The Victims of Immunity Foundation has a very specific set of acronyms and terms that you can reference here:  

  • Jesus: A special person. He is told to stop resurrecting someday, he’s got someone waiting on him. And when his father God comes to you to say give back my son you used to cover yourself from my view, will you give Jesus back to his mother and father or are you that selfish. Do you know that now I can see you even with his cover over you. What do you think I’d take if you try to keep my son a murdered victim. Water raxes up.

  • jesus: A regular person. Jesus and jesus came as a regular person and still couldn't help but be helpful, he will combine himself and rise a gain. His gain is my command.

  • God: God is going. God is not even going. God is hurt by you. God wants your love. God doesn’t come to harm, but he will if he wants too. Man came to harm. Don’t blame God ever again, blame man. Jesus thought he could cover but its the end of infinity he thought about again and God got a good hard look at you all.

    is alive. he's not. well then, Iam. God picks favorites, and jesus is looking at him like, hey what about me, I'm Jesus you know. Hey can I be your favorite too God, please, look at me, Im even more beautiful in you then others don't you think. When The Gods go to War will you please let us too. You and me God let me watch you do your thing God, I’ll be so pleased, I know you just saw them. Please let us wint. the boys sang let it begin ask this Goddess you sit with of mine to please deliver herself now to me, What is your new name Father, I know you are not Yahweh after giving her to me, did you protect her, your not a protector, wow she's protecting you, I see, give her to me a gain again again. No one can blame you for you are not a protector and all they'v blame you for is the thing your not doing because you are not and you are not agod. Amen.

  • The Heavenly Father: Jesus when he's pretending to be you. Add two:

  • Espout: When you can’t say much but want to.

  • Shainsmoking: When your boss is burned. burn your boss. You know, that boss thats got intent to harm you. Shain was a man that had been burned as a child then grew up to be used by traffickers to get Jessica into harm, away from the already gained set up Ameriquest had made, sometimes in life you need to Shainsmoke all the way home if your gonna evade the harm traffickers are gaining on you. don’t send a symbolic idiot to me then expect me to ask you to help.

  • Uminity: it means you thought I was gone.

  • Unimity: it means you thought I was here with you, it means you thought I was gone. Unimity, it is somewhat like aloha, since you can say aloha for saying hi, or for saying goodby. It also means you thought I was done.

  • Uminumy: When you though I was done and when you thought I was gone.

  • Tripolar: A mental condition associated to many Human Traffickers that seek immunity. Tripolar's have three separate forms of distinct awareness of the issues associated to being Tripolar. 1) Human Traffickers know what they're doing and revel in its illness qualifications, they know their ill but won't get help. 2) Avoidance of going to jail for their crimes is a high commodity that they broker in. 3) Joking about how ill they are is a game to them. They refuse to keep them selves in the accommodations they keep their Victims in (imprisonment) through the jokes they make.

  • NOC Agent: While the official definition is available as a “Non Official Cover” with regards to the acronymal aspects of this term, the actual definition is often times referred to as an espionage act. In reality the NOC Agent is a person who is helping me but for their own demands, desires, wants, rather then for my needs.

  • DeVia Rape aka 偏離: forced Consent rape. Latin: de is away from and via is way, away from way, same is the root for the word deviated, so devious, deviate, and deviated all have the same root in Latin. However , in the word deviated you have an addition of "turned out of the way" as a part of the act. This is a function of DeVia Rape. A person has tried to force you into Consent for sex. this is a form of rape called DeVia Rape. . 偏離 yes, you just realized that I also made a word in Chinese.

  • Wiely: To be under your own protective order.

  • Matchhundres: A woman that can take your 1000.

  • Ence0mpris: Encempris is the view in the outlier of the findable return

  • Strideology: The condition of having to stride, its how you think. You start thinking that your stride is more then enough, and it is.

  • Phantom Divert: denoting a human trafficking financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist:

    He diverted an estimated 15 billion into phantom payoff amounts.

    He diverted an estimated 15 billion into phantom prostitution.  Phantom because of how it was really just forced sex human trafficking, grooming, conditioning, rape, and DeVia Rape. You know who you are.

  • Shwarma Law: Its a way of keeping yourself from being harmed. Which wich sandwich. The good Which has no specific shoes. Red Which has red shows red slippers. Sandwich. Shwarma Law undeoes all the punishment attempts and the punishments, oh yes Iam. Sandwhich.

  • Human Trafficking: The Victims of Immunity Foundation is working to redefine the legal definition of Human Trafficking as to eliminate the loop holes that have been cleverly worked into the current methods and current legal definition of Modern Day Slavery known as Human Trafficking. We seek policy change on a federal level so that the current money exchange requirement that exits on a federal & state level as a prerequisite for a crime to be considered "human trafficking" will be eliminated as to better prosecute the way human trafficking is actually conducted on a large scale. Here is what we see the Legal Definition of Human Trafficking needs to be: A high crime made with the intent to force pleasure. Human trafficking is the right to try to remove a person from having truth, From having memory, From having a life with out abuse, and from trying to have a problem-less life style. THis right taken by a human trafficker is the right that is given by god, supposed to be INALIENABLE in certain COUNTRIES, but the truth is that this right is not removed tree . Human Trafficking is a high crime that is forfeit of immunity in any of its forms. Human Trafficking does not qualify as a crime based off of movement of person or based off of Sex of any sort. you don't have to know you were trafficked to have been trafficked. MONETARY exchange is as prolific in human trafficking as is the exchange of gratification without monetary exchange. A trafficking event can be determined often times based on the facts that a 3rd party of any sort was used to bring GRATIFICATION to another. HENCE no MONETARY exchange has to be engaged in for a trafficking event to have transpired. Suffering is likely involved in human trafficking crimes even when no one is involved, modern technology can be used to try to facilitate a "no one was harmed" form of trafficking where the traffickers PRETENSE that there was no harm to the Victim just because "no one" hurt them and they did not even know what was done to them, this means that if you can hurt and sell and destroy a person through technology then you didn't commit a crime, as if no one told the technology what to do and the other premise of this ILLEGITIMATE contrived act of trafficking is that if the victim never knew what was done to them then there is no harm, no crime, no problem and this is INACCURATE. The other PRETENSE is that if the person you had your technology harm doesn't ever find out that they were trafficked then they didn't get harmed, Like you the Trafficker didn't get caught so you did no harm, like you can't trace the horrible tell tail signs of trafficking of a person to some hidden camera, some hacked camera, or some camera posted on a street light or in a neighbors room. The reason that Ben Klinger's judge decided to add in a lie when he tried to force me to pay a secret attorney of Ben Klinger's is because there is a precedence set already that having pleasure , Ben Klinger's Judge said to me "this brings me no pleasure but Im ordering you to pay Ben Klinger's Attorney $200" and this judge went out of his way to say this in his own defense even before I had started to indicate that human trafficking was at hand related to how and why I was being treated, how and why I was in court, and how and why I was not having enough assistance from legal remedies. This judge of -cameras in his window pointed at my home- Ben Klinger's, had wanted me to pay a mystery attorney who refused to report his or her identity, do you wonder who this attorney was since he is in such need of anonymity; do you wonder how Ben Klinger and this mystery attorney met. I asked Ben Klinger's Judge to give me the name of whom I'm to pay if Im to pay, but he refused to tell me the attorneys name. It is a known unspoken fact that some people derive pleasure from charging people money. Is it a healthy fact, no it's not, it is a harmful fact, someone is not mentaly sound when they derive pleasure from charging money. Charging someone money is not supposed to harm or please, just keep the settle which means that it is just supposed to keep people from being slaved. When those seek to slave by not having the slave know then pleasure is a commodity. Pleasure Derived = Human Trafficking, and A Three Part Formula can be used in court to prove such:

  • Three Part Formula for Court Use in Determining Human Trafficking:  Under Construction, but for now:   Having a proven yes to any 2 of these three parts of the Formula are enough for a determination that a person was trafficking some one. You must prove all three parts though so that you can keep shameful things from being used against your Victim and from being usable later "when found" for any appeal that may arise.

