In Response to the Slave Trade Funded Seattle Pacific University Campus Shooting,

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© Victims of Immunity Foundation

There Is a Second American Slave Trade That Needs To Be Eradicated

The Wrongness of Slavery Was Answered By Abolitionists

This Second American Slave Trade Will Be Answered By the

Second American Abolitionist Movement

Abolitionist2 … A Self Multiplying Abolitionism for a

Much Larger American Slave Trade Than The First One


Most Modern Slaves do not know they are being enslaved, sold, bred, and traded, and are systematically Handled to be kept confused as to the origin of all the ugliness that is being forced into their lives.   

In a Response to the Slave Trade Funded Seattle Pacific University Campus Shooting, the VOIF Presents the 

AbolitionistSquared Movement

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Lets End this second American Slave Trade

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Modern American Slavery is so Subversive That it Can be Forced on to Anyone, Even You.

Modern Slaves are Handled by Slave Traders as to be tricked into thinking that they are just having bad luck, or that there is something wrong with them, or that they are the reason for why they are having such ugly situations repeatedly happen to them.  These situations cause that unknowing Slave to have to be in ugly circumstances such as debt, loss, assault, poverty, abduction, systematic loss & sexual abuse, all of which is framed in a way as to make the Victim look like the one to blame.

Slave Traffickers are smart, tactile, and premeditate to the point where people start to think in similar ways about the Victims.  Slavery is slavery, but nobody wants to hold slaves the way they used to be held except for a very few that are protected by proximity to concealment.

To End the Second American Slave Trade that is being made through human trafficking, American’s need to know how Slaves are being made and used.  Current Slave Trade is engaged in through subversion of American Universities, Churches, Medical Communities, Courts & Legal Aid, Law Enforcement's & Jails, Military, Social Groups, and Federal Entities.

To Stop Slave Trade You Have to Be Able to Identify How Slaves Are Made, Handled, and Used


Federal Financial Aid Debt is at an all-time high, while many of those with the debt do not have the degrees to be able to command the income to pay back the debt.  The Students are being used by human traffickers that have gained jobs at Universities; Students are being used as a conduit by human traffickers that operate through Universities as to convert the Student’s financial aid awards to the traffickers suspiciously outrageous salaries & to the Universities “research” projects that are often times based around sex in some way.  The universities commingle the funds as to launder dirty human trafficking money that is “donated” or “granted” to the school.  Students are targeted by traffickers that have gained jobs at Universities, and the targeting includes routing students in to a school with the intention to prolong the time it takes to earn the degree, were as we have 4 year degrees now taking a targeted Student 7 and 8 years to earn increasing the students debt for a 4 year degree finally earned while double-tuitioning one student; Traffickers at schools have found a way to convert double the amount off of one conduit.  Worse is the tactic used of marketing to, and bringing in, students that a school never intends to ever award any degree to regardless of the students diligent earning of the degree, whereas we have students getting half way or most of the way through a program to then have some sort of issue created by the Human Traffickers that have gained jobs at the program as to force the targeted Student to have to transfer and only be able to take a few of the credits that have actually been achieved & financially charged for, all while that targeted Student is maneuvered to another Human Trafficker over-ran school that is intent to do the same thing to the Student as to convert double the amount of money out of one student who is systematically kept from earning the degree due to the organized nature of the human trafficker Slave Traders who have over-ran the education system.  This creates Indentured Servitude Slaves, and many of the Students targeted for this form of Slavery are sexually exploited and assaulted while being a student which is meant to traumatize the targeted students into sex slavery that is induced through trauma based control tactics of abuse & systematic sexual abuse such as rape is a war crime outlawed by the United Nations and by the Human Rights Declaration.  the return on investment is the faceted victim. The one who does not appear to be a traded slave.

Students can identify professors, faculty, boards, and other employees that are engaged in this, for example, many students complained to Penn State about Sandusky’s sex crimes and silent stayed the school, complicit stayed the school, this is a sign of human trafficking of Students made to create Slaves out of those targeted Students, Slaves that are controlled around through trauma induction, loss, assault, threats, and fear.  If you’re a Student and you find a Professor doing something bad, only to report it then be retaliated against, then this is a sign of a University being over ran by Human Traffickers and used to create Slaves out of Students.  If you’re at a University were an employee or faculty member is making an inexplicable salary like Strayer’s Robert Silberman’s $40 million a year salary, this is a sign of a University that is converting FAFSA funds to itself for laundering of dirty money through indebting the student in non-necessary ways and amounts usually with the intention of never giving that student the degree they earn so that this targeted student would have to transfer to another school they are maneuvered to where they have to start over surrendering all credit they have accrued, which allows these traffickers to use all of one persons FAFSA allotment which keeps that student from ever being able to afford graduate school or PhD, as all the total allotment one American is allowed is siphoned by the human traffickers at the schools in the undergraduate level often times .  If you’re at a University were Campus Security makes excuses for sexual harassment & sexual assault of you that you report, then you’re at a University that is actively engaged in creating Slaves.

