Have you had recent purchases at the Baby Store, the Lingerie Store, the Auto Company... have they been long to process, like your creditor had questions they wanted to ask you in the process of paying or in the process of using your credit... You might be getting the traffick treatment, beware.

Have you had recent purchases at the Baby Store, the Lingerie Store, the Auto Company... have they been long to process, like your creditor had questions they wanted to ask you in the process of paying or in the process of using your credit... You might be getting the traffick treatment, beware.

If your a Victim of the Credit Servicing Method of Human Trafficking you have a federal agent assisting this human trafficking of you. 

If your a Victim of the Credit Servicing Method of Human Trafficking you have been followed around at the places you shop and likely also followed by the camera systems outside of and around where you have shopped.  You have likely had police pull you over in these areas or right after you leave these areas on your way home.   The areas you frequent will have Victims being brought into those areas. 

If your a Victim of the Credit Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, you have had your credit put into a status that delays your life, your timing, your lifestyle, your available options, your housing, your job options.

If your a Victim of the Credit Servicing Method of Human Trafficking you have had a placed hardship put upon you by agents that take your creditor calls you make, they take your social security application pulls (like when you use your social security number to apply for a car, a home, a licence, a line of financial acquisition, a trip to another area, hawaii for example, or New York, your hotel will be infused and you will be followed.  Your room likely will be invaded while your out, why... cameras.   do not forget.... you are being sold. These credit servicing department Agents let a lot of people watch. 

If your a Victim of the Credit Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, your looked at where you use your credit card, if you buy a latte on credit the systems camera use will start allowing a specific team to watch you in the shop you just spent credit in, then they may even start to play music to your disdain, preference, or emotions while your there all while they bet on how long it is till you sing along. 

If your a Victim of the Credit Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, you are likely in a human trafficking rings aggressive use of you already.  

If your a Victim of the Credit Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, you are likely to have already had unauthorized sneek and peak entry made to your home under the pretense that your a criminal of the land.  Warrant-less Sneek and Peak entry is a term used by & for traffickers at your local police stations to use when organizing for the Federally employed human trafficker affiliates of theirs.  Then you have to be made to look like your a threat like a terrorist so that they can keep organizing and so sometimes that is where your computer use and home is commandeered and your computer is then used in this rings analog sex sales stations they broadcast and sell with, it is the cross over point where the federal agencies employees and the street level human traffickers are the same, whereas they can never again exclaim a difference between them, the thread is the explosive they made.   They are what they are trying to point their finger at the Victims about; they are the criminal that they are trying to make their Victims look like.  While your out using your card their in your home, aided by those at the Services Department that use the federal government to exploit you with the shopping areas & stores cameras and card uses.  

If your a Victim of the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, you get finagled into having to shoe your bank statements to someone to "prove" you paid a payment. 

If your a Victim of the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, you have likely had to do a credit rebuild after enough time has passed of you being stalked this way. Upon your attempt to rebuild your credit you'll have some sort of delay made yet again to keep your payments from being made, this can range from your payment being misplaces after you pay it (on phone or by mail), to having you and your identity and whereabouts being placed on a Fantasy Arrestee bracket causing you a false arrest and false lengthy incarceration to keep you from being able to make a payment for a few months, often the charges will be dropped months after your unlawfully held in a cell in a false arrest scam that you can read more about here http://www.victimsofimmunity.com/fantasy-arrestee-method-of-human-trafficking/

If your a Victim of the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking, you have

Credit Card SERVICING Method of Human TRAFFICKING

This web page is under construction but check back soon with your credit card holders in mind as the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking has been Identified.

Where have you been, where are you right now, where have you been shopping, and who do you really talk to when you get routed by your Credit Card Servicer after you punch in your social or credit card number?

Have you been to that local bra shop a few times lately, have you come home to find your room is different then you left it. 

Have you been shopping with your credit card at baby stores, then find out that a data, like a payment to your creditor that you made, goes missing from your payment statement and account history.  

