I can see how stressful your acts are on me, and how stressful it was to be navigating staying with Macy. 

I am not your game so have your Agent Tim leave me alone, and stop stalking me. He is actively trying to get others logged onto the computer I use so he is scandalous in a team... have his team leave me alone too.  Stop acting like the badge he has gives him and Emit the ability to be human trafficking, mething, soliciting, raping, stalking, harassing, racketeering, robbing those they help you all to arrest and keep under protected in court. 

Thanks, Jessica Seymour 



Mr. Louey , Public Defenders Office Angie,

I have become aware of a crime I would like you to please send this crime report to the police in Sheridan since I am unable to, I would be back harmed for making this crime report all alone.   I have prior given the Police Chief a crime report and now am having further stalking made against me. 

I was walking across the street in my summer clothes and cloth shoes in a heavy snow  when two different trucks with women in them stopped to help me.  It seemed so necessary after how I had been defamed toward about the person I had been planning to stay with.

a crime where some man was put in prison then as soon as they could they went and robbed his house of his property including about 3 automobiles.   Macy started to tell me things like she has neighbors that have planted heroin in her home at least two times, she tried to scare me and intimidate me when I said that I was going to stay somewhere else, and as I put my stuff together to leave with,  she began using ambush tactics of telling me that she can’t breath and was not going to let me give her a psychotic breakdown, she tried to make me stay and acted like me going to a group with here was what I needed to do.  I told her that she’s correct that she’s not going to be doing that nervous breakdown thing as if I am her problem.  I told her she needs to stop and that she’s just fine, but yesterday when I was on  Street, Macy’s ex-boyfriend Handler of over one year had shown up to intimidate me, stalk me and otherwise harass me, and though I tried to stay still and be unnoticed he started to stair me down;  He is aware that I know about him and Paige Zorn (of the Veranda Family of Organized Criminals), he is aware that I know about him and his attempt to rape Macy this past holiday season, and he is aware that Macy asked Paige about “who has a badge”.  Macy told me that Paige Zorn helped Macy and others (seemed like she said about 3 people did this crime of attacking a person you put in jail) take the property of a man that is in jail but Macy used the word prison. 

I was just sitting there manifesting my on line blog post I was working on, totally surprised when I went back and heard what I captured.

Dane, the son of a Police Man is sleeping with both Paige Zorn and Macy Alden, and it is Dane’s police officer father that had Dane start trafficking Paige after Paige said to him upon a blood draw when she was arrested the words “I  hope taking blood from little girls like me gets your dick hard”, you got some real winners in your area, the type that have been getting inducted and trafficked for generations.

Dane is the other person

I don’t really care about your areas , but you all seem to need me here, keep me here and refuse to let me pass unobstructed so now when you show up at the places I’m at, while you make sure someone gets me to the location I’m at, you need to be arrested.  Your stressing me out deliberately, your having me stalked, you trying to harm me.  I am feeling very stressed by your areas conducts, you have attacked me unprovoked even after I performed my duty to retreat, you have done nothing but hurt me, why don’t you arrest your Agents that do nothing other then Rape, Get High, Sell Drugs, Sexually Assault, Set Up Women With Fake Money, Steal From the Homes of Those You Put In Jail, and then set up with others that have nothing to do with your area that you forced these others to.  You’re a crime ring that allowed for and planed for Dan Hilsibeck to Sexually Assault me in collusion with Who Ever Called You and you have had no reason to have your perverts get me to your town and forced to stay so long, unless it was all for your crime rings need to blow up Hilsabeck’s prior employer in Vegas with all sorts of interesting funding for emergency response.  You can hear Macy say about your other employee that her “grampas gonna take those trucks back” at 21.11.10/33.33.78 to 21.12.93/33.33.778 then she talks about murdering people who know about this crime, so when her ex-handler sex trafficker of yours Tim Auckenbauch shows up on Seymour Street to harass me, stalk me, terrorize me, intimidate me and likely traffic  me with his meth users he does meth with, murder is not that far off and I want you to keep your agent out of his areas its time to send away your best meth using badge holding employees, and yes I’m referring to your employee Tim Auchenback, get him away from me. I am not your unloader, I am your let me go.

I know you all want your hands on the personal, real, and tangible property of anyone you can get to have a record, but leave me alone.

You can see in the video how stressed this is making me, arrest your agent Tim for his crimes and make him leave me alone, and make him have his crime ring you allow him to run for you to also leave my face, don’t find me, leave me alone, stop stalking me, stop showing up where I am taken to, stop showing up where I go to, STOP.  You will protect me immediately.  Im not your game, Im not part of your trafficking ring you use and create, and I am not yours to domicile.

