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““None stir the second time-
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye””
— Emily Dickinson

It all started when…

It always starts with who, and why.   Because The Gods are at War I am in the Senate.

Patrick, you’re the only one.

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7/22/18  If You Wanna Find God With Me I can Show You What It's Like

Its Sunday.  I've been kept from church in so many ways. Even Hilsableck made sure to make sure that me going to church would be some arrest, hmmm.  I'm not about to see your way and if you wanna find God with me, I can show you what it's like""""

Tell your children not to walk my words
Tell your children not to say my  play
What they mean
What they say

Yeah, can you keep them out of church for life
Can you hide them from the wait
Oh mother

I'm gonna take your daughter  out to dinner with you
I'm gonna let you show her my game

Oh father

Not about to see your light
But if you wanna find God with me
God can show you what it is, what it means what it says
Till you're ..... 

Not about to see your light
And if you wanna find God with me
I can show you where he is.

Tell your children not to use my name
Tell your children how to refrain Oh mother

Do you wanna Rock Out with me
Do you wanna ever See
Oh father

Not about to see your light
And if you wanna find god with me
I can show you where he lives
He'll send you off .....

Not about to see your light
And if you wanna find God with me
I can show you how he is

Not about to see your light
But if you wanna find god with me
I can show you what he eats.
Till you're bleeding

Not about to see your light
And if you wanna find hell with me
I can show you what he See's.""""



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7/21/18  If the one and only can change from a  fawn to a dear…

If the only one can change from a Martin to a Vaughn then I can change this:

One of these Pharisees spoke up, saying to Jesus:

"Rabbi, we know that what you speak and teach is sound; you pay deference to no one, but teach in all honesty the way not.

"Give us your ruling on this: Are we or are we not permitted to pay taxes to the Roman Emperor?"

Jesus, say the Gospels, saw through their trick and said to them, "Show me all the coins in your pocket."

When they dug them out for him, no doubt happy to hear from him, he asked them: "Whose gave you all those roman shecks, thos golden coins are not in this area, you go from me now."

Let us pause again for a moment. What was the "trick"? The areas coins had Caesars image on them, with the inscription "Divus" — "God." To the Jews, treating an emperor as a God was idolatry. So just using the coin itself might constitute idolatry in Jewish law, and thus be forbidden. To use the coin to pay taxes to this same Caesar still worse! But by Roman law the taxes must be paid.

So the "trick" was that by answering one way, Jesus would break Jewish law; by answering the other way, he would break Roman law. Either way, he would in their minds be subject to false arrest. And their minds are dangerous.

But the Rabbi they asked so such known as Jesus had not quite answered, instead, he had answered the question with a questioncommand: "Whose gave you those roman shecks, thos golden coins are not from this area, you go from me now."

Says the lore, this is an old Jewish habit. As it is taught, "Why does a Jew answer a question with a question?" Answer: "Why not?" but the truth is that a jew answers a question with a loss of appetite. Oh. Now I see how a fawn is not a martin.

According to Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus answered: "thou shall not speak to me”

The man who had challenged him answered not apeep, they ran from me.

And then the Rabbi known as Jesus didn’t respond to them only commanded them to leave.

This answer, say Matthew, Mark, and Luke, took his opponents by surprise, and they went for a dead carrion.

And so on and so forth. 

Since I was stalked for a traffick ticket in collusion with Stephanie Clifford being stalked for some ticket stickit this month while she “worked” I will give you the one thing you never thought your gonna get, I’ll give you god.

Accordingly, here is what was just filed in court:

1)      I was not read any necessary items but have been questioned & interrogated relentlessly over Lisbeth’s need to say I drive, and there is no sufficient evidence to show that I committed the crime I stand accused of and there is only a prejudgment made about me by use of a document a cop got from a Business Entity without any subpoena for such; and on 7/16/18 even the Police Chief questioned me and allowed for an Officer to also question me repeatedly about things they intended to incriminate me with no matter how many times I tried to tell the Chief to stop he wouldn’t and just kept telling me that he won’t be nice to me if I don’t do what he wants me to do, and he was also telling me this with threats of not giving me access to my house key, mail key, and private data he wanted me to spill out of my purses even though my bags had already been Rifled through (God is the NRA) searched and seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment, everything gained by ** and his Attorneys has been gained in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S.C., all while I qualify for a public defender but won’t be able to have one?  I’m being bated and abused into having to answer all sorts of questions all the time without ever being able to speak to the appointed counsel I am authorized to receive via statute/code etc regarding my lack of poverty threshold disqualification, which is also a Procedural Issue, talking to a judge before a state has a Public Defender screen each accused person is a procedural error also that tends to allow for innocent people to be persuaded into saying their guilty. I was questioned relentlessly badgered me and harassed me and interrogated me about guns and he badgered me he said paranoid statements to me of “you can shoot a gun can’t you”.  The arresting officer was only interested in harming me due to his own paranoid and delusional and premeditated reasons, and this was not lawful and there was no lawful traffick stop, nor was there any lawful “phone call complaint” to police.  I have been questioned and interrogated and even abused for not speaking when such tactics get used,and this was even engaged in by law enforcement after I informed their counsel and the Judge. I was questioned by a Judge when I did not have counsel to speak to nor any proper avenue to contact any Public Defenders Office (See where Im at the morons here pretend like traffick law is some sort of real big issue, like they see it as their only way).  I was stalked as a part of this a man who identified himself to me as Rick tormented me and accused me of “looking in church windows” which is a Non-crime, police are not supposed to treat Non-crime with any sort of investigating their just supposed to tell those that abuse police report lines that the abuse of police reporting is felonious.  It was terrifying for a person with a gun in his holster to be intimidating me and stalking me for a Non-crime.

2)      At the restaurant where Rick stalked me at, I was asked repeatedly about non crime issues like I was under arrest. This is a form of conduct that is unlawful as it infringes upon certain U.S.C. codes.

3)      Any Police Department that would field a call for a Non Crime would have a duty to tell the informant that there is no crime involved and that the complaint is not necessary.  This police department went on a field trip trying to get any data unlawfully that they could for a Non-crime related phone call about me that they had their own friend make and lie to them with.  This is outside the scope of Policing.

4)      Rick left the restaurant after I asked him if I need an attorney and told me that he’s gonna get me.  His conduct was outside the scope of reason and of proper police protocol, but he left to go to the friends of his at the ** office and he gained a copy of my private account data with no subpoena for them to release the data, no subpoena for them to release the data, and with no due cause for his desire to know where I lived, there was no crime he witnessed or was informed of and there was no traffick stop that gave any legal means for Rick to be going to the office of the ** to get himself any data he could find regarding me my privacy is not a game. 

5)      Rick approached me after stalking me where I live and Rick came up to me with the print out from the **.  Rick had been stalking me at my private residence.  There was no sting, no legal right for surveillance, no crime to be investigating for the use of my private residence information he gained unlawfully to be getting gained/used/proliferated.  It is a violation of law to use your job as a cop to gain data unlawfully for the intent to place a person **** from friends related to Non-crimes that any police department has a duty to not allow, you can’t start reporting non crimes then investigating people for the Non- crime you reported or had your friend report; a police department has a duty to investigate those that call in to make false reports and a report of a Non-crime is a Red Flag that someone is intent to bring trumped up criminal harm to a Non-criminal, and to make a Non-criminal appear to be a criminal.  You can’t just decide you don’t want a person in your town then stalk them through police employed persons, nor can a police employee lawfully use his status to get documents from the ** for non-crime related matters.  I get the feeling this has been done a few times due to the proximity of the Chiefs use of ** which should be housed separately from police interference and entanglement.  I get the feeling many people have been personally invaded this way unlawfully by the way the Chief acted about my complaint I made regarding the acts of Rick who said to me that he needs to harm me since his son is in danger, and Rick is a clear threat to the public safety the things he engages in that bring him such danger that he needs to accuse innocent people of things he has friends cooberate with him.

6)      This ticket is due for dismissal since the arresting officer also failed to sign the ticket. I have a traffick citation made under traffick law that is unenforceable. My copy of my ticket was given to me without any lawful enforceable signature but a forgery was engaged in by the police department as if a signature by an issuing officer to the person being given the ticket in not a plausible denial of the enforceability of the ticket (though it is).  Rick had engaged in making a false claim against me with his friend who he had call the police department with a Non-crime report of someone looking in church windows.  Rick then engaged in deceit, fraud, unlawful use of his post at some ** Company, the interjection of the county into Ricks stalking of me was malicious and when a deputy who told me his name is Jesse pulled out his private audio recorder he had hidden in his shirt, Jesse informed me that the tactic was used because he and his Boss want me to “shut up”.

7)      This ticket is due for dismissal since the officer changed the infraction after the fact and the unsigned ticket has nothing of the mention on it regarding any form of a second offence of violation of law.  Accusing a person after the arrest of things they didn’t even do in the first place is a scam so acting as though the ticket is now changed when it was never signed to begin with infringes upon a persons rights, and would only be part of using data gained from the forbidden tree.

8)      Forbidden Tree Legal Doctrine is the doctrine that a prosecutor can’t use unlawfully gained data for anything.  Unclean and tampered with data, evidence, etc. is inadmissible in court and can’t be used to prosecute; all data about me was gained through unlawful stalking that was performed with the intent to engage in unlawful conduct against me, all ticket data was used to conduct unlawful acts against me including use of tactics only acceptable **.  I could literally make any admission of any crime right now and how it pertains to this thicket and it would never be admissible, it would always be fruit from the forbidden tree.  This is deliberate on the part of the Police Department, if it were not, then the Chief would not have engaged in any tactics related to investigating that he did engage in against me on 7/16/18.  You can’t gain dirty, the gaining of my private data from ** is dirty.  The gaining of the stalking of me with the intent to be explained away as if a person just called in about a non crime as if that is due cause to stalk me at a restaurant, at a **, at a residence address is unclean.   I have a fundamental right to privacy protected by the U.S.C codes that state that I have a “right to be let alone”, and ever since H**’s employed police employees forced me to stay in a home that had a gas leak while they played games through their status as a police department, all while failing to get me to the hospital, yes ever since that, I have been relentlessly stalked by all of H**’s far reach, including to try to discredit me for having reported the gassing as an organized crime that was made at me where negligence of the law enforcement after hours phone line H** uses would be the Least of the Crime, yes where Negligence would be the best case scenario and where organized gassing of a person would be the other end of the spectrum, having related data about the gassing lead me to report the crime as not just a negligence of the police who maintain H**’s phone line and who stalked me, harassed me, terrorized me, stalked me when I would leave the house; I reported the gassing as a deliberately made abuse of me due to the way the people who I didn’t know were trained first responders had repeatedly tried to keep me in the gas, get me to go back into the gas after I fled the gas, and how they refused to issue even a phone call to an emergency response like an ambulance, I was taken to the hospital by a retired EMT from around the way, and ever since H** found out that someone took me to the emergency room after they gassed me, I have been getting retaliated against by local unlawfully acting police who don’t even tell you their police. Yes this is what is called an Unlawful Police Vendetta; Law Enforcement have been stalking me in collusion with a place called H** that has the audacity to employ police with second and part time jobs so that police employees can start to do whatever they want to already Victimized women while failing to inform the women that they are actually talking to police and coworkers of police.  I have been stalked by law enforcement since being at H** who also terrorized me with “driving” as a way to keep me under their control and they terrorized me about having reported to law enforcement the gassing of me that they facilitated and arraigned.  I was abused by H** Employees so that I would not report further the Human Trafficking crimes I made them aware of.  H** did nothing to help me other then commandeer me in an effort to defraud me of a phone I had a text message on from a womanm named Macy Alden who was intent to engage in baby trafficking as per the text message she sent me and H** repeatedly tried to get me to give my phone to a man for him to reset it and erase the text.  H** Employees have repeatedly tried to force me into an unlawful “research project” that they had me be solicited for by P**.  The research project is about abusing a woman sexually, also known as organized human trafficking.  I am an expert on the subject matter. I can recognize the subject matter.  I am a tolerant person but Peggy Triggs has a manager that is telling her what to say as if it is ok to use unlawful tactics, deceit with the intent to cause bodily harm, unlawful methods, and abuse upon Uninformed Human Test Subjects; the office that P** works with is set up to intercept and bring harm to unsuspecting women and H** referred me to P**, who tried to call me horrible things as if I was just getting assistance from a “Life Coach” when the reality is that this “Life Coach” was actually trying to engage in misconduct related to her healthcare status, she was not a “Life Coach” as according to P**, but it was rather a conspired event for trying to get a 2 to 3 hour forensic assessment of me for H** to use to try to discredit me upon my informing of law enforcement that H** was responsible for gassing me and for trying to keep me in a gassed house after I reported the leak and after I reported that I was leaving the house for safety from the gas leak.  Rick is not actually a traffick cop engaged in a traffick citation, this is a coordinated stalking of me made through use of unlawful surveillance which is outlined in many codes as being a grounds for the inability to prosecute the Victim of the Unlawful Surveillance; aka: Grounds For Dismissal.

9)      The law has been violated via sub rosa policy of using ** without actual due cause, a call from a friend to you when you’re at work about someone looking in a church window is not due cause for gaining any data about a person without a subpoena from a business that has a duty to protect that persons private data.  The restaurant I was at was also private property and there was not traffick stop made. ** used data to go to an extent of stalking me at my home, bullying me, harassing me, intimidating me, accusing me, servealing me unlawfully, engaging in organizing the call about me through stalking of me with 3rd parties. Who is the person that called into police to accuse me of a Non-crime of looking in a church window.  It is unlawful sub rosa policy to find a way to follow a woman in reverse just because your other friend works for H** who was at the very least Negligent in a gas leak report. Rick was unstable and looked like he was going to shoot me until people near me started talking loudly, he looked like he wanted to hit me, he looked like he was on the brink of uncontrolled psychosis, his mental status is under question and he has no discression. 

10)  The reasons above are not all the reasons or doctrines that make the ticket/citation unenforceable and due for Dismissal.

11)  The reasons above are not all the doctrines that make the ticket/citation unlawfully gained.

12)  I am aware that there is a sex abuse scandal in this town. P** has engaged in cover up of a “Research Experiment” that is conducting sex abuse. Stalking me to discredit me and force me into a position of inferiority in this is part of that Unlawful Research Experiment and this town is getting paid to make this Research and the legality of the crimes this Research is engaging in is being covered for by Corporation status so that none of the Researchers and knowing outlier conducts could be sued for, such as false arrest, rape, and unlawful surveillance but until the corporation stands trial P** will keep denying the corporations entanglement however the corporation goes by the acronym of B&B and the State is cosseting its unlawful participating in this Research Study of abusing women through trying to force women into signing forms that allow B&B to have private data while maliciously misleading the women as if B&B is actually part of Life Coaching.  P** demanded me not to work for anyone other then who she was going to have me work for so this is actually just human trafficking. Complete control a woman through where she lives, works, and gets fictitiously “life coached” at is a scam being made on women right now and it’s a form of human trafficking, much money is being handed around in exchange for stalking women, discrediting women, and abusing women in advance of an assault that would be planned to be made, usually the assault is made by whomever wealthy man is coming to town for what ever reason, such as when the local car dealership brought me here to be assaulted by a man named Kevin C** who tried to lure me to his hotel room when he was here making sure to help the Car Dealership get their ability to find women cars for purchase through the introduction of new creditors.  This is a scam that gets Kevin C* a lot of money sex and stalking of women he wants to meet and this Research Experiment is just part of a cover for servicing many wealthy men that come and go from this town, its organized forced prostitution upon the unsuspecting women, and it is a way of depleting a woman and discrediting a woman in advance of and/or after the crimes made by this Research Study Experiment; this scam of stalking a woman for fraudulently unlawfully gained tickets and cars for the local dealerships to solicit you for purchase of a new one from them is a scam likely tied to a man named Azziz Machhour. Please issue subpoena of the details of the undercover nature of C*.  C* is a federal agent who comes here to have his sex with the women he knows are being funneled here through places like H**. You as the attorney for the plaintiff have a duty to investigate these now revealed facts.  You as a judge have a duty to fail to protect such an experiment.  You both have a duty to stop allowing Police to engage in sub rosa conduct, unlawful conduct, and even just stalking with friends who call in to report Non-crime for the specific intent to give a premeditated excuse for why the stalking was engaged in.  You both have a duty to stop allowing women to be exploited at the ** by police.  Gassing a person as experimentation was outlawed by the Nuremburg Trials and H** has no right to be using this experiment research program to conduct any outlawed crimes, nor does the Police department have the right to discredit the Victims of H**s’.

 If you fail to protect women from the dirtiness of this Research Project your State is engaging in then you are looking at a lengthy prosecutorial in depth subpoena and investigating of you. I suspect this is why my qualified for and legal right to protection of assigned attorney has been somehow kept from me while trying to make me sign away rights that I was not negotiated with prior was also engaged in.  I need an attorney to be assigned if I can’t find one that will work for free, and I will demand leave of this court to appeal the decision to keep me from assigned counsel.  I do not waive any of my rights to an attorney or to “habeas corpus” whatever it is that that term means.   I am asking injunctive relief; I am asking that a protective order be placed against R* and from his friend for my protection from Rick & his friend that called in to make a Non-crime report about me, and I would like the protection order to be made against H** and against my landlord who has a relationship with H** and who has kept unlawful surveillance of me and who likely gives access of his camera system to third parties just like H** does; my landlord has kept me under his watchful eye nearly everyday for the five days prior to the ticket that was gained unlawfully. My landlord owns multiple properties and does not keep cameras on the residents of all his properties just the ones where women get stalked by police at that H** gets women to be living at.

 This type of legal battle is difficult and I am asking the court to please reconsider having an assigned attorney granted.  I live under the poverty threshold of $12,000 annual salary and I have lived under that threshold for many years and its not likely to change soon, its called Oppression. 

 I am noticing the court that I will want a jury trial, and will likely have cause for a change of venue.

Dismissal of this case is hereby requested.

And moving right alone, just added to the Types of Victims page:

·         S. Clifford:  The common knowledge is that this VOI was targeted by Trafficker Agents pretending to be investigating how it would be that they could touch her and get her in trouble for it.  She was arrested after an Immunity Holder touched her buttocks and breasts; Clifford was taken to a jail where she was processed and released when her attorney informed the media that she's not the first stripper who has been arrested for such and had the charges dropped.  Clifford did not stay in the jail long, her manager that helped her get to the location for the set up conspired arrest didn't even take the time to cover up the tracks.   Men at the local police department were taking money in exchange for a pool on who it would be that would get the arrest and decided to allow a ringer, a woman cop was the Immunity Holder Human Trafficker that got the manager paid for the premeditated arrest.  The Immunity Holder in this woman that is being sold around arrested and tried is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump didn’t mind using cops.

This is how you do it,



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If you had a Reservation, I win. Because you never cared to stop breaking my CSRF token.


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7/19/18  Oh Yeah, And By The Way

Its time. 


Blog #567

7/19/18  Just Listed Also

Since the knights of columbus can't stop themselves, maybe they should be busted in the middle of them making money off of child porn of the church they serve...

Just Listed:  Knights Of Columbus, One Columbus Plaza, New Haven, Connecticut 06510. The Supreme Carl A Anderson. and one knight in particular that stalked me yesterday for Kevin at the instruction to me of a Police Chief. …

When you want to arrest a woman for working and you live in the pedo house of the popes, you get to have one thing, she will harm you. If you can't keep your hands off of a woman then don't go to the strip club you got her to work at, she wouldn't have been asked if she could have her boobies touched but for you needing to watch specific women work. You fake knights with your DC your Columbia, your cops you tell what to say do and hide for you, your all the ones here trafficking and you take your direction for the vatacan, you are homeland Security's real public enemy number one.  Knights of Columbus are true invaders of America and they are who are the threat, and they are who are taking it upon themselves to pay areas to traffick women for them to rape.  Your not really asking the world to believe that a stripper allowing dollar bills to be placed on her rather then crumpled up and thrown at her for her to bend over to pick up like the trash that threw it deserves to be arrested by you when you worked so hard to get her to your location, yes don't ask anyone to believe that a stripper your cops trained conditioned and manipulated is somehow in need of arrest when you go up to her with your conditioned question to the response you conditioned her to give and act like she is in need of arrest, clearly the time for Orange is for you to be arrested not for our arrests, but you did it anyway, you had a man named Rick stalk me and terrorize me like you did to Stormy and your question you had him ask me was "are you working".... you stalk Stormy while she was working almost at the same time you had stalked me as if I was working.  The Time for Orange is yours, not the women that you use. 

Knights of Columbus you are now grouped in with the Free Masons, Free Masons your no longer the stuck masons, your free again. 

