Suing who traffickes you 

if you are a victim of immunity based human Trafficking then you will be suing law enforcement and even the state.  the scams they use to harm you are so hard to detect for a victim that is trying to recover or even just have the abuse stop.  The Scams they use to harm you are so virtual that you will have to beyellow  

you can learn from what has happened to founder jessica seymour and keep your self as safe as possible in this process.  

Human trafficking is rarely sued for, rarely prosecuted, and is the most protected crime, it is the most successful crime, and it is the largest crime.  No other crime is as protected as human trafficking, and Immunity Holder Human Trafficking is the most difficult to survive and to sue for. Your a Hero.


Expert Witness Services will be provided free to any Victim of human trafficking that is representing them self in pro se

Being a Pro se LITigant 

Being a Pro Se Applicant means that you are bringing suit by your self, with out an attorney. 

You will be shot down by the court, 89% of the time Judges do not get to where they are at by being non criminals. Expect that a Judge your case gets sent to may potentially be interested in harming you for the cover up of the crimes you are bringing suit against, but your proper recovery and rightful monetary recovery are righteous.  Prepare your self. 

In this law suit you are the Plaintiff /Petitioner and the human trafficker is the Defendent. 

Here is a list of the types of conduct that Courts and Judges engage in when they are Human Trafficking through the courts: 

Check back soon, this page is still under construction.

Claim form for damages

(County, city, state)


















Subpoena, discovery, and depositions


This is a scam used by a County, State, and City to keep you from being able to protect yourself, if you fill out a Claim Form with the City, County, and State, you are going to be oppressed, "investigated", insistently called a prostitute, and your going to be called "mentally ill", and then made to be invaded.  The first thing the that happens is that the attorneys for the County will be used to hire their own version of a private investigator and they will begin to create situations to discredit you for the State, then the county will be covering up for the City Police.  You will immediately have lies brought up against you to facilitate the invasion of all the things that protect you. 

This process is allowed to take a very long time to basically call you crazy before denying your claim submission.  

Naturally, you want to avoid having to file a claim for for a damage, but the court acts as though you have to in order to have a valid law suit against a principality like a county, state, or city.  Trust me, no city, state or county is going to say, yep you were human trafficked by people we employ.  they operate for them selves, not for helping Victims. 

You will actually have your case dismissed under many current legal applications if you sue under the codes that you should be suing under, if you don't first file a local claim form with the local governments.

There are many reasons why the claim form process is too dangerous for a Victim of the Immunity seeker form of Human Trafficking, and this must be worked into your Claim of Action that is a law suit to be brought against the state, county, feds, and/or city.  You could just sue the person by name and not sue the employer they are gaining their trafficking abilities through, but you never get to depose the state employees.  They will say that your necessary subpoena's are over broad, over reaching, are not pertinent.  They will try to have their coworkers arrest you and harass you even more than when you sue their employer for providing such a super platform for trafficking. 

Check back soon, this page is still under construction

Check back soon, this page is still under construction

*Subpoenas are a weapon that will be kept from your use if the court is trafficking aligned.  Some courts have prefabricated subpoena forms that are pre signed by a judge and indicate that subpoenas are not supposed to be some hardship upon a person who is in need of evidentiary items from a state, county, or law enforcement entity. However, if your subpoena is ignored, refused to be signed by a judge or simply treated hostilely you are in for a major treat, as in you judge has something to hide.  If you can not find a pre-signed (signature stamped) subpoena form here is a link to a suggested form;

Suggested Subpoena Form:  

First go to the Family Court House in your area to source a Pre-signed Subpoena Form signature stamped by the local authority in the area for signing off on subpoenas; some courts provide these pre-signed by the commissioner or by a judge subpoena forms so that family court matters can proceed forward for people in family disputes that can't afford an attorney but you'll likely have a hard time finding these forms in the regular court house areas, if you don't see these prefabricated & authorized signature stamped forms at the Family Court just ask the attendant to find one for you for you.  If they act like they don't have one tell them to have a judge provide them for indigent mothers who can't be returning to court all the time to have subpoena power provided to them and you can tell them that the San Diego Family Court House has such a thing, why don't you have such?  If this gets too lengthy of a wait then...

