Mission Statement 

As the Victims of Immunity Foundation we strive to further the community awareness of the epidemic that targets women and children for assault, abduction, and other egregious abuses related to human trafficking and other victimizations facilitated by the abuse of an immunitied job position. 

We are dedicated to bringing community awareness of victimized persons targeted for abuse through the immunity that someone else sought surreptitiously to gain, we are dedicated to bringing awareness to how this abuse violates the Victim’s Fundamental Rights and other Civil Rights. 

A proper community response to this social issue is a necessary phenomenon that we seek to create through the abolishment of the current stigmatization of systematically raped victims, traffic victims, and other such targeted persons oppressed by, and targeted for, abuse through the immunity of others. 

Potential exists to reform the current corruption that allows for the targeting and trafficking of the victims of immunity that are hidden within our communities, abused in our courts, and stalked relentlessly.  As the Victims of Immunity Foundation we will tirelessly seek to aid the community in creating barriers to the corrupt use of immunity, and since sourcing safety and legal representation for victims that come forward is an essential need that these victims have, we will seek aid from the legal community as well.  As the Victims of Immunity Foundation we will seek to assist the community in creating a network of safety and authentic legal assistance for such brave and oppressed persons who try to escape their immunity holding handler's.

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