… your sick and your wrong, she’s young dirty blond, and Trump sank inside her like a suicide bomb, he said he’s seen bigger boobs, she said she’s seen men live better, then who through the matches down into the glitter…””” 

Malania Trump should have already moved to a different wing in the House she’s in.

I set the pace. I set the pace. You do not set the pace. I am the pace setter.  I set the pace. I set the pace. I set the pace. Now you care which side win’s long as the room keeps spinning thats not the business your in ever again, cause you’re a sky a sky full of stars your gonna see what its like when a woman gives you her heart, you won’t want to tear me apart, cause in a sky full of starts I think I see you.”””

Streetlight People, hello. Stay Frosty now your in.

In the darkness of the dawn, in the swirling of this storm, I no longer roll with the punches hope is not gone now, the light is on. Million of miles and now I’m home, in the swirling no more swimming, rolling with the thunder and bleeding no more, the light is on, the light is on””  Stuck in the Jet Wash bad trip chasing you on the Million miles ahead of the aqua blue, blessed is myself.  Cant capture me. With the Black Banners Raised As the Crooked Smiles Fade””

All Black Banners Raised. Now is the time of the Aqua Blue, it’s the Rapture. WAR don’t you know that the kids aren’t allreight. Im a carnival bear set free since the Chief of Police wanted me to dump out my purse for all to see, don’t you know that the dirty sadness fills you up as my balloon, in the end we meet.  Don’t you know that the kids aren’t allreight.”””  See you soon. On and on told which side your on, forced thrown to cut.  All your friends they say stay, go now.


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7/19/18  Just Listed

When I was stalked by Kevin Chimienti he told me that my sister must have been dating that man that taught her how to become a business leader in the form of business that he went to jail for and that this dating relationship must be the reason why she wont tell me his name, and she wasn't the one that told me he went to jail I don't even think she knows that he went to jail.  Really Chimienti, you tell me this. 

Just Listed:  The Mystery Man that Chimienti said my sister must have dated, the guy that taught her how to do the business that has always had all her funds from it go directly to the same group.  All while she thinks that she's just spending that money on a way to live.  Your team may have put you in jail but they didn't stop taking from your group you trained.  Did you find the least savvy of course you did.  But I see. 


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7/19/18  OWere at tthe end of infinity your here with me""" 

still trying to figure it out, the zero is wrong in the graph type.  There are not negative numbers in the reality of life there is no set point. there are other numbers we don't have and when you try to account for them as if they are negative as if they are on the other sideof a 0 that does not exist all you get is what your allowed to have, want the rest, you cant but you can solve for the need with the 5.

You need your game to make sense to you, I am. 


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7/18/18  One Look From Mee, your on my faded love..."""

Still trying to find out what the boost is... Then look at the diagram in the link I posted, in the diagram you have graphs, the graphs have an image in them and ratios AND theroms, and they have a formula and some other stuff, you see specific set numbers assigned in the math (formulas) and there is a wrong number, if you look at the graph you see a set point start at 0 and an image made that is contained in the graph but you dont see how far out the rest of the graph goes, they only show you a split part, you see the amount"relevant" and they detonate the rest as if it was infinity and they use such symbol in the formula.  the infinity is accurate however the fact that there is no representation for the end of it is what is on the table, Its never been calculated as a split because the math shows the designated number as __ but it is actually 5, if you want to have the actual lock down you need to change just one number to 5.  The formula has deceived you for years because of the way that number currently being used is such a tri. the image however does not come out as a triangle in the graph though, it just comes out as a clean contained therom, in reality the shape in the graph goes on past infinit. so the image is a long uncontained image which is what you get when you use 5, five is the proper number to traid out in the formula. The formula is right there in the links demonstration. 


you don't even need to start over again the rest of the formula is correct substitute out 5 for the number that is currently being used and you get it all.  Every math problem that currently exists is solved.  

You can't even get anywhere anymore with out a five. 


Blog #562

7/17/18  On The Fifth

when I was at a restaurant on the Fifth a man walked up to me and demanded to know my name, he had already asked me a bunch of questions and I had already shook his hand when he told me his name was Rick after I said Hi Im Jessica.  Then somehow after Rick got done accusing me he asked me his line of fed to him questions and comments and I really could tell he was not mentally sound, couldn't even remember my name or was it just that a fool says anything his ear piece daddies tell him to say? Rick  old me he had talked to his buddy about a non crime then he said I did this non crime.  I looked at Rick and interestingly enough he was so smooth, he said he was the first and the best, he was a last and a timed.  Rick demanded to know from me if I had committed this act of this non crime his friend and him engaged in using as a fake reason to be stalking me , you know, its that thing where you intend to commit a crime against a woman your stalking so you have  friend of yours act as though she's done something so you can have any pathetic rational for why your now following hunting and stalking the woman that you now in front of talking at.  NNNNNNNNNother Day Goes By.''  Shuffle. 

Now Rick tells me he's gonna find out if I gave a thank you card to a church or not, then he actually instead took his fat ass down to the local business that had no lawful right to give Rick any of my data and Rick printed him self off my private data and he used it to stalk me at my house later that night.  Over a church thank you card and its that same Dan Hilsabeck story about how I'm not allowed to go to any churches, sound good to you Churches?  Does it sound good to you Churches that your acts of conspiring with "Community Outreach Programs and Cops" for your distribution of tithes has engaged in the total surprise surprise of the complete Authoritarianism State of America, because its not a surprise to me, and I'm telling Jesus on you. Now he knows. 

Then Rick took his papers he got with out any right jurisdiction tithe subpoena or warrant to then engage in finding my private data on this paper and where I live and he later stalked me at my home, he walked up to me in the place I stay and he took his dirty hands and he divided the rest of the week he decided he'd listen to a fake bell tole and he took his hands and he tried to police me, he decided to tell me what to do with out reason and as soon as he touched me he began to engage in a rage he began to engage in a supernatural schizophrenia telling me about how his son needs protection, how his family is in need of his protecting of them from me.  Rick terrorized me and harassed me after stalking me for so many weeks now that it got kinda sad.  Rick terrorized me telling me that I can shoot a gun can't I.  Rick said to me that I can shoot a gun can't I. so in Ricks world if you can shoot a gun your a terror to him where he just about cant keep his tongue from spouting off.  Rick told me he was gonna get me. He told me he was gonna get me he told me and hid friends that he was gonna get me.  

Rick took me away, he made me go places with him that I didn't have to go to.  

Rick took me away and he placed me in front of a person that didn't care about how unstable Rick was acting and didn't care about how it is that some people are abducted in broad day light as if it was normal conduct. 

I want you to believe.  

Patrick, your the only one, take a picture of our names you write in some wet concrete and put it in another frame, frame it so nicely that we eat.  I want to see your handwriting in the wet concrete saying you wrote it for me, my name is Jessica. 

Rick took his que from the fact that I'm kept under unlawful servealance by a man that plays with Lisbeth and with Lisbeth's certain way of trafficking Victims with her Boss.  All it ended up leading to was a bunch of time for Rick to be used to harm others for this ring of Templar Knights that are really just fools. Jesus' Knights take down the Catholic Knights they serve the now abated Rome and only them is the only them to them. 

So when you can't kill me with Gassing you fall on a knight with the cameras of the desperation you already first put women in, then you have your dirty trash in the trash hole tell your victims thier crazy then you take your victims for walkes on the street naked walks on the street of your town after you drug and strip her, then you tell her she's unlawful for having been harmed by your own scum, you then take her to a town where you can fall back on you'r other team of treat.  Literally one of the women that Rick stalked prior to me for this ring of Research On Sexually Abusing A Woman that this state is getting money form from the NSA to conduct, was walked down a street naked after being drugged and stripped, now Rick looks to me as his next conquest and since his interest was not to get on the unlawful surveillance cameras too soon Rick decided to pounce on me on a day when all who watch those cameras saw me with both of my big black bags in my hands. They wanted to see all my work i work on and then they used the data of what was in my bags to find me a friend.  The friend needed to be a woman in a controlled environment who needed to be told just what to say to me to try to get herself at my home later.  When Rick had his friend Jesse stalk me for  him later on, Rick had Jesse tell me that he wanted me to Shut Up, and he told me he wanted me to shut up as the reason for having used a tactic so San Diego that it forced his own issue up to the table, see Ricks friend Jesse had taken a hidden audio recorder out of his shirt way late in the day to make sure I saw it after he and I has spent the entire day together already, and so I said to Jesse that I know this tactic and that it was used because he wanted to illicit conversation about this hidden audio recorder and I asked him if his boss knows he uses this tactic, and Jesse said his boss does know that he uses this tactic and I said then what does it mean to them, and Jessie told me "it means I want you to shut up".  I said you want me to shut up, and Jesse said it again, he said Yes I want you to shut up.  Problem is that Jesse didn;t get told by his trusted protection that I am Blogger, shut up don't happen.  Shut up is the last thing you get when you put a for use later for dubbing in fake statements in to different videos hidden audio recorder to me!  Oh yes, when you play that game on me we just all get to find your little weapon the one you take out and show like its a big deal, like your programming of of women for your sex abuse is some sort of real big deal the kind you deny till your in it with me.  The DoJ already got a date down Jesse on both you and Rick about how you like to wrangle women with Peggy Triggs Boss here in town to put them in front of your only murderer and tell them what you want the murderer to say for you.  Your list she spouted off with her other informant didn't reveal all but it did tell me what I needed to know which is of course what your next move is and according to them its to call your Victim crazy with their own mouths then send her home to be drugged and sent walking  sown the streets naked for you and for the places you then have them Victims taken to.   Wicked little perverts that you all are hiding under your sunday garbs for your Knightly coverup.  Tell me again where it is that I can go. Tell me more about what it is that I can do, take your mentally ill Rick and have his gun removed from him because he clearly intended to use it on my that day with all his schizophrenic ramblings in which he couldn't even get out a statement he is conditioned to say every day.  I amended to paper you conspired to use on me and no one will execute it. NO ONE Will EXECUTE THE DOCUMENT YOU INTENDED TO FORCE ME AND TRICK ME IN TO HAVING TO SIGN FOR THE RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF.  MY INTEREST IS ONLY ON THE DAY YOU SEED. 

If you want me to shut up then leave me alone and don't let others harm me.  Its that simple you freeks you Research for the cover of your intent, your Research Studies for your payment to your selves for your rapes you intend to have for you, for your teams, for your country. 

If the Jews can take Rome I will ask Jesus to allow them to go home.  If the Jews can stay in their own they wouldn't need Ms Citizen McGoen trying to be shown how easy it was for mosad to harm her.  She said Mossad was the most bestest the bestest the highly bestest, their the mostest.  She is just off a bit the kind of bit you just took aiming at me.   You think Revelation isnt a war, its a war its the war. The negotiation is on.  Tell me what you want me to say to God, to Jesus to the church. 

So much for the tipe of dei.  So much for the return of the reunited.  So much for the way you say.  If the church thought they go first guess it was that they whent to the cops in your town USA. 


Blog #561

7/5/18  Don’t Also Forget

When I was crowned King I was crowned By roman Authority to be King, the authority was a non king emperor of sorts who had army precision crown me King under their authority, they crowned me King they are of a tribe that repented from emperor and effectively the emperor therefor vacated authority, and I am the King.  I am the King of Rome but I stay.  The Jews may take over Rome.  Cops can deny themselves now. 

Happy 5th of July Rome.


Blog #560     I’m In It To Win It Philippians 3:14 I press on to win.

7/4/18  Don’t Forget

I was crowned King of The Jews, I was crowned King of the Jews by roman authority, Caesar took his oade/I took my crown.

I took my crown I died, died on the day I was crowned.  Im more than alive and did I die a King.  Caesar died.  Who’s he talking to right now, not you.  Im in your own home. Stay up Stay up, you take the Full Full truth and you pour some out!"""  All your dirty thoughts of Me they were never yours to keep"""  Resurrection Men, Im an American King too, but you cant put me on a quarter and say Im Hawaiian.

Im talking to you.  Im talking to you. 

I am King of the Jews and I’m talking to you.  I arrive crowned King when I come yet now.  I am King of The Jews, I am King.  I’ll let my people be sifted since I can’t seem to find them.  I’ll always let my people be sifted till they crown my home.   I want my home crowned.  I will always let my people get sifted, they fail till they do.  Now did I conquer more than you. Have I become King of more then the jew.  Show me your marks though I believe you.  I am unresurrected and am coming for you.

Happy Fourth Of July America. 


Blog #559

7/1/18   a King, a Biggs, & a Jordan

Its kinda like a Jew a Seymour and a Kreep only the jew in this case is actually a tribe.

Someones gonna lose their property, And in the end I get mine returned.  Synopsis, the series starred veteran Wills son.


Blog # 558

6/30/18  I wasn't given fair protection under the law, sotomayer would even agree. 

Search Results:  Docket for 10-10383

Title: In Re Jessica Seymour, Petitioner v. 
In Re Jessica Seymour, Petitioner Petition for a writ of mandamus and/or prohibition and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due June 8, 2011) 2670 Escala Circle

Variant Control Numbers

ARC Identifier: 1524561


HMS/MLR Entry Number: A1 7

Extent (Size):

195 linear feet, 7 linear inches


National Archives at Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1)
National Archives Building
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20408

A1 7

Note: The Engrossed Dockets from 1791 to 1995 have been scanned by the National Archives from its microfilm collection and are available in its Catalog. 


Blog #557 

6/29/18   Pacific Realestate 557


When it is a time the bashaw will shine… Elaine Bashaw was the transaction coordinator so there was never any of what had been said, I was simply being watched to be sold, there was no wrong doing on my part, there was a time when you would have never been informed of the transaction coordination on each of the files but that time is over.  Elaine Bashaw She did the work she did the work she didn’t save the work. It means it was a set up to begin with.


BBlog# 556

6/28/18   Bback

Its the way she did it.  Lisbeth Ramirez the Enhanced Client Advocate.  She's the one.  Power player on the murder of some stupid student some stupid counselor some stupid person being set up as if he is mentally ill.

in the mathmatical part of this story the constant is the judicial system use by the DoJ.  The Governors are the consistent, the judges do what the legal people ask them to do and the legal people are the orchestrators.  Change the constant to the inevitible I.


Blog #555

6/27/18  When Blackwater was hacking my mothers computer to send murderers to her and get me in their proximity…

Yes When Blackwater the Corporation was just doing the business of the government they were using men like Ratatattat Rattatattattat Tartaro to invade my home while invading my mother’s computer just to have men like rapist murderer James Shelton tell her the things she needed  to hear to think that he should be the one all while her housing was repeatedly leveraged, I’m telling you that she is the banned product.  Mr Erik Prince then had his employee contractors for the federal government demand things out of them, like they needed to move, they needed to have a trailer they needed to have a gameplan, they needed to have a way to house a person when that person needed to not be in the house.  I’m saying that James Shelton started to act specifically in ways that my mother demanded him to have his own place to live and it was a little trailer that anyone could stay in should James Shelton start acting normal again, and that’s the trailer used by Blackwater to get me to Seattle & to Seattle Pacific University back when Blackwater needed to be part of the campus shooting game for the San Diego Traffickers of William Gore, and  then use my life and times to force me to Seattle on Tartaro.  A mother is a precious gift,  not a toy for boys to play with.  When do your keep your word. When do you say oh that’s right in our play when a Banned Product begins to know you have to have the feet of the winged bird take the play.


Blog #554

6/25/18  Come To Life Come To Life”””

Ever heard of the Russian that had to rent a room from me in escala, yes you do know him blackwater, backwater take it to the bathwater.   Stanislav Keylahv.  Are you smelli’g that shit, hey”””

You cant stop them the only thing that’s stopping them is them”””

Just Listed: Blackwater, Erik Prince, their Teams For Hire.

And since your not dead, here’s your boost over heavens gate:

Blackwaters is so pissed that they just interrupted my feed to have the music of the Chemical Romance Black Parade is Dead bashed at me, hahaha.  They can’t even begin to show it right Stanislav Keylahv.


Blog #553

6/24/18  Hohlla back girl""""

Yes, I will go to war with you Jessica, did you know yoo didn't do what I said too yet I did see you.  I saw you do what you needed to do, I heard you do as I commanded you to do.  I hear those worship against you their dirty way the game they play, I am  At War but I will stop and join your war, I am at war with you Jessica, a bell will ring. 

My son may say: Knights, Jesus' Knights you will correct this problem, this attack of Jessica that has brought me and mine out to War.  You will obey, you will not leave the church but you will no longer be answering to any church as you must detach from the church, no longer do you fix the work of government, you are now mine and we are at War.  Protect Jessica, she is not to be murdered, exiled, killed, set up, or raped.  


Blog #552

6/23/18   Who was setting me up as if I was suicidal, angry, a bad doer for Lisbeth's cover up of their gassing of me they made with a mentally ill nurse named Deena....  

Their names are Peggy Triggs. Julie Rother, Jessica Barnes, LICSW, Kevin Chimienti possibly Kevin O’bleness

The company corporations and the state well, their still trying to collect on a campus shooting how much money are these fake shooting real fake research in the cover up of human trafficking and trauma induction bullshit studies generating for the states that play this game on all of us in ways where they sanction murder and sanction placing false blame for the murders on to someone their just pretending not to be trafficking….

Here is what was sent to them so that they can't claim innocence next time some one shoots up a place in their attack of anyone that is not their own:

Attention * DOJ


Re:  Abusive, Fraud, Unlawful Acts, Misleading Medical Data, Cover Up, Unlawful Experimentation, Unethical Use of Deceit on a Victim, Conspiracy to Abuse, Harm, and Murder

Julie Rother is a medical professional in * who is using Victims as unknowing human test subjects.  Against the will or knowledge of the Victims, Julie Rother is using their need to exploit them into unethical research on uninformed human test subjects and it included a gassing (attempted murder), it included an attempted Date Rape, and it included false medical statements.  Cover up of these crimes and abuses was just revealed when Peggy Triggs failed to keep the file of one of the Victims accurate and then denied having asked the Victims to have signed a Contract with a third party corporation.  The contract that was presented to the Victim was *Department Letter Head and was an authorization they demanded me to sign as if it was just an “Release of Information Authorization” to release information to a corporation.  When I asked Peggy Triggs what the corporation is she told me it was “just a company we work with”, then I said what do you work with them on.  Peggy informed me of many things then when I said to her “is it a Research Project” Peggy said “yes, it is a Research Project”, I asked what they are studying in specific with the *Department and Peggy told me they are studying the effects of sex abuse on women.  I told Peggy Triggs that I cannot be in any sort of Research Project or any study, and that I don’t want to be sexually abused, I had not informed Peggy of any sex abuse for her to have decided to put me into such a Research Project so Peggy had information she was using that I never gave her and certainly the reason for trying to have me controlled through some sort of Release Form is also part of a cover up attempt of how a man had already tried to engage in Date Rape Practiced against me after a police officer named Joaquin and his coworker named Lisbeth had used my need for assistance as a way to engage in trying to murder me for some other study I was never informed about or asked to join nor did I join.   Both Lisbeth and Joaquin are employees of the City of South Sioux and they are both trained in first responder protocol but somehow both of them failed to have me taken to a medical emergency room the night they decided to gas me for their Sex Abuse “Research” Ring of Sex Abusers who had a man named Kevin Chimienti possibly Kevin O’bleness  waiting to approach me in *where Lisbeth forced me to through exploit and unlawful conduct regarding my housing.  Chimienti was using tactics of knowing things about me that I didn’t tell him and in advance of stalking me when Lisbeth forced me into *, Chimienti was already engaged in an exploit of my need for housing and he was trying to lure me to a hotel room of his that only had one bed in it.   When I didn’t go to the hotel room with him he used a different man to sexually approach me.  I am apparently being abused for having reported sexual assault that a police officer engaged in and this cover up of his crime that is using Research as its excuse for abuse, trafficking, lying with the intent to harm, and with the intent to set up a Victim.   The way I was portrayed to a third party by Julie Rother was sinister and was in an attempt to pre-discredit me.  The problem is that I have survived one of these types of trafficking rings that use “Research” as a way to cover up sex sales, and as a way to cover up intended abuse in advance of executing the abuse, and as a way of gaining extra pay for the human trafficking their running through the “Research” game, and as a way of cleaning dirty money, and all the Victims just get called names, discredited, are arrested for crimes they never engaged in, and are made to suffer.