Second, go to the counter and ask for a blank form for subpoena they will have a request fill in area that you use then you have to submit it to a judge to have them sign it prior to the power being handed to you to have access to the documents you need for support of your case.  Be careful of a trap, when Jessica Seymour used these preassigned subpoena forms the Superior Court failed to uphold them and then started a disgraceful act of accepting dismissal scams in order to try to keep perpetrators protected.  Jessica Seymour submitted sanction requests and enforcement of production of subpoenaed items and the San Diego Superior Court failed to enforce the submitted subpoena submissions that were given to the other party. This is the type of tactic used by human trafficking courts; What ever methods you source to try to hold the court accountable to the subpoena power your being robbed of, DO NOT appeal to the Ninth Circut Court of Appeals do what ever you have to to get your appeal to the Appeals Court that is in the 6th Circuit.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is a notorious Human Trafficking Court, and they specialize in protecting Immunity Abuse & Immunity based Human Trafficking. 

Third, here is a link to a suggested form if you can't get to one at the court house:  

*The Discovery process is the major evaluation of your party your suing and is the major investigation you conduct in writing, unless you have enough  money to hire a private investigator but watch out.  You will have Form Interrogators and Special Interrogatories that you will need to send to the perpetrator (or to their attorney) and there is a way that they get out of answering your interrogatories. 

They will send you their interrogatories and will be fishing for all the data you traffickers were trying to say you had criminal intentions in when they were pretending to be "investigating" you though all they were doing was trafficking you while trying to plant land mines in your accounts that are erroneous and that you never even knew about the the questions will seem suspicious.  The will also try to use your answer against you in ways you would never imagine.

*Your going to need help for Depositions, there are a few things to order and you don't want to hold a deposition at the court so some nice attorney office is going to have to be letting you use their boardroom for a few hours one day.  Deposition tactics are few but are important.  And you will be given answers that rattle you with information about yourself that you never gave to anyone and that the person you are deposing shouldn't know.  You almost need an Advocate with you no matter if you set the deposition and are asking the questions or if you are at a deposition of your self that was set by the opposing party (the party you are suing).

You have to have a packet to take into the court's clerk

Fee Waiver                      1


















Motion                            2













Emergency Protective Orders                             3
















Service of your summons and compliant                        4



First few times in court                               5












Tactics used to have your case and good claim dismissed        





























venue and the shift to have you placed into some sort of federal game so that the disclosure to you about what is being done to you does not have to be made to you                                           7

(protection of judges immunity)


jurisdiction                   8







Trial                                9




Settlement                   10


The first item to type up is the Fee Waiver Application with Motion for Fee Waiver.  Many courts have prefabricated Fee Waiver Forms on their web sites and at the Clerks Counter, however if you are being stalked you may need to perform your own form, and here is why:  Many of the Fee Waiver Forms are drafted in a way as to allow for your private financial information to be cleverly gained from you, private information that is not to be easily gained by the Immunity Holding Human Traffickers that seek this information and that may be deliberately trying to force you into court so that they can have this information made public to them by your own need to protect your self and recover from the losses that being trafficked cause.  

If you live below the National Poverty Level or the Index, then you qualify and do not need to be forced into disclosing all the data that courts are trying to pump you for on their forms.

link to Suggested Pro Se Fee Waiver Form:

Steer clear of being exploited by a Fee Waiver Form when you are filing your paper work at the Court, you don't have to answer all the questions they ask, you have to state that truth about being below the poverty threashhold or index for the number of persons in your family, and you have to make it clear on the form in your own writing that you are suing for human trafficking.  This will be something you will likely have to also write in on the Cover Sheet that the Clerk will ask you to fill out when you file your Motion for Claim of Action. 

Your complaint will have to be filed with 3 original copies and the court should provide you with these copies and with conformed (filed & stamped) copies if you have a fee waiver, you can tell the clerk that you have a fee waiver request and that you could not afford to make more than one set of printed documents, but don't let them turn you away or demand a fee.  

Check back soon, this page is still under construction

This is the part where you get the Summons and Complaint filed and conformed by the court so that you can have the other party(s) served with the Summons and Complaint, avoid having the local Sheriff serve these forms. 

When you file your Claim of Action / Motion you will be asked to fill out a Cover Sheet at the Clerks Desk and you will need to specify the type of claim you are bringing suit for.  This is the type of damages that you are bringing suit for, you will likely not see a box for human trafficking but you might, if you do not, then you need to hand write it in and if you like, you may also want to check the box for violations against your civil rights. 

