We commend the many good and just immunity holders that don’t engage in abusing their post for human traffiking but now that our enemy isn’t acting like this count is their experiment lets abuse all traffickers… Because this is about you too refusing to whistle blowing.

This is about how Human Traffickers can’t keep a blind eye of their coworkers anymore, this is about human traffickers that sought out immunity to commit abuse, and to commit unlawful crimes against humanity.

How Immunitied Human Traffickers use their children to further this Immunity ran Trafficking Ring:

Trafficking is almost always about blaming a crime on someone else, cleaning dirty money, making dirty money, and controlling in large scale ways where those being controlled can't quite place who or why they are being controlled.

It is slavery, slave trade, and black market... that is what Immunity ran Human Trafficking is.

Revenge is always a way of gaining larger books of slaves. Revenge is for sale. Training and trust are hard to return into repeat business except for family, so many immunity holding human traffickers engage in training and placing their children to take over the business someday.

Here are some examples for you to think upon:

* Everett Kavanaugh Jr. father of Bret Kavanaugh trafficked women.

*“Rudy” Rudolph Camacho Sr. of the DHS/Border Patrol engaged his son Rudy Camacho Jr. in gaining employment at airports as a cover for the investigative company that was set up in Jr.’s name, and this “investigating” company is just used by the Camacho’s for Human Trafficking women and in particular in San Diego during a “Real Estate/Mortgage and Bankruptcy” Sting, attractive Real Estate Agents were targeted for human trafficking through hidden cameras placed in their homes.  Rudy Camacho Jr called Jessica Seymour a terrorist threat to national security when he was human trafficking her, calling someone a threat to national security, a threat to the public, or a mentally unstable person with a gun, is a way that corrupt investigators & agents conspire and collude on having a person made debilitated by an investigation that is in  place for trafficking purposes like Operation Shadowbox & Operation Fast and Furious.  Calling someone a threat is a way human trafficking Agent and Investigators circumvent the rights that protect each American and it is a trick used to keep you on a leash so that any harm can be done to you or pinned on you, it is a deliberately made false record of you that gains traffickers the ability to discredit anything you say or report, and it allows traffickers that are impressive to have access to things like your medical records, have access to your house with out warrant request or documenting, and to have access to your families records, in the event you need to cover up a past act that was made or implant data that is not accurate, but also for fining out how high of a price can be charged for your organs; . Rudy Camacho Jr called Jessica Seymour a hooker when he was trying to force her to Mexico under the ply of beginning a job as a Secretary for Camacho's business at the air port.  Camacho Jr called Jessica Seymour a pervert when he acted on behalf of Albert Machhour's Boss, Rudy Camacho Jr decided to stalk Jessica Seymour for Rudolph Camacho Sr as to create a false record in the Escala gym when Jessica Seymour was walking to the gym alone to work out.  Calling Jessica Seymour things that anyone can tell are inaccurate has become the game and Rudy Camacho Sr who's son is Rudy Camacho Jr should also not have a "private investigation" business". Neither of the Camacho's should have such a cover for their Human Trafficking and the State of California knew about their crimes they run through "private investigating" businesses and through posts they seek for immunity abuses.  Immunity Forfeiture is real, it's just that immunity holders don't seem to think so, and well, someone is telling them differently now.  

*Gary Rapp of the San Diego Police DoD division on Coronado Island (now at a "different" /Federal /Agency) used his daughter Joy Rapp to handle targets; Joy handled getting women targeted by this Immunities Trafficking Ring out to specific locations in San Diego to be approached by traffickers (like Joy's then roommate Farin), so that the victims could be drugged, robbed, assaulted. Gary Rapp didn’t even care that his thugs who were trafficking Joy's roommate Farin, also gave his daughter drugs and made sexual exploitation's of her as well, he only cared to place his daughter Joy in a home across from a woman dating a man that Gary Rapp’s trafficking affiliates were in a conflict with so that Joy could target this innocent woman, so that this neighbor target of Joy's could be handled by Joy to be abused, invited out down town to be drugged, assaulted, robbed, and then in a clean swoop have an in cahoots trafficking Police Officer whisk the drugged victim away as a way of retaliating against this woman's boyfriend's family who Gary Rapp was in conflict with over a now apparent trafficking turf war.  Apparently Gary Rapp's sex trafficking ring affiliations (that he made so much money off of that he as a police officer could afford to send Joy to one of the areas most expensive private catholic high schools "Uni" of the USD University) were in conflict with the family of the boyfriend of the woman that Joy was moved in next to for targeting, because this family was engaging the labor human trafficking ring in a way that was cutting into the sex trafficking rings profits.  This case is sealed and so Joy has gotten lucky that her robbery and drugging of her neighbor as choreographed by her father hasn't come back all the way around to them yet, but sourcing for the Rapp's conviction of these crimes is being engaged and it is our hope that it unveils the Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring that Gary Rapp's DoD Coronado Island Police post had furthered for so long.   Gary Rapp called Jessica Seymour "stupid" in an assessment he submitted of her, and Gary Rapp tried to have his affiliate in the "operation" that was engaged in right before "Operation Shadowbox" call Jessica Seymour a threat to the national security due to her affiliation with Alvin Mansour (a US born descendant of Middle Eastern Chaldean immigrants, aka not a terrorist).  Alvin Mansour is the son of the man that Gary Rapp hated and Jessica Seymour is the woman who was Alvin's girl friend and so Gary Rapp bought a condo accross from Jessica Seymour's condo then moved his daughter Joy in to have her gain access to Jessica Seymour's home, computer, alarm system use, and makeup. 