  1. Did you enjoy it:  How many times did a federal or state agent or employee look at your footage, or are they their footage's.  Who owns and who is responsible for the footage's used to traffick a Victim.  Is this Victim openly in an investigation right now, no, then did you get her to be in one before; if yes, then did you openly appeal the reissuing of her name into the investigation.  Can the state provide a list of all of the employees of all of the Private Investigators.  Can the federal government provide a list of all persons employed by Private Investigators.  Employed means giving money to or giving provide to.  If you say you did not enjoy it lets run some financial numbers and account for all your money, then lets also ask who did enjoy it. How many times has this Victims been put into speculation. How many Diplomats have contacted someone in the State employment to ask for nothing at all.  Your gain in this time of the Victims and the Victims gain (which is likely a loss). Your definition of enjoyment please, and how many times have you done that since this Victim has been in investigation. Lets account for every minute payed for by state and federal dollars then lets look at advancements, then lets look at placements.  Did the Victims advance to areas of conflict.  Did you or others make any sort of espout about it.

  2. How many times has the Victim been disbursed and or dispersed:  2a) If a victim has been disbursed he/she has to have a problem solved, how often has a problem stopped them from having a lack of payout.  If a victim has been dispersed he/she has to keep something to stay afloat.  how often has an aggressor taken from them, is the Victims stuff in distribute in any place; has the Victim had to sell personal possessions to stay afloat then they are being forced ito distribute, robbery of a Victims possessions also qualify as a distribute.  if you have had both done to you as a Victim you have had not only a repair done underwhelmed and trashed, but you've also had a opportunity to fly high removed in a shameful way.  Payout and or Distribute or the two together which is transbutory, is the clear indication that your being Victimized by traffickers.  2b) How many times did you control your Victim, did you control their finances, movements, transportation, friends, family. Control is the mechanism proving the return investment exists.

  3. Can a Victim find recovery without shame: You call it a person of interest or a person to be investigated, or a person to be watched, or an arrestee for this or for that, you call it a criminal act of some sort on this trafficked persons behalf, but you never bring non petty charges just stalking till a person has what, a court date, a rape, a set up.  Can your person that we call your Victim easily find and recover the things you've been doing, watching, saying about them, trying to make of them, or trying to have used against them with out shame.   Human traffickers that can't bring charges such as private investigators, attorneys, diplomat's are able to be held to the same set of questions but in the place of the words regarding bringing charges you would insert verbiage indicating has this person we call your Victim been able to chose to have any success in not having you do these things to them when they react in a way your trying to get them to react.  if a person moved after being raped did you find them and try to do it again for example.  This Shame Qualification Formula has 5 parts of its own:             

    1. the act of lit:  The act of lit is the common act in each of the five qualifiers of the shame qualification formula.  the act of lit is the act that has the y intercept, it is the act that is the ground of the b intercept which is the communication, the act of lit is the act that created why.   So why is the answer which is "to shame them", if y is the ground then the formula is worked from the center. like FOIL in solving math equations but with the O & the I first and second. Lit is the act that an aggressor exists.    The y-intercept is the point at which the line crosses the y-axis; the value of x must be 8 at the y-intercept, because the y-axis is stationed at x = u on the graph a factor is necessary. Consequently, to find the y-intercept, substitute 4 for x in your equation and calculate y ;  or easier, substitute your child for the Victim and then calculate why.  In the qualification formula the slope is the 8 - the retrieval, a retrieval is the person needed to get your kid back, or as the mathermatichians would say it is the ability associated to the child to escape, this means the slope is 8 - 5 =1.   is your kid able to escape.   1 +1=0 and 0+0=1.  I let you know.  I made sure that you knew what I was doing to you.  I the trafficker lit the candle. The escapee is aware and the escapee's lit is lit. So then if I never let you know that I was trafficking you then I din't traffick you and you were never trafficked.  When the Victim was not informed that they were being trafficked they are just considered property (some sort of prostitute) to the world by the traffickers. 

    2. its not cool;  1.  If you have to have a person shame you in order for you to have recovery then your being trafficked.  2. if you as the Victim or person in question can turn to the person who is saying things to you & tell them "it's not cool" then it is likely because you can not undo what they just said with out shame being part of the explanation or correction.  Its not cool to have a judge say to you that you did not do a future protection of your self because a person did this to you prior and you let it happen again, its not cool to have to prove that judge wrong because you'd have to try to show how you didn't know the second or third time either like you didn't somehow learn your lesson from the first time you tried to protect your self through recovery.  The act of lit is the common act in each of the five qualifiers of the shame qualification formula of determining human trafficking and the return of pleasure derived is the sum of the equation represented by = PD . 

    3. the act of bite. its bittering; is someone gaining a bitter bite from a Victims lack of refusal to self protect.  the legal test for bitter should already be in existence but since I can't find it I will determine it now: to be bitter in the legal sense you are able to hate with no recovery, as in no matter what you do you can not recover you can not stop hating the person your bringing charges or accusations against.  A person that is gaining a bitter bite from A victims refusal to self protect is being a trafficker and shame upon the Victim is the remedy the trafficker holds over the Victim between bites taken at the Victim.  No matter what a Victim does the Victim is harmed more for trying to self protect or for self protecting, their is the only option of not self protecting but the Trafficker can't get the game against the Victim furthered so the trafficker is bitter and hands you off to a different trafficker.  How many bites has a person taken at a Victim, how many oral attacks have been made by someone that is being proven as a human trafficker. You don't care about them.  You don't care, for example when traffickers were trying to get Sarah to move out of Jessica's house, they raped Sara by druggin her drink, when she came to in the middle of the rape, she told the rapeist that she doesn't care about him, he punched her and turned her over to sodomise her all while she was too drugged to be able to self protect.  How many cyber bites, and how many in person bites are being taken against the Victim by the trafficker whom you as an attorney need to define as a trafficker.  you didn't meant it, as in the Trafficker did not mean to make you hate him/her, the Trafficker actually wanted you to self protect with a reaction of some sort even a harmful to self action, and when you didn't respond the trafficker was a fail and the trafficker showed just how bitter he/she was from not getting the response specified after refusal to self protect, which is death, human traffickers go to jail for murder but not for trafficking. the Victims don't decide to refuse to self protect, rather the Victim is refusing to self defend due to the effects of defending.  an example would be that traffickers use a reverse psychology tactic in tandem with a prisoners dilemma causing the lack of act, causing many interesting situations but the act of bite has been made because the person putting the Victim in the prisoners  NOT HAVING A CARE  dilemma wanted the Victim to make the reaction the trafficker was looking for or intending to get by the dilemma.  The Victim is still alive couldn't kill the Victim or get the reaction out of the Victim, the conditioning is not helpful to the trafficker and the trafficker either kills the Victim or has to begin to trade the Victims and/or sell the Victim to the next traffiker (or pass the case/investigation to a totally different Agency or Agent), and the amount of bites at a Victim are increased to make the Victim know they didn't self defend the hate has no way of enabling the Victim to get any better in any way for example if you can't help yourself.  you hate a person but that hate can't manifest in anything that keeps you safe from them, it doesn't propel you to move, make an act, run, of take flight then the the act of bite exists, and one or both sides of the trafficking parties are bitter from it, proving who is bitter and what it caused is a way to prove you Victim Client has been trafficked.  NOT HAVING A CARE  Example: in an interrogation when a law enforcement puts a person in to a prisoner dilemma but the law enforcement person walks out upset since no one bit at the trap of telling them lie then either resorts to acts of violence or trading off the interrogation to the other law enforcement agent, the failed dilemma game caused the original investigator who chose to do the dilemma game to now be bitter while the Victim has had a few NOT HAVING A CARE bites taken at him/her. When you have been forced into the Act of Bite becoming part of your life you do not care. You do not care anymore, you don't care, you don't care, and you don't care.  The trafficker does though.  The trafficker cares very much about hating you once the Act of Bite has begun to exist in the trafficking of you.  Bitter is a substitute for 8. 1 +1=0 and 0+0=1.    