Your motion will be under a few laws that give you a "claim of action" but a judge is not supposed to force you to have any sort of Claim of Action be defined by you, you are a Victim, and you have Victims' Rights, any judge that is trying to force you to state a claim of action in your pleadings after you file them is just trying to get you to exhaust your right to an Amended Complaint.  

You have a civil right to a court appointed attorney even though you are not being tried in a criminal case, and it is a federal statute that provides this right.  The federal statute that provides a Victim of Human Trafficking a right to have a Court Appointed Attorney provided is disgracefully misinterpreted by judges when the Victim motions for the court appointed attorney, judges have the gaull to act as though simple plain words somehow only apply to criminals being criminals charged when they don't simply stop there; the statute is plain and is not even related to the obvouise court appointed criminal proceedding attornie.  

link to Suggested Complaint: 

link to Suggested Motions:

Check back soon, this page is still under construction

You do not have to file for protective orders in you original packet to the court or even after you file your Complaint. You probably should file for protective orders sooner or later though. 

You will need to  specify that you also need protection from opposing party's Internal Affairs, and other affiliates of the person or people, entity, and employer of the human trafficker. 

Now, protective orders and "emergency protective orders" (filed in Ex Parte) will tip off the other party of your law suite before you have a chance to have them serves with the Summons and Complaint.  It might be safer to request a Protective Order after you have the other party Served with the Summons and Complaint.  Games will be played by the Sheriffs when they take your emergency forms to serve on the other party,  and often times 30 days will go by and they will not serve the person you are needing to have protection from just to buy the person that is harming you time to have you abused and time to have his own erroneous Temporary Protective Order filed against you all as if he didn't know that you had filed one of your own against him (them), and gives the Immunity holding Human Trafficker time to have your emergency protection ware off.  There is a difference between temporary emergency protection and between permanent protective order (which is about 2 to 5 years of on paper protection).

In this time frame, the Immunity holding or Immunity protected Human Trafficker will have a team of people harming you, discrediting you, and readying him/her for the day in court where you will likely already have these criminals trying to point the finger at you with accusations that your the one that they need protection against. 

There is a system that notifies law enforcement of emergency protective orders and the system tries to get you to use the local Sheriff's to serve  your temporary order upon your abuser.  Don't let them, you will have to find someone to do it for you and you have to have a form of service given to the person so you can submit it back to the court, it is called a Proof of Service. 

Check back soon, this page is still under construction

You get a packet back from the Clerk to serve it upon the trafficker(s),  and yes a police department can be a trafficker, so can an under cover federal agent and so can a sheriff.

Check back soon, this page is still under construction


You get 30 days to serve your summons and Complaint upon each of the human traffickers and this can get complicated if the trafficking is very formal like a federal investigation that uses its phony investigation to simply traffic people.  Most state government entities have a formal person to serve in a specific location, some services have to be done in person rather then in mail, or dropped at the entity, some services have to go to a law office like the city attorney or the District Attorney

Your first time in court regarding your service is to prove that you have served the other parties or is to ask for an extension of time to serve the other parties.  Upon your first time in court the other parties will have documents to give you and will make belittling comments, you will likely have your hearing pushed to last on the docket so that there are few to no persons of the general public their to witness how your treated.  You will be given a motion for dismissal from the opposing parties before they even answer your complaint, and they will also try to find erroneous flaw with your claim of actions and act as though they do  not need to entertain any answer to your claim by saying that you didn't make a claim, though if what was done to you had been done to the judge or to his daughter you claim of action would be totally able to be understood, but since you are trying to recover from trafficking in a time where no attorneys represent traffic victims your good claim will be treated as if it doesn't make sense and as if your deficient in stating that a violation has been made against you an has caused you damages, and that you should have the right to collect remedy and be let alone from the traffickers relentless stalking, scheming, following and invading of you.

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1. Judges refusing to issue you subpoena, though most pro se subpoena forms are pre stamped by a city judge somehow yours can go unfilled with no penalty made against the served party.

