Information For Victims

 If you suspect human trafficking, call the confidential National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888

If your being trafficked through immunity abuse and through a fraudulently concocted investigation, than your call to this line will be commandeered by a Immunitied Human Trafficker who will try to pump you for information, try to discredit you, try to get you to say things a certain way as to clear your abusers, and then try to patronize you, intimidate you, and irritate or instigate you and that will be how you know your being trafficked through an immunity holder, that will be how you know your phone is being controlled.

Don't give up, but brace yourself because these Immunitied Human Traffickers now knowing that you’ve realized that the abuse of you is organized will try to now shift their fraudulent investigation and begin to say you’re crazy and that they are investigating you as a "crazy threat" as an attempt to try to falsely imprison you through a staged abduction that will just look like an officer doing his or her job. 

If your calls for help to entities that are supposed to be meaningful are used to hurt you, than you are in great danger and it is an Immunity holder that is targeting you, they are going in running interference and blocking your attempts for due help and aid, they are stalking you behind you and ahead of you on all your cyber attempts & in writing attempts & in person attempts that you make to regain your life, and they will keep you from legitimate legal assistance & justice.  In fact they may even make sure to let you know that they are one step ahead of you and one step behind you, because this tactic is used by IHT's to try to induce panic & fear, as to try to make you look or sound "paranoid", like you "think" people are "following you".... the thing is, people are following you and this is being used against you when you try to report it so to try to get it to stop..... Don't let this stop you from trying to get your freedom back, keep reporting, just try to find an advocate service that is not affiliated to any state, county, or city funding & that doesn't start to engage in the tactics that you know to be corrupt.... But don't give up.

Don’t give up! Eventually you will find support, but usually not until a lot of organized abuse, stalking, harassing, discrediting, and brutality is made against you by these Immunitied Human Traffickers. Eventually we will be large enough to help you but for now DON’T GIVE UP, FIGHT.

Sorry that you are being targeted for this abuse, but the VOI Foundation is trying to bring awareness to the community about this abuse so that it can be ended, hang in there please!