The pay me to HARM you method of human Trafficking

The Pay Me To Harm You Method of Human Trafficking is where the Victims either have to go public in a big way to try to recover the funds they spent to the university while the university used the Victims own money to further the trafficking being made, it is a method of human trafficking where Traffickers get their intended Victim to pay them prior and during their trafficking of their Victims.   You become media sensationalized and publicly identifiable and even more sellable to the dark web of trafficking in order to recover for damages you sustained all while you were forced to pay for something you didn't know was going to be a form of trafficking of you, like tuition payments, mortgage payments, association dues, ect.   It is the Pay Me to Harm You Method of Human Trafficking.  

In the event that you do gain financial recovery for the damages caused to you, you've been sold around even more through the mega mania spotlight of the media's spin on your particular story. 

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THe pay me to traffick you method of human trafficking 


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The Pay Tuition and We As A Regent, as a University will Sex Traffick You as a student. 

Professors and University Staff are some of the most prolific Human Traffickers and they as a Trafficking Network are a Danger to the Safety of Student are some of the most destructive traffickers. 








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The Pay Association Dues and As An Association We Will Traffick you as a Member.

Association affiliated Human Traffickers are among the most invasive and controlling forms of Traffickers who like the CIA need to know every thing there is to know about you so that they may create a virtual prison for you to live in, a personal prison of abuse and torture and trauma.  







D 3

The Pay the Doctor to Examine You, and as a Facility, as a Medical Professional We Will Traffick you. 







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The Pay your army to fight for you and then taffick them to pay your way as if they are noble is a trafficking ring that gets others to clean their dirt. 

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