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Its a terriffic day when a computer is the main payback tool that takes the san diego police mafia to the cleaners, their story comes out soon so pay attention

Wouldn't it have been nice if just one investigator actually didn't cover up for the police mafia ring of human traffickers, but rather made the clean up arrests instead of waiting for a computer to be the hero.

Revenge just got cheap, you can traffick for others while feeling that satisfaction of harming a person you now hate.

Revenge Porn has a side part, there is a place in revenge human trafficking that has a satifaction for elevated traffickers who's revenge is related to often time things other then porn human trafficking, you can have the method of revenge law suit human trafficking like what Rebecca Hixson, Ben Klinger, and David Miller did to Jessica Seymour. There are other methods of Revenge Human Trafficking and the derived enjoyment that many seek when human trafficking is related to their depleation of being able to conduct thier lives with out harming others.

Visit the VOI's Dictionary to see other types of terms related to how human traffickers that hide in your community as judges, lawyers, title officers, legal secritaries, medical device sales reps, a neighbor that cuts your hair, a nice guy whos a great catch, because he knows just what your looking for since a team of analysts have picked you apart for years in advance in aid of his just right propaganda, a telephone sales guy, a DHS Agent, all seem to fit a certain type of mental illness that relates to them only being alright when harming another person for revenge of some problem they have created with in thier own judgment congnitions.

The VOI Foundation identifies this mental illness as Tripolar with three seperat forms of distinct awareness of the issues associated to being Tripolar. Human Traffickers know what they're doing and revel in its illness qualifications, they know their ill but won't get help. Avoidance of going to jail for thier crimes is a high comodity that they broker in. Joking about how ill they are is a game to them. They refuse to keep them selves in the accomodations they keep their Victims in (imprisonment).

Revenge Porn Method of Human Trafficking

Revenge Porn Method of Human Trafficking has been identified. 

Revenge Porn has been used as a term to describe when a person secretly hides cameras in your/his home to make porn of you with out you knowing it, or hires someone to hide cameras in your home to secretly film you after hiring a different person to try to bed you, all with out you know what is happening to you or in your home or in the home of the person who is hiding cameras. 

This tactic has a widespread use for cell phone cameras and other small cameras that don't need to be hidden in your home; there is also the hacking of your cell phone & computer phone to try to make porn of you or of your children, however this term has been a misnomer since it implies that the person that is being Victimized is somehow just a porn participant.

In actuality this crime of Revenge Porn is a form of human trafficking and a form of rape.  

Revenge Porn has also been used as a term to try to explain how a person your dating, coerces you or compels  you or instructs you or tells you or imply's that you should or acts like you did, or does the same thing to himself or then says you did it to him or then acts like you did it to him, to make a quick little sex tape, you know nothing that is gonna get you in any problems since it's all just for him, because he loves you.

In actuality this crime of Revenge Porn is a form of human trafficking and a form of rape.  

Human Trafficking that is conducted as if the woman Victim was approving of the "porn" so that the "porn" can be shared legally, sold legally, and gained "legally" but it is not legal, it is a protected method of Immunitied Human Trafficking due to how clever law enforcement & the media term it but it is Human Trafficking made with the intent to traffic without being held to criminal standards, and conducted with the intent to not be made to stop the conduct, the San Diego Police Department employed human traffickers' attorney Keith Phillips of the San Diego City Attorney's Office is a Pioneer of walking into court and stating that he is confused and that he basically understands that a Victim of this sort of premeditated cover for human trafficking is wanting to be paid for having hidden cameras recording the events that take place in the home, so that the Victim had cameras in her home and now wants to be paid for the footage... forced slavery is his game he furnishes, and he likes to get the Victim to look like she wants to be paid for porn, a psychological attack that engages the Victim is then saying a defense of no I don't want to get paid for porn, as if the Victim just ratified that she made porn, and the State of California still has his bar license approved though they know that Keith Philips likes to email women in the "Crazy Prison" about showing up to court rooms that he has said such a thing in, and Kieth Phillips then likes to re-stalk the Victim by later sending email correspondence to her asking if he can have a "I saved Jessica Seymour's Life" Anti Stalker Nation Tee. you time.  So Basically, attorneys are Revenge Porn Method of Human Trafficking flow throughs and financiers, almost all Revenge Porn is financed through IOLTA's.  