For example, students can identify when a Board of Trustee's has had many opportunities to approach them at events that the student was invited to, like what Bill Cosby was doing at many of the Board of Trustee events he had access to through the numerous student centric Board of Trustees he was on.

**** Start a formal AbolitionistSquared Chapter or Student Group on your Campus****


When a church or religious affiliated anything is over ran by Human Trafficker you will usually find that traffickers posing as clergy & posing as church members are actively harming children that are intended to be enslaved for the rest of that child’s life.  Trauma based control tactics are inflicted onto children as to make them easier to control when they grow into adults, and it is through the induction of trauma tactics that are used to get a human to disassociate from an act that they don’t want to have anything to do with but that they are being maneuvered & forced into having to engage in, such as a rape that they don’t even fight or report due to the sexual trauma tactics oppressed on them when they were just children at church.  It is about arresting the development of a child’s mind by trauma infliction so that when that child grows up they have no adult development for stopping the same type of trauma when they experience it as an adult, due to how their brains development in that particular scenario was made arrested systematically through trauma induction.  It is what Joseph Kony was doing to the nearly 30,000 children he abducted through his LRA in Uganda, and it is a form of selling child rape through churches, made with the intent to enslave those children when they are adults as well.  Most of these type of Victims are also bred and the same is done to their children. 

****Report all sexual assault of your kids or of yourself made by clergy, or by church goers, to multiple Authorities, not just to clergy, and never not report to Law Enforcement****

****Start an AbolitionistSquared focused prayer & awareness group for Abolitionists at your Church or Religious Group****

Medical Community:

The use of doctors, both medial doctors & psychiatric doctors for Medical Torture is a long established issue that is outlawed globally, however that does not matter to human traffickers who seek to gain medical, dental, psychiatric, and nursing jobs.  The industries that support medical professionals such as medical device sales & medical office administration jobs, are also commandeered by human traffickers who seek to enslave victims through abuse & who seek to gain access to children for torture induction explained away to the parent as some sort of treatment.  Slavery is easier to do to an individual who has been psychologically abused by an advanced abuser such as a medically trained human trafficker, and when it comes to doctors their perceived credibility is used against the Slaves they seek to create should that Slave try to escape and should a slave try to report crime being conducted such as rape.  The Medical Community has access to drugs as well as the ability to get a person to think they need a drug for a “diagnosis”, and drugging a Slave is a way of more easily selling & controlling a Slave. 

**Medical Oversight Boards must start monthly screening for Human Trafficking Medical Practices & revoking licenses**

Courts & Legal Aid:

All the job positions that are found inside a court house are targeted by human traffickers.  This is because a court house judgment can be used to convert human trafficking dirty money in a way that looks legitimate, Victims of this form of Slavery often times have all the property they have earned converted away from them by human trafficking judges that are working in collusion with the traffickers who are forcing the Slave into the courts.  Other times a Slave can be maliciously wrongly designated as “crazy” through the human traffickers working at the courts and human traffickers engage in this against their targeted Victim so that no one will believe her/him if that Slave ever reports the crimes that have been made against her to force and keep her enslaved and controlled, this also allows for malicious false imprisonment & drugging of a Slave so that he or she may be sold around to degenerates through the falsely gained mug shot scam that is made against the Victim, and this scam is widely used by human traffickers that are affiliated to terroristing events that they engage in as to grow their black market's sales, see, human trafficking Slave Trade has around a 93% correlation to gun traffickers, and Trafficker Slave Traders seek to perpetuate their businesses just like white market businesses, when a terroristing event is engaged in by Slave Trade Traffickers is is usually based around policy changes that will allow their black markets to grow, and you need lawyers & judges for policy changes; these policy change based "terrorist event" that Slave Trader Traffickers engage in are made as to inflict mass large scale trauma as to get a majority of people tricked into voting for or allowing or wanting the policy change, and it is a horrible tactic that uses judges in horrible ways against targeted Victims targeted for Slavery.  Other times a Slave can be made to look discredited and falsely arrested and imprisoned through TRO scams being conducted in the courts by human trafficking judges, clerks, and bailiff’s.  The worst part of the Court and Legal Aid form of Slavery & Slave Trade is the way courts are used to source, and gain custody of children that are intended to be turned into slaves through the foster care system, ward of the court system, juvenile detention system, and through custody awarding to a human trafficking parent made by damaging the other parent in the court…. The other parent is usually a victim of Slavery as well and was bred with the intent to have that child taken away from her/him as to be forced into slavery by the custody holder.

