“Once and Done” Method of Human Trafficking

Identification of the One and Done Method of human trafficking is hereby made.  It has been commercialized in many ways and especially by Robert Hoffman through his Pennsylvania based businesses that are named OneandOne.com and more telling, it’s parent company that is named OneandDone.com. You can no longer use this method of human trafficking as a way to keep your self out of jail.

These types of Victims are not looking for one time sex, but are being forced into it by crafty, well supported, unrelenting, invasion expert, human traffickers that are willing to invest months upon a Victim just to abusively harm them after gaining sex for the first time with that Victim.  These Traffickers are supported in each step of this one time sex gaining; the support includes having access to the Victims private data, location, psychological dossier, and professional real time tactic instructions which are usually made through text messages, as many of these traffickers will wear hidden cameras for others to listen and watch each interaction through.

The fostering and use of a cyber leash and location oppressing of a targeted Victim usually has a law agency support or intelligence agency employed human trafficker supporting it, however, it may be easy for a ring of amateurs to put a tracking device on a Victims phone just by gaining her phone number.  Knowing the difference between a professional One and Done type of human trafficking or an amateur ring of traffickers using this method of human trafficking is a specialty because the Victims are not going to be able to easily escape either types of use & application of the Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking.  

Through cyber leashes, a Victim's location, interests, and personal data are hijacked by human traffickers who's intent is to isolate and target the Victim as to gain a one time sexual contact while using all the hijacked data to get the Victims to think that the trafficker is just a normal guy that is interested in them in a long term way.  These type of human traffickers will stalk their Victims for months and will even build up a relationship with them just to make the Victim think that she is in a committed relationship, but once the sex is finally gained the human trafficker abruptly ends the relationship in a demeaning way and conspires (and usually makes bets) to make sure the Victim is emotionally abused, left confused, striped of safety, exposed, vulnerable, and often times traumatized.

The Once and Done Method of human trafficking is made in a group tactic where once the Victim has been systematically abused by one of her stalker's paid traffickers, she is nearly immediately approached by the next paid human trafficker in the trafficking ring; pay can include many things not just monetary pay, lets not forget that they are cleverly forcing sex out of a woman they then get to deliberately dehumanize, this is a form of pay, however usually other things are exchanged also by this ring of clever rapists who make their rape look consensual. 

The ring of human traffickers are trying to force a woman into sexual sales by emotional abuse, invasion, and conditioning of them into one time sex; non stop "investigating" of the Victim is a usual sign that immunity holders are part of the trafficking ring that is stalking the Victim.  These traffickers are trying to force a targeted woman into prostitution and into exploit without her even knowing it but receiving the horrific aspects of such behavior all as if she is just having some bad luck in relationships, which is designed to impose vulnerability upon the Victims and to rob the Victim of confidence, self sufficiency, confidence, stability, intimacy, privacy, confidence, feeling safe, reputation, confidence, ability to say "no" with out fear or conditioned catatonic response kicking in, happiness, self sufficiency, confidence, and to rob a Victim of standard reactions & protective reactions to abuse and invasion... and the Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking is designed for many abuses to be infused into and upon the Victim including a lack of confidence in being able to keep a man with out giving sex sooner, and many other isolating and victimizing harms.  These traffickers gain a profile they put into their Victims life and play their inserted profile of their Victim's psyche like a team sport while the Victim thinks she it dating her potential husband, as these traffickers know just what this Victim is looking for and these trafficker's portray it to a tee, right up until their first sexual interaction is gained. These traffickers didn't just learn this on the street, this was at one time a professional intelligence tactic that has had billions of dollars poured into it as if it is just "research".

The Victims of the Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking are not looking for one time sex, and these Victims are lied to systematically by a ring of traffickers in a way that is so oppressing, emotionally degrading, confusing, and relentless, that the "forced prostitution" is gained, though the Victims has never engaged in prostitution, or in taking payment, or in negotiation of payment, or in any trade, gain, benefit, or future prospect... this is why the definition of human trafficking is a mute definition since many times no sex or commercial act is engaged in for the human trafficking to be ultra successfull.  The Victim receives nothing but harm for the acts that are cleverly forced upon her through relentless stalking and invasion, and the Victim receives the idea that she is just having bad luck in dating; the Victim is receiving a depletion and an idea that she is just unlovable, and not worth a relationship and is made accustomed to a one time sexual experience, which is something that no one should have forced upon them nor systematically engaged in against them, and this is part of what makes this a human trafficking.

