Pyramid Scheme Method of Human trafficking



Say It.

The Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking is hereby identified. I made you create a paper.

The Pyramid Scheme Method Of Human Trafficking uses an intricate balance of mind control tactics & tricks complete with the "you paid me to to these things to you" treats.  Keith Raniere, a master in the techniques of the Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking is not alone in his preferred method of getting paid to sex traffick, and he didn't just stumble upon doing these things to people, he learned them from some other sex traffickers that like to pawn off their fake Research government funded adventures onto others who are just as bad as Keith Raniere.  

In the recent arrest scandal about one of the more infamous Pyramid Method of Human Trafficking you hear how he used a place holder for his need to know more about you and your family and that you should pay him, and you also hear how he used Research and Assault as his methods of control and trafficking through abuse:

Most secretive tactics used by the Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Traffickers is the method of acting like they love you.   This sounds obvious right, it isn't.  They act like your a person of value like you need to be with them like you are a team, it gets very obvious to those who watch but to those in the pyramid they think it real love.  And for those of you that Watch and that wonder how anyone could be that stupid.... gain your ass, your in for a ride, hears what you don't see...

You don’t see that r=i. You don’t see the pyramid or how it’s placed in the area where it can’t exist. When you have a tiny area where no scheme can exist, then you know your in the pyramid. like even if an abducted man escapes a basement where he’s being held for gimp, man on man rape in fetish style where the gimp and is known as an eager able here’s the pyramid, the man who takes you to his basement is like a trophy for the pyramid of sex trafficking, he’s a golden experiment. This means that the Pyramid Method of Human Trafficking is done in a hub that will tell you repeatedly that you are incorrect and that it isn’t happening, the hub is set up with a ratio of at least 90% traffickers that help to make you know they control the environment and when you say what is being done you have 90% of the people you tell act as though it can’t possibly exist and that its not what is happening, it is a Controlled Environment, where the additional 10% of people are made to feel like this so often that they are indoctrinized, like a woman in NXIVM having her daughter raped by the an she’s being raped by all while interestingly enough managing to adapt to the idea that its all just normal, consensual, and ethical, when its not, and the only regular thing other then sex abuse is the controllers of the environment telling you that they can’t believe that is happening.

The pyramid is a controlled environment and it’s placed only where enough of the contact that the Victims have is controllable and where the responses from those hire up in the pyramid will be exactly what they need to be. There is NO WAY that what is going on could be going on, even though it is actually going on. Those hire up in the Pyramid Scheme Method Of Human Trafficking have all their money tied up in the scheme they make their money by acting as though all the Victims are just wrong or mentally ill for having put together the crimes they are indicating and speaking upon. The complete control of the environment is always a method of the related Research Project of any sort that has allowed for the area here the trafficking is taking place to never be held accountable; When that "allowance” changes its like a gymp getting free accidentally, or in the case of Nxivm its like a woman being upset finally about being branded like slaves of 200 years ago, or like the animals of modern farming. A Pyramid Scheme of Human Trafficking uses the advancement form of control of women so to gain those women’s abuse of others and induction of that women’s children. There is always more money to gain and more status to gain and more financial opportunity for scaling the pyramid treats, as in, the pyramid has treats set way up high and many things you must do to climb up there to achieve being awarded the treat.

More to come, check back.