I am telling you that the State of* is engaged in a sex trafficking ring through a study project that I am in and am demanding you to take me out of AND that the State of * is engaged in a sex trafficking through another Research Project that Peggy Triggs tried to force me into and when I declined to release information and when I declined to sign myself up for the Research Project Peggy posed to me as just being an affiliate of the *Department Peggy then covered up this crime by removing her second contract that was on Public Health Department Letter Head from the file of me that they have in their office and I found this out when I asked for a copy of that “contract” release form I declined to sign.  Peggy began to lie and say that she never gave me two different “contracts” with one of them being a company that is a Corporation with a name that sounds like Breitling And Breier Co.   I searched my forms and Peggy had failed to give me a copy of what I declined to sign but then she today said she never gave me such a form and never told me about a Research Project, I informed Peggy that her computer won’t lie since she had to have saved it when she printed it.  I am demanding the DOJ to take me out of all of the Research Projects that you have in this state, I know the states funding for such a project is huge since in the past a different state did this to me when they wanted to have a school shooting engaged in.  I found out about Research Projects that a person never even know exist by how I was treated, abused, raped, and then drawn up unlawfully as if I was some sort of issue, as if I was a prostitute so it is likely that many of this Research Ring of Sex Traffickers are not just looking to gas women and are not just looking to shoot up a school campus, but are also looking to call their Victims they sell to Rapists anything necessary as to have the Victim pay for the crime.  You need to protect all persons that the ring of housing affiliated to * * and the entities affiliated to Peggy Triggs & Julie Rother are running this sex abuse ring of human trafficking with, for example, after I refused to sight the contract Authorizing Triggs and Rother to give a company my data both of them sent emails to a woman they forced me to go to so that I may have security deposit assistance.  Both Peggy Triggs and Julie Rother emailed a woman they forced me to go to named Jessica Barnes who is also now listed in this complaint as being a Sex Trafficker who first seeks to gain a Power of Attorney from you as part of seeing her.  Yes I was demanded to sign paperwork that I refused to sign just for some simple security deposit funds, and in that paperwork was a Power of Attorney for the State of* and the state needs to stop trying to gain complete control over women who need a little bit of security deposit funds through this ring of human traffickers that set up a federally funded Experiment and Research Project as a way to get paid twice for their crimes and as a way to clean dirty money. 

Today when Peggy denied having shown me a second contract asking for Authorization regarding a company that she is now covering up for it revealed how criminal in nature the *Department is acting and how they want Victims to be blamed, Gaslighted, and with Peggy’s denial she wanted to hand me over to the same woman that Jessica Barnes told me already lied about me to her the day I was demanded to sign a power of attorney that I did not sign and refused, so now your human trafficking agencies in this state will find a way to take complete control of me anyway which is a form of brokering of Victims who refuse to be Victimized and set up.   A Power of Attorney to the State of * is what the Heartland counseling Services Inc is trying to gain out of the Victims of the State of * and when * was doing this same type of thing to me in Seattle at the Seattle Pacific University I demanded to be taken out of all Studies, Research, and Use of Deceit on Human Test Subjects back then so I never should have been controlled to * for your human traffickers to do the same to me now.  I will not allow this to go unmonitored, I am not the only Victim of this trafficking ring and Lisbeth & Juoqine of ** and of the City of * both lured a mentally ill woman to gas me for them and then bothor Juoqine and Lisbeth repeatedly tried to keep me in the gas when I called in to report the gas fumes, both of these trained first responders tried to keep me in the gas, Lisbeth tried to force me back into the gassed home and neither of them tried to get me to medical attention, I was taken to the emergency room by a retired EMT who knew the signs of gassing and that’s they only reason this murderous human trafficking ring hasn’t killed me yet in a way they can try to explain away which Jessica Barnes illuminated me to when she asked me if I was “suicidal” which is the biggest insult to me personal that a woman seeking a Power of Attorney could possibly make, and Jessica Barnes is a threat to the community the way she insisted that I try to simply walk away from them rather then find out what it is they are doing, but the States file having been tampered by Peggy Triggs and Julie Rother was more than just eye opening, it was obvious crime.  It is unlawful to create a false inaccurate and misleading medical file even if that file is just at the *Department.  This crime ring that is getting cover up as if their just doing research is actually planning something very threatening to the public and they just need someone to blame it on but I aint the one.  Use of the Police Department is part of this crime ring and I am demanding that you inform all local law enforcement to stop stalking me and to leave me alone and to stop engaging in their unlawful surveillance they’ve already begun as if I am somehow ready to be abused again.  Here is what was already sent to the DHHS about this and its only gotten worse for having reported:


You have unlawful sex abuse related Research being used on Uninformed Human Test Subjects who are being entrapped and forced by a woman named Peggy in *.  She is working with two to five others to harm women that are in need of a specific type of community assistance, and they are working with police in order to have the Victims stalked. One Victim was told to sign a form to get aid with a simple housing voucher item and that form was presented by Peggy as if it were to authorize contact but when questioned by a savvy Victim it was found out that the form was actually for uninformed test subject approval.  So you have Peggy soliciting Victims who need assistance for surreptitiously gained and deceitfully gained signature to be put into a Human Test Subject Research Project and in the aftermath of refusing to sign it, Peggy has the Victims go to the police to get money for travel to a different place in South Sioux City where the employees of Heartland Counseling tell the Victims that they are being talked about by Julie Rother (whom the Victims have never met or talked to) and Julie Rother is falsifying data in emails about the Victims telling Heartland Counseling that the Victims are "upset" and "hesitant to get help"... Both of which are lies because the Victims are never even actually told that the Heartland Counseling appointment is for anything other then for a fancy Life Coach to help the Victim gain employment... but when the Victim goes to Heartland Counseling a person named Jessica Barnes is told to imply that there is something wrong with the Victims when the Victim comments that she was lied to and told that the appointment was just for a "Life Coach" and not for a mental exam.  This Research and Study your creating Victims for needs to be shut down, it was police that caused the person to be in need of assistance, and on the day the Victim is to go to the Heartland Counseling Services she has to hear about the police about three times in threatening ways, abusive ways, suggestive ways, etc. then has false records made against them.  Accordingly I am saying that the local Police are part of controlling the Victim that is being unlawfully harmed and targeted to be placed in your Uniformed Human Test Subject Research, and the conduct in in violation of the few laws related to use of deceit on human test subjects.  I am demanding that you take all women and needy out of your test, research, targeting, etc immediately.   The Human Test Subject being abused refused to sign the requested form for the Corporate Umbrella Housed Research experiment and was still abused by a different Research Study that she was not asked to sign her name to surreptitiously as if it was just a place that helps you get a job, which is how the Corporate Umbrella'd Research Study was portrayed.   Poor women that your police try to harm are not fair picking, take all Victims of Peggy’s and of Julie Rother’s out of the study immediately and provide proof of such to the DOJ immediately. Thank you.

This is the type of fake BS type of Research that is set up to run sex crimes through so your Attorney General for the State had to have already approved it and secured the funding from the government, please also investigate how this research study Peggy Triggs is pedaling without full disclosure of what it is, then covering p for it when the abuse gets obvious and sinister and this is something a state  attorney would have to have approved of for your state. 


Blog #551



More than 600 members of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' church have denounced him over the administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.

Members of the United Methodist Church from across the country signed a letter Monday accusing Sessions of child abuse, immorality and racial discrimination. They also chided Sessions for using biblical scripture to defend the policy, saying it runs counter to the church's doctrine.

Sessions also was blasted in a separate letter signed by 75 former U.S. attorneys from both parties, who asked him to end the family separation policy at the border. Their letter, published Monday on Medium, said the policy results in families and children being greeted with unexpected cruelty at the doorstep of the United States.”

And on that note, Churches of the United States:

Your long standing Sin is over, because you will no longer be referring all those who come to you for assistance to anyone other then to your selves.  Churches of the United States follow the Methodist Rebell.  You are not longer allowed to stay in the practice of sending women children or men to the police to receive gas vouchers for the tithe your to spend on them directly, Churches of the United States that participate in giving tithe money to the police for the police to issue out are no longer under the graces of God, and Jesus has spoken. 

It is original sin to have tried to murder Jesus and for all of you that believe in his murder having been your grace to overcome sin be aware now that you’ve been.   You have been. You have been in a system that cossets those who would equate to the modern day murderers of Jesus, you have been sending Victims and Needy and those who need protection from the government or from their head hunters, yes you’ve been sending those in need of your help right to those who would be atribe to the murderers Ceasar sent to the Jewish Temple Men… your like the hitler of the day and I’d never even say but for, but for one Church finally saying out loud a denunciation of someone who acts like you do to the woman who need you to protect them who need you to clothe them assist them, and fix them.  You take the Victims of a cop then send them to the cop after trying to gain as much data as possible and whith your tithe money you say go to the police for a voucher that we will pay to them after they get done with you like your not the criminal in that act…. You take the tithe of the united state and you spend it on clothes for your service when I wore a robe a robe that was dirty and tathered mostly, and you never will wash your sin in it.  You ate from my day and you now say you owe me nothing.   You owe me everything, you owe me while I put myself together to feel again while those I love tell me that they still won’t let me have been murdered, while I tell my self lets see what the church my murder created is doing while I’m told that the past came to be alive so that I could learn to flea and avoid murder as if sometimes I needed a test when all I needed was a Robe that was made of fine linen.   Now to find “churches” abandon their children each Sunday into a Day Care at the Church as if its nothing like leading your family to separation is nothing, like sending your children into daycare at church so that the church can have to liaison with the police and background check authorities over you who give them the opportunity so that your pastor doesn’t have to have a crying baby interrupt him in his service where he tells you about tithing so that your money is his, an old tribal story about 10percent being for god, yes god is beneath me and if I capitalize it then I’m talking about myself, yes and when I say woman I care for in your time of tribulation go to that church now and be saved you churches tell her go to the police to get a voucher that we will pay to them.  While you open up your sermons to the relentless beat of the soldiers who are now adays just the cops in ways of acting like the luxury of having daycare is necessary at church when it is not, when it is just a way to perform back ground checks on those needed to watch your children you willfully separate from you for your precious tithe hour with your precious pastors who look so fine I could spit… even the ones dating your daughters, even the ones driving “beaters”.  You think you need no crying babies in your church sermon, I rose to the feet millions for you and you take and  take and finally point the finger at the caesar and say stop taking babies from mothers, we do have maternity and paternity swab tests that would allow the fake Home Land Security to know who the children and mothers and fathers all belong to each other or not, in minutes swab tests would tell the fake Home Land Security that the children are not trafficked victims but take and take and take just like my church has been doing then say , “oh go to the cops to get the gas voucher”, I will provide not more standing feet.  It would be an honor for a church to have crying babies in the service but you want silence for your own pontifications while I show those how to rise.  You say take your babies to our day care and we call it Sunday School, here’s a lesson for you then, take you child care and shove it up the asses of those who link into your computers and cameras in your daycare for you lazy parents who don’t want to say to themselves that church is for us in a family capacity not in a lets hand our children over capacity so that data checks, background checks, cops an the fbi can be in the church for those who would volunteer around children… hers a thought keep your kids with you in the sermon and look at them each time the pastor asks for money from you.  Take the money and invest it even more because all the church is doing is perpetrating the only original sin which was to sell me out, selling out Jesus is the only original sin and it is where sin began and to think Jesus came to erase it… I must have been walking backwards into my mothers womb.   Get the terms of “go to the cops for our tithe assistance” out of your mouths.  Get the opening up the church to the authority just so you can have your children watched while you supposedly learn, and worship not, all stopped.   Your children belong in the sermon with you not in the care of others who are just a way to invite cops and robers to the church for things other then for reform, would you even hide me today if the cops were after me or would you have been like pontius pilot… a man flying me right to the murderers that are the authority sent by the ceasar.   Churches unlit is your new flight. Aaaament.


Blog #550

6/19/18  in the beginning

Just Listed  Jose Nunez…. Hey border patrol your agreement to hate mothers has allowed fro Jose Nunez to rape a child, your DHS protocol and indoctrination is rejected, you say you have to take children from a mother or father because you don’t know if the child is trafficked… there is a quick ten minute test that allows for dna to know whether a child is with its mother or father, see your talking about how you won’t let children stay with a trafficker and were talking about how you wont let children stay with a parent.  You say you must take the children since they might be a trafficking victim but were talking about the other thing your actually doing, which is taking children from their parents just because they have a right to flea persecution…. You can’t fool us with your indoctrinations you espout like you cant just use a quick cheek swab to determine paternity and maternity when we all know you can, your just taking kids for the fun of it, you like to use tactics that are traumatic and we now know you don’t just call us all chattel but that you do now act upon us that way with those stupid enough to try to tell us that human trafficking is why you do it when really you do it because your human trafficking.  You just want to put as  much trauma on each chattel as possible and when you can’t do it through a draft since theirs no war, you just do it through a targeted research project called Homeland Security.

I don’t want to hear some witch up on the podium tell me she took children as part of how they can’t determine if the child is with a parent, you’re a liar, you took children to teach a bunch of lessons to  a bunch of people and now all you get is a group of fear induced victims that might not know how to find a fire station next time one of your paid for perpetrators like Jose Nunez uses one of your chattel for what you intended him to use them for.

I am all brown right now.



Blog #549

6/18/18  New York looses

when you have a veterinarian that will do it, New York looses.


Blog #548


When you don’t care about the way I am treated you don’t get what you need.  I have a tree, it needs things, it needs things from you.   You keep acting like there’s and mine are yours as if the equation has no variable no constant and no power.

I have power.  I have constant, I am the variable, that is the type of equation that hurts people though I don’t hurt anyone.  If I want to have the you being hurt go away I have to change the constant in the equation and this would leave me all my power, all my fight all my corrections to the past all my rights, the only thing is it would cost you the delusions that have been set into motion to keep you all very happy, sad, thoughtful, and powerless for so long and on que.  These delusions are costly they have a reason for being, they protect those who need more and more children to harm.

You will have to deal with the fact that so many want to harm you in exchange for your compliance and that its all just human trafficking not some big life event.  Not some big bang moment. Not some wow were all so influential were all so smart now moment, it will suck.

I will really be shitty to know that the smartest people have been engaged in helping sell children for sex abuse. 

You will miss your nice lives that they afford to you so that you keep them in the profit.

It will be the way you all know who the constant in the equation has been.  The constant in the equation has been the Inspector Generals who never once say that there is any wrong doing in any of their investigations they always cover up for the employees of their entity that they are told to investigate.  In the agencies themselves lives and breeds the constant.

If your failing it is because you have refused to change the constant back into the variable while never placing the constant on the woman.


Blog # 547


Sad Beyellow, don’t be sad, I didn’t really leave you.  Your Patrick kept me lean, he kept me mean, his piano hero ism kept me seen.  I love you Yellow.   BEYELLOW! Your in the Anti Stalker Nation Hall of Fame now J smile again.   All sad faces down, watch this show.

Can one bad apple destroy an entire team of Beyellow…. Only one fly can make you poor out all the milk. But can one bad apple destroy an entire team of Beyellow.  No.  your now a team of be yellow again, not below, your be yellow, your light is return.  All the bad apples are out.

Laufing at one or twenty of you is not the same as laughing at all of you, join.

Our light is green your is not grey, your light is black, you’ll see

And the true return of light, its happened.

I asked Jesus why are there depictions for so long now of you being a black man and a black man on a cross, I asked if it was a black worship thing… he told me its because he has a dark side.  He said when he sees these images he thinks to himself huh, maybe I let it out now.  Maybe I show my dark side. Maybe I show you what white worship has achieved, what black worship is gonna do and what my ugly side is too.  Should I sow what wit worship has achieved.

Then I cry,  and I think Jesus, why not just fove me the sword, and he does.  I woke up no one, I woke up, no one , no one was waiting for me to wake up except for the yellow, no wonder I jumped across for you, no oneder I drew and drew, no wonder theres a line to you.  I made you a darker color find an abyss lead in it a trist take away a drey and find your own navel.

Or am I just a spook a spoof_ . maybe you put a grey up on the cross instead of a black man and tell me if Im a niegro. Tell me if im a taupe ,tell me if ‘m off white, tell me if iam a dead man or a fly.   Tell me if I may die tell me if I may go and tell my mother that your all purple. Tell her that your all read all red tell her that your all dead so she’ll give me my word. She’d care that I lied like a perfect mother cares if her child eats. That means she’ll kill you all for me, and she’ll know I was ready for it. Or did my stich come loose.  Would my mother kill for me, for the children of mine, for her own sake, kill for my taste in peontry,  I mean poetry, would you tell her its was my father killing me, we aren’t that dysfunctional though you’ve tried. 

Time for Orange is accurate.

Hugs and love 


Blog # 546

5/26/18  Loving to be in love with God

Hi God,

How you doing today, hope your doing ok, miss you. Just wanted to say hi and that I have given it much thought in asking you today to go to war with us.  I love you God, never did what you said, but I love you anyway. You don’t fail, fear not mighty god, some day you see.

Thank you,

Jessica … Did I tell you I love you .  Your like I used to be, very wise. Someone came and robbed me, now I sit and I wait. Lets do this war thing, the one you’ve always taught about.



Blog #545

5/21/18  if you think you are in the way…

Just saw a woman tell an another woman that were not gonna talk about the Constitution because we are not lawyers…. The woman was in need to know self defense is a protected right, protected under the Constitution.  Then the other woman said that we are not lawyers so were not gonna talk about the Rights that supersede state laws. I had to learn about that in 8th grade when I was forced to learn the preamble by heart to recite it to the class as part of my ability to pass a course and go to highschool.

Im done with hav’g dreams, the things that I believe, and I believe you took the fear from me!””” You’re the only one.

You’re the last of the new.  I am here for your, in the era of two. It the past that your after a tree that you found in knee to the ground,

You’re the fastest and the worst enemy to have, you’re the best of the idoiots, and the past of the feel.

You’re the worst of the interim until,

You’re the best of the grey triangle you sit in, and the plebiots are the ones who cut the trees, feed the fleas, and run the please.

In the reverberance is your paper plane the one that fades the one that blades the one that took your heart away.  I hold it only to say, you love me more.  Much more than I do more than I do, isn’t that best though.. No?

Then ohold me own hold me own, your my own. I will love you like you love me, hold me tight or do.

Were done with having dreams the thing thing ththththting that we believe is the names in the dried concrete.  You and me, were the best of the new. We, you and me two.




Blog #544

5/20/18  When your enemy has his hate

So when I was in the minute I was a child in a man body, now Im in my own body. 

That’s the message for today, this Pentecost of celebration for the church and the ideology that insults my Father of how he sent me to die.  Murder as an acceptance of your cleanliness, murder I chose in an insult to my own ability to protect better,  my ability to murder better just doesn’t exist so how you think you are clean from this is a modern miracle but I still have a hard time explaining it to my Father.  His insult by the act is less now that he decided to give life to the Past the Present and the Future.  But the insult that he sent me to be murdered is the best way to insult him yet, I love Christians, however in this Pentecost I am free.

WHOOOOOO… Its raining where I am.

Wow, so here’s a typed version of todays video blog address:

“Anti Stalker Nation and Abolitionists, I am Jessica Seymour, Founder of the Victims of Immunity Foundation, and I was gassed.

I understand that a comedian on a thing called Team Coco made sure to show highlight that stalking the relatives of SS military officers is ridiculous, like its your right as a survivor, bit it isn’t and your disrespect is to fall upon your self, not us. You had to get your self put into this stalking someway not at my expense again, you’ll give back what you’ve taken in your relentless stupidity about those related to germany’s military officers of the ww2 era.  Really though, a gassing. Your older.

When I was gassed it was a day I had been out.  For about 3 days a woman and the owner of the home had played a game with the Landlord… so three different parties.  The woman was a roommate of mine, the owner was a city employee, and the landlord was a place that says they help Victims of trafficking.  When I first contacted this place, they said tell me this and tell me that, I said, I have nothing to tell unless you actually have an opening for assisting me.  The womans face changed, she said ok, you can stay here, and she gave me a bunch of data, I shared a bit with her and she was unhappy with me saying that police were involved in the stalking and trafficking of me that a man named Keith Swenson engaged in and she told me I can trust her police friend Joaquin but she never told me Joaquin was an employee of the place she worked at which is the lease holder of the home I was placed in for safety.

And so I started to live with the roommate Deena who facilitated the gassing. Lisbeth is the woman that is spiteful, full of terror and she is part of the landlords scham with the city but she got herself a job at the Tenants/Lease Holders business.  The owner is the man who somehow works for the city, hmmm. 

Sounds like laundering already, a business that cops get jobs at is sending  money to a city employee for rent of his home that he somehow has his best guy friend living around and his best tormented woman living in, and then I enter the scene, all because Lisbeth thinks to hurt me since she couldn’t force herself into my private data until after I was sure there was a safe reason to be answering her questions.  Lisbeth demanded to know things all the time like where I was going, who I was interviewing with, you know like what a person following you around would need to know, she justified it as if in the event I didn’t come back home and was harmed she’d know where I was last at…. Sure. 