Another funder of revenge porn human trafficking & propigandizer as to how it is just a normal thing and not human trafficking, is the company that publicly calls its self Cheaters and that maintain a site for cheatersspy shop.com and David Moye along with Tommy Habeeb are Revenger Porn Method of Human Trafficking traffickers who believe that Valentines Day is the busiest time of year for their hidden camera forced porn & rape season but they are not sure why it is their busiest time of year.  However the Victims of Immunity Foundation knows that this busiest time of year is due to the fact that they have a lot of vulnerable women to hunt around that Valentines Day emotional grab fest.  The Cheaters Spy arena is a cover up for Tommy Habeeb's actual acts of making sure that a revenge is engaged upon unsuspecting people.  Jessica Seymour was set up by a person in Alvin Mansour's Marcus and Millichap Real Estate office in La Jolla California; when a person in the Marcus and Millichap office decided that he'd have his partner in crime act like Alvin hired (contacted) Cheaters the TV Show as if Alvin had infidelity concerns. And then this team of people started to follow Jessica Seymour around to force sex upon her they found out that they were not the only team harming Jessica Seymour then realized they could form a new job type among their intruders and had a term coined for Jessica, they called her their little bitch.  Later they changed their coin to the term their "Big Bitch" when they added Alvin Mansour to their sponsor, as in, they tried this again to a different person that Alvin Mansour dated.  When this woman started to realize that she was being stalked she assumed it was the police since she had been stalked by them prior.  

The Mission Valley San Diego Police Department now have a few women in Mission Valley that they work on with their team of Texas plated vehicles.  Operation Shadowbox employees knew what was going on with the subcontracting of Cheaters employed fools but liked it so very much that hey relayed a contract to them also. Alvin Mansours' investigator he hired to find Jessica Seymour when she moved from her River Run condo into her Escala condo did not know that a separate team of perverts were hired by someone in the Marcus and Millichap realtor offices posing as Alvin Mansour to gain "Cheaters" television time for Alvin and Jessica, but he did know that the Shadowbox was a person named .... and does also know that this person is the Shadowboss of the entire scam to run trumpet over the Caldeans of the area since they have enough wealth to hide. The Cheaters show and forum for hiding cameras in a persons home spy shop, is a method of porn force human trafficking and the Cheaters show never fully comes close to ever showing the full amount of people they are trafficking just as if they are doing a show that has a person followed, approached, secretly filmed, and this premeditated cover up for human trafficking is a rape for profit even if they are really good at casting the person who walked up to the Victim as if they are not listening to the fights a couple just had or listening to them vent to their friends or profiling them so to send just the right person up to them at just the organized right time, you know like when your vulnerable because your significant other just broke up with you so he could do something silly then get back with you a few weeks later when his silly thing dropped him cold  silly things have to go to other castings at just the right time also.  The two of you never saw what was happening till someday the SDPD had to cover it up for the Shadowbox. Obviously you can substitute in your areas police department and federal infused "operation" for the two we are outlining to you but the fact is that this method of human trafficking made with it's plethora of cover up in advance is a contracted crime.

Bobby Goldstein and Joey Greco and Kenneth Smith Jr. are  television traffickers and love to have their girlfriends trafficked.  The show itself is a trafficking cover up and has had such press revealing: 

In 2002, the Houston Press tracked down several people who said they were paid $400 per show by one of the detectives of the agency to act on the show, and were paid $50 per referral of other actors. One performer said, "What [the show's private detective] told me was that some of the episodes are real, but... they would do these ringer episodes to supplement the show." The show's private investigator denies that he staged anyone's scenario and further added that the number of inquiries the agency receives made this unnecessary. The producers of Cheaters currently reiterate the reality of each episode in a legalistic message at its end, though a Federal Communications Commission representative confirmed to the Houston Press that "there's no law or regulation against presenting acted-out scenarios as reality on television."

Yes this company considers them-self an "AGENCY".  Their Agency is one of human trafficking porn from non porn actors and conditioning their viewers to think it as not being pornographic, not questioning it as a Victim'full type of activity, and not even portraying the actual persons identity at times just bust'in out episodes that remember a tactic used but non disposable.  If they like to come after Jessica Seymour again she is welcoming their type of cover up defense engaged prior to trafficking, the I don't think theirs any law against it defense. underwhelming and under-realized.  She says here now there is a law against what you've don't to her, read her statements made in court then decide your not doing anything unlawful,  She says that they can use their newest method of telling their Victims that they have to shut their mouth about the cameras they find. She says that she aint the one to worry about.  She says their defunct Shadowboss is the one to worry abut since he just realized that you set them up to be billion dollar lossed to your own account.  Yes, this kingpin boss of the Operation Shadowobox just realized what you did to his billions, he might be good at covering them up in his lowly San Diego La Jolla chief position but back when he was running the show in El Cajone he remembers your intrusion, & he just found Tartaro' friend all over your transfer. Sometimes el hefe isn't the police chief just the chief who's a police officer.  Can you imagine, a police officer investigator hiding billions of dollars of his.  who what when where and how did he get that much money and how is he so underwhelming. I suppose that was the ammunition behind the idea of lets just rob this guy anyway that Cheaters decided was a great pretense to a chapter of their remedy. idea. See we already know you read what Jessica Seymour filed in court but trafficked her anyway, you know there are laws against what you do, you just think you can impoverish anyone you want so that they can't defend themselves.  A friend of Cheaters was indirectly involved with setting up a forced business bankruptcy for Alvin Mansour and hunter Carson was also operational in the federal cover-up of at least three murders.  Conditioning the public into thinking that setting up a "cheater" for humiliation regarding a private problem is a tactic of furthering, funding, ratifying, and conjoining types of trafficking especially when you have to have actors and handlers get the filming accomplished for you when you know dam good and well that the person who called in to your show is just an impostor. Who in Holywould is treaten you like you matter. Condition this, your wife is divorcing you, does she get the unknowing porno shake down that kelsey grammars wife got?  What show is she about to be on so that she can get the your naked on film shakedown publicly?  Visual Entertainment of Canada has a direct line to the home porn propaganda calling its Synister engagements some sort of professional act. You can't keep calling every woman you put a camera on a porn professional and not someday get caught. Someone along the line forgot to at least have a few people caught and now your all going down, sounds playerplayed. But that's just the lie machine acting like a credible witness. 