2. Denying 5 of your Motions or Requests as to call you a "vexatious litigant".  Even a Peremptory Challenge denial can be used to add you up to a premature dismissal or bond posting (having to pay to sue for your rights to stop being abused) by a crooked judge.  Even a denial of a timely and necessary Peremptory Challenge form can be used to try to call you names that make you scared to sue those who harm you and this is even worse, the "vexatious litigant" assignment to your name makes it impossible to be treated fairly in court, it  is a modern day Jim Crow Law that assigns your legal filings to be first placed for denial before being "allowed" to be filed, even in a case that is already in play.  A peremptory challenge means that a judge has a reason to not hear your case usually a financial issue he is affiliated to related to someone you are suing, or even related to the fact that he or she knows that your name is on a list provided to him or her from some other lawsuit that you might not even know about, like the City Attorney is trying to protect a criminal who is informant attempting and has given your name in a case you know nothing about and you even have this kept from you though the judge recuses himself or herself without your peremptory challenge.

3. Judges will have your family assaulted to have you fail to list them as litigants.  as in they will issue arrest warrants for persons you are related to just to discredit them in advance from joining your suite.  A premeditated warrant is an assault.  it is also a false imprisonment scam.  Human Traffickers love to falsely imprison. 

4. Calling you mentally ill and referring you to the "mental ill hearing" in the "mental illness court" department of the courts.  You know, because you must be cccrazzzyyy to sue for being human trafficked, or as you perpetrators attorney will phrase it "you did something sexual and now you want to be paid for it", which is a form of abuse that should have the attorney held in contempt and investigated for using human trafficking methods, and for being an accomplice.  An ethical attorney doesn't have to use abuse, violation, perversion, or Victims Blaming psychology to win a case especially not if their client is innocent, there is no tactic of abusing a person that is considered a due defense of your client especial y if they are being sued for rape, human trafficking, or child molestation.  

5. Call you delusional and that you think your an attorney.  This is a retreat. 

6. Slam you with their Premeditated Plausible Deniability Schemes, then you know how intent they were to drive you into court, this is when you have to go public with your law suit, it is very dangerous to be deliberately driven into having to file a law suit, they intend to call you crazy so that they can lock you a way for 5 years in a state mental jail.  Plausible Deniability schemes arise and you know your right where they had intended you to be, Get OUT, you need to make protection of your life, 3 month, 4 years, 5 years is a lot of time to waist in a prison with mentally ill practitioners drugging you as if your like the others that are in their when your clearly not.  Venue Change is imperative at this point.

                  Here are a few examples of Premeditated Plausible Deniability Scams:




6. Victim Blaming is a psychological abuse tactic that is illegal under an international definition related to slavery & trafficking in persons. 

7. If you can successfully have the court assign you a court assigned attorney you must beware that they are able to stand up and say that they think your crazy in violation of due representation laws, at which time your suite will automatically be stalled and you will be placed under mental evaluation by the court house county employed psychiatrist,  this is a problem.  Your in a trafficking over ran city.

Check back soon, this page is still under construction

Check back soon, this page is still under construction








I saved this part for now because this is enough to exhaust any Victim...

Federal Court & State Court:  Jurisdiction is a game to Immunity Holding Human Traffickers. You will be asked to establish jurisdiction in your Compliant (see link to Complaint) and you will be asked to establish jurisdiction on the cover sheet when you file. I saved this for now because this could just get a Victim to turn away from protecting them self the way the Federal Court protects Immunitied Human Traffickers.

Jurisdiction because of where you live isn't as simple as you might think. 

Jurisdiction because of where the crime took or takes place isn't as easy as you might think.  

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If you make it to trial,  consider your self beyond the realm and the first to make it to trial!

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Check back soon, this page is still under construction



The VOI is not an attorney service and does not represent you.  This is not legal advice.  Use at your own knowledge that human traffickers out number you.  This does not constitute a contract or an agreement to represent you with extensive services just a good direction to try to point you into.  Expert Witnesses are a great way of informing a jury and judge of things that the Expert Witness Evaluation processes can afford, Expert Witnesses are not a witness to the crimes made against you, but are a person who has expert knowledge in a field of necessary relativity to what you need to assert, human trafficking Expert Witnesses are very few because the qualifications are harsh, and the Analytics Used by Expert Witness Services related to the VOI are exceptional, however if your able to you should have an attorney look over any of your court filings before filing them, but it is nearly impossible to find legal representation for a Traffic Victim especially after you've been driven into financial losses.  If you're in a situation like Jessica Seymour was in, you still need to file a Complaint for your ability to stay alive, and this is meant as help you stay alive, you have to fight, and scream silently with a paper trail that will be kept under the letches who will try to hide your pleadings and try to keep your pleadings from protecting others.  And all the other standard disclaimer jargon. 

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