****States need to engage in automatic and complete Forfeiture of Immunity against any human trafficking and slave trading, slave creating person that had gained any job at any court or Legal Support entity****

****State Bar Licenses need to be revoked from any attorney that is caught in facilitating Slavery through abuse of Court Processes.  State Bar Licensors need to engage in monthly screening for Human Trafficking & Slave Trade activity being conducted by attorney’s and or allowed to be conducted through law firms****

***Commissions on Judicial Performance need to be monitored as they engage in furtherance of Human Trafficking Slave Trade made by judges.  CJP's also need to be forced to make automatic forfeiture of immunity based on screening criteria, all data about complaints about judges needs to be made public so that the CJP's have to stop covering up the crimes against humanity that judges & courts engage in as if immunity is not forfeit-able when it is. 

 Law Enforcement's & Jails

Slave trades first front to crating and or even intercepting an escaped Slave, who has gotten away from any of the rings of controls used in this Slave Trade, is to have human traffickers get jobs at the police, sheriff, and highway patrol.  A Slave that is reporting being raped can have her/his rape report intercepted by a well-placed human trafficker with in the police or sheriff departments, who will make sure that the rapist is protected while making the Victim Slave look and sound any way that aides the rapist.  This is part of the Rape for Profit Method of Slavery and Human Trafficking which is a trauma induction made on an unsuspecting targeted person that is being forced into Slavery through assault that America’s Slave Traders actively engage in against women that are looked at as profitable.  Often times hidden cameras will be placed in a targets home as to sell her through, and if she ever finds the cameras then it is explained away by corrupt law enforcement that cover up their crime by acting as though the cameras are some form of an investigation when they are not, and some fake concocted investigation made for Trafficking is what "Fast and Furious" perfected for gun traffickers, and you already know about the 93% correlation that gun trafficking & human trafficking slavery have to each other.  This type of Slavery Through Fake Investigation is regularly ran through the phony investigations that law enforcement create as a cover for their human trafficking Slave Trade & these phony investigations are ways of putting an invisible leash around a large group of Slaves that get controlled around and abused through all the things that an “investigation” affords to a Slave Trader Cop & Sheriff.  Numerous other tactics and techniques are used for Slavery through law enforcement including but not limited to the maneuvering of an unsuspecting unknowing Slave into a jail through many methods including drugging of that Slave’s drink or food while he or she is out in public.  The Slave is robbed and made to look like a "drunk" then she is sold around to a certain set of buyers’ through her erroneously gained mug shot.  Slavery of a woman who has had a mug shot scam engaged in against her with and through human trafficking Slave Trader’s at the Sheriff’s & Police Departmentsis a particularly effective form of Slave Creation as the men who buy the Slave through the Mug Shot Scam intend to use that mug shot as leverage to force the Victim out of reporting the abuse/rape he intends to make against her, as well the mug shot is used by the Slave Trade Ring as a tool of torture and control where knowledge of it is used by men that the Slave never told such data too, and this is a psychological trauma induction made to get the Slave to feel like she has no control and like someone is so powerfully all knowing that they must really be able to hurt her if she does not comply with his demands, requests, and insinuations.