Did you call in to your creditor or search your home, did you get an alarm system recently due to the feeling that I think people are in my home when I am out shopping. Did you get treated horribly by your creditor when you called to have that missing payment you made be brought current, there is a reason for that abuse the creditors give you... You were transferred to a human trafficker that has gained a job with a federal agency that "liaisons" with creditors who have persons looked at for "fraud" or for "being of interest", but these federal agency persons trafficking you through their use of your credit are doing a few things to you without you realizing it even without.  Your likely not even actually under suspicion of "fraud" or an actual "person of interest", your likely just attractive, or your likely a person that was approached for a date and turned down the person that approached you.   These types of traffickers are making sure to control your credit and to know each time you use it, they will show up where you're at or have a friend or associateof theirs do so.

Your payments to your auto, and credit cards, and insurance creditors somehow begin to "disappear" in the creditors' system; your bank seems to not forward your payments to your creditors that you make electronically or via checks, though the money is in the account and appears to you to have been taken, often times you will also have a confirmation number while your money just sits there for an entire payment cycle while late fees and bad credit ratings pile up, it wont be like you had more in your bank than you thought it will be like you have less than you though because you don't get to find out about it till hundreds of dollars in damages per bill hit your account.  When you find out about the "mistake" somehow the damage caused is treated as if you must have done something wrong even though you just paid your bills in a regular way; refusals to issue credit repairing fixes and tactics of odd refusals to get the funds adjustments to show the funds had been timely made given to the creditor are likely to take place while the creditor acts as though they also now need "special arrangements" for gaining of your funds; this is a sign that corrupt immunity holders are attacking the safety that good credit and auto loans given to a targeted Victim.  Strained and insistent communications from your creditor end up being a occurrence, like they constancy want the same data from you over and over again while they refuse to fix the problem. 

Car dealers that sell primarily to strippers or to the persons that strippers find to take to such a car dealership are a trafficking hub within a city and are usually a CIA trafficking hub, you may not even know that the person who referred you to look at a car was in on it and already knew the dealership to be active with strippers and dealers, dealerships of used cars that strippers and their affiliates buy from are where you might be put in to proximity of just to have some really fake looking reason to put you into any sort of investigation.  The strippers are wrangled and used because of how they declare one amount on their tax returns but another amount when trying to qualify for a car loan; the strippers get the car they wanted then are consumed as a person to be investigating and get trafficked to be approaching you somehow and referring you and even if you don't go to the dealership the fact that a stripper under surveillance just walked up to you and talked to you now has been parlayed to get you into their web that the CIA is getting them to weave though someone who is "dating" them (through a CIA Agent whose secret job is to date strippers & tell them what to go do) so that you can somehow have to now also be under "surveillance" like you help strippers to cover up how much money they have or like you patronize them, even though your just some woman the walked up to.  The stories used by this type of CIA human trafficker are endless and ridiculous so the reasons formally given as to why your being "watched" are also endless and ridiculous, especially out of the FBI's credit card servicers that commandeer your accounts and account transactions, even in person when your buying a car a couple years later at a new car lot they just show up to harass terrorize, suppress your ability, and gain control of your purchase power & purchase ability, they basically chose your next car for you no matter where your credit is pulled.   They like to access the car they will allow you to be qualified for prior to you driving it off the car lot, and they like to have their cameras & devices in that now too. 

The Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking is a different crime and a different impact on the Victims in how the people watching your every move are allowing non Agent interception of your life and credit.  They are allowing retired Agents and fired Agents to then repeat their crimes against you through a different ring of Federally Employed stalkers that take a middle man cut of the proceeds rather then a directly paid commission, they are like a Broker of data, mass amounts of data that they intercept for those that are the direct book of business in which you the Victim are the asset for use.  These Brokers of the data are very special they like to know where you live if you have recently moved even if you've already updated your creditor with your new address, its like a big red flag that someone other then your creditor is talking to you right now after you've been transferred from your original call in, as if after you punched into the phone your social or your account numbers and then you all of a sudden were transferred to a department that didn't have all the same stuff your creditor would have.  Like they couldn't add points, they couldn't adjust your interest rate down, they couldn't offer you a promotion that the store was having, they couldn't find your new address, they couldn't find your recent payment then in their finagling in your account you also couldn't get credit for your recent payment until you gave over your private bank statement to "show proof"  your payment, which is a data harvesting tactic so easy to gain for this ring of Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking Federal Agents... let me ask you, if a person said, "hey I don't actually work for your credit card company but I intercepted your call so I could get you to be positioned to send in your bank statement to my fax number" would you send it to them, no you wouldn't, would you send it to them even if they were a upstanding and trustworthy FBI Agent.   No you wouldn't.  Would you send it to them if they were and IRS Agent. Even if you wanted to clear your name in an investigation wouldn't they still need to have probable cause and a warrant proven as to have your bank account statement data. Yes.  So you wouldn't even give it to them to clear your name you'd use your right to have them prove they need it for any sufficient legal cause, that they don't have. And can't get a warrant for.  The abuse is tremendous when Agents want to take over your credit so that they can have everything they have no probable cause for and can't get a warrant for retrieval of, that's why they end up desperately trying to have some other way to reveal anything they seek to have found in some legal way after gaining it illegally, oh and don't imagine that is harmless in either side of their gain, and don't imagine that it is not exceptional when they actually end up acting like you did something wrong, for the most part they don't want you to ever have any crime brought against you they just want to invade you to sell you. 

Credit card companies and their servicing arrangements need to be free of federal illegal data gathering and intercepting of your location and credit uses, limits, terms, and payments.  Because there is no legal reason for this act of interfering with your credit card use and servicing needs, it is just a form of human trafficking and the abuse you suffer is a leash around your neck that you can't even detect till your being raped by someone you know took you to a store for some reason that didn't add up till that moment.  

Federal Agent Rudy Camacho had his son Rudy Camacho Jr. take Jessica Seymour to a Victoria Secret store as part of her job interview as he has said he needs to have a certain amount of things achieved before his trip to Mexico and since he had tore off a woman's clothes in an elevator the weekend before he needed to buy her new panties before leaving for Mexico as a remedy for his acts against some woman the day before, and he acted like he & his new assistant must do this thing at Victoria Secret before his need to take his new assistant (Jessica Seymour) on a business trip to Mexico for her to meet his attorney and to finalize or sign the employment contract his attorney will bring to him in Mexico that he needs to have a Personal Secretary (Jessica Seymour) sign and it just so happens, as he put it, that this trip was pre-planned before the need for a Secretary to be on the trip with him, so Jessica Seymour's need for employment was used as a reason to get her not only hopefully to Mexico, but first to get her to a lingerie store that she had a credit account at and when Camacho went out of his way with a lengthy need to have a few of his panty replacement needs be met prior to leaving for his Mexico destination he did so with the lure of springing this story and Victoria Secret visit on Jessica while at the mall not prior to going there, originally the visit to the mall instead of Kinko's changed while Jessica was stuck in Camacho Jr.'s car, and the store at the mall used as the reason to go to the mall instead of Kinko's of Mission Valley was the J Crew store for a shirt, yes a trafficking around of Jessica portrayed itself as a visit to the Mission Valley Kinko's Office that on the way changed to job training that had to be done at the mall instead of at Kinko's of Mission Valley, and the original store to visit at the mall was the J Crew but that changed into the Lingerie Store.  Yes he hired Jessica Seymour with the pretense that she would go on the Mexico trip to do the employment paper work that his attorney would bring on the trip, and yes it was an American Attorney, but Camacho Jr. did start the training process, and that is how Ms. Seymour was invited to his house in Escala and lead to be able to see his interior of his room where he had told her to check out his packing to see if he had enough things for his trip and to check out his treasury notes that were hand signed since they were a series of uncut $20 dollar bills that the Treasury Department had given out with hand made signature on it.  See Camacho Jr. had moved in to Escala just to watch Jessica Seymour so he could commandeer her on her walk to the Escala Gym and make it look on the gym camera like they showed up together rather then separate.  