The personal invasion of this type of Victim is meant to leave the Victim with out employment, close friends, and with out family relationships; more than just the one time sex is gained by the Once and Done Method of human trafficking... these traffickers are targeting all of their Victims self support.

The commercialization & "commercial exchange" tactics of the Once and Done Method of human trafficking are made in a violation of law in how Human Traffic Victims, Slave’s, are targeted to be sold without knowing it.

Without knowing it, these Victims are sold for sex abuse, through cyber leashes that facilitate in person contact, and Founder Jessica Seymour along with her mother, were both lured to be using the One and One website services, and were kept on invisible leashes through the use of this website hosting provider which is affiliated to OneAndDone.com.  In fact many cyber stalking and in person harms were maneuvered against Founder Jessica Seymour by how her computer was being sideswiped every time she logged in to update her Stalker Blog back when it was on the One and One web server platform that Robert Hoffman owns and operates and cleverly named, apparently after he already formed the commercialization of the human trafficking via cyber enleashment that his other business Once and Done is and was created for achieving.

The Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking is sometimes akin to the Rape for Profit Method of Human Trafficking whereas women are being sold without knowing it through the data farming that is engaged in against them, in which that data is used to not only locate the Victim, but also to gain access to know just what to say to the Victim when this ring of Trafficker Stalker's approach her for their intended and premeditated sex abuse.  The Victim thinks she's met her perfect match due to how these Trafficker portray themselves through the data they have robed from the Victim in advance of their in person approach.

The Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking focuses on invasion of a targeted Victims private everything so that it can be used by Stalker Traffickers who intend to exploit that information for exploiting their Victim with, and the intent is to rob and to gain sex under the false pretense that it is a lasting relationship of any sort, when in actuality the Stalker Trafficker is intent to try to force the Victim into one time sex as to condition her into prostitution. 

Then after the one time sex is gained, in a systematic way that basically resorts to a “forced manipulated and coerced ""consent""”, the team of Stalker Human Trafficker's engage in a planned “dumping” of the Victim so that she can feel used, abused, tricked, embarrassed, dehumanized, confused, lied to, traumatized, and ultimately conditioned to being controlled as to be forced into this Trafficking's "prostitution" ring of slave trade where they use the idea of "prostitution" as to place blame on the Victim and this is a malicious deliberate induction of trauma, which is a dark psych tactic used in “mind control conditioning” platforms like what Joseph Kony was being supported & trained on in exchange for his creation of over 20,000 future slaves that are now adults like Charlotte Awino being used to facilitate handling of American women.  

When a Targeted Victim is artificially made to "feel" comfortable through the familiarity that her stolen data is used to create, then the Victim is being raped regardless of any fraudulent "consent" looking dynamic that is forced into existence, and the rape is made at a profit to the perpetrators whether the profit is delayed or instant, and the commercialization is double engaged as the data was not mined for free and someone took funds for the data collection even if they charged the funds to their Victim through clever ways like website payments to a host like One And One.com.    

When a Victim is made to feel that someone knows everything about her then she is being control conditioned as if her ability to live depends on the "all knowing god like individual' which is the dark psych tactic Kony used/uses as to force people into slavery, this is a war crime that makes this premeditated deceived consent a mute point rendering the fact of it to be a rape, systematic rape. DeVia Rape is the term for this type of rape; Forced Consent Rape, Tricked Consent Rape.  

The targeted Victim is lead to believe that she is in any sort of a committed relationship by the trafficker who has an intent to create a false consent looking dynamic just so that he can have a plausible deniability if the Victim ever reports the intended rape, which is what the sex actually is, the force maneuvered and conned sex which boils down to a rape in actuality; when Traffickers apply their group/team dynamic that is used and engaged in against the targeted Victim, the event is a rape regardless of the manipulated tricked conned "consensual looking" game used for gaining the sex, where the women is then “dumped by her new boyfriend” some short time after the conned sex is gained, as to fulfill the Stalker Trafficker's intent to force the woman into a one time sex situation that is meant to "prostitute" the Victim without her consent or taking any part in; because the targeted Victim never gave consent to any sort of premeditated prostitution tactic that the Stalker was intent to engage in, the event is a rape, especially when the Stalker Trafficker had cameras hidden on him or in the room as to further sell & gamble, and exploit the woman he was targeting to force into any sort of one time sex while indicating otherwise to her with use of her private data that she never gave him. 