director Hunter Carson and two security guards, were indicted on charges of restraining a woman. On November 9, 2006, the four were acquitted. In another episode, Greco was detained at the scene of a bachelor party while helping a man confront his cheating fiancée. After Greco explained the situation about the couple to police, he was given a short talk about disturbing the peace and released with a written warning.

On November 3, 2009, Inside Edition reiterated the claim that the show was staged, citing several more actors who said they were paid to appear. One of them appeared in the Greco stabbing episode and claimed it was staged. Despite the depiction of a male being placed under arrest for stabbing Greco, Inside Edition found that no actual arrest matching that description was made by the Rowlett, Texas police department, where the episode took place. The ambulance shown, along with the EMS personnel appeared to be from "Greater Dallas EMS". Greater Dallas EMS was a private transfer ambulance in the Dallas area but would have never been dispatched for a 911 emergency. They are now out of business after being raided by the FBI in an investigation known as Operation Easy Rider. Physician–patient privilege would prevent the hospital that treated Greco from releasing records to Inside Edition. Nothing prevents the producers of Cheaters from voluntarily displaying the records, yet they have not done so. Despite the lack of records, Goldstein denied in an interview that the episode was staged. In a follow-up, aired on Inside Editionthe following week (November 9, 2009), Greco was interviewed by investigative reporter Matt Meagher about the previous week's accusations. Greco declined to respond, claiming that he could not legally do so.[7]

On August 8, 2010, an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission press release reported that Bobby Goldstein Productions, Inc., and Cheaters II, Ltd. (Civil Action No. 3:08-CV-1912-P) paid $50,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit. The suit was brought on the behalf of two female office assistants who were the target of frequent sexual jokes and comments, unwanted physical advances, and propositions for sex. The alleged perpetrators included members of upper management. Says attorney Robert A. Canino, a regional attorney from the EEOC Dallas District Office, "just because the creator of Cheaters promotes a TV show business which thrives on featuring sexual transgressions, it is no justification for engaging in sexual improprieties which violate the employment rights of his female employees behind the scenes."

Or was it not so behind the scenes.  Don't they hire some pretty easy to control women, $50,000 is nothing compared to how much they made off of their secret footages of those two women. But are they whores for asking for relief & repair.  Trevenging, it is that thing you do when you are refused relief, you end up taking the profit of revenge and trading it for nothing leaving revenge a T, the tee takes the place of the nothing and you end up with the loot.  When a woman can't get relief you portray her as being vengeful while you sell revenge porn of unsuspecting Victims. your Trevenge is that you don't get to have it all you end up trying to be the a and the ass and you succeed you now get to play the game of how many players played.  

Isn't this enough to convict of human trafficking: Visual Entertainment of Canada has released several best-of collections of Cheaters on DVD in Region 1. In addition the Cheaters Spy Shop was launched in September 2011 to sell items used on the show and has been promoted in episodes beginning in the Season 12. Cheaters DVD releases are uncensored, with language and sexual content (including occasional views of acts such as fellatio and penetration) shown unfiltered.

These people being sold by Visual Entertainment are not signing porn contracts.  These human traffickers operate in the open in front of every one targeting anyone, and operating with a team that says they are not doing any thing that a law is written to stop.  Isn't that the term traffickers use when they are also having a child traversed from one country to the next, no law says a child can't travel so these traffickers just tell you they are taking a child to another area, there's no law against it.  They don't tell you the truth about how their filming their travel so that buyers can buy the child later.  Why is an unsuspecting adult just as vulnerable as a child that is being filmed without their knowledge.  

Do we really need a law against it, yes I suppose we do since we all just can't be returned.  But my self as a not a victim anymore says it is real obvious what you should not be doing, and we all know that hiding cameras in a persons home is not at all legal.  So if no law says you can't do it why is there a law designed to make sure that you can do it. Kate Jorg



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