It appears that you keeping my testimony from the feds about Caleb & Elaine is just how you do things, your not trustworthy, you lie, you rob you keep.  You then have me tracked and made to fear, you will not allow any harm to be done to me.   Keep your other Badged Meth Dealer and Human Trafficker Emit away from me also.  Keep your crime ring away from me.  Keep your ring of “Community Connections” away from me because I already saw them drug Macy just to get here going daily in a way you could probably arrest her at any moment she’s out driving.  I am not interested in your ability to try to demonize me instead of stopping how your Agents are Trafficking women that they control, sexually abuse, sexually stalk, and force drugs into so that they can be the ones needing arrest rather then you as I am sure the profit lies with you all who never get arrested for your crimes your trafficking through women and police officer’s children.  Your not running undercover stings, your running drugs, fake money, and women through your irregular murderous fakely undercover, Undercover Badged.  And I’m just so curious how a teen that says that dirty commenting in a booking blood take somehow ends up having that cop who she said it to have his son all of a sudden in her vagina a short time later.  Hmm. Young Paige Zorn is too stupid to know she’s being trafficked, but Dane is not. Young Paige Zorn knows she’s intoxicated with her Philadelphia/Pennsylvania families mafia connections that she attributes to how President Barak Obama came to her uncles funeral and told her to call him if she ever needs anything.  Hmm. Young Paige Zorn is too stupid to know how trafficking works and how unglamorous it is but I certainly know that her two arrests to take her out of college and get her thinking dirty says to cops is fun is not an attribute she’d have had her family never been doing what they do.  Your generational trafficking and criminal inducing area is in need of your arrests too.   Your court knew I sourced my own housing but your ring of court house criminals and attendees made sure I didn’t go, made sure someone intercepted me for you and it was two women driving and a third on a different corner that contacted me as I walked across the street from where you trafficked me to.

28.44 you clearly know what’s going on as your jail is actively putting people together for you so you can cover up easier but you still do nothing to your Auckenbauck.  Your Agents Tim and Emit and Helisbeck, and Pushcar, and Gilmore, and their police friends make it impossible to even help you.

Jessica Seymour


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Paul Lee & Ramona Brandes

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Victims of Immunity

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Victims of Immunity is a foundation open for acceptance of donations founded in 2012 as a response to the trafficking performed by Joseph Kony's guerrilla soldier Charlotte Awino on the SPU (Seattle Pacific University) Campus in the area of Queen Anne Hill and in the home owned by SPU Professor Ruth Edigar. The human trafficking that Awino was performing was made against Jessica Seymour.

Victims of Immunity is a non profit foundation created as a response to the fact that the Joseph Kony trafficker Charlotte Awino had threatened to Jessica Seymour that there would be a campus shooting and that it would be blamed on Jessica Seymour.

The Victims of Immunity Foundation states that Victims of Immunity are people who are being trafficked through someones immunity that is given to them by their job. Charlotte Awino was part of an experiment to traffick three people, Ms. Jessica Seymour was the first she trafficked in that experiment.

The experiment that SPU & Charlotte Awino are a part of conducting was a research experiment that used uninformed human test subjects.

In 2012 Awino informed Jessica Seymour that her home would be interrupted, her family would be killed in front of her, and then she would be placed on the SPU campus to be made to be blamed for a campus shooting.  In 2014 the campus shooting occurred though Jessica Seymour had prior in 2012 moved back to her home in San Diego located in the Escala development of Mission Valley San Diego California.  When the shooting happened Jessica Seymour was on the beach in Mission Beach San Diego when a man kicked sand on Jessica Seymour assaulting Jessica Seymour while she sun bathed in her bikini; the male perpetrator had a camera implanted into his cane he used to walk with though he was later apprehended by the Life Guards riding his bike on the boardwalk. The San Diego Police Department of Bird Rock (La Jolla) responded to the assault crime to arrest the man who timed his assault to be made when the SPU Shooting was taking place and the San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis never once asked Jessica Seymour to testify against the man that timed his assault to be made when the SPU shooting was being made.

The Shooter was identified as Aaron Ybarra, who had a Seattle Public Defender named Ramona Brandes.  Brandes had been timely contacted & had been given faxed paperwork regarding the deposition necessary for a fair trial related to the campus shooting threat that Charlotte Awino made to Jessica Seymour in 2012, but the Public Defender's office and attorney Ramona Brandes failed to depose Awino or Seymour in lieu of a man on mentally altering drugs saying that he is guilty. Soon after the shooting Aaron Ybarra stated that he did not know how he got to the campus that day.