So one day the hot water goes out, the roommate tells me she’s just gonna call her friend the home owner.  The woman runs a diagnostic at the request of the owner, she comes back into the room and says “yep the water heaters shot, there’s water in the pan”…. I said are you going to let the landlord know?  She said “later”, “my friend the owner has maintenance guys that have the lock code and can let themselves in to fix it”. 

The next day I called the landlord to see if they knew yet about the issue, they did, but about three days of no hot water later two men in the drive way from two different maintenance companies were in the house left unattended, neither the owner nor the landlord were there.  One of the maintenance cars had passed me when I had been walking home like I was under their idea. How is it that I just so happen to be heading home when some guy shows up to meet with some other guy that has the access code to the home and who had been in the home all alone fixing a water heater waiting for his friend from another company to show up right as I am heading home.

As soon as I heard them leave, I left. Then later when I headed home a white suv was pulling into the drive way so I turned and went to the church, I watched the church group do church things. After the suv pulled away I went home.  I smelled gas so I opened the windows, I was wondering why a person just left and why there was a fan blowing air up the stairway, I though at first maybe a repair was just made & a pilot light lit, and that maybe that’s why there was a gas smell like maybe it was a residual a left over, not an active leak. So I called the landlord who has an after hours pick up line and I reported that I have to leave the home there is a gas smell and I told the after hours guy that it doesn’t smell safe enough to sleep in, and I asked him if he knew why there was a fan down stairs….. he told me that I have to wait for the landlord to call me. At this point I had to do as told, that’s how the vibe had gotten and sure enough it was Lisbeth who I had been instructed to wait for in a house that I reported as being of gas smell.  Lisbeth called and I kept trying to get out of the house but Lisbeth kept me on the phone with a series of questions and demands like “put me on the phone with deena” and like “is it a fan or a humidifier”, and “you can’t leave the home with the windows open” like as if I needed to close the windows befor getting to safety, I kept telling Lisbeth that I needed to go and finally Lisbeth just got hung up on as she tried to act as though my reporting to her was of no merit.

I remember walking outside and flipping over a bin filled with water and toys, and thinking to my self that I needed to flip it over so that mosquitoes don’t start breading in it.  I remember thinking that the bikes are not supposed to be there.  I remember thinking that I should get out of the back yard but didn’t want to walk toward the door again it reeked of gas.  I had gotten up the gusto to exit the yard and as soon as I did I see Lisbeth pulling up in a black suv, she demanded that I go back into the house, she scolded me and demanded me to repeat to her where it was that I’d be going to while I left the windows open, and she again told me to get the home secured, I told her I cant leave a home like a bomb in a neighborhood, she rolled her eyes and told me to go back in the home with her.  Lisbeth made me walk back into the back yard with her and as soon as Lisbeth go to the door she had a reaction and then said “oh, im not going in there”… I said uhhu, and I said I’m going away from the home now so I walked to the sidewalk and stood there because Lisbeth had acted like I’d be introuble for leaveing the gassed house, the gas had begun pouring out the house and when the neighbor pulled up I remember being in her way and so I said I was just waiting for someone, then I decided I can’t wait, so I walked to the church while Lisbeth said she’s gonna get someone to come fix the leak.

I ended up in the emergency room.  When I was finally home late that night, the woman roommate tells me she thinks its her ex-husband trying to kill her again, and she detailed to me how he knows everyone in town that works on water heaters since he’s done ducting for over 25 years.  I said uhoh, then I was put on the phone with Lisbeth shocked to find out that she did not get notified by the after hours guy when I had called from the hospital to tell my landlord my location since its like your on their leash of control in order to have housing.  As if you have to do as your told or you can’t have your shelter for the duration your supposed to have it for and like your “not working with them” if you don’t do as they demand all while they have you housed with some notorious monster.  The woman roommate is a notorious monster who has been telling me how she’s been in jail for “saying false statements” and how she’s got a judge that is finally getting in trouble for putting her in jail, and how she had some elderly lady “cheek pocket a pill” so that they could gain evidence against a convalescent home nurse so to have the state fire the nurse.  Then this woman tells me about house she has housing but won’t take it so that she can use her situation to get the elderly lady to buy a home for them all to live in and how this is so good since the elderly lady is paying $7000 a month to the convalescent home and how a mortgage is way cheaper, and how good it is that being a nurse makes her so able to do home care for this elderly lady, and how great it is that she is so lucky to have had her “son committed for having done stuff to her daughters”…. Oh yes, here I am living with a nurse who leads on the very first moment of arrival the stories about her daughters and their virginity and her son.  This is the very first thing I have to have tossed at me then I find out this woman was selling stories to Lisbeth like Im so interested in her daughters all while I have a tv anchor asking me in a job interview if I’ve ever done community service things, so I naturally tell her about the Foster Youth Mentor Program and I realized when I saw Lisbeth & deena lie with each other about my having spoken to Lisbeth after being back from the hospital and they both acted like I didn’t speak to Lisbeth when I got home from the hospital, yes that is when I realized the job interview was a set up just the same way san diego was doing it… and it was a real estate job and some how the interviewer was just your friendly local news broadcaster.  Hmmm and my roommate was the friend of the owner and the landlord was the company that let deena stay even though she had housing… My very fist contact with Lisbeth was the need for safety after Keiht Swenson and about 5 cops were caught trafficking and engaged in using “investigations” as a way to traffick and how my property was robbed and how police refused to make the crime reports for the crimes I reported to them and how I then had to lodge my reports online.  

I then find out from a manager that a guy named Joaquin whom Lisbeth told me to talk to since he is a police man is actually also an employee at this place so is actually a co-worker of lisbeths, not just some cop.  I ask if Lisbeth is also a cop, and the strangest thing happened, crickets…. Yes silence.  Yes Lisbeth who ruled the roost with an iron fist and allows a woman to stay in a home after already having housing provided to her, and who is in touch with a man that showed up the first day I was living there and who just so happens to be the owner, but not just in touch with him, their besties, they’ve known each other for decades and are friends and deena sends her daughters over to play with his friend a grown man that wears makeup to sports games, and whom deena dates.

Dates through sending using her daughters to ply him at games then in a store then somehow live next to him and need to take him food and candy and drop by in their short shorts, like volleyball shorts but shorter, like bikini shorts to spend time with him while on their way to the “candy store” which is actually just a gas station. Oh yes, I had to have a sit down after the gassing where I heard all sorts of the stories deena was saying about me so that Lisbeth could start a fake phony but very real investigation against me as if I like her daughters…. Didn’t san diego try to keep me on their leash doing that to me when I signed up to be a mentor, yes they did, and the handed me a girl after telling me all about her remember that Anti Stalkers, remember K***** at the Foster Youth Mentor Program where Mrs. Lee Davis found me at the Christmas party then had began to sell me to perverts in  Dell Mar.  Oh yes, I’ve seen the other side of it yet again, and this time all set up in advance like someone I knew was able to tell where I’d be able to go after Keith Swenson stole all my money, my jewelry, and other stuff while putting just enough data into my hands.  And you pervs think to act as if I sign up for this shit, as if I’m on your team as if we’re doing this thing. 

So know I come to find out that the after hours service is actually the police department which is another city employee correct,  so I was living with deena a past city employee turned nurse who stalks me and some elderly lady and some man down the way while refusing to use the housing she got just so she can stay at her city employee friends house while police posing as advocates but whom are actually cops (which make them city employees)  can keep you under their unlawful surveillance to kill you, force you to say things you shouldn’t be forced to be having to say while new reporters of the past can interview you and be asked what you told them, all while conspiring to keep you in a gas filling house while you try to get out though they all have first responder training, so yes this was an attempted murder and I found out that approximately 89% of the crimes made against pregnant women are the crime of murder.  I found that out.  It was a preview.  

So the pregnant looking body type draws out the murderers huh, the ones that are specially homicidal at the given moment. I told deena she needs to stop using her children when she started to espout that she never told me she got her son committed.  But deena did tell me such and she told me that he was released from the committal she made of him and released to his father all while she has the daughters like there’s some payback waiting, this Handler deena tells me all about having been stalked by her ex since she was 14 and how she had to leave to new York to sleep with a “black man that was 20” back when she was 17 just to get away from who she later married whom had stalked her since she was 14 and who her family kept telling her to marry once she returned from new york.  Now she uses her daughters like san diego used K*****.  Try to serve them all up on a platter to a would be pedo, I’m no pedophile and you’re the ones in the mirror not me.  You’re the perverts selling children around and who are a pedophile ring that sees me as another victim to play games with by acting repeatedly and almost nonstop as if I need do be under “investigation” somehow for the rest of my life and I don’t care if you all f’off and die. You should all be in prison for this scam let alone fired but here you all are acting like somehow I’m the problem.  Your not safe, your not mentally sound, you have no business in the jobs you’ve gained for furtherance of your crimes, and you fail.

Am I wrong for saying that murderers that try to kill me need to f’off and die, or should I just be the one to die, guess what, I wont die for anyone.  City of the Murderers, your off your rocker. Your police are pedophiles who are intercepting Victims of Trafficking so to harm them when they repo the crimes of  their cohorts down the way. City of Murderers, you take up jobs in the House where the Victims report to advocates there to help them with safety and you make cover up for the crimes of your cohorts through trying to gas a person, a murder plot for anyone you have too get in harms way, you need to stay away from the places set up to help Victims, not start trying to kill the Victims.  Am I supposed to sit around and shut my mouth for your counterparts that get shootings to look a certain way when I was the one informed of the beginning of it, of it being a scam.  Should I shut my mouth about how Awino told me about the SPU shooting long before it happened, NO.

I won’t die for anyone. 

I won’t be lied about for anyone.

I won’t shut up for anyone, you will shut up instead.

I won’t lie for IHT’s. Im not part of their team, Im their Victim but not for long because were are all going to need our inalienable rights now, not just us Victims. You will have the burden of serving the time for your own crimes rather then me serving it clandestinely for you. 

Self-defense is real, so is the persecution I’ve been kept under by police who seem to think its ok to pretend ‘Im a criminal for fleeing them when they are intent to traffick me, murder me, and cry foul play like I did something.  My drivers license status the san diego police sought to put me in is part of this crime of attempted murder that just took place, just ask Lisbeth because Lisbeth was coached on trying to get me to say some admission while I was forced to be sitting in a room with the murderer after the gassing attack failed, yes, Lisbeth decided to badger me, and intimidate me about whether I drive, and so she showed her hand more then once during her control the Victim game she engaged in like no one will ever hear the truth, and it was Lisbeth who told me that there was “nothing suspicious” about how plausible it was that two different professionals from two different companies with two different sets of training were somehow both missing what ever it was that caused the gas leak. Lisbeth is in on it and in on the cover up of it and was an active roll taker in trying to get me to stay in the house as long as she and her after hours police coworker could both gain though their both trained first responders, so here is my question:

Did San Diego make them selves a party to this towns crimes of did this town make them selves a party to San Diego’s crimes.  Joining, furthering, and ratifying a preexisting conspiracy is a crime that makes you liable for all the other crimes and now this trafficking rings perversion is in the official Attempted Murder in First Degree place.  

Deena and Lisbeth, here is something you two human traffickers need to know… I have an inalienable right to flee you two human traffickers and any others that are part of what you do to Victims of trafficking.  I have a fundamental right to protect my self from you so when you had Sarah try to lure me back to the house while I was fleeing your place of control you violated my rights, I have always fled the traffickrs to their disdain, they want me to stay and fight so they can kill me in a way they can writeoff in a form, but when I don’t go for that they try to make a crime out of fleeing them and it was a set up of the san diego ring of police sheriff and city employed traffickers that operate with Immunity there like immunity is some magical thing when it isn’t.  No immunity is going to cover your crimes.  Your form of intercepting Victims by gaining employment at the House is a violation of the immunity you first sought to achieve prior to committing the crimes you plan.  Your murderers in premeditation and you fail.  So fails also the idea that fleeing your persecution is some how a crime when it isn’t, your little license game is denied and you can take it up with the originators of the intent you’ve been trying to go about in collusion with Liar Pervert Hilsabeck who had three attorneys violate their posts just to gain the same your trying to gain as if I have no right to your malicious unlawful obstructions, stalking’s, harassing, abuse, and murder attempts.  Violation of post is going to be a big deal again now.  And the idea that a Victim of an attempted murder can’t say what there is to say is a crime too, I have every right to tell anyone in any way at any time the facts regarding those involved with the gassing, regardless of the problems you might try to have with that.  Lisbeth is rude to her Victims, condescending to her Victims, and intimidating to her Victims. Oh and Dean can’t come over when ever he wants Sarah.  It is 100% my business to correct when someone is trying to paint me in untrue ways especially when their using children to further such a crime against me, any fool understands that painting a picture about a person as if their interested in your children is some sort of game, if a person is interested in your children you go somewhere else, you don’t start playing inferenceing games, unless your just repeatedly using your children to get others falsely implicated or falsely investigated like the pervs that you all are in your pursuit to question me about my period.   You can’t take a persons right to speak about things they need to say for their own safety.  I will talk repeatedly when you lie, and your story is flawed.  If you keep trying to act like Im into children yours will be taken by the state, you need to stop using children this way Lisbeth & Deena. Your almost worse then Lee Davis & Lee Martin with their Foster Youth Mentor use of K***** but she was already a ward of the court used by this team that stalks me, your part of a psychopath team of traffickers getting paid by the city to engage in your crime.

The san diego police are a party to this crime. Attempted murder made closer achieved by cops that some how can’t remember the way to first respond to a call about a gas leak is the crime made possible by the game of stalking my drivers license, right Lisbeth who needed to ask me about my driving like you work for hilsabeck or something, so san diego is a party to this crime each cop that plagued me with bogus ticket and scam after scam after scam through stalking me with their stingray…. Who invaded my home to watch me on their larger then life $50,000 televisions. Maybe your daughters will just f men in your bed blown out on cocaine while your out of town since you dedicate your days to stalking me rather then getting Mr. Dr. 90210 off the streets. IHT’s, this murder attempt made you less then.  Oh but that’s right… your traffickers so your daughters are for sale, but I’m not for sale.

You stalk me for saying what’s happening all as if your ok that your daughters are being into what their into like you use your daughters the way deena does, but you say no one can talk about it.  I can talk about it, and you can’t stop the truth.

Do my stalkers have the right to gas people?  Do they have the right to sell their children. “

And that’s how you do a Pentecost!  You love the father you celebrate the churches in accuracies, and you clean out the dirt.

Since I know my Beloved Anti Stalker Nation would never traffick me,

Hugs and Love,



Blog # 543

5/19/18   In the middle there is a plan, it is the plan of the weirdo also known as the pedo.

Do you want your children in the middle.  The Pedo does. It is time to recognize the effects of conditioning programming and rapeing, these are performed deliberately and it’s a no.  No to this being forced upon us. No to this being were you want us. No to the Pedo.  You can shock and you can force and you can put into a catatonic state even as we are watching not knowing what to do while your programmers take full advantage, but you can not call us the guilty one.  You’re the guilty one, and you can go to the prison.  We are the Victims who say no we say no  more of you your middle is our graduation party no more, your pedo’s are not longer in love with their toys, you’ve noticed.  You have no idea how damaging they will be to  you now, and not to us anymore, children are not your toys and teen agers are not your next, the young are done.   We are the wild ones, we are the ones you tore to the ground and couldn’t find a way to build up.  We are the only ones you’ll remember.  There will be no effects on me, no affects on me, all away.  You try your die.  And I would not test the that taketh from your failure.  

Your attacks and bad on our soil not ours, we don’t attack ourselves anyway, we don’t take our triangle and we let the reign achieve.  I will face the lavender and take it for my own, I will place the lavender in my home, we will reighn we will reain weeee willlllll reighhn

Some problems you create for me will destroy you, try to bring your rape to me and you will go. Try to find you way to me and you will die, try to find your way to mine and you will cry, cry cry right befor you die, you will die and not after your intended harm is made but befor.  Things you thought to do to me are now for you to go through.  You, as in those of you who do it to us, all of you.  And better we all are once it starts, and it started, it started a week ago.

I am not your woman, so must have been your sister, you can’t protect your sister, that made you bate, your bate your bate you are bait.  Now your sister is gone from you like a foreigner was your priority, however your sister was smarter then you knowing you had not the ability to keep from being immersed by her beauty you were always attracted to her like your from the middle, like you’re a man that loves your mom more then your woman, like you’re a man that uses your woman more then you use the enemy of your woman, like you’re a man that is hard up to find a place, hard to hear a pace, hard to find a face, your in the middle like you ran, like you plan, like you failed.  Your all in the middle, I am not.  We are not.  There will only be middle for you and when your all trained to fail and to be sex addicts so immersed with looking at your sister, you’ll see her run from you and never even know you just got hit.  When you as a Seal Team get hit for looking at your sister, its not your Father that hits you, he can’t he’s also disgusted.  Its your enemy let to hit you at a profit to your fiend, a profit to your fiend, you know who they are.  Your only job was to find me a suitable man to marry and you failed.  You failed because you wanted to see me.   Now you know and you know you konw.  I have found my own man, your problem can’t escape you, you know your only hope to redeem your self as a value is to hurt the abuser, you will have to out them for even more then what kony is about, and you will have to go far. 

I will only aid you in going to the farthest places and staying there.  The order I chose is the one. 

Now, some song made its way off, place it now upon your next album so we all know.  I will know your true color.

I will choose the reactive b.

When I was forced to take a summer school class in Grossmont, I had to have a person in my face, he was a disgrace and he made sure to tell me a story about the best porno he’s ever seen and about how it was a woman being forced but how it was set up like she was just forgetting to say the “code” word like it was not really force but just a porno.  It was the “best porno” he’s “ever seen” he said, the things idiots say when they think their fathers are so impressive, you all were raised to be slaves to porn and now you look so used.  I was not impressed but was forced to listen to this while we studied math, don’t send your children to san diego state, the man that fought my father in oc in his youth went to san diego state and became some city man robbing funds, when my father was approached in arizona by an attorney to see pictures of us when trying to get my dad to sell him my youngest brother, he was corralled to try to gain such out of my father by the same person who picked on my father in their youth yeah it was that guy who went to san diego state, when I applied to college I should have gotten into my other school I applied to, not into San Diego State. Someone out there has my degree right Robert.  Hey ratrat, did you steal my very first blog post, just noticed yesterday.

 Now is when you all add.



Blog #542

5/18/18    Why is it that I love you...

Hey Anti Stalker Nation..... Hope Your having a great day!  Got stalked again, they tried to gas me, just had to say yikes. 

I love you,

Love Always,



Blog #ooooooo

Past present and now the future is there a way to find them. If I’m a papal your my stayepl.



Blog #000

I would be the remembrance, I would tell you to forgive, but you can’t and I won’t, Remember in the invent I was the cave the cav the fucthen kavme.  In your way you won’t know.  I want the day of light. I want and will be the day of light, I am the fight in the right, in the vein in your cave, you’re the fay, im the way you’re the few, Im the new, I am in the favor of my father and my woman in the favor in the fav.   Increase your cave.  If you whip your self again I will not favor you.  Stop hurting your self I am done on a cross, I am done on your image of me, I am in my dead team I am in your even tree your guilt is free your done. I am done with my guilt, we won’t cry and crawl again. Open up your triangle I am done with the guild of being stalked and harmed and wounded and faded into your crawl  you stop that now you stop that now, You will receive this today your true power, your true power to feel again, feal me in your favor, not in your crawl no more harm, no more torment, no more virgin review, no more trying to cry, not more hearing the voul and not the fouw.  If you keep trying to image me every day Oped Dei, you will fail to remember that I am here now too, and that I have the power in me again, I review.  Stop the walk on the flat earth.  I am on the vou not the l my father never fell, my hero is not even close to hell, my hell is in my palm when I see you leave me calm after hurting your self know me not if you fail to feel me in my spree, in my  flee, in my wait and see.  I wreath with your few, so now you will know I escaped the dinner too.  I don’t care if it angers you the trueness of my power now, the realness of my team, the abandonment of past as a part of reality when I can jump a candle and be a man.  I don’t have to have gone through it to have achieved enough to say to you no more imagery of a death I cheated.

Loveinmydameinmy trai in my new dei.


\ahmmmen amen.