Most of the time the “dumping”, that is engaged in shortly after sex is maneuvered from the Victim, is made in a way that the trafficking group can join in and take bets on, such as a texting “dumping” where the trafficker who was posing as the perfect boyfriend, has his premeditated "text dumping" performed on a group text forum on his side of the conversation, where the rest of the sex trafficking team is aiding him in what to say to her to make the dumping that much more brutal and apparent to the Victim that she was just controlled, or that something is not adding up in the matter of the facts at hand.

The trafficker will often times say he “changed his mind” with regards to the relationship, as if that is some sort of defense for targeting a woman to force and maneuver premeditated "one time sex" out of her in a way that her private data is used against her, and in an alarming majority of the time the premeditated one time sex that the trafficker was engaged in gaining is also secretly videotaped unbeknowanced to the Victim. 

This form of human trafficking as commercialized, and as commercialized by Robert Hoffman’s One and Done .Com is a feeder to the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking as well as a feeder to Rape for Profit scams where the Victim is stalked and targeted with data she never gave the Trafficker who is working with a team as to conspire to gain any thing he can potentially say is "consent" though the Victim never consented to any sort of premeditated abuse of her body or mind and was lead to believe that something actually meaningful was at hand, and this tactic is made to further deplete, degrade, sell, and terrorize a Victim in the “conditioning” process that human traffickers engage in against their Slaves they are trying relentlessly to put onto an invisible leash & onto a cyber leash of stalking and manipulating and maneuvering, all engaged in for selling of that woman in any way that is commercial or that is "non-commercial looking" as to maliciously circumvent the current legal definition of human trafficking, which is also a crime that somehow no one ever gets arrested for… it is called a deliberate subversion of justice which is a crime.  Good thing that Pennsylvania’s Robert Hoffman and his affiliated San Diego “judge” Yuri Hoffmann have commercialized it ever so sweetly with this overtly bold One and Done .Com Company.  

Bill Cosby is another affiliated Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking Agent and he was paid to rape the women he drugged, he was trained, he shared the drugged women, he taught others what to do to the women and how to rape them in the custom of not having any physical evidence left, he is the type of Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking that is a group trafficking the group is social, political, theoretical, replaced by rape which means don't replace a rapist with a socialite, and he is the type of Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking that is placed and supported by his affiliations, just like his Pennsylvania collegiate affiliate Bonnie Dumanis of San Diego's District Attorney Office; it should not be so difficult to get a real trial against a Once and Done Method Human trafficker so a Victim has to find a conscience to shock in some area that is not such a largest trafficking hub, and specific venues hard on traffickers need to emerge and to take cases no matter what state they originate from.

The abuse and damages that the Victim suffers are always thrown back on her as if she is some wrongdoer, or has some bad luck, or is just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that she is "crazy", or that boys will be boys.... the Victim is regularly told a bunch of propaganda from law enforcement and from a Handler as to oppress & keep the Victim from ever getting to the bottom of what all the ugliness is stemming from as if it just random bad luck, inexplicable. The reality is that the horrible situations that the Victim is constantly trying to navigate out of are all systematically planned out and executed with military precision. 

Victim Blaming:  Victim Blaming is a psychological abuse that is a science to many forms of the government and defense entities and it trickles down into our court system against Victims who try to allow for justice to prevail, which is why certain attorneys that use specific tactics to defend a rape trial are actually guilty of being a human trafficker affiliate rather than just a judge or just an attorney.   This Method of Human Trafficking has attorney human traffickers ready and waiting to call up all the guys a woman has had one encounter with so that a jury can pretend she must not have been raped.  These human trafficking attorneys think that the trafficking ring they protect each time they try to force a woman into court will always be in the arms of the protection of them and so these attorneys boldly use unmonitored interest accounts that can be accessed by traffickers all over the world to send and launder dirty money with out it going through the federal monitoring system. 

Here is another example or two for you of how horrific and damaging the Once and Done Method of Human Trafficking is, how it is done right in front of you while the Victim is Blamed, and how it is meant to facilitate medical torture that is outlawed in every country:  