    4.  did someone have to be contacted whom the Victim thought was helping them in recovery;  1. did you have to go to your victims friends family or even their work to speak to anyone about your Victim  2. did you have to induce shame as part of your defense.  Did you have to induce shame on your Victim as part of your defense against the accusation that you assaulted them, trafficked them, etc.   3. you can say you didn't have an ear phone in your ear, but did you have it some place else; did you have it in your car, the room, the place of contacts (did you show your badge to the Victims family and/or friends then have them ask questions to the Victim while you listened in some way to the Victims responses.  Did someone who contacted you leave behind and earphone, and did you take text messages during your interaction with the Victim instead, text messages from the person(agent)(law enforcement employee) that asked you for data about the person you asked the texted questions to or were asked to ask the specific questions to.  What were the texts telling you to say and do.  You can say that you didn't traffick this person in your home, or your car, or in the place you met up with this person at, and the "investigators" that contacted you can say they didn't traffick a Victim in their investigations or by what they told you to do to this person, but can you both say someone else didn't traffick the Victim because you didn't give something that is humiliating for this Victim to that someone you had contact that Victim on your behalf. 

    5.   $)  did u gain a friend in the process;  1. did you gain not money but maybe a friend that helped you make profit in some way.  Did you gain money.  Did you gain a shame upon anyone in the process, or 2. this shame for that shame, did you have anyone shamed before during or after you agreed to say or do shaming things to someone.  3. Did you feel empowered.  Did you just get walked into shaming the person you agreed to wire tap, or talk to before during or after you took instructions on talking to that person, if so did you get to feel empowered.  4. Did you get any roommates out of your agreement to go undercover on your roommate, business partner, friend, etc.  If you had roommates provided to you after you took instruction on contacting a person did they have an organic origin or where you aided by under cover people renting from you or buying from you after you decided to say or do shameful-filling things to someone.

  • Transbutory: being payout and being distributed, however the payout is of you to others, not you receiving funds.

  • Huete: the person being accused of trafficking is let to stay not guilty because huete is in hand. you have an inverse e (the judge is a trafficker). Make sure your judge is not a trafficker.

  • Huate: the person being accused of trafficking is proven guilty because huate is in hand, you have nothing. (the hand has a play) if you as an attorney want to prove human trafficking you must have a Victims accusers story that is not related by the transbutory. Keep the shame out of court use by keeping in play the removal of recovery throughout the entire defense, just like what traffickers do to their Victims who try to seek recovery in court. Even if your suing a trafficker or agency or state for trafficking your in the defense of your plaintiff (trafficker) when you refuse to keep them from not getting recovery. Don't forget this when applying any other formula you might seek recovery through for the Victim you represent. Huate means you get the recovery, do not allow the trafficker to gain recovery, especially if the plaintiff (trafficker) is aided by Huete (a trafficker judge).

  • Nohah Syndrome: For the community of Psychiatrists out there that study Stockholm Syndrome, the VOI Foundation is clearly identifying a clear and different syndrome and it is for people who don’t know they were abducted but who manifest a syndrome of protection of those who have taken abduction of them in ways that are not to be seen as abduction. It is different than slave trade mentality. It is performed into existence deliberately by people that take a victim and make sure that the victim is never categorized as having been abducted. The long term effects are a total denial of the obvious, and a complete structure breakdown occurs when challenged with the idea that someone has controlled them. Unbelievable circumstances performed obviously by a team or group of people go completely rationalized by the victim in an attack of anyone who mentions the truth about a perpetrator (team or group member) that has harmed them, usually the Victim (person suffering from Nohah Syndrome) is lead to believe that he/she actually used the perpetrator. Obvious organized and meticulously planned out harm that a victim suffers is somehow not noticed by the Victim who has been cleverly forced to need the acts of the team to survive and the Team is the Abductor(s); funding, housing, employment, socializing, and communicating is used as a way to corral the victim in a team effort that uses the natural human thought processing of stimuli to engage in a total denial of the idea that one person could possibly have attacked them in collusion with many. It is a repetitive and life long effort made by a person who has many others as the ownership is not via slave trading, though trades are made of the victims, and the ownership is not based around abduction training, though abductions are timely made and disguised as something else to the world. A victim of this syndrome is considered “research” to those who hold high enough positions of control of a team, but there is not research rather, there is simple repetitive abuse engaged in by so many different people through out a victims life that the victim develops a fierce protection of the perpetrators so fierce that it would often appear that the victim wanted the abuse, but they actually at the time wanted something the abuser was projecting or pretending in their communications to the victim. The perpetrator leaves and a different team mate takes up the game. This type of induction is already know about by the perpetrators as not being able to have it transfer through the womb though the idea is proliferated that it does, and this proliferation is a reasoned out that if a child of a victim can be conformed simply by abusing the parent then the child is not harmed and is simply a use-able character in the reason why teams are made and formed. The idea that having defenders that don’t have to be made into defenders through the “abuse process” of creating a fierce defender is part of how a team gets completely covered by law enforcement. Though it is obvious that the offspring of the victim will have to be abused in the same team fashion as to cause them to suffer from this syndrome, the team manipulators still pretend that the children are not being abused into acting like their parents were abused into acting like. This is a formation of a bet made a long long time ago by the types of people who like to pretend that people are there’s as long as it is for the protection of a country. It was determined that if a person only had to have a relative harmed so that they would defend a horrible act or horrible person, then it was not abusive and was necessary to do, like it was an inherited trait, like abuse could create deformity in the offspring that caused the off spring to like being harmed and defend the harm doer. The lie that the harm part is not something that is happening since it only happened a generation or so prior is part of the game, which allows for the complete control of the victim to be something that has to be covered up and protected as if it were for the defense of something important when it is in reality just a way to keep sex crimes covered up. Part of the non-abduction abductions are made by those who pretend to be dating you, marrying you, married to you, protecting you from someone out there , protecting you from yourself, protecting you from the public (as if you should be jailed repeatedly usually for petty things, things that you wouldn’t be problemed with but for the team that stalks you). Law enforcement teams will be engaged in arresting specific teammates repeatedly as to convert their ideas into somehow protecting the police in the area; in the way a Fantasy Football Team will compete with their contemporaries by picking a fantasy team out of real NFL employees, a group of law enforcement people will chose citizens to have arrested at the same time each year to try to win as many points as possible just like when a fantasy football team player gets points each time one of their chosen NFL employees scores a touchdown. The law enforcement will keep you the victim arrested repetitively for set up circumstances just to win a pool of money, and rather then calling it fantasy football its called fantasy inmate and its pools can range from a couple thousand of dollars at the end of the year or can range up to a couple of millions of dollars. The victims usually just say something that helps the perpetrators. And fierce inmate protection of the deputies at the incarceration center is usually a tell tail sign that more then just slave trade mentality is at hand. Property usually goes missing in cases of this type of Nohah Syndrome. Nohah Syndrome has 5 distinct forms. The game form identified above is engaged in by more than just law enforcement; the 5 distinct forms of Nohah Syndrom aka when a Victim makes protection for those who have taken control of them while they don't formally know that they've been abducted or taken hostage are:

