Pyramid Scheme Method of Human trafficking



Say It. 

The Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking is hereby identified.

The Pyramid Scheme Method Of Human Trafficking uses an intricate balance of mind control tactics & tricks complete with the "you paid me to to these things to you" treats.  Keith Raniere, a master in the techniques of the Pyramid Scheme Method of Human Trafficking is not alone in his preferred method of getting paid to sex traffick, and he didn't just stumble upon doing these things to people, he learned them from some other sex traffickers that like to pawn off their fake Research government funded adventures onto others who are just as bad as Keith Raniere.  

In the recent arrest scandal about one of the more infamous Pyramid Method of Human Trafficking you hear how he used a place holder for his need to know more about you and your family and that you should pay him, and you also hear how he used Research and Assault as his methods of control and trafficking through abuse:

Most secretive tactics used by the Pyramid Method of Human Traffickers is the method of acting like they love you.   This sounds obvious right, it isn't.  They act like your a person of value like you need to be with them like you are a team, it gets very obviouse to those who watch but to those in the pyramid they think it real love.  And for those of you that Watch and that wonder how anyone could be that stupid.... gain your ass, your in for a ride, hears what you don't see...