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Hopi Indians that Bull Roar

LEARN WHILE YOU PLAY Since Native American games developed skills, have students identify the skills that each game they play would develop. Then, have the group discuss ways these skills would help Native American people of long ago and how the skill could be useful to us today

BULL ROARER Once widespread, today primarily in the Southwest Bull roarers are used in ceremonies by the Pueblo Indians to call the Wind Spirits and bring rain. Children sometimes play with them. Hopi children may only play with them in the spring when there are no crops in the ground to be harmed should a wind come. The fear of a wind storm is so great among the Paiute and Apache plains dwellers that children are forbidden to play with bull roarers.

I coppiedd all of that above from a website called Native American Games. Let the Games begin. 

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Hashtag MeToo Is a Hall Of Fame Additee!

Hashtag MeToo  Is A Hall Of Fame Additee!

Hall of Fame Hashtag MeToo, , do you know how hard Japan is to crack… Good Job!

You did such a great job this entire addition of you to the Hall of Fame is bold!

Congratulations to the Hashtag MeToo Movement your so amazing!

Thank you from the VOIF!  

Victims Of Immunity thank you so much for all your hard work achievements and beauty!

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Who ever gave Zuckerberg a booster seat an ear piece and an audience,

congratulations, Your the newest member additee to the Anti Stalker Nation Hall Of Fame! 

Oh and do we love you!  and where not talking about Zuckerberg's attorney... or was it Zuckermann's how many different names did congress come up with for him?  and is it four fingers EL James is holding up in her photo for Wikipedia.  

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Stephanie Gregory Clifford Welcome to the Anti Stalker Hall Of Fame

Thank you to Stephanie Gregory Clifford your brave and we love you!  Thank you for the beautiful shirt you wore for your polygraph test which you scored so high in that it was reported that there was less then a 1% chance that your lying.

Beyellow.  Your a femhero. I was threatened on my way to the gym too, the guys that made it to the gym to go in and berate me intimidate me threaten me all drove in two trucks one was a Hummer that had the words Department of Homeland Security on it and the other was an suv that had the words Department of Homeland Security on it.  

We are tip toeing around so I'll say it.  Your a Pedestal Victim of Human Trafficking.  I understand your not a Victim, and I understand the games.  

What is it when a guy tells a woman that she owed him 20 million dollars for speaking about his abuse of her.  Its a phantom account:

... denoting a financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist...  its a way to force a woman into prostitution, its human trafficking, its a way of having a woman pay for her own sex making the man the whore, its a way of owning and trading and having things that Arent real. Its a pyramid scam, its a type of trafficking, and its a slave owner tactic. you pay him for his attempt to turn you into a prostitute. All because he has a contract that isn't real, a contract you now owe him for according to his own attorney, if there was no contract you couldn't owe him anyway but wow does he want millions and his human trafficking laundering must be ready to eat itself. When your attorney tells  you that the pres can't get impeached for the no crime and that his attorney is now saying that he's willing to drop what you owe for some lesser amount tell them all to shut up.  Infact trying to make the Playboy Bunny forced into prostitution with a tactic her trusted attorney made so that her violator that trafficked her and enjoyed it and attempted to condition her to for the oh so m any shades of grey way, remember that he can be impeached for slaving himself to the brits he pays his salary to the trafficking commission this year i mean the transportation commission. 

WE Love you Stephanie Gregory 

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He wouldn't stop until his victim was "destitute and homeless"....

There is a journalistic story by Roni Jacobson who's been "Stalked Since She Was 12" finally some lawyer contacted her father to keep control of his client the stalker....  Hmmm. 

In any event Roni is showing how a traffic victim is an Anti Stalker when she opened up and reported how she was treated by law enforcement that treat the targeting of women as a right of passage as a man.  All men have a right of passage to harm women according to the actions of police as exemplified in Roni's story and report for BackChannel as published on Wired.  Roni Jacobson makes the Anti Stalker Nation Hall Of Fame because she wrote the story to highlight a man's web site that derived its existence off of making sure that his exwife was either made dead, or forced into destitution and homelessness, this is a cross cover of the trafficking ring that is stalking Roni since she was 12 years old, she's a hall of fame'r because she wrote it.  She wrote about the destitute and homeless string of traffickers but she did it in a way that outlined one fame maker element... she said it was his only reason for trafficking his wife, Roni wrote that a website devoted to making a woman "destitute and homless" or just "dead" was a "Classic Case" of "stalking", for that you make the Anti Stalker Nation Hall Of Fame

When your stalked since 12 years of age, you see stalking in a way that isn't average, and you make statements that need to be analyzed, you just reported a major human trafficking ring with out even trying to... Good Job! 

We love you Roni. 

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Hall of Fame Anti Stalker Nation, First On the Wall of Fame of Anti Stalkers is, Chris Wylie, why lie, he's probably the second. I love every thing this guy said.

Chris Wylie  whistleblower regarding Facebook human trafficking, whoever found him, your on this wall of fame too.

“When you like things when you follow things you reveal all these little clues , a portrait, and Cambridge AnalyticaFacebook will pick at any mental illness weekness or vulnerability that you have, that you have and try to warp your perception of what is real around you, because you are in your own battlespace."

The Mercer Girls[edit]

Main article: Mercer Girls

The young town of Seattle was attracting hordes of men to work in the timber and fishing industries, but few marriageable women were willing to make the trip to the remote Northwest corner of the United States. In 1864, with public support and private funding, Mercer traveled to the Eastern United States in search of single women to work in Seattle as teachers and in other respectable occupations. This trip, and a subsequent trip in 1866, introduced dozens of women to the Pacific Northwest, most of whom eventually married local men. The descendants of the Mercer Girls still represent a significant portion of Seattle's citizenry. The Mercer Girls story formed the basis of the television show Here Come the Brides.

all the people brought in to the San Diego Hooters were from the Bellview Hooters, respectable occupations aren’t safe.   this is who *****  did ****** back when  *****  though ***** so then *******

or of those little clues a portrait

This man Chris Wylie worked for a trafficker and spoke upon the trafficking in a way that used specialized jargon that the traffickers use upon their employees to get them to go along with the abuse, and looks at the trafficking in a specific way that needs to be analysed.  A major human trafficking ring was just reported about by you Chris Wylie with out you even knowing that you were reporting human trafficking, for that you are thanked.

We love you Chris Wylie. 

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