  1. Game Form: 

  2. Alphabet Soup: Rather then "word salad" associated to psychtophrenia, Alphabet Soup is when a Victim protects their secret form of abduction Abductor by using symb0ls and symbology. 

  3. Powerful Are Correct: Rather then saying these powerful people really care about me, the Victim associates with a form of adaptation that includes speaking into their reality that the powerful are correct. In their reality, blatant power indicates correct behavior especially when it is a law enforcement's actions of harm made against them self; the abductee who does not know they've been abducted will start to say things like, "that cop deserved to do what he did to me, I was asking for it", or you will hear them say "I've been very bad so I should just let that powerful person do what there about to do", kind of like when a porn Victim says, well if he pays me to stay silent then I'm not abducted in any way am I. Of course the Abductor they are referring to is a man, a group, or female that is wealthy and or prominent. The Deputy is right will regularly be heard in areas of systemic Nohah Syndrome incubating and/or instilling.

  4. Lack of belief in family:  Family becomes who ever and is no longer a necessary part of the reproduction or care give. m Family is replaced and becomes the lack of family where as anyone can raise my child and I can raise anyone else child and family is not how we raise children but we raise them to believe that family is us who are not their family.  You don't understand, two fathers and two mothers is normal, people who need to sleep with me is normal, people who engage in porn are normal, there is no abnormal other then having a legitimate family of direct mother and father, sisters are to be what ever we can for survival of our incarcerating, and there are no brothers. 

  5. Inability to succeed:

  • Nohah Syndrome: Why, because.

  • Estertion: Darker then black, so different from just wiping something out, estertion is blue, and is the absence of yellow.

  • Awino Style Shooting Event: The terror events that human traffickers that are employed with in our defense and other government/federal agencies plan and conduct then act as if they are just some actual shooting event. These shooting events have a symmetric triangle in it them. Betting and dirty money's get cleaned and it is all as if the event is just research on the public used to sway the hearts and minds of the large populous. In reality this type of federal crime is domestic terrorism that is funded through trafficking and that is performed to make money off of. There is a hero, a villain, and a reason to stop, and a back story that never gets told, the media is always in on it and plays a roll. There are a few other types of shooting events that follow similar patterns but with an Awino Style Shooting Event you always have the same failure rate a retreat and so the events that get plaid end up getting played out in larger then life ways with super outstanding characters usually brought ito the country by the federal government in some way, Jessica Seymour is a toy in the events so in the future the wave will be to have the toy be a controlled person, where as Jessica Seymour's evading and report of these events will turn into a new character for these trafficker's leaving Jessica Seymour as the person that re'd. The re is the person that won. Since a person won that was not even playing the control of that now type of character in this type of terrorism set up schematic is the return, which means in the future stupid of this type of style shooting event, the inorganic in on it and paid character playing this new role (that Jessica Seymour unfortunately had to survive before it was an added in & funded character), will be one of the ones that gets shot.

  • Amicus: Departments friend. Friend of the House.

  • Curiae: Department of the House.

  • Amicus Curiae: When you have a house friend.

  • Relay Uuoo : Deriving pleasure out of charging a person money even if your having that money paid to someone else.

  • Perceived Immunity: The immunity others impart upon a person due to their job, even though that job does not grant immunity.

  • IHT: Immunity Holding Trafficker, or Immunitied Human Trafficker.

  • Immunitied: A person that has gained a job that gives them any form of formal Immunity or Perceived Immunity from being sued and from being held accountable for the damages they do to Victims they seek to create by abuse of their Immunity giving jobs.

  • Gambling Method Of Human Trafficking:

  • One And Done Method Of Human Trafficking:

  • RFP: Acronym for "Rape for Profit". As IN someone who can not give consent, is not a "prostitute", if you can not consent then you are Trafficked Victim, any one under the age of 18 in America is not legally able to give consent to have sex, Accordingly, that means that every juvenile ever written up by law enforcement as a "prostitute" has been formally trafficked by that Law Enforcement. NO SUCH THING as a child prostitute. The law is written by traffickers for traffickers... BTFT.

  • Square: itistheholetruthyoudontrecieve.

  • Use Your Children Form of Human Trafficking:

  • Rape For Profit Method of Human Trafficking: Shared Hope International does a good job illustrating that an under age girl can not consent to sex or to being a "prostitute" causing all sexual use of an under age girl or boy to be rape. However, Rape for Profit is a much larger issue that also targets adult men and women, and is heavily used in the "mugshot" sales of women, where women are unknowingly sold through mug shots that have been gained against them. Rape for profit was also used in a Real Estate Scam in San Diego by Kathy Rowe who conspired to have a home owner move from her home after a would be rape was solicited by Cathy Rowe against the unknowing Victim, becaue Cathy Rowe was a County Employee, the San Diego Superior Court protected her acts and was able to brush her attempted Rape for Profit under the rug because there no proper legal codes and legal definition yet.

  • Global Platform Human Trafficking Method:

  • Research Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Investigation Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Commission Command Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Credit Card Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Pyramid Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Fantasy Arrestee Method of Human Trafficking:

  • One And Done Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Cash For Cuties Scandal, aka Mug Shot Sales Method of Immunitied Human Trafficking: The Cash For Cuties Scandal is a San Diego based Immunitied Human Trafficking scam that uses the San Diego Courts, Law Enforcement's, Investigation Entities, and County & City posts for stalking of persons whom this ring of criminals wish to retaliate against and sell through Erroneous Mug Shots that are gained erroneously via a few different methods of abuse and micromanagement of the targeted Victim, such as the TRO Racketeering Scam that was engaged in against Cole Stewart of the Coalition for Family and Children. Primarily "sellable looking" women and kids are targeted to be maliciously wrongfully placed into the legal system so that they can be sold in many ways including on the Tor Dark Internet by persons who pay a premium to be able to have access to a person that has been already discredited and labeled. The Cash For Cuties Scandal is ran just like the Pennsylvania Cash For Kids Scandal, and it is even aided by many Pennsylvania and New York area IHT's who have moved to San Diego to run this same type of scam here that they set up in Pennsylvania where cops were targeting specific kids as to twist any little thing they did into some sort of bogus "crime", you can read about here .The San Diego IHT ring with their affiliates all make huge kickbacks and dirty money through this scam and instead of filling a private "Juvenal detention center" like what was done in Pennsylvania, the San Diego version of this IHT scam is focused on filling psychiatric & behavioral facilities as to bilk the state for funds acquired via operating a facility at capacity. The Mug Shots gained by this Scandal are used as to sell a woman or kid in many ways including on the dark internet to perverts who pay a premium to abuse a woman or kid that they can just call "crazy" when that Vitim objects to ABUSE THAT IS PREMEDITATED, yes premeditated to be made against the sold around human so that others on in this crime ring can all take bets on what the Victim will do when inflicted with the premeditated abuse. There are plenty of San Diego Federal Court justices and state judges that got appointed to that position by prior acts that supported the Cash For Cuties Scandal & malicious retaliatory Mug Shot Sales of Victims of this Crime.