So then

Blog # 000

If your in the te not in the be and out of ht e.  You want to know who owes you. I don’t owe you. No one I know owes you. Google owes you here’s how you collect, if I were Keith Swenson showing my cop buddies that I tell women’s details to I would every day take a piece of my tow, I would make sure you had your own tell one that I could use either day in a bad way. I would set you up, id made sure to use the woman that you set up the most, I would get her here play her with you then use her to tell on you like I didn’t do it, but here is how he did do it to you in your day…

When I robbed this woman I would put something in from when you rented the home from me, I’d put in something you didn’t’ notice you left without, like your under cover computer details:

Did you steal it or did your Chief get it to you, it’s the thing in my stuff that isn’t mine, the thing Keith Swenson used as a trade for having stole my stuff and having his part in his friends game his “we won’t stop till your homeless and destitute friends, his “we are gonna make your life a fucken hell” friends, right Maddow….   Who’s computer data was slipped into my belongings by Keith Swenson’s big ol game, it’s a 2017 Chromebook 15 CB3-532-C47C Granit Grey P/N: NX.GHJAA.002 RMN: N15Q9  S/N:NXGHJAA00274403EFE7600  UPC: 888863811427  WLANBLUETOOTH: 802.11ac + BT  with an intel processor Celeron Processor N3060  Sent to US C/O Frontier Logistics 1700 N. Alemeda Street in Compton CA 90222. C/O Frontier Logistics Services  251 Joliet, IL 60433 USA.  QTY 1,050   740  all complete with a WLan Mac: B0359FDDF789 and with the EAN:4713392753343 and with a item label of 15.6ACER CHRM BK NEW 556077407 ,  STORE-CIV / CARTON # 6025933344 , and a 1535-01 in from to the store & division number.  ID in shipping E2587 with bottom numbers being 2508 48219, heres the upc 0888863811427  ship date of 12/05/17 but some how that box is in Kieth Swenson’s house in Sioux Falls South Dakota making one wonder all about how that box then becomes my property in Keiths urgent need to rob me of my stuff in exchange for that empty box, that empty laptop computer box, using SYSTEM BD/BIOS: 00/Google_Banon.7287.313.0   It wouldn’t be cops getting this stuff to their department, oh no these 1,050 Acer Laptops are from the FBI correct, you got your own hoes too.  Unless I’m just thinking about things, sure its just a batch Acer Sent To Themselves in Compton FROM Jollet Illinois in LOADID: U41602-008,005 …. STRAIGHT OUTA COMPTON….


Eat your own area,



Blog #  541

5/8/18   Try again…

When a City is human trafficking women you almost always have the response to human trafficking asked to perform unlawful surveillance but is it very often to have the housing area commandeered to be allowing for human trafficking, the news reporters, and even the gas meter readers or trash men in on it… maybe when a Navy Seal becomes a trash man its normal but when its just some lady named D**na its probably much more controlled then just shaming a navy secrets selling seal to do your dirty work. I mean why would a gas employee need to be at a some where a woman named D**na and her friend Dean just tried to gas you, shouldn’t the city rather be investigating the 4 people I reported had gassed me  rather then trying to play some game as if It was me gassing myself?  When you report the crimes to people like L*is who point blank tell you that there’s nothing suspicious about a gas leak that sent you to the hospital while this Lis woman can’t manage first responder conduct of getting you to the hospital for gas poisoning. 

I suppose when L*s is in on covering up the gas poisoning as if you did it to yourself you as a human trafficking city would have to keep that concealed, however when it comes out later that L*s is actually a cop that gets her pay spade through the same method Joaquin  does but never told you that she was a cop like Joaquin AND never told you that Joaqine is an Advocate like she is, yes when you have a woman portray herself as not being a cop but is, you find out how much she did want you dead, and you find out just how much her accomplice D**na wanted you invaded and put into “committed” status like what she tells you she did to her son for raping her daughters, oh but I can’t report this, yes I can, especially when the city covers up their crimes by doing them again like sending a woman to turn on the gas when you leave as if you did it your self, too bad I caught her in the act of walking to the homes open door that was open while I moved my stuff out of it, and which was verified as opened by a different advocate when she witnessed me moving my stuff out the door to the garage, but some city employee is walking up to the house to sneak in while I’m going in and out just to do what, because if it were for safety there would be no sneaking. I got a picture of the woman the city uses when their gonna try to act as though one of the woman their trafficking is somehow gassing herself when she aint.  It was D**na who previewed this to me and D**na is a pedophile who admitted such but the City keeps using her over and over again to harm Victims it intercepts on this human trafficking slave trade route my handsome and perverted Navy Seal orchestrator done put me on for his Canada ringleader. 

I aint your momma.

That leaved  two options you should have known better but you’re a threat too not an investigator, your as bad as Kennith Krause or who ever he was. 

Your not my man o’control anymore and your City you forced me to with your Swenson, its old and its stupid to try to engage in your conduct for you, here’s why, I caught you.  I caught you all red handed and its ridiculous the story plot and the evidence against your little kill the girl schematic is readily available, you do have your own line into watching this house and two investigators in one office lying to bombard a victim is called torture, right Hespel.  You know all about torture for gods sake you have an  idiot spouting off to the world about how slavery is a choice and how slavery doesn’t exist anymore, and how much your torture is.  When you create this individual specific form of slavery where you insist on knowing as much as you can so that you can torture a person with it especially at times you seek to incarcerate them for no crime –escaping you is not a crime- , yes when you as the CIA do to us Americans what you did to Uruguay you end up getting done with. Yes, I’m saying that an Agency runs the trafficking ring I’ve been placed on and that I’m being trafficked on as if these safe places are not criminals when they are criminal who lie to you to get you in their control just for reporting to them that human trafficking has occurred and that your fleeing it.  Who else uses psychopaths and psychopathic lying cops… I only know one agency that can get away with that for so long and in such obviousness, and it’s the CIA, and if you were keeping count Anthony Bordain talks about the CIA more often then I do, so have him called crazy first befor you call me crazy for saying the secret word.  Oh and on that note, Hespel, you do Black Sites worse then you do White Sites like Joseph Kony’s mutilation for you camps he ran rung which it is, Hespel whats going on with your White Site Torture area you had Kony run for you, you got that torture clan, we know about your White Site Torture Areas too, and I  said it, I said I said it, The American Government via an Agency called the CIA is responsible for the Joseph Kony Human Trafficking ring and it was a White Site Torture camp of the CIA’s.

City, when you watch me and keep me under unlawful surveillance so that you can send up a gas meter employee, to sneak in to the house while I’m in the garage, to turn on another gas leak lie for you, your stories about me disintegrate, you also become known criminals.

My hackers think your stupid too.  They hacked my post so that I’d copy it to paste it in after typing it in my blog then not letting my blog save it.

Then when I hit the paste button after copying it and clearing it to start over my hackers had the paste default to what I actually wrote to you and though I was tempted to just leave it, I think I’ll go a head and change names to increase my safety that your infringing upon with your games of control.




Blog #539

5/4/18  Now get your nasty asses to work….

I know that attorneys are just waiting in line to help me and other trafficking Victims.. I know that it is so p0pular to say hey everyone, here is how trafficking is actually done lets sue the perps lets call them out on what their doing, lets call them traffickers lets fix the loop holes lets let these Victims help themselves with out having a judge throw them in the crazy jail… or worse take their homes from them with court house scams and lawyers for hoa’s and for mortgages that don’t exist…

Alreight heirs what I’m asking for, HELP, help me, help me, are there any normal attorneys that don’t use trafficking tactics to force a woman in to trafficked prostitution by cleaning dirty money for to give to this woman that you/your client slept with specifically with the intent to play games with to play games with to play with, to follow to induce psychological control tactics upon, to ultimately pay for the sex in some clever way that well, that hmm, well, that killed more than 2 birds with the same stone?, I mean can any attorney help me with my web page, for free of course, my web page titled Self Help To Sue Who Trafficks You 

My web page titled Self Help To Sue Who Trafficks You has been stagnant and waiting for way too long now, and I would like an attorney or two to help finish the page with me, Please send me your work anonymously you don’t deserve credit.  I would hope you would start with my pleading and points from the District Court in San Diego that Sammartino had made disappear from being used to hold rapeist federal agents accountable for their crime, their assaults, their murders, their trafficking in ways that the legal definition of trafficking just hasn’t been informed of yet by anyone other then me.  Maybe even use the lengthy data in the oh so disgusting Superiority Court in San Diego… that will also help you to make what I need.

I need more, I need to see more, I hear it all the time lately.  I hear it all the time. What I want today is for a link up to meaningful litigation for Victims to print, fill in the blanks, and file for free at courts across the country.  And I need it up on my website… you all know my own self research and pleading wasn’t enough, your turn you and your degrees, it your turn you juris doctors,  come fix us with your medicine.




Blog #538

4/25/18   Just Listed

Journalist Shiori Ito

Good job my sweet in the HashtagMeToo!  you just made the HallOf Fame!




Blog #537

4/25/18    Being helped and not helpful

Macy Alden – Macy Delaney / Macy Reinholt / Everett Newell… What ever her name is and the name of those who give out phones to her victims….

Macy just made sure to contact me today to tell me that I need to keep my baby close because you never know what baby sitters will do, she thinks shes got me all figured out, she was told to say such a thing by her human traffickers in Sheridan that wanted to baby traffick me, that Polly Wheat woman wanted me raped on the couch of her Tenant with a ploy that I would make $100 to clean the trailer… but when Polly Got Drunk she spilled the beans on the phone with this Tenant telling him to  just drug me and make sure to fuck me on the couch while she cleaned the trailer…. I was astonished so I decided to tell her that I can’t clean his house but she got him on the phone anyway talking to Garth Skaggs also known as Vernon Skaggs and he also started to negotiate with Polly's tenant for sex with me over the phone right in my line of hearing, so I walked in and said I will never be going to clean any of Polly’s Houses…. The very next day Polly via her Auckenboch connection found a homeless woman named Brandy  who’s boyfriend  was also homeless and named Brian, and found them both to come live for free in Polly’s sidewalk fifth wheel.  And when all of a sudden Pollys tenant had to show up to see Brandy so that Brandy could come over and clean his trailer, I realized this guy acts like he has to pay rent weekly to Polly when I did her book keeping I saw hid details and it wasn’t a weekly rental, he just stops buy to pretend to pay money each time he is looking to approve of a women to rape in front of a camera aimed at his couch and Aukenboch made the disturbing mistake to show up to a gas station Polly Wheat took us all to on Seymour Street, to view me also.  See did I forget to say that Auckenbock was Macy’s boyfriend for over a year and she thought they were getting married right up to the day he had her arrested from having fake $100 bills in her custody that he gave her, oh yes then he got her extra time in jail by having some Casino bartender get another tip in the jar of another fake bill and somehow it was Macy that served time for that tip though she was already in jail the night the tip was given out.  So Macy is indoctrinated from the day go hit the dayVie… as is DeVia Rape.  Isn’t Macy's fake one year long boyfriend Auckenbock Badge Holder a DeVia Rapeist, yes he is. 

When I tried to leave Polly’s house she beat me, a psychopathic rage took her over because I dared to ask Brian to shovel the snow away from my car so I could leave, but Polly started yelling screaming intimidating threatening Then she hit me and told me never to talk to anyone with out her permission, I bolted and Garth (Vernon Skaggs) demanded Brian take Polly for a ride just incase anyone called the cops,  I was towed to the Napa Auto Store where two employees witnessed Polly stalking me in person, over the phone, demanding them to send me home to her, and they also witnessed Polly sending her fake friend to impede my free movement when I tried to walk away a friend of Polly’s pulled up on the side walk area in the parking lot to stop me from crossing, and she told me I needed to leave with her and go back to Polly’s house, I asked her who she is and she told me she’s the lady the police used to get Polly Wheat her DUI at a hospital parking lot.  Polly knows this woman to be an informant for the cops in Sheridan but guess that’s just how the Human Trafficking Baby Trafficking Sheridan Cops & Sheriffs role… Her name is Lynne.

Now for no reason other then this ring of perverts being rapeist baby traffickers, I get a text from Macy Alden today saying that I better keep my  baby close since you never know what sitters will do…. Hmmm. 

Sounds like Macy is involved in ways I never gave her credit for.

I know her telephone call makes it clear she’s trafficking women via food and she repeatedly wanted me to make her food but when she kept steeling from Wallmart I knew I needed to be very careful of her. So I tried to find alternative housing but Macy was robbing me each time I left her house.  Her mother demanded to take my clothes overnight and they act like their doing you some favor but they are just murderers, Megg and Macy are just murderers.  And the baby trafficking text message was just a beginning, Macy went on to do the “Call Our Victim Crazy” thing they all think works for them so well though its gotten them in more trouble than they can count to.  I got the weirdest texts from Macy indicating her laps in judgment is climbing… I told her to leave me alone but she refused, I told her I have her in recording admitting to having stolen autos at the residence where Paige Zorn’s grandfather was going to get them from and try to make cover up of the Grand Theft Aut-o. 

I told Macy to stop but she wanted more.  I wanted her to stop, I finally had to block her messages and whoa the phone calls she made…. She thinks she can have her ring of criminals use me again though Witnesses at the Napa Auto Shop saw how I was stalked when I tried to leave their house. One of the employees at Napa is named Brandon & the other, whell he’s not the type.

Polly’s conditioning, housing, and slave labor is one thing but when it’s Macy’s preferred method of baby trafficking whell it means that the Tenant that Polly has groom her sexual- assault-victims-to-be is a regular in this rape for profit and rape porn ring…. Polly want a cracker, no polly you can’t have one stick to the local trash, us white women in our pretty little lives don’t want any of your trash. And that goes for you too Dan Helsibeck… Mr. I live in Vegas but work in Sheridan.  Your day is arriving get your wet lips ready you pervert. They are gonna speak a tale a tail your ass needs the tail.  Where you go at the day light hours when your not keeping track of the wheat.

Do you sit on Seymour Street.

Im thinking that Macy is in need of a reminder, so here is the link to the recording I have of her murder threats, her sex with Policeman’s sons being a joke to use against other women those son’s are sex trafficking, and her incessant need to have a child abduction made so she can be off the hook with her bosses who need an abduction but won’t get it.

I was being sold for rape to Polly’s tenant in her trailer in a trailer park there in town, I know this because he said where he lived when he came to Polly’s house to pay rent and to see me.  How were they gonna do it, whell, I heard Polly talking about Brandy going to the trailer of her Tenants the next day to clean it and I asked if Brian is going too, Poly stated blankly that she is going to drug Brian since he keeps beating Brandy.  She said she’s getting rid of that woman beater.  See loose lips sink ships but drunkard human traffickers burn them down like a clown to the grownd.

What was I doing in this area anyway… taking a lovely woman to a university along the road was a stop off for gas and that woman is now where.  I was gonna apply at the university too for transfer credit of all my MBA work not just what SPU has, not just where I was stered to by Jama's husband but from all the MBA work I've done, I'm technicaly maybe 3 or so courses away from a full MBA education but no one wants to give me credit for what I've done.

Since Macy wants to pull the Crazy Card, the your psychotic to call me out on my crime card, the you need mental help if you don’t respond the way I need you to card, here then, here is a copy of the recording of her saying the admissions to threatening murder, and she is a murderer, and it also has the way she controlled Paige Zorn with murder attempts made clear in jail when Macy’s trafficking ring got Macy in jail to tell Paige to shut up about Auckenbocks badge that he flashed to her and that she talked about to me…. Your all so perverted in Sheridan that you think your normal, but listen to yourself and watch the reactions you get out of nice sweet gentle people like myself, you make nice sweet gentle people like myself scared, worried, and under duress:

Watch this show Macy, and threaten me about a babysitter again & about how I need to have my baby kept close to me, and I will tell the child welfair services about how your children end up with STD’s even though their a virgin who hasn’t done anything she can remember…. All while you let the door stay open all night while your out on a call…

I’m a witness to your games and you’re a pervert like your mother. You weren’t being nice to me, you were deciding how to sell me, your done and your going to know this soon, you crossed a line, you decided to make a smoking gun, you decided to play a threat.

Don’t forget why you named a Street after a Seymour.   None of you pervs & satanics get to keep Satin anymore, your trap is undone, I’m taking Satin for my own safe keeping of her.  Jesus, what should we do with Satin, she’s ready to be saved.

Go to the guillotine you freeks, you’ll look headless under just the right light.  And the stupid things you used to say will be your last free day.

How is it that Macy Reinholt-Alden-Delaney gets listed the same day that  

Hey macy you sound real normal in this recording you sound real fucken’normal, judge me in your texts with your dirty lies and names and insinuations, I’m so fit you can’t keep up.  The crazy game now officially turns to bite every single one of you. I will not be judged by anyone. You will be judged.

Just Listed:

Keith Swenson

Two Cops working the day Keith Swenson Called The Cops on a Woman that Didn’t want to sleep with a man that night at the beckoned demand of Keith’s.

Cop Marquez

Cop Pastrolo

Cop that tells you his first name rather then his last name, Jeremy

They’ve all been listed for the fact that I reported crimes to them and they made cover up of those crimes for Keith Swenson rather than issuing police reports or even incident numbers.  It’s not an option to not make a crime report when a citizen asks you to and reports crimes to you.  You don’t just get to pick and choose who you make crime reports against. I found out from a Dispatch that there were no incident report numbers or police report numbers for the crimes I reported on two different days, that a conspiracy to cover up the crimes and trafficking of Keith Swenson the man the Cops rent from when they use their dealership plates and cars and trailers.  

Macy Reinholt, aka Macy Alden, aka Macy Delaney

Auckenbock, unless he’s already been listed back when I listed Dan Hilsabeck

Megg Reinholt

Polly Wheat

Vernon Skaggs, aka Garth

Everett Newell

Dane the police officers boy who liked getting Paige Zorn into his fathers house before having her arrested how dare she talk to him the way she did… Dane will teach her a lesson like he’s teaching Macy, how gross are you all, you all need std tests

David Medina

Raul Medina

How is it that Macy exacts their threat against a baby for them, they’re not even in the same town, big pushes to call me crazy are the downfall very soon yes, yes.  When you need to have a person try to believe your way don’t you have a loose wire tap, yes you do.  What did I uncover here just trying to find a place to live?  I uncovered the urgency the urgency that men have when trafficking women I mean the very next day after I paid for my apartment the police are called out by their friend just because I won’t let someone come in and sleep with me…. Whatxcha say oooooh did you only mean well””””….  Then why is Macy involved.  We’re done as of yesterday doesn’t that mean you need to have a bitch happen, you only got one Bitch, you better play it.  We all know your only Bitch is South Dakota but you’d rather get the Bitch involved then played.  Watch how different it goes this time.  I knew that about you yesterday.  Isn’t it your turn now.  If you don’t put this trafficking ring into arrest by the end of the day you become the Bitch and I will be watching.

I don’t have a jeep.  My seeds he stole are pepper seeds.

Talky Talky Talky,



Blog #536

2/24/18    The Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking

It gets updated repeatedly....

... and on that note, the mickyultra method of human trafficking is being defined, its much worse then the McUltra Method of Human Trafficking, but who could be worse then the CIA with how aufull their trafficking is with their Mr. McUltra.... 




Blog #535

2/23/18   Have you ever been labor trafficked... I have, and its the same foo that thinks he owns me, he is in Canada, a Canadian and he knows the "Manager" that the Seattle Purchasers of Hooters in San Diego had stalk me and terrorize me named Chris and the San Diego Police Department used Chris so this owner of me is easy to find... Find him Now. 

Since I just got labor trafficked and had my housing controlled I have a little gift for he who owns me and makes me pay his bills:



I have become aware that your employee robbed me of sales commissions by putting a majority of my sales into a status other than the “JES” designation that my sales were under that I did get paid for, in other words, your employees changed a large number of my closed and money paid for sales transactions to a designation other than “JES” and then I wasn’t paid for them. 

I was paid less then I earned.

I was also paid less then I was promised during my interview offer and acceptance of job.

I was offered minimum wage plus 10% commission on my closed sales.

I received far less than 10% of my closed sales.

I received none of my hourly pay and I was forced to work over time, more than 40 hours a week and I was forced to not take a lunch and was unable to leave the building unless Kahmal attended me.

I was also told to work on one of my 2 days a week off and so I only was allowed 2 days off a week for only one of the 3+ weeks that I worked for you.

I was forced to quit after Paul refused to reconcile the fact that my full sales were missing from my designated record kept under “JES”.

I found one of the records of my sales deliberately misplaced under a “DRW” designation and when I showed it to Paul he started calling me crazy and told me to prove it then he demanded to know what it was that these clients of mine bought.  I found other scams being made at your Fargo location to which sales records and accounting with end batch credit card tape was being scammed.   Your employees were all part of it.  Each one of Kit Doser, Paul Kruse, and Kahmal were all part of the scam that is being run in your store and even Kit Dosner tried to force me to begin to touch your alarm system one day when he pretended not to hear it though he was the one that unlocked the doors and knew the alarm was going off, he simply wanted my finger prints on your alarm system and tried to force me to use your alarm system though my manager never gave me the code, Kit had tried to give me the alarm code the day before and I informed Paul about it but Paul said good, and never once changed the alarm when I told him I was not comfortable receiving an alarm code from someone other then my boss.  I made sure not to commit to memory your stores code but Kit tried to force me to use it and when I would not Kit threatened me that the Police will show up if I don’t use the alarm code and when I said to him oh well he finally decided to disarm the alarm.

