Targeting In On The Gambling Method of Human Trafficking

Victims of Immunity Foundation has established the existence of the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking and would like to see our term added to the legal definition of human trafficking as to protect a large number of victims.

Founder Jessica Seymour has survived one of America’s most severe cases of stalking and exploiting. Abuses that would not have been able to have been achieved but for these issues we present to you:

Immunitied Human Traffickers exploit nearly any loop hole their Immunity Human Trafficking Attorneys can get into law.

Immunitied Human Traffickers (IHT) conspire & collude to unlawfully circumvent laws that protect you through exploiting children as to commit crimes that those over 18 will go to jail for which would create a permanent and easily to find record, and IHT’s regularly & unlawfully exploit the alternate set of laws that pertain to churches, non-profits, religious universities, and military universities as a way of providing a cover and cover up of the crimes that are committed by this human trafficking ring. As well, these IHT’s conspire to exploit other sets of alternate laws in order to set up and control their trafficking victims, like the laws that pertain to the mentally ill, the elderly, the Patriot Act, and health and human services codes to name just a few.

The IHT’s seek to mask their crimes against women, children, against human rights and civil rights through any alternate set of laws that exist, but what about alternate jurisdictions? 

Alternate jurisdictions like those over sea's that a targeted American girl can get lured to through this IHT's steering of her to specific employment with DoD type of contractors, like what Halliburton & KBR facilitated of Victim Jamie Leigh Jones.  As well, the alternate jurisdictions of Sovereign Indian Nations are a Immunitied Human Trafficking ring favorite to use for giving access of targeted women to those that have paid for it, taken bets on it, and pre-conspired with IHT affiliated  Judges, lawyers, and law enforcement. 

The Sovereign Nations of Indian Tribes and Reservations are regularly exploited by this Immunitied Human Trafficking ring to launder money, to take bets, to watch the unlawful hidden camera footage, conspire against targeted victims, and to launder human trafficking money through arranged payouts on the gambling tables that just look like a winning hand. Yes like Escala, Indian Reservations are cosseting unlawful human trafficking made by immunity holders.

Many other abuses are made at alternate jurisdictions, and in particular, when getting the victims to an alternate jurisdiction, these IHT’s are conspiring to cover up their crimes while furthering the sale of their victims. This is done through the viewing of the victims on the cameras in the casino, but also through the cameras at the commissary on specific military stations or bases. This practice is also made through the video cameras at stores when a fraud investigation has been launched, but when no fraud investigation can be concocted for a cover then the victims get taken to the commissary and to Indian Casino’s.

Now, Las Vegas is a major contributor to the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking but usually in the underground and to victims that are Vegas based & often times not American born. But for those victims on the West Coast that don’t live in Vegas, the use of the many Indian Casinos’ is made to facilitate the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking.

Gambling Methods of Human Trafficking include many tactics of conspiring to put Victims in specific abusive situations after taking bets on what the targeted victims will do or say. The human trafficking comes in because the abuses not only have money being made off of them, but because the abuses are centered around sex, sexual contact, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, sexual images that can be gained, sexual perversion, sexual manipulation, and oppression. These unlawful sexual targeting’s put an enslavement oppression on the victims, enslavement made by this ring who seek to control the outcome of the bets by the pimp’like management of the victims as to control the victims responses through abusive conditioning of the victim through repeated and systematic abuses like date rape or like profiling or knowing a victims response to a debilitating harassment that has been made against the victim for years.

Since the targeting of the gambling ring is sexual, and since the abuser is trying to actually get sex which would be a formal trafficking of the victim, it doesn’t mean that the abuses didn’t happen and it does not mean that money wasn’t made by the gambling ring just because the sex or rape wasn’t achieved or made. The bets are being made, and the bets are being taken off of things like how fast a trafficker can get the woman to do something like kiss him, take her shirt off, spend the night, how much she will drink or how much the trafficker can get her to drink, where you can get her to go, how many dates it takes to achieve sex…. And it is much more despicable than this as you could imagine.

The common issue however is the proof, the evidence that renders who won the bet. So this is where the conspired unlawful use of sneak and peak entry for placement of hidden cameras comes in, and it is also where the unlawful invasion of privacy comes in, and this is where the stalking comes into play through any type of unlawful capturing and using of your image that can be achieved by the traffickers…..

But if you talk to IHT ring attorney Keith Phillips or Jan Goldsmith, they will in an act of moral turpitude, just try to turn this abuse on to you by saying that you have videos and you want to be paid for them, like what these IHT attorneys he did to founder Jessica Seymour when she tried to sue the SDPD for recovery of damages caused by their aiding of Robert Tartaro’s removal of his hidden cameras, aiding that imposed severe vulnerability upon victim Jessica Seymour who would have otherwise had the protection of the evidentiary cameras had the police not conspired to remove them but rather actually take a report that could have protected a woman from an obvious victimizing and unlawful invading of her home & privacy. Now these police department traffickers just have a fraud emergency call made to get their IHT Police into a home to make an emergency removal of the hidden cameras, and they call it “swatting”, but if you are a fan of the SeeMore blog you would know that it should be called getting cabrerad.

Make no mistake about it, the psychological abuse of Victim Blaming is not lawful, but is sociopathic in nature, and it is what the San Diego Police Attorney's Jan Goldsmith and Keith Phillips along with State Department affiliated attorney David Miller, all conspired to engage in against Founder Jessica Seymour, and they committed such crime related to the case where DoD Agent Robert Tartaro filed his Answer to Complaint stating his “immunity” as his defense.  This case was related to covering up the crimes made by federal Agent's by calling the Victim of their crimes any abusive thing they could conjure and falsify.  Agents even visited and horrifically disparaged Jessica Seymour to her family, with lies and pictures, as to engage her family in aiding these Agents intended abuse of Ms. Seymour.  

The phenomenon of Victim Blaming when it comes to the gambling method of human trafficking is banked on by the Traffickers, and even DHS Agent Kenneth Krause told founder Jessica Seymour that “only stupid people get human trafficked” when she told him about the victim named Anastasia that trafficked through Escala’s cosseting of a trafficker named David who is a retired Israeli Ambassador. Kenneth Krause is the DHS ICE Agent that testified in the Anna Nichole Smith death investigation hearing and this idea that it is the trafficked victims fault for being trafficked clearly extended over to how Anna Nichole Smiths attorney handler was not held responsible for his part in getting this victim to her death bed in an alternate jurisdiction on an Indian Reservation, as to circumvent laws that would have otherwise pertained to drugging and selling access of a women to a the patrons of the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking.

When you add up the fact that the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking is surrounded around unlawful sexual perversion and coercion to the fact that the mental and emotional conditioning of the gambling rings targeted victims is made in the same way that it is made against human trafficking victims, you realize that the sum total effects on the victims as well as the tactics used by the gambling ring are identical to the tactics use by human traffickers, and both are committing the crimes to earn money so the crime is the same regardless of whether the intended sexual perversion is unsuccessful, is successfully achieved, or is forced.

We know this description sounds different when given in legal terms, and so it is important for you to know that when this above description is put into legal terms, it qualifies the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking to be a bonified human trafficking violation, and it is time for Casino’s to stop laundering trafficking money and stop cosseting inhumane actions by not having applicable laws against them.

The amount of money made and laundered off of the Gambling Method of Human Trafficking is a huge amount of money that needs to be seized and put into a trust that will fund the recovery and protection of the Victims.
© Victims of Immunity Foundation