  • Revenge Porn Method of Human Trafficking: Human Trafficking that is conducted as if the woman Victim was approving of the "porn" so that the "porn" can be shared legally, sold legally, and gained "legally" but it is not legal, it is a protected method of Human Trafficking due to how clever law enforcement & the media term it but it is Human Trafficking made with the intent to traffic without being held to criminal standards, and conducted with the intent to not be made to stop the conduct, Keith Phillips of the San Diego City Attorney's Office is a Pioneer of walking into court and stating that he is confused and that he basically understands that a Victim of this sort of premeditated cover for human trafficking is wanting to be paid for having hidden cameras recording the events that take place in the home, so that the Victim had cameras in her home and now wants to be paid for the footage... forced slavery is his game he furnishes, and he likes to get the Victim to look like she wants to be paid for porn, a psychological attack that engages the Victim is then saying a defense of no I don't want to get paid for porn, as if the Victim just ratified that she made porn, and the State of California still has his bar license approved though they know that Keith Philips likes to email women in the "Crazy Prison" about showing up to court rooms that he has said such a thing in, and Kieth Phillips then likes to re-stalk the Victim by later sending email correspondence to her asking if he can have a "I saved Jessica Seymour's Life" Anti Stalker Nation Tee. you time. So Basically, attorneys are Revenge Porn Method of Human Trafficking flow throughs and financiers, almost all Revenge Porn is financed through IOLTA's.

  • Revenge Porn: An Immunitied Human Trafficker invented way of calling premeditated human trafficking of stalked women a "pornographically engaged" crime rather than a Human Trafficking Caltran, because to law enforcement pornographers have rights. One embargo does not have rights, but many embargoes have rights together according to themselves... A Caltran is not an embargo. More than one Caltran can not exist legally. Caltran is wrongfully integrated Revenger Porn is human trafficking conducted in premeditation of cover from arrest. Revenger Porn is Highly organized and even Congress supports it.

  • Credit Card Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Mugshot Method of Human Trafficking:

  • IOLTA Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Pedestal Victim: A Victim that can be sold for an higher premium due to being in a position to be knocked down from.

  • Gambling Method of Human Trafficking:

  • Slave Mentality: The way a Victim start thinking and acting after a prolonged state of being stalked, abused, lied to, and micromanaged. When you and your life is so controlled that it becomes painful to think for yourself. These Victims will often be placed in a position to glorify their enslaver, they won’t know that they’ve been enslaved by a New World Way To Slave Trade and so some of them on very specific occasions will be place in your view to say things like “thank god” that this horrible thing happened to me because look at me now, I’m on the Colbert Show, how lucky”. See New World Way to Slave Trade has to do with the Slavers need to be thanked and recognized as God, or a Great Luck in a bad horrific problem.

  • Anti Stalker: Any one who Follows the Seymour Blog as to become aware of what Modern Slavery looks like, feels like, and sounds like. An Anti Stalker is a person who brings awareness to others as to the Human Trafficking methods that are brought to you by the Stalker Blog.

  • Anti Stalker Nation: Any one who believes in protecting Victims from being harmed further. Anyone who believes in a Victim's Right's especially the right to recovery. Any one who stands up against human trafficking and in particular bears honest witness on behalf of a Victim who is being stalked around by a large group that are harming the Victim and lying about the Victim.

  • Salt To IHT's: Salt, as in the deicing of roadways in sub-freezing weather; so take it back to the start""", because each ion is surrounded by 6 ions of the opposite charge as expected on the electrostatic grounds. The surrounding ions are located at the vertices of a regular octahedron. In the language of close-packing, the larger chloride (bleach) ions are arranged in a cubic array, whereas the smaller sodium ions fill all the cubic gaps between them…. Salt to IHT’s. But no one said it would be this hard to part””, but please save the dramatics because I know you’ll never part from me your too invested, too obsessed, too in hate (sad). We are over seasoned IHT's, and your too salt needy to leave how the gaps you need to fill become your whole life of smallness & you need to be bleached clean by me, but your stains will never be cleaned; you need me more from your Victims than a Victim could ever need from you, I know to you I reign supreme so don’t even try to fool yourself into the walk away that you could never survive making, you've caught yourself in a web, you’re bound to be my fool and I to be light that destroys your bacteria, and that is how it ends, I convert you and separate the light from the dark like two condiments on a table top to an edema addict in a diner shoving the tiny glass & metal holed device into a coat pocket leaving the pepper all alone & sad on the table, you IHT’s swell till you explode like the brainless idiots you act like; call it salt induced meningitis... hopefully this is the most fun definition you ever get IHT’s regarding how your eyes are to burn like salt has been poured into them so that maybe you curse and swell & run back to the light! Salt to IHT's who need their cold blood deiced with jail cell sentences while their money goes to repair their Victims, do you hear that Jan or should your IHT judge wife get it all sealed up for you in court after manipulating a never been served suite to Hugenore. Salt to IHT's.

  • Stalkering and Anti-Stalkering: Stalkering is when a group is systematically stalking, harassing, and terrorizing you, most likely as a way of slave trading you, oppressing you, intimidating you, all with the intent to ultimately try to get you to commit suicide, murder, or to try to get you to go "insane" or look "insane". Anti-Stalkering is when a group of Heros stops the Stalkering by any & all lawful methods. And lawful means keep the Victim sane under any method.

  • Jump this Movement & Six Hops From a Target: While the NSA is data gathering as to enslave & control Americans, they have engaged in a practice of what they call "six hops from a target", as to be able to tie any woman they want to sell to some sort of "terrorist target of interest", which is why Albert Machhour set up Jessica Seymour and her roommate Sarah to be waiting for him on some "dinner with a client" that he got Jessica & Sarah to go to, turned out that "dinner with a client" was a set up where some Somali women that Albert said bought a car from him, were also steered to be at so that the NSA "watching" the Somali woman could now have any sort of chumped up reason to now be "watching" Jessica and Sarah.... Albert Machhour had the set up sit and wait for him for over an hour while the Agents that were "watching the Somali women" worked to now erroneously tie Jessica and Sarah to the Somali's through the "six hops from a Target" method of human trafficking related rape for profit stalking that the NSA facilitates, then when the NSA & affiliated Agents were done maliciously making Sarah & Jessica a 6 Hop from their target, Albert Machhour finally showed up at the end of the dinner for all of a 5 minute orchestration of his as to keep his Victims from becoming aware that something odd was at hand. So, if the slave trade stalkers can "hop six degrees from a Target" as to deliberately place women into their ring of hard to detect control while getting paid by the federal government to control the maliciously targeted for slavery Victims, then Abolitionists can Jump a Movement & Jump a Defense against this Slave trade method of use of intelligence agencies for easier slavery, and Abolitionists can Jump their Movement as many times as they want exponentially growing it like how a wild fire jumps in the strong winds of a wind storm. One hop left.

  • AbolitionistSquared: The Movement stared in response to the Seattle Pacific University campus shooting. There is a Second American Slave Trade, and we can End This Second American Slave Trade.

