Commission COMMAND Method of Human Trafficking

Are you a Sales Person, have you been trafficked before, are you missitimng commissions.  You were likely hired to be trafficked again via hard to prove method of slave labor that comes complete with your minimum wage as your only actual wage but since your worked for commissions that your manager or coworkers intended to defraud you out of you were slave labored and the minimum wage was just a plausible deniability of slavery scam.  

Your not in command of your labor your only in command of your commissions and when they are take from you your now labor slaved, the wage on top of  the commissions are not plausible for keeping the idea alive that your not being slave labored.  But the wage is the thing that the traffickers of you and of your commissions, are using to stay out of jail for human trafficking. 

Attention Sales People, your commissions that are specially taken away from you make you a Victim of Slave Trade. You are a Victim of Human Trafficking especially provable if your selling something that has to be imported hear from other countries.  

The Victims of Immunity Foundation is hereby identifying the Commission Command Method of Human Trafficking.

You do not have to have been trafficked prior to your labor fruit (commissions) being manipulated away from you to be a Victim of the Commission Command Method of Human Trafficking however there is a high likelihood that if you had been Trafficked in the past any job you get will be infused by those who seek to have your hard labor keep you and your commissions going to someone other then yourself. 

When Founder Jessica Seymour worked for Ameriquest the term was called "Brokering A Deal" which was used for describing when an employee, manager, co-worker of yours taking one of your files, closing, papers, and transaction from you to secretly give to a Mortgage Broker.   Your hard work and securing of an deal was undercut at the last moment or even during Rescission time to have an undercut on the rate or fees made to the client via back soliciting of that client and it took a few people to achieve it, it was more than just a Racketeer, it was a Trafficking of you through taking of the labor pay out for the labor you did.  Minimum wage was the fall back if ever a Victim complained to the Corporate Offices in Orange County, but you knew you work and labor for the commission and closed deal not for pennies on the dollar. 

The way your handled when you fight for your commission tells you everything.

A Labor Trafficker named Paul Kruse decided that he would take the commission of a woman he hired just so that he could call her names when she asked him to add her actual sales too her commission totals, Paul Kruse would call her "crazy" while having another co-worker call her insane, and this labor trafficking ring would demand this sales woman to state what her customers bought in order to "prove" that she was the sales person they bought their items from. 

Demanding "proof" in order to straighten out your commission record is a sign your being human trafficked, labor trafficked in a very clever way, one where your making enough to want to keep your job but not making what your truly earning, all while the labor traffickers are steeling your closed sales to either add them to their record or take them to the person down the way to engage in some sort of money laundering scam. 

"Your crazy" and "the insanity must stop" are classic comments to make you second guess the fact that your labor is being trafficked, as if you making something negates the fact that your not making what you earned.  

When Paul Kruse and his affiliated Labor Trafficker Kit Dosner (who murdered his prior business partner) were abusing and steeling commissions from their Victim they labor trafficked, they used a third party to find the elements of "proof" that needed to be robbed from their Victim prior to having began calling their Victim "crazy" and prior to demanding her to issue "proof" that she closed the deals she said she didn't see on her sales records list. 

"Pay Day is never the same and you can't really know when your check is coming" is the answer that Labor Trafficker Paul Kruse engaged in stating to his Victim every time this person asked to know when the pay check would arrive, keeping this Victim from knowing when pay day is was a Labor Trafficking tactic and so was the tactic that the "minimum wage check comes first and then the bigger commission check comes weeks later" was the stalling tactic used by Labor Trafficker Paul Kruse to extend his ability to keep the laborer Victim closing more deals for him to rob, the Victims were lead to believe he was fixing their sales record while he allowed for a third party delivery employee to call into the store as if he were a buyer looking for a price from an item on the sales floor and when the Victim would go perform the sales price check the sales records the Victim kept would be lifted from the Victims desk, and instantly the specific clients sales record was deleted from the companies sales receipts and often times deleted from the Victims sales record to be deliberately placed under the identity of the company's DRW account as to keep from having to pay out commissions on a sale that was being used to launder money.  Had the sale & commission been placed under the businesses House account, this dependency is where the laundering can be proven, the difference between the Drawer (DRW) and the House is where the laundering is taken to the criminal level as the drawer should only have all cash pay outs in it so when your check and credit card purchases are put into the DRW where the cash only should be you can find your labor sales trafficking data.  

Another indication that your being Labor Trafficked for your commissions will be that your boss and your few employees will demand that you don't take a lunch.  You'll be controlled on the times you try to go to lunch and manipulated to be exploited if you need to go to lunch.  You will have no real breaks or lunch hour and it will be made known to you that this is normal, and that its because the owners have a policy of how many people must be on the floor at all times.  This was the experience Paul Kruse and Kit Dosner placed upon their Victim they hired with the intent to labor traffick and rob of closed and paid for sales transactions & commissions.  

One other thing to look for as a Victim of the Commission Command form of Human Trafficking Labor Trafficking is in the records of the past employees, if you have dead employees like what Kruse and Dosner have, you can find at least 3 to 4 weeks of the dead employees sales missing from the records which also implicates the Corporate Offices in the crime since it would be their lack of oversight of their murdered employee's final commissions that would be the trafficking of a person they stole from.  One member of The Kruse/Dosner Labor Trafficking ring used his time to poison another employee to keep sales records covered up, so murder and poison and loosing your legs is just a way that Paul Kruse, Kit Dosner, and Kahmal who is a Bosnian immigrant trafficking with Kruse, all keep their laundering from being place into public opinion, but Kruse's inability to keep receipts for proper accounting that the Owners seem to not care about shows the labor trafficking has become a international ran ring. For example, when Ameriquest Mortgage was allowing Mexican Americans to continue to managerialy run the offices that had the highest commission discrepancies even after they were caught at work in sex acts with other employees and rather transferred them closer to the San Diego Mexico Boarder and keeping them in management rather then just firing them, all while they somehow get someone to trafficker their top producer sales agent you can deduct that some sort of money laundering and commission trafficking was being made by brokering out the sales data to someone on the other side of the boarder to someone that had a very specific and ethnic/language trust factor involved.  This is likely how Jessica Seymour ended up with a client like JL Sirimane who was an terrorist listed in an September 11th Attack people of interest, these traffickers always seek to keep their crimes ushered to some Victim Sales Agent that they can gang up on and falsely implicate in a way that keeps the crimes from every being actualy investigated, just blame it all on the new person, like what Kruse, Dosner, and their Bosnian coworker all did to at least 8 Victims. 

More to come, page still under construction.