****Law Enforcement terms need to be capped and no traffickers need to be using their position for 35 years without ever being screened for human trafficking Slavery involvement****

****States need to start mandating standards for who a "private investigation" company hires.  Private Investigation companies in many states don't have formal registration for who thy hire, so any criminal rapist human trafficking slave trader can gain the invisible leash around a targeted Victim that police & sheriff's, lawyers, and FBI trafficker's outsource to the "Private Investigator" human traffickers in their ring. States need to have to license all "investigators" & "employee" hired by Private Investigation companies.**** 

****All law enforcement Counsel such as a City Attorney or a County Attorney, or a State Attorney need to be mandated to be keeping the public safe as a precedent above defending the crimes that a Cop or Sheriff or Judge engage in and get reported as being engaged in.  If your a public servant who is abusing your post to harm the public in any way, then your crimes are not to be perpetuated by defense made by attorneys in on the outrageous machine of human trafficking that law enforcement's have let them selves become.  A trafficking cop or sheriff needs to be held accountable for their crimes not defended by City & County & State Attorneys so that the cop & sheriff can just become emboldened to go make more Victims.  A public servants "right" to defense is less than the right the public has for not being abused by them ****

***An Abolitionist Awareness Course needs to be mandated for all Law Enforcement to have to complete yearly***

Military & its Subcontractors:

An outrageous amount of Slavery and money laundering is engaged through the military.  From the Military’s use of technology, national defense contracts, international movement across borders, and culture of “do what your told” & “retaliation for whistleblowing”.  Human Traffickers exploit of America’s military platform for laundering and for Slave creation & sales is a national tragedy, even at ports our military go to Slavery is set up by Military Higher-up's for the enlisted men to use, and the higher-up's just tell the enlisted military men to use protection while in port.  Slavery funneled through military platforms are often times an Alternate Jurisdiction Seeking Cover for Slavery as to gain slave trade in a way that it can have the appearance of not being illegal.  Secret Subcontractor deals especially when subcontracted secretly for the military or any Dod or Defense entity have to be investigated automatically at different intervals of the effects the secret contracts have had on women. For instance, was a secret government contract used to build a housing complexes such as Escala in San Diego a reason in any form as to why women were victimized in there and in the corresponding apartment complexes after being lured to buy in the area, live in the area, or visit in the area; was the ratio of public sales and occupancy that was contracted to be fit in with the developments secretly contracted military housing ratios causing damages to the women of the public that were being allowed into the secretly contracted development; violations of the Tucker Act are masked and hidden by the subcontractor form of human trafficking that is engaged in by the military.  Deliberate and "accidental"  damages and violations of the Tucker Act are being unbrought in court because of military and subcontract abuse that is made with the intent to harm women all while a large group around the woman is already there to make her seem to be the blame taker for the ugly things that are done to her.  This form of human trafficking is human trafficking because it always involves rape, rape attempt, "study" of controlling Victims, and use of judges for protection of the secret contract.

****A total and complete overhaul of the Military culture’s prospective on women, children, “national security”, sex, rape, “prostitution”, and revenge is absolutely necessary, and it must be made from a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ANY FORM OF SLAVERY platform that teaches all the ways that Slavery is made so thatmilitary professionals cannot become incrementally indoctrinated into committing Slavery through their posts.  The Military also needs to engage in screening that keeps Human Trafficker Slave Traders from gaining entry into our American military components****

Alternate Jurisdictions and Social Groups:  

Global reach held by many social groups is a way of keeping an unknowing Slave targeted no matter were he or she goes as to try to escape the “bad luck” and “ugliness” that has been plaguing her; social groups can divert any safety seeking that an unknowing Slave tries to enact by relocation.  It has become clear that Sovereign Jurisdictions such as Indian Reservations, and even the Sovereign Jurisdictions of "Virtual Countries" such as a the Papal, and the Order of Malta's Virtual Country Sovereign Jurisdiction of a "place" that acts like a country but that has no citizens or actual land mass that produces anything, happens to actually rather just be a Social Group akin to other social groups like the Free and Accepted Masons, the Shriners, H+, Jesuites, etc.  All these social groups are targeted by, and often times set up by, human traffickers looking to run Slavery of unsuspecting targeted Americans through the group dynamic of compliance, ladder climbing, oath taking, and quid pro quo.  Even a social group that is set up to “make your dreams come true” is a way of getting persons who want their "dreams to be fulfilled" engaged in handling around Slaves with the expectation that such an act will mean that they will next be able to have their dream fulfilled, if they just do and say what they are told to do and say.  Even a sports group or mixed martial arts fighting group can be a source of recruitment of Slave Handler's & Slave Breeders who get trained by Slave Traffickers on how to stalk and approach a targeted Slave as to inflict harm on her.  

