Letter From the Founder


Every light needs to be shined on this social issue, so that it can be seen by all. 

When I hear on the news that those Advance Team DoD Agents received no penalty for abusing already exploited women in Columbia with the State Department Agents…

When I find out that Susan Lindaur’s claims have been substantiated and that she was indeed a CIA Asset getting the “crazy” false imprisonment treatment….

When I see how Joseph Kony’s child murderer guerrilla soldiers were made for the CIA, State Department, and other Intelligence Agencies to use as weapons against the general public, against a person like me, which I learned when Agent Charlotte Awino was placed to live with me to give my daily whereabouts to her human trafficker affiliates who stalked me and tried to sexually exploit & assault me, all facilitated through the would be “Christian” school of Seattle Pacific University and its corrupted CAUSE Program Agent students & professors (Campus And University Security Program) that horrifically target students who are manipulated to the school….

When Seattle Pacific University chose to protect their placement of this guerrilla soldier murderer into their Nursing Program as to give her future access to vulnerable patients…..

When Seattle Pacific University chose to protect their student Agent that used the University to try to lure me to his home for assault and who sexually harassed me…..

When Charlotte Awino threatened my life and the life of my family and I couldn’t even get a restraining order made against this non citizen foreigner to protect me from her, and from her human trafficking affiliates…..

When all these crimes and abuse against the community all take place during a season when the statistics are released that Seattle and Portland are being used as Americas #1 and #3 human trafficking HUB's…..

When it becomes known that my San Diego abduction and false imprisonment, and then manipulation to Seattle and Seattle Pacific University, was facilitated partially by Bill Gore who used to be Seattle’s FBI Director but now uses his San Diego Sheriff post to keep human traffic victims silent, brainwashed, and drugged in court so that they don’t speak out in court about who is trafficking them…..

When all of this horrific abuse just never gets stopped by the Entities and Agency’s that give these human traffickers Immunity and paychecks, it becomes self evident to me that the community is the only solution.

The community needs to be made aware of this plague that has sought to exploit this area and exploit America. The community is the only group that will be willing to shine every light onto this problem and demand that these Immunitied Agent Human Trafficker's be made arrested, be made to answer to America for this abuse, and be made to have forfeited their surreptitiously gained Immunity.

I want the members of the community to have legitimate accountability and safety again. I want the victims to be able to finally have a way to escape the virtual leash they have been put on. 

And for you Human Trafficking, Kony establishing, paying & protecting, Federal Agents….

I want every penny that America paid you to be returned.

I want every perk you have been given by America to be returned.

I want every immunity you exploit, for any reason and especially to cover up and facilitate human trafficking, to be forfeit.

I want every post you are exploiting to be taken from you & given to someone worthy.

I want every benefit & pension that America offered you in exchange for diligence, to be returned.  

Very true,

Jessica Seymour

© Victims of Immunity Foundation