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Subject Matter Expert, and Founder, Jessica Seymour, has the unfortunate firsthand experience of what it is, and what it's like, to be victimized by someone’s immunity.   

Jessica found video cameras hidden all over her home and a subsequent law suit was filed to recover the damages caused by such an invasion.  On July 21 2010 an Answer To Complaint was filed in San Diego Superior Court by Dept. of Defense Employed Defendant Agent Robert Tartaro, in which he stated his Immunity as his defense for his horrific insidious acts.   After this filing compromised the trafficking ring that Agent Tartaro affilates with & abuses his "immunity" for, an even more horrific cover-up was engaged in by this ring of human traffickers, which caused Jessica to be targeted for attacks, targeted with a discrediting campaign, and targeted for the most inhumane of all Human Rights Violations of abduction & false imprisonment.    

Victims of Immunity Foundation was formed as a response to protect others that are targeted as well, and to inform non- victims of how much we need their proper community response to such atrocities…. Atrocities that constitute more than Fundamental Right violations, and more than Human Rights violations, as these crimes are akin to war crimes. Since this group of immunitied human traffickers go to war against the lives of their targets they are to be held to the standard of war crime tribunal where immunity should not be a cover.   

Jessica’s personal recovery from the abuse has engaged a platform of formal education, and of bringing awareness to this epidemic that certain corrupted immunitited persons are spreading across America.    

Accordingly, Jessica is halfway through her first Masters Degree Program with a Doctorate in mind, and is the author of the “Escala Series” of novels in which a portion of proceeds go to charities that further the aid of victims.   

The Escala Series of novels include “The Escala Circle” which is the name of the street Jessica was lured to buy a property on in the Escala Development located in San Diego, and it introduces you to the circle of persons who are targeting the main character who is based on Jessica’s experiences being targeted by corrupt Agents. 

The second novel is called “The Escala Way” which is also a name of a street in the Escala Development, and this novel now introduces you to the way that this corrupt group of people & Agents are targeting the main character and other women, through the abuses of the federal employments they sought out or had handed to them by their fathers who are well placed human trafficking federal agents, and this is when you begin to realize that this corrupt ring is generations old, and steeped in traditions of hate and misogyny.   

The third novel “Escape From Escala” details Jessica’s flee from the Escala cosseted human trafficker federal Agents, only to later find that her escape was coordinated by traffickers who placed her at a University only to manipulate her living with a documented murderer.  This is where the fourth novel starts.....  

The fourth novel is tentatively titled “Saving the Black Masked MessAnger". This is about a black masked crime performed in advance. 

In an amazing twist to the closing of this series one of the corrupt Agents unsuspectingly now becomes a hero, and a true life love story that started in the very first novel is now revealed when the Agent's guilt is..... get the book!   

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