****Social Groups need to be given Abolitionist Awareness and mandated to adopt Anti Slavery Compliance in order to charter, raise money, get tax protection, and in order to be granted any sovereign jurisdiction and immunity, then they all need to be regularly monitored for compliance.****

***American Indian Reservations need to charter Abolition Mandates as to force the human traffickers at DoJ to stop exploiting their Reservations Sovereign Jurisdiction as to run crime through.  The DoJ has to get rid of its Human Trafficking employees as to start to give meaningful protection to Indian Reservation Children, Women and Men, and Indian Nations need to start an Abolitionist Mandate to hold the DoJ accountable***

Federal & State Entities:

Federal & State Entities are egregiously targeted by human trafficker’s who seek positions that give them power, access, a large budget, and immunity for running their Slave Trade through while laundering its dirty money through the awarding of contracts for building, securing, researching, law enforcing, etc. that Federal & State Entities are tasked with setting up, running, and monitoring.  Entities such as Intelligence and IT entities are large scale Control of Slaves platforms that need to be rigorously monitored and held to transparency as the overly secret, dark, and muddy culture of entities such as the NSA lead to horrific amounts of Slavery of American’s through the negligence of not making these entities accountable for their acts.  The lack of education and outside screening of Federal and State entities for being used by Slave Trader Human Traffickers to conceal Slavery acts is an American Tragedy, and even the White House, Senate, the State Department, and Congress can be used to Slave trade unsuspecting American women and children through if Human Trafficking, Gun Trafficking, or Drug Trafficking markets support a candidate. 

***Abolitionist Monitoring for Slavery ran through Immunity, and National Protection designations need to be a once a month monitoring made by Citizen Abolitionist Specialists & Subject Matter Experts as it has become clear that dark psychology induced Slavery made to look like needed protection, such as the 1970’s outlawed MKULTRA, is alive and well and still being practiced by out of control Federal and State entities that human trafficker Slave Traders have gotten jobs at***

****Classified Documents need to be unclassified much sooner then turning 75 years old****



To Self-Multiply, you Abolitionist's have to Jump This Awareness on multiple levels.

You have to stand up to Slaver’s Oppression, you have to tactfully inform Slaves of the Slavery that might be stalking them whenever you come across a Victim that is likely being systematically enslaved, and you have to make Aware others as to compel them to also become Abolitionist’s.

You have to have materials for awareness, and you have to financially hold up this campaign as it cannot be engaged in without a commitment of time, funding, love, and abhor of Slavery, Enslavement, and Sex Abuse.


End This Second American Slave Trade

Modern Slaves do not know that they are being enslaved, sold, bred, and traded. 

 Modern Slaves need You as they are being broadsided their entire life and kept in the dark about how systematically they are attacked, and how micromanaged into harm they are kept, all while a machine of Traffickers engage in diverting the Slave from trying to figure out the source of the oppression and control that is causing the Slave so much ugliness. 

 Modern Day Slaves need You because they cannot defend themselves and many Slaves are attacked in the womb, they are being attacked before even being born, and once born they are having their innocence, virginity, reputation, and psychological stability offered up for a price all while they are blamed for the abuse the slave-buyer paid to be able to inflict on them with a guarantee made to the the slave-buyer's that they would never be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Modern Day Slaves need You and we all stay safe when You use awareness to protect a Victims fight for freedom from Slavery. You can keep Slavery Victims from being used as the blame takers for the terrible crimes that Slave Trader Human Traffickers engage in as their business model & marketing model used to grow their black markets of trafficking through policy control's and legal loopholes that allow black markets of trafficking and Slave Trade to proliferate. 

Because Human Trafficking Slave Traders are terrorists that only love money, control, and abusing innocents, Modern Slaves need You & your awareness to Abolish this subversion of America made by Slaver's who have created & systematically grown this Second American Slave Trade.

Become an AbolitionistSquared and help stop the next scripted shooting made blamed on some controlled around slave, made orchestrated for expansion of black market human, gun & drug trafficking, engaged in by trauma forced policy, by human traffickers all that use Slave Victims for labor & for they use Slave Victims for sociopathic gratification that they should be behind bars for not stopping them selves from engaging in.  

Slavery in America, it's tactics of endebting & terrorizing students, and its platforms of faux created terrorizing events engaged in by Human Traffickers to facilitate large scale control and policy creation that helps to facilitate Slave Trade Growth has in the last 5 years proliferated to the measure that it has now demanded an equal and opposite response of the AbolitionistSquared Movement.

Multiply Your Awareness by Your Awareness Exponentially and Jump this Movement! 

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