The Best Subject Matter Experts Gained Their Expertise By Championing Adversity…

Bring the very best Analysis and Methods Deduction related to immunity abuse & human trafficking as made through immunity abuse to your next trial or law suit.  Ms. Seymour's Subject Matter Expertise skills can be used for suits related to: 

  • 1985 Claims;

  • Human Rights abuse;

  • 13th Amendment violations ;

  • Victim Blaming Cases and Rape On Indian Reservation Cases;

  • Juvenile Prostitution Cases;

  • Racketeering, and cases that involve calling child sex assault Victims "prostitutes", as well as suites that involve adults who are being wrongfully labeled deliberately and in premeditation by immunity holders and by rape for profit patrons & handlers;

  • Divorce involving an immunity holder;

  • Unlawful law enforcement vendetta;

  • Malicious abuse of Judicial Immunity involving a Minor, a Victim of the "Vex Lit" Racketeering, a Ward of the Court, Fantacy Arestee Gameing, etc.;

  • Defense of deliberate wrongful claims made against an actual Victim;

  • Human trafficking law suits.

As a knowledgeable, able to convey, and credible Expert Witness regarding immunity abuses made for victimizing, Ms. Seymour brings a depth of experience, analysis, victim advocacy, and identifying of "hard to detect tactics" to your Victim's suit.  These are skill sets that can win your case, educate your jury, and protect your Victim Client.  These skill sets have been afforded to Ms. Seymour through experience no one should have to be put through, too many immunity holders are crossing the line; judges and juries need to be educated on the torturouse suffering inflicted by the Victimizing Tactics use by Immunity Holding Traffickers for proper award determination, as well as for proper criminal sentencing. 

Expert Witness Jessica Seymour seeks to spare others from having to go through further abuses that properly informed juries will spare a Victim from.  

By way of experience and education, Ms. Seymour has special knowledge and expertise in the tactics used by immunity violating Victim makers.  Ms. Seymour is available as an Expert Witness regarding forms of Immunity Abuse and Human Trafficking methods covered and related here on the Victims Of Immunity Foundation web site.

Fees vary depending on travel distances, length of trial, complexity, necessary analysis, and on the level of danger associated to the suit.  Hourly Expert Witness Fee starts at $350 an hour for court appearance testimony.  Separate non trial appearance case analysis and Policy Reform Consulting available upon request, fees vary. 

All Fee's are handled as a donation to the Victims of Immunity Foundation.

Pro Se Applicant Victims receive free Expert Witness Services for their suit.

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