I know for a fact that Kit is holding meetings in your store at night with many people, I walked past at night once and saw for my self that the store was being used at night after hours, and that furniture was being moved, and not in the way a store would expect, but more like you had small amounts of furniture changing out.  Paul would refuse to set the alarm on at least 2 occasions when both of us left for the end of shift.

Not only did Kit try to intimidate me with his comments and admissions of his past business partner that extorted money from his & his other partners business, admissions of having killed the past business partner not for the extortion but for the fact he shared with me that he killed his extorting business partner because this extortionist was about to “do it again  to some other person at some other church”.

I was forced to repeatedly here and be called “Kulitz” by your Kahmal employee and his side kick, both of whom Kit refers to as “the animals”.

Paul never stopped them all from calling me a “Kulitz” and even when I fell out side the day that Paul kept telling me to prove and give proof of my missing sales, neither Paul or Kit would help me up, both acted like it didn’t happen and I had to hobble over to others bleeding and in pane for the assistance that Paul refused to give in his robbery of me with his “proof” game.  I was even told that another one of your past sales employees was responsible for my missing sales records and Paul tried to blame his crimes on a sales rep named Maurice who Paul is scamming with at another furniture store called Collins. 

Your idiot employees can’t be this good at it to the point where you keep me from my pay also.

You might want to deny my sales and labor traffic me again but I don’t want that so I am again asking for the rest of my pay.  I filed a workman’s comp claim for the recovery for my medical bills for the fall but I am still in pain to this day from the fall and my wound isn’t even healed yet since it needed stitches but I was to harmed to even think of leaving my home that night, your employees were harassing me so much calling me dirty names and dirty derogatory “crazy” “insanity” comments each time I tried to have Paul reconcile the inaccurate sales record I stumbled upon after repeatedly asking when payday was all while Paul refused to tell me so that he could keep me laboring longer while he stole my commissions.  Kim in the corporate office even tried to act like I must have a misunderstanding when I reported to her that my sales records were inaccurate, she said my misunderstanding must have been from not training in the Bismark location so I had to repeat myself that my sales records were not accurate and needed her to look into the proper accounting, she sent me a list immediately but she sent it to Paul and Paul handed it to me after he had first accessed it.

You will have to go through all the sales and misrepresentations during my work time employment to find my records that Paul changed around but I know at least one of my clients that paid $3400 for furniture I sold them was placed under the “DRW” designation and changed from my “JES” designation I charged them under and sold furniture under, the clients name is Devon Urness and she bought product and paid and was removed from my sales record and Paul did this a lot to me.  I estimate my sales records that are tampered with adding up to at least an additional $1800 in commission you did not pay me yet. So at least $18,000 in sales I made and closed went missing from my record and I didn’t get paid on them yet even though I demanded my full pay back after I was forced to quit.  I have only received one paycheck that did not account for my total commissions or sales, and that did not account for my hourly wage of “minimum wage” which is approximately $7.25 an hour and that was promised to me by Paul in addition to my 10% commission upon my acceptance of my job. This pay would add up to about 5 days for my first week, 6 days for my second week, 6 days for my third week, and 2 days for my fourth week.   This total would be for over 40 hours a week at minimum wage, from 9:30am to about 7 pm on most nights, I was only able to leave at 6pm sometimes aside from my Sunday shift when you open late & close early, and I was never given a lunch break or any other sort of break.  I will be paid for my lack of actual lunch break too then.  Paul has become a threat to the public and a scam artist, you need to release him immediately, you should see what he did to your ceiling when you were having real estate agents out to appraise and walk through the property… Paul tore off ceiling boards and acted like you have a leak in your ceiling in 2 different areas then left the ceiling exposed, the Flex Steal Fabric Shelves pushed away from the wall with buckets behind them and a huge area of in the front disheveled then had Kahmal use a truck to park in the back the entire time showing some sort of power line issue, then when the real estate agents were coming in somehow each one of them were my client rather then Paul’s or Kit, we took turns with clients and somehow I had to help the 3 Real Estate Agents that came in posing as clients looking to buy, when I asked Paul why it is that so many contractors are my turn up he acted bewildered and I said are the Zimmerman’s selling this place, Paul said yes, so I began looking up Commercial Realtors on line in your area and photos of them on their websites proved that these clients of mine that were my up and that lied to me about needing furniture were actually local Commercial Realtors and Paul knew when they were coming in.  I never saw any leak or water in the buckets they just did it for pictures that Agents took to likely drive the offer price down.  What ever the reason for the lying real estate agents, Paul knew enough to que them to be in on my up, my turn to take the next clients that walk in.

Week one:  8.5 hours * T, W, Th, F, St, + three nights staying past 6pm to 7pm so additional 3 hours ,

Week two: Sun 5.5 hours + 8.5 hours * W, Th, F, St, + 4 night staying past 6pm so 4 hours,

Week three: + Sun 5.5 hours + 8.5 hours * M, W, Th, F, St  + 4 nights staying past 6pm so 4 hours

Week four: + Sun 5.5 hours + M,W. quit

$329.88 + $315.38 + $377 + $163.13 = $1185.39 in hourly pay I have not received and was promised by Paul upon my hire and acceptance of his work offer.

Approximately:  $1800 in commission pay I have not received +  $1185.39 in hourly pay I have not received = $2985.39 in pay I have not received but have asked for weeks ago.

Please Overnight this pay to:

Thank you,

Jessica Seymour


And this is the end of my paying and suffering and being in the dirt for you Mr. Canada.  Your issue with my family is easy Im gona help you pay, you pay directly to the masons.

Im free.  

So here is my break up with Mr. If I Don't Make It On The List... your on The List, your song is Listed under San Diego Businesses, I left you a visual you need of a woman in the dirt with you showing up with your strong body to lift me out of the dirt you  made sure I was put in by your friend Mr. Canada. Fuck off and die. 



Blog #534

2/22/18   Here you go.... 

So I still don't have all my stuff, accordingly:

"* Police Department


Second Report: Demand to recover stolen property located at *, and Release to neighbor * located *.

Police Department,

I made my first written report to you earlier this morning and upon viewing the house from the outside, your Keith Swenson did not return any of my property he kept when he unlawfully entered my residence, stole from me, damaged my property, removed some of my property and removed my access by his lock change game you’ve allowed him to do. Accordingly I am placing a second report to you about my missing stolen items and the likelihood that they are in the house I am the legal tenant of but can not get into.  I was not given any formal notices from your Keith Swenson that allowed any of his acts to be lawful, he even lied to me about his last name when he was trying to control me after I contacted him due to his Craig’s List add for weekly rentals which is an add he showed to police on the 19th of April 2018 when he was at my door  demanding me to let a strange man take sleep with me in my home I rented located at * and which has a maliciously open crawl way in the basement that Keith uses and allows other to use to enter the property undetected.

I am demanding that you immediately recover my stolen property from Keith Swenson and from my rental unit that I am too scared to enter into alone and that I have paid for rent on till the 2nd of May 2018, I give you authorization to enter my residence to recover the property that Keith Swenson has robbed me of in his attempts to force homelessness and property conversion upon me. 

I would like you to recover my funds from Keith as well which are the $200 rent I paid for tenancy thru to the 2nd of May 2018 and my $100 in deposit money as I am too afraid of Human Trafficker Sex Trafficker Keith Swenson and he has refused to answer the phone calls & text message the my neighbor has made to him in attempt to help me regain my access and property that psychopathic fit having Keith Swenson forced me into loosing while your cops determine each time they get involved that Keith is normal.  Kieth called the City Water Main Break Emergency Line immediately after he couldn’t get your cops to enter my property illegally on the 19th of April just a day after my tenancy began.  Keith is mentally unstable and a threat to the public and he made a criminal fraudulent report about me having been “barricaded” in my “room” on the 19th just to get your cops to come to harass me when I wouldn’t let Keiths man he brought to my home in, nor would I let Keith open the house up to my having to sleep with men as he demanded me to have to do that night.  I am reporting human trafficking to you.  Your lack of apprehension of keith Swenson based off of my reports in person was also criminal and caused me damage as I did make you aware prior to Keith robbing me, that he had made a criminal fraudulent Emergency Report to the Emergency Line to the City Water Main Break Emergency Hotline and that he was using all your city resources to harass me, bully me, intimidate me, invade my residence with false claims they would need to and have to investigate and did investigate to reveil the unlawfull activity of Keihts whereas there was not water mane or pipe break of any sort, and all this showed Keith's lack of mental stability but you all failed to keep me safe.  I didn’t need Keiths punishment of lieing to Police that I “baracaded” my self in my residence but you came and saw the lie he made then told me to answer the door each time you come to do a wellness check rather then arresting Keith Swenson for making a false report to police which is a felony.   He made a false report to the Emergency Response Water Main Break Hotline too befor he robbed me and you still didn’t arrest him.  Your in conjunction with him.  Accordingly I need you to recover my property from my home as I am too scared to go into my residence given the severe threat that Keith Swenson is to the public safety.  I give you permission to enter my residence and take the rest of my property Keith decided to rob me of when he entered my home illegaly and just dump what he didn’t want in the mud.  I have items missing from the Bathroom Medicine Cabinet above the bathroom sink of shampoos and conditioners.  I have cloth missing.  I have paper missing, I am missing two small black satchels of jewelry from the Express store.  I am missing about $100 dollars in food located in the refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen.  I am missing three pairs of shoes, I am missing two deadbolt locks in their unopened package that I bought from Ace Hardware on the 19th of April 2018 right after Keith had let someone into my home to sit in my bed smoking, I reported this to Keith to see if it was the cleaning crew he promised to send over and to inform him that the crew did not make the cleaning or repairs Keith promised me would be made.  I asked Keith to change the locks when he told me that it was not his cleaning crew.  The locks were about $30 at in an Ace Hardware bag and with the receipt in the bag.  I am missing two grocery store size bags that were in the kitchen shelf full of toiletry items, expensive toiletry items. I am missing 3 black bags that were in the kitchen filled with my dirt and other sod supplies for my farm and filled with other miscellaneous items.  I am missing a blue pepsi crate that is at this time considered and antique even though it’s a plastic crate from the early 80’s, in my pepsi crate were my seeds and other material for planting, I want those back too.  I have a pair of silver shoes that Keith put into my property that are not mine, I had seen them in the basement on the dryer and Keith stole those from some other Victim of his I would like to return them to you for proper identifying as Keith made comments to me on the 18th of April 2018 that the “woman” who’s food was in the fridge “wasn’t coming back for her food, the cops told me all sorts of things about her, she won’t be back” and when Keith told me this I asked him why.  I later saw a box of food left behind while all the good food was not in that box, he converted her good food to himself, and the box of food he left in the living room was supposed to be cleaned out on the 19th of April 2018.

*, I seek to avoid  your cops comments to me and lack of proper report numbers & lack of proper incident numbers and I seek to avoid your Keith Swenson’s lies about me that you fail to report as lies, I never barricaded my self and your cops had a duty to report such rather they decided not to say that Keith Swenson “swatted” me or better yet “wellnessswatted” me which is a crime.  Swatting is a crime, when you lie to cops in the intent to get them to enter a persons home for no lawful reason but only under the false pretense of the lie false report, in which you are committing a crime even if the police fail to enter the home.  I showed my lease contract to * and he knows that Keith is a pervert and weirdo and that Keith repeatedly has the audacity to lure women to this property then act like something is wrong with the women. Other neighbors have also  made many comments about Keith’s ability to repeatedly have cops at that corner house I rent to harass the tenants he lures there from his Craigs List Sex Trafficking Brothel Scam he’s involved with along with your * Car Dealership affiliates.

Please Recover my property immediately as time is of the essence in any robbery and do contact Keith for my cash money funds to be returned to me *.  The number Keith gave to me is *.

Thank you, Jessica Seymour 12 noon 4/22/18""

And that's how real people get things done, fake people like me have to have a strong arm, right. 

Very true,



Blog #533

4/21/18   So you think you can fuck with me

Here is a copy of the police report just made to the cops that idolize the Bill Gore method of using fake bs investigations & car dealerships for their human trafficking via "investigation Operation fake money printing" operatives.  Did I ever tell you that Albert Machour of the Operation Shadowbox's European Coach Car Dealership was making $35,000 a moth while the Operation Shadowboxxx had his wife also working there getting $30,000 a month salary, their salaries were the equivalent of what amount a year 35 + 30 =65 x 12 = $780,000 a year housed and cleaned by the Machhours via the Operation Shadowbox faux Operation which was liason'ed with how many "Public Safety" persons & agencies and how many national defence agencies, and they didn't even net that much in their bust did they, and even Machhour needed me to take a fake 100 bill to the machine in the Oscars Restaurant to get me on camera with fake money, the money I pay for my housing is real and its from the bank, hey Keith your aid is in the eight:

''*** Police Department


Public Safety Report and Police Misconduct Report in re Keith Swenson; Request for 5150 Mental Hold and Evaluation of Keith Swenson.

I have been made aware that Keith Swenson is calling local emergency lines to make criminal fraudulent reports to them in the intent to harass me, abuse me, and to try to sell me.

I have had the most weird behaviors out of your officers who seem to think they should decide in favor for the non injured party showing a lack of discretion, an abuse of power, and a clear inability to adequately analyze a crime, but for the fact that they are in collusion with the criminal Keith Swenson.

I answered an add on Craigs List for housing that was on more than a daily offer yet your police decided that the psychologically unfit Mr. Keith Swenson’s lies added up to more sense and completely engaged in disenfranchising me, my housing, and even decided not to issue a crime report for the crimes I reported to them.

I reported that my home was broken into unlawfully and that my property was missing, stolen, and strewn around outside with the property of others.   My food is still in my home which I can’t get into because you police refuse to pay attention to crime reporting, and so your Keith Swenson decided not only to impose homelessness upon me after duping me into paying rent and deposit but he also decided to impose starvation upon me.  I say he is “your Keith Swenson” because he was housing 4 of your undercover police officers who were running a small time sting with others posing as having car dealership Dealer Plates for a dealership in ****.  Your sting employees decided to also move in a mobile trailer to use for their operations, and I’ve been kept under unlawful surveillance whereas your Keith Swenson decided to enter my house each time I left it and today I reported to police his crimes, though they decided to reply with “have you heard of small claims court”, sex trafficking is not a small claims court crime and your responding officers need sensitivity training among other type of special logic training so this complaint is about them as well.

1.       On 4/18/18   I entered into a contract and was given residency and possession of the property located at ** Drive in an area of town that your always in and immediately upon my tenancy I was watched by a police car as I was parking in the garage, a police car (SUV) circled around the house while I was in the garage.  I had given money for an extended stay and your officers are familiar with the way Keith Swenson rents out his houses.

2.       Immediately after tenancy began I was bombarded with Keith’s decision to have one of his employees try to barge into my house pushing on the door when I answered and the witness to this is named ***, who is a man your department “swatted” years ago as if he had a person trapped in his home in your interest to know who and what was next door to your Keith Swenson.

3.       On 4/19/18 I was bombarded by Keiht Swenson who had a man sitting outside my home, and Keith started yelling at me from outside telling me that I better open up my door and let him in and that I will be “sleeping with that man tonight” or I’ll “be leaving”.  I told Keith that I won’t be sleeping with any man and that he needed to stop trying to sell me to the man he had come to my house, and I informed him that he needed to stop harassing me and to speak to me in writing.  He (Keith Swenson) started holding up money in the air and told me that I’ll be sleeping with that man tonight and I said no way to him.  Keith began to threaten me about having the police called if I don’t let the man in that he had instructed to come to my door and live in my home with me, a stranger to me that I’ve never seen before, Keith demanded me to sleep with.

4.       On 4/19/18 when Keith Swenson threatened to have police keep me in a position to be sold, I told Keith to call these cops he knows, and he did.

5.       On 4/19/18 Keith Swenson made a criminal fake report to law enforcement to have law enforcement show up to my house where no crime had taken place at.  The police showed up and talked to their affiliate Keith then came to my door.  I asked them to meet me at the other door where there is a window (Keith keeps the front door in poor shape with no peep hole).  When speaking to the Police that showed up for Keith, I informed them of the sex sales scam that Keith Swenson was in attempt of and in forcing of and they ignored me.  I reported to them the same I am telling you now and your officers decided to play a game instead of taking my report.  Your officers told me that Keith had rented one room to me only and that another room is to be rented to the person Keith Swenson decides for me to live with and your cops did not even once stop them selves from this perplexing line of fake common sense… Common Sense Analytical Training would deduct that your cops story wasn’t adding up, who lives in a house then lets their “landlord” send strangers in it to live with them… this story the cops were perpetrating to me was an alarming story and their common sense would and should have prohibited them from acting like there was any plausibility to their story.  I told them that this is inaccurate and that I paid money to live in the home and that there is no other person that is to be joined into living with me by Keith’s decision of strangers from CraigsList arrangement of any sort that I have with Keith, then your cops said to me that they were there on a “wellness check” and I told them that this is an unlawful way to use the “wellness check” and that Keith lead them to engage in harassing me if they were there on a fraudulent “wellness check” call.  It is a criminal unlawful way of using cops to harass a person just like how “swatting” is a criminal scam played upon a Victim in their home.  I assured the cops that the “wellness check” story of their Keith Swenson didn’t hold water and that he should be arrested for lying to cops. The cops left without taking the Sex Crimes Report of sex trafficking attempt that Keith made at my door with his person he said I’d be sleeping with that night.

6.       On 4/19/18 less then an hour after your cops left with out breaking the door down as Keith was hoping for and likely promised, I had an amber light truck for the City show up at my door telling me that they received an emergency call to the City emergency water main line and that I had a “basement full of water” from a “water main break”.  I told the Emergency Response Team person that he must have been crank called and that there was no water main break or leak of any kind.  I informed the City Emergency Response employee that he may check the basement if he needs to but that I believe his crank call was just made by my landlord who had just also made a fraudulent emergency report to the City Police about me, and that this was just another form of harassing me, humiliating me, invading my home and trying to keep control exerted over me by third parties. The emergency respondent went back to his City Vehicle did an investigation, returned to tell me that his supervisor was on the way and that the emergency line did a reverse lookup on who mad eth criminally persuasive false emergency report to them and he told me that he called the number his team gave him and that it was a man named Keith that made the criminal false report to the City Emergency Line.

7.       On 4/19/18  I was lead to have to be invaded in my home by a Supervisor and his Employee that maintain the City Emergency Response Line for broken water main’s and they did their investigation of the basement to find there was no such break.  Then I had to have assistance with the fact that the gas was not working, a person assisted me and found man footprints at the gas valve showing that it had been turned off, so my heat and hot water was turned off by Keith, then I also had to have assistance with keeping my water on after Keith tried to have the City erroneously shut it off which is what Keith Swenson demanded them to do when the Emergency Respondent did the follow up call after investigating the call.   On 4/21/18 I reported this crime of Keith’s to the police but they did not make a report, rather they kept trying to interrupt me so that I don’t state the obvious which is that Keith Swenson is a danger to the public and that he is having a psychotic breakdown of trying to sell me then make fraudulent emergency reports to City Employees. 

8.       On 4/21/18  Three different Police Employees failed to take a report for the criminal and threat to the public acts of Keith Swenson’s that were reported to them.  This is a clear indicator that he is an affiliate of the human trafficking ring that was using dealer plates and a mobile trailer unit and using Keith Swenson’s home to engage in fraudulent undercover work and fraudulent surveillance.  Three other faux “operations” or “stings” have been found to be human trafficking through such methods and your city is not immune to the trafficking ring that is human trafficking, unlawfully servailing & selling & controlling women through this method of fake, concocted investigations set up as if they are kosher; there is nothing kosher or clean about your cops actions of protecting Keith Swenson when a woman reports his sex demands of sleeping with a man he brings to the woman’s home he rents to her.  You have traffickers working at your department that make cover up and funding for the acts of their houseres which is what Keith Swenson is engaged in, I’m just not what he thought, I’m just not a woman he can force intimidate and scare into having to sleep with strange men and your cops he cohorts with that failed to report this on two different occasions now are in his same crime ring. I reported to cops on 4/21/18 that I think Keith is operating a brothel of some sort trying to force women to have to sleep with strange men he demands the women to open the door for, and I didn’t even receive a crime report for this all while the Officers were right there witnessing that my property had been invaded, broken into, altered, and trashed even while their coworkers verified on 4/19/18 my occupancy with Keith who called them and stated to them that I was a paying tenant that just needed his stranger roommate he chose for me to be let in but how it must just add up to some “bombarding of my self” unplausable story the cops fed to me.