*Charlotte Awino’s actual father is a CIA Agent in Uganda and he is the Ugandan Presidents personal doctor. This man assisted in the arranging for his daughter to be allowed to be abducted by Joseph Kony’s LRA for induction and indoctrination's of abuse so that she could later be a commodity for export as a “do-any-thing” Agent; now with the aid of the clandestine over ran Seattle Pacific University (SPU), Charlotte is intended to be entering the organ trafficking ring through her Nursing Degree that SPU sees fit to allow her to get, though she is a documented and notorious guerrilla soldier and murderer.   Charlotte Awino called Jessica Seymour a threat to San Diego after Jessica Seymour left Seattle Pacific University in an attempt to cover up the crimes that Awino engages in and sought to allow to have performed in the Seattle Area.  

*The older and immigrated Uncles of Alvin Najib Mansour are CIA that have, at the very least, used the Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring’s slave laborer's for cutting massive amounts of coupons to erroneously redeem through the family’s grocery stores. These older members of the family regularly engage in the laundering of dirty money through the coupon scheme, then filter it through the betting (and gambling method of human trafficking) made by the Vegas affiliated Uncle. These CIA employed Uncles that migrated here so long ago have egregiously sought to use the younger members of this family and engaged many harms and many successes against Alvin’s career without him even knowing it, and this is done as a way of shoring up and cleaning dirty Immunitied Human Trafficking ring money in a way that could leave Alvin as a patsy if the need ever arose… outrageous and disgusting commandeering of a young promising life as a covered way of furtherance of this Trafficking Rings money laundering's. You’re supposed to be able to trust your Uncles but hey, if they help you gain your legitimate money and keep you on their path for you what more could you ask for. 

*Guy “Ghee”Chammas’ parents are both DoD/CIA Agents that steered their son Guy into handling human traffic victims after they have been raped, Guy’s objective is to try to keep the victim sedated, drugged, handled, and in a holding pattern until the rapist human traffickers/patron’s have been successful in their attempts to discredit the victim.  Guy Shammas called Jessica Seymour a threat to the trafficking ring when he met with his father, at a holiday party. Guy Chammas is a cover up agent for the Navy, and he is the one who likes to have people set up women he thinks he can harm, and he likes to make sure you go to his parents house where he makes sure you see his high-school room left just how he left it when he left home, he shows you pictures of his mothers time in Hollywood movie making, and he is the one that likes to tell you where your hidden opportunity lies. His parents used him from an early age, his private school did not know that Guy Chammass would one day lable them as child molesters however his parents did know he would. 

*Masso Salmassi’s Ambassador father was a CIA Agent that employed the abuse of his son to be made at an early age through the nanny so that Masso could become a deranged enough adult to perform sexual abuses on many other Victims through some sort of “psychology/psychiatric” training.  Masso Salmassi of Kenmore Washington uses Couch Surfing. com and craigslist as a method of lurking Victims to his home, he works in a team on these websites so that one man or woman tells you that you have their reservation but cancel last minute and then Masso contacts you telling you that ya, his spot is still open, then he tries to get you to walk down some path-road off the highway that winds you back to Seattle on foot, when he somehow can't have you there for the time he said, which is usually right after you tell him that you don't want to go see his basement. He considers himself to be a "couch surfing community" with specific sets of conduct, and he is in the business of hidden camera equipment, he owns a company that sells equipment for surveillance, and he tell his Victims that he does not have naked pictures of people in his video picture frame but when you ask him to pull it out from behind the refrigerator where he hides it then moves the refrigerator over for you to see it then moves the refrigerator back so that you can seem to wonder if it was even there, he tells you that it's just pictures of people peeing.  He seems to move his refrigerator a lot, likely an Ambassador trick but if he ever moves his refrigerator out rather then just to the side, run.