In 2011 Jessica Seymour had been deliberately falsified as "crazy" by the San Diego Police Department in cover up of the crimes that Sheriff Bill Gores "Operation Shadowbox" had been committing in collusion with state and federal Agents.  When Jessica Seymour found small and numbered cameras hidden all over her home with some of them hard wired in to her electric wiring, she reported these criminally installed hidden cameras she found, she was then maliciously falsified as a "crazy" person by the San Diego Police Department's attorney [ the City Attorney's Office of San Diego] prior to her being ushered out of San Diego by the acts of federally employed investigators who had traumatized Linda Haygood into a relationship with a human trafficker named James Shelton. This was especially toxic of the City of San Diego since Police Officer Pino-Jarvis knew why she was called to help assist Robert Tartaro remove a portion of the hidden camera equipment that had been found while Ms. Seymour was made to stay in her own room by a different San Diego Police Officer; Ms. Seymour only saw Officer Pino Jarvise leaving her home with much of the camera equipment because of how she disobeyed Pino Jarvise's team mate Officer that was trying to force Ms. Seymour to stay in her room on the day that the hidden cameras were reported to the law enforcement agency of the SDPD.  The SDPD actual conspired to remove evidentiary property from Ms. Seymour and from her home immediately upon Ms. Seymour's reporting of a crime.   After escaping further false imprisonment scams of the San Diego Police Departments, Seymour was able to try to source safety by relocating to Seattle but those hopes were a controlled ambush whereas Ms. Seymour's move was primarily sponsored by a trafficker who had paid money for Jessica Seymour to be place in the Seattle area; a trafficker named James Shelton had played a game online with Linda Haygood who had wanted to relocate Jessica Seymour away from the San Diego Law Enforcement & support staff's abuses.  James Shelton was actually a convicted rapeist murderer who found Linda Haygood online because he was paid to do such and he was paid by a team of computer hackers that associated with a man named "Robert Tartaro".   The funds sourced through James Shelton's stalking of Linda Haygood for bringing Jessica Seymour to supposed safety were an aid made that linked Jessica Seymour to the Seattle Pacific Universities approval of Ms. Seymour into their Graduate School.  Ms. Seymour's acceptance into the prestigious MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program at Seattle Pacific University had played a role in SPU's designed campus shooting event, that later transpired in 2014, when there was a threat made by the team-mate's of a man named David Wetzel.

David Wetzel had stormed the SPU campus in 2012 to harass, terrorize, and role play against Jessica Seymour while she was in her Finance Course on campus. These events were related to and reported to Seattle Police Department Officers in 2012, but a Seattle Police Officer named Dorian D. Oreiro made light of the reports and threatened Jessica Seymour with the term of being called crazy; this threat was captured in audio recording of the report and a copy of the audio recording along with a complaint was lodged with the Seattle Police Department's Internal Affairs Department.

In the SPU shooting [ ] a man named Aaron Ybarra was made to take the blame of the campus shooting event that Charlotte Awino had described to Jessica Seymour about 2 years earlier. A person claiming to be a student was murdered, he went by the name Paul Lee. His status as a student had been unverified by legal teams. He has since been verified as an under cover federal agent. His autopsy stated a wound to the head though first hand accounts state that the Victim was shot from the front around the chest.

In between Jessica Seymour leaving SPU in early 2012 & the 2014 shooting on the SPU campus having transpired,  a different school shooting transpired in Sandy Hook Connecticut on Jessica Seymour's birthday of December 14th; the morning of that Sandy Hook shooting a man named David Hildebrand who was an undercover agent trying to traffick Jessica Seymour for his affiliates in the Army Rangers, had opened up the door to Jessica Seymour's home when she was in her room sleeping though her doors were locked. Hildebrand had never been given a key to Jessica Seymour's home and he entered her locked home by use of the key that he used when he entered her home before when she was away from her home conducting business.  Hildebrand had the key made for him by one of the local lock smiths that assist the trafficking ring that trafficks in the Mission Valley area of San Diego California.  Hildebrand had also been somehow able to walk in to a computer lab that Jessica Seymour was in right after a San Diego Policeman had walked into the same computer lab.  Hildebrand demanded that Jessica Seymour step outside to talk to him.  Jessica Seymour was unaware that he was an undercover agent seeking to human traffick her but later found disturbing information that proves such. 

Victims of Immunity is a foundation [ ] that gives community awareness, self help for Victims, Expert Witness Services, and a Dictionary of VOI terms and insight. Immunity abuse is prolific within the black market of slavery. A working legal definition of Human Trafficking is located in the VOI's website with in the VOI Dictionary.

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