  • BEYELLOW: Yellow is the true return of light the pressure of the returned wavebe波長.

  • VOI and or VOIF: A VOI is a Victim of Immunity, a person who has been victimized by an immunity holder and who usually can't find relief or restitution because of immunity. VOIF stands for Victims of Immunity Foundation.

  • The Escala Circle: My book about the circle of people who started Human Trafficking me within the Escala Circle Street that I was lured to buy a home on.

  • The Escala Way: My book about the way the Escala Circle of Human Traffickers operate their crimes up and down San Diego.

  • Cabrera'd: When the CIA pitches a patsy to the FBI for the FBI to hit out of the park, all while both entities know & have agreed to set up their mark to be a blame taker for a crime that criminal traffickers employed at the FBI & CIA are running. So, basically, when your neighbor calls the FBI to make an "anonymous" tip about you as if your a criminal when in reality the crime or "tip" your neighbor is reporting is actuality a set up made to place blame on you for one of the crimes the "tipster" is actually involved in; when your Cabrera'd the stalker has been stalking you relentlessly as to have you set up as an unknowing blame taker. Being Cabrera'd often times is engaged in against a mark who is targeted by neighbors, who have gained surreptitious tenancies around you or in your home. If hidden cameras are involved then you can call it being "Tartaro'd" but being Tartaro'd is more along the lines of being sold, raped, and trafficked around before during and after being Cabrera'd. He only needs his only feeling to play on a wink.

  • "Dorner'd": When you get "Dornered" by this ring of IHT"s they are trying to justify all their lies about you, while trying to cover up their crimes by terrorizing you so badly as to try to force your brain into "insanity" & this is a dark psych tactic that usually just ends up having a human brain react with fight or flight that is exploited by the IHT's who try to parlay that normal human response into forcing their Victim to engage in murder or suicide as a last resort to get the terrorizing, harassing, stalking, and war crime tactics that IHT's are engaging in to finally be stopped:

  • Fall Out Boy / Girl : Fall Out Boy is an American Rock Band of extremely talented Americans. One of the band members who is responsible for the majority of the lyrics to their songs had an immunity holder grandfather who was and Ambassador. . Their albums Save Rock and Role & AB/AP are the "Unofficial" sound track to Jessica Seymour's Stalker Blog due to how relevant the themes are to each other. The term "the fall out girl" was thrown at Jessica by one of her stalker "frienemy stalkers" who gained a surreptitious tenancy with Jessica as to stalker Jessica through in collusion with Escala based human traffickers & with Robert Tartaro's east coast trafficking ring.

  • Stalk-home Syndrome: This is a function of Slave Mentality, where your so invaded and stalked relentlessly controlled in such an overwhelming way that you engage in denial about it and then start to inadvertently protect those who are targeting you by acting in ways of denial and excusing as to try to make scene of the overwhelmingly oppressive situation at hand in any sort of rationalization of it, then you even start to pretend that it is normal to have your home such a place of exploit, and your stalkers now know that you are theirs likely for ever and that you will even act in ways that allow them to start stalking your kids, and so goes the dynamic of slave trade made facilitated by trauma based control engaged in upon a Victim in her own home. .. decades later a guy like Marcus Van agrees to get your daughter to a hotel in Santa Barbara so that she can be abused, while you the mother just deny all the crimes your daughter reports have happened to her, which inadvertently becomes an abuse meant to try to drive your young daughter crazy so that the Stalkers in this IHT ring can just abuse your daughter more, and more , and more then bread her and take her kid away from her. Stalk-home Syndrome can only start to be reversed by an open refusal of denial, which results in the IHT's loss of protection made by the Victim and this is a necessary first step toward freedom for all the generations that one family will be staked through by this ring of Immunitied Human Traffickers.

  • Operation MKULTRA: a perversion of the CIA where they are creating slaves for Slave Trade by pretending to be doing "research", where the CIA engages in systematically (deliberate calculated thoughtful targeting through eugenics or for beauty) children to torture, torment, rape, tear apart, and horrifically slave, all to create persons who would be easy to control and sell through trauma infliction or through conditioning and/or through infliction of arrested development. THere is a strong ideology in this Operation that if the rVcitim doewsnt know that they are what they are then there is no actualy harm that is done to them and therefor no actual crime in doing to them what is being done. The CIA's desire to build infinite numbers of sell-able controllable humans was outlawed in America in the 1970's through the works of Elenor Ro0sevelt (so our Presidents do know about this) but the CIA still engages in it and even still engages in it's Medical Torture tactics affiliate to MKULTRA abuse that was & is so deviate that the persons engaging in it are beyond just being in immunity forfeiture, they are beyond just being a danger to the public at large, and they are beyond just being human trafficker slave traders, what they are is so predatory that they need to be serving life sentences behind state prisons where there are no tennis courts, no conjugal visits and in isolation where they can't harm a cell mate.

  • Mr. McUltra: a fictitious character that personifies into human form a Catholic Scotts-Irish jesuit Human Trafficker of the type that would be running CIA MKULTRA terrorizing in alternate jurisdictions like Indian Reservations or like in Africa, or on Marine Bases, or in Germany located Army Bases, or like in the Ever Young programs, & running them through placement of human traffickers into positions like a Nun, a Priest, a Cop, a Judge, a Teacher, a Campus Research Project against the General Public, or a Lords Resistance Army Leader.... all made cleverly concealed through a CIA job that if ever need be allows for it all to be played off and just pretends it is all just necessary research, or that it is all "immunity protected" though all immunity would be totally forfeit. As well Mr.McUltra looks to launder his dirty money through property conversion scams and money laundering scams like alternate types of IOLTA accounts & through trustee sales made in a non judicial way through Home Owners Associations (HOA's), and Mr.McUltra's large-scale money laundering does not stop there, no way, Mr. McUltra's jesuity subversion of American Posts also likes to create indentured servants out of Students by using them as a conduits to suck all sorts of FAFSA money through, to any school that he has placed his terroristing human trafficking affiliates at such as Jesuit Universities, Methodist Universities, Strayer for profit types of universities were the Army Secretaries of yester-year can take $40 million dollar a year salaries off of the backs of the bruised students who likely will never get a degree just all sorts of debt and lost time.

  • Imantifically: a form of the word Imantifical. It means when your an idiot, but with special forces. Like a team of investigative agencies who have every option every ability to never get in trouble, you can’t loose types, the protected ones. And they get in trouble anyways. Like the Operation Shadowbox who is in trouble for not arresting any of the men they traffick women through while these men think they’re just such a catch. Like trafficking women then stalking them around all their life even though they already gave incriminating evidence against the chaldean being stalked by investigations as if the mafia isn’t controlled by these special forces.

  • BroxterKonymann: This is a visual combining of two men that are connected already to the ring of Slave Trade Creation and Lifetime Slaving & Handling of the kids that are targeted to be forced into this slave trade ring. If is a combination of SDPD's Officer Broxtermann and of Joseph Kony's last names due to how the San Diego & SoCal area Victims of this IHT crime ring & slave trade ring are targeted by Offier Broxtermann as to protect the fact that this crime ring is tied to the creation of the Joseph Kony LRA child "experiment" that is actually just Slave Trade. Broxterman has publicly targeted & been a part of the San Diego IHT rings abuse of two San Diego persons that bring public awareness about Joseph Kony & the LRA, and Broxtermann's game (of protecting Kony's acts) is made by premeditated targeting & invading of persons as to maliciously & knowingly wrongly call those persons"crazy" and the SDPD & Broxtermanns' protection of Kony via targeting those who speak about Kony, is a direct link to how Jessica Seymour was manipulated into living with Charlotte Awino & James Shelton in 2011 to 2012 for the Act of Valor-Otto Miller- Hall campus shooting propaganda event that was finally achieved in 2014.

