The research method of human trafficking is a public affair

human trafficking is conducted through research as a way of getting paid to human traffic, as a way of covering up human trafficking, as a way of forcing more slaves into existence, and as a way of being able to keep trafficking addiction inflicted.

Federal governments trade trafficking victims for research and in especially gruesome cases they trade trafficking victims and employ them as a "researcher".   Internationally known Victim Charlotte Awino was governmentaly brought into America and paid to work at a Research Company in Seattle.  Prior to being in Seattle, Duke University was used to traffick Awino into America.  Awino was not allowed to be on student visa and working for an off campus Research Company. So the school gave her a cover job of on campus food service so to keep Awino's visa.  Awino's use in the Seattle Pacific University Campus Shooting was research.  The campus shooting was research.  I was the game. Jessica Seymour.

That makes me a valuable input about Research. That makes what happened to me to get me to SPU a valuable input about Research.  That makes me a reliable and credible byproduct of Research based Trafficking, and my story is a testimony about the damages of Research.

War is a cover for human research.  The war on terror is a research study for traffickers to profit. WWII was a research study for traffickers to find something about jews.  The jews were the game.

Now apply that factor to all other research; try to find the game.

The need to cover up research is due to the fact that research is a crime.  A paid for crime.  If you do research for free you'll discover real quick that your not researching but that your trying to return a refund.

Trying to identify the Research Method of Human Trafficking is always based around who liked what was done, who covered up what trip, and who gained.  You can say basically the research that is conducted by governments, universities, medical establishments, or by research companies is a way of trafficking because it can be protected and funded without the victims of it or the subjects of it ever being disclosed to that they were in an "experiment", but in human trafficking, when all else fails, you can walk right up to a judge deciding a case brought by a victim and you can say, here's my badge and you will rule this way on this case and you will do this on this case because this is what is decided by a classified research study, you can even go tell this person here to go do this thing here and you can't get them in trouble for it no matter how many people they kill.

Schematic for the Research Method of Human Trafficking is one: find a many to make money off of , two find a way to sell it to addicts, three find a way to cover it up, four what entity will be the researchers.

Who's ready for business.


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