He had a plan to human traffick Jessica Seymour to Mexico in a way that looked on cameras as to be a relationship though in order to achieve these footage's he made Jessica Seymour believe that she was in a training process for a job of being a high paid legal Secretary that would also additionally prepare Camacho Jr.'s personal secretary life style errands and he was training her on them and telling her what she would need in Mexico for the week long business trip, he was also training her on what he would need her to do for replacement of panties he tore as he put it and that needed to be replaced before he leaves for the Mexico trip. This Human Trafficker third generation Rudy Camacho Jr. is a perfect example of how slick and how well timed these traffickers are when when trying to make a Victim of theirs look like a Prostitute for their story their weaving of how and why a woman has video camera footage's and the game is to make sure the Victim is dead before ever being able to say that those footages were not authorized and that she never knew about any cameras in her home; and these Agents & their ring of traffickers certainly never want a Victim to find their hidden cameras they make play for in all sort of ways.   They wait till they force your finances into the need of a high paying career job and then need you to do all these things that they could then say make you something other then what your actually in employment for, and they don't expect you to be able to object or tell the truth. If you don't think that Jr runs the Escala area Police Department then your dead wrong.  

That is why you as a targeted public don't need these criminals having any additional help from your Credit Card Servicing Departments. Rudy Camacho would not have had the Victoria Secret to do list with regards to cleverly manipulating Jessica to that store had there not been her credit card interest being sold around.  It's a woman's right to look good in lingerie without having to be sold around because of it. ... it's why privacy is a right. 

the constitution protects your right to privacy and calls it simply the right to be let alone.  When questioned, Ms. Seymour tried to explain this to Grant Learned in the Seattle Pacific University requiem, and when attorney Grant Learned tried to pretend that a newly answered question was not a new question since the words had stayed the same, he couldn't grasp the concept, just like he couldn't grasp the subject that an Amicus Curiae Brief has to have a question written by the body even though the wording of the question is at the beginning of the brief rather then at the end of the brief, and even though the wording of the newly answered question is the same as the original question posed in the original brief being supported, supported because the person that wrote the original brief missed so many fundamental answers to that question, it is because their wording of the question was interpreted by them in the wrong syllable.  See, the Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking will often times extend itself to human trafficking students through their financial aid accounts and so your answering the same stated words as the supported brief tried to answer though the syllable your answering in which wasn't in the original question since the body of the original brief was not answering it, this makes it a new question though the words of the question did not change, and though attorneys often times do make an Amicus Curiae Brief to support a point/defense/offence missed regarding the same syllable used by the original brief writer, the fact that a new question was formed though the words in the original question did not change could not ever be misinterpreted as plagiarism unless your a scandal. 

In that respect the same exact words, the same exact question is and are a different question now though the words did not change (it is the emphasis on what word or meaning was left out of the originally typed question via reading the answer that was lacking, the answer is the body of the brief.  The body of the Amicus Curiae is the new question just like the body of the original brief is the question. If you don't support a different and missed angle of the same words of the original question then it would just be a different type of brief, a rhetoric versus a support.  And this is what the ideology that the feds use in their use of our Servicing of our Credit, they act as though it is legal as if it is in support of something, but they have so many options with regards to entry warrants that you don't even get to know about, that it makes their "support" just rhetoric.

Rhetoric is intended to kill. 

The Credit Card Servicing Method of Human Trafficking is the same, in that your answering the same question over again for so many having missed the actual syllable at hand, the actual support.  The Federal commandeeres of your financial accounts are the traffickers? the answer is always yes, no matter how syllablic their "no" answer is explained so, in that respect these rapists are correct when they decry that no doesn't always mean no.



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