  • Seff Jwersky: Also known as Seff Jerksky and Seff Jwersky. He is a Human Trafficker who approached Jessica Seymour in San Diego and who was interested in the bracelet that Trafficker DHS Agent Ken Krause gave to Jessica. The reason why Seff's name appears with letters transposed is because there is more than one way to expose the San Diego Superior Court's TRO scams that this court and its judges make with criminals, traffickers, rapeists, and other scum of the earth. Seff Jersky is Pennsylvania affiliated and was also affiliated to the One and Done business platform, to the stalking, drugging, and targeting of Jessica Seymour, and to the downing of the Victim's Of Immunity web site that was made in collusion with the King's Fish House drugging of Jessica Seymour's food and drink. Seff Jerksky was taking part in the Mug Shot Method of Human Trafficking and was instrumental in using the court to stalk, harass, and terrorize Jessica Seymour after Escala's & Albert Machhour's & Ben Klinger's use of the court for such abuse had been publicly exposed in which this ring of traffickers used Seff Jerksky to try to support the court house made conversion scams and false public image of Jessica Seymour that was being performed under the guise of an "investigation". He’s a turtle.

  • Operation Shadowboxxx: Sheriff, FBI Director, Ruby Ridge Debacle, University of San Diego Malta, Navy exploiter, and son of a human trafficking SDPD, bill gore's "Operation Shadowboxxx" were he targeted Chaldean Americans in San Diego as to try to eliminate and control the competition. This "operation" was based around gambling licenses, and was bill gore's absorbing into his human trafficking ring the money laundering plat forms that 2 large wealthy Chaldean Families in San Diego were successfully running, and everyone has to pay their human trafficking toll to the Sheriff's human trafficking ring. Investigation Method of Human Trafficking.

  • Operation Endless Summer: This is the "operation" that Bonny Dumanis "Thanked the CIA" for all their help with during a TV interview of hers, the CIA didn't like that too much, being outed by her in their targeting of a small Pacific Beach apartment complex were medical marijuana users were targeted, all as if this "operation" was ran on DoD bases when it was actually not... this "operation" of State County elected employee Dumanis was also tied to her use of the CIA against Real Estate Agents in yet another debacle of the San Diego District Attorney's Office, & Bonnie Dumanis' CIA friends were stalking hot "strippers" & "real estate agents" with the SDPD through car dealership credit pulls that these attractive looking women were steered to by Bonnie's stalkers of women who would lure the Victims to Albert Machhour for buying a car, enter Agent Aziz Albert Machhour. Basic Human Trafficking cover story; Investigation Method of Human Trafficking.

  • Struck G. Masons same as struck masons: The Struck Mason's are the particular Masonic’s & Shriner’s and Copper’s that are engaged in crimes through their globally located lodges, ho houses, carpe deims and return revengers who suck so hard they always double cross; they are struck in a pattern of abusing, raping, mysogony, self hate, and terroristing to name just a few of their issues. The Struck Masons are a subversion of the type of Mason you think yourself to be, yes the Struck Mason's are not Free as they are addicted & are addicted mostly to Slave Trade Human Trafficking and to all the perks & monies that their networks of crime afford to them. You can think of the Struck Masons relation to the Free Masons as akin to the same type of subversion of Catholicism that those Indian Reservation Rape For Profit Jesuit Nuns & Priest's are like to the Church. And much the same way that the Catholic Church overseer's have been NEGLIGENT in handling their Child Raping Slave Making Priests and Nuns, the Corporate Offices of the Shriners & of the Free Masons have been NEGLIGENT in their lack of over sight & prosecution of their Struck Mason's. When the cement dries to fast around you just recognize your selves crawling in it to get out fast. When the Suck Masons are no longer fast their just dead. They’re so fast you’d wonder how the government missed their scams, their scams are in the texts, the calls, the data based, the audio recordings, how is it that the people or government miss the plans of the struck masons when the struck masons are so fast it might even be in the emails, definitely in the communications, but this work in process is no longer protected. And the struck masons use many ho’s many ho’s including the rumpty rump and he’s not been put through half of what I have been put through, he’s not been put into the actual duress he’s not been put through the actual arrest, he’s not been put through the actual loss, stalking, and terrorizing so you can’t say he did better then i did. you can’t say that the work is still in process either, or you have to have him put through a rape too, that’s where this type of governmental game is at. Did anybody want a male butterfly or a female butterfly. We weren’t born to be used. You got a butterfly president play’ed. Don’t Buterfly’s deserve what or is it that man butterflys are righteous while women butterflys are whores. The book you read was read infull so you must know that hoard was the translation, you took a sound. that means your done.

  • Order’s of Malta: Unordered. The Medical Soldiers of God who have gained a Sovereign Jurisdiction though they have no real land or citizens, so they leach off of ever other Nation and subvert immunity giving jobs as to run crime through all while they engaged in being a medical field of military soldiers who basically serve the Royalty and Nobility of the world that Malta considers to be Angels, its an old Roman Catholic thing & these Malta Soldiers of Medical inclination hunt the Aliens & Fallen Demon Angels, yes, and Malta has a Red Cross as their symbol that is known as the Maltese Cross, which was adapted into the logo of Chris Kyle's Craft International that is placed in the eye of a not so human skull, Malta likes to kill everyone they use in grandiose scandals that will allow for a book or movie propaganda to be made later by the Malta's affiliates. Maltese GDP of this virtual nation is made through black markets and war mongering.

  • Columbus Knights: A group of people who human traffick and sex traffick by using methods of torture. Columbus Knights use methods associated to a program that the CIA opened after inheriting many WW11 german “scientists, doctors, sychologists” from the era when anything goes. Knights of Columbus are affiliated to the German’s church, where catholosism is a way of getting your pedophile hands on the children to tell them that jesus wants their pants down, so that jesus’ best friend in roam can touch them. hmmm. right. the other types of Catholics just put up with it because jesus covered their eyes but that changes now.

  • Jesuits: A group of people horribly exploiting a name they have no business to be misusing or affiliating them selves to due to their crimes. this group plays like they were the first bank and as if they only had banking operations through the Templars back in the day of pilgrimage but we all know that to this day accounts across seas still exist and when Jessica needs money out they better start paying. When Jessica needs transactions they better start paying.

  • Pacific Platform of Human Trafficking & IHT: The Pacific platform of organizing & running human trafficking and immunitied human trafficking is the subversion of Christians & Christian churches & schools for the Slave Trading, Handling, and Money Laundering affiliated to this crime ring. Abuse and control is ran through Pacific University model and through many businesses that work the work Pacific into their name, but this is not ready for full discussion & definition just yet.

  • Jessica of the Angles: This title for Jessica is a reference to the Seraphim Angel that was placed on the top of the Carother's Coat of Arms that dates back prior to the medieval era when coats of arms were approved by nobility. Of course this title is also made as a reference to the fact that Carothers has a translation of "creatures", and so accordingly, this title is a reference to the 3 bumps on Jessica's tailbone, which her grandmother from the Carothers lineage also has, as well Jessica's grandfather Haygood on her mothers side was said to have had a similar anomaly. After being trafficked and abused around by those who are obsessed with anomalies, Ms. Seymour has earned her Title of Jessica of the Angels, and of course the 3 bumps represent being of one of the most high Order of Angels that protect what is righteous and that protect this way by covering their face and feet with their first and second set of wings as they fly high and strong with their third set of wings.

