The pay me to HARM you method of human Trafficking

The Pay Me To Harm You Method of Human Trafficking is where the Victims either have to go public in a big way to try to recover or to try to get the trafficking of them to be stopped or to stop; Traffickers find a way to get you to them for a service so that they can harm you at your expense so they can make money off of raping you, make money off of you paying them, and make money off of selling you. Payment to the traffickers use of this method might be with data, like what facebook does when they get you to use them with thier free service, then take your data to have traffickers pay them for is so that they as facebook can watch you get trafficked by those they sold you to. The Pay Me To Harm You Method of Human Trafficking takes on many forms, it can originate in the use of you for experiments, for the seat as the president of a country, or even as a person who is a school, it can be found in many forms and anytime you have to pay money in any way where you loose your likely being trafficked, though they work in your win, these traffickers still make sure you pay them for thier effort. And thier effort is to harm you as they sell you.

Funds spent by the Victim to the Trafficker while the Trafficker poses in a way to establish legitimacy can be found worked in to nearly any business modle traffickers are using at any moment. In fact even universities take tuition or lent funds from you to the university while the university uses that money, the Victims own money, to further the trafficking being made, it is a method of human trafficking where Traffickers get their intended Victim to pay them prior and during trafficking of Victims.   Even a murder can be used to pay off someone while the intent is to traffick some one them make them famouse, sellers pay more for the data of a trauma victim then they do for the data of a not traumatized Victim. Sometimes a Victim of this Method of Human Trafficking becomes media sensationalized and publicly identifiable, and even more sellable to the dark web of trafficking in order to recover for damages you sustained all while you were forced to pay for something you didn't know was going to be a form of trafficking of you, like tuition payments, mortgage payments, association dues, ect.   It is the Pay Me to Harm You Method of Human Trafficking.  

In the event that you do gain financial recovery for the damages caused to you, you've been sold around even more through the mega mania spotlight of the media's spin on your particular story. 

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THe pay me to traffick you method of human trafficking 


D  1

The Pay Tuition and We As A Regent, as a University will Sex Traffick You as a student. 

Professors and University Staff are some of the most prolific Human Traffickers and they as a Trafficking Network are a Danger to the Safety of Students, University Staff employed Human Traffickers are some of the most destructive traffickers. 








D 2

The Pay Association Dues and As An Association We Will Traffick you as a Member.

Association affiliated Human Traffickers are among the most invasive and controlling forms of Traffickers who, like the CIA, need to know every thing there is to know about you so that they may create a virtual prison for you to live in, a personal prison of abuse and torture and trauma. It was performed on the entire public of U R Uguay by the CIA who decided they’de run an experiment on each citizen of the public known as Uriguay so that they could force trauma into virtual imprisonments of the citizens and into the legal system and into the prisons system. If the CIA would do this to someome somewhere else, they’d do it to you here in America too. Thats why when a person known as a reporter exposed this personal revenge plot the CIA engaged in against an Entire Country or an Entire Citizenship, the reporter was found dead.  The name of the reporter who legitimized the repoerting about the history of Uruguay was named Anthony Bordean and he used his work as a food lover to travel to places the CIA was in charge of. When his Uruguay footage serfaced in his show called Parts Unknown where Bourdain can be heard telling of this horrific assault made on the entire public of Uruguay somehow Mr. Bourdain ended up shot up in a hotel room that had no security in it somewhere in france.

Made to look like he was just some food guy with a show who hung himself, Bourdains reporting left his work with one statement, of how in Uruguay they think chicken is vegetable.

After they get done with makeing you pay them to traffick you, you think Chicken is Vegetable, but its ok because the government that emerged is “unusually enlightened”.

Here is one enlightenment, if you got paid to work at a news firm, then you did work, but your life was what was at play so one day someone let you play the card of telling the world what you did not report in journalism but as a food guy, was your random hanging a news story/ yes. Pay the game.  






D 3

The Pay the Doctor to Examine You, and as a Facility, as a Medical Professional We Will Traffick you. 

 We will drug you against your will even if we have to use time as our method of payment just enough to force you to say you did something wrong when you didn’t do anything wrong. Many men try this in thier marrages to women where they say thier newly ex-wife is “crazy”, this is old hat now adays so proliferated and now even the doctors who used to be comfortable haveing a person pay them to be called crazy just don’t want to be part of that form of trafficking anymore. Judges and Ex Boyfriends/Ex Husbands are simply the only people who still seem to think that the Doctor Examination you get charged for one way or the other is some protected Method of Human Trafficking you via keeping a discredidation and arreset of you for time sentinces where your drugged as the formal use of you right in front of everyone. There is a in the open light quality of this form of Human Trafficking that usually deceives the Victim into defense of self or into a false sence of security where you just trust that you won’t be hurt by a business, legal office, attorney, doctor, police, many traffickers gain businesses to traffick you through in a way that you think is some service offered to you. An education a doctors bill a day off of work an acceptance into something really great like a Life Coach done in exchange for oh lets say a one year tenancy agreement assistance, this method of trafficking via the Doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, the town health give, the town help you places, they are all getting paid by you one way or the other in their trafficking of you where they also get paid by others as they pretend to be not selling you somehow.





D 4

The Pay your army to fight for you and then taffick them to pay your way as if they are noble is a trafficking ring that gets others to clean their dirt. This form of trafficking works for small uniformed outfits and for large ones like the Knights of many kinds or Masonic lodges or military enstalments that people join and get offered money or support to be part of but then there they are being taken to the cleaners for redistribution of the money that was paid or gathered in regards to them an to thier “fight”.

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