Immunitied Human Traffickers Launder Money to Fund Domestic Terrorism

The higher posted Immunitied Human Traffickers exploit their posts to launder extremely large sums of money with the intent to use it for funding many different types of acts of domestic terrorism that further the agendas of these corrupted and hateful immunity holders.

There are approximately 18 schematics where Immunitied Human Traffickers use laundered money to fund domestic terrorism.

The Student and Campus Terror Event schematic is a tragic Immunitied Human Trafficker funding of domestic terrorism.

For example, retired Secretary of the Army, Robert Silberman uses his $40 million a year salary from Strayer University to launder millions of dollars a year of dirty money through the Federal Financial Aid program. Robert Silberman collects an unheard of salary derived from the Federal Student Loans taken by mostly women and minorities through Strayer University often times with the intent to not ever award the student with any degree, but only run them into debt. This Immunitied Human Trafficking ring’s targeting of universities & students, and this money laundering through financial aid conversion is an act of domestic terrorism, here’s why… 

The money laundering made from conversion of federal student aid is intended to fund domestic terrorist acts that this Immunity Human Trafficking Ring have planned to make. If that wasn’t bad enough, this trafficking ring also use the Universities that they infiltrate as to source an unsuspecting and uninvolved student to take the blame for domestic terrorist acts that the Traffickers plan to make.

The luring and micromanaging of victims to specific universities is a deceit and coercion made against the public at large and made with the intention of finding students to take the blame for domestic terror acts that the laundered money is going to pay for. This practice disenfranchises minorities and women through the debt incurred for a degree they are likely not going to actually be allowed to gain; this practice exploits students that can be made to look bad as blame takers for egregious acts, but as well this practice targets students for human trafficking as to bring this ring money from the students that are being unknowingly trafficked to the Agents that live around or go to the clandestine universities; date rape or systematic date rape is oppressed on to the student victims as to impose trauma on those targeted students that are planned to be used by the Immunitied Human Trafficking ring as a scape goat for a crime.

Charlotte Awino was giving intel about Jessica Seymour's whereabouts', intel that ended up getting disseminated to the ring of men that of the Queen Ann & Seattle area so that they could stalk Jessica and approach her in all sorts of ugly ways, and this was planned to be one of the Immunitied Trafficker Ring’s last attempts at making money off of Jessica through the gambling method of human trafficking before they murdered her in a way that made her look guilty of a domestic terrorist crime; this targeting of Jessica made through Trafficker controlled Universities not only put notorious and “brain washed” childhood murderer Charlotte Awino into a tenancy with Jessica, but also put a different notorious childhood murderer named James Shelton into the family home of Jessica’s mother and brothers, and Charlotte Awino made a clear ominous threat after Jessica made a police report about one of the men, David Wetzel whom Charlotte was facilitating in his attacking of Jessica, and Charlotte’s threat was an arrogant “this is what we are gonna do to you” type of threat where Charlotte was so cocky and told Jessica that her family would be killed in front of her and then she would be made to look like a “wasted life” before she herself was murdered.

The Immunitied Human Trafficking ring sought to make fraudulent school records against Jessica, than set her up as a patsy for a crime, all while the actual crimes would be made by “brainwashed” Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring murderers Charlotte Awino & James Shelton, who was controlled for 30 years by immunity holders, just like Charlotte Awino was controlled for nearly a decade by Joseph Kony's LRA.

When this murder and patsy plan against Jessica was unsuccessful, she was then steered to Robert Silberman’s university where he engaged the same plan but used his US Attorney Office contacts to source a specialist, an Army Cavalry Officer named David Hildebrand to gain access to Jessica’s home by stealing her keys, and in essence he was the Strayer version of Charlotte Awino. Army Cavalry Hildebrand's key theft was to aid in the planting of guns in Jessica’s home the same way Agent Charlotte Awino was supposed to do in the earlier Seattle Pacific University’s targeting of Jessica Seymour for discrediting, trafficking, and for use as a patsy to take the blame for one of the preplanned terrorist attacks this Immunitited Ring of Human Traffickers are funding. 

Horrifically, this ring of Immunitied Human Traffickers even engaged this tactic of sourcing Jessica as a patsy during and before the abduction they made of her.  Yes Agent Robert Tartaro of the Department of Defense sourced a tenancy with Jessica through computer hacking.  He and his team went to extreme lengths to implicate Jessica as having guns though she had none.  Bill Gore actually tried to Ruby Ridge Jessica Seymour in her Escala Home, and he even brought out his helicopter 3 times wasting tax payer money just to terrorize his Victim, and shortly after his assault on our Founder's home he had his ring of animals even engage in having Jessica's family searching for some gun, that Gore knew never existed, during Jessica's abduction.  So sure they were that their traffickers would plant a gun on Jessica someday, and it never made sense then & Jessica could only logically deduct that it was part of Robert Tartaro's and his teams discrediting of her in retaliation for reporting the cameras that Tartaro hid all over her home, but now after Robert Silberman's and Charlotte Awino's targeting of Jessica through Universities combined with the suspiciously synchronized burst of school related shootings, it has become clear why erroneously setting up a patsy as if they had a gun and as if they were a threat has been engaged to such ridiculous and sinister proportions against her.   It was Seattle Pacific University Professor Jim Rand who had Jessica positioned into the Strayer platform for Silberman's affiliates.

This is horrific considering the recent governmental gun control pushes that were designed to be instigated by many very questionable shootings that are related in one way or another to schools. Horrific, considering that the U.S. Army is who was involved in Joseph Kony’s exit from Uganda/Africa, and considering that when this Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring’s discrediting & use of Jessica as a fall girl for a terrorizing crime had to get re-directed, it was re-directed to the university that is controlled by the retired Secretary of the U.S. Army Robert Silberman to be facilitated by his clever money laundering made through conversion of Federal Student Financial Aid loans.

Many other ways of laundering Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring money are engaged, but this financial aid conversion scheme is so blatant.

When  a federal government agency goes into becoming a private company like what Sallie Mae did, it is because they have a promise.  See what you see: "government sponsored enterprise" is how they try to describe it, then describe it as "formally a government sponsored enterprise that is now a private company" and that is what Sallie May is described as.  So there is the promise, but truly the Servicer's have the immunity that is provided in his schematic of Human Traffickers Launder Money to Fund Domestic Terrorism.  The Servicer's of the Loans have the immunity they are given the ability to cast the crime, they are given the ability to not be held accountable in this schematic, and clean the money after the crime where as a place like Strayer gets clean money to pay back to Silberman. The immunity is that all can place blame if they get caught, and then the blame taker can't get in trouble and will just be bailed out if insolvent, or like the Services, they will be covered and will literally say we are no liable (we have immunity) for what we did at work. 

a company like Sallie Mae is a good example of how Immunited Human Traffickers Launder Money to fund Domestic Terrorism because of how closely it is proximated to the fact that mortgage loans were used to fund the 911 attacks which was domestic terrorism since the loans were gained on U.S. homes.  Sallie Mae does both Student Funds and Mortgage Funds and of course they are in on the cleaning of dirty money to fund domestic terrorism or we wouldn't have pay outs like what Silberman and Arnell collect(ed).  Arnell was the Ameriquest Mortgage Company owner who wealthed himself in the Mortgage Schematic of this type of crime and he is the one that has now died and his company is now the CitiGroup.   It was Ameriquest where Jessica Seymour worked after graduating college and after leaving Hooters, it was Hooters where 7 of the 911 terrorists visited before their attack, it was an Ameriquest mortgage loan that funded them and it was funded on the home next to were these terrorists lived in San Diego.  Y would Jessica Seymour be so stalked.  

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