9.       On 4/21/18  I was informed by cops that I had barricaded myself in my room on the 4/19/18 day that they used their codes to come harass me and protect trafficker Keith Swenson.  I informed these cops that no such thing had happened and told them that their emergency line was being used criminally by Keith and that I had no “wellness problem” that I “opened the door to the other” fake emergency criminally used by Keith City Employees of the Water Emergency Response Team, and that I had spoken to the cops that had responded to such a lie and proved that no such thing was at hand, but your cops on the 21st of April 2018 failed to apologize for such a horrific accusation of me, and they failed to correct it, and they failed to report it, and they failed to issue me a report number, a report, or even an incident number.  They told me to call them when my rental agreement was found in my property and they told me “have you ever heard of small claims court”.   I was repeatedly interrupted by cops each time I reported the sociopathic and psychopathic acts of their high priority to protect while he’s in his crimes affiliate named Keith Swenson.  I was treated aggressively, and with malicious abusive interrupting and non help, though I am a citizen with rights, and I was not given fair treatment under the law, the priority to protect the criminal and mentally deranged acts of Keith Swenson’s was a clear and present authority the cops were engaging in and in an interest of.

10.   When I found my rental agreement I called the cops to come meet me like I was instructed to do but they did not show up timely and I had to brave the cold, hunger, lack of housing I paid for, and financial disenfranchisement all by my self, all while the emergency dispatcher that was called refused to issue me a crime report number or even an incident number and when I instructed him to inform the other cops from earlier that I had requested to have an incident number issued & a crime report number issued for the break in and sex trafficking activities of calling the Victim Crazy via false reports to City Emergency Report Lines I was put on hold by the emergency operator and then told that he “has no legal authority to tell cops what to do”.  I informed him that I don’t want his legal authority, what I want is him to make notes to his coworkers that I am demanding a report number and an incident number, but your employees seem to want to act like they should be covering up the crimes I reported by continued lack of report number & incident number assigning to the crimes I have reported.  Breaking and entering is a crime, Keith had to break the locks to get in and he then robbed me of my access to my paid for housing and food and he tried to sell me the few days before while he made crazy unplausable criminally engaged in fraudulent reports to City Emergency Lines just to harass me, degrade me,  invade my housing, and to try to force me into his desired homelessness he needs me to be in for his human trafficking ring he engages in with “car dealership” employees and with cops.

I was forced to let strangers into my home one way or the other by Keith like he needed to win a bet or something, the water main break emergency line harassment and bullying is enough for cops to arrest Keith for but when it’s aided by Keith’s breaking and entering all while cops have his evidence from Craigs List that he doesn’t rent by the day is more then enough to arrest Keith Swenson, but I'm required to find my rental agreement in order to have entry to my home provided to me, I’m the injured party the home owner is not the injured party and all the evidence shows such but your cops fail to make report numbers, reports, incident numbers, sex crime reports, human trafficking reports, and they fail to protect the public at large from a man that is having a proven psychiatric fit that is dangerous to the public at large.  Keith boarded up my windows causing a fire hazard to me the tenant with legal rights to my occupancy, he turned off the gas and hot water, and he tried to trick the City into turning off all the water…. Keith is a threat to the public and if I were doing these such things you already have proof of Keith doing I’d have been arrested by now and put under psychiatric evaluation so I am demanding that you arrest and put under psychiatric evaluation Keith Swenson immediately as to protect the public.  Is Craigs List Sex Trafficking that hard for your local police to grasp or are they in on it with Keith… they did use his house for them selves in the past so I think they understand what it is they are refusing to make written recorded records of.  I mean unless you hire the stupidest people, I suppose you just hire the most perverse, one of the cops you sent out on the 21st of April 2018 had a horrible herpes outbreak all over his mustache line at his lips and he seemed to think it appropriate to be putting the public in to proximity with his open wounds and puss filled blisters of his, he’s the one that decided to tell me if I’ve ever heard of small claims court rather than to go arrest Keith Swenson for his unbelievable story and for his documented crimes that you have plenty of evidence of.

I had to back away from your herpes infested cop that responded for Keith on the Day he decided to do this crime of robbery, breaking and entering, and unlawful abuses to me the protected Tenant, I had to back away from your herpes infested cop when he spoke since you failed to put him on desk duty during his outbreak.  You could test him and even his coworkers for herpes if you think I’m wrong but calling the Water Emergency Line is also something you could do to help your need for a mental evaluation and hold of Keith Swenson the danger to the public that he is.

Just because some of your employees and affiliates are in this trafficking ring with him doesn’t mean you are lawfully conducting yourself by covering up his crimes through accusing me and through failing to be plausible and through refusing to issue crime reports when asked, refusing to issue crime reports when crime is reported to you, and refusing to issue incident numbers for incidents of crime reported to you that you somehow don’t understand.

I’m also issuing you the Formal Demand To Shut Down the “Operation” or “Investigation” that is affiliated to using the “Dealer Plates” of car dealerships and that rented from Keith Swenson, I can tell that it is a faux investigating issues just to further human trafficking & discrediting of Victims, so please inform the other Agencies your liaisoning with in the bogus “investigation” that you’re doing with Keith Swenson’s houses & with some Car Dealership in the city of *.  I was told by three local area people that they repeatedly saw about 5 cars with dealer plates on them renting from Keith and that they also saw the mobile trailer unit these 4 men used when they lived at this location.

Its not like I bit someone and went to jail for it or something horrible like that, Keith Swenson had & has no plausible reason to be protected in his crimes… I’ve seen police let a Tenant back into a property after acting like a landlord broke the law, I’ve seen cops tear down garage doors over such ideas yet you have a psychopath sociopath trying to sell women and you refuse to issue reports or help the Victims have the same protection under the law that you give to your Keith Swenson that supply’s you with housing during you need to watch women across the street, oh I witnessed such on 4/21/18,  I saw a woman leave her home then saw a city truck pull up outside to engage in going into the home.

Tenant and Citizen,

Jessica Seymour"

Ok so my housing is still being controlled but I can't get jeopardy. Im thinking that god is in the detail since the devil is so cute. 

Thank ya,



Blog #532

4/21/18   Just listed




Blog # 531

4/21/18   I’m a seal, a dead seal with a monitor on my ankle, and so now Ive cut it off and am again no longer a trash man.  The forgiveness of the circle of Righteousness is not for sale.

MOmentos, I wanted a few mementos’ said the former seal.

I myself served time for the crimes of two other seals that didn’t serve time, didn’t’ go to incarceration, didn’t get to work as a garbage man, and didn’t get to keep me.  I served their time when I did no crime, just because a game of trying to frame is the way.  My tiime was not counted to them anyway now correct, i mean if they can't tell weather I am their sis, woman, or mother then they can't keep what you stole. If they don't even know yet how a seal team actually works I may say for them that they don't own me and neither can you they never proxied. Im a free agent your idiots and your too involved not to know you will loose All I've Towed by your way, I took the boot to the base in San Diego, your buds are redacted.  There is no protection and they like the way they look in dead photos so what must i have to say about it when they can't even fund their mother or sis or woman to save their lives. They still don't know do they so does that mean they will be informed now to fund me.  

but photographing inside a nuclear submarine is a sale.

Right Richard Peter, right mister deactivator of nuclear weapons gone to the sale dismissed due to your own fail. your faith in your desire to call another your worshipful master shows your a coward, your tattoo on your neck of a triangle shows who you think you are.  Right mister special michanic Ron of the Travis Meyer's affiliation.  Go knock on my door and ask for me again you shitbird.

I must say about mementos that they are to be served to the jury, not the president.

I will say he is not what though was.

Trumps a human trafficker into Conditioning and Grooming and when the women who don’t sleep with him for money are forced into taking money from The Rump-t’s attorneys I can tell you that its is known as a Call, the Slave Owners know when their slaves need to be formally forced into prostitution via getting the pay they didn't really ask for in exchange for the sex and the slave owners know when and where their Victims spend money at.  They know that the separation of time between the sex and the forced pay makes them a little less vulgar than that guy who has aids that said he never paid a woman for sex but rather just paid her to leave after sex... what was his name. 

DeVia Rape is a form of forcing a woman into prostitution and the Rump-t is a conditioner for it, a programmer of it, a conditioner in his own mind of it, and a groomer, he launders dirty money of trafficking slave trades and he is under the gun of another aim, not mine, he is under the gun and the pardon combined with his past pardon of the human trafficker Meat Packer that went to jail for trafficking labor of children and for other forms of trafficking is just a show of who he owes.

I will now take back the time I served and owe it upon the inner circle of the others in the Circle of Righteousness and find out how many of them had to serve time for no crime but rather for the acts of others.  Each will go to the hole .




Blog #530

4/16/'18     Playing with tHe Hall of Fame.... 

E. L. James you wrote the book in when and got it out in 2011 telling my life with your fingers, you put in every thing and right down to Anastasia's name so I know you know the Ambassador that had to make sure I worked at his son's restaurant on the San Diego State University Campus & who lived in Escala with all his Canadian drivers, your playing with the Hall of Fame""  and all while I lived in the Seattle Queen Ann Hill stranded and terrorized by your men. Didn't you know that the submission thing was in the wrong era.  you win.

and on that note, did the Anti Stalker Nation see the hall of fame quote listed on this blogs page in the place of the yellow eye quote of Emily's , yes you did, I want to know if you think it is a quote of mine since I am speaking in it or if it's a quote of Roni's since I put her name as the person who stated the quote, or is it the man's quote the man that said that he wouldn't stop till his ex was destitute and homeless, or of course is it the quote of the man that taught him to do such a thing, and helped him do such a thing.  EL James, you tri don'tcha. 

I suppose you needed to know I was ultra kind of love, your the best of the neon and its time began so where do you lay.  Im in the place of the gate and you might see the grate and you might be the late, and you might eat the plate. I've been interested on the fate now i like to see the ..... oh never mind.  

Im saying that I was never claimed and now I was retrained.  Now you can eat like a fly and I only want to know one thing, how did you get Machhour to keep his filthy mouth shut for so long, I imagine its opened now. 

If The Script was changed and you got to issue the same it would have been my name. 

I must say from the Senate you look ashamed. 

Sometimes I wish the Hall Of Fame was a sarcastic hall so I could put your name in it or say you win, but I like the niceness and the beauty of the way it is now 

EL James, did you like the boost Whats his name got when he said his fate, he said hid data actualy he said his data was was used just like the other people that got used by Facebook,  he didn't even have his own attention"" he was silly listening to the guy in his tiny tiny ear piece answer for him the lie, the lie, ooooh oh the lie, he lied and said that his stuff was also taken used and handed to Anlytica and oooh he looked so stunned that question was the first on the list..... he did admit though that he is incompetent and unable to run a company, I mean who uses thier own information the same way they allow their clients information to be3 used, tell me one business owner that does that, he and his human trafficking businesses are not in the clear they got a boost but they didn't get over the gate""""  They decided to say their mentally incompetent and so don't forget that I never once said it when I was being forced into that declaration.  Oh and just listed in a way here at the  link, read to see how the commission command form of human trafficking just outed a trafficking ring that uses mom & pop shop laundering scams made off the backs of the bruised and when their Victim was literally bruised she didn't get her funds either, cant win with this method, just get your labor trafficked and the company acting like you never sold their property and can't get all your money you earned, makes it human trafficking for labor and human trafficking in laundering of dirty money, what country do they get most of their movable furniture from?

Hey missile thats guided to me, tell me your fine"""  and Ill find out.  You a dud?  you got dreams of  mine go out in the world and stop forcing me to start over and over again, get me the arrests, get me my life back you liked watching me have a nice life you didn't like that little movie you don't like spanking women with belts you weren't a slave at age 15 thats the guy that stole the head of the statues in the Eugene State University's library or should we just say that their heads were about to fall off anyway, did they explode, what did happen to the heads in the headless art impersonation of life that the Eugene University Library got from SEattle and how did that "artist" get those beings anyway, how did that "artist" get to have those after the congress didn't need them anymore. and where did their heads go, did the woman in the "art" that stands in the place of their heads decide to eat them? 

Hm. What must I be talking about now.... go ask. 

in the middle is where the transfiguring starts and if they are not holding a baby then they will kill you, wait for it.  

Drivin down the coast again the pills are kicken""" 

A public meltdown petulant but irrec. """"  Your stuck in the riptide, and only the life guard can save you.

if i told you that each of us have our own one of those in us would you think we were loved. if you thought I was wrong would you try to prove it.  If you lost would you keep y our head straight or would you blow up your own house.  I suppose it would only be up to your neighbor right gore, comey, right, wait till you see them spin your gona loose your mind. Oh now did my stitch just come loose""" wanna lay on my fuz.  If I told you that they all come out of the ground not the sky would you say earth loved you. 

stop hurting yourself through not hurting others.... would that be the message sent from the ground not the sky.  would you want to know, would you like it if you didn't have to.  Some times knowing means your not a god.  shooting at schools calling us fools eating the reap   mitchel erica did you know that under the wikipedia page your listed as a womens erotica pornographer, you lost your head, you won. 

Im int the day,

Who gave Zuckerman or suckerman the earpiece, who answered for him, who gave him a boost.  I am sure his attorney was in on the earpiece, its always an attorney that tries to cover up their crimes by calling you incompetent, making it out to be that your some problem to yourself.  Do you think its funny that you are a pornographer too. do you find it hard to believe that the presidents attorney called the fix is just a human trafficker cover up and deliver pervert.  If you have a presidents data too like twiter does do you need to provide it to your authors for their next perversions.  Is it your attorneys fault or is it y ours for saying what he told you to day problem is when their so simple to get you into the incompetence hole to save their ass. 

Suckerman, you could ask Kit Dosner he will tell you all about how true it is when an attorney says your too incompetent to stand trial, he's read all about all the statistics and data that prove it but truely napolian he's actually just been told what to say to his next Victim, and since your too incompetent to save your own private data from being given to Analytica your going to keep your head.  I gave Analytica something, a housewife. 




Blog #529

4/15/18   Guess I just lost....

I just saw that movie "50 shades of grey" and so I just lost.  I realize my competitor put every item into the movie, and I did see it before they saw my blog, and so they won.  Not that they didn't see my Blog before they made the movie but according to when the movie hit the press, I still had not had all the items listed in my blog. So they won.  

I lost the bet, they won, I am since here and now done. I lost the game. 

Jessica Seymour


Blog #528

4/2/18   The Commission Command Method of Human Trafficking is hereby identified

How is it that modern day slave trade didn’t pick up on commission commandeering as a most favorable form of human trafficking… news flash, modern day slave trade has picked up on it…

yours truly,



Blog # 527

4/1/18   Sorry that you had gone through that murder.

From the Senat where I sit, I am deeply sorry that you whent through that murder.  It was not proper, it was not allowed, and it will be left to the middle.  You are worshiped today for reserection but am in the heat and tell you that it wont stand.  when you arrive home you will have the undoing of the murder.  I am not willing to say that I will just make it safe for your return, I am willing to say you may undo your murder. 

I am only allowing this because I am so tired of hearing everyone say you deserved it, you asked for it, your father let you be born so that it would happen.  I am so sick of hearing that it was your destiny, and that you allowed it.  No.

I know you did not allow it, common sense says your not stupid.  Now is this moment eat my ear listen to what I hear say that you love me more then the rest tell me that I can not be unvest, seek my spirit for your return the heaven is now in hear the issue in now my ear. I love you, thank you for letting the fools prepare, sorry for the storys misrevere.  

We are sorry you went through murder, we are sorry that so many act like it was your destiny so that  they may do the dirty things they do then act like you made it ok.  Like you destined for it to be ok, like you accepted it.

On a cross drugged and dying you did not think I'l let misrevere stay forever did you. 

We love you, 

Your the best we invite you to War.

Thank you Jesus,

Jessica Seymour. 




Ham.  David Hogg.  When someone apologizes in the name of what is holy, you must recognize your not the one who gets to deny the apology. I am the one who gets to deny the apology, and I don’t deny it.  Her apology is accepted. Leave Lara alone. I have accepted her apology she made it to me not you, and that’s what you don’t get, you don’t get. 

If you realize that you need to stop then stop. 

Keep going with your lack of ability to protect rights like free speech via your financial campaign of using a persons ability to earn income as your game and its true you will be what has been ascribed to you:

Genesis 9:20-27 20Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. 21When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. 22Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father naked and told his two brothers outside. 23But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father's naked body. Their faces were turned the other way so that they would not see their father naked. 24When Noah awoke from his wine and found out what his youngest son had done to him, 25he said, "Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers." 26He also said, "Praise be to the LORD, the God of Shem! May Canaan be the slave of Shem. 27May God extend Japheth's territory; may Japheth live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth

Get out a magnificent thing to enlarge the words and see.  The anger you use to lash out with these words you say in type telling that her apology is not good for you and that there must be more accountability and how many sponsors does she have now....  it shows your hurt, and you need sleep.

Your authorities need, to let you say that she needs to be destroyed, shows you something, think.  Your out of line and you have nowhere to eat.

Islands like yourself, as in you have no team your just organizing people all on your own now determining your self to tell others what to do, to contact a woman’s support group and tell them to stop helping her with her easy job will be the metal that hides your covered backwards.


Just a wire,

Jessica Marie Seymour


Blog #525

3/30/18  On One Day

in france you have to be an alien.





Blog #524

3/28/18   You Remind Me Of a Psy-0p... I mean Always seen always heard, always fail, always just human trafficking and sex sales & sex enslavement.  Name one psyop that didn't involve someone getting sex.   Force, derange, control.... 


Father complex in psychology is a complex—a group of unconscious associations, or strong unconscious impulses—which specifically pertains to the image or archetype of the father. These impulses may be either positive (admiring and seeking out older father figures) or negative (distrusting or fearful).  Father complex - Wikipedia

In Neo-Freudian psychology, the Electra complex, as proposed by Carl Jung, is a girl's psychosexual competition with her mother for possession of her father. Electra complex - Wikipedia

Gary Rapps bed being used by the doctor on Doctor 90210 to screw Joy in when I tried to stop the entire thing by trying to not let her drive, she’s so good at getting to those men that when I asked her to give me her car keys and not drive drunk & high she gave the car keys from her key chain right over no fight then said I’ll just go home and go to be, 10 minutes later I see her walking out her door and to her car she got in and drove away, just like that she's the liar of the day. She told me later what she did when she came by to confess and laugh all about it about having sex in her dads bed while he and her mother were out of town, wonder how Doctor 90210 knew where we’d be the nought befor all of us, Me, Sarah, Joy all at the Stingerey, probably the same way that the Hindue Eye doctor knew where I was at when I was out years later.  Joy, you and your pathetic father brought much of this stuff upon me and your no longer going to be doing this to others, your day for being done harming women is over, next time your fidget of needing your daddy’s bed for your sex romps is electra’ing you and tickling your father complex just remind your self of the rump-t rump telling women he psy-ops with his little story about how much you look like his daughter, your dads used that once on a woman, your so gross he’s so foul together your both a few avenues short of a condum. IS IT WAS DOCTOR ?.....

Anyways, I must say that if the idea is that the rump the rump the ohso daddy likes the way a Father Complex garnishes instant and strong impulses for him to farm so lets tell all the victims and psy-op inductees hear that they "remind me of my daughter so much" yes likes it so much that he can’t even stop himself I will likely find a trip he is on remove his fantasy one day, he’s gonna be in front of a woman that actually does remind him of his daughter and he gonna get one real bad and find out more about his friends of psy-op tactics and trends. The rump-t dance here’s your chance to do the rump, the rump-t rump-t."""




Blog # 523

3/27/18  Call me Mr. Benzedrine just make sure you don’t let the Eye Doctor in”””

Give me a pen, call him Mr. Benzadrine, he’s just an Eye Doctor but you don’t wanna let him near your drink'in””” 

He’s the hindu eye doctor that drugged me after meeting me at SearSucker, he had the power to get me through the door in to a special event the horn guy was playing that night, he had his special back corner bar tender do the drugging for him and it was the second martini that he had it put into then was ushered out by him and his woman, they got me into their limo and off we went, he made sure to tell me she’s from mexico though she seemed to be just a bit non Mexican, more like Spanish her English was perfect and she spoke just about 3 language but really only one which is the language of being controlled, finding her is as good as finding him.

Perfection Jumping on trampolines for all the Tramp Fans”””  get it get it jumpin joe.




Blog #522

3/27/18  Good Job Street Light People!

The founder of the secretive self-help group NXIVM has been arrested for sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy charges.