Dr. Drew Pinsky + San Diego Charger Football player from Florida Russ Smith =

Amber Smith on TV saying that she was a prostitute rather than the truth that she was a Traffic Victim which became clear through the Dr. Drew show that Drew Pinsky picked for Amber Smith to be exploited on & through, as in, one of the therapy sessions the truth is revealed that she was not prostituting and that she was made to believe that something meaningful was at hand & she was made to feel that genuine interest was at hand and she was invaded personally by her stalkers as to be psychologically made to feel reciprocal genuine interest in these men that were stalking her with mafia tactics, military precision, and for human trafficking; on Dr. Drew’s TV show you can see Amber Smith being put into a Plate Throwing therapy session, and Amber was yelling and crying in this therapy session about “why did all those men only want me once and never call me again, and never talk to me again, and never care about me again”… she was not prostituting, she actually thought something meaningful was at hand as her therapy reveals to the dismay of Dr. Drew’s desire to rather call her a prostitute while getting her down trodden self to also call herself a prostitute, but she was actually a model being Pedestal Victimized Human Trafficked in the One and Done form of human trafficking that is tied to the Rape for Profit and Gambling Methods of human trafficking, but that is also used by & tied to the “Make Your Dreams Come True” platforms of human trafficking, and Amber Smith was put on Dr. Drew’s show to be abused by him in his attempt, and scam, to forever give any sort of plausible deniability to the men that trafficked her,  just like Kari Ann Peniche, who was also put on Dr. Drew’s show for the very same protection of the Stalker Abuser Traffickers that have stalked her for her entire life.  Asserting a false record via commandeering medically a Victim so that the Victim says she was doing something of her own admission is a crime that renders Doctor Drew & Affiliates licences to be revoked, and it is an immunity forfeiting act. 

When you rape a kid then control her therapy as to detriment her further, than your committing Medical War Crimes against a person and against Humanity, and Dr.Drew’s targeting of Kari Ann was made around gaining access to Kari Ann's house as to gain some sort of sexual video of a different Hollywood actress, as evidenced by quotes from Kari Ann’s blog.

Kari Ann Peniche was put on Dr. Drew’s show with the intent to get her to say her acts were her own when she was clearly being drugged and abused by Dr. Marcus Van when she was only about 19 years old, this is Human Trafficking Sex Sales Made To Look Like The Victim Is Something That She Is NOT, and it is extremely organized in a military fashion, it is Conditioned Slavery made in the open as if the human trafficked Slave is to blame, and it is why Marcus Van moved to San Diego for the targeting of San Diego women for the same harm, and he has targeted many other women than just Kari Anne Peniche and Jessica Seymour for his infliction of his premeditated harms that render him and Dr. Drew to be on par with War Criminals, and they have gone to war against American women.   In fact Dr. Drew said he would frame Lindsey Lohan as to force her into addiction therapy if he were her father....  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drew_Pinsky ... in April 2010.  Here: ^ Grim, Ryan. "Dr. Drew Getting Ripped For Suggesting Lindsay Lohan Be Framed For Drug Use" The Huffington Post; April 15, 2010

Actually, the Santa Barbra University Campus "shooter" was seen by one of Dr. Drew’s co-human traffickers Medical Torture inflicting book pedaling “doctors” named Charles Sophy who appears to have a property conversion scam via jewelry engaged in through his abuse of medicine and he also has a book to sell just like George Galdorisi’s San Diego affiliated & Jesuit ran SPAWAR, yep that’s right, Dr. Drew’s Charles Sophy of Pennsylvania (RepublicanHerald.comand www.republicanherald.com/news/hollywood psychiatrist ) set an author event to sign his book at Sophy’s Jewelers in LA in 2010 & that store is owned by a cousin of Charles Sophy who is part of the Pennsylvania based catholic mafia human traffickers that ran the Cash for Kids Scandal animals who scouted Elliot Rogers through Charles Sophy before having Elliot Rogers maneuvered to be a student in Santa Barbra which is the same area where Kari Ann Peniche was lured to by San Diego’s Marcus Van.

Kari Ann said this about Dr. Drew & Celeb Rehab:

"I will say that Dr. Drew hasn't made any attempt to stay in touch or offer me any after-care since doing the three shows. He only called once when the “tape” with two friends and I was leaked (by a psycho b***h I let in my home per Drew’s request) to leave me a voice-mail and ask how I wanted him to handle the press he was getting regarding the [sex tape] incident." http://kariannpeniche.wordpress.com/