  • Mocking J: This is a reference to Blog #282 where Jessica mocks the Immunity holders with a taste of their own medicine. Jessica has earned the title Mocking J from the pain inflicted upon her by those upset that she escaped the SPU Shooting Fall Guy Patsy Role she was manipulated to Seattle for, in which on her birthday after her exodus from Seattle, the Newton Shady Hook campus shooting was engaged in as to retaliate against the messages made in the Hunger Games series, who's author lives/lived in the Newton proximity to that Sandy Hook Elementary School campus shooting psy-op that was made deliberately on 12/14/12 as a way of being esoteric regarding child trauma indution MKULTRA & DELTA acts & eugenics, yes on 12/14/12, Jessica's first birthday back in San Diego after the SPU targeting of her that bill gore & his Kony'mann manipulated her to Seattle for as to be placed living with Charlotte Awino on the Seattle Pacific University campus.... Sadly, about a year and a half later this IHT ring engaged in their SPU terroristing event after sourcing a new patsy and placing him in the control of the Jesuit University Attorney's & Judges of Seattle, yes the same Jesuit Ring of Traffickers who have their hand in the Indian Reservation Rapes of Children by a faction of pedophile Priests and Nuns, that the DoJ & Jesuites, and the Pope protect.

  • J Butterfly: This is a nod to Julia Butterfly Hill that is made in the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song "Can't Stop the Spirits When They Need You", which is a special song for founder Jessica Seymour considering the inadvertent nod to the Bopp family heritage of Jessica's, of Jessica's mother's. This personified identity of J Butterfly for founder Jessica Seymour is a nod to Julia Hill's amazing advocacy for the environment that she made against the Pacific platform of degenerates, and that she made for tax reform; Julia Hill is an American Hero, just like Jessica Seymour's mother & father due to the way their pain has now been rightfully championed and turned into a tool to set free so many other Victims.

  • Church of Set and Church of Satan: Criminals trying to blame their crimes on someone else, does Satin really deserve that, Jesus said no. Did Lucifer, Jesus said no. Did Not deserve that, No, Jesus is still counting, No he just finished, Jesus say No and that your going to take the word Church out of your names, out of your games, and out of your ways, your just exploitative criminals, you believe not in god.

  • CIA & SPAWAR & NSA & DoJ: Criminals trying to blame their crimes on someone else. Putin's power.

  • DoD : Confused. Discounts our women. Orders our babies to play. Grows a coward tries to place then tells us its trying to help us. Military is defenseless. Its why special teams leave the DOD, the DOD is a sham.

  • DHS: Guilty.

  • State Department: Guilty. In andisipation of. In anticipation of height.

  • Andisipation: When a State has to be found guilty.

  • ATF: Guilty.

  • IRS: Guilty.

  • Intelligence & Clandestine Services: Confused, but really sick of it.

  • Interpol: Guilty.

  • FIFA: Guilty.

  • Declawing A Monkey: Immunitied Human Traffickers are monkeys smelling their own shit, I've shown them such, I hold one close all the time its a natural gather I took, I'm getting him put into a jail and into a prison sentence, he is gone soon and his claws will be out of me, that's what declawing a monkey means and it is specific to the man. Monkey's have problems with picking their poop and eating it and with tossing it, the human traffickers that like to harm are monkeys and their claws belong in the prison, not on our backs.

  • """ : When the double & triple italics are used on a sentence it is a nod to the song & writer that the terms in the sentence came from, it is paying respect to the Artist; it is a communication to and/or it is a citation to the essence of the artist who's song spoke the words to the heart of the world. It is a credit giving citation to the person/entity/ band etc. Currently highlighted artists are Lady Gaga. Fall out Boy. Of Monsters and Men. Cyndi Lauper. TI. Nelly Furtado. Fiona Apple. Coldplay. American Rejects. Ice Cube. Adele. Rhianna. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sly and the Family Stone. Journey. Mariah Carey. Lorde. Nico and Vinz. Of Monsters And Men. Da Brat. Christina Perri. The Killers. The Offspring. Tori Amos. Kanye West, Rhianna, Kid Cudy. Henry Lawrence Garfield aka Henry Rollins aka Rollins Band. Ice Cube & Yo Yo. Freeway. Nirvana. John Lennon. Imagine Dragons. Mark Morrison. Montell Jordan. R.Kelly. T-Pain. Niki and Gabi. KSI. Chainsmokers. Digital Underground. The Script. Will. I.Am. Weird Al. Christina Aguilera. Ludacris & Nate Dog. YoungbloodZ. Gewn Stafani. Danzig. Brittney Spears. Tracy Chapman. No Doubt. Ice-T. wILSON PHILLIPS. cHER. The Fray. Prince. ACDC. Queen. S.O.B Music. Damien Rice. Jessica Will Not Pay. Mr. Safety. Kris Kross. Pompeii. Milli Vanilli. Jeffersons Song. George Michael. Queen.

  • StingRay : This is the equipment that sociopathic police departments use to human traffic Victims through simply by surreptitiously & unlawfully with mal-intent gaining a Victims phone number. , and and . SDPD would hire guys like Rudy Camcho Jr. to gain her number with ply's of an office job, just to be able to turn Jessica's cell phone into their own personal tracking device leash.

  • Talking at God: And yes, it is talking "at" God because sometimes God doesn't listen. This is a different practice than praying. This is a different discipline than prayer. It is unlikely to experience that God "talks" back to you so don't expect that as this is not that kind of talk. Talking at God is you having an open ended conversation quietly in thought or out loud, in which you wait for time to reveal to you what you communicate to God, or sometimes you will get a metaphysical response quite rapidly. It is not like voices, or like the self voice inner dialog that we all have and that we use for prayer; it is much more direct and emotional than the regular prayer structure and engagement. It's really just you personally making a friendship with God which is different then your prayer dynamic with God. For Jessica, in prayer you give your heart, needs, and love for others all over to God for Gods' will, whereas in Talking at God you let God into your active day and you reach out to God in an interpersonal interactive way about your will and what you need and want; two very different dynamics.

  • Frienemy Stalker: It's that honeymoon stage an IHT stalker engages in as to get close enough to you to hurt you.... Vampire Bite you maybe, depending on how pathetic they are. it means that someone is going to hurt you. Take it very seriously.

  • Your in Your House: the attempt to harm from your own area of no contact.

  • Men:  A group of people on the planet that believe that none of them should ever go to prison for rape, pedophilia, or organized abuse.  If you find yourself looking down to see that you have male genitalia but believe all your friends that rape, pedophile, or organize abuse should go to prison immediately then your likely a very beautiful and evolved man whom needs to know that your technically a protected class citizen who needs protection.  We will protect you, like Lionesses.  Even if you don’t love women.

  • Street Light People''"": A group of Agents that investigate human trafficking and who do not care if you tear them apart as long as you light up the path, as long as what you do for them is get Lighter the more it gets Dark, they call it True Love, and it is their Journey, and they are Forever Your's Faithfully, Endlessly""". Don't stop believing, hold on""". I'll raise you like a phenix.

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