Trafficking isn't just for pimps, and even many pimps have an Immunitied Human Trafficking boss.

Immunitied Human Traffickers don’t just use medical industry employment as a way of gaining access to victims as to sex traffic them, or just as a means of discrediting & abusing victims that are trying to report trafficking. Medical industry jobs are also gained by Human Traffickers like Charlotte Awino and Benjamin Klinger for purposes of organ trafficking as well.

The movies stereo type organ trafficking victims as random events where a victim wakes up in a tub full of ice missing a kidney, but events like organ trafficking are not random at all.

Often times the victims is abducted to a location like in Cuba or Mexico where the surgery has been pre-paid for and victims are sourced through their medical records.

Human trafficking Nurses like what Charlotte Awino is prepping for, and device reps like Medtronic’s Benjamin Klinger who participates in heart surgeries engage in human trafficking by how they expliot their medical job to flag medical files for matching up to a specific needed organ as to create a level of separation between the victims medical file access and the doctor that treated the victim, often times if a match is found then a corrisponding & younger family member’s medical file will be stalked to see if they are also a viable blood match & organ match as to create an even larger degree of separation between the trafficker and the organ of the victims that is getting sold & trafficked.  How would you ever trace your daughter’s disappearance to the fact that her mother was a match to an organ buyer, and so your daughter was then looked at to see if she was also a match... How would you ever trace your daughters abduction back to your wife’s office visit with a doctor especially if the nurse or medical rep was the human trafficker scanning files for a match?

If an otherwise healthy victim has a flagged medical match to an organ buyer and has no younger match in the family, then it is easy for this ring of IHT’s to also falsify a condition as to make a nonexistent ailment be a cover for the trafficking of an organ... Who would suspect that your husband’s kidney was trafficked if his medical record said he needed a pace maker? 

Labor Trafficking is performed by this ring of IHT’s and it isn’t just being done to maids or housekeepers. In the example of Alvin Mansour’s Uncles, who migrated to America under protected methods, there would be rooms full of victims just cutting away all day at coupons to be redeemed through grocery stores, and apparently the gaining of the news papers that have the coupons in them is also made in collusion with the coupon printers like for example the San Diego Union Tribune, printers who would apparently facilitate major skimming of the coupons in the news papers for the labor ring of coupon clipping slave makers.

Baby Trafficking is an extreme that engages abducting babies but also engages in specific breeding of babies for sale through first trafficking the baby makers, and it is a sad practice in eugenics because a woman is targeted for her eye color, hair color, build, or skin color to be made imposed with vulnerabilities, oppressed and then impregnated by a man that has lead her to believe he is her boyfriend, all performed with the intent to use her pregnancy as a time to make her look like she is unfit and the baby is then trafficked through the social worker system; other times the mother is taken to a remote location, dragged across the country or across borders by the father who she thinks she can trust, and then the made to order baby is taken and the victim becomes a sex slave traffic victim easily discredited.

These forms of human trafficking are very advanced and they take trained professionals of medical industries, newspaper industries, and social worker industries to facilitate. In other words, this is an advanced and intelligent ring of traffickers not just pimps; they are your doctors and nurses, business owners, and neighbors. The victims are not just prostitutes; they are your friends, your wives, your children, and the stranger on the sidewalk in the rain pregnant with no shoes on begging for money in the rain because the baby’s father and some other random guy her boyfriend has brought her too are telling her they need the begging money for survival. 

Prostitution is not the only industry exploited to make coverup of human trafficking... clearly IHT's use many other non-immunitied industries to create Victims of Immunity, and to further & cover up Immunitied Human Trafficking. 

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