Keith Raniere, also known as “The Vanguard” to members within the organization, was charged today in Brooklyn federal court with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labor. The charges arise from Raniere’s alleged role as the leader of a secret society within NXIVM. According to the U.S. States Attorney's Office, Raniere was deported by Mexican authorities after he was found Sunday outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in a luxury villa.

in which Raniere said, "The picture being painted in the media is not how I know our community and friends to be, nor how I experience it myself. However, as an organization and as individuals, we felt it was imperative that we hire experts to ensure there is no merit to the allegations."

"Additionally, I feel it is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group," the statement continued. "I firmly support one’s right to freedom of expression, so what the sorority or any other social group chooses to do is not our business so long as there is no abuse. Our experts, a forensic psychiatrist of international repute, psychologists and ex-law enforcement, say members of the sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, better off, and haven’t been coerced. Furthermore, the sorority is proud of what they created and want to share their story. I am confident they will be addressing you very soon."

“no period for a year” said a mother that introdiced her daughter to this nexium dude… your daughter was being drugged. No babies no loss of sex slave, just ask rumpt. …. Just take my t off and hit my rump…. Rumpt, sweet t, holey t, rkumprumpttrump t-rump spanky spanky eggs and banky.  

So I recently met a guy, he said that he had a friend who used abortion as birth control, I said birth control is an everyday event, she’d had to have had 365 abortions in one year, he said that she’s had 4.  I told him he must have realized that she stopped having that problem he knew about, but then as he spoke more he told a comment about “its impossible for a husband to rape his own wife”, I realized he was a pro.  He ended up fishing in sand so I told him he’s got to cut bait but he refused, he then took the standard default and told me what he would say about me, he said to me that I talk to myself, and this came out of his mouth after he had accused me of cutting a zip tie he had put through some wood… I had noticed two days before that he had left a box cutter in my house so I immediately understood his psychosis, he’s another one of those stuck masons the kind who don’t have enough oversight, the masonic boom.

This kip like guy, he acts like he’s broke, he likes to tell me that he had some business partner that stole all of his money and that this business partner likes to go to churches and fines around with the wealthy church people then get them into a business and that the business they were in was some indoor kids play business withal sorts of kids play stuff in it…. Then he said that when his money was all embezzled by his business partner the guy just had taken his show to the road and became dead because he was about to do the same thing to someone else, and that he is dead because he was going to do it again, and I said wow, then he interjected that he didn’t kill him. 

I said oh.

Now this phenom is telling me about myself after his intimidation tactics about how men die when they rob him and that its because the robber was going to do it again, like it’s the code.


Im waiting for him to hear himself, he’s that dumb, he’s such and idiot that he thinks Sorry Daniel is lieying about trump the rump but the day he has a picture of himself used to spank him with will be all the most interesting.  He’s a dump so have him dumped he’s like kip from napoleon dynamite he’s  that into himself and his technology. He loves his technology always and forever.

I am so pleased with the arrest of nexium freek show now can you federal agents arrest his judges and his cops and his actors and his videogrophers and his which witch the one that lends him her training.  Get his lousy team retrieve away from the people please.  Good Job Street Light People, getting rid of the do anything nexium is a great way of helping.  You need to get rid of his judges the ones with the research need to obey problems.   Raniere's fbi agents are yours for the arresting also.

He pyramid schemed sex sales slavery and branding in person as in others paid to watch his sex slaves get branded, it’s a reverse play and in it your not a reverse hero!  Anti Stalker Nation say spank that rump now Street Light People.  The hump the hump that lovely rump t hump.  Spanky spanky use his pictures, he has women that think they got them selves into bad things just happen to them because they get them selves into bad situations, which sounds just like the san diego police department training manual, you already know they get such woment to spank them with his face on it, rumpt rumpt how bout a don’t touch me.

One of the key principals in jness is that men are designed to be perverted that’s why he needed to put a prop in my name.  glad reniere is in jail your next don’t touch me. “hypnotic induction” is also known as drugging a woman and artarot had made sure to have me drugged in my own homes refrigerated food, then mr machhour would make comments to me about how skinny I was with no boobs left from the weight loss…. Was machhour an inductee to the reniere guys experiment of sexual control of women that just so happens to need rape and drugging…. Glad this guys actually being called a trafficker since no one in san diego or washington human traffick. Don’t forget, I am and Expert in the subject.  Lets not call a truth in analytics a bias your just too stupid to count, when 4 means 365 and husbands have no way of rapeing their wife your just talking to your self, no one will listen to you.

Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking hereby identified.




Blog # 521

3/26/18   and a son

Andason: Did he say he wanted to be spanked by a magazine that had his picture on it.

Sorry Daniel: Yes He said it was a form of helping him control me.

Andason: Did he use a weapon.

Sorry Daniel: Yes his penis he perched himself on a bed in his home he got me to meet him at he positioned me after a few hours of his propaganda and his magazines and his aprenticeships and his names and his helpers.  I was completely used and he said it was a remedy that I be.  He told me that he’s gonna call me later to ask me onto the Apprentice but when 2 turned into 4 I wasn’t allowed on the show since any good conditioner knows that porn actresses have a short window of conditioned response mechanism for forced sex that they will cop to as being consensual, when I was left to a longer reference point of 4 hours before he tried to force sex through tactics of abuse and exploit of me I was able to see the negotiation and since I didn’t actually want to be on the apprentice I was ok saying that I had to go and he could call me later to tell me I wouldn’t be on the apprentice… once sex force through the perfectly times perch exhibit was more then enough, remember, I told you I didn’t want to have sex with him but since bad things happen and I had happened to get my self into a position I had to do what I had to do to save my life as any rape victims knows, you all know that porn actresses are cultivated through rape you all know that especially rape that they will take the blame for like a good little victims, right bill gore, anyhow, I was able to save the sex abuse spare and I later used it.  

Andason: What kind of favor.

Sorry Daniel:  I’d never get counseling to recognize that it wasn’t consensual, that systematic abuse and forced sex with military grade tactics isn’t rape though it is.

Oh said Andason.    

Hey perv, this is enough you had the woman say that she didn’t want to but that bad things happen and that she realized what kind of situation she got herself into the kind of situation where she’d be raped if not for forced consent, its like that fall out boy line, would you rather be a widow or a divorcee, either way the dead is dead….. either way weather she decided to go with the trap HE put her in she was made to have sex that night she was trapped, Romans 5:12-18 it was timed, and she did not have a choice other then be raped or falsely admit to the idea you consented to make it not rape, the not rape is easier for the mind to heal from she’s been hurt and he perched, Wires Above Escala have things like him perched on them and they will attack the death now under my command. Death Through A dominate, Life Through C rihaty  - Therefore, just as a sini is a bait entered the world through one mans fate, and dead thought Sini did you eat a fig, and Sini said no. did you eat a fruit, smiling Sini said yes. So then Rihaty said so did you eat a peach no said Sini, then Sini said but id no like it.  Ohk said Rihaty and the two of them have gotten hatered to be available, so in the story the fruit that got eaten is a quince and that’g GID’s fruit and he just found out and so now he asking Jessica if she will go to war with him and let his O she hold become his again and she said, ok. So your in the Senate said the GID through his O and I said unto he, wasn’t it my quince though. O . Sinis your free go watch this war with she who you adore make sure you love Jessica Marie Seymour first.   And Jesus said I do. Sini and his first i took the second i and became a person Rihaty did the sinder and both are free sin is removed by she who has won. in this way death came yet with the wonder of the light she took sin and reminded the widow. Therefor, as one trespas lead to no passage, one justification lead to no life for all men.  Genesis come here with the last few genomes and show me again how earth brought forth vegetation yielding and seed of every kind, Genisis said ohk, then apig showed up and sid oh Im done. But none will be done for war is in the crate. I will fwn a ply and find the eye and be. And Jesus in his Father Figure said I no longer have many children, just mine, the rest of what has been brought forth are not my family, I will make a new seti for those not my family who I love but love last and not the way that I love my family.  I am a man again. My time and I will sit in the Senates farthest bew trying not to laugh but for the widow like when I saw that coin that day. Jesus did separate the o from the k and said sit back farthest from me while only the few pass by. Wonder not how it was in the middle of the day that I was not the same. That I fought a sedar and flew away, I fought a time and dwindled a day then I remembered the woman arrived with the crown of words she saw finding its way to the light begging to make it stop, and she is her crown of dirty words have been conquered she was made to hold the thoughts of these sad words and so that I may keep love now Iam mad she should have let me know what was happening and how she was conquering.  The words on her crown are for you pigs to read, your pigs you pigs you not men your pigs.   And then I said jenisis sit back and I will be the Revelation, my crown doesn’t say the things you can read I picked up the whore, the prostitute the sun and the stars and I threw them at you then I said read, read whats on my head the forehead and when you eat I will take your he and make you flee. The reveal of bation is that I am shehero the one that saved your nation and I will not allow every knee to bow, your not good enough, you down on your face, all the way down lay down I will separate not another day from night.  Jesus said ok thank you Revelation will you let me give you more stars more moons and more tapping little feet.  Yes said Revelation, Jesus Im in love with you. Yes she said she’d marry me.

Hope will flow till she is a baby. sedar will conquer a variant, Genisis will remove a spray and a K then the everliving water will play.  Your crown will paate

The baptism waters will flow for one day. I will B.

Whow lets all go read Revelation now.

Super J


Blog #520

2/26\5/18  is San Diego Playboy a tryed and tru, hef you better look into your security staff they be selling your girls to the higher power the 60% market share of all American Commercial Real Estate Sales Agency of the M&M kind…..

Matt Post, crazy people aren’t at your level, your anger is on the ballot. Your crazy for thinking that we don’t see your full beard and that the "mind control over grandparents" commenting isn’t crazy.  Are you asking yourself what it is that your teachers are teaching that makes some people want to go to a school and shoot at it with a gun.

I went to high school with a guy who had a pretty full beard but no mustache al that full, he was named Bruce and he sat behind me in Spanish class, your no Bruce.

Did you hear the angry girl who identified herself as a “black girl” prior to the shooting and now she is a “black girl who has not changed”  be aware of the idea that something traumatic didn’t change you, because it did but your feeding the abusers who say no harm no foul no problem.   There is something foul and you all have changed.   Recognize the change don’t live in denial, I have to term out how to del with a change I might be the only one that is able to be unraped, but you are not able to be unchanged by a campus shooting and you know it, here is what you don’t hear:

Kendra Wilkinson dated a man that worked with Alvin Mansour at the San Diego Marcus and Millichap office, even though she was a controlled by hefner woman, how it is that she could date a man behind heffners back means that his handlers sell him short and lie to him and sell his women while he acts like his women don’t get out and play, there is a breach in his clean and his own employed security has made the breach and given him disinformation which is important.   Crystal Heffner sold her diamond engagement ring from Heffner to a La Jolla jeweler who has a tie to the Ben Tashakorian owned jeweler store in La Jolla San Diego, Ben Tashakorian is the Marcus and Millichap Employee who sold the big old deal with Alvin Mansour, your crowds Mr. Post are organized by the same shit Facebook hired as their mass minority control and organize unit that got trump elected and you’re their new study, trump is a study in you.  Your protests against your own safety is a Cambridge Analytica specialty and why do they from Brittan want you disarmed and why does it make sense to you to say to me that you are willing to give up your right to self protection of gun ownership just because others are not like you and that their crazy while your not, so you shouldn’t have guns.  In case you didn’t notice Matt, your outgunned, those that seek to own you have advanced guns just like they did 200 years ago and as their guns keep advance so should ours so that protection isn’t meaningless, mute, unable.  And by the way, your comfort calling people crazy on tv shows your just a little bit unable to grasp why they need protection from you.   You are willing to do anything to say what you say.  They are not.  If you have guns walking their way into highschool so that people can act like its from craziness your ill in the thoughts you protect, in fact your crazy in the thought process since you missing the most logical and statistical purpose of those events, if a presidency can be commandeered cant a student, didn’t someone tell the shooters something, what did the teachers teach the students that made them want to take a gun to school and it is something you were taught too.  Isn’t Cambridge Analytical a British empire also who sell women to the door to door holiday parade of politicians that like to see you upset at the way.   You didn’t really live before facebook you just listened to  your parents friends prior to facebook, and do I care no.  I care about how you have such a fantastic beard.  You and that guy that guy thatAaalayah Eastmond still regular and will fight for all of us, she was different before the shooting and the idea that she wasn’t is crazy, should I let her have a gun as an adult or just as a now past the page of crazy adult like oh say 21.  Study genocide or at least attempted genocide and stop acting like I don’t deserve a gun.  Matt, I know you won’t be out gunned if the day ever arose that genocide is a real thing attempted.  I know you Mattt that you won’t be outgunned since you’ll be just old enough.  You’ll change your way, and if there is a demand it would be for you to stop saying people are crazy for shooting up campuses because the truth is that they are likely drugged  likely influenced and likely taught like you’ve been taught, calling people crazy people who need distance from guns is like saying you’re a logical person that needs no protection the world is safe and no dictators exist and America has no problems.  Guns are just the way to get you ready to be marched, listen to the beat of your marching feet sounds like a time.  Exploit the genocide say it never happened, show your face.  You have to be an armed republic or your just an Analytica.

Phillip Mudd needs to watch about the newest crazy, he’s it.  He’s a man that didn’t cry when trumps pick to run the CIA was water boarding for 29 days straight a person that doesn’t want to heal you.

I want to heal you, your not doing a good job calling me wrong, you don’t understand the fact that we all have been to highschool too.  We all have learned what you’ve learned but we didn’t call our selves on par with the betters till you did. We all just thought you were like us when we were shot at in highschool with things other then bullets, you’re the one saying their not like you which is something we never said, we never said that not al 18 year olds are like us the crazy ones don’t deserve much, your saying that your saying distance your self from your crazy piers we never said that since we had crazy highschool moments that did not encourage genocide tactics like what facebook is doing.  Your being taught and trained in a specific way cultivated quite sometime ago, wake up.

Bill Mudd didn’t cry when his cia friend that is now in charge murdered and killed to keep an oil coup transparently unseen by your family, your not on par with me Matt and you have no right to tell me that I may not self defend, sit up on your pedestal and shut up. I promise my crazy ass won’t shoot you or at you or at anyone else that isn’t trying to kill me, maybe I should shoot at the next who tries to rape me it’s better then pretending I’m the same as before though I just might get back to before with a special type of thought.  You however on your pedestal are crazy to think you have the right to tell me at age 18 19 or 20 that I don’t have the right to self protection that has  meaningfulness to the same guns the police that want to rape me carry.  Shut your mouth Matt and just listen to your prep say what your prep tells you to say don’t deviate or think analytically or for yourself, just shut up sit on your teenage pedestal and listen to the clan you spit from, your not thinking what you say your regurgitating it after handing spoon fed to you or you can prove me wrong but you can’t.  You’re the problem when you think your not right to protect your self from those who seek to analytica you, fool , your old enough to be called a fool aren’t you, so then when you come after me lets make it mano a mano since my physical attributes definitely keep me totally consistent with arming my self to defend against you, I’ll just put on my padded bra and we can sit together while you rape me or kill me as I try not to hurt my self fighting you.  Those that tell you what to say on tv the preparatory, they are rapeists and at your tender age of what ever you say your already their idiot, but should I let them out gun you, no I shall not.

The shooting did change you and your exploiting others into saying that it didn’t.  your just a bitch in a book, should you stay that way all your life. Oh wait your probably on a pay role and Im just crazy.

Guess I should have to use stones to kill my enemy approaching me to harm me mortaly and mortality’y, some wounds you keep after the attempt didn’t kill you and their real and they don’t show a perfection of lack of self defense they show the imperfection of it. Grow a bit before you want to kill please.  I was never as irresponsible as you at the same age.   I get my period so I’m crazy, I know I can go hand to hand with you when you come for me because Im crazy.  I can make love but I cant say when because I’m crazy you think I can defend my self from you makes you crazy…..

…. Or maybe they should just only get to rape and drugg and attack 18, 19, and 20 year old girls, or maybe just the crazy ones and it should all be based around which ones don’t have a gun because the rapesist in this trafficking ring your bowing to do find out what guns their intended Victims have or don’t have, you’re a fool. Maybe it’s a right of passage to be able to kill and molest a person based on their age and lack of ability to self defend you pedophile in training.


I went to Quince Orchard High School right there next to you you’re a fool Im so cool. Don't you know, black market gun trafficking has a 98% corellation to human trafficking, fuck you you pervert, Im gonna go out and look like a  highschool kid talk like a 50 year old with an agenda and throw around the word crazy like I never thought it might be used to describe myself the put on par myself to the girl who sad she was regular and is still regular after the shooting.  Your a danger to the public Matt. 


Jessica no genocide jes.


Blog #519

3/25/18  Just Listed  Michael Dean Cohen

So when you try to sell a woman by telling her that she owes you 20million if she don't stay quiet then your a trafficker.  However when you don't want to be a person who's name is on the check you make the handler in  your enterprise heloc his home. 

Attorney Michael Dean Cohen of a New York based company, your Listed. 

Jessica Seymour


Blog #  518

3/24/18 Magnitude Scales

The first scale that genuinely calculated a magnitude for a tsunami, rather than an intensity at a particular location was the ML scale proposed by Murty & Loomis based on the potential energy.[38] Difficulties in calculating the potential energy of the tsunami mean that this scale is rarely used. Abe introduced the tsunami magnitude scale {\displaystyle {\mathit {M}}_{t}}, calculated from,{\displaystyle \,{\mathit {M}}_{t}={a}\log h+{b}\log R={\mathit {D}}}

Mt = a log h + blog R = D

where h is the maximum tsunami-wave amplitude (in m) measured by a tide gauge at a distance R from the epicentre, ab and D are constants used to make the Mt scale match as closely as possible with the moment magnitude scale.[42]

why isn’t the 2011 tsunami that occurred while I was falsely imprisoned in a crazy jail listed in wikipedias  page. 

My name in wikepedia ends their game. 



Jessica Marie Seymour


Blog # 517

3/23/18  Mc Dougal  Mc Dougal  À sortie idiot

In the Vanderbuilt interview of Playboy model Ms. Mc Dougal she stated that Trump contacted her because he liked her test results. 

McDougal said that she thought they'd get married, she said that after she was bedded Trump showed her his hand and in it was a bunch of money to pay her for sex.  The look on her face.  She cried all night, she went back and then 10 month trafficking of her was complete.  She went back, she went back, she must have trafficked herself then.  McDougal was his prisoner.  She was driven psychologically to prove to him that shes not a whore, not a prostitute, not into him for allure, but that it was real, really real, and he played his wife in on her dragging her around his family and wife as if to McDougal, that family was her future and his wife was the new past that would pass.   And "pass a test" was the beginning of the after rape game, he raped her if he was not telling her that the sex was paid for.   He intimated it to her after the fact they, the didn't meet randomly, he had her medical records ahead of time because he paid for them, he made sure he was with a clean woman that had a dossier on her psychology already prepared, and Agent Albert Machhour is the Agent that told me that Heffner has a file on each girl where he know EVERYTHING about her before he sells her, heffners girls are always clean... this story it strue.   What test and who calculated the score, he called her to say he "liked the way she scored on the test".   he is the only way.  Where is the test results he received because he couldn't have been referencing the money in hand he showed after luring a woman to sex through knowing everything about her first, or as it's most properly termed, buying rape that doesn't get reported. 

If your forced into consent then you didn't consent.  It's rape.

If you concented but did not have disclosure of pertinent issues surrounding the sex, then you did not consent.  It's rape. 

If you found out that you didn't know the person who presented themself to you one way, then you did not concent.  It's rape. 

So there's Rape, there's Statutory Rape, there's DeVia Rape.

Is McDougal an idiot. Not at all, she doesn't even know what she's describing.  She was trafficked by a group of masters, and forced into sex by a handler and programmer who revels in his idea of himself as a programmer, he put McDougal in to a Reverse Prisoners Dilemma where she lost more by taking the money, and lost more by not returning to him to give him more sex after she was shown what he thinks of her. This is a human trafficking.  He's done this with the money laundering too. 

Meuller, I hate the FBI traffickers you cosset and further, are you going to "interview" trump just to let him free, or are you going to figure out what I know.  Do you care to know the only way out of a Reverse Prisoner's Dilemma and how to get out of the one Trump has you in with him.  I already know that you are going to do just that because he went through the suffer, but did he have enough, no.  and its your family Meuller who get to be placed to suffer if you fail in the idea that your the guy that's gonna arrest a president.  Trump firing you would conclude a series, if he is old he will seek not to conclude a series.  I am seeking to conclude a series.  I can't have trump fire you or it means that I lose and I will not loose, here is how.  If I say that I'm not an alien then I can't loose.  I'm not an alien.  

Smootchy smoottches,