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Paul Lee & Ramona Brandes

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Victims of Immunity

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Victims of Immunity is a foundation open for acceptance of donations founded in 2012 as a response to the trafficking performed by Joseph Kony's guerrilla soldier Charlotte Awino on the SPU (Seattle Pacific University) Campus in the area of Queen Anne Hill and in the home owned by SPU Professor Ruth Edigar. The human trafficking that Awino was performing was made against Jessica Seymour.

Victims of Immunity is a non profit foundation created as a response to the fact that the Joseph Kony trafficker Charlotte Awino had threatened to Jessica Seymour that there would be a campus shooting and that it would be blamed on Jessica Seymour.

The Victims of Immunity Foundation states that Victims of Immunity are people who are being trafficked through someones immunity that is given to them by their job. Charlotte Awino was part of an experiment to traffick three people, Ms. Jessica Seymour was the first she trafficked in that experiment.

The experiment that SPU & Charlotte Awino are a part of conducting was a research experiment that used uninformed human test subjects.

In 2012 Awino informed Jessica Seymour that her home would be interrupted, her family would be killed in front of her, and then she would be placed on the SPU campus to be made to be blamed for a campus shooting.  In 2014 the campus shooting occurred though Jessica Seymour had prior in 2012 moved back to her home in San Diego located in the Escala development of Mission Valley San Diego California.  When the shooting happened Jessica Seymour was on the beach in Mission Beach San Diego when a man kicked sand on Jessica Seymour assaulting Jessica Seymour while she sun bathed in her bikini; the male perpetrator had a camera implanted into his cane he used to walk with though he was later apprehended by the Life Guards riding his bike on the boardwalk. The San Diego Police Department of Bird Rock (La Jolla) responded to the assault crime to arrest the man who timed his assault to be made when the SPU Shooting was taking place and the San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis never once asked Jessica Seymour to testify against the man that timed his assault to be made when the SPU shooting was being made.

The Shooter was identified as Aaron Ybarra, who had a Seattle Public Defender named Ramona Brandes.  Brandes had been timely contacted & had been given faxed paperwork regarding the deposition necessary for a fair trial related to the campus shooting threat that Charlotte Awino made to Jessica Seymour in 2012, but the Public Defender's office and attorney Ramona Brandes failed to depose Awino or Seymour in lieu of a man on mentally altering drugs saying that he is guilty. Soon after the shooting Aaron Ybarra stated that he did not know how he got to the campus that day.

In 2011 Jessica Seymour had been deliberately falsified as "crazy" by the San Diego Police Department in cover up of the crimes that Sheriff Bill Gores "Operation Shadowbox" had been committing in collusion with state and federal Agents.  When Jessica Seymour found small and numbered cameras hidden all over her home with some of them hard wired in to her electric wiring, she reported these criminally installed hidden cameras she found, she was then maliciously falsified as a "crazy" person by the San Diego Police Department's attorney [ the City Attorney's Office of San Diego] prior to her being ushered out of San Diego by the acts of federally employed investigators who had traumatized Linda Haygood into a relationship with a human trafficker named James Shelton. This was especially toxic of the City of San Diego since Police Officer Pino-Jarvis knew why she was called to help assist Robert Tartaro remove a portion of the hidden camera equipment that had been found while Ms. Seymour was made to stay in her own room by a different San Diego Police Officer; Ms. Seymour only saw Officer Pino Jarvise leaving her home with much of the camera equipment because of how she disobeyed Pino Jarvise's team mate Officer that was trying to force Ms. Seymour to stay in her room on the day that the hidden cameras were reported to the law enforcement agency of the SDPD.  The SDPD actual conspired to remove evidentiary property from Ms. Seymour and from her home immediately upon Ms. Seymour's reporting of a crime.   After escaping further false imprisonment scams of the San Diego Police Departments, Seymour was able to try to source safety by relocating to Seattle but those hopes were a controlled ambush whereas Ms. Seymour's move was primarily sponsored by a trafficker who had paid money for Jessica Seymour to be place in the Seattle area; a trafficker named James Shelton had played a game online with Linda Haygood who had wanted to relocate Jessica Seymour away from the San Diego Law Enforcement & support staff's abuses.  James Shelton was actually a convicted rapeist murderer who found Linda Haygood online because he was paid to do such and he was paid by a team of computer hackers that associated with a man named "Robert Tartaro".   The funds sourced through James Shelton's stalking of Linda Haygood for bringing Jessica Seymour to supposed safety were an aid made that linked Jessica Seymour to the Seattle Pacific Universities approval of Ms. Seymour into their Graduate School.  Ms. Seymour's acceptance into the prestigious MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program at Seattle Pacific University had played a role in SPU's designed campus shooting event, that later transpired in 2014, when there was a threat made by the team-mate's of a man named David Wetzel.

David Wetzel had stormed the SPU campus in 2012 to harass, terrorize, and role play against Jessica Seymour while she was in her Finance Course on campus. These events were related to and reported to Seattle Police Department Officers in 2012, but a Seattle Police Officer named Dorian D. Oreiro made light of the reports and threatened Jessica Seymour with the term of being called crazy; this threat was captured in audio recording of the report and a copy of the audio recording along with a complaint was lodged with the Seattle Police Department's Internal Affairs Department.

In the SPU shooting [ ] a man named Aaron Ybarra was made to take the blame of the campus shooting event that Charlotte Awino had described to Jessica Seymour about 2 years earlier. A person claiming to be a student was murdered, he went by the name Paul Lee. His status as a student had been unverified by legal teams. He has since been verified as an under cover federal agent. His autopsy stated a wound to the head though first hand accounts state that the Victim was shot from the front around the chest.

In between Jessica Seymour leaving SPU in early 2012 & the 2014 shooting on the SPU campus having transpired,  a different school shooting transpired in Sandy Hook Connecticut on Jessica Seymour's birthday of December 14th; the morning of that Sandy Hook shooting a man named David Hildebrand who was an undercover agent trying to traffick Jessica Seymour for his affiliates in the Army Rangers, had opened up the door to Jessica Seymour's home when she was in her room sleeping though her doors were locked. Hildebrand had never been given a key to Jessica Seymour's home and he entered her locked home by use of the key that he used when he entered her home before when she was away from her home conducting business.  Hildebrand had the key made for him by one of the local lock smiths that assist the trafficking ring that trafficks in the Mission Valley area of San Diego California.  Hildebrand had also been somehow able to walk in to a computer lab that Jessica Seymour was in right after a San Diego Policeman had walked into the same computer lab.  Hildebrand demanded that Jessica Seymour step outside to talk to him.  Jessica Seymour was unaware that he was an undercover agent seeking to human traffick her but later found disturbing information that proves such. 

Victims of Immunity is a foundation [ ] that gives community awareness, self help for Victims, Expert Witness Services, and a Dictionary of VOI terms and insight. Immunity abuse is prolific within the black market of slavery. A working legal definition of Human Trafficking is located in the VOI's website with in the VOI Dictionary.

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