So the One and Done form of Human Trafficking is closely tied to the Victim Blaming & Medical Torture that is used on Human Traffick Victims which allow for them to be made to look like the blame takers for things which are crimes against humanity and that are crimes that are actually made by human traffickers looking to extend their ability to slave and sell humans, through clever abuse and drugging’s.  And it comes full circle when the breeding of future slaves comes into play through traffickers subversion of a states “child welfare system” and “social services”, and judicial services were traffickers first get their hands on their youngest and bred Victims.  When you see how Kari Ann’s mother, who moved from San Diego to Oregon, denies the abuse that Kari Ann selflessly shares in an attempt to recover from it (only to be abused by this process through Dr. Drew), you start to see that this is a slave trade of horrific abuse and control that always looks to breed the next generation of Victims & then get them controlled as early as possible; and that often times looks to publicize their acts so to recruit and take bets.  Kari Ann's "husband" Justin Williams appears to be a clear breeder stalker handler, who got Ms. Peniche impregnated and within 10 months of age Justin Williams was getting Kari Ann's son from her in court with "lab tests" showing that the baby had "synthetic" substance in his hair follicle.  Justin's IHT attorney is Mario Van Oorschot, and the entire robbing of a woman through court while calling the woman crazy is a con job that doctors are in on in premeditation which is why Peniche was on Dr. Drew’s show to begin with. If traffickers especially the well educated traffickers like Dr. Drew & Dr. Marcus Van stopped targeting Kari Ann for clever rape & impregnation scams engaged in to subvert her from her own success, how different do you know her life would be - If she was left to have all the amazing profits and gains from her own hard work and not targeted systematically by men trying to make money off of her through publicized exploit and sexual abuse of her – her life under her own un-circumvented control would be nothing like what has been made for her to suffer in, a platform that her mother has facilitated as her mother was a slave as well who gave in to the platform to end up handling her own daughter for traffickers as Marcus Van stated that Kari Ann's mother would put drugs in Kari Ann's juice to control Kari Anne's weight so that she would be more appealing, which is the type of tactic that makes human trafficking a Slave Trade as blatant & protected as the First American Slave Trade was.

This is where the Once and Done Human Trafficking Rape Method is intent to lead to, it is intent to lead to the Slavery of the Victim it is used against, see the Victim either keeps her mouth shut about it and is further conditioned and slaved, or she reports it which is when the ring of traffickers send their IHT police, IHT City Attorney, IHT DA, and or IHT federal agents in to act as though it sounds “crazy” and as if it sounds “consensual” when it was no way able to be consensual due to the way the Victim was targeted, which is when the IHT’s bring in their Human Trafficking “doctors” & “judges”, that is the full circle of human trafficking through stalking & cyber stalking that Robert Hoffmann’s ONE and DONE business model has commercialized.  Trials usually get brushed under the rug, but the Victim is left with repeated special operation human trafficking situations and assaults. A Victim gets even more stalked after a court of traffickers she is micromanaged by end up brushing her rape under the rug for the trafficking ring.  It is likely that the Victim will be stalked for premeditated arrests, like loosing her license or having it suspended just so a stalker police officer can arrest her for driving rather then her walking the street.

In relation to the publicizing of targeted Victims, Lindsey Lohan had a "list" of sexual partners stolen from her and publicized...  a list she made through being in "therapy", likely affiliated to a court ordered therapy. How much smaller would Lindsey Lohan’s “list” be, had she been left to her own self and not stalked and sold around through the judges & doctors & cover businesses & lawyer’s conspiring to control her & sell her around as if it is some sort of issue of hers, when before these animals were One and Done targeting her, she had a very nice and successful life and career in advance of being targeted for the One and Done Method of Human Trafficking.

Premeditated gaining of “consent” boils down to rape...  Unlawful gaining of "consent" boils down to rape.... Premeditated use of unconcealed cameras are involved like it is not illegal but it is.... Stalking a woman's menstruation is involved,  stalking a woman's medical records is involved,  hidden cameras are involved, and favors are involved, and people are paid to gain the data that is used to control and trick the Victims that are being targeted for this slave trade, that is so abusively based around gaining of one time sex while the Victim is mislead as to force prostitution tactics into a Victims life, that it deserves its own special designation and sub set of laws for convictions & for preventing it from being explained away by the rapist human trafficker slave traders who premeditate to create any sort of “consent” looking alibi they engage in while calling their Victim “crazy”.  This is the Once And Done Method of Human Trafficking as commercially traded without the Victim's participation, and it is commercially traded by many traffickers and blatantly by Robert Hoffman of the One and Done .Com platform of data gathering that appears to be a cover business for what entity?  It is possible that a subversion of the NSA is used to gather data through Yuri Hoffman, traffickers like "Seff Jwersky" and through Robert Hoffman's businesses.... Slavery is that judicially and federally organized because Traffickers have sought out to gain immunity giving jobs with access to everything as to run human trafficking through the cover of "national security" "protected trade secrets" and through "immunity", which is why all roads lead to arresting and jailing traffickers, strengthening immunity forfeiture, and strengthening oversight of government. 

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