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The Victims of Immunity Foundation looks to offer a diverse range of opportunities to help the community address issues of abuse as to work toward eliminating it, and to reinstate victims Fundamental Rights back to them. 

Here Is What Victims of Immunity Need

  • Victims need to be believed.

  • Victims need authentic education opportunities, both in terms of formal education related to schooling but also in terms of education on how this stalking is facilitated. Sometimes it means education about their Rights, and sometimes it means education on the depth of the situation that is stalking them.

  • Victims need the community around them to be aware of this form of human trafficking and this form of rights abuse, so that it can be stopped.

  • Victims need a network of authentic legal assistance, rather than the current dynamic of human trafficking affiliated attorneys that seek out Victims as to keep them misrepresented.

  • Victims need a proper community response of protection from harm, sometimes that means shelter, food, or advocacy.

  • Victims need their Constitutional Rights, their Human Rights, and their Fundamental Rights to be reinstated, and this means that they need an authentic intermediary, or at least a witness, to help them make proper reports to Government Agency's about the Agency's immunity employees abuses that are being made, and that create a forfeiture of immunity.

  • Victims need meaningful rehabilitation and separation from trauma. Which means you have to keep rehabilitation away from trauma inductions made by traffickers/immunity holders that human traffick, it doesn’t mean have traffickers call victims crazy while you listen, see, watch, know as the governments type of rehabilitation is just a way of additional trafficking. No jail rehabilitation.

  • Victims need relief from stalking, harassing, micro-managing, and abusing.

  • Victims need a business plan to gain self sufficiency, relocate, and to start over, or sometimes just to stand their ground. Victims need economic opportunities of employment & education. Virtually all employment applications are filled out on line now a days, this makes if very easy for those that cyber stalk a Victim to prohibit & damage all employment opportunities a Victim seeks, as to keep the Victim financially vulnerable; Victims must become self sufficient as traffickers try to keep their Victims from sourcing employment through other traffickers that stalk & cyber stalk the Victims.

  • Victims need a creative and artistic outlet that is safe. Sometimes this means a church has a Friday night and a Saturday night singles service that doesn’t engage in trafficking with local bar owners.

  • Victims need you to care.

Small or large, your donation of time, items, or money will be rewarding and will help in bringing awareness to the community regarding severely oppressed Victims.

Your attention is the missing piece.


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