*Keeping it all in the family, Sergio Cabrera's brother is a CIA Agent affiliated with this Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring, and so Sergio Cabrera gets used to make all sorts of unlawful progression & facilitation for this trafficking ring through his brother. After the 911 attacks Sergio Cabrera was referred by his brother making a bogus erroneous "anonymous tip" to the FBI against a middle eastern man that the FBI wanted but had no due cause against.  And this Middle Eastern man was targeted personally and was not found to have any actual part in the attacks.  Sergio Cabrera's unlawful use by the Immunitied Human Trafficker's at the San Diego FBI & DHS has been an egregious violation of Jessica Seymour's rights to be let alone, and this ring of Immunitied Human Traffickers that stalk Jessica Seymour is so obsessed that on one occasion Sergio Cabrera actually abandoned his 13 year old daughter in a bar for his Human Trafficking affiliates to pick off while he unlawfully stalked, harassed, and terrorized Jessica Seymour as she tried to get away from him, and he stalked her verbally assaulting her and trying to provoke her for about an hour as she tried to source and reach the safety of her home, while his teen age daughter sit left abandoned at a bar.... and for some reason the San Diego YMCA thinks that Sergio Cabrera is a good fit to be employed there working around children.   Sergio Cabrera's professional assessment used by the County's Attorney stated that "she" is a "truly treated return of the rewq" as he stated it, though for county paper work to support more premeditated stalking of Jessica Seymour as a sham threat to the public Cabrera said that "she" is a prostitute but that she is a threat to the public as a prostitute because she has a "sexual disease" as the story goes... but his brother is a CIA agent trafficker.   For the record, Jessica Seymour was never and has never been a prostitute. Saying a hot woman is a prostitute is a way that IHT's gain more shammed'up "investigation time" against a pedestal victims they are seeking to make, more pay to harm a pedestal victim they are trying to make, and the more violation of privacy involved the more exploitation of ungainable records, for instance, a clean or dirty medical record can change who you get trafficked to which changes the job offers you gain and are accepted for that would be what you apply for and this crosses over to the car you can drive, place you can live the people you can call.  If a tampered with medical file can be made by a dirty investigators access to it you will be placed into the chumped up "public threat" investigating as if you just could give any old disease to any old patron, and this is why the fake chumped up "prostitution with a disease" designation is so important to the Investigators that want to access your everything, this story of being a prostitute with a disease gives the state, county, authorities, and all medical persons the ability to treat you as if you have no right to protection, privacy, or to not being followed and invaded 24 hours a day for at least 18 weeks at a time and its the perfect cover for why their cameras hidden in your home are somehow just your own cameras and they will walk their dirty selves into a court and be as perverted as to say such and act like you don't make sense when you say their cameras are not yours but are now your property for proof as to what is being done to you, their cameras are the Victims Property to use in court against those that are hiding cameras in homes but the cops attorneys will phrase it as if the cameras are the cops to confiscate because your a prostitute who's invading yourself, the hidden part totally is eluded and the judges are very fine in how the fact that your being violated by hidden cameras just doesn't matter.... laws that protect a person from human trafficking abuse like protection of your medical records, home, computer use, phone use, laws that protect against personal invasion, are not applicable too "prostitutes with diseases" or to "terrorists", or to "mental ill people with a gun"...which is why these type of formally made accusations are used by immunity holding human traffickers and by the traffickers they do business with. 

They all give the Immunity Holding Trafficker's the same thing.... Calling someone Crazy, a Prostitute with a disease, a Mentally Ill gun owner, a Terrorist, or a threat to the public of any kind is easy picking and invading for IHT's, once they can get an affiliate of theirs to start saying it formally about a person with out that person even knowing what is being said about them, and without that person even being a terrorist.  Humiliating things to say so that a Victim is likely to not want to go public against the perpetrators when he or she finds out that they have been also chosen to have to find out about what was being said & the illegitimate records that were being made, what's the fun in knocking a certain type of Victim off of her Pedestal without making sure she knows what you intend to say and produce about her publicly if she tells the truth about your false your lies your traffick. Too scared to clear my name, makeshift your videos like you make shift your servers still can't make Jessica Seymour a prostitute, a pornographer, or a shamed woman.  When one person is called all of these things, a crazy person and a person with a mental illness who has a gun, and a prostitute with a disease, and she's also a terroristic threat because she has a boyfriend with a middle eastern last name, and she's somehow seen repeatedly with people who are under investigation already, and she lived with a kony terrorist murderer in the country on student visa learning to be a doctor, and she somehow also has so many luxury items get stolen, some one somewhere has to start saying, hmmm, these profile isn't adding up, maybe we should stop paying our coworkers to keep following her to call her a bad doer for driving away from our Agency's psychopathy. 

This Immunitied Human Trafficking ring will also seek to keep the trafficking made through Agents a family affair since they exploit how their Agencies marry and breed for high levels of sociopathy; the CIA calls this practice an “in house marriage” and if the female Agents ever have to get a divorce they are abused in the courts and through the Attorney handlers that represent them. Often times these woman are abused by the ring of traffickers as to support the husbands agenda against her in court, and this Immunitied Ring of Human Traffickers very much engage in misogynistic & psychologically abusive tactics in divorce proceedings, in collusion with the judges, on many females that deviate from the marriage and woman are pressured to stay with abusive husbands or live terrorized and with employment loss, financial disenfranchisement, isolation, discrediting, and with repeated attempts made by the husband & the Traffickers who work at the State, County to try to take the “future agent children” from the mother by discrediting and harming the mother.

The VOI Foundation salute the good and just Federal Agents working hard & sacrificing to keep America safe, but it is time for you to blow the whistle on human trafficking immunity holders

© Victims of Immunity Foundation